(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

Music: For Nancy (Cos It Already Is) by Pete Yorn

(cut to): the halls as everyone is moving back in. 

(cut to): the staircase where we see Hamilton carrying a box up the stairs as Jake walks down.  They pretend to ignore each other for a moment, but can’t help smiling at each other.

(cut to): What will be Scout and Will’s room.  There are half-unpacked bags and boxes.  It’s bigger than their old room and has it’s own bathroom which is shared only with the room next door.  Scout walks in and shuts the door against the noise and commotion in the hall.  He walks over and sits down, leaning against some boxes.  He picks up something he must have been working on earlier: a sketch of a house.  He picks up a pencil and erases something then begins to work again, drawing in a triangular roof.

Will (voice over): The triangle.  Architecturally, it’s the strongest structural support. 

There is a knock on the door and Jill comes in.

Jill: Hey…what are you doing down there?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Romantically, it’s the most common relationship hurdle. 

Scout sets his sketch down and gets up.

(cut to): Bella at the garage, working on a car.  Will’s Jeep pulls up.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It requires that at least one person “get over it.” 

Will gets out of the drivers side and Gwen gets out of the passenger side.

Will: Hey townie chick, want to grab lunch?

Bella smiles, nodding.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It makes people jealous even when they shouldn’t be. 

(cut to): Scout and Jill as he shows her the sketch.

Scout: One day, I’m going to build this house…for you.

He grins.

Scout cont’d: …you know, if you’ll let me.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It makes people second guess emotions when they normally wouldn’t. 

She smiles, but looks down somehow not quite believing him.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: While it holds up bridges, it can make relationships come crashing down.

(fade out)


Opening Credits


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

Music: Heart Attack by Sum 41 

(cut to): Jake’s new dorm room which happens to be Ryder’s old dorm room. It looks much like Scout and Will’s room, but the bathroom isn’t shared with any other room.  There are two beds, however.  Jake is unpacking a box.  The door starts to open and she looks up, smiling.

(cut to): the door as a guy backs in wearing a backpack and carrying a milk crate full of stuff.  He turns around.  This is Dexter Darcy.  He’s a geek, but he’s cute.  He’s got blonde hair, horn-rimmed glasses and pretty geeky clothes.  He’s clearly shy and uncertain while he also wants to be liked.  He smiles when he sees that Jake is there. 

(cut to): a medium shot of the room.  Jake has stopped unpacking…and stopped smiling.

Jake: Can I help you?

Dexter: Um, no thanks…I think I’ve got it.

He walks in setting his stuff down next to the less empty of the two beds.  Jake is watching him totally perplexed.  He looks up meeting her stare.

Jake: I’m Jake Pratt…what can I do for you?

Dexter cont’d: Oh…I’m Dexter Darcy.

Jake: Dexter Darcy?

Dexter: Yeah.  We’re roommates.

Jake: No, no, no.  I don’t have a roommate.

Dexter pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket, reading from it.

Dexter: Your roommate assignment for the Fall two thousand one semester: Jake Pratt. 

Jake: What?  Let me see that.

He hands it to her and she scrutinizes it. 

Dexter: Maybe no one told you, but there was a first year over-flow.  Those of us who signed up earlier got upgraded to upperclassmen housing to accommodate for the extra people.

Jake doesn’t really know what to say.

Dexter: Anyway…I’ve got to get the rest of my stuff.  My parents are downstairs.  It was all I could do to keep them there.

Jake nods.  He walks out and she looks around, not knowing how to deal.  She looks at his stuff, noticing a bunch of computer accessories in the milk crate.  Hamilton knocks on the partially opened door then walks in.  He closes the door behind him and smiles.

Hamilton: I got all my stuff moved in.

Jake: That’s cool, Hamilton, but we’ve got a problem.

Hamilton: I know.

Jake: You do?

Hamilton walks over to her and leans toward her.

Hamilton: Do we make out in your room or mine?

Jake smiles despite her efforts to convey what’s going on.  He starts to kiss her, but she pushes him back.

Jake: Wait, Hamilton.  There’s this guy…

Hamilton looks at her not getting it and possibly thinking something else entirely.  Dexter opens the door and walks in carrying another bag and pulling a suitcase on wheels.

Jake cont’d: …whose moving in.

Hamilton looks at Jake then at Dexter.

Hamilton: First year overflow.  My dad overbooked.  Wonderful.

Dexter: Hi…Dexter Darcy…

He sticks out his hand and Hamilton reluctantly shakes it.

Dexter cont’d: Your dad?

Hamilton: A.k.a. “The Dean.”  I’m Hamilton…Fleming.

Dexter: Nice to meet you…

Hamilton ignores him and turns to Jake.

Hamilton: This isn’t going to work.

Jake gives him a warning look.

Jake: You’re right…even with the new network your dad finally got installed, we’re going to need to hook up that satellite feed again to get even close to the speed we need.

Hamilton: What are you—

Dexter: You guys are into computers?

Jake: I am.

Dexter: Cool.  Me too.

Hamilton: I’m going to go…maybe talk to my dad…

He starts to back out of the door.  Jake walks toward him with her back to Dexter.

Jake: I’ll see you later, dude.  We’ll talk about that connection.

She smiles suggestively and his discontent is momentarily forgotten.  They seem to have a little unspoken dialogue where Jake indicates she has it under control until things get worked out.  She closes the door and turns back to Dexter.

(cut to): Johanna’s house.  She’s watching TV and Finn walks in from the back door, through the kitchen and to her.

Finn: Hey, Beautiful.

Johanna: Hey yourself.

Finn sits next to her.

Finn: You okay?

Johanna: Danny dropped by.

Finn: Dropped by?  From Boston?

Johanna: He wanted Meagan to spend her last few free days with him.

Finn: Oh…child-free house.  Depressing.

Johanna smiles weakly.

Finn cont’d: He didn’t try anything?

Johanna: He always tries something, Finn.

Finn doesn’t know what to say.

Finn: You didn’t—

Johanna: Of course I didn’t.  You may not realize it, but being with you is huge for me.  I haven’t felt this way in a really long time…maybe I’ve never felt this way. 

Finn: And that drives him crazy?

Johanna looks down.

Finn cont’d: I hate that he does this to you.  No, actually, I just hate him.

Johanna: Let’s just talk about something else, okay?  How are all the kids over at Rawley Academy?

Finn looks at her, uncertain of how to deal this.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will, Bella and Gwen sit around a table. 

Bella: So, how’s moving going?

Will: I finally got all my stuff carried from our old room to upstairs.

Gwen: We have the same room, but all the rooms in the entire dorm are the same.

Bella: So you’re still living with Jill?

Gwen nods.

Will: That reminds me, Bella.  Scout said to tell you hi and that he will drop by later.

Bella smiles.  Will continues to keep his eyebrows raised until she notices.

Bella: He stopped by for gas earlier.  They let him bring that huge car back, by the way.

Will: Uh-huh…

Bella: And I asked him if he wanted to grab lunch, but he wanted to hurry up and get back to Rawley…to see Jill.

Will: That’s funny because he came to the room and never went to see Jill.

Bella: Which isn’t really that funny because she was going to come to his room whenever she got there…and are you trying to be antagonistic about this?

He smiles, nodding.  Bella laughs, rolling her eyes.
Gwen: Okay, I’m trying to remember the history lesson that Ryder gave me…you and Scout dated?

Will: They never really got the chance to date. 

Bella: I’m warning you, Krudski…

Music: Standing Still by Jewel

(cut to): Scout and Jill.  She’s helping him unpack and organize.

Scout: When we get done, do you want to run back into town with me? 

Jill: I have to unpack too.

Scout: Okay…I’d help, but—

Jill: You’ve got to work, I know.

Scout: Yeah, and I told Bella I’d go back and see her when I had more time.

He regrets saying it immediately as Jill continues unpacking, not really acknowledging him.

Scout cont’d: I stopped by the garage to get gas.  That’s the only reason I stopped.

Jill nods.

Scout cont’d: Jill…is it always going to be like this?

Jill turns around, facing him.

Jill: I don’t know.

Scout: Listen…if you don’t want me to see her…then I won’t.

Jill: Of course I don’t want you to see her…

Scout: Okay.

Jill: …but I don’t want you to not see her because of that. 

Scout looks confused.

Jill cont’d: It’s been like over year since you two were together.

Scout: Technically, we were never actually together.

Jill: Well, whatever…it’s been over a year since…you were in love with her.

This phrasing makes Scout a little uncomfortable.

Jill cont’d: And, I want to be over that as much as you seem to be…

Scout: But?

Jill: But…I don’t want fake it.  I don’t want to pretend like I’m okay with something that still makes me feel…I don’t know…unsettled somehow.

Scout: When we broke up it was because of Bella.

Jill: Yeah…I know.

Scout: And, I told you then that…I love you.

Jill nods, looking down.  He walks closer to her and tilts her chin up.

Scout cont’d: And, I’m going to keep telling you that until you believe me because I do love you, Jill.  Obviously, more than you know.

He leans closer to her.

Scout cont’d: Can I kiss you?

Jill laughs.

Jill: You’ve never asked me that before.

He raises his eyebrows imploringly.  She nods and he kisses her.

(cut to): Jake’s room, a shot through the open door.  She has her laptop out on her desk and is typing.  Dexter stands behind her.

(cut to): a shot from behind the laptop so we can see Jake and Dexter.

Dexter: I designed a program that will do this stuff for you, that way you can stay on longer because you don’t have to concentrate on—

Jake: You designed a program to do the hacking for you?

Dexter: Well…yeah.

Jake: Where’s the fun in that?

Dexter: Well, while you can stay on for what?  Thirty seconds?  I can stay on for thirty minutes.  It’s just more efficient.

Jake turns around.

Jake: Seriously?  Thirty minutes?

Dexter nods.  Jake looks impressed.

(cut to): the door.  Jill stands there a moment, observing.  She knocks on the doorframe.

(cut to): Jake and Dexter.  Jake stands up and closes her laptop.

Jake: Jill…hi.

Jill: Hi, Jake.

Jill looks at Dexter who doesn’t say anything.

Jill cont’d: Who’s this?

Jake waits for Dexter to introduce himself.  He stands there nervously.  Jake elbows him.

Dexter: Dexter Darcy.

Jill: I’m Jill.

Jill looks at Jake.

Jill cont’d: Come by my room later if you have a chance, okay?

Jake: Yeah…are you okay?

Jill looks at Dexter then back at Jake.

Jill: Yeah…

Jake: I’ll definitely see you later.

Jill smiles and leaves.

Dexter: Whoa...

Jake: What?

Dexter: You like…know that girl?

Jake: Uh-huh…

Dexter: She invited you to her room…

Jake: Oh…we’re…just friends.

Dexter: I’d like to have a friend like that.  She was hot.

Jake: Yeah…I guess.

A beat.

Jake cont’d: Girls make you nervous, huh?

Dexter laughs.

Dexter: Story of my life…

Jake laughs.

Jake: We’ll have to work on that.

Dexter nods.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to as establishing shot of the dorms.

(cut to): the stairs as Will starts to walk up them.  Finn walks up.

Finn: Will, I’ve been looking for you all day.

Will stops and turns to him.

Finn cont’d: Well, not all day…
Will: What’s up?

Finn: I spoke with Jim Collins and he was telling me what an asset you were this summer and that he’s looking forward to getting you next summer too.

Will: I had a great time.  Have I said thank you for getting me that job?

Finn: Well, you’re welcome.  Now, I have a proposition for you.

Will raises his eyebrows.

(cut to): Will and Finn in an empty hall.  They reach a classroom and stop.

Finn: Do you know what’s in this room?

Will shakes his head.  Finn unlocks the door.  Will opens it and goes in.

(cut to): inside the room.  There are a few tables and desks with typewriters.  It’s all covered in dust.  Finn flips the lights on.

Finn cont’d: At one time, the school newspaper operated out of this room.

Will looks at the typewriters.

Will: Must have been a long time ago.

Finn: At least ten years.

Will: So, what happened?  The dean didn’t think the newspaper was worthy of funds?

Finn: Just the opposite actually.  The students didn’t think it was worthy of their time.  No one wanted to read it much less work on it.

Will: And…your proposition?

Finn: Crown yourself editor-in-chief.  Build a staff.  Create student interest.

Will: Oh, is that all?

They both laugh.  A beat as Will looks around.

Finn: What do you think?

Will takes one more look around then looks back at Finn.

Will: Wow…um, that sounds like a lot of responsibility.

Finn: I tell you what, think about it and get back to me.

Finn pats him on the back and Will nods.  Finn walks out leaving Will to take everything in.

Music: New Girl by Third Eye Blind

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Neither of them has unpacked further than to set up their computer stuff.  Dexter is now in the driver’s seat and Jake looks on.  An “access denied” window pops up and Jake laughs.  Dexter smiles, shaking his head.

Dexter: Five…four…three…two…

The window disappears and he gets into the database.

Jake: What?  No way…dude, you’re a genius.

There’s a knock on the door. 

(cut to): the door where Will stands looking in suspiciously. 

Jake: What? 

(cut to): a shot of the room as Will walks in.

Jake: Oh, hi Will.

Will: Hey Jake…

He looks at Dexter.  Dexter stands up and extends his hand.

Dexter: Dexter Darcy…

Will: Will…Krudski.  Nice to meet you.

They shake hands.

Jake: Um, Dexter is my new roommate.

Will: You have a roommate?

Jake nods.

Jake: There was this over-booking problem.

Will laughs.

Will: Interesting.

Jake: Anyway…did you need something?

Will: Actually, I’m here to announce an interest meeting for the newspaper.

Jake: We have a newspaper?

Will: Well, that depends on if anyone shows up and wants to be on the staff. 

Jake laughs.

Dexter: What kind of openings are there?

Will: Every kind.  Um, I’ll need writers, photographers, people who can do layout…

Dexter: Do you have a layout program?

Will: Well, right now we have…a table and a few typewriters, but if people show up we can get a grant from the dean for pretty much whatever we need. 

Dexter nods, thinking.  Will is a little surprised that he might be interested.

Will: Think you might be interested?

Dexter nods.

Dexter: Yeah, maybe.

Will: Cool.  Well, the meeting is tomorrow at two so stop by if you want.

Will looks at Jake who shrugs like “who knew?”

Will: You two crazy kids have fun.

Jake gives him a warning look and Will walks off down the hall.

Jake: Hey…I’m going to run over to Jill’s.

Dexter: Cool.  Maybe I’ll get some of my other stuff unpacked.

Jake looks worried about that.  Unpacking means staying.

Jake: Yeah…you could…or—

Dexter: …or I could fool around with the dean’s database for a little while longer.

Jake smiles.

Jake: I’ll see you later…

Dexter nods turning back to the computer.  Jake smiles and turns to the door to leave.

Music: From My Head to My Heart by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): the hall where she walks out and turns to close the door.  Hamilton walks up.

Hamilton: Having fun with your new roommate?

Jake looks around as several people pass them and notice something is obviously up.  Jake rolls her eyes and turns to walk in the other direction toward the stairs.  Hamilton follows her.

Hamilton: Where are you going?

Jake: To Jill’s.  Want to walk with me?

(cut to): the woods as Jake and Hamilton walk together.

Hamilton: I can’t believe you’re reacting so calmly to this.

Jake stops, forcing him to do the same.

Jake: And I can’t believe you’re spazzing out like this.

Hamilton has a lot to say, but he doesn’t say anything.  He looks down and pouts.

Jake cont’d: I know this is weird and that you’re mad—

Hamilton looks up at her.

Hamilton: Yeah, I am mad…that some other guy moved into your room and you don’t seem to care.  And I’m mad that when I walked by earlier you didn’t even notice because you were so wrapped up in…whatever you two were doing.

Jake: Hamilton—

Hamilton: And I really hate that he’s good at all that hacking stuff and that…I’m not.

Jake: Hey, he’s not that good.

Hamilton: And, I’m also afraid that…you like him…

Jake: Yeah, I do like him.

Hamilton looks up.

Jake cont’d:  I also like Will and Scout, but…that doesn’t mean I want to kiss them…or shower with them…or…

She takes a step toward him.

Jake cont’d: …do ungodly things to them in the woods.

Hamilton smiles, blushing and assured that he has nothing to worry about. 

Jake cont’d: And, yes, I’ve been concentrating on hanging out with him all day, but…if I hadn’t been…he might have unpacked.

Hamilton nods.

Jake cont’d: By the way, did you get a chance to talk to your mom or someone?

Hamilton: Yeah, she’s supposed to talk to my dad and get everything worked out.  I was thinking maybe…you could…move in with me.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Yeah?  And did you run that one by your mom…because I can’t really see her going for that.

Hamilton: If she did…would you?

Jake: Absolutely not.

Hamilton: Oh…

He looks down.

Jake: I mean…Hamilton…sleeping that close to you all the time would probably not help maintain the status of my virginity.

He looks up, taking a minute to comprehend what she just said.  He blushes, looking away.

Jake cont’d: Can we go to Jill’s now?

Hamilton: Absolutely not…not yet.

He moves in to kiss her. 

(cut to): a closer shot of them as Hamilton pulls away.

Hamilton: So…when you say ungodly—

Jake laughs, rolling her eyes.  She grabs his shirt and pulls him toward Jill’s.

Jake: Come on, loverboy…

(cut to): an establishing shot of the garage.  Bella is sitting on a bench reading a novel.  Scout walks up wearing his Friendly’s uniform.  He sits next to her and she looks up.

Bella: Hey.

Scout: This seems strange.

Bella: What?

Scout: You sitting here reading…instead of working on a car or something.

Bella: I’m desperately trying to finish my summer reading list and…it’s been a slow day.

A beat.

Scout: I told you I’d come back.

Bella: And so did Will.  He was being so stupid about relaying your message…definitely trying to impress Gwen.

Scout: Gwen was there?

Bella: Yeah…and it was actually totally cool. 

Scout: Right…

Bella: No, really, I’m okay with it…and with Will.

Scout smiles.

Bella cont’d: And then Gwen asked if you and I used to date.  I mean…explaining that story is…

Scout: …complicated.  Jill’s been weird about us lately too. 

Bella: Jill’s been weird about me and you?

Scout nods.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  Jake and Hamilton sit on her bed as she unpacks one final box.

Jill: Well, it sounds like this kid is sweet. 

Jake: Don’t let him fool you.  He thinks you’re “hot.”

Jill laughs.

Jill: What’s up with his clothes, though?  And those glasses…

Jake: Yeah…I think he might actually be cute under the geek exterior.

Hamilton doesn’t look thrilled with that statement, but doesn’t say anything.  Jill notices.

Jill: Of course…he’s no Hamilton.

Jake looks at Hamilton and smiles.

Jake: Definitely not.

A beat.  Jill goes back to unpacking.

Jake cont’d: So, hey…are you okay?

Jill nods.  Hamilton realizes he may be in the way.

Hamilton: Why don’t I take off?

Jill: You’re fine.  I don’t want to talk about it anyway.  I already know Jacqueline’s opinions on the subject.

Jake: Bella?

Jill doesn’t say anything.

Hamilton: Banks?

They both look at him like “no the other Bella.”

Hamilton cont’d: I don’t get it.

Jill: Hey, um…are you guys hungry?  Because I’m hungry.

Hamilton: We could hit Friendly’s…avoid the crowds of the cafeteria.

They agree.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Johanna’s house.  Johanna is on the phone and Finn walks through the back door carrying a pizza box.

Johanna: Yes sweetie…he just got here actually…No, nothing good…Liver and onions…okay, pizza…I know…hang on, here he is…

She hands the phone to Finn.

Finn: Hi…well, it was your mom’s fault, she told me to get it.

She punches him in the arm and takes the pizza box from him.

Finn cont’d: …I heard about that…are you having fun?…uh-huh…

He walks over to Johanna and puts one arm around her.

Finn cont’d: …wow…uh-huh…

He turns the phone up so that he’s still listening as he kisses Johanna briefly. 

Finn cont’d: Oh, wow…cool…okay…

He kissed Johanna again.

Finn cont’d: Oh…hi, Dan…hang on.

He hands the phone to Johanna.

Johanna: Hello?…what? She wanted to talk to him…don’t be like that…we’ve discussed this before…yes, maybe he will be here when you drop her off…okay…tell her goodnight for me…bye.

She hangs up the phone and turns back to Finn who picks up the pizza box.

Finn: Dinner?

(cut to): to an establishing shot of Friendly’s.

Music: Givin’ Up on You by Lara Fabian

(cut to): inside.  Scout is working and Bella is the only customer.

Scout: Isn’t it great that they gave me my old job back…with no raise, I might add.  Although, I can see that I’m not really drawing a big dinner crowd.

Bella: I guess all the Rawley Academy freshmen haven’t figured out how to dodge the dining hall yet.

Scout laughs.

Scout: So, what can I get you?

Bella: Oh, I don’t know…Prince Charming with a side of happily ever after?

Scout smiles.  He walks over to the other side of the counter and sits down next to her.

Scout: So, you’re sure you’re okay about everything?  With Will, I mean…and Gwen.

Bella: If today is any indication, then I’m fine.  Well, you know, like I said, except for the whole “well, yeah…I liked him and then I thought he was my brother story.”

Scout smiles shaking his head.

Scout: That seems like a million years ago.

Bella: Boy, does it…

A beat.

Scout: Think things would have turned out differently?

Bella: If the whole potential sibling-ship was never an issue?

Scout nods.

Bella cont’d: Well…it might have distracted me long enough to prevent the disaster that my relationship with Will turned out to be.

Scout: You don’t think we would have worked out, though?  In the long run?

Bella looks at him, studying how serious he is.

Bella: Does it matter?

Scout: I don’t know…

Scout looks away.

(cut to): Jake and Jill walking toward town.

Jill: Does she call him that all the time?

Jake: Munchie?  Oh yeah.

Jill: We should have taken her up on that dinner invitation. 

Jake: A meal prepared by Kate Fleming?  I wouldn’t recommend it.

Jill: Well, Friendly’s was Hamilton’s idea.  Can we go somewhere else?

Jake: Where else? 

Jill: Good point.  Still…this place is like a pathetic version of our very own Peach Pit.

Jake laughs. A beat.

Jake: Hey…are you really okay?

Jill: I don’t know.  I know it’s stupid and you’ve told me a million times it’s stupid, but…something just feels off with Scout. 

Jake: That makes no sense…he’s obviously in love with you.  He said he wants to build you a house…sixteen year old boy who are not in love with you do not ask you if they can build you a house. 

Jill concedes the point, but not the debate.

Jill: How can I explain this?  You know how last season on Roswell, Max always claimed to be in love with Liz, but he had this whole alien history with Tess?  Well, it’s like that. 

Jake: Not that I ever watch that show, but…do I need to remind you that Tess was mind-warping Max?  Last time I checked, Bella still hadn’t developed any weird alien powers.

Jill: You know what I mean.  Scout and Bella have this whole history that never got any closure.

Jake: Are you familiar with obsessive reality disorder?

Jill: Don’t quote Dawson’s Creek to me.

Jake: Technically, I don’t think I can anyway.

A beat as we get the joke.  Jill gets back on track.

Jill: Okay, you want a real life example…look at our parents.  Hello, my dad loved my mom a lot too, but…

Jake: …all along he was in love with Monica Pratt.

Jill: What if it’s like that with Scout and me too—

Jake: No way.

Jill: …just hear me out.  What if he’s with me because he can’t be with her?

Jake: Jillian, the two of you have discussed this to death.  I can’t believe you still haven’t moved on.

Jill: What if it’s a sign that he hasn’t moved on. 

Jake: There’s no way.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout is wiping off the counters and Bella is sipping a Coke.

Music: Givin’ Up on You by Lara Fabian (playing again from the last Scout/Bella scene)

Scout: I didn’t mean to—

Bella: …make things weird?

Scout: Yeah.

Bella: That’s too bad because—

Scout: …I did.  I know.

A beat.

Scout cont’d: You know in movies when ghosts haunt houses?

Bella: Um…that’s got to be the most random non sequitur in the history of random non sequiturs.

Scout: My point is…do you know why they always say the ghosts are still there?

Bella speaks mysteriously:

Bella: Because…they haven’t passed over to the other side?

Scout: And do you know why?

Bella: No, but you’re freaking me out.

Scout: Unfinished business.

Bella: Fascinating.  What’s your point?

Scout: Maybe that’s why it matters if we would have worked out or not.

Bella: Ah, Calhoun logic…

Scout smiles.

Scout: Kiss me.

Bella: What?

Scout: Kiss me so we can settle everything once and for all.

Bella: Scout…no…

Scout: It’s scientific.

Bella gives him a skeptical look.

(cut to): outside as Jake and Jill walk past the gas station toward Friendly’s.

Jill: You must have died when you walked into your kitchen…

Jake: No kidding.  I was like “mom, we eat there.”

Jill: Still, I think it’s sweet.  I mean the history is a little dark…

She looks down as they get closer to Friendly’s.

Jake: Hey…Scout is not your dad, okay?  He’s always been honest with you about his feelings…he would never…

She stops as Jill stops in the middle of crossing the road to Friendly’s.  Jake looks where Jill is looking: into the Friendly’s window.

(cut to): a shot from their point of view as Bella sits on a stool and Scout stands in front of her…kissing her.

(cut to): Jake and Jill.  Jake is totally shocked and when she turns, Jill is already gone.

(cut to): Will as he knocks on Gwen and Jill’s door.  He waits a moment before turning to leave.  Gwen walks up the hall.

Will: Hi.

Gwen: Hi.

Will: I was just stopping by to make sure you told some girls about this newspaper meeting thing.

Gwen: Yes, I did.

Will: Well, thank you.  And…I’ll see you there too, right?

Gwen: Yes, you will. 

Will smiles.

Gwen cont’d: I mean, I’ll definitely need some extra-curriculars to add to the inevitable college application.

Will laughs, nodding.

Will: Okay…um…I’ll see you then…

He starts to walk away.

Gwen: Will?

He turns back to her.

Will: Yep?

Gwen: Thanks.

Will: For?  Oh, I know…recruiting you for the school newspaper then making you do my dirty work over at the girls’ campus.  Yeah, anytime.

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: I’ll see you, Will.

She unlocks her door and goes inside.  Will stands there a moment before walking off.

(cut to): Hamilton at the dinner table with his dad.  His mom comes in and sits down adding one more dish of…something.  Hamilton looks at the food looking a little disgusted until his mom passes him a dish.  He smiles.

Hamilton: Thanks, Mom.

He and his dad trade smiles.

Kate: I’m glad I could convince you to spend one more meal at home, Munchie.

Hamilton shakes off the nickname and lets her get away with it.

Hamilton: So, did you talk to Dad?  About Jake’s roommate.

Kate nods, looking up at Steven.  Hamilton does the same.

Steven: There aren’t any vacancies, Son.  We don’t have anywhere to put this Darcy boy. 

Hamilton: Yeah, but…I mean, Jake mom’s is paying for a single and—

Steven: Not anymore.  You’re the only one with a single.  Your room, in fact, is the one vacancy.  I suggested a rearrangement so that you and Jake could room together, but your mom seemed to think you wouldn’t like that.

She gives Hamilton a look of warning.

Hamilton: Yeah…um…Jake’s a total neat freak.

Steven laughs.

Steven: Yes, I could see how that would be a problem. 

Hamilton smiles and looks at his mom like “now what?” 

Kate: I also suggested to your father that you move back in, but he didn’t think you would like that.

Hamilton: Well, he’s right.

Kate looks unsettled by the whole thing. 

Hamilton cont’d: I like being there, Mom.  And not for reasons you probably think.  I just feel really comfortable there…and happy.

Hamilton looks resolved to come up with a solution.

Hamilton cont’d: That Dexter kid could…move in with me.  I mean…he seemed pretty…cool.

Steven: You’d rather live with a complete stranger than your best friend?

Hamilton looks at his mom, then back at his dad, nodding.

Steven cont’d: Rearrange however you want to, Son.  If you’re willing to give up your own privacy that’s fine with me.

Hamilton: Thanks dad.

He looks to his mom for approval and she shrugs acceptingly.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: What with SOA nominations, I’ve been breaking my no fic policy and finding some really annoying results (i.e., well-written fic).  One of the fics I read was Love and Heartache by Mae.  I’m not going to say what it’s about because you really need to discover this story and me giving a plot summary wouldn’t do it justice.


(fade in): to Will and Scout’s room.  Will has unpacked all of his stuff now and the room looks like it will from now on.  They have two beds with a large window seat in between.  Also there are two dressers, two desks, two large closets, a couch and a chair.  Will is sitting at his desk writing.  Scout walks in.

Music: Out of My Head by Fastball

Scout: Hey…this place looks great.

Will looks up, nodding.

Will: Better than the Waldorf.

Scout laughs and Will goes back to writing.

Scout: So, I didn’t see you much today.

Will looks back up at him, a little impatient to continue working on whatever he’s working on.

Will: I was trying to get some people interested in this newspaper thing.

Scout: How’d that go?

Will sighs then sets his pencil down.  He smiles.

Will: Do you have something to tell me?

Scout: What?

Will: Whenever you ask how my day went, what you really mean is “I have something to tell you about my day.”  So, what is it?  You and Jill get engaged or something?

Scout smiles.

Scout: Jill…wow…I love her.  In fact, I’m going to tell her that right now.

Will shakes his head, laughing to himself.  He goes back to work.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Neither Jake nor Dexter has unpacked.  Dexter is alone.  He’s kneeling on the floor wiring something together.  The door opens and Hamilton walks in.  Dexter looks up probably expecting Jake.

Hamilton: Where’s Jake?

Dexter: I don’t know.  He said he was going to see that girl…the hot one.

Hamilton looks around at this girl’s room, smiling to himself.

Hamilton: Oh.  Well…I see you haven’t unpacked yet.

Dexter: I’ve been a little preoccupied, but…you do have a point. 

Dexter stands up.

Hamilton: Listen, instead of unpacking…why don’t you move all your stuff into my room? 

Dexter doesn’t get it.

Hamilton: Well, see, this room was designed as a single and my room’s a little bigger so I talked to my dad and he okayed your room change.

Dexter: Are you kidding?  This room is huge.

Hamilton: Well, besides…you’re new…you probably want someone who knows the ropes around this place to help you get…acclimated.

Dexter: No offense, but…I’m pretty acclimated to this room.

Hamilton looks at him, frustrated, but then smiles.

Hamilton: Look, you’re not staying in this room so…why don’t you let me help you carry your stuff to our new room.

Dexter: But, I like this room…and my roommate. 

Hamilton the jealous boyfriend takes over.

Hamilton: If you really liked him, you’d give him his privacy.  I don’t mind company, but Jake’s really a private guy.  I think it’d be better for everyone if you moved out of his room.

Dexter: Oh…I get it.

Hamilton: Good.

Dexter: Jake doesn’t want me here so…he convinced you to…

Hamilton stands there neither confirming nor denying what Dex is saying.

Dexter cont’d: …well.  Why don’t I start moving my stuff down the hall?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Perfect.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room as Dexter walks in carrying a box.  Bella is sitting on his bed.  Dexter stops when he sees her.  Hamilton, who is carrying Dexter’s suitcase, almost runs into him.

Hamilton: What are you doing, man?

Dexter: There’s a girl in your room. 

He sets his stuff down awkwardly then walks out past Hamilton.  Bella looks up at Hamilton with raised eyebrows.

Hamilton: My new roommate. 

She nods.

Hamilton cont’d: What are you doing here?  Better yet, how did you get in?

Bella looks a little upset.

Hamilton: Why don’t we go back to…what are you doing here?

Ham walks over and sits next to her.  He tries to lighten the mood.

Hamilton cont’d: Are you firing me?

Bella: You took like a three-week vacation…you’ve been fired.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Wait…seriously?

Bella: No…you’re scheduled again next week.

Dexter walks in.

Hamilton: You shouldn’t tease your employees.

Dexter looks at Hamilton as he makes the comment, but leaves again to get more of his stuff.

Bella: Did he just get here?

Hamilton: He was originally assigned to Jake’s room.

Bella: Oh…oh

Hamilton: So…

Bella: So…

Hamilton: Did you come all the way over here to like hang out or to tell me I’m working next week or—

Bella: Well, it’s just…Will and I are good, you know, but…I can’t talk to him and…I definitely can’t talk to Scout about this because…well…and…Jake probably isn’t the best person and…Sean…hmm, well, he’s been busy getting ready for school and…

Hamilton: So, you settled for me?

Bella: I kissed Scout.

Not what Hamilton was expecting at all.

Bella cont’d: I mean, he kissed me…we kissed.

Dexter walks in as Hamilton speaks.

Hamilton: You kissed Scout?!

Bella: Shh…

Bella looks at the bathroom door that clearly leads to Scout’s room.  Dexter looks at them before he walks out and closes the door behind him.

Hamilton: I think you need to explain.

Music: Out of My Head by Fastball (again…just a bit…)

(cut to): Jake and Jill sitting at a picnic table by the lake.  Both are on the same side of the picnic table.  They just sit.  Jill stares down at her hands and Jake looks out across the lake.  She studies Jill for a moment.

Jake: Maybe if you just let him explain.

Jill pretends to ignore her.

Jake cont’d: Not that there could be a valid explanation…

Jill closes her eyes.

Jake: God, Jillian…I don’t know what to say here.

With her eyes still closed, Jill starts to cry.  Jake hugs her and Jill, finally acknowledging Jake, hugs her back and rests her head on Jake’s shoulder as she continues to cry.

(dissolve to): about a half hour later.  Hamilton’s room.  Hamilton is walking Bella to the door.

Hamilton: Hey, I don’t think you should feel bad.  If anything, it sounds like it helped him.  And, weren’t you a little curious too?  You know, to see if there was something.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Maybe just a little.

Hamilton opens the door to let her out.  He gives her a hug.

(cut to): the hall as Dexter watches the exchange from his spot on the floor.  He has his laptop in his lap and all his stuff around him.

Hamilton: Why don’t I stop by sometime next week, after I get settled in here?

Bella: You’re scheduled to work.

Hamilton: Perfect reason to stop by.  I’ll bring my guitar.  This will make a great song.  Of course…it’ll probably have to be a country song…

Bella laughs.

Bella: You do realize that I could kick your ass?

Hamilton looks at Dexter who looks back down at his computer then back up at Bella.

Hamilton: I would never doubt the hardcore-ness of a girl who can fix a car.

Bella laughs.  She looks at Dexter like she may introduce herself then at Hamilton.  Ham just shakes his head like “he’s hopeless.”  Bella gives him an amused look.

Bella: Thanks, Ham.

She exits.  Dexter stands up, as they both watch her leave.  Hamilton turns back to Dexter who is still watching Bella with his jaw dropped slightly.  Hamilton reaches over and closes his mouth for him.  Dexter looks a little embarrassed.

Hamilton: You’re going to need a lot of shower time, aren’t you?

Dexter doesn’t quite get it (and maybe neither did you…).

Hamilton: Anyway, let’s get your stuff moved in.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room, a few moments later.  Dexter and Hamilton are carrying his last few possessions in.  Dexter sits down on the empty bed…now his bed.

Dexter: So, was that your girlfriend?

Jake: Was who your girlfriend?

Hamilton looks up at the door as Jake walks in, leaning on the doorframe.

Hamilton: Bella.

He turns to Dexter.

Hamilton cont’d: And, no, she isn’t my girlfriend.

Jake notices that all of Dexter’s stuff is now in there.

Jake: This is an interesting rearrangement.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I know…the sacrifices I make.

Dexter looks up at them, a little hurt.  He gets up to unpack some of his belongings.

Dexter: Yeah, Hamilton told me that you’re a private person and…that you didn’t want me in your room.

Hamilton looks at Dexter angrily  then slowly turns back to Jake who looks just as angrily as him.  Dexter doesn’t notice as he continues to poutily unpack.

Jake (curtly): So, what was Bella doing here?

Hamilton: Confessional.

He laughs and when Jake doesn’t he goes on:

Hamilton cont’d: She needed someone to talk to…

Dexter: So, if she isn’t your girlfriend…why’s it such a big deal that she kissed—

Hamilton: Dexter…you want to shut up?

Jake: Scout?  Yeah…Jill and I saw that.

Hamilton: Oh, no.  Has she talked to Scout?  Because it’s really not that big of a deal.

Jake: Not that big of a deal?  Hamilton, what if…

She looks at Dexter who is unpacking, but obviously listening as well.

Jake cont’d: What if your girlfriend kissed some other guy?  Somehow, I doubt you’d be like “well, that was probably no big deal.”

Hamilton looks at her, knowing she’s right.

Jake cont’d: I can’t believe Bella came here and talked to you…

Hamilton: Well, we’re friends.

Jake: Oh, that’s okay now?  When it’s you, it’s okay?

Hamilton looks at Dexter indicating for Jake to chill out a little.

Jake cont’d: All summer you hung out with Bella and Gwen and—

Hamilton: Jake.  Chill, dude.  I’d like to think my girlfriend knows how I feel about her.

Jake: I’m going to go back to my room…to be alone…since I like…being alone.

Jake leaves.  Hamilton sighs to himself, but doesn’t go after her.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Yet another fanfic-filled commercial break.  Upon a Moonlit Night by Lauren Eli was yet another fic that was painful to read.  And, by that, I mean as I did before: it was really awesome.  I definitely think it’s a jahammer fic and I know how you guys like that kind of stuff J


(fade in): to Gwen and Jill’s room.  Gwen is sitting alone in the room.  She’s at her computer.  Jill walks out of the bathroom.

Gwen: If you guys didn’t break up then why are you crying in the bathroom while I’m telling Scout that you’re not here?

Jill: I don’t want to talk about it.

Gwen: Well, whatever’s wrong, I don’t think he’s in on it.  He looked…really happy.

Jill: Oh, well, that’s good…

Jill lies down on her bed.

(cut to): Jake in her room.  She’s unpacking.  She looks a little angry as she moves hastily around the room.  The door opens.

Jake: Would it kill you to knock?

Scout: Sorry…

Jake looks up, not pleased to see Scout.

Jake: Oh…I thought you were…anyway, what do you want?

Scout: Jill…in the worst way.  Have you seen her?

Jake looks pretty confused.  She tilts her head, but before she can speak, Hamilton walks in. 

Hamilton: Can you give us a minute, Scout?

Scout: Huh?  Oh, sure.  But, if either of you run into Jill…send her my way.  I really need to see her.

They nod, looking more at each other than him.

Scout cont’d: And, hey, Pratt…you owe me a motorcycle lesson

Jake looks like she may start yelling at Scout as Hamilton quickly escorts him out of the room.  Ham closes the door.

Music: Sooner or Later by Fastball

Hamilton: Dexter’s taking a shower.

Jake: Good to know.

Hamilton: I didn’t mean to…you know…he just refused to leave this room.  It was like he wouldn’t go unless it was coming from you…

Jake: And you didn’t think I could handle talking to him myself?

Hamilton: I…I didn’t think—

Jake: That’s right, you didn’t.

Hamilton: God…

Hamilton looks frustrated.  He walks quickly over to her.  He looks at her a moment, sighing.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m sorry.

She sighs too, calming down a bit.

Jake: It’s okay.

Jake sits on her bed

Hamilton: I’m sorry that I didn’t consult you on this Dexter thing. 

Jake: I’m not mad at you. 

He kneels down in front of her, placing his hands on her knees.

Hamilton: I know…you’re mad at Scout…and Bella and you’re taking it out on me, but…you’re also right.  I handled things badly with Dexter.  I wanted him out and…I didn’t think about what that would do to this new…friendship the two of you seem to be building.  And—

Jake: Are you just saying that because it’s what I want to hear?

Hamilton smiles then picks up where he was cut of.

Hamilton: …and I can’t exactly say I’m pleased with this “friendship” because…it’s a lot like how we started hanging out and…

Jake: …recent events seem to imply that even the most solid relationships are susceptible to good old fashioned—

Hamilton: …cheating.  Ouch. 

Jake: No kidding.

Hamilton: So, I’ve heard one side.  You saw the other.  Want to trade stories?

(dissolve to): the next morning.  Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  They’re asleep in their respective beds.  Most of Dexter’s stuff is still unpacked.  Hamilton wakes up and sits up.  He smiles, looking around…his dorm room.  He looks at it more critically.

Hamilton: I knew something felt off about this place…we need to rearrange…

He looks over at Dexter, but he’s still soundly asleep.

(cut to): Scout and Will’s room.  Scout seems to have just gotten out of the shower: his hair is wet.  He has on pants and is looking in his closet for a shirt.  There’s a knock from the bathroom door.

Scout: Yeah?

Hamilton walks in.

Hamilton: Hey…have you…oh, I guess you have.

Scout: Had a shower?  Yep.  It’s all yours.

Scout pulls out a shirt and puts it on.

Hamilton: And Will?

Scout: He was up early.  He went to clean out “the newspaper room.”  He’s really excited about the whole thing. 

Hamilton nods and starts to close the door then thinks twice.

Hamilton: Have you talked to Jill yet?

Scout: Thought I’d get breakfast then stop by and see her, why?

Hamilton: I think…we should talk.

Hamilton walks in closing the door behind.

Scout: About what?

Hamilton: Okay, Jake would kill me if she knew I was telling you this, but you need a heads up.

Scout looks a little concerned.

Scout: About?

Hamilton: Oh man…okay…um…Picture this: you and Bella get to talking and decide that you’re going to put the accusations to rest once and for all.

Scout: How do you—

Hamilton: …you’re going to kiss and find out.  An experiment.  Almost…scientific.  Cut to Jill and Jake taking a walk.  Jill is, for the five hundredth time, expressing her fear that the history you and Bella have is something she’ll never make go away.  Jake, as usual, tells her she’s crazy and that she should move on.  There’s nothing between you and Bella.  There’s no way you would…whatever…she doesn’t finish the sentence because…

Scout: Oh…god.

Hamilton: There you are…kissing Bella.

Scout: They saw.

Hamilton nods.

Scout cont’d: But…it definitely wasn’t how it must have looked…

Hamilton: I know that because I heard Bella’s version.  I told her it sounded like no big deal, but…hearing it from Jake…it seemed like a big deal.

Scout: What am I going to do?

Hamilton: Why have you been so gung-ho to see Jill?

Scout: Well…didn’t Bella tell you that—

Hamilton: …there was nothing there…no spark…not the way it was last summer.  Yeah.  So?  Were you planning on telling Jill about the kiss?

Scout lays back on his bed.

Scout: I just wanted to tell her that I love her.

Hamilton: You kissed another girl.

Scout: I wanted her to be able hear how much I meant it.

Hamilton: So…explain everything to her.

Scout: I can’t give her an explanation.  It might prevent her from dumping me, but—

Hamilton: Isn’t that the important thing? 

Scout: No, Hamilton…she’s the important thing.

Hamilton: Well, I wish she could have heard this speech instead of whatever it is you’re planning to say to her.

Scout: Hey, Jake isn’t going to—

Hamilton: Tell Jill that you were testing out her theories on the Bella/Scout chemistry? 

Scout: See…Jake knows, doesn’t she?

Hamilton: That Jill would blame herself?  Yeah. 

A beat as Scout sits up.

Scout: Thanks…for the head up.

Hamilton nods.

Music: I’ve Got a Crush on You by Mandy Moore (‘cause it’s the one way to make this next scene any cheesier)

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Will is uncovering the typewriters.  He kneels down to plug one in.  As he gets up the camera pans over to the door where Gwen is standing.

Will: Hey, you came.

Gwen: Why do you always sound so surprised to find I’ve done something that you asked me to?

Will shrugs.

Will: What I meant was: “thank you for coming to help me.”

Gwen: You’re welcome. 

A beat as Will puts a piece of paper in the typewriter.

Will: Who needs technology when you’ve got these things?

Will hits a key or two.

Gwen: When I said thank you yesterday, I meant thank you for not treating me like an outsider.  And, thank you for being nice to me because you wanted to be and not because I’m your roommate or…your girlfriend’s roommate…or…crying by the lake. 

Will smiles.

Gwen cont’d: You’re like Bella.  You’re nice because you are…not because you have to be.  So…that’s what I meant and I wanted to make it clear.

Will: Well—

Gwen: Let’s just get to work. 

Will looks at her sneakily as he types a few more letters.  He walks over to her and hands her the paper.

(cut to): the paper as she takes it.  In the top left corner it simply says “thank YOU.”

(cut to): a shot that includes both of them.  She watches him a moment as he turns away and takes the cover off yet another typewriter.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: If you saw Life as a House then you remember the scene where Josh goes into the bathroom as Sam’s trying to shower and says, “Bro…I need you tonight.”  Well, what if they had been cast oppositely.  Then Hayden would have delivered that line and Ian would have been like…this.


(fade in): 1:50 p.m., the newspaper room.  It looks pretty decent…or at least clean.  Will leans against the table and Gwen stands next to the open door.  Will looks at his watch.  Finn walks in.

Finn: Expecting a big crowd?

Will: I don’t know.  A few people seemed interested.  We’ll see, I guess.

Finn: Well…I’m late for a lunch date, but I wanted to stop by and wish you luck.

Will: Tell Ms. Ryan hi for me.

Finn looks happy.  He nods and turns to go.  He smiles at Gwen before taking off.  Once he’s gone, Will looks at his watch again.  He gets up and walks to the door, looking down the hall.

Gwen: Is this a big deal to you because he asked you to do it?

Will raises his eyebrows.

Will: Who?  Finn?

She nods.  Will shrugs.

Will: I don’t know.

Gwen: It just seems like you look up to him a lot…

Will: Um…he’s not exactly the model mentor that he originally seemed to be, but…maybe that’s why I like the guy.  He’s not some larger-than-life super hero.  He’s just…he’s human.  He makes mistakes and…so do I.

Will leans in the doorframe as he talks to her.  Once he completes the sentence, she doesn’t say anything, but nods.  There’s a brief, silent moment between them as Hamilton and Dexter walk up from the opposite way that Will is looking.  Gwen looks up at them and Will turns.

Will: People.  Excellent.  Come on in.

Music: If You’re Gone by Matchbox 20

(cut to): the small library of the girls’ campus.  Jill is searching for a book.  Scout walks in.  She doesn’t notice him at first.

Scout: Looking for a yearbook?

She looks up, taken off guard.

Scout cont’d: This is where we first met, you know?

She wasn’t prepared to see him and she doesn’t speak.

Scout: I know we need to talk, but before we do I want to say one thing to you.  Is that okay?

Jill nods, looking down.

Scout cont’d: I love you.  No matter what I say or what you saw…

She looks up at him, understanding that he knows what she saw.

Scout cont’d: I do. 

He takes a deep breath.

Scout cont’d: That being said…I don’t have an excuse for you.

Jill looks at him. 

Jill: We can’t be together anymore.

Scout closes his eyes.  He prepared for this, but somehow it still hurts him.

Scout: Jillian…I know what you saw, but…it didn’t mean—

Jill: Scout.  I don’t care what it meant.  It doesn’t matter.  We can’t be together because if we are, there’s always the “what if?”  What if you and Bella had worked out to begin with?  What if you and I had never met…

Jill looks around at the place where they met.

Scout: What if the hypothetical doesn’t matter?  What if you and I are meant to be?

Jill: “Meant to be?”  Scout, if we were meant to be, you wouldn’t have been kissing Bella. 

Scout sighs.

Scout: That really wasn’t what it looked like. 

Jill: Then what was it?

Scout doesn’t answer.

Jill cont’d: Look, I’m not mad or anything.  I’m hurt…and I’m sad…

Scout: I’m sorry…and you should be mad.

Jill: There’s no point.  You and Bella never had your chance.  She was finally not off limits to you and…you and I met.  I know it’s been over a year, but I’m obviously not the only one who hasn’t moved on.  We never should have met. 

Scout looks upset by that comment, but doesn’t say anything.

Jill cont’d: Go be with Bella, Scout.  I’m giving you the opportunity that you never got.

A beat.  Scout smiles to prevent himself from crying.

Scout: Love doesn’t win, huh?

Jill looks down.

Jill: I guess that’s what you need to go find out.

He looks at her, wanting to say so much.  He reaches out to tilt her head up, but she steps away from him.

Scout: I want you to know that…I kissed her, not the other way around.

Jill: Good to know…

Scout: It’s all my fault.  All of this.  You do know that?

Jill looks up at him, wiping tears away.  Scout looks at her hopelessly.

Scout: I’m sorry and I love you.

She looks up at him.  She seems to convince herself that it can’t be true.

Jill: Goodbye, Scout.

Scout nods.  He walks out.  Jill watches him go, beginning to cry more.

Music: You Don’t Know Me by Evan and Jaron

(dissolve to): Jake in her room.  It’s slightly later.  Her stuff is now unpacked and it looks similar to her old room, just bigger.  She’s working at her computer when there’s a knock at the door. 

Jake: Come in.

Scout walks in.

Scout: Do you know where everyone is?

Jake turns around in her chair.

Jake: Will’s meeting.

Scout: Oh yeah.

He starts to go. 

Jake: You look terrible.

Scout: I just broke up with Jill…or she broke up with me…we broke up.

Jake: Sorry to hear that.

Scout: I do love her. 

Jake: I understand that, but…I know all the circumstances now.  I’m guessing you didn’t offer her much of an explanation.

Scout: And what exactly was I going to explain?  That I was kissing Bella because Jill hounded me so much that I was curious too?  That she just wouldn’t drop it and it was driving me crazy.  No, I didn’t explain.  How could I?  All I wanted her to understand was that I love her, but she didn’t get it. 

Jake: …or she didn’t want to.

Scout leans against the door.  Jake looks sympathetic.

Scout: The funny thing is, she broke up with me because she wanted me to get the chance to see things through with Bella.  What she saw to make her decide that was the exact same thing that made me know for sure that it didn’t matter.  What Bella and I have isn’t history…it’s a past.  It doesn’t make me feel anything because it’s over…it’s gone.  And, as huge as I thought it was at the time…it was nothing compared to Jill.

Jake: You know…I don’t want her to feel like she caused this either, but if you really feel this way then maybe you should—

Scout: I can’t, Jake.  Right now, she just thinks I kissed Bella because I couldn’t resist doing it.  I’d rather her hate me than have her feel guilty.

Jake nods.

Jake: I’m sorry I hated you for the past, oh, sixteen hours.

Scout: It’s okay…Jill’s going to be hating me for quite a bit longer, I think.

A beat.

Jake: Don’t I owe you a motorcycle lesson?

Scout smiles.

(cut to): Finn’s apartment.  He walks in the door to find Johanna sitting on his couch.

Johanna: Hey, you’re late.

Finn: Hey, I know.  I had to stop by and see Will for a minute.

Finn sits down with her.

Johanna: How is he? 

Finn: He’s great.  He likes a girl.

Johanna: Did he tell you that?

Finn: No, I’m just a good guesser.

Johanna: What am I thinking right now?

Finn: That you make me incredibly happy…oh, wait…that’s what I was thinking.

She smiles, flattered, but a little distracted.

Finn cont’d: Something on your mind?

Johanna: Will you be there when Danny drops Meagan off?

Finn: Would you like me to be?

Johanna nods.

Finn: Done.

Johanna: Thank you.

He studies her as her expression changes from concern to relief.  A beat.

Johanna: So, Will likes a girl, huh?

Music: On the Bus by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): the newspaper room.  There is a group of about fifteen people, guys and girls.  Will stands in front of them.

Will: So we can basically get whatever funds we need if you guys are interested in doing this…and if we can be interesting enough to get people to read.

Gwen: I’m definitely up for it.

Hamilton: Me too.

Dexter: Ditto.

Most everyone else chimes in, agreeing.

(dissolve to): Will standing at the door as everyone leaves.  Ham, Dex, and Gwen hang around.

Will: You guys…I think this may actually happen.

Gwen and Hamilton concur.  Dexter hangs back a little.  He looks at Gwen.  Hamilton looks at him and laughs.  Everyone looks at Ham, waiting for an explanation.

Hamilton: Um…Dexter, this is Gwen Vaughn.

Gwen: Hi.

Dexter doesn’t say anything.  He looks at Hamilton.  Gwen looks at Hamilton too.  He just starts laughing again.

Hamilton: Um…and, Gwen, this is Dexter Darcy.

Gwen: Nice to meet you.

There’s another awkward moment as Dexter doesn’t respond, but looks at her.

Gwen cont’d: Well, I’m going to head back to my room.  My roommate’s going through some stuff…I have no idea what, but…

Hamilton: Hey, um…Oreos. 

Gwen: What?

Hamilton: She likes them…trust me.

Gwen: Okay.  Well, I’ll see you guys later.

Everyone nods or says goodbye as she exits.  Dexter stares at the door and this makes Hamilton crack up again.

Hamilton: Dex, listen to me…you’ve got to relax.

Dexter is embarrassed.  Hamilton looks at Will who looks behind regarding what’s going on.

Hamilton cont’d: He’s afraid of girls.

Will laughs, more at the idea that at Dexter.

Will: Hey…I know the feeling.

Dexter: I’m not afraid…well, not of girls.  It’s just that when I’m around them, I start thinking of what it’d be like to hang out with them and that they’d probably hate me because I’m boring and interested in stuff that they won’t be and—

Will: Slow down.

Hamilton: Yeah, I bet there are girls who have the same interests as you…actually, I know there are.

Will shakes his head.

Will: Just learn to be yourself.  I caught on to that last year and my worst experiences have been when I’ve forgotten it. 

Hamilton: Yeah…uh…unless “yourself” is that mute idiot that I keep having to introduce to girls because…that’s really annoying.

Dexter: Sorry.

Will and Hamilton trade looks as Dexter looks down.

Will: Anyway, thanks for joining my staff, Dexter.  I’ll see you guys later.

Dexter: If you get me that Quark program…you’ll have a great looking paper.

Will: I’ll try.

Will walks out.

Hamilton: Come on, Don Juan…let’s get back upstairs.  We’ve got furniture to rearrange.

They walk out the room.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Jake’s motorcycle driving down a road to New Rawley.

(cut to): the garage as the bike pulls up.  Scout is driving and Jake is behind him.  She gets off first, taking her helmet off.

Scout: Oh my God…

He takes his helmet off.

Scout cont’d: That was scary.

Jake: No kidding.

She laughs.

Scout: When can we do it again?

Scout gets off the bike and takes his helmet off.  Bella walks out of the office.

Bella: Hey guys.

Scout: Jake let me drive.

Bella smiles.

Bella: That was…brave of her.

Jake and Bella trade smiles.  Jake takes the helmet from Scout and puts it on the back of the bike

Jake (to Scout): Anyway, you’re here.  I’m going to go.

Jake climbs on the bike, putting her helmet on once again.

Scout: How am I going to get back?

Jake starts the bike.

Jake: Figure it out, Calhoun.  I’ll see you around, Bella.

Jake pulls away.

Scout: I think she thought we should talk.

Bella: Let me guess…Hamilton talked to Jake who talked to you.

Scout: Actually…it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Bella gives him an inquisitive look.

Music: Sometimes Wanna Die by Joydrop

(cut to): Gwen and Jill’s room.  Jill is standing up, staring at a blank canvas.  Gwen walks in carrying a paper bag.

Gwen: I snuck these out of the kitchen. 

Jill turns around.

Jill: Huh?

Gwen: Food.  You haven’t eaten all day…I didn’t see you at dinner last night…

Jill: I’m not hungry.

Gwen: I found Oreos.

Jill turns around, looking at her with raised eyebrows.  Gwen pulls out the cookies and offers them to her.

Gwen: …Hamilton suggested it.

Jill takes the bag of cookies and sits down on her bed. 

Jill: Hamilton…what a sweetheart.  I should be nicer to him.

Gwen: If you need anything, just let me know.

Jill: Speaking of people I should be nicer to…

Gwen smiles, standing with her arms crossed.

Gwen: Now isn’t the time to apologize to me.  You should probably just wallow.  Maybe actually paint whatever you were just thinking about painting.  Eat some of those Oreos.  Then, you can tell me everything that happened and…start the “be nicer to Gwen” campaign.

Jill laughs.  She looks at the canvas.

Gwen cont’d: By the way, have you met Hamilton’s roommate?

Jill: Hamilton has a roommate? 

Gwen: Dexter.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Yes, but last I heard, he was Jake’s roommate.

Gwen shrugs.

Gwen: I don’t see why the two of them don’t just room together.

Jill: Not everyone knows about them, you know?  Why live up to the rumors if you don’t have to?

Gwen nods.

Jill cont’d: But, yeah, that kid is a total spazz.

Gwen: That’s what I was getting at.

Jill opens the Oreos and offers them to Gwen.

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Hamilton looks around and Dexter watches him.

Dexter: I don’t really understand this Fan Shoe stuff…

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Feng Shui.

Dexter: Whatever.  What’s the point?

Hamilton: Look, it’s about the flow of energy.  This arrangement is so unharmonious.  Living here would be like trying to swim against the tide when you could, with a few changes, easily go with the flow.

Jake: Says the guy who lets his crap pile up everywhere…definitely blocking the flow of energy.

Hamilton and Dexter turn around.

Hamilton: Hey, shut up, Neat Freak.  You’re just in time to help us rearrange.

Music: Bed of Lies by Matchbox 20

(cut to): Bella and Scout sitting on the bench in the office at the garage.  Neither of them says anything.  Bella looks out the window, thinking.  Scout watches her.

Bella: Scout…I’m sorry.  I mean, God, I don’t even know what else to say…I really am so sorry.

Scout: Don’t be…I didn’t tell you about this so that you’d feel responsible.

Bella: So Jill hates me, right?

Scout: I told her I kissed you.  She understands that I’m the only person to blame.

Bella: I understand that you don’t want her to think it’s her fault, but, Scout, doesn’t it seem like if you just tell her the truth that everything will work out?

Scout: The truth?  The truth is I wanted to know because she wanted to know, but…I don’t think this is how she wanted us to find out. 

Bella: Just tell her that you wanted to know, then. 

Scout: That would imply that I don’t have faith in the way that I feel about her.

Bella: So, it’s okay for her to doubt how you feel, but not for you to doubt it.

Scout cont’d: I know it doesn’t make sense to you, but I can’t say to her “I did this because of you” and I also can’t lie and say “I did this for me.”

Bella: So you’re stuck not saying anything.

Scout looks at her, then down.  He leans forward and puts his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, covering his face.

Bella cont’d: You’ll be okay.

She puts her arm around him in a half hug.  Through the window, we see a Jeep pull up.

Bella cont’d: I’m going to—

Scout: Okay.

Bella gets up and Scout stays like he was.  Bella looks at him sympathetically before walking out the door.

(cut to): outside the garage.  Will is getting out of his Jeep.

Will: There you are…I thought you guys had gone self-serve.

Bella: Never. 

Bella walks toward the pump.

Will: I actually don’t need gas.  I just came to see you.

Bella: Be still my heart, Will Krudski visits of his own free will?

Will laughs.

Will: So, I think I may be the new editor of the Rawley Academy…whatever we decide to call it…the school newspaper.

Bella: Scout told me about your meeting.  You got people to show?

Will: When did he tell you that?

Bella: Last night when he was working at Friendly’s.  A little while before he and I managed to destroy his relationship with Jill.  It was a busy night.

Will: Wait…what?

Bella (matter-of-fact): Oh…Scout and Jill broke up because Scout and I…kissed.

Will raises his eyebrows.  All this is new to him and he takes a minute to process.

Will: So…you and Scout are—

Bella: No.

Will: I don’t get it.

Bella: It was like…kissing my brother.

Will laughs and opens his mouth to say something.

Bella cont’d: …and, yes, I understand the irony in that statement.  I just feel like awful about the whole thing. 

Will: So…why’d he and Jill—

Bella: I’m sure he’ll give you all the details…when you give him a ride back. 

Will looks confused until Bella points toward the office.

(cut to): a shot of Scout still on the bench inside the office.  He hasn’t moved much.

(cut to): Will and Bella.

Bella: Try not to give him a hard time, okay?

Will shrugs.

Will: Okay.

Bella: So, speaking of relationships…how’s Gwen?

Will blushes, looking down.  He looks back up at her.

Will: We don’t have to talk about it if—

Bella: We’re friends, Will.  I think that truly hit me on top of the Empire State Building. 

Bella laughs.

Bella cont’d: That’s not a phrase you use everyday.

Will smiles.

Bella cont’d:  Anyway, this whole thing with Scout has made me realize that when things are over, they’re over.  You can’t keep wanting the past or you’ll miss the present.  And, presently, I couldn’t think your little crush on Gwen was more adorable.  Yesterday at Friendly’s, for example, wasn’t just tolerable, it was enjoyable.  So…tell me everything.  Have you “put the moves on her?”

Will: No…not even close.  I’ve been struggling with the phrase “I like you.”  She’s given me a million opportunities to say it, but…I choke and—

Bella: Say something completely stupid?

Will laughs.

Bella cont’d: It’s a classic Will Krudski behavior pattern.  She says something nice…you can’t believe it so…you say something sarcastic which you think is witty, but in the end is just—

Will: …stupid.  Exactly.  I think “in writing” works better for me.  No chance of putting my foot in my mouth.

Bella: So, write her a poem…or an editorial.

Will laughs.

Will: Do you know what she said to me?  That I’m like you.

Bella: Yikes…

Will: She meant genuine…nice just because not because it was required. 

Bella: Hmm…maybe it’s a townie thing.

Will: Well, I thought it was an awesome compliment.

A beat.

Will cont’d: So, what about you?  Any guys up for the role of leading man?

Bella: Since yesterday?  No.

Bella smiles.  Scout walks out of the office, looking a little more put together.

Will: Hey…Bella tells me you need a lift.

Scout nods.

Will cont’d: Well, I think I got what I came for so…let’s roll.

Bella gives Scout an encouraging look as he walks toward the car.  She and Will trade smiles.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy several days later, the first day of classes.  Scout and Will walk into Finn’s classroom and take seats near the front.  Jake and Hamilton sit in desks almost in the back with Dexter in between them.  A few more people come in and Finn begins.

Music: Mistake by Anthenaeum

Finn: Hello, gentlemen.  I think most of you have had a class with me before, but if not, I’m Finn…no Mr. is necessary.  Welcome to “Introduction to Writers.”  This is a new class and I’m sure a lot of you chose it because it fulfills both an English and a history requirement.  Normally, I’d tell you to expect the work required of an English and history class, but I personally just had the best summer of my life so…I don’t feel like being a hardass.

(cut to): Will.  He’s probably the only one who really gets Finn and he smiles at the introduction.

(cut to): Finn at the front of this class.

Finn cont’d: Our goal here is to learn about the lives of the great writers.  For example, what do you know about the life of William Shakespeare?

Dexter: He cheated on his wife with some hot girl who was pretending to be a guy.

Jake and Hamilton look at each other, ready to completely crack up.  Finn looks at Dex skeptically.

Finn: Hi…what’s your name?

Dexter: Dexter Darcy.

Finn: Okay, two things, Mr. Darcy.  First, I’m never going to call you “Mr. Darcy” again…makes me feel like I’m in a Jane Austen novel.  Second, this is history, not historical tabloid journalism.  Shakespeare was involved in his share of love triangles, of that you can be sure, but while Shakespeare in Love was a great movie, I can guarantee that Will Shakespeare never hooked up with anyone as hot as Gwyneth Paltrow.

Dexter nods looking down.

Finn: Welcome to my class, Dexter.

Scout: I forget…what was Finn the non-hardass like again?

Finn: Mr. Calhoun, back with that famous wit, are you?

Finn pauses a moment.

Finn cont’d: It’s good to have you back.

Finn smiles and proceeds.

(dissolves to): class as it ends.  Finn stops Will as everyone leaves.

Finn: Will…

Will: Yeah?  What’s up?

Finn: I spoke to the dean about funding the newspaper.

Will looks worried for a moment.

Finn cont’d: He was very interested…especially when I told him his son would be involved.

Will smiles.

Finn cont’d: He pitched the idea to a few members of the board of Trustees complete with your budget and…they thought it sounded great.

Will: Really?

Finn: They’re going to have a meeting and the dean assures me that they should approve everything.  You’re an editor, Mr. Krudski.  Now, you just need to come up with a name.

Will: Wow. 

Finn: So, I take it your answer is “yes?”

Will: Huh?

Finn: I told you to think about it and get back to me.

Will: Oh…well…it’s been “yes” for awhile now.

Finn: Uh-huh…I saw that cute girl you’ve been hanging out with….Gwen, isn’t it?

Will: Gwen…she’s…um…

Finn: …really interested in helping you with the paper?

Will: Yes.

He smiles.

Finn: You know, a good pick up like is “want to be my co-editor?”  Girls go crazy for stuff like that…that is, if she’s any good.

Will smiles.

(dissolve to): just after school, a shot of the dorms.

Music: Breakdown by Joydrop

(cut to): Jill’s room.  She’s sitting on her bed, starting at a closed book.  There’s a knock at the door.

Jill: It’s opened.

Jake walks in.

Jake: Hey. 

Jill waves hello.

Jake cont’d: Studying?

Jill shakes her head.  Jake laughs as Jill tosses the book from her lap to the floor.  Jake walks over and sits next to Jill.

Jake: Where’s your roommate?

Jill: That newspaper meeting.  Will’s really pulled everything together quickly with that.

Jake: Yeah, that’s where Hamilton is.  Speaking of pulling stuff together, you doing okay?

Jill nods.  Jake looks over at the canvas where Jill’s begun a painting.

Jake cont’d: That’s coming along nicely.

Jill: Yeah…

A beat. 

Jake: God…Jillian…what am I supposed to say here?

Jill: That everything’s going to be okay. 

Jake: Well, everything is going to be okay.

Jill laughs.

Jake cont’d: You know, I’m probably not the best person to be counseling anyone.  Did you know that I’m going with Hamilton next time he goes to his therapist?

Jill: Thank God the two of you are finally seeking professional help.

Jake: Shut up.

They both laugh.

Jill: So, how were your classes?

Jake: I had too many with Hamilton.

Jill: Hard to concentrate?

Jake: Yeah.  Plus, we had Finn’s new class with Dexter.  That was just weird.

Jill: Does he like you or something?

Jake: No, it’s just the opposite.  I really think he has no clue.

Jill: He’d get along well with Gwen.

Jake: No…he can’t talk to girls.  It’s like Clark Kent and Kryptonite. 

Jill: But he can talk to you?

Jake: Yeah…and I’m glad.  He has amazing twenty-six hundred skills.

Jill: You know I don’t get that hacker talk, Jacqueline.

Jake: But, he does.  I want to hang out with him some, but Hamilton gets so…

Jill: …jealous?  Imagine.

Jake: Well, he has nothing to worry about.

Jill: I know…

Jake: Have you thought about…giving Scout another chance?

Jill: What?  Get out.

Jake: Hey…it was just an idea.

Jill: I gave him another chance…with Bella.  If he’s too stupid to take that chance then—

Jake: He doesn’t want to be with Bella.

Jill: How do you know?  You’re not supposed to be on his side.  You’re supposed to—

Jake: I’m on your side.  Believe me, it’s you I’m trying to help.

Jill: Well, like you said…you’re not in a position to counsel anyone.

Jake looks a little hurt.

Jill cont’d: I’m sorry.

Jake: Don’t be…you’re right.

Jill: No, I’m not.  You’re my best friend and, that fact alone, has amazing healing power.  Just…give me a hug or something.

Jake smiles and does it.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house.

(cut to): inside, the living room.  The doorbell rings.  Finn and Johanna walk out of the kitchen, holding hands.  She turns quickly to him.

Johanna: Is this going to be too weird for you?

Finn smiles and shakes his head.

Johanna: Thank you.

Johanna kisses him quickly then walks over to the door, opening it.  Meagan and Danny are standing there.  Meagan is playing a game boy.

Meagan: Hey mom.

Meagan walks in and up the stairs, engrossed in her game. 

Daniel: Hi there, Anna.  I think she had a good time.

Johanna doesn’t invite him in.

Johanna: I’m sure she did.

Daniel: Probably not as good as the times we used to have.

Finn: Dan, nice to see you again.

Finn walks over to the door, taking Johanna’s hand.

Daniel: Oh, I didn’t know you were here.

Finn: I’m here a lot…pretty much all the time now so…

Daniel: Okay, big fella, calm down.  I get what you’re saying: you’re sleeping with my wife. 

Johanna: Danny—

Daniel: Look, Anna…you’re a big a girl…sleep with whomever you want.  And, Finn…more power to you…she’s a great lay. 

Finn looks pissed off by this comment as Daniel smirks and turns around.

Daniel cont’d: We’ll talk later about my next weekend.

He leaves.

Music: Spotlight by Dexter Freebish

(cut to): the newspaper room, the meeting.  There are about twelve kids standing or sitting around as Will talks to them.  Ham, Dex and Gwen are included.

Will: So, barring no Board of Trustee anomalies…we’re going to get the funds to do this.

Hamilton: So…what do we do until then?

Will: First, come up with a name.  Got any ideas?

Hamilton: Don’t look at me…I never even picked out a name for my cat.

A few people laugh at Hamilton.

Will: Well, I was thinking of going with something Latin like Veritas.

Dexter: The Truth?  Like the X-Files.

People snicker at him as he realizes he just said that out loud.  He blushes.  Hamilton pats him on the back, laughing.

Will: Um…any other suggestions?

Gwen: Crew is such a big deal here…what about “The Row.” 

Will smiles at her a moment.  Hamilton clears his throat.

Hamilton: Are we about done here?

Will: Yes, we are. 

Everyone starts to get up.

Will: And, even though we’re not officially approved…tomorrow, I want you guys to come ready to brainstorm story ideas for your respective sections.

Everyone nods and exits.  Dexter seems to look to Hamilton to see if they should go.  Hamilton picks up his bookbag and walks out so Dexter follows him.  Will and Gwen are the only people left and they look at each other and laugh at Dexter.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room, a little while later.  It’s been rearranged.  Dexter sits at his desk.  Jake sits with her back against the headboard of Ham’s bed with her shoes off and her legs stretched out while Ham sits on the edge of the bed.  Hamilton watches Dexter in case he turns around. He reaches back and gently touches the top of Jake’s foot.  He runs a finger slowly up her leg.  Jake smiles at him, shaking her head.

Hamilton: So, Mr. Darcy, you and Finn really hit it off today.

Dexter: Yeah…don’t remind me.  I think he hates me.

Hamilton: Well, don’t worry…he’s not really as cool as he pretends to be. 

Dexter: Really?

Jake: Hamilton has personal issues with him.

Hamilton: Actually…I’m pretty much over that.  He seems a lot cooler lately.  Guess he just needed to get some from that new girlfriend of his.

Jake hits him with a pillow.  He laughs.

Hamilton: You hit like a girl.

Jake laughs.

Dexter: Hey, do you guys want to go get dinner?  I’m starving.

They look at each other.

Jake: I’m still full from lunch.

Hamilton: Me too…

Dexter: Okay, well…I’ll see you guys later then.

He gets up.

Dexter cont’d: Hey…and you’ll be here later, right?

Hamilton: Uh…why?

Dexter: I was going to leave my key if—

Jake: We’ll be here.

Dexter nods and walks out, closing the door behind him.  Jake and Hamilton look at each other for a moment before quickly moving together, kissing.

Jake: That was easy.

Hamilton: I thought we’d never get rid of him. 

Jake kisses him again. 

Hamilton cont’d: God, I love being in the dorms.

Jake: Me too… I mean—

Hamilton: I know what you mean…shh…

He kisses her again.  After a few more quick kisses, they slowly part.  Hamilton smirks.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: You kiss like a girl too.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Have I told you how laid back you’ve seemed here?

Hamilton looks at her, out of breath and cheeks flushed.

Jake cont’d: Well, not at this very moment, but…you just seem…

Hamilton: …happy? 

Jake nods as he touches her face.

Hamilton cont’d: You have like…no idea.

He kisses her again.  She leans back a little.

Hamilton cont’d: Speaking of laid back.

He continues kissing her until he’s leaning over her as she’s lying down on the bed.  She pulls him closer, kissing his neck.

Music: Story of a Lonely Guy by Blink 182

(cut to): Will and Gwen still in the newspaper room.  They’re sitting at the table, working on homework.  Will looks up at her, watching her a second.  She eventually looks up.

Will: That was a good suggestion…the Row.

Gwen: Thanks.

Will: Finn will like it…sounds like Thoreau.

Gwen: Yeah…

She looks back down at her work again.

Will: Do you…want to be my co-editor?

Gwen looks up at him, smiling.

(dissolve to): Gwen and Jill’s room.  Jill is actually painting.

Jill: “Do you want to be my co-editor?”

Gwen: Yeah…

Jill: Oh my God…that sounds like a bad pick up line.

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: He was just trying to be nice.

Jill: Yeah, right…

A beat.

Gwen: I know Hamilton and Scout think—

She stops.

Gwen cont’d: Sorry.

Jill turns around.

Jill: It’s okay.  You can talk about him.  I didn’t tell you about what happened so that you’d quit mentioning Scout Calhoun.  Look, I’ll do it right now:  Scout Calhoun is a lying, cheating scumbag.

Gwen: Jill…

Jill: Scout Calhoun is…the only person I’ve ever loved.

She turns back to her painting.  Gwen looks at her sympathetically.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Jake and Hamilton, still on Hamilton’s bed and still making out.  Jake’s lost a layer or two and Hamilton’s shirt is off, though he still has a white undershirt on. 

Music: Suddenly by Athenaeum

(cut to): the bathroom door as it opens.

Scout: Hey, Ham, do you have a minute? 

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  They stop kissing and look a little annoyed.

(cut to): Scout.

Scout cont’d: Whoa…

He turns red.

Scout cont’d: ..sorry guys.

He turns around and exits.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton as Hamilton sits up.  Jake sits up a little more, leaning against a pillow that is against the headboard.

Jake: Does that door lock?

Hamilton: Yeah, from the inside.

Jake rolls her eyes.

Jake: We could go to my room…

Hamilton: What would be the fun in that?

Jake gives him a suspicious look.

Hamilton cont’d: Anyway, I don’t think he’s coming back.

Jake: Good point.

Hamilton: Besides…it’s more fun when you might get caught.

Jake: I never knew you were such an exhibitionist.

She smiles as Ham moves in to kiss her again.  He pauses as their noses touch.

Hamilton: I love you.

Jake (uncertain): Really?

This takes him off guard.  He closes his eyes a moment and sits up straight.  He sighs.

Hamilton: It really freaks you out, doesn’t it?  This thing with Scout and Jill and Bella…

Jake studies him.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean…it freaks me way out too. 

Jake: You were in a good mood…I shouldn’t have—

Hamilton: Been honest?  Listen…what you said the other day about Bella and Gwen and this summer…I would never—

Jake: I know.

Hamilton: And, it’s hard for me to just accept the fact that you like Dexter and want to hang out with him sometimes, but…I can…I will.

Jake: I trust you too, Hamilton.

She looks off.  He smiles and looks at her for a moment then takes both her hands, again getting her attention.

Hamilton: I know it’s tough and what happens with everyone else makes us look at our own relationship, but please try not to doubt me when I say I love you.  We weren’t like Will and Bella when they broke up and we aren’t like Scout and Jill now.  We’re just us.  We’re not complex.  I mean…maybe on the surface our life is a little complicated.

He releases one of her hands as he picks up her boy, button-up flannel shirt, handing it to her.

Hamilton cont’d: At the core, though, what we have is simple because all that really matters is that I believe that you love me and you believe that I love you.  And no matter how complicated the external gets and how many people our involved in our life…you and me are really all that matter.

Jake looks at him a moment as she smiles widely.

Jake: Have I ever told you that you’re my favorite person in the entire world?

Hamilton smiles.

Jake cont’d: Even if you did just steal Ben Affleck’s big speech from Forces of Nature.

Hamilton: Did I?

Jake: Yeah, but that’s okay…he’s my second-favorite person.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I can’t believe you just said that. 

She smirks at him

Hamilton cont’d: God…come here.

He pulls her toward him, hugging her.

(cut to): Johanna’s house, the living room.  Finn and Meagan sit on the couch as Finn plays Meagan’s Gameboy.  Meagan watches, interestedly.  Johanna walks out from the kitchen.  She watches for a moment.

Johanna: Hey, dinner’s ready guys.

Meagan: Mom, in a minute, Finn’s about to beat this level.

Johanna: Oh, is he?

She stands behind the couch and wraps her arms around Finn’s neck.  A game over type noise comes from the Gameboy.

Meagan: Uh!  Mom, you made him lose!

Finn hands the Gameboy back to Meagan giving her an apologetic look.  She rolls her eyes and takes the Gameboy.  She looks up from it as Finn and Johanna look at each other.  She smiles to herself and goes back to playing.

Meagan: You know, one of these days, I’m going to say “I told you so.”

They look at her, smiling.

Music: Fire Escape by Fastball

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Will is doodling on a piece of paper that he has been writing on.  We can’t see much, but we can see Gwen’s name written a few times here and there.  He taps his pencil on the table.

(cut to): the door as Gwen walks in.

Gwen: Scout said you were still here.   

Will: Yeah…I’m just…

He slides the paper underneath some others.

Will cont’d: …brainstorming a little.

Gwen nods.  She sits down across from him.

Gwen: I have two things I want to ask you.

Will: Okay.

Gwen: Why’d you ask me to be your co-editor?

Will: Um…you’re smart…and, I proof-read more than one essay for you this summer so…I know you can write…and you’ve been really helpful so far.  Next?

Gwen: Okay…how are you and Bella doing?  I usually try not to pry, but…you didn’t really see her all that much this summer and she’s so great and—

Will: Bella and I are friends. 

Gwen looks down.

Will cont’d: She was a little annoyed with me this summer but…she and I have managed to repair a few burned bridges.

Gwen: Okay.

A beat.

Will: Is that it?

Gwen: For now.

Will smiles.

Will: So…I have one last question for you.

Gwen: Okay.

Will looks at her or a second like he’s about to talk.

Will: Sometimes I’m not that good at talking.

Gwen: I’ve noticed.

Will laughs.  He turns his chair around and flips on one of the typewriters on.  There’s already paper in it so he types.  Gwen walks over to the other side of the table.

Gwen cont’d: Is this going to become common practice?

Will hits enter several times to get up what he typed.  Gwen leans over to read it. 

(cut to): the paper that says “So, will you be my co-editor?”

(cut to): Gwen as she smiles, shaking her head.  Will waves his hand toward the typewriter.

Gwen: Good God, this is worse that Jill and I imming each other while we’re in the same room.

But she smiles at him and looks at the typewriter.  She has to lean in front of him and he doesn’t make much of an effort to get out of her way, but she doesn’t notice.  She types quicker than he did.  She stands up motioning for him to read it.

(cut to): the typewriter as Will hits enter a few times, holding the paper.  It says “only if you will be mine.”

(cut to): the two of them.  Will smiles as Gwen steps back, leaning on the table.

Will: It’s a deal

Gwen: Shouldn’t you have typed that?

Will laughs.

Gwen: Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow…and you better come with some good story ideas.

Will: Is it too late to back out of this deal?

Gwen laugh then exits.  Will breathes an amused sigh of relief.

Music: The Burn by Matchbox 20

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Scout is lying on his bed with his hands behind his head.  The bathroom door opens slightly.

Jake: Scout?

He looks over at her.

Jake cont’d: Is anyone else here?

Scout: No.

Jake walks in, buttoning up the flannel shirt that Hamilton handed her earlier.  She looks up noticing his inquisitive look.

Jake: Dexter was at the door and…this exit just seemed less…

Scout: Conspicuous?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Exactly.

Scout stares up at the ceiling.

Jake cont’d: Hey…did you want to talk?

Scout sits up and looks at her.

Scout: Am I making a mistake?

Jake: Meaning?

Scout:  Do you think if I just…told her everything that we’d be okay?

Jake: You know, I understand that you had the best of intentions, but…you did kiss another girl. 

Jake walks over and sits next to him.  She takes a moment to collect her thoughts.

Jake cont’d: What you need to decide is, was it really just because of Jill or…were you a little curious too.  Because if you were, you didn’t just do it because of Jill…you also proved her right.

Scout looks at her a moment, considering this.  He looks away.

Scout: I told Bella that I couldn’t tell Jill that I did it for me because that would be a lie, but…

Jake: …maybe it’s the truth?

Scout looks back at her.

Scout: I don’t want to believe that.

Jake: If you want to talk to her…to lay it all out on the table, then you should.  But, just consider why she broke up with you.

Scout: So that I could “be with Bella.”

Jake: Or…so that you could not be with Jill.  And, I don’t have like insider information…her official story to me is that she wanted to give you the opportunity to explore something that you never got to explore.  Interpret that how you want.

(cut to): Scout as he gets what Jake’s saying.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: This is the last commercial break.  I know the structure of this episode may not imply that, but it is.  See, apparently when building this episode, we didn’t use enough triangles because the structure seems to be just falling in on itself.  I’ll stop trying to be clever now…just wanted to give you a heads up. 


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, after school.

Music: Leave by Matchbox 20

(cut to): Will and Gwen walking and talking as they head toward the newspaper room.

Will: No, no, no…just listen…it’s like an exposé…

Gwen: I don’t think anyone wants to know what they put into the dining hall food.

Will laughs.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: In architecture, the functionality of the triangle is that it supports pressure equally on all three sides. 

(cut to): Bella at the garage working on a car.  Scout’s car pulls up.  He gets out, waving Bella away when she comes to pump the gas.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Unfortunately, in love, there’s really nothing like that.

Scout: I got it.

She walks over to talk to him anyway.

Bella: How’s everything?

Scout shrugs.

Scout: Life’s been better, but I’m dealing.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: In a relationship, the pressure isn’t put on a triangle…the triangle creates that pressure.

(cut to): Jill in her room.  She’s still working on the same painting.  She steps back a second and looks at her brush.  She kneels down to get a new one, picking up several that lay on top of her supply box (the one Scout built and gave to her).  She looks through the brushes in her hand, but find nothing suitable.  She opens the box.

(cut to): the picture of Jill and Scout that is in the top of the box.

(cut to): Jill as she closes the box and sits all the way down on the floor looking as though she may cry.

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Dexter is at his computer and Jake is watching over his shoulder.  Hamilton sits on his bed, watching.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Two’s company; three’s a crowd.  Always.

Hamilton: Dexter…are you ready?

Dexter: One…minute…

He continues to type.  Hamilton stands up.

Hamilton: Come on, we’re going to be late…

Jake: One minute, Hamilton.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And when you’re the odd man out, it hurts.

Hamilton gives up and falls back onto his bed, whining.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But as some character in a mediocre movie once pointed out…

(cut to): Finn in his classroom.  Someone knocks on the doorframe.

(cut to): the door as Johanna stands there.

(cut to): a shot of the room and both of them.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: When you’re in love, it’s like being in a protective bubble.

Finn: Hey…what are you doing here?

Johanna: I was in the neighborhood.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And there’s no triangle because there’s just two of you…or two of you that matter.

Finn: Somehow I don’t believe you.

She smiles.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: While this is easy to understand in theory, we sometimes fall victim to the Love Triangle and all the jealousy that it creates.

(cut to): Gwen and Will as they stand in front of the newspaper staff talking.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I really need the bubble…I think we all do.

(fade out)




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