Truth or Dare?


(fade in) Friendly’s-late Saturday night. Will and Scout are there and in their uniforms. Bella and Sean are sitting in that really big booth. Will is closing the shades and Scout is about to close the door when Jake and Hamilton come in. Jake is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. When they are safely inside, Jake pulls off the sweatshirt to reveal a tank top (no corset). Ham and Jake go and sit at the booth with Sean and Bella. Scout closes the door and by this time, Will has finished closing all the shades. The scene is lit so that it’s got kind of a film noir feel…lots of shadows and stuff. Will and Scout also sit at the booth (some people may be in chairs…but everyone is sitting around the table).

Scout: I can’t believe we’re doing this. The last time I played this was, like, in sixth grade.

Bella: It’ll be fun.

Hamilton: Who’s going first?

Everyone looks around at each other.

Will (voice over): Truth or Dare. A game; a test of courage or an exposure of one’s deepest secrets. Simple enough.

(cut to): Will

Will: Jake, truth or dare?

(cut to): Jake

Jake: Um, ok…truth.

Will: What’s it like being undercover?

Jake: Uh, ok, that’s, like, the lamest truth question ever, but…it’s a total rush. (she speaks slowly and thoughtfully) You get to be a part of something that you aren’t supposed to be a part of. Since it’s not really your life, you can be bold and confident when you’d normally shy away. (she pauses and sounds unsure) It’s, you know, fun. (and then more confidently)And, if you have someone to share that secret with…

(zoom out) so that everyone is in the shot. She looks around at everyone and then at Hamilton who is sitting next to her.

Jake cont’d: well, that’s pretty nice too. Good enough answer?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Except, no one is ever completely honest. It’s hard to express the whole truth, though, when most people have trouble simply being honest with themselves.

Will: Good enough.

Jake: Okay, now we can have some fun.

Jake looks around menacingly. Everyone looks at each other as if wondering what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Jake cont’d: Um…Scout…truth or dare?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Some people don’t even want to go near the truth.

(cut to): Sean who takes Bella’s hand.

(cut to): Scout who notices Sean’s gesture.

Scout: Whose idea was this again?

Sean: Just pick, man.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then there are the people who want the truth, but aren’t courageous enough to find it.

Scout looks at Sean and then back at Jake as if he has something to prove.

Scout: Dare.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: So, they pick dare. They pretend they are being brave, when all they are actually doing is hiding from the truth.

Jake: Brilliant.

Everyone looks around at each other, a little worried…especially Scout.

(fade out)


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(fade in) Outside—even later at night. Sean, Bella, Will, Jake and Hamilton stand around in a circle. We can tell that they are somewhere near Rawley Academy.

Will: I can’t believe he agreed to do this.

Hamilton: He’s a braver man than I would ever be.

Bella: He won’t get into any real trouble for this, will he? For being in Rawley Girls in the middle of the night?

Sean: Not if he doesn’t get caught.

Hamilton: Security’s pretty slack on the weekends. Pretty much anyone can sneak in and out with no problem.

Everyone looks at him suspiciously.

Hamilton: What? That’s, like, common knowledge. You can get in through the green room. He’ll be fine.

(cut to): ….brace yourself...Scout in drag. He’s at the door of the green house Hamilton mentioned. He’s wearing a dress and heels. He’s got on a wig and make-up and everything. He’s not the most beautiful drag queen, but it’s a pretty funny spectacle. He opens the green room door and goes in.

(cut to): a closed door in the hallway. Scout opens it from the other side and peeks out. There’s no one in sight.

Scout: I can’t believe I agreed to do this.

He walks out of the door quickly and goes down the hall as quietly as he can in heels.

(cut to): The library/study. Scout walks in and looks around and behind him. He doesn’t turn on the lights. He looks at the shelf as if searching for a specific book. After a few seconds, the lights go on. Scout freezes where he is. He slowly turns around.

(cut to): the doorway where a girl stands, looking a little perplexed. (Cast her as you’d like…I’m thinking brown or red hair. She’s pretty in a conventional sort of way. Think of it like this…she looks like she could hold her own ground at a skate park, but she also looks like she’d be extremely nice.) She’s wearing pajama bottoms that are blue with little yellow ducks on them and a yellow tank top. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She has a book in her hand. She tilts her head, smiles and walks over to the bookshelf. She then turns to face Scout who looks like he’s thought about running, but simply couldn’t.

Jill: I just got here tonight. Along with missing the first week of class, I also missed orientation and all that. I didn’t get the full tour and I didn’t get to meet any of the other girls…like you, for example (she laughs). I’m Jillian, by the way. People call me Jill.

Scout: This isn’t—

Jill: I’m sure it isn’t.

Scout: I—

Jill: What’s the rest of the dare?

Scout: How’d you—

Jill: My best friend…we used to play truth or dare all the time. She could get really out there on the dares. She’s going here too…I’m a little scared. But, anyway, what else do you have to do?

Scout: Take a copy of last year’s yearbook.

Jill: Hmm.

They both look around on the shelves until Jill spots the yearbooks. She finds last year’s and hands it to Scout. He takes it and looks down, avoiding eye contact.

Scout: I’d just like to say that I’ve rarely been more embarrassed.

Jill: It’s really no big deal. I’d be embarrassed just to tell you some of the stuff I was dared to do. I pulled out on most of it, though. Hopefully, I won’t get sucked in this year. And then there are these elaborate stunts she’s always trying to pull off.  I love her to death, though.  I can’t wait wait to see her.  If I hadn’t gotten in until just a few hours ago, we’d be having some major girl bonding time.

Scout looks down at his outfit.

Scout: Well…you and I are kind of having some girl bonding time.

Jill: Wow. That’s just scary.

Scout laughs and starts to take off the wig.

Jill: No, no, don’t do it. I want to see the full effect either way.

Scout smiles, still embarrassed.

Scout: Okay. Well, if I stand here any longer I may actually, literally die of embarrassment.

Scout starts to walk away, but turns when she speaks.

Jill: Hey, you do go to Rawley Boys, right?

Scout: Do I have to answer that?

Jill: I’ll see you around.

Scout: Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope you don’t recognize me if you do.

Jill laughs and nods. She watches him as he walks clumsily out the door.

(cut to): The group who is still outside. They are now sitting around on the ground. Jake is leaning against a tree and Hamilton is lying down with his head on her lap. Bella and Sean are sitting close together, holding hands. Will is lying on the ground staring at the sky. Everyone looks pretty bored.

Bella (very, very, very uninterested): Uh, Will…truth or dare?

Will (even more uninterested): Dare.

Bella: Ok, um…

(Scout comes running up. He’s taken off the shoes and the wig, which he holds in one hand. He is carrying the yearbook in the other hand. He hands it to Jake. Scout looks pretty pleased.

Scout: There you go.

Will raises his eyebrows.

Jake: Have fun?

Will: Yeah, man, you look a little too happy in that dress.

Everyone gets up and gets ready to go.

Scout: I met a girl.

Bella looks up at Scout when he says this…Sean takes notice and looks hurt.

Hamilton: You told her you were a guy, right? ‘Cause things can get really confusing really fast otherwise.

Jake: Yeah…

They look at each other and laugh as Hamilton takes Jake’s hand.

Scout: Yeah, I think she knew.

Everyone looks at Scout and laughs.

Scout cont’d: Bella, thanks for the dress.

Scout takes off the dress and hands it to Bella along with the wig. Now, he’s just wearing his boxers and, of course, still has on the make-up.

Will: Who would have thought that Grace’s hooker Halloween costume would come in handy?

Bella punches Will in the arm as the group walks away.

Scout: By the way, no one is ever allowed to speak of this again.

(dissolve to): Sean and Bella as they get to the gas station, talking about Scout.

Bella: I can’t believe Scout did that. He looked pretty good in Grace’s dress, though.

Bella laughs and Sean looks perturbed.

Bella: Come on, it was pretty funny.

Sean smiles and laughs.

Sean: Yeah, it was funny.

Bella: So, you’re ok, right? We’re ok?

Sean: Of course, Bella.

Bella: And Scout—

Sean: He’s cool, ok? Well, not in that dress. But, there’s no hard feelings there.

Bella: Ok.

Sean: Done interrogating me?

Bella: Mmm-hmm.

Sean: Good.

Sean smiles and kisses her.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton kissing in Jake’s room. Jake is leaning against the door. She starts laughing. Hamilton pulls back and stops kissing her.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: I’m sorry. I was just thinking about Scout in that dress.

Hamilton: Scout? Shouldn’t you be thinking about me while we’re making out?

Jake: In a dress?

Hamilton raises his eyebrows and smiles, then Jake cracks up.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Nothing, I was just getting a picture.

Hamilton smiles and, as if to change the subject, leans his head toward her and attempts to start kissing her again.

Jake: Wait!

She pushes him back gently and runs over to her computer.

Hamilton (whining): Jacqueline…

Jake is at her computer typing a little and using her mouse.

Jake: I’m sorry. I just remembered that I wanted to see if my friend emailed me. She just got to her new school and—

Hamilton: You have friends?

Jake turns around in her chair and gives him a dirty look.

Jake: Yeah…

Hamilton: No, I mean…it’s just that you’ve never really mentioned anyone.

Jake: So, you thought I was, like, a complete loser with no social skills?

Hamilton: No, I just…I meant…like, you never told me about your other friends.

Hamilton hangs his head as he searches for the right words. Jake reaches back and turns off her computer without looking at it. She stands up to face him, putting her forehead against his to make him look up.

Jake: Did you call me Jacqueline?

Hamilton: Yeah…

Jake kisses Hamilton gently.

Jake: You’re so sweet.

They stand there kissing.

(cut to): Will and Scout sitting around the room. Scout has had a shower and looks himself again.

Will: That was so sweet, dude. I can’t believe you did that.

Scout: Me either.

Will: Jake’s pretty crazy. For a girl and all.

Scout: Speaking of girls…

Will: Oh yeah, you met one, huh?

Scout: Yeah. She had a real Sandra Bullock thing going, you know? Tough, but likeable.

Will: And she can keep a bus going over 50 miles per hour long enough to win Keanu’s heart.

Scout (jokingly): You just gotta bring me down…

Will laughs.

Will: Okay, supportive friend stuff…um, what was her name?

Scout: Jillian.

Will: Was she pretty?

Scout: Yes.

Will: Think she has a friend?

Scout: Yeah, she does actually. She was talking about her tonight.

Will: Excellent.


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(fade to) Rawley Boys’ School Monday—inside. The halls are busy.

(cut to) the art room. Jill is sitting on a stool, waiting around. (An important note about Jill: she stands out. She dresses more like Bella than, say, Caroline.) She has on Jeans and a sleeveless yellow t-shirt. He hair is in two buns…not quite princess Leia. She has on several bracelets and a watch. She looks “arsty”—whatever that means. Hamilton walks in.

Hamilton: Hi.

Jill: Hi.

Hamilton: I’m Hamilton Fleming.

Jill gets up and walks over to Hamilton, shaking his hand.

Jill: Jill Thomas.

Hamilton takes out a piece of paper and reads aloud.

Hamilton: Jillian Thomas. Guess I’m your tour guide.

Jill smiles and raises her eyebrows not sure of what to expect.

(dissolve to) the front lawn of Rawley.  Jill and Hamilton walk along. Hamilton looks pretty distracted and bored. Jill looks at him while he talks.

Hamilton (monotone): So, this main entrance was actually added several decades after the rest of the building was erected in, um…

Jill sits down on a bench and pulls his arm so that he sits down as well.

Jill: So, who’s the girl?

Hamilton looks at her like she’s crazy for a second and then glances around.

Hamilton (quietly): Excuse me?

Jill: Who’s the girl?--the one that’s distracting you and keeping you from at least feigning to be the interested tour guide.

Hamilton: I don’t—

Jill: …really know me?

Hamilton looks around again.

Hamilton: Well, no I don’t. But, I don’t really talk about her all that much. It’s kinda of this secret that we’re even together.

Jill: Wow. Seriously? I totally had you pegged, though. You don’t have to talk about it if it’s a secret.  Hey, why’s it a secret?

Hamilton: It’s complicated.

Jill: Again, wow…

Hamilton: Am I really that easy to read, though?

Jill: Yes. But it’s awesome. Well, I guess if you’re trying to keep it on the down low, it’s not that great. So, is it first love or, like, a soul mates kind of thing?

Hamilton looks at her like he’s contemplating if she can be trusted. Then he looks down and can’t resist smiling.

Hamilton: Maybe, like, a lot of both.

Jill grins at him.

Jill: That’s...awesome.

(cut to): Will, Jake and Scout leaving a classroom.

Scout: See, I knew there were some perks to being the dean’s kid. We were stuck with Professor Von Boring teaching us about trigonometry during the last period of the day and Hamilton gets to go give some cute, perky Rawley Girl a “tour” of campus. It’s so completely—

Will looks at Scout surprised he’s forgotten who he’s talking to.  Scout doesn’t notice as turns toward Jake.

(cut to): Jake who is looking at him like “you’re a moron.”

Scout: Oh, God…I’m a moron.

Will: Well, guys, I have to go study. (Then quiety, to Scout) Good luck removing your foot from your mouth.

Will turns around and walks back down the hall. Jake and Scout reach the door and walk outside together. Everyone else who’s leaving comes out around them. They stand together on the front steps.

Scout: You know, actually, he probably hates having to hang around some girl. I mean, some other girl.

Jake laughs at his awkwardness and looks up, out across the Rawley lawn.

(cut to): A long shot of Hamilton and Jill on the bench. Hamilton is facing toward the school, but Jill’s back is turned. They’re pretty engrossed in conversation and Hamilton looks like he’s enjoying himself.

(cut to): Jake and Scout. Scout follows Jakes somewhat upset stare. His jaw drops a little and he looks genuinely surprised. He looks back at Jake.

Scout: Why don’t you go over there and—

Jake: What? Play the jealous girlfriend? No…no, it’s no big deal.

She turns around to head back into the school. Scout runs around in front of her, blocking her from going back inside.

Scout: What are you doing?

Jake: Get out of the way, Calhoun.

Scout: Come on, I’m sure it’s not what it looks like.  I mean, it doesn’t look like anything, but--

Jake: Seriously, move.

Scout laughs at her threatening remarks. Jake pushes his shoulder, hard…moving him out of the way. She walks back inside. Scout rubs his shoulder.

Scout: Ow.

Scout looks at the closed door and then back towards where Hamilton and Jill are sitting. He decides to go over to Ham and Jill.

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton.

Hamilton: I should probably go now. I really shouldn’t have been talking to you about this, but thanks for listening. I mean, a couple of the guys know, but they don’t want to hear about stuff like, you know, how she--

Jill: …completely takes your breath away.

Hamilton looks down and smiles.  They both get up from the bench. Scout comes walking up behind Jill.

Jill: Well, don’t worry, I’m good with secrets.

Scout: What’s the secret?

Jill turns around.

(cut to): Scout. When he realizes who Jill is he starts to look terribly embarrassed.

(cut to): Jill. Hamilton stands behind her. She grins when she realizes who Scout is.

Jill: Hi there.

Scout seems speechless.

Jill: It’s Jill.

Scout: Yeah…I know

Hamilton looks a little confused. He gives Scout a questioning, amused glance.

Jill: And you?

Scout: Huh?

Jill: Who are you?

Scout: Uh—

Hamilton: Scout.

Jill: Scout?

Scout snaps out of it.

Scout: Yes. Scout Calhoun. Nice to meet you.

She reaches out to shake his hand. Hamilton puts his hands on Jill’s shoulders for a second.

Hamilton: This is one very cool girl.

Scout: Yeah, I know.

Scout looks up at Hamilton.

Scout cont’d: Does she know about--

Hamilton shakes his head as if to quiet him.

Hamilton: Yeah, I told her about my girlfriend.

Scout: Is that what you guys were talking about?

Hamilton smiles shaking his head.

Hamilton: Yup.

Scout: Well, ‘cause when Jake and I walked out here from class…it looked like something a little different than that.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows. Scout nods his head once, exaggeratedly. Jill steps forward, so that they are standing in more of a circle. She looks back and forth from Scout to Hamilton.

Hamilton: I have to go. Jill…nice to meet you. Again, thanks for listening. Come back and hang out again sometime.

She smiles and nods. Scout waves as Hamilton runs off.

Jill: He’s a doll. A little strange, but, damn, what a sweet kid.

Scout smiles and looks off, remembering his own embarrassment.

(dissolve to): Jake’s room. She’s lying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Jake: What am I doing here?

Hamilton walks in, out of breath. He shuts and locks the door behind him. Jake continues to stare at the ceiling. Hamilton sits down on the bed, not facing her.

Hamilton: Okay, I know you saw that out there, me talking with—

Jake (nonchalantly): It’s no big deal. If you don’t want to do this anymore…if you want to see someone else, or whatever, I can deal with that.

Hamilton lies down, next to her in the bed. He shifts so that he is on his side, leaning on his elbow as supports his head with his hand.

Hamilton: First, I resent that you can say that as if it would mean nothing. Second, I would never be the one to end this…that scares me…but we both know it.  (More lightheartedly) And, finally, are you jealous?

Jake looks over at him for the first time.

Jake (unconvincingly): No...

Hamilton: Really?  ‘Cause you were lookin’ a little jealous...and, well, it was pretty cute.

She smiles.  He reaches over with his hand that isn’t holding his head and runs his fingers through her hair (which is getting a little longer).

Jake: I didn’t come over because I didn’t want to make you feel like you couldn’t be with someone else.

Hamilton: God, I don’t want to be with anyone else. If it were up to me, I would never leave this room again.

Still lying down, he moves and supports himself so that the upper part of his body is over her. He moves in close to her and looks into her eyes.

Hamilton: Okay?

Jake closes her eyes and nods. Before she can open them, Hamilton kisses her. She kisses him back and seems disappointed when he briefly pulls away.

Hamilton: You.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: I was talking to her about my girlfriend.

Jake: Me?

Hamilton: Yep. How I am so completely in love with you. How I could never live without you. How every time I see you, I still get these wonderful nervous butterflies.

Jake smiles at him, a little surprised. She takes her hand and touches his chin as she kisses him briefly.

Hamilton cont’d: How when you touch me, I almost can’t breathe because I feel an overwhelming need to express to you what and how much I feel, but can’t ever do it.

Jake: I think you just did.

Hamilton avoids her eyes for a brief second, but looks at her again as they kiss.

(fade out)


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(fade in): A residential road in New Rawley. Sean and Bella walk and hold hands. They both have on backpacks.

Sean: How were all your classes today?

Bella: Way too much homework assigned, but other than that, everything is going ok.

Sean: That’s good. I think I failed my geometry test today.

Bella: Sean…

Sean: Bella, I need to talk to you.

He stops walking and they face each other. Sean looks really troubled and struggles when he speaks.

Sean: Um, maybe we should, like, not see each other anymore.

Sean looks down and Bella looks at him, searching. Sean looks up, surprised to meet her intense glance.

Sean: I mean, maybe us being just friends was the right thing.

Sean sits down on the curb and Bella does the same. Bella stares at Sean, unsure of what to say.

Bella: Ok…

Sean: Because, Bella…if we were just friends, I would know what to do. No, I would be doing it…doing what was right.

Bella: I really don’t follow, Sean.

Sean speaks, but doesn’t look at Bella.

Sean: Okay, when your mom came…I over heard her talking to Charlie. I was hoping he would tell you, but he obviously hasn’t.

Bella: Sean, look at me.

Sean looks up.

Bella cont’d: What are you talking about?

Sean: He’s not your brother, Bella.

Bella: Scout?

Sean: He’s not your brother. Your mom never slept with his dad. Your dad lives with your mom in Carson. You said you were over that whole thing with Scout, so I didn’t tell you that day. Then, the other night when we were all hanging out…I don’t know, I wasn’t so sure.

Bella looks like she’s processing the information. She gets up and gathers up her stuff.

Bella (cool and collected): I’ll talk to you later, ok Sean?

Sean is still sitting on the curb. He nods his in agreement, but doesn’t look up. Bella walks calmly away, but soon starts to run.

(cut to): Scout and Jill. They are sitting on the dock by the lake. It’s still pretty early in the afternoon.

Scout: So, you’ve never really gone to actual school?

Jill: No, my dad basically took me…and my tutor…with him to where ever he was working. I got to travel a lot, but I never really developed a tangible peer group.

Scout: So, why Rawley?

Jill: Well, I told him I wanted to go to school. On the advice of a friend, he picked this one and--

Scout: And you knew someone here, right?

Jill: Yes. And, I’ve been trying to catch up with her all day. Well, I haven’t been trying too hard because I was in class and then came for the tour, but I’ve asked a couple people. No one really knows her, though…which is weird because she’s not typically an introvert.

Scout: What’s her name?

(cut to): Jake’s room. Jake and Hamilton are still in Jake’s bed in about the same position…still kissing. The camera is positioned so that it is next to them, not over them. Hamilton starts to kiss her neck as the camera pans across to about Jake’s waist. Hamilton takes his hand and starts to push up Jake’s shirt (she’s still got the corset on). There is a knock at the door.

(cut to): The outside of Jake’s door. Bella stands there, just finished knocking.

Hamilton (loud, but somewhat muffled): Go away.

(cut to): The inside of Jake’s room.

Jake (whispered): Hamilton!

Hamilton (whispered): Sorry.

He sits back up on the bed, a little flustered.

Jake (shouted): Hang on.

Jake gets up and walks over to the door, unlocks it and opens it a little.

(cut to): The hallway. The shot is over Bella’s shoulder as Jake opens the door. As she opens the door, she is straightening up her hair. When she sees Bella, she smiles.

Jake (pleasant): Oh, Bella. Hey. Come on in.

Jake opens the door all the way and Bella can see Hamilton on the bed. He smiles.

Hamilton: Hey Bella. What’s up?

Bella looks at Hamilton and then at Jake, realizing that she’s interrupting.

Bella (to Jake): You know, I was…I was just wondering if you guys had seen Will.

Hamilton: The study Nazi?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Yeah, he’s probably in the common room, getting even further ahead.

Bella: Thanks guys. Sorry to—

Jake (hurried and embarrassed): Don’t worry about it.

Hamilton: You sure that was it? I mean, I can take off if you’re having some girl thing.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Thanks for being observant, but I think I’m going to go find Will.

Bella starts to walk off. Jake nods and closes the door. She turns away from the door and faces Hamilton.

Jake: That could have been such a crisis.

Hamilton gets up and walks over to Jake.  He tries to start kissing her again, but she pushes him gently away.

Jake: Don’t you have homework?

Hamilton: I don't know.

Jake: Hamilton, you have to focus. 

Hamilton: I am focused.

Jake: Don’t think that the attention starved Jacqueline doesn’t appreciate the, um--

Hamilton: Attention?

Jake:’s just that this is all moving so fast, Hamilton. 

Hamilton: What do you mean?

Jake: Well, like in the shower that time...were we ready for that, Hamilton, or were we just caught up in the moment?  And, just now for example...if Bella hadn’t come to the door, what would have happened?

Hamilton (questioningly): Something you didn’t want to happen?

Jake: I can’t figure out what  I want.  Well, not what I want, but how fast this should all be progressing.  Lately, I’ve just found myself so caught up in...this.  I can’t process it.  We need to slow way the hell down so I can think, ok?

Hamilton smiles and looks at her sweetly.

Hamilton: Ok. 

Jake: Ok?

Hamilton: I’m going to go get my books and then I’m going to come back in here and get some studying done?  Cool?

Jake: Yeah.

Hamilton turns around to leave, then turns back around.

Hamilton: And, Jake, I’m just as completely caught up, lost in and confused by all this as you are, you know?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Yeah, I know.

Hamilton: But, we’ll figure it out.

Jake walks over to him and tugs on his shirt, pulling him a little closer.

Jake (quietly): Thank you.

She leans toward him to give him a kiss, but he steps back, unlocks the door and opens it.

Hamilton: Okay...going to get the books...gotta study...gotta focus.

Jake smirks, rolls her eyes and playfully shoves him out the door.

(cut to): Will as he sits at a table in the common room. A couple of textbooks are opened in front of him as is a binder. He’s looking in the books and writing…in other words, he’s working on some homework.

(cut to): the door of the common room. Bella almost walks by, but when she sees Will, she makes a sharp turn and enters the room. She stands next to the couch.

Bella: Will.

Will looks up and smirks.

Will: How do you get in here?

Bella tries to smile, but still manages to look upset. Will takes notice.

Will cont’d: Hey, what’s up?

Will gets up and walks over to her.

Will: Want to sit down?

Bella sits down on the couch quickly and Will does the same.

Will: What’s wrong?

Bella: God, what isn’t wrong, Will?

Will considers the question then looks slightly perplexed.

Will: Well, I’m just a little confused because it was you who told me that everything was right…that it’s all how it is supposed to be.

Bella: Sean broke up with me—

Will: ...but you guys—

Bella: …because he found out that Scout’s not my brother.

Will: …how did he—

Bella: He overheard my mom and dad talking one day when she decided to attempt to reconnect with her abandoned daughters…needless to say, that never happened.

Will: So, he broke up with you, and then he told you that the Bella/Scout scandal isn’t as sordid as we originally thought?

Bella nods her head and looks away.

Will cont’d: Wow.

Bella: Yeah.

Will: This is big, Bella.

Bella: Yeah.

Will: Does Scout know yet?

Bella: No, Will, he doesn’t.

Will: Well, don’t you think instead of talking to me, you should be out trying to find him?

Bella: I don’t know. Maybe it’s not the right time. He’s seems to have stopped obsessing over the whole thing. It’s not like telling him will make things any less weird between us.

Will: You know, you sound just like him. You’re talking about the relationship or feelings or whatever between you and Scout. What about the truth? Doesn’t that count for anything? One thing I’ve learned is when you are afraid to tell other people things, what you are really trying to avoid is being truthful with yourself.

Bella: It’s just all very confusing. This situation…it’s so messed up.

Will: Because you forced yourself to push away feelings that you really wanted to experience. You made yourself get over something that you’re maybe afraid you’re really not over.

Bella smiles and seems a little more at ease.

Bella: The perpetually insightful Will Krudski analyzes the situation.

Will: And..the eternally hard-headed Bella Banks seems unlikely to accept the interpretation.

Bella: I’m just afraid of regressing into something that seems to be over.

Will: You were over it, Bella. Scout never was.

Bella: Exactly.

Will: So, because he wasn’t as good as hiding his feelings as you were, he doesn’t get to know?

Bella starts to speak, but Scout and Jill walk in.

Scout: Hey.

Will and Bella get up from the couch and face Jill and Scout.

Bella: Hi.

Will: Hey, what’s up?

Scout: Uh, Jill this is Will Krudski, and this is Bella Banks. Will and I are roommates. And this is Jill Thomas.

Will looks up at Scout when he remembers the name.

Jill (to Bella): Do you go to Rawley Girls’?

Bella glances down and tucks her hair behind her ear, but then looks up pleasantly.

Bella: Nope, I’m just a townie here for a visit.

Jill: Oh, cool. New Rawley is such a beautiful town.

Will: Unless you’ve lived there your whole life like Bella and me. To me, this (gestures around) is a beautiful place.

Jill: Behind all the pretense, maybe. I like reality, though.

Bella (pleasantly): Feel free to come hang out with me at my family’s garage. You can fully experience reality there.

Jill: Don’t be too surprised when I show up. I don’t fit in with most of the girls here and the one person I was counting on to make me feel at home seems to almost not exist according to most people…except Scout.

Scout smirks.

Scout: Oh, yeah…they know her too.

Bella and Will glance at each other.

Will: Huh?

Scout: Her friend. Jacqueline Pratt.

Will cracks up. Bella looks surprised.

Will: Really?

Jill looks around questioningly.

Jill: So, you guys all know her?

Bella: Wow.

Will: Yeah, yeah we do.

Jill: What’s with this reaction? I email her and get no reply. I ask people all day and no one’s heard of Jacqueline. I come over to the boys’ school and not only do you guys know her, but I get these taken aback looks that turn into humoring comments. What’s the deal?

Scout: You know, I just might know where she is. Why don’t I try to find her and we can all meet up somewhere…let’s say Friendly’s in an hour.

Will takes Scout’s cue.

Will: Yeah, and in the meantime, Bella and I can show Jill the finer points of New Rawley.

Bella: And by finer he means rustic and quaint in that way that only tourists can truly enjoy.

Scout: Okay, so, I’ll see you guys in an hour.

Will looks at Bella and subtly motions for her to go with Scout.

Bella: Hey, Scout, mind if I go with you?

Scout: Yeah, yeah sure.

Jill notices the dynamic between Scout and Bella (she might have wanted to go too, but this is what prevents her from even mentioning it).

Will: Okay, so…Friendly’s in an hour.

Everyone agrees.

(fade out)


Commercial Break. Heard of Dexter Freebish?


(fade in): Jake’s room.  Jake sits on her bed and Hamilton is at her desk. They’re both concentrating on homework. Jake looks up.

Jake: Hey, Hamilton…

Hamilton turns around in the chair and smiles mischievously.

Hamilton: Yes?

Jake: What’s the sine of pi over 4?

Hamilton (disappointedly): Uh, like, the square root of two over two.

Jake: Thanks.

Jake goes back to work. And Hamilton looks out the window.

Hamilton: I’m hungry.

Jake: Hang on, I’m almost done.

She writes one more thing then looks up.

Jake: Okay, you want to go eat? Don’t you have crew soon?

Hamilton: I still have some time…Finn is crazy with this new “dusk practice.” Think we have time to go into town and eat and get back before practice starts?

Jake checks her watch.

Jake: Before dusk?  Yeah, definitely. Want to take my bike?

Hamilton gets up and sits next to her on the bed.

Hamilton (nicely): Can I drive?

Jake: Don’t take this the wrong way, but hell no.

Jake laughs. Hamilton kisses her.

Hamilton: Please?

Jake: It’s going to take a lot more convincing than that before I let you drive my bike.

Hamilton: Did this conversation just get metaphoric?

Jake: I don’t know…maybe we should go ask for Finn’s interpretation.

Hamilton: Okay, you win. But, I seriously don’t get to drive enough…I mean that in a completely non-metaphoric way.

Jake laughs again.

Jake: Anyway, Shakespeare, let’s get out of here or you really will be late for crew.

Hamilton gets up and unlocks the door. He opens it, holding it for Jake. He walks out and closes it behind him.

(cut to): Bella and Scout walking down the hall.

Bella: So, Jill seemed cool…not at all like a Rawley Girl.

Scout: Yeah, maybe that’s why I find her so appealing.

Bella: Really? I mean, you like her, huh?

Scout: Yeah, is that cool? I mean, is it cool that we’re talking about this?

Bella: Yeah, it’s--it’s totally cool.

Scout: Cool.

They laugh awkwardly as they stop in front of Jake’s door.

Bella: Wow, I totally felt like I was interrupting something when I came by here earlier.

Scout: Making the rounds at Rawley, were you?

Bella: Something like that.

Scout grins at her, in a more comfortable, pleasant mood. Overall, he’s far more at ease around her than he has been in awhile.

Scout: Man, how are we going to break this news?

Bella: Guess we can start by knocking.

Scout: Good point.

Scout knocks on the door. They stand there waiting. After a few seconds, Scout knocks again.

Scout: Hey, Jake, it’s Scout…and Bella.

(cut to): Finn as he walks around the corner.

Finn: Jake went into town with Hamilton to grab some dinner.

Bella and Scout trade worried glances.

Finn: You know, girls technically aren’t allowed in the dorms, Mr. Calhoun.

Scout glances at Jake’s door and chuckles.

Scout: Oh, yeah, I’m sorry…we’re leaving now. Let’s go, Bella.

Finn: But, if you do bring them here you should at least introduce them to the faculty member who catches you.

Scout: Sorry, of course. This is Bella Banks. Bella, this is Finn….no Mr. is necessary.

Bella: Will’s actually had a lot of great stuff to say about you.

Finn: Well, it’s good to know that he thinks as highly of me as I do of him.

Scout: I hate to cut this short, but we really do need to see Jake. Really.

Finn: Well, make sure you aren’t late for practice. I already warned Hamilton.

Scout: Got it.

(cut to): Will and Jill walking down a road, presumably to New Rawley.

Will: So, your dad is an actor?

Jill nods.

Will: Would I know him from anything?

Jill: Um, he mostly has just done theatre. Jacqueline’s mom is always trying to get him to go to Hollywood auditions and stuff, but he loves the stage. I, on the other hand, have terrible stage fright.

Will: I wouldn’t have guessed that about you.

Jill: I don’t know. It’s weird because I’m pretty good in social situations…I guess because all you really have to do is be yourself. It’s just when it becomes a performance, it’s hard. Jacqueline, though, is just like her mom…she’s a natural when it comes to performing and stuff. But, you probably already know that about her.

Will laughs.

Will: Definitely.

A motor cycle drives by pretty fast. Will seems to notice who it is. He looks at Jill, but she doesn’t notice.

(cut to): Jake and Ham on the motorcycle. When they talk, it is in shouts because of the engine and wind.

Hamilton: Wasn’t that Will back there with the new girl, Jill?

Jake: Huh?

Hamilton: That was Will.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: Will and--

Jake: What?


(cut to): Bella and Scout at the bike racks of Rawley.

Scout: Get on.

Bella: Let’s just walk.

Scout: Bella…

Bella: I’m not in the mood to ride around New Rawley on your handle bars, ok?

Scout: Ok… If you want to walk, we’ll walk. Besides, it’s not like this is going to be a major catastrophe. I have a feeling Jill is going to like the latest Jacqueline-attention-getting stunt. It might be pretty entertaining just to let it all play out like this anyway.

(cut to): Friendly’s-interior. Jake and Hamilton have just walked in. They sit down in a booth, Jake is on the side that doesn’t face the door.

(cut to): The street in front of Friendly’s. Jill and Will walk past the garage.

Will: This is Bella’s garage. And, that is Friendly’s. Impressive, huh?

Jill (sarcastic): Wow.

Will: It’s not too fancy, but if you’ve got a hankerin’ for a cheeseburger and a Coke…it’s the place to be.

Jill: I’ll remember that.

They walk across the street and Will looks inside.

Will: Well, they aren’t here yet. Maybe we should just wait out here.

Jill looks in the window herself and sees Hamilton and the back of Jake’s head.

Jill: Hey, there’s Hamilton. Let’s go in.

Will: You know him?

Jill: Yeah, he gave me a little tour today then proceeded to tell me about this mystery girlfriend of his.

Will: Oh yeah?

Jill: Yeah. He’s the sweetest guy…completely, hopelessly in love. Who’s he with?

Will: Um, well, that’s Jake.

Jill: Come on, let’s go in and say hello.

Will: I wouldn’t recommend—

It’s too late. Jill opens the door and walks in. Hamilton looks up and smiles.

Hamilton: Hey, Jill.

(cut to): Jake.

Jill: Hi.

Jake (mouthed, not spoken): Jill?

Jake slouches down in the seat as if looking for an escape. She puts her elbow on the table and leans her head on it, looking away.

(cut to): A shot where everyone is seen including Will.

Hamilton (gesturing to Jake): This is my friend Jake. Jake, this is the girl I was telling you about.

Hamilton looks back over at Jake. She’s still turned away and looking freaked out. Hamilton gives her a weird look.

Hamilton: Jake…

She sighs. Quickly, she seems to compose herself. She sits up straight and turns to Jill. She grins.

Jake: Hi…Jillian.

Jill: Jacqueline?

Jake nods once and laughs. She stands up and hugs Jill.

Jake: What the hell are you doing here?

Jill: I’m going to school here…I emailed you, like, two days ago.

Jake: Damn, I meant to check that….I got distracted (she looks over at Hamilton).

Jill sits next to Jake at the booth and Will sits next to Hamilton. Hamilton looks beyond confused and then looks to Will.

Will: See, Jill is Jake’s friend. Jill came here because Jake’s mom told Jill’s dad what a great school Rawley Girls’ was. Jill wanted it to be sort of a surprise, but when she got here she could never seem to catch up with Jacqueline…who wouldn’t be at the girls’ school since at Rawley, she’s Jake.

Jill: So, if you didn’t know I was here…what’s with this (she gestures indicating Jake’s outfit, hair, etc.)? I mean, if you aren’t doing this for my benefit…Holy God, is this one of those get mom to notice things?

Hamilton still looks lost.

Jill: Or…is this one of those…find an easy way to be close to a guy who you are totally in love with things?

Hamilton looks a little flushed as he really makes all the connections.

Jake: Maybe a little of both…a lot of the second, actually.

Jill: Wow.

Jake looks at Hamilton, smiling.

Jake (to Hamilton): This is who you were talking to…about me?

Will laughs at the somewhat ironic situation.

Hamilton: Well, this is just a big old chunky slice of embarrassing. (This is an homage…click here to learn more)

Will looks at Hamilton like “I can’t believe you just said that.”

Will: Dude, never say that again.

Hamilton: Shut up, Will.  Hey, Will...and Jill. Jill and Will...I just got that. 

Will: Shut up, Ham...right now.

Hamilton (dropping the silliness): I’m embarrassed.  I’m sorry.

Jill: That’s no excuse for sounding like Dr. Seuess...and, hey don’t be embarrassed.

Jake: I’m feeling kind of embarrassed so let’s move on...what’s everybody ordering?

(dissolve to): Scout and Bella. They are almost at the garage.

Scout: Are you mad at me or something?

Bella: What?

Scout: Well, you were against the handle bars ride which is totally fine, but a little weird. And then you barely said a word to me on the way here. I mean, you volunteered to come with me Bella…what’s up?

Bella stops walking and turns to Scout.

Bella: Okay, well, at first I wasn’t going to say this to you…then I was…then I changed my mind again…and then again.

She pauses as he looks at her, waiting for her to continue.

Bella cont’d: You seem to be okay without knowing this, but you do have a right to know…

Scout: This is about us and the brother/sister thing?

Bella nods.  Scout waits again for her to go on.

Bella: My mom never slept with your dad.  I just thought you should know.  I just thought it was fair--

Scout: Bella, I’ve always known it wasn’t true, ok? I’m glad you finally believe it.

Bella looks taken aback.

Bella: How could you have just known, Scout?

Scout: Love’s smarter than that, Bella…even if we weren’t.

Bella looks off with a pained expression. Scout looks down at his shoes as he shifts which foot he is leaning on.

Scout: So, how’d you find out?

Bella: It’s a long story, Scout. I really need to get inside and do some homework, though, so I’ll talk to you later, ok?

Scout nods. Bella turns to go inside.

Scout: You know you can talk to me, right?

Bella doesn’t turn around.

Bella (unconvincingly): Of course.

(cut to): Scout entering Friendly’s. Will, Jake, Jill and Hamilton are talking and laughing. Scout smiles at everyone.

Scout: Hey, Will, Bella and I never caught up with Jake.

Will. No joke.

Scout walks over and pulls a chair up to the booth.

Jake: You were going to warn me, huh?

Scout: I thought it might be nice, but then I got to thinking about you and Jill and what she said about you and figured maybe this little accidental ambush thing would also pan out know, be more daring and all.

Jake: Ah, so basically revenge, huh?  I’ll remember that.

Scout: Hey, it’s cool...all’s fair in truth or dare.

Will: Man, how long have you been waiting to use that line?

Jill: Hey, um, we’re not going to play that, right?

Jake: Hmm, not a good idea.  Apparently, some of us haven’t fully recovered from that last game. 

Scout: Yeah, Jill told me what a brutal dare-er you can be.

Jake: So, basically, I’ve been the topic of a lot of conversations recently?

Everyone looks around and laughs

Jake: Excellent.

Jill: Right, because you are so attention starved.

Jake: I am…

Everyone looks at her.

Jake: Well, mostly.

Everyone laughs.

(fade out)


Commercial Break The last commercial break.


(fade in): The docks—dusk. There is very little light and it is slowly getting darker. Will, Scout and Hamilton walk up together in their crew outfits. Finn and some of the other team members are already sitting on the dock, but the guys aren’t late. They sit down.

Finn: Okay, anyone have any idea why we are practicing so late today?

Hamilton: If we can get it done in the dark, we can do it anytime.

Finn: That’s some interesting phrasing, and, frighteningly, not too far from what I’m looking for. Anyone else?

Will: The dark is a cover. We can’t see each other and we don’t know what other people are doing.

Scout: Maybe we can’t see each other and we don’t know what’s going on, but we can still pull together and make everything work. Just because you can’t see everything that is at play doesn’t mean it isn’t there and isn’t being done right.

Finn: Thoughtful, Mr. Calhoun…maybe a bit of a stretch. Life is about stumbling around in the dark until you have the courage to come out into the light. Now, gentlemen…into the darkness…and the boat.

The guys get up and start to get in.  Finn nods at Will, Scout and Hamilton as they walk by.

Will (v.o.): Courage.  It’s not always about just being strong and brave.  It’s about revealing yourself...letting people see you for what you really are.

(Fade to): Jill and Jake in Jake’s room.  Jake has changed into something more girly.  They are sitting together on the bed talking and looking at some magazine.  Basically, it looks like girl bonding.

Will (v.o.) cont’d:  Sometimes when you put the truth out there, it works out.

(cut to): a crane shot of the garage.  We can see Bella through her window as she sits at her desk, doing homework. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Other times, everything comes crashing down.

The camera pans down and we see Sean walking by.  He pauses and looks up at the window then continues walking.

(dissolve to): darkness.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Either way, it’s exploring the truth-- not taking the dare--that makes you brave...


The End


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