Perfect Image


(music starts: I’m Just a Girl by No Doubt)

(fade in): The garage—Friday afternoon.  Bella is outside of the garage, sitting on a bench.  She checks her watch. 

(cut to): a reverse shot, from Bella’s point of view.  Jake and Jill drive up on Jake’s motorcycle.  Jake is driving, of course and she has on a backpack. They get off and walk over to Bella.  Jill is carrying a garment bag and a backpack.  Jake is in full boy gear.  Jill is wearing jeans and a baseball jersey style shirt (ever seen that Eve 6 “tie me to the bedpost” baseball jersey?)

(cut to): a reverse shot of Bella as she gets up from the bench.  Jake and Jill walk up to her.

Bella: Hello, girls.

Jill: Oh, this is going to be so fun.

Jake: Thanks for inviting us over, Bella.  A sleepover was the absolute perfect suggestion.

Jill: Definitely.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Let’s go.

Bella opens the door and Jill and Jake go inside.  Bella follows and the door closes.

(music switches as shot changes to: Rodeo Clowns by G. Love and Special Sauce)

(dissolve to): The door opening in the Rawley weights room.  Scout, Will and Ham walk in. 

Will: We’re such guys…working out in the weight room.

Scout lays down on the bench press.

Scout: Hey, Macho Man, want to come over here and spot me?

Will walks over to him and Hamilton starts using some other equipment (that doesn’t require spotting).

(dissolve to): Bella’s room.  Jill is sitting Indian style on Bella’s bed, flipping through a magazine and eating Reese’s Pieces.  Her hair is up in curlers.  Jake and Bella are standing up next to Bella’s dresser.  Jake has changed into some kind of trendy girls outfit—maybe Capri pants and a shirt of your choice and also has on make up.  Jake is working on Bella’s make-up.  Bella tries to hold still, but when she meets Jake’s glance, she laughs.

Bella: We’re such girls.

Will (voice over): Whether they admit it or not, everyone wants to pull off the perfect image.  Maybe it’s about looks…

(cut to): The boys working out in the gym.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: or maybe about attitude.  Either way, all of us have a desired way we want to be perceived. 

(cut to): medium close up of Jake, putting eye shadow on Bella.

Will (v.o.) cont’d:  Although it sounds superficial, it’s become a part of human nature.  It makes us hide who we are sometimes. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Other times

(cut to): Scout still working out.

(cut to): Bella.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It makes us hide what we feel.

(fade out)


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(fade in):  Rawley—early evening.  The boys walking down the halls of Rawley, presumably to the showers.  Hamilton is between Will and Scout.  They walk very slowly as they coverse.

Scout: What are we going to do tonight?

Will: Well, I’m going to get ahead on some of that reading Finn assigned.  You’ll probably sit around wondering if new girl Jill will notice that you worked out…and Hamilton here will inevitably go back home and count down the minute until he gets to see Jake again.

Will and Scout chuckle.  Hamilton smirks and looks away, shaking his head.

Hamilton: You guys are, like, so pathetic.

Scout: Whatever, man.

Will: Yeah, Ham, you’re such a lap dog.

(cut to): The art room.  Hamilton’s mom is working on a sculpture.  One door is closed and the other is opened only slightly.  She looks up when Will makes the lap dog comment.

(cut to): The guys in the hall.  Hamilton puts his arms around both of the guys’ shoulders.

Hamilton: Gentlemen, you just don’t get it, do you? 

Will and Scout look at each other across Hamilton, amused.

Hamilton cont’d: I am so not hearing any of your disparaging remarks.  

He takes his arms off of Scout and Will and turns to face them, walking backwards.

Hamilton: I am in love.  You can’t bring me down.

(cut to): Hamilton’s mom in the art room.  She looks up thoughtfully and smiles questioningly when she hears Hamilton.

(cut to): Will and Scout who look at each other again.

Will (to Scout): uh-huh....

Scout (to Will): Totally whipped.

Will (to Scout): Oh yeah…

(cut to): Hamilton.  He rolls his eyes and turns back around.  They walk off down the hall together.

(cut to): Hamilton’s mom who looks like she’s processing as she works on the sculpture.

(dissolve to): Bella’s room. 

(playing in the background: David Duchovny by Bree Sharp)

The girls have all changed into actual pajamas.  Jake is sitting on Bella’s bed, leaning against the wall.  Jill is sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed.  Bella is lying down on the floor with her head on a pillow.

Jake: So, Bella, I don’t get it…about you and Scout.

Jill: Yeah, what’s up with you guys?

Bella: Nothing.  I mean, it’s complicated.

Jake: Hi, I’m Jacqueline and I met my boyfriend while posing as a guy.  How much more complicated could anything be?

Bella: You’d be surprised.

Jill: Try us.

Bella closes her eyes and exhales.

Bella: Well, I guess it kind started when I met Scout at the beginning of the summer…

The camera pans over to a digital clock which says 9:39.  The shot is still of the clock as it dissolves to 10:02.  The camera pans back to Bella on the floor.

Bella: And, so that’s where we are now—this weird awkward place that we may never get out of.  I just want to be his friend, but it’s so—


Jill: Yeah, that is complicated.

Jake: Damn, Bella.

Bella: Yeah, my life…anyway, what do you think the guys are doing tonight?

Jake laughs.

Jake: I know this.  Will…studying.  Scout…bothering Will about how he can possibly manage to impress the new girl Jill.  And—

Jill: And Hamilton moping around his room, missing his cute little girlfriend.

Bella: Guys and girls are so different.

(dissolve to): Will and Scout’s room.  Scout is looking through his closet as Will sits on his bed reading.

Scout: I need a new wardrobe.

Will looks up and raises his eyebrows.

Will: What did you just say?

Scout: I said—

Will: Actually, I heard you.  I was just making sure that you heard yourself.

Scout: How would you characterize my “style?”

Will: What the hell are you talking about?

Scout: Scout dresses like a blank…fill in the blank.

Will:  Prep

Scout: See, that’s not who I am.

Will: Clothes make you who you are?

Scout: Take Jill for example, she isn’t trying to impress anyone.

Will: So, you want to impress Jill by dressing like you aren’t trying to impress anyone?

Scout: Well, it sounds stupid when you say it like that.

Will: Ham was right, you really are pathetic.

(dissolve to): Hamilton’s room.  Still a little after 10 on Friday night.  Hamilton is sitting at his desk, cleaning his camera.  He’s taken the lens off and it’s sitting on his desk.  He’s using a small cloth to clean the mirror inside the camera.  He looks like he’s concentrating on the task.  There is a knock at his door.

Hamilton: Yeah…

(cut to): Hamilton’s door as his mom (Kate) peaks in.  She has clay on her clothes and a few places on her face.

(cut to): Hamilton.

Hamilton: Hey, mom.

(cut to): a shot where we can see both of them.

Kate: Hey, sweetie.  Got a minute?

Hamilton half smiles and puts his camera down.

Hamilton: Got a lot of them.  Why, what’s up?

Kate: I need to talk to you.  I mean we need to talk.

Hamilton squints then turns around in his swivel desk chair and starts to get up.

Kate cont’d: No…stay there.

Hamilton: Um…ok.  Yikes.

Kate walks in and sits on Hamilton’s bed.  She runs her hands through her hair.  She looks a little nervous, but tries to compose herself before she begins. 

Kate: Sex—

Hamilton: Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Mom…what?

Kate: I mean, we haven’t really discussed sex.

Hamilton shifts in his chair and looks embarrassed.

Hamilton: Please, stop saying sex, Mom.  And, to let you know…me, dad, the birds and the bees….like, many years ago.

Kate: I do know.  It’s just…I thought maybe I’d give you a little update…or you’d give me one.

Hamilton fidgets a little, but starts to seem a little more at ease.

Hamilton: Um, ok, mom, see when a man and a woman love each other very much—

Kate: Ok, you win.  I just want you to know that you can talk to me about stuff like this. 

Hamilton: Stuff like what?  I’m getting a very out-of-left-field feeling from this whole conversation.

Kate: I’ve just always been under the impression that you and I communicate well about things.

Hamilton: Absolutely, we do.

Kate: If something important is happening in your life, I don’t want you to feel like you can’t share it with me because I’m your mom. 

Hamilton looks at her innocently.

Hamilton: Thank you, mom.  Really.  I appreciate it.

Kate remains there for a moment as if waiting for him to open up.  He looks away runs his hand along the arm of the chair.  He half turns around and picks up his camera.

Hamilton: Okay, well, I’m going to finish cleaning this thing.  I’ve got some great shots for you to look at after I develop them.

He turns back around in the chair.  Kate gets up and looks at him briefly, puzzled.  She walks over to him and runs her fingers through his hair, sort of patting him on the head.  She looks disappointed.  She turns around to walk out.  Right before she gets to the door, Hamilton speaks.

Hamilton: Night, mom.  Love you.

Kate: I love you too, sweetie.

Kate walks out and closes the door behind her.  She seems very upset.  She shakes her head in disbelief.

Kate: Weird.

(cut to): Hamilton still working on his camera. 

Hamilton: Weird.

He pauses his work to look back at the door with a puzzled look.

Hamilton: Very weird.

(fade out)


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(fade in). The garage.  Saturday morning at about 11:00 a.m.  Bella stands at her door as Jake and Jill drive away on the motorcycle.  Bella starts to turn to go back inside.

Will: Bella!

(cut to): A reverse shot from Bella’s point of view.  Will rides up on his bike.

(cut to): Bella.

Bella: Hi, Will.

Will jumps off his bike.  He leans it against the side of the garage.  Bella smiles and looks genuinely glad to see him.

Bella: Hey, Krudski, I haven’t seen you in awhile.

Will: I’m trying to stay on top of all my school work…I can’t afford to lose my scholarship because of bad grades.  Get it?  Can’t afford to lose my scholarship.

Bella laughs unconvincingly.

Will: Not my best work, I know.

Bella: No, not at all.

Will: Anyway, how are you?

Bella: Um, I’m good.  Jake and Jill came over for a girl hanging out-sleepover thing.  They just left. 

Will: Yeah, I saw…Jake and that bike.  She’s definitely not your typical girl.

Bella: She is though…it’s kind of surprising.

Will: So, how’d you swing that anyway?

Bella: What?

Will: I dunno…were you like “Charlie, these are my new girl friends…Jill and, uh, Jake.”

Bella: Oh, he’s out of town.  He went to take care of some stuff in Carson.  He took Gracie too. He’s kind of hesitant to leave her here, you know?

Will: Convenient…

Bella smiles.

Will: So…want to close up shop for a little while and go ride bikes?

Bella: I can’t, Will.

Will: Oh, please.  Please, please, please.

Bella rolls her eyes and smiles.  The (now fixed) truck pulls up next to them with Charlie driving. 

Will: Again, convenient.  But, this time, to my benefit.

Charlie stops the truck.  Grace gets out quickly and walks inside.  Charlie smiles at Bella and Will.  Will looks from Charlie to Bella, smiling. 

Charlie: How are you, Will?

Will: I’m doing well, Charlie…pretty well.

Charlie: Glad to hear it.  Everything go ok, Bella?

Bella: Yep.

Charlie nods and smiles approvingly then gets out of the truck and goes inside.  Bella and Will watch him.

Will: So, now you can come out and play, right?

Bella: Krudski, you’re such a child.

Will: But a cute one, right?

(dissolve to): Scout and Hamilton tossing a football back and forth on the Rawley lawn.

(music playing: The Girl I Was Telling You About by Blessid Union of Souls)

Scout: Hey, Hamilton, think I dress like a preppy little rich boy?

Hamilton: Scout, you are a preppy little rich boy.

Scout tosses the football to Hamilton, hard.  Hamilton steps back a little as he catches it. 

Hamilton: And a temperamental one at that, geez, man. 

Hamilton looks up.

(cut to): Jake and Jill as they walk toward Hamilton and Scout.

(cut to): Hamilton and Scout.  Scout follows Hamilton’s glance and sees Jake and Jill.  Not paying attention, Hamilton tosses the football to Scout who doesn’t see it flying toward his head. 

(cut to): Bella and Will as they ride their bikes past the baseball field.  They stop on the edge of a wooded area and Will hops off his bike. There’s a trail, but it’s been pretty much grown over.

Will: Hey, come on.

Bella gets off her bike too. 

Bella: Explain to me why we are going into the woods again.

Will: All will be explained.  Just come on.

Bella: I don’t know, Will.

Will: Come on.

Will walks into the woods. Bella stands there for a moment and then follows him.

(cut to): Will and Bella walking on a somewhat distinguishable trail.

(music starts: If I Am by Nine Days)
Will: I think this is about it.

Will turns off the trail and Bella follows him.  They enter a small clearing.  It’s sunny, not covered by trees.  There is one tree in the middle of the clearing.

Will: Here it is: the spot.

Bella: Oh, wow.  I’d completely forgotten about this place, Will.

Will sits down and leans against the tree; Bella does the same.

Bella: Okay, not that I mind reminiscing about our childhood, but now you have to explain…purpose of bringing me here?

Will: A lot of stuff has been happening in your life lately…a lot of changes.

Bella: Well, you’re not exactly the same Will Krudski that signed my yearbook at the end of last school year.

Will: Maybe not overtly.  But, I am the same, Bella.  And, I brought you here because I wanted to remind you that some things are constants.  Everything might seem to be different, but you can always count on some things to be the same.  For example, this place is still here.  A place that brought us together in some silly way when we were kids is still here to give us a hideout from a world that can shift so quickly that we almost can’t keep our balance or so subtly that we nearly miss the alterations.  And, whoever I seem to be, I’ll always just be little Willie Krudski, your friend who will support you if you need it and stand by you no matter what.

Bella looks at Will appreciatively and impressed.  Will looks at her and, briefly, they seem to be having a “moment” (ever see Chasing Amy?).  It’s so brief that just when you start to notice, Will speaks again.

Will: And, I know you’ve got this façade of steel that fools most people, but I’m not so convinced.  So, I just wanted to let you know that you can always talk to me. 

Will finally stops talking and looks at Bella as if waiting for a response.

Bella: Thanks, Will. 

Will: Well, this is all just a dramatic and pseudo-poetic way to ask “Are you ok, Bella?

Bella looks around and then down at her hands. 

Bella (shakily): Yeah, Will, I’m fine.

But just as she gets that out, her chin starts shaking.  Will puts an arm around her and then she starts to cry.  Will puts his other arm around her.

(cut to) A crane shot that gets us above them.  Bella cries on Will’s shoulder.

(dissolve to): Hamilton, Scout, Jill and Jake in the kitchen of what we figure out is Hamilton’s house.  Scout is sitting at the table, holding his eye.  Hamilton opens the freezer.

Scout: If I am permanently blinded, I’m never speaking to you again, Hamilton.

Jake sits down next to Scout and then pulls Scout’s hand down to reveal his eye which is swollen and red.

Jake: It, uh, it looks okay.

Hamilton pulls out some frozen Chicken.

Hamilton: Here put this on it.

Hamilton starts to put the chicken up to Scout’s eye.  Jill, who is standing between Jake and Scout’s chairs, reaches out and intercepts it.

Jill: Okay, no.

Hamilton: What? It’s cold.

Jill: Yeah and it’s good for giving salmonella, not for treating a potentially black eye.

Scout (to Hamilton): You’re going to kill me today, aren’t ya?

She walks back to the freezer and puts the chicken in.  She looks around and grabs a bag of frozen peas.  She walks back to where she was standing.

Jill cont’d: Here.

She puts the bag on Scout’s eye.

Jill: How’s that?

Scout: Perfect.

Jake: To reduce the swelling, aren’t you supposed to use meat tenderizer or something?

Hamilton: Meat what?

(cut to): the kitchen door which leads outside.  Hamilton’s mom walks in.

Kate: tenderizer.  How bad is it?

She walks over to Scout and Jill pulls the bag of peas away so Kate can see.  Kate sits in the chair on the other side of Scout and Hamilton stands behind her.

Kate: It doesn’t look too bad.  Keep some ice on it for awhile. 

Scout: Is it going to be all black and blue?

Kate: Probably. 

Scout: Ah, man…

Kate: How’d this happen?

Hamilton: We were throwing a football and—

Scout: Hamilton got a little distracted when the girls walked up.

Scout kind of nods toward Jake and Jill.  Hamilton scowls at him.  Jake clears her throat.  Kate doesn’t seem to notice Scout’s slip up.

Kate: Well, it’s nice that one of them came to oversee first aid.  How have you been doing, Jill?

Jill: Oh, great.  I really like it here. 

Kate: Glad to hear that.

Hamilton: See, it all started with that fabulous, informative tour courtesy of Hamilton Fleming.

Jill smiles.  Kate looks back and forth from Jill to Hamilton. 

Kate: Well, I’ve got groceries in the car, so I’ll be right back.

Jill: We can help you.

Scout: Yeah, someone get me my white cane and  seeing eye dog and I’ll go on out and get them.

Kate: Maybe Jake can help you back to your room, Scout…wouldn’t want you to walk off a cliff.  And, I’m sure Hamilton and Jill can manage grocery patrol.

Everyone looks around at each other.

Hamilton: Sure, mom.

Jake nods.

Jill: Hey, you know, I can help Scout back to his room. 

Scout looks over at her and smiles.  He’s holding the peas over his eye now.  It’s kind of a sad site.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Will and Bella coming out of the woods by the baseball field.  Sean is sitting by their bikes, holding his baseball glove.

Bella: Sean.

Will: Hey.  What are you doing here?

Sean: Some kids were about to steal your bikes.  Thought I’d better guard them for you.

Will: Thanks.

Sean gets up.  He looks a little suspicious.  He looks from Bella to Will, expecting some kind of explanation.  When no one says anything, Sean looks off then back at them.

Sean: Yeah, sure.  I’ll see you guys later.

Sean starts to walk away.  Will looks at Bella, but speaks to Sean:

Will: Hey, why don’t you go with Bella back to the garage?  I’ve got to get back to the dorms and change for crew.

Sean turns back around.  He smiles.

Sean: Bella?  You want company?

Bella smiles.

Bella: Definitely.

Everyone looks around, a little awkwardly, but pretty much content.

(dissolve to): Bella and Sean walking.  Bella pushes her bike.  Only a few minutes have passed. 

(in the background: It’s Over Now by Neve)

Sean: I’m not sure what I should be saying here.

Bella: Me either.

Neither of them speaks, just walks for several seconds.  Sean stops and turns to Bella.  She stops too and looks over at him.

Sean: I didn’t mean to make it worse.

Bella: I know.

Sean: I just wanted to do the right thing.  

Bella looks down.

Bella: I know.

Sean tilts his head down slightly, but looks up and Bella.  He seems frustrated.

Sean: Did I?

Bella meets his glance.

Bella: Sean, you couldn’t do the wrong thing.  I mean, we were dating and--

Sean: Were?

Sean looks down.

Sean cont’d: I didn’t really mean that, you know? 

Bella (with difficulty): Maybe you weren’t so wrong.

Sean (disappointed, not angry): So, you think it was a mistake…that we were a mistake?

Bella: No, not at all.  Not a mistake.  “We” were just an expansion of an existing relationship.  And, that relationship wasn’t even close to bad, Sean.  I need you to be a constant in my life.

Sean (softly and directed): Well, I want that too.

Bella: I need you to be my friend.

Sean: So, you want me to step aside and be a supportive friend while you and Scout Calhoun—

Bella: This has nothing to do with Scout, Sean. 

Sean: It has everything to do with him.

Bella: That whole thing with him is over. 

Sean: Just like the thing with us? 

Bella looks off.  Sean seems to consider what she’s been saying to him.  He  looks at her and smiles.

Sean cont’d: Well, I guess we have been friends forever.  And, you and Will have been there for me through, well, just about every rough time.  I’m certainly not going to back out on doing the same for you.

Bella: Thanks, Sean.

Sean: I can’t promise that I’m over this, but I’ll try…

(dissolve to): The kitchen at Ham’s house.  Hamilton’s mom is putting groceries away.  Jake walks in with a bag as Hamilton walks out.  Jake puts it down and starts to head back out.

Kate: Jake, wait a minute.

Jake turns back around, smiling.

Kate: Can I talk to you about Hamilton for a minute?
Jake looks around, not knowing what to say.

Kate: I mean, you guys are pretty close right?

Jake: Um…we’re good friends, yes.

Kate: He won’t talk to me. 

Jake looks uncomfortable, and seems uncertain as to where Kate is going with this.

Kate: I know this is awkward.  I just wanted to ask…

Jake looks down and then back up.  She almost starts to speak, but Hamilton walks in carrying two bags.  Jake looks pretty relieved to see him.  He sets down two bags on the counter.

Hamilton: This is it.

He seems to sense that he’s interrupted a conversation and looks from his mom to Jake.  Jake looks at him and smiles nervously.

Hamilton: I’m going to run upstairs and get my stuff for crew.

Jake closes her eyes and swallows.

Hamilton (to Jake): I’ll be right back.

He walks out of the other door (that leads into another part of the house).  Kate watches him go and when he is gone she starts again.

Kate: I just wanted to ask…are Hamilton and Jill…I mean, are they…

Jake: Hamilton and…and…Jill?

Jake laughs.

Jake cont’d: Not that I am aware of.

Kate looks searchingly at Jake.

Kate: But there is someone, isn’t there?

Jake looks down. She looks up and smiles.

Jake: Yeah, yeah I think there is.

Kate: I don’t get it, Jake.  It really hurts me that he can’t talk to me.  I know you two are best friends, he tells me that. 

Jake: Does he?

Kate: I guess it’s not so unusual.  Teenage boy doesn’t want to talk about girls with mom.  It’s just that we’ve been closer than that in the past.  I hope I haven’t done anything to push him away.

Jake shakes her head.

Jake: You know, I think he’s in kind of a weird place right now, it’s not you at all. 

Kate smiles.

Kate: Well, I’m glad he’s talking to someone, anyway.

Jake smiles appreciatively.  Hamilton walks back in. 

Hamilton (to Jake): You ready?

Jake nods.  Hamilton opens the door and Jake starts to walk out.  She turns around briefly.

Jake: Bye, Mrs. Fleming.

Kate: Bye, Jake.

Hamilton: Later, mom.

Kate: See you tonight, Munchie.

Hamilton (whining): Mom…

(dissolve to): Jake and Hamilton entering Jake’s room.

Jake: Your mom’s so cute.

Hamilton hops on Jake’s bed. He leans against the headboard and crosses his legs in front of him.

Hamilton: What was she grilling you about, anyway?

Jake: Yeah, thanks for just leaving me there with her, by the way.

Hamilton: I just, I couldn’t listen to her be all weird anymore.  Last night, she was asking me about sex.  I don’t want to talk to my mom about sex.

Jake: And you thought that I might like to?

Hamilton: Oh, God, she wasn’t really talking about it, was she?

Jake: Actually…

Jake walks over and sits next to him on the bed.   She leans on his shoulder.

Jake cont’d: I think she wanted to know if you had a girlfriend.

Hamilton: Oh, God.  Hey—

Hamilton picks up her chin so that she’s looking at him.

Hamilton cont’d: Sorry to put you in a…weird situation like that.

Jake smiles.

Jake: No, it was nice.  We should hang out with your mom more often.  I like her.  She cares about you and she wants to make sure she’s not missing anything major that’s happening with you.  You’re lucky she cares.

Hamilton: People care about you too.

Jake: Yeah, I know.

Jake leans over to kiss him, but before she does, he speaks.

Hamilton: Mmm, that reminds me…

Hamilton quickly hops up.  Jake gives him a funny look.  He opens his bag and pulls out his camera.  He takes off the lens cap.

Hamilton: Smile.

Jake: No.  No, what are you doing?

Hamilton: Well…taking your picture.

Jake: Why?  For blackmail when we break up?

Hamilton: I’m going to pretend like you didn’t just make reference to a moment that could never possibly exist and explain this to you.  See, last night, after my mom was asking me about my sex life, I got to thinking about you, naturally. 

Jake laughs.

Jake: Naturally…

Hamilton: And, I was cleaning my camera at the same time.  And, I got to thinking about what I am passionate about.  I realized that I don’t have that many things that I’m really passionate about.  I mean, obviously there’s you…

Hamilton takes a picture of Jake.

Hamilton cont’d: …and this whole relationship at the top of the list.  And, then there’s photography.  I love it. 

Jake smiles and looks away as Hamilton kneels and takes another picture of her. 

Jake: Seriously, Hamilton, stop.

Hamilton: and it’s not really something I’ve shared with you.  And, I want to.  Like, did you know that the first time I ever saw you was through this camera?

Jake won’t look at him because he keeps snapping pictures.

Jake: No, I didn’t…

Hamilton cont’d: And that’s when I started falling in love with you.

Jake looks up at him and he takes another picture.

Jake: If you insist on doing this…I’m changing.

Hamilton grins and raises his eyebrows.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Scout and Will’s room.  Jill is sitting on the couch and Scout is at his closet.  He pulls out his crew stuff and puts it in a bag.

Jill: You have to go to practice soon?

Scout: Yeah, well, I mean, not too soon. 

Scout smiles.  Jill looks around and sighs.

Scout: Practice is at three.

Jill: Scout, can we discuss something? 

Scout: Uh-oh…

Jill laughs.

Jill: It’s just that, well, Jacqueline seems to have the idea that you maybe like me.

Scout smiles and looks away.

(music starts: I’m Stuck on You (cover) by Guster)

Jill cont’d: And, well, Bella was sharing the complicated history that the two of you share.

Scout raises his eyebrows.

Scout: Great.  So, I guess you think I’m pretty messed up, huh?

Jill: Not really.  Not any more than anyone else around here. 

Scout laughs.

Jill cont’d: Anyway…I just wanted to make it clear that I’m so not in a place in my life where I need to be in a “relationship.”  I mean, I’m sixteen years old, you know?  Jacqueline and Hamilton…that’s…that’s just…wow.  But, it’s not something I can do.

Scout smiles.

Scout: So, in other words…you don’t want to marry me?

Jill laughs.

Jill: Exactly. 

There is an awkward silence. 

Scout: So, but friends, then?

Jill: Definitely.  I mean, there’s no getting out of being friends with a guy after you apply peas to his black eye.

Scout laughs and touches his eye.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Jake has changed into a tank top and some shorts.  She sits down on the bed.

Jake: How do you talk me into these things?

Hamilton: I’m just irresistibly charming, I guess.

Jake rolls her eyes, but smiles.

Jake: Just tell me what I’m supposed to be doing.

Hamilton: Just talk to me, or listen to me because I’m going to talk to you…about photography.

Jake: Ok…

Throughout their conversation, Hamilton photographs her.  You don’t really notice him doing it because it almost seems like an integrated part of their conversation. 

Hamilton: See, I like to do it because there are so many moments in our life—how can we possibly remember them all?  Take a picture and the moment is captured…sort of.

Jake: So, we’ve been having all these moments and they’ve just been lost because you didn’t bring your camera along?

Hamilton: Except, I have a very vivid picture in my head of all the time we’ve spent together.  But, see, photography is also about the “image.”  The image that is created is a capture of reality, but it isn’t real. 

Jake: So, it’s a way to remember reality in a way that isn’t quite true.

Hamilton: Well, yeah…and I get to pick how the moment is remembered. 

Jake: And that’s photography?

Hamilton smiles at her and takes another picture.

(flash to): Will and Scout’s room. Jill and Scout are sitting on the couch.  They are playing 20 questions.

Jill: Oh, wait, I think I know this.

Scout: I don’t know, it’s pretty tough.

Jill: Ok, so has she been in a movie about a bus?

Scout: Yes…

Jill: Sandra Bullock

Scout: Yep

Jill: That was too easy.

Will walks in.

Will: Hey, Jill.  (to Scout) What happened?

Scout: Huh?

Will: To your face, man?  What happened?

Scout: Oh, Hamilton—

Will: Damn, Scout, were you hitting on Jake again?  You should have known better.

Scout: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Jill: Hamilton accidentally threw a football at his face.

Will: Ouch.  That looks really bad.

Scout: Yeah, well, it was just the first in a series of blows.

Scout looks over at Jill.  She smiles apologetically.

Will: Well, I hate to break up what is obviously something very uncomfortable, but we have to get to practice. 

Will picks up his bag was  already packed and placed on his bed..

Scout: We have time.

Jill seems to realizes she’s holding them.

Jill: Well, boys, I’m going to find Jacqueline.

Will: When you find her, tell Hamilton not to be late for practice again.

Jill walks out.  Scout walks over to his closet.

Will: Stop obsessing over your wardrobe and let’s go. 

(cut to):  Grace’s room.  Grace is standing at her closet.  She pulls out some God awful dress. 

(cut to): her door as Bella opens it and walks in.

Grace: God, Bella, don’t you ever knock?

Bella: How are you doing, Grace?

Grace: I’m fine.  Since when did you become concerned for my well being anyway?

Bella: Since always, Grace.

Bella walks over to her bed and sits down.

Grace (sarcastic): Make yourself comfortable.

Grace puts the dress back in the closet and keeps looking.

Bella: Look, Grace, after the whole semi-resurfacing of out mom, I just want to make sure that we’re on the same page about her.

Grace: You saw her, I didn’t.

Bella: And are you ok with that?

Grace: Yeah.  Why would I want to see her?

Bella: Because you have as many, if not more, issues with her leaving than I do? And, when you went with dad to Carson, it must have been hard to know she was there and--

Grace: Look, Bella…

Grace walks over and sits next to her on the bed.

Grace cont’d: I know you think that I’m, like, the “bad” daughter because I feel all abandoned, but that was, like, ten years ago.  And, it’s not even like I remember her…and I’m ok with that.

Bella: Sure?

Grace: Yeah.

They have an awkward moment where they both look away.

Grace: So, why are you in here doing the sister thing when you’ve got that hot boyfriend anyway?

Bella: We broke up.

Grace: Oh…so, he’s available?

Bella: Grace!

Grace: Joke.  It was a joke, Bella.  Um, did you, like, want to talk about it?

Bella: Well, it’s long story but, I think Sean and I are going to be ok…that everything is going to be ok.

(cut to): The hall of the boys dorm.  Jill walks around and corner and almost runs into Hamilton’s mom.

Jill: Mrs. Fleming, hi.

Kate: Hi, Jill.  I was just coming to see if Scout was ok.  I was probably a little short with him earlier.

Jill: No, he’s fine, I think.  (sort of to herself): His ego might be a little bruised, but his eye should be ok.  (then more directly to Kate) He and Will were about to head over to crew practice.

Kate: Oh, ok, then I’ll probably head over to the art room for awhile…

Jill: I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you have, like, a fan brush?  Mine got broken while I was moving in and…

Kate: Yes, I’m sure I do. 

Jill: Awesome.

Kate: Want to come by and get it?

Jill: You’ll be there awhile right?  I’m going to stop by and say hi to Jake then I’ll come by.

Kate: Ok

(the walk off in opposite directions)


Commercial Break: Anyone seen the new Dawson’s Desktop?  I hear it’s pretty neat.  I guess you aren’t allowed to go if you’re boycotting the WB (official stand of The Fall Season: boycotting won’t work…write to Fox or MTV or something)


(fade in): Jake’s room.

(music: My Madonna by Dexter Freebish) This is happening at about the same time as Jill’s conversation with Ham’s mom.  The first thing we see is Hamilton’s camera on the desk.  The camera pans over to Jake’s bed.  Hamilton’s asleep on one side of the bed.  He’s lying on his side so that he’s turned toward her.  His hand might just be touching her side, but he’s pretty much alone on his side of the bed.  Light is coming in through the window.  Jake is leaning against the headboard of the other side of the bed as she looks through what is clearly his photography portfolio.  She turns the page and smiles.  The shot changes so that we see what she’s seeing.  She is looking at some nifty picture of something like the lake.  She turns the page and there is a picture of her motorcycle (obviously something artistic, like just the wheel or another part of your choosing…hmm, can’t imagine what you’ll pick).

Jake: Hey, when did you—

She looks over at him and stops speaking when she realizes he’s asleep. She runs her fingers through his hair.  She closes the portfolio and walks over to pick up his camera.  She fiddles around with it a little, walks over to him and takes a picture of him sleeping (no flash because there is plenty of natural light).  She starts to take another picture, but there is a knock.  She sets it back on the desk.

(cut to): The outside of the door where Jill is standing, just having knocked.  After a second Jake opens the door just a little and peeks out.  When she sees Jill she steps back and opens the door. 

Jake: Hey.

(cut to): The inside of the room as Jake closes the door behind Jill.

Jill: I see you made it out of the Dean’s house alive.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Just barely.

Jill looks over to the bed and sees Hamilton.  She looks back at Jake and smiles shaking her head.

Jill: Did I tell you that I’m still very mad that you didn’t tell me about him?

Jake: I—

Jill (lighthearted, not angry): I mean, it wasn’t like we lost touch, Jacqueline.  We wrote, like, every other day.  I was all “I met this hottie on the streets of London today.” and you were like “English class was interesting today.” 

Jake: Well, first, if I had started talking about it, I wouldn’t have been able to stop.  I mean, he never stops amazing me.  He came in with this camera today and—

Jill: That camera?

Jill looks at the camera then walks over and picks it up.

Jill cont’d: This is a nice camera. 

(cut to): Hamilton stirs.  He sits up, rubbing his eyes.

Jake: Have a nice nap?

Hamilton looks up.  He smiles then looks over at Jill. 

Hamilton (sheepishly): Hi.

Jill is still holding his camera.

Jill: Nice camera.

Hamilton: Thanks.  My mom gave it to me when I was a kid. 

Jill puts it up to her eye and looks through.  She takes a picture of Hamilton.  Hamilton gets up and walks over to Jake.  And kisses her on the cheek as Jill takes another picture.

Hamilton takes the camera from Jill and takes a picture of her.

Jill: Don’t do that.

Hamilton snaps another one.  Jake laughs.

Jake: He doesn’t listen well.  Give him a camera and he can’t be dissuaded.

Hamilton takes a picture of Jake then another of Jill

Jill: Seriously, stop… and, aren’t you going to be late for crew?

Hamilton: Oh, man, what time is it?

Jill looks at her watch.

Jill: Like, five ‘til three.

Hamilton: What?  Finn’s going to kill me if I’m late.  I have to go.

He grabs his bag and sets his camera down.  He turns to face both of them.

Hamilton cont’d: Later ladies.

He turns back around and starts to run out the door.

(cut to): The hall outside the door.  Hamilton’s mom walks around the corner carrying some paint brushes.

(cut to):  A reverse shot from Kate’s point of view.  Hamilton walks out of Jake’s room and the door closes behind him.  He is about to rush off, but he turns around and knocks on the door (when he turns it’s not in the direction that would make him facing Kate…he never sees her).  Jake sticks her head out.  Hamilton smiles and kisses her.

(cut to): A closer shot.

Hamilton: I’ve been meaning to do that all day.

Jake kisses him again.

Jake: Ok, now go to practice. 

Hamilton smiles and runs off down the hall (again, opposite direction so he doesn’t see Kate).

(cut to): Kate.  She looks…shocked, confused and disturbed.

(dissolve to): Finn walking across the Rawley lawn.  He’s walking quickly and carrying a book.  Kate comes running behind him.

Kate: Finn!

Finn stops and turns around.

Finn: Hi…

Kate: Do you have a minute?

Finn: Actually, I have crew right now. 

Kate: Oh, ok.  Ok…

Kate turns around and starts walking back toward the school. 

Finn: Hey, Kate.

Kate turns back around.

Finn cont’d: Are you ok?

(cut to): a close up of Kate who definitely doesn’t look ok.

(cut to): A medium close up of Hamilton as he runs up to the dock.

(cut to): The rest of the team who are already on the dock.

Will: Cutting it close, Ham.

Hamilton: Yeah, I accidentally fell asleep in J—I accidentally fell asleep.

Everyone on the team kind of looks around at each other.

(cut to): Hamilton as he sits down next to Scout.  Scout leans over to him.

Scout (whispered): You gotta watch that, buddy.

Will: Hey, what time is it? 

Hamilton: It has to be three.

Will: That’s weird.  Finn’s never late.

(cut to): Finn and Ham’s mom in Finn’s classroom.  Finn is sitting on his desk and Kate is in one of the student desks on the first row.

Finn: Wow…

Kate: I just don’t see why he wouldn’t tell me.  I mean, it wasn’t what I thought was going on with him, but I gave him every opportunity to open up and talk to me.  I just, I can’t—

Finn: You know, I really don’t think it’s quite what you think.

Kate: Well, obviously he’s—(she lowers her voice) he’s gay, Finn.

Finn gets up and walks over to her.  He stands behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Finn: Sometimes, and much to our dismay, things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Finn looks down at her and closes his eyes thoughtfully, then takes his hands slowly off of her shoulders and walks toward the door.

Kate: What does that mean?

Finn: It means…look harder, Kate.  Maybe the way this looks is different than it is.

Kate: Do you know something that I—

Finn: I really have to go to practice now.

Kate: Finn—

Finn gives her an “I’m sorry” look and walks out.

Kate looks even more confused than before.

(dissolve to): The dock.  The guys are still sitting around talking.

Scout: Maybe we should just get started.

Hamilton: Who died and made you ambitious?

Scout: What?  That doesn’t even make sense.

(cut to): Hamilton as he gets up and faces everyone.

Hamilton: Whatever…I’m out of here.  Finn doesn’t wait for us, why should we wait for him? 

We can see Finn walking up behind him, close enough to have heard the comment.

(cut to): Will and Scout who have seen Finn too.  They look at one another, smirking.

Scout: But, Finn’s obviously worth waiting for.

(cut to): Hamilton.  Finn walks up behind him and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Finn: Everyone in the boat.  No literary segue tonight.  Let’s go.

Hamilton (quietly to Finn): I didn’t mean—

Finn: It’s ok.  Just get in the boat, Hamilton.

Hamilton looks a little puzzled, but heads over toward the boat.


Commercial Break: Dexter Freebish released their first album on September 26.  You should go pick it up or at least check out their webpage.


(fade to): Jake’s room.  Jake is putting on her boy clothes.  Jill is lying on her back on Jake’s bed with her head hanging over the side.

Jill: Seems like a lot of trouble just to spend more q time with your boyfriend.

Jake: More wh—

Jill: Quality time.

Jake smiles.

Jake: It’s not really a lot of trouble.

Jake puts on the corset. 

Jill: Yeah, it looks like no trouble at all...

Jake rolls her eyes and smiles.

Jake: It’s not that bad.  It definitely makes you appreciate being a girl, though.

Jill sits up on the bed.  And seems to remember something.

Jill:  So, anyway, what’s second?

Jake: Huh?

Jill: Earlier, when I asked why you didn’t tell me, you said, “first” blah, blah, blah Hamilton never stops surprising you.  Was there a second?

Jake: and a third and a fourth…I mean, you would have been here a long time ago if I’d been talking about some guy I’d fallen for. 

Jake walks over to her mirror and fixes her hair a little…trying to get that boy look.

Jill: Keep explaining…

Jake: And, I’m not like him

Jill: What do you mean?

Jake: For example, he has conversations like this; I don’t.

Jill: Well, so, he’s more into it than you?

Jake turns around to face her.  Jill gets up from the bed and picks up Ham’s camera again.  She takes a picture or Jake.

Jake: Enough with the pictures.  

Jill sticks her tongue out at Jake, but sets the camera down.

Jake cont’d: And, what I mean is, he talks about it more than me.  It’s like, he thinks the more he talks about it the more real it becomes or something.  For me, it’s more about just feeling the connection.

Jill: As opposed to talking about feeling the connection?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Something like that.

Jill: So, what is the connection anyway?

Jake: What?

Jill: I mean, why do you like him so much?

Jake looks at her, but seems to be at a loss.

Jill: I mean, is it just a physical thing?  Have you guys, like—

Jake: God, no. 

Jill: Ok…so, you have a ton of stuff in common?…

Jake walks over and sits in her desk chair, turning it to face Jill.

Jake: So, have you made Scout’s life and kissed him yet?

Jill: Wow, what?

Jake: Did you?

Jill: Actually, after what Bella told us, I kind of made an important life decision for him.  I mean, it seems like maybe he’s not as over that whole thing as he lets on and liking the new girl is kind of an easy out.  Like, a little too easy.  So, I decided he wasn’t ready to be in anything even close to a relationship.  I talked to him today.

Jake: What did you tell him?

Jill: That I didn’t want to be in a relationship.

Jake: What?  Miss I-can’t-wait-to-get-married-and-be-in-a-real-committed-relationship?

Jill: I know…

Jake: Well, do what you have to do, but it seems like a waste.  I mean, that thing with Bella isn’t going to happen…you saw how over him she was.  But, I guess if you’re not into him then—

Jill: Who said I’m not in to him?  Did you see how, like, he was all helpless and cute today?

Jake: Sounded like whining, but yeah….

Jill: In general, though, he just seems a little lost…

Jake: Lost?

Jill: He’s looking for something to hang on to…something that can make him into the right version of himself.  You know?

Jake: Identity…

Jill: Exactly.  Anyway, I’m hungry.

(cut to): The boys in the boat.  They are rowing and Finn is driving the motorboat next to them.  Scout is directly behind Will. 

Scout: Hey, Will, think I should get highlights?

Will: High what?

Scout: Think your mom can give me some highlights?

(cut to): Finn in the motor boat.

Finn: Mr. Calhoun, when you’re in that boat, don’t talk.  And, if you do…at least discuss something intelligent and important such as the sonnets of Shakespeare, the upcoming elections or the rockin’ songs of The Boss.

(cut to): Will who is laughing at Scout.

(dissolve to): Interior of Friendly’s.  About a half an hour after Jill and Jake were talking.  Sean is sitting at the counter drinking a Coke.  He doesn’t look all depressed, more like thoughtful.  He drinks the last sip and turns around on the stool, about to get up. 

(cut to): the door as Jill and Jake walk in.  Sean stops (here it might be good to reflect: some people wanted to know why, in the season finale, did Sean not act surprised that Jake was a girl.  Well, had Sean ever actually met Jake as a boy?  I mean, sure, he knows the story now, but he’s not at all used to Jake in boy clothes.  Even in the last episode—Truth or Dare?—Sean only saw Jake as a girl.  He’s kind of got the same perspective as Jill on it…right?)

Sean: Jake?

Jake: Hi Sean.

Jill: Sean?  The Sean?  Townie boy toy to Bella Banks Sean?

Sean looks at her like she’s crossed a line.

Jill: Sorry.  Um, I’m Jill Thomas…long time best friend to, uh, Jake Pratt.

She puts her hand out.  He smiles and shakes it.  He holds it for a split second longer than we’d expect.

Sean: Sean McGrail.

Jill: Nice to meet you.

Sean: Yeah, you too.

He smiles (they seem to be having a flirty moment) then slowly turns toward Jake and kind of checks her out.

Sean: So Jake, I mean…I don’t think we’ve officially met.

Jake gives him an amused, dirty look. 

Jake: Not like this anyway.

Jake gestures down at her clothes. 

Sean: I can see why Scout was so confused.

Jake and Jill walk over to a booth and sit down on opposite sides.  Sean follows and sits next to Jill.

Jill: See, I’m wondering how everyone was…and most everyone still is…so clueless.  I guess it’s because I’ve known her forever.  We’ve been through, like, a million bad haircuts and bad wardrobe judgment calls.  I guess I take this as just another bad fashion choice.

Jake: Hey, I like this outfit.

Sean: I get what you’re saying though…appearance kind of means nothing when you’re with someone you really care about.  I mean, you see past that without even meaning to.

Jill looks over at him, smiles and nods and looks back at Jake.  The waiter comes up and hands them menus.

(cut to): Scout and Will walking down a street somewhere in New Rawley.

Will: Look, I’m not promising she’ll be able to do it tonight, ok?

Scout: Ok, but so you think it’ll be cool, right?  Like, hip?

Will: Well, it’ll draw attention from your eye, I guess.  And, Scout, people haven’t used the word hip since, like, bell-bottoms were in style….the first time.

Scout looks away and laughs.

Will: Hey, are you ok?  Because, I mean, I thought you were pretty ok, but this “search for a new and improved Scout” thing…it’s weirding me out, buddy.  You never struck me as a guy with self esteem issues.

Scout stops walking.  Will stops too.

Scout: Have I been acting really weird?

Will: Um, dude, we’re on our way to find my mom so that she can give you highlights.  I mean, is this about Jill?  Or Bella?  Or--

Scout: I don’t know, Will.  I mean, Jill seems like she’ll make an awesome friend.  I guess I was wrong for thinking she’d be into a “cooler” Scout.  And…I really am past that thing with Bella…I know I say it a lot, but I’m really accepting that thing with Sean and—

Will: They broke up.

Scout: Wh-what?  Why?  You know, actually, it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t make me any less moved on.  I am over Bella.  I guess I was kind of thinking along the lines of now that I’m moving to a new place in my life, I’d change the outside too…get a new image, you know?  But, like, in this very moment, I’m realizing that I’ve probably sounded like such a superficial chump lately.

Will: So, we don’t have to go find my mom?

Scout: No…

Will: So, you’re sure you’re ok?

Scout: Uh-huh…yes.

Will: Good, let’s go get some dinner.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Nine Days is an awesome band.  Check out their site.


(fade in): Friendly’s.  Sean, Jake and Jill are still at the booth.  Sean has just finished speaking and Jill laughs.

(cut to): The door as Scout and Will walk in.

Scout: Oh, great.  Why do I see a pattern starting to develop?

Sean: Hey, Will, Scout, what’s up?  Scout, nice eye.

Will: Can we sit with you guys?

Sean: Sure.

Jake: Hey, actually, you can have this seat Krudski, I’m going to head back to the dorms.

Scout: You know, I’m not really not that hungry, I’ll walk back with you.

Jake gets up.

Jake: Okay, let’s go. 

Jill: I’ll come too.I’ve got to get back and study.

Sean gets up so Jill can get out and then he sits back down.  Will sits down where Jake was sitting.

Sean: Nice to have met you Jill.  You too Jake.

They both smile and then walk out with Scout.  Will sits there and looks over at Sean.

Sean: What?

Will: Nothing, you’re just a little chipper that’s all.

Sean: Chipper?

Will: I mean, break up with Bella, move on to Jill…

Sean: Whoa, Will…

Will: Scout has a thing for Jill, ok? 

Sean: Ah.  You know, you don’t have to tell me twice.  But, it wasn’t even like that, we were just all hanging out.   Scout’s so threatened by every little thing.

Will: Well, last time he wasn’t paying careful attention and the rug got ripped out from under him, so to speak.

Sean: Yeah, I know the feeling. 

Will looks at him, knowing he’s referring to Bella.

(music starts: Troubled Times by Fountains of Wayne)

Will: So, do you remember when we were in, like, seventh grade and I decided I was in love with Bella and was going to ask her out?

Sean: Vaguely…

Will: Do you know what you told me?

Sean: Uh—

Will: You said, “Get over that, Willie Krudski because Bella Banks will never go out with you.”

Sean: That was harsh.

Will: Yeah, I thought so too until you went on to say, “She likes you too much.  She’d never risk that friendship.”

Sean: I said that?  I was just trying to make you feel better.

Will laughs.

Will: Maybe, but you had a good point.  I mean, friendship is so important Sean, and you and Bella will always have that.  You survived the beginning and the end of a relationship and you’re going to stay friends.  Together, you two took a big risk, and you made it through.  That’s huge. 

(cut to): Sean who looks down, then back up, smirking.

Sean: I feel bad all day and we have a five minute conversation that makes it seem all better again…I love you, man.

Will: Will makes it all better, but still has no story line of his own.  Do you ever feel like a supporting character in your own life?

Sean: Yeah, sometimes.  But, Will, you’re the writer…you’re the narrator of you life.  You hold the pen, man. 

Will: Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Sean: I’m sure you’ll get your storyline, Will…

Will: I don’t know…

(dissolve to): the darkroom.  Hamilton in there.  There is a counter/table where the chemicals baths and stuff go.  There are several shelves with chemicals on them.  The room is set up so that when you walk in, the counter is to the immediate right.  It doesn’t extend all the way to the other wall so that there is about 4 feet of space between the counter and the wall that is opposite the door (confusing enough?)  The lights are on and there are pictures hanging up to dry (they are 8 x 10’s and in black and white).  Hamilton is cleaning up everything.  He seems finished and he starts taking the pictures down.  They are the very last ones that were taken.  He adds them to a stack which sits on the far right of the counter.  He places them down in this order (the last being at the top): the one of him kissing Jake on the cheek, the one of him sitting on Jake’s bed, the one Jill took of Jake when she was dressed as a guy and the couple he snapped of Jill.  He starts to pick up the stack of pictures, but there is a knock.

Hamilton: Who is it?

Jake: Me…

Hamilton: I’m sorry, you’ll have to be more specific.

Jake opens the door and comes in, she’s still dressed as a guy.

Jake: Funny…

Hamilton: Oh, hey…it’s you.   You got my note, I guess.  Welcome to the dark room.

He gestures around the somewhat small room.

Jake (patronizingly): It’s nice…

He smiles and walks over to her.  He kisses her on the cheek, then on the neck.  The he takes her hand and pulls her gently to where the photographs are.  She picks up the stack and starts to look through them, not disturbing the order.  As she looks through them, he watches her. 

Hamilton: This is another good part of photography. 

Jake looks at him questioningly.

Hamilton: Watching someone look at it.  It’s like when you make someone watch your favorite movie…you don’t necessarily do it because you want to see it again…you do it because you want to see someone else’s reaction to it.

Jake sets down the pictures and turns, facing him.

Jake: What’s you favorite movie?

Hamilton: That wasn’t really the point of that little analogy…

Jake: I know.  It’s just…well, why don’t I know that, you know?

Hamilton: Movies aren’t really that important, I was just—

Jake: Jill asked me why I liked you so much.

Hamilton pauses and thinks for a moment before speaking.

Hamilton: Ah…and you got to thinking that instead of talking about the particulars—like favorite movie—we talk big picture.  Like, when was the get to know you dating period when I talk at length about how I adore the movie Rebel Without a Cause and you…

Jake: …describe how I am so afraid of heights…I really am.  I guess we do know some of that stuff about each other.

Hamilton smiles and steps a little closer to her.  He puts his hand on her neck and traces her jaw line with his thumb.

Hamilton: We can learn all that about each other, but that’s all just the paint that creates the image of who we are.  Like, we know each other better than that.  And, I don’t like you because you like Sarah McGlaughlin or hate Salmon.  I like you because almost every minute that I’m not with you would better if I were with you.  And that’s my why do I like…and love…Jacqueline.  The why is simple.

Jake can’t help smiling at him. 

Jake: My why is that you never stop amazing me.  Everything that you do, everything that you say…

Hamilton: I hope that’s a compliment.

Jake smiles and nods.

Hamilton: Hey, I’m about to show you the most perfect place on earth.

Jake raises her eyebrows suspiciously.  Ham takes her hand again.  He leads her over to that space between the counter and the wall (thus the elaborate description of the room). 

Hamilton: Sit down there.

Jake: Excuse me?

Jake looks at him like he’s lost it.  Hamilton gives her a “just do it” look.  She sits down and leans against the counter, facing the wall. Hamilton sits against the wall.

Hamilton: This is, like, a hideout from the world.  I like to come here to study sometimes, or just reflect on, you know, life.  Came here a lot right after I met you.

Jake reaches over and takes his hand. 

Hamilton cont’d: So, do you like that about me?

She pulls his hand so that he leans closer to her.  She leans toward him and kisses him.  When she stops, he looks at her mischievously.

Hamilton: Yeah, I thought you would.  So, what’s your favorite movie?


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(fade in)

(in the background: All I Want by Toad the Wet Sprocket)

(cut to): Jake and Ham.  They are still in the dark room, still in the corner.  They are sitting on the floor opposite one another, but Hamilton has moved up so that he is much closer to her.  She’s sitting so that her feet are flat on the floor and her knees are bent.  He sitting Indian style directly in front of her.  Oh yeah, and they are kissing of course.  His hands are on her knees, and she has one of her hands on his neck.  He pulls back and grins devilishly.  He puts his chin on his hands which are on her knees.

Hamilton: Wait, so how can you think Sega is better than Nintendo…where’s your Mario Brothers loyalty?

Jake swallows and stares at him for a moment then answers.

Jake: I’m just saying, the Sega game gear is better than, even, gameboy color…and it’s been out much longer.

Hamilton: Okay, but hand held systems aside…

Jake: Hand held systems aside, shut up.

Hamilton picks his head up and givers her an “oh really?” look.  He tilts his head and leans his face very close to hers.

Hamilton (lightheartedly): You can be such a hypocrite.

Jake: And you can be pretty good at distracting me from my convictions.

Hamilton kisses her again.  There is a knock at the door.  The music stops abruptly.

Kate: Hamilton, you in there?

Hamilton looks at Jake, a little worried.  He almost starts to get up.

(cut to): The door as Kate walks in.  She looks around and doesn’t see him and Jake.  She starts to turn around to leave when she notices the pictures.  She walks over and picks them up.  She sees the first one of Jill.  She smiles.  She goes past the other one of Jill, then sees the one of Jake (that Jill took, in boy gear).  She sighs.  She smiles again when she sees the one of Hamilton.  Then she flips to the next one (Ham kissing Jake on the cheek…it’s just a head shot…can’t obviously tell she’s a girl).  She seems almost not to be able to believe it. 

(cut to): Hamilton and Jake.  She looks at him, but he just shrugs.  He peeks around so that he can she his mom.  When he sees she’s has the pictures he looks really nervous.  He gets up…

Hamilton: Mom!

She is surprised and drops all the pictures on the floor.

Kate: God, Hamilton, what are you doing?  Why are you hiding in here? 

Hamilton: I was just—

Kate: You and your spot…I’d forgotten about that.

Hamilton: Mom, those pictures—

Kate: Look, I just want you to know that I know about Jake.

Hamilton (slowly): What?

Kate: I know about you and—

She makes a motion down to the pictures on the floor.  She also looks down at them for the first time.

Hamilton: Are you going to tell dad?  I mean, I know that might seem like—mom?

She is still looking at the pictures.  She kneels down and picks up one of Jake.  She studies it closely.

Kate: “Look harder.”

Hamilton: What?

Kate: Oh…Oh…my God.

Hamilton: Mom?

Kate: Yes…definitely won’t be able to tell your father about this.

Hamilton cocks his head to one side and looks truly confused.  Kate walks past him and looks over in the corner.  She finds a very freaked out looking Jake.  Kate smiles at her.

Kate: Hi.

Jake stands up.

Jake: Hi…

Kate: Well, he was right, this definitely is different than it looks.

Hamilton: Most things are, mom.  Who was right?

Kate (without thinking): Finn…

Hamilton: Finn?  Why were you talking to—

Kate (quickly to Jake): A girl, huh?

Jake nods and looks a little uncomfortable.

Hamilton: Mom, I think we have a lot to talk about.

Kate looks back and forth between Jake and Ham. 

Kate: Who’s going to start?

Jake and Kate look at Hamilton.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will and Sean are still sitting there talking.  Bella walks in.  She comes over and sits next to Will.

Bella: Hey guys.

Sean looks over at Will who gives him an encouraging look.

Sean: Hey, where ya been all day?

Bella: Around.  Actually, Grace and I hung out for awhile.

Will: Yikes.

Bella: It was fun. 

Bella takes some of his fries.

(music starts: Grin by Guster)

The camera zooms out, slowly and we can barely hear their random chit chat.

(cut to): Scout and Jill walking outside at Rawley, presumably, Scout’s walking her back to her dorm at the girls’ campus.

Will (v.o.): No matter who you think you are.

(cut to): Jake, Ham and Kate sitting around the common room talking. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Or who you try to be.  No matter what image you are trying to create.

(cut to): the dark room where the pictures are still scattered on the floor.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Some people are always going to see through it.  Some people will always know the real you.

(cut to): crane shot of Bella, Will and Sean at the diner.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton on the couch explaining, glancing at each other every once in awhile.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Whether it’s the clothes and appearance in general.

(cut to): Scout and Jill again.

(cut to): Friendly’s

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Or it’s about attitude and being strong when you’re not.  The people that count won’t be fooled by an image…despite how perfect it may seem.


The End


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