Chuck Versus the Reboot
My name is Estee and I am a fan of Chuck. This summer, when it seemed NBC was 'pulling a Conan' on Chuck, I wanted to help. Of course, I did my part to Save Chuck, but just in case NBC refused to bring the show back to the fans, I decided I would write a continuation of the show. In fact, I wrote three episodes before NBC saw the light and renewed Chuck for a 3rd season.

After watching the first three episodes of the real Chuck, my suspicion that Schwedak = genius was confirmed. But I also realized that maybe I have a few fun ideas for Chuck that shouldn't be wasted. And, so, I am sharing.

These episodes are based on the NBC program Chuck and should be considered 'spec scripts' - not copyright infringement :)

I also, and pay attention here, fully relinquish my rights to these episodes to Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. You guys can have anything you want: characters, dialogue, plot, fake science. It's yours. Mainly because it was yours anyway, but also because I owe you. You gave me my favorite show on television. 

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this is a love letter to Josh and Chris and all of the other writers of Chuck.

And, if some of my fellow fans happen to get a little entertainment out of these episodes, well, great. You guys saved my favorite show on television so I owe you, too.

One final person I owe is my dedicated "beta reader," editor, idea suggester, comedy guru and confidence booster: Spectacular Failure. You made these episodes better.

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Chuck Versus the Reboot
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