(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dormitory.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s room. Hamilton is standing in front of the mirror, nicely dressed, trying to tie a tie. Jake enters and smiles when she sees the outfit.

Jake: You look good. Where are you—

She cuts herself off when the obvious hits her. He looks at her apologetically, his uneven tie still in his hands.

Will (voice over): Sometimes succumbing to temptation means giving in to a desire that is harmless…

She widens the now false smile and heads over to him.

Jake cont’d: Need some help?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …innocent even.

He hesitates, but then drops his arms to his sides.

Hamilton: Please.

Facing each other, there is an awkward moment. Jake snaps out of it then reaches out and unties the tie. She steps behind him, facing him toward the mirror.

Jake: Who tied your tie for prom?

Hamilton: Me.

She raises her eyebrows.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m hit and miss.

Jake: Obviously.

She starts on his tie, pulling the thicker side down lower.

Jake cont’d: Some people think it’s about balance, but you’ve really got to have more on one side to get anywhere.

Hamilton nods, watching. Jake carefully ties the tie for him. She smoothes it when she’s done then steps back. Jake smiles. Another awkward beat is about to pass when Hamilton speaks:

Hamilton: Where’d you learn to tie a tie anyway?

Jake: You play a dude for long enough, you get a handle on these things.

Hamilton laughs softly. They’re both quiet.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Other times, giving in to temptation is reckless abandonment of values…

Hamilton: Is this as weird for you as it is for me?

Jake smiles.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: morals…

Jake: Nah, it feels perfectly natural to help you get ready for a date with another girl.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: reality.

Hamilton: Yeah, pretty dumb question.

Jake: But, hey…I’ll get used to it.

Jake pats him on the shoulder and walks off. Hamilton nods, looking down.

Hamilton: I’m not sure if I will.

Jake freezes, but doesn’t turn back to him.

Jake: Just promise you’ll tell me when you are.

Hamilton narrows his eyes—he’s not quite sure what she means.

Hamilton: Jake…

He walks over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: People tend to think that temptation itself is evil…

Hamilton cont’d: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …that to sin is simply to give in to the inevitable.

She shakes her head.

Jake: You don’t have to do that.

She shrugs out of his touch and heads for the door, turning back to him before she leaves.

Jake cont’d: Try to have a good time tonight.

Hamilton takes a deep breath, nodding. Jake exits. Hamilton walks slowly back to the mirror, examining his tie. We watch him as Will talks:

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But temptation is a fact of life. It is everywhere all the time. From the candy bar in the grocery store checkout line that you see while paying for your cart full of vegetables and Lean Cuisines to the pack of cigarettes you find in the car when you’ve been smoke-free for thirteen days to the girl who makes your heart flutter and your hands shake after two years of being with the person you always thought was (and perhaps you still think is) your soul mate.

(cut to): Jake exiting onto the roof. She closes the door behind her and looks around.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Temptation is certain, uncontrollable. Sin is a choice, deliberate.

(cut to): Hamilton. He is sitting on the bed, looking out the window, looking sad.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And it hurts all parties involved.

(cut to): Jake who has walked over to the edge of the roof. She looks out across campus.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Particularly those we’ve sinned against.

(cut to): Hamilton who puts his head in his hands.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Perhaps that’s why, classically, there is such a stiff penalty for sin: eternity in the fiery pits of hell. We can get even with the people who have hurt us under the pretense of Cosmic Revenge. In reality, though, I guess it’s more like that R.E.M. song...

(cut to): Jake as she wipes just a few tears from her face then heads back to the stairs.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: everybody hurts.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorm.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s room. Jake stands at the mirror in her boy gear, she shakes her head disapprovingly.

(cut to): Alyssa and Jill’s room. Alyssa stands at their mirror. She is wearing a little black dress, but is not quite ready to go yet. Her hair is pulled back and she has on no make-up.

(cut to): Jake’s room. She pulls off her shirt, corset and baggy cargo pants then looks in the mirror again.

Jake: Hmm…better.

(cut to): Alyssa’s room. She is now at the bathroom sink, putting on make-up.

(cut to): Jake’s room. She is in her closet, randomly tossing clothes out from the bottom. She suddenly abandons this task when she finds a small bag. She grins and heads over to the mirror.

(cut to): a close up as Alyssa delicately adds a line of soft grey eyeliner to her top eyelid.

(cut to): Jake. She’s into her own make-up now. She’s got a big stick of black liner that she applies liberally to the top and bottom of her eye.

(cut to): Alyssa who uses a make-up brush to gently spread a light gold shadow on her eyelid.

(cut to): Jake who uses her finger to apply a slate-colored shadow to her eyelid. She uses another finger to pick up some white, glittery shadow. She smears this on under and around her eyes.

(cut to): Alyssa who uses a lip brush to apply a shiny, tinted gloss.
(cut to): Jake who uses a stick of dark red lipstick to color her lips.

(cut to): Alyssa as she pulls the elastic out of her hair, letting her straight locks fall well below her shoulders.

(cut to): Jake who runs her hands through her hair, pulling it out in all directions. She grins.

(cut to): Alyssa who smiles at the final product in a full length mirror.

Alyssa: Perfect.

(cut to): Jake in full length.

Jake: Perfect…

We hear a knock.

(cut to): Alyssa’s room. She heads over to the door, opening it to reveal Hamilton. They trade smiles and Alyssa exits, looping her arm through his as the door shuts behind her. We hear another knock.

(cut to): Jake’s room. She looks over at the door then back at the mirror, rolling her eyes, but not at all miffed.

Jake: Yeah?

Scout (outside): It’s Scout.

Jake: Okay. Hang on.

She rummages through the bottom of her closet again, pulling out some sweat pants and a t-shirt. She puts them on quickly, grabs a hoodie, and pulls it on over her head as she walks over to the door.

(cut to): a shot from Scout’s point of view. The door opens, but there appears to be no one there.

(cut to): Scout as he raises his eyebrows then tentatively takes a step in.

Jake: Hurry up, Calhoun, I don’t have all day.

Scout enters fully and Jake slams the door, revealing herself from behind it. Scout smiles.

Scout: Hey, Jake.

He tilts his head.

Scout cont’d: Are you wearing make-up?

Rather than answer, she tucks her hair (now just below her ear), behind her ear. He shakes his head, still smiling.

Jake: You going to stand there gawking or what?

Scout laughs.

Scout: Yeah, maybe I will.

Jake: Oh, shut up.

She shoves his shoulder then goes over to her bed, sitting down on the edge.

Jake: Seriously, though…

Scout: Seriously, though…I came to see if you were going to Sean’s party.

Jake scoffs.

Jake: I hadn’t really thought much about it, to be honest.

A beat as Scout stands awkwardly.

Jake cont’d: Please, have a seat on Hamilton’s bed. And, you know, if you haven’t bathed in a few days, that’s not a problem. Feel free to wallow.

Scout sits down, putting his hands on his knees.

Scout: I guess you’re pretty angry at him?

Jake: Yeah…

She sighs.

Jake cont’d: I guess I am.

She laughs. He looks more sympathetic.

Scout: Do you want to talk about it?

Jake: Do you want to talk about the fact that you’ve still got it bad for Jill?

Scout doesn’t say anything. He looks off.

Jake cont’d: Exactly.

When he still doesn’t say anything, her look softens.

Jake cont’d: I didn’t mean for that to hit so hard…I was just trying to illustrate a point.

Scout snaps out of it.

Scout: I know. And, you know, I didn’t mean to pry. I just wanted to…maybe make you feel better.

An awkward beat as both would like to make the other feel better, but neither know what to say.

Jake: Okay, well, maybe you can help me with this.

Scout: Okay.

Jake: Before I came here, I didn’t care what I did or what happened to me when I did it. I was on this…reckless, downward spiral. Then I met Hamilton and suddenly stuff started to matter. I went from hoping my mom would catch me to…

She hesitates thinking of the right words.

Scout: …doing anything to keep from getting caught?

Jake nods, looking down at the sweats.

Jake: Exactly.

Scout examines the makeup again.

Scout: But now that’s changed?

Jake sighs.

Jake: It’s like…

She looks out the window.

Jake: It’s like I’ve only had a few hours to process and already…I don’t care. I…I just don’t care.

Scout: That’s a really dangerous place to be.

Jake: I feel like I could just walk up to the dean just like this and scream, “This is who I am!” Because, you know, this is who I am, Scout. This is who I am.

She gestures at her face, to the make-up.

Scout: I definitely think you need more time to think things over before you do anything too rash.

Jake shrugs.

Jake: But it really doesn’t matter, though, does it?

Scout: I guess that depends on whether you plan to stay or go.

Jake: Go?

She laughs wryly.

Jake cont’d: I don’t have anywhere to go.

Scout: Then it’s settled. You’re staying. So you can’t tell the dean.

Jake agrees with a nod.

Jake: So…what time does this party start?

Scout: I don’t know. I was going to head over when it got dark. You in?

Jake looks around, wanting to be anywhere but here.

Jake: Yeah, I’m in. But, not as Jake.

Scout: You can’t walk out of here not as Jake.

Jake: Just meet me outside the gates when it gets dark. I’ll have my bike. You can have the bitch pad.

Scout laughs, glad to have a friend.

Scout: Okay. You don’t think anyone will spot you at the party? Recognize you?

Jake: It’s my new mantra, Scout…

She shrugs.

Jake cont’d:who cares?”

Scout: Right, okay, Hakuna Matata, whatever…just be careful.

Jake: Careful…

She laughs.

Jake cont’d: Sure.

He looks at her sternly.

Jake cont’d: Get out already. This has got to be the longest conversation the two of us have ever had.

Scout shakes his head, smiling, but also complying as he heads for the door.

Scout: I’ll see you by the gates.

She nods and he slips out. Jake looks around her room, ruffling her hair with her hands.

(cut to): Tyson and Will’s room. Tyson is at his closet in jeans and a white tank top. Will is lounging on his bed, with an open physics book.

Tyson: So, Scout hasn’t been by today.

Will: I don’t know where he is.

Tyson: I wonder if he’s going to the party.

Will: I don’t know. You could go ask him if—

Tyson: I wonder if Alyssa is going.

Will rolls his eyes and goes back to his book for a moment then looks up at Tyson as he pulls on a red rugby shirt. He looks in the mirror, fixing the collar.

Will: Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe you should pick another girl to be obsessive about.

Tyson: Why?

He looks at Will, clueless.

Will: Well, there’s the Scout thing.

Tyson: Don’t care.

Will: And there’s the Hamilton thing…which is so much bigger than you understand right now.

Tyson shrugs.

Tyson: Don’t care.

Will laughs.

Will: Your shirt’s on inside-out. Do you care about that?

Tyson: Finally, something important.

They share a laugh as Tyson pulls the shirt off.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Sean’s house.

(cut to): the living room. Jill and Sean sit together on the couch, making out. A brief pause let’s Sean speak:

Sean: I love you, Jill.

She smiles.

Jill: I love you, too.

He kisses her again, but she pulls him back.

Jill: Do you want to go upstairs?

He raises his eyebrows, a little surprised. He swallows hard, kisses her again then replies:

Sean: Yes.

They get up, kissing again as Jill takes his hand and leads him toward the stairs. A knock at the door interrupts the moment. Sean tosses his head back and sighs.

Sean cont’d: Whose bright idea was having this party, again?

Jill: That would be yours.

Sean: Damn.

Jill smiles.

Jill: We’ll pick this up later.

Sean nods, disappointed. They smooth hair and tuck in shirts as they make their way to the door. Jill opens it and a large group of town kids comes in, greeting Sean and Jill while basically taking over. Sean and Jill look at each other and shrug. The party has begun.

(fade out)


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(cut to): an establishing shot of Pisa de Luna.

(cut to): the inside of the restaurant. Alyssa walks in, followed by Hamilton who was holding the door. He enters behind her. The hostess looks at Alyssa, but she glances at Hamilton.

Hamilton: Uh, hi. We had a reservation for two under Fleming.

Hostess: Right this way, Mr. Fleming.

(cut to): a table where the hostess leaves them. Alyssa stands by the table as Hamilton is about to sit down. He catches it and goes around to pull out her chair. She sits down.

Hamilton: Sorry about that.

He takes his seat.

Alyssa: It’s fine.

She’s clearly put off by the less than chivalrous behavior.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m a little out of practice.

She smiles and narrows her eyes.

Alyssa: I thought you just broke up with someone.

Hamilton: I did. She just…I guess you just forget to do the little things when you’re with someone for so long. I mean, you know how it is—

Alyssa: Actually, I don’t. How long were you with her?

Hamilton: Like…a little over two years.

Alyssa: Two years?

Hamilton nods.

Alyssa: Whoa.

Hamilton sighs. Two years. A beat passes as the conversation becomes lighter.

Hamilton: Anyway, I won’t screw up the chair next time, I swear.

Alyssa: You assume there’ll be a next time.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Did I tell you that you look, like…

He looks around, laughing to himself.

Alyssa: What?

Hamilton: I was just…I was going to say that you look totally foxy.

He watches her reaction carefully. She blushes, looking down and tucking her hair behind her ear.

Alyssa: That’s really sweet.

Hamilton grins.

Hamilton: I guess it’s a pretty fitting compliment then because…you’re pretty sweet.

She bites her lip, looking up at him, very flirtatious. Their waiter comes up, interrupting the cheesy moment.

Waiter: Good evening.

Alyssa smiles at him, but looks for Hamilton to do the talking.

Hamilton: Hi.

The waiter smiles.

Waiter: My name is Alex and I’ll be serving you tonight.

Hamilton nods, waiting for him to get on with the spiel.

Alex: What beverages can I get the gentleman and the lady?

Alyssa again defers to Hamilton.

Hamilton: Um…Coke? Is that cool?

He looks at Alyssa for some help, but she just nods like it’s no big deal. He looks back to the waiter.

Hamilton cont’d: Two Cokes, please.

Alex: And have you decided on an entrée yet?

Hamilton again looks at Alyssa. She looks back at him as if it were up to him. Hamilton looks up at the waiter.

Hamilton: The lady…

He looks over at Alyssa who smiles warmly. Hamilton finally hits his gentleman groove.

Hamilton cont’d: The lady will have the Salmon…

Hamilton scans the menu.

Waiter: And for the gentleman?

Hamilton: You know, I think I’ll try the Salmon as well.

Waiter: Excellent choice, sir.

Hamilton: Thank you.

Waiter: I’ll be right back with those soft drinks.

Hamilton: Thank you, Alex.

The waiter takes the menus and heads off.

Hamilton: Salmon’s cool with you, right?

Alyssa: I love Salmon.

A beat. Could this date be any more different from what he’s used to?

(cut to): the garage.

(cut to): the kitchen. Charlie, Bella, Grace and Dexter sit around the table having a meal of lasagna, bread and salad. They are mid-conversation.

Charlie: So, exactly what sort of party is this?

Grace: A regular high school party. Sitting around, talking to friends…

Bella: …Drinking….gambling.

Grace: Come on, it’s at Seans. Bella, you should come, too.

Bella: I—

Charlie: That sounds like a good idea. A little supervision is never a bad thing.

Grace: I didn’t mean I need a chaperone. Besides, I have Dexter to keep me safe.

She smiles at him. Charlie smiles too, but he does not look so sure.

Charlie: I’d appreciate it Bella.

Bella: I already have plans.

Charlie: Oh, really?

He takes a big bit of lasagna.

Charlie cont’d: Doing what?

Bella: I was, um…

Grace looks at her smugly.

Bella cont’d: I was going to hang out with some friends at Rawley.

Charlie: Oh, yeah? Which friends?

Bella: Whoever is around: Hamilton

Dexter: He’s on a date tonight.

Bella looks at him with raised eyebrows.

Dexter cont’d: With that new girl Alyssa.

Bella: Who?

Grace: New girl. Apparently fairly skanky. Hooked up with Scout Calhoun this summer.

Bella is confused by this new information.

Bella: What?

Grace: Who cares? Everyone else will be at the party so you may as well come.

Bella: Thanks, but…

She looks around with no more excuses.

Bella: Fine, but I’m not babysitting.

She looks at Charlie. He just smiles and takes another bite of lasagna.

(fade out)


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(cut to): Pisa de Luna. Hamilton and Alyssa are dining on their Salmon.

Music: Crush by Gavin DeGraw

Hamilton: So, I just wanted to say that it’s really cool that you asked me out.

Alyssa: Me too, but…my mother would kill me so if you ever meet her…you asked me.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Don’t worry. I’m good with moms.

Alyssa: That makes one of us.

Hamilton: What do you mean?

Alyssa: I don’t think your mom likes me too much.

Hamilton: Oh…no…it’s not you…

A beat passes as the waiter arrives with drink refills.

Hamilton: Thank you.

They both look down at their plates.

Alyssa: Did she like your ex?

Hamilton: Oh…well…

Alyssa: In other words, “yes.”

Hamilton smiles apologetically.

Alyssa cont’d: Well, I guess I can take being hated by the mom if I get you out of the deal.

Hamilton blushes.

Alyssa cont’d: May I ask you something?

Hamilton nods.

Alyssa cont’d: Who is she?

Hamilton picks up his fork, pushing around his food.

Hamilton: She’s someone who won’t be around anytime soon.

Alyssa: Doesn’t she go to Rawley Girls?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Alyssa: Oh, so…is she from town?

Hamilton opens his mouth to speak, but isn’t quite sure what to say. Alyssa mistakes this for annoyance.

Alyssa cont’d: I didn’t mean to pry.

Hamilton: You’re not. Well, I mean, you are, but…

They both laugh.

Hamilton cont’d: I just want to talk about you, that’s all.

She smiles, again tucking her hair. They both go back to their Salmon.

(cut to): an establishing shot to the boys’ dorm.

(cut to): inside. Scout walks out of his room just as Will and Tyson do.

Will: Hey, are you going to the party?

Scout: Yeah. I’m meeting Jake in a few.

Will: Oh.

Scout: Are you taking him.

He nods toward Tyson. Will nods.

Tyson: He’s got a name.

Scout: He’s so unmemorable I seem to have forgotten.

Tyson: Just like we “forgot” to invite you along tonight.

Scout takes an aggressive step forward and is ready with a retort, but Will steps between the two of them.

Will: Can you guys just chill out? You’re both so defensive…and over what?

They look at each other with disdain, but neither says anything.

Will cont’d: Do either of you even know? Because if not, I say we call a truce and head over to this party together.

They continue to stare each other down as Nicholas cuts around the corner.

Nicholas: Gentleman.

Will: Oh, hi Mr. Mann.

He looks at them all suspiciously.

Nicholas: Big plans tonight?

Will: Not really. Just going to spend a few hours at a friend’s house in town.

Nicholas: You know the rules about attending parties.

Tyson: It’s more like a small gathering, sir.

He looks pointedly at Tyson.

Nicholas: And you know the curfew for underclassmen.

Tyson: Nine. It’s barely Seven.

Will: We know all the rules.

Nicholas: In that case, have a good evening.

Will: You too. Let’s go, guys.

Scout: I’ll meet up with you later.

Will nods. He and Tyson escape. Nicholas is about to walk away.

Scout: I doubt he plans to be back by nine.

Nicholas: I doubt I’ll know the difference.

Nicholas smiles, thinking Scout will like the “joke.” He doesn’t.

Nicholas cont’d: How’s the roommate situation working out?

Scout: It’s fine. Dexter’s always over at Bella’s so I have the place to myself a lot.

Nicholas nods, distracted by the mention of Bella.

Scout cont’d: I’m branching out a little. I’m going to head over to the party with Jake. I’ve never hung out with her before so…

He notices his mistake and turns red, but then he realizes Nicholas is not paying attention. He’s pulled a cell phone out of his pocket. It buzzes…obviously the cause of his distraction.

Nicholas: This is pretty important. Do you mind if we pick this up later?

Scout: Nah. I’ve got to go meet Jake.

Nicholas: Okay.

He starts to walk off, picking up the call.

Nicholas: Hello? Yeah, just hang on a minute, okay? Thanks.

Scout watches, curious, but then starts to go.

Nicholas cont’d: Hey, Scout, tell Jake I need to talk to her, okay?

Scout: Okay.

Scout raises his eyebrows as he realized what Nicholas said. Nicholas doesn’t notice though. He takes his phone call and exits around the same corner from which he came.

(cut to): Nicholas’ apartment as he enters. He closes the door, pacing around as he talks.

Nicholas: I thought those boys were a little too dressed-up and cologne-covered to be “hanging out.”

(cut to): Bella, talking quietly in the kitchen. We cut between the two of them.
Bella: Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t come over. I’ve been looking forward to it all week.

Nicholas: Maybe tomorrow instead?

Bella: Sounds great, but I’ll miss you tonight.

Nicholas: Well, I could crash the party. You know, kick ass and take names. Send all those Rawley kids back to the dorms then take you into a closet for a little seven minutes in heaven.

Bella blushes.

Bella: That’s actually a pretty good cover.

Nicholas: Then let’s call it a date. I’ll show up around…oh, let’s say midnight?

Bella: How about eight?

Nicholas laughs.

Nicholas: Well, technically, curfew isn’t until nine. Besides, I hate to deny the boys a little fun. They looked like they needed it. Especially Scout.

Bella: Really? I’m so out of the loop. Grace and Dexter told me Hamilton was going on a date with some girl named Alyssa.

Nicholas: What?

Bella: Yeah. I’m thinking it must be some sort of dean-inspired cover up. There’s no other explanation.

Nicholas: Jacqueline was really upset the last time I saw her, but then she took off before we talked. I’ve been trying to catch up with her ever since.

Bella: Weird. I’ve tried her cell a few times, but she didn’t answer the call. Hamilton’s was turned off.

Nicholas: I guess we’ll figure all that out in time. Meanwhile, is midnight okay?

Bella: Only if we eventually get to watch the sun rise together.

Nicholas: Deal. I’ll see you at midnight. Don’t turn into a pumpkin.

She laughs.

Bella: Okay.

Nicholas: I love you.

Bella: Me too. Bye.

Nicholas: Bye.

They hang up as Dexter and Grace enter the kitchen holding hands.

Grace: Who was that?

Bella: No one. Let’s get this over with.

She turns and walks out the door. Grace gives Dexter a look that says she thinks her sister is crazy then pulls him out the door too.

(cut to): the gates of Rawley. Scout approaches, looking around. Out of nowhere, Jake grabs him and pulls him into a patch of woods. It’s twilight now and hard to see.

Scout: God, you scared the hell out of me.

He puts his hand on his chest, taking a deep, calming breath. As his eyes adjust to the light, Scout looks at Jake more carefully. The camera pans down and we can see her outfit. She’s got on a dark, denim mini-skirt and a one-shouldered black tank top. She looks fierce and her low black heels just add to it. Her make-up looks as it did before, but her hair has been styled to flip out rather than her typical greased back look. Scout is kind of in awe.

Jake: What?

Scout: Nothing.

He’s still staring.

Jake: You’re gawking again, you know.

Scout: I know. It’s just that…I’ve seen you as Jacqueline, but this…this is like…Jacqueline gone wild.

Jake: This is Jacqueline doesn’t care…Jacqueline doesn’t give a rat’s ass…Jacqueline doesn’t give a flying f—

Scout: I get the picture.

He looks at her again as she rocks slightly from side to side.

Scout cont’d: Oh, um, Mr. Mann knows about you.

Jake: Yeah, he’s my brother.

Scout: Oh…okay.

He’s very confused, but seems more interested in her physical well-being as she stumbles slightly from nothing more than standing there. He speaks slowly, keeping his eyes on her.

Scout cont’d: I guess that explains why he wanted you to call him.

Jake: He’ll be waiting awhile on that one.

A slight beat.

Jake cont’d: So are you ready yet?

Scout: Um…

He looks at her then at the bike.

Jake: Oh, and I’ve reconsidered. Tonight, you drive.

She hands over the keys.

Scout: Are you sure?

Jake: While I’d love to sit up front in this skirt…driving in these heels is damn near impossible.

He seems uncomfortable with this plan.

Scout: Don’t be offended, but…have you been…drinking?

Jake shrugs and pulls out a brown paper bag from the storage compartment on the bike. She hands it over. Scout takes it and pulls out a bottle of Absolute. There’s about two inches missing.

Scout cont’d: You drank all this?

Jake: There’s still plenty left for the party.

She takes it back and puts it into the compartment.

Scout: How’d you even get this?

Jake: Fake I.D.

Scout raises his eyebrows.
Jake: I enrolled myself in Rawley School for Boys. You think I can’t do something any respectable frat boy can? Give me a break.

Scout: Maybe going to this party isn’t the best idea right now.

Jake: Maybe not, but we’re still going so hop on and let’s ride.

He looks down at the keys in his hands. He looks at the bike. He can’t resist.

Scout: Okay, but…be sure to hang on. Ham would never forgive me.

He’s said it without thinking and when he does, a look of regret covers his face. Rather than say anything, Jake picks up two helmets from the ground on the other side of the bike, handing one to Scout. They put the helmets on then climb on. Scout starts it up and they head off.

(cut to): Sean’s house. There are cars parked in the yard and on the street. Someone pulls out of the driveway just as Tyson and Will pull up in Will’s car. Will pulls the car into the driveway. The boys get out.

Finn: Mr. Krudski…this is not exactly what I had in mind when I suggested you mentor Mr. Carter.

We zoom out to a wider shot of the sidewalk to find Finn, Johanna, Meagan, Mark and a stroller heading in the direction of Will and Tyson.

Will: Finn…

Tyson and Will trade a look as the gang walks up to them. We can now see Jacey asleep in the stroller.

Meagan: Hi, Will.

Will: Hi, Meagan. Mark. Ms. Ryan…er, uh…Mrs. Finn.

Mark: Who’s that guy?

Meagan: Don’t be rude.

Tyson: I’m Tyson.

Johanna: Nice to meet you. We’ve heard a lot about you.

Mark: Oh, you’re that guy from Boston, right?

Tyson: That’s me.

Mark: See, I pay attention.

Meagan turns to Finn.

Meagan: Can we go wait on the corner while you lecture these two?

Finn defers to Johanna.

Johanna: Just stay in the light where I can see you.

Meagan: Okay. Let’s go.

Mark follows her to a lit corner half a block from Sean’s house.

Tyson: Cute kids.

Finn: Not as cute as two high school students trying to figure out if they’re in trouble or not.

Will laughs.

Will: We can go back to the dorms if you want. I just thought it would be good for Tyson to see how these two worlds can fit together. And there’s a girl he’d like to see, though I doubt she’ll be here tonight since she’s on a date with Ham tonight.

Finn tilts his head.

Finn: Jacqueline?

Will: Alyssa.

Tyson: Who’s Jacqueline?

Will: Hamilton’s, uh, well apparently his ex-girlfriend.

Finn: I’m shocked.

Tyson: So shocked you can forget you ever saw us here?

Finn laughs.

Finn: Saw who where?

A beat as everyone smiles slightly at the joke.

Finn cont’d: Well, good luck with the girl. I had a crush on a girl in high school, too. Never spoke a word to her.

He glances at Johanna.

Johanna: And he ended up happily married to her.

Finn smiles at her then at the boys.

Finn cont’d: Anyway, see you Monday.

He looks at Will.

Finn cont’d: Be safe. And, call me if you need a ride.

Will: Okay.

They start to walk off. Finn grabs Will’s shoulder.

Finn: I’m serious.

Will nods.

(cut to): the kids.

Mark: Man, I wanted to hear what happened. Do you think they got in big trouble?

Meagan: I doubt it. Finn’s not really that type of teacher.

Mark: Oh, here they come now.

Meagan: Do you think this is where your brother is tonight?

Mark: Probably. He’s such a loser. I heard him talking on the phone the other day about getting high.

Meagan: Like by marijuana?

Mark: I guess.
Meagan: What an idiot.

Mark: Yeah. Hey?

Meagan: Yes?

Mark: Can I hold your hand in front of your mom and Finn?

Meagan smiles and holds out her hand. Mark takes it as Finn and Johanna walk up with Jacey still asleep in the stroller. Finn and Johanna notice the hand, but don’t say anything as the group walks off.

(cut to): Tyson and Will as they approach Sean’s. There are a few people on the porch and we can hear music coming from inside.

Tyson: So do we have the coolest teachers ever or is this all going to come back to bit me in the ass later?

Will: I guess it depends on what happens tonight. Just follow Finn’s advice and everything should be just fine.

Tyson nods. They walk up the steps and onto the porch. Some kids from town greet both of them.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Sean’s house. The music is a little louder. There are a few more cars. Jake’s motorcycle pulls up with Scout driving. Everyone on the porch turns to look as Jake hops off the bike. Scout puts down the kickstand. They both take off their helmets and leave them with the bike, Jake trading hers for the paper bag from the storage compartment. Jake (not quite Jacqueline tonight) definitely has all male attention. She walks up the steps with confidence as Scout trails behind her.

(cut to): inside. In the living room, Tyson has joined up with Grace and Dexter. They are talking to some kids from town. They look up as Scout and Jake enter.

(cut to): a shot from their point of view. They are far enough away so as not to be able to see clearly.

Tyson: Don’t tell me there’s another gorgeous girl willing to go out with that creep.

Dexter is nonplussed.

Dexter: What is she doing?

Tyson: Right? That’s what I’m saying.

(cut to): Scout and Jake. They part ways, speaking words we cannot hear.

(cut to): Tyson, Dexter and Grace.

Grace: Doesn’t look like they’re really together.

Dexter: No, they’re just friends.

Tyson: Good, then I’m going to talk to her. She looks like my type.

Dexter: I doubt it.

Tyson: Why?

Dexter: She’s way too complicated.

Tyson shrugs and starts to get up. Dexter grabs his arm. Grace is curious about the action, but doesn’t say anything.

Dexter: Look, can we just have an evening without any Scout drama.

Tyson: He’s not involved. You said yourself—

Dexter: If you go talk to her, he will be involved. You know that. In fact, that’s probably why you want to do it.

Tyson smiles sheepishly and folds his arms. He’ll stay right here.

Tyson: She is fine, though.

Grace let’s out a displeased sigh.

Grace: Do you have to objectify women like that? It’s so…boring.

Tyson looks reprimanded. The whole group sits silently.

(cut to): the kitchen. Sean and Jill stand with Bella. They are mid-conversation.

Bella: I can’t believe that Hamilton would do that. He’s always been so…committed.

Jill: Even the strong fall sometimes.

Sean: Jake must be a wreck.

Jill: I wouldn’t know. She won’t talk to me.

Bella: I tried to call her a few times, too. She didn’t pick up.

Sean: Maybe she just wants to be left alone right now.

Jake: Or maybe she’s only talking to people she trusts right now.

They all turn to see Jake in the doorway.

Sean: Whoa. Jake?

Bella: I’ve been trying to call you.

Jake: I know. I was ignoring you.

Bella is shocked, but Jill just plain doesn’t get it.

Jill: Okay. I know you’re pissed at me. I know why. I even think you have a right to be. But…what the hell did Bella do? She didn’t even know anything about all this until today.

Jake: Of course she didn’t. She was probably too busy with her boyfriend.

Sean trades a look with Bella. Jill doesn’t notice, but Jake does.

Jake cont’d: And they trade a furtive glance.

Jake shakes her head then looks at Bella.

Jake cont’d: You told Sean before you told me?

She sighs. Jill is confused. She looks at Sean with raised eyebrows.

Jake cont’d: You know, I had this moment today where I thought I was just being really selfish and whiny, and maybe I am, but…

She shakes her head.

Jake cont’d: You guys really suck.

Dexter slips into the kitchen. He looks at Jake, concerned, but doesn’t say anything yet. Jake rolls her eyes.

Jake: Not you too, Dexter.

Dexter: What’s in that bag?

Everyone turns their attention to the bag.

Jake: B.Y.O.B., right?

Jake hands the paper bag to Sean then exits. They all look at each other, dazed.

(cut to): the back porch. Will is talking to a few local boys. They walk off as Scout exits onto the porch, finding Will.

Will: You made it.

Scout: Yeah, hey, can you help me keep an eye on Jake? She was drinking before we even left school.

Will nods.

Will: Sure. Where is she?

Scout: I don’t know.

Will laughs.

Will: I think that tops the list of things you don’t want to hear a chaperone say.

Scout: I know, but she wanted to go say hi to everyone. And…I guess I never realized how…convincingly bossy she can be…at least when intoxicated. I mean, you’re completely right. Why would I let her wander off alone?

He sighs.

Scout cont’d: She shouldn’t even be here.

Will: She deserves to come out and have some fun. Isn’t Hamilton on his big date tonight?

Scout: Yeah, I guess so. I almost feel responsible. I mean, if I hadn’t met Aly this summer—

Will: Then she’d still be here. It wasn’t like she came here for you.

Scout nods, a little hurt by the bluntness. A beat.

Scout: Well, I’m going to go find Jake.

He backs toward the door.

Scout cont’d: Oh, and she’s dressed like a girl so be careful how you refer to her.

Will: Gotcha.

Scout exits as a few more townies come up to Will.

(cut to): the parking lot of Pisa de Luna. Hamilton walks close to Alyssa, their arms almost touching. She reaches out a finger to gently swipe his hand. He takes the cue, reaching out to hold her hand. She blushes and fidgets with her hair using her free hand. Hamilton smiles at her as they reach his parents’ car. She leans against the car as he takes both her hands in his.

Alyssa: You have been such a gentleman tonight…even if you were “out of practice.”

Hamilton smiles, though her words remind him of why he is out of practice. He seems to physically push the thought away by squinting. When it’s safe, he looks at her normally again, but quickly realizes she has moved in for a kiss…a real kiss. He is taken off guard, but responds easily enough, leaning a little closer to her. He drops her hands and moves his hands up to her face. The kiss evolves for a few moments. Slowly and gently, it ends. Still close, Hamilton looks into her eyes, not saying anything, but simply enjoying this monumental moment. She looks down to break away from his stare.

Alyssa: Something else my mom would disapprove of.

Hamilton: Kissing me?

Alyssa nods.

Alyssa: A lady always allows herself to be kissed.

Hamilton has not moved away or dropped his intense gaze.

Hamilton: Always?

Alyssa: Alyssa looks back up. She cannot match the look.

Alyssa: Tame the intensity, Hamilton.

He takes a step back, awkwardly dropping his hands to his sides.

Hamilton: Sorry.

Alyssa: It’s okay. I like it, I think. I guess no one’s ever looked at me like that before. It’s intimidating.

Hamilton puts his hands in his pockets and shrugs.

Hamilton: You are pretty intimidating yourself, Alyssa. Amazingly intimidating.

She is flattered, but does not know how to reply.

Hamilton: God, tonight’s been so good. So…what I always thought it was supposed to be like.

Alyssa doesn’t quite get it, but before she can ask:

Hamilton: I wish it wasn’t over.

Alyssa: It doesn’t have to be.

(cut to): a few minutes later as they drive down the road:

Hamilton: We could hang out at my parents’ house if you want. We have a game room.

Alyssa wrinkles her nose.

Hamilton cont’d: There’s always the lake. It’s beautiful at night.

Alyssa: The lake is nice, but…it can’t compare to the ocean.

Hamilton furrows his brow, a little frustrated.

Alyssa: I don’t mean to be difficult.

Hamilton thinks of something:

Hamilton: Remember when we first met and you asked if I party?

Alyssa: I do.

Hamilton: Are you still up for something along those lines?

Alyssa: Sure.

Hamilton: There’s a party tonight, at Sean’s house

Alyssa: Sean? Is that Jill’s boyfriend?

Hamilton: That’s him.

Alyssa: It sounds great, but I don’t know how welcome we’ll be.

Hamilton: You know, Sean’s a pretty level-headed guy. I think it’ll be fine. We can stop in…have a drink…mingle a little. Make out a little.

He laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: Just kidding about that last part.

Alyssa: I’m disappointed.

Though his cheeks are flush, he doesn’t take his eyes off the road.

Hamilton: So…what do you say?

Alyssa: Sounds like fun.

Hamilton smiles, glad to have finally pleased her. Alyssa thinks of something.

Alyssa cont’d: We won’t run into your ex-girlfriend, will we?

Hamilton scoffs.

Hamilton: No. A party in town designed specifically for underage drinking is definitely not her scene.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Sean’s house. The party is picking up.

(cut to): The dining room. Several people are standing around, listening to music. Jake is one of them. She is at the stereo that is sitting on the dining room table. She pulls out a CD from her purse and puts it in. Avril Lavigne pours out of the player. Scout walks up to her.

Scout: Hey.

She smiles.

Jake: I love this C.D. She’s so, grrr….

She puts a hand up like a cat’s clawed paw.

Jake cont’d: …angry, you know?

Scout: Do you want to hang out in here for awhile? Listen to some music?

He pulls out a few dining room chairs. Jake sinks into one.

Jake: Sounds good.

Relieved, Scout sits down next to her.

(cut to): Tyson and Will are talking in the living room. They have a view of the dining room and Tyson keeps looking over Will’s shoulder to get a glimpse of Jake. Will finally looks. He rolls his eyes, looking for a cover. He decides on:

Will: Her name is Jacqueline.

Tyson: Jacqueline. Beautiful.

Will: Hamilton just broke up with her so she’s a little…damaged right now.

Tyson: So that’s Ham’s girl.

Will: Ex-girl. He’s with Alyssa now, remember?

Tyson: Dude, he’s with her on a date, but he’s not “with her” with her. It’s not like they’re not married.

Will: So, I’m confused, are you into Alyssa or Jacqueline?

Tyson: Oh, I’m into Alyssa, but this Jacqueline girl intrigues me from afar. I guess it’s just the appeal of the unknown.

Will laughs. A beat.

Will: You know, Sean’s got an X-Box up in his room if you want to check it out.

Tyson: Halo?

Will: Obviously.

Tyson: Yeah, all right.

They take off together.

(cut to): the kitchen. Sean, Jill and Bella sit at the kitchen table. Jill is eating a bowl of ice cream. Bella and Sean are silently playing a game of checkers.

Jill: Do you guys think I should find her and try to talk to her?

Sean: She was really pissed.

Sean moves a piece.

Bella: I agree; you should probably wait until tomorrow.

Bella double jumps Sean. Jill takes a bite of ice cream.

Jill: I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix all this crap.

Sean: Should I start sending everyone home?

Bella glances at the clock.

Bella: It’s only ten-thirty.

A group of guys runs through, bursting noisily out the back door.

Sean: I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting uptight.

Jill and Bella laugh. A beat.

Jill: So, who’s the boyfriend?

Bella and Sean glance at each other.

Jill cont’d: And there’s that furtive glance Jake was talking about.

Bella: If I can just be honest…I really don’t want to talk about this.

Jill: But—

Before she can continue, Will and Tyson enter.

Will: Hey, Sean?

Sean: Yeah?

Will: Think Ty and I can play some Halo?

Sean: Sure. My room’s locked.

He reaches into his pocket and tosses Will a set of keys.

Sean: It’s been forever since I’ve played Halo.

Jill: I’ll take over checkers if you want to go play.

Sean considers it, wondering if he can leave Jill with Bella.

Sean: Sounds good actually. Bella, do you mind if I tag out on this game?

Bella: Not at all.

Sean stands up as Jill scoots over her ice cream and takes his place.

(cut to): the dining room. Jake and Scout still sit at the table. They are mid-conversation:

Jake: And she just completely ignored that fact that I called her. She just went off on this long spiel about how she and Greg are going to get married and have another baby and “do it right.” How can she not see how insulting that is? How can she not realize that she hurt my feelings?

Scout: Did you tell her she hurt your feelings?

Jake: No.

Scout: You should.

Jake opens her purse and pulls out her cell phone. She starts to dial, but Scout takes the phone from her.

Scout cont’d: Tomorrow.

He slowly puts the phone back in her purse, watching to make sure she doesn’t take it again.

Jake: You know, Scout, you’re the only one who cares about me.

Scout smiles.

Scout: I’m sure that’s not true.

Jake scoffs and looks around to show the absence of everyone else.

Jake: It’s true. Can you get me another drink?

Scout: No.

Jake: Okay. I’ll get one for you.

She stands up.

Jake cont’d: Where’d I put that booze?

Scout stands up.

Scout: Let’s just sit down and talk some more.

Jake: Pass.

She walks out of the room, leaving Scout to chase behind her.

(cut to): the living room. Dexter and Grace sit cozily on a love seat. They watch as Jake swaggers by with Scout at her heels. Grace shakes her head.

Grace: So did she dump Hamilton or did he dump her?

Dexter looks at her, not sure of what she knows.

Dexter: I guess she broke up with him.

Grace cont’d: You’d think if you were a girl pretending to be a boy you’d hang on to what you have.

Dexter stares at her, not knowing what to say.

Grace cont’d: What? I’m not oblivious, you know.

Dexter: I know.

Grace: Granted, it took me awhile. I always knew Hamilton wasn’t gay so the whole thing never added up and, really, it wasn’t until tonight that I actually formed a hypothesis…that you just confirmed by the way. Dexter: And it was such a well-kept secret.

Grace laughs.

Grace: Please. Name someone who doesn’t know.

Dexter: The dean.

Grace laughs.

Grace: If she keeps parading around like that, he will know.

A beat as Dexter considers this.

Grace cont’d: Anyway, now that we finally ditched Tyson…you want to go for a walk or something?

Dexter smiles.

Dexter: Sounds great.

(cut to): outside. Dexter and Grace walk out the front door and down the steps as Ben Hudson walks up to them.

Ben: Gracie, I haven’t seen you out and about in awhile.

Grace: I’ve been busy.

She smiles at Dexter, but he looks intimidated.

Ben: What? With this loser?

He quickly grabs Dexter’s glasses and puts them on.

Ben cont’d: How do you even see out of these things?

He laughs and looks at Grace.

Ben cont’d: I guess even Grace Banks looks all right when you’ve got these things on.

Grace pushes him and grabs the glasses back.

Grace: Why don’t you just crawl back under that rock, huh?

She hands Dexter his glasses back.

Ben: You want to go with me? I can do more for you than four-eyes here.

Grace: Did I time travel back into the 1960’s? I think that’s the last time it was cool to make fun of people with glasses.

Ben turns his attention to Dexter. Tyson exits through the front door.

Ben: Must be nice to have a girl who fights your battles for you.

Tyson: Must suck to have a penis so small you need to pick on other people to be able to sleep at night.

Ben turns, angry.

Ben: Who the hell are you?

Tyson: Someone who doesn’t take crap off bullies. You got a problem?

He steps up to Ben, standing off. Ben laughs.

Ben: Nice after-school special you landed, Gracie. I’ll catch you later…when you wise up and ditch the loser squad.

He pushes past Tyson and goes into the house.

Grace: Stupid pot head.

Tyson looks from Grace to Dexter.

Tyson: Who was that jerk-off?

Grace: Ben Hudson.

Dexter: Note to self: get my dad to delete his identity.

Tyson: Can he really do that?

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: He’s got access to the right databases.

Tyson: Remind me never to piss you off.

Everyone laughs. A beat.

Tyson: Anyway, I was coming to see if you want to play some Halo.

Dexter: Oh, um…

He looks at Grace.

Grace: Go ahead. I need some fresh air anyway.

Dexter: If that guy comes back—

Grace: I’ll kick him in the testicles.

Tyson laughs. Dexter smiles and gives her a peck on the cheek. He heads inside with Tyson. Grace looks around at the night sky then back at the house where the party rages on.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Sean’s house.

(cut to): the back porch where Scout and Jake sit in lawn chairs. Jake is sipping another drink from a plastic cup. Scout does not seem to approve. She is mid-story. Scout is trying to listen through the slurring.

Jake: I mean, I know it’s the type of thing you’d want to keep a secret, but I told him my big secret. And her, I can’t even believe her.

Scout: What are you even talking about? Who has a secret? Who can’t you believe?

Jake: Why are you asking me so many questions?

Scout: I’m just trying to understand what you’re talking about.

Jake: Yeah, well, it’s none of your business.

Scout: I thought I was the only one you could trust.

She smiles.

Jake: Yeah…you are. Scout…my best friend…my only friend.

She wraps an arm around him, putting her head on his shoulder.

Jake cont’d: I could just kiss you.

She turns her head to his.

Jake cont’d: Would you want me to kiss you?

Scout chokes back a laugh as he tries to hold eye contact with Jake.
Scout: Ask me that sometime when you’re sober, okay?

Jake looks down into her drink.

Jake: I don’t blame you. I’m pretty unwanted all-around these days.

Scout looks at her, concerned.

Jake cont’d: I’ll be right back.

She stands up. Scout stands up right next to her.

Scout: Where are you going?

Jake: I’ve got to pee.

Scout: Okay, let’s find the bathroom.

Jake: Scout, come on. I’m not that wasted. I can find a toilet. I’ll be right back.

He doesn’t like it.

Jake cont’d: Relax…I’ll be so quick.

She looks off nostalgically for a moment, giving herself a little chuckle. She turns back to Scout and pushes him back down into his chair.

Jake cont’d: I’ll be right back. I swear.

Scout nods. Jake heads off into the house. Scout watches her for as long as he can see her then gets up to try and follow her.

(cut to): inside. Jake walks in and out of the crowd. Scout enters the house, but is too late. He weaves in and out of people, but he cannot catch up to Jake nor can he find her at all. He runs his hands through his hair.

(cut to): Hamilton’s parents car as it cruises down the road.

(cut to): a shot inside the car.

Hamilton: You know, when you asked me out…it was kind of a sign.

Alyssa: A sign of what?

Hamilton: Well, see, I wanted to ask you out…bad.

Alyssa smiles, tucking her hair behind her ear.

Alyssa: Uh huh.

Hamilton: But I wouldn’t have. If you hadn’t asked me, I wouldn’t have asked you.

Alyssa: Okay…should I take that as a compliment?
Hamilton: I just think it shows that this was meant to happen. It’s like…I had this dream and you made it come true.

He reconsiders the wording and his own dream involving Alyssa.

Hamilton cont’d: I just wanted to thank you again for asking me, that’s all.

Alyssa smiles.

Alyssa: You are very, very welcome. And thank you for saying yes.

Hamilton smiles as they pull up to Sean’s street.

Hamilton: We’re here.

He cuts off the car and starts to get out. Alyssa touches his arm to get his attention.

Alyssa: No rush. Let’s just sit here for a few minutes.

At first, Hamilton is clueless, but before he knows it, Alyssa has leaned over to kiss him. The kiss is long and serious. Hamilton pulls back slightly, flushed.

Hamilton: Is this something else I shouldn’t tell your mom about?

Alyssa: You learn fast.

They come together again, intensifying the kiss. We pan over to the house and up to an upstairs window.

(cut to): an upstairs bedroom, probably a guest room. Several kids are sitting around. We find Jacqueline sprawled out on the bed. A window is opened above the bed. Also in the mix is Ben. He leans against the foot of the bed. It is Ben who pulls out a joint and lights it. He puts it to his lips and inhales deeply. The boy next to him reaches for it, but Ben holds it out toward Jake.

Ben: Yo, rich girl, you want a hit?

Even Jake’s drunken confidence can’t hold up to this. She looks at the joint, considering the offer, but not really wanting it.

Ben cont’d: Typical Rawley bitch.

Jake laughs.

Jake: You have no idea, townie. You have no idea.

She takes the joint and takes a deep drag. She coughs as she hands it off to the boy who wanted it before. Ben crawls over so that he is now by her head. She leans over on her elbow as he speaks to her.

Ben: Nice. You know, for a Rawley bitch, you’re pretty hot.

Jake: Yeah, you too.

She pats his shoulder. He leans in quickly, kissing her. She starts to protest, but then kisses him back. She grabs his neck, pulling him closer. When they part, he sits back down on the floor, taking his joint from a girl sitting a few feet away. Jake lays back on the bed, starting up at the ceiling. Ben takes a drag then talks to Jake over his shoulder.

Ben: You know, my house is only a few blocks from here.

Jake: Oh, yeah?

(cut to): a closer shot of Jake as she slowly opens and closes her eyes. She smiles as she turns her head to look out the window.

Ben: Yeah.

He takes another drag and passes off the now tiny joint to Jake. He watches her carefully as she takes another drag and hands it back to him.

Ben cont’d: I’ve never banged a Rawley bitch.

He takes the last hit then leans up and over Jake, tossing the very small portion that remains out the window. Jake watches him as he stops just above her face.

Ben: What do you say?

She picks her head up, kissing him. He smiles.

Ben cont’d: I’ll take that as a yes.

He gets up, helping her to her feet.

(cut to): the hallway. Scout is going from room to room, looking for Jake. He finds her as she and Ben exit the guestroom. She makes eye contact with Scout, but tries to walk past him.

Scout: Hey.

Ben: Got a problem, man?

Scout: Yeah, I…

He sniffs a few times.

Scout cont’d: Have you been smoking marijuana?

He looks at Jake, but Ben is amused. He laughs loudly. Jake smiles sheepishly.

Scout cont’d: We’re going.

He tries to take Jake’s arm, but Ben pushes his hand away.

Ben: Sorry, this is my score tonight.

Scout: Sorry, this is…this is my girlfriend.

Ben laughs.

Ben: Dude, I just made out with your girlfriend.
Scout looks at Jake disapprovingly.

Scout: We’re leaving.

He tries to take her hand again, but this time Ben pushes Scout. Scout is angry, but tries to control his temper. He looks to Jake.
Scout cont’d: Help me out here.

Jake doesn’t say anything.

(cut to): downstairs. Hamilton and Alyssa enter through the front door. The stairs lead down to the front door. At the top of the steps, we hear a commotion as Alyssa and Hamilton do. They look up.

(cut to): the top of the stairs as Scout is trying to get Jake down the stairs while Ben tries to keep her by his side.

Scout: Come on. This is crazy. You’re being completely irresponsible here.

Jake: I don’t really think that’s your business.

She pokes him in the chest and teeters a little toward the stairs.

(cut to): Hamilton and Alyssa.

Hamilton: Oh my God.

Alyssa: Who’s that girl?

Hamilton sighs, looking off.

Hamilton: I need to…will you…excuse me?

Alyssa nods. Dexter, Tyson, Will, and Sean exit Sean’s bedroom down the hall. Jill, Bella and Grace come together with Alyssa at the bottom of the stairs. A crowd is gathering to watch the scene.

(cut to): the top of the stairs as Hamilton comes up.

Hamilton: What’s going on here?

He looks Jake in the eyes.

Hamilton cont’d: Are you okay?

Jake starts to answer, swaying toward Scout. Scout catches her, tossing Hamilton a pleading look.

Ben: Um, I hate to break up the family reunion here, but the lady and I were just about to—

Jake: What’d you just say?

Ben: I said the lady and I—

Jake cuts him off by laughing hysterically. She looks at Hamilton, but Hamilton is looking at Scout.

Hamilton: Has she been drinking?

Scout: Ya think?

Ben: She’s been doing more than that, pretty boy. Who are you anyway?

Hamilton looks at Jake when he answers.

Hamilton: A friend. Let’s go, Jacqueline.

He takes her arm, but she resists. By now the girls at the bottom of the stairs have climbed a few steps, Jill purposefully blocking Alyssa’s view. Down the hall, the guys are watching intensely. Sean steps up.

Ben: I don’t know what your problem is, buddy, but we’re leaving.

Sean has made his way into the mix. Before Ben can lead Jake away, Sean grabs him by the collar and arm and leads him down the stairs. Ben starts to protest, but Sean is strong and Ben is wasted.

Ben: This is trash. The Rawley bitch wants me, don’t you?

He looks over his shoulder, now at the bottom of the stairs in Sean’s grip.

(cut to): Jake. She has tuned Ben out. She now looks only at Hamilton.

Hamilton: What are you doing?

Jake: Isn’t that obvious?

He searches her eyes for the meaning behind her words. He licks his lips, unsure.

Hamilton: What should I do?

Jake laughs and glances over at Scout. Everyone is watching the scene, uncomfortable.

Jake: He wants to know what he should do.

She laughs again, but the laugh soon turns into a soft sob.

Jake cont’d: Tell him what he should do, Scout.

Hamilton looks at Scout, very confused, but also concerned.

Scout: Don’t worry about it. I got this one.

Hamilton: I—

Scout: Seriously. I’ll get her back to the dorms safely.

Hamilton nods, trusting him, but still unsure about Jake’s behavior.

Hamilton: How much did she—

Scout: It doesn’t matter. All this is over, starting now, okay?

Hamilton: Okay.

Jake: Over?

Scout: Come on, Jacqueline.

Jake: Ohhhhh-ver. What a mean word.

Scout puts an arm on her shoulder, leading her away. He notices Alyssa with the crowd at the bottom. He looks back at Hamilton.

Scout: Maybe you should go down first. You know, do some crowd control?

Hamilton nods, getting it.

Hamilton: Yeah. Yeah, thanks.

He looks at Jake one more time, sorry to go. Inevitably, though, he does go. Jake watches him walk down the stairs until Scout catches her attention.

Scout: What the hell were you thinking, huh? Smoking pot?

Jake: Oh, please. I’ve done worse.

Scout: Like what?

Jake: Like letting you drive my bike. You better not have screwed it up.

This signals another alarm for Scout. He can’t get Jake home on the bike. Sean runs back up the stairs.

Sean: I walked that idiot halfway back to his house.

Scout: Thanks, man.

Sean: Is everything okay now?

Scout: Everything would be better if I had a vehicle other than a motorcycle to get her home with.

Sean pulls out his keys and hands them to Scout.

Sean: Take the truck. You can come back in the morning and trade back.

Scout: You’re a lifesaver.

Scout takes the keys.

Jake: More like a liar.

Sean tilts his head until he understands that Jake is referring to the situation with Bella.

Sean: Hey, come on…she’s been my friend forever...I couldn’t betray her.

Scout is wickedly confused, but doesn’t even want to get into it.

Scout: You can finish this conversation another time. Let’s go.

He gently guides Jake toward the stairs. She stumbles a little, but eventually gets it together enough to walk down the stairs. Everyone (minus Hamilton and Alyssa) watches them go.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Mark’s house. Ben is sitting on the steps drinking a bottle of beer. He looks disgruntled.

(cut to): the street as Johanna’s car pulls up. Finn is driving, Meagan sits in the back and Mark is up front. Mark opens the door and hops out, waving goodbye to Meagan and Finn. He walks up to the front steps, slowing as he examines his brother. Finn waits for him to get safely inside.

Mark: Hey. I guess Mom never got home.

Ben: Bitch said she was staying in Boston for the night with what’s-his-name. Your mom is such a slut.

Mark is appalled on all levels, but then he notices the beer.

Mark: You shouldn’t be drinking.

Ben: I do what I want.

Mark: …much less sitting out here drinking.

Ben: Did you not hear me?

He stands up, approaching Mark. Mark takes a step back.

Ben cont’d: I said I do what I want.

He emphasizes the last few words by poking Mark’s chest with each one. Mark rubs the spot.

Mark: Ow.

Ben: Owwwwwittle baby huwt?

Mark tightens his two hands into fists, getting angry. By now, Finn has turned off the car and walked up.

Finn: Is there a problem here?

He glances at the beer.

Ben: If there is, what are you going to do about it?

Finn: You’ll be lucky if I don’t call the cops.

Ben laughs.

Ben: Go ahead. The cop on duty tonight bought pot from me a few days ago so…

Ben shrugs.

Ben cont’d: I really doubt he’s going to care about my beer.

Finn turns to Mark.

Finn: Go get in the car.

Mark stares at his brother for a moment then turns toward the car. Ben watches him for a minute then takes a step toward Finn.

Ben: Maybe I’ll call the cops. I mean, you’re kind of kidnapping my brother.

Finn: You don’t deserve the label “brother” tonight, Ben.

He gives him a pointed look then walks away. Ben laughs until Finn is far enough away then he drops into a scowl. He takes the last sip of his beer then throws the bottle into the shrubs.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Sean’s house. The party has died down a little, but the music is still blaring and people are still hanging around on the porch.

(cut to): the kitchen. A clock on the wall reads eleven o’clock. Bella and Will sit at the table, talking and playing checkers.

Will: Things are changing, Bella.

Bella: Tell me about it.

Will: Everything feels wrong.

Bella: I wouldn’t go that far.

She smiles to herself, glancing at the clock again.

Will: I guess you’re right.

He jumps one of her checkers.

Will cont’d: Although things would be better if New Rawley had a portal to Chicago.

Bella: Or to the future. I could use about five years right now.

Will nods, smiling. Bella glances at the clock again.

Bella: Even an hour would do.

Will looks up at the clock then back at Bella curiously as she moves one of her checkers.

(cut to): Dexter, Tyson, Grace, Sean and Jill sitting around in Sean’s room. Jill sits on the bed where the pillow normally lies. Sean lays with his head in her lap. Grace and Dexter sit against a wall, but Dexter is asleep on her shoulder. Tyson leans back in the chair at Sean’s desk.

Grace: How sad is it that you have to hide out at your own party?

Sean: I know. I don’t know what I was thinking having this party.

Jill: Maybe you were trying to recapture your youth.

Sean laughs.

Sean: Maybe.

A beat.

Tyson: Well, I hung out with Dexter, played video games…and now I’m sitting around in a super-little room doing nothing. Story of my life lately.

A beat as everyone nods.

Tyson: Not that I’m complaining. A year ago I was living in a cramped apartment in Boston with my parents and sister. Now I’ve got my freedom…first class education…

Grace yawns audibly. Sean and Jill look at her disapprovingly.

Grace: What? Did you really want to hear Ty’s “rags to riches” speech. Because, and Sean I know you feel me here, I live in a freaking gross garage in a godforsaken little hell hole of a hamlet with my overprotective dad and overly-flaky sister so…forgive me if I don’t want to hear about what’s good in Tyson’s life.

Tyson laughs a little.

Tyson: Okay, point taken.

Sean: So what do you want to hear about?

Grace: Give me misery and suffering. Unhappy endings. Plague and Pestilence. I don’t care. Something that makes me feel better about my life.

Tyson: Other than Dexter, of course.

Grace smiles at Dexter who is still asleep.

Grace: He doesn’t count unless he’s conscious.

A beat as everyone watches Dexter, expecting him to wake up. When he doesn’t:

Tyson: Okay, Grace, I’ve got something for you. Even though I go to Rawley and all…I still have to put up with idiots like Scout Calhoun.

Jill and Sean trade a look.

Sean: What’s your beef with Scout?

Tyson: He’s just given me a hard time over the whole roommate thing. It’s not like I asked to room with Will.

Grace: Plus he screwed that girl you have the hots for.

Jill: What girl?

Sean sighs at her interest.

Grace: Oh, Clarissa, Melissa, Marissa…whatever her name is.

Jill: Alyssa? Tyson…say it isn’t so.

Tyson: Why?

Jill: She’s just...the worst roommate ever.

Grace: Is she a slob or something?

Jill laughs.

Jill: I wish. She’s just…I mean, can’t you see she’s a complete skank?

Grace shrugs.

Grace: I could see that.

Tyson: I think she’s amazing.

Jill: Oh, and why’s that?

Tyson: Well…

He smiles wistfully as he thinks of her.

Tyson cont’d: I hear she has this art thing going on. I mean, you’ve got to love a girl that can produce works of art almost as stunning as she is.

Sean: That is true.

He looks at Jill with a smile, but she doesn’t notice. Grace makes a gagging noise. Jill smiles in agreement with Grace’s take.

Tyson cont’d: Plus she’s smarter than anyone else in Finn’s Victorian class. And, let’s face it, the girl is a goddess. She’s got that strikingly beautiful face…and that hot little body…

Jill: You know, she must be a witch. That’s the only explanation. How else do you fool so many guys into thinking you’re something other than, like I said before, a complete and total skank.

Grace laughs.

Grace: Preach it.

Tyson: You girls are harsh.

Sean: I second that.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room. Mark is lying on the couch under a crocheted blanket. A lamp is on next to him, providing light as he reads. The rest of the house is quiet and seems to be asleep. After a moment of Mark reading, Meagan makes her way down the stairs. Mark smiles and closes his book, sitting up on the couch. Meagan sits next to him.

Meagan: I’m sorry your brother was mean to you.

Mark shrugs.

Mark: He wasn’t himself.

Meagan: Does your mom know about the stuff he does?

Mark looks off.

Mark: I don’t really want to talk about this junk. I mean, it’s a part of me, I guess. My family and the dumb things they do, but…it’s not really me, you know?

A beat as Meagan nods. She swallows, looking at Mark who is now looking down. She leans forward and plants a gentle kiss on his cheek. Both cheeks instantly turn red. A beat as Mark reaches into a backpack laying beside the couch. He pulls out a small box wrapped messily in pink paper. Meagan looks at him with tilted head.

Mark: What? Just because you had your birthday party last weekend…did you think I forgot? August twenty-ninth.

Meagan: I did think you forgot.

Mark: Happy twelfth birthday.

Meagan: You already gave me a present.

Mark laughs.

Mark: Please. A video rental gift card…did you really think that’s all I got you?

Meagan shrugs. Mark hands her the box then pulls out an envelope.

Mark cont’d: You can read this later. It just says a bunch of dumb mushy stuff. I mean, mushy stuff that I mean with all my heart, but…just…just read it later, okay?

Meagan looks at the card curiously, but sets it aside. She looks down at the box again.

Mark cont’d: Okay. Open it.

Meagan carefully pulls open the paper to find a jewelry box inside. She lifts open the lid and discovers what looks like a handmade friendship bracelet. It is pink, purple and green. Meagan smiles, picking it up.

Meagan: Cool.

Then she sees that it holds a silver charm. Upon closer inspection we see that two m’s surround an ampersand (&).

Mark: I know it kind of looks like the M & M candy logo, but I mean, I thought a heart would be lame and the guy said it was real silver and it would never get tarnished if you polish occasionally and so I thought it would last a long time which is what I hope will happen to us so I picked this…I hope you like it, oh, and I made the bracelet myself even though my brother saw me a few times and called me gay.

He takes a breath, poised to talk some more.

Meagan: I like it.

Mark is surprised.

Mark: Really?

Meagan nods.

Meagan: It’s the most thoughtful thing anyone’s ever given me.

Mark grins.

Mark: Cool.

Meagan: Very.

She takes it out and he helps her get it on. She admires it.

Meagan cont’d: I’m never taking this off.

Mark: Never is a long time.

Meagan: Exactly.

A beat as Mark swallows hard then leans in, this time kissing Meagan on her lips. When they separate, they are both smiling. Meagan takes the card and the wrapping and stands up.

Meagan: Well, goodnight.

Mark: Yeah…

He lays back against the couch cushions, looking pleased with how everything went. Meagan is still smiling as she bounces up the stairs.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorm.

(cut to): inside as Scout leads Jake down a hallway. She is stumbling and messy. Her hair is matted down, covering most of her face. She’s still dressed as a girl and Scout it trying to rush so as to avoid running into anyone. Jake is not making this an easy process. A few boys walk by, but only cheer Scout on, not recognizing Jake. Scout breathes a sigh of relief as he opens his own room door and gets Jake inside.

(cut to): a shot inside Scout’s room.

Jake: Hey…

Scout leads Jake over to his bed and gets her to sit down.

Jake: Hey…I said hey.

Scout: I heard you.

Jake: This isn’t my room.

Scout: I know. It’s mine.

Jake: Really? Have I been in here before?

Scout thinks.

Scout: I don’t know…I don’t think—hey, it doesn’t matter.

Jake: Why not?

Jake stands up again, still wobbly.

Jake: I want to look around.

Scout: Bad idea.

He takes her shoulders and gets her to sit down again.

Scout cont’d: I want to go get a couple of bottles of water and maybe some food from the vending machines…do you think you’ll be okay here?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Of course.

Scout: Just sit here. I’ll be back by the time you count to one hundred.

Jake: You want me to count to one hundred?

Scout: Uh, yeah…yeah, sure. Can you do that for me?

Jake: Uh…huh…

She lays back on his bed. He looks at her carefully as she starts to count. Convinced she’ll keep at it, he grabs a handful of change from a jar on his dresser then runs out of the room.

(cut to): a small room with a few vending machines. Scout is holding two bottles of water and grabs a bag of chips from the bottom of a snack machine. He quickly exits the room and runs off down the hallway.

(cut to): the corner of Scout’s hallway and another. Nicholas walks down the hallway as Scout comes around the corner. They very nearly collide and Scout drops the bottles of water.

Nicholas: Whoa, Scout, where’s the fire?

He chuckles as he helps pick up the water.

Scout: Oh, Mr. Mann…man, I’m glad to see you, actually.

Nicholas looks curious.

Scout cont’d: It’s Jake…see, there was this party and she—

Nicholas: She?

Scout: Hey, I didn’t call you on your flub earlier so…

Nicholas is confused.

Scout cont’d: You called Jake a she. Then Jake told me how you’re her brother so you can drop the masquerade now and just…just come with me.

(cut to): Scout’s room.

Jake: Eighty-nine…eighty-nine…seventy? No, that’s wrong. Eighty-eight…eighty-nine…hmm.

Scout and Nicholas enter.

Jake cont’d: Oh, thank God you’re back. What, uh, what’s that number after eighty-nine again?

She looks over to see Nicholas with Scout.

Jake cont’d: What the hell is he doing here?

Nicholas is confused by the animosity and the situation in general.

Jake cont’d: Shouldn’t you be off having sex with Bella?

Nicholas is taken aback.

Nicholas: I…what?

Scout: Yeah…what?

Scout looks at Nicholas.

Jake: You are a very bad brother.

She puts her head back down and looks up at the ceiling. Nicholas looks at Scout.

Nicholas: This is dangerous.

Scout: I’d say. I mean, are you really…with Bella? I know she’s not a student here, but…well, I suppose it is legal. You know, I actually had a suspicion of something like this. At prom. I guess it was just this passing feeling. Maybe I’m psychic or—

Nicholas: Scout. I’m talking about the alcohol. How much has she had?

Scout thinks for a moment.

Scout: Vodka: quarter of a bottle, beer: three…four…five...I don’t know how many. A lot.

Jake: And I smoked.

Nicholas looks at Scout.

Nicholas: Smoked what?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Don’t tell him.

Nicholas is pretty horrified.

Nicholas: Are you serious? This is…this is bad. This is unacceptable.

Scout sighs.

Scout: Look, you’re her big brother, right?

Nicholas: Yeah…

Scout: So, stop being judgmental and sit here with her while I go pick up her bike.

Jake: You left my bike?

Scout: Yeah, but I’m going to go get it, okay?

Jake: Hurry up.

Scout: Okay, but Mr. Mann, er, um, your brother is going to stay here with you.

Jake: No…Scout…stay…

Scout: I have to go get your bike.

Jake: Oh, yeah, hurry.

Scout: Okay. So, Mr. Mann…

Nicholas: I don’t know…

Scout: You’re going to have to face this eventually.

Scout raises his eyebrows. Nicholas sighs.

Jake (emphatic): Go.

Scout looks at Nicholas.

Nicholas (matter-of-fact): Go.

Scout: Thanks.

Scout gives Jake one last glance then heads out. Jake glares at Nicholas. Nicholas sits down on the foot of the bed.

Nicholas: Should I even bother asking how you found out?

Jake: I picked up your cell phone in your apartment.

Nicholas nods. A beat as he rubs his hands together.

Nicholas: When I met her, it was in New York…she won that contest…

Jake: With Pete Yorn?

Nicholas nods.

Jake cont’d: He’s dreamy.

Nicholas: Anyway…that’s how I met her.

Jake: Oh, back when she was seventeen.

Nicholas: She told me she was twenty-one.

Jake: And you believed her?

Nicholas laughs and looks at Jake. He scoots up closer, pushing her sweaty, matted hair off of her forehead.

Nicholas: Yes, I did believe her…and you know why?

Jake shakes her head.

Nicholas cont’d: It’s because I was totally plastered…kind of like you.

Jake considers this.

Jake: You could have just told me.

Nicholas: I could have…

Jake: I told you my secret.

Nicholas: Well, I mean, I guess you sort of had to, though, didn’t you?

Jake gets angry and sits up. It’s a bit much and she has to close her eyes to prevent inertia.

Jake: I told you because I wanted you to know. Because you’re my brother. Because you’re the only person I’m related to who doesn’t suck—or didn’t suck.

Nicholas: Do you know why I didn’t tell you?

Jake: You didn’t tell me because you know it’s wrong.

Nicholas sighs and looks off.

Nicholas: You really think so?

Jake looks at him carefully.

Jake: Don’t tell me you love her.

Nicholas: Oh, I love her…

Jake just might believe him.

Nicholas cont’d: And the reason I didn’t tell you is that I didn’t want to disappoint you.

Jake: So you thought lying to me was better than disappointing me?

Nicholas exhales.

Nicholas: I guess that’s what I thought.

Jake: I hate lies.

She flops back down on the bed.

Jake cont’d: I mean, look at me. My whole life is just one big lie…and to what avail?

Nicholas: I guess to the avail of getting to be with Hamilton.

Jake stares at him with a look of dread: he doesn’t know.

Nicholas: What?

Jake looks away.

Jake: Hamilton is on a date tonight.

Nicholas doesn’t get it.

Nicholas: A date with…?

Jake: Not me, obviously.

A beat as Nicholas processes this. Jake shrugs.

Jake: It’s over between us.

Nicholas: Oh, Jacqueline, I’m so sorry…if I’d had any clue—

Jake: It’s over between us…and I’m stuck. Stuck in my pathetic lie of a life.

A beat.

Jake cont’d: I had to dump him. He begged me not to, but…was it all just an act?

Nicholas narrows his eyes, trying to understand her rantings.

Jake cont’d: He said he didn’t want a chance with anyone else, but, oh, he was there with her tonight…he sure took the first chance he got. And you know what the worst part is?

Nicholas: What?

Jake: I had to tie his tie…

She looks away, tears welling up. He takes her hand, looking at her thoughtfully.

Nicholas: I’m glad you’re sharing all this with me.

Jake: Me too.

(cut to): Sean’s house. The party has picked up a little since last time. There are a few guys playing hacky sack on the front lawn. A group of kids sits on the front porch talking, drinking and playing poker. All the lights in the house are on and music is blaring from most of the open windows.

Music: Wendy Clear by Blink 182

(cut to): the dining room. There are still kids there, goofing around and talking. We pan through the house past numerous party guests until we get to living room. A few couples have paired off here for some quiet make-out time. Hamilton and Alyssa sit on a couch, talking intimately. Alyssa has a beer in her hand, but Hamilton is drink-less.

Alyssa: I love this party. It’s so blue-collar…so unassuming.

She looks around.

Alyssa: And no one really knows us here so we can do what we want.

He smiles. She leans in, grabbing his neck and pulling him in for a deep, passionate kiss. He scoots closer, putting a hand on her waist. After a moment, they pull back. Hamilton pushes some hair off his forehead. Alyssa takes the last sip of her beer.

Hamilton: Good beer?

Alyssa: Yeah. I mean, it’s not exactly classy, but I don’t mind.

He smiles, running a hand through her long hair.

Hamilton: You have beautiful hair.

Alyssa: Yeah, well, take a look in the mirror, Hamilton…you have beautiful everything.

A beat.

Alyssa: I’m surprised you’d even let me drink after seeing your ex-girlfriend so wasted.

Hamilton: I didn’t know it was my decision to make…besides, you’ve only had one.

Alyssa: Maybe I’m a light weight.

Hamilton: Somehow, I doubt that.

Alyssa: Or maybe…maybe you want to take advantage of me tonight.

Hamilton half smiles, not sure how serious she is.

Hamilton: Maybe you are a light weight.

She smiles, still almost completely sober.

Alyssa: Nah, I’m fine. I’m just using the drinking as a rouse to get you to talk more about your ex, but you just won’t take the bait, will you?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Alyssa: I want to respect your wishes, but…now you’ve definitely got me curious.

Hamilton sighs.

Hamilton: We were each other’s first, great love. It’s just a big deal when something like that ends.

Alyssa: You’ve done a good job not making it seem like a big deal.

Hamilton: As much as I’m trying to maintain some normalcy here with you, it is there at the back of my brain, persistent and unrelenting.

Alyssa: Yet you walked away so easily earlier…or rather let her walk away.

Hamilton: Seeing her here like that and not doing anything about it was…one of the more difficult things I’ve done lately, but…I’m here with you. I plan on leaving with you. She’s not my responsibility anymore. That’s hard to deal with, but it’s reality.

She smiles.

Alyssa: See, now was that so hard?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Yes.

Alyssa: I’m not going to judge you, Hamilton. It’s like you said. You’re here with me…and I have every confidence that you’re going to leave with me.

He smiles as she leans in, resuming their kiss.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Sean’s house. Still, the party goes on.

(cut to): the upstairs master bathroom. Sean and Jill are mid-kissing session. They are pretty into it when someone tries to open the hallway door. This bathroom is connected to the master bedroom so it has a bedroom and hallway entrance. Sean and Jill part and look at each other, hoping not to be interrupted. The door rattles one more time, but then whoever is on the other side gives up.

Sean: I hope they don’t come around to the other side. That door doesn’t lock.

Jill: You need to learn that drunk people are morons.

Sean: Speaking of being drunk, I haven’t seen you with any of those hard drinks you were talking about.

Jill shrugs.

Jill: After seeing Jacqueline like that, can you blame me?

Sean: I guess not.

Jill: Anyway, stop ruining the moment.

Sean laughs.

Sean: Okay.

They look at each other lovingly before starting another make-out session.

(cut to): Sean’s room. Dexter, Grace and Tyson are still there. Dexter is now asleep on Sean’s bed. Grace and Tyson sit on the floor, leaning up against the bed.

Tyson: This is the longest “snack run” ever.

Grace: Please. They might have been hungry, but it wasn’t for food, if you know what I mean.

Tyson looks at her as what she said dawns on him.

Tyson: You are, uh, really wise beyond your years, you know that?

Grace: It comes with the territory.

Tyson: What territory is that?

Grace: Townie teen tramp.

Tyson looks at her thoughtfully.

Tyson: Do you really see yourself that way?

Grace shrugs and looks back at Dexter.

Tyson cont’d: Because he doesn’t.

Grace smiles.

Tyson cont’d: You’re like an angel to him.

Grace scoffs.

Tyson cont’d: I didn’t know him pre-Grace so I don’t have a basis for comparison, but from what I’ve heard he was bumbling and a little brooding too. Now he’s just laid back and happy. He’s at peace. I mean, look at him.

Grace does look at her sleeping boyfriend. She really does love this guy.

Tyson cont’d: Yeah, so don’t tell me about how miserable your small town life is. You’re just as happy as I am and you know it.

Grace smiles, looking down at her nails. Tyson shakes his head, laughing. He pushes his shoulder into hers. She smiles at him, knowing he’s right.

(cut to): the living room where Hamilton and Alyssa are still going at it hot and heavy. They don’t even notice as Scout enters through the front door and comes into the living room. He stops when he sees them, frozen for a moment. He is disgusted and annoyed. He turns and heads up the stairs.

(cut to): Sean’s room. Tyson and Grace are tossing a Koosh ball back and forth when Scout enters. Dexter is still asleep on the bed. Scout takes in the scene.

Scout: Have you seen Sean?

Grace: Yeah, I grew up with him.

Scout sighs.

Scout: Look, I’m kind of in a hurry here and it’s really important…

Grace shrugs.

Grace: I’d say check his parents’ room.

Tyson looks at her out the corner of her eye, knowing what she’s setting him up for. He says nothing.

Scout: Okay. Thanks.

Scout leaves. Tyson looks at her.

Tyson: That was a little mean.

Grace shrugs.

Grace: I’m just here to provide the drama.

Tyson: Do you think he still has feelings for her?

Grace: How should I know?

Tyson looks at her with a doubtful look.

Grace cont’d: I think he’s going to be one of those weird, lonely guys in a gross apartment filled with leftover takeout and cats…unless he faces his fears.

Tyson: So you did it to help him?

Grace nods. Tyson gives her another look and tosses her the Koosh ball once again.

(cut to): the master bathroom. Jill’s shirt is off and she is seated on the counter by the sink, covered only by her bra. Sean stands between her legs, kissing her neck and sliding his hand down her shoulder.

(cut to): the door connected to the master bedroom as Scout opens it. He is shocked at the scene.

(cut to): Sean and Jill, who are equally mortified. Jill covers her chest and reaches for her shirt. Sean turns away from her, providing her with room to get off the counter.

Jill: God, Scout, what are you doing here?

Scout looks into her eyes, so very hurt.

Scout: Uh, keys…I was afraid to leave them with…uh…anyway…

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of keys. He tosses them to Sean.

Sean: Thanks.

Sean looks down at the keys.

Scout: Bye…

Jill waves and Sean nods. Jill is beet red. Sean looks at her.

Sean: So…

Jill: Wow…

Sean: Maybe that was a sign.

Jill looks at him.

Jill: That was embarrassing, but…not a sign, Sean. Don’t even say crap like that.

A beat as Sean look around.

Jill cont’d: Let’s just wait until this party thing blows over…and see where things go…

Sean smiles as she leans in and gives him a kiss.

(cut to): the hallway where Scout leans up against a wall. People walk past him, giving him weird looks.

(cut to): the kitchen. Will and Bella walk out together as Scout rushes past them.

Will: Whoa…Scout?

Scout stops, still flustered.

Scout: Oh…hi, guys.

Bella: Are you alright?

Scout searches for a response to that.

Will: Did you get Jake home okay?

Scout: Uh, yeah…yeah, Mr. Mann is with her now.

Will: Oh…no…we’re all going to be dead.

Scout half laughs, giving Bella a look.

Scout: I doubt that.

Bella is confused about what he knows.

Scout cont’d: First of all, remember what he said to you guys earlier? Not much. Plus, he’s a friend of Jake’s family…right?

Will: So he’s not going to do a room check?

Scout: Nah.

Will looks relieved, but Bella still looks concerned that Scout may know. She glances over at a nearby clock, which Scout takes notice of.

Scout cont’d: Anyway, I want to get back to Jake so…I’ll see you guys later.

Will: Later.

Bella: See ya, Scout.

Scout quickly escapes. A beat after he is gone.

Will: I can’t believe Mr. Mann isn’t going to do anything.

Bella: Maybe he will. I mean, what does Scout know?

Will nods in agreement, but Bella doesn’t really look so sure.

Will: I’m a little confused about his interest in Jake, though.

Bella: Why? She’s his friend. He’s looking out for her when she definitely needs looking out for…I mean, I can’t believe that she and Hamilton broke up.

Will: Yeah. That’s…pretty huge, isn’t it?

Bella: I understand the need to cope, but…she’s reached the point of self-destruction.

Will: I guess that’s what happens when someone breaks your heart.

As fate would have it, Hamilton and Alyssa walk around the corner just in time to hear the last line. Will smiles sheepishly. Hamilton looks slightly embarrassed to have walked in on this conversation

Bella: Hamilton…hi.

She glances over at Alyssa. Alyssa smiles.

Alyssa: Hi. Alyssa.

She holds out her hand.

Bella: Bella.

Alyssa: Oh, Hamilton’s told me all about you.

Bella (unenthused): Really.

Alyssa: Yeah. He said you have this Avril-singer-songwriter thing going on. Very cool.

Bella smiles, flattered though not completely trusting this girl (for obvious reasons).

Alyssa cont’d: Anyway, I’d be jealous, but he told me you have a boyfriend that you’re crazy about so…

She smiles. Will looks at Bella suspiciously.

Will: What boyfriend?

Hamilton looks like he could crawl under the floor.

Hamilton: It’s not exactly public knowledge.

Bella: No, it’s not.

She is angry with Hamilton.

Bella cont’d: Is that how Jake found out?

Hamilton: No.

Bella: I mean, I understand that you have your own problems right now, but you don’t have to drag me into them.

Alyssa: You have a problem with Jake?

Hamilton gives Bella a stern look.

Hamilton: Can we discuss this another time. Please.

Bella nods, not happy.

Bella: Sure.

She walks back into the kitchen. Will is confused. He gives Hamilton a questioning look, but Hamilton takes Alyssa off in the other direction.

(cut to): the living room. He and Alyssa take their seats back on the couch.

Alyssa: You and your friends are very…mysterious.

Hamilton laughs, though is uncomfortable.

Alyssa: Will is her friend yet he doesn’t know about her boyfriend…who she loves.

Hamilton: It’s complicated.

Alyssa: You seem to use that excuse a lot.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Yeah. I used to think my life was pretty simple…

Alyssa: I hope I didn’t shake you up too much.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Only in a good way.

She smiles back, leaning in to kiss him.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Yeah, I don’t get it either.


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorm.

(cut to): Scout’s room. We pan around past a clock which reads “11:45.” Jake is now sitting Indian-style on Scout’s bed, sipping water. She and Nicholas seem to have worked everything out.

Nicholas: You know, my door is always open.

Jake: Unless it’s closed.

He laughs.

Nicholas: Exactly.

A beat.

Nicholas: You seem a little more…yourself.

Jake: Yeah…

Nicholas: I’m glad.

Jake: Me, too.

Scout enters, interrupting.

Scout: How is she?

Jake: She’s fine.

He looks at her carefully. She smiles.

Jake: Really. I’m fine. You, on the other hand, look a little spooked.

He smiles.

Scout: I’m fine.

Jake laughs, not believing him.

Nicholas: You know, I think it might be a good idea to check on this party. I don’t want any Rawley kids to get hurt tonight.

Scout: Really? I told Will you’d be cool.

Jake: Just say you’re going to see her.

Scout tilts his head, wondering if his own suspicions will be confirmed. Nicholas hesitates.

Nicholas: I’m going to see her. I’m supposed to be there at midnight.

Jake: See…the truth is much easier.

Nicholas: Agreed. I’ll be using it from now on, if that’s okay with you?

Jake nods. Nicholas gives her a quick kiss on the head then exists. Scout walks over and replaces Nicholas on the bed.

Scout: Speaking of the truth…are you really okay?

Jake: Are we talking sobriety or in general?

Scout: Either. Both.

Jake: Well, I’m becoming increasingly more embarrassed about what happened tonight so if that’s sobriety…

Scout: Sounds about right.

Jake: As for everything else…I think bringing me to this room was a good idea.

Scout: I have some ideas on that, but I’ll run them by you later.

Jake is curious, but doesn’t pursue it.

Jake: So, what about you?

Scout: What about me?

Jake: You came in here looking like you’d seen a ghost.

Scout: Or two ex-girlfriends super-making out.

Jake looks a little flushed herself.

Jake: Since Nicholas was here, I’m guessing one of them wasn’t Bella…

She looks down. He feels bad.

Scout: I’ve got to quit doing that…

Jake ignores him.

Jake: Super-making out, huh?

He doesn’t know what to say.

Jake cont’d: Well, I guess I’ve got two options: become a raging alcoholic or…figure out how to get over it.

Scout: The second one sounds great…and if you figure out the secret, let me know.

Jake: I didn’t know she was such a big deal to you. I guess I just thought it was some summer fling.

Scout: Oh, it was.

He seems to slightly regret the words because Jake, even in this state, is quick to get his meaning.

Jake: You meant Jill…getting over Jill.

He sighs, he gets up and paces a moment before taking a seat on the small couch in the room.

Scout: It’s why I went away this summer. And no matter what I’ve complained about lately, it’s really the only thing that’s been on my mind…

Jake is sad for him. A beat.

Scout: Don’t tell her, though, okay?

Jake: Even if I was speaking to her right now…my lips are sealed.

He nods.

Scout: Thanks.

Jake: Anything for the greatest chaperone ever.

Scout shrugs.

Scout: I’ll be here when you need me.

Jake: The femi-nazi in me says that I’ll never “need” a man, but the damsel in distress thanks you.

Scout laughs. A slight beat.

Scout: You know, it’s weird…normally I would be a mess right now, but…I’m not.

Jake: Yeah…you’ve definitely put me at ease, too.

Scout smiles.

Scout: Well, I’m going to get more food from the snack machines…you want?

Jake: Any type of meat in a tube would be great.

Scout: Meat stick. Got it.

Scout gives her a thumbs up and exits out the door.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s room. They lay together, naked after having made love.

Finn: I love you.

Johanna: I love you.

They kiss. Finn smiles dreamily.

Finn: “…then give me my sin again.”

Johanna: You and that guy…

He laughs.

Finn: He is my favorite.

Johanna: It’s unfortunate.

Finn: Speaking of unfortunate…I can’t believe what happened with Mark’s brother tonight.

Johanna: Ben Hudson’s never exactly been a model citizen, but I didn’t know things had gotten so bad. Poor Mark.

Finn: And I don’t exactly feel comfortable letting him stay here, but…I couldn’t leave him there.

Johanna: And why don’t you feel comfortable?

Finn rolls his eyes.

Finn: Sure, it starts off innocent enough, but when she turns up sixteen and pregnant—

Johanna: Somehow I doubt you would ever let that happen.

Finn considers this.

Johanna: You probably care more about her than her father.

Finn smiles, kissing Johanna’s cheek.

Johanna cont’d: You know, if anything were ever to happen to me, I’d want her to be with you.

Finn: If anything were to happen to you, I’d be a broken man.

Johanna smiles and kisses him again, not planning to stop anytime soon until the baby begins to cry from the next room. They break apart, not happy to be interrupted.

Finn: I’ll go.

Johanna: See, you don’t need me at all.

Finn: Bite your tongue.

He gives her another quick kiss before getting out of bed to tend to the baby.

(cut to): the hallway. The crying has stopped. Meagan steps out of Jacey’s nursery as Finn steps out into the hallway.

Meagan: I didn’t think anyone was going to come.

Finn: Hope he didn’t wake you.

She looks wide awake.

Meagan: No…

Finn notices the bracelet.

Finn: What’s that?

Meagan: A belated birthday present.

Finn examines it.

Finn: From Mark?

Meagan: Yeah.

Finn: I didn’t notice it earlier.

Meagan: I went down to say goodnight and…

She looks slightly guilty, but happy, too. Finn doesn’t say anything.

Meagan cont’d: What? No speech?

Finn: No speech.

A beat.

Finn cont’d: Don’t get me wrong…I’ve got one, but we did make a deal. When you turned twelve, he was all yours. Late night trysts and all.

Meagan: I wouldn’t call it a tryst.

Meagan pushes her glasses up on her nose to emphasize the point that not only was she not having a tryst, but she is also familiar with the meaning. Finn smiles.

Meagan cont’d: It wasn’t a secret, nor was it planned.

Finn smiles wider.

Meagan cont’d: Anyway, goodnight Finn.

Finn: Goodnight, Meag.

She smiles and goes into her room. Finn waits a moment, concerned, then goes back into his bedroom.

(cut to): Sean’s house. The party is still going on, but several people are leaving. Tyson, Grace and Dexter exit through the front door. Dexter still looks sleepy.

Grace: Well, goodnight guys.

Dexter: I’ll walk you home.

He takes off his glasses, rubbing his eyes.

Grace: Please. You’re toast. Go home with Ty and Will.

Dexter: What about Bella? Is she

Tyson: Tell me that isn’t who I think it is.

Dexter and Grace turn.

(cut to): Nicholas and his Jetta have just pulled up.

Grace: I wouldn’t worry.

Tyson turns away from the Jetta.

Tyson: Did he see me? Is it too late to run?

Grace rolls her eyes and walks over to greet Nicholas.

Grace: I should have known you’d come crash the party.

Nicholas: And I’d hate to disappoint you, Grace.

Grace: Are the Rawley kids going to get in trouble, or what?

Nicholas: I just want to make sure everyone gets home safely. That’s all.

Grace: Hear that, Tyson? You’re safe.

Tyson turns around slowly. Nicholas walks up to them.

Nicholas: Have you boys been consuming alcoholic beverages?

Tyson: No, sir.

Grace stifles a laugh that Tyson doesn’t notice.

Nicholas: Good. Do you have a ride home?

Grace: They’re waiting on the golden boy.

Dexter: She means Will.

Nicholas: Oh, is he inside?

Grace: Yeah, he’s off somewhere with Bella. Maybe they’ll get back together.

Nicholas ignores her.

Nicholas: Well, I’m going to find him and make sure he starts heading back to the dorms.

Nicholas heads inside.

Tyson: Wow, none of the teachers around here are hard asses at all, are they?

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: Mr. Mann is pretty laid back. Finn can go either way, but he seems to trust Will’s judgment which is probably why he didn’t give you too much trouble earlier.

Tyson: Good to know.

Grace just smiles smugly, knowing far more than Tyson and Dexter.

(cut to): the kitchen. Bella and Will are back at a game of checkers.

Will: If I win, you have to explain what Hamilton was talking about.

Bella: I told you, he probably just made it up so that girl wouldn’t be jealous.

Will: Whatever, Bella…I saw the fury with which you looked at Hamilton. That wasn’t nothing.

Before Bella can say anything, Nicholas enters the kitchen. He sees Bella first then Will. He can’t help smile at Bella before turning to Will.

Nicholas: Krudski, it’s time to go home.

Will: Mr. Mann…um, hi.

Nicholas: Hi. Tyson and Dexter are outside. Why don’t you go give them a ride? That is if you haven’t been drinking.

Will: Oh, no…no, Sir.

He tries to give Bella an apologetic look, but she’s looking at Nicholas. He narrows his eyes then turns to the clock, noticing the timing of this visit. Bella glances at him and realizes he understands.

Bella: This night has been terrible, Nick.

Nicholas looks nervous at the use of the nickname.

Bella cont’d: Oh, it doesn’t matter. He knows. I mean, you know, right?

Will: This is the boyfriend…

Bella: See. He knows. Everyone knows. Jake came here and…

Nicholas: Yeah, I saw her earlier.

Bella: Grace, Hamilton. Sean, Jill…now Will.

Nicholas: Scout.

Bella: Him too?

Nicholas: Your dad.

Bella almost doesn’t catch it.

Bella: What?

Nicholas: Your dad knows.

Will looks uncomfortable.

Will: I’m just, um, going to go…

Bella: Goodnight, Will.

Nicholas: Keep it a secret, Will.

Will: Yeah, of course.

Will exits, leaving Nicholas and Bella looking at one another.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So, you definitely saw Ian’s new movie, right?


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Sean’s house. Tyson, Dexter and Grace are on the lawn. Will comes out the front door.

Will: You guys need a ride?

Grace: Yes, we do.

Will: Are there any other Rawley people we should take?

Grace: I think all the other Rawley people are pre-coital, but if you want to go—

Will: No. That’s okay. Let’s go.

Tyson: I’m starving.

Will: Oh yeah? Anyone else?

Grace: Me.

Dexter: Food sounds great.

Will: Okay. I have a solution. Let’s go.

Everyone climbs in and they drive away.

(cut to): the kitchen. Nicholas and Bella are alone.

Bella: I can’t believe you just admitted it to my dad.

Nicholas: What would you have me do, Bella? Lie?

Bella: Yes!

Nicholas: He didn’t even get mad.

Bella: He could have. He could have killed you. He could have killed me.

Nicholas: Is that what you want?

Bella knows she is defeated.

Bella: No. There’s just been too much tonight. I liked the secret and now…

Nicholas: We’re a little exposed.

Bella nods.

Nicholas cont’d: Most of the people who are close to you know, doesn’t matter to them.

Bella: Except with Jake.

Nicholas shrugs.

Nicholas: I promised to be honest with her from now on and…she seemed okay.

Bella: She’s okay with you. You should have heard how she talked to me.

Nicholas: She was drunk.

Bella: That was more than alcohol talking. She was hurt.

Nicholas walks to her, putting his arms around her.

Nicholas: It’ll be okay.

He gives her a nice, soft kiss. She smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: It’s good to see you, by the way.

Bella: I’ve been looking forward to it all night.

She looks hesitant.

Bella cont’d: But…I guess my dad is going to notice if I don’t get home…now that he knows.

Nicholas nods.

Nicholas: Probably.

Bella sighs.

Nicholas cont’d: Still, doesn’t it feel like a weight’s been lifted? My sister knows. Your dad knows. I mean, maybe we can’t go public yet, but…at least in the privacy of both our homes, we can be…us.

Bella: And now that all my friends know maybe we can go semi-public and I can stop alienating them.

Nicholas: Sounds nice.

He grins.

Bella: Okay, so I still have a few bridges to repair, but…overall, this is a good thing.

Nicholas: Definitely.

Bella: And even if you have to take me home tonight instead of what I had in mind…you can still come by in the morning. You can come over for breakfast and—

Nicholas: You know, actually, you’re going to have to do a little damage control with your dad because it was very important to him that I not tell you that he knows.

Bella: But, you did.

Nicholas: Yeah…

Bella: So I either have to tell him and make him hate you…or, bite the bullet and sell him one last lie while, in actuality, telling him the truth.

Nicholas both nods and shrugs.

Bella cont’d: I’ll tell you what. Come over for breakfast tomorrow. I’ll have it all straightened out.

Nicholas raises his eyebrows doubtfully.

Bella cont’d: I’m serious.

Nicholas: Okay.

Bella: And for now…a few more minutes….in heaven with you.

She kisses him. He responds gladly, running his hands through her hair.

(cut to): the doorway as Sean and Jill enter together. Jill’s jaw may as well drop to the floor.

Jill: You’ve got to be kidding.

Bella and Nicholas break apart, a little shaken. Nicholas looks relieved at who it is, but Bella’s face is still red.

Jill cont’d: This I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years. And you knew…

She turns to Sean.

Jill cont’d: You knew…and you didn’t tell me…

Sean: Come on, Jill, this isn’t your business.

Jill is angered by this. Nicholas and Bella look uncomfortable observing this.

Nicholas: I don’t mean to interrupt, but…I feel like this conversation isn’t our business so if you’ll excuse us.

Jill doesn’t respond except to fold her arms. Sean nods. Nick and Bella start to exit.

Nicholas: And, Jill, you can keep this quiet over at Rawley, can’t you?

Jill: I’ve kept quiet about you and Jacqueline, haven’t I?

Nicholas glances at Sean.

Jill cont’d: Oh, he knows. He’s known since prom. Because while I’m not a blabber-mouth…I don’t keep secrets from the people I love.

She looks at Sean pointedly. Bella smiles at the love part, but looks at Sean apologetically.

Nicholas: Well, thanks in advance. We’ll see you kids later.

Jill rolls her eyes as they exit.

Jill: Who’s he calling a kid anyway? His girlfriend is barely older than me.

Sean looks at her helplessly. She softens, walking over to the table.

Jill: Am I really being that unreasonable?

Sean joins her, but doesn’t answer.

Jill cont’d: It’s because it’s her. She’s the reason Scout and I broke up, you know. I was jealous of what they had.

Sean looks nervous about this.

Jill cont’d: Don’t worry. I won’t make that mistake again.

Sean: Can I explain myself a little better?

Jill: You already did. It was none of my business.

Sean: It wasn’t just that…it wasn’t that at all.

Jill waits.

Sean cont’d: I didn’t want to put that burden on you. I knew how I felt knowing and not being able to tell you

Jill: And how was that?

Sean: Bad. Bad because I knew you’d want to know and I knew how you’d feel when you found out. He puts his hand on hers. I didn’t want you to feel caught between me and Jake, you know? Because I would have asked you not to tell her. And then you would have had to choose between us.

Jill considers this as a valid argument.

Jill: So…you chose Bella over me when you decided not to tell me?

Sean gets a little red in the face.

Sean: I chose you a long time ago—way before you ever even thought about choosing me—and I wish you’d remember that.

He looks off. A moment passes.

Jill(sincere): I’m sorry.

Sean: And I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you...hopefully you can understand some of the reasons why.

Jill considers this then nods.

Jill: I guess it never really came up, either.

Sean shakes his head.

Sean: I guess I could have segued into it from kissing you…

She laughs, and leans over to kiss him.

Sean cont’d: My kitchen: the most romantic room in the house.

Jill smiles, kissing him again.

(cut to): the hallway outside the kitchen. Bella and Nicholas have stopped to take a kiss break, but are clearly more cautious.

Bella: Come on. Take me home. Being near you just makes me want you.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: The feeling is mutual.

The two head through the dining room. We follow them through that room and into the living room where several couples, including Hamilton and Alyssa, are still joined up. Bella sees them, but tries to keep walking. Nicholas is not so courteous. He nods for Bella to go on. She unhappily complies.

Nicholas: Um, excuse me. Excuse me?

Hamilton and Alyssa look up. Alyssa turns red, but Hamilton looks annoyed.

Hamilton: What?

Alyssa: Hamilton

Nicholas looks at Alyssa.

Nicholas: Aren’t you in one of my intro classes?

Alyssa nods, nervous. Nicholas reaches down and picks up the red cup sitting on a coffee table in front of her. Her eyes widen as he sniffs it.

Nicholas: Rawley students are not allowed to attend parties and they are certainly not allowed to drink when they are—how old are you?

Alyssa: Fifteen.

Nicholas: Fifteen.

He looks at Hamilton.

Nicholas: Fifteen.

Hamilton (snide): Eighteen. Barely.

Nicholas smiles a little. He deserved that one. Alyssa doesn’t exactly get the reference to Bella.

Alyssa: I thought you were seventeen.

Hamilton: I am.

Alyssa is still confused, but she decides to plead her case.

Alyssa: Look, Mr. Mann, I hate my mom as much as any pushed-aside teenage girl, but if she finds out about this—

Hamilton: She won’t, Aly. Don’t even worry about it.

He locks eyes with Nicholas. Nicholas doesn’t back down.

Nicholas: That will be up to the dean.

Hamilton guffaws.

Hamilton: I dare you.

Nicholas looks down, shaking his head.

Nicholas: Do you really care that little about her this quickly?

Hamilton: This has nothing to do with her.

He stands up, in Nicholas’ face.

Hamilton cont’d: You have no right to talk to me about her.

Alyssa is really confused; Hamilton is livid.

Nicholas: Okay, Hamilton, just settle down.

Hamilton: You know, Mr. Mann, I don’t think I will.

He thinks for a moment then cocks back and punches Nicholas in the face. Taken way off guard, Nicholas reels backward. Alyssa, who also wasn’t expecting it, stands up and in front of Hamilton.

Alyssa: Whoa, Hamilton

Hamilton looks pretty pleased with himself. Nicholas stands back up, ready to hit Hamilton, but Alyssa is in the way. Hamilton makes an attempt to step around her. She grabs his shoulders.

Alyssa: Oh my God. Hey! Can someone help me here?!

A few of the couples look up, but no one responds. After a second, Bella enters.

Bella: Was someone just…

She sees what is transpiring.

Bella: Oh my God…

Alyssa: Yeah, that’s what I said...

Alyssa is trying to hold Hamilton back while Nicholas wipes blood from his split cheekbone. Hamilton guides Alyssa to the side. Bella gets over to them just as Hamilton takes another swing at Nicholas this time hitting him in the gut. Nicholas doesn’t hesitate. He punches Hamilton squarely in the eye, knocking him backwards onto the couch.

Bella: Stop! Stop it!

Hamilton stands back up.

Alyssa: Hamilton!

Jill and Sean come in from the kitchen just as Nicholas and Hamilton get a hold of each other.

Sean: What’s going—oh no…

He rushes over and pulls Hamilton away from this fight. Jill helps Bella hold onto Nicholas, though it’s a tough job. Alyssa watches, unsure of what to do.

Bella: Calm down, calm down.

Nicholas: He’s crazy. He punched me!

Bella: You punched him, too.

This snaps him out of it.

Nicholas: Oh my God, I just punched the dean’s kid…what was I thinking?

Bella and Jill ease up as Nicholas regains composure.

Jill: Adrenaline’s a bitch.

Bella looks over at Alyssa.

Bella: Are you okay?

Alyssa nods, but still looks shaken up.

Jill: I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Nicholas: I’m sorry, Alyssa. I was way out of line…about everything.

Alyssa shrugs.

Alyssa: He went a little crazy there, didn’t he?

Nicholas: I must admit that I pushed just the right buttons. I…

He touches the spot on his cheek again, pulling away blood.

Nicholas cont’d: I shouldn’t have done that.

Jill: I’ll go get you a band-aid.

She exits before anyone can say anything.

Alyssa: I don’t even understand what just happened…

Bella and Nicholas exchange looks, but don’t say anything.

(cut to): the hallway where Sean has Hamilton shoved up against the wall.

Sean: You need to breathe.

Hamilton, who is on the verge of hyperventilating, takes several deep breaths. Jill walks by on her way to get the band-aids.

Jill: You’re such an idiot sometimes.

Hamilton glares at her, swallowing. He still hasn’t quite caught his breath.

Sean: Jill, just go.

Jill rolls her eyes and passes through the hallway. Hamilton watches her until she’s gone.

Sean cont’d: Now, what happened?

Hamilton: He…

He breathes in awkwardly then tries to exhale with a little more control.

Hamilton cont’d: He was playing bad cop…giving us a hard time about the alcohol…said he was going to tell my dad.

Sean: Yeah, well, I doubt he would—

Hamilton: He said I didn’t care about her…about Jake. How dare he say that to me? He’s been lying to her, you know? Ever since he’s been here he’s been—

Sean: I know but—

Hamilton: And Jake found out. But who’d she get mad at? Me. And then he comes here and says I don’t care about her?! I’m the one that got screwed here. So that’s why I hit him.

Sean: Man, you can’t just hit him…and in front of that girl…

Hamilton seems to realize this for the first time.

Hamilton: Alyssa. Oh man…

He hangs his head. Sean eases up, letting Hamilton stand on his own. His rage subsides quickly.

Hamilton: She probably thinks I’m a total psycho.

Sean doesn’t dispute this.

Hamilton cont’d: This has just been building up inside of me for a long time and when he started picking on Alyssa…

Sean nods.

Sean: I get it, okay, but…like I said, you can’t just hit the guy.

Hamilton nods.

Sean: What is it about my parties that always bring out this side of you?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I don’t know. I think it’s just bad timing. You always schedule your parties at the same time that I’m experiencing turning points in my life.

Hamilton’s anger seems to have evaporated.

Hamilton: Should I go apologize?

Sean: Uh…can you handle that?

Hamilton nods.

(cut to): the living room. All the making out couples have cleared out. Bella, Nicholas and Alyssa sit around. Nicholas purposefully sits away from Bella. Sean and Hamilton walk in with Jill just seconds behind them. Alyssa looks up at Hamilton, searchingly.

Hamilton: Mr. Mann?

Nicholas looks up.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m sorry.

Nicholas: Hamilton, I’m the one that should be apologizing. I shouldn’t have pushed your buttons like that. And, Alyssa, I’m not going to say anything to the dean, okay?

He glances over at her. She nods, but she’s looking at Hamilton.

Nicholas: I’m going to head back to school if anyone needs a ride.

He looks to Jill. She hands him the band-aid, but shakes her head.

Jill: I’m staying here tonight.

Sean looks slightly surprised, but not unhappy, by this. Bella gives him a little raise of her eyebrows, but doesn’t say anything. Nicholas looks at Hamilton.

Hamilton: I have my dad’s car. I’ll take Alyssa. If that’s okay?

He looks over to her. She nods and offers a small smile.

Nicholas: Okay, well, Bella, can I drop you off at the garage?

Bella: Oh, sure Mr. Mann.

He gets up, putting the band-aid on his face. Bella stands and follows Nicholas out the door.

Hamilton: Shall we?

He holds his hand out to Alyssa. She takes it and stands up.

Hamilton: I’m sorry guys.

Jill: You should be.

Sean: Jill…

Jill: Sean.

Sean: Take it easy, Ham. Goodnight, Alyssa.

Alyssa: Goodnight.

They exit.

Jill: You know, I really hate all those people that just left.

Sean chuckles.

Sean: You’re so brutally honest sometimes.

Jill shrugs. A beat.

Sean: So…staying the night here, huh?

Jill: If that’s okay with you?

She smiles coyly. He looks around.

Sean: Looks like we just might finally have a little privacy.

Jill: Finally.

She smiles, standing close enough to kiss him. Before she can, a group of boys runs through the room and between Jill and Sean. They cheer as they do then run on out the front door. Sean and Jill look at each other.

Sean: Let’s do one final kick-out sweep.

Jill nods in agreement. They take hands and exit the living room.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the garage. Nicholas’ Jetta sits outside.

(cut to): inside the car. Nicholas and Bella are kissing. Bella pulls back.

Bella: I guess I should go in and face the music.

Nicholas nods. Bella looks at the band-aid.

Bella cont’d: I can’t believe that happened.

Nicholas shrugs.

Nicholas: I deserved it. And, honestly, I think we both feel a little better.

Bella: “You men and your violence,” I guess.

Nicholas: Thankfully, your dad doesn’t seem to be of that mentality.

Bella nods. A beat.

Bella: Okay, I’m going.

He smiles, kissing her one last time.

Nicholas: I love you.

Bella: I love you.

Nicholas: I’ll see you for breakfast?

Bella nods.

Nicholas cont’d: All right. Goodnight…and good luck.

Bella: Thanks.

She exits the car.

(cut to): the garage as Nicholas drives away.

(cut to): Friendly’s. Will’s car is parked out front.

(cut to): inside. Will, Tyson, Dexter and Grace are seated around the window seat. They all have burgers, fries and soft drinks. Will and Tyson face the window.

Grace: Excellent burger, Will.

She takes another bite.

Tyson: Isn’t that Mr. Mann’s car?

Will looks, Grace and Dexter turn around as the car passes by and drives off.

Grace: Yeah, he probably gave Bella a ride home.

Tyson: Bella is your sister, right?

Grace: Yeah. I’m surprised you haven’t met her.

Tyson: I think I saw her around tonight. Blonde? Hot?

Dexter: Yeah, that’s her.

Grace glares at him out the corner of her eye.

Dexter: What?

Tyson: You can’t get mad about a fact. You have a hot sister. Deal.

Grace just rolls her eyes and takes another bite of her burger.

Tyson cont’d: But why would Mr. Mann give Bella a lift?

Will struggles with an explanation. Grace notices, realizing he knows. She also realizes he isn’t going to be able to make up an excuse.

Grace: She was in his drama class this summer. He probably made her leave the party just like the rest of us…and since we walked…

Tyson seems to buy it. Grace looks up at Will like he should be impressed. Will smiles.

Tyson: You don’t think he’ll look for us in the dorms when he gets back, do you?

Grace: You’re so paranoid about authority.

Dexter: Where he came from, teachers probably actually disciplined students for their indiscretions.

Tyson: Exactly.

Will: Around here we sneak around and when we do get caught, the teachers usually have so much going on in their own lives that they barely notice we’re doing anything wrong. It’s a beautiful thing.

Tyson laughs.

Tyson: Only in the world of the rich.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the girls’ dorm. Hamilton and Alyssa walk up to the steps in silence.

Hamilton: You didn’t mind walking from my house, did you?

Alyssa: No.

Hamilton: You know, I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me at Sean’s.

Alyssa: What was all that even about, Hamilton?

Hamilton: It’s…

Alyssa: Complicated?

Hamilton chuckles.

Hamilton: Yeah.

A beat as he takes both her hands in his.

Hamilton: Okay, see, he’s friends with my old girlfriend. They’re both from New York and their families know each other. It’s…it’s kind of like he’s her big brother.

Alyssa: Which is why he was giving us a hard time?

Hamilton nods.

Alyssa cont’d: But…what was he doing there in the first place? And why were you so sure he wouldn’t tell the dean?

Hamilton is uncomfortable by the questions.

Alyssa cont’d: I’m sorry, but I’m a little beyond not wanting to pry.

Hamilton: Rightly so, but…you’re asking me about secrets that aren’t mine.

Alyssa considers this.

Hamilton cont’d: Is that okay?

Alyssa nods, but folds her arms in front of her. A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: So…are we okay?

Alyssa: I don’t know.

Hamilton is concerned by this.

Alyssa cont’d: I’m still just a little freaked out.

Hamilton sighs.

Hamilton: Why am I such an idiot?

The question is more for himself than her and she realizes this.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean, I’ve got this beautiful, smart, charming girl sitting there next to me and I can’t ignore that jerk. I’ve got to…I mean, do you know that I haven’t ever punched someone?

Alyssa: Really?

Hamilton: I’ve come close…maybe twice. And once was in kindergarten.

Alyssa looks a little more at ease.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean, you don’t think I’m some hothead, do you?

Alyssa: I was starting to.

Hamilton looks disturbed by this.

Hamilton: Aly…I just can’t say I’m sorry enough. I mean, I can be passionate…or emotional or whatever you want to call it—

Alyssa: Intense.

He nods once to accept this label.

Hamilton: But…I don’t go around hitting people.

She smiles.

Alyssa: Okay. I mean, I understand at least part of it. And, Mr. Mann admitted to purposely pushing your buttons so…I guess I’m done being freaked out.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Cool.

A beat as Alyssa seems to regain her usual comfort level.

Hamilton cont’d: Well, it’s getting pretty late so…I guess I should let you get inside and away from Hamilton “the psycho” Fleming.

Alyssa: Well, actually, I was thinking of inviting the psycho in.

Hamilton lifts his brows.

Hamilton: What did you have in mind?

Alyssa: The fact that my roommate is away for the night.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Uh, yeah, all right.

Alyssa bites her lip.

Alyssa: Cool.

She takes his hand and leads him up the steps.

(cut to): Scout and Dexter’s room. Jake is asleep in Scout’s bed. Scout is lying on the couch with a blanket and pillow. He stares up at the ceiling. Dexter comes in and flips on a lamp on his desk. He sees that Scout is awake before he notices Jake.

Scout: Hey, Dex. Hope you don’t mind.

Dexter sees Jake.

Dexter: No. I’m just glad she’s okay.

Scout nods.

Dexter cont’d: You were really a good friend to her tonight.

Jake: Yes, he was.

Dexter: Oh, I didn’t know you were still awake.

Jake: Yup.

Jake opens her eyes, sitting up slightly. She also kicks off some covers and we can see she is wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts, presumably Scout’s.

Dexter: Well, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you want.

Scout: About that, Dex…I have some ideas to run by you.

Dexter glances at Jake then back at Scout, not knowing what he means.

(cut to): Will and Tyson’s room. The boys walk in. They change into pajamas as they talk.

Tyson: It’s so cool that you have a key to a place where we can get cheeseburgers in the middle of the night. Man, that really hit the spot.

Will shrugs.

Will: The service industry has its perks. I just got my key back today when I agreed to pick up a few shifts a week. They want me to be manager again, but…I really don’t want to make a career out of it, you know?

Tyson: I hear you. Thank God my dad isn’t making me work the store during the school year.

Will nods in agreement. A beat passes as the boys change.

Tyson: So it seems like there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes tonight, huh?

Will: I don’t know.

Tyson: Yeah, you do, but I respect your right not to tell me.

Will: Do you at least concede the Alyssa battle after seeing her with Hamilton?

Tyson: Please. Just because she was with him doesn’t mean she was with him.

Will: You live in a fantasy world.

Tyson: And it’s the most beautiful place…except when you come along polluting it with your negativity.

Will laughs and shrugs.

Will: And any time I think you need a reality check, I will visit you in fantasy world. Be prepared.

Tyson: Well, just realize: you’re uninvited.

Will nods, smiling and shaking his head.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the girls’ dorms.

(cut to): Jill and Alyssa’s room. The main light is off, but several candles are lit around the room. We find Hamilton and Alyssa under the covers on Alyssa’s bed. They are beyond making out. Hamilton pulls back a little.

Hamilton: Thanks for inviting me in.

Alyssa: My pleasure.

She kisses him again, pulling the covers up over the two of them.

(cut to): Sean’s house. All cars are gone.

(cut to): Sean’s living room. Sean and Jill both have big brown plastic bags. They collect cups and trash from around the room.

Jill: You know, the place doesn’t look too bad considering all the drama that went down.

Sean: Yeah. Jake and Hamilton certainly know how to make things interesting, don’t they?

Jill: I think the problem is that they don’t know how not to.

Sean: Do you think things will ever be the same with you and Jake?

Jill: Eventually, but…sometimes things take longer with her. I can apologize all day, every day, but until she’s ready to accept…

Sean nods.

Sean: What about Hamilton?

Jill: Oh, screw Hamilton. Screw Hamilton for putting me in middle of this mess and screw Hamilton sideways for hurting Jacqueline after all the crap she’s done just to be with him. I mean…what a complete and total ass.

Sean: He still seems conflicted about the whole thing. Mr. Mann said Hamilton didn’t care about Jake—

Jill: Good call, Mr.-don’t even get me started on you because you’re in a totally inappropriate relationship-Mann. What another ass.

Sean: So that’s why Ham hit him.

Jill: Better they hit on each other than anyone else.

Sean: I guess. Still, you hate to see a fight break out in your own living room.

Jill: Anyway, do you think there’s any way we can handle the rest of this in the morning?

Sean: Definitely. My parents won’t be home until Sunday.

Jill immediately drops the bag she’s holding.

Jill: Excellent. Are you ready for bed?

Sean drops his own bag, putting his hands in his pockets.

Sean: Is it okay to say that I’m a little intimidated?

Jill: By me?

Sean: Yeah, by you. By a million different things.

Jill: Like what?

Sean: Like that I’m not exactly a seasoned veteran at this sort of thing.

Jill shrugs.

Jill: Not like I’ll know the difference.

Sean laughs.

Sean: How comforting.

He sighs.

Sean cont’d: And then there’s the emotional aspect.

Jill: Sean…

She walks over to him, putting her hands on his shoulders.

Jill cont’d: I didn’t mean to push it. If you’re not ready—

Sean: Oh, I’m ready. I’m…

He brushes a hand across her face.

Sean cont’d: I’ve been ready. I love you so much, Jill.

Jill: I love you, too.

Sean: And this won’t change anything, right?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: Maybe it’ll change everything.

Sean nods understandingly.

Jill cont’d: So…shall we?

She holds out her hand. He thinks about it for a moment then takes her hand, letting himself be led upstairs.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the garage.

(cut to): the kitchen where Bella is sitting at the kitchen table eating cookies and drinking milk. Charlie walks in.

Bella: Oh, hi Daddy.

Charlie: Hi. You’re home a little late.

Bella: Yeah, sorry. Things got a little out of control at Sean’s. Hamilton got into a fight with Nick.

Charlie: Nick? Is that the teacher?

Bella: Yeah, but…can I talk to you about him?

Charlie: Sure.

He sits down.

Bella: The thing is…I’m in love with him.

Charlie is surprised to hear this news phrased this way.

Charlie: Oh…kay

Bella: And, well, the other thing is…he feels the same way about me.

Charlie tilts his head.

Bella cont’d: In fact, we’ve been having a relationship since he got to town.

Charlie: That’s…that’s a long time.

Bella: I didn’t tell you because he’s older and I didn’t think you’d approve, but…the way we feel about each other is…it’s such a huge part of my life that I had to share it with you.

Charlie smiles.

Charlie: I appreciate that. And, I guess I should share with you that I already figured it out.

Bella: What?

Charlie: It’s pretty obvious, honey.

Bella: Is it?

Charlie nods.

Bella cont’d: So…you mean, you aren’t mad?

Charlie: Well, I wish you could have picked a boy your own age, but…we can’t always help who our heart finds, now can we?

Bella: No, I guess we can’t.

Charlie smiles.

Charlie: It means a lot that you told me, you know?

Grace: Told you what?

Grace, dressed in pajamas, enters and sits down with them.

Grace cont’d: What’s going on?

Bella: I just told Daddy that Nicholas and I have been seeing each other.

Grace’s eyes widen. She looks at her dad and how calm he is.

Grace: Did you not hear what she just said?

Charlie: I heard her.

Grace: And you’re not pissed?

Charlie: Please, sweetie, lady-like language.

Grace: Who cares about my freaking language? Your other daughter has been sneaking around with some dude that’s way older than her and you’re telling me not to say “pissed?”

Charlie smiles at her.

Grace: Is this table in the Twilight Zone or something? This is…this is nuts.

Charlie just shrugs.

Grace cont’d: Okay, but if Dex and I go all Crazy/Beautiful on you, don’t be surprised.

Charlie laughs.

Charlie: I don’t really get that reference, but I’ll try not to be surprised.

Grace is in shock. Bella just smiles. Charlie is equally happy.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room. Mark still has the light on and is reading. As he turns a page, Meagan creeps down the stairs. Mark looks up. When he sees her, he sets his book down.

Mark: Hi. Still up?

Meagan nods, getting to the end of the stairs. She has a goofy smile on her face as she takes a seat on an armchair near the couch. Mark scrambles to sit up.

Mark cont’d: What’s up?

Meagan shrugs.

Mark cont’d: Seriously, what?

Meagan: I read your card.

Mark turns red.

Meagan cont’d: I liked it a lot.

Mark doesn’t say anything.

Meagan cont’d: And…I feel the same way.

Mark smiles.

Mark: Yeah?

Meagan nods.

Mark cont’d: Um…which part did you like the best?

Meagan: The part where you talked about the future… our future.

Mark looks down, nodding.

Mark: I could be with you forever and be happy. That’s what I feel like.

Meagan: Yeah, like, right now…I don’t even want to sleep. I just want to stay up and talk and talk.

Mark: And talk and talk and talk. I know.

Meagan: And what you said about…you know, kissing me.

Mark looks down, embarrassed to be talking about this.

Mark: Yeah, I meant that.

Meagan: I hope so.

Mark laughs then gets serious. He looks up at her.

Mark: You’re the coolest person I know.

Meagan: Then you must not know too many people.

Mark: I know plenty of people and…they don’t even begin to compare. No one’s ever treated me like you do…like I really count.

Meagan: Of course you count.

Mark shrugs.

Meagan cont’d: You count a million times more than anyone else.

Mark look into her eyes.

Mark: Thanks…and you know how special you are to me, too, right?

Meagan nods.

Meagan: Uh huh. I read the card…several times.

Mark again blushes slightly.

Mark: So…did you want to stay down here and talk?

Meagan: And talk and talk. Yes.

Mark smiles. Meagan tries to get comfortable in the chair.

Mark: You can talk over here.

He nods to the couch. Meagan smiles shyly and joins him on the couch. She sits against the opposite arm as him. He puts his legs back up onto the couch, touching hers then throws the covers over both of them. Meagan digs it. Mark adores her.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a shot of New Rawley, main street.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room. Meagan and Mark lay asleep together on the couch as when we last left them: feet touching, heads on opposite sides.

Will (voice over): The only difference between innocence…

(cut to): to Sean’s house.

(cut to): Sean’s room. Jill and Sean lay naked and asleep under the covers together.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And innocence lost…

(cut to): Rawley Academy, the girls’ dormitory.

(cut to): Jill and Alyssa’s room. Alyssa is asleep, under the covers. Hamilton sits, pants on, shirt off, in a chair next to the bed, watching her sleep.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Is a choice.

(cut to): the boys’ dormitory.

(cut to): Scout and Dexter’s room. Everyone is asleep, but a cell phone buzzes.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Some of our choices, the sins we commit, hit hard and affect many.

We pan around the room, viewing Jake, Scout then Dexter as he rouses and picks up his buzzing cell phone from his bedside table.

Dexter: Hello?

(cut to): Grace talking on a phone in her room.

Grace: Good morning. Sorry to call so early, but I wanted to invite you over for breakfast. You’ll never guess who’s cooking.

(cut to): downstairs in the kitchen. Nicholas is at the stove cooking eggs. Bella is mixing up some pancake batter in a big bowl.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Fortunately, we often have the chance to right our wrongs and to ask for forgiveness.

(cut to): Charlie sitting at the kitchen table. He looks on and seems happy.

(cut to): the outside of the girls’ dorm as Hamilton, now with his shirt back on, walks down the steps. He looks disheveled with his hair askew, his dress shirt un-tucked and his tie nowhere to be seen. He sticks his hands in his pockets and turns toward the boys’ school when he reaches the bottom of the stairs.

(cut to): the boys’ school. Scout walks outside with Dexter. They pause at the bottom of the steps.

Scout: Enjoy breakfast.

Dexter: Thanks.

Scout: And, thanks again for agreeing to the switch.

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: I’ve survived rooming with Hamilton before.

Scout nods.

Dexter cont’d: And I can’t believe Jake was even considering staying in that room with him.

Scout: She’s a strong girl, but…you’re right. It was just too much for her.

Dexter: Well, keep me posted. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jacqueline and I’m more than willing to contribute what I can to her happiness.

Scout smiles as Dexter starts to walk away.

Scout: Hey, Dex?

Dexter turns around, raising his eyebrows and adjusting his glasses.

Scout: I’m sorry if I ever treated you badly…as a roommate or…as a friend.

Dexter nods. Scout puts his hand out and they shake.

Dexter: Thanks.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Those little moments of forgiveness that ease our failings…

As Dexter turns to walk away, Scout looks up to see Hamilton approach the building. Dexter passes him with just a nod. Hamilton returns it then stops in front of Scout.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …sometimes make it hard for us to stop ourselves when the opportunity to transgress presents itself the next time.

Hamilton: Did you get Jake home okay?

Scout: Are you seriously asking me that eight hours later? Could you care any less?

Hamilton: Don’t—

He cuts himself off and takes a few calming breaths.

Hamilton cont’d: Please, Scout, please don’t go there. You said you’d take care of her and I trusted you to do just that.

Scout checks out Hamilton’s clothes as the realization of where Hamilton’s been hits him.

Scout: I’m glad you trust me with her because she’s going to be spending a little more time with me from now on.

Hamilton doesn’t get it.

Scout: She’s going to trade with Dexter.

Hamilton: Trade what with Dexter?

Scout: Rooms. Roommates.

Hamilton: Wait…she’s going to move in with you?

Scout nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Don’t you think that’s a bit…dramatic?

Scout: I don’t know, but I think if she stays in your room it might start to get a bit…awkward when you start showing up fresh out of your new girlfriend’s bed.

Hamilton considers this.

Hamilton: Was this her idea?

Scout: Well, gee, no, I think I’ll have to take credit for that one. It hit me as I watched her stumble around a party getting drunk and high—

Hamilton: What?

Scout cont’d: …all in some twisted attempt to convince herself that she’s fine.

Hamilton: I didn’t know—

Scout: No, you didn’t. I might not know Jake like you know Jake, but…that was not her.

Hamilton: No. She’s usually opposed to self-destruction. She thinks it’s a pathetic coping mechanism. It’s so unlike her…

Scout: But when have you ever seen her with a broken heart before?

Hamilton sighs.

Hamilton: That’s not fair, Scout.

Scout: Why? Just because you aren’t reeling emotionally from all this—

Hamilton: You have no idea of the emotional typhoon that’s bouncing around inside me right now, okay?

Scout: It’s self-induced.

Hamilton: No. She told me to do it.

Scout: Aly?

Hamilton: Jake, man. Jake. She told me I should experience this. I told her I didn’t want to…and she told me she wasn’t giving me any other options. What was I supposed to do?

Scout shakes his head.

Scout: If you really need me to explain that to you then…I guess you chose the only path you were capable of choosing. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

Jill: Hey, guys.

Hamilton and Scout look up to see Jill approaching. She, like Hamilton, is still dressed in her clothes from the night before. Hamilton takes no notice, but Scout doesn’t bother to hide his surprise and disappointment. Jill turns a faint shade of red when she notices this reaction.

Jill cont’d: Do you know if Jacqueline’s up yet?

Scout: Last I checked she was sleeping peacefully.

Jill nods then seems to finally realize the state of Hamilton’s appearance.

Jill: You look rough.

Hamilton looks down at her clothes then up at her doubtfully, but she doesn’t skip a beat:

Jill cont’d: Get into another fight?

Scout: Fight?

Jill: Yeah, Ham here decided to try and duke it out with one of Rawley’s fine faculty members.

Scout: Let me guess: Mr. Mann.

Hamilton: Yep.

Jill: So I guess everyone knows all the secrets now.

Scout: I guess so.

Hamilton looks at Scout again, wondering what he knows, but not asking.

Jill: Anyway, I wanted to try to patch things up with her, but…

Scout: Do you think we could take a walk?

Jill looks hesitant, but silently accepts.

Hamilton: I’m going to head inside.

Jill: Did you just get home?

Hamilton: Did you?

Jill gives him a displeased look then turns to Scout.

Jill: Walk, right?

Scout nods. Jill nods for him to follow as she walks away. Scout gives Hamilton another glance then walks away without saying anything. Hamilton’s shoulders and head drop a little as he ascends the steps.

(cut to): the hall of the dorm. Scout’s door opens slowly and slightly as Jake carefully peaks her head out. She looks first one way then the other. When she sees that it’s clear, she quickly darts across the hall to her (former) room. She looks around, glancing at Hamilton’s clearly un-slept in bed. She runs a hand through her hair, closing her eyes. She is in this position when the door opens. She turns to find Hamilton entering the room. He closes the door behind him. They face each other: her in her over-sized t-shirt and basketball shorts and bare feet; him in his un-tucked shirt and wrinkled pants and tie-free neck. The less they try to give away to each other, the more they understand each other. The moment seems long.

Jake: I’m just going to grab my shower stuff and some clothes then I’ll be out of your way.

Hamilton: You’re not in my—I thought we agreed that we’d…do you have to move out?

Jake: I guess you talked to Scout.

Hamilton: More like I was berated by him, but yeah.

Jake: I’m sorry if he was rude on my behalf. You shouldn’t feel bad.

Hamilton scoffs. Jake doesn’t know what to make of it.

Hamilton: Of course, I feel bad. Last night…I’ve never seen you so out of control.

Jake: It was a lapse in judgment. That’s all. It’s not going to be a regular occurrence. Believe me.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Still…it makes me think maybe this new arrangement is for the best.

Jake is a little surprised to hear this, but this is only revealed for a brief moment then she merely nods.

Jake: Yeah…definitely. Well…I’ll just get my stuff…and…go…

He nods. She exits into the bathroom to get her stuff. He looks around, uncomfortable in every way.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Sometimes it is impossible to make things right. Other times, it’s impossible not to:

(cut to): the lake. Jill and Scout walk along together in silence.

Jill: Did you just want to walk?

Scout: No…I’m just trying to figure out how to say what I want to say in the least awkward way possible.

Jill: Feel free to be awkward.

Scout: In that case, I’m sorry for walking in on you and Sean last night. I’m sure it was mortifying for you.

Jill nods.

Jill: It was.

Scout: Also, I want you to know that I’m glad it happened.

Jill wrinkles her nose.

Jill: God, why?

Scout: Because it was a great reality check for me. As is this morning…knowing where you came from and what you were doing there…

Jill: I’m regretting the awkward permission.

Scout: I think all those images will be ones that help me see our relationship for what it really is.

Jill: What is it?

Scout laughs softly.

Scout: Over. It’s over, Jill.

She looks down.

Scout cont’d: I mean, you had sex with Sean. What could make the picture clearer for me?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: I used to think it would be you.

Scout watches her closely as she forms her next sentence:

Jill: I used to think we would share this moment where our teenage innocence would melt away and there we would be: the adults who were ready to face the rest of our lives together.

Scout: That’s a beautiful thought.

Jill: But this summer…you and Alyssa…it just made that moment more like a memory of something that would never happen…if you can get what I mean.

Scout nods.

Scout: And I guess I’d given up that hope before summer even began.

Jill nods.

Jill: Well, I don’t have any hard feelings, Scout. I hope you won’t either.

Scout thinks about this. He smiles.

Scout: You know, I don’t know what it is about right now, but I feel really comfortable saying that I don’t.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Good.

Scout: Do you want to go back and see if Jake is up yet?

Jill: Yes. Anything to avoid going back to my room. That place is contaminated now.

(cut to): Alyssa and Jill’s room. Alyssa wakes up, looking around for Hamilton. Instead, she finds a note on the table beside her bed. She picks it up and reads as we read over her shoulder: “Dearest Aly, Thank you for last night. You are more beautiful than the reddest rose. You are more desirable than the sweetest fruit. I cannot wait until I see you, hear you, touch you, taste you, feel you again. Yours, Hamilton.” She smiles and sets the note down, pulling the covers up and closing her eyes again.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And, so, some are forgiven…

(cut to): the boys’ quad. Jill, Jake and Scout sit together talking. Jake looks fairly happy. In fact, they all do.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room. He watches out the window.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …While others are damned.

(cut to): An overhead shot of Rawley Academy for Boys.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Temptation acted upon. Hearts broken. Lives forever changed. This…

(cut to): the girls’ school.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …is sin.

(fade out)




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