Music: The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most by Dashboard Confessional

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

(cut to): a shot of a hall by some classrooms. The dean walks by with an unfamiliar, dark-haired woman, Alivia Dalton. Alivia is both rich and intellectual. She walks with confidence in both these aspects.

Alivia: Thank you so much, Steven, for giving me a tour. This place has changed a great deal since I’ve been here.

Steven: Who was dean while you were here? Was it William Avery?

Alivia: Old Man Avery, we called him. I would much rather be around these days with a dean who is still in the prime of his life…so handsome and interesting…

She doesn’t look at him as she pours out the compliments. His brow furrows, trying to get a read on her.

Alivia cont’d: In fact, I wouldn’t mind being a member of the faculty here. This will be my second year on Sabbatical from Loyola Marymount. That job was draining. Not exactly Ivy League. But here…I’m simply energized.

Steven chuckles.

Steven: If we ever have any openings in the English department, I’ll be sure you’re the first person I call.

Alivia laughs flirtatiously.

Alivia: A cross-county coastal relocation suddenly seems so…appealing.

Steven: Alivia, don’t take this the wrong way, but—

Alivia: If only you were as susceptible to my advances as I was to yours all those years ago.

Will (voice over): Temptation.

Steven looks around, getting irritated and looking for a more private location. He steps into a classroom, beckoning her to follow. She enters the classroom behind the dean, smirking all the way.

Steven: That was another time. I have a family now.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Almost always, it leads us astray.

Alivia: You had a family then: cute-as-a-button eight-year-old son…loyal, unsuspecting wife.

Steven: We’re much more solid now.

Alivia smiles smugly, folding her arms.

Alivia: Okay. Just thought I’d offer.

Steven looks at her, his longing for her now much more apparent.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Yet it’s also what drives us.

Steven: Don’t tempt me like this. Please.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It’s what makes us want.

Alivia’s smile does not falter. She is eating this up.

Alivia: I apologize.

She exits the classroom. He stares at the spot where she stood.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And the worst part is no matter how hard we fight temptation, no matter how often we don’t succumb, it still lingers, calling us, taunting us into a place we want, but are afraid to go.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Boys’ Academy.

(cut to): the dean’s office. Alivia and Alyssa sit in chairs opposite the dean’s desk. Steven is seated at and looking nervous across his desk.

Alivia: I just wanted to thank you again, Dean Fleming, for helping Alyssa get oriented today.

Steven: Always my pleasure to assist a member of the prestigious Dalton family.

She smiles, looking at him seductively. Alyssa doesn’t notice. Steven straightens his tie.

Steven: So it sounds like we’re all set…here’s your schedule.

He hands it to her and she examines it.

Alyssa: What about art?

Steven takes the schedule back and looks at it.

Steven: Um, yes…we have you signed up for intro to art.

Alyssa: I’d really like to try A.P. Art.

Steven: That class is usually reserved for seniors.

Alyssa: But—

Alivia: You heard him, Dear. You’ll be able to take that class when you’re a senior.

Alyssa takes the schedule back, folds her arms and sits back in her seat. She looks at her schedule one more time.

Alyssa: I’ve already missed all my classes.

Steven: Last period starts in a few minutes. You can still catch that Victorian Literature class.

Alyssa nods, frustrated, but wanting to escape the dean and her mother.

Alyssa: Well, I guess I should get going again. Are you leaving now, Mother?

Alivia: I have some alumni business to take care of with the dean.

Alivia stands up as Alyssa does, hugging her.

Alivia: I’ll give you a call when I get back home, okay?

Alyssa: Okay.

Alivia: I love you.

Alyssa: Love you too.

Alyssa gives her mom one more look then exits.

Music: It’s All My Fault (But I’m Not Sorry) by Megan Slankard

(cut to): the quad. The only inhabitants are seated together in a small group.

(cut to): a closer shot of the group. We see Finn as he paces casually in front of his class of eager co-ed learners, sprawled out comfortably in the sun. We see our entire Rawley cast in the mix. Scout and Will sit together confidently in the front row. Behind them are Jake, Hamilton and Jill. Jake and Hamilton trade covert smiles while Jill doodles in a notebook. Far back, Dexter and Tyson sit together. Tyson elbows Dexter who looks up as Alyssa runs up. She glances around, spotting familiar faces, but chooses to sit off to the side all by herself. Scout notices her next, he looks pretty shocked, but she purposefully does not catch his eye. He whispers to Will who sees her as well. Jake and Hamilton glance at her, though Hamilton’s gaze lingers much longer than Jake’s. We pan over to Jill who starts to talk to Jake, but is stopped by a glance from Finn who begins to speak.

Finn: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Victorian Literature. I’m sure you’re all pleased to be in your last class on this first day—a Wednesday, nonetheless. I am pleased to see such a large and diverse enrollment in an elective class. In fact, I’ll take it as a compliment and assume that you’re all eager to work with me…or that you forgot to register early and got stuck with me.

A few people laugh.

Finn cont’d: Either way, welcome.

The nervousness of the first day fades slightly as people get more comfortable on the grass…all except Scout who eyes Alyssa nervously throughout the class.

Finn cont’d: If you’re worried about the genre, don’t be. I’ve selected a fine group of poems, stories and novels that are personal favorites, which means, of course, that they inherently don’t suck.

A few more people laugh.

Finn cont’d: The first of which I personally mailed to each of you this summer. Take it out.

Everyone pulls out a stapled photocopy except Alyssa.

Alyssa: Excuse me, Mr. Finn?

Some people laugh. Finn smiles warmly.

Finn: Just Finn is fine.

Alyssa: Okay. Finn. I just signed up for this class so—

Finn: Say no more.

He pulls out an additional copy from his back pocket and hands it to her.

Alyssa: Thanks.

She examines the first page.

Finn: Just try to follow the discussion as best you can.

Alyssa: Oh, the Goblin Market? I’ve read this. I should be fine.

Finn: Fantastic, Ms. …?

Alyssa: Dalton. Alyssa.

Finn: Ms. Dalton. Perhaps you could give us a brief synopsis of Ms. Rossetti’s poem.

Alyssa: Sure. It’s a parable about the temptation to step into the forbidden.

(cut to): Hamilton. He is listening interestedly to the exchange.

Finn: Nice interpretation. Perhaps someone a little better at paraphrasing could help you out with a synopsis.

He looks at Hamilton who looks up, embarrassed to be pegged as the summary boy.

Hamilton: These two girls hear these creatures, monsters really, selling fruit. One—uh, Laura, I think—

tries the fruit and then almost dies when she can’t have it anymore.

Finn: Why can’t Laura have it anymore?

Hamilton: It’s a one time deal, I guess.

Finn: Why?

Hamilton considers this, but doesn’t have an answer. Alyssa, still watching Hamilton, turns to Tyson when he speaks. Tyson definitely notices.

Tyson: Once you give in, there’s no going back.

Finn: Interestingly metaphoric of you, Mr. Carter.

Tyson smiles, proud of himself.

Will: I don’t get it, though. I mean, why can’t she have the fruit anymore?

Everyone laughs. Will doesn’t get it.

Jake: That’s what he just asked us, Krusdki.

Scout: Yeah, and Will is saying the question was never really answered.

He glances back at Tyson who rolls his eyes.

Finn: Elaborate please, Mr. Calhoun.

Scout: Well, okay, Laura ate the fruit, but she couldn’t keep eating it. She wanted more, but she couldn’t have more.

Tyson: Right. And the question is why?

Scout: I know…

Scout is frustrated.

Alyssa: Look, guys, she couldn’t have more because the men wouldn’t let her have more. This poem is all about women’s lib. Female writers of Rossetti’s time had to learn from their male forerunners, but they couldn’t dwell there. They had to move on. Do their own thing.

Finn smiles.

Finn: Interesting.

Alyssa is now the center of everyone’s attention. Tyson is enamored. Jill is disgusted. And Scout is still surprised as hell that she’s there at all.

Finn cont’d: There are actually several readings of the poem. One focuses on the obvious Biblical tie-ins. One on just what Ms. Dalton was discussing. And another on the economic implications of Ms. Rossetti’s work. I would like you to spend the remainder of class re-reading and analyzing the poem from any of the perspectives I just described. You can turn in your papers tomorrow.

Everyone groans.

Finn cont’d: Okay. Make it Friday…and work with a partner. Find one now then go find somewhere else to get your work done.

They wait, wondering if class could really be over already.

Finn cont’d: Well, get to it.

Everyone looks around or gets up to find a partner. They pair up: Dexter and Tyson, Scout and Will, Jake and Hamilton. Jill is left solo as is Alyssa. Jill tries not to make eye contact with Alyssa by lingering with Jake and Hamilton.

Jake: Hey, you can work with us.

Jill: Thanks, but he said partner. Besides, I think I have someone.

Jill’s obviously annoyed by this admittance. Jake tilts her head.

Jill: I’ll tell you about it later.

Jake nods.

Hamilton: You want to go work? In our room?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Yeah, okay.

She turns to Jill.

Jake: Everything okay?

Jill: Yeah.

Jake looks at her curiously.

Jill cont’d: Really.

Jake: Okay.

Jake doesn’t totally buy it, but she leaves with Hamilton anyway. As they walk off, Alyssa approaches Jill. Jill cringes slightly, but then smiles at Alyssa.

Alyssa: Since we’re roommates do you want to work together on this?

Jill: Sure. Sounds like you pretty much have it all figured out anyway.

Alyssa shrugs.

Alyssa: It tends to happen when your mom is an English professor. This innate knowledge of literature.

Jill smiles reluctantly. She notices Scout and Will lingering. Alyssa follows her glance then blushes. Will gives Scout a nudge, forcing him over to the girls. Will then follows.

Scout: Hi, Jill.

Jill: Hi.

Scout: Aly?

That’s all he need ask because Alyssa spews into an explanation.

Alyssa: My mother insisted I come here. I know you must think...I mean, I don’t know what you think, but…it wasn’t my choice.

He nods then cautiously looks from Alyssa to Jill.

Scout: Are you two partners?

He raises his eyebrows at Jill.

Jill: By default.

He doesn’t get it.

Alyssa: We’re roommates.

Scout: Oh.

Jill: I heard all about your summer.

Alyssa looks slightly mortified. Will looks at Scout, concerned for him. He goes to the rescue.

Will: I’m Will, by the way. And you must be Alyssa.

He extends a hand to Alyssa. She shakes.

Alyssa: Will? Scout’s roommate, right?

Will: Yeah—oh, well, no. Some people got shuffled around against their will.

Scout: Including me.

Alyssa (genuine): Sorry.

He shrugs.

Scout: Hey, no big deal, I get to live with Dexter.

Alyssa: Oh, the photo guy?

Jill: That’s him. Don’t you think we should go get to work?

Alyssa nods.

Alyssa: Good idea.

(cut to): a shot of the girls as they walk back to their campus.

Alyssa: Thanks for that save.

Jill (sarcastic): No problem.

Alyssa: Do you know him pretty well?

Jill: Who? Scout?

Alyssa nods.

Jill cont’d: You could say that. Why?

Alyssa: Do you think he still has feelings for me? Could you tell?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: Not really. I mean, who knows what he’s thinking half the time.

Alyssa nods.

Jill cont’d: Do you want him to still have feelings for you?

Alyssa: No. No…

She shakes her head, reiterating the point.

Alyssa cont’d: I just need to know. I mean, the way we left things…it was kind of based on the idea that we would never see each other again, but now…it looks like we’ll be seeing each other daily…at least for the rest of the semester.

Jill: You could drop the class.

Alyssa: Yeah, but I’m crazy about the topic.

She sighs then stops.

Alyssa: I should just go talk to him right now…re-establish some boundaries.

Jill: Boundaries are good.

Alyssa: Is that cool? Can we work on this paper later?

Jill: Of course.

Alyssa: Great. Oh, and I also wanted to ask you about A.P. art.

Jill: What about it?

Alyssa: Is it hard to get in?

Jill: Not for a senior.

Alyssa: I have to take that class. I need a more advanced approach to my drawing.

Jill: Then take regular art and work your way up like the rest of us.

Alyssa looks momentarily defeated. Jill feels bad.

Jill cont’d: Of course, I haven’t seen your work…

Alyssa brightens up again and pulls out a sketchpad from her pile of books. She hands it over. Jill flips through. We see some of the sketches over her shoulder. They are mostly images from the beach, all well-drawn. Jill is obviously impressed and unhappy by this fact.

Jill cont’d: You should show these to Mrs. Fleming.

She hands the pad back.

Alyssa: Really?

Jill: In fact, I’d say go there and camp out.

Alyssa nods.

Alyssa: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Jill: Yeah…

Alyssa: I’ll see you back in our room later?

Jill: Sure.

Alyssa smiles and walks off back in the direction of the boys’ school.

(fade out)

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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorm.

Music: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

(cut to): Nick’s apartment. He and Bella stand by the door. She has her arms around his neck and he leans down to kiss her.

Nicholas: I’m glad to see you today. My intro to drama classes were terrible. Those kids…

His hands wander down to her hips.

Nicholas cont’d: They just weren’t into it.

She kisses the side of his neck.

Nicholas cont’d: I mean, I didn’t even hit them with the history of theatre. I had them do some improve. Who doesn’t like improve?

Bella: Rich kids who spend their whole lives pretending to be someone they really aren’t?

Nicholas chuckles.

Nicholas: Maybe, but I think I heard the word “boring” as the last class was leaving. I’m a failure.

Bella: Then they really are as dumb as I suspected because you, Mr. Mann, are anything but boring.

Nicholas smiles at her.

Bella cont’d: Which is why I hate to have to tell you that I need to get back to the garage. My dad’s been asking me questions lately. I mean, this summer I was in a class…I was here with purpose. Now…

Nicholas: You should have gotten a scholarship.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Right…all the kids in a particular group of friends end up at the same school. What is this, a Fox teen drama?

Nicholas: Fox?

Bella: Yeah, haven’t you heard? Fox is the new WB.

Nicholas laughs.

Nicholas: I bet I could get a gig playing a high schooler on Fox. Maybe then we could tell your dad.

Bella laughs and pats his chest.

Bella: You work on that.

She kisses his lips.

Bella cont’d: Meanwhile…

Nicholas: You have to go.

She nods.

Nicholas: Okay. I love you.

Bella: I love you.

She kisses him again and slips out. He leans against the door, in love and happy.

(cut to): a long shot Sean’s house.

Music: Maybe It’s Just Me by Butch Walker

(cut to): a closer shot of the steps. Jill sits there reading through Goblin Market.

(cut to): a shot of the sidewalk as Sean walks toward his house, spotting Jill.

Sean: Jill?

(cut to): a shot of the steps as Sean walks up. Jill smiles.

Sean: What are you doing here? I thought I was coming out to see you.

Jill: I’m a terrible person.

Sean: Why?

Jill: Well, I’m just going to be honest with you and I don’t want you to get upset or jealous or angry or anything like that, okay?

Sean: Okay…although I am now officially worried.

Jill: New roommate girl…

Sean: Alyssa.

Jill: Yeah, or “Aly” as former boyfriends like to call her.

Sean: Former boyfriends as in Scout.

Jill nods. Sean hangs his head.

Sean cont’d: So this is a Scout thing…

Jill: God…the whole thing…it just drives me crazy. Why? Why does it drive me crazy?

Sean: Well, I’m assuming if the obvious were the answer you wouldn’t be sitting here asking me that.

Jill considers this.

Jill: The last time Scout and I talked—really talked—he told me to be with you. I never really told you about that.

Sean: No, but I’m glad you took his advice.

Jill: And so am I. I mean, you’re…

She looks at him with a smile.

Jill cont’d: You’re what makes sense to me. You’re amazing.

Sean takes her hand, kissing it. He takes hold of it as he slips down next to her on the step.

Sean (joking): But you’re still hung up on your ex-boyfriend or what?

Jill laughs.

Jill: It’s more like I’m disappointed that he’s not still hung up on me.

Sean squints.

Jill cont’d: See. I’m terrible. I have this happy, wonderful world with you…and I’m sitting here wondering how Scout could get over me.

Sean: Well, you were right about the honesty thing…

Jill doesn’t miss a beat.

Jill: Plus, this girl, Aly…she’s like this…new and improved me. She’s younger…smarter…a better artist.

Sean: Yet still not good enough for Master Scout, apparently.

Jill: Yeah, why is that?

Sean: Look, I’m doing my best here, but this is really a sore spot for me and you just keep digging in

Jill: I know. I’m sorry.

Sean: I mean, what do you want me to say, Jill? Maybe he’s not over you. Maybe he’s just not into this girl for whatever reason. Maybe she has flaws that you haven’t discovered. Maybe Scout’s just an idiot. Or maybe I am…for being with a girl who’s so into her ex’s love life.

Jill covers her face.

Jill: I told you. Terrible.

He takes her hands down.

Sean: Look, my advice, if that is what you want…

Jill: Please.

Sean: Try not to hold it against her.

Jill: But—

Sean: And tell her that you dated Scout, for crying out loud.

Jill: I know…it’s just so awkward…

Sean: The best cure for that is to be upfront about it.

Jill nods.

Jill: Okay. But I’ll have to ease into it.

Sean: Fair enough.

Jill takes Sean’s other hand.

Jill: Thank you for being understanding.

Sean (joking): Yeah, sure, now get over Scout already, will ya?

Jill looks at him, fully reprimanded then kisses him.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s room. Jake sits at her desk typing on her laptop. Hamilton lies on his bed, distracted from Finn’s poem opened in front of him.

Jake: Okay, give me that quote one more time.

Hamilton: Huh?

He looks up, truly lost.

Jake: Are you okay?

Hamilton: Yeah…uh, what quote again?

He looks down at the poem. Jake looks at him curiously then closes her laptop.

Jake: Maybe we’ve had enough for the first day of school.

Hamilton smiles, glad for the break.

Hamilton: Yeah, definitely.

Jake walks over to the bed, sitting next to him and ruffling his hair. He sits up, giving her a casual kiss on the cheek.

Jake: Want to head over to the common room and veg out on some TV?

Hamilton: Sounds good.

Hamilton is thinking of something.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: It seems like I was supposed to do something today.

Jake: Oh, your mom…those—

Hamilton: Darkroom supplies finally came in.

Hamilton hops up.

Hamilton: You want to come help carry stuff down to the darkroom?

Jake laughs and stands up.

Hamilton cont’d: You’re welcome to go catch Felicity instead.

Jake checks her watch.
Jake: Oh, it’s about to start right now. I love WB reruns…and the fact that no one is ever in the common room at this time.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Go watch. I can handle the darkroom stuff.

Jake: Are you sure?

Hamilton: Yeah, I’ll just run home and find out where exactly she wants everything then…it shouldn’t take too long to get done.

Jake nods, kissing his lips gently.

Jake cont’d: I love you, Hamilton.

Hamilton: I love you, too.

Jake: I’ll meet you in the dining hall around dinnertime?

Hamilton: Okay.

Jake plants a loving, long kiss on Hamilton then heads out the door. Hamilton stands, looking around the room then at the poem. He picks it up, looking it over then tosses it down and heads out the door.

(cut to): the common room. Scout and Will occupy a pair of chairs off to the side. Scout stares out the window while Will examines the poem.

Will: I say we go with the economics angle. It’s pretty fascinating how…

He notices Scout is not listening.

Will cont’d: …the plot of this story is just like Matrix, don’t you think?

Scout: Yeah, yeah definitely…

Will laughs. Scout looks at him as it registers.

Scout: Sorry. I’m just in a state of shock.

Will: I don’t blame you.

Jake strides in, intent on the TV. She notices the guys just as they see her.

Will: Hi, Jake.

Jake: Hey, guys.

She stands in front of them.

Jake cont’d: We haven’t talked much. I trust you both had good summers?

She lets her gaze rest on Will, knowing already how Scout’s summer went.

Will: Amazing.

He smiles.

Scout: So, how was Camp Anawana or whatever?

Jake laughs at the name.

Jake: Not too bad.

A beat.

Scout: Look, um…is Jill…I mean, I’m assuming she found out that I never really mentioned her to Aly.

Jake: Oh…she found out all right.

Scout nods, exhaling.

Scout: What do you say?

He looks at Will who shrugs.

Scout cont’d: “There’s this person I’m trying to get over.” Why even bother?

He pauses then shrugs.

Scout cont’d: I didn’t know she’d end up here this year let alone roommates with the very person I was attempting to get over…

Scout shakes his head, sighing. A beat.

Scout cont’d: Sorry. I don’t mean to bring you into all this, Jake.

Jake: Hey, you know—

She’s cut short as Alyssa enters. She walks tentatively toward the group.

Music: Move Along by The All-American Rejects

Jake cont’d: Felicity’s on so…see you guys later.

She exits to the couch as Alyssa gets to the boys. She glances over at Jake, but doesn’t look disappointed she doesn’t have to meet another new person. She turns to Scout as he and Will rise.

Alyssa: Got a minute?

Will: I was just leaving…

Scout wishes he wouldn’t, but smiles uncomfortably at Alyssa.

Scout: Sure.

Will gracefully exits. Scout gestures to the seat Will left behind. Alyssa sits down as does Scout.

Alyssa: The funny thing is, I know you, Scout.

Scout: What do you mean?

He glances at Jake, satisfied that she is watching Felicity and not eavesdropping. He tugs on the hem of his shorts.

Alyssa: I mean…could you be any more uncomfortable right now?

Scout swallows, leaving his hem alone when she glances down at it.

Alyssa cont’d: But what I can’t figure out…what I’ve never been able to figure out is…how you feel…

Scout: About what?

Alyssa looks at him in plain irritation.

Alyssa: About me.

She looks down at her hands.

Alyssa cont’d: I mean, are you freaking out because you thought you’d gotten away with a hot summer fling only to find me in your English class or…because…

She looks up at him now. He can see where she’s going.

Scout: I don’t think of you as a fling, okay? You’re my friend…like we said at the end of the summer.

Alyssa nods and puts on her best smile.

Scout cont’d: And I’m glad you’re here this year…although I could do without you living with my ex-girlfriend.

Alyssa nods before what he said registers.

Alyssa: Ex-girl—

She stops herself as Scout looks at her, worried. She looks momentarily angry, but then smiles.

Alyssa: Jill is a great artist.

Scout: As are you.

She stands up. Scout does the same. Jake glances back at the movement, but immediately goes back to Felicity.

Alyssa: Thank you. Speaking of, I’ve got to find the art room. I’m trying to convince Mrs. Fleming to let me into A.P. art.

Scout: I can walk you there if you want.

Alyssa: Sounds good.

A beat.

Alyssa cont’d: And Scout…I know we did the friends things under the condition that we’d probably never see each other again, but…I’m up for it if you are…the real deal.

Scout: I think I can handle that.

He smiles.

Alyssa: Good.

She smiles.

Scout: To the art room?

Alyssa: To the art room.

They leave together. Jake looks back at them, laughing to herself.

(fade out)


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Music: The Everlasting Fall by American Hi-Fi

(cut to): to the art room. Alyssa sits at one of the art tables, drawing in her sketchpad.

(cut to): the door as Hamilton walks in. He pauses when he sees her, tilting his head, watching, interested. After a beat, he finally speaks:

Hamilton: Hi.

(cut to): Alyssa. She looks up, smiling at him. Without Scout around her confidence seems to shoot up.

Alyssa: Hi.

(cut to): Hamilton. He stands awkwardly in the doorway. He puts his hands in his pockets then takes them out.

(cut to): Alyssa. She looks at him curiously, but goes back to her sketchpad, her smile widening.

(cut to): a shot that includes both of them.

Hamilton: Um…

He doesn’t go on. She laughs.

Alyssa: “Um” to you, too.

Hamilton: Who are you?

Alyssa chuckles and goes back to her sketch.

Alyssa: A figment of your imagination.

Hamilton: I was beginning to wonder…

She looks up and they lock eyes for a moment. There’s a connection here.

Alyssa: My name’s Alyssa.

Hamilton: Alyssa. Dalton. From class.

Alyssa: Uh huh.

Hamilton: What are you doing in here?

Alyssa rolls her eyes and shrugs, looking back at her drawing.

Alyssa: It’s the art room. I’m doing…art.

Hamilton gets curious and walks over to look at her drawing.

(cut to): a shot over her shoulder. She’s sketched another beach scene.

(cut to): a shot of the pair.

Hamilton: That’s really good…

He lets his gaze drift up from the drawing to Alyssa.

Hamilton cont’d: …really beautiful.

Alyssa: Thanks.

She looks back at him and realizes he’s now looking at her. She turns back to her drawing, tucking her hair behind her ear.

Alyssa cont’d: You’re kind of intense, you know?

Hamilton: Sorry…

He holds his gaze on her.

Alyssa: You’re still doing it.

Hamilton: Sorry.

He looks away.

Alyssa: I’ll forgive you…if you tell me your name.

Hamilton: That’s all you want? My name?

She looks up at him coyly, flirting.

Alyssa: For now.

He smiles, waiting a beat.

Hamilton: It’s Hamilton.

Alyssa: Nice to meet you, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Yeah…ditto.

A beat.

Alyssa: So…

She turns around in the chair to face him.

Alyssa cont’d: What brings you to the art room today?

Hamilton smiles, and takes a seat in a chair across from her.

Hamilton: I’m actually here for—

Alyssa: The art teacher?

Hamilton chuckles.

Hamilton: Yeah.

Alyssa: Good luck, I’ve been waiting for an hour.

Hamilton: An hour, huh? Must be important.

Alyssa: I need her to let me into AP Art.

Hamilton: And you’re not a senior?

Alyssa: This is my first year here.

Hamilton: First year? Sophomore. There’s no way you’re getting into AP Art.

Alyssa: Why not? Is Mrs. Fleming some kind of strict, rule-following uber-bitch?

Hamilton chuckles.

Hamilton: No, but her husband is.

Alyssa laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: How come you want to do AP Art now, anyway?

Alyssa: Have you ever just wanted to try something? You think it might be good…it might be what you want, but you’re not quite sure. And, you’re just…you’re dying to find out?

Hamilton: Yeah…

He smiles for a moment, then snaps out of it.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean, no. I mean, I…whoa....

He takes a deep breath.

Hamilton cont’d: Don’t take this the wrong way, but you make me really nervous.

Alyssa tilts her head. She might be into this guy.

Alyssa: That’s really sweet, actually.

(cut to): the hallway. We can hear Alyssa’s words just before we see Jake walk up outside the art room. When she hears Hamilton’s voice inside, she stops just outside the door.

(cut to): inside the art room.

Hamilton: It’s just that…you’re…you’re really beautiful and I…I haven’t…it’s been a long time since…

(cut to): Jake. She’s frozen.

(cut to): inside the art room.

Alyssa: Since what?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Hamilton: Nothing. I was just…rambling…thinking out loud. There’s something I should tell you.

Alyssa: What?

(cut to): Jake.

Hamilton: She’s my mom.

Jake looks confused by this.

(cut to): inside the art room. Alyssa also looks fairly confused.

Hamilton: Kate Fleming. The art teacher.

Alyssa: That would make the strict, rule-following uber-bitch—

Hamilton: The Dean. My dad. Yeah.

Alyssa laughs.

Alyssa: That’s funny. I thought you were going to tell me that you have a girlfriend or something.

Hamilton: Oh, well…

She gets it.

Alyssa: Hamiltondo you have a girlfriend?

He thinks about this.

(cut to): the hallway. Hamilton’s hesitance is clearly hurting Jake. She shakes her head in disbelief. She starts to walk in, but makes herself stop.

(cut to): inside the art room.

Hamilton: Um…

Alyssa: So we’re back to “um” again, huh?

Hamilton: I don’t exactly, but it’s…complicated.

Alyssa: You don’t exactly have a girlfriend?

Hamilton hesitates again.

Hamilton: …That’s right.

(cut to): Jake. It was the last blow she’s willing to take. She swallows back anger and disappointment and heads for the art room door. After a few steps, though, she quiets her steps and peeks inside the room.

(cut to): a shot from her point of view. Hamilton and Alyssa don’t notice her. Alyssa look down now, shyly, but Hamilton watches her intently, curiously.

(cut to): Jake. She pulls her head out of the room, still in shock from the whole situation. She starts to walk away from the room, but it quickly turns into a run.

(cut to): inside.

Alyssa: Well, listen, if you ever want to hang out…

Alyssa stands up.

Alyssa cont’d: I’ll probably be here camped out, begging your mom to let me in that class.

Hamilton laughs, standing, too.

Hamilton: She’s at home right now, though…I was just there.

She picks up and closes her sketchpad. She smiles one more time.

Alyssa: Thanks for the info.

He smiles. She hesitates.

Alyssa: I’ll see you around.

He nods, the reality of the situation hitting him when she brushes his arm on her way to the door. She stops before leaving and asks the question carefully:

Alyssa: Oh, hey, do you know Scout Calhoun?

Hamilton: Yeah, sure. He’s a good friend of mine.

She nods, considering the implications of this.

Alyssa: Mine, too.

Hamilton: Really?

Alyssa: Yeah. Do you guys ever party?

Hamilton: What? Like, in the dorms?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Hamilton: Not really, but…

Alyssa: Let me know if you do. I really need to unwind…soon.

Hamilton nods.

Alyssa: Well, bye, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Bye.

Alyssa looks him over then exits.

(fade out)


Commercial Break


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the one-hour photo, later.

Music: Black by Colin Blades

(cut to): inside. Dexter and Tyson work.

Tyson: So you want to do that whole “female writers of the time” angle Alyssa was talking about?

Dexter rolls his eyes.

Dexter: Sure.

Tyson: What?

Dexter: You’re obsessed.

Tyson: Can I help it if the girl is supremely fine?

Dexter: Smart, too…

Tyson scoffs.

Tyson: Well, obviously…

Dexter just shakes his head.

Dexter: Maybe you should introduce yourself.

Tyson: Someday, man…someday.

Dexter laughs and goes back to work. The bell rings a few seconds later as Will enters the shop.

Tyson: Hello, Will.

Will: Hello.

Dexter looks back and forth between them as Will addresses Tyson.

Will cont’d: I know you get off soon and I was thinking I could buy you a burger…you know, talk about your first day and everything.

Tyson: Finn put you up to it?

Will shrugs.

Tyson cont’d: We live together…I know that’s tough enough on you. You don’t have to do anything extra.

Will looks down, feeling bad.

Will: I’m sorry if I haven’t been…hospitable.

Tyson: Yeah, well, I’m sure it’s hard to dish out the hospitality from Scout’s room…or wherever it is you spend all your time.

Will sighs, running a hand back through his hair.

Will: Scout’s having a rough time right now and…I don’t want to make it seem like he’s been replaced.

Tyson: If Scout really feels that way…then, man, he needs to grow up. Besides, how do you think he’ll feel when he finds out you’re sneaking around behind his back with your new roommate.

Will laughs.

Will: Okay, when you say it like that…

Tyson: It sounds pretty damn lame, doesn’t it?

Will nods, defeated.

Tyson: Now that you’ve seen the error of your ways…Dexter, you lock up…Will, let’s go get that free burger.

(cut to): Friendly’s. Jill and Sean occupy a booth. An unfamiliar waiter is taking care of a few other customers scattered about. Will and Tyson enter, spotting Jill and Sean. Sean waves them over.

Sean: The two greatest catchers in summer league history…

Will: How’s it going, Sean?

Sean: Good, man, real good.

He glances at Jill who smiles at Will and Tyson.

Jill: Want to join us?

Tyson: Only if we can shamelessly flirt without pissing off your boyfriend in the process.

Jill laughs as Will and Tyson join them.

Sean: So how’s life across the lake?

Will: The same…and different.

Sean: Yeah? You guys are roommates, right?

Will: Yep.

Sean: How’s Scout taking it?

Will: He’s dealing.

Jill looks concerned, but Tyson only rolls his eyes.

Tyson: Anyway…Jill…you and Alyssa start that paper yet?

Jill: Not yet…you know Alyssa?

Tyson: Oh, not directly. Just as the girl Scout loved and left this summer, if you know what I mean.

Will and Sean trade an uncomfortable look.

Tyson: What?

Jill: Scout and I…last year…It’s kind of a sore subject…

She glances at Sean.

Tyson: Really? I never would have figured Scout could get the ladies like that...particularly one as lovely as you.

Jill blushes as the situation is eased. Sean puts an arm around Jill territorially.

Sean: So when is that paper due anyway?

Jill: Friday.

Sean: Perfect. I was thinking of throwing together a little school year kickoff party Friday night.

Jill: You were?

Sean nods.

Sean: My parents are going to be out of town until Monday.

Will: And will said party be inter-scholastic?

Sean: Naturally. Invite the usual crowd…and I’ll do the same.

Will: This part of that Rawley-Edmond peace treaty you’ve been working on?

Sean: God, don’t remind me of that disaster. No, this party will serve no greater purpose.

Will: Will it be substance free?

Sean: Hmm…maybe I’ll go with B.Y.O.B.

Jill: You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good stiff drink.

They all look at her.

Jill: What? It’s a nice way to unwind.

Sean: Anyway…you two in?

Will: Uh, well, I am supposed to be setting an example here.

Tyson: Yeah, so set the example on how to sneak out the dorms after hours, drink some booze, and get back before you get busted.

Will: I don’t know…

Jill: If Will is too square…I’ll come and bust you out.

Will: No, that won’t be necessary.

Tyson raises his eyebrows. Will nods, making a silent agreement to take Tyson to the party.

Tyson: Hallelujah.

Sean laughs.

Sean: Amen.

A beat as all laugh.

Sean cont’d: Well, gentlemen, I have to get this lovely lady back to her dormitory so…Friday?

Will: Friday.

Tyson: I can’t wait.

He smiles at Jill flirtatiously and shakes Sean’s hand before getting up and moving to the other side of the table. Sean and Jill exit. Will looks at him in disbelief.

Tyson: What?

Will: You’re, like, the epitome of smooth.

Tyson laughs.

Tyson: Front.

Will: For?

Tyson looks serious.

Tyson: Well, Will…if I told you that…you’d know my biggest secret and, to be honest, I don’t think I want my vulnerabilities exposed to a guy who’s supposed to be my mentor, but won’t even spend five minutes in our shared dorm room.

Will: Man, you are really bitter about that, aren’t you?

Tyson: I’m neglected, unloved and under-appreciated.

He folds his arms. The waiter finally comes up and picks up the dishes left by Sean and Jill.

Waiter: Can I get you something to drink?

Will: Coke.

Tyson: Same.

He walks off.

Tyson cont’d: Didn’t you used to work here?

Will: Still do, but I’ve been giving Scout most of my hours. I’m trying to feel out this semester right now.

Tyson nods.

Will cont’d: So…your front?

Tyson chuckles.

Tyson: If you must know, it’s a cover for my terminal dorkiness.

Will: No way.

Tyson: Serious. That’s why I like Dexter so much. He is on the outside who I am on the inside.

Will: You’re right then. You’ve got one hell of a front.

Tyson: It’s faulty, though. I mean, for every sports team I’m on, I’m a part of some geeky club. And for every girl I can flirt with, there’s at least one I just don’t have the nerve to talk to.

Will: Oh yeah? Like who?

Tyson: Now that is one secret you’ll have to get out of me when I’m drunk.

Will doesn’t quite know what to say.

Tyson cont’d: Hey, I’m just kidding. My inner-nerd has never allowed me to succumb to that adolescent temptation.
The waiter returns with Cokes.

Waiter: Do you still need a few minutes or—

Will: Just a couple of cheeseburgers, please.

The waiter nods and heads off toward the kitchen. A beat as Will looks Tyson over.

Will cont’d: If you ever bring the guard down…I’ll be ready to listen.

Tyson nods.

Tyson: Okay.

They smile cordially as we…

(cut to): the girls dorm. Sean’s truck pulls up front and Jill hops out.

(cut to): her dorm room where Alyssa sits at her desk, typing the essay for Finn’s class on a laptop. Jill enters. Alyssa finishes the sentence she was working on then turns to Jill. Jill looks at her uncomfortably.

Music: Walk Away (Maybe) by Good Charlotte

Jill: Hi.

Alyssa: Were you ever going to tell me?

Jill: Tell you what?

Alyssa: That you dated him?

Jill doesn’t know what to say.

Alyssa: Well?

Jill: I was…

Alyssa: You were what?

Alyssa stands up confrontationally.

Jill: I was easing into it.

Alyssa: I can’t believe you.

She’s furious.

Alyssa cont’d: You let me tell you all these intimate details and you never—

Jill: You told me all that before I even knew who you were talking about.

Now Jill is getting irritated.

Jill cont’d: And, besides, you know, who goes around telling complete strangers “intimate details” about anything? I didn’t ask you. I didn’t want to know anything about you. In fact, every new thing I learn about you makes me want to know even less about you.

Alyssa is more hurt than angered by that statement.

Alyssa: Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

She folds down her laptop, picks it up and walks from the room before Jill even has time to react.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s room. Jake is sitting at her desk looking out the window. The lock on the door clicks and she swiftly tries to look busy by typing. Hamilton looks Jake over very carefully before speaking.

Hamilton: Hi.

Jake turns around, trying to be nonchalant.

Jake: Hi.

Hamilton: I, uh, I had dinner at home.

Jake: Cool.

Hamilton: That’s where I was.

Jake: Okay.

Hamilton: I mean, I was in the art room for awhile.

Jake: I know.

Hamilton: Then I went home to tell my mom I was done and to see if I needed to do anything else and she asked me to stay for dinner.

Jake: What’d you have?

Hamilton: Meatloaf. It was awful.

He cringes. Jakes can’t help a smile.

Hamilton: Anyway, I’m pretty tired. Can we hold off on that essay?

Jake: Sure, we’ve still got a few days.

Hamilton: I’ll probably just grab a shower and hit the hay, okay?

Jake: Okay.

Hamilton smiles awkwardly. Jake turns back to her laptop to hide a pained wince. Hamilton looks at her again before heading off into the bathroom.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Tyson and Will’s dorm room, the next morning. Tyson sits on his bed reading a comic book. Will is tying his shoes.

Music: The Geeks Get the Girls by American Hi-Fi

Will: So, this afternoon’s the first crew conditioning.

Tyson: Uh-huh.

Will waits, but Tyson just continues reading.

Will: Are you in or what?

Tyson: I don’t know. I’ve never even used a rowing machine at the gym.

Will: Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve seen you without your shirt on. You’ll be able to hang with the varsity boys just fine.

Tyson gives him a curious look.

Will: Hey, we go to an all boys school. If that’s the most homoerotic thing you ever hear, you’ll be doing well.

Tyson: Good point.

Will: Anyway, Finn wouldn’t have asked you if he didn’t think you’d benefit the team.

Tyson considers this.

Tyson: All right. I’ll check it out.

Will: And Dexter will be at coxswain this year so you’ll have a friend on the team.

Tyson: Looks like I’ll have two.

Will smiles and nods.

(cut to): Alyssa and Jill’s room. Alyssa is fully dressed and using a mirror to apply the last of her make-up. Jill is still in bed. Her alarm goes off and she hits it and sits up. She looks at Alyssa then gets up, grabs a sundress off a hanger in her closet and heads for the bathroom. Alyssa finishes her make-up and a moment later Jill emerges from the bathroom with the dress on. She pulls her hair up into a quick bun that she secures with a hair elastic. Alyssa looks at her with a curious smile.

Alyssa: How do you that?

Jill rubs her eyes, still tired.

Jill: What?

Alyssa: Look perfect in less than 2 minutes.

Jill gauges the comment as she sits down on her bed and slips on a pair of sandals.

Jill: I’m sorry about what I said yesterday. And, I’m sorry for not mentioning the Scout thing. I honestly didn’t know how to bring it up after everything you’d told me.

Alyssa: I don’t blame you. I was just embarrassed.

Jill: I was hurt…that…he didn’t even mention me and…I shouldn’t have taken that out on you.

Alyssa nods, accepting the apology.

Alyssa: Pretty ironic that we ended up roommates, huh?

Jill: I’d say.

A beat as Alyssa finishes her primping. Jill looks slightly irritated by the process.

Jill cont’d: I didn’t get to ask…how’d talking to Mrs. Fleming go?

Alyssa: I didn’t get to. I’m going to stop by her house this morning and see if I can ambush her.

Jill nods skeptically.

Jill: Sounds like a plan.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s room, the next morning. Jake is still asleep in her bed as Hamilton slips out the door. When the door closes, Jake lifts her head and glances toward the door.

(cut to): the quad, about fifteen minutes later. Hamilton plays with several golden retrievers, tossing a Frisbee that is always promptly retrieved.

(cut to): across the quad. Alyssa walks with Kate Fleming. They are ending a conversation.

Alyssa: If you change your mind—

Kate: Don’t count on it. Next year, we can talk about it.

Kate walks away, leaving Alyssa red-faced and exasperated.

Alyssa: God…

She shakes her head, slinging her arms down to her sides. She glances around the quad and her frown is replaced by a smile when she sees Hamilton. She walks over.

Music: As Lovers Go by Dashboard Confessional

(cut to): Hamilton. He tosses the Frisbee for the dogs then notices Alyssa. He looks around, surveying for witnesses.

Alyssa: Hamilton, hi.

He finds no one around.

Hamilton: Hi.

A group of dogs runs up, one carrying a Frisbee.

Alyssa: Do you mind?

She glances at the Frisbee. Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Go for it.

Alyssa: Oh, I am.

She gives Hamilton a flirtatious smile before tossing the Frisbee. He stares at her in disbelief.

Alyssa: Still being intense.

Hamilton: Still making me nervous.

Alyssa bites her lip. A beat passes as the dog returns with the Frisbee.

Alyssa: You know, you were right about AP Art. Your mom won’t even listen to what I have to say.

Hamilton shrugs and tosses the Frisbee for the dog.

Hamilton: Maybe I can put in a good word for you.

She looks him over.

Alyssa: For the record, I wasn’t fishing for that.

Hamilton: Sometimes you catch what you’re not fishing for.

Alyssa laughs.

Alyssa: That’s got to be the lamest line I’ve ever heard.

Hamilton: “Line” would imply that I was fishing for something.

Alyssa: And were you?

Before Hamilton can answer, his name is called. He and Alyssa look up to find the dean approaching them.

Hamilton: Oh, great…

The dean reaches them.

Steven: Hello, Son.

Hamilton: Hi, Dad.

The dean glances at Alyssa, but Hamilton doesn’t say anything.

Alyssa: Hello, Dean Fleming.

Steven: Hello, Ms. Dalton.

Alyssa: Oh, my mother said to tell you hello.

Steven: She is a fine member of the board of trustees. It’s nice to see you fitting in here at Rawley.

Alyssa smiles. Hamilton occupies himself with the dogs.

Alyssa: Sir, can I ask you something?

Steven arches an eyebrow.

Alyssa: I was just wondering if the AP policy was at all flexible…possibly for someone very passionate about the subject matter?

Steven glances at Hamilton who has abandoned the dogs to smile at Alyssa.

Steven: Passion and interest are a nice start. They should be followed with maturity and…commitment.

Hamilton’s gaze shifts from Alyssa to his father who is giving him a pointed look. Hamilton rolls his eyes, uncomfortable to be in this situation. He goes for a shift:

Hamilton: Alyssa’s been working mom for days, but she’s been a real enforcer of the “senior’s only” policy.

Steven smiles.

Steven: Well…maybe we can all sit down and have a little chat about the policy. See if we can’t make just one exception…particularly for someone who’s so obviously captured my son’s interest.

Hamilton is horrified, but Alyssa grins. When she notices the look, though, she drops the grin. Hamilton gives her an apologetic lift of his eyebrows.

Steven: So, what do you kids say? Dinner tonight? Five o’clock. Fleming household?

Alyssa: Sounds great.

She looks at Hamilton for approval. He nods and smiles at her then turns to his dad.

Hamilton: Depends on who’s cooking.

Steven: I will prepare the meal personally.

Hamilton: Perfect.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s dorm. Jake watches from the window as the trio ends its conversation and heads off in separate directions.

(dissolve to): the quad, that afternoon. Finn’s class is convening. Will, Scout, Tyson and Dexter sit together.

Dexter: So you’re going to come out for crew then?

Tyson: Yeah, I decided this morning.

He glances at Will.

Scout: I really doubt Finn is going to let you just walk on to the varsity team.

Tyson rolls his eyes, but chooses not to say anything.

Will: Finn actually asked Ty to join up. Apparently he was quite the athlete at his old school.

Scout: I don’t think basketball and crew have a whole lot in common.

Tyson raises his eyebrows in disbelief.

Tyson: Yeah, well, apparently height and intelligence have a perfect correlation.

Will and Dexter trade nervous looks.

Dexter: Guys, let’s just drop it.

Tyson: Fine, whatever.

Music: Mistake by Anthenaeum

Scout looks off shaking his head. We pan over to Hamilton who sits next to Jake. They are not speaking or even looking at each other. Instead, Hamilton is observing Alyssa approach with Jill. These two are not speaking either. Hamilton watches in dread as they silently come sit behind Jake and him. Alyssa smiles at him. He smiles back, but doesn’t have time to say anything because Finn walks up to the group. He looks relieved.

Finn: Ladies and gentlemen, I trust you’ve all had some time to mull over Ms. Rossetti’s work?

The class nods or agrees out loud.

Finn cont’d: Today we are going to continue our analysis, talking specifically about imagery and symbolism. To most of you, the symbolism may be fairly obvious. Anyone want to take a stab?

Everyone looks around, tentative. Alyssa gives everyone a chance, but when it is clear no one is going to say anything, she raises her hand somewhat confidently.

Finn: Yes? Ms. Dalton?

Alyssa: Since you said obvious, I’m assuming you mean the parallel between The Goblin Market and The Bible.

Tyson: You mean, like, the forbidden fruit?

Alyssa barely looks over at Tyson.

Alyssa: Exactly. The apple is the very first fruit Rossetti names.

Finn: Very good. Want to take that any further?

Alyssa: Hmm. Well…the goblins are actually a variety of animals.

Finn: Which is like?

Jake: The snake in The Bible.

Jake glances first at Hamilton then at Alyssa.

Finn: Right, exactly. So, we’ve got Eve…

Alyssa: Laura.

Finn: We’ve got the snake…

Tyson: The goblins.

Finn: And, who else do we have?

Will: Well, there’s Lizzie.

Scout: Who’s she? Adam?

Tyson scoffs.

Tyson: Christ.

Scout: What?

Tyson has Alyssa’s attention now. He relishes and continues.

Tyson: She’s not Adam. Laura doesn’t share the fruit with her. She’s Christ. She’s the savior.

Alyssa: Right, of course. That’s pretty smart.

Tyson offers her a smile.

Will: Yeah, wow. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

Tyson humbly accepts the compliment.

Will cont’d: The way she goes and sacrifices herself to the goblins is just like the way Jesus sacrificed himself for mankind.

Alyssa: A lot of people think that the so-called fall was actually pretty fortunate since it brought Jesus into the life of man.

Tyson: Laura and Lizzie ended up pretty happy, too.

Finn nods, proud of his class.

Finn: Beautiful. I’m very impressed with all of you for digging that out.

He gives Tyson a particularly proud beam. Scout casts him a sneer.

Finn cont’d: I hope those of you that chose this as your essay topic were taking notes.

People start to get out paper and pencils as we…

(dissolve to): the end of class.

Music: Best Friend by Colin Blades

Finn: Have a wonderful afternoon, and don’t forget that your papers are due tomorrow.

Everyone gets up and starts to head off. Dexter and Tyson go in one direction, Will and Scout in another. Unnoticed by anyone, Alyssa smiles at Hamilton then holds up five fingers to remind him of dinner time. He nods then turns toward Jake to cut off any potential conversation. Alyssa looks confused but walks away, still smiling.

Hamilton: I’m going to head over to the house and pick up a few things I need for crew.

Jake: Okay.

Hamilton cont’d: Then I’m going to go straight there after. I’m supposed to be having dinner with my parents and my dad promised he was cooking so I want to make sure he follows through with that.

Jake glances at Alyssa as she walks away then back at Hamilton.

Jake: Okay.

He mouths I love you to her, pats her on the arm then runs off in the direction of his house. Jake shakes her head and looks around, spotting Jill as she hurries to catch up with Scout and Will. She sighs and heads toward the dorms.

(cut to): Will and Scout as Jill approaches. Will spots her first and slows down.

Jill: Scout.

She catches up. Will waves hello.

Jill: I just wanted to remind you guys to make sure to invite everyone to the party tomorrow.

Scout: What party?

Jill: At Sean’s.

She glances at Will.

Will: Sorry. It slipped my mind.

Scout: Bet you didn’t forget to tell Tyson.

Jill: He was there when Sean told Will about it.

Scout: That figures.

Jill looks at Will with raised eyebrows, but Will only sighs and shrugs. Scout’s tone changes slightly.

Scout cont’d: Hey, can I talk to you?

Jill: Sure.

Will takes the hint.

Will: I’ll catch up with you later and we can work on that essay.

Scout: Okay.

Wills smiles at Jill then leaves for the dorms.

Jill: So…what’s up?

Scout: I’m sorry.

Jill opens her mouth, but doesn’t know what to say.

Scout cont’d: If it hurt you to find out that I hadn’t mentioned you to Aly, I’m sorry.

Jill: It hurt me a lot.

Scout: If I’d known she was going to be your roommate—hell, if I’d known she was going to be at this school, I would have told her.

Jill looks down. Scout looks at her longingly.

Scout: I’d just hate for you to think…

She looks up so he looks down.

Scout cont’d: It wasn’t like I wasn’t thinking about you.

He glances up to gauge her reaction, but she gives nothing away.

Scout cont’d: I mean, I was trying not to. I was trying to get over…everything.

Jill: I understand.

A slight beat.

Scout: I can only imagine what you must think of me.

Jill shrugs.

Jill: It doesn’t matter anyway.

Scout: Oh, no…it matters. It’ll always matter.

Jill bites her lip, looking down.

Jill: Scout—

Scout: So, party on Friday?

Jill nods, looking at him again.

Scout: Okay, well, I’ll…see you there.

Jill: See you there.

They hold each other’s gaze a second longer then Scout breaks it by waving slightly and turning to walk away. Jill watches for a moment then walks away herself.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the docks. Crew practice has just ended. Finn is talking to the group who is sitting around on the dock.

Music: This is Such a Pity by Weezer

Finn: Not a bad start, gentlemen. I also want to formally welcome Dexter and Tyson to the varsity team. Dexter is going to do the job as coxswain and Tyson…what can I say? Damn. You’re the spice we needed to get cooking this year.

Tyson smiles humbly. Scout frowns. Finn seems to notice.

Finn: And, Scout, I don’t know what you did this summer, but it must have kept you in shape. You gave a standout performance today.

Scout nods and can’ help smile a little. Tyson glances at him, but gives no emotion away.

(cut to): the boathouse where Scout and Hamilton are. Hamilton is cleaning up supplies as Scout is scrubbing down the boat.

Hamilton: So, you know Alyssa?

Scout is a caught off guard by this.

Scout: Yes…

Hamilton: She mentioned she was a friend of yours.

Scout: Yep.

Hamilton nods. Scout eyes him suspiciously.

Scout: Did you give her the tour or something?

Hamilton looks up, thinking he’s busted before he realizes Scout means literally.

Hamilton: Oh…no. She was in the art room waiting for my mom.

Scout: Ah. Yeah, we met this summer. Maybe Jake mentioned it?

Hamilton’s brow furrows at the mention of her name.

Hamilton: How would Jake know?

Scout: Jill.

Hamilton shakes his head.

Scout cont’d: Well, anyway, that’s how I know her.

Hamilton nods, tossing some dirty towels into a laundry bag.

Hamilton: Cool girl.

Scout eyes him.

Scout: Definitely.

Hamilton doesn’t want to talk anymore so Scout doesn’t push it. Hamilton looks up at a clock on the wall.

Hamilton: Hey, I’ve got to get home for dinner. Do you think you can finish up here?

Scout: No problem.

Hamilton: I owe you, man.

They nod goodbye as Hamilton takes off.

(cut to): Will and Tyson’s room. Tyson sits at his desk with hands at his computer keyboard, leaning way back in his chair. Dexter has pulled up another chair and is reading what is on the screen as Tyson types. He is also on a cell phone. Both boys are still in their crew gear.

Dexter: Okay, Grace. Yeah. I don’t know. I haven’t seen her. Why would she be here anyway? Okay.

He lowers his voice.

Dexter cont’d: I love you, too.

Tyson glances at him, but doesn’t say anything as Dexter hangs up. Dexter refocuses on the computer as Tyson continues to type.

Dexter: This is a really good introduction.

Tyson: I am simply a man inspired by an incredible muse.

Dexter laughs.

Tyson cont’d: I can’t even believe that girl got it on with Sir Scout. That’s just nasty.

Dexter: Scout’s not as bad as you think.

Tyson: Oh, so you’d get it on with him?

Dexter isn’t fazed.

Dexter: I’m just saying, you should give him a break. He had a really rough year last year. The whole Jill thing—

Tyson: Another perfectly cool girl that he shouldn’t’ve been able to have.

Dexter just shakes his dead.

Dexter: Okay, I’m done trying. Hate him all you want, but one day when you put aside this automatic Scout-bias you’ve somehow developed—

Tyson: Whoa, he’s the one that assumed I played basketball last year so…don’t talk to me about bias.

Dexter: Well…didn’t you play basketball?

Tyson: And soccer.

Dexter: Which is, what? Typically a white sport? Is that what you’re getting at?

Tyson: No. What I’m getting at is that—

Dexter: Scout’s a racist.

Tyson: You know, you’re saying that with irony as if to convince me that I’m being unreasonable.

Dexter tosses him a smile of agreement. Tyson shakes his head.

Tyson: You’re missing the point. Regardless of his personal belief system, the dude was saying that with the specific intent of pissing me off and, in my opinion, that’s…just not cool.

Dexter: Yeah, and you didn’t zing him back or anything.

Tyson: Eye for an eye.

Dexter: Great personal belief system.

Tyson: Dude, it’s in the Bible.

Dexter: Can we just end this conversation and get back to work?

Tyson: Let’s finish tomorrow. I want to go do a billion sit-ups so I don’t continue to embarrass myself at crew practice.

Dexter: Are you kidding? Didn’t you hear Finn?

Tyson shrugs.

Dexter cont’d: What? Do you want to make sure you’re the only one who gets praise next time?

Tyson rolls his eyes.

Tyson: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

He gets up from the chair and drops down to do some push-ups.

Tyson cont’d: I’m only trying to do what’s best for the team.

Dexter laughs at the absurdity then scoots over to the laptop to keep working.

(cut to): the road from Rawley to town, just on the edge of town. Nick’s Jetta comes to a stop on the side of the road.

Music: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

(cut to): inside the car. You sure you’ll be okay walking?

Bella: Welcome to New Rawley. The only crime that occurs here usually involves high school students and sleeping bovine.

Nicholas nods, assured. He gives her a long kiss. She smiles and opens the car door.

(cut to): a shot as she walks home.

(cut to): the driveway of the first house Bella passes. It’s dark and she doesn’t notice two men in the driveway, talking next to a truck, the garage’s truck.

Man: Charlie, thanks so much for stopping by. I know lawnmowers aren’t your specialty, but—

Charlie: Don’t say another word, Bobby. Your wife has been helping Gracie with her essays since grade school. It’s the least I can do.

Man: I think they’re almost done, by the way.

Charlie: Great. Why don’t you show me that mower?

Out of the corner of his eye, he catches site of Bella. He almost calls out to her, but he notices the Jetta pulling a u-turn and heading back to Rawley. He looks curiously, but simply follows “Bobby.”

(cut to): several minutes later inside the Jetta. A light on the dashboard comes on.

(cut to): a close shot of Nick as he sighs, wondering what to do.

(cut to): to the girls’ dorm. Hamilton walks Alyssa to the steps. They stand awkwardly.

Music: Perfect Situation by Weezer

Alyssa: Hey, thank you so much for helping me.

Hamilton: Thank my dad.

Alyssa: You both were great at helping me convince her.

Hamilton: She hates it when I play my dad against her like that.

Alyssa: Are you going to be in trouble with her?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: My mom is very forgiving. Besides, she liked you. I could tell.

Alyssa: Well, she definitely won’t be sorry. I’m going to work so hard in that class.

Hamilton smiles, putting his hands into his pockets.

Alyssa cont’d: Are you all right you seem kind of…

She searches his eyes.

Hamilton: I don’t know.

Alyssa: Are you…pissed off at me or something? I mean, if you think I’ve just been using you to—

Hamilton: No. No, of course not. I’m just…look, I’ve never had anyone over for dinner like that. And, my mom liked you. You won my dad over in record time.

Alyssa: Sorry?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: No, I mean, it’s a good thing, which is why I’m so…

He doesn’t go on.

Alyssa: What?

Hamilton: Auhh…Conflicted.

He sighs.

Hamilton cont’d: I don’t want to be happy about the fact that my parents liked you, but…I am and…I feel really bad about that because…

Alyssa: I’ve seen The Secretary, okay? So if this is some kind of weird sadomasochism thing…

Hamilton laughs again.

Hamilton: No. It’s…it’s just the opposite. I don’t want to hurt…I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Alyssa: I’m sensing that there are some issues here.

Hamilton: Yeah. One big one…

Alyssa: Going to tell me about it now, or will it be revealed in time?

Hamilton: Time sounds more like it.
Alyssa: Okay. Well, I had an awesome time tonight.

She leans forward, slowly planting a kiss on his cheek. Neither of them backs away. They turn their heads together, lips almost touching. Hamilton swallows then Alyssa goes to close the distance. Before their lips meet, Hamilton takes a step back. Alyssa blushes, looking away. Hamilton exhales deeply, running his hands through his hair.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.

Alyssa: No problem.

Hamilton: It’s just…like you said…issues. All mine.

Alyssa: Obviously.

She grins then turns and walks away.

Hamilton: I deserved that.

Alyssa: Yep.

He smiles.

Hamilton: Goodnight.

Alyssa: Sweet dreams.

Hamilton offers her a small wave, backs away then turns around to go back to the dorms.

Music: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

(cut to): an establishing shot of the garage. Bella is looking under the hood of a Jetta with a flashlight. Nicholas stands to the side, leaning on a gas pump.

Nicholas: Well?

Bella: I’m not sure. I’m seeing a little anti-freeze and a little water. It’s something with the radiator…maybe the…

She leans further in, reaching an arm down past the radiator. A truck pulls up. Grace hops out of the driver’s seat and Charlie opens the passenger door, eyeing Nick and the car.

Charlie: What seems to be the trouble?

Grace scoffs.

Grace: Like five years.

Bella tosses her an evil look, but Charlie is looking at Nick too hard to notice.

Bella: Hey, Dad. This is Mr. Mann. He was my drama teacher this summer.

Charlie: This is the teacher that took you to New York?

He eyes Nick with deserved suspicion.

Bella: Yeah. And now he’s got a busted water pump.

Charlie: In that case, you’ll have to leave her for a few days.

Nicholas instinctively glances at Bella, but Bella doesn’t bat an eyelash.

Bella: We’ll have to order the part.

Nicholas: Oh, right. Yeah, not a problem.

Charlie: You know…I was picturing a fifty-something eccentric with glasses and white gloves.

He re-asses Nicholas.

Charlie cont’d: When I pulled up here, I had you pegged for a high schooler.

Grace bursts out laughing. They all look at her, Bella with warning eyes.

Grace: So, how old are you anyway, Mr. Mann?

Bella: Shut up, Grace.

Charlie looks from one daughter to the other then to Nick.

Charlie: Do you need a ride back to the school?

Nick again glances at Bella.

Charlie cont’d: I’d be glad to take you.

Nick is uncomfortable, but has no other options.

Nicholas: Yes, thank you, Sir.

(cut to): the car as Charlie drives Nicholas along. Neither says anything. They are nearly to Rawley. After another few seconds of awkward silence:

Charlie: My daughter’s beautiful. Don’t you think?

Nicholas: Um…I’m not sure I know what you mean.

Charlie: I mean, I think I should have met you before now.

Nicholas fidgets as Charlie pulls the car into the gates of Rawley.

Charlie cont’d: She’s up here a lot.

Nicholas: Oh…uh…really?

Charlie: I don’t like to beat around the bush, Mr. Mann.

Nicholas looks concerned.

Charlie cont’d: Apparently you do.

Nicholas: Sir?

Charlie: I thought there might be a boy. Here. She didn’t want me to know so she kept it to herself.

Nicholas swallows hard.

Charlie: I’m just hoping you can offer me an explanation as to why you were driving my daughter into New Rawley this evening. And why you’re not man enough to get her home instead of dropping her off half a mile away.

Nicholas nearly chokes. He has no idea what to say.

Charlie cont’d: I don’t know whether to call the cops or to haul you out into those woods and—

Nicholas: Mr. Banks…I…

He sighs.

Nicholas cont’d: I don’t know what to say.

Charlie: She may be eighteen, but she’s still just a girl.

Nicholas looks at him, noticing a softness in his voice.

Charlie cont’d: My little girl.

Nicholas: Mr. Banks…

He takes a deep breath.

Nicholas cont’d: I care for Bella very much.

Charlie looks at him, the softness still present as the car stops in front of the dorms.

Charlie: A man tells the truth.

Nicholas: I am very uncomfortable with lies and secrets. I’ve wanted to tell you for awhile…

Charlie: But she didn’t.

Nicholas doesn’t answer since it wasn’t a question.

Charlie cont’d: How does it come to this point? I’ve been strict because I’ve wanted her to meet the potential she has inside her…and I wanted to keep her safe. Instead all I did was make the forbidden seem more desirable.

Nicholas (gently): That was a beautifully poetic statement, Sir, but I don’t think it’s that complex.

Charlie’s brow furrows.

Nicholas: She doesn’t want to be with me because I’m “off limits.” We just met each other and liked each other. The circumstance are complicated and…you’re her father. She wants your approval, Sir. You have no idea how much she values your opinion. I think she’s just afraid that you’ll think I’m a terrible person. I mean, hell, I’m terrified of that very thing right this minute.

Charlie laughs.

Charlie: Congratulations, you’ve finally become a man.

Nicholas doesn’t understand.

Charlie cont’d: You’ve been honest with me. It means a lot.

A beat.

Charlie cont’d: How old are you anyway?

Nicholas: Twenty-three.

Charlie nods, assessing him further. After a moment, he puts his hands on the steering wheel and looks out the windshield.

Charlie: Five years.

Nicholas looks around, wanting to get out.

Charlie cont’d: Go ahead.

Nicholas nods, taking the door handle.

Charlie cont’d: The car should be ready in two days. I’ll let Bella drive it up here.

Nicholas: Okay. Thank you.

Another beat passes.

Nicholas cont’d: Is it just me or is this all very surreal? I mean…I kind of feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, you know? I thought you’d at least hit me when you found out, but—

Charlie: Well, don’t push your luck, kid. Go on inside.

Nicholas laughs uncomfortably and opens the door of the truck. He exits, leaving Charlie to think things over.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a shot through an open window in the common room. The room is empty except for Hamilton who sits on a couch, peeling an apple. The skin falls between his legs onto the floor. A breeze from the open window lifts pieces of Hamilton’s hair from his forehead. He glances over to the door.

(cut to): the doorway. Alyssa stands there wearing a white sundress and no shoes. The light from Hamilton’s knife reflects across her face, causing her to squint. The open door pulls air in through the window, blowing through her hair and ruffling the bottom of her dress. She smiles, looking extremely beautiful.

(cut to): Hamilton. He smiles. Alyssa joins him on the couch. As if a magic trick, she now has the apple and knife. He watches with interest and curiosity as she cuts out a quarter and offers it to him. He looks hesitant for a moment, but then reaches out and takes the piece. He lifts it to his moth, taking a bite. She sets down the knife and apple. Hamilton tries to hand back the piece of apple, but Alyssa guides his hand to her mouth instead. As she takes a bite, juice runs down Hamilton’s fingers. Alyssa gently takes hold of his wrist and starts to suck the juice from his hand. He watches for only a second before dropping the apple and taking hold of her head, pulling her face to his. He kisses her deeply and passionately. The kiss is returned with as much enthusiasm. Quickly, things intensify and clothes are shed: Hamilton’s shirt…Alyssa’s dress. We watch (helpless) as Hamilton begins to explore Alyssa’s body. His voice is muffled as he kisses her neck and speaks:

Hamilton: I want you.

Alyssa puts a hand on the back of his neck and pulls his head up in order to look him in the eye.

Alyssa: Then take me.

His forehead against hers, he nods. They slide down on the couch, Alyssa on her back, Hamilton leaning over her, kissing her, sliding a hand down her body.

Alyssa: Hamilton

She moves her hands down his body, off camera. He closes his eyes, wrapped up in the passion and pleasure of the situation. He exhales heavily before speaking her name…

Hamilton: Alyssa…

They kiss again and things go even further as Hamilton repeats her name.

Music: She Says by Unwritten Law

(fade to): black. With the screen still black we hear a fast-paced beeping. Slowly a new picture fades in: a close up of Hamilton in bed with his eyes closed. We pull back to find him alone in his bed in his dorm room. We pull back even more to find Jake standing over him, still in her pajamas, looking from Hamilton to the alarm clock and back. She studies him with a hard-to-interpret expression.

Jake: Hamilton?

Hamilton: Mmm

Hamilton doesn’t open his eyes, though he smiles.

Jake: Hamilton, your alarm’s been going off for, like, five minutes.

Hamilton slowly opens his eyes. When he sees Jake, the smile evaporates. He looks guilty as hell, still confused from his dream. He swallows, staring up at Jake. Satisfied that he’s awake, she walks over to the alarm clock on his dresser and turns it off. He swallows again, but when he speaks, his voice is weak.

Hamilton: Thanks.

He clings to his blanket, not moving.

Jake: Listen, I’m going to take a shower.

He nods.

Jake cont’d: And I was thinking that…

He looks up at her, not hiding his dread well.

Jake cont’d: …since we have this private bathroom and all…you could…join me.

She smiles expectantly.

Hamilton: No!

She looks down, put off by his fervent refusal.

Hamilton cont’d: No…I just…I have to get to class early today.

Jake: Why? I mean, we have the same…

She puts on her best fake smile.

Jake cont’d: You know, never mind.

She turns from him and heads for the bathroom and, as an after thought, tosses one more thing over her shoulder:

Jake cont’d: I love you.

Hamilton is barely listening. He just nods, closing his eyes. Jake watches, disappointed, then enters the bathroom. When she’s gone, Hamilton covers his hands with his face, shaking his head, disgusted with himself.

(cut to): several minutes later, the girls school. Hamilton runs up the steps of the building.

Music: Come Back Down by Lifehouse

(cut to): Jake in the shower, from the shoulders up. The hot water runs over her and steams up the room. As she pulls her face out of the water, we realize, for the first time, that she’s crying. She lifts a hand to wipe the tears from her already wet face.

(cut to): a hall in the girls’ school. Jill walks by carrying an armful of books and notebooks. A hand reaches out from the library and pulls her in.

(cut to): the library. Jill looks scared until she realizes it’s Hamilton who’s pulled her in.

Jill: Jesus, what?

He doesn’t speak at first.

Jill cont’d: I’ve had self-defense training before, you know, I could have broken your arm.

He’s obviously freaked out.

Jill cont’d: What’s wrong?

Hamilton: I have to talk to you. And…I need you to be…you. Brutally honest. Not on my side. You. Got it?

Jill: Easy enough.

Hamilton: I met this girl. This sophomore.

Hamilton pauses, watching Jill. She folds her arms. She’s not pleased.

Jill: Uh huh.

Hamilton: This sucks, Jill. This sucks.

Jill: I don’t really think I like where this is going.

Hamilton: I was—I am…attracted to her.

Jill: And you hooked up with her or what?

Hamilton: No! God, no, of course not.

Jill sighs with relief.

Jill: Good.

Hamilton: But…I…well, I thought about it.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Okay.

Hamilton: And then…last night…

She tilts her head forward, her eyebrows raised.

Hamilton cont’d: …this morning actually…I dreamed about it.

Jill: And?

Hamilton: And now I’m here.

Jill: Oh…kay

Hamilton raises his eyebrows as if she should be more upset.

Jill cont’d: I don’t expect you to be some kind of Puritan, Hamilton. So you thought some girl was cute. You wondered what it would be like to be with her. You had some erotic dream. So what? You’re a guy. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Hamilton: I didn’t just wonder what it would be like to be with her. I wondered what it would be like if I was with her instead of with Jake. I thought about how much easier it would be…

Jill: You’re saying it as if this has never happened to you before.

Hamilton: Because it hasn’t.

Jill tilts her head in disbelief.

Hamilton cont’d: Okay, remember when we met?

Jill: Vaguely.

Hamilton: I mean, I knew you were hot. I thought it—

Jill blushes, but doesn’t appear otherwise flattered.

Hamilton: But what did we end up talking about?

Jill: Your wonderful, amazing girlfriend. Who I later found out was Jacqueline.

Hamilton: Right. So this girl…she asks me if I have a girlfriend.

Jill’s jaw drops.

Jill: Hamilton

He looks down.

Hamilton: Well, I didn’t say yes.

Jill drops her arms to her sides.

Jill: And how do you feel about that?

Hamilton: I feel awful. I feel guilty as hell. That’s why I’m here.

Jill: Wow.

Hamilton: And then I was talking to her on the quad yesterday, and my dad saw us and invited us over for dinner.

Jill: What?

Hamilton: And it was so nice. Being able to be interested in someone, flirt with someone…right in front of my dad. And my dad was so…into it, you know? He was happy for me.

Jill is staring at him silently.

Hamilton cont’d: I totally screwed up, right?

Jill: Did you tell Jake?

He shakes his head.

Hamilton: How could I? I mean, what would I say? “I’m not interested in her?”

A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m interested, Jill. I’m very interested. Like, that dream…there was this apple and—

Jill: Sex dream details not required.

Hamilton shuts up.

Jill cont’d: I was hoping you’d deny my classification of the dream.

He looks at her as if it’s an impossibility.

Hamilton: I can’t. And…it was…I’ve just never…

Jill: Okay, it doesn’t do any good to feel guilty about dreams. I mean, I’m sure you’ve used that hormonal, teenaged boy brain of yours to dream screw plenty of girls so—

Hamilton: No. I haven’t.

She looks at him with disbelief.

Hamilton cont’d: It’s true. I swear. Before this, my dreams have been restricted to my girlfriend.

Jill shakes her head, jaw dropped.

Jill: Well, trust me, it’s normal.

Hamilton: It doesn’t feel normal. And…I don’t know what to do.

Jill: Okay. You want to know what I think?

Hamilton: Please.

Jill: First of all, what I need to know is…are you planning to cheat on Jacqueline?

Hamilton: No. No way. I mean, I couldn’t do that to her. She’d be…I could never hurt her like that. I wouldn’t ever.

Jill nods.

Jill: So, I know you’re, like, “Hamilton” and you usually defy “the norm,” but I think feeling stuff like this is pretty…normal. It’s like…now that I’m with Sean, I’m so happy that I am. I love…I love being with him. But, sometimes I think about Scout and what it could be like with him. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with Sean. It’s just, like, the grass is always greener, you know?

Hamilton: It’s just so weird. I never thought…I guess I just never thought this moment would come. I never thought I’d be…

Jill: Tempted?

Hamilton shrugs then nods.

Jill cont’d: Looking at the apple is fine. Just don’t eat it, okay Adam?

He looks at her, horrified, as he thinks about his dream.

Jill: And, for crying out loud, don’t mention it to Eve—

Hamilton: Could you drop the metaphor?

Jill: If you tell Jacqueline…she’ll be out of here. Either that or…she’ll make herself totally miserable so that you can be happy.

He doesn’t get it.

Jill: Just keep your trap shut.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Understood.

A slight beat.

Hamilton cont’d: Oh yeah, she knows Scout.

Jill: Who?

Hamilton: …The girl.

Jill: Wait a second. Keep the bus going above fifty…

Hamilton: What does that even mean?

Jill: Keep talking. She knows Scout?

Hamilton: Yeah.

Jill: Alyssa?

Hamilton: Yeah…how’d you know?

Jill: Think…new roommate.

Hamilton cont’d: Alyssa’s your new roommate? I mean I saw you talking to her in class, but…I thought it was like an art th

Jill: She’s the one you’re all hot and bothered about?

Hamilton nods.

Jill cont’d: God, of all the girls. Hamilton, I swear if you break Jacqueline’s heart over this little—

Hamilton: I’m sensing some hostility. But, look, we already discussed it, right? I wouldn’t ever break Jacqueline’s heart. I couldn’t let her go if I tried.

Jill: You better not. Especially over Aly. Ick.

Hamilton: Okay.

She grabs his shoulders, to emphasize the point.

Hamilton cont’d: Okay.

(cut to): Nicholas’ apartment. There is a knock at the door. He walks out of the bathroom with a towel

around his waist and wet hair. When he opens the door he finds Jake standing there.

Nicholas: Hi.

Jake: Hi. Do you have a minute or…

Nicholas: Sure.

Jake: I mean if you have to go teach—

Nicholas: I only have afternoon classes. You on the other hand—

Jake: I’m cutting.

Nicholas: Are you not feeling well?

Jake laughs a little.

Jake: Not really, but I don’t have any physical malady if that’s what you mean.

He looks her over, worried.

Nicholas: Let me just change and we can talk, okay?

Jake nods, sitting back against the couch. He exits to his bedroom. After a moment, something starts buzzing. Jake spots Nicholas’ cell phone on the coffee table. It’s on vibrate. She sits up, looking at the caller i.d.

Music: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

(cut to): the phone. It says “Bella.” Jake tilts her head, picking it up, looking at it in disbelief. She continues to stare at it, trying to figure it out, when it stops vibrating. Jake starts to put it down, but has a better idea. She pushes a few buttons then holds the phone up to her ear.

Bella (on phone): Hey you. Why weren’t you answering?

Jake takes the phone away from her ear, looking at it in disbelief and disgust.

Bella (on phone) cont’d: Hello? Nick? Are you there?…Can you hear me?…Okay, this is why you have got to get a new cell phone. Call me when the reception clears up. I love you.

Jake nearly drops the phone, but instead switches it off and puts it back down. Nicholas exits the bedroom, now dressed in jeans and a sweater.

Nicholas: All right. So tell me exactly what happened.

Jake: Um…you know, it’s actually nothing. Comparatively. So, I’m just going to…go.

Jake stands.

Nicholas: Are you sure?

Jake nods unconvincingly and rushes from the room.

(cut to): the hall. Jake leans against the door for a moment trying to make sense of what just happened.

Music: Blind by Lifehouse

(dissolve to): the dock. Jake sits alone, her knees drawn to her chest. She looks utterly dejected. From her pocket, a cell phone rings. She pulls it out and answers.

Jake: Hello?

(cut to): Monica Pratt. She’s at a salon, having a manicure.

Monica: Jacqueline? Sweetheart, I got your message.

(cut to): Jake. We cut back and forth between them.

Jake: Thanks for calling me back.

Monica: Of course. How is everything going? I can’t believe you’re a senior. Seems like just yesterday you were starting at Rawley and I was coming to Parents’ Weekend.

Jake: Yeah.

Jake smiles briefly at the memory.

Monica: It’s the middle of the day there isn’t it? Why aren’t you in class?

Jake: It’s lunch.

Monica: Of course it is. Silly me.

Jake: How’s L.A.?

Monica: Oh, it’s marvelous. I’m glad you called because there are some things I wanted to talk to you about.

Jake sighs.

Jake: Okay.

Monica: Greg and I are going to be back in New York by Christmas.

Jake: That’s great. Is there a show you’re interested in?

Monica: Well, Sweetie, I’ve actually decided to take a bit of a break.

Jake: Break?

Monica: Greg and I have been discussing marriage.

Jake: Oh. That’s really great.

Monica: We’ve even talked about…

Monica laughs.

Monica cont’d: …we’ve been talking about having a baby.

Jake is now completely unnerved.

Jake: What?

Monica: You know, settle down. Do it right.

Jake doesn’t say anything.

Monica cont’d: Jacqueline, are you still there?

Jake: Yes. Mom, I have to go.

Monica: I’m sorry, Sweetheart, I didn’t catch that. I’m getting a call on the other line and all I heard was a beep,

Jake: Okay. Go ahead and take the call.

Monica: Tell Hamilton I said hello.

Jake: Bye, Mom.

Monica: Bye, Sweetheart.

(cut to): Jake alone on the dock. She stands up, staring at her cell phone. She can’t believe her mother. She can’t believe this day. She groans in frustration and tosses the phone over the lake with all her might. It hits the water and sinks. Satisfied, Jake abandons the dock.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the quad. Finn’s class is just beginning to arrive. Hamilton walks up from one direction, Scout and Will from the other.

Music: Rapid Hope Lost by Dashboard Confessional

Hamilton: Have you guys seen Jake? We have our first class together, but she never showed up. I didn’t see her at lunch.

Will: You didn’t go look for her?

Hamilton looks guilty. He wasn’t exactly upset he didn’t have to face Jake today. Scout looks at him with tilted head.

Scout: Did you guys get into a fight?

Hamilton: No. Nothing like that…

He looks around. Jill is approaching now.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m going to…

He gestures toward Jill. They understand. He heads over to her.

Hamilton cont’d: Have you seen Jake today?

Jill: I’ve been in class across the lake. Why? Where is she?

Hamilton: I don’t know. I haven’t seen her all day.

Jill thinks a moment.

Jill: Could she be in the infirmary?

Hamilton: Maybe. She didn’t seem sick this morning.

Jill: Did you check for her bike?

Hamilton: No…

Jill shoves him.

Jill: Well, go…

Hamilton: Class is about to start.

Hamilton glances across the quad as Alyssa approaches. Jill follows his gaze then scoffs. She grabs his arm and yanks him down onto the grass next to her. With her arm still wrapped around his, she leans over, whispering in his ear. Alyssa is almost to them now.

Jill (whispered): If you don’t go find her right now, I will.

Hamilton: What—

Jill (whispered): Trust me, you don’t want me to get to her before you do.

Hamilton, still watching Alyssa:

Hamilton: Okay, okay.

Alyssa: Hi.

She means her greeting for both of them, but Jill ignores her for the moment.

Jill: He was just leaving.

Alyssa: Class is about to—

Jill: See you later Hamilton.

He sighs and stands up.

Hamilton: Bye.

He turns to Alyssa, sorry to be leaving her presence. Jill is appalled.

Hamilton: I’ll see you around.

Alyssa: Okay. Bye.

She is confused, but she sits down next to Jill. Hamilton takes off.

Alyssa: Is he hot or what?

Jill: I guess.

Alyssa: He’s really nice, too.

Jill looks off, shaking her head.

Jill: Uh-huh….

(dissolve to): Jake and Hamilton’s room. Jake is lying on her bed, her back to the door.

Music: It Ends Tonight by The All-American Rejects

(cut to): a close-up of Jake. She has taken off the corset and happens to look very feminine. Her eyes are closed, but her face is streaked with a few tears.

(cut to): a wider shot of the room. Hamilton walks in and spots Jake. He shuts and locks the door then walks over toward her bed.

Hamilton (whispered): Jake?

Jake: Yep?

Hamilton: Just seeing if you were awake.

Jake: Yep.

Hamilton looks concerned. He moves onto the bed, sitting on the side her back faces.

Hamilton: I’ve been looking for you.

Jake: I’ve been here since noon.

Hamilton: I looked at the infirmary and for your bike. Are you okay? I mean, do you have a headache or something?

Jake: We need to take a break.

Hamilton narrows his eyes in confusion.

Hamilton: Actually, I should probably get back to class…unless you’re not feeling well.

He slides his hand across her shoulder, but she shrugs it off.

Jake: Not a break from school, Hamilton.

She sits up on the bed, putting her feet down on the other side, her back still to him.

Jake cont’d: A break from us.

Hamilton closes his eyes, a look of dread spreading over his face.

Hamilton: Has Jill been here? Have you talked to Jill?

Jake takes a deep breath then forces herself to turn and face him.

Jake: You went and talked to Jill instead of…instead of talking to me?

Hamilton: Hang on. What exactly are you talking about?

Jake: What do you think I’m talking about, Hamilton?

He stares at her, knowing exactly what she means, but he only shrugs. A beat passes.

Jake cont’d: When I went to watch Felicity the other day…it was that episode…

Hamilton: Which episode?

Jake: The one that was on that time when we got my bike back from the groundskeeper.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: God, that was a weird and…confusing night.

Jake: I think you’re about to face another one.

Hamilton loses the smile and swallows.

Hamilton: Look, I don’t know what—

Jake: Well, let me help you. I heard you say that you don’t have a girlfriend.

He takes a long moment before asking:

Hamilton: In the art room?

Jake: Yeah. Why’d you do it?

Hamilton: Because it’s so damn complicated. Who would I introduce her to? Jake?

Jake: I heard you tell her that she’s…beautiful. And, that she makes you nervous. Whatever that means. And I also heard what you didn’t say to her.

Hamilton: What are you talking about?

Jake: That it’s been a long time since anyone’s made you feel the way she made you feel. Isn’t that what you didn’t quite say? Isn’t that what you were thinking?

Hamilton: No…I…

Jake: And not only did I hear all that, Hamilton. I also saw how you looked at her. I’ve never seen you look at anyone like that.

Hamilton: I look at you like that.

Jake stares at him, letting him have the time to get what he just said. He doesn’t say anything. He only looks down.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.

Jake: I am so mad at you.

He nods.

Jake cont’d: And, that’s not fair.

He looks up, his brow furrowed.

Jake cont’d: It’s not like we can help how we feel. You can’t make yourself not like her anymore than I can make myself…not love you.

Hamilton: I made a huge mistake that day. I flirted. Okay? I flirted with a girl that I was incredibly attracted to, but, Jake…that’s all it was, all right? I want to be with you. I love you.

Jake: Could you honestly stand here and tell me that you’re not curious?

Hamilton: Curious? Yes. Unfaithful to you? Never.

Jake: Except when you take her home for dinner and then let her kiss you.

Hamilton: She never—

He realizes what she means. His response is barely audible:

Hamilton cont’d: It was just on the cheek.

Jake: And I’m sure in your little wet dream fantasies it’s “just on the cheek,” too, right?

Hamilton: You talked to Jill, didn’t you?

Jake: I heard you say her name. This morning. While the alarm was going off.

Hamilton doesn’t know what to say.

Jake cont’d: I can’t believe you told Jill about all this…

Hamilton: I needed someone who would be honest with me.

Jake: You’re looking at someone who can be honest with you…and who you can be honest with. And, that doesn’t change, but—

Hamilton: I’m just so sorry about all of this. I wanted to tell you, but I figured it didn’t matter since it’s not going any further than it already has. I swear.

Jake: You’re missing the point, Hamilton.

He sighs, trying to figure it out.

Jake cont’d: I’m not asking you not to cheat on me. I’m making it so that you don’t have to. That’s what I meant by a break. I’m giving you the opportunity to—

Hamilton: Jake. Jacqueline

He walks over to her. She stands up, facing him.

Hamilton cont’d: You’re missing the point. I don’t want the opportunity.

She takes a step back.

Jake: I’m not giving you a choice.

Hamilton: Someone once told me that “breaks” can do one of two things. They make people realize that they can’t live without each other or…that they can.

Jake: I’m perfectly aware of the risks. You need to leave now.

Hamilton: But, Jake, you’re being irrational.

Jake: Oh, right, of course, this is irrational. Not the past two years I’ve spent pretending to be a guy. That’s all completely normal, isn’t it? All so I could be with a boy who…

Hamilton: Who what? Made one mistake. In those two years you just mentioned, how many times have I screwed up? Twice? I mean, that’s pretty damn good, don’t you think?

Jake: Are you counting the time you knew my brother was dating Bella and didn’t bother to tell me?

It’s so out of left field Hamilton doesn’t know what to say.

Jake cont’d: Not as stupid as you thought, am I?

Hamilton: I tried to tell you about Bella and Nicholas. How’d you even—

Jake: Does it matter?

Hamilton: Evidently not.

Jake: Right.

Hamilton is getting more than a little freaked. His voice is shaky.

Hamilton: Oh God…this isn’t happening. It’s not…it…it can’t be. You can’t do this to me. Please. Please don’t.

Jake sits up, looking at him, sure of what she is saying.

Jake: I have to because…you won’t.

Hamilton: God, Jill was right. She was so damn right about you.

Jake looks at him for a moment.

Jake: You should go.

Hamilton: Where the hell am I going to go? This…is…my home. You’re—

Jake: …asking you to leave. I’m asking you to leave…and to leave me alone. Please.

Hamilton takes a deep breath.

Hamilton: No…Jake…No...

He’s shaking his head. His tears can be held back no longer.

Hamilton: You’re everything.

Jake: Obviously, I’m not.

Jake heads for the door. She opens it and motions toward it.

Jake cont’d: Go…

He looks out the door, ready to hold his ground, but her look is so unrelenting. He hangs his head and exits.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an stabling shot of the girls dorms, later.

(cut to): Jill and Alyssa’s room. Alyssa is playing Michelle Branch (“If Only She Knew”) and drawing in her sketchpad. She barely hears the knock at the door, but when she does she hops up, hits pause on her CD player and goes to answer.

(cut to): the other side of the door where Jake stands looking anxious. When the door opens, Jake looks even more freaked.

Alyssa: Hi. Are you looking for Jill?

Jake nods.

Alyssa: She’s not here. I think she’s with her boyfriend.

Jake: Perfect. Well, thanks.

Jake turns to go.

Alyssa (sarcastic): Nice to meet you, too.

Jake sighs and turns back to her.

Jake: Sorry. It’s not you.

Jake considers the irony of the statement.

Jake cont’d: I’m just having a bad day.

Alyssa: I can relate. I’ve been having an on-again-off-again kind of week. Are you Jake?

Jake nods.

Jake: Most of the time.

Alyssa laughs.

Alyssa: Alyssa. Jill told me about you.

Jake nods, awkward.

Jake (muttered): Glad someone did.

Alyssa: Do you want to come in or something?

Jake: No, thanks. I should go.

Alyssa: Okay. Well, it was nice to meet you.

Jake: Look, Hamilton—he’s my roommate.

Alyssa lights up.

Alyssa: I’ve hung out with him a few times.

Jake: Yeah. I know.

Alyssa: He’s definitely been in the plus column this week…well, until last night when he backed out of a potential kiss. I mean, talk about embarrassing.

Jake: I’m familiar with the story.

Jake’s jealously is obvious. Alyssa looks at her suspiciously.

Jake cont’d: He told me about you.

Alyssa: What’d he say?

Jake: He didn’t have to say much for it to be obvious that he likes you.

Alyssa can’t resist a smile.

Alyssa: He seems really great.

Jake: “Great?”

Jake shakes her head, not believing how little this girl gets it.

Jake cont’d: Just don’t take it for granted.

Alyssa: Don’t take what for granted?

Jake: How lucky you are. Because, when he looks at you like he does—like you’re the only person on the planet that matters to him—realize that he doesn’t look at a lot of people like that.

Alyssa: Yeah, he’s really intense, isn’t he?

Jake nods, her look admits defeat.

Jake: I have to go now.

She backs away from the doorway, the reality of everything hitting her again.

Alyssa: It was nice to meet you, Jake.

Jake tries to muster a smile.

Jake: Ditto.

Alyssa smiles and closes the door as Jake walks away. Alyssa thinks the encounter was weird, but bounces back over to her sketchpad, invigorated by the talk about Hamilton.

(cut to): Dexter and Scout’s room. The door is opened and they have music on. Both boys study at their desks. Hamilton, backpack in hand, knocks on the doorframe and they look up. He looks terrible, upset.

Scout: Hey, Ham, what’s up?

Hamilton: Um, listen, guys…

He steps in and shuts the door.

Hamilton cont’d: Think I could crash here tonight?

Scout: Did you and Jake have a fight?

Hamilton: It’s a little more than a fight.

Scout and Dexter trade looks.

Dexter: What happened?

Hamilton shakes his head. He won’t—or can’t—explain right now.

Scout: Well, you can definitely stay here. No problem.

Dexter nods in agreement.

Hamilton: Thanks guys.

He sits down on the floor, leaning on a bed, staring off into space. Dexter and Scout trade another look. We stay with Hamilton’s blank expression as we…

(cut to): outside the boys’ dorms. Bella pulls up in Nick’s car. It’s late afternoon and there are boys all around so Bella’s presence draws attention. Nicholas is quickly out the door to meet her.

Music: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects

Nicholas: Thank you, Ms. Banks. If you’ll come with me to my apartment, we can settle up.

Bella: Sure.

(cut to): the apartment. After they enter they are all over each other.

Nicholas: Your dad didn’t tell me you’d be bringing the car when he called.

Bella: I didn’t even have to ask.

Nicholas looks uncomfortable.

Nicholas: And…so I guess everything worked out okay?

Bella: Definitely. We were actually able to get a pump off a car in salvage so we saved you some serious money.

Nicholas: I meant with your dad.

Bella: Oh, are you worried about Grace’s behavior? He didn’t catch any of that. He can be totally oblivious sometimes.

Nicholas is confused, but he doesn’t quite know what to say…so he doesn’t say anything.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s room. Jake has a suitcase opened on her bed. It’s half-full and she’s moving clothes from her dresser into it. She stops abruptly, looking at the haphazard job.

Music: Together by Avril Lavigne

Jake: This is ridiculous. I am not doing this.

She picks up some clothes from the suitcase and throws them toward the closet. She throws some more, harder, releasing all her hurt and anger. When the contents of the suitcase have been sufficiently distributed over the space between her bed and closet, she sinks to the floor, her head hitting her knees. She can’t hold back the tears anymore. Before she’s had time to calm down, there is a knock at her door.

Jake: Go. Away.

Kate (from outside): It’s Kate.

Jake sighs. She gets up, trying to wipe her eyes, trying to pull it together. She opens the door a little.

Jake: Yes?

(cut to): the hall, where Kate stands looking irritated.

Kate: Is Hamilton in there?

Jake: No, he’s…he’s not here.

Kate: Where is he?

Jake: I don’t know. I’m sorry.

Kate snaps out of the rush she seemed to be in and realizes that Jake is upset.

Kate: Can I come in?

Jake hesitates.

Jake: The room’s kind of a mess right now.

Kate: I don’t mind.

Jake nods, actually happy for someone to talk to—finally.

(cut to): inside the room as Kate enters and Jake closes the door behind her. Kate looks around, but doesn’t say anything regarding the clothes strewn about the floor.

Kate: He was supposed to stop by again to help me move some supplies from the closet to the room, but the last time I saw him was…

She stops.

Jake: At dinner last night.

Kate looks at her carefully.

Kate: Yes. I’m assuming he talked to you about that?

Jake nods absently, picking up some of her clothes and folding them, replacing them in the drawer. Kate walks over and picks up a shirt, taking it over to the closet and hanging it up.

Jake: You don’t have to do that.

Kate: I know.

Jake: He won’t be back tonight.

Kate nods, picking up another shirt.

Jake cont’d: I asked him to leave.

Kate turns to face Jake.

Kate: I have a pretty good idea, but…is it okay for me to ask why?

Jake takes a deep breath, nodding. She tosses the shirt in her hands back onto the floor. She’s on the verge of tears once again. When Kate realizes this, she immediately embraces her. Jake buries her head in Kate’s shoulder, tears taking over again.

(cut to): Friendly’s. Scout and Will are eating together.

Will: So he didn’t say what happened?

Scout: Nope.

Will: He wouldn’t even come to crew?

Scout: Nope.

Will: If they broke up…do you think she’ll stay?

Scout shrugs.

Scout: Why would she?

Will: I don’t know, but she came here for a reason, didn’t she?

Scout: True.

Will: I guess we’ll see how it all plays out.

Scout nods. He looks up at the door as Dexter and Tyson enter. They meet eyes with Scout and go over.

Dexter: I guess you couldn’t get Hamilton out?

Scout: No.

Tyson: What’s wrong with him? He wasn’t at practice today.

Scout: If it was your business, don’t you think you’d know.

Tyson: Man, what is your problem?

Scout stands up to face him.

Scout: My problem?

Will and Dexter look at each other, worried. Jill and Sean enter to witness the confrontation. They walk over.

Sean: Everything okay?

Jill looks at Scout inquisitively.

Scout: I don’t know. According to this kid, I have a problem.

Sean: Well, yeah, you’ve had one since I met you.

Sean smiles, laughing at his own joke. The situation diffuses as Scout laughs to. He eyes Tyson one more time then sits down.

Dexter: Let’s just have a meal together…in peace.

Tyson: Sure.

Jill: Sounds good. So is anyone else coming?

They all sit around the large table.

Will: No. Hamilton and Jake are having issues, but I guess you probably know about that.

Jill: Yeah. I’m glad they’re getting it all figured out though. They probably needed tonight alone.

Scout and Will look at each other, expecting more emotion from Jill on this.

(cut to): Jake’s room. Jake is now dressed in pajamas and lying under the covers in her bed. Kate sits on the side of the bed. She runs a hand through Jake’s hair, very motherly.

Kate: I’m sure all this will work out just fine.

Jake: Am I an idiot?

Kate laughs.

Kate: Of course, you’re not.

A beat.

Kate cont’d: I think that love is naturally a selfish thing. When you love someone, you want to be with that person…and Hamilton has that part of it down. He always has. He’s never given an inch when it’s come to anything that would take you away from him.

Jake closes her eyes. She doesn’t even want to think about this.

Kate cont’d: But on a deeper level, love should be selfless: sacrificing what you want so that the person you love can be happy. And, I think you’ve always had that part of it down.

Jake opens her eyes again, looking up at Kate.

Jake: So you think it was the right thing to do?

Kate smiles.

Kate: Well, to be honest, except for when it comes to Hamilton, I tend to love pretty selfishly. I can’t imagine having to be the one to let someone go. But, if you really think this is what he wants…

Jake: He said he didn’t want the opportunity, but he also said he was curious. I just…I know it wasn’t that big of a deal. Granted, he lied and made her think he was available…

Kate: Not bringing that—you—up was a great moral dilemma for me at dinner last night.

Jake: The lying I could dismiss. I don’t think he meant to create this whole big deception. But the way he looked at her, Kate…it was like he could see all the possibility there and he wanted to know…he was dying to know…what it’d be like. How could I deny him the chance?

Kate: Now that you’ve given it to him, what are you going to do if he takes it?

Jake takes a moment to give what she thinks is the right answer.

Jake: Move on, I guess.

Kate smiles.

Kate: I would suggest waiting. If you’re willing to.

Jake: I can’t do that. Where would my self-respect be if I just sat around waiting for Hamilton to realize that

Jake sits up in bed.

Jake cont’d: I have a little more pride than to sit around hoping he’ll pick me.

Kate eyes the suitcase, now empty, next to Jake’s closet.

Jake cont’d: Don’t worry. I don’t exactly have anywhere else to go.

Kate looks at her sympathetically.

Kate: If you find someplace, promise you’ll let me know before you take off?

Jake nods. A beat.

Jake: You know, even if I was willing to step back and give him some time to figure this whole thing out…I didn’t exactly give him the chance to stay with me. How can I expect him to come back?

Kate: Jacqueline…I know from experience that people end up where they’re meant to be.

Jake considers this then speaks tentatively:

Jake: What if he’s meant to be with someone else?

Kate: Then you’ll…move on, I guess.

Jake smiles at the reference to what she said earlier.

Jake: It’s just all so weird and so fast. And one second I’m thinking, “Why did he do this?” and the next, it’s like “Why did I do this?”

Kate: Wouldn’t it be healthier just to place all the blame on this girl?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Sure, but you met her. I mean, she’s actually very nice. She’s pretty. She was in the art room.

Jake looks off as if she’s just described the perfect girl.

Kate: I thought she was kind of…boring.

Jake grins gratefully.

Jake: Yeah, I’m sure I’m just the kind of non-boring girl you always pictured with your son.

Kate: You’ve surpassed any expectations I ever had.

Jake rolls her eyes, but keeps the smile. Kate leans in to hug her.

(fade out)


Commercial Break


(fade in): to the dean’s office, the next morning. He and Hamilton walk in together.

Music: Your Heart is an Empty Room by Death Cab for Cutie

Steven: So, what is it you wanted to talk about?

Hamilton: I need your perspective on something.

Steven looks at him curiously.
Steven: Sure, what is it, Son?

Steven takes a seat behind the desk and indicates for Hamilton to sit down. Hamilton complies.

Hamilton: If you don’t want to talk about this subject, I’ll understand.

Steven: You know you can ask me about anything, Hamilton.

Hamilton: I just wanted to ask you something about when…when Mom…when she and Finn…

The dean inhales, indicating he gets it.

Hamilton: Is it okay?

Steven exhales.

Steven: Go ahead.

Hamilton: Why did you forgive her? Why didn’t you just end it?

Steven: Hamilton, when you love someone, you don’t just give up like that. You try as hard as you can to fix things. You make it work.

Hamilton: So, if you ended things, it would have meant you didn’t love her?

Steven: Exactly.

Hamilton nods, though he’s very disturbed by this.

Steven cont’d: Listen Hamilton, love means holding on tight. You can understand that, can’t you?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Definitely.

A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: What if…what if you’d decided to divorce her—

Steven: You don’t have to worry about anything like that, Son. Your mom and I are solid as a rock these days.

Hamilton: I know, but if you had decided that was the way you wanted to go, and if she’d fought you on it. If she’d tried to hold on tight…then what?

Steven: It wouldn’t have been her decision to make.

Hamilton nods.

Steven cont’d: Is there something going on that you need to tell me about?

Hamilton: Oh, no Sir. It’s just that a friend of mine did something stupid and…he lost his girlfriend over it and…I didn’t really know what to tell him, but…I guess now I do.

Steven laughs.

Steven: Well, make sure he knows that when you’re seventeen, there will always be another girl.

Hamilton offers half a smile.

(cut to): Jake’s room. It’s completely in tact again. The door is open and Jake quietly plays an old Matchbox 20 CD (Push is on now). She’s sitting at her desk, typing at her laptop. She glances up at the clock. It’s only seven. Hamilton’s stuff is just as he left it—it seems clear that he hasn’t been there. A knock on the doorframe has Jake turn expectantly.

(cut to): the door. Alyssa looks in curiously.

(cut to): a medium shot of the room. Jake hops up.

Jake: Hi.

Alyssa: Hi, Jake. I was wondering if Hamilton was around?

Alyssa looks around the room again.

Alyssa cont’d: You guys are really neat.

Jake: Thanks. He’s not here.

Alyssa: Ever since you and I talked yesterday…I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Jake nods, unenthused.

Alyssa cont’d: Anyway, did he leave for class yet or could I wait for him?

Jake: No. I mean…it’s just that I don’t really know where he is so…

Music: Follow Through by Gavin DeGraw

(cut to): the door as Hamilton enters tentatively, freaked out that Alyssa is there. Jake notices first. Alyssa turns around.

Alyssa: Hamilton, hi. I was just looking for you.

Hamilton looks at Jake apologetically, but she manages a smile.

Jake: I’m going to take off if you guys want to hang out here.

Hamilton: Take off?

Jake nods, grabbing her keys from her dresser. She starts to walk out, but Hamilton grabs her arm.

Hamilton cont’d: You’re coming back, right?

Jake: Of course. This room is half mine.

She tosses Alyssa a roll of her eyes. Alyssa smiles. Hamilton lets go of Jake, but doesn’t let his eyes leave hers.

Hamilton: You could just stay. Hang out. Whatever.

Jake: I think I’ll give that a definite pass.

Hamilton searches her eyes for a clue of what he should really do. Jake gives him a pointed look.

Jake cont’d: Have fun.

She smiles again at Alyssa, looks once more at Hamilton, and then walks out. Hamilton stares at the empty doorway before turning to Alyssa.

Alyssa: Jake seems nice.

Hamilton: Yeah.

Alyssa: Are you two close?

Hamilton nods, turning his attention to Alyssa.

Alyssa: He came by my room yesterday.

Hamilton: Jake did?

Alyssa: He was looking for Jill. Does he have a thing for her?

Hamilton: They’re just friends.

Alyssa: He said I shouldn’t take you for granted.

Hamilton smiles, looking down.

Alyssa cont’d: It was kind of weird.

Hamilton: Yeah. I’m sorry. Jake can be a little…uh…

Alyssa: Well, no. See, at first I was thinking that it would be hard to take someone for granted that you barely knew. I mean, we’ve spent what? A total of two hours together? But the more I thought about it, the more curious I was about what there is to take for granted…the more I really wanted to spend some more time with you.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I’d like that.

Alyssa blushes. After a beat, Hamilton thinks of something.

Hamilton cont’d: There’s something I need to tell you.

Hamilton makes his way to her, inviting her to have a seat on his bed. He sits down on Jakes bed.

Hamilton cont’d: When you asked if I had a girlfriend and I said no…it wasn’t exactly…It wasn’t true.

Alyssa stands up.

Alyssa: You have a girlfriend.

Hamilton looks up at her.

Hamilton: No. But, I did. When you asked me, I did.

She sits back down.

Alyssa: Okay…

Hamilton looks down now, not knowing what to say.

Alyssa cont’d: I don’t mean to sound presumptuous, but you broke up with someone because of…

Hamilton: Two hours?

She laughs, flattered, tucking her hair behind her ear.

Hamilton cont’d: You know, I’ve spent many hours wondering what the hell I was thinking that day we met. Talking to you, flirting with you…lying to you. I just kept thinking, “What was the big deal? What was the point?”

Alyssa narrows her eyes.

Alyssa: And you came to conclude? I mean, what was the point?

Hamilton: I still have no idea.

Alyssa: You know, it doesn’t really sound like you’re complimenting me…

She looks at him searchingly.

Alyssa cont’d: But then again, it feels like you are.

Hamilton: I guess I don’t know what the point was—I just realize that there was one…there is one.

Alyssa: I kind of get that feeling, too.

Hamilton laughs lightly.

Hamilton: I’m glad we’re in agreement.

An awkward beat passes.

Alyssa: I came here to ask you out.

Hamilton: Really?

He chuckles.

Alyssa: But I guess if you just broke up with someone…

Hamilton: Don’t let that stop you.

She smiles.

Alyssa: Hamilton, do you want to go out with me?

Hamilton: Yes. I do.

(dissolve to): the art room. Kate sits at her desk, working on lesson plans. She looks up as Hamilton enters, clearing his throat. She smiles at him, though her disapproval is glaring.

Music: Overrated by Gavin DeGraw

Hamilton: Hi, Mom.

Kate: Finally come to help me move that stuff?

Hamilton: Huh? Oh, right. Yeah, sure.

(cut to): the art supply closet. Kate collects items and supplies that she needs in the art room. Hamilton stands by.

Hamilton: Mom, I need to talk to you…about Jake and me.

Kate: I spoke with Jake last night.

Hamilton: Oh…

Kate continues her task.

Hamilton cont’d: So…what do you think?

Kate: About what?

Hamilton sighs.

Hamilton: Well, you obviously think I messed up.

Kate: Sweetie, feelings change. I understand that.

Hamilton: Yeah, but you, better than anyone, probably understands the importance of not always acting on those changing feelings.

She narrows her eyes and folds her arms.

Kate: You think so?

Hamilton processes this for a minute.

Hamilton: Are you saying that you’re glad you cheated on dad?

Kate shrugs.

Hamilton cont’d: I can’t believe you. I mean, dad loves you. And you—

Kate: Love him, too. Hamilton, I’m not “glad” I had an affair, but…

She trails off.

Kate cont’d: How can I explain this?

Hamilton: You can’t.

Kate: Being with Finn put my love for your father into perspective. It made it obvious for me at a time when I was having to search for it. Without that perspective, I’d probably still be searching.

Hamilton: What if you figured out that instead of loving Dad, you loved Finn?

Kate looks into his eyes, understanding the question.

Kate: I think I would have been confused and scared at first.

Hamilton: But the point is, you just needed to see?

Kate: That’s right.

Hamilton: What if, when Dad found out, he stopped loving you?

Kate: Okay, let’s stop talking in parallel. Why would you think that Jake’s stopped loving you?

Hamilton: Because I told her that I didn’t want to be with anyone else—that I only love her. And she didn’t even care. She just pushed me away. I mean, that’s not what love is about.

Kate: And what do you think it is about?

Hamilton: Not giving up. Making it work.

Kate: God, you really are your father’s son, aren’t you?

Hamilton: What do you mean by that?

Kate: That’s just something he would say. “Love is about making it work.”

Hamilton: What’s wrong with that?

Kate: You don’t always have to make something work. Sometimes you can just let it work itself out.

Hamilton: Yeah, but how could she love me and…

Kate: What? Let you go?

Hamilton starts to get it.

Hamilton: So it’s about sacrificing her happiness for mine?

Kate doesn’t answer.

Hamilton cont’d: Well, that’s not fair.

Kate: And would if be fair for her to insist that you stay with her when you’re so obviously interested in someone else? Would it be fair to her to be with someone who always wonders what could have happened with someone else?

Hamilton takes this in, running a hand through his hair. He looks at his mom, deeply concerned.

Hamilton: I’m scared.

Kate places a hand on his shoulder.

Kate: I know. New paths are always scary.

Hamilton: What if this new path doesn’t lead me back to her?

Kate: You’ll end up where you’re meant to be.

(cut to): the dining hall as students are eating lunch.

(cut to): Jake’s room, lunch time. The door is open and music plays softly. Jake is at her computer. A knock on the doorframe startles her. She looks back to find Hamilton standing tentatively in the doorway.

Music: Untouchable Face by Ani DiFranco

Hamilton: Hey.

Jake: Hey.

Hamilton: I was looking for you in the dining hall.

Jake: I didn’t see you first period.

Hamilton: Yeah…

Jake glances at him briefly, but stares at the computer. Hamilton realizes what she is thinking.

Hamilton: I was with my mom…helping her move the rest of that stuff.

Jake: Oh.

A beat.

Hamilton: Alyssa asked me out, and I said yes.

Jake: Cool.

Hamilton: I’m just telling you because I want you to know that I’m taking this opportunity seriously.

Jake nods. A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: This is so messed up. I’ve never felt this weird talking to you.

Jake: You don’t have to feel weird. I mean, I was hoping that we could…

Hamilton: …still be friends?

Jake nods.

Hamilton: Jake, you’ve been my best friend practically since the minute we met. I don’t want to lose that either…but I’m not sure it’s—

Jake: Well, I know I kicked you out, but…if you want to come back…

Hamilton: You’d be okay with that? Us living together?

Jake: Only if you are.

Hamilton: I…uh…yeah, of course I am.

He’s obviously not.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ll go get my stuff from Scout and Dexter’s room…?

Jake nods.

Jake: Sounds good.

Hamilton: Okay. I’ll be back.

He exits awkwardly, leaving Jake to go back to her computer.

(fade out)


Commercial Break


Music: Bigger Than My Body by John Mayer

(fade in): to class on the quad. Finn is sitting to the side, looking through a typed paper. As students walk up, they hand over their own essays. Scout and Will sit to one side together. Dexter and Tyson to another. Alyssa sits alone, reading a book. Jake walks up and over to Finn.

Jake: Uh, Finn?

Finn: Yes?

He glances up from the essay.

Finn cont’d: Hmm?

Jake: I ended up doing my own, if that’s okay?

Finn: The assignment was to work with a partner. Resist the temptation of going solo…

Jake looks at him.

Finn cont’d: That was a joke…temptation…you know?

Jake tries to smile. Finn realizes something is off. He takes the paper from Jake.

Finn cont’d: No problem.

Jake: Thanks.

Jake turns and appraises her seating options. She heads for Dexter, but Alyssa tries to catch her eye. She pretends not to notice as she sits down next to the geek squad. Tyson notices Alyssa watching Jake.

Tyson: The object of my affection is checking you out, Jake.

Jake doesn’t look over.

Jake: Don’t get too attached. She has a thing for my roommate.

Tyson: Hamilton? Really? She’s into the pretty boy type, huh?

Dexter takes this comment slightly more seriously.

Dexter: Wait…what?

Jake: She asked him out.

Tyson: Oh…man…are you serious?

Dexter: Well, he didn’t say yes…

Tyson: Of course he did. How could you say no to

Dexter: Jake?

Jake: Yeah. He said yes.

Dexter: That’s why…

Dexter shakes his head, bewildered.

Dexter cont’d: I mean, I figured it was something dumb…something small…

Tyson: What are you talking about, Dex?

Dexter pulls it together.

Dexter: Oh, no, nothing.

Tyson: Here’s the pretty boy now.

Hamilton walks up. He hands off his paper to Finn who keeps an eye on him a few seconds as he assesses his own seating options. He meets eyes with Jake, but she looks away. Alyssa waves to him. He gives Jake one more glance, but goes over to Alyssa.

(cut to): Will and Scout. They’re watching the events transpire.

Will: Well, I guess that explains the problem between Jake and Hamilton.

Scout doesn’t know what to say.

Will cont’d: You all right?

Scout: I…don’t even know what to think…

Will: Yeah…

They watch for another moment then look away, both silent.

(cut to): a shot of Hamilton and Alyssa.

Alyssa: Get your essay all done?

Hamilton: Yeah.

Alyssa: What did you write about?

Hamilton: Well, usually I’m not a fan of the obvious…I like to go for subtleties and abstractions, but, in this case, I went for the obvious.

Alyssa: Temptation.

He shrugs.

Hamilton: I couldn’t resist.

The statement holds multiple meanings, including a humorous one. Alyssa laughs, also blushing at the other implications.

(cut to): Jill as she approaches. She sees the same scene as everyone else has. Hamilton glances up and sees her, but quickly turns back into his conversation with Alyssa. Unlike all the other avoiders, though, Jill walks right up to Hamilton and Alyssa.

Jill: Um, hi.

She stares at Hamilton.

Alyssa: I turned in our essay.

Jill: Yeah, wow, that’s awesome. You can shut up now.

Alyssa is taken aback.

Jill cont’d: I mean…what the hell?

Hamilton: Jill, chill out.

Jill: Chill out?

Alyssa is taken aback, but starts to make assumptions.

Alyssa: Please tell me this isn’t your ex-girlfriend.

Hamilton: No, but she is kind of acting like it, isn’t she?

Jill gives him the dirtiest of her looks.

Jill: Ex-girlfriend?

Hamilton: Yes…now either go away or sit down.

He looks around, catching Jake’s eye and noticing that other classmates are starting to stare. Jill doesn’t care. She folds her arms, staring down at Alyssa and Hamilton, a wall of disbelief.

(cut to): Scout and Will who watch, completely out of the loop.

(cut to): Jake.

Jake: I can’t believe I have to do this…

She gets up and walks over. Jill doesn’t have time to say a word before Jake, without a word or glance, takes Jill’s arm, leading her away.

Jill: What the hell?

Jake pulls her to a secluded spot, still close enough for class, but far enough not to be heard. They sit down and talk very quietly.

Jill cont’d: What the—

Jake: I was looking for you yesterday. I wanted to tell you that Hamilton and I broke up.

Jill: I…whhow…

She takes a deep breath then explodes:

Jill: How can you say that all calm? I mean, you two are…and….Hamilton…how could he—

Jake: I don’t know why you’re so surprised. You did know about most of this before I did.

Jill: He told me about some dream and I told him that was typical teenage boy stuff…but…to act on that…with her…of all people…this is crazy, Jake. That’s what it is. Freaking crazy.

Jake: Yet it was the best choice.

Jill: Oh…I so told him this is how it would turn out. I hope you realize that crap about “if you love something, set it free” is just something invented by bitter people who let go because they’re afraid of being let go of. You’re—

Jake: Stop ranting.

Jill looks her over, noticing the cold tone for the first time.

Jill: Wow, you’re really pissed at me.

Jake: No.

Jake looks at her coolly.

Jake: I’m pissed that you knew he had feelings for her and you didn’t talk to me. Do you know how stupid this made me feel? I mean, look at me.

She indicates the outfit, but is still composed.

Jake cont’d: Whatever my reasons for being at this school, they changed when I met him. They became him. He was my reason for being here. Now, I have no reason to be here. And, the realization that I was doing all this for one thing…for one person…that’s humiliating…and a little ridiculous.

Jill: Well…I could kill her.

It’s supposed to add levity to the situation, but Jake doesn’t smile.

Jill cont’d: Come on, Jacqueline, what can I do here?

Jake: Just…leave me alone, Jill. I mean, you have up until this point.

Jill: That’s so unfair.

Jake stares at her. Jill realizes she had no right to whine.

Jill cont’d: I’m sorry.

Jake shrugs. Before Jill can say more, Finn is addressing the class.

Finn: Ladies and gentlemen…

He has everyone’s attention. He holds up the stack of essays.

Finn cont’d: I must say, having all your essays here in front of me is very exciting. The first essay of the year is always my favorite to read. It’s new…fresh.

(cut to): Alyssa and Hamilton. She smiles at him. He blushes, smiling and looking down.

Finn cont’d: Anyway…

(cut to): Finn as he sets the essays off to the side with his courier bag.

Finn cont’d: I’ll spend the weekend reading up on your analyses of Rossetti’s work, but I was just curious, because we are studying Romanticism, how did this poem affect you? How did it make you feel?

Everyone is at a loss for a moment.

Jill: I thought—

Finn: What did you feel?

Jill: Okay, I felt…I guess it made me feel sympathy for “the sinner.”

Scout: Kind of the same for me, but what I felt was more like empathy.

Finn: Explain.

Scout: I mean, empathy…like I can relate.

Tyson rolls his eyes, but only Dexter notices.

Finn: I’m familiar with the distinction between sympathy and empathy…what I’m asking is, what can you relate to?

Scout: Well, we’ve all wanted something, right?

He looks around, letting his glance linger slightly longer on Jill. Everyone agrees.

Jill: Yeah, but we don’t all make the stupid mistake of giving in to temptation. That’s why I feel so sorry for Laura. I mean, you’ve got this nice life with your sister and all you have to not do is go off with the nasty monster fruit beasts. She made a stupid decision and she had to pay for it.

She looks pointedly at Hamilton.

Hamilton: Look, it all worked out in the end.

Jill: Because her sister made the ultimate sacrifice.

Alyssa: I thought you said you were sympathetic. It sounds more like anger.

Jill: Yeah, well, maybe I am angry, you stupid b—

Finn: Ms. Thomas…

He gives her a warning look then goes on at an attempt at distraction.

Finn cont’d: …Let me ask you this, where would we have been if Lizzie hadn’t given in?

Jill takes a deep breath, considering. She has no answer.

Will: It’s just like with Eve. I mean, where would humanity be without the knowledge of good and evil?

Jake: Blissfully ignorant…

She’s looking off, barely a part of the class, yet totally engrossed.

Finn: Perhaps.

A beat as everyone considers what Jake said.

Finn cont’d: Somehow we came back to analysis. Any other feelings?

No one says anything.

Will (voice over): I think Scout summed up my feelings pretty well.

Finn looks around one more time. Jill is glaring at Alyssa. Tyson is also looking at Alyssa, wishing he was sitting where Hamilton sits. Hamilton is studying some blades of grass. Jake is still looking off somewhere, not there, but there. Scout and Will are still somewhat lost, but Will seems more clued in.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: We’ve all wanted something. I guess this poem just reminds me that we constantly have a choice to make…

(cut to): Scout as he glances first at Alyssa then at Jill.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Resist…

(cut to): Hamilton and Alyssa in a shot together. She flips her hair as he watches, clearly enthralled.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …or succumb.

(cut to): a long shot of the class that pulls out even more.




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