What If?


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, the present.

Music: Perfect by Maren Ord

(cut to): Finn’s classroom, from the inside, the closed door.  Pan over to his desk where Kate is sitting…kissing a standing Finn.  Finn pulls back slightly.

(cut to): a close up of them.

Finn: I love you, Kate.

Kate smiles, kissing him again…not answering.  She moves down to his neck.  Finn doesn’t stop her, but looks frustrated and disappointed.

(cut to): Gwen walking down a hall of the boys dorms.  She gets to what we know as Jake’s room…what used to be Ryder’s room.  She knocks.  No one answers.  She knocks again, harder.  She opens the door.  Ryder is sitting on the bed, wearing headphones and making out with…Grace.  Grace sees Gwen and pulls back, standing up.  Ryder turns around, confused.  He pulls the headphones off then sees Gwen.

Ryder: Get the hell out.

Gwen: No.  Ryder, I want my physics book back along with my homework that was in it.

Ryder: Sorry, Love…I turned that in today.

Gwen: What?  Ryder, I worked on that for like a week.  I can’t believe you!

Ryder: I’m not spending another year here.

Gwen: Then study instead of making out with underage girls who are cutting school.

She looks at Grace.

Gwen cont’d: No offense.

Grace smiles stupidly.

Grace: None taken.  Ryder, I better go.

Ryder nods.  He winks at her as she smiles one last time then leaves.

Ryder: Christ, I thought you’d get here sooner. 

Gwen looks confused.  Ryder pulls a book from under his pillow.

Ryder: You’ll find your homework where you left…although, I did copy it.

He hands it to her.

Ryder cont’d: Thank you, you can go now.

Gwen: You…are crazy.

Ryder smirks.
Ryder: All right…you can stay.

Gwen laughs and exits.  Ryder smiles smugly and puts his headphones back on.

(cut to): Dexter, Scout and Hamilton sitting in the common room, watching TV.  Scout’s in a chair and Dexter and Ham sit at opposite ends of the couch.  Jill walks in.  They all look up.

Hamilton: Hey, Beautiful.

She smiles and walks over sitting between Dexter and Hamilton…much closer to Hamilton.  He puts his arm on the back of the couch behind her.  He smiles warmly and addresses her playfully:

Hamilton cont’d: What are you doing here?

Jill smiles as Hamilton leans over, kissing her.  Scout and Dexter look at each other.  Scout smiles, shaking his head.

Scout: You guys…

They look over at him, breaking the kiss.

Scout cont’d: Hi…

He gives them a wave as if catching their attention.

Scout cont’d: …this is the common room, not the PDA room.

Dexter laughs quietly.  Jill smiles, looking down. 

Hamilton: And, just where is that room?  Oh, wait…neither of you would know.  Unless…I forget, Scout…are you on again…or off again?

Hamilton laughs, shaking his head.

Scout cont’d: You realize you’re like the worst best friend ever.

Hamilton nods.  He stands up and holds out his hand.  Jill takes it, but looks over at Scout sympathetically.  He’s attempting to watch TV again.

Jill: Scout?

He looks up at her.

Jill cont’d: You two always get back get together so…I’m sure it’ll happen this time too.

Scout smiles.

Scout: Thanks, Jill.

Hamilton pulls her arm, urging her to leave.  She smiles and waves to them.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Edmund High. 

(cut to): Johanna Ryan’s classroom.  Her class is lined up, turning essays in.  Bella hands hers in.

Johanna: Thank you, Bella.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Anytime.

Will, the last to hand his in, smiles.  He stands next to Bella.

Will: Anytime…or at least until the next time you assign us another thought-provoking essay.

Bella rolls her eyes at him.

Johanna: Do you have a minute, Will?

Will: Uh…

He looks at Bella.

Bella: Want me to wait or…

Will: I’ll catch up.

Bella: Okay, later Burger Boy.

Will: See ya, Pump Girl.

Bella walks out.  Johanna picks up the essays, stacking them.

Johanna: Will, why didn’t you reapply to Rawley Academy this year?

Will closes his eyes, not expecting this conversation.

Will: I guess because I got kicked out last summer…for cheating.

Johanna: You were expelled for a year…you could have tried again this past summer.

Will: Like I would have even had a shot.

Johanna: You’re essays are so good, Will.  You’re talented.  You’re a writer.  Has anyone ever said that to you before?

Will shakes his head, looking down.

Johanna cont’d: I don’t think you should give up on a promising future because of one lapse in judgment.

Will: I just wish that I’d gotten a second chance, you know?  Like…what if Finn had let me take the test again or came up with another way of giving me another shot at proving that I belong there.

The scene freezes, as if on pause.  Will, though, turns, facing the camera, but looking down.  The rest of the scene fades away, but Will is left standing there.  He looks up at the camera.

Will: What if this is how things really were?  What if Finn and the dean’s wife had never ended things?

In the background the scene of Hamilton seeing his mom and Finn across the quad pops up, yet Will remains in the foreground…almost like a weatherman.  There is no audio from these background scenes.  The scene changes to when Jake and Hamilton are in Finn’s apartment and Hamilton sees the earring.

Will cont’d: What if Hamilton had never found out. 

The scene fades…almost flickers away.

Will cont’d: What if Ryder wasn’t gay?

The scene where Ryder tells Jake he’s gay comes up.

Will cont’d: What if Ryder was just…Ryder?

The scene flickers away and briefly we get a flash of Ryder with the video camera harassing Hamilton.

Will cont’d: What if Jake didn’t exist either?

In the background, we see Jake driving her motorcycle up to Rawley Academy for the first time.

Will cont’d: What if Jacqueline never invented this character and never showed up at Rawley?

The scene changes to the Jake/Ham rooftop  scene.  Will laughs to himself, though he continues to look at the camera.

Will cont’d: What if Hamilton hadn’t questioned his sexuality?  What if, instead, when he met Jill that first time…

The scene of the rooftop flickers away and the first Jill and Hamilton meeting pops up.

Will cont’d: …he’d asked her out?

The scene flickers away again.  The scene where Charlie tells Scout he’s Bella’s brother comes on to the screen.

Will cont’d: What if Charlie was Bella’s father and no one ever questioned that?

The scene flickers away and the scene when Bella and Scout kiss on the dock comes up momentarily then fades out as it is replaced by the scene of Finn overhearing Scout and Will as he fixes the light bulb.

Will cont’d: And what if Finn took a different course of action? 

The scene when Finn tells Will to write an essay comes up.

Will cont’d: What if I didn’t get my second chance?

The scene flickers away and Will is left standing against blackness.

Will cont’d: What if…?

(fade out)


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Music: What I Believe by Sum 41

(fade in): to Hamilton’s room which is normally Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Dexter, though, is Scout’s roommate.  The camera pans around the room.  It has only has one bed (we’ll get back to that) and looks more like Hamilton owns it.  There are 3EB posters up on two of the walls.  His guitar is in the corner.  It’s different.  Very different, in fact.  The camera stops on the bed again where Hamilton and Jill sit kissing.  They slowly end the kiss.  Hamilton kisses her again quickly then hops up and picks up his guitar. 

Hamilton: Hey, are you coming to my house for dinner Sunday?

Jill: Don’t I always?

Hamilton sits on the bed next to her and strums a progression of chords.

Hamilton: My parents love you.

Jill smiles weakly as she watches Hamilton.

Jill: And…I love your parents.

Hamilton looks at her.

Hamilton: Really?  Even my mom?  Even after you’ve had her food?

Jill laughs and shoves him playfully.  Hamilton laughs and goes back to playing.

Jill: Oh my God, guess what?

Hamilton: Hmm?

Jill: You know Jacqueline?

Hamilton stops and looks at her.

Hamilton: Um….

Jill looks disappointed.

Jill: Jacqueline…my best friend Jacqueline…I talk about her all the time Jacqueline…

Hamilton: I didn’t say no…I remember…what about her?

Jill: She’s coming here.  I finally convinced her.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Here?  Like to Rawley Academy for Boys? 

Jill rolls her eyes.

Jill: You know what I meant.

Hamilton: Still, that would have been funny.

Jill: Just…shut up, Hamilton.

He sets his guitar back on its stand, sits on the bed and leans over to her.

Hamilton: Make me.

He smiles irresistibly and she kisses him, shutting him up.

(cut to): Will and Bella walking together.

Will: I just wish she’d lay off about the whole thing.

Bella: She does have a point, Will. 

Will turns to Bella as they stop walking.

Will: Not you too…

Bella: You don’t belong at Edmund High, Will. 

Will: Well, that’s good to hear coming from one of me best friends.

Bella: You know I don’t mean it as a bad thing.

Will: Can we just drop it?

Bella nods.  A beat.  They start walking again.

Will cont’d: So…speaking of Rawley guys…you and Scout are—

Bella: …not.

Will: Yet, anyway.

Bella: Not ever again.  I can’t be with Scout.

Will: Why not?

Bella: He proposed to me.

Will stops and stops her.

Will: What?

Bella: Not like…on one knee with a ring, but…he started talking about our future.

Will: What’s wrong with that?

Bella: Marriage…kids…a house in the suburbs…

Will: And so you freaked out and broke up with him…again.

Bella: …and for the last time.

Will: Okay, fair enough.

Bella sighs.

Bella: What?

Will: Well…it’s only natural that he would start thinking like that, Bella.  You were pretty serious.  Even when you supposedly weren’t together…you were together.

Bella: Well, we’re not anymore, okay?  Not together or…together. 

Will shrugs.

Will: O…kay.

(cut to): the art room.  Kate is working on a sculpture.  Finn walks in.

Finn: We can’t be together anymore.

Kate looks at him then the open door. 

Finn cont’d: No one’s out there, relax.

Kate: I’m expecting a student.  You can’t be here, Finn.

Finn: That’s my point.

Kate walks over to the door, closing it.

Kate: We’ve been through this…a hundred times.  I want you in my life.

Finn: …but you’re not willing to make sacrifices to have that. 

Kate: It’s not like you have to sacrifice anything.

Finn: Oh…really?

Kate walks back over to her sculpture.

Finn cont’d: What about being able to say, “I love you” to someone…and getting to hear her say it back.

Kate stops with her sculpture, but doesn’t look up at him.

Kate: Our situation is complicated—

Finn: You’re changing the subject.

Kate sighs.

Finn cont’d: Do youlove me?

Someone tries to open the door, but it’s locked. 

Kate: Just a minute, I didn’t realize that was locked.

Kate turns to him and whispers:

Kate cont’d: We’ll finish this later.  Please?

Finn nods and walks over to the door, opening it.  Jill stands there.  Finn smiles then steps past her out into the hall.  Kate smiles as she continues working on her sculpture.

Kate: Hi, Sweetie.

Jill: Hi.  How are you?

Kate: I’m fine.  Are you coming over for dinner on Sunday?

Jill: Yes. 

Kate: Good, good.

Jill: So, are you and Finn still working on that class together?

Kate: Um…I’m not sure.  It’s up in the air right now.

Jill nods, opening a cabinet and getting some of her art supplies out.

Music: My Stupid Mouth by John Mayer           

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will walks out of the bathroom, having just changed into his uniform.  He walks behind the counter.  There are no customers.  Through the window, we see Scout an SUV pull up.  Scout hops out wearing a Friendly’s uniform.  He enters.

Will: You’re late.

Scout: You’re not the boss of me…oh wait, you are.

Scout smiles.

Scout cont’d: Anyway, I almost forgot I was working.  Dexter and I were watching some talk show.  Those things are hilarious. 

He walks over behind the counter with Will.

Scout cont’d: This guy and girl were dating and her dad came on the show and told them that they were really brother and sister.

Will laughs.

Will: Only on television.

A beat as he takes out menus, placing them at several counter seats.

Scout: So, did you see Bella today?

Will smiles, shaking his head at Scout’s attempt at being nonchalant.

Will: Well…we do go to school together…and you know we have several classes together…and Bella’s had perfect attendance ever since kindergarten…and—

Scout: Okay…what I mean was…when you saw her today, did she happen to…mention me?

Will looks over at him, not wanting to be involved in this.

Will: Not really.

Scout: I know we have this rocky history, but…we’ve always been able to work things out…without even trying that hard.  This feels so…permanent. 

Will: And, what if it is permanent? 

Scout looks at him suspiciously.

Scout: “Not really,” huh?

Will studies a menu.

Will: So, how’s life at Rawley Academy?

Scout looks at him sympathetically, dropping the Bella stuff.

Scout: It sucks as usual.

Will nods.

Scout cont’d: You know…Will…I could loan you—

Will gives him a look that makes him stop.

Will: That isn’t what I was asking.

Scout: I know, but every time we have this conversation…it just seems like the perfect—

The bell on the door rings indicating someone has come in.

Will: Can we drop it?

(cut to): Hamilton walks in the door.

Hamilton: Drop what?

Hamilton walks over to the counter and picks up a menu.

Will: Nothing.  How are you, Hamilton?

Hamilton: Never bad, Will Krudski.  You?

Will shrugs.

Will: Been better.

Scout: So, where’s the little woman?

Hamilton: If she heard you say that…she’d kick your ass.

Scout laughs.

Scout: Well, she’d have to…’cause you sure couldn’t.

Hamilton: I hate you, dude.

Scout: Sure you do.

Hamilton: I do…that’s why I’m not rooming with you this year.

Scout: You used your dad to get a single room…and got me stuck with Dexter.  Did I ever thank you for that?  That guy is such a spaz.

Will watches them talk about life at Rawley, looking a little sad.  Customers come in.  Scout starts to go over.

Will: I got it.

He walks away from them…and the world he isn’t a part of.

(fade out)


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Music: Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, later in the week.

(cut to): the art room.  The camera pans around and we see a girl sitting at one of the tall art tables.  Her back is to the camera.  Her hair is brown and above her shoulders.

(cut to): the door.  Hamilton walks in, reading a magazine and eating an apple.  He takes another bit of the apple.  Still chewing, and looking at the magazine, he speaks to the girl:

Hamilton: Hi, I’ve generously given up my lunch hour to give you a tour of the entire Rawley Academy campus.  Please, follow me.  He takes another bite of the apple.

(cut to): the girl: Jacqueline.  She’s recognizable, but…not really.  This is what Jake would have looked like if she’d never been Jake.  Somewhere between how she looked when she came back from England in the first ep of this season (way trendy and chic) and…even more girly.   She tilts her head, looking at Hamilton as he takes one last bite of the apple and tosses it into the trashcan.  He’s yet to look up.  She rolls her eyes and walks past him, out the door.  He looks up from the magazine, sighing.  He tosses it onto a table and goes out into the hall. 

(cut to): the hall.  Hamilton walks out and looks down the hall.  Jacqueline is walking away. 

Hamilton: Wait.

She doesn’t stop walking so he jogs after her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Hamilton cont’d: Hey…hang on.

She turns around and he drops his hand.

(cut to): a medium shot of the two of them.  Jacqueline looks like she was about to chew him out, but…doesn’t.  Hamilton swallows, not speaking right away.  In other words, they have a little moment. 

Hamilton: Uh…look, sorry about that.

Jacqueline nods.

Jacqueline: It’s okay.

Hamilton: So, still interested in the grand tour?

Jacqueline: To be honest, I was never that interested in it. 

Hamilton: Oh.

Jacqueline: No offense or anything.  I just like to look around and figure things out for myself.  Besides, the best places are never on the tour.

Hamilton’s about to speak, but she smiles and it makes him stop.

Jacqueline cont’d: So…if Mrs. Fleming asks, I’ll tell her I enjoyed the tour very much and…you can go back to your magazine.

She smiles and turns. 

Hamilton: Wait.

He grabs her arm.  She turns back around and looks down at his hand then at him.  He lets go of her.

Hamilton cont’d: Um…I happen to know a lot of the best places on campus so…if you want like an unofficial tour…I can do that too.

He smiles, really for the first time.  She narrows her eyes looking at him a little suspiciously, but she’s obviously going to accept.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Gwen and Jill sitting together at a picnic table on the girls’ quad, eating lunch.  They have on jackets, of course.

(cut to): Dexter and Scout as they walk across the quad together.

Dexter: Uh…I can’t do this.

He stops and tries to turn around, but Scout grabs him.

Scout: You have to face your fears.

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s table as Scout and Dexter walk up.  Scout pushes Dexter down.

Scout: Jill…got a minute?

Jill: Um…what?

Scout: For me…you know…to talk.

Jill looks at Gwen then Dexter who is looking down.

Music: Should Be (sha sha) by Ben Kweller

(cut to): Jill and Scout walking together by the lake.

Scout: So, anyway, sorry to interrupt your lunch.  I just can’t take Dexter anymore.

Jill: Aw, I think he’s cute.

Scout: Yeah, well, I guess you think Hamilton’s “cute” too.

Jill: Actually, he can be a real a jerk.

A beat as they stop at a canoe that’s been left out.

Jill cont’d: Like the other day…about you and Bella.

Scout: Oh, that’s like no big deal…I tease him about you too.

Jill sits on the canoe.  Scout does the same.  Jill looks over at him.

Jill: What do you say?

Scout: I think I’d rather not say.

Jill: What does he say?

Scout thinks.

Scout: Last time, he said if you’d heard me, you’d kick my ass.

Jill: That figures.

Scout looks a little thrown off.

Scout: I thought you two were like…the perfect couple.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Hamilton’s the perfect guy.

Scout: Is he the perfect guy…for you?

Jill looks over at Scout, not answering him.

Jill: How are things going with Bella?

Scout: They’re not, apparently.

Jill: What’d you guys fight about?

Scout: Well, a lot, but…this time?  Nothing.  The last conversation we really had before I was dumped…I was telling her how I could picture myself spending the rest of my life with her.  Girls like that kind of stuff, right?

Jill: I guess…if you mean it.

Scout thinks about this.

Scout: Well, I definitely want to spend the rest of my life with someone.  Kids, a dog…house in the suburbs.

Scout looks across the lake.  Jill looks over at him, surprised.

Jill: Yeah…I know what you mean.

He looks back, smiling.  Scout blinks.

Scout: We should, um…

Jill: …check on Dexter.  Definitely. 

Scout: Yeah…

Music: Barbecue by Handsome Devil

(cut to): the picnic table.  Gwen is eating a sandwich.  Dexter sits, looking around.  Out of nowhere, Ryder sits down next to Gwen.  Dexter looks over.  He starts to get up.

Dexter: I-I…um…

Ryder: Hey there, Dex…where’re you going?  Stay.  Sit.

Dexter sits back down, looking scared.

Ryder cont’d: Good boy.  Give him a treat, Gwen.

Ryder laughs.  He looks at Gwen who’s giving him a displeased look.

Ryder: Oh, what?  I’m just having a little fun with the kid.  What’s the matter with you anyway, Dexter?  She’s just a girl.  Oh, right…I forgot your little problem.  You know, if you can’t talk to girls, Dex…you’ll never be able to—

Gwen: Ryder, stop.

Ryder smirks.  Scout and Jill walk up.

Jill: You’re in my seat.

Ryder looks up at her then over at Scout.
Ryder: Taking Ham’s girl for a walk down by the lake…nice move, Calhoun.  Didn’t think you had it in you.

Scout: You’ve really found your niche, haven’t you?  Tormenting Rawley students?  I guess that’s why you keep flunking…you just can’t bear to give it up.

Ryder stands up, challenging Scout.  He smirks weakly then walks away.

Jill: Nicely done.

Gwen: Sorry, you guys.

Jill: You don’t have to apologize for him.

Scout: Come on, Dex…we’re going to be late for class.

Dexter stands up, looking a little sick.

(cut to): the driveway of the girls school as Jacqueline and Hamilton walk toward the school.  The girls are all going back into the school and back to class since lunch is over.

Hamilton: So…there you have it.

Jacqueline: Very informative.

He smiles.

Jacqueline: I really liked that little—

Jill (off screen): Jacqueline…oh my God, you’re here?

Jill comes running up and gives Jacqueline a hug.

Jacqueline: Yeah…I guess I am. 

She smiles as they part.  Hamilton looks at Jill.

Hamilton: You know her?

Jill looks at him, getting angry.

Jill: Do I know Jacqueline?

Hamilton looks at Jacqueline then back at Jill.

Jill: She’s my best friend…ring any bells?

Hamilton: Oh…right…Jacqueline.

He looks at Jacqueline.

Hamilton cont’d: I always forget your name…too many syllables or something.

Jill: Yeah…a whole three, Ham-il-ton.

Jacqueline: Hamilton?  You are Hamilton?

Hamilton: …Fleming…yeah.

Jill: What kind of tour was this?  You didn’t introduce yourself?

Hamilton: It was an unofficial tour.

Jill: An unofficial tour…where you didn’t happen to mention your girlfriend, Jill—that’s on­­­­­e syllable—at all?

Hamilton: Uh…well…

Jacqueline: He did…he just didn’t say your name so…I didn’t know that he was…well…him. 

Hamilton looks over at Jacqueline, with a surprised smile, then back at Jill.

Hamilton: Yeah.

Jill: Oh…well, I have to get to class.  You’re taking her to the office?

Hamilton nods.  She turns to Jacqueline, looking genuinely glad to have her here.

Jill cont’d: We’re staying up all night, okay?  God…it’s good to see you.

Jill hugs her.  Jacqueline smiles, hugging her back.

Jacqueline: Ditto.

Hamilton: Ditto…I like that.

Jill smiles at him then looks at Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: Patrick Swayze?

Jill: Oh yeah….totally.

Jacqueline laughs.  Hamilton doesn’t get it.

Jill cont’d: Tonight…we’ll talk about it.  Bye.

She takes a few steps.

Hamilton: Hey, wait. 

Music: Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton (we’ll call it a reprise)

He walks over and puts one hand on Jill’s shoulder and cups her face with the other.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m glad I got to see you.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Me too.

He kisses her briefly on the lips then lets his hands drop to his side.

Hamilton: I’ll see you later?

Jill nods then walks into the building.  Hamilton watches her a minute then breathes a sigh of relief.  He turns back to Jacqueline who has been watching the whole time.  She turns away as if she hasn’t been watching  then looks back at him. 

Hamilton cont’d: Thanks for that save.

Jacqueline: Yeah…no problem.

Hamilton: So…um…to the office?

He holds out his hand dramatically.  She smiles then walks past him and into the building.  He laughs and follows her into the building.

(fade out)


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Music: Back to You by John Mayer

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Edmund High. 

(cut to): a conference room.  Johanna makes a phone call.

(cut to): Finn’s office.  The phone rings.  The camera pans to the door.  Kate is leaning against it as Finn stands in front of her kissing her.  He steps back.

Finn: We’re supposed to be talking.

He turns to answer the phone.

Finn cont’d: Finn, here…of course, how could I forget Will Krudski?…I’m sorry, this is who?…

Finn smiles, shaking in his head in disbelief.

Finn cont’d: …You’re from here, right?...Yeah…we went to high school together.  Well, sort of.  You were a year ahead of me…no, no don’t worry about it…uh-huh…uh-huh…well, we usually do that before summer session…I see…I…uh-huh…you know, I might be able to arrange something with…

He looks up at Kate.

Finn cont’d: …with the dean…okay…well, why don’t I get your number and I’ll call you and let you know…

Finn picks up a pencil and writes.

Finn cont’d: …uh-huh…I got it…and, I wouldn’t say anything to Will yet, but when he comes I think I’d like to see an essay too…well, I’m sure he is, but…exactly…anytime…you too…bye.

Finn hangs up the phone.  He sets it down, looking at it a moment.  He seems to have forgotten Kate for the moment.

Kate: Who was that?

Finn: One of Will Krudski’s teachers.

Kate: Hamilton tells me that Will is really a bright boy.  That was an unfortunate situation…it must have been a tough decision for you.

Finn: It wasn’t my decision to expel him.

Kate: I meant…going to my husband in the first place.

Finn sighs, considering what happened.

Kate cont’d: Anyway, what did he want?

Finn: Who?

Kate: The teacher.

Finn: Oh…she was wondering if we’d consider giving him another shot.

Kate looks first annoyed that it was a she…then at the situation.

Kate: At the scholarship?  Things don’t work that way Finn.

Finn: I know…

He sits down at his desk.

Finn cont’d: I’ve always felt like I made the wrong decision with Will Krudski.

Kate walks over and puts her hands on his shoulders.

Kate: Don’t start beating yourself up over something that happened a year and a half ago.

Finn: What if we talked to the board?  He’s a local boy.  If they can keep what happened before quiet…this could be some great P.R.  The board has never been able to make nice with the locals.

Kate leans down a little more.

Kate: That’s actually not a bad idea at all, Finn.

He nods.

Kate cont’d: I could probably mention this to Steven tonight.

Finn stands up, facing her.

Finn: Thank you.

He looks at her, and brushes her face with his hand.  A beat.

Kate: I’m sorry if I’m hurting you.

He looks a little confused.

Kate cont’d: I’m sorry if being with me hurts you.

He takes a deep breath.

Finn: Right now…being without you would be so much worse.

They have this intense moment as she kisses him.  They pull apart just slightly.

Finn: Will you come see me tonight?

Kate: You know I can’t.

Finn: Will you try? 

He kisses her again.

Finn cont’d: Please, Kate?

Kate: I’ll try.

Music: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

(dissolve to): The garage.  Bella’s working on a car and Sean is sitting on the bench nearby.  An SUV pulls u—not the original Ryder-mobile, but Ryder rolls down the driver’s window.

Ryder: Bella…be a doll and get your sister for me?

Bella: She’s not home.

Grace walks outside.

Grace: Hi, Ryder

Bella: Grace, try to make it home tonight.

Grace: Whatever…

She walks around to get into the passenger side.

Ryder: I’ll bring her home tonight…if I can trade her in for you.

Bella looks really angry and Sean gets up from the bench.  Ryder laughs as Grace gets in.  He pulls off.

Sean: I don’t see how Grace can stand that guy.

Bella (Grace impression): “He’s an amazing kisser…and he’s got an accent.”

Bella shakes her head and goes back to the car.

Sean: Listen, Bella…

He leans on the car.  Bella looks slightly panicked as she looks around.

(cut to): across the street as Will pulls up on his bike.

(cut to): Bella and Sean as Sean still struggles to articulate what he wants to say.

Sean: I know you and Scout…I mean—
Bella: Hey, there’s Will.  Will!

(cut to): across the street.  Will looks up.  He smiles and walks over.

(cut to): Sean and Bella as Will walks up.  Bella looks at him pleadingly.

Will: Hey guys, how’s it going?

Sean: Hi, Will.

Will smiles at him apologetically, almost as though he knows what he is interrupting.

Will: Bella…don’t you owe me a cheeseburger?

Bella: Oh, right.

Will looks at his watch.

Will: My shift starts like now, though…and I’m the only one working this shift so—

Bella: Of course, we better go…

Will: Sean, did you want to—

Sean: Um…I’ve probably got homework or something. 

He starts to walk over to the bench and pick up his backpack.

Will: Hey, Sean?

Sean: Yeah?

Will: Come Spring, we’re going to suck.

Sean laughs.

Sean: I know, I just haven’t been in the mood to practice.

Will: Why don’t I stop by sometime and we can find out if you’re curve ball’s gotten any better?

Sean smiles.

Sean: Yeah, that’d be cool.

(dissolve to): Friendly’s, a little later.  Will puts a plate down in front of Bella and walks over to give refills to a table.  He walks back to the counter.

Bella: God, Sean’s driving me crazy. 

Will: He has kind of been circling since he heard about Scout.

Bella: I just wish he’d find an extracurricular activity or something.

Will: Well, if you can hold him off until Spring…there’s always baseball.

Bella sighs.

Will cont’d: You know, you could just tell him no.

Bella: I know…I just don’t want to hurt his feelings…or his ego…whatever it is you boys have.

Will: Hey, hey, hey…I’ve got feelings.

Bella: You’re a most unusual boy, Will Krudski.

Will: Want to go to the movies with me this Friday?

Bella looks a little panicked.  Will laughs.

Will cont’d: Calm down, not every guy at Edmund High wants to date you…although it would have been a good master plan for me to have. 

Bella smiles, shaking her head.  A beat as Will looks over at her.

Will cont’d: Why do you think we’ve never dated?

Bella looks over at him, considering the question.

Bella: I don’t know…maybe you’re gay.

Will feigns shock that she’s said this.

Bella cont’d: Really…I think it’s because we’d miss this too much.

Will smiles.

Will: Yeah…I like this.

He smirks.

Will cont’d: Plus, I’m not attracted to you.

Bella rolls her eyes and eats a fry.

(dissolve to): The Fleming house.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Hamilton sits at the kitchen table working on homework as Kate cleans up the kitchen.. 

Kate: Have you seen your father?

Hamilton: Yep…he’s working late.  Big surprise there.

Kate: I wanted to talk to him about something.

Hamilton continues his work.  A beat.

Kate cont’d: Did he say how late he’d be in his office?

Hamilton looks up at her.

Hamilton: Eleven…so twelve or one.  Why?

Kate shrugs and turns back to the stove.

Kate: What about you?  What are you doing home tonight?

Hamilton: This reading assignment requires concentration and…I can’t pull that off in the dorms.

Kate nods and proceeds to interrupt his concentration:

Kate: So, how was that tour today?

Hamilton: That girl…Jacqueline…she’s Jill’s best friend.

Kate: That’s what Jill tells me.

Hamilton: When did you guys talk?

Kate: We talk all the time, Munchie.

Hamilton doesn’t do his usual flinching at the nickname.

Hamilton: Oh.

Kate turns back to him again.

Kate: Don’t worry. I think she’s really wonderful.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I know you do, Mom.

Hamilton looks back at his work, having trouble concentrating.

(fade out)


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Music: Lonely Girl by Pink

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Girls’ Academy.

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  Gwen’s not there.  Jacqueline is lying on Jill’s bed.  Jill is sitting on a beanbag on the floor which she’s pulled up to the bed.

Jill: Okay, so next semester…what should we do?  I’d say I’d just do a roommate switch, but I like living with Gwen.  She’s kind of a study nazi, but she’s really easy to get along with.  I think we might be able to get into one of the three person rooms…

Jacqueline: Or I could keep my single.

Jill: How the hell did you do that anyway?

Jacqueline just smiles mysteriously.

Jill cont’d: My best friend, the hacker.

A beat.

Jill cont’d: Hamilton would be so impressed.

Jacqueline: Is he into computers?

Jill: Not really…he’s not really into anything.

Jacqueline: What do you mean?

Jill: Well, he gets to take all these interesting classes.  The boys have that cool English teacher, Finn.  Ham does his work and makes okay grades, but he’s never really into it, you know?

Jacqueline: The fact that there are people who are actually into school…that’s what should worry you.

Jill: Well, and, like he used to take pictures.  His mom is always telling me about it.  But, he “just doesn’t” anymore and…don’t ask him about it because he gets all defensive. 

Jacqueline nods.

Jill cont’d: And, he has this guitar and he’s kind of a natural…but he never writes any songs.  He could, but he doesn’t.

Jacqueline: Okay, I get the point.  He doesn’t have any hobbies…like you and your art.

Jill: I’m afraid that…it’s more like he doesn’t have any inspiration.

Jacqueline sits up.

Jacqueline: Maybe he’s just lazy.

Jill laughs.  A beat as Jacqueline looks around.

Jacqueline: So, wait…you guys have been together for more than a year, right? 

Jill looks a little nervous.  Jacqueline smiles.

Jacqueline: We’ll get to that later.  My question now is…where are the bridal magazines?

Jill: What?

Jacqueline: Come on…I’ve been worried about you since you started dating him.  You haven’t once mentioned what your kids would look like or…where you want to go on your honeymoon.  You usually come up with that stuff before you go out on a first date with anyone.  Mini-van…dogs…house in the suburbs.  That’s the Jill I know and love.

Jill: I know, but…Hamilton’s not…

She pauses.

Jacqueline: Not what?

Jill: My future.

Jacqueline laughs.

Jacqueline: Okay…I don’t get it.  Moderately cute boys at parties have been your future.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Shut up…you’re so mean.

Jacqueline: Anyway, if he’s not your future, he seems like a decent present.  He’s cute…and he’s crazy about you.  I mean, when he ran after you and said it was nice seeing you…that was—

Jill: …boring, okay?  He does that.  He’s sweet.  I’m used to it.

Jacqueline: I don’t think I would ever get used to it. 

Jill: Don’t get me wrong.  I was just telling Scout today that he’s the perfect guy—

Jacqueline: Who…or what…is Scout?

Jill: He’s Ham’s best friend…kind of.  They were roommates last year. 

Jacqueline: And you were telling him that Hamilton’s perfect?

Jill: And Scout said, “is he perfect for you?”

Jacqueline: So…he was hitting on you?

Jill: What?  No…don’t even go there.

Jacqueline: So…is he?  Perfect for you?

Jill: He’s the first guy I met here.

Jacqueline: You have a tendency to do that.

Jill: I know.  Anyway, everyone knows him and that we’re together.  His mom adores me to a frightening degree.

Jacqueline: Well, she is the art teacher.

Jill: Yeah.  She likes my work too, which scares me.  It makes me think my work is getting too textbook.  I do most of it there, in the art room.  I’d like to have a corner of this room where I could work, but…all my stuff is over there. 

Jacqueline: Sounds like Hamilton isn’t the only one without inspiration.

Jill looks at her, like she hasn’t thought of this before.

Music: Colors Don’t Go by Sam Phillips

(cut to): Finn’s apartment.  There’s a knock at his door as he walks out from the bedroom.  He opens the door to find Kate standing there.  Finn smiles and lets her in, looking up and down the hall, closing the door.

Kate: I didn’t have a chance to talk to Steven about Will.

Finn: That’s okay.

Kate: He’s in his office so…I came over here to talk to him, but…

Finn: …you ended up here.

Finn takes a step toward her.

Kate: I can’t stay.  I told Hamilton I’d be with his dad so if Steven happened to call—

Finn kisses her.

Finn: We have to end this soon, don’t we?

Kate: No.

Finn: I need someone that I can have for more than two minutes at a time…

Finn takes a step back from her, as he considers his statement.

Finn cont’d: …someone who doesn’t sleep in some other guy’s bed every night.  Someone who loves me back…I need someone who loves me back, Kate.  Someone—

Kate: …else.

Finn looks up at her.  He gets it.

Finn: Someone else.

He nods.  She walks over to him.

Kate: I thought you said your life would be worse without me.

Finn looks at her.

Finn: It will be…

She looks hurt by this statement.

Finn cont’d: …at first.

Kate backs toward the door.

Kate: We’ve said, “this is it” at least a dozen times.

He opens the door.

Finn: Goodbye, Kate.

(cut to): the Hall.  She walks out into the hall as Hamilton walks up, not paying attention as he reads a book.  Finn is still standing at the open door.  Kate turns to face Hamilton.  She looks caught.  He looks up from his book.

Hamilton: Mom?  I thought you were going to see Dad.

Kate: I…

Finn: …had to discuss something with me first.  It’s my idea she’s talking to him about.

Kate: Exactly.

Hamilton: Oh…well, what is it?

Kate looks calmer now that she isn’t being forced to lie.

Kate: I’d rather not tell you unless it pans out.  It involves someone you know.

Hamilton looks at them like he doesn’t get it…and he really doesn’t care.

Hamilton: Okay, well, anyway I have a question for Finn…

He holds up the book.

Hamilton cont’d: …on this thing we had to read.

Kate nods.  Hamilton walks over to Finn with the book. 

Hamilton cont’d: See, this line makes no sense to me.

Finn looks up at Kate who looks at him…they have an understanding.  Kate leaves.  Finn looks back down at the book and listens to Hamilton.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Will’s house in New Rawley.  A car pulls up in the driveway.

(cut to): the living room.  Brian is reading a newspaper.  There is a knock at the door.  Susan enters from the kitchen and opens it.  Johanna is standing there.

Susan: Ms. Ryan, come on in.  Brian, Ms. Ryan is here.

Brian doesn’t respond.  Susan turns from him and back to Johanna.

Susan cont’d: May I take your coat?

Johanna gives it to her.

(cut to): a few moments later as Susan and Johanna sit down in the living room.  Brian doesn’t look up from the paper.

Johanna: I haven’t said anything to Will yet because this is very tentative, but I spoke with one of the teachers at Rawley Academy about giving him another chance at that scholarship.

Brian looks up.

Brian: Just when I thought I was done hearing about that.  I thought Will learned that he didn’t belong there.  He had to cheat his way in.  They don’t want him there.

He hasn’t looked up so Johanna doesn’t acknowledge him.

Johanna: If this doesn’t work out, I’d really like to encourage him to try again this summer.  It would only be one year, but I think graduating from Rawley could be what Will needs.  It’s very prestigious.  He could get into any college.

Susan smiles, nodding. 

Brian: He could get in…he couldn’t pay for it.

Johanna: He has an excellent academic record.  He has a job that’s almost full time.  He participates in sports and extracurricular activities.  Those things get people scholarships, Mr. Krudski.  You just need a name like Rawley to seal the deal.

Brian clears his throat and turns the page.  Susan looks pretty excited.

Susan: You really think he could be somebody, don’t you?

Johanna: He already is.  I want him to have the chance to prove it.

Susan smiles.  Brian grumbles. 

Johanna cont’d: I just wanted to let you know what I was working at doing…and to make sure it was okay before I told Will.

Brian: It’s not okay.

Susan looks over at him then back at Johanna.

Susan: Of course it is.  We appreciate your help.

Johanna smiles.  The front door opens.

(cut to): the door as Will walks in and sees Johanna.

Will: Um…hey Ms. Ryan. 

Susan: I thought you weren’t getting off work until eleven. 

Will: I’ve got a lot of homework so when Scout got there I just left him to close.  What’s going on?

He looks at Johanna.

Johanna: Just a little parent-teacher conference to let your folks know how well you’re doing.

Will looks at her skeptically then at his parents. 

Will: Well, like I said…homework.  I’ll be upstairs.

He walks upstairs.  Johanna stands.

Johanna: I better go.  I’ll let you know what I hear. 

(cut to): the door as Susan gets Johanna’s coat.

Susan (whispered): I’m sorry about my husband.

Johanna: It’s okay.  He’ll come around one day and realize what a bright son he has.

Susan smiles.  A beat.

Susan: How’s your little girl doing?

Johanna: Precocious as ever.  It scares me.

Susan: I know how you feel. 

Johanna smiles.

Johanna: Well, goodnight.

Susan opens the door.

Susan: And, you’ll let him know when you hear back from the teacher?

Johanna: Of course.

Susan: Rawley Academy after all…that would be something.

Johanna: Yes it would.

Johanna exits.

(cut to): the top of the stairs as Will listens.  He leans back against the wall.  He doesn’t look upset…more like worried.

(fade out)


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Music: Love Song for No One by John Mayer

(fade in): an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.  It’s the next day, after school.

(cut to): the art room.  Jill and Ham are there alone.  Jill’s working on a painting.  Hamilton is working on homework.  He looks up at her for a moment.  She turns around and looks at him then goes back to the painting. 

Hamilton: Is it bugging you to have me in here?

Jill: Um…no.

She turns back to the painting, annoyed to have him there.  A beat.

Hamilton: Do you think my mom’s sleeping with Finn?

Jill turns around.

Jill: What?

Hamilton: Well, I went to Finn’s last night to get him to explain this reading assignment to me and…my mom was there.

Jill: I don’t think that means they’re having an affair.

Hamilton: My mom said they were discussing something that involved someone I know.  Maybe the someone is my dad.  Maybe they’re running off together.

Hamilton laughs.  Jill doesn’t look quite as amused.

Hamilton cont’d: Except my mom wouldn’t do that to my dad…no matter how many nights he worked late. 

Jill looks skeptical of this, but Hamilton doesn’t pick up on it.

Hamilton cont’d: I could see how she’d want to. 

Jill: Cheat on her husband?

Hamilton: Her and my dad have the perfect marriage…and the perfect family…you know, me. 

Hamilton smiles.  Jill shakes her head.

Hamilton cont’d: …but Dad’s not the kind of guy that makes you love…makes you feel passion.  Finn’s like this writer.  He’s probably pretty romantic. 

Jill: You have and interesting perspective on your parents marriage.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Actually…if my mom was having an affair…I’d probably totally freak out.  Thinking about love and passion and…inspiration and stuff is nice…

Jill looks over at him at the mention of inspiration.

Hamilton cont’d: …but, your parents are your parents.

Jill looks at him like he isn’t making sense to her.

Jill: You know, I’ve got to run a few errands in town so…why don’t I leave you to your homework?

Hamilton looks confused.

Hamilton: Okay…

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout and Will are working.  Will’s serving and Scout’s behind the counter.  Bella walks in.  She notices Scout, but can’t walk back out before he sees her.

(cut to): the counter as Bella has a seat.

Scout: Hi.

Bella: Hi.

Scout: So…I guess we’re not getting back together this time?

Bella: Scout…

Scout: Bella…

He smiles.

Scout cont’d: I’m okay with it, if you are.

She looks at him skeptically.  Will walks by,

Will: Wow, think of tomorrow’s headlines.

They look at him, not understanding.

Will: Hell freezes over and pigs fly...in one day. 

Bella swats at him.  Scout shakes his head.

Scout: We’re having a private conversation here.

Will: I’m just doing my job.  Bella, can I take your order?

Bella is looking over at the door.

(cut to): the door as Sean walks in.

(cut to): Bella, Will and Scout.

Bella: Cheeseburger and fries…to go.

She looks at the door again.  Will gets it.

Scout: You don’t have to go because of me.

Will: Don’t worry…she’s not.

Bella gives him a dirty look.

Music: Tie Me Up by Handsome Devil

(cut to): the quad.  Gwen and Jacqueline walk together.

Gwen: Anyway, I guess she’s in the art room.  She usually is.  Do you know where it is?

Jacqueline: Yep.  Started my tour there yesterday.

Gwen: Okay, well, have fun.  I’ll be in the boys’ library.  They have this book that…Oh no.

Jacqueline: What?

Ryder walks up to them.

Ryder: Hey there, Sis.

Gwen: I haven’t done the physics yet, okay?

Ryder: Damn.  Well, let me know.

He looks over at Jacqueline who doesn’t know she should hate him yet.

Ryder cont’d: Hi…I’ve never seen you in my wicked step-sister’s presence before.

Jacqueline: I’m new.

Ryder: Oh, neat.  Can I get your number?

Jacqueline: Um…

Gwen: No.

Ryder: You’re killing the mood here, Sis.

Gwen: You can stop calling me that anytime.

Ryder turns to Jacqueline.

Ryder: It looked like you two were about to part ways, uh…

Jacqueline: Jacqueline.

Ryder: That’s a beautiful name.  Where are you going and do you need an escort?

Jacqueline: The art room and…no.

Gwen: Why don’t you scamper off and hit on some totally unsuspecting Rawley Girl?

Ryder: Because the ones in town are more fun.

He laughs then speaks suggestively:

Ryder cont’d: Hope to see more of you, Jacqueline.

He walks off, smiling at his own joke.

Gwen: He’s practically my brother and I love him, but…avoid him.

Jacqueline: I figured that one out on my own.

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: I’ll see ya.

They walk off in different directions.

Music: You by Leann Rimes

(cut to): the art room.  It looks empty.  Jacqueline looks around.

Jacqueline: Hmm…nothing behind door number two…

Hamilton sticks his head out of a partially open supply closet door.  Jacqueline’s already turned to leave.

Hamilton: Where’s door number three?

Jacqueline turns back around.

Jacqueline: I think you’re standing in it.

Hamilton laughs and walks out of the closet carrying two large containers of liquid.

Hamilton: Looking for Jill?

Jacqueline: Yeah.

Hamilton: She went into town to run errands.

Hamilton walks over to her.

Jacqueline: Oh…well…when she gets back can you tell her that I stopped by…that J—

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I know your name, Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: Well, given your previous track record—

Hamilton: Are you busy right now?

Jacqueline: Um, no…I guess not.

Hamilton: Walk with me.

Jacqueline looks at him suspiciously.

(cut to): the hall.  They walk together.

Hamilton: I know your name.

Jacqueline: You said that.

Hamilton: I knew your name.

Hamilton stops walking.

Hamilton cont’d: Can you open that door?

She looks at him suspiciously again, but does it.  He nods for her to go first. 

(cut to): Inside the small room as he sets the two containers on the counter and flips the lights on, closing the door.  This is the dark room…his darkroom.  We saw it in Perfect Image. 

Hamilton cont’d: So, anyway, I’m not really that stupid.

Jacqueline: I think you lost me somewhere back around…door number three.

Hamilton laughs.  He pulls out three trays from a cabinet.

Hamilton: When we met the other day…I knew who you were…and I knew your name was Jacqueline.  There’re pictures of you up all over Jill’s room.  She’s told me a million stories about you.  I’m not as oblivious as she thinks, but…I don’t usually tell her that.

Hamilton opens one of the containers and pours its contents into one of the trays.

Jacqueline: That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

Hamilton looks up at her.  He caps the chemical and puts it under the cabinet where he got the tray.

Hamilton: Yeah, I guess it is. 

Hamilton walks up to her then leans past her and flips the lights off.  Before she can say anything, he flips another switch turning a red light on.

Hamilton cont’d: If you want to go…go now. 

She crosses her arms and looks at him. 

Hamilton cont’d: Okay…

He again invades her personal space as he locks the door.  He walks back to the counter.  She continues to watch him.  He pulls an undeveloped photograph from the enlarger.  He puts it in the developer that he poured before. 

Jacqueline: Why don’t you tell her?

Hamilton considers this as he opens the other container and pours it into another tray.  He pulls another container out from the cabinet and pours it into a third tray.  He adds water to each of these trays then he looks up at her.

Hamilton: The same reason I don’t do photography anymore…

He uses tongs to pick up the picture from the developer and put it into the stop bath.  She walks over as he looks up at her.  She’s looking at the picture (it’s of the lake) totally not getting it.

Hamilton cont’d: …lack of inspiration.

She looks up at him.  His look is pretty intense and she has to look away before she can talk.

Jacqueline: Don’t take this the wrong way, but are you some kind of psycho serial killer in your spare time?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: What?

Jacqueline: Your intensity is like…at those levels.

Hamilton looks down as he quickly puts the picture into the fixer.

Hamilton: Sorry. 

Jacqueline: No, it’s not a bad thing…I guess.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I think it’s you.

Jacqueline laughs.

Jacqueline: You think what’s me?

Hamilton looks at her briefly then away.  Jacqueline laughs.

Hamilton: What?

Jacqueline: Hamilton, are you…hitting on me?

Hamilton: Yeah…you know that’s how I usually greet my girlfriend’s best friends.

Jacqueline looks down, embarrassed.

Hamilton cont’d: Just relax, okay?  You’re going to be stuck here for at least an hour—

Jacqueline: What?  I—

Hamilton: …so, you thinking I’m either hitting on you or trying to kill you…that’s not really going to make this pleasant for either of us.

Hamilton smiles irresistibly. 

Jacqueline: Really?  An hour?

Hamilton: At least.  I took a lot of pictures yesterday.

He smiles again.

(fade out)


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Music: Red Letter Day by the Getup Kids

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Johanna’s house. 

(cut to): the living room.  She and Meagan are sitting on the floor on opposite sides of the coffee table playing a game of chess.  It’s Johanna’s move.  There is a knock at the door.

Meagan: Come in.

Johanna: Meagan!

Meagan: What?  Mom, go…it’s your turn.

Johanna starts to get up.

(cut to): the entryway as Finn walks in.  He stops when he sees Johanna.

Finn: So, it is you. 

(cut to): the living room as he walks in.  Meagan looks intrigued.

Meagan: Who are you?

Finn: Just…Finn.

Johanna: From Rawley?  Oh my God.

She gets up.

Johanna cont’d: Hi.

Finn: Indeed. 

Meagan: I’m…going to be upstairs.  I have homework.

Finn smiles. 

Meagan cont’d: I’m Meagan.

She sticks her hand out and Finn shakes it.

Finn: Nice to meet you.

Meagan exits.

Johanna: Sorry about that greeting.  I wasn’t expecting you…not that I mind.  Please, have a seat.

Finn smiles almost smirking.  Johanna starts to clean up the chessboard.  Finn sits down.

Finn: Hey…do you have a minute?

She turns around.  He nods to the couch next to him.  She sits down.

Johanna: Sorry…I’m just trying to improve the first impression.

Finn: What makes you think it’s bad?

Johanna tilts her head.

Johanna: We went to high school together?  Really?

Finn nods.

Finn: …but, I’m here to talk about your friend…Will Krudski.

Johanna: My student, yes.

Finn: Oh, of course, your student. 

Johanna: Not big on boundaries, huh?  Don’t like labels? 

Finn smiles at how true that statement it.

Finn: Anyway, I got a friend of mine to talk to the dean—

Johanna: I thought you—

Finn: Well, I thought sending his wife in might be more effective.

Johanna: Oh, you’re friends with his wife.

Finn nods, smiling a little sadly.  Johanna picks up on it, but doesn’t say anything.

Johanna cont’d: So…Will?

Finn: The dean has contacted the board and they’ve decided to let him take the test again.  They’ll use it as PR.  That was my suggestion.  This town hates Rawley Academy, but giving a scholarship to a local kid…

Johanna: …that’s a big deal.  People will like that.

Finn: They didn’t publicize it much before so the board seems convinced that if Will can hack it…this will be a really good thing.  He can hack it?

Johanna: Without a doubt. 

Finn: And, he wants to try?

Johanna: Well…he’s kind of proud, but…I think he’ll do it.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Friendly’s.  Will and Scout are still working. 

Will: Isn’t your shift over?

Scout looks up from bussing a table.

Scout: Bill didn’t show up.

Will: That’s not your fault.  You can go.

Scout: Will…I’ll stay.

Will: Go…and give that Rawley girl a ride too.  She’s been out there for like two hours and it’s getting dark.

Will points outside.  Scout looks in the direction in which he points.

(cut to): the town square where the flagpole is.  Jill is sitting there reading a magazine.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout smiles.  Will raises his eyebrows.

Will: That’s Hamilton’s girlfriend, right?

Scout: Yeah…Jill.

Scout continues to watch her.

Will: Well, like I said…you can go.

Scout: Yeah…okay.  I’ll see ya then.

Will pats him on the back as he takes off his apron.

Music: Sink to the Bottom with You by Fountains of Wayne

(cut to): where Jill is sitting.  She doesn’t notice Scout as he approaches.

Scout: It’s a little cold for outdoor magazine reading. 

Jill looks up.

Scout cont’d: What are you reading?

She closes the magazine, but doesn’t lose her page, and turns it over.

Jill: Nothing.

Scout smiles and sits down next to her. 

Scout: Hmm…doesn’t look like nothing.

Jill looks pretty embarrassed, but she turns the magazine over.  It’s some Bridal/Wedding magazine.  Scout takes the magazine from her, holding her place.  He opens it to that page.

Scout (reading): Location, location, location: the perfect…wedding spot.

He looks up at her.

Scout cont’d: Planning on eloping with Ham?

Jill laughs like “yeah, right.”  Scout leans back on the grass, propping himself up on his elbow as he flips to the next page.

Scout: I go back and forth.  I know my dad would die if I didn’t have some huge church wedding…

Jill looks down at him.

Scout cont’d: …but how cool would it be just to take off one weekend and go down to St. Marten…get married on the beach.

He looks up at her.  She tilts her head, thinking something she hasn’t before.

Scout cont’d: What…not into the beach?

Jill smiles.

Jill: Um…no, not really.

Scout flips another page.  The right page is folded down, marking something on the other side.

Scout: Uh oh…a dog-ear.

Jill looks a little panicked.

Jill: Why don’t you just give that back?

She tries to take it back, but he sits up, flipping the page.

(cut to): the page she folded down.  It’s part of the location article: it’s the beach wedding.

(cut to): a shot of Jill and Scout as Scout looks over at her suspiciously.

Jill: Okay, so I like the beach idea.

Scout smiles then looks back at the magazine.

Scout: Yeah…me too.

A beat.

Scout cont’d: So, you want to take off?

Jill: What?

Scout: Back to school.  Need a ride?

Jill: Okay.

Scout smiles as he hands her the magazine.  She looks at him thoughtfully as she takes it back.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will’s the only one there, but there’s only one table and one person at the counter.  Johanna, Finn and Meagan walk in.  Will looks up to greet them, but freezes when he sees Finn.  Will walks up to them, nervously.

Will: Table for three?

Meagan: Booth, please.  And, we only need the ice cream menus.

Will smiles.

Will: Okay.  This way.

He leads them to a table.

Finn: How are you, Mr. Krudski?

Will: I’m fine, Finn.  You?

Finn smiles.

Finn: Trying to do a little better.

Johanna: Will, do you have a few minutes?

Will looks over at his table then at the guy at the counter.

Will: Sure, I guess.

Johanna looks at Finn.

Finn: Rawley Academy is prepared to offer you a deal.

Will: I don’t get it.

Johanna: Another shot at your scholarship.

Will: Why?

Finn: Ms. Ryan seems to think you deserve another chance.

Will looks at her.

Will: Well, she’s wrong.

Will puts the menus down and walks off.

Meagan: What’s his problem?

Finn looks over at her.

Finn: Wounded ego.  What’s good here?

Meagan laughs.

(dissolve to): slightly later.  Finn’s eaten a burger and fries.  Meagan and Johanna have had ice cream.  Will walks over and takes some of the plates.

Will: Anyone need any refills?

Before they can answer he walks away.

Meagan: Mom, I think he’s mad at you.

Music: Everything by Handsome Devil

(cut to): the door as Ryder and Gwen walk in.  Ryder nods to Will as he walks over to a booth. 

(cut to): Will as he sighs.  He walks over to the booth with menus.

(cut to): the table.  Will puts the menus down.  Gwen smiles, trying to be polite.

Will: How are you tonight?

Ryder: Cut the small talk, townie.  Bring us some water.

Will: Where’s Grace?

Ryder: I’m sorry, who?

Will: Your girlfriend.

Ryder rolls his eyes.

Ryder: Water, townie…now.

Will smirks.

Will: Right away.

Will walks away.

Gwen: He’s going to spit in your water…and then our food.

Ryder: No, he won’t.  He’s simple…but kind-hearted.

Ryder smiles.

Gwen: Why do I hang out with you?

Ryder: Because you’re secretly in love with me?

Gwen: Not even in an alternate universe, Ryder.

Ryder laughs.

Ryder: Don’t be so sure, Love.

Gwen: So…is the minor your girlfriend?

Ryder: I don’t have a girlfriend.  I would appreciate you putting in good word for me with the new girl, though.  Boy, she’s something, huh?

Gwen shakes her head.  Will walks back over carrying two glasses of water.

Gwen: Thanks.

Will smiles.  Still looking at her:

Will: You ready to order?

Ryder: Give us another minute.

Will nods and walks away.

Ryder: Well, no one said townies were subtle.

Gwen: What are you talking about?

Ryder: Oh, come on…he was practically drooling.

Gwen smiles and looks down at the menu.

Ryder cont’d: Well, you don’t have to look so happy about it.

She looks back up at him.

Gwen: Are you jealous?

Ryder smiles.

Ryder: Oh my God, you’d totally sleep with me.  You’re an untapped resource.

Gwen no longer looks amused…not because he’s right, but because he’s taken the wrongness to a-whole-nother level.

Ryder: Sorry.

Gwen looks surprised that he’s said this.

Gwen: It’s okay.

Ryder: So—

Gwen: No, I won’t put in a good word for you.

Ryder: Damn.

He smiles.

(fade out)


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Music: Hands Clean by Alanis Morissette

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

(cut to): the darkroom.  The lights on again, but it looks empty.

(cut to): the space between the wall and counter.  Hamilton’s spot.  Jacqueline and Hamilton sit next to each other against the wall.  Jacqueline is looking through a portfolio notebook of photographs.  Hamilton is putting his most recently developed pictures into sheet protectors.  Jacqueline looks up and over at him.

Jacqueline: Hamilton, these are amazing.

He pauses for a second as he looks over at what she’s looking at.

Hamilton: I took those the summer before last.

Jacqueline: You should do this all the time.  It’s crazy that you don’t.

Hamilton: Believe me, I’m not that talented.

She looks over at him, but he doesn’t look up.

Hamilton cont’d: Just ask my mom…or Jill.

Jacqueline: No, that’s stupid.  Jill said your mom is always talking about—

Hamilton: …how much potential I might have…if I just tried a little harder.  And Jill tried to give me the same speech…like I’m some kind of slacker.

Jacqueline: I’m sure she doesn’t think—

Hamilton: Like it’s a job or something.  I don’t see art as something that you force upon yourself all the time.  I do it when—

Jacqueline: …you feel like it.

Hamilton: Or when…it makes me feel.

He looks at her intensely again.

Jacqueline: And…you’re sure you’re not hitting on me?

Hamilton: This time, I might be.  Is it working?

She can’t tell if he’s kidding and he seems to enjoy that a minute before he smiles and looks back down at his pictures.  A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: You’re not going to tell her…

Jacqueline: That you might have been hitting on me?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: No…about…just…this conversation we’ve been having.  I don’t want to hurt her.  I’ve done that enough.

Jacqueline: What do you mean?

Hamilton: I know I’m not what she wants…what she ultimately wants.

Jacqueline: …you’re not her future.

Hamilton nods then suddenly looks at her, a little upset.

Hamilton: She said that?

Jacqueline realizes what she’s said.

Jacqueline: No, I did.

Hamilton gently takes the notebook away from Jacqueline.  He opens it up to the back and opens it, putting the new photos inside.

Hamilton: Sorry for dragging you into my pitiful excuse for a life.

He takes a breath.

Hamilton cont’d: It’s just nice having someone who actually listens to what I say…who maybe actually cares what I say…

Jacqueline: I’m sure there are plenty of people who care what you say.

Hamilton: See, but there aren’t.  My dad…he works all the time.  My mom pretends to listen, but I think she’s on a different planet sometimes.  My friends…they just don’t get it.  And Jill…well…obviously she gets it better than I thought.

Jacqueline: What makes you think I get it?

Hamilton: Well, do you?

Jacqueline: Jill’s the perfect girlfriend.  You’ve been with her forever and people—your parents, your friends—are happy with your life.  You’re not, but you pretend to be because it’s not like it’s bad.  You want more, but instead of telling who you should be telling…you’re talking to her best friend because her unofficial tour got you thinking about all these amazing places you should be photographing since you know you’re good…you’re just waiting for someone to notice.

Hamilton looks at her.  He licks his lips and smiles.

Hamilton (sarcastic): Well…I was wrong; you don’t get it at all.

He looks off, still smiling.

Hamilton cont’d: God, you are, like, the most amazing person I’ve met lately.

Jacqueline looks a little thrown off by that.

Jacqueline: You don’t even know me.

Hamilton looks back at her, swallowing.

Hamilton: It’s so weird, though,…’cause it doesn’t feel like that.

He leans toward her slightly.

Hamilton cont’d: Does it?

He looks into her eyes and they have this hugely intense moment.  She takes a deep breath as he leans toward her a little more. 

Jacqueline: Hamilton.

He closes his eyes, nodding slightly, completely getting her “please stop” tone.  He backs off and leans against the wall.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.

Jacqueline: You’re right.

He looks over at her, his cheeks flushed.

Jacqueline cont’d: …this connection…I felt it when we met yesterday…

He smiles then leans in just slightly.

Jacqueline: …but Jill’s my best friend.

He gets a little closer.

Hamilton: Hey…she’s my best friend too, but…

Jacqueline doesn’t protest this time.  Hamilton gets pretty close before he pulls back.

Hamilton cont’d: God, you’re right, I can’t do this…not to her.

Jacqueline swallows.

Jacqueline: Me either.

Hamilton nods.  They both lean back against the wall, looking like they’d like to be doing what they “can’t.”

(cut to): Scout’s car parked…somewhere.

(cut to): inside the car where Scout and Jill are…making out.  Jill is in the passenger seat and Scout’s leaning over so much that he might as well be.  She has her arms wrapped around him and he has one hand in the seat supporting himself and the other on her neck.  After a moment, Scout pulls back a little.
Scout: Jill?

Jill: Uh-huh?

She kisses him again.

Scout: What about Hamilton?

She lets go of Scout.  He sits back down in the driver’s seat, out of breath.

Scout cont’d: Sorry.

Jill: No…it’s okay…you’re right.  What about Hamilton?  What about Bella?

Scout: What about Bella?

Jill: Well…

Scout: We’re not getting back together.

Jill: Oh.

Scout: So…that leads me back to my original question: what about Hamilton?

Jill: I don’t know, Scout.

Scout: I mean…that…was…

Jill: …not a one-time thing?

Scout’s raises his eyebrows, smiling.

Scout: Is that a possibility?

Jill: A very distinct possibility….really, more like a likelihood…or…

Scout: A certainty?

Jill smiles.

Jill: I never thought you’d be so…

Scout: What?  Into beaches?

Jill cont’d: …cute…charming…thoughtful.

Scout: Well, you’re full of surprises too.

Jill smiles then looks down.

Scout: So—

Jill: I haven’t kissed anyone other than Hamilton in over a year and…I’ve been okay with that.  I like commitment…to an obsessive degree, but…Scout…

He looks at her, not knowing what she’s going to say.

Jill cont’d: …all I want to do is kiss you right now.

Scout: But—

Jill: So…no talking about Hamilton.

Scout: Jill—

Jill: No analyzing the repercussions of this.

Scout: But, we haven’t—

Jill: No discussing how dumb we are for not realizing how perfect we are for each other.

Scout: Okay, but—

Jill: Just kissing.

Scout: Jill?

She looks at him.

Scout cont’d: Shut up.

She smiles as he leans over, kissing her once again.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Gwen and Ryder are at the cash register as Will rings them up.  Ryder takes money out and hands it to Will.

Ryder: Is the restroom clean?

Will looks a little annoyed, but tries not to get mad.

Will: Yes, sir.

Ryder: Good.

He walks off toward it, Gwen watches him shaking her head.

Will: Do you need change?

Gwen: What?

She turns back to him.  Will holds up a few bills.

Gwen cont’d: Oh…no, keep it.

Will: Thanks.

Gwen sits on a stool.

Will cont’d: So, you’re friends with that guy, huh?

Gwen: It’s a little more complex than that.

Will: Oh…

Gwen: He’s my step-brother.

Will: Oh.

Gwen nods.

(cut to): Finn, Johanna and Meagan.  They’ve long since finished eating.

Finn: I’m sorry, but Shakespeare is the only one who really does it for me.

Johanna laughs.  A beat.

Johanna: Well, Meagan and I should be going.

Meagan: We don’t have to, Mom.

Johanna: We have to.

Finn smiles.

Johanna cont’d: And you’ll stay?  Talk to him?

Finn nods.

Finn: I’ll try, although, I think he likes you a lot more than me.

A beat.  Johanna stands up.  Meagan reluctantly gets up.  She reaches out to shake Finn’s hand.  He takes it, smiling.

Meagan: See ya later, Finn.

She walks toward the door, giving them a minute.  This makes Johanna blush slightly, but she tries to keep it together.

Finn cont’d: Would you mind if I…hung on to your number for awhile?

Johanna: Six months ago, I would have said no, but...now, I think I’d like that.

Finn smiles.

(cut to): Will who’s watching from behind the counter.  Gwen is still sitting there and she watches Will.  The door dings indicating that it’s opened to let Johanna and Meagan exit.

(fade out)


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Music: Right Way to Fly by Flickerstick

(fade in): to Friendly’s, a few minutes later.

(cut to): the counter.

Gwen: So, do you go to school in town?

Will: Well, I don’t go to Rawley.

Gwen: Well, you sound bitter enough.

Will looks at her.  She smiles so he does too.

Will: Sorry.

Gwen: Are you?

Will: Sorry?

Gwen: Bitter.

Before Will can answer, Finn walks up.

Finn: Miss Vaughn, how are you?

Gwen: Fine, thanks.

Ryder comes back out of the bathroom.

Ryder: Ready? 

Finn: Ryder…no hello?

Ryder: Good evening, Finn…did you give me an A on that paper?

Finn: Would that be the one you didn’t do or the one you handed in a week late?

Ryder smirks and turns to Gwen.

Ryder: Come on.

Gwen turns to Will.

Gwen: I’m Gwen Vaughn.

She sticks out her hand.  He takes her hand.

Will: Will…Krudski.

Ryder looks at her a little disgusted then turns her away from him.  They exit.

Finn: She’s a nice girl.

Will: Not if you judge people by the company they keep.

Finn: Well, if you do…you should like me a lot.

Will looks over at him.

Will: You should stay away from her.

Finn almost laughs.

Finn: Yeah…I figured that.

Will: Good.

Finn: Oh, I’m not going to.

Will looks like he’s trying to control his temper.

Will: Did you need something else?

Finn: Yes.  Your agreement to come up to Rawley tomorrow—

Will: …tomorrow?

Finn: The board supports my idea.

Will: Your idea?

Finn: Well…Ms. Ryan’s idea originally, but it’s my tweaked version they like…the board, that is.

Will: Look, it’s not that I don’t appreciate what Ms. Ryan is trying to do for me. 

Finn nods, waiting for the “but.”

Will cont’d: I don’t belong there.

Finn: Well, come keep me company, then.

Will doesn’t get it.

Finn cont’d: I don’t belong there either, Will.

Will: Yeah, right.

Finn: You familiar with Woodrow Way?

Will nods.

Finn cont’d: I grew up there…

Will looks surprised, but doesn’t say anything.

Finn cont’d: …and I should have remembered that last summer.

Will turns away to get some stuff from a cabinet.

Will: You had every right to handle things the way you did.  I mean, it’s not like I blame you or anything.

Finn: Well, I think maybe I do. 

Will looks back at him, wiping down the counter.

Finn cont’d: And, I’ve learned something that I didn’t know then. 

Will looks at him, waiting to hear it.

Finn cont’d: You can’t cheat your way into what you want because you won’t get it that way, but…that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever have another fair shot at what you want.

Finn looks over at the door.  Will studies him, probably understanding better than Finn expects.  Will takes a deep breath.

Will: What if I can’t do it?

Finn: There’s only one way to find out.

Will sighs then nods.

Will: Okay.

Finn looks a little surprised.

Finn: Excellent choice, Mr. Krudski.

Will: When should I be there?

Finn: Seven a.m. 

Finn stands up.  Will starts to walk away from the counter.

Finn cont’d: Oh, and Will…come prepared to write an essay.

Will: It’s part of test?

Finn: Actually, it’s for me.

Will: What’s the topic?

Finn: You’ll find out tomorrow.  Ms. Ryan seems to have faith in your writing abilities.

Will smiles.  The bell on the door rings, indicating someone is entering.

(cut to): the door as Sean walks in.

(cut to): Will and Finn.

Finn: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Will nods.

Will: And Finn?  Thanks.

Finn smiles and exits.  Sean walks up to the counter and sits down.

Will: Back again?

Sean smiles.

Sean: Is Bella avoiding me?

Will: What?

Sean: Well, I called and Grace said she was in the shower.

Will: Maybe she was.

Sean: So…I called back a couple hours later…and she was taking a bath.

Will: Well, she does work on cars…maybe she got dirty again.

Sean smiles, knowing Will’s humoring him.  A beat as Will gets a Coke for Sean.

Sean: Ms. Ryan asked me to join student government.

Will: Cool.

Sean: I probably won’t do it.

Will: Why not?

Sean: You think I should?

Will: I think you’d be really great at it.

Sean: I don’t know…maybe I’ll give it a shot.

Sean takes a sip of Coke then stands up.

Sean cont’d: Anyway, I’m going to see Bella.

Will: Sean…do the student government thing.

Sean: Okay.

Will: I’m trying out for that Rawley scholarship again tomorrow.

Sean looks surprised at the news, but then he smiles.

Sean: So, you’re telling me this time, huh?

Will nods.

Sean cont’d: That’s great news, Will.  You’ll get it for sure.

Will smiles. 

(cut to): Bella’s kitchen.  She’s sitting at the kitchen table doing homework.  The phone rings.

Bella: Grace, can you get that?…Grace?

Bella sighs and stands up.  She walks tentatively over to the phone.

Bella: Hello?

(cut to): Friendly’s where Will is on the phone.

Will: Incoming.

(cut to): Bella.

Bella: What?

There’s a knock at the back door.

Bella cont’d: Oh…no.

(cut to): Will.

Will: Bye, Bella.  Good luck.

He hangs up.

Music: That Particular Time by Alanis Morissette.

(cut to): the back door at Bella’s as she walks over to it, opening it.  Sean is standing there.

Bella: Sean…hi.

Sean smiles, entering.  He looks over at the table. 

Sean: Are you getting that math stuff?

Bella: Kind of, yeah.

Sean smiles.  A beat as he takes a deep breath.

Sean: Okay, I’ve been trying to talk to you for awhile now.

Bella: I know.

Sean: See, I thought you were avoiding me.

Bella looks down.

Sean cont’d: Why?

Bella: Sean…I just broke up with Scout.

Sean: I know…and, that’s why I want to talk to you.

Bella tilts her head.

Sean cont’d: I want to make sure you’re okay…see if there’s anything I can do.

Bella tries to catch on.

Sean cont’d: I know Will is usually who you talk to about stuff like this but…I’m worried about you, Bella.  You’ve seemed really down since you and Scout broke up.

Bella smiles at him…almost at herself.

Bella: Sean…I’m fine.

Sean still looks concerned.

Sean: But—

Bella: Really.  It’s not that big of a deal.

Sean: I know how much you cared about him.

She looks at him for a moment.

Bella: You are…amazing.

Sean raises his eyebrows.

Sean: I am?

Bella nods.  Sean smiles.

Bella: Do you want to go out sometime?

Sean: What?  Like a date?

Bella: Yeah…like a date.

Sean: Um…are you sure that you’re not just—

Bella: I’m sure.

Sean: Then…yes.

Bella laughs at the situation.  She looks at Sean…wondering why this ever seemed like a bad idea.

(fade out)


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Music: Sarah by Maren Ord

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Girls’ dorms.

(cut to): Jacqueline’s room.  It’s smaller than Gwen and Jill’s.  There are boxes that aren’t completely unpacked, but Jacqueline lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling.  There is a knock and Jill walks in.

Jill: What are you doing?

Jacqueline sits up, looking completely guilty, but Jill doesn’t notice.

Jill cont’d: I need to talk to you.

Jacqueline: Yeah, me too.

Jill takes a deep breath. 

Jill: I cheated on Hamilton.

This isn’t at all what Jacqueline was expecting.

Jill cont’d: I think I’m in love with Scout.

Jacqueline doesn’t say anything for a moment.

Jacqueline: Well…I don’t know what to say, Jill.

Jill: I know…it’s—

Jacqueline: What about Hamilton?

Jill: God, is that like the phrase of the day?

Jacqueline looks at her like “if you only knew.

Jill cont’d: I should go talk to him, right?

Jacqueline laughs.

Jacqueline: I guess so.

Jill: I meant like…now.

A beat.

Jill cont’d: Wow.  Everyone’s going to hate me, Jacq…

Jacqueline: No, they won’t…

Jill: Do you think he will?

Jacqueline looks like she doesn’t know what to say.

(cut to): Hamilton’s house.

(cut to): the living room.  Hamilton’s watching TV with his mom.  Well, she’s watching.  He looks like he’s got other things on his mind.

Kate: It’s nice to have you home tonight, Munchie.

Hamilton: Mom, what would you think if I didn’t invite Jill to dinner on Sunday?

Kate: Well, haven’t you already invited her?

Hamilton: If I uninvited her, then.

Kate: Why would you do that?

Hamilton: If I did, what would you think?

Kate: I’d think…

She looks at him, understanding what he really means.

Kate cont’d: …I’d think it was up to you and I’d be okay with whatever you chose.

Hamilton: Really?

Kate smiles.

Kate: Sweetheart…what’s going on?

Hamilton: Nothing Mom…everything’s…

Hamilton stands up.

Hamilton cont’d: …fine.

He smiles.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m going back to the dorms for the night, okay?

Kate: I thought you might stay here tonight…since it’s Friday.  I could cook you breakfast in the morning.

Hamilton: Um…I’d rather head back to the dorms, if that’s okay.

Kate smiles, nodding.  Hamilton sighs.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m sure Dad will be back early.  Like you said, it’s Friday…he’s got all weekend to do whatever it is he does.

Kate smiles weakly.

Hamilton: Night, Mom.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will is locking up.  Bella comes walking across the street, but Will doesn’t see her.  She looks pretty happy.  She puts her hands on his shoulders.

Bella: Will.

He turns around.

Will: You scared the hell out of me.

Bella smiles.

Will cont’d: You look happy.  Turning him down must have gone well.

Bella: I didn’t turn him down…I asked him out instead.

Will raises his eyebrows.

Bella cont’d: He was never going to ask me out.

Will: What?

Bella: Well, did he ever say that specifically?

Will: No…I guess he didn’t.

Bella: He just wanted to make sure that life-after-Scout was okay.

Scout: And is it?

Scout pulls up on his bike.

Will: Aren’t you missing a few wheels?

Scout smiles.

Scout: Just out for a ride to clear my head.

Will looks at him suspiciously, but turns it into a nod when Bella glances at him.

Bella: Okay, guys…I’m going to head home.

Scout: Goodnight Bella.

Will: Night…hey, I’ll call you first thing in the morning, okay?

Bella: Why first thing in the morning?

Will: Well, I can’t tell you until…then.

Bella walks off, laughing.  Will turns back to Scout.

Will: So…

Scout: Do have a few minutes? 

Will: Yeah, I guess.  What’s up?

Scout: Good…

He looks over at the garage.

(cut to): the garage as Bella walks in the door.

(cut to): Will and Scout.

Scout: I need sort of a third-party perspective on the morals of a certain situation.

Will: Situation?

Scout nods.

Will cont’d: Oh, no…you didn’t?  The Rawley Girl?
Scout: Jill.

Will: Jill-Hamilton’s-been-dating-her-forever-Jill?

Scout: Sometimes things need to change.

Will: Does Hamilton know?

Scout: Not yet.

Will looks disapproving.

Scout: She’s so perfect, Will.

Will: She’s so dating your best friend, Scout.

Scout: Yeah…I need to do something about that.

Will laughs.

Scout: I mean…Jill wants to talk to him herself, but I feel…

Will: …guilty?

Scout sighs.

Will cont’d: Am I supposed to pass judgment here?

Scout nods.

Will cont’d: Morally speaking…it sounds bad, but entirely correctable.

Scout: If you were Hamilton, would you kill me?

Will: Well…I’m not in love with Jill.

Scout considers this.

Music: One Year Later by the Getup Kids

(cut to): Hamilton’s door.  Jill’s knocking.  She looks down the hall at Scout’s door. 

(cut to): Scout’s door as Dexter opens the door.  He looks out then closes the door again.

(cut to): Jill who rolls her eyes and walks over to his door.  She knocks.  After a second he opens it.

Jill: Hey, Dex.

Dexter: Um…hi.

Jill: Where’s Hamilton?

Dexter shrugs.

Jill: What about…Scout?

Dexter: He went to ride his bike.

Jill: In the middle of the night?

Dexter nods.

Jill cont’d: Well, when Hamilton gets back, can you—

Hamilton: No message necessary…I’m back.

Jill turns and Dexter closes the door.  She looks at it a minute, shaking her head.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room as he and Jill walk in together.

Hamilton: So, how was running errands?

Jill: It was…

She sighs and sits down on his bed.  She’s noticeably flustered and upset.  Hamilton looks concerned.  He walks over and sits next to her.

Hamilton: What’s up, Jill?

Jill: We need to talk.

Hamilton almost smiles at the classic break-up opener.

Hamilton: Yes…we do.

Jill: Okay, I’m just going to say this.  I don’t really think you’re going to care that much, but…

Hamilton: …we need to see other people.

Jill: Well, sort of that, but…

She stops and looks at him.

Jill cont’d: You think we need to see other people?

Hamilton: I think we need to see other people.

Jill: I think I might be a little ahead of you.

Hamilton looks confused.

Jill cont’d: Okay, Ham…

She looks him in the eye.

Jill cont’d: …I kissed someone else today.

Hamilton looks angry for a second then he starts laughing.  Jill tilts her head, looking a little scared.  He stops laughing and smiles.

Hamilton: I wanted to kiss someone else today.

Jill: But, you didn’t?

Hamilton: Well, no, but I guess I should have.

Jill looks down, smiling.  Hamilton takes a deep breath as though a great weight has been lifted.

Jill: I’m sorry.

Hamilton: It’s okay.

Jill: Not just for today.  For the past year and a half.  I know I don’t inspire you.

Hamilton: I’m sorry too…that I’m not your future and…that you’ve always known that…and, I know I don’t inspire you either.

Jill laughs.

Jill: We’re really bad for each other.

Hamilton smiles.  A beat.

Hamilton: So…do you want to tell me who you kissed ‘cause I don’t think you’re going to like who I almost kissed.

Jill: Well, as long as it wasn’t Ryder…I think you’ll be safe.

Hamilton laughs.

Jill cont’d: And…I’m not sure if I’m ready to tell you yet.

Hamilton: Fair enough.

Jill: Well…I guess I should get going…make some alternate dinner plans for Sunday night.

Hamilton laughs.  Jill gets up.

Hamilton: Why don’t you stay?

Jill looks at him suspiciously.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ve got some stuff I want to tell you and…show you.

Jill nods.

(fade out)


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Music: I’m a Loner, Dottie, A Rebel by the Getup Kids.

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Will’s house.  Will and Scout walk up to it.  Scout’s pushing his bike.

Will: So, basically she was all over you?

Scout smiles.

Scout: I really like her, Will.

Will: I hope everything works out.

Scout smiles.

Will cont’d: Okay so…I also sort of have an announcement.

Scout: Okay…what is it?

Will: Now, it’s not as exciting as your “I like my best friend’s girlfriend” story, but…Finn got me another shot at the scholarship.

Scout: Oh my God…that’s great!  When?

Will: Tomorrow.

Scout: After all this time?

Will nods.

Will: I’m still not sure about doing it, though.

Scout: What?  Why?

Will: What if I can’t do well enough.

Scout: So what? 

Will turns away, not happy with this answer.

Scout cont’d: Listen to me.  You can’t spend too much time wondering about the “what ifs,” Will.  You’ll probably get stuck on one possibility and lose sight of the potential for anything else.  You’ve just got to go for it.  If you want it, go for it.  And you don’t have any moral dilemmas to worry about either.  Go for it, Will.  At least then you’ll have given it your best shot. 

Will: I’m just worried that my best won’t be good enough.  That’s not some hypothetical.  That’s reality.  I’ve already screwed up this chance once.

Scout: What if…you hadn’t?  Would it matter?  Would you be that much better off?  Or…would you be exactly where you’ll be next week, after you get in?

Will smiles, shaking his head.

Will: I thought we weren’t supposed to be entertaining the “what ifs.”

Scout: Now, you’re catching on.

Will smiles.

Will: Okay, thank you.  Now, I’m going inside, telling my dad, getting kicked out, then getting some sleep…you know, on the street.

Will smiles so that Scout knows he’s not too serious.  Scout gets on his bike.

Scout: Good Luck.

Scout peddles away.

Music: Harsh Words by Maren Ord

(cut to): Finn’s apartment.  He’s pacing in the living room when there’s a knock.

Finn: Yeah?  It’s unlocked.

Kate walks in.

Finn cont’d: Kate…what are you doing?

Kate: I could ask you the same question.

Finn stops pacing.

Finn: I’m just trying to think up a good essay question for Will.

Kate: There’s an essay portion of the exam, isn’t there?

Finn: This one’s for me.

Kate: Oh…

Finn: I was thinking of going for something about honor and integrity, but…

Kate: He probably understands that by now.

She walks in, closing the door.  She walks closer to Finn.

Kate cont’d: I’ve been thinking…

She leans closer.

Finn: Tomorrow is Will’s chance to come clean and prove himself…

Kate looks thrown off.

Finn cont’d: And this is mine. 

He walks over and opens the door.

Finn cont’d: Go find your husband, Kate.  Tell him what you need because…I think I know, but…you won’t let me give it to you. 

Kate looks out the open door then at Finn.  She smiles and nods.

Finn: Goodbye, Kate.

Kate: Goodbye or goodnight?

Finn: Both.

She looks hurt, but understanding.  She exits.

Music: Heart Attack by Sum 41

(cut to): a shot of Hamilton’s bed taken from above.  Jill and Hamilton lay on their backs with their feet on the floor.  They both look up at the ceiling.  Jill looks over at him.

Jill: Thanks for showing me your pictures, Hamilton.

Hamilton looks over at her, nodding the best he can in that position.  Jill laughs.

Jill cont’d: God, are we dysfunctional or what?

Hamilton starts laughing too.

Hamilton: I can’t believe I never knew you were into all that marriage-til-death-do-us-part-future stuff. 

Jill smiles.  A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ll tell you my person if you tell me yours.

Jill: No.

Hamilton: Come on…why not?

Jill smirks.

Hamilton: Is it a chick?

Jill laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: Is it?

Jill continues laughing. 

(cut to): the bathroom/suite door as it opens.

Scout: Hamilton, do you—

(cut to): Jill and Ham as they sit up, still laughing slightly.

(cut to): Scout.  He looks at Jill for a moment.

(cut to): Hamilton who looks over at Jill.  He smiles then looks back at Scout.

Hamilton: Can I help you?

(cut to): Scout who looks pretty disappointed.

Scout: Um…never mind.

He turns around and leaves.

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton.  Jill looks at the closed door.  Hamilton looks at her, smiling.  Jill looks over at him.

Jill: What?

Hamilton: Nothing…

He raises his eyebrows. 

Hamilton cont’d: Scout, huh?

Jill closes her eyes a second.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m…okay with it, Jill.

Jill: Really?

Hamilton: I kind of have to be.

Jill looks confused.

Hamilton: …Jacqueline.

Jill: What?

Hamilton: She’s who I wanted to kiss.

Jill looks pretty surprised to hear this.

Hamilton cont’d: She wouldn’t have let me…she didn’t let me.  You’re best friend is a little more loyal than mine apparently.

Jill: Wow…

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Yeah…

Hamilton looks down.

Jill: I’m going to go…

Hamilton nods.  Ham stands.  Jill gets up and walks toward the bathroom door.  She starts to open it but turns back to Hamilton.  She gives him a long hug.

Jill: Tell your mom I can’t make it to dinner on Sunday, okay?

Hamilton: Yeah, okay.

Jill kisses him briefly on the cheek.

Jill: Bye, Ham.

Hamilton: Bye, Jill.

She exits.  Hamilton stands there a moment, not really believing how this turned out.

Music: 21Things I Want by Alanis Morissette

(cut to): Scout’s room.  He’s getting undressed while Dexter sits on his bed with his laptop.  Jill walks in from the bathroom.  Dexter looks up at her then gets up and walks out with the laptop.

Jill: He’s so—

Scout: Jill, I’m working on getting to bed here.

Jill seems to notice for the first time that he’s now just in his boxers.  She blushes. 

Jill: Sorry.

Scout sits down on his bed.  Jill smiles.

Jill cont’d: I know there’s some irony in this situation somewhere.

He watches her as she walks over and sits down next to him.

Scout: What are you talking about?

Jill: The fact that five minutes ago, you acted like a jealous boyfriend…and now, you’re acting like a pouty, jealous boyfriend…

Scout: And…I don’t really have the right to do either…

He looks at her, not getting the obvious.

Jill: Well, if you’re interested…there happens to be an opening in both of those departments.

He looks up at her as it hits him that she came in here…from Hamilton’s room.

Scout: What about…

Jill: You don’t have to ever ask that again, all right?  He’s…okay with it.  He has to be…he really has to be.

Jill shakes her head, thinking of Jacqueline.  Scout smiles and leans toward her.

Scout: So…does this mean I get to take over his duties immediately?

Jill nods, leaning closer to Scout.

Scout cont’d: Great, so…what were you doing in that other guy’s bed?

Jill smiles and kisses him.

(dissolve to): Jacqueline’s room.  The lights are off.  She’s in bed asleep.  There’s a quiet knock at the door.  It gets louder.  Jacqueline picks her head up, but puts it back down.  The knocking doesn’t stop.  Jacqueline reluctantly gets up then quickly walks over to the door, opening it.  Jill’s standing there.  Jacqueline gives her a pissed off look then tries to close the door.  Jill pushes it open and comes in, turning on the light.

Jill: I just have one thing to say to you.

Jacqueline blinks, still not fully awake.

Jill cont’d: I’m really glad that you’re here.

Jacqueline: Okay, Jill, I was asleep.

Jill: Well, the wake up is for making my boyfriend fall in love with you.

Jacqueline: But—

Before she can go on, Jill hugs her then releases her.  Jacqueline looks at her suspiciously.

Jacqueline: And what was that for?

Jill: …making my boyfriend fall in love with you.

Jill smiles.  Jacqueline walks over to her bed and sits down.  She picks up her pillow and kind of hugs it, putting her head on it.

Jacqueline: Just…can you just give me a minute…you know, to figure out what isn’t wrong with this picture?

Jill: It could be weirder.

Jacqueline: There’s no way…and, by the way, Hamilton is not in love with me.

Jill: You might want to check with him again tomorrow.

Jacqueline looks up at her then away.

Jacqueline: I just met him.  And…God…he’s your boyfriend.  That puts him so out of bounds and off limits.  The fact that I hung out with him in a dark room for several hours and let him make not one, but several passes at me…I’m going in the bad best friends hall of fame.  I’ll be there with that Scout guy.

Jill: Well, first, Hamilton’s actually not my boyfriend…not anymore. 

Jacqueline looks up at her again.

Jill cont’d: Honestly, I haven’t wanted anything more than friendship from him in a really long time, but I do know him and…the way he said your name tonight was—

Jacqueline: Jill…the weird levels are off the charts.  And, you being all Chuck Woolery is not helping to bring them down.

Jacqueline closes her eyes and Jill looks at her.  She smiles to herself and shakes her head.

Jill: Okay…I’ll let you go back to sleep. 

She opens the door.  Jake sighs and starts to get back in bed.

Jill cont’d: You can’t use me as the excuse.  That’s all I ask.

Jacqueline: Whatever.  Goodnight.

Jill exits.

(cut to): Jacqueline who now looks more awake.

(fade out)


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Music: Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton (yes, once more)

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, Saturday morning.  It’s about 7:00.

(cut to): the girls dorms.

(cut to): Jacqueline’s room.  She’s asleep again.  Her lights are off, but this time there’s some light coming in through the window. There’s a knock.  Not exactly like the knock from the night before.  More of an insistent knock…very identifiable.  Again, she picks her head up and puts it back down.  She covers her head with her pillow.  There’s another knock.  She gets up angrily and walks over to the door, opening it all the way.  Hamilton’s standing there with a hand on either side of the doorframe.  He looks at her for a moment.  She looks at him like “what do you want?”  He leans closer, swallowing.

Hamilton: Do you have a minute?

Jacqueline: Nope, I’m all out.

She starts to close the door and he has to back up so as not to get hit in the face.  Before she can close it all the way:

Hamilton: Please?

Jacqueline sighs as she opens the door again.  He raises his eyebrows and she nods. 

Hamilton cont’d: I knew you were bluffing.

He walks in the room and she closes the door behind him.  She leans on the door as he turns around to face her.  He looks at her a minute before speaking:

Hamilton cont’d: Jill knows about us.

Jacqueline: I know, but there is no us, Hamilton.  Okay?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Okay. 

He walks over to the door where she is standing and reaches for the handle.  Jacqueline looks at him suspiciously.

Jacqueline: Are you bluffing?

He looks up at her and shrugs.

Hamilton: Maybe.  Is it working?

He smiles.  Jacqueline sighs.  She walks over to the bathroom and opens the door.  She leaves it open so Hamilton walks a little more into the room.  Through the door we can see Jacqueline.  She splashes some water on her face then picks up her toothbrush and puts toothpaste on it and she speaks:

Jacqueline: I had trouble sleeping last night.  First, Jill woke me up.  Then she told me not to use her as an excuse.  So, I sat in bed and came up with all the other reasons why I…well…

She starts brushing her teeth.

Hamilton: Why you what?

Jacqueline continues brushing her teeth:

Jacqueline: …why…I didn’t want to…kiss you yesterday.

Hamilton looks at her, half amused and half grossed out.

Hamilton: I’m not sure if I want to hear those or not.

She pauses.

Jacqueline: Don’t worry; the list was pretty short.

She finishes brushing then spits.  Hamilton waits for her to go on.

Jacqueline cont’d: Actually, it was nonexistent.

She picks up a cup and turns the water on, filling the cup. She takes a sip and spits again.  Hamilton watches her, distracted, but trying to concentrate on what she’s saying.

Jacqueline: The truth is, I am…so attracted to you.

Hamilton smiles.  Jacqueline rinses her toothbrush and puts it back in the holder.

Hamilton: I’m attracted to you too…since we first met…I told you—

Jacqueline: Are you sure?

Hamilton nods.  She exits the bathroom.

Jacqueline cont’d: Are you sure it’s not just because I’m new or different or—

Hamilton: I thought you said the list was nonexistent? 

A beat as Jacqueline looks out the window.  Hamilton takes a step toward her.

Hamilton cont’d: It’s because you’re you.  And, somehow that means something more to me than anything ever has before.  And, this time, I’m not bluffing. 

She looks back over at him.

Hamilton cont’d: You changed my entire paradigm in like two seconds.  See, because I don’t believe in fate or love at first site or anything like that, but…it felt like we were supposed to meet and…ever since we did…I think I’ve been in love with you.

He takes a few more steps, putting him right in front of her.  She sighs and looks at him.

Jacqueline: Yeah…me too.

He looks surprised to hear it, even though he was hoping for it.  She smiles.  He takes one more step toward her and looks at her, smiling himself.  He leans in pretty close, his nose almost touching hers.

Hamilton: It was nice to meet you.

Jacqueline: Now that was definitely you hitting on me.

Hamilton: Hmm…maybe I was bluffing.

She smiles and grabs him by the neck, kissing him.  He kisses her back.  The camera pulls out through the window then pans around to the lake.

Music: Kick Some Ass by Stroke 9

(cut to): Will Krudski as he bikes up to Rawley Academy.

(cut to): Finn’s classroom.  Finn sits at his desk.  Will walks in looking fairly confident..

Finn: Mr. Krudski…you’re late.

Will: I know, I’m sorry.  I was going to get a ride or borrow the truck and then…I had to take my bike so—

Finn: You’re fine.  Have a seat.

Will smiles.

Will: Thanks.

Finn picks up the test.

Finn: I suppose the idea of making my life more enjoyable by calling up your English teacher and asking her for a ride never crossed your mind?

Will smiles.

Will: Is that question one…or part of the essay that I have to write?

Finn laughs.

Finn: I don’t think you’ve quite earned the right to sarcasm.

Will laughs.

Finn cont’d: You seem pretty relaxed.

Will: A friend told me last night to stop worrying about the what ifs?  Whatever is meant to happen will happen.  Of course, he was trying to justify kissing his best friend’s girlfriend.

Finn laughs.

Finn: You know…would you consider doing the essay first?  Give me something to do while you work on the rest of the test?

Will: Uh, yeah, sure.

Finn: Okay, I just want something short…say, around five hundred words.

Will nods.

Finn cont’d: the topic is…what if…

Will laughs.

Will: Okay…

Finn: What if…I hadn’t gotten you thrown out of here that summer? 

Will considers this.  Finn walks to his desk and gets some paper, handing it to Will.

Finn cont’d: Okay?

Will nods.  He picks up a pencil and starts writing.

(cut to): the dining hall.  Scout and Dexter are sitting at a round table, eating breakfast.  Well, Scout is eating.  Dexter is playing with his laptop.  Hamilton walks up to them and joins them.  Scout over at him, a little nervous.

Scout: Hamilton, I—

Hamilton: It’s cool.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton cont’d: I forgive you for stealing Jill.

Hamilton continues to smile, but the comment seems to anger Scout.

Scout: She’s not a bike, Ham.

Scout looks down at his plate.  Hamilton laughs, nodding.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.

Scout looks up.  They both make a silent agreement of apology and forgiveness.  Dexter watches silently, not fully getting what’s going on.  Jill walks up carrying a bagel.  Hamilton glances up, seeing her before Scout.  Jill smiles at him and he smiles back.  She sits down next to Scout.  Scout smiles.  Jill breaks away from Scout’s look and looks over at Hamilton.

Jill: I asked my friend to join us.  You remember Jacqueline, right Hamilton?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Hamilton: Who?
Jill laughs as Jacqueline walks up carrying a tray.  She sits down next to Dexter.

Jill: Jacq, this is Scout…and Dexter.  Guys, this is Jacqueline.

Jacqueline: Hi.

Scout: Nice to meet you.

Jacqueline: You too, Scout.

Dexter looks at her then back at his laptop.  Jacqueline glances over.

Jacqueline: Wireless connection?

Dexter looks up at her again.

Dexter: Yeah….how’d you—

Jill: She’s a computer genius.

Dexter: Oh yeah?

Jacqueline: Not really.

Dexter: Are you holding out on me?

Jacqueline laughs.  Dexter smiles.  He hands over the laptop.  Everyone else looks around at each other, baffled. 

Will (voice over):  What if?  It’s the simplest way to pose the hypothetical.

The shot flickers slightly.

(cut to): Will, writing.

Will (v.o.) cont’d:  The biggest supposition in my life is the one I was most recently asked to consider.  And, when I think about, I guess some things would be different.

(cut to): the scene in the dining hall.  Hamilton watches Jacqueline at the laptop, a little jealously, but also a pretty impressed.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: There are things that I’d be a part of that I’m so far from right now.

The shot flickers again.  This time, it changes into a scene from “reality.”  Jake, Dexter, Hamilton, Scout and Jill sit around the same round dining room table.  Dexter is looking over Jake’s shoulder as she looks at her own laptop.  Hamilton looks jealous, but glad to be sitting next to Jake.  Jill and Scout seem to feel a little awkward. 

Jake: I’m just saying that there is no way my sister could be better than me.  There just isn’t.

Jill: Technically Jake is right about that, Dex.

Dexter essentially ignores Jill and continues talking to Jake.

Dexter: Okay, I’m just saying, she’s good.

Hamilton: Been spending a lot of time with her, huh?

Hamilton looks at Jake who gives him a warning/apologetic look.  Will walks up and sits down.

Scout: Where have you been?

Will: Just working on the paper a little before breakfast.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Things that maybe I was meant to be a part of.

This shot flickers out to Will writing again.

(cut to): Bella at the garage.  She looks over at Friendly’s, smiling.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then again, there are other parts of my life that would have gone in completely different directions.

(cut to): Will in the classroom.  He looks up at the door.

(cut to): the door where Johanna is standing.  She waves at Will.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, I’m not the only person in the world whose life would be different assuming a few slight changes in the past.

(cut to): Finn as he looks up and sees Johanna.  He smiles and gets up.

(cut to): Will as he goes back to writing.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: For anyone, one what if? can make a course of events totally change. 

(cut to): the dining hall in this alterna-world.  Gwen and Ryder are walking together.

Gwen: I’ll help you, but…I’m not going to do your work for you.

Ryder: Our definitions of “help” differ, Gwendolyn.

Gwen rolls her eyes as they get closer to the table where everyone is sitting.

Ryder cont’d: Oh, look, the entire Scooby gang.  Can we go bug them?

Gwen looks unhappy with this comment.  Ryder flickers slightly and then fades out completely.  Gwen doesn’t seem to notice as she looks for a place to sit.

(cut to): the gang at the table in “reality.”  Jill looks up.

Jill: Gwen, hey, Gwen.  What are you doing?  Come sit with us.

Will looks up at Gwen as she walks over and sits down across the table from him.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: One what if? can put you in a completely different place…for awhile.

This scene flickers into the same scene in the alterna-world…no Will.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Life might progress at a different pace.

(cut to): a closer shot of Jacqueline as she looks over at Hamilton.  He smiles.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Other anomalous events may occur.

(cut to): Jill as she looks over at Hamilton approvingly.

(cut to): Will writing.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: When all is said and done, though, life will turn out like it should…

(cut to): Johanna and Finn in the hall.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …or at least it will turn out like it’s going to.

Finn: I’m really glad we ran into each other again.  Not that you remember me.

Johanna laughs.

(dissolve to): Will as he works on the test later.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: So…what if I had utilized this opportunity when it was originally offered to me.  Would the last year and a half of my life have been different?  Most definitely.  Would it matter?  Probably not. 

(fade out)


Commercial Break: With our final commercial break in this alternate universe, we leave you with Anakin Skywalker…the future Darth Veder…Hottie McHotthottHayden Christensen.


Music: No Such Thing by John Mayer

(fade in): to the quad.  Hamilton and Scout are tossing a football.  Gwen, Jill, Jacqueline and Dexter sit together at a nearby table.  Dexter and Jacqueline are toying with the laptop.  Gwen is working on physics.  Jill is just sitting.

Jill: Am I the only one who notices how cold it is out here?

(cut to): Scout as he tosses the football to Hamilton.  He looks up.

Scout: Hey, Krudski, come here.

(cut to): Will who is walking his bike across the quad.  He smiles and walks over.  He drops his bike.

Scout: How’d it go?

Will smiles.

Will: Well, I think.

Hamilton walks up.

Hamilton: What?

Scout: Will’s coming back.

Hamilton: Seriously?  That’s great.

Will: Well, hopefully, anyway.

Will glances over at the table.

Hamilton: Come on, we’ll introduce you to everyone.

(cut to): the table as they walk up.  The scene freezes.  Everything except for Will and the table slowly fades out of view.  Will sits down on the table and looks at the camera.

Will: Eventually life would end up how it was going to end up.  That’s how I would have ended that essay…if I’d had to write it.  Thinking about how different life could be with only few changes is a little scary.  I think Scout would have been right, though, if he’d actually said that you can’t spend too much time on a few what ifs?  But, that only covers hypotheticals about the past.  There’s also the future.  Scout would have also been right about that.  You just have to go for what you want and trust that what happens is what is supposed to happen.  I don’t know if I buy it completely, but…take a look at this.

He turns around as the scene in the background slowly comes back into view.  There are a few slight changes.  Jacqueline is Jake so we know which world we’re in.  Also, Bella is now sitting with them.  Hamilton, Scout, Sean and Will approach the table, still tossing around the football.  The camera pulls away to get a high shot of the gang as they talk and fool around.

Will (v.o): This is how it’s supposed to turn out.

(fade out)




Junior Year


Messag Board