Second Opinion


Music: Every Other Time by LFO

(fade in): to an establishing shot of the street in front of Dr. Parker’s office in Carson.

(cut to): Jake’s motorcycle in a parking spot in front of the building.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton sitting in the otherwise empty waiting room.  Jake is in her boy gear and is fidgeting with a button on her jacket.  They’re sitting like any two normal teenaged boys would…a seat apart.  Hamilton looks over at her critically.

Hamilton: Maybe this wasn’t the best time to come here.

Jake looks at him, clearly angry, but doesn’t say anything.

Hamilton cont’d: I said I was sorry.

Jake: You’re not, though.

Hamilton: Well…no, I’m not.  I didn’t do anything wrong.

Jake faces forward again and goes back to toying with the button.  Hamilton looks at her outfit.

Hamilton cont’d: You could have at least changed.

Jake: Maybe you’re the one who needs to change.

(cut to): Scout and Will’s room. 

(cut to): Bella and Scout as they  sit on the couch, not looking at each other.

Bella: I’m sorry.

Scout: Whatever…it’s fine…

Bella: I…I was trying really hard to be into it, Scout.

Scout: Well, gee, thanks.

Bella turns to him.

Bella: I don’t see how you could possibly expect me to enjoy kissing you…when you’re just using me anyway.

Scout looks at her, not defending himself.  He sighs.

(cut to): The newspaper room.  There are several computers on a new computer table along one wall and a new marker board on another wall.  A few other extras, like a layout table, have been added.  The typewriters and original table also remain.  Will and Gwen sit on opposite sides of the table with a lot of papers spread out between them.  Gwen is quickly writing something.  Will watches her.

Will: Gwen—

Gwen: If you say anything else, I may kill you.

He judges her seriousness, but decides to go on.

Will: I didn’t ask you to be my co-editor so that you could challenge me every chance you get.

Gwen: Someone needs to challenge you…if you can’t back up your opinion—

Will: You’re the one who’s having trouble backing up her opinion.

Gwen looks up at him, angry.  She gets up and walks out the room. 

(cut to): Will as he looks disappointed and angry.

Will (voice over): Sometimes I wonder if the story itself is far more interesting than anything I would ever think to say about it.  What’s one opinion really worth anyway?  Maybe your opinion is the one that counts…or maybe hers was. 

(fade out)


Opening Credits (special guest: Dean Cain as Dr. Parker)


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Music: Redundant by Greenday

(fade in): to Dr. Parker’s office.  Jake and Hamilton are still in the same positions as before.  Dr. Parker’s door opens and he walks into the waiting room.  Jake and Hamilton look up.  Dr. Parker sees Jake for the first time.  Hamilton stands up, a little nervous.

Hamilton: Dr. Parker…hi.  This is, um…this is Jacqueline.

Jake stands up and extends her hand.

Jake: Jake…nice to meet you.

Hamilton: Stop.

Jake: Stop what?  I thought you wanted me to be Jake.

Hamilton sighs and turns to Dr. Parker who waits patiently.

Hamilton: Can we do this another day?

Dr. Parker: This isn’t a lunch date, Hamilton…why don’t you two step into my office.

(cut to): his office as he takes a seat in his chair and Jake and Ham sit on the couch.

Dr. Parker: So, Jake…Hamilton tells me the two of you are a perfectly normal couple.

Jake: Well, with a few obvious exceptions.

Dr. Parker: Uh huh…so, why don’t you tell me about, oh, say the past few days.

Jake: Sure.

Hamilton: I don’t really think the past few days have been representative of who we are.

Jake: Or maybe they have been…maybe it’s exactly who we are.

Hamilton: Fine…

Jake: Do you want me to tell him about it?

Hamilton ignores her

Hamilton: It all started when Jill came rushing into my room, looking for Jake.

(flashback to): Hamilton and Dexter sitting at their respective desks working on homework.  The door is opened and they have music playing (Greenday, of course).  Jill rushes in.

Jill: Where’s Jacqueline?

They both turn around in their chairs.  Hamilton’s eyes widen a little.  Dexter turns into his usual quiet, there’s-a-girl-around self.

Hamilton: I’m guessing Jacqueline would be over at the girls’ campus.

Jill: This is like really important, Hamilton.  Think you can help me find her?

Hamilton: I’m actually getting into this graphing thing.  Dexter let me use his calculator to check some of my answers and I actually know what I’m doing so I’d like to finish while I’m on a roll.

Jill crosses her arms.

Jill: My dad’s here…accompanied by Monica Pratt.

Dexter: Pratt?  Like Jake Pratt?

Hamilton stands up.

Hamilton: Why don’t I go help you find Jacqueline?

Jill: Thank you.

Music: Talk Show Host by Flickerstick

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout’s working.  He’s at the cash register as a customer pays.

(cut to): the door as Bella and Sean walk in, carrying backpacks.

(cut to): a shot of the whole place as the customer leaves and Bella and Sean sit at the counter.

Bella: So…tell me why I have to go to student government meetings?

Sean: It’s in your contract.

Bella: Ah, the duties of winning a pageant.  Wait, I have a contract?

Sean laughs.  Scout walks up, placing menus in front of them.

Scout: What can I get you guys to drink?

Sean: Actually…I have to go home for dinner, but I wanted to stop by and say hi.

Scout: Oh…okay…hi.

Sean: You doing okay, bro?

Sean looks at Scout, concerned.  Scout looks at Bella.

Scout: You told him?

Bella: Just…the basics.

Scout: Oh. 

Sean stands up, adjusting his backpack.

Sean: Yeah…and, whatever happened between you and Jill, I think it sucks.

Scout: Thanks; me too.

Sean pats Scout on the shoulder then steps back to go.

Sean: Hey, so…she’s officially available now, right?

This makes Scout smile, which was Sean’s goal.

Sean cont’d: Seriously…I’m sorry things didn’t work out.  I’ll see you guys later.

He exits.

Scout: So…the basics consist of?

Bella: Just that you and Jill broke up.

Scout: Uh-huh…afraid he’d want a second try too?

Bella gives him a dirty, but not entirely angry look.

Bella: That’s not funny. 

Scout: Sorry.

A beat.  She hands him the menu back.

Scout: Cheeseburger?  Coke?

Bella: Chicken sandwich…and Seven Up.

Scout: Okay…

Bella: Scout, I’m kidding…but, just the Coke for now, okay? 

Scout: I’m sorry about that comment.

Bella: Drop it and get me my Coke.

He nods and leaves the counter.

(cut to): the newspaper room.  A few people sit at computers, typing.  Gwen is one of them.  Will walks in and spots her.  He’s carrying a few sheets of paper.  He makes his way over and puts his hand on the back of her chair, leaning down a little.

Will: Can I talk to you a second?

Gwen finishes typing her sentence then looks up at him.

Gwen: Yeah, sure, what’s up?

Will: Outside, okay?

(cut to): the hall as Will and Gwen walk out.  Will closes the door then hands her the paper.

Will: We can’t print this.

Gwen: What?  I thought we agreed that we’d alternate editorials.

Will: Do you know what you wrote?

Gwen: Yes, but…maybe you should give me your version. 

Will: Okay, like two weeks ago, someone blew up the World Trade Center and…you said that was okay.

Gwen: What?  No, I didn’t.

Will (reading): “Response-terrorism is just as evil as the original act itself.  This country and our leaders need to think of a solution that solves the problem, yet doesn’t kill countless more innocent people.” 

Gwen: Yes.  And?

Will: Are you kidding me?  First, you can’t just say the government is wrong…not in a time like this.

Gwen: Yes, you can and the government is wrong, Will. 

Will: You’re wrong, Gwen…and I won’t print it.  We’re printing this instead. 

He hands her a piece of paper.

Gwen: Something you wrote?

He nods; she snatches it, reading the first few lines.  Gwen gives him a disgusted look and walks back into the newspaper room.

Music: Poprocks and Coke by Greenday

(cut to): Hamilton and Jill as they pass Will in the hall.

Hamilton: He looked pissed off about something.

Hamilton turns, possibly to talk to him.

Jill: Will, have you seen Jacqueline?

Will stops and turns toward them.

Will: Uh…yeah…we have last period together.  She said…oh…she said she was going to see you actually, Jill.

Hamilton looks at Jill.  Jill grabs Hamilton’s arm and pulls him back down the hall.

Hamilton: Thanks, Will.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Dr. Parker: Hamilton, you didn’t seem too concerned to reach Jake before she encountered her mother.  Did you want her to get caught?

Hamilton looks at Dr. Parker like it’s a ridiculous question.

Hamilton: No; of course not.

Dr. Parker: But, you like that element of this relationship, don’t you?

Hamilton: Well…

Jake looks at him as he talks.

Hamilton cont’d: In theory, maybe…but I don’t actually want her to get caught.  Jill was just being Jill and freaking out…I was trying to be calm. 

Dr. Parker: Uh-huh.  And Jake, what are your feelings on being discovered?

Jake: Well…I don’t want to get caught either.

Dr. Parker: Why not?  Didn’t you start this whole charade so you would be caught?  So that your mother would notice you?  Isn’t that what you’ve always told Hamilton?

Jake narrows her eyes.

Jake: That’s how it started.  It seems totally crazy to me too…now.  And, I can imagine it seems weird to you too, but—

Dr. Parker: I’m not here to judge weirdness, Jacqueline.  What’s different now? 

Jake: Well…Hamilton.

Dr. Parker: So, you’re doing this for Hamilton?

Jake: I’d do anything for Hamilton…

She looks over at him and their previous argument seems to be on hold.  He smiles.

Jake cont’d: …and I’d do anything to be with him.  He knows that.

Dr. Parker: Does he?

Dr. Parker looks at Hamilton.

Hamilton: I guess.

Dr. Parker: You don’t sound so sure.

Hamilton: Well, before the past few days, I was sure.

Dr. Parker: Why don’t I let you finish that story…either of you.

Jake: Okay…well, I got to the girls’ campus and I saw my mom and Greg.  Luckily they were too busy to notice me.

Music: Poprocks and Coke by Greenday (still playing…now does it make sense?)

(flashback to): Greg and Monica sitting on a bench next to the girls’ campus.

Greg: I’m glad you came.

Monica smiles.

Monica: We should have come to see them before now.

Greg: Oh, I don’t know about that…

Greg smiles then leans in to kiss her.

(cut to): the edge of the trail that leads to the boys’ campus.  Jake stands, slightly hidden and watching her mom and Greg.

Jake: God, first my kitchen…now my school.  What’s next?  Homeroom?

The sound of someone approaching makes her turn around. 

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton as they come jogging up.

Jill: God, there you are.

Jake: Here I am.

Hamilton: Greg and your mom are here.

Jake: Yeah…I saw that.

Jill gives her a puzzled look.  Jake points over to the bench.  Jill, Jake and Hamilton lean forward a little to see.

(cut to): the bench where they continue to talk intimately.  They kiss again.

(cut to): Jill, Jake and Hamilton who all watch.  Jake rolls her eyes.

Jake: What are they doing here?

Jill: Well, your mom said it was because of the World Trade Center thing.

Jake: Oh…

Jake turns back to look at them, rolling her eyes.

Jake: Like we haven’t seen parental making out enough already.

Hamilton: I don’t know, I think it’s cute.

Jake smiles at him and he can’t help smile back.  Jill tries to get them to focus:

Jill: Look, I have a plan.  You sneak into my room…change into something that fits okay…then I’ll get your mom.  She thinks we’re rooming together this year. 

Jake: Why—

Jill: Because, maybe you haven’t noticed, but Gwen and I barely know anyone else, much less know them well enough to borrow their room for some elaborate charade.  So, I told your mom that we were rooming together.  She said she remembered you mentioning it. 

Jake laughs.

Hamilton: The power of suggestion.

Jake: What about Gwen?

Jill: Hamilton is going to keep her busy.

Jake looks at Jill then Hamilton who is giving Jill a dirty look for her phrasing.

Jill: He’s just going to distract her so we can pull this off…for now.

Jake: How long are they staying?

Jill: Well, tonight and tomorrow, but they’re staying at some bed and breakfast on the outskirts of town…and, the dean is out of town…

Hamilton: But, he’s not…oh…I get it.  Okay, Dad is out of town.

Jill: Okay, so…Jake, go around the other way to my dorm…it’s unlocked.  I’ll give you about ten minutes.  Hamilton, make sure you keep Gwen over at your campus until six and we’ll make sure to have the parentals out of here by then. 

They nod and leave in their directed ways.

(fade out)


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Music: Live Through This (15 stories) by Mighty Joe Plum

(fade in): to Dexter as he sits in a chair in his room, reading.  The door is open.  Will walks in.

Will: Hey, Dexter…

Dexter looks up from his book.

Dexter: Will, hey!  I’m glad you’re here.

Will gives him an inquisitive look as he hops up.  He notices Will’s look.

Dexter: Didn’t Gwen tell you?

Will sighs.

Will: Didn’t Gwen tell me what?

Dexter: About those flag designs…Hamilton and I worked on a few ideas and we came up with—well, wait, I’ll show you.

Dexter walks over to his desk and opens a window on his laptop.  He hits a few keys and his printer kicks on, printing something out.  Oh, and “flag” is the jargon way of saying newspaper logo, by the way.

Will: Thanks for being into this.

Dexter smiles.  He adjusts his glasses.

Dexter: I told you, get me a good program and…I’m into it.

The printer finishes printing two sheets.

Dexter cont’d: Okay…let’s see how attuned you and your co-editor are.

Dexter hands him the two pages.  Will looks at both of them.

(cut to): the two logos.  The both express the newspaper’s title: the Rawley Row.  One includes the school crest while the other is in a more modern font.

Will: These are really good, Dex.

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: We didn’t know if you guys wanted something traditional or a little trendier so we tried both…I guess they turned out okay.

Will scrutinizes them for a few more seconds.

Will: I like the one with the crest.

Will holds it up.  Dexter laughs.

Dexter: Gwen picked the other one.  Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Will: Why?

Dexter: Well, I guess we should come up with something you both like.

Will shakes his head, mumbling:

Will: Good luck…

Dexter: What?

Will: Nothing…so, you talked to Gwen, huh?

Dexter looks down, again adjusting his glasses.

Dexter: Hamilton did, actually, but…I was there.

Will laughs.

Dexter cont’d: I know it’s stupid to you, but…you apparently have no idea how beautiful the girls you know are.

Will: Do you know how lucky you are to be a guy?  It doesn’t matter how beautiful a girl is, she usually ends up judging you on personality anyway. 

Dexter: Well, problem number two: I don’t have one.

Will: A personality?

Dexter: Not one that would interest anyone.

Will: Are you kidding?  This insecurity thing could be your angle.  Girls love shyness.

Dexter: I’m not shy…I’m realistic.

Will gives him a “we’re going to do something about this” look.

Music: What I Think by Dezeray’s Hammer

(cut to): Gwen in the newspaper room.  She’s the only one left.  She sits at the table, very slowly tearing a piece of paper into shreds.  Hamilton walks in, leaning on the doorframe.  He watches her a moment.

Hamilton: What are you doing?

He startles her.   

Gwen: God, you scared me.

Hamilton walks in and picks up some of the shreds.

Hamilton: What’s this?  Or, what was it?

Gwen: Will’s editorial.

Hamilton inhales, tilting his head.

Hamilton: Do I even want to know?

Gwen: I was supposed to write the editorial the first time…then we’d alternate.  I did; he hated it…he hated the position I took.

Hamilton: So what?  It’s opinion, right?  He can’t tell you your opinion is wrong.

Gwen: Well, he did.  Besides, if it wasn’t good enough to even make him consider my side…it probably wasn’t very well-written anyway.

Hamilton: I doubt that…you’re way smarter than Will.

Hamilton smiles.  Gwen looks down, then back up at the door.

Gwen: Well, I should probably get back to my room.

Hamilton: Hey, um…before you go…could I read it?  Your editorial, I mean.

Gwen: Where’s Jake?

Hamilton looks defensive.

Hamilton: What?

Gwen: Is he…out of town or something?

Hamilton: Uh…no…he’s hanging with Dexter.

Gwen: And…you’re okay with that?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: Yeah, of course.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Dr. Parker: I’m curious…are you okay with that?

Hamilton: She wasn’t really hanging out with him.

Dr. Parker: But, when she does?

Hamilton looks at Jake, who waits for him to answer.

Hamilton: Am I okay with my girlfriend hanging out with another guy?

Dr. Parker nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Well…would you be?

Jake: See, but that’s what you don’t get, Hamilton.

Hamilton looks at her, clueless.

Jake: Never mind.

Dr. Parker: What doesn’t he get?

Jake takes a deep breath.

Jake: Well, he gave me this whole big speech about how he and I are the only people that really matter…as far as our relationship goes.  But, he can’t feel comfortable with Dexter and I hanging out.  Dexter has no idea I’m a girl. 

Jake looks at Hamilton.

Jake: Gwen, on the other hand, knows you’re a guy.

Dr. Parker: But, she thinks he’s gay, right?  That the two of you are gay?

Jake: Well…

She looks at Hamilton coldly as he looks down.

(flashback to): the newspaper room.  Hamilton is sitting on the table, reading Gwen’s editorial.  Gwen paces in front of him.  Hamilton finishes.

Hamilton: Gwen…this is awesome.

Gwen stops and looks at him.

Gwen: You really think so?

Hamilton: Yeah…you now, my aunt took some great pictures in New York that we could probably run with this.

Gwen: Well, we’re not running it anyway.

Hamilton: Why are you backing down?  If you believe in something, yell it from the rooftops until someone listens.

Gwen: Is that what you and Jake do?

Hamilton: That’s…completely different.

Hamilton looks at her, trying to figure out how to explain this to her.

Music: Coke by Flickerstick

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Bella sits at the counter talking to Scout.

Bella: Really, you don’t see any similarities?

Scout: Okay…Goldie Hawn?  She’s funny.  Meg Ryan?  She hot…blazin’ even.

Bella: Blazin’?

Scout nods.

Scout: Now, take Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner…those are two actors that I get confused.

Bella: Well, that’s an easy one.  Kevin Costner is the one who picks the bad roles.

Scout laughs.

Scout: Water World…

Bella: The Postman…Tin Cup…

Scout: Hey, Tin Cup’s a good movie.

Bella laughs, shaking her head.

Bella: Anyway…I’ve got to get home and get some homework done.

Scout: Who’s manning the garage?  Hamilton?

Bella: Um, Grace today.

Scout: I haven’t seen her in awhile.

Bella: Want me to send her over?

Scout laughs.

Scout: Thanks,

Bella picks up her backpack from the floor and starts to put it on.

Scout cont’d: Hey…stay.

Bella: What?

Scout: This place is more empty than not and…I don’t really like being alone.

Bella: Talk to the cook.

Scout: I’d rather talk to you.

Bella: Homework, remember?

Scout: Then I won’t talk to you.

Bella: Scout…

Scout: You’re the only one treating me normally right now and…you’re the only one that doesn’t make me think of…

Bella: Jill?

Scout takes a deep breath.

Scout: You’re right…totally stup—

Bella: Why don’t I stay and do my homework?

Scout smiles.

Scout: I’ll get you another Coke.

He turns from the counter and Bella watches him, concerned.

(fade out)


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Music: Wish You Were Here by Incubus

(fade in): to where the episode began for Bella and Scout, the couch in Scout’s room.  Bella’s just accused Scout of using her.

Bella: I think I should go.

Scout: Wait…can we just try it again?

Bella: That was us trying it again.  It’s not working, Scout.

Scout: It was working for me.

Bella: Oh, you didn’t think about her for what?  A whole three of the thirty seconds you were kissing me?

Scout looks at her.  He sits back against the couch.

Scout: I’m sorry.  You’re right…I miss her…and…you’ve been doing a great job making me forget that.

Bella: Maybe you shouldn’t forget it.

Scout sighs.

Bella cont’d: What do you think she’s doing right now?

Scout shrugs.

Scout(matter-of-fact): Painting.

(cut to): Jill working on a new piece. 

Scout (voice over): …and she probably has her hair in one of those clips…

Her hair is pulled back in a clip/claw thingy.  A piece of hair has fallen out of it and she turns her head, annoyed by it.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: And there’s this one piece of hair that always falls out and drives her crazy, but she can’t do anything about it because she’s got paint all over her hands.  And she asks me to tuck it behind her ear for her…

Jill sets her brush down and wipes her hands off on a cloth that is hanging on her easel.  She then tucks the hair behind her ear and lets her hand linger there for a moment.

(flashback to): Jill in her room.  Her hair is down and she tucks it behind her ear, thinking. 

Music: City Lights by Lucky Boys’ Confusion

(zoom out): to a wider shot of the room where Jill, Monica, Greg and a girl clothes-clad Jake sit, talking.  Greg and Monica sit together on Jill’s bed.  Jake sits on “her” bed (really Gwen’s) and Jill sits in a desk chair.

Monica: I don’t know why you girls don’t want to sit outside and catch up…it’s such a lovely day…amazingly warm for fall.

Jill: It’s just that my allergies are acting up.

Monica: I see.

Greg gives her a funny look she just shakes her head at him, indicting he should play along.

Greg: You should get that Claritin refilled.

Jill: Yeah, definitely.

Jake: So…Mom, what made a surprise trip seem like…a good idea?

Monica looks at Greg.

Greg: Well, after everything that’s been happening in the city, we wanted to come see you guys, but the, uh, the timing was never right.

He looks over at Monica, smiling. 

Greg cont’d: Anyway, Jacqueline, after I spoke to you the other day…we came as soon as we could.

Jill: What?

Jake: I called my house…he answered…I told him you were moping.

Jill: Oh, gee, thanks.

Jake: You know he’s the only one who can cheer you up when it comes to stuff like this.  I didn’t know he would…

She trails off and looks over at her mom.

Greg (to Jill): I’m sorry I had to hear about you and Scout from Jacqueline.

Jill looks down.

Jill: I wasn’t ready to tell you, okay?

Monica: Maybe Jacqueline and I could go enjoy this weather while the two of you—

Jake and Jill: No!

Monica looks at Greg, confused.

Greg: It’s really better for her allergies if she confronts them head on. 

(cut to): outside as the two of them walk together.

Jill: So, has it been total chaos in the city?

Greg: It’s been a little scary, but…it’s forced Monica and I to spend a lot of time together. 

Jill: Cool…

A beat.

Greg: She landed a role in a new movie.

Jill: What?

Greg: Yeah…it’s a TV mini-series kind of thing.  She starts filming in L.A. next week.

Jill: Are you going with her?

Greg: I don’t know.  Our agent wants me to go in for an audition.

Jill: I didn’t think you wanted to do movies.

Greg: I don’t.

Jill: Well, acting for the sake of love is okay, I guess.  Look at Jacqueline…or should I say “Jake.”

Greg laughs.

Greg: I tried to convince her not to come…Monica.  And, I wanted to call first, but she insisted on it being a surprise.

Jill: Well, it was, but…I’m glad you came.

Greg smiles.

Greg: Want me to go break his legs?

Jill laughs lightly, but looks down.

Greg cont’d: You’re an amazing girl.  There’ll be other boys.

Jill: Yeah…

Greg: …or girls, if you like.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Dad…

She laughs again.

Jill cont’d: I can’t believe you said that.

Greg: I’m an open-minded kind of guy.

Jill: Yeah, it scares me.

She puts her arm around him and they start to walk again.

(cut to): Will’s room.  Dexter sits on the couch and Will sits in a chair.

Will: I’ve got it.  Jill.

Dexter: Huh?

Will: You should try talking to Jill.

Dexter: No way…

Will: She’s the nicest girl around, Dexter and…she could probably use a few compliments right now.

Dexter: And what am I going to say to her?  And when?

Will: Walk over there right now and say “hi, I’m Dexter and you’re a cool girl…so much so that I couldn’t resist walking over here and telling you that.” 

Dexter seems fooled by the simplicity of the plan…just for a moment.  The potential disaster then hits him.

Dexter: I can’t do that.  She’ll laugh in my face.

Will: Knowing Jill…yes, she will, but only because she’ll think it’s…sweet or something.

Dexter: You really think I could just walk over and introduce myself to her?

Will: Absolutely.

A beat.

Dexter: Hey…who’s Jacqueline?

Will raises his eyebrows.

Dexter cont’d: It’s just…Jill came by looking for her.  I know Ham has a girlfriend, but he’s never really mentioned much more than that.  I was wondering if Jacqueline’s the mystery girl.

Will: Uh…you could say that…you could definitely say that.

(cut to): Jake(queline) and her mom in Jill’s room.  Monica is wandering around, looking into things, which makes Jake nervous.  She’s just about to open some notebook that will certainly say Gwen’s name.  Jake notices and hops up to hug her.  Monica is taken off guard.

Jake: I just realized I haven’t hugged you yet!

Monica smiles, a little confused, but hugs Jake back.

Monica: So, where’s Hamilton?

Jake: He’s, um…

Jake steps back and tries to think of something good.

Monica: You two are still…

Jake looks back at her mom.

Jake: Oh, yeah…definitely.

Monica: I would like to see him. 

Jake: It’s just that he’s working with someone on this thing right now…

Monica: Maybe tomorrow then.

Jake: Maybe next time, Mom.

Monica gives her a suspicious look, but doesn’t press further.

Music: Better Than is Was by Fastball

(cut to): the lake.  Gwen and Hamilton walk on a trail, mid-conversation when Gwen stops him.

Gwen: You’re not gay?

Hamilton: No.

Gwen: Hamilton, that doesn’t make sense.  Is this some sort of weird denial?

Hamilton: Well—

Gwen: Because, I’ve seen you kiss Jake…that car ride back from New York…

Hamilton: I’m with Jake.  I love Jake.  I’m in love with Jake, but—

Gwen: You’re not gay?  Yet you’re in love with Jake.  Can you see how I would be having trouble with this?

Hamilton: Yeah, I can.

She waits for him, hoping he may follow that up with an explanation.  He doesn’t speak.

Gwen: Okay, let’s define gay.

Hamilton: Okay.

Gwen: I would say that, if you’re a guy and you’re in love with another guy…then you’re gay.

Hamilton: I agree.

Gwen: And you’re still “not gay?”

Hamilton: Exactly.

Gwen: Good God…where’s the white rabbit?

Hamilton: Huh?

Gwen: Never mind.  Let me think for a second.

She paces in front of him.   Hamilton smiles to himself at her confusion.  She stops, arms crossed in front of her.

Gwen cont’d: Okay.  You, a guy, are in love…how am I doing so far?

Hamilton: Fine, you’re right so far.

Gwen: Alright…you’re in love with Jake, another guy.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows, smiling.

Hamilton: I’m in love with Jake, yes.

Gwen: …and Jake’s a guy.

Her jaw drops as it finally dawns on her.

Gwen: …Jake’s not a guy.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Jake: Why did you tell her, Hamilton?  Huh?

Hamilton: Technically—

Jake: Technically, you wanted her to know you aren’t gay. 

Hamilton: Is that so unreasonable?

He looks to Dr. Parker for backup.

Dr. Parker: Don’t you think that Jacqueline has to sacrifice a lot to be with you?

Hamilton: Yes, and I’m glad she does, but…everyone she wants to know does know—

Jake: Really?  You think I like lying to my mom all the time?  You think I like how it obviously tears you up when you have to lie to your dad?  And, God, now poor Dexter.

Hamilton: Poor Dexter?  Are you kidding? 

Jake looks at him.

(flashback to): Jake and her mom still in Jill’s room.  This happens around the same time as Jill and Greg talking outside.

Monica: And so I think I’ve been able to convince him to audition for the role. 

Jake: That’s nice, Mom.

Monica: The script is actually quite interesting. 

Jake: I’ll bet.

Monica: I have it out in the car…why don’t I go get it?

Jake: Okay.

(cut to): the hall.  Monica walks down the hall, passing Dexter as he walks toward Jill and Gwen’s room.

(cut to): Dexter as he reaches the door and starts to knock.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Two fanfic breaks in a row.  Why not?  It’s like advertising for one TV show in the middle of another, right?  The fic Curse the Darkness by Lauren Eli won both the Best First Person and Best Short Story categories of the SOA’s.  It’s something a little different and that’s a good thing.  This thing is so well written (and it’s not too long so if you haven’t read it, you can now).


Music: Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

(fade in): to Dexter, same place as before the break.  He takes his hand down and doesn’t knock.

Dexter: What was I thinking?

He turns around and starts to walk away, but turns back to the door. He takes a deep breath and rehearses a minute:

Dexter cont’d: I’m Dexter and you’re a cool girl…and I couldn’t resist walking over here and telling you that.  I’m Dexter…you’re cool…you’re a cool girl…a beautiful, cool…Hi, I’m Dexter and…

He stops.

Dexter cont’d: Okay…okay, okay, okay.

He tentatively puts his hand up to the door and knocks then looks down at his feet.  After a moment, the door opens.

(cut to): a shot over Dexter’s shoulder, his head still down, as Jake answers the door. 

Dexter: Hi, I’m Dexter and I just had to come over and tell you—

He looks up.  Jake looks pretty much like a deer in headlights. 

(cut to): Dexter.  He very obviously checks “Jacqueline” out.

Dexter cont’d: You’re not Jill.

Jake closes her eyes slowly as if that will make Dexter disappear.  When she opens her eyes, he’s still standing there, checking her out.  She sighs and sticks out her hand.

Jake: Jacqueline…Pratt.

He takes her hand.

Dexter: Nice to meet you.

She rolls her eyes as he “plays along.”

Dexter: I’m Hamilton’s roommate.

Jake: Yeah, I know Dexter…

She looks at him as she realizes…he doesn’t get it.

Jake: …Hamilton’s told me about you.

Dexter: He talks about you too, but…I never knew your name until today. 

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Dr. Parker: Okay, who is this kid?  Lois Lane?

Hamilton: Pretty much.  Convenient, huh?

Hamilton looks over at Jake.

Jake: Why are you blaming me?  I could have told him everything, but I didn’t.

Hamilton: Whatever…it doesn’t matter.

Hamilton crosses his arms and leans back against the couch.

Jake: If it doesn’t matter…why are you mad?

Hamilton: He got to see you in girl clothes yesterday longer…longer than I have all semester.

Dr. Parker: Do you prefer Jacqueline to Jake?

Hamilton: Is this like your introduction to the “are you gay?” line of questioning?

Dr. Parker: Do you think you’re gay?

Hamilton: We’ve discussed this before.  I’m not gay.

Dr. Parker: So, do you prefer Jacqueline to Jake?

Hamilton: Maybe the distinction seems clear to you, but—

Dr. Parker: Do you prefer to kiss your girlfriend when she’s dressed for the part?

Hamilton: Not really…

Jake looks over at him as he shifts uncomfortably.  Dr. Parker waits for him to go on.  Hamilton sighs and realizes he’s going to have to explain this further.

Hamilton: See…if she’s dressed like this…

He indicates her outfit.

Hamilton cont’d: …it’s not like I don’t want to kiss her.  I always want to kiss her.  If she’d stop looking at me like she wants to kill me, I’d want to kiss her right now.

He looks over at her and her look softens a little.  He sighs, smiling, then looks back to Dr. Parker.

Hamilton cont’d: Kissing her when she’s in the boy gear keeps me focused.

Dr. Parker: What does that mean?

Jake: Yeah…what does that mean?

Hamilton:  I have to concentrate really hard on who I’m kissing.  And, I get really caught up in thinking about that…and her…and…how much I love her.

Dr. Parker: And when she’s in a dress?

Hamilton: Um…I get caught up in…other stuff.

Dr. Parker: So would you say that you’re in love with Jake, but physically attracted to Jacqueline?

Hamilton: You keep saying Jake and Jacqueline like it’s Clark Kent and Superman, but…there just isn’t a distinction like that for me. 

Dr. Parker: What about for you, Jake slash Jacqueline?  Is there a distinction for you?

Jake: I’m just myself when I’m with him.  I’m physically attracted to him and in love with him all at once. 

Dr. Parker: And with everyone else?

Jake: With other people, there is a difference.  There has to be.

(cut to): Dexter and Jake as they walk toward the trail to the boys’ campus.  Jake constantly looks around.

Dexter: I just can’t believe Jake never mentioned having a sister.

Jake shrugs.  She pulls on her hair a little.  This makes Dexter smile.

Dexter: You guys have almost the same hair cut.

Jake: Yeah, well…I wanted short hair and…I couldn’t convince him to grow his out so…

Dexter laughs.

Dexter: Well, you’re both also really cool and…it was very nice to meet you.

Jake smiles and looks at him, a little intrigued.

Dexter: What?

Jake: Nothing…you’re…you’re more laid back than I thought you’d be.

Dexter thinks about that for a second.

Dexter: Yeah…me too.

He sticks out his hand and she shakes it.

Dexter cont’d: Nice to meet you, Jacqueline.

Jake: You too, Dexter.

He smiles then walks off down the trail, looking pretty pleased with himself.  Jake watches him a moment, shaking her head then takes off back toward the girls’ dorm.

Music: Have You Ever… by Incubus

(cut to): Hamilton and Gwen as they reach Rawley again.  Will is walking out the door.  They all stop.  Will and Gwen look a little uncomfortable.

Will: So, did you read what I wrote?

Gwen: Uh-huh.

Will looks at her then at Hamilton.

Hamilton: Hey, don’t look at me like that.

Will: Like what?

Hamilton: Like you’re trying to get me on your side.  I’d prefer to stay outside the ring.

Will looks back at Gwen.

Will: So, I assume you still disagree with me?

Gwen: Not only that, but I still think you’re wrong.

Will: I can’t print what you wrote as representing the opinion of the paper.

Gwen: Well, you know what?  I can’t print what you wrote as representing the opinion of the paper.

Will: You think it’s your decision?

Gwen: Do you think it’s yours and only yours?

Hamilton takes a seat on the steps and shakes his head.

Will: Why can’t you just accept my decision?

Gwen: Because it’s a bad one?

(cut to): Dexter as he comes running up.

Dexter: Will…hey, Will…you won’t believe…

When he reaches them he stops.  Will seems glad for the save.  He turns to Dexter, abandoning his discussion with Gwen.

Will: So, how’d it go, Dex?

Dexter: Um…

He looks at Gwen.  Hamilton stands up.

Hamilton: How’d what go?

Dexter looks at him, assuming his typical uncertainty.  He looks at Will.
Dexter: Jill wasn’t there, but her roommate was.

Gwen: What are you—

Hamilton gives Gwen a silencing look.  He takes a deep breath.

Hamilton: Her roommate?

Dexter smiles.

Dexter: Your girlfriend…

Will looks at Hamilton, perplexed.

Dexter cont’d: …Jake’s sister.

All three of them look at him like he’s lost it, but Hamilton pulls it together.

Hamilton: Well, I’m glad you finally got to meet her.

Dexter: Yeah…me too.  Anyway, I’ve got to work on those graphics a little more.

Hamilton: Why?  I thought we—

Will: Gwen and I didn’t pick the same one.

Gwen: Imagine that.

Will: Believe me, I wasn’t surprised.

Dexter looks at Hamilton then sneaks away.

Hamilton: You know what, I’m putting you two in separate corners for now, okay?  You scared the kid away.  Gwen, let’s go inside.  Will, go take a walk.  You guys will meet again tomorrow and work everything out. 

They both look at him, not pleased he’s taken control.

Hamilton: Whoa…or I could go inside and watch the celebrity death match that’s about to ensue through a window.

Will: Tomorrow is fine with me, but…I’m not changing my mind.

She gives him a challenging look.

Gwen: Me either.

Hamilton looks back and forth between them.

Music: Looking Outside My Window by Dezeray’s Hammer

(dissolve to): an establishing shot of Friendly’s.  Bella sits at a booth working on homework.  Scout serves a couple their meals then walks back to the counter.  Will walks in and sits down at the counter.  He looks angry and doesn’t greet Scout or Bella.  They look at each other and Scout indicates that he’s got it.

Scout: Good afternoon, Sir.  What can I get you?

Will looks up, frustrated.

Will: A way to fire my co-editor?

Scout looks over at Bella who looks concerned.

Will cont’d: She’s driving me crazy.

Scout: You can’t work with someone you’re in love with.

Will: I’m so not in love with her…I’m not even sure I like her anymore.

Bella gets up now and walks over.

Bella: What happened?

Will: We don’t agree on anything.  We fight over which stories to do.  Dexter came up with two different logo designs and—

Scout: She liked one…

Bella: …you liked the other.

Will: We’re just too different to—

Bella: Will, are you kidding?  You’re exactly alike.

Will looks at her, not believing it.  He looks to Scout.  Scout nods in agreement with Bella.

Scout: You’re both self-involved over-achievers who have trouble negotiating because you automatically assume you’re right.

Will looks at Bella and she nods in agreement with Scout.

Will: Well, if we’re so much alike, only one of us needs to be editor.

He looks down at his menu.  Bella and Scout look at one another, shrugging.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Ian, random photo shop effects and the Roswell font a dangerous combination. 


Music: Minority by Greenday

(fade in): to Hamilton and Gwen sitting in the newspaper room.  Gwen is working on homework and Hamilton is sitting at a computer using Photoshop to work on a photograph of the lake.

Gwen: So, I’m sequestered here until…what time again?

Hamilton: Six…

Gwen looks at her watch.

Gwen: Close enough. 

She gets up and gathers her stuff.

Hamilton: Wait a second…

Gwen: What?  It’s like three ‘til six.  By time I—

Hamilton: No, that’s not what I meant.

He abandons the computer and walks over to her.

Hamilton: Thanks for being open-minded…you know, about Jake. 

Gwen nods.

Gwen: Why did you tell me? 

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Dr. Parker: I know I’m on the edge of my seat.

Jake laughs.

Hamilton: I like her.

Jake stops laughing.

Hamilton cont’d: I know it’s not exactly my secret, but…it’s as much mine as yours, Jake…now anyway.  We are in this together…I think.

Jake: Yes, we are, Hamilton, but…you like her?

Dr. Parker laughs and they look at him.

Dr. Parker: Sorry…the overwhelming normalcy of this relationship is beginning to amuse me.  Why don’t we get back to your mother, Jacqueline?  Were you able to get her out of the dorms by six?

Jake: Uh…

(flashback to): Jill and Jake standing at their door as Greg and Monica walk off down the hall.  They close the door and lean against it, relieved.

Jill: Oh my God.

Jake: I know.

Jill: I told my dad never to come without calling again.

Jake: They’re coming back tomorrow on their way out of town.

Jill: I know. 

Jake: You know, it’s funny how my mom can act like spending three hours with me is some huge event. 

Jill: I’m sorry that…

Jill walks toward the middle of the room.  She doesn’t go on.

Jake: What?

Jill: You know, that she’s…spending so much time with him.

Jake: Your dad?

Jill nods.

Jake cont’d: Why are you sorry?

Jill: Well, she finally got a clue, you know?  You can’t treat people like crap, but—

Jake: You know what?  I’m happy for her so…let’s just drop it, okay?

Jill nods.  A beat.

Jill: So…Dexter, huh?

Jake: Oh…why are you saying it like that?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: I bet he was cute.  I’m surprised he managed to talk to you.

Jake: Yeah.  You know, he came to see you?  Sounded like he had some big speech worked out for you.

Jill raises her eyebrows.

Jill: Really?

Jake: Yeah…and instead, he got me…Jacqueline…Jake’s twin sister…oh God…

Jill laughs.

Jill: Wait…he didn’t figure it out?  God…he’s worse than Hamilton.  I thought when you mentioned him stopping by…you meant he’d found out.

Jake: No…no, nothing in my life could be that simple.

Jill: He thinks you’re your own twin?

Jake: Uh-huh…

Jill laughs.

Jill: That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.  And I thought Gwen was clueless.

A beat.

Jake: Oh my God…what time is it?

(cut to): Gwen and Hamilton as they walk toward the girls’ dorm.

Gwen: So, this has been an interesting day.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Tell me about it.

Gwen: I think Will’s going to fire me.

Hamilton: Will’s a good guy.  He’ll get it together.

(cut to): Will and Bella as they walk across the street from Friendly’s to the garage.

Will: So, you and Scout seem to be getting close again.

Bella: He’s just really down right now.

Will: It’s been a couple of weeks.

Bella: Oh, right, I forgot…standard time to get over it: a couple weeks

Will: He doesn’t seem that broken up is all I’m saying.

Bella: Well, sometimes you fake it, Will.

Will turns to her, stopping her just as they reach the door of Bella’s house.

Will: Bella, I’m really sorry—

Bella: I didn’t mean me…and I didn’t mean now.

Will looks at her.

Bella: Okay? 

Will nods.

Bella: I meant more that…maybe you should think twice before telling him how you sent the new kid over to introduce himself to Jill.

Will: Hey, he laughed.

Bella raises her eyebrows.

Will cont’d: Which is your point…

A beat.

Bella cont’d: And, I think you should take Hamilton’s advice and sit down and talk everything over with Gwen.  I’m sure you guys can come to some agreement.

Will doesn’t look so sure.

Music: Maria by Greenday

(flash forward to): where we met Will and Gwen when the episode started.  Gwen has just walked out and Will is still looking out the door.  He gets up and slams his chair under the desk. 

Will: God…

He slams his notebook closed on the desk.  He looks around, frustrated.

Will: I can’t take this…

Finn: Can’t take what?

Finn appears in the doorway and Will looks up, a little guilty.

Finn cont’d: What are you doing here on a Saturday night, Mr. Krudski?

Will: Venting.

Finn: So, is your first issue about ready to roll?

Will: Um…not really.

Finn: What’s the problem?  You’ve been working on it for nearly two weeks.

Will: It’s almost ready.  I guess everything is ready except the editorial and the flag…well, and the section headings because Dex and Hamilton are going to—

Finn: Doesn’t really sound like “almost.”

Will: The truth is, Finn…I’m having some trouble with Gwen.

Finn: Mr. Krudski, do I need to remind you to keep personal matters outside—

Will: It’s not personal…it’s business.  We’re having trouble agreeing on…everything.  I don’t think asking her to be my co-editor was the best idea.  At least if she was assistant editor I could just have the final call and be done with it.  But, she feels like she has the right to challenge everything decision I make.

Finn: She does.

Will: She wrote this editorial…I have a copy of it.

He pulls the paper from the desk and hands it to Finn.  Finn reads a few sentences.

Finn: A fellow writer, I see.

Will: Really?  You think it’s well-written?

Finn: You don’t?

Will: I don’t know…I guess I didn’t really pay attention to the writing. 

Finn nods as if he doesn’t have to speak to get Will to understand his point.  He goes back to reading.

(fade out)


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Music: Everytime I Look for You by Blink 182

(fade in): to Jake and Jill’s room.  Jill is working on her newest painting.

Jill: Hurry up; she’ll probably be back any minute.

Jake (from the bathroom): I’m trying.

The door unlocks and Gwen and Hamilton walk in.

Jill (loudly): Oh, Gwen…Hamilton.  Hi.

Gwen gives her a weird look for being loud.

Hamilton: Where’s Jake?

Jake walks out of the bathroom, back in her boy gear.

Hamilton: Damn.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: I was hoping to catch you in a dress.

Jake’s eyes widen at the comment.  She glances at Gwen then back at Hamilton. 

Hamilton: Oh…she knows.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Jake: “She knows”…like it’s not a big deal.  Like, “oh, Jake, by the way…I just told this girl that you barely know your biggest secret.”

Hamilton: I didn’t tell her, she figured it out.

Dr. Parker: But, you wanted her to know?

Hamilton: Yeah, I guess I did.

Dr. Parker: We never did resolve that…why did you want her to know?

Hamilton: Like I said, I like her.  I trust her.  And…

He turns to Jake.

Hamilton cont’d: …it’s not just your biggest secret, you know?

Jake: Hamilton, yes it is.

Hamilton: That’s not fair.

Dr. Parker: Were you uncomfortable because she thought you were gay?

Hamilton: No.  Yes.  I don’t know.  It’s more like I didn’t want her to think something about me that wasn’t true. 

Jake: What about Dexter?

Hamilton: What about him?

Jake: He doesn’t think you’re gay…do you want to tell him the truth?

Hamilton: He knows the truth.

Jake: Oh really?  And which version of the truth would that be? 

Hamilton: He knows that I’m dating a wonderful girl named Jacqueline.

Jake: Exactly.  He knows your truth.

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: Fine, tell him your truth then.

Jake: No.

Hamilton: Why not?

Jake: I liked…never mind.

Dr. Parker: You liked what?

Jake: I liked that he just thought of me as a girl.  Not a girl with weird issues and big secrets.

Dr. Parker: But, isn’t that the real you?

Jake: Maybe I want to be able to pretend that it isn’t…

Hamilton: Yeah, well, maybe you and Dexter should—

Jake: Shut up, Hamilton…maybe you and Gwen should.

Hamilton: I don’t want to be with Gwen.

Jake: Well, I don’t want to be with Dexter.

They look at each other.

Dr. Parker: Well, I think my work is done here.

They both look at him.  He laughs.

Dr. Parker: So, does someone want to finish the story?

Hamilton: Jake stormed out.  I didn’t know where she went so I went back to the dorms.

Music: Damage by Athenaeun

(flashback to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  They’re at Dex’s computer working on the design.  The door is open.

Hamilton: If we can just come up with something they both like, maybe they’ll get over this whole dissention of power problem.

Dexter: I think this may do the trick…

Dexter uses the mouse to adjust something.  Jake walks in the room and leans against the door.  She clears her throat.  Dexter and Hamilton look back at her.

Dexter: Jake, dude, I met your sister today.

Jake: Cool…

She tries to be interested, but looks over at Hamilton who is concentrating on the screen.

Dexter: I went over to talk to Jill.

Jake: And did you?

Dexter: No, she wasn’t around.  I just can’t believe no one mentioned you have a sister…who rooms with Jill.

Jake: Yeah, well…sometimes, some of us miss the obvious around here.

Hamilton turns around.

Hamilton: What’s that supposed to mean?

Scout: What’s what supposed to mean?

Scout peeks his head into the room, still wearing his Friendly’s uniform.  Jake and Hamilton give him dirty looks.

Scout: Sorry…didn’t know it was a private conversation. 

Jake and Hamilton look annoyed.

Scout cont’d: You know what?  I actually stopped by to talk to Dexter so maybe the two of you could get out of here.

Jake raises her eyebrows and Hamilton nods and they leave. 

(cut to): the hall.  Jake and Hamilton exit and Hamilton closes the door.

Hamilton: Listen—

Jake: Not tonight, Hamilton…I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?

Hamilton: But, Jake…

Jake: Tomorrow.

She walks off toward her room.  Hamilton doesn’t know what to say in protest.  A few guys walk out of a room, which kills any chance Hamilton had. 

(cut to): inside the room.  Dexter looks a little unsure of what Scout would want with him.  Scout’s taken a seat on Hamilton’s bed.  Dexter tries to wait for Scout to begin, but when it doesn’t happen:

Dexter: Um…so…what’s up?

Scout: Will told me that you tried to use Jill as a guinea pig in your little “talking to girls” experiment.

Dexter: Will said that?  It wasn’t like that at all, Scout…honest. 

Scout isn’t really angry.  He sits down.

Scout: What was it like?

Dexter: Well, I was just going to say hi and that she’s cool…Will thought she could use some flattery right now and…

Scout: But, you never saw her, right?

Dexter: No…just met Jake’s sister.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Dr. Parker: Let me guess, Captain Oblivious ruined your cover?

Hamilton: Well, he’d talked to Will.

Jake: Yeah, so he played along.  Poor Scout, though.

Dr. Parker: Why’s that?

Hamilton: He basically ended up giving Dexter a few tips on what to say to Jill if he ever got the nerve to actually go talk to he.

Dr. Parker: Why would he do that?  Isn’t he still in love with Jill?

Hamilton: As far as we know…

Music: Echo by Incubus

(cut to): Scout’s room.  He and Bella sit on the couch again. 

Bella: Do you like her paintings?

Scout: They’re amazing.

A beat.

Scout cont’d: God, I’m so stupid.

Bella doesn’t say anything.

Scout cont’d: Don’t you want to know what about?

Bella: I have a few guesses.

He looks at her, hurt for a moment until she smiles, causing him to laugh.

(flashback to): the interrupted scene with Scout and Dexter.  It’s progressed a little.

Scout: And, you can compliment her looks pretty much anytime unless it’s early in the morning because…she’ll call you a liar.  But, that’s really when I think she’s the most attractive.  Oh, and her favorite color is green, but she won’t admit it.  She’ll tell you it’s black, but go on to point out that black technically isn’t just one color…it’s all colors. 

Dexter listens, but looks pretty uninterested.

Scout cont’d: I told you already about her obsession with Roswell, right?

Dexter nods.

Scout cont’d: I can’t figure out if it’s Max or Michael that she has a crush on…but it’s one of them.  She would never admit that either…except maybe to Jake. 

Dexter looks at Scout inquisitively about that statement.

Scout cont’d: Did I say Jake?  I meant Jacqueline.  Well, she’s really close to both of them…uh, anyway…favorite foods—

Dexter: You know…I think this is plenty, Scout.  Besides, I just want to strike up a brief conversation, not…you know.  I mean, it’s not like I like her or anything…

Scout: Why wouldn’t you like her?

Dexter: Oh, I would…I mean, I don’t know her…

Scout: Well, that’s why I’m telling you about her.

Dexter adjusts his glasses.

Dexter: I’m not so sure about that.

Dexter gets up as Scout watches.

(flash forward to): Scout and Bella.  Bella laughs.

Scout: What?

Bella: Okay, I’ve met that Dexer guy and…I really don’t think he’s Jill’s type.

Scout shrugs.

Bella cont’d: But, he was right, wasn’t he? 

Scout: …I guess he was.

Bella: I don’t think she needs you pimping her out, Scout.

Scout: I know that.  It was just nice to talk about her, that’s all…with someone who…

Bella: What?

He looks at her.

Scout: With someone who doesn’t feel sorry for me…someone like you.

Bella: Who says I don’t feel sorry for you?

Scout: You don’t.

Bella smiles.

Bella: No, I don’t…at least, I don’t think I do. 

Scout: What do you mean?

Bella: Well…I don’t really feel sorry for you, but I do want to do what it takes to get you to perk up.  It’s not based on pity…just the need for pleasant company.

Scout smiles.

Scout: Well, I hope you’ve found it successful.

Bella smiles.

(fade out)


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Music: She by Greenday

(fade in): to the dock.  This takes place just after the scene with Will and Finn.  Gwen is there and she paces around, trying to calm down.

Gwen: He thinks he’s so smart…God…

Finn: He is smart.

(cut to): the trail leading to the dock.  Finn walks toward her.

Finn: What are you doing out here, Miss Vaughn?

Gwen: Venting.

Finn: To the fish?

Gwen: Something like that.  What are you doing out here?

Finn: Will said he thought you’d be out here.

Gwen: Will?  He doesn’t know anything about me.

Finn smiles.

Finn: He was right…

Gwen: So what? 

Finn: …you know…for once.

Gwen smiles.

Gwen: For once…exactly.

Her smile fades.

Gwen cont’d: Did he send you out here to fire me?

Finn: You think that because he hired you, he can fire you?  I’m the faculty advisor, Miss Vaughn.  I make those decisions and…I think that you and Will make an amazing team.

Gwen: Are you kidding?  We can’t agree on anything.

Finn: Which is why it’s so perfect.  Brilliance comes out of compromise.

Gwen: So…if he didn’t send you out her to fire me…

Finn: It’s getting dark…he was worried.

Gwen: Yeah, right. 

Finn: He’s got a big ego, but…also a big heart.  Give him some time…he’ll prove it.

Gwen nods.  She takes a deep breath and starts to walk inside.

Finn: Oh, and Miss Vaughn?

Gwen turns around.

Finn cont’d: You’re a great writer.

Gwen blushes.

Gwen: Thank you.

(cut to): Scout and Bella, still in Scout’s room on the couch.  Scout has just explained to her what happened with Dexter and they discussed Bella not feeling sorry for him.

Bella: So, can I ask you something?

Scout nods.

Bella cont’d: Was it because of Dexter?  You know…us…tonight.

Scout takes a deep breath.

Scout: She kissed him.

Bella: Jill?

Scout nods; Bella looks perplexed.

Bella cont’d: When did that happen?  How did that happen?

Scout: This afternoon…

(flashback to): Jill and Jake in the back of Jake’s mom’s car.  Greg is driving and Monica sits quietly in the front seat.  Jill and Jake  are able to talk quietly without being heard.

Jill: So, did you and Hamilton work everything out?

Jake: Nope.

Jill: If she didn’t know, he’d have had to distract her again today. 

Jake: I’m sure he’d be disappointed.

Jill: Jacqueline…

Jake: What?

Jill: Just…don’t okay?

Music: Comfort by Athenaeum

(flash forward to): Dr, Parker’s office.

Jake: And then we got to the restaurant and had an okay meal.  Greg and Mom talked a lot and told us what was happening in the city.  It was nice to catch up.  It was nice to hear my mother actually sounding concerned and not just talking about herself.  Then they dropped us off and headed back to the city.  Mom didn’t ask about Hamilton again…I guess she could tell something was up.  Jill was pretty down the whole time.

Hamilton: Well, I wonder why…

Jake: Are you blaming me?

Hamilton: Well, let’s look at this.  She recently broke up with her boyfriend because he was kissing some other girl.  Now, here you are whining about your boyfriend and some other girl when you know that he would never never ever do something like that.

Dr. Parker: Has jealousy always been such an issue for the two of you?

They look at each other, considering the question.

Jake: It probably started this summer…when I was away.  Hamilton hung out with people that he hadn’t really hung out with before.

Dr. Parker: Girls.

Jake nods.

Hamilton: And Jake was off in some other country partying with British guys.

Jake: And, I thought we established trust, but…

Hamilton: …obviously we didn’t.

Dr. Parker: I feel like you’re each wondering why the other person doesn’t trust you while at the same time mistrusting that person.  Often when someone is so untrusting, it’s an indicator that that person can’t be trusted.

Jake and Hamilton both start to protest.

Dr. Parker cont’d: I’m not saying that’s the case here.  I’m simply stating that this is a matter of mixed signals.  “Trust me, but I don’t trust you” isn’t a winning combination.  And, the declaration “I trust you” quickly loses it’s meaning when there’s the bigger theme of mistrust.  Hamilton, when you told Gwen that Jake is really…Jacqueline—

Hamilton: She figured it out.

Jake rolls her eyes.

Dr. Parker: When you assisted so profusely in the discovery, you betrayed a trust.

Jake looks at him like “I told you so.”

Dr. Parker: And, Jacqueline, this relationship began with you betraying Hamilton’s trust in his friend Jake.

Jake looks down.  Hamilton takes one of her hands.

Hamilton: You know, I don’t care about that.

Dr. Parker smiles.  Jake looks over at Hamilton.

Jake: I do trust you Hamilton.  It’s just that when I see you with other girls, I don’t exactly trust my ability to keep your interest.

Hamilton: What about look-at-me-I-can-hack Dex?  He might seem ridiculously harmless to this relationship, but…sometimes when the three of us are in a room together…I feel like you don’t even see me.

(flashback to): Dexter and Hamilton’s room.  Hamilton sits in a chair, trying to read.  Jake and Dexter are at Jake’s desk.  Dexter is typing.

Jake: Just, let me try.

Dexter: No.

Jake: Come on…

She tries to seize control of the laptop, but he wraps his arms around it, laughing.

Dexter: Dude, no.  I’ve got it under control.

Jake laughs.  Hamilton looks up from his book.

Hamilton: So, Jake…how was lunch with your mom?

Jake looks over at him.

Jake: Huh?

Hamilton: Never mind…

Dexter: He said how was lunch with your mom.

Jake: Oh, it was okay.  Mom was talking about the city.  I couldn’t tell if she was acting or genuinely broken up about it…probably a little of both.

Dexter: And what about Jacqueline?

Jake: Oh…she had an okay time too.  I think she was a little distracted.  She and Hamilton are having a little bit of a fight.

Dexter: I was wondering why you’re here so much…considering your girlfriend is so close and all.

Hamilton looks up at Jake.

Hamilton: Closer than you realize, Lois.

Jake gives him a very dirty look, but before Dexter even has time to consider the comment, Gwen walks in.  She looks nicer than usual.  Her hair is pulled up half way into a barrette. 

Hamilton cont’d: Gwen, hey.

Gwen: Hey.

She looks at Jake a little apologetically.  Jake turns back to the computer.  Hamilton walks over and picks up something off of Dexter’s printer, not looking at Jake.

Hamilton: I’ll walk down to the newspaper room with you.  You’re meeting Will in a little while, right?

Gwen nods and they exit.

Music: Absent by Neve

(cut to): Will and Bella as they ride in Will’s car.

Will: So, tell me why I’m taking you to see Scout again?

Bella: He called and asked if I wanted to hang out.

Will: Aren’t you supposed to be working today?

Bella: I got Grace to cover for me.

Will: It doesn’t strike you as a little…odd?

Bella: What?

Will: That Scout calls and you’re willing to just drop everything to come see him?

Bella: Well, believe it or not, Will…working at the garage isn’t my preferred way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Will: Do you like him, Bella?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Scout?

Will: No, Shane West.

Bella: Who?

Will shakes his head, laughing.

Will: Yes, I meant Scout.

Bella: In that case, no…not like that.

Will: So, you just feel sorry for him?

Bella: Why would I feel sorry for him?

Will: I don’t know…the whole girlfriend dumping him thing.

Bella: He could have given her a fuller explanation, Will. 

A beat.

Bella cont’d: I feel sorry about the part I played in everything…I should have never let him kiss me. 

Will: Would it have made a difference if…you’d liked it?

Bella looks out the window.

Will cont’d: You didn’t like it?

Bella looks back at him.

Bella: I was trying so hard not to that…I’m not sure if I really did or not.

Will looks at her again then tries to concentrate on the road.

(fade out)


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Music: Walking Contradiction by Greenday

(fade in): to the newspaper room.  Hamilton is playing with his camera and Gwen paces around.

Hamilton: So…you liked the design that Dex and I came up with, right?

Gwen: Yes.  I actually liked it better than the other one I picked out.

Hamilton: I think Will will like it too.

Gwen looks at him skeptically, but he’s still concentrating on the camera.  He takes a roll of film from his pocket and puts it in.  He holds up the camera to Gwen.

Gwen: What are you doing?

Hamilton: Mug shot.

Gwen: Excuse me?

Hamilton stands up.

Hamilton: Go stand against the wall.

She still doesn’t really get it.

Hamilton cont’d: It’s for your column. 

Gwen: I don’t have a column.

Hamilton: Well, you will eventually and…you look nice today.

She squints at him as he holds the camera up.

Hamilton cont’d: You did it on purpose, didn’t you?

Gwen: Hamilton…

Hamilton: No, I think it’s a good plan.  It’ll definitely distract him.  You should wear your hair your like that more often. 

She doesn’t really look amused.

Hamilton cont’d: And the lip gloss…that’s cute.

She doesn’t crack a smile.

Hamilton cont’d: Is it flavored?  Huh?  Strawberry?  No, wait…you’re more of a Vanilla kind of girl…

She smiles and he takes her picture.

Gwen: Hey.

Hamilton cont’d: …and, if I remember correctly…that’s Will’s favorite ice cream flavor.

She blushes at this comment and he takes another picture.

Hamilton cont’d: Hmm…I think for the column you should look more serious.  Pretend I’m Will. 

She laughs for a second then looks up at the door.

Hamilton cont’d: There you go.

She looks back at Hamilton as he takes a picture.

Hamilton cont’d: I don’t know, that might have been a little too…pissed.

Will clears his throat and Hamilton turns around.

Hamilton: Oh…Will.

He turns to Gwen.

Hamilton cont’d: We’ll work on this more later, ok?

He smiles and gives her a covert thumbs up.  As he walks past Will:

Hamilton cont’d: I’m going to get you too.

He holds up the camera threateningly then walks out.  Will gives Gwen an inquisitive look.

Gwen: Mug shots.

Will nods.  He takes a deep breath, trying to smile.

Music: I Would by Laura Dawn

(cut to): Hamilton, now in the dorms, as he walks down a hall.  Jill walks out from another hall and almost runs into Hamilton.

Hamilton: Hi.

Jill: Where’s Jacqueline?

Hamilton: Um, my room I think…with Dexter.

Jill: You guys still fighting?

Hamilton nods then laughs.

Hamilton: We’re going to see Dr. Parker today.

Jill: That should be interesting.

Hamilton nods, looking a little worried.

Jill: So, want to walk up to your room with me?

Hamilton: Uh…nah…I’m going to go watch some TV in the common room.

Jill: You do know that you two aren’t allowed to break up?  It’s a rule.

Hamilton: Well…duh…I invented that rule.

He smiles and she rolls her eyes.

Jill: See ya, Ham.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office.

Dr. Parker: Do you feel that it’s a rule, Hamilton?  That you and Jacqueline can’t break up?

Hamilton: Okay, I think I know where you’re going with that, so…no.  It’s not really a rule.  It’s just a feeling.

(flashback to): Hamilton as he walks toward the common room.  He stops at the door.

(cut to): inside the common room.  Bella and Scout sit on a couch in front of a TV playing video games.  They’re laughing and seem to be having a good time.

(cut to): the hall as Hamilton starts to turn away from the venture.  He almost runs into Jill who also sees the scene.

Hamilton: Jill.

(cut to): Scout and Bella as they look up.

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton as Jill walks away.  Hamilton looks at them like “sorry guys.”

(cut to): Jake and Dexter, still at his laptop.  Dexter is still at the keyboard.

Dexter: So, Jake…I haven’t heard you mention a girlfriend.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker’s office. 

Dr. Parker: And, Jake…do you feel like you can’t break up with Hamilton?

Jake raises her eyebrows.

Jake: Is that a trick question?

Dr. Parker: Why does it sound like a trick?

Jake: Well, because, of course I feel like I can’t break up with Hamilton.

Hamilton looks at her, worried.

Jake cont’d: And, I like that feeling.  Despite everything…I can’t imagine not being with him.  He’s probably the most important thing I’ve ever had.

Hamilton: Careful…it sounded like you were about to steal my speech.

Jake: Yeah, well, you stole it from Ben Affleck.

(flashback to): Jake walking down to the hall to her room.  As she reaches the door,  Hamilton walks up.

Hamilton: Have you seen Jill?

Jake: Yeah, her timing is perfect.  She came over to talk to Dexter just as he was asking me if I had a girlfriend.  I thought about telling him yes just to see what you’d look like in a dress, but…then I was afraid you might look better than I did.

Hamilton laughs, momentarily forgetting about Jill.

(flash forward to): Dr. Parker.

Dr. Parker: So, I take it you share similar sentiments, Hamilton? 

Hamilton: What?  That this relationship is important to me?

Dr. Parker nods.

Hamilton: See…this…

He takes Jake’s hand.

Hamilton: …this is my world.  This is where I focus most of my energy.  Sometimes it makes me tired and frustrated and…in need of therapy, but…I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Dr. Parker smiles.

Dr. Parker: Okay.

(cut to): Scout and Bella.  They’re in his room and Scout is relating the story of how he happened to see Jill and Dexter kiss.

Bella: So, when you went upstairs…after she came by the common room…

Music: Easy Tonight by Five for Fighting

(flashback to): Dexter sitting on his bed, looking nervous as Jill sits next to him.  This is after Jake left to go back to her room.  Dexter isn’t saying anything and you can bet he hasn’t been.

Jill: So, Jacqueline said you came by to see me yesterday.

Dexter looks anywhere but at her, nodding slightly.

Jill: What for?

Dexter: J-just to say hi.

Jill: That’s really sweet, Dex.

She puts her hand on his leg.  He looks at it, then her.  He swallows hard as he looks at her.

Dexter: You really do have beautiful eyes.  He was right.

She smiles for a second, surprised he’s spoken…and managed to compliment her.  Her expression changes as Dexter struggles to keep it together.

Jill: Who was right?

Dexter: Uh…never mind.

Jill: Who?

Dexter: Jake.

Jill: Scout?

Dexter looks at her.

Jill: Please?

Dexter nods.

Dexter: Yeah…Scout. 

Jill looks angry for a second, but the look fades.  She moves her hand from his leg to his chin, making him look at her.  He looks really uncomfortable.  She leans toward him, quickly kissing him.  His eyes are still opened as she continues to kiss him.  He closes his eyes and lets her kiss him, not brave enough to return the kiss. 

(cut to): the hall by Jake’s door.  She and Hamilton still talk, not looking quite as mad as before.  Scout walks by.  He stops and looks at Hamilton.

Scout: Where’s Jill?

Hamilton: Maybe you should just—

Jake: She’s in Dexter’s room.

Scout walks off.

Hamilton: What are you doing?

Jake: Scout wanting to see Jill is a bad thing?

Hamilton just shakes his head, looking frustrated.  He turns toward his room just as Scout opens the door, without knocking.

(cut to): a shot from his point of view of Jill kissing Dexter.  They stop when the door opens.

(cut to): Scout as Hamilton walks up behind him.  Hamilton and Jill share a look.  Scout just turns away and walks off.

(flash forward to): Scout and Bella.

Bella: So, she was basically using him?

Scout: Well, I didn’t think of it like that at first.

Bella: You didn’t think that she was kissing him because she misinterpreted what she saw in the common room?  You thought that she actually liked that Dexter kid?

Scout shrugs.

Bella cont’d: God…and now you’re doing the same thing to me.

Scout: Well, you know…you didn’t put up such a fight.

Bella: Scout, that is so unfair. 

Scout: Sorry…

Bella: I mean, yes, I admit that I wanted to try kissing you again…that I wasn’t sure.

Scout looks at her.

Scout: Really? 

Bella: I was trying really hard not to be into it that first time…kissing someone else’s boyfriend isn’t at the top of my list of turn ons, but…tonight, I was trying and…

Scout: …you realized that Scout Calhoun isn’t at the top of that list either…

(flashback to): Scout and Bella as they walk into Scout and Will’s room.  This is just before where we met them at the beginning of the episode.

Scout: So…you look really great today.

Bella gives him an inquisitive look.

Bella: So, did you have a chance to catch up with Jill?

Scout: Oh, yeah…she’s fine…she’s cool.

Bella nods, looking around.

Scout cont’d: So…Will’s going to be gone for awhile.

Bella tilts her head looking at him suspiciously.  Scout sits on the couch.

Scout: Want to sit down?

Bella: Um…Scout…

Scout: What?

He smiles.  She sighs and sits next to him, looking slightly uncomfortable.

Scout cont’d: Did I say how great you look?

Bella: Are you like hitting on me?

Scout: Is it working?

Bella: I…no.

Scout nods acceptingly, looking down. 

Scout: What if I just said that I really feel like I need to kiss you right now?

He looks back up at her, sad and misguided.  She takes a deep breath and nods slightly.  He leans over to her, pushing her hair out of her face.  They kiss.

(fade out)


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Music: Girl Like You by Pete Yorn

(fade in): to Dr. Parkers office.

Hamilton: So, then I tried to do damage control, but Scout told me to get lost.  Jill just got up and left the stunned Dexter.

Jake: Except, he actually did catch on to the fact that both of them were using him.

Hamilton: Poor kid.

Jake laughs.

Jake: I told you…poor Dexter.

Hamilton: Used by Scout and Jill…lied to by us.  I guess you are right.

She smiles at him.  Dr. Parker clears his throat.

Jake: So, anyway…Hamilton and I didn’t really talk anymore.

Hamilton: We just met at Jake’s motorcycle…

(flashback to): Jake leaning against her motorcycle in her new “hiding spot” which is just an area near the lake, enclosed in trees.  She has a bookbag on and is reading a magazine.  Hamilton comes running up.

Hamilton: Sorry, I was talking to Dexter.

Jake: Okay, I just want to get the rules straight…it’s just me that isn’t allowed to talk to him, right?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: You can talk to him…as long as you’re talking to him as Jake and not Jacqueline. 

Jake doesn’t appreciate the joke.  She hands Hamilton a helmet.

(flash forward): to Dr. Parker’s office.

Jake: So…that’s it, typical couple of days in the life of Jake and Hamilton.

Jake and Hamilton start laughing.

Dr. Parker: I don’t understand.

They look at each other.

Hamilton: You know, we’re not normal.

Jake: Not at all.

Hamilton: Not even close, Jake.

Jake: I kind of like that, though.

Hamilton: Yeah…ditto.

Dr. Parker: Uh-huh…you two will be coming back?

The look at each other, laughing again.

(cut to): Will in the newspaper room.  He’s writing.  Gwen walks back in and Will looks up.

Will: You came back.

Gwen: I talked to Finn.

Will: Me too…and I have an idea.  Come here.

He nods for her to come over.  She looks a little hesitant, but walks over.  She looks at the paper, but we don’t get to see it.  She smiles.

Gwen: That’s…perfect.

He smiles, a little too much.

Gwen cont’d: Unlike the guy that came up with it.

His smile fades.

Gwen cont’d: …kidding.  I was just kidding.  This is exactly what Finn meant…compromise.  Thank you.

Will nods, looking back down.

Gwen cont’d: Anyway, that reminds me…I have something to show you too.

She leans across the table and reaches into her folder.  He watches her closely as she stands back up then hands him the paper.  She sits in the chair next to him as he looks at the new logo.

Will: Wow, I love this.

Will looks at her.

Will cont’d: Let me guess, you—

Gwen: …love it.

He smiles.  Gwen looks at it again, but Will still looks at her.

Gwen cont’d: It seems to reflect the traditionalism of the school, but with the hint that we’re going to shake things up a little, you know?

Will: You smell like vanilla.

Gwen looks at him, raising her eyebrows.  He turns back to the work in front of them.

Will cont’d: …which makes sense…’cause I like strawberry.

Gwen laughs and looks back at the paper in Will’s hand.

Gwen: Liar.

He smiles and sets the logo down, picking up the other piece of paper.

Will: So, tell me how you like my idea again…

(cut to): an establishing shot of the garage as Scout’s SUV pulls up.

(cut to): inside the car.

Bella: Okay, so…no more kissing, right?

Scout: Agreed.

Bella: And no more of that Playstation crap either…it’s Nintendo 64 or nothing.

Scout laughs.

Scout: That I refuse…Playstation is far superior.

Bella laughs.

Bella: See ya, Scout.

Scout: See ya.

Bella opens the door and starts to get out.

Bella: Maybe you should apologize to Dexter.

Scout nods.

Music: Sweeter Love by Anthenaeum

(dissolve to): Dexter and Hamilton’s room.  Dexter is lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

(cut to): outside the door.  Scout is about to knock. 

(cut to): Jill as she reaches the top of the stairs and sees Scout.

Jill: What are you doing here?

(cut to): Scout as he closes his eyes a minute, finding the strength to turn and face Jill.

Scout: Hi…I live here.

Jill walks up to him.

Jill: The only reason I kissed him was because you gave him pointers on…me.

Scout: The only reason I told him about you was because…I got to tell him about you…how amazing you are…

A beat as Jill looks at Scout, uncertain of how to react.

Scout cont’d: You know, Bella and I were just—

Jill: Scout…it’s okay. 

Scout: I just want you to know—

Jill: I don’t want to know, okay?  I just came to apologize to Dexter.

Scout: Me too.

Jill: Good, shall we?

Scout nods and knocks.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton just after they’ve arrived back at the hiding spot for the bike.  They both get off the bike.  Hamilton hands Jake his helmet and he watches her put both helmets where they belong.

Hamilton: Are we okay?

Jake turns to him.

Jake: Maybe not according to Dr. Parker, but…in my opinion, yes, we’re okay.

Hamilton: Well, that’s good.  Yours is the only one that matters to me anyway.

Jake: Do you really think the Jacqueline/Jake secret identity thing is too weird…I mean, should we just explain everything to Dexter?

Hamilton: I’ll do whatever you want.

She looks at him for a moment, thinking about what she wants.

Jake: I don’t want to tell him.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Okay.

Jake: And…now that Gwen knows, maybe I can do the Jacqueline thing more often.

Hamilton leans toward her.

Hamilton: I like the sound of that.

He leans a little closer, but Jake puts her hand on his chest, stopping him.  He raises an eyebrow.

Jake: Did you really make that lip gloss comment to Gwen?

Hamilton nods.  Jake drops her hands again.

Jake cont’d: Are you into flavored chapstick or something?

Hamilton shrugs, leaning toward her.  He smiles as he kisses her, then pulls away.

Hamilton: Mmm…my favorite flavor.

Jake: I don’t have lip gloss on, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Oh, I know…

She smiles as he kisses her again.

(cut to): Will and Gwen as they leave the newspaper room.  Will cuts off the light and shuts the door.
Will: This went well…you know, eventually.

Gwen: Yes.

She smiles.

Gwen cont’d: Partners, right?

She sticks her hand out.

Will: Yeah.

He takes it and they shake. 

Gwen: Goodnight, Will.

He nods and they walk off in opposite directions.

(cut to): Dexter’s room as Dexter sits on his bed and Jill and Scout stand in front of him.

Scout: So, basically both of us screwed up and we ended up using you and…

Jill: …we’re sorry.

Scout: Very sorry.

Dexter nods, adjusting his glasses.

Jill: Don’t you want to like yell at us?

Dexter looks down, shaking his head.

(dissolve to): Jill and Gwen in their room.

Gwen: I can’t believe you kissed Dexter…

Gwen laughs.

Gwen cont’d: …I bet he couldn’t believe it either.

Jill: He didn’t really say.

Gwen: Well, that makes sense.  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him say anything.

Jill: He is unusually quiet.  It’s just a girl thing, though.

A beat.

Gwen: So…what was it like?

Jill: Kissing him?

Gwen nods.

Jill cont’d: It sucked.

Gwen laughs.

Jill cont’d: It wasn’t him…it was just that…

Gwen: …it wasn’t Scout?

Jill nods.

Jill: That’s going to be the hardest thing about this for me.  Right now, I still don’t want to kiss anyone but him.

Gwen looks at her sympathetically.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.

Scout: Wait, and you didn’t take the opportunity to kiss her?

Will: You’re missing the point of the story, Scout.  We took another look at things and we’re going to be able to make this work after all.

Scout laughs.

Scout: Wish I could say the same thing about any of the second looks I took tonight.

Will doesn’t get it, but doesn’t press.

(fade out)


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Music: Life is Good by LFO

(fade in): to about a week later, an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

(cut to): a shot through the open door of Dexter and Hamilton’s room.  Dexter is at his desk typing away at his laptop.

(cut to): the doorway as Will walk in. 

Will: Hey, layout man.

(cut to): a shot of the room as Will walks in and Dexter turns around in his chair.  Will pulls a copy of the newspaper from his back pocket and hands it to Dexter.  Dexter smiles.

Dexter: Looks good.

He opens it.

(cut to): a shot over his shoulder.  We finally get to see Will’s idea.  The opinion page is labeled as such at the top of the page (actually entitled “Opinion Row” instead of just Opinion.  The other sections will be named in similar fashions like “Sports Row” or “Feature Row.”  Yeah, it’s cheesy, so what?).  The editorial section is actually broken into two columns with a mug of Will and Gwen accompanying each column.  The section is entitled “Second Opinion” and each column has a title reflecting the perspective of its writer. 

Will (voice over): Sometimes I have a lot to say…

Dexter cont’d: This was a really good idea.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …maybe a little too much.

Will: Yeah…it turned out perfectly, I think.  Where’s Ham?  I wanted to show him.

Dexter: Oh, he and Jake went to run errands in Carson.

Will: Run errands? 

(cut to): Hamilton’s car as it pulls into a parking spot in front of Dr. Parker’s office.  Hamilton hops out of the driver’s side and runs around to the passenger side, opening the door.  Jake gets out.  She’s wearing her NYC girl gear.  She gets up and out of the car.  Hamilton closes the door behind her. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Some stories can tell themselves…

Jake: You don’t have to do that…open the car door for me.

Hamilton: Huh?  What was that?

Jake presses her forehead to his.

Jake: I said…”I love you.”

Hamilton: Yeah, I heard you the first time…I just wanted to hear it again.

Jake: Uh-huh…

They kiss.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …and it’s a good thing they can because I couldn’t even begin to explain those stories.

Hamilton: Okay…you ready?

She nods and takes his hand.  They walk toward Dr. Parker’s office.

(cut to): Gwen and Jill’s room.  Jill is looking over the paper.

Jill: This is like really good.  Whose idea was that second opinion dealie?

Gwen: Well, I hate to admit that it was Will’s…with a little coaxing from Finn.

Jill: Of course.

A beat.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then there’s the stuff I have definite opinions about….

Gwen: So…have you talked to Scout again?

Jill shakes her head.

Jill: I want to stay out of it…stay away from him.  I mean, I wanted him to have a second chance and I don’t want him to feel guilty for taking it.

Gwen nods.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …but choosing to stay out of it may be the best option in those cases.

(cut to): the garage.  Bella is working on a car and Scout pulls up on his bike.

Bella: Only two wheels today?

Scout smiles.

Scout: So, want to try kissing me again?

She looks at him like “you can’t be serious.”  He grins.

Scout cont’d: Actually, I stopped by to see if you wanted to hang out later.  Hamilton’s supposed to pick up this new Playstation game for me this afternoon. 

Bella smiles then shrugs.

Bella: Sounds fun.

Scout: Uh huh.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion…

The camera pulls out to a high shot as Scout gets off his bike and tosses it down.  He looks under the hood.  Bella pushes him away and they both laugh.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: So, what do you think?

(fade out)






Junior Year