This is our collection of Young Americans fanfiction.
Secrets by Estee
This is the first "episode" of Young Americans Estee ever wrote. It was written after Gone and can be seen as an alternative for the last two episodes of the show. It features all the characters and, as the name implies, reveals all their secrets.
No Last Nights by Estee
This fic takes place over a few minutes during WBSHM. While Bella and Will talk about whatever, Jake and Hamilton sit silently together. In this version of the story, we get Jake's thoughts on what's happening and her fears about what's going to happen.
The Moment of Okay by Estee
This story takes place at the same time as and is about the same thing as No Last Nights, but is told from Hamilton's point of view. Hamilton worries about what will happen and curses Finn for his untimely interuption in the showers.
Perfect by Estee
This is a Hamilton inner-monologue that takes place during the scene to the left. It also features an alternative aspect in that Hamilton has already figured out Jake is really a girl so when she leaves, he doesn't stay sitting on the couch for long.
In Life by Estee
This is a short, light jahammer angst. It takes place in the future, about two years after Jake and Hamilton graduate from college (and two years after they break up). Jake is an actress in Hollywood. Hamilton is an artistic photographer. They live on opposite coasts. Of course, though, they still miss each other. And, hey, there might even be a happy ending.
Inside Information by Estee
This is a Jake and Hamilton alternate events type fiction. It is an answer to Patty's challenge: Imagine that the Jake/Hamilton kiss on the roof never took place. Write your own version of their first kiss. This challenge and other YA fic can be found on Patty's site Simply Fanfic.
Behind Enemy Lines by Camisha and Estee
This is am alternate universe story about Jake and Hamilton, though Scout also plays a pretty major role. I don't want to give you the scenario of the story because it'll be more fun for you to figure it out on your own...
Reconnaissance by Camisha and Estee
This is the sequel to Behind Enemy Lines. It picks up right where Behind Enemy Lines ends and lets you find out what happens when Jake and Hamilton realize that they'd rather be friends than enemies.
Surrender by Camisha and Estee
This is the final installment of this little "War and Love" trilogy. It picks up where Reconaissance ends. So far Jake and Hamilton have been enemies and friends. You can imagine what must come next...