This is the current collection of New Beginnings fan fiction. As you can see, it's rather small so don't be shy. Send us your New Beginnings fic today and you'll be guaranteed a place in this collection :)
Rewind by Estee and Harmony
This story is framed within the original eight episodes, but includes an entire flashback story about Jake and Hamilton when they were younger. At twelve, they attend camp Oceola, nicknamed "the big O," and find the beginning of their future chemistry. This falls under the "New Beginnings" category because it features the character Jill Thomas.
Fast Forward by Estee and Harmony
While Rewind deals with Jake and Hamilton's past, Fast Forward deals with their future. The fic is set in the year 2010 and explores how Jake and Hamilton deal with a difficult break up and an even more difficult journey back to each other. Jill and Scout are also featured as they begin their own parenthood.
Either Way by Mae and Estee
You could call this a sequel to Fast Forward. Instead of Jake and Hamilton, though, the focus of this fic is Bella, Sean, and Will and what happens when secrets are kept and then discovered. But, don't worry, there are many memorable Jahammer moments as well as some lovely scenes with Scout and Jill. This epic fan fiction has something for everyone.
Open Up by Estee and Harmony
Set about twenty-five years after the gang graduates from Rawley Academy, this story focuses on John and Sarah who both have distinct relationships to various familiar characters. Though the connections aren't apparent at first, this fic will quickly prove itself as a New Beginnings fic.
Last Winter by Cinderbella
This fic takes place during Junior Year. After Jake does some thinking about the previous winter, she talks about some lingering thoughts with Hamilton. Gwen and Jill also make an appearance when Gwen tells Jill she saw Jake looking distressed, causing Jill to worry and im to find out what's wrong.
Dreaming of Nick by Camisha
This fic is written from both Bella and Jake's point of view as each of them ponders Nick and the affect he has had and will have on each of their lives. It takes place sometime between the episodes Strange Condition and Young Mann.