Strange Condition


(fade in): to a scene from Batman.  Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale are talking in her office.

Will: I don’t get it.  Why doesn’t he just tell her?

Hamilton: Because…he likes her.

Music: Strange Condition by Pete Yorn

(cut to): the common room.  Jake, Hamilton, Will, Dexter and a few other boys sit around the television, watching the movie.  Hamilton gives Jake a covert glance.  She starts to look back, but looks at Dexter when he talks:

Dexter: Exactly, he likes her…so he should tell her.

Jake: Sometimes things are complicated.

Dexter glances at her a second then looks back at the movie.

Dexter: Yeah, real complicated: “Hey, by the way, I’m a superhero.”  What chick wouldn’t want to hear that?

Will: You know, I don’t think they actually like to be called “chicks”…

Hamilton: …unless they’re talking about each other.

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: It doesn’t really matter…there aren’t any here.

Hamilton again glances at Jake then back at Dexter.

Hamilton: Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be respectful.

A beat as some of the other guys grumble at the talking during the movie.  Everyone goes back to watching the movie.  Then:

Dexter: You know, I don’t even really understand why he does it.

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: His parents got killed.  His childhood sucked.

Dexter: So, that made dressing up like a bat seem like a good idea?

Hamilton: If you don’t like the damn movie then just—

Dexter: Hey, why are you getting so worked up?  I’m just saying Bruce Wayne’s story is a little weak, that’s all. 

Will: Okay, Dex, I’m sorry I even brought it up.  This isn’t English class, we don’t have to analyze it…just watch it.

Dexter crosses his arm and focuses on the screen.  After a second, Jake gets up and starts to walk out the door.

Hamilton: Where are you going?

Jake: I…have homework.

He gives her a look of concern, but she turns and goes.  He gives Dexter a dirty look that goes unnoticed by everyone then turns back to the television.

Will (voice over): No one ever said the secret identity deal was an easy one.  It’s actually a pretty strange condition.  Being someone other than yourself is probably a relief for awhile, but eventually, it must become tiring and…

(cut to): Jake as she walks in and slams the door.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …frustrating.  People who know shouldn’t and people who don’t know…

(cut to): the common room, a close shot of Dexter.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …really probably need to be let in on the secret.

(cut to): Jake in her room as she sits down on her bed, looking unhappy.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Jake’s room.  She’s laying face down on her bed with her head in her pillow.  She’s completely out of boy gear and has changed into pajamas.  Her door unlocks and Hamilton slips in, holding a set of keys.

Music: Amazing Again by Matt Nathanson

Jake (face in pillow): Where’d you get that?

Hamilton: Look who you’re talking to…I’ve got connections.

He smiles, but Jake doesn’t respond.  Hamilton takes a small step forward.  He’s hesitant.

Hamilton: Why didn’t you answer the door?

Jake: Because…

Hamilton makes sure the door is locked then walks over to her bed, sitting down.  He runs his hand through her hair and leaves it on her neck as she turns her head to the side.  She’s been crying.  When he sees this, he looks worried.

Hamilton: What’s wrong?

Jake: I don’t know.

She sits up, wiping her face off.

Hamilton: You’re killing me here.

Jake: I’m sorry.

Hamilton: Don’t be.  Just…let me in?

Jake smiles slightly as she looks up at the door.

Hamilton cont’d: Okay?

She nods.  After a second:

Jake: The pathetic thing is, I really don’t know what’s wrong.  I mean, everything that happened with my dad…that was before Christmas.  I should be way over that by now—

Hamilton: No, you shouldn’t and…it’s okay if you’re not.

Jake: And then Dexter—

Hamilton cont’d: He’s a moron. 

She smiles which causes a similar reaction from him.

Jake: Do you think he’ll hate me when he finds out?

Hamilton: No…but…I don’t see how anyone could do anything but love you so…my perspective’s a little skewed.

Jake looks down.

Hamilton cont’d: Look, don’t worry about Dexter, okay?  He’s in no danger of finding out…he’s so clueless.  And, about this other thing, this crying thing…

She looks up at him.

Hamilton cont’d: …it’s okay.  It’s okay to feel sad or…frustrated. 

She nods.

Hamilton cont’d: But, um…I’d rather be in here when it happens than locked out there.

He nods over to the door.  They share a look of understanding.  She nods and leans toward him letting him wrap his arms around her.

(cut to): the common room.  Will and Dexter are the only ones still…and they’re studying.  Scout walks in.

Scout: Are you guys filling out RA applications?

Dexter: You have to be at least a junior to do that.

Will: I don’t know.  Finn said I should apply, but…I’m pretty busy right now.

Scout nods and walks in, carrying some paperwork.

Will cont’d: Wait a second…you’re applying?

Scout shrugs.

Scout: So?

Will: That sounds a lot like a leadership position.

Scout: It’s not a political office…it doesn’t count.

He sits down in a chair and looks at the first page.

Scout cont’d: Besides, Will, what are your electives for this semester?

Will: Latin and computer science.

Scout: Mine are Spanish and…art.  And unlike you, I don’t have more than one extracurricular activity and…I don’t care if I make all A’s and…I don’t have a girlfriend.  I’m bored.  I need something to throw myself into.

Will: Try the lake. 

Dexter laughs.  Scout gives him a dirty look.

Will cont’d: I just mean that…you need to wake up and realize that this job isn’t “something to do on the weekends.”  It’s a lot of responsibility.  It’s a fulltime job.

Scout: Thanks, Will…I know.

Everyone is quite as each goes back to his own work.

After a moment:

Scout: Uh…do either of you…have a pencil?

Will shakes his head disapprovingly and hands him one.

(cut to): Johanna and Finn’s house, the kitchen as Meagan hands Mark some paper.  They are sitting at the table, doing homework.  Mark opens his book and begins writing.  Meagan looks at him thoughtfully then goes back to her work.  After another moment, she looks up at him again.  He looks up at her with a small smile then looks back at his work.  She looks down at her homework as well and tries to be casual:

Meagan: So…thinking about going to that dance tomorrow?

Mark: No way.

Meagan: Oh…

Mark: What about you?

Meagan laughs.

Meagan: No.  Definitely not.

Mark nods.

Meagan cont’d: How come you’re not?

Mark shrugs.

Mark: I guess…I just don’t care about girls like that yet.

Meagan: Oh…

Mark: If you want to go…

She looks at him hopefully.

Mark cont’d: …you can go.  I won’t make fun of you or anything.  Well, I might a little, but—

Meagan: I don’t want to go.

Mark: Why’d you even bring it up?

Meagan: I don’t know.  We’re supposed to be doing homework.

Mark: Exactly so shut up and study.

He looks up with a smile…he was just kidding, but Meagan is a little upset anyway.  She looks back at her book and tries not to look hurt.

(dissolve to): Gwen and Jill’s room, later.  Jill is working on a painting.  Gwen is sitting on her bed, studying.  There’s a knock then the door opens as Will walks in.  Gwen smiles and closes the book she’s studying from.

Music: You’re Just What I Need by Jesse Bradford (oh yes, this is what you think)

Gwen: Hi.

He walks over to her bed and sits down.

Will: Hey.

Jill looks over at them, a little disgusted.

Will cont’d: What were you studying?

Gwen shrugs.

Gwen: Actually, I have no idea. 

He raises his eyebrows.

Gwen cont’d: I was thinking about you.

He smiles and leans in, kissing her.  Jill looks over then back at her painting then back at them.  She tosses her paintbrush down and walks out, slamming the door.  Gwen and Will continue the kiss a moment, then break apart.

Will: That was easy.

Gwen: So, what are your story ideas?

She opens her notebook and uncaps her pen.

Will: I actually don’t have any.

She raises her eyebrows.

Will cont’d: I’ve just been thinking about how we’re going to hold our editor meetings in your bedroom…I have no thoughts beyond that.

She smiles as they kiss again.

(dissolve to): Sean’s bedroom.  He sits in his desk chair and Jill lies on his bed, using a teddy bear for a pillow.

Music: Life on a Chain by Pete Yorn

Jill: Like, do I really need to see that?  They’re not that cute.

Sean: It sounds like they’re pretty cute.

Jill: Okay, only Jacqueline and Hamilton could get away with saying schmoopy stuff like that to each other.

Sean: Schmoopy?

Jill: Excessively cute and sweet.

Sean: I think you’re jealous.

Jill: Duh.

Sean: Well, if you’re feeling left out, I’m always available to participate in charitable make-out sessions.

Jill: You’re such a philanthropist.

He laughs as she throws the teddy bear at him.

(dissolve to): the garage, the next day.  Bella is working on a car.  Hamilton walks up, wearing his work uniform.

Bella: You’re so late, Fleming.  I’m going to fire your sorry ass one day.

Hamilton: I know; I’m sorry.

She looks up at him.

Bella: Everything okay?

He nods then smiles.

Hamilton: Actually, for you, I have great news.

Bella (sarcastic): What?  Oh my God, did they change the release date of Crossroads?  Can I see Britney on the big screen right now?

Hamilton: No, thank God, we’ve still got awhile to prepare for that.

Bella laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: Remember that contest we entered?

Bella: Yeah…

Hamilton: Well…

He pulls out a letter from his pocket.

Hamilton cont’d: …we won.

Bella: Oh my God.

Hamilton: Pretty cool, huh?

Bella: Yeah, so…what’s the prize?

Hamilton looks off, guiltily.

Hamilton: I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t ask me that.

Bella: Lifetime supply of…Pepsi?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Concert tickets.

He pulls them out of the envelope and hands the two tickets to Bella.  She examines them.

Bella: Oh…Pete Yorn at The Village Underground in…

Hamilton: …New York.  Yeah.

Bella: Think we can sell these?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: The concert’s tomorrow night.

Bella: Oh, okay, well…so…let’s go.  It’ll be fun.

He glances down again.

Hamilton: I actually would rather…stick close to home right now.

Bella: Oh, come on, Hamilton.

Hamilton: The tickets are yours…I’m sure someone will go with you.

She starts to protest, but a car pulls up, giving Hamilton an escape.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the cafeteria at New Rawley Middle School.  There’s a sign that says “After-School Study/Tutor Program.”  Meagan is sitting by herself at a cafeteria table, reading.  At a few tables away, Mark is helping four of his friends with math homework.

Music: Deeper Than Beauty by Sloan

Boy 1: Mark, just tell us the answer.

Mark: No.  Come on, guys, you can get this.

Boy 2: I can get this.

He pulls out a note that was stuck somewhere in Mark’s math book.

Mark: Hey…

The boy reads the note quickly then passes it around.  Meagan looks over curiously.  After all four have read it:

Boy 2: So, Marky Mark, you’re going to say yes, right?

Boy 3: Amanda Parker, dude.  You’re definitely going to say yes.

All the boys agree.  Mark looks around at them

Mark: Do I look stupid?  Amanda Parker asked me to the dance.  Of course, I’m going to say yes.  Now can we get back to the math problem, please?

(cut to): Meagan, who looks back down at her book, disappointed.

(cut to): to the Common Room.  Scout and Jake are the only ones there.  Scout is again working on the R.A. application and Jake is sitting on a couch, working on some homework.  Dexter enters and sits next to Jake.  He doesn’t say anything until she looks over at him.

Dexter: Hey, Jake.  What’s up?

Jake: Uh…not much.

Dexter: Cool.  So, where’s Hamilton?

Jake: He’s at work…I think.  How should I know?

Scout looks up and listens.

Dexter: Okay, well, I was going to go over and see Jacqueline.

Scout laughs.

Scout: Checking to make sure Hamilton isn’t around first.  This kid is smooth, Jake.

Dexter looks over and gives him a dirty look then looks back at Jake.

Dexter: Actually, Jake, I was wondering if you had a minute to talk…alone.

He glances at Scout again. 

Jake: Uh…well…I’m pretty busy with homework.  Now that I think about it, Jacqueline mentioned that she also had a lot to do today so…

Dexter: Yeah, that makes sense.

He stands up.

Dexter cont’d: I’ll see you later, Jake.

He turns and walks out of the room.

Scout: That was weird.

Jake: Why’d he keep saying my name like that?  It was freaking me out.  I wonder what he wanted.

Scout: Maybe he wants to talk about his crush on “Jacqueline.”

Jake: God…I hope not.  That would probably require me putting on a dress and talking to him.  I don’t think I’m up for being any more than one person right now.

Scout laughs.

Jake cont’d: Maybe I’ll go see what he wanted.

(cut to): the doorway as Hamilton walks in.

Hamilton: What who wanted?

Jake looks up at the door.

Jake: You’re back early. 

Hamilton: Yeah…Bella was mad at me.

Jake: Did you tell her about the tickets?

Hamilton: Yep…and that I couldn’t go.

Jake: You can go if you want.

Hamilton: I know.

He smiles.

Scout: Go where?

Hamilton: We won the radio contest…two tickets to Pete Yorn in New York.  It’s like this really small venue and it’s this “special guests only” kind of thing.

Scout: Wow.  That’s awesome.

Jake: Pete Yorn is pretty cool.  I was thinking of getting his CD.

Hamilton: You can borrow mine.

She looks at him.  He has the CD.

Jake: Why don’t you go?

Hamilton: Why don’t you?

Jake: I’m not in the mood to be in New York right now. 

Hamilton: Well, then…neither am I.

They’re sort of having a moment and Scout doesn’t look thrilled to be there to witness it.

Scout: Anyway…she couldn’t have been that mad. 

Jake: Yeah, I’m sure she can find someone to go with her.

Hamilton: That’s like why she was mad.  She was running through everyone she knows and saying why they wouldn’t go or why she couldn’t ask them anyway.

Scout: What’d she say about me?

Jake and Hamilton look at him.

Scout cont’d: What?  I’m just curious.

Hamilton: She said she didn’t feel like pissing off Sean again.

Scout considers this.

Scout: I don’t get it.

Hamilton: Apparently, they had some fight over you and Jill.

Scout begins to look concerned.

Jake: Well, anyway, I’m sure she’ll find someone.

She looks at Hamilton like they should get out.

Scout: Wait…over Jill and me?

Hamilton: Hey, Jake…didn’t you need me to…replace that…light bulb in your room?

She rolls her eyes slightly as she quickly puts her stuff in her backpack.

Jake: It’s so nice having a man around…

She and Hamilton quickly exit, leaving a confused Scout.

Music: Continue Dreaming by Matt Nathanson

(cut to): Sean and Jill, at his dining room table.  They’re eating dinner.  The table is only set for two.

Jill: Okay, so your mom plays Bridge and your dad plays Poker?

Sean: Every Thursday.

Jill: Your family is so normal.

Sean: Sometimes they skip their card games and go out to dinner together.  They think I don’t know, but…they get home at the same time. 

Jill: God, that’s so amazing.  That’s where I want to be someday. 

Sean: Where?

Jill: You know…happily ever after.

Sean smiles and takes a bite of his food.

Sean: So…is it a general kind of thing?  Or…do you have a plan?

She hesitates.

Jill: Um…plans change. 

Sean: Sorry.

Jill: No, it’s…do you have a plan?

Sean shrugs.

Sean: No.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Oh, you so do.

Sean: I guess I have…a fantasy.

Jill: As long as it doesn’t involve J. Lo and a pool full of Jello…

Sean laughs.

Sean: I’m not telling you either way.

Jill: Okay, now I want to know.

Sean: Uh…no.

Jill: Come on.  You know you like this sharing thing.

He rolls his eyes.  After a beat, he takes a deep breath.  Sean doesn’t look at her when he tells the story.

Sean: This doesn’t leave this table…

Jill: Scout’s honor.

Jill realizes what she actually said, but Sean goes on:

Sean: I guess I’ve given up on now.  Like, for me, I think it’ll happen one day when I’m a little older…a little more successful.

Jill: Successful how?

Sean: I don’t know.  I want to go to law school one day.  Oh my God…

He looks up at her.

Jill: What?

Sean: I’ve never actually said that out loud before.

Jill: Well, you should from now on.  So, what else?

Sean: I want to make a difference, but…not just in the world.  You know how Will is always trying to get out?

Jill nods.

Sean cont’d: Okay, well…I like it here. I want to make a difference here.  I don’t want out forever.  I want to come back and…spend my life here.

Jill: What?  And, like, become the town mayor?

Sean doesn’t say anything.

Jill cont’d: Seriously?

Sean shrugs.

Sean: Maybe.

Jill: That’s actually really sweet.

Sean: Yeah…

Jill: Okay, so…what about the girl?

Sean: I’d rather not say.

He starts eating again.

Jill: Oh, no…come on.  There’s a girl in this story, I know it.

Sean: Well, yeah, there is.

Jill: Who is it?

Sean: It’s not anyone.  It’s just…a girl…from here.  Someone who doesn’t really like it here anymore than Will and probably wants out even worse, but…who ends up here anyway.

Jill: Oh…someone in need of Prozac.

Sean laughs.

Jill cont’d: Wait a minute…

He looks down at his food again.

Jill cont’d: Who?

He hesitates a moment then looks up at her.

Sean: You said plans change.  Well, I never bothered to change mine.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Okay, that is freaking adorable.

Sean: I don’t know…how…I feel about…her…about Bella…right now.

Jill: You like her.

Sean: Actually, I’m a little pissed off at her.

Jill: Because…you like her.

Sean: Was I not clear on the “not now” aspect of my story?

Jill nods.

Jill: Okay.

A beat as they go back to eating.

Sean: It’s nice to have someone to talk to.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Yes, it is.

(dissolve to): Dexter and Hamilton’s room.  It’s late and they’re both getting ready for bed.

Dexter: You know, we don’t really talk that much.

Hamilton: Nope.

Dexter: I mean, look at Will and Scout…they talk to each other about all their problems…their girlfriends.

Hamilton: Well, I don’t have any problems and…you don’t have a girlfriend.

Dexter: But…you do.

Hamilton: What is your deal today?

Dexter: Where have you been going?

Hamilton: When?

Dexter: At night…when you leave.

Hamilton: To see my girlfriend…not that it’s any of your business.

Dexter: You guys talk and stuff?

Hamilton: What do you want from me?  The details of my sex life?

Dexter: No.

Dexter looks down.  He didn’t want to hear that.

Hamilton: Good…I’ll see you in the morning.

Hamilton grabs his pillow and starts to walk out of the room.  As an afterthought, he goes back to his closet and grabs his shoes then walks out.  He exits.  Dexter sits down on his bed, looking upset.

(fade out)


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Music: Ben Lee by Klinger

(fade in): to the next morning, Jake’s room.  She’s up getting dressed.  Hamilton is still asleep in her bed.  She looks over at him, thoughtfully.  She walks over to the bed and sits down.  She leans down, kissing him.  He wakes up, kissing her back.  When they part:

Hamilton: Good morning.

Jake smiles.

Jake: You have to get up.

Hamilton: Don’t make me go back to my room…Dexter’s driving me crazy.

Jake: If you don’t hurry up, people are going to see you leave my room.

Hamilton whines as he pulls himself up.

Jake cont’d: You know…yesterday, Dexter was being really weird to me too.

Hamilton: I think he’s got a crush on you. 

Jake: On me?

She indicates her boy outfit.  He laughs.

Hamilton: Maybe…but I meant…on Jacqueline. 

Jake: Hm.

He looks at her suspiciously.

Hamilton: Has he…said something to you about it?

Jake sighs.

Hamilton: Oh my God.

Jake: It was…a while ago.

Hamilton: You didn’t tell me?

Jake: The only reason I’m telling you now is because I don’t want to lie to you.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Well, Hamilton, it’s not like I’m going to dump you so I can be with Dexter.  And, I thought if I told you…you’d hate him…and, for no reason.  Plus, he asked me not to say anything to you.

Hamilton: Wait…was he talking to Jacqueline or—

Jake: …to Jake.  But, I just told Scout that I only want to be one person right now and I only want to think about being one person so…can we drop this?  For the sake of my mental health?

Hamilton nods as they both stand up.  There’s a knock at the door.  They look at each other, unsure of how to handle it.

(cut to): the other side of the door as Dexter stands, waiting.  Jake opens it and looks confused when she sees him.

Dexter: Hey, oh good, you were up.

He looks at her outfit.  It makes Jake uncomfortable.

Jake: Yeah…what’s up?

Dexter: I was just wondering if we could have that talk?

Jake: What talk?

Dexter: Yesterday…when I said I wanted to talk to you…

Jake: Oh…uh…is this about Jacqueline?

Dexter smiles slightly.

Dexter: Yeah.  Can I come in?

He starts to step into the room, but Jake holds the door only half-open.

Jake: No…I’m busy.

Dexter: Doing what?

(cut to): inside the room.  Hamilton still stands by the bed, listening.  He looks irritated.

Jake: Um…cleaning my room.  Look, we’ll talk another time, okay?

She closes the door, looking over at Hamilton.  He shakes his head, annoyed with Dexter.

(cut to): the hall.  Dexter turns away from the door, looking angry.  He walks off.

(dissolve to): a school bus, later.  Meagan sits by herself in a seat.  The bus stops and kids(including Mark) get on.  Mark sits next to Meagan.

Mark: You don’t ride the bus.

Meagan: I wanted to talk to you and…since we don’t ever really talk at school…

Mark looks around.

Mark: What’d you want to talk about?  Why didn’t you just call me last night?

Meagan: I was too mad to call you last night.

He looks over at her.

Mark: Why?

Meagan: Well, first, because we don’t talk at school…because you never talk to me.

Mark: I talk to you.  I’m talking to you now.

Meagan: Yeah, when none of your friends are around.

Mark: Well, Meagan, you’re like a kid to them.  You’re younger than everybody.

Meagan: I’m not a kid.

Mark: I didn’t say you were.  I know you’re cool.

Meagan: You’re going with Amanda to the dance?

Great, she knows.  He looks away. 

Mark: Yeah, so?

Meagan: I thought you said you didn’t like girls.

Mark: Well, I like Amanda.

Meagan: So…it’s really just me that you don’t like.

Mark: You are so confusing.

He gets up and changes seats.  Meagan looks out the window.

Music: Walk Away by Bree Sharp

(cut to): the quad, before classes.  Jill and Scout sit at a picnic table together.

Jill: I’m confused.  They were fighting about us?  Why would they be fighting about us?

Scout: Well, I guess it’s either because one or both of them likes one or both of us or—

Jill: …or we’re complete egomaniacs.

Jill laughs.

Scout: No…because—

Jill: …they like each other.

Scout: Right.

Jill: Okay, let’s work with the second one.

Scout: Why?

Jill: Because, it’s the most likely.

Scout: Do you have inside information?

Jill: No…

Scout: Okay, so…say they like each other.

Jill: Shouldn’t we help them out?

Scout: No…we shouldn’t.

Jill: Do you like Bella?

Scout smiles.

Scout: If I did…would you “help” me like you’re ready to help Sean?

Jill: You know, there’s not enough crack and Vodka in the world to make anything like that happen…ever.

Scout laughs.

Scout (sarcastic): You’re so fun to hang out with.  I can see why Sean likes you so much.

Jill: Shut up. 

Jill smiles a second then stands up.

Jill cont’d: I have to go to class.

Scout: Okay.

Jill: Good luck with the R.A. thing too.

Scout: Thanks…

Jill smiles again then starts to walk off.

Scout cont’d: And Jill?

She turns back around.

Scout cont’d: I could be up for more of these open, honest conversations.

She nods then walks off.

(dissolve to): the picnic table, lunch time.  Scout is sitting there, looking over his application.  Will sits with him, looking over some layout stuff.  Gwen walks up and sits down next to him.

Gwen: Hi.

Will kisses her hello.  Scout barely notices as he concentrates on the application.

Will: How’s your day going?

Gwen: A little better now.

Will kisses her again.

Music: Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She’s sitting on her bed, reading a magazine.  Hamilton sits behind her, reading over her shoulder. 

Hamilton: I like getting all these requests for time alone with you.

Jake smiles and continues to read.  He kisses her on the neck and she looks over at him to kiss him.  There’s a knock at the door.  They look at each other.

Jake (whispered): I just won’t answer it.

Hamilton (whispered): Let me.  And if it’s Dexter…I’ll just kill him…then he won’t bug us anymore.

Hamilton starts to get up, but Jake pulls him back down.

(cut to): the hall.  Dexter stands at Jake’s door, but gives up and walks off down the hall.

(dissolve to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  The door is slightly open, the music(still Slide) is turned way up and Jill is painting and eating yogurt.  Dexter opens the door, but Jill doesn’t see him.

Dexter: Excuse me?  Jill?

She turns around to throw her yogurt container away and almost screams when she sees him.  She turns the music down, tosses the trash and looks at Dexter.

Jill: What are you doing here?

He’s slightly nervous.

Dexter: Well…I need to talk to Jacqueline.

Jill: Well…she’s not here.  She’s probably off with Hamilton talking about how glad she is to be alone with him.

Dexter looks down.

Dexter: They really don’t need anyone else, do they?

Jill looks at him, she’s sorry for being so harsh.

Jill: I’m sorry.

Dexter looks back up at her.

Dexter: For what?

Jill: I know you like her…

Dexter: Did…did Jake tell you that?

Jill: No one told me, but…you told Jake?

Jill laughs.

Jill cont’d: That’s…I don’t think you should have told Jake.

Dexter: Yeah, I’ve been regretting that one too.

Jill looks at him curiously.

Dexter cont’d: Anyway, I have to get back to campus.

He exits and Jill shakes her head.

(cut to): New Rawley Middle School, the cafeteria.  Meagan sits by herself at a table, reading.  She’s eating a lunch she brought from home.  Mark and his friends walk by with trays.  She gives him a dirty look and he catches it, but doesn’t say anything.  Another of his friends noticed though.

Boy 1: You got a problem, dork girl?

She looks up at him.

Meagan: No…do you?

Boy 1: Yeah—

Mark: Hey, Jason…forget it…come on.

The boy, Jason, sets his tray down on Meagan’s table then takes a seat.

Jason: You think you’re better than us or something?

The other boys, now interested, sit down at the table too.  Mark reluctantly joins them.

Jason: Well?

Meagan: I don’t think I’m better than you.

He smirks, satisfied.
Meagan cont’d: I know I am.

Jason: Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you belong here.  You belong in elementary school with the rest of the ten year olds.

Meagan: I’m not ten.

Mark: Guys, can we just go to our regular table, please?

Jason: You don’t actually like her, do you?

Meagan watches Mark carefully.  He doesn’t answer.  Instead, he opens his milk carton.

Jason cont’d: Mark, I asked you a question.

Mark looks over at him.  The other boys look at him.

Jason: Do you like the dorkgirl?

He looks down, shaking his head.  She’s a little surprised, but she keeps her cool as she gets up, collects her stuff and leaves the table.  Mark looks disappointed in himself, but the other boys just laugh and make fun of Meagan.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the garage, early evening.

Music: Hello Cruel World by Klinger

(cut to): Bella’s room.  She’s sitting at her vanity, putting make up on.  Grace walks in.

Grace: Are you really going to New York with Hamilton?

Bella: Yeah…sort of.

Grace: You’re going by yourself, aren’t you?

Bella looks up at her.

Bella: How do you do that?

Grace: Sister connection. 

She walks and sits in the chair next to her, forcing Bella to scoot over.

Grace cont’d: Take me.

Bella looks over at her.

Bella: No.

Grace: I’m telling Dad that you’re going to New York by yourself.

Bella: Grace, no you’re not.  I cover for you all the time.

Grace: So.

Bella looks back in the mirror.

Grace cont’d: What look are you going for anyway?

Bella: Over eighteen.

Grace: You need a fake i.d.

Bella: They aren’t supposed to be carding me since I have a special pass, but…

Grace: You want to look older so you can hit on the guys?

Bella: No…I want to look older just in case they do card me.  I’m not…this isn’t about guys, Grace.

Grace smiles.

Grace: Well, either way…if you want to look hot…you need my help.

Bella looks at her skeptically.

(cut to): Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room.  Finn and Johanna are busy doing teacher homework as Meagan walks downstairs.  She’s got her head in the same book she was reading earlier.  Johanna looks up at her.

Johanna: Shouldn’t you be getting ready for that dance?

Meagan: I’m not going.

Johanna: Oh, I thought you asked me for a ride.  Isn’t—

Meagan: I’m not going.

Finn looks up now.  He and Johanna exchange a look.

Johanna: Okay.

Meagan: I’m allowed to change my mind.  God…

She turns around and marches back up the stairs.

Finn: What was that?

Johanna: That was a little girl who didn’t get asked to the dance.

Finn: Why didn’t she just ask Mark to take her?

Johanna laughs.

Johanna: You’ve never worked with middle schoolers, have you?

Finn: Thankfully, no.

Johanna: I’m going to go up and talk to her.

She gets up and walks upstairs.  Finn goes back to his work.  There’s a knock at the front door.  Finn looks up.

(cut to): outside the front door where Mark stands, wearing a dress shirt and khaki pants.  He is wearing a tie, but it’s crooked and not knotted correctly.  Finn opens the door.

Finn: Hi, Mark.

He notices the outfit.

Finn cont’d: Are you going to the big dance?

Mark nods.

Mark: Is Meagan here?

Finn raises his eyebrows.

Mark cont’d: There’s something I need to apologize to her about.

Finn: Does it include you asking her to the dance?

Mark: Why would I do that?  I’m going with Amanda Parker.

Finn steps outside closing the door behind him.  Mark stands there not knowing what to expect from Finn.

Finn: You’re playing dumb…why?

Mark looks surprised.

Mark: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Finn: You have no knowledge of the fact that Meagan has a crush on you and wanted to go to the dance with you?

Mark doesn’t know what to say.  He knew and he knows he’s busted.

Mark: You don’t understand.  My friends…they—

Finn: …want you to go to the dance with Amanda Parker.

Mark looks down.  Finn sighs.

Finn cont’d: Well, I don’t know anything about this Amanda Parker, but…I don’t think she’s going to be too impressed with this tie.

Mark looks up.  Finn smiles and begins to help Mark fix the tie.

(dissolve to): the boys’ dorm.  After dark.

Music: On Your Side by Pete Yorn

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Jake and Hamilton have a TV and VCR set up.  Hamilton is sprawled out on her bed and she’s at her closet, about to change out of her boy clothes.  There’s a knock at the door.

Hamilton: You’re going to let me kill him this time, right?

Jake looks over at the door, not really wanting to answer it, but she does anyway.

(cut to): the hall where Dexter stands holding a phone.  Jake opens the door.

Dexter: Hi, is Hamilton here?

Jake: Uh…

Dexter: Why am I even asking?  His boss is on the phone.  Here.

He hands Jake the phone and walks off down the hall.

(cut to): inside the room.  Jake looks at the phone then hands it to an already curious looking Hamilton.

Hamilton: This is Hamilton….Charlie?…well, um, I was supposed to, but…oh, okay.  Cool.  I mean, it’s good that you trust—…uh-huh…yeah, but the reason I didn’t was…yeah, okay…okay, I’ll be outside…bye.

Hamilton hangs up the phone. 

Jake: What was that about?

Hamilton: Well, apparently I was Bella’s alibi.  She said I was going to New York with her. 

Jake: And Charlie found out and wants to kill you both?

Hamilton: It’s Charlie…and…it’s Bella not Grace.  But, there was some car accident and they need a tow truck and apparently it was pretty bad so Charlie needs help.

Jake: What about Grace?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: How do you think he knew I was still in town?

He stands up, looking at the phone then at Jake.

Hamilton cont’d: I should be back in a few hours.

She nods.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m sorry.

Jake: It’s okay.  Duty calls.

He chuckles.

Hamilton: He’s picking me up in fifteen minutes.

Jake nods.

Hamilton: You’ll be okay?

Jake: Am I really that pathetic?

Hamilton nods and tosses her a playful look.

Hamilton: I’ll be so quick.

He kisses her briefly and exits. 

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Will and Gwen lying in his bed, making out.  Will pulls back for a second.

Will: I just thought of an idea for an editorial.

Gwen: Shut up, Will.

She tries to kiss him.

Will: Wait, I’m serious. 

She looks at him in disbelief.  He reconsiders.

Will cont’d: I think it can wait…

Gwen smiles as they kiss again.  After a moment, the door unlocks as Scout walks in, but is concentrating on the application.  He doesn’t look up as he walks over to his desk.

Scout: Will, would you say that I exhibit “a respect for the privacy of others?”

Will looks over at him, annoyed, but amused.

Will: No; not at all.

Scout looks over as Will and Gwen both sit up, looking slightly embarrassed.  When Scout realizes what he interrupted, he looks embarrassed as well.

Scout: Sorry.

Gwen: Are you still working on that application?

Scout nods.

Scout: But…I’ll go…finish it in the common room…

He gets up.

Will: You don’t have to do th—

Scout: Bye.

He exits.  Will and Gwen look at each other.

(cut to): Sean’s truck, driving along a road in New Rawley.

(cut to): inside the car.  Sean drives and Jill is in the passenger seat. 

Jill: Want to hear something hilarious?

Sean: Sure.

Jill: Scout’s applying to be an R.A.

Sean sighs then glances over at her with a smirk.

Jill cont’d: What?

Sean: Well, why’s that hilarious?

Jill: Because…it’s Scout.  He’d be like…the Barney Fife of R.A.-dom.

Sean doesn’t say anything.

Jill cont’d: What?

Sean: I think it’s good that he wants to get involved in something. 

Jill: So he can stop hanging out with Bella?

Sean: What?

Jill: Well, that’s what you two were fighting about before Christmas, right?

Sean: Uh…do you want to listen to the radio?

Jill laughs.

Jill: Sure, but I get to pick the station.

She flips it on and hits the first preset.  It’s classic rock so she quickly hits the next preset.  It’s country: Without You by the Dixie Chicks.  Jill looks over at him with raised eyebrows.

Sean: My parents programmed the stations…

Jill: Sean, please, parents do not know how to deal with radio presets.

He laughs.

Jill cont’d: Anyway…I actually have this CD.

Sean: Really?

Jill: Are you kidding?  I listened to this song on a loop after…

She doesn’t finish and she doesn’t have to.  Sean turns it up.  Jill smiles and sings along…loud and off key. 

Jill (singing along): “Without you, I’m not okay.  Without you, I’ve lost my way.  My heart’s stuck in second place…”

Sean laughs and tries to ignore her as he continues driving.

(cut to): Bella’s car traveling down an interstate which leads to New York.

(cut to): inside the car, where the same song is playing.  Grace has done some work and Bella does look older.  She looks edgy, but is still as beautiful as ever.  She looks at the radio, annoyed as the song continues.

Bella: Shut up…get over it…God…

She flips the radio off.

(cut to): the car as it continues down the road, a little faster.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of New York City.

Music: Where’s Your Head At? By the Basement Jaxx

(cut to): a sign for The Village Underground.  We zoom out and see the club as Bella’s car outside drives by.

(dissolve to): inside the club, a little later.  It’s a typical bar/music venue.  Right now, there’s house music playing, but no one on the stage yet.  There are a few girls milling around the stage, but most people look older and are hanging out at the bar. 

(cut to): Bella as she walks in and looks around.  She sees the girls at the stage, but spots an empty barstool and walks over.

(cut to): the free stool which is at the end of the bar.  There’s a guy who’s facing the bar sitting on the next stool and drinking a beer.

Bella: Excuse me?

The guy doesn’t turn around.  She taps him.  Nicholas Mann looks up, annoyed. 

Nicholas: Can I help you?

He seems to regret the tone as soon as the words leave his mouth.   

Bella: Is anyone sitting here?

She indicates the stool.  He lets his gaze travel down her arm to the stool.  He looks back up at her with raised eyebrows as if the answer should be fairly obvious.

Nicholas: No?

She rolls her eyes and sits on the stool, facing away from the bar.  Nicholas glances over at her.  He takes a sip of his beer.

Nicholas: I didn’t mean to be an ass.

Bella ignores him.  He smiles then taps her on the shoulder.  She looks over at him.

Bella: Can I help you?

Nicholas: I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to be a jerk.

She shrugs.

Bella: Okay.

She looks around again as he looks at her.  This isn’t his style and he’s a little uncomfortable, but he goes for it:

Nicholas: So…what’s your name?

She looks over at him as if it’s the lamest pick up line she’s ever heard.

Nicholas cont’d: I’m—I’m Nicholas.

She looks away again.

Bella: Bella.

Nicholas: Mafia.

She’s confused.

Nicholas cont’d: It’s a movie.  Vanessa Redgrave…Jennifer Tilly…James Marsden. 

She’s still confused.

Nicholas cont’d: …James Marsden…you know, he’s “the cute one” from X-Men…Cyclops…with the laser eyes.

She thinks he’s a dork and he realizes it.  He shakes his head.

Nicholas cont’d: Okay, I’m just going to shut up now.

He turns back to the bar, but quickly turns back.

Nicholas: Can I buy you a drink?

She swallows, still trying to play it cool.

Bella: Um…no.

Something occurs to him as he quickly looks her up and down then tilts his head.

Nicholas: How old are you?

She doesn’t look at him.

Bella: Twenty-one.

He smiles.

Nicholas: Oh…cool.

He takes a sip from his beer and seems to give up.  Bella runs her hand through her hair and he can’t help look over again.  He laughs to himself then tries again:

Nicholas: So…are you from here?

Bella: Um…no, I’m from…uh…

He waits.  She briefly closes her eyes and smiles.

Bella cont’d: …Boston.

Nicholas: Oh, cool.  That’s a beautiful city.

She nods.

Nicholas cont’d: I have a few friends in school there.  Are you in school?

Bella nods.

Nicholas cont’d: What school?

Bella: I don’t mean to be rude, but—

Nicholas: Why do people say that?

She gives him a dirty look with the intention of saying something nasty.

Nicholas cont’d: Uh, look, how about a Coke?  Can I buy you a Coke?

She smiles…he seems okay.

Bella: Sure.

Nicholas: Great.  Okay…

He turns to the bar to call the bartender when Linda, Frank Mann’s assistant, approaches.

Linda: Excuse me, you’re in my seat.

Bella looks up, but Nick faces forward.

Linda cont’d: Nicky, you were supposed to be saving my seat.

Nicholas turns around slowly and looks at Bella as if he’s never seen her before.

Nicholas (to Linda): Oh, sorry…(to Bella) someone’s sitting there.

Bella shakes her head and looks off, but gets up and walks off.  Nicholas watches her for a moment, but Linda starts talking.

Linda: She had an attitude, didn’t she?

Nicholas smiles to himself and turns back to his beer.

Music: Tired of Waiting by Donbravado

(cut to): Jake in her room.  She’s at her laptop.  There’s a knock at her door.  She looks up with a smile.

Jake: Come in.

Dexter walks in.  Her face falls and he notices.

Dexter: I know I’m not who you’re expecting, but—

Jake: What is it that you want exactly?

Dexter is perturbed.

Dexter: Why are you being so mean to me?  I thought we were friends.

Jake sighs.

Jake: We are…I’m sorry.

Dexter walks around the room, noticing the TV and VCR.  He picks up the tape that’s sitting on top of the VCR.  It’s a tape that’s been recorded on.

Dexter: What’s this?

Jake: Alias.  Jill’s dad’s been recording it for her and…she insisted that I watch it.

Dexter: My dad likes that show. 

Jake nods.

Dexter cont’d: I don’t know how Sydney does it.

Jake: Who?

Dexter: The main character.

Jake: I’ve never actually seen it.

Dexter: Well, see, she’s a spy…a double agent. 

Jake: Oh. 

Dexter: She has to lie all the time.  She has this regular life too and her best friends don’t even know what she really does.  I just think that would be really stressful.  Even when you finally get to be yourself…be with your friends…you’re not really yourself.  Must be hard…

Jake looks at him.  He sits down on the bed, facing her.

Dexter cont’d: My parents are going to New York for their anniversary.  I was looking up theatre tickets for them and I saw your mom’s name somewhere for her Tony nominations.

Jake doesn’t say anything.

Dexter cont’d: Long story short…I typed her name into a search engine.

Jake looks down.

Dexter cont’d: It’s funny…there were several stories about Monica Pratt and her daughter Jacqueline…which didn’t bother me at first because…well, see, as you know, Jake…I have a little crush on Jacqueline.  I told you about that because you’re my friend and…I trusted you.

Jake: Dexter—

Dexter: Anyway…then I got to thinking about it and wondered why there was never any mention of you.

Jake: I’m not exactly Mom’s favorite…

Dexter looks at her, appalled.

Jake cont’d: You know, I mean Jacqueline’s the girl and—

Dexter: Just…shut up, Jacqueline.

He actually knows.  She’s freaked.  He looks down, finding it hard to say anymore. 

Dexter cont’d (hurt): You lied to me. 

He makes himself look up at her.

Dexter cont’d: That’s why I’ve been wanting to talk to you.

She still doesn’t know what to say.

Dexter cont’d: And I need to know…I mean…just…please…tell me why?  Why you lied to me…

Jake: Because you were…

She looks up at him.  She’s on the verge of tears, but he needs to know.

Dexter: What?  I was what? 

She doesn’t know.

Dexter cont’d: Stupid enough to fall for it?  I mean…I feel like a complete idiot. 

Jake: You don’t have to. 

He’s  mad.

Dexter: Why not?  Do you do this to a lot of people? 

Jake: No one else here has even met “Jacqueline” and not known that…

Dexter: …Jake is actually Jacqueline.

She nods.

Jake: But…you met me and I got to be myself…totally myself.  Just a girl who’s into computers and…you still liked me.

Dexter: Yeah, well…I don’t like you so much right now.

He gets up.

Jake: Dexter—

Dexter: I’ve been trying to talk to you and…you’ve been ignoring me.  Now that you know that I know you’re secret…now you want to talk?  Forget it.  This…is over.

He turns and walks out, slamming the door.  Jake flinches at the sound and looks upset.

Musi : Little Things by Good Charlotte

(cut to): the New Rawley Middle School cafeteria.  The dance is happening.  Most of the kids stand against the wall while a few couples are on the floor dancing. 

(cut to): Mark who stands with a girl.  She looks bored.  He looks over at her.

Mark: Hey, Amanda, have you read anything good lately?

Amanda: I just got a subscription to Teen People.

Mark nods.

Mark: Cool.

(cut to): the door as Meagan walks in.  Mark notices and looks surprised.  Amanda notices him looking.

Amanda: God, it’s that annoying girl.  Why would she ever come to a school dance?

Mark: Yeah…

He looks down, adjusting his tie.

Mark cont’d: Want something to drink?

Amanda nods.  Mark walks away.

(cut to): the punch bowl.  Meagan approaches it as Mark walks up.
Mark: Hey.

She didn’t see him approach.  She doesn’t say anything.

Mark cont’d: I didn’t know you were coming to this.

Meagan: I wasn’t.  My mom made me.

Mark: Did…did Finn tell you I stopped by earlier?
She looks up at him.

Meagan: No.

Mark: Oh.  I was just going to apologize for what happened today at lunch.

Meagan: No big deal. 

She looks over his shoulder as Amanda walks up.

Amanda: What’s taking so long?

She looks at Meagan.

Amanda cont’d: Nice dress…did your mom make it for you?

Meagan looks down, hurt.

Mark: Amanda…

Amanda: What?

She takes the glass of punch from him and takes his hand, pulling him away.  Meagan puts her glass of punch down and walks out.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to The Village Underground.

Music: I Want Some Girls by Weezer

(cut to): inside, a lot more people have arrived.

(cut to): Bella.  She stands against a wall near the stage.  She looks around, bored.

(cut to): the bar where Nick is on his third beer.  The seat next to him is empty again.  He calls the bartender over.

(cut to): Bella, a few moments later.  Nick walks up carrying a clear plastic cup filled with Coke.

Nicholas: Hi.

She ignores him.

Nicholas cont’d: I think I owe you a Coke. 

She looks at it then up at him skeptically.

Bella: No, thanks.

Nicholas: Because of what happened earlier?

Bella: No…because I don’t know you and…

Nicholas: What?  You think I slipped you a ruffie?

Bella: I don’t know…GHB is pretty popular these days, isn’t it?

Nicholas: Ooh, I love a girl up on her date rape drugs.  What a turn on.

She looks disgusted and starts to walk away.  He follows her and steps in front of her.

Nicholas: I was only kidding.

She crosses her arms.  He sighs and holds the Coke up then takes a long sip of it.  He offers it to her again.  She tries to maintain her scowl.

Bella: Right, like I want to drink after you.

He smiles charmingly and she can’t help smile.  She takes the Coke from him and takes a sip.

Bella cont’d: If I wake up tomorrow with no memory of what happened tonight…

Nicholas: …you’ll hunt me down and kill me?

Bella laughs.

Bella: No…I’ll thank you.

Nicholas winces in mock pain.

Nicholas: Ouch…that…that hurts me, Bella.

She laughs.  A beat.

Bella: So…where’s your girlfriend?

Nicholas: Linda?  No, she’s not my girlfriend.  Actually…I don’t know what she is.  I’ve been trying to sleep with her for like three years now.

Bella is disgusted.  Nicholas tries to recover as he veers off on this tangent.

Nicholas cont’d: What I meant was…she’s kind of been…my dream girl.

Bella nods, skeptically.

Nicholas cont’d: See, I got her a job with my dad two years ago and I thought that would make her like me or something.  Of course, now I think she’s infatuated with my dad which…just irks me.  But, that’s okay…I put up with it because…

Bella: …you want to sleep with her.

He sighs.

Nicholas: I’m not getting out of that one, am I?

Bella shakes her head.

Nicholas: Anyway…she got me to bring her here tonight because I went to school with Pete and she has a thing for him.  I think she’s off making out with Terry right now.

Bella: Pete as in…Pete Yorn?

Nicholas: Yeah, we went to Syracuse together.  That’s how I got these tickets.  She’s been talking about hooking up with Pete ever since I mentioned that I knew him and I let her come anyway and now she’s off making out with some guy in Pete’s band.  I mean…I just cannot put up with this anymore.  I hate being used.  I have no idea why I do this to myself.

Bella: Well…if she’s your dream girl…

Nicholas smiles at Bella as she takes a sip of the Coke.

Bella cont’d: What?  Should the special K be kicking in about now?

He laughs.

Nicholas: No…I was just thinking that…I found a new dream girl.

Bella blushes.  He looks down, shaking his head.

Nicholas cont’d: That was so lame, wasn’t it?

Bella: Oh, yeah…

She nods and looks away…completely in love with this guy.

Music: Underwhelmed by Sloan

(cut to): the common room at Rawley Academy. Scout and Dexter are talking.  Scout’s still working on the application.

Dexter: I just can’t believe all you guys knew and…I didn’t.

Scout is concentrating on answering one of the questions.

Scout cont’d: Hey, what do you think I should put for this?  It says, “how do you plan to fulfill the role of advisor to the residents of the dorm?”

Dexter: You could start by listening to them…

Scout looks up at Dexter.

Scout: Sorry.

Dexter stands up.

Dexter: It’s fine; you’re busy.  I’ll—

Scout: No, no wait…this is good.  Sit down, talk to me.

Dexter looks at him skeptically, but takes a seat.

Scout: How are you feeling right now?

Dexter (annoyed): Angry.

Scout: At me?

Dexter: At Jake…Jacqueline.

Scout: You’re mad that Jake’s really a girl?

Dexter: No…

Scout: You’re mad because she knows you like her?

Dexter: Well…that’s pretty embarrassing, but—

Scout: Oh, it’s because she’s—

Dexter: Scout.  Hold on, and I’ll tell you why I’m mad. 

Scout shuts up and puts his hands in his lap. 

Dexter cont’d: I’m not necessarily mad that she didn’t tell me.  I understand that this is a huge secret.  It just seems like she went out of her way to lie…to me.  Like, she went beyond just hiding the secret.

Dexter looks at Scout, waiting.

Scout: Oh, should I talk now?

Dexter nods.

Scout cont’d: Well…I think she liked that sometimes you saw her only as Jacqueline, you know?  Like, a whole separate person from Jake.  I don’t even think Hamilton can think of it like that.

Dexter sighs, feeling a little better about things.  A beat passes as Scout looks back at the application.

Scout: So…how’d I do?  Can I write about this on my application?

Dexter looks at him in amused disbelief.

(cut to): Jake’s bedroom, it’s empty.  The door opens and Hamilton, still in his coveralls, walks in.  He looks around then walks over to the bathroom door and knocks then opens it.  No Jake.  He looks around and spots a note on her desk.  He walks over and picks it up, we can read it over his shoulder: “Hamilton, Dexter knows and I can’t deal with him right now.  I’m sorry.  Love, Jacqueline.”  Hamilton looks around the room one more time, thinking.  He quickly walks out of the room.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room.  It’s empty.  He walks in and looks around then walks over to the bathroom trying to open the door, but it’s locked.  He knocks impatiently.  No one answers at first. 

Hamilton: Hey, it’s Hamilton…come on, guys.  Anyone there?

After another few seconds, Will opens the door.  His hair is tousled.  The shirt he was wearing is gone and he’s just wearing an undershirt.

Hamilton: Were you asleep?

Will runs his hair through his hand.

Will: No…what’s wrong?

Hamilton, not noticing Will’s trying to prevent it, walks into the room.

Hamilton: Have you seen Jake?

He notices Gwen for the first time.  She’s sitting on Will’s bed, trying to act natural.  The covers are a little disheveled and Hamilton knows he’s interrupting some kind of make out session…it doesn’t make him leave though.

Will: No.

Gwen: Is everything okay?

Hamilton: She left me a note saying that Dexter “knows.”

Will: Knows?  Knows what?

Hamilton: I don’t know…I mean…we’re kind of a one secret couple so, I’m assuming…

Gwen: He knows Jake’s a girl?

Will: Oh no.

Hamilton: She totally doesn’t need that stress right now.  And…I’m freaking out because she didn’t say where she was going and…

He takes a deep breath.

Will: Do you want us to—

Hamilton: No, no…it’s okay…I’ve got it under control.

He walks out.  Gwen and Will look at each other, worried.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Sean and Jill are sitting at a booth.  There are several other customers and an unfamiliar girl waiting on the tables.

(cut to): Jill and Sean’s table.  They’ve finished their meal, but there are fries left on Jill’s plate.  She picks at them as they talk.

Jill: Seriously, I think you should just ask her out.

Sean sighs.

Sean: I don’t know what I was thinking when I told you about that…

Jill: It was probably your subconscious crying out for assistance. 

Sean: You think if I wanted to ask her out…I’d need your “assistance?”

Jill nods.

Jill: There may have been a time when you were totally confident in picking up girls, but Bella Banks has completely thrown you off.

Sean: You’re mistaken.

The waitress comes up.  She’s around the same age as Sean and Jill.

Waitress: You guys want dessert?

Sean: No, I think we’re good.

Jill: Speak for yourself.  Can I get one of those Oreo Sundae things?

The waitress nods and walks off, taking their empty plates.

Jill cont’d: Anyway, if you think you’ve got super pick up powers…get the waitress’ number.

Sean: “The waitress” is in my math class.  Her name is Lisa.

Jill: That makes it even easier. 

Sean: That makes what even easier?

Jill: Getting her phone number.

Sean: Consider it…done.

Sean smirks and gets up.  Jill’s surprised he’s taken the challenge.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So…do you love Nick yet?  If not, you will.


(fade in): to Scout in the common room.  He’s still working on the application.  Hamilton walks in and sits down.  He’s been looking around campus.

Hamilton: Have you seen Jake?

Scout shakes his head.

Hamilton cont’d: Dexter?

Scout: Yep, he was here a little while ago.

Hamilton: Where is he now?

Scout: He went to Friendly’s. 

Hamilton stands up.

Scout cont’d: He knows about Jake, you know…

Hamilton looks at him like he’d now like to kill Scout.  Scout looks up.

Scout cont’d: Okay, so…I guess you know.

Music: I Want You (3eb cover) by Alana Davis

(cut to): The Village Underground, inside.  It’s really crowded now.

(cut to): Bella and Nicholas who are leaning against the wall talking.  Nicholas is drinking another beer.

Nicholas: I guess I’m looking for something different.  I feel like I can’t find my own life in this city.  Whenever I go to auditions, people ask if I’m Frank Mann’s son.  Now that I think about it, it seems like everything I do is based on who I know.

Bella: You’re always going to end up knowing someone. 

Nicholas cont’d: I want to get away and go someplace where no one knows me…like Boston maybe.

He looks over at her.  She smiles.

Bella: But, you have friends in school there.

Nicholas: Hmm…you have a point.  Maybe, Alaska then.  Got any snowshoes?

Bella smiles and looks away.  He watches her until she looks back at him when he looks away.  A man walks up to them, addressing Nicholas.

Man: Nick Mann, my favorite freshman, how are you?

We see now, that this is Pete Yorn.  Nicholas smiles, shaking his head.  He and Pete give each other a quick handshake and hug. 

Nicholas: You do know I eventually went on to become a sophomore, junior, senior and now a college graduate, right?

Pete: You’ll always be a freshman to me.

Nicholas: How’s Joe doing?

Pete: He’s good.  Not as good as Terry…he’s showing some—

Nicholas: Linda?  Yeah, she’s my date.

Pete: Oh.

Pete glances over at Bella.  Nicholas looks over.  Bella looks a little freaked out by the casual conversation with the rock star.

Nicholas: Oh, Pete, this is—

Pete: Bella, I know.

He smiles and shakes her hand.  Bella and Nicholas look at each other.

Pete cont’d (to Bella): I heard the tape of your song.

Bella: Oh…wow.

Pete smiles.

Pete: I know you probably thought this was a pretty crummy prize.

Bella glances over at Nick.

Bella: No, not at all…

Pete looks at Nicholas with a smirk.  Nicholas blushes.

Nicholas: What are you guys talking about anyway?

Pete: Bella and her partner wrote this song for a radio contest, they won and—

Nicholas: You’re the prize?

Nicholas laughs.

Nicholas cont’d: That sucks.

Pete: Shut up, freshman.

Pete laughs good-naturedly.

Pete cont’d: Anyway…there’s actually a little more to the prize.

Bella looks at him curiously.

Pete cont’d: We were going to let you and your friend perform the song, but they tell me he couldn’t make it so…the guys and I were listening to it and we think we can back you up if you’d still like to do it.

Bella: Oh…I don’t know…

Pete: The song is great.  You’re great.

Nicholas looks over at Bella…something he didn’t know about her.

Nicholas: You should do it.

Bella’s not so sure.

Pete: Well, think about it for a few minutes while I buy Nick a shot. 

Nicholas: Drinking whiskey?  What are you…nervous or something?

Pete shrugs.

Pete: Don’t give away all my secrets, freshman.

The all laugh.  Bella glances over at the stage, nervous herself.

Music: Dead and Gone by Donbravado

(cut to): New Rawley Middle School, outside the cafeteria.  Meagan sits, leaning against a wall.  She looks generally unhappy and has been crying.  Jason walks out and heads toward the bathrooms when he notices her.

Meagan: Oh, great.

Jason: What are you doing here?

Meagan doesn’t answer.  He walks over and looks down at her.

Jason: How come you’re out here?

Meagan: I’m avoiding people like you.

Jason: Then why would you even come to the dance?

Meagan doesn’t answer again.  She stands up and walks back into the cafeteria, Jason follows.

(cut to): inside the cafeteria.  Jason follows after Meagan.

Jason: Listen, dork girl, why don’t you just go back to kindergarten where you belong?

Meagan looks down.

Jason cont’d: Are you going to cry?  Like a dumb little kindergartener? 

Some people have noticed the confrontation, including Mark who is standing against a wall with Amanda as she talks to another girl. 

Jason cont’d: You think you’re so smart, but you’re not smart enough to have friends.

Meagan: Shut up.

Jason: Ooh, good come back.

Some of the people laugh.  Mark walks up now.

Mark: Hey, Jason…just leave her alone, okay?

Jason looks over at him.

Meagan: I don’t need to be rescued.

Meagan shoves Jason hard then walks away.  Jason gets angry and starts to follow after her, but Mark steps in the way.  Meagan proceeds to walk out of the cafeteria again.

Jason: What’s your problem?  You don’t even like that geek.

Mark: You don’t have to be mean to her.  She didn’t do anything to you and she didn’t choose to skip a grade and she didn’t even want to come to the dance.  So…just…leave her alone.

Jason: How do you know so much about her?

Mark: Because…I…she’s…it’s none of your business.

Mark walks away.  Jason watches him, appalled.  He runs after him and steps in front of him.

Jason: Do you like her or something?

Mark looks at him, not answering.  Jason smirks.

Jason cont’d: Hey everybody…Mark’s got a crush on the dork girl.

A few people laugh.

Mark: Shut up, Jason…

Jason: He brought Amanda to the dance…and he wants to kiss the dork…

Amanda notices what’s going on from across the cafeteria and makes her way over.

Jason cont’d: Who would choose some baby dork girl over Amanda…

Mark: Shut up.

Jason: He’s even got the same comeback as her.

Amanda: What’s going on?

Jason: Mark likes that Meagan girl.

Mark is really mad now and he’s sick of Jason.  He shoves him, hard.  Jason falls back onto the floor.  He gets up quickly and heads for Mark, taking a swing and hitting him in the face.  A teacher now notices what’s going on and makes her way to break up the fight.

Music: Can’t Cry Anymore by Sheryl Crow

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Jill is still sitting at the same table, but Dexter sits where Sean was sitting.  Sean is at the counter talking (flirting) with the waitress.  Most of the other customers have filtered out.  Dexter is eating a burger and Jill is working on her Oreo sundae.  She looks up at Sean, amused.

Jill: Well, I have to say, he’s a lot smoother than I thought.

Dexter looks over his shoulder and nods.

Dexter: Yeah…I wish I could talk to girls like that.

Jill: Well, you do okay talking to me…and to Jacqueline.

Dexter looks up at this, annoyed.
Jill cont’d: What?

Dexter: Jacqueline…you mean…Jake?

Jill: Uh…what are you talking about?

Dexter: I know and…I know all of you know.

Jill looks down at her sundae.

Jill: Did you talk to Jacqueline about this?

Dexter: Yes.

Jill: She freak out and take off?

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: I didn’t really stick around and talk things out with her.

Jill: Hm…you should have.

Dexter: I talked to Scout.

Jill: Oh, really?  And, what did His Brilliance have to say about it?

Dexter: That I was the only one who saw her as only Jacqueline and she liked that attention.

Jill: Yeah, that sounds right…I mean…I’ve only been her best friend for…forever

Dexter looks down at his food.

Jill cont’d: But, actually…I guess he’s right.  You’re the only guy around here who doesn’t either think she’s a guy…or think she’s some weird girl with serious issues.  Well…you were anyway.

Dexter looks back up at Jill.

Dexter: She lied to me and…I’m not getting over that.

Jill: So, Dex…what does that mean?  You’re not going to be her friend anymore?

Dexter: No…I’m not.  As far as I’m concerned…Jake Pratt doesn’t exist and I really don’t like Jacqueline right now.  I mean, I’ve been wanting to talk to her about this and I finally got the nerve and she kept blowing me off.

Jill: Well, she’s got other stuff going on right now, Dex.

Dexter: I’m supposed to be her friend.  She could talk to me about it.

Jill: You know, I’m supposed to be her best friend and she’s going through all this stuff, but she doesn’t want me…she wants Hamilton.  It’s just how they work.  You have to learn to accept that.

Before she can pursue the conversation further, Hamilton walks in.

Jill: Pissed off boyfriend alert.

He walks over to the table and grabs Dexter by the shirt, pulling him out of the booth.

Dexter: Hey…

Hamilton: Where’s Jake?

Dexter: How should I know?

Hamilton: You were the last person to see her.

Dexter: Her?

Hamilton gets him up into a standing position and tightens his grip on Dexter’s shirt.

Hamilton: Don’t play dumb with me…just tell me where she is.

Jill: Hey, Ham…chill out.

Hamilton: Hey, Jill…stay the hell out of it.

He pushes Dexter up against the booth.

Dexter: Hamilton, you’re hurting me.

Hamilton pushes him again.

Dexter cont’d: I swear, I don’t know where she is, now…get off of me.

Dexter tries to push Hamilton back, but this makes Hamilton angrier.  He reaches back to swing at Dexter.

Jill: Wait, wait…Hamilton…stop.

She gets up and pushes him back.  Sean and the waitress notice the disturbance now and Sean comes over.

Sean: Hey…everything okay?  What’s going on?

Hamilton: I’m going to kill Dexter.

Jill: No, you’re not.

Hamilton takes a step forward, but Sean holds him back.

Hamilton: What happened?  Huh?  Why’d she take off?

Dexter: I told her that I figured everything out and that I wasn’t happy about it.

Hamilton: If something happens to her…if she doesn’t come back…I swear…I’m holding you accountable.

Dexter: None of this is my fault…it’s her fault for being a liar.

Hamilton: Shut up.

Dexter: And, if it’s that easy for her to walk away, maybe you should—

Jill: You’re going to want to shut up now, Dexter.

Dexter: Why?  He’s allowed to be pissed off because he can’t find his…screwed up girlfriend, but…I’m not allowed to be mad that she lied to me…that he lied to me…that all of you lied to me…

Hamilton: You’re going to be the screwed up one.  I can’t believe she actually spent time worrying about hurting your feelings.  God…she did not need this right now.

Dexter: Whatever…neither did I.

Hamilton: Oh my God…you are so dead… 

Hamilton tries harder to get at him, but Sean pulls him toward the door, taking him outside.  Dexter sits down at the booth, looking pissed off.  Jill looks freaked out by the whole thing.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Where would we be without Audio Galaxy?  Music-less and alone, that’s where.  Download it then download some of Pete’s music.  Or…keep reading…he’s on stage:


(fade in): to an establishing shot of The Village Underground.  We can hear the crowd cheering.

(cut to): inside.  Pete and the band have just taken the stage.

Pete: How are you all doing tonight?

The crowd cheers.

Pete cont’d: We’ve got a special guest for you tonight.  Her name is Bella and she’s going to sing a song for you, okay?

The crowd cheers.

Pete cont’d: We think it’s pretty amazing and I know you’re going to think so too.  Bella?

She walks out onto the stage, nervously.  Pete smiles and nods for her to come over.  She walks over to him as he hands her the microphone.  He starts playing the initial guitar solo.  Someone in the audience cheers.  Bella smiles as she starts the song (remember, it’s Wishing Heart by Lisa Loeb). 

(cut to): Nicholas in the audience as she starts singing.  If he wasn’t in love before…he is now.

(cut to): Bella as she continues the song and the band kicks in with some back-up vocals.  She looks back at them, really liking the way it sounds.  As she gets to the chorus, she glances in Nick’s direction.

(cut to): Nicholas as he leans back, greatly impressed and completely smitten.

(cut to): New Rawley Middle School, the hallway outside the cafeteria.  Meagan sits further away now, on a stairwell.  A teacher pulls Mark out of the cafeteria.

Teacher: Now, young man, you will stand right here until I call your mother.

Mark: She’s not home.

Teacher: Well, we’ll see about that.

Mark leans against the wall as the teacher walks off.  He looks up and sees Meagan on the stairs.  He walks over.  His shirt is un-tucked, his lip is bleeding and he’s got the beginning of a black eye.

Meagan: What happened to you?

Mark shrugs.

Mark: I was trying to defend your honor, but I think I lost.

Meagan laughs.

Mark cont’d: Yeah, I thought you’d especially enjoy the black eye.  It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. 

Meagan looks at him feeling a little sorry for him.

Mark cont’d: I think I’m going to get suspended.

Meagan: You really get into a fight over me?

Mark nods, looking down.

Meagan: I don’t care what that idiot Jason thinks about me.  I don’t care what any of them think about me.

Mark: Well, I did. 

Meagan: You didn’t seem to before.

Mark: I did…I just cared too much about what they thought about me.

Meagan: And now…you don’t?

Mark: I don’t know, but…I’m not going to hide the fact that we’re friends anymore.  That was just stupid.

Meagan: Yep.

He laughs.

Mark: Be honest, why don’t you?

Meagan: I wanted to go to the dance with you.

Meagan looks down and Mark looks at her.

Mark: I know…I knew.

A beat.

Mark cont’d: Do you…want to dance?

Meagan: You weren’t supposed to leave…that spot.

She points to where the teacher told him to stand.

Mark: Well, I’m already getting suspended.

He stands up and holds his hand out to her. 

Meagan: I don’t need you to…I mean…if you feel sorry for me or something…

Mark: I’m not your friend because I feel sorry for you.  I’m your friend because I like you and…it’s about time everyone else knows it.

He smiles extending his hand a little further.  She takes it and they walk toward the cafeteria together.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Will and Gwen are studying now.  Gwen is sitting on his bed and he’s on the floor.  There’s a knock at the door.

Will: It’s unlocked.

Scout walks in carrying his application and a small book. 

Scout: Just wanted to make sure it was a make-out free zone.

Will and Gwen look slightly embarrassed.

Scout cont’d: You know, I’ve been reading the student manual and…girls aren’t supposed to be in the dorms after nine.

Will: On the weekdays…not the weekend.

Gwen: And, what about Jake?

Scout doesn’t know what to say.  He puts the application and book on his desk.

Will: Did you finish the application?

Scout nods.

Scout: Yep.  And, I practiced giving advice to Dexter.

Gwen: Oh, man, Hamilton really wanted to hurt him earlier.

Will: Yeah, wonder if he ever found Jake…he seemed really worried.

Scout: Hamilton came by and I told him Dexter went to Friendly’s.

Will: Well, you’re on top of things.

Scout smiles sarcastically.

Will cont’d: Seriously, though, why so much time into the application?  I mean…are you really that bored?

Scout: Well, it’s kept me occupied.  I think the whole thing will be a really good way to—

Will: …hide?

Scout looks at him.  He shrugs.

Scout: Anyway, I’m going to type up the essay questions now.
Will and Gwen exchange a look, a little worried about Scout.

Music: Just Another by Pete Yorn

(cut to): the lake. 

(cut to): an area of trees just off a trail.  Hamilton sits on the ground, near the trees, looking out at the lake.  It’s cold outside and he’s got a jacket on and his knees drawn up to keep warmer.

Jake: Hamilton?

Jake walks up pushing the motorcycle up into the trees.  He gets up and walks over to her quickly.  She looks concerned.

Jake cont’d: Are you okay?

Hamilton: I was…I was…worried…

Jake: I just went out riding…I wanted to clear my head…

He nods.

Jake cont’d: I’m sorry.  I know my note was a little vague…I just had to get out of there.

Hamilton: It’s okay.

It’s not okay, but he doesn’t want to be mad at her.  Jake looks at him like she doesn’t buy it as she pushes the bike into the trees.  She comes back out.

Jake: I didn’t mean to freak you out.

Hamilton: You didn’t.  You wanted to be alone…that’s fine—

Jake: I was already alone…I didn’t want to be at the dorms anymore.

He looks down.

Hamilton: Do you…are you…

He looks up at her.

Hamilton cont’d: Are you tired of doing this?

Jake (surprised): What?

Hamilton looks at her seriously.

Hamilton: This…

He indicated the trees.

Hamilton cont’d: …hiding.  Pretending to be a guy.  Not getting to be a girl.

Jake: Hamilton…

Hamilton: Lying to like…everyone. 

Jake: Hamilton…

Hamilton: All just…for me.

She smiles as she takes a step toward him.

Jake: What makes you think I do it for you?

He’s a little confused.

Jake cont’d: I mean…what would I do without you?

He gets what she means now and he smiles.

Jake cont’d: So…to answer your question…I’m not tired of it and…I’m certainly not tired of you.  I would go through a lot more if I was always guaranteed support like you’ve given me in the past month.

Hamilton smiles.
Hamilton: You are

He leans in to kiss her.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m there for you as long as you want me…

Jake: Well, good…I want you for as long as you’ll be there.

He loves to hear stuff like this from her.  He smiles at her for another second before they finally kiss.

Music: A Girl Like You by Pete Yorn

(cut to): The Village Underground.  Pete is performing now and Nicholas is alone, drinking a beer.  Bella walks up to him.  He smiles.

Nicholas: That was absolutely amazing. 

Bella: The band really helped.  I can’t wait to tell the guy that I wrote the song with.

Nicholas nods.

Nicholas (nonchalantly): Is he…your boyfriend?

Bella: Well…let’s just say he…dates someone named…Jake.

Nicholas: Oh…

He looks relieved until:

Bella: I do sort of have a boyfriend, though.

Nicholas forces a smile.

Nicholas: Of course you do.

Bella: His name is…Brad.

Nicholas: He sounds…great.

Bella laughs.

Bella: We’re not really together right now.

Nicholas: How come?  Not that I’m complaining.

Bella thinks about the question.

Bella: He proposed, but…I’m only…twenty-one years old, you know?  I’m not ready to settle down yet. 

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: I’m almost twenty-three and I’ve never been able to find any one I’d even consider “settling down” with.

A beat as Bella nods.

Nicholas: At least…I hadn’t…before tonight.

This takes her a little off guard.  She blushes and looks away.  He knows he’s throwing out lines left and right and he’s slightly embarrassed himself, but he continues to smile at…his new “dream girl.”  Bella concentrates on the band on stage, still smiling. 

(fade out)

Commercial Break: I’m telling you.  Nick Mann is going to win you over by the time it’s all said and done.  And, no…he doesn’t go to jail.  That’s just a cap of Eddie from Glory Days. 


(fade in): to an establishing shot  New Rawley Middle School.

Music: Won’t You Dance With Me by The Detroit Cobras

(cut to): the cafeteria.  Most kids have gone home, but there are still a few lingering around including Mark and Meagan who are dancing awkwardly. 

(cut to): Mark and Meagan. 

Meagan: Mrs. McCalister is staring at us.
Mark: She’s mad that my mom wasn’t home.  She’s really going to be mad when I ask her for a ride home.

Meagan looks at him inquisitively.

Mark: Amanda was my ride.

Meagan: My mom can give you a ride.  Maybe she can even talk Mrs. McCalister into not suspending you.

Mark smiles.

Mark: Thanks.

A beat.

Mark cont’d: You’re a really good friend, you know that?

Meagan nods.  He laughs.

Mark cont’d: Don’t ever let me get away with forgetting that again, okay?

Meagan: Okay.

He smiles as they continue dancing.

(dissolve to): The Village Underground, later. 
(cut to): inside.  The show is over and most people have gone.  Bella and Nicholas sit at the bar, still talking.

Bella: So, you were supposed to be totally naked?

Nicholas: Yeah, but then on opening night…I couldn’t go through with it.  I think it’s ruined my career.  Theatre people aren’t supposed to have any inhibitions, but…I can be the shyest guy.

She laughs.

Nicholas cont’d: …says the guy who’s been doing nothing but talking about himself all night.

Bella: No, no…you’ve also been tossing out some terrific pick-up lines.

He laughs.

Nicholas: It was the snowshoes comment, right?  That was a little much?

Bella: Let’s not forget the dream girl line.

Nicholas (sincere): That wasn’t a line.

A beat as Bella again blushes.

Nicholas: Can I give you a ride home?

Bella: To…Boston?

Nicholas: Sure, why not?  You can tell me more about you beyond the fact that you’re a twenty-one year old communications major at BU with an ex-almost fiancée named Brad…

Bella laughs.

Bella: Actually, I have my own car.

Nicholas: Perfect, because I actually don’t and…I need a ride.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Sorry…

Nicholas: Still don’t trust me, huh?

Bella: I think you’ve had like eight beers and—

Nicholas: Seven and a half, but…you’re very observant. 

Bella: Why don’t I get you a cab?

Nicholas: Okay.  I’d appreciate that.

He smiles, looking down at his hands…clearly disappointed.  Bella sighs.

Bella: Or…I could probably just give you a ride. 

He smiles.

(cut to): the front of Rawley Academy as Hamilton and Jake walk up the stairs.

Music: Million Times by Donbravado

(cut to): Dexter and Hamilton’s room.  Dexter is packing.  Jake and Hamilton walk in.  Jake looks at him apologetically, but he looks a little scared of Hamilton.  Jake notices this.  She looks back at Hamilton who just shrugs. 

Dexter: I’m going to find another roommate.

Hamilton: Okay.

Jake looks back at him, a little upset.  She walks over to Dexter.  She puts her hand on his arm.

Jake: Why are you going to do that?

He looks at her.  She’s actually concerned and he doesn’t exactly hate that.

Dexter (matter-of-fact): Because Hamilton said he was going to kill me and…I’d rather not die.

Jake looks back at Hamilton.  He rolls his eyes.  He speaks to Jake:

Hamilton: I didn’t mean it literally.  I was just worried about you and…it was his fault that you were upset and—

Jake: Hamilton…it was our fault…my fault. 

Hamilton: Well, you have other stuff going on that isn’t your fault that he doesn’t even know about.

Jake: Exactly, he doesn’t know about it.

Hamilton folds his arms.

Hamilton: Fine…Dexter, I’m sorry about earlier. 

Dexter doesn’t say anything.

Jake: I know it’s going to be hard, but…we’re all friends and—

Dexter: No, we’re not.  You guys are dating and…I’m Hamilton’s roommate.  That is a current and complete summary of all the relationships that exist between the three of us.

Hamilton: Stop being a jackass and accept the apology she’s trying to give you.

Dexter: I can’t do that.  It’s not something I can just get over.

Hamilton: Why not?  I did.

Dexter looks at him inquiringly.  Hamilton glances at Jake wondering if he should tell the story.  She nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Look, I never met Jacqueline and…I didn’t think of Jake as just a friend, okay?  I fell in love with…

He hesitates.

Hamilton cont’d: I thought Jake was a guy and…I fell in love with him.

Dexter: You thought you were gay?

Hamilton looks down, but nods.

Dexter cont’d: Wow.

Hamilton: But…I forgave her.  So…it seems like you could do the same for us.

Dexter glances at Jake who looks at him hopefully.  He looks back at Hamilton.

Dexter (sad): Of course, you forgave her.  Look at the consolation prize you got. 

Dexter looks over at Jake who looks away.  Hamilton looks at Jake, knowing what Dexter means.

Hamilton: Look, I know you like her and—

Jake looks at Hamilton to shut him up.  Dexter looks at Jake, angrily.

Dexter: I asked you specifically not to tell him.

Jake: He asked me specifically if you’d told me…I couldn’t lie to him.

Dexter: Right…that’s reserved for me.

Jake sighs, frustrated and not up for arguing anymore.  Dexter looks at his suitcase.  He dumps what he had in there back onto his bed.

Dexter cont’d: All right, look, I appreciate that you guys are here and trying to apologize and all that.  And, you should know that…I’m not going to tell anyone…I wouldn’t do that to either of you.  What you have is…really special and…

He glances at Hamilton.

Dexter cont’d: …completely impossible to compete with.  I was blind for not seeing it before.  It’s just that…this is a lot and…I feel really stupid and…I need to deal with it on my own. 

He looks at Jake.

Dexter cont’d: I’m sorry that I’m not him…

He nods toward Hamilton.

Dexter cont’d: …and that I can’t just get over it.  I don’t know if I ever will, but…

Jake feels really bad.

Dexter cont’d: I get that you’re sorry and that you feel bad.  I just…need some time.

He looks down, taking a deep breath then looks up at them with a faint smile.  He picks up his laptop and heads for the door.

Dexter cont’d: I’ll be in the common room.  See you later.

He walks out.  Jake and Hamilton don’t know what to say.  Jake sighs with some relief as she sits down on Hamilton’s bed. 

Hamilton: Well.

Jake: Cargo pants…corset…

Hamilton raises an eyebrow.

Jake cont’d: …boys’ school…secret identity…seemed like a good idea at the time.

He smiles.  She lies back on the bed, feeling less upset.

Music: Answering Machine by Matt Nathanson

(cut to): Friendly’s as Sean and Jill walk out together.  He turns to wave to the waitress.

(cut to): inside Sean’s car as he and Jill get in. 

Sean: Oh, and by the way…

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a napkin and hands it to Jill.

Jill: Her number…

Sean: Her number.

He smirks.

Jill: What about Bella?

Sean: I asked her for her number…I didn’t propose.

Jill laughs.

Jill: I hate to admit it, but you proved your point…you really are pretty smooth.

Sean: Smooth?

Jill: Yeah, you’re a big flirt and…it obviously works.

He smiles.

Sean: See, the problem is…you think it’s a game.

Jill: Well, of course it is.

Sean: But…it isn’t.  I’ve talked to Lisa in class a couple times.  She’s a really cool girl and…I’m pretty attracted to her so…when I go up to her and…flirt…it’s not me trying to toss lines at her so I can pick her up…it’s just…me being sincere.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it if there wasn’t already that attraction there.

Jill: Hm…only hitting on girls you really like…what a concept.

Sean smiles.

Sean: I’m just saying I don’t go out of my way to be someone I’m not. 

Jill: Sure you do.

He doesn’t get it.

Jill cont’d: I mean about this whole thing with Bella.  You like her and you won’t admit it and—

Sean: Okay…all right…let’s just settle this.

Jill smiles, pleased.

Sean cont’d: I honestly don’t know how I feel about her right now.  If I did want to ask her out…it probably wouldn’t be as easy as…getting Lisa’s number.  But…that’s because when I walk up to Lisa there just isn’t as much to put on the table.  There’s only “hi…we have math together…I think you’re cute.”  That’s the extent of my feelings.  With Bella it’s…so much more complicated.

Jill: I think you’re making it complicated.

Sean takes a moment then continues:

Sean: The stakes are also bigger.  Lisa laughs in my face…okay, she’s cool, my ego gets a little wounded, but—

Jill: …that would probably help more than hurt.

Sean gives her a playfully dirty look.

Jill cont’d: But, I get it…you decide you want to ask Bella out and she says no then…it’s more than your ego getting bruised…it’s your heart getting broken.

Sean doesn’t say anything.

Jill cont’d: Not that you like her or…fantasize about her or…anything.

Sean actually manages to blush.  He cranks the car.

Sean: Anyway, my point was that you have to be upfront and honest. 

Jill: I agree.

Sean: Good.  Then you’ll appreciate it when I tell you honestly that I don’t ever ever want you to mention that thing I told you about earlier again….ever.

Jill: Ever?

Sean gives her a pleading look.  She sighs.

Jill cont’d: Fine, done.

Sean: Thanks…

He starts to back out.

Jill: …Mr. Honesty.

He hits the brakes.

Sean: You want to walk back to Rawley?

Jill: I didn’t say a word…

Sean: Good.

He starts to back out again.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Finn and Johanna’s house, later.

Music: All Been Said Before by Matt Nathanson

(cut to): Finn in the kitchen, finishing the dishes.  Johanna walks in.

Finn: Get Meagan to bed okay?

Johanna nods.  She walks over and starts putting dishes away.

Finn cont’d: Did she say anymore about the dance?

Johanna: She said she danced with Mark.

Finn smiles. 

Finn: Was that before or after the after-school-detention-inducing mêlée?

Johanna: Hmm…after I think.

Finn: They grow up so…

He pauses to think about what he’s saying.

Johanna: It’s weird to be speaking and suddenly hear your mother, isn’t it?

He laughs, shaking his head.

Finn: Anyway, I’m glad she had a good time and I’m glad Mark learned to let his guard down a little.

Johanna: Yeah…sometimes it takes men years to learn the importance of such a thing.

He lets the sink drain and turns to face her with a smile. 

Finn: I’m certainly glad you were the one to teach me the importance of…such a thing.

She smiles as Finn leans in to kiss her.

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Hamilton is alone and getting ready for bed.  Will walks in from the bathroom.

Hamilton: Will, hey, sorry about earlier.

Will: No problem.  Find Jake?

Hamilton nods.

Will cont’d: Everything good?

Hamilton looks up at him with an amused look.

Hamilton: Isn’t Scout the one applying for the R.A. position?

Will laughs and looks back toward his room.

Will: Yeah, but, uh, he’s still busy typing up the application.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: You know, the scary thing is…he’s going to get the job.  My dad loves stuff like that: typed versus hand-written.  “It’s all about presentation.”  I tried to convince him that “presentation” means packaging yourself as something you may not necessarily be.

Will: Didn’t go over to well?

Hamilton shakes his head.  A beat.
Hamilton: So…looks like life is good with Gwen, huh?

Will blushes, but manages to nod.

Will: Yep.

Hamilton: What’d I interrupt earlier?

Will: Nothing…everything…I don’t know.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows playfully.

Will cont’d: I guess we’re just getting to know each other in this really simple way and at  this basic level where there aren’t any opportunities to hide anything from each other.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Only you could make “making out” sound like something cerebral.

Will smirks.

Will: Anyway, goodnight Ham.

Hamilton: Night…

Will exits.

(cut to): the common room where Dexter, the only person in the room, is using his laptop.  Jake walks in.  She’s still dressed in a typical boy outfit: jeans, multiple layers of shirts including a flannel and her army jacket.  Dexter doesn’t look up, but knows who it is.

Dexter: I’m busy.

Jake: Liar.
Dexter: You should talk.

He was kidding and she knows it, but she still sighs and sits down in a chair directly across from him.

Jake: I want to tell you something.

Dexter sighs and finally looks up.

Dexter: Okay…

Jake: I also want to show you something.

Dexter: Well, by all means…show…tell.

Jake stands up and nods for her to follow him.  He looks up reluctantly, but gets up.

Music: You’re Pretty Good Looking (for a Girl) by the White Stripes

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She and Dexter enter as she flips on the lights.  She closes the door and makes sure to lock it.  Dexter pretends this freaks him out, but he actually enjoys it.

Jake: Okay, first of all…aside from the obvious, I’ve always tried to be honest with you.

Dexter sighs, looking down and putting a hand in his pocket.

Jake takes off her jacket.

Jake cont’d: And, I don’t want that to change now. 

She kicks off her shoes.

Jake cont’d: You know how you read those articles about my mom and me?

He looks up as she starts unbuttoning her flannel shirt. 

Dexter: Um…yes.

Jake: Well…did you happen to read anything about my dad anywhere?

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: No, I guess not.

She finishes with the shirt, revealing a t shirt underneath. 

Jake: That’s because up until like a three weeks ago, I didn’t have a dad.

She lifts up the t shirt slightly as she unbuckles her belt.  Dexter doesn’t exactly get what’s going on yet.

Jake cont’d: And then he wrote me a letter and wanted to meet me.

Dexter: Wow.

He tries to remain calm and cool as Jake unbuttons and unzips her jeans, pushing them down and kicking them off to reveal a pair of boxers.

Jake: Yeah.  So, Hamilton went with me to New York and I met my dad and…he wasn’t exactly…the dad I’d always hoped for.  In fact, he was a real jerk and he tried to pay me off so I wouldn’t go around telling people he’s my dad.

Dexter: That sucks.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Yeah…

A beat.  She pulls off the shirt leaving her now only in her boxers and the corset.  He can’t help but stare.

Jake cont’d: Turn around.

Dexter doesn’t get it at first because he’s still staring, but she gives him an insistent look and he snaps out of it, turning around.  We stay on Dexter as Jake continues:

Jake cont’d: Anyway, I just wanted you to know.  That’s why I wasn’t up for talking to you…that’s why I was blowing you off.  I just didn’t want to deal with anything else…and…that was really selfish.  Okay, you can turn back around.

He does and we see Jake again.  She’s changed into her typical pajamas…pajama bottoms and a tank top.  Dexter’s jaw drops a little.  She unconsciously tugs on her hair.

Dexter: God…I am so stupid.

Jake: No…you’re not. 

Dexter: Then why didn’t I figure this out sooner?

Jake: Dex…you didn’t figure it out because you didn’t want to.  You needed a girl you could talk to and…I got to be that girl…and…that makes me feel really special.

Dexter: But…it doesn’t make you any less in love with Hamilton.

She looks down.

Dexter cont’d: And…it wasn’t until I finally realized how intense your relationship is that I even began to catch on to this…secret identity thing.

She realizes he’s rationalizing, not trying to make her feel bad.  She looks up at him, smiling faintly.

Jake: I’m really sorry…

He nods.

Dexter: I know.  I just…I still need time to deal with this, okay? 
She nods.  He takes a step toward the door then pauses to look at her as she fidgets slightly.  He can’t help smile.

Dexter cont’d: Thank you…for talking to me…for…letting me see you.

She still feels bad, but she manages a smile as Dexter exits.

(cut to): a street in New York.  Bella’s car is parked in front of Frank Mann’s house.

Music: Morning After by Howie Day

(cut to): inside the car.  Bella and Nicholas sit there with the radio on.  He has his elbow on the window ledge with his head propped up with his hand and his eyes closed.  Bella looks over at him.  He opens his eyes slightly.

Nicholas: I guess I should go in, huh?

Bella: I guess you’re going to have to eventually.

Nicholas: Want to come with me?

Before she has a chance to react:

Nicholas cont’d: Actually, I’d like to withdraw the question.

He notices that she looks just slightly disappointed.

Nicholas cont’d: It’s just that…

Bella: …you still live with your parents?

Nicholas laughs, glad for the save.

Nicholas: Hey, it’s just my dad and…I told you…it’s only because I’m in between apartments.

Bella: Uh-huh…

A beat.

Nicholas: Think I could I get your number?

Bella: Um…

He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a pen and a little black book.

Bella cont’d: You want to put my number in…your little black book?

Nicholas: No…this isn’t…I don’t have…this is my planner for my auditions.

She looks at him skeptically.

Nicholas cont’d: So, sue me…I haven’t broken down and bought a palm pilot yet.

She smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: What do you say?  Number?

He flips to a blank page in the back.  She hesitates.

Nicholas cont’d: Well, I’m going to go ahead and write your name…Bella…B-e-l-l-a.  Let’s see…I’ve had a lot to drink…I’m probably going to get into my bed, pass out and forget all the important details. 

He writes as he talks.  Bella watches him amused.

Nicholas: Let me see…twenty-one years old…Boston University…communications major…beautiful…great singer…eh…you know, I’m just going to scratch that stuff out…those aren’t really the important details.

He scratches out what he’s written and then he tears the page out and crumbles it up.  The comment and gesture take Bella off guard, but make her smile. 

Nicholas cont’d: Now that I think about it…none of the details are really important.  They could be completely different, but…with you…the main idea would still be the same.

She couldn’t want this guy any more.  He smiles and turns back to the book.

Nicholas: Okay, Bella…B-e-l-l-a…d-r-e-a-m-g-i-r-l.  Yeah, that about covers it.

Now, she’s the one who’s smitten.  He glances up at her innocently.  She takes the planner and pen from him and writes in it then closes it and hands it back to him.

Nicholas: Thank you.

She nods.  He pulls a card from the planner and hands it to her.

Nicholas cont’d: My number.

Bella: Thank you.

A beat as the goodnight kiss moment clearly fills the air and they both know it.  He looks over at her, which brings them closer.

Nicholas: Uh…

He takes a deep breath.

Nicholas cont’d: I have…never wanted to kiss anyone more in my entire life.

She can’t believe she’s going to do this.  She leans in a little.

Nicholas cont’d: But…I also hardly ever drink like I did tonight and when I do…I really do tend to forget things.

She looks down.

Nicholas cont’d: Like how cold it was outside or how my dinner tasted…

She looks up, confused.

Nicholas cont’d: I know I’m blowing this, but…I just don’t want to forget what it feels like to kiss you for the first time.

She’s floored…it’s the sweetest thing she’s ever heard.  She has no idea what to say. 

Nicholas cont’d: I better go in before I pass out and you really do have to take me back to Boston with you…not that I’d mind.

Bella: I’m not so sure I would mind.

He likes that.  He looks at her a moment then smiles and leans over to her, kissing her on the cheek.  She closes her eyes to enjoy the brief contact.

Nicholas: Goodnight, Bella.

Bella: Bye.

He gets out and she watches him go up his steps then into his house.  She looks down at his card, looking suddenly sad. She knows she’ll never see this guy again.  She crumbles it up and puts it into the ashtray.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, Monday, midday.

Music: Strange Condition

(cut to): the cafeteria where Dexter is sitting by himself at a table.  He looks up as Jake and Hamilton walk up with their trays.  No one says anything, but they sit with him.

Will (voice over): I always thought of a “secret identity” as a mask we put on so that people won’t see who we really are.

(cut to): Edmund High, the cafeteria.  Bella sits at a table.  She reaches into her backpack and pulls something out…the crumbled business card.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, if that’s true, why do people say that Bruce Wayne is Batman’s secret identity. 

Sean walks up to the table and tries to get a look at the card, but Bella puts it back into her bag.  He sits down with her.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Maybe instead, our secret identity is who we really are.

They look at each other and share a moment of forgiveness.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Everything else is just a front we put up…when we’re fighting crime…saving the world…

(cut to): Will and Gwen in the newspaper room working at a computer together.  They’re laughing about something and Will takes the opportunity to lean over and kiss her.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Getting to know someone…

(cut to): Nicholas Mann, in a subway car. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …meeting someone new.

He’s reading a play and seems to be memorizing lines.  He pulls out his appointment book and checks his audition time.  He hesitates a moment then flips to the back where he wrote Bella’s name.  He smiles then closes the book and puts it back in his coat pocket.

(cut to): Bella and Sean in the cafeteria.  He’s telling her a story, but she seems distracted.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: People also say that Superman is brave, but it really takes courage to be…

(cut to): Jake, Hamilton and Dexter.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Clark Kent. 

(cut to): New Rawley Middle School, cafeteria.  Mark is talking to Meagan as they walk with their trays to a table.  They walk past Mark’s friends, but he’s too caught up in the conversation to notice their surprise as they sit together at another table.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …It takes real bravery to let everyone see you for who you really are…

(cut to): Will and Gwen in the newspaper room. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …or sometimes…maybe just one person.  For me, though, it’s strange.  Letting her see me doesn’t feel brave…it feels natural.  Being with her, there are no masks…no glasses…no barriers.  There’s just my ”secret” identity…the one that only she gets to see.  Stripping down to that kind of openness might be difficult for everyone else, but with her…it’s easy.





Junior Year