True Love      


Yeah, um, Estee wrote this a long time ago.  Like, pre-Dawson’s Creek so, obviously, pre-YA.  So why are some of the things that the people say so very YA?  It’s creepy…and funny.  Another plus?  It’s short.  More weirdness?  We won’t even get into how the boy has a total Clarkness about him…and his name is Tom.  Just read it and…remember, it was A LONG TIME AGO.


            "Tommy, what do you think about electric blue?"

            "Electric blue?  For a prom dress?  I don't think so."


            "Is that even a color?" Tommy asked smiling.

            "It sounds like a color.  Why are you asking me anyway, Mr. Photographer, I thought you knew all about color schemes and what colors go with what." She gave him a playful shove.

            "Yeah," he thought, "Your beautiful red hair and sparkling green eyes shouldn't be going to the prom with Rob Brown just because he has a blue Jag."

            "What is with you lately?  You just zone out."

            "Huh, oh, I was just thinking about prom," Tommy said somewhat truthfully.

            "I can't believe you haven't asked any one yet," Sandy said, "All the cute girls will be taken if you don't hurry."

            "Didn't I tell you?  I decided not to go."

            "What?  Why?"  She asked confused.

            "Well, there's really no one special that I'd like to ask."

            "No one?"

            "Well, maybe one person, but she's already got a date," Tommy said.

            "Who?  Are you telling me there's someone you like, maybe even love, and you haven't told me.  You've always told me every girl you've liked.  Come on, spill."

            "No way."



            "What's up?  Who is she?"

            "Look, it's not that easy to tell you, okay."  But he would've loved to tell her.  He looked into her green eyes, and he decided he would, "Well her name is-" the phone rang.

            "Hold that thought," she instructed as she dived for the phone, "Hello?  Oh hi Rob,"

            "I'm going to take off," he said as he left through the back door.  She waved bye and continued talking.   Tommy walked next door to his house and opened the door with the key that was hidden beneath the flower pot.  His mom and dad were still at work and his sister had moved out last year after she graduated. 

            "I can't believe I came that close to telling her," he said out loud thinking of his recent conversation with Sandy.  They had been best friends for a while.  They were pretty much inseparable from about fourth to ninth grade.  It was in ninth grade when Sandy decided dating guys was much better than being friends with Tommy.  She ignored him for the whole year, and he had no clue why.  She told him it was because guys didn't approach a girl with a guy best friend.  After ninth grade they built their friendship back up and promised never to let other people get in the way again.  Unfortunately, Rob was in the way.  He was in the way of Tommy telling Sandy how he really felt about her. 

            The phone rang interrupting his thoughts.                                                          

            "Hey knuckle head, what's up?"

            "Off the phone with Rob already?" he said with a little too much envy.   

            "Hey, Tom, I thought you said Rob was cool with you?" Sandy quickly questioned.

            The truth was that Sandy knew Tommy a lot better than he realized.  He'd never told her the girls he liked because she always guessed before he could tell her.  He realized he'd really better be careful what he said to her.

            "Hey, Sandy, I was just kidding," he tried to recover.

            "You better be Pal.  So, you were about to tell me about this girl you're taking to prom."

            "No, no I wasn't.  Look, there's nobody.  I was just kidding," he sputtered out.

            "No you weren't.  If you don't want to tell me, that's fine.  I just thought we agreed that we'd always have a totally honest friendship and I assumed that if...."

            "Hold it.  I do want to tell you, but not like this, and not now.  When I get over her, you'll be the first to know."

            "When you get over her?  True love waits for no man.  Go to this girl's house and tell her how you feel.  She could be in love with you too," Sandy said in a very thoughtful tone, "You're an awesome guy, you know that right, Tom?"

            "No, I'm not.  I gotta go," he said as he hung up.

            He went to put the cordless phone on the cradle and as he began to walk up the stairs the doorbell rang.  As he opened the door he saw her standing there.

            "Yes, you are.  And don't ever hang up on me again."

            "Sandy, I didn't hang up.  I'm really beat, and I've got tons of homework so..."

            "So you better tell me what's wrong so you can get started," she said with authority.

            He looked at her without saying a word.

            "Come on," she said as she pulled him outside and onto the porch swing.

            "Look Sandy, you don't understand.  I'm a loser.  And this girl is way out of my league."

            "You are so not a loser."

            "I've never kissed a girl, Sandy.  I mean, really kissed her, you know?”

            "Sure you have!  Remember in eighth grade whenever I liked Billy and we were supposed to go to the movies?  Remember how you helped me practice for my big first kiss?"

            "Vaguely," he said with a smile as he momentarily forgot he was in love with her and began to think of how great it was when they were just friends.

            "You know what, you're my buddy.  If you’re nervous about this girl then pretend I’m her.  Um, what would it be like, let me see.  You would take her to the movies, right?"

            "Look Sandy…"

            "Look, Tom, just relax okay?  So we're watching the chick flick at the movies."

            "She hates chick flicks," he said as Sandy put Tommy's arm around her shoulder.

            "Well, she made an exception because she knew how much you love them," Sandy said playfully.

            "Okay, so by now she wants you in the worst way.  She puts her hand on your leg like this," Sandy said in a hushed tone.

            "Why are you whispering?" he asked loudly with a smile.

            "Shh, we're at the movies.  Where was I?  Oh yeah, so if she touches you in a little flirty way, that means she wants you to kiss her.  Now, it's your turn."

            "Sandy, I...."

            "Shh, don't talk just do what you'd do."

            So he sat there and grabbed Sandy's hand.

            "That's what you would do?  You would hold her hand?"

            "Uh-huh." he said with a stutter.

            "Well, she'd probably try to kiss you then.  I mean I would."

            He looked at her and at that moment, as he looked into her eyes he could have told her, but he didn't.

            "Okay, maybe I would kiss her, if I knew what I was doing."

            "There's nothing to a really great kiss.  All you need is chemistry.  If the kiss sucks then the two of you weren't meant to be together.  If it's okay then you'll probably end up being friends, but if it's, like, the most amazing thing you've ever felt, well that's true love."

            "So that's what it's like for you and Rob?"

            "Well, honestly, it's more like something in between the first two, but I'll get over it until after prom.  I've never really had that last feeling, but it must be true or my faith in romance is lost."

            Her hair was falling in her face and he pushed it away.

            "All right, back to work," said Sandy, "if I were that special girl, you shouldn't have taken your hand down.  So my hair's in my face?  Push it out (he did again), but leave your hand on my face like that (he did that too).  A move like that makes a girl so nuts because it's so considerate and yet so romantic.  See you're a natural at this romance stuff," she said as his hand cupped her face.

            "This is just too uncomfortable." He starts to take his hand down.

            "Hey, get over it, if you're this uncomfortable with me, guess how you'll feel with her?"

            "Probably the exact same way," he said as his hand still touched her face.

            "Now, you're going to go in for the kiss.  What you want to do is go in slow and just kiss her a little.  Back off, I mean, you don't want to be too pushy, and she'll kiss you back.  It's very important for girls to feel like they have some sort of control beca---"

            "Hey, shh," he said as he slowly moved in.  His lips brushed hers just slightly, just like she'd said.  He backed up about a half an inch.  Sandy did what she'd said too.  She kissed him back.  This lasted a while and it was finally Tommy who pulled away.

            They both just sat on the porch swing for a second.

            "Um, okay, that was really good, very romantic, I think I should go."

            "What? No final kiss goodbye?"   The voice came from Sandy's porch.  Rob Brown stood watching.

            "Oh, Robert, hey.  I was just about to go home," Sandy said breathlessly.

            "Yeah me too.  You know Sandy this is perfect.  I was just coming over to tell you that I decided to take Erika to the prom.  I guess you decided to take the geek.  Have fun you two," he said as he walked to his blue car.

            After he drove off, Tommy began to talk, "Hey I'm sorry Sandy, but look, maybe now would be the best time to tell you who this girl we've been talking about is.”

            "This girl is the reason I lost my date for the prom.  No actually it's your fault.  ‘Oh Sandy I'm a loser, feel sorry for me Sandy,’" she said mockingly.

            "Wait a minute!  I didn't ask for your sympathy."

            "Oh please, you were begging for it.  And now I'm dateless."

            "You could always go with me," he said in a calmer and serious tone.

            "A few minutes ago you couldn't do anything but talk about how you wanted to go to the prom with this dream girl.  Ask her, knuckle head," she said calmly as she began to settle down.

            "I thought that's what I just did," he said.

            For once, Sandy didn't speak.

            Tommy brushed a piece of hair out of her face, but didn't take away his hand.  He slowly kissed her, just a little.  As he began to move away, she kissed him again, and for the second time in her life felt the purest form of true love.