(fade in): to a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer driving down a road toward New Rawley. 
(cut to): a shot inside the car.  Will Krudski is driving.  He looks over at the radio and flips it on only to hear static. He begins scanning for a clear station. When he finds one, he gives the radio a funny look and turns it up a little.  He cracks up as it becomes obvious what the song is: Fernando.

Will (voice over): Life can be so circular. 

He smiles to himself over the song, remembering last summer.

He starts to change it, but thinks twice.  He sighs and reluctantly turns it up.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: No matter how far you think you’ve traveled in life, everything ends up essentially…the same. 

He looks ahead at the road.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Maybe it’s more of a spiral, though, because life does expand…

He looks around at the empty seats.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …or contract, as the case may be. Even if you try to break the cycle it ends up being just a detour.  You still end up returning to where you started.

(cut to): the car as it turns onto another road following an orange detour sign.

(cut to): further down the road as it passes a sign that says ‘Welcome to New Rawley.’

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the garage

Music: Hang by Matchbox 20.

(cut to): Hamilton pumping gas into a moderately old pick-up truck.  He finishes and hangs the hose up.

Hamilton: That will be fourteen fifty, please.

The driver hands him a five and a ten.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ll be right back with your change, sir.

Driver: I don’t need any change.  Have a good day.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Thank you very much.  You do the same.

The car pulls off.  Bella walks up to Hamilton.

Bella: Wow…you finally got a tip.

Hamilton: Yeah…fifty cents…wow…

He smiles.  Bella rolls her eyes and starts to walk back to the car she was working on.  She turns around again.

Bella: You’ve been doing a great job, Hamilton.  I mean I know it’s not exactly rocket science…

Hamilton: I dunno…these old pumps are pretty tricky.

Bella: And a summer without your endless sarcasm would be incredibly unfulfilling.

Hamilton smirks as the bell rings indicating a car is pulling up. 

(cut to): a medium long shot as the Jeep pulls up.

(cut to): The car as Will gets out.

Will: Hi guys.

Hamilton: Hey.

Bella smiles, but walks back to the car she was working on before.

Will: You about ready to head over to crew?

Hamilton looks over at Bella then back at Will. 

Hamilton: It’s so nice to have you pull up and not ask “ready for class?”  Summer session really sucked this time around. 

Will nods somewhat impatiently.

Hamilton cont’d:  Anyway.  I have to go put this cash in the…cash register.  Then I’ll be ready.

Will nods.  Hamilton jogs inside.  Will puts his hands in his pockets.  Bella looks up from the car.  When he catches her looking she looks down a moment, then back up at him.

Bella: I think I’ll be able to get your car done by like Sunday.

Will: Cool.  Thanks.

She seems disappointed by his cold response.

Bella: Yeah…anytime.

Hamilton walks out and looks back and forth between them.

Will: Ready?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: See you tomorrow, Bella.

Bella: Yup.  See you both.

They walk over to a pair of bikes and each take their own. 

(cut to): as they pull away and another car pulls into the garage.

Music: Singular Girl by the Old 97’s

(cut to): a cab driving by an apartment building on the east side of Manhattan Island.

(cut to): inside the apartment building; Jill’s apartment, the den.  There is a somewhat large TV, a couch, a love seat and a few comfortable looking chairs.  It’s a large room which echoes the large apartment.  The TV is on and Scout is sitting on the love seat with his legs up on a coffee table.  Jill is curled up alone in one of the chairs.  They are watching an old episode of Roswell.  Scout looks over at her.

Scout: Are you going to be mad at me forever?

Jill doesn’t say anything.  A beat.

Scout cont’d: Well, my lunch break is over and I’m probably going to be late getting back…

Jill: Is that my fault?

Scout: No.  God…Jill…you’re just…

Jill: What?

Scout: I know I was supposed to pick you up from school and bring you back last Friday.  Hamilton put together that surprise party for Bella and asked me to stay until Sunday since he knew I’d be in town.  I mean…could two days have made you this mad at me…for a week?

Jill continues to watch TV.  Scout walks over to her and kneels down in front of her chair.

Scout: Jill…

She looks at him like “what?”

Scout: I’m sorry.  I should have realized that you were totally sick of being there.  I promised you Friday and I didn’t come through.

Jill looks at him again.

Jill: I’m not mad at you…or because of that.

Scout doesn’t get it.

Jill: I’m mad because…just…you’re going to think I’m totally stupid and paranoid…

Scout: What?

Jill: The fact that it was her party got to me and I hate that I let it.  And taking it out on you is easier than having to deal with that.

Scout smiles.  She looks at him looking not as mad as she’s been looking.

Jill cont’d: Okay?

Scout looks at her for a moment.

Scout: I totally love you.

Jill looks up at him, not totally understanding.

Scout cont’d: You’re mad because I picked her over you?

Jill: Well, when you translate it to “arrogant jerk”…yeah, I guess…

Scout: But, see…I already picked you.  Forever, okay?

Jill looks at him with doubting acceptance.  He pushes himself up a little so that he can kiss her.  She tries to pull him closer.

Scout: You’re going to get me fired.

She stops.

Scout: I didn’t say it wouldn’t be worth it.

He starts kissing her again.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house, the living room.  Johanna and Finn are sitting on the couch, kissing.  Finn pulls back and looks at his watch.

Finn: I have Crew…

Johanna: Hmm…how disappointing.

Finn: You’re telling me?

He kisses her again before getting up.

Finn cont’d: I’ll be back later, I swear.

Johanna: Okay.

Finn: And this is the last crew practice…

Johanna: I know.

He smiles.

Finn: I’m going to miss this summer.

Johanna: Me too.  Go to Crew.

Finn smiles and turns to walk out.

Finn: Later…definitely later…

Johanna shakes her head, smiling.

(cut to): Hamilton and Will as they park their bikes at the bike rack in front of the dorms.

Music: Islands in the Sun by Weezer

Hamilton: You know, Will, I know it’s not any of my business…

Will raises his eyebrows looking a little amused.  Hamilton tilts his head.

Hamilton cont’d: You have no idea what I’m about to say, do you?

Will shrugs and shakes his head.  Hamilton laughs to himself.

Hamilton cont’d: And people think that I am the clueless one.  See you in the boat.

Hamilton walks away from the bike rack in the direction of his house, undoubtedly to go get his crew stuff.

(dissolve to): crew practice.  There are new faces.  This is the varsity team.  Will and Hamilton sit next to one another as Finn paces about on the dock.

Finn: Gentlemen…the last crew practice of the summer…

Everyone looks relieved.

Finn cont’d: Look around gentlemen…what do you see?

Hamilton: Opportunity…

A few of the older teammates laugh.

Finn: Uh-huh…that answer works for JV when I ask, “what do you hear?”  Anyone got anything better?

Will shrugs.

Will: I’d still say “history.”

Finn: And…would you still thrill us all with your blueberry pie story?

Will laughs shaking his head.

Will cont’d: This time, I’d say it because I’m here again. 

Finn: History repeats itself?

Will: Something like that.

Hamilton: Luckily it’s not exactly the same every time…

Finn: Why do you say that?

Hamilton: ‘Cause last year’s varsity team…sucked?

Some of the older guys (who were on the varsity team last year) give him dirty looks.

Finn: Good point.

Finn smiles and Hamilton can’t help smile too, surprised with Finn’s response.

Finn: So, Mr. Krudski, finish what you started.

Will: That’s actually my point.  You can’t ever finish…not in a big picture kind of way.  Life keeps cycling around, history keeps, as you said, repeating itself.  We’re here just like the generation before us.  Sure, there will be slight differences, but in the end we’re like them: a group of anxious varsity crew members who want to take it all in the upcoming season.  History.

Finn: Well…I think that’s better than mine so…we’ll let it stand. 

A beat.

Finn cont’d: Okay…let’s see if we can repeat the history of the 1985 team and, do as each of you hope, take it all this season. 

Everyone agrees excitedly.

Finn cont’d: Have a nice summer…or what’s left of it.  Everyone is free to leave.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley at dusk.  Will and Hamilton walk across the quad together. 

Music: Wishing Heart by Lisa Loeb

Hamilton: All right, I’m headed home…

Will: Your parents leave yet?

Hamilton: Yep…this morning.

Will: Cool…

A beat.

Will cont’d: What were you going to say earlier?

Hamilton: I think…I think you’ll figure it out eventually.

Will doesn’t get it.  Hamilton hits him across the chest.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ll see ya…

Hamilton jogs off in the direction of his house.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s dorm room.  Will’s had it to himself all summer.  It’s a little messy, but not too bad.  Will looks around for his phone…a cell phone.  He picks it up and dials long distance.

(cut to): Jill’s apartment, the den.  Jill walks in the room and picks up the phone.

Jill: Hello?

(swipe to): a halfscreen shot of both of them.

Will: Hey, is Scout there?

Jill: Hang on a minute.

Jill holds the phone away from her mouth.

Jill cont’d: Scout…pick up the phone…it’s Will…

(swipe to): just Will he paces around, waiting.

(swipe to): a halfscreen shot of Will and Scout.  Scout picks up a phone in Jill’s guest room which is serving as his room.

Scout: Hey, what’s up?

Will: Just calling to finalize plans.

Scout: You’ll be here Sunday?

Will: I think so.  Bella said she’d get my car finished by Sunday so…

Scout: Bella?  Is she coming too?

Will: No…why would she be coming?

Scout: I just thought you might like…want company for the ride.

Will hesitates.

Will: I’ve actually spent a lot of time with Gwen lately…you know, studying and stuff…

Scout: Uh-huh…

Will: I was kind of thinking of—

Scout: Okay, Will, no. 

Will: What?  You don’t even know what I was going to say…

Scout: You’re not bringing Gwen here.  Don’t even think about it.

Will doesn’t say anything.  He doesn’t really know what to say.

Scout cont’d: Listen, I’m saying this to you as a friend, okay?

Will: Saying what?

Scout: Quit being such a screw-up.

Will: Wh-what?

Scout: I…listen Will.  Bella’s your friend right?

Will: Of course…

Scout: And then you dated her…

Will nods, hoping he’ll get to the point.

Scout: And then you dumped her…

Will gets impatient.

Will: What’s your point here, Scout?

Scout: You dumped her why, Will?  I want to remind you of the why.

Will closes his eyes a moment and sighs.

Will: To be her friend…

Scout: You haven’t been such a great friend…

Will thinks about this, accepting Scout is somewhat right.

Scout cont’d: Listen…I know you’ve developed a little crush on Gwen this summer and I think that’s great, but…Bella’s also pretty aware of it, okay?

Will: How do you know?

Scout: Email?  Her party?  I haven’t even been there and I’ve probably talked to her more this summer than you have. 

Will looks like he wants to argue, but doesn’t know how.

Will: Okay…I’ll ask Bella. 

Scout smiles like he’s accomplished something.

Scout: I’ll see you tomorrow Will.  Hey, how long are you staying? 

Will: A few days...I just figured I’d play it by ear when I got there.

Scout: Awesome.  See you soon.

Will: Bye…

(swipe to): Will by himself.  He tosses the phone down, a little unhappy with how the conversation went.

(cut to): Scout as he hangs up then looks up.

(cut to): Jill standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame.

Jill: Dinner’s ready.

(cut to): Hamilton as he looks inside his refrigerator.  He closes the door and looks around the kitchen, leaning against the refrigerator. 

Hamilton: Hmm…pizza…definitely pizza…

There’s a knock on the back door.  He walks over, opening it.

(cut to): a shot from his point of view of Gwen holding a pizza box and a couple of bottles of Coke.

Hamilton: Wow…the pizza fairy has arrived.

Gwen: What?

Hamilton: Nothing…come in…

He steps aside letting her in.

Hamilton cont’d: Now…explain something to me. 

Gwen sets the pizza and cokes down and looks at him.

Hamilton cont’d: Tell me how I could try to get you to hang out with me all summer with practically no luck only to have you show up now with pizza and coke.

Gwen: Well…almost everyone else is gone for the summer.  There’s just a few random crew guys and…most of them are leaving tomorrow so…

Hamilton: You came to suck up just in case you need human contact during the next few weeks?

Gwen laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ve got bad news.  I’ll only be here through next week.  Then I’m going to New York until just before school starts.

Gwen: To see Jake?

Hamilton: Well, technically, to stay with my aunt, but…yes, to see Jake.

He smiles.

Hamilton cont’d: So…uh…why me and not Will?

Gwen raises her eyebrows.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean, you two have been hanging out a lot lately.

Gwen: Yeah…just studying and stuff, though.  Besides, I saw Bella at the place where I picked up the pizza.  She mentioned that you’d probably be totally jealous that both of us were having pizza for dinner.  She also said that you like mushrooms and green peppers.

Hamilton: Oh…you didn’t?

Gwen smiles.

Hamilton: Well, you totally just made up for blowing me off all summer.

Gwen: I didn’t blow you off…

Hamilton opens the pizza box and takes a slice of the pizza which is covered in mushrooms and green peppers.

Hamilton: ‘course not.

He smiles and takes a bite.  Gwen rolls her eyes.

(cut to): Johanna’s kitchen table.  Meagan and Johanna sit together, eating spaghetti.  Johanna looks a little uncomfortable.

Meagan: This is really good, Mom.

Johanna smiles.

Johanna: Sweetheart, I need to ask you something kind of important.

Meagan: Shoot.

Johanna: How comfortable would you be if Finn…that is…if sometime…um—

Meagan: If he stayed over.

Johanna laughs to herself over her perceptiveness.

Johanna: Well…yes, actually. 

Meagan: Do you guys think I’m stupid?

Johanna looks a little confused

Meagan cont’d: I know you’re having sex.

Johanna: Ex-excuse me?

Meagan:  It’s so obvious, mom.

Meagan hesitates a moment before continuing.

Meagan cont’d:  And when I was home after camp and before I was at dad’s, I felt like I was in the way so if I am…I mean, I could go live with Dad or something if I’m—

Johanna: Meagan, sweetheart, you’re my number one…you could never be in the way of anything…okay?

Meagan nods.  She looks thoughtful.

Meagan: Well…I don’t care if he stays over.  It’s fine with me.

The backdoor opens and Finn walks in.

Johanna: As if on cue…

Finn: Huh?

Johanna: Nothing.  The spaghetti is on the stove if you want some.  We had to start without you.

Meagan: I was starving. 

Finn: I know the feeling.

Finn smiles as he grabs a plate and starts to put some spaghetti and sauce on it.

Finn cont’d: So, what’s tonight topic of dinner discussion?

Meagan: Sex.

Finn almost drops his plate.  He turns around and looks at Johanna with raised eyebrows.

Finn: Do I even want to kn—

Johanna: No.

She smiles.  Finn doesn’t really get it, but continues to fix his plate.

(cut to): a shot of the house.

(cut to): an overhead shot of New Rawley.

(fade out)


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(fade in):to  an establishing shot of the garage.  It’s Sunday morning.

(cut to): A shot from the side of Will’s Jeep.  The hood is up and you can’t see underneath it. 

Hamilton: Okay, I don’t get how you can remember all this stuff…

(cut to): a shot under the hood.  Bella is working on the car and Hamilton watches.

Bella: Hand me that socket wrench again…

Hamilton: Uh…

He looks down at the tools that are laid out on the ground.  Bella looks at him.

Hamilton cont’d: …that would be…

Bella rolls her eyes.  She bends down and picks up the socket wrench.  He points to the wrench in her hand.

Hamilton cont’d: That one.  I knew that.

Bella: Uh-huh…I’m going to go get that new air filter so…while I’m gone, unscrew the top of the air filter case for me, okay?

He smiles and nods, challenging her condescending tone.  She walks off and Hamilton looks at the hardware under the hood.  He squints as he wonders what she was talking about.  He doesn’t notice that Will has walked up.

(cut to): a shot over Will’s shoulder of Hamilton and the car.

Will: What are you looking for?

Hamilton turns around, looking unhappy yet amused at his own incompetence.

Hamilton: Air filter?

Will leans in and points to the air filter.

Hamilton cont’d: Thanks…

Before he has a chance to unscrew anything, Bella walks out. 

Bella: Will…hey…give me like five more minutes…

Will: No rush…

(cut to): a wider shot of the three of them.  Bella looks down and notices a bag next to Will.

Bella: Skipping town?

Will smiles.

Will: Kind of…wanna come?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Absolutely…

She turns back to the car to start working again.

Will: I’m serious.

Bella turns back to him.  Hamilton looks from Bella to Will then tries to seem uninterested as he attempts to unscrew that top of the air filter as instructed. 

Will cont’d: New York.  I’m going to New York… 

Hamilton looks up at this.

Bella: To see Scout?

Will: …and the city.  I’m going in this car as soon as you’re done and…I’d like it very much if you came with me.

Bella raises her eyebrows then shakes her head turning back to the car.

Bella: If you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a business to run, Krudski.

Will: Well…get this, I talked to Charlie this morning and he said you’re expendable…for a few days anyway.

Bella: Will…I—

Bella looks up.

(cut to): Gwen as she walks up carrying a pizza box.  She smiles.

Gwen: Hi guys.

Will: Hi.

Bella turns back to the car.  Gwen looks at Hamilton.

Gwen: Pizza at ten, right?

Hamilton: Oh…right. 

He looks at his watch.

Hamilton cont’d: You’re very efficient.

Gwen…what are you guys up to?

Hamilton looks at Bella then takes the pizza.  No one responds at first.

Hamilton: Bella and I are finishing up Will’s car so they can drive it to New York.

Saying this makes Hamilton realize something.

Hamilton: You guys…give me a ride…to New York.

Will: What?

Hamilton: Take me to New York…please?  I’m not supposed to be going for like another week, but Jake will be back before that and I would really like love to be there when…

He looks over at Gwen for a second.

Hamilton cont’d: when his plane landed.

Will looks down, a little irritated with Hamilton.  Hamilton looks at Gwen.  He puts his arm around her.

Hamilton cont’d: Gwen could come too…it’d be like a road trip.

Will gives him a warning and displeased look without really meaning to.  Gwen sees it.  Bella looks up from the car.  She looks at Will.

Bella: Okay…I’ll go. 

Gwen: I…uh…I have to go…back to the dorm, that is.  You guys have fun.  Enjoy the pizza, Hamilton.

She looks at each of them before walking off. 

Will: Hamilton, you are not going.

Hamilton: What?  Why not?

Bella: Yeah, why not?

Will looks at Bella, surprised she’s on his side.  Will sighs.  Bella looks at the filter in her hands.

Bella cont’d: This is the wrong filter…I’ll be right back.

She walks inside.

Will: God...I wanted to talk to her, okay?

Hamilton gets it.

Will cont’d: I mean…that is what you were going to say yesterday, isn’t it?  That I need to stop being a screw-up and be a better friend to Bella?

Hamilton nods.

Will cont’d: Well, I was going to use the car ride as a chance to talk to her…

Hamilton: Oh…sounds like a good plan.

Hamilton looks down, nodding.  Will laughs.

Will: Oh, man…don’t do this to me.  Of course we’ll give you a ride.

Hamilton looks up.

Hamilton: Really?

Will nods.

Hamilton cont’d: You won’t even know I’m there…

Will: Yeah…right.

Hamilton: I’m…I’m going home to pack.  Tell Bella.  I hope she doesn’t fire me.

Will nods.  Hamilton runs off.

(cut to): an interior of an airplane, first class as a flight attendant passes out beverages.

(cut to): Monica and Greg who sit next to each other, talking.  There’s a girl with sunglasses and not-quite shoulder length, light brown hair sitting next to them and by the window, looking out.

Monica: Have I thanked you for working with the travel agent to get this earlier flight?

Greg: No…but you never do.

Monica laughs.

Monica: And, are you as thrilled to be leaving as I am?

Greg: Well, as much as I love London, I haven’t seen Jillian in months.  She didn’t email me once this summer and she only called about once a week.  I don’t think she trusts me as much as she used to.  And…I think she and Scout may be—

Monica: Oh…so, what if they are, Gregory?  Would it be such a bad thing?

Greg: I just want her to trust me and know that she could tell me.

The girl…who we now probably realize is Jake, takes off her sunglasses and looks over at them.

Jake: Excuse me, Greg?

Greg: Yes?

Jake: Maybe the problem doesn’t have to do with her trusting you.  I mean…she’s not sleeping with Scout and…you don’t believe her.  There’s the trust problem.

Greg smiles and looks at Monica.

Greg: You’re daughter is very smart.

Monica looks at Jacqueline and smiles.  Jacqueline smiles and puts her sunglasses back on then looks out the window.

(dissolve to): Will’s Jeep driving down an interstate.

(cut to): inside the car.  Will is driving, Bella is in the front seat and Hamilton is in the back.

Will: Oh, so yesterday I was in the car and flipping around stations…

Will flips on the radio and Fernando is again on.  Hamilton smiles.  Bella laughs.  The song is near the end.

Will cont’d: Don’t get too excited…

The song ends and the DJ comes on.

DJ: You’re listening to WABB the all ABBA station with Fernando on the hour, every hour.  That’s right, all ABBA, all the time. 

Dancing Queen starts and Will flips the radio off.

Hamilton: All ABBA…

Bella: All the time…

Will: Scary, huh?

They all laugh.

(pan around): to Will, Bella and Hamilton.  The pan continues back to Will as the music subtly starts and becomes clearly Fernando.  As we get back to Will, he has only one hand on the wheel.  He turns the radio off.  The pan continues to Bella who is reading a book.  The pan continues to Hamilton who is leaning over in the seat, asleep.  He still has his seat belt on and is in a position that doesn’t look too comfortable, but it’s comfortable enough for him to look asleep.

(cut to): A shot from the front, but not through the windshield, of Will and Bella.  Will looks back for a second at Hamilton asleep then over at Bella.  When they speak, it’s slightly hushed so as not to wake Hamilton.

Will: Bella?

Bella looks up from her book.

Bella: …yes?

Will: How much do I suck?

Bella laughs.

Bella: What?

Will: Just answer the question.

Bella: Based on what?

Will: Whatever you want…

Bella closes her book.

Bella: Then, a lot.  You suck…a lot.
Will: I was afraid of that.

He looks over at her as she fiddles with her book.

Will cont’d: Will you tell me why?

Bella: No.

She looks up at him.  He looks frustrated as he continues to look at the road.  An awkward beat.

Bella cont’d: I’m not going to tell you because…if you don’t know why…then it doesn’t matter anyway.

Will: I haven’t been a good friend.

Bella looks up at him for a moment, but realizes the answer is not his own.

Bella: Who told you that?  Scout?  Hamilton?

Will: Is the knowledge that common?

Bella looks away as if to say “yeah…”

Will cont’d: If you won’t talk to me…if you won’t tell me why I suck…how can I make it right?

Bella: Why should you have to?

Will looks down a moment then back at the road.  He shakes his head and turns the radio up.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a street in New York City as Will’s car pulls into a parallel parking spot in front of Jill’s apartment building.  It’s a nice building with a doorman, etc. 

(cut to): Jill’s apartment.  The intercom buzzes.  Jill walks out from another room and hits the button.

Jill: Yes?

Doorman: Ms. Thomas, there is a Will Krudski, B—

Jill: Yeah, it’s cool, Phil.  Let them in.

Doorman: Right away.

Jill: Thanks.

Scout walks up behind her and puts his arm around her waist and pulling her back toward him.  He kisses her neck.

Scout: You’re sure you’re totally okay with them staying here?

Jill loses any previous pissiness and turns around, smiling.

Jill: Yes.

Scout smiles, more pleased with her than her answer.  He leans toward her to kiss her when there is a knock at the door.  He kisses her anyway, just briefly.  She smiles and there is another knock.  He rolls his eyes, playfully.

Jill: Guess we should let them in.

She smiles and turns around, opening the door.

(cut to): a shot from her point of view of Will, Bella and Hamilton.

(cut to): a shot from inside Jake’s room of the closed door.  It opens and Jake stands there carrying a suitcase and large garment bag.  She looks around her room then walks in and sets down her stuff.  She paces around, eyeing the phone.  Finally, she walks over to it and dials long distance. 

(cut to): the phone in Hamilton’s kitchen which is ringing. 

(cut to): Jake who is pacing around, holding the phone, waiting for an answer.

(cut to): the phone in Ham’s kitchen which continues ringing.  The camera pans down to the counter where there is an answering machine.  It turns on.

Hamilton (answering machine): You’ve reached the Fleming residence.  If you need to leave a message for the dean, hit one after the beep.  Hit two for Kate Fleming and three for me, Hamilton.

(cut to): Jake who is smiling.  She shakes her head and hangs up without leaving a message.

(cut to): Jill’s den.  Everyone’s sitting around.  Scout is in the chair Jill was in earlier and Jill sits on the ottoman in front of the chair.  Will, Ham and Bella sit on the couch.

Jill: Okay so…Bella can take my room, Will and Hamilton can fight over dad’s bed, I’ll take Scout’s bed and…

Scout: …so will I.

She gives him a look of feigned disapproval.

Scout: …or not…

Jill: We’ll figure it out. 

Everyone looks at them, a little amused.

Jill: So, Hamilton…what are you doing here?

Hamilton: I—

The phone rings.  He shuts up.  Jill leans forward and answers the phone.

Jill: Thomas residence…oh my God!  Hey!  Hang on!

She looks at Hamilton.

Jill cont’d: It’s Jacqueline…she’s here…in New York.

Hamilton looks incredibly happy with this news.

Hamilton (whispered): Don’t tell her I’m here yet.

Jill nods.

Jill: Okay, sorry…Bella and Will…yeah, they got here today.  No…no, I don’t know where he could be…

She looks up at Hamilton, rolling her eyes.

Jill cont’d: …wait, my dad too?  Damn…He said what?…well, what does he expect?  He doesn’t trust me anymore either…good, what’d he say?…okay, okay, okay.  Uh…yeah…okay…okay, see you tomorrow then.  I’m glad you’re back.  Bye.

She hangs up the phone.

Jill: My dad’s coming back so…I think we’re going to have to come up with some new sleeping arrangements.

Greg walks in the den, still wearing his jacket and carrying his suitcase.

Music: All You Wanted by Michelle Branch

Greg: Send that one over to the Pratt residence.

Jill looks back as her dad is pointing at Hamilton.

Jill: Dad…hey.

Greg: So, Jill tells me you guys are staying for about a week. 

Will: Yes, sir.

Greg: These Rawley guys and their good manners…

Will smiles.

Greg cont’d: I would have been in London for a little while longer, but Monica, that’s Jacqueline’s mom, just had to get back so…here I am…adult supervision…look out.

He smiles and everyone laughs.

Greg cont’d: I’ll try to stay out of your way.

Greg smiles and exits.

Bella: Your dad seems really cool, Jill.

Jill stands up.

Jill: Yeah…he is and…I need to go tell him that so…will you guys be cool for just a second?

Everyone nods.  Jill leaves.

Hamilton: So…Scout…you and Jill…everything seems strong there.

Scout: Yeah…

A beat.

Bella: This is a great apartment.

Scout: Four bedrooms.  Lucy, she’s the housekeeper, has one, but she’s out of town visiting her sister.  Very cool lady.  Then Jill, her dad and the guest room…which is where I’ve been sleeping all summer.  I’ll get Jill to give you the tour when she gets back.

(cut to): Greg in his bedroom.  He has his suitcase opened on his bed and is unpacking.  Jill walks in.

Jill: Dad?

Greg turns around.

Jill: I…I didn’t give you a hug.

Greg: Yes…I noticed.

Jill walks over and gives him a long hug.

Jill: It’s good to have you home.

Greg: Is it?

She lets go of him and smiles.

Jill: Come on, don’t do this to me…

Greg: What?

She walks over so that she’s in front of him.

Jill: Pull this “you don’t love me…you don’t trust me” routine. 

Greg goes back to unpacking.

Jill cont’d: It’s been…it’s been you and me ever since…for a long time and you better know that I love you and…you also need to know that I do trust you.  I’ve told you everything about Scout and me from the beginning, Dad…everything.  Okay? 

Greg takes a moment to figure out what he wants to say.

Greg: I just don’t want you to think of me as a friend instead of your father.

Jill: Well…that’s too bad.  You are a friend and our life has lent itself toward a relationship like that.  But…you’re a father too…you’re amazingly strong and incredibly supportive of me and my decisions.  I respect you.

Greg looks at her and pushes some of the hair out of her face.

Greg: I respect you too and…I’m sorry if it hasn’t seemed that way lately.

Jill hugs him again. 

Greg: You are the coolest daughter.

Jill: You’re the coolest dad.

He turns back to his suitcase.

Greg: I’m going to a party with Monica tonight.

He holds up two ties.

Jill: Dad…why do you do this to yourself?

Greg: What?

Jill: You know that when you go out with her, she treats you like her assistant or something…making you go get her drinks while she talks to other guys. 

Greg: Why would I care if she talked to other guys?

Jill rolls her eyes.  As Greg lays the ties down on the bed.

Jill: We’re not getting into this tonight…have fun.

She pats him on the back as she walks out.

(cut to): Jake’s room as Monica walks in and looks around.  Jake is sitting on the floor with her laptop.  When Monica walks in, she closes it and stands up.

Monica: Were you in a chat room?

Jake: What?

Monica: I know about chat rooms and what goes on in them, Dear.

Jake: Yeah…people talk about movies and books and computers and—

Monica: Sex.

Jake: God…I wasn’t even connected to the internet, okay?

Monica smiles cluelessly.

Monica: Well, anyway…I’m going to get ready for that party.

Jake: …great.  Have fun.

Monica: And you’re sure you’ll be okay home all by yourself?

Jake: Yeah…I think I can handle it. 

Monica: And have you been able to reach Hamilton?

Jake shrugs.

Jake: I haven’t even tried.

Monica gives her a suspicious look.  Jake starts to escort Monica out of her room. 

Jake: Mom…just go get ready for the party, okay?

She stops once she’s gotten her out the door.

Jake cont’d: And treat Greg like a human being instead of like a personal assistant…

Monica: I would never—

Jake: Of course, you wouldn’t.  Have fun.

Jake closes the door and locks it.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Smallville.  Estee has a Superman thing, so it should be no surprise that she likes this show.  However, has anyone else noticed the Ian-ness of Tom Welling?  It’s wicked creepy…but in a good, watch-rewind-watch-rewind-watch kind of way.  Anyway Tom Welling Online is a cool site to check out the young Man of Steel.


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Jill’s apartment.

(cut to): the den as she and Hamilton open the couch into a pull out bed.

Hamilton: The sofa-sleeper…probably the greatest and worst invention to come from the furniture industry.

Jill laughs as she hands him a sheet. 

Jill: Okay, Ham…one more time, what you’re doing here?

Hamilton: I already told you, to surprise Jake.

Jill: So…what are you doing here?

Hamilton: Do you want me to leave?

Jill: No…I didn’t mean it like that.

Hamilton: Look, I’m thinking either I’ll go catch her in the morning before she comes over here, or open the door when she gets here, something like that.

Jill: Uh-huh…and then you’ll stay with her until your aunt gets back.  You’ll still be in the city…pretty much until the time school starts again.

Hamilton nods.

Jill cont’d: And you don’t think maybe she was looking forward to spending the time until you were supposed to come like hanging out by herself or taking care of…whatever.

Hamilton looks at her like he’s never considered this.

Hamilton: Are you saying that I should just lay low until next week when I was supposed to come?

Jill: Let me share something with you, okay?  Scout was supposed to be doing his internship until like the day before school starts.  Well, his parents really wanted him to go home for a little while so now he’s going to be gone for about a week.  I mean you know that I love that guy and having him in my home is even better, but…I’m looking forward to the little break.  And…I haven’t been hanging out with him all summer either.  It’s just…sometimes you want a little space in your natural habitat, you know?

Hamilton looks at her then down, nodding.

(cut to): Scout, Bella, and Will in Scout’s room.

Scout: And…to conclude the Thomas apartment tour is, the guest room, or as I like to say “my room.”  Well…Jill’s room for tonight since—

Bella: We get the idea.

He smiles and shuts up.  A beat.

Bella: I’m going to go see if Jill and Hamilton need any help out there…

Will and Scout nod.  When she’s gone:

Scout: So, hey, how was the car ride?

Will: It…sucked.

Will laughs to himself.

Will cont’d: …and, so do I apparently.

Scout doesn’t really get it.

Will cont’d: I just don’t get her.  I don’t know what she wants from me.

Scout shrugs.

Scout: Yeah…you’re right…you do suck.

He smiles.  Will looks angry before he realizes Scout’s kidding…mostly.

Scout cont’d: Look…you’re a nice guy, Will.  Tap into that sometime.

Will doesn’t get it.

Music: Nightlight by Fountains of Wayne

Scout cont’d: Anyway…come on…let’s figure out these sleeping arrangements…

(dissolve to): later that night.  Jill’s room.  It looks like you’d think it would: belonging to a combination of a teeny bopper and an artist. Bella is lying in Jill’s bed.

(cut to): the living room.  Will is asleep on the pull out couch and Hamilton is trying to get comfortable on the love seat.

(cut to): Scout’s room.  Jill is sitting in bed with a sketch pad.  Scout walks in with a towel around his waist.

Scout: God, I hate that I have to work when everyone is here.

Jill: I’ll try to keep them entertained.

She watches him as he opens a drawer and pulls out some boxers and a t-shirt.  He looks at her not really knowing what to do.  She smirks before looking back down at her sketch pad.  The shot stays on Jill while Scout changes.  He walks over and sits on the bed.

Jill: Are you going to hate me if I ask you to go sleep with Will?

Scout smiles and shakes his head.

Jill cont’d: It’s just…I think my dad will sleep a little better knowing you’re in there and I’m in here.  I mean…I know he’d be cool with you in here…or say he was cool with it.  And, it’s not like we haven’t slept together…well, you know, not together, but together and he does know about that, but—

Scout’s been watching her and finally interrupts.

Scout: Jill…it’s no big deal.  I understand.

Jill: You do?

Scout nods.  He leans over and kisses her.

Scout: Good night…

He gets up to walk out.  He leans in the door frame, watching her as she puts her sketch book down and lies down.

Jill: What?

Scout: I’m just enjoying the image of you in my bed…even if I don’t get to participate.

Jill laughs and turns out the light.

Jill: Goodnight, Scout.

(cut to): the living room where Will is still asleep and Hamilton is awake on the love seat.  Scout walks in carrying a pillow and blanket.  He looks around at his options and notices Hamilton is awake.  Scout nods to him apologetically.  Hamilton just smiles and closes his eyes.

Scout: Will…hey, Will…move over.

Will opens his eyes slightly.

Will: I’m not sleeping with you, Scout…

Scout gives him a dirty look, but walks over to one of the chairs and sits down, putting his feet up on the ottoman. 

Hamilton: Jill kick you out?

Scout: Not exactly…she doesn’t want to give her dad the wrong idea.

Hamilton: So…she kicked you out.

Scout: Yeah…pretty much.

Hamilton laughs.  The front door unlocks and Hamilton and Scout look at one another, shutting up.

Music: Perfect Memory by Remy Zero

(cut to): the front door and hall as the door opens.  Monica walks in first…or stumbles in rather.  Throughout the scene, it’s easy to figure out she’s drunk.

Greg: God…be careful.

He comes inside and takes her arm.

Monica: I’m fine.

Greg: Yeah…

Monica: That is a very nice tie.

Greg: Thanks…now, let’s get you some of that coffee.  Lucy is out of town, but I think I can manage to—.

Monica: Don’t wake her up.

Greg: I didn’t say—

Monica: You talk a lot, Gregory.

Greg: And you never listen…

Monica: Do you have any wine?

Greg: No.

Monica: You must have wine.

Greg: I just said…

She walks toward the kitchen.  Greg sighs and follows her.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Monica walks in with Greg trailing behind.

Monica: I know you have wine.

(cut to): Scout and Hamilton.  If they couldn’t hear before, they can now.  The kitchen is next to the den.  They look at one another a moment then each try to go to sleep, but…not really.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Monica is looking around.  Greg sits on a stool at the counter.

Greg: I don’t even keep alcohol in the apartment, Monica.  You’ve known me for almost twenty years…you should know that.

Monica walks over to him.

Monica: Have I mentioned that I like your tie?

Greg: Yes.

She picks it up, leaning closer to him.  She tries to kiss him, but he stops her.

Greg cont’d: What are you doing?

Monica: Isn’t that obvious…

Greg: You’re drunk.

Monica: You’re cute.

Greg: Monica…

She leans in to kiss him again and he doesn’t stop her right away this time.  He kisses her back and has to obviously make himself get a grip and pull back.

Greg: No…no, Monica, okay?

(cut to): Scout and Hamilton.  Hamilton raises his eyebrows to Scout who shrugs.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Greg stands up and gets Monica to sit down on the stool.

Monica: I love you, Greg.

She starts looking around the kitchen again, virtually ignoring him.

Greg: No, you don’t.  I love you and…you’re not going to remember that tomorrow.

He starts pacing around.

Greg cont’d: Why do you do this to me?  How do you do this to me?  Sure, you’re beautiful…you’ve always been beautiful.  But, you’re not that nice…or particularly charming or sweet.  Your life is interesting, but…so is mine.  Maybe it wouldn’t be that interesting without you…I don’t know.

Monica: I want to spend the night.

Greg: Do you ever listen to me?  Have you ever listened to me?  I mean, if you did…you’d know how I feel about you.

Monica: Do you want me to spend the night?

Greg: No…I want you to leave.

Monica: Really?

She leans toward him again, kissing him.  When he pulls back, he’s weakened.

Greg: God, we’ve been down this road before…

Monica: We never got to the end.

Greg seems surprised that she’s actually acknowledged something he’s said.

Greg: We got far enough down it for me to feel guilty…for years.

Monica: Me too…

Greg starts pacing again.

Greg: I mean…it was her funeral, Monica…

(cut to): Hamilton and Scout.  They both pick their heads up at this.

(cut to): the kitchen.

Monica watches him.  He slides down onto the floor, looking more upset.

Greg cont’d: It was her funeral.

Monica: I know; I was there.  She was my best friend.

Monica walks over and sits down next to him.

Greg: And, I didn’t know if I felt worse about the fact that she was dead or the fact that I used her death to…to be with you. 

(cut to): Scout and Hamilton.  They’re both sitting up listening now.

(cut to): the kitchen.

Greg: Oh my God, I loved her so much…

He hangs his head, not crying, but not too far from it.

Greg cont’d: …how could I have done something like that.

Monica: Something like…sleeping with me?

Greg: I can’t believe we’re talking about this.  This is a conversation I’ve wanted to have with you for the past ten years.

Monica has seemingly sobered up considerably. 

Monica: A conversation about how you regret sleeping with me?

Greg: I want you to listen to me.  Remember what I’m about to say.

Monica nods.

Greg: I love you.  I loved you the day of Judy’s funeral.  I loved you for the year that she was dying.  I loved you the day Jill was born.  I loved you on my first date with Judy when she took me to see some way off Broadway play you were in.  I’ve always loved you and you’ve never noticed and you’ve never cared.

(cut to): Hamilton and Scout who are leaning toward the door, trying to hear better.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Monica looks at him a moment.  She looks away completely.

Monica: After you left that morning without saying anything…I didn’t want to notice and I certainly didn’t want to care.

Monica gets up a little unsteadily.

Monica cont’d: Please call my driver.

Greg stands up looking at her, a little sorry.  He nods.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Whoa.  What?  Huh?  Greg and Monica did what?  Yeah, I know…back story is annoying, but I really dig this storyline and I think we needed an explanation about the parentals of Jill and Jake.  So, there you have it.  Enjoy it because there is more J.


(fade in): to the next day, an establishing shot of Jake’s house.  It’s about 8:00 a.m.

Music: These Days by Fountains of Wayne

(cut to): Jake’s kitchen.  Monica is standing at the counter making coffee.  Jake walks in.

Monica: You’re up early.

Jake: I’ve been up for hours…still on London time, I guess.

Monica nods.  She looks a little down and Jake notices.

Jake: How was the party?

Monica: Uh…it was…fabulous.  Do you know where the cream is?

Jake looks at her suspiciously and walks over to the refrigerator opening it and taking out the cream.

Jake: You got back pretty late, huh?

Monica: Oh…I don’t know…not that late.

Jake: And…were you nice to Greg?

Monica looks at her.

Monica: Sweetheart, I’ve got a splitting headache right now…

Jake: Oh…sorry…

Jake looks at her a little sympathetically then reaches in the cabinet, taking out some Pop Tarts.  She looks at the toaster, but walks out.

(cut to): the toaster on Jill’s counter.  Toast pops up.

(cut to): A wider shot as Jill takes the toast and puts it on a plate.  She walks over to the kitchen table (assume there’s an actual dining room elsewhere) where Scout is sitting drinking a glass of juice.  He’s wearing business slacks, a dress shirt and a tie.  Jill sets the toast in front of him.

Scout: Just because you’re here now, you don’t have to make me breakfast.

Jill looks at the toast then at him skeptically.

Jill: It’s toast, Scout…I can handle it. 

She walks back over to the cabinet and pulls out a box of strawberry Pop Tarts. 

Jill cont’d: I can’t believe you don’t like these things. 

A beat as Jill puts some Pop Tarts into the toaster.

Scout: Can we talk a minute before everyone else wakes up?

Jill turns around.

Jill: Sure…what’s up?

Scout: Your mom…her name was Judy?

Jill turns back around and concentrates on the toaster.

Jill: Yep.

Scout: And she past away when you were…about six?

Jill looks over at him.

Jill: Yeah…she did.

She looks back at the toaster.

Scout: It’s just…I heard your dad talking to Jake’s mom last night… 

Jill: She was here?

Scout: Just for a little while.

Jill’s Pop Tarts pop up, but she walks away from them and sits back down at the table.

Jill: Wait…you heard my dad talking about my mom?

Scout nods.

Jill: What…what did he say?

Scout looks a little taken aback by the question.  He doesn’t know how much to tell her.

Scout: Um…not that much.

Jill: Oh…

Scout tilts his head, realizing he’s got to tell her something and trying to figure out what.

Scout: He said he loved her so much.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Anything else?

Scout: Um…on their first date they went to see Jake’s mom in a way off Broadway play.

Jill laughs.  Scout doesn’t really know how to handle this situation.

Scout cont’d: Jill…you guys talk about everything.

Jill: Not her.

Scout: …why not?

Jill cont’d: Scout…this is like a really huge topic for me.  I mean it’s not something I want to randomly discuss with you over breakfast.

Scout nods.

Jill cont’d: I don’t even talk to Jacqueline about this.

Scout looks a little hurt, but tries to recover.

Scout: I understand.

A beat as Jill gets up and takes her Pop Tarts out of the toaster.  Scout watches her not sure if the conversation is over.  Jill walks back over with the Pop Tarts, not looking at Scout.

Jill: The day after her funeral, I asked him to say his favorite thing about her.  People had been asking me…probably some kind of grief management technique…but I couldn’t ever figure out the right answer.  I told someone her smile.  I told someone else that she was funny.  Those things were great, but…not really my favorite.  I knew my dad would know the right answer.  I knew that when he said his favorite thing about her, it would be mine too.

Scout: What did he say?

Jill: Well…he flipped out.  He wanted to know why I would ask something like that.  He said she was gone and talking about her wasn’t going to bring her back.  So…

Scout: …you never asked him anything again.

Jill is quiet for a moment.

Jill: I do remember a lot, but mostly all I have are memories of when she was in the hospital.  Those aren’t the best memories. 

Jill happens to glance over at the clock.

Jill cont’d: You better go or you’re going to be late.

Scout: If you want to talk about this…about her…I mean, I know I don’t know anything, but—

Jill: You’re going to be late.

Scout: I don’t care…and I didn’t necessarily mean right now, okay?  Just…anytime…

Scout stands up taking one more bite of toast and another sip of juice.  Jill gets up too and hugs him a little unexpectedly.

Jill: Think you could be just a little late?

Scout laughs softly, hugging her back.

Scout: Yeah…

Music: Moment in the Sun by Clem Snide

(cut to): an establishing shot of New Rawley.  It seems a little empty.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house.

(cut to): Meagan sitting on the couch watching TV.

(cut to): Johanna’s bedroom where she and Finn are asleep in her bed.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

(cut to): the girls dormitory.

(cut to): a hall in the girls’ dorm as Sean walks down it.  He’s looking at the doors and stops at Gwen and Jill’s room which has their names written on a marker board for message-leaving purposes.  He knocks. After a minute, Gwen opens the door, still in her pajamas. 

Gwen: Can I…help you?

Sean: Is…Will here?

Gwen raises her eyebrows, laughing and looking down at her p.j.’s.

Gwen: No?

Sean: What about Jill?

Gwen: Do your friends not talk to you?

Sean doesn’t get it.  Gwen opens the door all the way.

Gwen: Come on in.

(dissolve to): as establishing shot of New York City from the bay.

(cut to): Jill’s apartment building.

(cut to): Inside, the den.  Everyone is standing around, getting ready to go.  Putting necessary tourist gear into their respective backpacks.  Jill and Scout watch.

Hamilton: Come on, are you guys ready?

Will: Chill out, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Jake’s going to be here soon.

Bella: And?  You’ve been talking about seeing her all summer.

Hamilton: You don’t understand…

He looks at Jill a moment.

Hamilton cont’d: …anyway, can we just go please?

Scout: You guys have a blast.

Bella: You have fun at work.

Scout laughs.  He looks at Will a moment then back at Bella.

Scout: Have fun.

Jill doesn’t really like the personal exchange.

Jill: Hey…aren’t you late?

Scout looks over at her.

Scout: Yeah…like two hours late…which is why I called in earlier.

Jill looks down.

Scout cont’d: But, um…you’re right…don’t want to be any later so…I’ll see you guys tonight.  Enjoy the city…it’s a great one.

(dissolve to): Hamilton, Will and Bella walking around together in the city, toward the empire state building.

Hamilton: Did Jill seem weird to you guys?

Will: Not any weirder than usual.

Hamilton smiles, shaking his head. 

Hamilton: I don’t know, she seemed quiet…

Will: Hey…look up.

They reach the Empire State Building and all look up.

(cut to): Jill’s apartment.  She’s sitting in the den looking at an old photo album.  Greg walks in still in his pajamas. 

Greg: Where is everyone?

Jill looks up at him, closing the album.

Jill: Um…Scout went to work and Will, Bella and Hamilton went to check out the sites.

Greg: You didn’t want to go show them around?

Jill: Hamilton kind of knows his way around this city more than he usually lets on…besides Jacqueline’s coming by.

Greg: Wait…if Jacqueline’s coming here…why is Hamilton out site seeing?

Jill: Oh…don’t tell her he’s here.  He’s not supposed to be here until next week so he’s just going to leave with Will and Bella then come back when he’s supposed to.

Greg looks at her not really getting it, but he shrugs.

Greg: So, what are you doing?

He looks at the photo album in her hands.  Jill looks at him a moment, but decides not to answer.

Jill: How was the party?

Greg smiles.

Greg: It sucked…

Jill: And how was Monica?

Greg: Drunk…

He laughs.

Greg: …and also amazingly unlike herself.  Frightening combination, really.  Hey, do we have any Pop Tarts left?

Jill shakes her head at his quick shift.

Jill: Yeah…there’s one pack left…

Greg: Thank you, Darling.

He hops up and exits.  The intercom buzzes.  Jill gets up.

(cut to): the front hall as Jill walks up to the intercom.

Jill: Hey, Phil…is it Jacqueline?

Phil: Yes, indeed.

Jill: Don’t let her in.

Phil laughs.

Phil: I’ll send her right up.

Jill looks back toward the kitchen.

Jill: Actually, tell her I’m coming down.

Jill looks back toward the again, looking a little upset.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of New Rawley.

Music: All She’s Got by Sum 41 (very loud at first then quiet)

(cut to): Gwen and Jill’s dorm room.  Gwen has changed and is sitting on her bed.  Sean is sitting in her desk chair.

Sean: Wait, wait, wait…so you’re saying everyone is in New York?

Gwen nods.

Sean: Well…that sucks…

Gwen: I mean, I guess that actually depends on how you define “everyone.”

Sean: Want to go to New York?

Gwen: Um…what?

Sean: Scout and Jill both invited me this summer.

Gwen: Neither of them invited me…ever.

Sean smiles.

Sean: I’m inviting you.  What do you say?

Gwen: Well…my dad does have a loft there…

Sean: So…you’re in?

Gwen: I don’t know…

Sean: Do you have Jill’s number?

Gwen: Her cell number.

Sean: Perfect.

(cut to): Jake and Jill sitting in a coffee shop somewhere in NYC.  Jake takes a sip of her coffee and watches Jill.  Jill stares at her latte.

Jake: Are you okay?

Jill looks up at her and smiles.

Jill: Huh?

Jake: Are—

Jill: Yeah, I’m fine.  Did I tell you that I love your hair?

Jake: I made an appointment to get it cut.

Jill: For when?

Jake: Like the day before Hamilton gets here. 

Jill: Cutting it kind of close…literally.

Jake laughs.

Jake: No one has said anything about him, by the way?

Jill: About Hamilton?

Jake nods.

Jill cont’d: Oh!  I almost forgot…I was supposed to give you his dad’s cell number.

Jake: His dad’s—

Jill: His parents are out of town and he has—

Jake: …his dad’s cell phone.

Jill nods.  A cell phone starts ringing.

Jake: Must be you…I haven’t even found my phone yet…I couldn’t use it all summer anyway.

Jill takes her phone out of her bag and it is, in fact, ringing.

Jill: Hello?…Sean!  Hey!…yeah, pretty much everyone…of course the invitation still stands.  There isn’t really anywhere to sleep, but—…oh…she’s like standing right there, right?

(cut to): Sean and Gwen in Gwen’s room.  Sean is talking on her cell phone as she stands nearby.

Sean: Yup, she’s right here…wh—okay…uh-huh…okay…thanks a lot, Jill…okay, let me write that down.

Gwen hands Sean some paper and he presumably writes Jill’s address down. 

Sean cont’d: Okay…bye.

Sean hangs up the phone and hands it to her.

Sean cont’d: We’re going to New York.

(cut to): Jill and Jake.

Jill: They’re coming to New York.

Jake: Who?

Jill: Sean…and Gwen. 

Jake: Oh…terrific.  I’m going to have to lay low because there is no way I’m breaking out the boy gear before it’s absolutely necessary. 

Jill: Yeah, for someone so smart, she is kind of dense.  Although, I am kind of glad she’s coming.

Jake: Why?

Jill: Because…Scout didn’t want her to…

Jake: Are you mad at Scout?

Jill: No…kind of…I mean, he’s perfect…

Jake: Except for?

Jill: His need to protect Bella.

Jake: Jill…

Jill: I know…I know every argument you have for me.  It all makes perfect sense.  Can we talk about something else?

A beat.

Jill cont’d: Did your mom say anything about last night?

Jake: I asked her about the party.  She kind of blew me off.

Jill: She came back with my dad last night…Scout said.

Jake: Really?

Jill: Yeah, but she didn’t stay long

Jake: She was being really weird.

Jill: When I asked my dad, he said she was unlike herself.

Jake: What does that mean? 

Jill: I don’t know, but…she wasn’t the only one being unlike herself.

Jake: What do you mean?

Jill: They were talking about…my mom. 

Jake looks pretty surprised.

Jill cont’d: Scout heard my dad talk about my mom more in one night than I have in the past ten years.

Jake: Yeah, well, I just heard you talk about her more than I have in the past ten years so…

Jill: Long-standing Thomas family tradition, I guess.

Jake: Un-Jill-like quietness explained.

Jill laughs, looking down.

Jake cont’d: It could be worse…my mom feels the need to talk about my dad on a regular basis…or, rather, the fact that not knowing who he is has made her a stronger, more independent mother.

Jill: We have screwed up parents.

Jake: Yeah…lucky we’re so normal…

Jill: Some of us anyway…

Jake laughs.

Music: Standing Still by Jewel

(dissolve to): Jake’s house.  Monica is in her bedroom, holding an old photo.  Through her window we can see that time has passed and it’s nearly dusk.

(cut to): a shot over her shoulder of the picture.  It’s a man and two women: Greg, Monica and Judy…only about 20 years younger.

Monica: I think I’ve hurt him very badly, Judith…not all at once…just little by little.  I guess I do that to people.

She laughs, wiping away a tear.

Monica cont’d: And, if you were here, I’m sure you’d be the first to point that out to me…and tell me that talking to an old picture isn’t going to help make things better…

She sets the picture down and looks around.

(cut to): Jill’s apartment.   Greg is now dressed and walks past the den, seeing the photo album.  He stops and looks at it.  He walks over to it and opens it.  There is a picture of Judy, Monica, Jake and Jill from about 12 years ago.  Greg smiles.

Greg: Long time, no see.  I’ll try to fix that.  I have a couple of things to fix.  Not Jill.  She’s a pillar.  She’s just like you. 

The moment is interrupted as the front door opens.

Greg cont’d: Both of you would think I’m crazy for talking to a picture.  I gotta go.

(cut to): the main hall as Hamilton, Bella and Will walk in.

Bella: Scout was right about this city.

Will: Yeah, it’s amazing…

Hamilton: I’ve been here several times, but it always seems new and different.  I wonder if you ever just get used to it. 

Greg: Impossible.

He walks out into the hall.

Greg cont’d: You can’t get used to it because it does change…especially looking at it next your own life which, by comparison, seems static.

Everyone smiles.  Will seems to understand it the best.

Greg cont’d: Did you kids have a good time and…where’s my daughter?

The intercom buzzes.

Greg cont’d: Hold that thought.

He walks over and hits the button.

Greg cont’d: Yes, Phil?

Phil: Mr. Thomas, a Sean McGrail and Gwen Vaughn are here for your daughter.

Everyone looks around.  Greg looks at them.

Greg cont’d: Gwen is Jill’s roommate and Sean is…Will’s friend, right?

They nod.

Greg cont’d: Okay, Phil, send them up.

He turns back to them.

Greg cont’d: I’m meeting some friends for drinks…part of my plan to stay out of your way, but…where’s Jill?

Hamilton: She was with Jake…

Greg gives him a funny look.

Hamilton cont’d: …uh, Jacqueline.

Greg: Okay, well…if she doesn’t get back soon, call my cell…it’s written on the fridge.

They nod.  Greg opens the closet door and takes out his jacket.  There is a knock at the door.  Greg opens it to reveal Sean and Gwen.

Greg cont’d: Hi kids…bye kids…

He walks out as Sean and Gwen walk in.

Sean: Was that Jill’s dad?

Will nods.

Will: Yeah…

A beat.

Will cont’d: So…what are you two doing here?

The door opens and Scout walks in.  Gwen looks at Will. 

Gwen: Jill didn’t tell you we were coming?

Scout: Jill knew?

Sean: Hello to you too and…I called her this morning to make sure things weren’t too hectic…make sure you guys had some time to hang out and everything.

Bella: We haven’t talked to her all day…we’ve been out site seeing.

Hamilton: Hey…was Jake with her?

Sean: I don’t know…she didn’t say.

Hamilton: Jake doesn’t exactly know I’m here…in case you guys run into…

He looks at Gwen.

Hamilton cont’d: …him.

Everyone but Gwen realizes the problem with that.

Scout: Wow, that makes things even more complicated, doesn’t it?

He looks at Sean.

Sean: I didn’t think of that.

Gwen: Of what?

Hamilton: Nothing.

Sean: Well, Gwen and I are staying at her dad’s loft so…it won’t be that complicated.

Will looks at Sean then Gwen.

Hamilton: When are you two going back?

Sean: I don’t know…what with such a warm welcome—

Hamilton: No…it’s just…I’m only staying until like tomorrow and there’s not really enough room here so, I thought…

Gwen: …yeah, that’s fine Hamilton.

Scout: Where is Jill?

Bella: We don’t know. 

Scout looks worried for a moment until the door opens and Jill walks in.  She seems startled to see everyone in the main hall.

Scout: Sean and Gwen are here.

Jill: I see that, Scout.  Hey guys.

She smiles.

Gwen: We’re about to take off…my dad has—

Jill: …the loft, that’s right.

Hamilton: I’m going with them…

Jill: Right now?

Ham nods.

Jill cont’d: That might be a problem.

Sean: Why?

Jill looks at Gwen, choosing her words carefully.

Jill: Jake’s downstairs.

Hamilton: What?  Why?

Jill: Well, I suggested maybe we could all go out to dinner.

Hamilton: I think there are a few major flaws in that plan.

Jill: I thought you could stay behind and…I didn’t know these two would be here yet…

She looks at them, not wanting to be overtly mean.

Jill cont’d: …or I would have made the reservation for more people.  Although, I just saw my dad and he isn’t coming…

Everyone is quiet for a moment.

Gwen: You know what? Why don’t I take Hamilton over to my dad’s…after you guys get Jake out of here.  And, Sean can take your dad’s place so you guys can all catch up.

Will: You don’t have to do that.

Hamilton: I think it sounds like a good plan, Will.

Will: You’re so selfish, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Me?  What about you and—

Bella: You guys…take it easy.

Scout: Let’s just go with what Gwen said…it makes things the easiest for everyone, okay?

Everyone either agrees or submits.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of NYC, the next morning.

Music: Heart Attack by Sum 41

(cut to): Jill’s apartment building.

(cut to): the den where Will is asleep on the sofa-sleeper, Scout in the chair and Sean is on the love seat where Ham was the night before. 

(cut to): Scout’s empty bed where Jill slept the night before.

(cut to): Jill’s room where Bella slept the night before.  There is a slumber-party style palette on the floor with blankets and pillows.  All three of the girls are asleep there, looking more like they fell asleep talking than went to sleep. 

(cut to): a loft-style apartment not too far from Jill’s, the living room.  Hamilton is asleep on the couch.  Gwen comes walking down from the loft bedroom.  She’s dressed.  Hamilton wakes up and looks up at her.

Hamilton: Morning.

Gwen: Morning.

He sits up on the couch.  He’s wearing pajama pants and a tee-shirt.

Hamilton: Did you ever talk to Sean?

Gwen: He called my cell at like two…they got back late and he just stayed over there.

Hamilton sits up on the couch.

Hamilton: I hope…I hope you don’t think everyone doesn’t like you…

Gwen: Gee, why would I think that? 

Hamilton starts to speak.

Gwen cont’d: Better question: why would I care?

Hamilton: Well…in case you do…

Hamilton stands up and walks over to the kitchen counter.  Gwen is now in the kitchen, starting a teapot of water.  She stops and looks at him.

Hamilton: …I think Will likes you…

Gwen: …you said that before…I think you’re crazy.

Hamilton: Well, anyway, Scout thinks so too…

Gwen: Oh, well, then…it must be true.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I think he invited Will and Bella so that they could work some stuff out.  When they broke up, Will’s big thing was that he needed to be friends with Bella.  Like he couldn’t go on dating her because he needed the friendship.  Well, he hasn’t been the greatest friend since then. 

Gwen: And, he finally realized it.

Hamilton: Something like that.  He wanted to kill me for inviting myself, but…I really wanted to see Jake.

Gwen: Nice to see you followed through on that.

Hamilton: That’s complicated…and that’s not what we’re talking about anyway.

Gwen smiles.

Hamilton cont’d:  Bella thinks you’re totally cool…I think it’s just hard for her to see you around Will because he acts like a complete dork…

Gwen: That’s ridiculous…

Hamilton: And, Scout…well, he didn’t want you to come.

Gwen: How sweet.

Hamilton: But, only because he was pushing Will to fix things with Bella.

Gwen: And…Scout and Bella have a complicated past which is probably why Jill—

Hamilton: …told you and Sean to come.
Gwen: Well, I’m sure there was something flattering in all that so…

She goes back to the teapot.

Hamilton: I wanted you to come from the beginning.

She turns around.  He smiles.

Hamilton cont’d: Your cool, you know?  And, a completely under-rated Rawley Girl.

Gwen: I didn’t mean to blow you off all summer.  You’re just…hard to read.

Hamilton laughs at her phrasing.

(dissolve to): several hours later.  Gwen and Hamilton walk out of an old bookstore.

Music: In Too Deep by Sum 41

Gwen: That’s one of my favorite places in this city.

Hamilton: Yeah, that was…cool.

Gwen laughs.  Hamilton’s cell phone starts ringing.  He looks a little surprised.

Hamilton: Please don’t be my dad, please don’t be my dad…

He hits a button on the phone

Hamilton cont’d: Hello?  J-Jake…hi, how’d you get this number?…no, of course I wanted you to have it…yeah, I haven’t really been in the house that much…wait, you’re back in New York?  I didn’t know that…

He looks at Gwen like “did that sound convincing?”

(swipe to): a half screen with Hamilton and now with Jake at Jill’s.  She’s in the main hall trying to put a belt on while talking on the cell phone at the same time. 

Jake: Yep…

Hamilton: Well, how long have you been here…in the States?

Jake: Uh…since like the night before last.

Jake gets the belt through all the loops and fastens it.

Jake cont’d: Are you still coming on the twenty-eighth?

She leans on the door, glad to finally be talking to him.

Hamilton: Yep.

He walks over and sits on the step of the bookstore.  Gwen points to the door and Hamilton nods as she goes back inside.

Hamilton cont’d: Man, it’s good to hear your voice.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Yours too.

Hamilton: Have you been having fun in the city?

Jake: Yeah…I went out last night with Jill, Scout, Bella, Will and Sean.

Hamilton: Oh, that’s right…they’re all there.

Jake: Yeah…I’m just about to leave Jill’s now actually. 

Hamilton: Late night?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Kind of, yeah.  Anyway, I’m ready to get out of here and get back home.

Hamilton: Cool.  So…you don’t want to…hang out with them while they’re here?

Jake: It’s not like I’m not going back to Rawley in a few weeks.  Besides, I just…want to go home and relax right now.  My mom has auditions today so it’ll be nice to be alone.

Hamilton: Well, I don’t want to hold you up…

Jake looks a little worried by his weirdness.

Jake: Is there something going on that I should know about?

Hamilton: What?

Jake: You’re being kind of…weird.

Hamilton: Weird?  No, I’m not.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Okay, well…I miss you.

Hamilton: I miss you too.

Jake: I’m on my cell.  Jill helped me find it yesterday.

Hamilton: Okay…that’s a number I definitely know.

Jake: Okay…bye.

Hamilton: Bye.

Hamilton hangs up the phone and looks very frustrated. 

(swipe to): just Jake as she hangs up too, but looks more concerned with his mood.

(cut to): Monica in her bedroom.  She’s finished getting dressed and picks up the phone.

(cut to): Jill’s kitchen where the phone rings.  Jill, Bella and Sean are sitting at the table eating sandwiches.  Greg stands at the counter making a sandwich.  He walks over and picks up the phone.

Greg: Hello?…Oh, hi…No, I haven’t forgotten.  I’ll be there at three…my agent thinks so too…yes, I know we have the same agent.  That was just a…yes…they’re all fine.  Jacqueline just left, I think…I’ll see you at three…bye.

He hangs up the phone, looking at it for a moment.

Jill: Monica?

He nods and goes back to making his sandwich.

Jill cont’d: You have auditions too?

Greg: Yes, Jill.

Sean: Must be pretty cool being an actor.

Greg: It’s a pretty cool way to put food on the table…

He takes a bite of his sandwich and smiles.

(cut to): the den.  Will and Scout are folding blankets and getting everything back in order.

Will: Did you guys have to be so rude to her?

Scout: What?  To Gwen?

Will: Yes.

(cut to): the hall by the den as Jill walks toward it carrying a couple of Coke’s.  She stops when she hears them talking.

Scout: I thought you came here to talk to Bella…to make things right with Bella.

(cut to): Will and Scout in the den.

Will: It’s kind of impossible to do when she won’t even tell me how I can…or, to be honest, why I should.

Scout: Why you should?  You’re a real jerk.

Will: And you’re real good at meddling, Scout.  Why are you so interested in Bella anyway?  Maybe the answer’s obvious.

Scout laughs.

Scout: Bella is my friend.  I care about her like—

Will: …a brother? 

Will laughs.

Will cont’d: You still have feelings for her, don’t you?

(cut to): Jill in the hall.  She looks down, knowing she shouldn’t be listening and afraid of what Scout is about to say.

(cut to): the den.

Scout: I’m going to forgive you, Will, because you have no clue what it’s like to be in love with someone the way I’m in love with Jill.  If you did, you wouldn’t disrespect my relationship with her by implying I still have feelings for Bella.  I care about Bella like a friend…you should take notes.

Will is angry and frustrated.  Jill takes the opportunity to walk into the room.  Will walks past her quickly.  Jill looks at Scout who shakes his head.

(cut to): Bella and Sean in the kitchen.

Sean: I’m really sorry I wasn’t at your birthday party.

Bella: Are you kidding?  I wouldn’t dare be responsible for our student government president missing an function as important as the regional student government conference..

Sean laughs.

Sean: Did you have a good summer, Bella?

Bella: No.  Did you?

Sean smiles.

Sean: Yeah.  It’s weird.  I thought being away from everyone would be hard.  First it was baseball camp, then my grandma’s, then that conference.  I guess I thought things would change when I was gone, but—

Bella: They’re exactly the same…even in a completely different city…Scout loves Jill, Will is struggling to find himself, Hamilton is whining about Jake—

Sean: …and Bella still needs her best friend back, huh?

Bella: Sean…

Sean takes a bite of his sandwich.  Jill walks in.

Jill: Have you guys seen Will?

They shake their head.

Jill cont’d: I think he took off…

Sean: Took off where?

Jill: How should I know?  He’s mad at Scout.

Bella: I’ll go find him.

Sean: Maybe you should just let him simmer down…

Bella gets up.

Bella: I’ll go find him.

Sean and Jill exchange glances as Bella gets up and leaves the room.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of NYC, early afternoon.

(cut to): Jill’s apartment building.

(cut to): Sean and Scout watching a Yankees game in the den.

Scout: You know, I might be able to get tickets to a game.

Sean: Are you serious?

Scout: It depends.  My boss has season passes and if he’s not going to a game, he’ll usually offer them to me.  I haven’t been yet. 

Sean: Cool.

Scout: Of course, I called in sick to work today…and was late yesterday…

Sean laughs.

Music: Stuck in a Moment by U2

(cut to): Greg in his bedroom.  He’s reading over a monologue.  There is a knock.

Greg: Yes?

The door opens and Jill walks in.

Greg cont’d: Hey Sweetie.

Jill: I just wanted to tell you to break a leg.

Greg: Thanks.

Jill: Okay…

She starts to go.

Greg: Jill…come in a second.

She walks in and closes the door.

Greg cont’d: We could talk about anything, right?
Jill: So far…

Jill walks over and sits next to him on the bed.  He looks at her for a moment then holds the script down, revealing a picture of Judy.  Jill looks at it.

Greg: I’ve been thinking about it and…my favorite thing…it was her honesty.

Jill looks at him, not knowing how to responds.

Greg cont’d: You asked me, you know?  A long time ago.

Jill: I know…I remember.

Greg: I probably shouldn’t have taken so long to answer.

Jill laughs.  A beat.

Greg cont’d: She was…my best friend.  She knew me better than I could ever hope to know myself…and she never let me forget it. 

He pauses, looking down at the picture.

Greg cont’d: She knew that I was in love with Monica…

Jill: Whoa, what? 

Greg: Tell me about it…

Jill looks at him.

Jill: And…you’re still in love with Monica…

Greg nods, running his hand through his hair.

Greg: My favorite thing about you is that…you’re just like her…without meaning to be.

Jill smiles half-way, looking down.

Greg cont’d: I mean…why talk about her when…I’ve pretty much been talking to her for the past ten years…I guess that’s pretty selfish.

Jill shakes her head.

Jill: You’re not selfish, Dad…

Jill sighs, trying to process everything.

Jill cont’d: Did you…love…my mom?

Greg: Yes.

He holds the picture up.

Greg cont’d: This was someone hard not to love.

Jill: …and Monica is someone hard to love, but…it’s a lot stronger when you do.

Greg: God…

He inhales deeply then exhales.

Jill: What?

Greg: That was…the speech she gave me the night she…the night she past away.

Jill: She gave you her permission to be with Monica…

Greg looks over at her, not responding, but it doesn’t matter because Jill knows she’s right.

Jill cont’d: Wow.

Greg: Yeah…I know.

A beat.

Jill (matter-of-fact): You shouldn’t feel guilty.

Greg looks at her inquisitively.

Jill cont’d: She wouldn’t have said it if she didn’t mean it.

Greg smiles.  He gives her a big hug.

Greg: We’re going to talk about her more…

Jill: Okay.

They stand up as Greg looks at his watch.

Greg: Right now, though…

Jill: …audition time.

Music: City Lights by Lucky Boys Confusion

(cut to): the lobby of Jill’s building.  Hamilton walks in the door as Greg gets off the elevator. As they reach each other, they stop to talk.  Hamilton is carrying a backpack.

Greg: Where’s…Gwen?

Hamilton: At her dad’s loft.  She got some new old books today…

Greg laughs.

Greg: And how’s the Jacqueline-dodging going?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: Well…I’ve managed to avoid her so far…

Greg: Why don’t you sound happy about this?

Hamilton sighs, looking down.

Greg: This was Jill’s idea?

Hamilton: I don’t know…kind of.

Greg: My daughter can have amazingly great advice sometimes…

Hamilton nods.

Greg cont’d: …I don’t think this is one of those times.

Hamilton: See, but…I talked to Jake today and she said she was looking forward to spending time at home…all by herself.

Greg: Really?  And did she know you were in New York when she said this?

Hamilton: Of course not.

Greg: I saw her a lot in London, Hamilton.  I had breakfast with her almost everyday.  There was not a day…a minute…when she wasn’t talking about you or seeing you or missing you or…whatever.  I think it’s safe to say that…she wants to see you.

Hamilton: I don’t know…

Greg: You’re wasting time.  Time is precious.  When you get an opportunity to be with the…

He pauses a moment, shaking his head and getting this himself.

Greg cont’d: …the person that you love, you take that opportunity. 

Hamilton: I don’t know what to do for sure and…I feel overwhelmed here…

Greg: You need a break from the city…I know this perfect spot…come on, I’ll drop you off…

(cut to): the back of Greg’s car…the limo.  Hamilton sits looking out the window.

Hamilton: So, where is this perfect place?

Greg: In Central Park.

Hamilton: Isn’t that place sort of…dangerous?

Greg laughs.  A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: Can I ask you something?

Greg: Ask away, Ham.

Hamilton: Jake’s mom…do you think she would have been different if…

Greg wasn’t really expecting this.  He waits for Hamilton to continue.

Hamilton cont’d: …if Jill’s mom hadn’t died.

Greg: Um…

Hamilton: Nevermind, that was—

Greg: Monica Pratt is the most self-involved person that I know…and she always has been. 

Hamilton: Oh.

Greg: If you can ever manage to shot-circuit that for a few minutes, though, she’s pretty amazing.  The only person that could really do that was Judy.

Hamilton: Maybe you’re underestimating your ability.

Greg looks at him, tilting his head.

Hamilton cont’d: So, are we almost there?

Greg smiles, looking out the window.

Greg: Almost.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the Empire State Building. 

Music: Wishing Heart by Lisa Loeb (again J)

(cut to): the observation deck.  Will is standing looking down over the city.

Bella: It’s a great view.

Will turns around.  He looks surprised to see her.

Will: You hate heights.  You wouldn’t even come out here yesterday.

Bella walks out to him, not standing too close to the wall/rail thing.

Bella: What are you doing here?

Will: Thinking…trying to figure out how to justify myself…how to prove everyone else wrong…especially Scout…maybe Hamilton…maybe you…

Bella looks down.

Will cont’d: But…I haven’t come up with anything so far.  And…you standing here has pretty much the opposite effect of what I was looking for.

Bella: Why don’t I go?

Will: That’s not what I meant.  The fact that you came here proves to me, once and for all, that I do, indeed, suck. 

Bella smiles, shaking her head.

Will: I don’t need Scout to tell me that.  I get it.

Will steps a little closer to her, so everyone around doesn’t hear them.

Will cont’d: See, because you care about me and…I don’t mean that in some arrogant way. 

Bella laughs; Will smiles.

Will cont’d: I just mean, you won’t let me cut you off and…that makes you a good friend. 

A beat.

Will cont’d: I’ve broken a lot of promises to you.

Bella: Yeah…you have, but…I can deal with it.

Will: I know, but…you shouldn’t have to.  At some point, we worked really well.

Bella: We’ve been here before, Will…you can’t just say you’re going to be friends and, poof, there you are…back to normal.

Will: It’d sure make things a lot easier if you could.

A beat.

Will cont’d: It wasn’t that I didn’t want to hang out with you this summer…I just didn’t know how.  I know that sounds like a lame excuse, but…things are weird between us.

Bella: Yes, they are.

Will: I think with a little more effort on my part…we might be able to get past that and get back to something familiar and…more like us.  I know at some point we were just going to revert back…

Bella: …your idea, I remember.

Will: Maybe we should revert forward…

Bella: That’s an oxymoron.

Will: Yeah, well…so am I. 

Bella laughs.

Will cont’d: Maybe just the moron part…

Bella: Surprisingly, I may have to disagree.

Will: Good.

He smiles.

Will cont’d: Hey…come check out the view.

Bella looks at him skeptically.

Will cont’d: I’m here…come on…

He holds out his hand and she takes it, stepping over to the edge.

Bella: You’re right…pretty amazing view.

Will smiles.

Bella cont’d: You know…we haven’t discussed this whole Gwen crush thing…

Will: You’re on to that, huh?

Bella laughs.

Bella: You’re so obvious, Krudski…don’t you believe in playing hard to get?

Will laughs.

Will: Shut up and enjoy the view, Bella…

(cut to): a shot of the city from their point of view.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Central Park, it’s about 4:00 p.m.

(cut to): the spot Greg was talking about.  It’s a little garden in Central Park.  There are several trees that make it kind of secluded. 

(cut to): a bench where Hamilton is sitting.  He takes his camera out of his backpack and loads some film.  He looks around and seems sad.  He randomly takes a picture then sets the camera down in his lap.

(cut to): Jill, Sean and Scout in the den.

Sean: So…was your dad nervous about his audition?

Jill: Nah…he’s used to rejection.

Jill laughs.

Scout: Did you get a chance to talk to him about—

Jill: …he talked to me about it actually.

Scout: Really?

Jill: Weird, huh?  He’s in love with Monica, by the way, but…you probably heard something like that the other night, huh?

Scout nods.

Sean: What are you guys talking about?

Scout: It’s really complicated.

The doorbell rings.

(cut to): the door as Jill goes to open it.  When she does, Will, Bella and Gwen are standing there.

Music: Crawl by This Way

Jill: Hey guys…

She looks confused as to how they all met up.  They step into the apartment and Jill closes the door.

Bella: I called Hamilton…

Will: …he gave us directions to Gwen’s…

Jill: Cool.

Bella: He’s sitting in a park somewhere, by the way. 

Gwen: I think he’s leaving tomorrow. 

Will: That actually works out because we’re thinking about leaving too.

Scout and Sean come out into the hall.

Scout: What?

Will: Well, we saw most of the city…

Bella: …and hung out with you guys…

Will: …and probably more than wore out our welcome already…

Scout looks back and forth between Bella and Will.  He smiles.

Scout: Yeah…I’m pretty sick of you.

Will: See…there you have it.

Sean: Why don’t we go out and do something tonight then we can all get out of here in the morning?

Will: I like the sound of that…

Jill: Everyone in?

They all agree.

(cut to): Johanna, Finn and Meagan in Johanna’s backyard.

Meagan is sitting on a swing reading a book.  Johanna and Finn are at the grill.

Finn: Ever feel a million miles away from everything?

Johanna: In New Rawley, are you kidding?

Finn laughs.

Finn: That’s how I feel right now…

Johanna: A million miles away?

Finn: Yeah…and I love that.

She smiles.

Johanna: Well, as long as you can still focus on my cheeseburger.

He smiles, kissing her.

(cut to): the lobby of a theater.  Greg and Monica stand around with several other actors.  They don’t talk to each other. 

Monica: I’m having trouble focusing on this audition.

Greg: Me too.

Monica: Want to just get out of here?

Greg nods.
Greg: Okay.

(cut to): the back of a limo, Greg’s car.

Greg: Our agent is going to kill us.

Monica: I’m sorry if you feel like I don’t listen.

Greg: I know you listen…sometimes…

Monica: I mean, I do listen.

Greg: Case in point…

Greg laughs; Monica smiles.  A beat.

Greg cont’d: I talked to Jill about her mom today…we don’t usually talk about Judy.

Monica: That’s surprising…sometimes she reminds me so much of Judith.  The way she laughs or says things or—

Greg: I know…and it’s not just the way she says things.  It’s also the things she says.

Monica looks at him, completely tuned in.  A beat.

Greg: Leaving you that morning was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I though it was the right thing to do…

Monica: It probably was.

Greg: I’m not so sure.

Monica: Me either.

A beat.

Greg: Judy knew how I felt about you.

Monica: She knew how I felt about you too.

Greg looks at her, having never assumed that she loved him too.

Monica cont’d: When you start shutting things out and turning things off, you end up doing it all the time to everyone…especially to the people you love.

She looks at Greg who stares at her, trying to process.  He doesn’t speak for long enough for the silence to become awkward.

Monica: It’s your turn to say something.

Greg: Sorry…I’m all out.

He smiles as she looks down.  When she looks up again he kisses her.  Greg is very in control here and that’s rare for him as far as Monica is concerned.  He leans back in the seat, pulling her toward him.  Things quickly get hot when the driver slams on the brakes.  Monica and Greg are pushed forward, onto the floor of the limo, Greg on top. 

Greg: Are you okay?

Monica: Oh yeah…

He kisses her.

Greg: Yeah…this could work…

She smiles and kisses him.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Central Park.

Music: I Miss You by Incubus

(cut to): The area where Hamilton was before.  The bench is empty.  The camera pans over to the grass where Hamilton lies on his back.  He is using his backpack as a pillow and is looking through his camera.  He sets it down on his chest and closes his eyes.

Jake: You know…if I was a robber…your camera would be gone by now.

(cut to): a shot from Hamilton’s point of view as he slowly opens his eyes.  Jake is standing above him with her highlighted, almost shoulder-length hair and her sunglasses and her moderately chic, very non-Jake outfit and her hip make-up.  She’s also holding a brown paper bag.

(cut to): A shot of both of them as Hamilton sits up, stunned and speechless.  He starts to get up, but Jake sits down next to him, taking off her sunglasses.  He watches her and sits back down all the way.  She looks at him obviously a little pissed off, but willing to listen.

Jake: Are you going to say something?

Hamilton blinks, still fairly shocked to see her at all…not to mention the new look.

Hamilton: You…look…hot. 

Jake laughs, blushing.  She looks away.

Hamilton: I mean…oh my God…wow…

Jake: I meant…

She looks back at him.  He looks totally busted.  She gets for sure that he wasn’t the one who planned this meeting.  Still, it’s him…it’s hard for her to be angry.

Jake: I meant…are you going to say something about what the hell you’re doing here?

Hamilton: Don’t worry…I’m leaving tomorrow…

Jake: Oh, well when you put it like that…

Hamilton: Wait, why don’t you sound happy?

Jake: About the fact that you’re…leaving?

Hamilton looks at her like “yeah…”

Jake cont’d: Did you start taking drugs this summer?

Hamilton: Huh?

Jake: I just can’t think of a better reason for why you would think I wouldn’t want you here.

Hamilton: You said yourself that you were looking forward to a little time alone…

Jake: Well yeah…but only because no one told me you were here.

Hamilton: Really?

Jake: You’re serious?

He looks down.  She pushes her forehead against his.

Jake cont’d: I have been waiting for this moment for over two months.  I sat on a plane for eleven hours hoping to see you at the airport which was completely insane because no one even knew we were coming home early.  I tried to call you for two days after I got back because I wanted to hear your voice so badly that I was willing to torture myself with the fact that you were only two hundred miles away.  And, I have spent the past five minutes caring much less about what you’re doing here than when you’re going to kiss me…

Hamilton: Well, in that case…

He kisses her.  This is a sweet and tender kiss…and very anticipated by both parties.

Hamilton cont’d: Man, it’s good to see you.

Jake smiles, briefly kissing him again.

Jake: Believe me, the feeling is beyond mutual.

Hamilton blushes, looking down.

Jake cont’d: Hey, how do you feel about Sesame chicken?

Hamilton raises his eyebrows as Jake pulls out Chinese food from the brown paper bag.

Hamilton: If you brought it, I love it.

Jake: You know, the fact that Greg told us about this spot is impressive.  I mean, this is his spot…his place to go in the city when…the city gets overwhelming.

Hamilton: I have something like that.

Jake: In New York?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: But, luckily…that place comes to me…bearing Sesame chicken and looking…hot. 

Jake smiles, flattered, but not really buying it.

Hamilton: You’re where I want to go when life is unbearable.

Jake puts the Chinese food down and kisses him again.  This time, neither of them pull back and probably won’t for awhile.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Ah, Jake and Hamilton, reunited at last.  Yeah, did I mention that Hamilton will continue to not get any for the rest of this episode?  Did I mention that the same may not be true for Jake’s mother? J


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Jill’s apartment. 

(cut to): the den.  Sean, Bella, Will and Scout are there.  The New Rawley trio has their stuff together.

Will: I think we’re about ready to roll now that Gwen and Hamilton are here.

Jill walks in with Gwen, they are mid conversation.

Gwen: I did bring his stuff, though.

Jill: Okay, so…if Hamilton isn’t with you then—

Scout: Oh…I forgot to tell you…he called.

Everyone looks at him, rolling their eyes.

Scout: What?  He said he was staying at Jake’s…

Bella smiles.

Bella: Is he staying?

Scout: Um…he didn’t say…

Jill: You are officially the worst message-taker ever.

Scout: And on that note, I have to go to work.  I’ll see you guys when school starts.

He hugs Will.

Scout: I’m glad you came, man.

Will: I’m glad you invited me.  Thanks.

Will lets him go and talks to Jill.

Will cont’d: Thanks for letting such a motley crew into your home…in case I forget to say that before we leave.

Jill nods and watches over his shoulder as Scout shakes Sean’s hand then hugs Bella.

Jill: Anytime, Will…even though you’re taking off early.

Will: I came, I saw…I need a break.

Jill laughs.  Scout walks over to Gwen.

Scout: I’m glad you came. 

Gwen looks at him skeptically.

Gwen: I’ll see you in a few weeks.

He nods then gives Jill a quick kiss.  He turns back to everyone.

Scout: Have a safe trip.  See you in the Fall…

He backs out of the door.

Jill: Has anyone seen my dad this morning?

Everyone shakes their head, looking around.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Jake’s house, the kitchen.  Jake’s mom is standing at the coffee pot, making coffee.  She’s wearing a robe.  Greg walks up behind her wearing only boxers.

Greg: I stayed.

Monica: I’m shocked.

Music: I Wanna Sink to the Bottom with You by Fountains of Wayne

He kisses her neck and she abandons the coffee-making.

(cut to): upstairs in the guest bedroom.  This is the same room where Scout and Jill talked on New Years’.  Hamilton is in bed asleep.  Jake walks in, dressed.  She watches him for a moment.  She walks over to the bed and sits down on the side.

Hamilton: I’m not really asleep.

Jake: Well, that makes waking you up easier.

He opens his eyes and checks her out.

Hamilton: Did I mention how hot you are?

Jake: Did I mention that you sound really surprised every time you say that?

Hamilton: I’m not surprised…I’m just…

Hamilton sits up.  He doesn’t have a shirt on.

Hamilton cont’d: …okay, I’m a little surprised.

She laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: You’re beautiful…that I’m never surprised about.  This is just…different.

Jake: Thank you…I think.

A beat as Hamilton gets a little more out of bed, sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.

Hamilton: You know…you were supposed to tell me if you changed your hair.

Jake: Well, though it was an unspoken rule, you were supposed to tell me if you came to New York so…

Hamilton: …we’re even.

He leans a little closer to her.  She presses her forehead to his before speaking:

Jake: Yeah right…not even close.  You’re so in my debt…I own you…

Hamilton: I could be into that…

Jake laughs.

Jake: Oh, really?

He nods, kissing her.

Hamilton: Before you tie me to the bed, though…

Jake kisses him again.

Hamilton cont’d: I just want to say that I missed you a lot this summer.

Jake continues kissing his cheek then his neck.

Hamilton cont’d: And, I originally came here to see you, but…

He pauses as Jake starts kissing the other side of his neck.

Hamilton cont’d: I changed my plans when I thought I might be pushing too much…

Jake moves up to kissing his chin and he tries really hard to concentrate on what he’s trying to say.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m trying to say that…I shouldn’t have wasted the past few days.

Jake stops kissing him a moment.

Jake: We’ve talked a lot these past few months, haven’t we?

Hamilton nods.

Jake cont’d: So…will you shut up?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: One more thing…

Jake: Okay…one.

Hamilton: I love you.

Jake: That was a good one…

Hamilton smiles and starts kissing her.  She pulls back a second.

Jake cont’d: You didn’t give me a chance to say that I love you too.

Hamilton: Well, that’s because I already know.

Jake: Well, I—

Hamilton: Shhh…

She smiles and shuts up as he kisses her again.

(cut to): Will and Bella as they carry their bags to Will’s car.

Bella: This was a good trip.

Will opens the back of the jeep and they put their bags in.

Will: Very good.

Will closes the back door then leans against it.

Will cont’d: So…I’m assuming that I no longer “suck.”

Bella smiles and sits down on the bumper of the car.

Bella: Hmm…that’s a bold assumption.

Will laughs.

Will: Okay, fair enough.  How about…I’m hoping that I suck less?

Bella nods.

Bella: I’m glad we talked.

Will: Yeah…let’s do that more.

A beat.

Will: Do you think we’ll ever get back there?

Bella: Where?

Will: That place we were last summer.

Bella: I don’t know Will…

Will: Can you just tell me that we will?

Bella: …eventually, yeah.

He laughs.  A beat.

Bella cont’d: About Gwen…

Will: I think I like her.

Bella: I think she has no clue.

Will: And do you think she would want to have a clue?

Bella: Who wouldn’t, Will?

Music: Sometimes Wanna Die by Joy Drop

He doesn’t understand that entirely, but he smiles anyway, standing up.  Bella stands up as well and they walk back toward Jill’s apartment building.

(cut to): Hamilton and Jake as they walk down the stairs at Jake’s.  Hamilton is now dressed as well, virtually the same clothes as the day before.

(cut to): the door of the kitchen as they walk in.  Jake is looking at him as they walk in.  Hamilton stares forward.

Jake: What?

She looks in.

(cut to): a shot from her point of view of the kitchen table.  Monica and Greg, but think Mitch and Gale.  Monica lies back on the table and Greg is virtually on top of her, kissing her.  His back is to Jake and Hamilton.

(cut to): a medium long shot of the kitchen as Jake walks in.  Hamilton follows behind her.

Jake: Mom…gross, we eat there.

Greg stops kissing Monica and slowly stands up.  Monica adjusts her robe before sitting up on the table.  Monica looks terribly embarrassed.  Greg turns around, looking busted, but slightly amused.  This is the first time Jake sees clearly who he is.

Greg: Morning, Jacqueline…Hamilton.

Jake: Oh my God…

She looks at her mom inquisitively.  Hamilton looks at Greg.  He smiles, shaking his head.

Monica: I thought you were staying with Jill last night…

She looks at Greg who shrugs.

Jake: No…no, we stayed here.

Monica looks at Hamilton as if she’s about to say something.

Jake cont’d: And, don’t even start because Hamilton slept in the guest room…

Jake looks at Greg suspiciously.

Monica: …okay.

Jake stands there a moment taking all this in. 

Jake: Well, um…I was just coming to tell you that I’m going back to Rawley Academy…

Monica: Wasn’t that always the plan?

Jake cont’d: Yes, but I’m going today…with Hamilton.  We’ll be back on the twenty-eighth.

Hamilton looks at her, surprised by this announcement.  He looks at Monica.

Hamilton: Um…if, if that’s okay…

Jake: I’m sure it’s okay, Hamilton…come on…
She turns to go.  Monica nods to Hamilton.  He smiles then looks at Greg, waving.  Jake comes back and pulls him out of the kitchen.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Harry Potter.  Talk about your cultural phenomenon.  Harmony and Estee took their friend Anne to see it on opening night.  Despite the creepy guy that sat next to them, they found it an enjoyable two hours and thirty-two minutes. 


(fade in): to Will, Bella, Sean, Gwen and Jill as they stand at Will’s car.

Music: New York, New York by Ryan Adams

Will: Well, I guess we’re about ready.

Gwen: Thanks for offering us a ride…the bus trip here wasn’t the most pleasant.

Sean: That’s a nice way of saying “it sucked.”

Gwen laughs.

Will: No problem.  This car is actually huge…plenty of room.

Jill: Well, I’m sorry you guys didn’t stay longer.

Bella: I’m sure Scout will appreciate the one-on-one Jill time.

Jill looks at her with raised eyebrows.

Bella cont’d: Anytime I emailed him this summer he usually wrote back with “well, your problems suck, but…did I mention how awesome Jill is…”

Jill looks down, smiling and probably feeling guilty for being so jealous. 

Will: Anyway…we’re out of here. 

Everyone hugs Jill.  Before they can all get in the car, though, a cab pulls up.  Jake and Hamilton get out.  Jake is carrying a duffel bag and Hamilton still has his book bag.  Luckily (and perhaps on the advice of Hamilton), Jake has changed into her boy gear including a hat that covers her hair.  She always seemed to think that made a huge difference.  Everyone watches them. 

Jake: Will, tell me you have room for us?

Will looks at Hamilton:

Will: Bonnie…

Then Jake:

Will cont’d: Clyde…did you just rob a bank?

Jake: No, but we are looking for a quick escape so…

Will: We have plenty of room.

Jake: Perfect.

Hamilton: Is my stuff still—

Gwen: It’s upstairs at Jill’s.

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton inside an elevator.

Jill: So…I guess the not seeing her thing was…

Hamilton: …the worst idea ever?  Yeah, thanks for that.

Jill: Sorry.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: It’s cool. 

A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: Hey, have you been looking for your dad?

Jill: Yeah, have you seen him?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Oh yeah…

Jill looks at him suspiciously as the elevator doors open.

(dissolve to): Will’s car traveling down a road toward New Rawley.

(cut to): a shot that pans around inside the car.  Bella is driving, Will is in the passenger seat, Jake and Hamilton are in the back seat and Sean and Gwen are in the far back seat which faces the back.  They’re a little cramped, but have their feet up on everyone’s stuff and don’t look uncomfortable.

(cut to): a shot of the front.  This is a nice recreation of the “before Bella almost hits a deer” scene.  Jake, still very much in boy gear (for Gwen’s benefit), has her head in Hamilton’s lap and is holding her hand.  He leans down to kiss her, but as his lips brush hers, he looks up at the clock.

(cut to): the clock.  It changes from 2:59 to 3:00.

Hamilton: Hey Bella…maybe there’s something good on the radio.

Bella starts to turn it on as she looks at the clock.

Bella: Oh, Hamilton…no…

Hamilton: Come on…

Will laughs.  He flips the radio on and tunes it to the proper station.  Fernando has already started.  Jake sits up and looks at Hamilton.

Jake: How’d you do that?

Hamilton: WABB…playing all ABBA…all the time…

Will: …with Fernando every hour…

Bella: …on the hour…

Jake: Okay, you guys can stop now…all ABBA…all the time?  That’s just creepy.

Bella starts to turn it off.

Jake: But…uh…hey, turn it up, okay?

Everyone laughs and Bella turns it up.  Sean and Gwen look at them all like they’ve lost it and turn back around, laughing.  Will, Bella, Hamilton and Jake can’t resist singing along.

Will (voice over): No matter what you think you’ve experienced, you end up right back where you started…essentially.

Will looks around, pretty content.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Things may be slightly different…a few new things added here and there.

(cut to): Sean and Gwen in the back seat, who are now totally cracking up at the antics up front.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, somehow, there you are…back at square one, the starting line…

Will looks at Bella who smiles at him.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …and every other clichéd way of saying the beginning.

(cut to): Greg and Monica as they walk into Greg’s building, holding hands.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: On the other hand, maybe some people can progress linearly…

(cut to): Finn, Johanna and Meagan putting a video in to watch together.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …and move forward into something new and completely different.

(cut to): the Fernando karaoke party in Will’s car.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Maybe it’s just me who can’t break the cycle.  Maybe it’s just me who has to return to where he started. 

Will looks pretty happy.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And, maybe, I’m the only person who doesn’t mind that at all.

(fade out)




Junior Year