(fade in): to an establishing shot of New Rawley, late August.

Dexter (voice over): New Rawley. It’s not exactly the premiere vacation spot of the Northeast, but for me…

We stop on the garage where Dexter and Grace stand together, kissing.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: It works.

Dexter pulls away, stepping backward.

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: In fact, I have had a great summer.

He gives Grace an enthusiastic smile then runs across the street.

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: I’ve have fun with the few people I know around here.

(cut to): a store next to Friendly’s. A sign over the business reads “Carter Photography and One-Hour Photo.” Dexter enters the building.

(cut to): inside. Tyson Carter, an African-American boy about the same age as Dexter, is busy developing pictures with the photo machine. When Dexter enters, though, he promptly stops and turns to Dexter.

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: And I’ve met at least one really cool person that I didn’t know before.

Tyson: Am I up?

Dexter: You’re up. I’ve got it covered.

Tyson: Thanks, Dex. I’ve been dreaming about a cheeseburger all morning.

He walks around the counter and heads for the door.

Tyson cont’d: See you in thirty.

Dexter: I’ll be here.

Tyson exits. Dexter takes his place behind the counter and takes over with the machine.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: So this is what I’ve been doing most of the summer. Developing pictures.

He hits a button on the machine and looks across the street.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: I’ve also been developing feelings for Grace that I’ve never had for anyone.

(cut to): the pictures as they’re released from the machine. We see several close-ups of Grace. She looks more beautiful than we’ve ever seen her—or maybe happier than ever. Dexter picks one up. He’s clearly smitten.

(cut to): a shot over his shoulder as he examines the photograph.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: There’s that cliché—you’ve undoubtedly heard it—“a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Dexter trades the picture in his hand for another of Grace.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: But what no one ever says is that a picture is worth a thousand emotions.

(cut to): a shot of Dexter. He smiles thoughtfully at the photograph.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: No matter what happens between when I take a picture and when I look at it, seeing it again reminds me of all the emotions I felt at the particular moment I took it.

He pulls the stack of pictures from the machine and places them in a photo bag then walks over to the alphabetized filing system, filing them under “B.”

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Hopefully, I’ll always feel the same way.

He looks across the street again.

(cut to): Grace filling up a car across the street.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: But if the picture can make me feel even a hundredth of what I feel right now then it will always make me happy—make me smile.

(cut to): Dexter. He goes back to the photo machine.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: See, something else I’ve developed this summer is the idea that pictures are important to our personal histories; they tell who we are and reveal what we’re like.

Dexter starts the machine on the next roll of film.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: They also do a pretty decent job of keeping track of what you’ve done on your summer vacation…

(fade out)

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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the one-hour photo. Tyson is still at lunch; Dexter is still developing pictures. Finn enters.

Dexter: Hi Finn.

Finn: Mr. Darcy. And how are you on this beautiful summer day?

Dexter: Stuck inside developing pictures of everyone else’s “beautiful summer days.”

Finn: Sorry to hear that. Are my pictures ready?

Dexter laughs at the joke.

Dexter: Of course.

Dexter walks over to the file bins and locates Finn’s photos.

Dexter cont’d: Aren’t you due for a free processing?

Finn: Oh, right. Thanks, Dexter.

Finn pulls out his wallet and hands Dexter a card. Dexter punches out a hole in the already hole-covered card then takes it to the cash register and sticks it under the drawer.

Dexter: Don’t forget to ask for a new card next time you come in.

Finn: Will do. Mind if I take a look at the pictures before I go?

Dexter: Sure. Was there a problem last time?

Finn: No. It’s just that we took the baby to his grandparents’ pool yesterday, which marks his mother’s first time in a bathing suit since he’s been born…

Finn opens the pictures, quickly flipping through.

(cut to): a shot over his shoulder. We see several pictures of Finn in trunks holding the three month old Jacey who wears a hat and sunglasses.

Finn: And while I think Johanna looks great…

He gets to a picture of Johanna with Meagan, and she does look great. He holds the picture up for Dexter to see. He flips to a close-up of Johanna and Jacey. It’s a bad angle and a bad picture. Finn pulls it out and flips it around for Dexter to see.

Finn cont’d: I don’t want her thinking pictures like this reflect reality.

He holds it out and Dexter takes it and tosses it into a nearby trashcan, humoring Finn, who continues to flip through picture after picture of Jacey.

(cut to): a medium shot of Dexter and Finn on opposite sides of the counter.

Dexter (voice over): I’ve noticed that new parents take a lot of pictures. I don’t know what it is, but they produce picture after picture of a little person that really isn’t all that expressive. That won’t stop them from interpreting, though.

Finn: Oh, look at this, he looks so happy here, doesn’t he?

Finn holds up a picture and, sure enough, the expression on his face could be anything.

Dexter: Oh yeah, look at that…

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: It’s best to humor them because otherwise they’ll go into some explanation of how they know he’s “happy.”

Finn: He always gets that look right there when he sees his mom. Then, every time, he smiles.

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: Correction: the explanation apparently comes even when you try to play along.

Finn: God, I love this kid.

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: Not that I don’t appreciate parents and their unrelenting—uh, unconditional—love. Because if what I said about capturing your emotions in a picture holds…

(cut to): Finn who really is thrilled with the boring-looking pictures.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Becoming a parent must be one of the most joyful experiences in one’s life. I mean, I always thought Finn was kind of a…tough guy. But he comes in here at least once a week with film and gushes in exactly the same way about how happy he is and how he loves his son. I guess that’s the deal with all the film. All the pictures. The wonder. The excitement. The fascination. It’s all part and parcel with the whole new parent thing.

Finn thoughtfully replaces the pictures in the photo bag.

Finn: Oh, hey, Dex, is Tyson around?

Finn glances toward the backroom.

Dexter: He’s next door.

Finn: Lunch date?

Dexter: Yeah—with a cheeseburger.

They both laugh.

Finn: Well, maybe I’ll stop in. Just wanted to have a little chat with him.

Dexter: About what?

Finn: It’s always tough being the new kid.

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: He seems to be adjusting all right. He’s been playing summer baseball.

Finn: Really? In New Rawley?

Dexter: Yeah. He’s catcher on Sean’s team. You know, Will’s friend. Sean wants him to try out for the school team in the fall.

Finn: School team, huh?

Dexter: Sean says Ty’s the best catcher he’s had since Will.

Finn: Glad to hear it. I’ll see you around Dexter.

Finn backs out the door. Dexter smiles and gives him a nod.

(cut to): Friendly’s. Scout is behind the counter, getting drinks prepared. There are several full tables. Tyson sits by himself, eating a cheeseburger. Finn enters and spots Scout.

Finn: Scout, welcome back.

Scout: Thanks.

Finn: Have a nice time in St. Martin?

Scout smiles and nods.

Finn cont’d: Carry on, then.

Finn glances at the Cokes in Scout’s hands. Scout smiles and delivers the drinks to a table then goes to take the orders at another table. Finn walks up to Tyson and takes a seat at his table.

Tyson: Hi.

Finn: Dexter said you’ve playing some ball this summer.

Tyson: Is that a problem?

Finn: Not a problem for me.

Tyson looks down.

Tyson: You don’t understand how it is for me. I’ve gone to public school my whole life. Suddenly my dad turns two stores into a chain then decides to relocate my whole family to New Rawley so I can go to this rich kid school because “we can afford it now.”

Finn: That doesn’t explain why you’re playing ball in town and leading your pitcher to believe you might stick with him into the fall.

Tyson: Call it…a coping mechanism.

Finn chuckles, but then gets serious.

Finn: I understand that you’re looking for some people to fit in with, but trust me, there are more than a few guys at Rawley just like you.

Tyson: Well, I’m glad affirmative action is finally catching on.

Finn tilts his head, gauging the comment. Tyson laughs.

Tyson: Joke. I understand what you mean. Rawley Academy isn’t a homogenous group of super rich kids.

Finn: Exactly. It’s damn close, but…I can think of plenty of people to whom you’ll be able to relate. Scout, for example.

Finn nods over to Scout who is behind the counter fixing a drink.

Finn cont’d: And someone else. Someone who really understands where you’re coming from.

Tyson: And where do I find him?

Finn: Well, if you’d asked me two summers ago, I would have said behind home plate catching for Sean McGrail—if that tells you anything.

Tyson smiles.

Tyson: And now?

Finn: I think he’s in Chicago right now. But, don’t worry. I’ll make sure he finds you.

Tyson nods. Finn gives him an encouraging smile and gets up.

Tyson: And, Finn?

Finn raises his eyebrows.

Tyson cont’d: I got your invitation for Crew, but…

Finn: You’re moving in next week, right?

Tyson nods.

Finn cont’d: Tell me then.

Tyson: Okay.

As Finn walks off, Scout comes up with a pitcher, giving Tyson a refill.

Tyson: Thanks.

Scout: Sure.

Scout lingers a moment, but when Tyson doesn’t say anything he moves on to the next table.

(cut to): the one hour photo. Dexter is still developing pictures. Mark walks in.

Dexter: Hi, what can I do for you today?

Mark: Do you guys develop disposal cameras?

Dexter: We sure do.

Mark pulls a disposal camera out of his back pocket. He picks up a film envelope.

Dexter: One hour or overnight? We’re having a one-hour sale so it’ll be the same price either way.

Mark: Hmm…I guess one hour then.

Dexter marks it on the envelope.

Dexter: Singles or doubles?

Mark: Definitely doubles.

Dexter: Okay, just fill out your address and phone number and you’ll be set.

Mark: Cool.

Mark gets to work. Dexter finishes cutting some negatives and puts them and the prints into an envelope. He files it in the bins. Mark finishes writing and then waits for Dexter.

Dexter: All done?

Mark: Yep.

Mark hands Dexter the bag.

Dexter: I’m going to get this started right now so it should actually be ready in about…thirty minutes.

Mark: Okay.

Dexter turns to a counter on the back wall and picks up a screwdriver. He starts to jimmy it open, but turns back to find Mark still watching.

Dexter: Was there something else?

Mark: No. Well. It’s just that Meagan and I spent all summer taking those pictures.

Dexter turns back to him, looking amused.

Dexter (voice over): Give a kid a camera and you’ll get back some pretty amazing stuff.

Dexter: Do you want to stay and watch?

Mark: Is that okay?

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: They don’t snap away like adults.

Dexter: Sure. I’ll show you how this stuff works if you want.

Mark: Really?

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: They can somehow realize how precious each captured moment is.

Dexter: Sure. The first thing is getting the film out of this camera.

Dexter holds up the screwdriver and shows him then starts to pry it open.

Dexter cont’d: You have to be careful because you can get shocked.

Mark nods, watching.

Dexter cont’d: What’s on here anyway?

Mark shrugs.

Mark: A lot of stuff. My friend Meagan and I have had it all summer.

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: Instead of a roll of film a week, they bring you one roll for their whole summer.

Dexter finally gets the film out of the camera. He uses a special dispenser to get the tail of the film out and cut straight.

Dexter: Once you get the film cut straight you just stick it in here…

He puts it in a cartridge then attaches it to the film processor.

Dexter cont’d: Push this.

He hits a button.

Dexter cont’d: And that’s it for about twenty minutes.

Mark: Is it cool getting to see everyone’s pictures?

Dexter shrugs nonchalantly, but then grins.

Dexter: Yeah, it’s pretty cool.

Mark laughs.

Mark: It would be weird to see people’s lives through their eyes.

Dexter (v.o.) cont’d: And just like the unique outlook on life, you usually end up with some pretty amazing things on a roll of film taken by a kid…

Dexter: I guess I never thought of it like that.

Mark: So, ever see anything totally weird?

Dexter laughs.

Dexter: No comment.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the one hour photo.

(cut to): inside. Dexter stands at the counter facing Mark. Tyson is back at work starting a new roll of film in the machine.

Dexter: So the last step is to cut the negatives.

Dexter feeds the negatives into a small device that allows him to cut them into 5 frame segment. He then puts them into sleeves. He grabs the pictures from the photo machine and puts them into an envelope with the negatives then hands them over to Mark.

Dexter: That’ll be eight fifty.

Mark pulls out a wad of cash from his pocket and picks out two wrinkled fives to give to Dexter. Tyson notices the money. While Dexter takes the cash and gets Mark’s change, Tyson approaches Mark.

Tyson: You’re pretty loaded, little man.

Mark smiles.

Mark: I’ve been saving all summer.

Tyson: Trying to save up enough for a X-Box or what?

Mark: Um, no.

Tyson lifts his eyebrows.

Mark cont’d: There’s this girl.

Dexter and Tyson trade an amused look.

Mark cont’d: My friend Meagan.

He searches through the pictures. There are several candid shots of Finn, Johanna and the baby, but they are clearly taken very far apart. He passes a picture of an old man and a cat. A bird on the sidewalk. Meagan’s grandparents. Finally, he gets to Meagan. She’s sitting on the front porch eating a bag of Skittles. He holds it up for the guys to see. Like all the pictures on the rolls it’s candid and genuine—very honest pictures.

Tyson: And she only dates boys that can support her Skittles habit?

Mark laughs.

Mark: No. See, her step-dad told me that you should have money before you have a girlfriend. You know, so you can pay for movie tickets and…Skittles and stuff.

Tyson: And you bought into that?

Mark: At first. But then I realized that I’m twelve…and that Meagan doesn’t care about who pays for what anyway. But she still isn’t allowed to be my girlfriend until she turns twelve in a few weeks. So now, I’m just saving for a really awesome birthday gift.

Tyson laughs.

Dexter: What are you getting her?

Mark: I’d tell you, but…

Tyson: You’d have to kill us?

Mark: No, I’d have to know.

Tyson and Dexter laugh.

Mark cont’d: Anyway, see you guys later.

They say goodbye and he takes his pictures and heads outside.

Dexter (voice over): Kids have the most unique perspectives to offer. They have this way of filtering out your faults and leaving this pure version of…you.

Dexter: That over-protective step-dad he mentioned…

Tyson: Yeah?

Dexter: Finn.

Tyson doesn’t know how to react. He goes with feigning being unacquainted with Finn.

Tyson: Finn? Who’s—

Dexter: He was here looking for you.

Tyson: Oh, Finn.

Dexter cocks an eyebrow. Before Tyson can explain, Jake walks in. She’s definitely back from her summer as a girl and is decked out in full boy-gear. As soon as Dexter sees her, he walks to the file drawer and pulls out a set of photos. Jake smiles and takes them.

Jake: Thanks, dude.

Dexter: Sure, man.

Jake tosses him a sarcastic smile and opens the flap on the photo envelope.

Jake: You developed these, right?

She glances at Tyson who is busy developing pictures, and isn’t paying attention.

Dexter: Yep. They’re great, by the way.

Jake smiles.

Jake: You never know what to expect when a group of twelve-year-olds hands you a disposable camera.

Dexter: Expect the unexpected.

Jake grins and opens up the envelope. She keeps an eye on Tyson as she flips through the pictures: Hamilton and a group of younger boys posing by their cabin; Hamilton in the woods leading a hike; a group of younger girls at a campsite; a group shot of Jacqueline and Hamilton and their campers; a shot of Jacqueline and Hamilton alone at the campfire, taken from afar.

Dexter: Looks like a romantic camping trip.

Jake: Hey, they were supposed to be asleep.

Dexter: See what I mean? Expect the unexpected.

Jake chuckles and looks back at the photos, flipping through a few more pictures of the boys doing various activities, led by Hamilton; pictures of the girls in arts and crafts, led by Jacqueline.

Dexter: Jacqueline’s looking pretty hot.

Tyson hears this and hopes to get a peak, but Jake flips to the next shot.

Jake: Yeah, I’m definitely going to miss Jacqueline.

Dexter: Hamilton will, too, I bet.

Jake: He can deal.

Dexter laughs.

Jake flips through a few more pictures, finally getting to one of Hamilton kissing a blonde girl whose face we cannot see. Dexter is speechless, but Jake smiles. Dexter doesn’t get it. She flips a few more pictures and finds another shot of Hamilton kissing…Jake.

Jake: Oh my God. They totally knew.

Dexter lifts his eyebrows.

Jake: I couldn’t even begin to…

(flashback to): a close-up of Jake.

Jake: Explain this to me one more time…

(cut to): a longer shot of Jake and Hamilton standing in front of the craft cabin. Jake is very much Jacqueline, as she looked in the photographs. Hamilton is standing in front of her, sweating and almost out of breath.

Hamilton: I just talked to my mom on the phone.

Jake: And your parents are coming up to visit this weekend.

Hamilton: Yes.

Jake: Well, it is Parents’ Weekend.

Hamilton: Yeah, but they didn’t tell me in advance. My dad insisted it be a surprise. My mom had to sneak away and call to warn me.

Jake: Don’t worry. I’ll avoid them. I’m sure your dad won’t recognize me anyway.

Hamilton: It’s not just that.

Jake: You think he’ll want to see Jake? I mean, I’m not sure he likes him all that much…but if you want, he can probably make an appearance just for…appearances sake.

Hamilton: Okay, I’m going to ignore the obvious weirdness of the fact that you’re talking about Jake like a whole separate person because…it’s worse. I did something dumb.

Jake folds her arms and cocks her head.

Jake: Uh…huh…

Hamilton: Dad was pushing about…he wanted to know…he just kept asking if I’d…

Jake: What?

Hamilton: Girls. He wanted to know if there were any girls that I’d…”taken a liking to.”

Jake: And?

Hamilton: Well…I…I just couldn’t help it.

Jake narrows her eyes.

Hamilton cont’d: I told him about Jacqueline.

Jake: You did what?!

Hamilton: I told him that I’d met this girl name Jacqueline and he, you know, started giving me advice…and I told him about the time we were spending together and how much I like her and…it was just…nice, you know? Being able to talk to him about a girl…

Jake: Okay, I’m going to ignore the obvious weirdness of the fact that you’re talking about Jacqueline like a complete…stranger so that I can ask “what the hell were you thinking?”

Hamilton: I was thinking that I’d finally found a way to talk to my dad about the girl…the girl that I love.

Jake’s look softens. Hamilton smiles sheepishly.

Hamilton cont’d: Like I said…I did something dumb.

Jake: I’ll say.

Hamilton: So my dad finally gets a glimpse into my love life and now he wants to meet this new girl…only she’s not new. She’s someone my dad’s going recognize right away as a student at his school for boys.

Jake doesn’t say anything. Hamilton gets impatient.

Hamilton: What are we going to do?

Jake: How should I know? He’s your father.

Hamilton: Yeah, well, you’re the expert at parental deceit.

Jake scoffs.

Jake: You know, you’re right. Maybe we should just tell your dad the truth. Stop deceiving him.

A beat.

Hamilton: I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant.

Jake looks off for a moment then looks back at him.

Jake: I’m sorry, too. I just…I don’t have a solution.

Hamilton: Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle my dad. If you see him, though, head the other way.

Jake nods. They look at each other moment.

Jake: Anyway, I better get back in there. I’m not sure how long twelve-year-old girls can be unsupervised with hot glue guns.

Hamilton: And, I’ve got to go get my guys from drama workshop…it’s their least favorite activity.

Jake: Ironic.

They laugh. Hamilton backs away.

Hamilton: I wish life were a play…we could get your understudy to fill in.

Jake laughs and watches Hamilton jog off.

(cut to): inside the one-hour photo. Dexter still looks at Jake curiously. She continues to look at the pictures.

Jake: How much do I owe you?

Tyson: Single prints: Five ninety-nine. We’re running a special.

She looks up as Tyson eases up to the counter next to Dexter. He glances down at the photos, which Jake promptly shoves back in the envelope.

Tyson cont’d: Hi. Tyson Carter.

He sticks his hand out.

Dexter: This is Jake Pratt. He goes to Rawley.

Tyson: I figured.

Jake looks him over as she picks up her backpack and sticks the photos inside.

Jake: What’s that supposed to mean?

Tyson drops his extended hand.

Tyson: Since you knew Dex and all…

Jake: Oh.

Jake smiles, standing straight up again.

Jake cont’d: Sorry.

Tyson shrugs. Jake pulls out a wallet from her bag. Tyson nods for Dexter to get it as he glances in the bag.

(cut to): a shot of the bag. Jake has her laptop and a few comic books inside.

Tyson: You’re into comic books?

Jake narrows her eyes and quickly zips up the bag.

Jake: Yeah. I’ve been reading a lot of Bendis lately.

Tyson smiles.

Tyson: Ultimate Spider-man?

Jake: I do like Peter Parker, but…

Dexter brings Jake her change and they share a look over the secret identity reference.

Jake cont’d: …I’m more into the crime fiction right now. It’s a little less mainstream. Stuff you probably haven’t heard of: Goldfish—

Tyson: Jinx. Torso. Yeah, I’m familiar.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Sorry, again.

Tyson laughs.

Tyson: No problem. It’s something I like to do.

Jake: What?

Tyson: Shock geeky white boys with an extensive knowledge of their customs.

Jake laughs and glances at Dexter who offers her an uncertain smile.

Jake: Know JAVA?

Tyson: As in coffee?

Jake: As in the computer language.

Tyson: Whatever. C Plus Plus for life.

Jake laughs, shaking her head and putting her change in her pocket. She puts on her bookbag and takes a step toward the door.

Jake: I’ll catch you guys later.

Tyson waves.

Dexter: I’ll stop by later…you can tell me the story behind those pictures.

Jake nods then heads out. He turns to Tyson, looking perplexed.

Tyson: What?

Tyson turns back to the photo machine.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

(cut to): the dorms.

(cut to): a two person dorm room. Hamilton is unpacking a suitcase into a dresser. Jake walks in.

Jake: Hi.

Hamilton: Hey. Welcome home.

Jake smiles.

Jake: I can’t believe we ended up in the same room. How long do you think it’ll be before your mom has your dad change it?

Hamilton grins.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: No one’s changing anything.

Jake raises her eyebrows. Something occurs to him.

Hamilton: I mean, if you’re not cool with it then I’ll move back in with the parentals. No problem. No questions asked.

She smiles.

Jake: I’m cool with it.

Hamilton: Really?

Jake nods.

Jake: But…what’s the story?

Hamilton: Finn wanted to rearrange things for this new kid and this is part of the rearrangement dad came up with to accommodate that request. I guess he figured he would move around people that wouldn’t get too pissed about not being with their requested roommate.

Jake: And your mom’s really not freaking out?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: She was. She asked me to move back home, but we talked and that talk you had with her last year really changed things. She trusts us now.

Jake lifts her eyebrows.

Hamilton cont’d: Plus, she said she’d kill us if we did anything stupid.

Jake: Think we will?

Hamilton smirks.

Hamilton: If we do, we’ll be responsible about it.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Oh, hey, I picked up those pictures.

Hamilton: Anything sensational?

Jake: Have a look.

Jake pulls out the pictures from her bag, glancing at the contents of her bag.

Jake: Dexter said Jacqueline looked hot this summer.

Hamilton looks momentarily jealous, but then smiles as he flips through the pictures.

Hamilton: He’s right.

Hamilton flips another picture, looking surprised. Jake walks over, looking over his shoulder.

(cut to): the picture. It’s the one of Hamilton kissing the blonde girl whose face we cannot see.

Jake: Busted.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

(flashback to): camp, the main cabin. Campers sit around in groups as parents arrive, trying to spot their children. Hamilton sits on a bench with one of his campers as he anxiously looks for his own parents. The boy, Brendan, plays a gameboy.

Brendan: “It is a wise father that knows his own child.”

Hamilton looks over at him.

Hamilton: Huh?

Brendan: Shakespeare.

Hamilton tilts his head.

Brendan: If it’s true, my dad’s an idiot.

Hamilton looks at him apologetically.

Brendan: He was going to come this weekend, but he had his assistant call and cancel. His assistant. I’m the only one in our whole cabin who doesn’t have anyone this weekend. Even your parents are coming, right?

Hamilton nods.

Brendan cont’d: God, he’s a dick.

An older counselor walks by and gives the pair a look.

Hamilton: Language, dude.

Brendan looks back down at his gameboy.

Hamilton cont’d: You know, I spent my whole life wanting my dad to pay attention to me…until the moment he started.

Brendan: "Love sought is good, but giv'n unsought is better"

Hamilton tilts his head.

Brendan: Twelfth Night. I’m into Shakespeare at the moment.

Hamilton: I’ve noticed.

A girl camper, also about 12, Hallie, walks up.

Hallie: Brendan Joseph West, why are you over here hiding out?

Brendan: Hamilton, does this look like “hiding out” to you?

Before Hamilton can respond:

Brendan cont’d: Because to me, it’s really more like “sitting.”

Hallie: My parents would like to see you.

Brendan: Why?

Hallie grabs his arm and pulls him up. He tosses Hamilton a smile.

Brendan: “How poor are they that have not patience.”

Hamilton raises his eyebrows. Before being pulled away, Brendan speaks:

Brendan cont’d: Othello…

And he’s gone. Hamilton is so amused by the whole dramatic production that he doesn’t notice his parents approach.

Kate: Sweetheart.

Hamilton’s head snaps around.

Hamilton (badly faking surprise): Mom…Dad…what are you two doing here?

Kate and Hamilton exchange a look.

Steven: It is Parent’s Weekend.

Hamilton: Uh, yeah…it is. I just figured you’d be busy…what with summer session in full swing now.

Steven: We were, of course, but…I must say my curiosity got the best of me.

Steven gives Hamilton a pointed smile. Hamilton, in turn, laughs uncomfortably and glances at Kate.

Steven cont’d: I told her on the way up. I couldn’t resist.

Kate: That’s right. I got to hear all about…Jacqueline.

Hamilton: I…I would have told you, Mom, but—

Kate: Believe me, I understand.

Steven: Anyway, don’t keep us waiting. Where is this young lady?

Hamilton: Oh, uh, she’s, you know…she’s…

He catches site of someone approaching.

(cut to): an unfamiliar blonde walking up.

(cut to): Hamilton and his parents.

Hamilton cont’d: The thing is, Dad…she’s…

He takes another look at the stranger.

Hamilton cont’d: Jacqueline is…

Jacqueline: …Right here.

She speaks in a natural, if not slightly raised, voice. Kate does a double take before catching on. Hamilton is too shocked to say anything.

Jacqueline: Mr. and Mrs. Fleming, so very nice to meet you.

She reaches out, shaking each of their hands.

Jacqueline cont’d: Hamilton and I would love to show you around…and get you away from these crowds…

She gestures around to the swarms of campers and their parents.

Steven: A personalized tour?

Jacqueline: Exactly.

Steven: Sounds great. Don’t you think, Kate?

Kate: Uh…

She and Hamilton trade another look, but Kate manages a smile.

Kate cont’d: Sounds great.

Jacqueline: Follow me…

Jacqueline takes off, the dean at her side and Kate and Hamilton following.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: If you thought Xbox was cool, Xbox 360 will make your head spin.


(fade in): to an establishing shot of camp.

(cut to): the boys’ cabin. It is abandoned now with campers off with their parents. Jacqueline leads the mini-tour group (i.e., the Fleming family) and stops in front of the cabin.

Jacqueline: And now, the last stop on our tour, your son’s summer residence.

Steven: Well, thank you so much, Jacqueline. You’re an excellent tour guide.

Jacqueline: Thank you, Mr. Fleming.

Steven: Steven, please.

Jacqueline: Steven…

Steven smiles at her, wrapping an arm and pulling her to the side, feigning secrecy.

Steven: You know, we’re always looking for good tour guides at Rawley School for Girls.

Jacqueline laughs.

Jacqueline: I wish my life were that simple. It would make next year so much easier.

She glances back at Hamilton.

Steven: And my son’s life that much better, I’d imagine.

(flash forward to): the dorm room. Hamilton and Jake examine the picture.

Hamilton: You were amazing, by the way.

Jake: Yeah, I know. Who knew I’d ever be able to charm your dad.

A beat as Hamilton looks at her with admiration.

Jake cont’d: Oh, but speaking of people we didn’t fool…check this out.

She flips to the picture of “Jake” and Hamilton kissing.

Hamilton: What the…how’d they…?

Jake shrugs.

(flashback to): Hamilton and Jake running out to an empty dock. Jake is just that—Jake: in full boy gear.

Jake: That was insane.

Hamilton: Well, dad got to meet Jacqueline and see Jake. God, you’re so damn amazing.

Hamilton grabs her face and gives her a big kiss.
(cut to): behind some nearby canoes. Brendan and Hallie watch. Brendan snaps a picture with the disposable camera.

Hallie: What are you doing? They’ll hear.

Brendan: We’ll run.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton. They haven’t noticed anything.

(cut to): the kids.

Hallie: Think we should tell Jacqueline about this?

Brendan: Shh. They’ll hear.

Hallie rolls her eyes.

Brendan: Anyway, tell her what? “In the course of one day, your boyfriend has kissed you, a hot blond and…some weird dude wearing a leather jacket in the middle of the summer.”

Hallie: Wait…hang on…there might be more than kissing…

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton. Jake is shedding clothes.

(cut to): the kids.

Brendan:And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

Hallie: Knock it off.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton. She gets down to her tank top and then gets rid of the corset. She then pulls off the baseball cap that has been the key to her disguise.

(cut to): the kids.

Hallie: No way.

Brendan: “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

Hallie: Get your own material.

Brendan: Why? The bard is the source of all wisdom.

Hallie rolls her eyes, tosses her hair and turns back to Jake and Hamilton. Brendan watches her with tilted head.

Brendan: You know, when you’re dissing my idol, you’re pretty…

She turns back to him.

Hallie: Pretty what?

Brendan: Uh…pretty…pretty.

Hallie: Huh? Are you…God, Bren, gross.

His face turns red.

Brendan:There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Hallie: Seriously, ew.

Brendan: Really? I always maybe kinda thought—

Hallie: Well, you always maybe kinda thought wrong.

Brendan: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

She ignores him and looks out at Jake and Hamilton. Brendan grins, but then follows her gaze.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton as they pack up all of Jake’s boy gear into a bookbag. She is now a comfortable version of herself. Hamilton looks her over.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: I haven’t had a summer this good…well, I guess since that first summer with you.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Wasn’t that just two years ago?

Hamilton: Sometimes it seems more like a million.

Jake smiles genuinely.

Jake: Let’s—

A noise from the canoes draws their attention.

Hamilton: What was that?

(cut to): Hallie and Brendan.

Brendan: Crap. What are we going to—

Hallie grabs him and kisses him just before Jake and Hamilton make their way around the canoes and into the hiding spot. The kids pretend not to notice the intrusion. Hamilton clears his throat. They part. Hallie looks up, feigning surprise, but Brendan’s eyes are glued to Hallie.

Brendan: That was…

Hallie: Jacqueline…oh my God, this is so embarrassing. We didn’t know you guys were out here.

She quickly hops up, pulling Brendan up with her. Brendan finally looks sheepishly up at Hamilton and Jake. Hamilton shakes his head then turns to Jake. She shrugs.

Jake: Let’s just get back to our respective sides of the lakes.

Hallie looks at Brendan, relieved. He can’t help smile.

(flash forward to): the dorm room.

Hamilton: So, basically, those kids totally played us?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Basically. Although, there was nothing fake about that kiss.

Hamilton: Method actors.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Speaking of acting. I’m returning for my last season as “Jake.” It’s kind of sad.

Hamilton: Sad for who? I’m looking forward to college with Jacqueline.

Jake: Really?

He nods and takes a flirtatious step toward her.

Jake cont’d: You know, I’m thinking college will be where you get to make it up to me.

Hamilton: Make what up to you?

Jake: The charade. I’m thinking…you dress up like a girl…you’ll have to start growing your hair out now, of course.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: And we’ll share a room…and a shower…

Jake: …yeah, probably with twenty other girls…

Hamilton: Sounds all right to me…although we’ve almost got our own shower now…

He nods to the bathroom that is shared with this and another dorm room.

Jake: Yeah, all right.

Hamilton: All right?

Jake is already headed for the bathroom.

Hamilton cont’d: I am going to love this year.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Homestar Runner. What do you mean you haven’t heard of it?


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the one-hour photo, it’s nearing 5:00.

(cut to): inside. Dexter and Tyson are done developing and are not busy.

Dexter: So…comic books?

Tyson: Yeah, so?

Dexter: It’s like the mystery of Tyson is unfolding before my eyes today. I mean, first Finn comes in looking for you. Then you know all about comic books and computer programming.

Tyson: I’m a very round sort of character, Dex. I have infinitely many dimensions.

Dexter laughs.

Tyson cont’d: So that Jake kid seemed cool. Is he the same year as us?

Dexter: Us?

Tyson: Us. We’ll both be juniors in high school…

Dexter: Jake’s a senior.

Tyson: Most of the guys at Rawley laid back like that?

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: Some are; some aren’t.

Tyson: Scout?

Dexter: Nice guy. What’s that expression about your heart on your shirt?

Tyson: Wearing your heart on your sleeve?

Dexter: Oh, yeah. Well, that definitely describes Scout.

Tyson: Gotcha.

He pauses.

Tyson cont’d: Do you know a guy named Will. Will Krud-something?

Dexter: Krudski?

Tyson: Yeah.

Dexter: I do.

Tyson: Is he…what’s he like?

Dexter: He’s smart. At Rawley on scholar…hey, wait…you’re not—

Tyson: What? Going to Rawley on scholarship?

Dexter: Are you?

Tyson: No. But that would be perfect, wouldn’t it? Poor black kid gets the scholarship. Goes from the streets to the sprawling hills of Rawley Academy. It’s so…Finding Forrester.

Dexter laughs.

Tyson cont’d: Okay, look…as you already figured, I’m going to Rawley this fall. As in starting next week. It’s why my family moved here.

Dexter: That’s so cool, Ty.

Tyson: Whatever, man. It’s scary. I’ve never been to private school. Back in Boston, I was the smart kid. I was the star basketball player, captain of the soccer team, and the only catcher any pitcher wanted. I was next in line to be the editor of the school paper. I was going to be the lead in this year’s school play.

A beat.

Tyson cont’d: But at Rawley…I mean, I bet everyone is good at everything.

Dexter laughs.

Tyson cont’d: What?

Dexter: Mostly they’re just good at…having rich parents.

Tyson sighs.

Tyson: I’m not. I mean, it’s nice that my parents’ business has been successful and that they can finally make all their dreams come true…blah, blah, blah…but—

Dexter: Change is always hard.

Tyson nods.

Tyson: Yeah. Exactly.

A beat passes.

Tyson: So Will’s cool?

Dexter: Yes, he is. Why?

Tyson: He’ll be my roommate.

Dexter looks confused. Of his look, we…

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room. Will is sitting on the couch, flipping through pictures. We get a shot over his shoulder. We see Gwen and him at the beach in Newquay. Several more shots in London: in front of Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace. Then, Chicago: Finley Park, the Navy Pier, the John Hancock building.

(cut to): the doorway.

Scout: What the hell?

Will looks up then jumps up to hug him.

Will: Scout! Dude, I had the best summer ever. You have to see the pictures.

Will stops when he notes the displeased look on Scout’s face.

Will cont’d: What’s wrong?

Scout: I just checked in with Mr. Mann and apparently this is no longer my room.

Will: What? But this is the room he told me—

Scout: He also informed me that my new roommate would be Dexter-freaking-Darcy.

Will: What the hell?

Scout: Thank you. That’s what I said.

Will: I don’t get it. Why would they—and if you’re Dexter’s roommate…who’s my roommate?

Scout shrugs.

Will: Maybe we can talk to the dean. Or Finn.

Scout laughs disdainfully.

Scout: Mr. Mann said it was Finn’s switch.

Will’s brow furrows.

Will: What? Why would Finn do that without even talking to us?

From the hall, Finn clears his throat.

Finn: Coming to do just that, actually.

Will: Oh. Hi, Finn.

Scout: Sir, with all due respect…what the hell? I mean, I cannot live with—

Finn: With all due respect…deal with it.

Scout: But—

Finn: There’s a new student who I think could use a mentor. Someone older, wiser…experienced at being the new guy in a sea of wealth and privilege.

Will and Scout trade a frustrated look.

Will: I’ll be glad to befriend the latest charity case…just don’t make me room with him.

Finn: Sorry, my decision is final. You’ll both have to—

Scout: “Deal with it.” We got it.

Finn offers will an apologetic, but steadfast look then leaves.

Scout: God. God! This just goes along with my life right now.

He throws himself down on the couch.

Will: So…I guess I shouldn’t ask how your summer vacation went?

Scout: I’d rather live with Dexter Darcy for the rest of my life than talk about it.

Will: I’m sure it won’t be that bad. I mean, at least we know Dexter.

Scout: I know. And, I like the guy. It’s just that I needed something familiar to come back to and this…

He looks around the room.

Scout cont’d: …was supposed to be it.

Will nods understandingly.

Scout cont’d: Anyway, didn’t you have some pictures to show me?

Dexter (voice over): You can always tell that a couple is, well, just that…a couple—just from the pictures they take.

As Dexter continues, we see more pictures of Gwen and Will from their trip. They are both in every picture.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: They always have to be together. As if they need proof that they were not only there—England, Chicago—but that they were there together. They’ll use a timer or find a stranger or just hold the camera up and snap. Whatever it takes to get those two bodies into one shot.

(cut to): Gwen in Chicago with her mom. They look through the same set of photos.

Dexter: And I guess that really is what being a couple is all about: squeezing two people into one picture: one life…no matter what it takes to make it work.

(cut to): the One-Hour Photo.

(cut to): inside. Tyson is cleaning the front windows while Dexter works on developing some pictures.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: In complete contrast to the photography tendencies of settled-in couples, new love produces something completely different…yet still entirely identifiable.

(cut to): a shot of the prints as they come out of the machine: pictures of Jill and Sean playing baseball, spending time by the lake, at Sean’s house. They are, however, noticeably never in the same picture. They’ve only taken pictures of each other.

(cut to): Tyson as he finishes up with the windows.

Tyson: Your friend will be back at five for those, right? I don’t want to be stuck in this store any longer than necessary.

(cut to): a shot of both boys.

Dexter: They’ll be here.

A beat.

Tyson: I’ve seen her around this summer. She’s been catching for Sean. She’s actually not half bad.

Dexter: Jill? Yeah, she’s really nice. She goes to Rawley.

Tyson: Yeah, I could have guessed that.

Dexter: Really? Why’s that?

Tyson: She’s totally put together…complete with designer jeans.

Dexter: And Sean is…

Tyson: Rough around the edges…with his hand-me-downs and wife-beater.

Dexter: Uh huh.

Tyson: What?

Dexter: You make fun of me for playing into stereotypes…

Tyson: Ha! Touché…

Dexter: Anyway, Jill is yet another cool Rawley person…though she lives on the opposite side of the lake.

Tyson: Yeah, I didn’t guess I’d find too many girls at Rawely Boys.

Dexter laughs at the slight irony of that statement: there’s always Jake.

Tyson cont’d: But, so…what’s their story?

Dexter: I don’t know…what would you guess?

Tyson: Rich girl rebels against daddy by getting it on with the blue-collar bad boy? A lá…

The bell on the shop door rings and Jill and Scout walk in. Tyson smiles and nods a hello their way then turns back to Dex to finish his sentence:

Tyson cont’d: …Dirty Dancing.

Jill laughs.

Jill: “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

Sean: Huh?

Jill: Hey, were you guys talking about us?

She looks back and forth between Dexter and Tyson with mock accusation. Dexter looks at Tyson then goes to the photo machine to pull off the pictures.

Tyson: Sean. How’s it going?

Sean: Good. I’ll see you at practice on Tuesday, right?

Tyson: Uh…yeah. Of course.

Jill: Don’t change the subject.

Dexter: Hey look, your pictures are all done.

Jill: These two were totally talking about us.

Jill slides her arm around Sean’s back, pulling herself closer to him. He looks at her lovingly, completely losing track of the conversation.

Tyson: I was just asking Dex to tell me about you guys, but he was making me guess so…I guessed—

Jill: Dirty Dancing.

She laughs then glances at Sean.

Jill: Not exactly. Although…Sean is a good dancer.

She turns to him.

Jill cont’d: But, you’re no Patrick Swayze.

Sean: I am so not following this conversation.

Jill rolls her eyes, but keeps up her adoring smile. He smiles back, brushing a piece of hair from her face.

Tyson: So, uh…not that I was looking, but there were some steamy pictures at the beginning of that roll.

Jill and Sean turn slightly red.

Sean: You brought those pictures to a one-hour photo?

Jill: I forgot those were on that roll…although, where else would I get them developed?

Tyson: Good point.

Sean: Well, this is embarrassing.

Jill: It’s not like it was porn or anything.

Tyson: Nope. Completely innocent…yet still amazingly hot.

Dexter: Ty. Jeez.

Tyson: Sorry, man. I just feel like I can joke with a woman who walks in here quoting Dirty Dancing to me.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Absolutely.

Sean: Uh, yeah…can we just get our pictures so I can escape?

Dexter: Of course.

Dexter quickly slips them into a bag and hands them over the counter so Sean can take them.

Dexter: Sorry.

Sean gives him a reassuring smile.

Tyson: That’ll be eight-fifty.

Sean pulls out a ten and hands it to Dexter. He quickly makes change.

Dexter: Here you go. Have a nice afternoon, you guys.

Sean: Thanks, Dex. You, too. I’ll see you, Ty.

Sean nods to Tyson and Jill offers him a smile as they exit.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a shot of the one-hour photo. Jill and Sean have just exited.

Dexter: What was that?

Tyson: What was what? I was just kidding around with them.

Dexter: Sounded more like flirting with Jill. I mean, I thought Sean was your friend.

Tyson laughs.

Tyson: Please. That girl is clearly not my type. Five’ll get you ten that she’s a drama girl.

Dexter: Check.

Tyson: I need someone mellow and low-key who can balance out my overwhelming personality.

Dexter: Overwhelming is right…and I’m not sure Sean appreciated it.

Tyson: Whatever. Let’s get out of here. We can discuss it tomorrow.

Dexter: Cool. Grace is making me dinner.

(cut to): outside Friendly’s where Sean and Jill sit, checking out their pictures. Dexter is crossing the street to the garage as Tyson walks by, offering a wave and a smile. When he’s gone:

Sean: Hey, was it me, or was my catcher totally hitting on you?

Jill: I don’t think so…

Sean: Fine, play dumb. I’ll let you get away with it.

He offers her a smile and she answers with a quick kiss on the lips.

Sean: So, let’s get to these pictures, shall we?

He flips past all the action shots we saw come out of the machine before and gets to a picture of a girl’s toes.

Sean: God, you’ve got gorgeous feet.

Jill: Yeah, sure.

She flips the picture, finding a picture of lips.

Jill cont’d: Oh, much better. You’ve got gorgeous lips.

He smiles as Jill flips through a few more: a few strands of her hair, his hands, her nose, his chest, her stomach, his shoulder, her calf…

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: It’s this fascination with each other that really seems to give away the new couple. Unlike the established couple, they don’t care that everyone else knows they’re together. Instead, they just want to soak each other up, take each other in, capture each other in some ephemeral moment…

(flashback to): one day a few weeks ago, the baseball field. Sean’s bike and Jill’s skateboard lay by the fence. We pan over to the field where we find Sean and Jill stretched out on the grass somewhere in right field. It seems that they had lunch—a few food items lay out next to a bag. Sean rolls over to his side, grazing Jill’s stomach with his hand. She looks up at him, smiling.

Sean: If I haven’t told you, you’re getting to be a damn fine catcher.

She laughs.

Jill: Whatever.

She closes her eyes. Sean runs his hand down her stomach, across her hip and to her thigh. She bites her lip to stop a smile, but doesn’t open her eyes. Sean smiles and looks down her leg.

Sean: You know, you’ve got gorgeous feet.

Jill says nothing, still trying to resist a smile. Sean sits up, pulling a camera from the bag. He snaps a picture of her feet.

Jill: What the…

She opens her eyes.

Jill cont’d: What are you doing?

Sean shrugs. She takes the camera from him and lays back. Pointing it up at him, she zooms in on his face, snapping a picture.

Jill cont’d: You’ve got gorgeous lips.

Sean: Yeah, well…

He puts a leg over her, straddling and pinning her.

Sean cont’d: You’ve got gorgeous everything.

Jill smiles slyly.

Jill: If you say so.

He takes the camera from her, zooming in on her hair as it lies in the grass. She takes it back, holding his hand up and snapping. This goes on, each photographing the body parts we saw before. As he gets to her calf, sitting beside her once again, he snaps the picture then puts the camera aside.

Sean: I wish this moment could last forever.

Jill looks over, laughing.

Jill: That’s so clichéd.

Sean hangs his head in mock embarrassment. She runs a hand along his neck.

Sean: Still…I wish it could.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Yeah, me too.

(flash forward to): in front of Friendly’s. Jill and Sean sit looking fondly at their pictures.

Dexter (voice over): I’m not sure when the transition takes place. From being enchanted by each other to being in love with…being in love.

(cut to): Grace and Dexter sitting in front of the gas station. He’s eating a sandwich from a paper plate.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Maybe that’s it.

Grace: How is it?

Dexter: Best peanut butter and jelly I’ve ever had.

Grace: It’s ham and cheese.

Dexter smiles at her.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Maybe that’s when the transition takes place.

Grace cont’d: That smile reminds me, Bella wanted you to develop a disposable camera for her. Be right back.

She hops up and heads inside. Dexter finishes off the sandwich and tosses the plate into a nearby trashcan. Grace comes back outside with the camera.

Grace: There’s still a picture left.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: When you go from being with someone…

She holds up the camera to take a picture of him, but then rethinks it. Instead, she sits down next to him and holds the camera out to get them both in one shot. Dexter can’t help but smile at this situation and at Grace. She snaps the picture.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: …to loving them.

Grace hands over the camera.

Dexter: I’ll, um…I’ll take that in for you tomorrow.

Grace: Cool.

She glances across the street, spotting Jill and Sean.

Grace cont’d: I totally take responsibility for that, you know.

Dexter: Deservedly so. You are the one that made him go to Gwen’s party.

Grace: I know. I’m awesome.

Dexter laughs as the two of them look across the street.

(cut to): across the street. Jill is putting away the pictures.

Sean: Want to head down to the ball field? One last time before we have to go back to the reality of homework and extra-curricular activities?

She smiles, looking a little sad.

Jill: Yeah, I’ll definitely miss doing nothing with you all day.

Sean: Hey, come on. We didn’t do nothing. We got better at baseball—

Jill: And drama.

Sean: Yeah, Mr. Mann’s acting workshop was totally fun.

Jill: I’m glad he opened it up to the community like that.

Sean: Absolutely.

Jill: It kept out the elitist Rawley brats.

Sean: Glad my presence is so repellent.

Jill: Shut up. You know I didn’t mean it like that.

Sean: I know.

Jill: And how cool is it that Bella won the private workshop with Frank Mann in New York? It’s weird he’d even do it since Frank Mann and Nicholas Mann don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on most things.

Sean: Yeah…that is interesting.

Jill: Anyway, I’m glad Bella got to go. She probably had a blast.

Sean smiles, but wants to change the subject.

Sean: So…to the ballpark or what?

(flashback to): New York City, a month ago. Bella and Nicholas stand outside an apartment building on the west side.

Bella: I don’t think I can do this. I mean, it was hard enough seeing my own mother a few years ago…

Nicholas: My mom is wonderful. You’re wonderful.

Bella: I’m also seventeen.

Nicholas: Yeah, we’re totally lying about that one, by the way.

Bella: What?

Nicholas: You’re eighteen. It just…sounds better.

He gives her a sheepish grin.

Bella: I’ll be eighteen next month anyway.

Nicholas: Wrong answer. You’re eighteen.

Bella takes a deep breath.

Bella: Okay.

Nicholas: I’ve been teaching you how to act all summer so…stop acting nervous and start acting confident and…happy to be here.

Bella smiles at him.

Bella: Easy for you to say. I didn’t actually get here because of my acting abilities, remember?

Nicholas: No, you got here because of a drawing that I totally rigged.

Bella: Exactly.

Nicholas: Unfortunately, you got the part anyway so...let’s go.

She nods and he loops his arm through hers as they ascend the steps.

(cut to): inside the apartment, the living room, thirty minutes later. Nicholas and Bella sit on a sofa. The place is nice, though not nearly as nice as Frank Mann’s house. Nicholas’ mother, Elaine, comes through a swinging door, carrying a tray of coffee.

Elaine: Bella, do you take cream? Sugar?

Bella: Um…actually black would be perfect.

Elaine smiles.

Elaine: I take mine the same. Always have. Nicholas, on the other hand wants—

Bella: One-third coffee, one-third milk and—

Elaine: One-third sugar. That’s right.

She cocks an eyebrow Nick’s way.

Elaine cont’d: Sounds like this girl has seen you drink many-a-cup of morning coffee.

Nicholas: Come now Mother…

He gives her a sly smile.

Nicholas cont’d: …some people have coffee for dessert.

Elaine: Yes, of course. Silly me.

Bella isn’t quite sure how serious this conversation is. Elaine notices.

Elaine cont’d: It’s quite all right. You’ll find me to be accepting and approving…until you break my son’s heart. Then I can be a real bitch. Which reminds me, whatever happened to that secretary of your father’s?

Nicholas: I have no idea. I haven’t spoken with him in months.

Elaine: Is he sleeping with her?

Nicholas: I don’t know, Mother.

Elaine fidgets.

Nicholas: Why do you let him do this to you? Who cares if he’s sleeping with her? You’re a gorgeous, successful woman. You could have any man you want.

Elaine: Any man over fifty, you mean. It’s such a double standard. A man can date a younger woman and it’s perfectly acceptable, but if—

She stops herself.

Elaine cont’d: By younger, I mean half his age, of course. Five years is really nothing in the long run. Don’t think I’m offering sideways criticism because I wouldn’t do that.

Bella smiles, still nervous.

Elaine: So, besides drink coffee, what do you kids do for fun?

Nicholas: Mom…

Elaine smiles then turns to Bella.

Elaine: I understand you’re enrolled in Nicholas’ drama class.

Bella: Yeah, but…I’m not very good.

Elaine: Glad to hear it. I’d hate to think your unassuming charm were an act…it’s incredibly endearing.

The sincerity of her tone seems to put Bella at ease.

Elaine: Anyway, enough talk. Let’s get out of this house and go see a show. You two need to utilize this opportunity to be a couple in public. I’m assuming you don’t get many opportunities to go out?

Bella and Nicholas look at each other.

Bella: No…we don’t.

Elaine: Splendid!

She smiles warmly at Bella and her son.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorm, present time.

(cut to): Nicholas’ apartment. Bella and Nicholas sit together, snuggled up on the couch. Nicholas is dressed officially (khakis and a blazer). They look through a stack of pictures from New York: there are mostly pictures of Bella and Nicholas together at various sights, but they have something to them. Despite the surroundings, Bella and Nicholas are the most important element in each shot.

Dexter (voice over): Good photographs enhance reality.

Bella: Your mom’s good at this picture-taking thing.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Good photographers are like interpreters.

Nicholas: You know, most people get one thing…two if they’re lucky. I do acting. You do music. But Elaine Mann? The woman excels at all things creative. She’s a natural.

Bella: Sounds like Jake’s mom.

Bella realizes what she said and seems to regret it.

Nicholas: Well, you know…my dad loves that creative genius actress type. Whereas I’m more into the singer-song-writer-thinks-overacting-equals-acting-but-is-so-amazing-in-general-it-doesn’t-matter type…

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Good photographers take the reality of a moment and pull out that one detail…that one beautiful element that no one would have seen otherwise.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Was that a compliment?

He nods with a charming smile. A beat.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Good photographers expose magic.

Nicholas: Are you ready to start school next week?

Bella takes over picture flipping.

Bella: If you mean…do I have my book covers and freshly sharpened pencils ready to go? Then, sure. However, if you mean, am I ready to give up afternoons like this? The answer is a big fat no.

Nicholas smiles, kissing the top of her head.

Nicholas: Still, we had a good summer…a memorable summer.

Bella: We did. And, meeting your mom was most memorable.

Nicholas: Yes. And she wants to know when we’re coming back to see her again.

Bella smiles.

Bella: I still can’t believe she was so…accepting.

Nicholas: Actually, she surprised me, too. I mean, I knew she’d be cool and I knew she’s love you—who wouldn’t? But she had this…support that was totally unexpected.

Bella: It was nice.

Nicholas: Maybe your dad would surprise us, too.

Bella laughs.

Bella: That is unlikely.

Nicholas: Too bad. He really should know how much I love his daughter.

Bella smiles at him then goes back to the pictures. She gets to the last picture: the one of Grace and Dexter. Nicholas smiles and takes it for a closer look.

Nicholas: Nice kid.

Bella: I’ve never seen Grace so…

Nicholas: Happy?

Bella: Smitten. It’s amazing. And, Dad actually approves.

Nicholas: And I thought he didn’t like Rawley guys.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Yeah, but unfortunately his daughters have a penchant for them…

She sets the pictures down, Grace and Dexter’s picture on top. She goes in to kiss him, but a knock at the door sends her quickly up and back to the bedroom. Nicholas makes his way to the door. He smoothes his hair and takes a deep breath, putting his hand on the doorknob. He glances back at the bedroom door, he can’t make his smile go away. He gives up and opens the door.

(cut to): a shot from his point of view. Scout stands there, looking despondent.

(cut to): a shot of the apartment as Scout walks in and sits on the couch.

Scout: Do you have a minute?

Nicholas: Sure, Scout. What’s up?

Nicholas takes a seat in a nearby armchair.

Scout: What’s up? Uh, my life sucks. I mean, it’s just not fair…

He takes a calming breath.

Scout cont’d: And I hate myself for thinking that. I mean, compared to some kids, my life must seem pretty terrific. I know that, you know?

Nicholas: I’m glad you have perspective.

Scout: I just had this…bipolar summer. Some parts of it were so amazing.

Nicholas: Yeah…you were in St. Martin, right?

Scout nods, noticing Nicholas’ photos on the table.

Scout: Is that Grace and Dexter?

Scout goes for the pictures, but Nicholas beats him to it. Scout gives him a look of question.

Nicholas: Um…yeah…I gave him my camera so he could develop them for me. He must have used the last picture for himself.

Scout: Creepy. He’s like Sal the photo guy.

Nicholas: Ah, One Hour Photo. Gotta love creepy Robin Williams.

Scout: Yeah. So, what else was on that roll?

Nicholas: Oh, uh…it’s kind of personal.

Scout (mockingly matter-of-fact): Porn.

Nicholas laughs, tucking the pictures into the front pocket of his blazer.

Nicholas: Yeah, you got me. Actually, they’re just some pictures my mom took, but she’s really self-conscious about other people seeing her work so…she’d kill me if you saw them.

Scout nods, not quite buying it.

Nicholas cont’d: Anyway, your summer sucked…in St. Martin?

Scout: Yeah…hey, do you know what time Dexter’s store closes?

Scout looks at the package for a moment then at his watch.

Nicholas: You know, I’m not sure. It’s four-thirty now. Maybe six?

Scout: I should go. I just remembered I have, like, six rolls of film I wanted to get developed. Do you think that’ll take one hour or six hours?

Nicholas: Do you want to call?

Nicholas reaches for his cell phone.

Scout: Oh, no, I’ll just head over.

Scout hops up. Nicholas is confused by the turn around of emotions.

Nicholas: Didn’t you want to…

Scout: No. I mean, yes, I did, but…I really want to see how these pictures turned out. I asked my dad for a camera, assuming he would know that this is two-thousand three and when someone says they want a camera, they mean a digital camera.

Nicholas: Sorry you didn’t get what you want.

Scout shrugs.

Scout: I actually spent a lot of time reading the manual and I think I got some pretty good shots.

Nicholas: Cool.

Nicholas smiles, ready to be rid of Scout. Scout heads for the door and Nicholas follows behind him, shutting the door when he’s gone. Bella carefully exits the bedroom. They trade a “hope we don’t get busted” look.

(cut to): the hallway. Scout looks curiously at the door for a moment before turning and heading off toward his room.

(dissolve to): the one-hour photo a little later. Scout pulls up on his bike and heads inside.

(cut to): inside the store. Tyson is behind the counter. Scout doesn’t look thrilled to see him.

Scout: Hey…

Tyson: Hi. You’re…Scout?

Scout: Uh-huh.

Tyson: What can I do for you?

Scout: What time do you close?

Tyson: In about an hour, but we can’t one-hour anything unless it’s before three.

Scout: So…why don’t you call the store “One Hour Photo except after three.”

Tyson chuckles.

Tyson: Wouldn’t fit on the sign. I can have your film ready by ten a.m.

Scout: I have six rolls.

Tyson: Six? Hmm. Give me until noon then.

Scout: So now one-hour photo has just become…

He does the math. Tyson waits patiently, enjoying the time it takes.

Scout: Eighteen-hour photo?

Tyson: Nineteen, actually.

Scout shrugs, getting increasingly annoyed.

Tyson cont’d: Anyway, take it or leave it.

Scout (rudely): I guess I don’t really have a choice.

Tyson: You’re right. My family and I have created a nice little one-hour (except after three) monopoly here. It’s just our first step to taking over the world.

Scout: I just came to drop of my film. No need for an attitude.

Tyson: Me? Look, rich boy, don’t think you’re going to come into my store, condescend to me—quite badly, I might add—then expect me to be all smiles and “yes, sir.” You can take your six hours worth of film over to Carson for all I care.

Scout is slightly taken aback, but after a second he nods.

Scout: I…sorry for being rude.

Tyson nods.

Tyson: No problem. Just, like, learn not to take out your frustration on the service industry.

Scout: Hey, I know. I work at—

Tyson: Friendly’s. I know. And, Dexter mentioned that you’re an all right Rawley guy so…don’t screw that up, okay?

Scout: Why do you care who’s an “all right Rawley guy?”

Tyson: Because I’m going there.

Scout: You’re the new kid on scholarship.

Tyson (game show host like): Oh…no…sorry. Thanks for playing, though.

Scout doesn’t get it.

Tyson: Look, I’m just a guy…going to Rawley. That’s it. Period. Okay?

Scout: Okay. Chill out. I just thought, for a second, that you might be Will Krudski’s new roommate, but obviously—

Tyson: You know Will?

Scout: Yeah…he was my roommate until Finn screwed me over and put this new scholarship jacka—

Tyson: Hey, wait, hang on. Not on scholarship, but definitely the jackass that stole your roommate.

Scout tilts his head.

Tyson: Finn told me he was putting me in a room with Will because we…come from similar places or something.

Scout: You’re not from New Rawley.

Tyson: No, I’m from Boston.

Scout looks at him, still annoyed with this kid…and still upset to be out his favorite roommate.

Scout: And you’re not on scholarship.

Tyson cont’d: Hey, look, I don’t get it either. If I had it my way, I’d just room with Dex and be done with it, but Finn won’t let it happen.

Scout: So now I’m stuck with Dexter.

Tyson: Why you gotta say it like that? Dexter’s cool. I mean, okay, not, like, traditionally cool, but…all I’m saying is, he would never treat anyone the way you came in here treating me.

Scout: And I would never treat one of my customers the way you’re…

Scout stops himself.

Scout cont’d: Actually, I would. And I have. This pretentious Rawley creep came in and, well, he didn’t know I went to Rawley and…can you see the parallel I’m drawing here?

Tyson: You’re comparing yourself to the Rawley creep and me to you.

Scout: And I’m admitting that I…may….have…jumped to conclusions.

Tyson just looks at him, obviously in agreement.

Scout: I’m trying to apologize if I offended you in any way.

Tyson shrugs.

Tyson: I’m pretty easy to offend. Fortunately, I get over it pretty quick.

Scout: Yeah, well, careful...I don't.

Tyson nods.

Tyson: Duly noted.

A beat.

Scout: So, can I leave my film here, or what?

Tyson smiles.

Tyson: Sure.

He holds out his hand to accept the film. Scout gives it to him, eyeing him with just a bit of distrust.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys dorm, the following day. It's midday and people are out and about, playing sports, moving in, etc.

(cut to): Will's room. Will sits on his bed. Scout sits on the couch.

Will: So...I'm a little confused. He was cool or he was a jerk?

Scout: That's the point. It was a very confusing encounter.

Will: Well, I guess we'll get to know him before making any further judgments?

Scout nods.

Scout: Agreed.

A slight beat.

Scout cont’d: Anyway. I've got to go pick up my film.

Will: Maybe I'll go, too. Meet the new guy.

Scout: Cool.

(cut to): the one-hour photo.

(cut to): inside. Dexter and Tyson are both working.

(cut to): the photo machine. Pictures of tropical locations come out of the machine. They are fairly good photographs, proving Scout’s earlier comments.

Dexter (voice over): Unlike couples, the solo traveler usually ends up with plenty of locations shots.

Occasionally a solo shot of Scout pops up.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Or, even worse, the solo shot. The one he had to ask someone else to take. Still, in Scout's case, at least the backdrop for solitude was completely beautiful.

Tyson continues to watch the beautiful pictures come out of the machine.

Tyson: For some reason I'm jealous of this guy.

Dexter: Yeah, well, look where he goes on vacation.

They watch for a moment.

Dexter: Must be tough being a senator's kid. Still, he's a good--

Tyson: Wait, senator's kid?

Dexter: Scout Calhoun. Son of Senator--

Tyson: John Calhoun. Are you kidding?

Dexter: No. Do you know him?

Tyson: He's pushed through some really amazing environmental bills these past few years. Like right now, he's working on this bill to ban oil drilling in Alaska.

Dexter: I didn't know you were so politically minded.

Tyson: And still, the man sounds surprised...

Dexter chuckles.

Tyson: It's--

He looks at the photos still coming out of the machine.

Tyson: Whoa. Yeah. Now I know why I'm jealous of this man.

Dexter follows Tyson's gaze to the machine. A picture of a beautiful girl on a beautiful beach is the last picture out of the machine.

Tyson: Oh my God...I think I'm in love...who is that?

Dexter: No clue.

Tyson: ...And where do I find her?

Dexter: That girl is probably still on a beach somewhere.

Tyson: Yeah...

He continues to stare. The front door opens and Scout and Will walk in. Tyson barely notices. Dexter nudges him.

Tyson: It's not noon yet.

Dexter offers Scout an apologetic look then collects the pictures from the machine.

Dexter: We just finished the last roll so you're good to just a sec.

Scout looks at Will for a read on Tyson, but Will just shrugs. Tyson notices, but doesn't say anything.

Will: Hey, Tyson, right?

Tyson: Yeah.

Will: Uh, Will. Krudski.

Tyson's put-out demeanor changes. He's friendly.

Tyson: Hi. Tyson Carter. Nice to meet you.

He holds out his hand. Will shakes.

Will: When are you moving in?

Tyson: Should be this afternoon...if my dad ever gets back from Boston with the Suburban.

Will: Oh...well...maybe Scout and I could...give you a ride or something. Help you out with your stuff.

Tyson: That'd

He glances at Scout who forces an encouraging look.

Scout: My car's outside. We can do it now.

Tyson: Dex, can you handle the shop?

Dexter: Sure.

Dexter looks skeptically at Tyson, wondering about his motivations.

(cut to): Scout's car, a few minutes later. Scout is driving them down the road, but he is also searching through his photos.

Tyson: It'll be the next left.

Scout concentrates on the road long enough to make the turn then goes back to his pictures. Tyson is interested, but Will is concentrating on the road. He finally glances over at Scout's photos.

Will: Beautiful shots.

Scout: Not as beautiful as the one I'm...

He finds the shot of the girl.

Will: Who's that?

Scout: This girl. I've known her forever, but she's younger. I never really noticed her before this summer...or maybe she's never noticed me. I don't know. All I know is's what made my summer bearable...until the end when it all fell apart.

Will: Where is she now?

Scout: L.A...getting ready to head back to her SoCal boarding school.

Tyson is dying to be in on this.

Tyson: What's her name?

(cut to): the one-hour photo.

(cut to): inside. A girl with her back to us talks to Dexter.

Alyssa: Dalton. Alyssa.

Dexter writes it down.

Alyssa: I could be doing this myself.

Dexter: It's cool. I got it.

(cut to): a shot where we can see the girl...she's the girl from Scout's picture. She is fifteen years old and beautiful with long brown hair and a tall, slim frame

Alyssa: And I can just get these tomorrow, right? Not to under-utilize the one-hourness, but--

Dexter: Tomorrow's great. Means I don't have to rush.

Alyssa smiles.

Dexter (voice over): Funny how girls like this used to make me nervous. Now, the only girl that makes me nervous is the same one that makes me feel totally calm...but...back to this girl. Guess she wasn't left on a beach after all...

(flashback to): a long shot of a St. Martin beach in late June. We move in to find Scout. He's sitting in a beach chair, reading a book. Nearby some kids his age are split between a beach volleyball game, a tikki bar and a blanket. From the game, a ball flies over and lands with a thud, right next to Scout. He looks over. Three guys and a girl, Alyssa, stand watching.

Guy: Hey, Calhoun, send that back.

Guy 2: Unless totally ignoring us means you won't touch our balls either.

The guys snicker.

Guy: Well, according to what I heard, Cap'n Calhoun is all about the balls.

Laughter erupts. Alyssa is disgusted. She walks over to Scout, clearly fuming.

Alyssa: God, I'm so sorry. They're such ass--

Scout: Doesn't matter. I'm on their beach anyway.

He closes his book, gets up and walks away. Alyssa is shocked. She tosses the ball in the direction of the game, ignoring rude remarks from the guys. When they are sufficiently far away...

Alyssa: How can you say that? I mean, your dad's a senator...didn't he teach you to stand up for yourself?

Scout: No. He taught me to stand up for causes. This is hardly a cause.

She stops, arms folded, indignant.

Scout cont’d: You're just a kid. You wouldn't get it.

She only has time to scoff. Scout walks a few steps then stops. He turns back to her.

Scout cont’d: How old are you now anyway?

Alyssa: Fifteen.

Scout nods, resisting the urge to check out her bikini-clad body. She smiles, blushing now that she finally has his attention. The pause in conversation makes things awkward. Scout laughs uncomfortably.

Alyssa cont’d: Look, I've watched you for the past two you've created this loner reputation. I don't know why you have, but...I'm curious. And, you know, I've been in the every event and party, but...I've been feeling alone lately, too. So maybe we could...maybe you could...

Scout: Share my solitude?

She shrugs to agree. Her smile makes Scout smile.

(flash forward to): Tyson's bedroom. He is gathering boxes and bags as Scout tells his story.

Scout cont’d: So we basically spent every moment after together. It was this completely weird mix for awhile. Sometimes I was her big brother...

(cut to): a scene of Alyssa and Scout sitting at a cafe.

Scout (v.o.): ...someone she went to for advice about life.

Alyssa: So it's not horrible going to the school your dad went to? People don't expect you to be him?

Scout: Not the people that count.

Alyssa nods.

Alyssa: My mom went to Rawley. Did you know that?

Scout: Sure. That’s where we met. At a Rawley “reunion” party. Martha’s Vineyard.

Alyssa thinks.

Alyssa: I have no memory of this party.

Scout: It was the spring before I went to Rawley. I was fifteen.

Alyssa: So…I was…thirteen…braces…pre-contacts…

Scout: And, yet, I remember you and you have no recollection of me.

Alyssa: You probably only remember because I was such a colossal dork.

Scout nods. Alyssa reaches across the table to smack him on the arm.

Alyssa: Shut up. I wasn’t that bad.

Scout nods again, to contradict her. She tosses some bread at him and leans back in her seat, pouting.

Scout (v.o.): Sometimes I was her best friend...hearing all about the guys she dated the year before or who she thought was ''cute'' on the beach.

(cut to): a scene of Alyssa and Scout sitting on a blanket together. She checks out the lifeguard, a local.

Alyssa: I swear, when I'm forty, I’m going to be one of those women who seduces cabana boys.

Scout: When you’re forty, there’ll be some lucky cabana boys.

Alyssa looks at him for a moment then out at the water.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: And then there were just these moments where…I dunno…she just had me.

Alyssa: You think so, huh?

He looks over at her, intensely into her in this moment.

Scout: Yeah…I do.

She looks over at him, shyly. They share the moment a few seconds longer then move in to share a kiss. The kiss ends slowly and lingers just a moment. Alyssa then turns back to the water. Scout watches her carefully.

(flash forward): to Tyson’s room. Will and Tyson are listening interestedly.

Tyson: So…is that how things ended between the two of you?

Scout: Ended? They never really even began. And then summer was over. I don’t know. I just couldn’t give her everything she wanted. I couldn’t give her anything really. We were just…

(flashback to): Alyssa and Scout on the porch of an extravagant beach house.

Alyssa: …company for each other. I mean, it wasn’t anything bigger or more meaningful than that. Don’t worry, Scout. I totally get it.

Scout: Of course, we’ll still keep in touch.

Alyssa: Of course. I mean, that’s what email’s for, right?

Scout: Alyssa Dalton. You sound bitter and passive aggressive.

She looks at him, torn between being annoyed and being upset that they’ll be apart.

Alyssa: Listen, I didn’t expect any more from you, okay? I mean, sure, it’d be nice if you actually seemed upset about the fact that this summer’s over because for me…it’s been…

Scout: A lot of fun.

Alyssa: Yeah…that’s me…summer fun. Now…back to reality.

Scout: I just don’t think it makes sense for us to even think about a relationship. I mean, first of all, you’re too young.

Alyssa: Oh, that is such bullsh—

Scout: We’d also be three thousand miles apart on a regular basis. You’re going to want to be with other people. You’ll have the opportunities…and you’ll want to take them.

Alyssa: Don’t get me wrong, Scout, I’m not begging you to take me as your girlfriend. I’m not even saying that’s what I want. I just think you’re being a total dick here. Sure, this was just some summer fling, I get that…I accept that…I agree with that…but…

She looks at him, crossing her arms. She’s frustrated.

Alyssa: This is why mothers tell their daughters not to give it up. You end up feeling used.

Scout: Hey, hey, wait a minute…

(flash forward to): Tyson’s room.

Will: Yeah, wait a minute. Gave it up?

Scout shrugs.

Scout: Look, the girl’s gorgeous. I was depressed. She initiated it. Think I was going to stop her?

Will: God, you’re like one of those…

He laughs.

Will cont’d: …Rawley guys. Use your women then disregard them…

Scout: It wasn’t like that. We were friends, too. And, in the end, she was okay with it.

(flashback to): Scout and Alyssa on the porch.

Scout: Listen, Aly…if things were different…in my head…in my heart…

Alyssa nods.

Alyssa: I know. Hard time ends now.

A beat as she stands. Scout rises, too.

Scout: I will miss you.

Alyssa nods, wrapping her arms around him for a hug.

Alyssa: I’m serious about email.

Scout laughs lightly.

Scout: Okay.

(fade out)


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(fade to): Tyson’s bedroom. He’s gone back to packing, but looks annoyed by the story.

Tyson: So, basically, you’re a total player?

Scout: No…

Will: Did she know about Jill?

Scout: Um…well…

(cut to): a shot of the girls’ dorm.

(cut to): Jill’s room. It’s the same one she shared with Gwen, but Gwen’s side is totally empty. The door is slightly open and is pushed completely open by an entering stranger carrying a box. We realize that it is Alyssa.

Jill: Hi.

Alyssa: Hi.

She looks around and realizes which bed will be hers. She sets the box down.

Alyssa: You’re Jill, right?

Jill: Uh huh. And, you’re…sorry…I know I looked it up online earlier, but…

Alyssa: Alyssa Dalton.

Jill: Alyssa? Cool name.

Alyssa: Some people call me Aly.

Jill smiles, but rolls her eyes when Alyssa isn’t looking. Alyssa looks around.

Alyssa: So you were here during the summer, I’m assuming.

Jill: Yeah, and last year.

Alyssa: Did you have another roommate?

Jill: Yep. Gwen Vaughn. Best roommate ever.

Alyssa: Where is she now?

Jill: Chicago. She graduated.

Alyssa: Graduated? Wow, that still seems so far away to me.

Jill: Well, you are, like, what? Thirteen?

Alyssa: Fifteen…almost sixteen.

Jill: And...parental units?

Alyssa: Back in L.A. which sucks since they basically forced me to go here.

Jill: Uninterested parents? Yeah, you'll fit right in here.

Alyssa: I figured.

Jill: So, you're all by yourself? Can I give you a hand with the rest of your stuff?

Alyssa: Sure. That'd be awesome.

Alyssa turns to exit the room. Jill again rolls her eyes and mouths ''awesome.''

(cut to): the room thirty minutes later. The girls have finished carrying everything in.

Alyssa: So, needless to say, it was essentially a lesson in how to be used by a guy on your summer vacation.

Jill: And this loser goes here?

Alyssa: Yeah, but at least he's a senior so it'll only be one year of awkward.

Jill: Senior, huh? Who is it? Maybe I know him.

Alyssa: Uh, his name is Scout Calhoun.

Jill's mouth drops open.

Jill: Freaking Scout? Tell me you're joking.

Alyssa: What? Is he a friend of yours or something? Because, you know, I really don't think he's a bad guy or anything.

Jill is pacing now, mumbling to herself more than talking to Alyssa.

Jill: You spent all summer with him and you have no idea who I am. Huh. I...I don't quite know how to take that.

Alyssa is confused and can barely understand Jill at this point.

Alyssa: Um, Jill? Are you…okay?

Jill: Huh? Oh.

She stops, calming herself with a deep breath.

Jill cont’d: Yeah. Yes. I’m fine. Sorry. I’ve got to go see Jac—er…Jake. He, uh, he goes to the boys school…since he’s a boy and all.

Alyssa: If I’d known you were so…close to—

Jill: Oh, you think this is about…don’t be silly. I just remembered that I really wanted to see her—im. Him. I wanted to see him–Jake–so I’ve got to go, you know, see him.

Alyssa cocks her head and narrows her eyes.

Alyssa: Okay. I’ll see you later.

She watches her words chase Jill out the door then looks around the room.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s room. They lie together in Jake’s bed, staring at the ceiling. Hamilton’s bed is still without sheets.

Hamilton: This is the best thing ever.

Jake: What?

Hamilton (lightly): If you have to ask…

Jake laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: Seriously, though, I just meant living together.

He sits up, throwing his feet over the edge of the bed. He stands and looks around, stretching.

Hamilton: We should push these beds together.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Yeah, that wouldn’t send up any red flags.

Hamilton laughs as there is a knock at the door. Hamilton walks over to the door and opens it to find Jill standing there, tears wiped from her eyes. She pushes past him.

Jill: Jacqueline? Can I talk to you? Can we talk?

She glances at Hamilton. He looks at Jake for some backup, but she only shrugs.

Hamilton: I’ll head over and see if Mom ever got those twin sheets ready for me.

Jake mouths a “thank you” to him then he’s gone. Jill paces around as Jake sits up.

Jill: So, okay, new roommate. First-year. Spent the summer in St. Martin with a senior who slept with her then dumped her pretty hardcore.

Jake: Ouch…

Jill: Yeah…senior is…Scout Calhoun. Ring any bells?

Jake: Your new roommate spent the summer with Scout?

Jill: Yeah…and…she has no clue who I am.

Jake lifts her eyebrows, then nods considering this.

Jake: I’m sorry.

Jill: I mean, I know you’re not going to talk up your ex-girlfriend to someone you’re trying to get some action from, but she also said they were really good friends first…I mean, I’m someone you’d tell a good friend about, right?

Jake: Right.

Jill: So, why didn’t he?

She’s obviously not asking Jake so Jake doesn’t answer.

Jill: I mean…

She sits down next to Jake, tears falling again.

Jill: I was sort of holding onto this idea that no matter what, he’d…

Jake: Wait?

She hesitates then nods reluctantly.

Jill cont’d: He’s over it, isn’t he?

Jake: What do you think?

Jill: I think he’s over it.

Jake: Is that okay?

Jill hasn’t really considered this. She half-smiles.

Jill: I guess it is.

Jake: Because of Sean?

Jill: Sean?

She realizes she hasn’t been thinking about him at all.

Jill cont’d: I have Sean.

Jill smiles, grins almost.

Jill cont’d: How lucky am I?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Extremely lucky.

Jill: Damn right.

She rises.

Jill cont’d: Damn right.

She walks toward the door.

Jill cont’d: Thanks, Jacqueline.

(cut to): a shot of the dock. Dexter and Grace sit together cozily, looking not at the water, but toward Rawley Academy.

Grace: It’s crazy that this is your world, Dex.

He looks at her as she looks at the campus.

Dexter: It’s not.

She looks at him quizzically. His eyes have never left her. He smiles to answer her still raised eyebrows. She gets it. It is she who is his world. They lean in and meet with a kiss.

(cut to): Will and Tyson’s room. They are unpacking and chatting.

Will: You know, why don’t you take the bed by the window.

Tyson cocks his head.

Will cont’d: We’ll flip for it at Christmas.

Tyson nods, appreciating the gesture. He moves his stuff. Will smiles, proud of himself.

Dexter (voice over): Sometimes the pictures we take are sharp, clear representations of real life.

(cut to): Sean in his bedroom at home. He sits at his desk, scanning in the pictures of Jill and him. As the image scans it appears on the screen: a close-up of Jill’s face, portraying her lips perfectly. Off his smile the shot shifts to the doorway as Jill enters and walks over to the bed, greeting a surprised Sean with a kiss he doesn’t fight.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Be careful, though, pictures can also distort…

(cut to): Hamilton, hanging out on the quad. He flips through the pictures the kids took. There is a sharp, clear picture of Jacqueline and him. They look happy and perfect.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: …And deceive…

(cut to): Bella’s bedroom. She sits on her bed and looks at a picture of Nicholas and her in New York City. A knock at her door sends the picture under her pillow as her father enters. She smiles at him as he hands her some mail.

(cut to): Scout’s pictures as they lay on the dresser of his new room. The one of Alyssa and him is on top. Together they look happy and carefree.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: …Or they can, with a few shadows and lights, hide the truth completely.

(cut to): the hallway outside Will and Tyson’s room. Scout stands in the shadows, looking in, miserable and alone.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house. A high shot gets closer as we find Meagan sitting on the steps. Mark stands over her, watching as she opens a wrapped gift. She examines the now exposed box.

Mark: It’s digital. It does video and stills.

Meagan: What?

Mark: I just thought it’d be…

Meagan: It’s perfect.

She stands up, kissing him on the cheek. He turns red.

Meagan cont’d: Thank you.

She opens the box and removes the camera.

Mark: I got it all charged up for you.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: Still, though, I have to believe the cliché…

Meagan smiles and turns on the camera.

Dexter (voice over): A picture is worth a thousand words…

Meagan aims at Mark who is beaming over his gift selection.

Dexter (voice over): …A thousand emotions…

(cut to): a shot over her shoulder as she takes the first picture—Mark with a huge, sloppy grin.

Dexter (voice over): A picture can say it all…

We zoom in on the screen of the camera and on Mark’s smiling face.

Dexter (v.o) cont’d: …So stop talking.

(fade out)






Junior Year