Young Mann


(fade in): to a black screen adorned with a yellow post-it note.  The note reads:


B E   B A C K   I N   T W O .

 – W I L L   K R U D S K I


Slowly Bella’s version of “Wishing Heart” begins to play.  As the music fades up the black screen and post-it note fade into a shot that is blurry yet distinctly taken through a video camera.  “REC” pops up in a corner as the picture becomes a little clearer.  We realize the camera is held by the driver of a car that is traveling down a two-lane highway somewhere.  We get a shaky pan as the camera is placed on the dashboard.  The picture loses focus again as a hand reaches for the camera in order to adjusts it so that it is pointing at the drivers’ seat.  Auto focus kicks in to reveal the cameraman/driver: Nicholas Mann.  He focuses on the road for a moment as a car passes in the other lane.  He then smiles at the camera and clears his throat.  As he speaks he watches the road, glancing occasionally at the camera. 

Nicholas: Hey…I’m Nick—Nicholas…Nicholas Mann…and this is chapter…uh…something like eighty-seven of my video journal.  A lot has happened since chapter eighty-six.  Currently, I’m driving on highway…hmm…

He looks out the window for signs of a road sign.

Nicholas cont’d: Highway something.  I got directions from a guy named Earl who was the owner of this old garage a few miles back.  I’ve always liked old-fashioned gas stations…the people just seem more trust-worthy.  Anyway, I’m digressing…oh, wait…hang on one second…this is my favorite part.

He reaches down and rewinds it a little letting us know it’s a tape.  Once he has it where he wants it, he turns up the volume.  If we listen carefully we realize it is a recording of when Bella sang the song New York.  The song blasts as Nick sings along sounding quite bad.  

Nicholas cont’d: I was restless, I was restless, I was restless, I was restless.  I just want this to be good, I just want this to be good.  And you don’t understand—you don’t understand me, and I want to be understood…”

He turns it down again, looking thoughtfully at the tape player.

Nicholas cont’d: You know how sometimes you hear a song and, at least for a little while, it becomes your personal theme song?  Somehow, it manages to perfectly to articulate everything that you can’t.  It sums up your present mood or it provides a source of comfort when you really need it…or, and this, this is key…it makes you realize that you really, really need to get the hell out of New York.

He smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: In other words, this is my current theme song.  He again glances at the tape player.

Nicholas cont’d: It’s funny, though, because the first time I heard it—well…that is a whole other story.  What’s important is that I’ve finally, actually left New York.

He looks back at the road.

Nicholas cont’d: Where am I going?

He laughs.

Nicholas cont’d: Well, to be honest…I have no idea where I’ll end up, but I do know where my first stop is: my sister.  I think we’re going to get along really well.  Oh, I guess I should mention that we’ve only met once, but we’ve spoken on the phone several times lately.  Her name is Jacqueline and…

He smiles thoughtfully.

Nicholas cont’d: I don’t know, she seems really amazing.  I can’t wait to see her again. 

A quick beat.

Nicholas cont’d: Other than hanging out with Jacqueline, I don’t have any specific plans.  Generally, I’m looking for a way to do something meaningful.  It’d be nice to find a role that really has an impact on people…I don’t know if such a part even exists these days.  But, that’s why I left…to find out what’s out there.  To find out what’s beyond New York…beyond my father…and…his enormous shadow because I have become so tired of living there. 

He shakes his head then tosses the camera a half smile.

Nicholas cont’d: Save it for therapy, right?

A beat passes as he listens to the song again.  He glances at the camera again.

Nicholas cont’d: Thus my destination-free journey begins.  Welcome aboard.

He smiles with a nod as if he’s accomplished the welcome he wants.  He reaches for the camera.  We momentarily see some white television snow then:

(cut to): black as the camera is turned off.



Opening Credits with special guest star Eddie Cahill as Nicholas Mann.


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(fade in): to a shaky shot of the garage through Nicholas’ video camera.  The “REC” indicator pops up and he zooms in a little more.

Music: Lovely Day by Lit

Nicholas: So, here we are: New Rawley…and…another old gas station.

He quickly swings the video camera around to reveal himself looking rather conflicted.

Nicholas cont’d: Once I go to this place, I’ll have a full tank of gas and, if there’s a nice enough service attendant, directions to Rawley Academy…directions to Jacqueline…to my sister.  I think she’ll be glad to see me, but…what if…what if she really hates me and I just haven’t picked up on it?  I’m beginning to think I should have called ahead.  Auditions don’t make me this nervous…and I have horrible stage fright.

He grins at the paradox then thinks of something.

Nicholas cont’d: I guess in a way, this is like an audition—an audition to be her brother.  If she hates me then I’ll get back in my car and drive away; if she likes me, I’ll hang out for a few days. 

He takes a deep breath.

Nicholas cont’d: God, this is stressful.  I’m starting to doubt this “no plans” plan.  I could definitely stand to encounter something I felt certain about. 

He glances up at the gas station.

Nicholas cont’d: Oh well…here goes nothing…

(cut to): the office of the garage.  Hamilton sits on the desk while Bella sits in the chair holding Hamilton’s guitar.

Hamilton: See, it’s not that hard.  You already know like eight chords.

The bell rings indicating a new customer.  They look at each other, both reluctant to take it.

Bella: Just go…probably another applicant.

Hamilton stands and looks out the window.

Hamilton: Hmm…Jetta.

Bella: Case closed…it’s all yours.

Hamilton reluctantly walks outside.

(cut to): the pumps where the jetta is parked.  Hamilton looks at the car, trying to get a glimpse at the driver.

(cut to): a shot from Hamilton’s point of view as we see Nicholas through the windshield.  He’s talking to, we assume, the video camera.

(cut to): Hamilton who has no idea what he’s doing beyond talking to himself.  Hamilton shakes his head and approaches the driver side window.  He knocks tentatively on the rolled-up window.  The window rolls down and Hamilton finds himself face-to-face with the video camera. 

(cut to): a shot of Hamilton through the camera.  He looks impatient and slightly annoyed.

Hamilton: What’s with the camera, dude?

Nicholas: Oh…

(cut to): Hamilton and Nicholas as Nicholas turns the camera down.

Nicholas cont’d: …sorry…video journal…I’ve been doing it since I was, like, ten.

Hamilton: Carrying a video camera around with you?

Nicholas is getting out of the car and answers absently…

Nicholas: Uh huh…

He smiles as the questions registers.

Nicholas cont’d: I mostly just do it when something big is happening. 

Hamilton nods knowingly.

Hamilton: So, you are headed up to Rawley Academy then?

Nicholas is slightly taken about, but he smiles.

Nicholas: Yes, actually…how did you—

Hamilton: I wouldn’t take the camera in when you meet the dean…

Hamilton walks over to pump the gas.

Hamilton cont’d: …just a tip.

Nicholas laughs which makes Hamilton smile.  A beat as Hamilton continues with the gas.

Nicholas: You know, I wasn’t waiting around for you to do that.  I mean, I’m perfectly capable…

Hamilton (with irony): It’s not like there’s anything else I want to be doing right now.

Nicholas picks up on the irony, but doesn’t say anything.  Another beat passes as Hamilton looks him up and down.

Hamilton cont’d: So…what’s your subject?

Nicholas: I’m sorry?

Hamilton: History or drama?

Nicholas tilts his head.

Nicholas: Drama, I guess…is that your thing? 

Hamilton’s confused.

Hamilton: What?

Nicholas: Guessing college majors?

Hamilton: What?  Oh…no…I just happen to know that history and drama are the two openings. 

Nicholas doesn’t get it, but Hamilton doesn’t notice and doesn’t skip a beat.

Hamilton cont’d: You seem pretty cool so I’ll give you another tip…a more useful tip…the dean isn’t looking for something like himself…he already tried that and it didn’t work out.  See, people think he wants them to be really strict and they’ve been answering the questions all wrong.

Nicholas: Do people usually have to go through such an intensive interview to visit a student there?

Hamilton finishes with the gas.

Hamilton: Oh…I thought you were applying for the live-in faculty position…I’m sorry.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: How do you know so much about Rawley Academy?

Hamilton: I have the distinct honor of attending it.

Nicholas: Ah…

Hamilton: Anyway, who are you going to see?  Maybe I know him.

Nicholas: Her name is Jacqueline.

Hamilton’s friendly disposition fades.

Hamilton: Jacqueline who?

Nicholas: Pratt…you know her?

Hamilton: Yeah, I do.  Who are you?

His tone is really defensive and Nicholas notices.  He tilts his head as he exams Hamilton a moment.

Nicholas: I am…a friend.

He gauges Hamilton’s reaction which is clearly jealous.

Hamilton: What kind of friend?  Friend from where?

Nicholas tries not to laugh.  He looks down then back up with only the slightest of smiles.

Nicholas: Out on a limb here, but…you’re Hamilton?

Hamilton’s expression changes into a bewildered scowl.  He folds his arms and doesn’t say anything.

Nicholas cont’d: You are, aren’t you?  It certainly explains your dean knowledge.

Hamilton still doesn’t speak and doesn’t like that Nicholas seems to be enjoying this conversation.  Nicholas checks the gas pump, pulls out some money and hands it to Hamilton.

Nicholas: Keep the change.

He gets into his car.

Nicholas cont’d: I better get going.

Hamilton’s expression changes slightly as if he agrees.  Nicholas pauses a moment, hesitating, then looks back up at Hamilton.

Nicholas: Think you could give me directions?

Nicholas smiles hopefully.

Music: Over Your Head by the Marvelous 3

(cut to): across the street at Friendly’s.  Jill and Sean walk up together.

Jill: I’m telling you: Nick at Night…TV Land…all kids should watch that stuff.  There’s nothing more moral than Mary Tyler Moore.

Sean: I always liked Gilligan’s Island.

Jill: Do not get me started on that show…they should have formed a tribal council and voted Gilligan’s dumb ass off…then they could have easily gotten off that stupid island.

Sean laughs.  Jill looks up as Hamilton walks up to them.  Jill checks out his coveralls.

Jill: Hey, Goober.

He looks at Sean who shrugs.

Jill: …the mechanic from The Andy Griffith Show?  Played by the late, great Jim Neighbors.

Sean and Hamilton look at each other again, still confused.

Jill cont’d: Come on…am I the only person who watches television?

Hamilton remembers why he came over and ignores Jill’s question:

Hamilton: Who does Jake know in New York?

Jill: Um…a lot of people?

Hamilton: Guys?

Jill: Yes, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Guys that drive…Jettas?

Jill looks off down the road.

Jill: Was that cute Jetta guy going to see her?

Sean: You had time to notice that guy was cute from way over here while you were delivering that diatribe on how Gilligan’s Island would have been better without Gilligan?

She smiles at him.

Jill: I know…I’ve got skills.

Sean laughs at her.

Hamilton: Hello…did you know that guy?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: I couldn’t really see him.

Hamilton: I can’t believe she has some guy coming to see her and she didn’t tell me.

Jill: Or, and I think you’ll find this crisis a little more pressing, that guy was going to see her and he didn’t tell her.

Hamilton gets it.

Hamilton: Okay, you’re right.  I better go…

Before they can say anything he runs back across the street.  They look at each other, amused with him.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house, the living room.  Finn is sitting on the couch looking through several floral and decoration sample books that he has spread out on the coffee table.  Johanna walks in talking on the phone.

Johanna: No, you listen to me.  I don’t care what you have to do; just make it happen.

Finn looks up at her, startled, but amused.  She hangs up.

Finn: If people don’t like Salmon, they can starve…or leave.

Johanna: The whole point of giving them an option is to be able to give them what they choose.

Finn: And…

Johanna: And nothing.

She sits down next to him and looks at the books.

Finn: And…you don’t like Salmon.

Johanna: Well, it is my wedding.

Finn: Yours, huh?  You know, I personally like Salmon.

She gives him a dirty looks, but he keeps going.

Finn cont’d: And, I’m not even a big fish fan…

He looks over at her; she’s smiling.

Johanna: Did you call the florist yet?

Finn: Um…

He looks back at the books.

Finn cont’d: I haven’t picked out the flowers yet.

Johanna: I give you one simple task…

She’s only half serious.

Johanna cont’d: Have it done by tomorrow, okay?  They need a week.

She’s serious about this and he knows it.  He nods.  She gets up and walks back toward the kitchen, dialing the phone:

Johanna cont’d: The band needs directions…they’ve got a completely incompetent manager…

He smiles shaking his head then looks back at the books.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a video shot of Rawley Academy School for Boys.  The camera spins quickly and once again we see Nicholas.

Music: Something I Call Personality by New Found Glory

Nicholas: Okay, change of plans…well, not really since I didn’t have any to begin with, but…I’m making a stop here at Rawley Boys’ first.  See, while I was in town, I met Jacqueline’s boyfriend, Hamilton, who’s father is the dean and he thought I was applying for some live-in faculty position.  I’m not entirely sure what’s required, but as I was driving here (specifically not following Hamilton’s jealously-inspired directions) I got to thinking about what it would mean to teach.  It never occurred to me before, but…it could be just the quote-unquote role I was looking for.  When I get done here, I’m going to see my sister.  If the interview goes well and if Jacqueline ends up wanting me to stick around then…well…I think you can see where this could be going.

He smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: Wish me luck.

He turns the camera back to the school and zooms in on the dorms.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She’s got headphones on as she works on her laptop.  Hamilton walks in, still in his coveralls.  She doesn’t notice him as he walks over to her and pulls her headphones off.  She looks up at him like he’s lost it.

Jake: If you wanted your Pete Yorn CD back, all you had to do was—

Hamilton: Expecting company?

She looks very puzzled as she takes the headphones all the way off.

Jake: No, but…it’s nice to see you anyway.

He scowls.

Hamilton: So, you know nothing about the tall, good-looking, Jetta-driving New Yorker on his way to see you?

Jake: Nope…

Hamilton: He said he’s…a friend.

Jake: A friend?

Hamilton: Your friend.

Jake: Hm…really?  And…you said he was…cute?

She’s teasing hi, but he doesn’t or doesn’t want to pick up on the sarcasm.

Hamilton: That is not the point…well, it kind of is.  I mean…why is there some guy coming to see you?

Jake: I have no idea…

She stands up, looking a little more worried.

Jake cont’d: None of my old friends know where I go to school…

Hamilton: Have a lot of old friends?  Old guy friends?

Jake shrugs, then thinks of something.

Jake: How old was he?  Our age?

Hamilton: I don’t know.  Older, I guess.  Twenty-three maybe.  I thought he was coming to apply for the live-in position…then he said something about coming to see you.  Oh, and, he knew who I was.  He was so smug about it too…I just wanted to—

Jake: Hey…chill out, please.  Jealous boyfriend lost its charm a long time ago and I need you to help me figure out what to do.

Hamilton: We could push him into the lake…whoever he is.

Jake: Nicholas…Mann.

A look of understanding comes over Hamilton’s face.

Hamilton: Your half-brother?

She nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Whoa. 

She nods again then gets up and walks over to her closet.

Hamilton: Well…in that case…he seemed really cool, Jake.

Jake: Speaking of Jake…he said he was going to see Jacqueline, right?  At Rawley Girls’?

She pushes aside all her boy clothes to reveal a couple of dresses.

Hamilton: Yeah…

Jake cont’d: God, all I have left is dresses…oh well, guess I better hurry…

Hamilton: It’s okay…we still have time.

Jake: What do you mean?

Hamilton: I gave him directions.

He smiles proudly.

Jake: The wrong directions?

Hamilton: No, they were right, but…he should circle the lake four or five times on his way.

Jake: Well, at least your threatened masculinity bought us an extra half hour.

Hamilton smiles sarcastically as Jake starts to get undressed.

Music: Soak up the Sun by Sheryl Crow

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Will and Gwen have a bunch of papers and notebooks spread out on the table.  Dexter is at a computer.  He glances up at them, wanting to get their attention.  Will is concentrating on the paperwork, but Gwen looks at him with a smile.  He looks up at her and returns the smile, leaning in to kiss her.  Dexter clears his throat and gets up.

Dexter: Uh…the front page is over on this computer whenever you guys get time…

He’s out the door before they can say anything.

(cut to): a closer shot of them as they both look mildly embarrassed.  On the table we can see what Will has been studying: class syllabi, Will’s work schedule, the newspaper calendar and various other schedules.

Will: All right…I’m thinking…we’ve got this figured out…for the rest of this month anyway.

Gwen looks carefully at the new calendar Will has drafted.

Gwen: Okay, so we have time everyday for homework…that’s good.

Will: Define good.

He leans in and kisses her neck as she continues to look at the calendar.  A beat.

Will cont’d: And no time for extra credit…so don’t even think about it.

She smiles, feigning disappointment.  He kisses her neck again.

Gwen: We have dinner together…

Will: Monday…Wednesday, Friday and…

Gwen: Saturday…with a “formal” date option on Sunday.

He pauses to look at the calendar again.  She stands up behind him, leaning against him to look over his shoulder.

Gwen: We’ll also have to switch things around a little when crew practice starts again.

Will swallows as if he has an announcement to make.

Will: I’ve been thinking about sitting out this season.

Gwen: Will, no…this will be your senior season.  I don’t want you to miss out on that.

Will: I don’t want to miss out on…you.

Gwen: I think that in twenty years you might regret sitting out your last year of crew for some stupid girl.

Will: No way…I’d never remember you as stupid.

He looks back at her with a teasing smile.  She takes the opportunity to kiss him.

(cut to):  Friendly’s.  Jill and Sean sit at a booth sharing some fries. 

Sean: You haven’t been hanging out with him at all?

Jill: Nope…but, I’ll stop by and deliver your message.

Sean: I mean, it’s cool with you if he and I—

Jill: Go running…yeah, sure, it’s—

She pauses as she looks up at the door.

(cut to): the door as Bella walks in looking frustrated.

(cut to): the table where Sean already looks worried.  Bella walks up to them.

Sean: What’s wrong?

Bella: Nothing devastating…I just can’t find Hamilton.

Jill: He had official whiny boyfriend business to attend to.

Jill rolls her eyes and Bella smiles in agreement.  A beat.  Sean watches Bella carefully as she looks over Jill and the food, avoiding Sean.

Bella: Well, thanks…I’m going to contemplate firing him.

She starts to turn around.

Sean: Why don’t you…stay a minute?  I’ll buy you a Coke.

Bella: You always did know how to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

He smiles and flags down the waitress.  Bella sits down next to him.  She smiles nervously at Jill who forces a polite smile back.  Sean glances from Bella to Jill.  The waitress comes over and Sean orders the Coke for Bella.  When the waitress has gone, Sean offers the basket of fries to Bella who takes a couple.

Bella: Thanks.

Sean smiles, glad to have everything friendly between the three of them.  Jill watches the scene between Bella and Sean as if it inspires her.

(dissolve to): Scout and Will’s room.  Scout sits on the couch.  Jill sits on the edge of his bed, looking annoyed.

Scout: Jill, no…absolutely not.

Jill: Why?

Scout: Because…if Sean and Bella wanted to be together…they would be together.

Jill: But—

Scout sighs and stands up.

Scout: You’ve delivered Sean’s message…now, you can go.

Jill: But…

She stands up.

Jill cont’d: …I have a plan worked out and everything.

Scout opens the door, but Jill ignores it.

Scout: I don’t care.

Jill: It’ll be fun…it’ll be like old time.

He looks down, swallowing then back up at her.

Scout: I don’t even know what that means, okay, Jill?

She’s not sure either.

Jill: Fine.  You have to think about it.  Fine.

Scout: No, I don’t.  I’m not—

Jill: Don’t forget to call Sean.

Scout: Jill—

Jill: I’ll be in the art room until late.

She walks out.  Scout looks after her not sure what to think or feel.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a shot of the lake taken through, once again, Nicholas’ video camera.  The “REC” indicator pops up as Nicholas zooms all the way to the other side of the lake, to Rawley Boys.’

Music: Happy by Lit

Nicholas (off camera): So, get this…the dean really liked me.  He said I was the quote “most promising” applicant he’d seen all day and he asked me to come back tomorrow.

Nicholas zooms back across the lake and then over to the Rawley Girls’ campus.

Nicholas (off camera) cont’d: I don’t want Jacqueline to think I’m moving in on her life.  I mean, I went to boarding school too and the best part about it was that you didn’t have to be around your family…

Nicholas sighs and turns the camera to himself again.

Nicholas cont’d: The scary thing is I’ve begun to fall in love with the idea of moving here.  I know I keep saying I have no plan, but I was really thinking I’d end up in Atlanta.  The theater scene there is pretty big, but it’s not as intense and intimidating as New York. 

He glances up at the school.

Nicholas cont’d: Well, barring not getting hired, I don’t see why I can’t take this job.  Even if Jacqueline and I end up hating each other, she’d be on one side of the lake and I’d be on the other…what’s the big deal? 

He smiles as if he’s decided then turns the camera back to the lake and starts to zoom in on the boys’ school once again.

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Gwen and Will are now looking at Dexter’s layout design.  Gwen sits in the chair making a few changes as Will stands behind her.  Hamilton runs in, slightly out of breath.

Hamilton: Have you seen Jill?  Is she still in town?

Gwen: I’m not sure.

Hamilton: Okay, well…let me borrow your keys.

Gwen: What?

Hamilton: Jake/Jacqueline crisis…please?

(cut to): Rawley Girls’.  Jake is sitting on the curb of the parking lot wearing a dress…and her army jacket and converse shoes (a la Kelly Osbourne).  She’s nervously looking around and tapping her feet.  As people walk by, she looks down, struggling not to make eye contact with anyone.  Nicholas’ Jetta drives through the frame and pulls into a parking spot. Jake stands up.

(cut to): the car as Nicholas gets out.  Jake walks up to him.

Jake: Nicholas…hi.

He smiles when he sees her, but then looks confused.

Nicholas: Hey…

Jake smiles, uncertain of what to do next.  Nicholas smiles reassuringly and steps toward her to hug her.

Music: The Best is Yet to Come Undone by Lit

Nicholas: It’s so great to see you. 

Jake: Yeah, you too.

They part.

Nicholas: I thought I’d have a harder time finding you.

Jake: Hamilton told me you were coming—well, actually, he said it was a cute, tall, Jetta-driving New Yorker so…I put two and two together…

Nick grins.

Nicholas: It’s nice to know your boyfriend finds me attractive.

Jake: More like…intimidating.

Nicholas laughs then thinks of something.

Nicholas: Oh, hey, but, you know…I’m not a New Yorker anymore.

Jake tilts her head.

Nicholas cont’d: I left…for good…for now, I guess.

Jake: Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out.

Nicholas laughs again.

Nicholas: When I left, all I really knew for sure was that I was leaving and…

He smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: …that I wanted to see my sister.

She smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: So…here I am.

He tries to gauge her reaction.

Nicholas cont’d: Sorry I didn’t call first.

Jake: Oh…no…it’s fine.

He raises his eyebrows.

Jake cont’d: Seriously, it’s great to see you.

She hugs him this time causing him to look a little more at ease.  When they part:

Nicholas: I brought you something.

He leans over, reaching into the car.

Jake: You didn’t have to—

He stands up and hands her a CD.

Jake: Pete Yorn: cool.

He smiles, then opens up the cover for her.  She looks inside.

Jake: Oh, whoa…it’s signed: “To Jacqueline.  Be kind to the Freshmann…” spelled with two n’s…cute…”love Pete.”

She looks up at him.

Jake cont’d: Nicholas…thank you.

Nicholas: Not exactly a check for twenty thousand dollars, but—

Jake: I love it.

She doesn’t want to discuss checks or their father.

Jake cont’d: So’d you…have a nice drive?

He nods.

Nicholas: Do you think maybe we could go somewhere and talk? 

Jake: Oh, well, funny story…my keys…

She looks up at the trail to Rawley Boys’.

Jake cont’d: …are hopefully making their way to us right now.

(cut to): the trail.  Hamilton has just exited the woods and walks toward Jake and Nicholas.  He holds up Gwen’s keys.

(cut to): Nicholas and Jake as Hamilton walks up.

Hamilton: Sweetie…your keys.

Jake: Thanks.

She smiles gratefully at Hamilton then turns to Nicholas.

Jake: I left them in his room.

A beat as Jake looks from Nicholas to Hamilton.

Jake cont’d: Oh yeah…even though you two have already met…Nick this is Hamilton…Hamilton, Nick.

They shake hands.

Jake cont’d: Oh, Hamilton, look at this.

She holds the CD case opened as he checks out the autograph.  He’s clearly impressed.

Hamilton: Guess this means you’re finally going to give back my Pete Yorn CD, huh?

She smirks.

Nicholas: Hamilton, thanks for your advice earlier.

Hamilton: What?  The directions?  I’m really sorry about that…I didn’t know who you—

Nicholas: Not the directions…I followed the signs.

Jake and Hamilton look at each other, confused.

Nicholas cont’d: No, your advice about the interview…with the dean. 

Hamilton: The job interview?

Nicholas nods.

Nicholas: Yeah, I went in and told him I’d heard about the position while passing through town.

Hamilton: Did you mention me?

Jake: Or me?

Nicholas: Nope…I didn’t want to have to explain how I know either of you…since, you know…

Jake: We aren’t supposed to be telling anyone…yeah…

Nicholas: Yeah…

He looks down guiltily.

Hamilton: Did it seem like my dad liked you?

Nicholas: I’m having my résumé faxed tonight and he asked me to go back in tomorrow.

Hamilton nods then glances at Jake as if this were bad news.

Jake: Well, Sweetheart, Nicholas and I were going to hang out in my room for awhile.

Hamilton: Sounds—

Jake: Let me walk you back to the trail.

Hamilton looks mildly insulted, but waves amiably to Nick as Jake leads him away.

(cut to): closer to the trail as they walk slowly.

Jake: You have to do something.

Hamilton: About what?

Jake: He can’t teach at Rawley Boys’.

Hamilton: If my dad asked him to come back…I mean, he’s practically hired.  And, uh…you two seem to be clicking.  Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing—

Jake: Hamilton…I’ve only talked to him half a dozen times.  I don’t want him to think…I mean…the Jake thing is really weird, don’t you think? 

Hamilton: A little, I guess, but…so what?  We wouldn’t have to tell him right away and, when he did find out…I don’t think he’d—

Jake: No.

Hamilton: Then…what do you want me to do, Jacqueline?

Jake: Just take care of, okay?  Please?

He sighs, but then nods.

Hamilton: I’ll try.

She smiles pulling a smile out of him as well.

Jake: Thank you.

Hamilton: No problem…”Sweetheart.”

Jake: Hey, I only said it because you did.

Hamilton: Technically, I said “Sweetie.”

Jake: Whatever.  I love you.

He smiles and leans in to kiss her on the cheek, but looks up at Nicholas.

(cut to): Nicholas who’s been watching, but now looks away.

Hamilton: You’re right…we definitely need to get rid of your big brother.

She smiles and kisses him gently as if to indicate it’s okay to kiss her in front of her brother.  Hamilton still looks a little uncomfortable which amuses Jake.

Hamilton cont’d: If I’m not in my room…I’ll be at home talking to my dad…call me.

She nods as he escapes into the woods.

Music: My Friends Over You by New Found Glory

(cut to): a shot of a residential street in New Rawley.  Scout and Sean as they run into frame then come to an abrupt at a street sign.

Sean: Thanks for calling me.

Scout nods.

Scout: Whenever we do this, we say we should do it more often.

Sean: You’re still the only person who can keep up.

Scout laughs, still slightly out of breath.

Sean cont’d: How have you been?

Scout shrugs.

Scout: Guess you heard about my latest debacle.

Sean: Yeah.  Still…rock concert on the roof…sounds cool.

Scout: Actually…it was.

Scout smiles.

Scout cont’d: I probably wasn’t cut out for the R.A. thing anyway.

Sean takes a knee to retie his shoe.

Scout cont’d: I heard you got re-elected.

Sean nods, standing back up.

Sean: I’m thinking about trying to get an internship in Boston this summer.

Scout: Not D.C.?

Sean: I have an aunt in Boston.  Free place to stay.

Scout: Well, I’ll find out if my dad knows anyone—I mean, not to…

Sean: Thanks, that would be really cool.

Scout sighs, relieved.  A beat.

Scout: So, you and Jill have been—

Sean: About that…it’s kind of why I wanted to hang out.

Scout looks at him suspiciously.

Sean cont’d: I mean, I’m not going to stop hanging out with her, but…I’d sleep a little better knowing that it wasn’t a big deal to you.

Scout: A big deal?  To me?

Sean nods.

Scout cont’d: Of course not.  I think it’s great.

Sean looks at him suspiciously.

Scout cont’d: Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but…put it this way, I haven’t been losing any sleep over it.

Sean: Cool.

A quick beat.

Scout: So, has she forced you to watch Roswell?

Sean: Not yet, but she keeps threatening to bring over her tapes.

Scout: She gets so worked up over that show: Max and Liz and Max and Tess and—

Sean: Max.

Scout laughs.

Scout: Her obsession…the whole thing…it’s so…

Sean: Jill.

Scout looks at him; Sean definitely gets her.

Scout: Yeah…

Sean: Yeah.

A beat.

Sean cont’d: Race you to Friendly’s?

Scout nods and then takes off.  Sean follows.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a video shot of the lake through an open set of blinds.  The camera zooms out as the “REC” indicator comes on the screen.  The camera pans around to Jake sitting uncomfortably on Gwen’s bed. 

Music: Silver Lining by David Gray

Nicholas (off camera): Have anything to say?

Jake thinks for a moment then shakes her head.

Nicholas (off camera) cont’d: Not even…my brother is a total freak?

Jake laughs.

Jake: It probably runs in the family.

Nicholas laughs then turns the camera dramatically as he checks out various items in the room.  He gets to the pictures Gwen put up at the end of last school year.

Nicholas (off camera): Interesting…

Jake: What is?

Nicholas turns the camera down.

(cut to): a normal shot of the room.  Nicholas was facing away from Jake but has to turns to her to answer her question.

Nicholas: I pictured your room…differently.

Jake tries not to smile.

Jake: How did you picture it?

Nicholas shrugs as he looks around.

Nicholas: I don’t know….I guess simple, but with an edge.  Posters instead of paintings…definitely wouldn’t have guessed purple bedspread…

He indicates Gwen’s purple comforter.

Nicholas cont’d: And…don’t you have a laptop?

 He nods over to Gwen’s desk where her computer is set up.

Jake: Hamilton…borrowed it.

Nicholas nods, takes another look around then takes a seat next to her on the bed.

Nicholas: You two seem very…serious.

Jake: I guess we kind of are.

Nicholas: Sounds like you’ve got everything figured out.

Jake laughs at the reference, but tries to speak seriously:

Jake: I think we’re beyond “serious.” 

Nicholas: Oh…

Jake: No…no, I don’t mean…I just mean…

She laughs awkwardly.  Nicholas holds the camera up again.

(cut to): a shot of Jake through the video camera as “REC” pops up.  Jake looks at him skeptically, but doesn’t ask him to turn it off.

Jake cont’d: Our relationship has become such a huge part of…everything…my whole world.  I don’t even  know what I would do without him.

She looks for how to sum this up:

Jake cont’d:  Basically, I love him.

She looks down.

Jake cont’d: And I love how he makes me feel.

Nick (off camera): Which is how?

Jake looks up again and lets the question linger a moment before answering:

Jake: …loved.  He makes me feel more loved than anyone ever has.

Nicholas holds on her a moment then stops recording.

(cut to): a normal shot again.  Nicholas holds the camera looking at it thoughtfully.  He looks up guiltily at her.

Nicholas: Jacqueline, I am so sorry about my dad…our dad…whatever.  You deserve so much better.

Jake: If I do, you do.

Nicholas shrugs.

Nicholas: I suppose that’s why I took the money and ran.

Jake looks at him suspiciously.

Jake: What money?

Nicholas: Don’t tell me he didn’t give you the money.  He said he did—

Jake: He wrote me a check.

Nicholas: Oh, okay…good.  For a seconds I thought—

Jake: I didn’t cash it.

Nicholas: You didn’t cash a check for twenty thousand dollars.

Jake: It was for ten thousand and I’m not in the habit of accepting hush money.

Nicholas gets it a little better now.

Nicholas: So, this is out of principle?

Jake: Well…yeah…to make the point that he can’t just—

Nicholas: Unless you burned the check in front of him…he missed “the point.”  I’m sure he considers you “hushed.”

Jake: But, the reason I didn’t take the money is not so that I can tell people.  I have absolutely not desire to tell everyone that he is my father.

Nicholas: And, he knows that, Jacqueline.  I mean, if he really thought you’d “go public” with everything…he would have offered you more money.

Jake: Like…twenty thousand dollars?

Nick sighs.  She’s giving him a very displeased stare.

Nicholas: Please don’t look at me like you’re disappointed in me…please?

She looks down.

Nicholas cont’d: I really needed the money, okay?  I needed it to leave there…to get away from him…okay?

She nods.  A beat.

Nicholas cont’d: He really isn’t going to notice you didn’t cash the stupid check.  He probably wouldn’t have noticed if you wrote in an extra zero and cashed it.

Jake looks up at him with a faint smile.

Jake: Is that what you did?

Nicholas feigns being insulted.

Nicholas: Hey, come on.  I’ve got a few principles of my own.

Jake: Too bad. 

He laughs.

Jake cont’d: Think he’d notice if I hacked into his account and left him bankrupt.

He laughs, then tilts his head.

Nicholas: You could really do that?

She shrugs as if it were nothing.

Nicholas: Remind me not to piss you off.

She smirks

Music: The Great Houdini by New Found Glory

(cut to): Friendly’s.

(cut to): inside.  Will is taking an order from a couple at a booth.  Scout and Sean walk in looking quite weathered from their run.  Will finishes with the table and walks over to them.

Will: Hey guys…Scout, you’re late.

Scout: I know; we were running.

Will: Oh, great…

He gives him the once over.

Will cont’d: …yeah, you should get lots of tips tonight.

Scout laughs sarcastically.

Scout: I’m going to change.

Scout walks toward the bathroom, pausing at the counter to pull a backpack out.  When he’s gone, Will and Sean stand awkwardly.

Will: How’ve you been?

Sean: Good.  I got re-elected.

Will: I heard that.  Congratulations.

A beat.

Sean: I have to get home…you know, for dinner.

Will nods.

Sean cont’d: It was good to see you.

Will: You too…definitely.

Sean sticks out his hand as he and Will do some handshake.  Sean leans back to leave.  Once he’s gone, Will heads over to the counter to work on the order.  Scout exits the bathroom, tosses his bag down behind the counter and joins Will.

Scout: Where’s Sean?

Will: He headed home for dinner.

Scout: Oh.

A beat.

Scout cont’d: Will, can I ask you a question.

Will raises an eyebrow.

Will: Sure.

Scout: You and Sean have been friends for a long time, right?

Will: Unless you’ve got a doctor’s note saying you’ve recently developed amnesia, I don’t think I need to answer that one.

Scout sighs, realizing he’d better get to the point.

Scout: Right…so…you know how he operates.

Will: Operates what?

Scout: …operates with girls.

Will looks at him skeptically.

Scout cont’d: Like, with Bella, for example, he really worked that whole friend angle, right?

Will (confused): I guess, but—

Scout: Do you think that’s a pattern with him?

Will: What?

Scout: Befriending girls to…hook up.

Will shakes his head to himself then addresses Scout:

Will: Is this about Jill?

Scout (concerned): Why, did he say something to you about her?

Will: No, but…he obviously said something to you or you wouldn’t be nearly this concerned with how he picks up girls. 

Scout’s busted.  He turns away to wipe down the counter.

Will cont’d: Except, that doesn’t make any sense because we had a conversation about Jill and Sean hanging out and you were totally cool with it.

Scout: If he wasn’t being so sneaky…

Scout sighs.

Scout: I guess…I just never thought it would get to this point.  I never really thought there’d be a time when I’d have to deal with the two of them hooking up.

Scout really does seem upset.  Will feels bad.

Will cont’d: Look…I don’t think he’s after her, but even if he does like her, he knows she’s off limits…big time.

Scout nods feeling much better about the situation.

Will cont’d: Besides, if he was interested, I’m sure he would make a point to talk to you about it before he made a move.

Scout forces a smiles, but looks slightly panicked at this last remark.

Music: Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne

(cut to): the art room.  Jill is alone working on a painting.  The door is pushed open slightly as Scout sticks his head in.  When he sees her, he enters.

Scout: Jill?

She turns around.

Jill: Hey.

Scout: I’m in.

Jill: Huh?

Scout: Sean…Bella…your plan…I’m in.

Jill: Really?  Because, I was thinking maybe I was imagining the whole thing between them—

Scout: No way…I mean, Bella and Sean?  Totally.  I definitely see it.

Jill: God, seriously.  He just looks at her like he wants to help her…and protect her.

Scout: Yeah.

Jill thinks of something.

Jill: Did he…say something to you about her?

Scout shrugs.

Jill: Come on, I thought we were trading information now.

Scout: Are you going to tell me the plan or not?

Jill smiles mischievously. 

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will is sitting at the counter re-organizing sugar packets.  Gwen walks in.  He smiles when he sees her.  She looks down at his task.

Gwen: I can see you’re busy…

She pretends as if she’s going to leave.

Will: It’s okay…I need a break from my grueling work.

She laughs as she sits on a stool next to him.

Will cont’d: I sent Scout home early so I’ve had, like, no help organizing the sugar.

A beat as Will abandons the task and shoves the sugar packets back into the holder.

Will cont’d: Get everything wrapped up with the paper?

She nods.

Will cont’d: I’ve been trying to come up with additional ways to spend time with you.

She smiles.

Will cont’d: I’ve yet to come up with anything that doesn’t involve a time machine.

Gwen: Well, you’re in luck because I have an idea.

Will: Hit me.

Gwen: I could get a job—

Will: Yeah…that would free you right up.

Gwen cont’d: I could get a job here.

Will: What?  Gwen, no…I don’t want you working here.

Gwen: Thanks.

Will: I just mean that…you’re too good to work here. 

Gwen: If you didn’t work here yourself, I’d call you an elitist snob, but—

Will: I do.  Exactly.  I work here.  This job is for people like me, not for—

Gwen: Spoiled little rich kids who can’t get their hands dirty?

Will: No—

Gwen: Besides, Scout works here.

Will: You shouldn’t have to work just so you can spend time with me.

Gwen: Well, I must admit…I have ulterior motives.

Will arches an eyebrow.

Gwen cont’d: You’re looking at a spoiled little rich girl who is soon to be a poor little broke girl living in Chicago. 

He gets it. 

Will: Do you want me to put in a good word for you or will your résumé speak for itself?

She laughs.

Gwen: You better put in lots of good words for me; my résumé is mute.

He laughs.  She looks around at her future place of employment.

(fade out)


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Music: Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature

(fade in): to a moving shot of New Rawley taken through Nicholas’ video camera with the “REC” indicator on.  The camera moves from right to left as it changes from Friendly’s to the garage across the street.  It doesn’t hold on either for too long as things speed up and the camera is cut off.

(cut to): a shot from the garage as a motorcycle, Jake’s motorcycle, speeds off.

(cut to): the bench in front of the garage where Bella is sitting on the bench, writing in a notebook.  Grace walks out.

Grace: Was that my ride?

Bella looks up.

Bella: Huh?

Grace sighs and sits down next to Bella.

Grace: What are you doing out here anyway?

Bella: I’m writing.

Grace looks at her skeptically.

Grace: You know, you’re probably not going to see your knight in shining armor cruising around New Rawley at seven p.m. on a Thursday night.

Bella:  What makes you think I’m sitting around waiting to be rescued by some guy?

Grace: Because I’m your sister…and…I read your poetry.   

Grace indicates the notebook Bella was writing in.

Bella: What?!  Grace!

Grace: Chill out.  You show that stuff to Hamilton, for God’s sake.  He might be a girl, but he’s still not your sister.

Bella looks off as a beat passes.

Bella: I guess you don’t think there’s one perfect person for everyone, huh?

Grace: Oh, no…I always think that…until I meet someone new.

Bella laughs.

Bella: In a way, though, that’s really what I want: not someone perfect, but…someone new…someone different.

Grace: Well, duh…aside from Hamilton, who doesn’t count anyway, you’ve already dated, like, every guy you know.

Bella rolls her eyes, but smiles.

Bella: Shut up.

A beat as a car pulls up.

Grace: My ride.

Grace gets up and starts to walk to the car, but turns to add one more thing:

Grace cont’d: Don’t sit out here too long, okay?  I highly doubt that “someone new” is going to be lurking around New Rawley after dark.

Bella nods.

(cut to): the trees near the lake where Jake always stashes her bike.  Nicholas emerges from the hiding spot followed shortly thereafter by Jake.  He studies her for a moment. 

Nicholas: You are…the coolest girl ever.

She laughs.  She’s still wearing the same outfit: dress with army jacket and converse shoes.  It presents Jacqueline in a very genuine way…more so than we usually get to see.

Jake: Questionable, but…thank you.

Nicholas: Thank you.  That was really fun.

Jake: You’re welcome.

She smiles thoughtfully then looks out across the lake.  An awkward beat.

Nicholas: About the money—

Jake: It’s okay; you needed it.

Nicholas: That’s what I wanted to say…I didn’t really need it.  I mean, yes, I used it—put it toward my car, but…I have a trust fund.  My mom’s dad set it up before he died.

Jake looks at him curiously.

Nicholas cont’d: See, I’m not like you.  I don’t really care if taking the money means he gets to feel better about everything because I’ve recently decided that I don’t care what he feels…about anything.

Jake nods, but doesn’t fully approve.

Nicholas cont’d: Plus, I needed something to be “the last thing I took from him.”

Jake raises her eyebrows.

Nicholas cont’d: I left New York to prove myself, Jacqueline.

Jake: You don’t have to prove yourself to him.

Nicholas: And, I’m not trying to. 

She narrows her eyes.

Nicholas cont’d: I want to prove to myself that I can succeed professionally.  See, in New York, I always felt like I was in his shadow and it made me feel so pressured every time I had an audition.  People always knew I was his son and when I screwed up they always told him.  No one ever bothered to tell him I’m a pretty decent actor, though.  And he never bothered to find out for himself, either.  He just criticized me as if it were a given that I wouldn’t be capable of doing anything well as he could.  God, that really used to bug me.  I just wanted him to notice my talents…notice me.

He takes a deep breath.

Nicholas cont’d: Save it for therapy, right?

Jake smiles.

Jake: It’s okay…I can definitely relate.

She doesn’t offer more.  A beat as she looks out at the lake.

Nicholas: Anyway, I also want to prove to this cool girl that…I’m worthy of being her brother.

Jake looks over at him, but he keeps his gaze on the lake.

Nicholas cont’d: And, I’m worried that she hates me.

Jake: She doesn’t.

He looks over at her.

Nicholas: How does she feel about this teaching job?

Jake: Honestly, she didn’t like the idea.

He nods. 

Jake cont’d: But, then she spent some time with you and…

She pauses as she looks down.

Jake cont’d: It’d be really nice to have you around.

He looks slightly surprised.

Nicholas: Plus, there’ll be a whole lake between us if you do decide you hate me.

Jake smiles, knowing there will be no lake between them.

Nicholas: I just…don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing myself into you’re life.

Jake: You don’t have to force…I’m letting you in.

He smiles.

Nicholas: Thank you.

She nods as they both continue to look out on the lake.

Music: Recently Distressed by Phantom Planet

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the dining room table. Finn, Meagan, and Johanna are eating dinner though Johanna is concentrating more on an open planner on the table.

Finn (tentatively): I ordered the flowers.

Johanna: Good.  Thank you.

Meagan: Mom…my dress doesn’t fit.

Johanna: What?  Of course it does.  We had it fitted two weeks ago.

Finn: She has been getting tall lately.

Johanna: I don’t care…the dress has to fit.  Mine still fits even though I’ve been getting fat lately.

Johanna, now seven months pregnant, indicates her stomach.

Meagan: It’s not my fault it doesn’t fit.

Johanna: Have you tried it on since we brought it home?

Meagan: Well…no…but…

Johanna shakes her head looking disapprovingly, then back down at her planner. Meagan puts her fork down.

Meagan cont’d: …may I be excused?

Finn glances at Johanna who doesn’t look up.

Finn: Go ahead.

She gets up and looks at Johanna.

Meagan: I’m sorry.

She walks away toward the stairs.

Finn: I know you’re stressed out but that was kind of harsh, don’t you think?

Johanna: I’ll talk to her later.

Finn: Sooner might be better.

Johanna: Did you get a hold of Eddie?

Finn avoids eye contact.

Finn: Yes, I did.

Johanna: And were you right? Can he make it?

Finn: I was wrong: he can’t make it.

He flinches, knowing what’s coming.

Johanna: I knew it. I don’t suppose you have a backup plan?

Finn shrugs hoping to change the subject.

Johanna: Finn!

Finn: Darling, by this time tomorrow, I will not only have a best man, but Meagan will have a dress that fits and you will be a lot more calmer.  I promise.

Johanna does not look comforted.

(cut to): Hamilton’s house.

(cut to): the kitchen. Steven is cooking dinner as Hamilton is sitting at the table pretending to do homework.

Hamilton: So, Dad, see anyone promising today?

Steven chuckles.

Steven: Well, mostly, it was more of the same.  Older guys who seem to want to enforce the rules even more than I do.

Hamilton: Hmm…so, no one you liked?

Steven: Actually, there was this one guy.  Nicolas Mann.

Hamilton grimaces.

Steven cont’d: I asked him to come back tomorrow.

Hamilton: Is he old too?

Steven: No, he’s just out of college…twenty-two.

Hamilton: Is he certified?

Steven: He is not but…neither is half my staff…that’s the beauty of running a private school.

Hamilton: I guess he has a lot of experience with teenagers, though, right?

Steven: Not exactly but…I was thinking more along the lines of Finn.  Someone who is…for lack of a better word…cool.

Hamilton: Cool…Yeah, cool is good. We probably won’t take advantage of him too much…especially if he’s teaching something serious like history.

Steven: He was a theatre major.

Hamilton: Oh…well…drama is a serious class too, I guess.

Steven: Do you really think the students will take advantage of him?

Hamilton: Hmm…he’s never worked with teenagers, he’s “cool,” meaning he probably won’t read the rule book, and he’s teaching drama which, lets face it, isn’t a class people expect to have to take seriously.

Steven sighs.

Steven: You do make some good points.

He goes back to cooking dinner.

Steven cont’d: Too bad, though. I really liked the kid.

Hamilton looks slightly guilty as he goes back to pretending to do his homework.

(fade out)


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(fade in) to a recording  shot of Rawley Academy taken from the quad and through Nicholas’ video camera.  It’s the next morning..

Music: Twenty by Klinger

Nicholas (of camera): I’ve got an appointment with the dean this afternoon.

He zooms in on a window.

Nicholas (of camera) cont’d: The dean is probably in there right now checking out my résumé.

Nicholas turns the camera on himself and sets it at his feet pointing up.

Nicholas cont’d: Getting this job would be…huge. I’d get to hang out with Jacqueline…I’d get to make a difference—well, it wouldn’t exactly be Dangerous Minds…

He smiles at the camera.

Nicholas cont’d: I guess the only thing I forgot to consider is…location.

He glances around.

Nicholas cont’d: I mean, what’s a little town like New Rawley have to offer?

He pauses.

Nicholas cont’d: On the other hand, It’s really what I want…something new…something different.

He looks off for a moment, thinking.

Nicholas cont’d: P.S. Jacqueline is terrific.  She’s really cool, which I got from our conversations on the phone, but she’s also incredibly sweet, which is awesome.  I couldn’t have asked for a better sibling…that I didn’t know about until sixteen years after my unfaithful father got some from the “insatiable” Monica Pratt, while cheating on my wonderful mom. Well okay, she’s actually not that wonderful—save it for therapy right?

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room as they get ready for class.  Hamilton is putting on socks and shoes as Dexter buttons up a plaid shirt.  There’s a knock at the door.  Jake walks in as Dexter quickly finishes buttoning his shirt.

Jake: Hamilton, I need to talk to you.

Hamilton: What happened to you last night?  I was worried.

Jake: I got back late.

Hamilton finishes tying his shoes.  He stands up to face Jake.

Hamilton: What do you want?

Jake: For you to tell me that you didn’t talk to your dad last night.

Hamilton looks at her blankly.

(cut to): a Rawley Academy classroom.  Everything is still pretty quiet since classes haven’t started yet.  Jake and Hamilton are mid conversation.

Hamilton: I can’t believe this.

Jake: I know, it’s just that he’s so great.

Hamilton: I’ve been thinking that you should probably get to know him better before you just…tell him everything.  And, besides, what do you expect me to say to my dad?  “Hey Dad, you know that inexperienced, uncertified, under-qualified guy I convinced you not to hire last night?  Well could you please hire him?  Why would you do such a thing?  It’s quite simple.  You know my girlfriend, who you don’t know about?  Well, she has a brother who you’re not supposed to know about and he just happens to be that guy that I convinced you not to hire, and she thinks he’s great.  So, clearly you should hire him.”  I don’t think he’s going to buy it, Jake. 

Jake: Can you just try? Please? 

He looks at her, challenging her to convince him.

Jake: Sweetheart?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Okay. I’ll try.

Jake (gratefully): Thank you.

They start to walk towards the door. Before they get out the door:

Hamilton: You are so lucky that I love you.

Jake: Yeah, and that you love being called “sweetheart.“

Music: No Such Thing by John Mayer

(dissolve to): later in the day. Finn’s class. There’s a mock outline on the board.  Finn talks wearily to the class. Everyone looks fairly bored.

Finn: Why do we make plans?

Dexter: To be prepared?

Finn: Okay, makes sense—

Hamilton: I don’t agree with that.

Finn: Why not?

Hamilton: People don’t make plans “to be prepared,” they make plans to feel prepared.  It’s a false sense of security, if you ask me.

Jake: You just have to be flexible. Things change along the way but…

Will: …the big plan is still the same?

Jake nods.

Will cont’d: I agree with that.

Finn: And what’s the “big plan” for this class?

Scout: Learning about the lives of—

Hamilton (sarcastically): …the “superstars of literature.

Finn: Culminating in…your final project, due at the end of the semester.  And in preparation you’re to write a proposal and outline by Monday.

Hamilton: That’ll only take all weekend.

Finn: Certainly you didn’t have any plans.

Everyone laughs.

Finn cont’d: So outlining…

Finn turns to the board.

(dissolve to): the end of class. Everyone is packing their belongings and leaving the classroom.

Finn: Will, got a minute?

Will: Uh…sure, what’s up?

The last student leaves.

Finn: What are your plans for next weekend?
Will smiles.

Will: I’m going to a wedding.

Finn: Right, well…since you’re going already…how about going as my best man?

Will wasn’t expecting that.

Will: Really?

Finn (desperately): Please?

Will nods.

Will: Yeah, sure…of course, Finn.

Finn smiles.

Finn: Good.

Will: How’s the, um, planning going?

Finn smiles again.

Finn: Depends on who you ask.

Will: Is Ms. Ryan really stressed?

Finn: I think she wants everything to be perfect, but it’s okay, we’ll get through it.

Will nods. A beat.

Finn: So how’s life?

Will: Gwen’s graduating early.

Finn: Good for her.

Will: Yep.

Finn: Bad for you?

Will: It’s okay. We’ve got a plan…which involves me going to take her a Friendly’s application.  So…I’ve gotta run.

Finn: A Rawley girl working at a diner?  Sounds like love.

Will smiles.

Will: See ya.

Music: Truffles by Wheatus

(dissolve to): after school, the hall in front the dean’s office.  Several chairs have been set up. Nicholas sits alone in a chair. He’s wearing a tie and is fiddling with it.  Hamilton walks up and sits down.

Hamilton: Hey.

Nicholas: Hi, Hamilton.

Hamilton: You haven’t been in to see him yet have you?

Nicholas: Not yet.

Hamilton: Good.

Nicholas doesn’t get it.

Hamilton cont’d: I just wanted to tell you to do whatever you did yesterday because he really liked it.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: Okay.  Thanks.

A beat.  Hamilton looks at the office door.

Hamilton: You’re going to follow through with this, right?

Nicholas: With the job?

Hamilton: No…yeah…with everything…

Hamilton looks at him now.

Hamilton: …with your sister.

Nicholas answers carefully.

Nicholas: Yes, I plan to “follow through”…get to know her.  I mean, so far, I like her a whole lot and—

Hamilton: I love her and I don’t want to see her get disappointed again.

Nicholas: Look, I’m not out to disappoint anyone here.

Hamilton nods.  A beat.  They hear dean approach the door.

Hamilton: Hey, if my dad asks, this is the first time we’ve met.

Nicholas, a bit confused by the advice, is about to speak but the door to the dean’s office begins to open.

Hamilton: Dad.  Hey.

Steven: Hamilton, what are you doing here?

Hamilton: Oh, I just wanted to make sure that it was okay if I ate in the dining hall instead of at home tonight.

Steven: You’ve been eating in the dining hall almost every night since you moved into the dorms.

Hamilton: Right, but…I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing another one of your meals.

Steven smiles.

Steven: Mom’s making Chicken Cacciatore.

Hamilton looks momentarily disgusted.

Steven: Now, if you’ll excuse me son. Mr. Mann…

Hamilton: Mann? Dad, this is Nick Mann?

Nicholas looks confused.

Hamilton cont’d: Can I talk to you in your office?

(cut to) the office a few moments later.

Steven: Everything okay?

Hamilton: Yes, sir…except that I think I was wrong last night…about Nick Mann.

Steven: What makes you say that?

Hamilton: I was just talking to him and he seems really…

Hamilton hesitates…he doesn’t really think so:

Hamilton cont’d: …cool.

Steven laughs.

Steven: I thought so too.  Of course, everything you said last night was absolutely accurate.  He doesn’t have the training or experience.

Hamilton: That’s so unfair, though.  Not giving him the job because he doesn’t have experience.  I mean, how can he get experience if you don’t give him a chance.  And training?  You could train him.  You could be, like, his mentor and—

Steven: Okay, okay…hold on just a second.

Hamilton: Yes, sir.

Hamilton looks down, fearing he’s lost his case.

Steven: While I value your opinion greatly…I was already planning to go with my instincts on this one.

Hamilton looks up inquisitively.

Hamilton: You mean…you were going to hire him anyway?

Steven nods.

Steven: That was my plan.

Hamilton: Cool.
They both laugh. 

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Nothing says “I love you” like cheap fleece.


(fade in):  to a steady shot of Finn’s old apartment taken through Nicholas’ video camera with the “REC” light on.  Though all of Finn’s stuff is gone, the apartment remains furnished. Nicholas pans steadily around to the couch. We realize the camera is on a tripod as Nicholas walks from behind it and sits on the couch.

Music: My World by Avril Lavigne

Nicholas: Dean Fleming offered me the job. I’d like to make things dramatic and say that I’m thinking about it, but I said yes practically before he hired me.

Nicholas looks around the apartment.

Nicholas cont’d: This is where I’m going to live.  I’ve never lived completely alone before so…this should be fun.  Oh yeah, and get this, I don’t even have to teach until the summer session. Until then, I just have to supervise the dorms. The Dean gave me the rule book, but suggested that I talk to some guy named Finn to find out the best way to run things around here. I can’t seem to catch up with him, though.  Apparently he is planning his wedding.

(cut to): a dress shop in Carson.

(cut to): inside. Finn sits son a chair watching as Meagan stands on a small stool in her dress. A seamstress is working on her hem.

Finn: Now if Mom asks, they just fixed the dress, okay?

Meagan: You think I’m going to tell her we had to get a whole new one?

Finn smiles, but Meagan still looks stressed out.

Meagan cont’d: I’ll be glad when this whole wedding is over and the baby is born and everything is back to normal.

Finn: Define normal.

Meagan: Good point.  I guess nothing will ever really be the same.

Finn: But, we’re okay with that, right?

Meagan smiles.

Meagan: Yeah, we’re okay with that.

Finn: And as far as Mom, she just wants everything to be perfect.

Meagan: Someone should tell her that you can’t plan perfection, it just happens sometimes, and when it does it’s like a fluke of nature, because the universe tends towards chaos.

Finn laughs, impressed.

Finn: I’ll let you be the one to relay that to her.

Meagan: Pass.

Finn smiles as the seamstress finishes with the dress.

Music: I Heard You by Good Charlotte

(dissolve to): Sean’s dining room.  He and Jill are sitting at the table doing homework.  Sean is reading from a textbook and Jill is doodling in the margin of math homework.  Jill looks up.

Jill: Sean?

Sean: Hang on, last paragraph.

She taps her pencil as he finishes reading.  He looks up at her.

Sean cont’d: Okay.

Jill: Would you ever date a Rawley girl?

He raises his eyebrows, looking at her for a moment.  He looks back down at his textbook and shrugs.

Sean: I…I don’ t know.

Jill: Okay, another question…kind of related…kind of not.

Sean: Okay.

Jill: Would you let me set you up with someone?

He looks up at her again…he’s not sure.

Sean: Who?

Jill: It’s called a blind date, Sean…I can’t tell you in advance.

Sean: Then…no way.

Jill: Come on, please? 

He smiles.

Sean: Okay.

She half laughs at how easily convinced he way.

Jill: All right, then you’ve got a date today at five p.m.

He nods and tried to concentrate on his book again, but is obviously uncomfortable.

Jill cont’d: It’s okay…you can ask me.

Sean: Ask you what?

Jill: If she’s hot.

Sean: Oh, I wasn’t going to—I mean…

He sighs and plasters a cocky grin on his face.

Sean cont’d: …I trust your taste in chicks.

Jill rolls her eyes and looks back at her homework.  Sean’s smile falters as he studies her for a moment then goes back to his own work.

(cut to): the garage.  Bella is working on a car.

(cut to): a closer shot of Bella and the car.  Scout rides up on his bike.

Bella: Hi.

Scout smiles.  He watches her for a moment as a beat passes.

Scout: You know, every time I stop by…you’re all by yourself.

Bella: No one ever said the life of the mechanic girl was a social one.

Scout: Still, you seem lonely.

She looks at him suspiciously.

Bella: Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m lonely.

Scout: I don’t know why you’re torturing yourself like this.  Unless it’s some weird song-writing technique: make yourself miserable so you can—

Bella: Scout, have you lost it? 

He smiles.

Scout: All right…you caught me.  I have a little proposition for you.

Bella: A proposition for me…

Scout: There’s this guy I want to…set you up with.

Bella rolls her eyes and walks to a toolbox to get another wrench.

Bella: No way.  I don’t date Rawley guys.

Scout: Hm…must be a new rule.

She rolls her eyes.

Bella: What’s wrong with him?

Scout: Nothing.

Bella: Then why does he need you to set him up?  Oh God, it’s not that weird Dexter kid is it?

Scout cont’d: No, it’s not Dexter.  And, this guy doesn’t need me to set him up…I just happen to think you two would make a lovely couple.

Bella: Who is it?

Scout shrugs.

Scout: Are you saying you’ll do it?

Bella: Did it sound like I said anything even remotely like “I’ll do it?”  I don’t think so.

Scout: Seriously, Bella…

Bella: This whole situation seems really strange…what’s in it for you?

Scout: Nothing.

She doesn’t buy it.

Scout cont’d: I’m your friend and I think you deserve a decent guy.  It would make me happy to set you up with someone like that.  That’s all I get out of it, okay?

She tucks her hair behind her ear and looks back down at the car.

Scout cont’d: What’s the big deal?  One date.  Take a chance.

She looks up at his last words.

Bella: Okay.

He looks surprised.

Scout: Really?

Bella: Why not?  Truth be told, I am tired of being alone and I’m tired of waiting for Mr. Right to just pull into town and sweep me off my feet so…yeah, I’ll do it.  Just tell me when and where.

Scout smiles, pleased that she’s agreed.

Music: How by Lisa Loeb

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She and Hamilton lie on Jake’s bed looking at the ceiling.

Hamilton: Ever since this guy pulled into town…I knew something bad was going to happen.

Jake: And exactly what part of what’s happening is bad?

Hamilton: I don’t know.

He sighs.

Hamilton cont’d: I just don’t see why you’re going to tell him everything right away.

Jake: Yeah, you’re right…what was I thinking?  I should just give him little clues until he finally puts it all together.  It’ll be much more dramatic that way.

Hamilton: You could just tell him you don’t want him around…he definitely won’t find out if he leaves.

Jake closes her eyes.

Jake: He’s my brother; stop acting jealous.

Hamilton: I’m not.

She shakes her head in disbelief.  He turns to his side and props his head up with his hands.

Hamilton: Okay, yes…in general, I do get jealous of anyone who gets more attention from you than I do.

Jake: Hamilton, that’s—

Hamilton: But, that’s not my problem with this Nick guy.

Jake: “This Nick guy?”  He’s a lot more than just some guy, Hamilton.

Hamilton: See, that’s what bugs me, right there: you trust him.

Jake: Yeah, I do.  Why would you have a problem with that?

Hamilton: The more you trust someone…the easier it is to get hurt.

She considers this.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean, off the bat…I liked him too.  On the surface, he seems okay.

He hesitates for a moment.

Hamilton: And, I know that compared to your dad…and to your mom too, for that matter…he must really seem like…

He searches for the words.

Jake: …what I’ve always wanted. 

Hamilton: Exactly.

He leans closer to her and runs his thumb across her cheek, then cups her face. 

Hamilton: I just don’t want anyone to be able to hurt you again.  You don’t deserve that…okay?

She nods.  Hamilton kisses her briefly.

Hamilton: I know protective isn’t much better than jealous and possessive, but—

Jake: No…it’s better.

He smiles.  A beat as they look at one another, each comforted.

Hamilton: So…you’re in the perfect position to reward me for convincing my dad to hire Nick Mann.

Jake: I thought you said he was going to hire him anyway.

Hamilton: I don’t know what you’re talking about.  It’s time to pay up for services rendered.  You’re going to need to remove some of your clothes.

Jake: Perverted doesn’t beat protective or possessive.

He laughs and rolls back on his back.

Hamilton: Hey, it was worth a shot.

Music: Gilligan’s Island Theme by Less Than Jake

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Gwen is behind the counter.  Will is wiping off a booth table.  The only “customers” are Jill and Scout who sit at a booth together.

Jill: You are such a freak.  How can you think he’d even have a shot?

Scout: Well, they definitely would have voted the Howells off before him.

Will, at the booth behind them, looks over.

Will: I always liked Gilligan.

Scout gestures at Will as if he just provided evidence for his argument.

Scout: Thank you.

Will pats him on the shoulder.

Will: No problem, little buddy.

Jill laughs.  Will smiles at Jill then heads over to the counter to talk to Gwen.  The bell on the door rings causing everyone to look up at the door.

(cut to): the door as  Nicholas walks in and looks around then glances at his watch.  He turns around and walks out again.

(cut to): everyone else.  Will and Gwen look at each other and shrug.

Jill: Oh my, God.

Scout: What?

Jill: The guy in the Jetta…

Scout: Huh?

Jill: Nothing…nevermind…weren’t we planning a blind date?

Scout looks out the door, but then looks back at Jill so they can finish the Bella/Sean setup.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the garage, taken through Nicholas’ video camera from across the street.  The “REC” light comes on.  He quickly spins the camera on himself.

Music: Walk By by Good Charlotte

Nicholas: Jacqueline wanted to meet me here for dinner, but I’m early.  She said there was something she wanted to tell me.  I’m hoping it doesn’t involve Hamilton.  He seriously doesn’t trust me…which I can deal with, but it’s sort of a weird situation to be coming into.  I’m the big brother, right?  I’m supposed to be warning him not to hurt her…not the other way around.  On the other hand, it’s nice to know he cares so much.

In the background, we see Jill exit Friendly’s and tentatively walk up to him.  He quickly flips the camera off.

(cut to): a shot that reveals Nicholas on a bench putting his camera back into his messenger bag.

Jill: Excuse me?  You’re Nicholas Mann, right?

Nicholas looks at her inquisitively.

Jill cont’d: Hi.

Nicholas smiles amiably as she sits down.

Jill cont’d: I’m Jill Thomas and—

Nicholas: Jill Thomas?

Jill: Uh-huh.  I’m—

Nicholas: Jacqueline’s best friend.  I know.

Jill: She told you about me?

We can see now that Jill is pretty impressed with this guy.

Nicholas: Yes, she did.

Jill: Wow.  It’s so weird that you know who I am. 

Nicholas smiles curiously.

Nicholas: Why?

Jill: Because…I mean…I…I think you’re a really great actor.

He’s surprised.

Jill cont’d: My dad and I saw you in Our Town, off-Broadway.  I thought you were amazing…and I hate that play.

Nicholas: Greg Thomas went to see an off-Broadway production of Our Town?

Jill: He sniffs out that play…he loves it…it could be a high school in Brooklyn…we go see it.  Besides, he says all the good actors hide off-Broadway.

Nicholas: What’d he…I mean…did he mention thinking anything about me?

Jill: He said you played George in a way he hadn’t seen before and that you’ve got way more talent than your father.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: He really said that?

Jill nods.

Nicholas cont’d: That is…wow…that’s…thank you for sharing that with me.

He really is flattered.

(cut to): inside.  Will, Gwen and Scout all try to look outside.

Will: I swear I saw that guy on campus today…waiting outside the dean’s office.

Scout: Maybe he’s the new live-in.

Gwen: Maybe you can just ask him…looks like they’re coming in.

The door opens as Nicholas and Jill walk in together.

Jill: Hey everyone…this is Nicholas Mann.

Scout: Are you the new live-in?  Aren’t you a little young?

Jill: Shut up, Scout.  He’s an actor, not—

Nicholas: Actually…I’m sort of exploring another side of drama…

Will: So, you are the new teacher?

Nicholas nods.

Will cont’d: I’m Will Krudski…this is my roommate, Scout Calhoun and…my girlfriend, Gwen Vaughn.

Gwen: We all go to Rawley.

Nicholas: Nice to meet you all.

Scout: Hey…word to the wise, controlling the dorms is tough.

Jill: Shut up, Scout.

She turns to Nicholas.

Jill cont’d: He used to be the R.A.

Nicholas (to Scout): Oh…well…maybe you could give me some pointers.

Scout smiles.

Scout: Yeah, sure.

Jill’s cell phone rings from her pocket.  She takes it out and takes the call.

Jill: Hello?  Hey!  I’ve been trying to get in touch with you too…I was in the art room late and I left my cell…

Everyone is watching her and she realizes is.

Jill cont’d: Hey, hang on, okay?

She talks to everyone:

Jill cont’d: Excuse me…

She turns to walk outside.

(cut to): the sidewalk outside as Jill walks out of the restaurant.

Jill: Still there?…Okay, Jacqueline…Oh. My. God….he’s so hot.  Like, after dad and I saw him in that play, I wanted to marry him and have his children, but, wow, he’s all shy and humble—huh?  Oh, Friendly’s….Will and Gwen, but they get off in a half hour…yeah, she works here now.  It’s some weird way she and Will have scheduled time together…Well, actually, Scout’s here too, but he and I are leaving in a few…Wait, so, it really is true?  He’s teaching here?…I’m so signing up for drama; think it’ll be co-ed?  Which reminds me, does he know?…Just like that?  Buy him a burger and introduce him to Jake?…Hey, are you okay?  Want me to come over for awhile?…Okay….okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow…I think you’ll be fine…okay, bye.

Jill hangs up the phone.

Jill cont’d: Life just keeps getting weirder.

Music: Make it Better by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Hamilton sits on her bed watching her pace as she hangs up her phone.  She’s got a dress on over a pair of Jake jeans. 

Hamilton: What’d she say?  Is she mad at you again?

Jake: No…she’s been pretty busy herself…I think she’s up to something with Scout.

Hamilton: Now there’s a dangerous combination.

Jake: Tell me about it.

A beat.

Hamilton: So…what look are you going for here?

Jake looks down at her outfit.

Jake: I have no idea.

She takes the jeans off, leaving just the dress.

Hamilton: Much better.

She walks over to the mirror.

Jake: Really?  Think this looks okay?

Hamilton: I think you look beautiful.

She smiles.  A beat.

Jake: He’s there already…at Friendly’s.  Getting to know everyone, I suppose.

Hamilton: Cool.

Jake: Yeah, I guess.

Hamilton raises an eyebrow.

Jake cont’d: It’s going to be weird having to share him with everyone. 

Hamilton laughs.

Jake cont’d: What?

Hamilton: You’re jealous…it’s cute…especially considering our previous discussion.

Jake rolls her eyes.

Jake: Yeah, yeah…whatever…help me pick out the boy outfit.

She looks at the closet nervously.  She reaches back to unzip the dress, but can’t quite reach and it only adds to her already existing frustration.  She takes a deep breath to try to calm down.  Hamilton stands up and walks over to her.

Hamilton: It’s not going to be a big deal, okay? 

He unzips her dress, kissing her on the shoulder.

Jake: What if he freaks?

Hamilton: He seems really open-minded.  And, if he does freak…he’s a jerk because there’s nothing to freak about.

Jake: Right…my life is totally normal.

Hamilton: You’re being really hard on yourself.  Your life—our life isn’t that weird.

He places his hands on her shoulders.

Hamilton cont’d: Under everything…this is really our life. 

He nods toward the mirror.  She exams the two of them in the mirror looking like a perfectly normal teenage couple.

Hamilton cont’d: Oh, and this…

He kiss her shoulder again.

Hamilton cont’d: And, this…

He kisses her neck.  She turns around to face him, kissing him briefly.

Hamilton cont’d: That too.

She smiles just before they kiss again.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout, Jill and Nick sit at a table, talking.  Gwen is behind the counter, taking Johanna’s order.

Gwen: I’m not sure if we can do that.

Johanna: Where’s Will?

Will walks out from the kitchen carrying a tray to Scout’s table.  He sets two plates down: one for Scout, one for Jill.  He glances up at Gwen who looks at him pleadingly.  He walks back behind the counter.

Will: Hey…what’s up?

Gwen: She wants fries…with ice cream?

Will turns to Johanna.

Will: You want hot fudge with that?

Johanna: Yes, please.

He smiles and walks back into the kitchen.

Gwen: Sorry, I’m new.

Johanna nods impatiently and takes a sip of her water.  An awkward beat passes.

Gwen cont’d: Will and I are coming to your wedding.

Johanna: I got the RSVP.

Gwen nods.  Will walks back out of the kitchen carrying a plate and a pitcher of Coke.  He sets the plate down in front of Johanna and hands Gwen the pitcher.  She takes it and walks over to the group, giving refills.  Will watches her as she over-fills Jill’s glass.  He speaks to Johanna.

Will: She’s new.

Johanna: Obviously.

Will smiles and turns his attention to Johanna who is eating.  Pan down to her plate: French fries covered in ice cream and hot fudge, topped with whipped cream and a cherry.  Pan back up to Will who shakes his head, amused with her.

Will: How is that?

Johanna: Delicious; thank you.

Will: How are the wedding preparations going?

Johanna waves her hand.

Johanna: I don’t want to talk about it.

Will: I talked to Finn today.

Johanna: Did he say if he found someone to sucker into being his best man?

This hurts Will.

Will: Um…sort of…

She looks up; she gets it.

Johanna: He asked you, didn’t he?

Will nods.

Will: Guess I’m the sucker…

Johanna: He never said anything like that, Will.  I’m just so frustrated with him because he’s not—

Will: …freaking out?

Johanna: I am not “freaking out.”

Will: Listen, Ms. Ryan…I know you want your wedding to be perfect, but…can I share something with you?

She nods and takes another bite of her French fry Sundae.

Will: Gwen’s my girlfriend.

He nods over to the table where she’s taken a seat and joined the conversation.

Will cont’d: She’s graduating this year and I’m really going to miss her so every second we get to spend together means a lot to me.  That’s why we’ve planned out all these ways to spend time together.

Johanna: That’s very sweet, Will, but—

Will: What I really love, though, are these perfect little moments that happen.  Like, the other day, we planned a picnic and half-way through…it started raining.  At first, I was really disappointed because I’m the one that set the whole thing up…planned it out, but, then…I realized how beautiful she looked sitting there with her hair all wet, holding my now soggy peanut butter sandwich.

Will is watching Gwen with a sweet smile.  Johanna glances back at her.

Will cont’d: I think that moments like that…well, they’re way more genuine than anything you could plan.

A beat as Johanna doesn’t really buy any of it.

Will cont’d: I’m not against planning stuff out, but…I like to think of any plans I make as an outline…then I fill in the gaps with the really good, unplanned, stuff.

Johanna takes one more bite.

Johanna: Okay, Will, that was a really wonderful speech and all that stuff is great…if you’re some sixteen year old idealist, but I have a wedding to plan so, let me get the rest of this to go.

She pushed the plate toward him.  He looks really disappointed by her.

Will: I’m seventeen.

He takes the plate.

Will cont’d: And idealism is just an understanding of the potential of reality.

He turns and takes the plate toward the kitchen, but turns to add:

Will cont’d: And reality does not reach its potential by way of an elaborate plan.

He exits with the plate, leaving Johanna slightly taken aback.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Another rawk star would be Butch Walker.  I mean, the man is just fun.  Try downloading his version of Under Pressure if you can.  Bohemian Rhapsody too.  Oh, and his own song My Way, while you’re at it.


(fade in): to a shot down the street from Friendly’s taken from Nicholas’ video camera.  He pans back and once again settles on the garage.  “REC” pops up in the corner.

Music: I’m with You by Avril Lavigne

Nicholas (off camera): I’m supposed to be meeting Jacqueline.  She’s late.  It’s funny how that motorcycle seems a lot less cool to me now that I’m sitting here thinking about her riding around on it.

A beat as he zooms out on the garage.  Sean walks out of Friendly’s, into frame, carrying a to-go Coke.

Nicholas (off camera) cont’d: Hey, excuse me?

(cut to): a shot of Nicholas sitting on a bench in front of Friendly’s.  Sean, just about to step off the sidewalk, looks over at him.

Nicholas cont’d: Is there a pay phone around here?

Sean smiles.

Sean: You’re not from around here, are you?

Nicholas: I am now.  Do you go to Rawley?

Sean: See this truck.

He nods over to his truck, which is parked at the curb.  Nicholas nods, but doesn’t quite understand.

Sean cont’d: And, it’s not even mine…it’s my parents.

Nicholas still doesn’t get it.

Sean cont’d: I don’t go to Rawley…although, I do have a blind date with a Rawley girl.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: Good luck.

Sean: Thanks.

He starts to go to his car as Nicholas looks up and down the street.  Sean turns back to him.

Sean cont’d: They’ll probably let you use the phone at the garage over there.

Nicholas smiles gratefully.

Nicholas: Thank you.

(cut to): Bella’s bedroom.  She’s just gotten dressed and is looking in the mirror. Grace walks in.

Grace: I cannot believe you let Scout set you up with some Rawley guy.

Bella: That makes two of us.  How do I look?

Grace: Actually, you look really pretty.

Bella smiles.

Grace cont’d: Where are you meeting this guy again?

Bella: By the lake…Scout said something about a picnic.

Grace: Sounds…horrible.

Bella rolls her eyes .  The  desk bell rings from downstairs: someone is in the office.  Bella starts for the door, but Grace stops her.

Grace: I got this one.

Bella looks surprised; Grace noticed.

Grace cont’d: Emphasis on one.

Grace exits.  Bella turns back to the mirror.

Music: Things I’ll Never Say by Avril Lavigne (hey, it’s kind of their theme song)

(cut to): by the lake.  Scout and Jill set up a picnic blanket and picnic. Scout starts to take some of the food out.

Jill: We should probably just leave the food in the basket…who wants to find an ant in their pb and j?

Scout: Good point.

A beat as they finish and sit down on the blanket.  Scout looks out across the lake.  Jill looks at him.

Jill: What made you agree to this?

Scout looks at her, searching for an answer.

Scout: I guess I had been thinking we should let everything work itself out…then I realized maybe that isn’t the best plan.

She nods.

Jill: What about what you said?  If they wanted to be together, they would be.

Scout: I think…maybe…people have trouble acting on what they want sometimes.

Jill: One more question?

Scout: Okay.

Jill: How come we never went on a romantic picnic?  I mean, I’m totally jealous here.

Scout smiles, a little sad, as he fixes his gaze out on the lake.

Scout: I guess we should go, before they get here.

Some noise comes from the woods.

Scout cont’d: Sounds like someone is coming already.

Jill: Sean is, like, perpetually early.

Scout: Come on, let’s go.

Scout hops up, holding his hand out to help Jill up.  She gets up as they quickly exit into the woods.  A moment later, Sean walks out of the woods from a trail and checks out the picnic.  He smiles to himself and has a seat on the blanket.

Music: Let’s Forget About It by Lisa Loeb

(cut to): Johanna and Finn’s house. 

(cut to): the kitchen table where Johanna is eating out of a Friendly’s to-go box and looking at some paperwork.  Meagan and Finn walk in through the back door.  Finn is carrying the dress.

Johanna: That took long enough.

Meagan looks really put off by the statement.  She takes the dress from Finn.

Meagan: I’ll take this upstairs.

Johanna: Make sure you try it on.

Meagan doesn’t like the comment as she marches silently from the room.  Finn sits down with Johanna.

Finn: I really wish you would have spoken with her last night…let her know you’re not mad at her.

Johanna: I really wish you would have told me you were going to ask a sixteen year old to be your best man.

Finn: Isn’t Will seventeen?

Johanna: It doesn’t matter…he’s a child, Finn.

Finn: He also happens to be a really good friend…to both of us.

Johanna: I also didn’t like that I heard it from him before you.

Finn: He saw you first…what’s the big deal?

Johanna: The big…the big deal?  The big deal is I’m going to have a normal, decent wedding…or I’m not having a wedding at all.

Finn: Everything is going to be normal and decent. 

She shakes her head.

Finn cont’d: Listen to me, the doctor said you don’t need any extra stress and I think you’re going out of your way to stress yourself out.

Johanna: You know, you’re right.  Suddenly, I fail to see why I’m trying so hard to marry you.

He doesn’t catch how serious she is.

Finn: Here’s what we’re going to do—

Johanna: What we’re going to do…is call off the wedding.

Finn: No, we’re not, but you are going to let me take over a few things.

Johanna: I don’t want you here anymore.

Finn: You’re not getting rid of me that easily…I live here and…I love you.

Johanna: It’s not good enough, Finn.

She shakes her head and gets up, exiting the room.  Finn seems suddenly hit by what she’s said to him

Music: Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature.

(cut to): the front of the garage.  Nicholas is leaving.  Grace stands at the door.

Grace: Come back anytime.

Nicholas: Thank you.

Nicholas quickly gets away as Grace checks him out.  Jake’s bike is now at Friendly’s; Nicholas notices.

(cut to): inside Friendly’s where Jake (dressed as Jacqueline) sits at a both.  Nicholas smiles and walks over, taking a seat.  There’s just one girl working.  She walks off into the kitchen.

(cut to): the table.

Nicholas: I was worried about you.

Jake: Yeah…sorry about that…I had to…change.  I tried to call your cell, but—

Nicholas: I left it on campus.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: Thanks for trying, though.

She nods.  A beat.

Nicholas cont’d: So…what’d you have to tell me?

Jake: Well…did you ever do something really crazy just to get attention?

Nicholas smiles mysteriously.

Nicholas: Not recently.

Jake looks down, trying to come up with just how to tell him. Nicholas realizes something is up.

Nicholas cont’d: Hey, whatever it is…I’ll promise to understand.

Jake laughs to herself.

Jake: You don’t want to promise that…this is very complicated and…hard to understand…hard to explain.

He nods.

Nicholas: When I have something difficult to say, I just try to get it all out in one breath, as quickly as possible.

She looks up at him, hesitates, then:

Jake (quickly): When I came to Rawley, I wanted to make one last attempt to get Mom’s attention so I enrolled in Rawley Boys’ as “Jake” then I met Hamilton and suddenly mom’s attention didn’t seem as important as staying here…with him.  I live in the boys’ dorm and most people around here don’t even know that Jacqueline exists.

Nicholas’ expression changes from confused to…more confused.

Nicholas: What…what?

Jake takes a deep breath, trying to let it sink in, but Nicholas looks as confused as ever.

Jake: Hang on…I’ll be right back.

She grabs her backpack and heads for…the men’s room.  This only confuses Nick further.  He stands up, possibly with the intention of taking off when the bell rings indicating someone entering.  He glances toward the door…his eyes widen slightly.

(cut to): Bella who looks pretty taken aback herself.

(cut to): a shot that includes both of them.  After a few attempts, Nicholas finally manages to get something out:

Nicholas: What are you doing here?

We hear the bathroom door open.

Jake (off screen): Bella...hey.

Nicholas and Bella look over at the bathroom where Jake has re-emerged, dressed as a boy.

(cut to): Nicholas.  He looks back and forth from “Jake” to Bella…very confused.  Hold on Nick as we…

(fade out)






Junior Year