(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.  It’s night, but no lights are on.  Everyone is presumably gone for the holidays.

(cut to): The gas station.  Will and Bella are sitting on the bench.  He has his arm around her back and his other hand on her knee.  She has her head on his shoulder.  They’re both wearing jackets and Bella has on gloves.  Will’s stuff (his duffle bag and a box with a few things in it) is sitting by the bench.

Will: What do you think he’ll do? 

Bella: Sean?

Will: Yeah.

Bella: Before or after he punches you?

Will: That’s not funny.  Seriously, what do you think?

Will (voice over): When you’re so adamant about doing something…you forget to clear it with all the people that matter in your life. 

Bella: Ok…after he punches you…he’ll forgive you.  You’re the guy.  Me, on the other hand…he’ll never forgive me.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It’s like you have this thing…this goal you want to achieve.  And you forget that other people are involved and will be affected.

Will: I think Scout hates me…if that makes you feel any better…

Bella: He’ll get over it. 

Will: You’re sure about telling Sean…telling everyone?

Bella: Of course.

She looks up at him.  He touches his nose to hers.  She smiles.

Will (reluctant): I, uh, I guess I better get home…

Bella: Think that’ll go ok?

Will: No.

He laughs.

Will cont’d: I don’t know…I hope so.

Bella touches his chin and kisses his cheek.

Grace: Well, well, well…what’s this?

(cut to): Grace as she walks out the door.

(cut to): Bella and Will as they quickly move apart and stand up.

Grace: Dad said to tell you it’s time to come inside. 

She looks at Will with a smirk

Grace cont’d: Dinner’s ready.

Will picks up his bag and the box.  Grace is watching him.  His face is very red.  He looks at Bella and smiles, raising his eyebrows.

Will: Wish me luck.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Every once in awhile, though, it’s ok to be okay to tune out all the static and focus on that one thing that you want.

Bella puts an arm around his neck, hugging him.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It has to be okay.

Bella: Good luck, Will.

She gives him a kiss on the cheek.  When Bella steps back, Will smiles.

Will: Bye Bella.  Goodnight Gracie.

Bella waves.  Will turns around and walks off.

Grace: So, does this mean that Sean’s officially up for grabs?

Bella gives her a dirty look.

Grace cont’d: What?  It’s a fair question. 

Bella takes her by the arm and pulls her inside.

(cut to): Will walking alone, down a residential street of New Rawley.

(fade out)


Opening Credits plus guest stars. Note that Will’s mom is named Susan and so is Hamilton’s Aunt.  Might be a little confusing, but hopefully not too much.  I came back and corrected this so…that’s why it’s this awful color.


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of an upper east side house.  Jake’s house.  It’s about 10:00 at night.  Jill’s car stops in front and Jake gets out.  We’re to assume that they’ve already dropped Jill off at the airport.  The trunk pops open and the driver starts to get out.

Jake: Hey, Gus, stay in there; it’s cold.  I can get it.

She pulls her bag out and closes the trunk.  She steps onto the sidewalk and puts her bag down.  The car pulls away.  She waves, but continues to look up at the house.  She kneels down and opens a side pocket of her bag.  She pulls out a set of keys.  She walks up the front steps.

(cut to): A rotating shot of the inside of the house.  It’s very nice…very elegant…very elaborate.  The camera stops at the front door.  There is the sound of the door unlocking.  The doorknob turns and the door opens.

Jake: I’m home.  Consuela?  Mom?

She drops her bag and walks toward the kitchen.

(cut to): Her kitchen.  The lights are off then they come on as Jake hits the switch.  She walks over to the counter where there is a note.  She picks it up and reads it aloud.

Jake: “Dearest Jacqueline, I’ve gone to spend Christmas with my family.  Your mother will be home tonight.  Have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you before the New Year.  Love, Consuela.”

Jake looks around.

Jake: Hmm…

(cut to): Will’s house. 

(cut to): The backdoor.  Will walks up to it.  He’s about to go inside, but he stops when he realizes that his parents are in the kitchen arguing.

(cut to): The inside of his kitchen.

Susan K: Well, where do you expect him to go, Brian?

Brian: I don’t know…and I really don’t care.  He hasn’t come by here in a long time and maybe we should just keep it that way.

Susan K: He comes by and sees me at work all the time.  He’s scared of you…of making you mad.  He thinks you hate him.

Brian: Let him think what he wants…this is my home, and he’s not welcome here anymore.  If he shows up…you’re going to be the one to tell him that.

Susan K: You’re being unreasonable.

Will’s dad doesn’t respond.  He just walks out.

(cut to): Will outside listening.  He looks hurt, but he just turns around and walks away.

(cut to): The Fleming Family car, pulling into a parking spot on a street in the west side of New York.  Hamilton gets out of the back seat, stretching.

Hamilton: God, I thought we’d be in that car forever.

Kate and Steve get out.  Steve unlocks the trunk and starts pulling out their bags.  Hamilton looks around.  Kate walks up to him and rubs his back.

Kate: I love this place.  Don’t you, sweetie?

Hamilton: Sure, mom. 

He looks down and then walks over to help his dad with the bags.

(cut to): Kate as she looks worried about him.

(cut to): Jill on an airplane.  A flight attendant hands her a pillow.

Jill: Thanks. 

She opens an art book.  She looks at it, but then closes it.  She pulls out a magazine instead.

(cut to): Scout.  He’s sitting alone by a fireplace in a big den-like room.  He looks down at the fire and seems to be in deep thought.

(cut to): Will as he walks past the garage.  He looks up at Bella’s window.  The light is on.  He looks down and keeps walking.

(cut to): Bella’s room.  She’s cleaning up, picking up dirty clothes and stuff. 

(cut to): her bedroom door as Grace wanders in.

Grace: So, tell me everything…

(cut to): a shot that includes the whole room.

Bella: What?  Grace, get out…

Grace walks in and sits on Bella’s bed.  Bella watches helplessly.

Grace: So, have you guys done it yet?

Bella laughs and sits down next to her.

Bella: Oh my God…you’re so crazy. 

Grace: So, is that a yes?

Bella: No…

Grace: Bummer.  Well, when you do, I want like all the details.

Bella: God…

Grace: You and Will…I never thought I’d see the day when it actually happened…

Bella: What?

Grace: It’s like common knowledge that you’ve pining away for each other since like middle school.  Some people think you’re too good for him…some people think he’s too good for you…

Bella: Grace, that’s ridiculous.  It’s totally new.

Grace: Whatever…

Bella looks at her.

Grace cont’d: So, you really like him, huh?

Bella smiles.

(cut to): Jake’s house.  She’s sitting in the kitchen table.  There is a cordless phone on the table.  Jake is dunking and Oreo in a glass of milk as she reads a newspaper.  It’s dark outside and the only light on is the one over the table.  Jake starts to take a bite of the Oreo, but then she seems to remember something.

Jake: Voice mail.

She drops the cookie in the milk and picks up the phone.  She dials a number then enters the pin number.  She listens and we can hear because the recording is loud:

Monica: Hey sweetie…it’s Mom.  All the flights from London have been cancelled.  It looks like I’m stuck…but I’ll do all I can to make it back by Christmas Eve.  I love you, Jacqueline.

Jake turns off the phone and drops it on the table.  She sighs.

(cut to): Rawley Academy.  Will walks up carrying his stuff.  He goes up the steps and pulls on the doors, but they’re locked.

Will: And he’s suddenly lost somewhere outside the two worlds he’s come to balance between so perfectly.  Wonderful.

He sits down on the steps and looks around.  The door opens.

Finn: Mr. Krudski…forget something?

Will: Uh, not exactly.

Finn: Shouldn’t you be at home?

Will: Probably.  The real question is, though, just where is that home?

Finn: Why don’t you come inside?

(cut to): Finn and Will walking down the hall of the dorm.

Finn: You really should be spending the holidays with your family, Will.

Will looks down.

Will: So, uh, what are you doing here?

Finn: Well, I don’t have much of a family.  My parents past away a couple of years ago and someone has to stay and watch the place while the dean and his family go to New York for the holidays.

Will: New York?  New York City?

Finn: The one and only.

Will: I’d love to see the city.

Finn: I’m sure you will, Mr. Krudski.

They walk for a second and reach Will’s door.

Finn: Oh, yeah…Ryder’s around here somewhere too.  He couldn’t get a flight out to England so…

Will nods.

Will: Perfect…wait, but I thought his mom and step dad live in the states.

Finn nods.

Finn: Yeah…they do.

(cut to): Will.  He nods and opens his door.

Will: Thanks Finn.  Thanks a bunch.

Finn: Anytime, Mr. Krudski

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Will still in bed in his dorm room.  Someone is knocking on the door.  Will opens his eyes.  We’ve now jumped ahead to Christmas Eve.

Will: Hang on…

Will stands up.  He’s wearing sweatpants.  He picks up a shirt off the floor.  The knocking gets louder.

Will: God, I’m coming…

He pulls on his shirt and walks sleepily over to the door. He opens it to find Ryder standing there.  He starts to shut it again, but Ryder pushes on it and comes in.  He’s wearing pajama bottoms and holding a toothbrush.

Ryder: Merry Christmas Eve to you too, William.

Will: Just when I thought Finn was making up that story about you being here…

Ryder: Yeah, well, I’ve been laying low…or elsewhere rather.  Got any toothpaste? 

Will: No.  Get out.

Ryder: Come on. Don’t be a grinch.  Where’s the toothpaste?

Will: If I give you some will you get the hell out?

Ryder: Well, seeing as how you’re such splendid company…

Will looks at him.

Ryder: Yes, if you give me some toothpaste I’ll go.

Will has a basket full of bathroom stuff including stuff like toothpaste and shampoo.  He picks up the toothpaste and hands it to Ryder.  Ryder takes it and puts some toothpaste on his brush.  He hands the tube back to Will.

Ryder: Thanks.

Will takes it back and tosses it into the basket and Ryder turns to walk out. 

Will: Hey, uh, Ryder.

Ryder turns back around.

Ryder: Yes, darling?

Will: If you couldn’t get a flight to London…why not just go see your mom and step-father?

Ryder: None of your business.

Will: I just…I didn’t go home either…

Ryder: Obviously.  What’s your point, Krudski?

Will: Well, my family just lives on the other side of town.  And, I guess my point is…I know how you feel.

Ryder: What’s this?  Hmm? 

Will doesn’t respond.

Ryder: Look Krudski, don’t try to empathize with me, all right? 

Ryder starts to go, but stops just short of the door.

Ryder: Look, uh…thanks for the toothpaste.

Ryder walks out.

Will: No problem.

(cut to): Hamilton.  He’s at the window of a west side New York apartment.  He’s still wearing his pajamas although it’s clearly mid-day.  We’ve jumped ahead several days to Christmas Eve.  Hamilton opens the window and looks around.  He has his camera in his hands.  He looks through it and down toward the street.  He takes a picture then takes his head away from the camera to look down at the street.  A woman comes and puts her hand on his shoulder.  This is his aunt Susan.  She’s younger than his dad…probably early thirties.  She’s got dark hair and is pretty, but in a subtle kind of way.  She would be played by Lauren Graham (the mom from The Gilmore Girls…what?  We don’t still hate that show, do we?).

Susan: Nice view, huh?

He looks back and smiles.

Hamilton: Yep.

Susan: You know…despite what you may have heard, it’s actually quite safe to go outside here. 

Hamilton nods and looks back out the window.  She waits for a moment.

Susan cont’d: Ok, what gives?  You’ve been here for like three or four days and you’ve barely left the apartment.

Hamilton: It’s a nice apartment…

Susan: Uh-huh.  You know, I remember a time when you couldn’t wait to explore this town.  You’d practically drag me out the door the second you walked through it.

Hamilton: New York’s big and impersonal…

Susan: Great.  Now you sound like Stevie.  Who, incidentally, is out there…enjoying the city with your mom. 

Hamilton closes the window.  Susan looks at him searchingly, then looks resolved.

Susan: Get dressed; we’re leaving the apartment. 

She drags him away from the window.

Susan: Come on, Hamster…

Hamilton: Promise not to call me that in public?

Susan: Okay, I promise…no odd nicknames.

Hamilton: Ok.

Susan: Ok as in yes, you’ll come out with me?

Hamilton nods and walks off to get dressed.

Susan cont’d: Excellent.

(cut to): An establishing shot of Riverside Park.  There’s snow on the ground, but it’s not snowing. 

(cut to): Hamilton and Susan walking in the park.  They are wearing winter jackets and gear…the most interesting being Ham’s toboggan style hat (you’ve probably seen Pacey wearing one when it’s winter on DC).  

Susan: You should see this place just as spring starts.  It’s so beautiful. 

Hamilton looks around.

Susan: You know how from a metaphoric point of view winter is death and spring is like rebirth?  This place is like…literal living proof of that.

Hamilton: You sound like my English teacher.

Susan: That doesn’t sound flattering.

Hamilton changes the subject:

Hamilton: I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already.

Susan: I know.  I love having you guys here.  There are so many people in this city…but sometimes you can feel like the only one.

(cut to): Jake’s bedroom.  This room isn’t elegant like the rest of the house…it looks lived in.  The walls really are pink like Jill said before… a nice shade of pink.  She has a matching furniture set which includes a desk, dresser and bed.  Her bed is queen-sized and centered on one wall.  There are several music posters up on her wall including Sarah McLachlan, Our Lady Peace and Ani Difranco.  There’s also a Cats poster on the back of her door (as in the musical): it’s signed by the whole cast.  Her closet happens to be opened and on the inside of the door there’s a Ben Affleck  poster.  Jake is sitting Indian style on her bed (which has been made) reading a magazine.  She’s wearing pastel flannel pajamas.  At this point, her hair is slightly longer than it was in the pilot.  She’d been hiding it under a hat or slicking it back (although it definitely looks better than it did in the pilot).  Now, though, it somehow looks like a girl haircut (maybe some creative styling by our non-existent hair and make-up people).  She pushes her hair out of her face.  She looks up, distracted.  She looks at the Cats poster.  She looks at it for a moment, disappointed (you know, that her mom isn’t there and it’s Christmas Eve and she’s all alone).  She tosses her magazine aside and walks over to her desk.  She picks up a glass that’s sitting there and sets it back down on the desk.  She doesn’t notices that it’s on the very edge of the desk.  She pulls open a drawer and pulls out Ham’s present (the tape which is kind of ‘wrapped’ in the lyrics which he wrote that little note on…we remember this, right?).  She runs her hand over it as if about to open it, but then puts it back in the drawer.  It seems as if she’s been through this more than one time.  She starts to walk away, but then quickly sits down at her desk and pulls open the drawer.  She takes it out of the drawer and pulls the ribbon that was holding the paper rolled around the tape.  She picks up the tape and looks at it.  She sets it down as she notices an 8 by 10 photograph that was between the tape and the lyrics.  It’s one that Jill took of Jake and Hamilton.  He’s kissing her on the cheek…very adorable picture.  She sets the lyrics down for a moment and stands up to do something with the picture.  In the process she knocks over the glass of water.  She has time to save the tape, but the water spills all over the lyrics.  She picks it up and the ink is smeared. 

Jake: Brilliant job, Jacqueline.

(cut to): Hamilton sitting on a couch in a coffee shop.  Susan sits down with two cups.

Susan: One hot chocolate…there you go.

Hamilton takes the cup from her extended hand.

Hamilton: Thanks.

Hamilton carefully takes a sip and looks out the window.

Susan: Are you usually this morose?  

Hamilton (sarcastic): I thought that’s how you were supposed to act in coffee shops…

She laughs.

Susan: Ok, so your mom tells me that she thinks you broke up with your girlfriend.

Hamilton looks at her, surprised.

Hamilton: What?

Susan: And I wasn’t supposed to bring it up, but you’re bringing me down with this melancholy, man…

Hamilton looks uncomfortable.

Susan cont’d: You know you can tell me what’s up, Hamster…

He looks up at her warningly.

Susan: I mean, Hamilton.  Anyway…you know I can be like a Swiss vault if you tell me to.

Hamilton smiles at her phrasing.

Hamilton: We didn’t exactly break up.  We’re just kind of doing this “pause” thing. 

Susan: A break?

Hamilton: I guess.

Susan: Bad idea.

Hamilton: Why?

Susan: Breaks do two things.  They make people realize that they can’t live without each other or…that they can. 

Hamilton: So?  That sounds like a good thing.

Susan: What if you realize you can’t live without her and she realizes that she can live without you…or vice-versa.

Hamilton: Look, it’s not like that with us. 

Susan: Right…you’re in love.  One of you did something to piss the other off and the pissed off party decided maybe a break would make you both understand and value what the relationship is about.

Hamilton: You scare me.

Susan: On the money, huh?  Let’s see if I can get an even bigger pay off…what’d you do to piss her off?

Hamilton looks a little surprised that he’s so easy to figure out.

Hamilton: I guess I made her feel like she didn’t matter to me.

Susan: This girl sounds a little high maintenance.

Hamilton: But, see, she’s all that matters to me. 

Susan: Nothing else matters?

Hamilton: She’s like…what makes everything else matter…

Susan: Oh my God.  How adorable!

He looks embarrassed.

Susan cont’d: I’m so impressed.  You really are completely and hopelessly in love with this girl. 

Hamilton looks a little annoyed, but mostly embarrassed.

Susan: Where is she right now?

Hamilton: Uh…I don’t know…somewhere on the east side…

Susan: Wait…she’s in the city?

Hamilton: Yeah, I mean, she’s from here.  Her mom’s an actress.  Anyway, she’s home to spend the holidays with her mom.

Susan: Actress?

Hamilton: Uh-huh…mostly in plays and stuff. 

Susan: What’s her name?

Hamilton: Jake’s mom?

Susan: Jake?  Who’s Jake?

Hamilton: It’s short for Jacqueline…and her mom’s name is Monica…Monica Pratt.

Susan looks at him for a moment.

Susan: Are you kidding me?  You’re dating Monica Pratt’s daughter?

Hamilton: Not dating her at the moment.  Actually, we never did that much dating in the first place.  Mostly we just hung out and—

Susan: Yeah, cute story…can we go to her house?

Hamilton: What?  No.  Jake doesn’t even know I’m here.

Susan: She doesn’t know? 

Hamilton: Nope…

Susan: Well, then we obviously need to go over there and…

Hamilton: Susie, we’re not going over there.

Susan cont’d: Look forget your sad little broken heart for a second and think of your favorite aunt.  I mean…I’m such a huge fan of Monica Pratt…the woman has been nominated for like 8 Tonys and has yet to win.  It’s an injustice, really.  The first thing I saw her in was Cats…I mean, she’s just so talented.

Hamilton: Susie…stop it, you’re freaking me out.

Susan stops talking, but still gives him a pleading look.

(cut to): Hamilton who looks undecided.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Jake pacing around the kitchen on the phone she has Hamilton’s tape in her hand.
Jake: Yes, I’m fine…No, mom, don’t even worry about it…No…it’s not your fault…well, you’re alone too…oh…

Jake leans against the counter and nods as she listens to her mom. 

Jake: Ok, I will.

She picks up a small radio tape player and sticks the tape in.  The player looks pretty old and unused.  Jake hits play.

Jake: Ok, mom.  I love you too.  Ok.  Mom, I have to go.  Ok.  Bye.

She turns the phone off and sets it down.  She looks at the tape player and tries to adjust the volume.  It starts making a whirring noise. 

Jake: Oh God…

The tape starts smoking and Jake quickly unplugs the tape player. 

Jake: Hey!  Stop!

She hits eject and tries to pull the cassette out to find the tape has broken.  

(cut to): the garage. 

(cut to): The living room where Will and Charlie sit on the couch. 

Charlie: You know, Will, I don’t know how to react to this…

Will: Me either…

Charlie laughs.  Will smiles uncertainly.

Charlie: I’ve always trusted you with Bella…

Will: You’ve got no reason to stop trus—

Charlie: You’ve been a good friend to Bella since you were a kid and now here you are asking my permission to take her out on a date. 

Will: It’s totally weird to Bella and me too…like it came out of nowhere, but it was really—

Charlie: …there all along? 

Will smiles and looks down.

Charlie: Look, son, I know how you feel about Bella.  I see it now and I’ve always seen it.  I appreciate that you came to me about this, but I’m not one to get in the way of a train that’s running full speed already.

Will: So…that means your cool with it?

Charlie smiles.  Bella comes around the corner.

Bella: I think dinner’s just about done.  Grace had a little problem with the stuffing, but it’s under control.

They look up at her, a little caught.

Bella cont’d: What?

Will: Nothing.

Bella: Will, you’re staying for dinner right…I mean, still no plans to go home?

Will: Oh, no…I don’t want to crash the Banks Christmas Eve dinner party. 

Charlie: You’re welcomed to stay, Will.

Will: I really can’t.

(cut to): Jake as she is still pulling tape out of the machine.  She gives up and tosses the tape down onto the counter.  The doorbell rings.

(cut to): Hamilton and his aunt outside Jake’s house.  Susan is checking the place out.  She’s still down on the steps as Hamilton stands at the door with his hands in his pockets.  The door opens.  Jake smiles when she sees him. 

Hamilton: Hi.

Jake: Yeah.  Hi.  I didn’t think you were coming…

Jake notices Hamilton’s aunt who is now looking up at Jake and Hamilton.  She walks up the rest of the steps and stands next to Hamilton.

Hamilton: I wasn’t. 

Jake: Oh…

Hamilton: I mean…that’s not what I meant.  I wanted to, but I didn’t think my parents…but then I ended up coming here with my parents to…uh…

Susan looks at him sympathetically.

Susan: Visit his wonderful Aunt Susan who I am, by the way.

Hamilton: Oh, right.  Sorry.  Jake, this is Susie…Susie, Jake…Jacqueline, I mean.

Susan: Are you always this inarticulate around this girl?

Hamilton looks down and Jake looks at him, smiling.

Jake: Uh, you guys want to come in?

Susan: Yes.

(cut to): The foyer of Jake’s house as Ham and Susan walk in.  Hamilton pulls off his hat, as his hair falls across his forehead.  Susan looks around.

Susan: So, is your mom here?

Hamilton: Susie

Susan: What?

Hamilton: Can you just not be so…weird?

Susan: I’m not being weird. 

Hamilton looks at Jake who looks confused.

Hamilton: Susan would really like to meet your mom…she’s a huge fan.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Really?

Susan smiles hopefully.

Jake: She’s actually still in Europe.

Hamilton: I thought it was Christmas Eve until New Years’ Day.

Jake: Yeah, me too.  She can’t get a flight out for another few days though.

Susan: Oh, bummer.

Jake: I’m sure you could meet her another time if—

Susan: Oh, honey…I meant that you and your mom can’t spend Christmas together. 

Jake: It’s like no big deal.

Susan: Well, but wait…you’re not here all by yourself?

Jake: Yeah, but…it’s totally cool. 

Susan: Well, no it’s not.  You’re coming back to my place tonight.  We’ll all have dinner—

Jake: When you say “all”…

Susan: You, me, Hamilton, his folks…

Jake: It’s really nice of you to invite me, but—

Susan: No buts about it.  You can’t spend Christmas Eve all by yourself.  Pack an overnight bag.  You can sleep on the Futon.  Of course, that will put the Hamster on the floor…

Jake looks at Ham for help.

Hamilton: I…I can’t sleep on the floor.  I…

Jake: …have a bad back.

Hamilton: Yeah.

Susie: You’re what?  Sixteen?  And you have a bad back?  I don’t buy it.  What’s going on here?

She looks back and forth between Jake and Ham who look at each other for help.

(cut to): Will’s room at Rawley.  He unlocks his door and walks in.  Ryder is sitting there on Scout’s bed reading a car magazine.  Will sees him.

Will: What the hell?  How’d you get in here?

Ryder: Trade secret.

Will: And what trade would that be exactly?  Antagonist?  Villain?  Satan?

Ryder: Why so bitter, William?  Sad and lonely on Christmas Eve?

Will: Not so much that I’d be willing to put up with you in order to have company.

Ryder: My heart is breaking…

Ryder snickers then tosses his magazine down and stands up. 

Will: Look if you want to try and raid the kitchen and do like a dinner thing…I’m up for it.

Ryder looks at him for a moment. 

Ryder: Yeah right…

He starts to leave.

Will: Why do you do that?

Ryder: What?

Will: Come in here all needy…knowing that I’ll try to reach out and be nice…just so you can treat me like crap and leave.  I mean, why don’t you just insult me then leave…it’d save us both a lot of time.

Ryder: I’ll remember that.

He starts to leave again when Finn walks in. 

Finn: Gentlemen.  Good evening.  Just to two residents I was searching for.  I cooked dinner at my place…plenty for everyone.  Sound good?

They look at each other.

(fade out)

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(fade in): Jake’s house.  Ham and Susan sit on a couch in the living room.  Neither are saying anything and they are both facing forward.

Susan: So…

She turns to Hamilton. 

Susan cont’d: Stevie…the dean of the school, is like the only person who doesn’t know about this?  How is my big brother the most galactically stupid guy in the world?

Hamilton: Most of the other kids don’t know…just our friends.

Susan: That’s…I mean…Ham…

Hamilton: Please don’t tell my dad, Suse…please.  I mean—

Susan: I’m not going to tell him anything.  I mean, clearly, this situation is completely screwed up...

Hamilton: Thanks…

Susan: ok, let me finish…it’s screwed up, but it’s turned you into quite an amazing person. 

Hamilton looks down.

Susan cont’d: You’re thoughtful and sweet in ways that no 16 year old boy should be…

Hamilton: I’ve got to work on that.

Susan: Don’t you dare. 

After a beat…

Susan cont’d: So, Steve really hasn’t caught on to this?  I mean, are you sure? 

Jake enters, but Susan doesn’t notice.  She’s in guy gear including a hat.  Hamilton looks up at her.

Susan cont’d: Because, I mean, I saw this girl and I don’t really think that she could…

Hamilton coughs and nods up toward Jake.  Susan looks up.

Susan cont’d: …or maybe she could…

(cut to): Will, Ryder and Finn in Finn’s kitchen at the table.  Everyone has a plate and is eating, but not saying anything at all.  Finn takes a bite and looks at each of the boys.

Finn: So, gentlemen, looking forward to the new semester?

Ryder: Not reall—

Will: Yeah, you know, it’ll be good to get sort of a new start.  Kind of the direction my life’s been taking lately.

Ryder looks at Will mad that he cut him off.

Ryder: I guess I’m glad this will be my last semester.

Will: You sure about that?

Will laughs; Finn clears his throat.

Will: It’s cool that your graduating…I have some friends that live in Capeside and they’re seniors this year too.  Seems like a million years away.

Ryder: Fascinating.

Everyone starts to eat again.

(cut to): Susan’s apartment.  Steve and Kate are there in the kitchen.  There’s a lot of stuff cooking.  Currently, Steve is chopping vegetables.

Kate: Are you sure I can’t do anything?

Steven: Uh, no…no I think I’ve got it.

Kate: Today was wonderful. 

Steven: It was. 

Kate: This is probably the wrong time…I just want to make sure that we…that we’re really ok.

He continues to chop the vegetables.

Steve: Of course.

Kate: I mean, you’ve been so great here.  And before we left.  You’ve made me feel like I haven’t felt in a long time. 

Steven: And how’s that?

Kate: That I’m a part of something...this marriage...rather than a servant to it. 

He finished chopping the vegetables and starts to put them in a bowl

Kate cont’d:  But Steve... I mean, you were mad for five minutes and then you were just over it.

Steven: Look, Kate, I am still mad, ok?  But, not just at you.  I mean, not even at you.  I’m mad that you felt that way about our marriage.  And I’m mad that our son feels like he has to shut me out of his life.  I don’t like what our family has become.  And, I am starting to realize that it’s more my fault than anybody’s.  I’d like to work on it...on us...on our family.

Kate smiles, impressed.

Kate: I’d like that too.

Steven hands her some silverware.

Steven: In the meantime, will you set the table?

Kate smiles.

(cut to): The door of  Susan’s apartment as Hamilton, Susan and Jake walk in.  Kate walks out of the kitchen.  She stops.

Hamilton: Uh...hi mom.

Kate: Hi, honey…Hi, Jake.

Jake: Hi Mrs. Fleming.

Kate: Kate, please.  What are you...what are you doing here?

Susan: I invited her--him. 

Kate: They told you.

Susan: Sort of.  It’s a long story, but I invited her because she was all alone on Christmas Eve.

Steve walks out of the kitchen.

Steven: What’s going on?

Kate: Oh, Hamilton’s friend Jake is here for dinner. 

Steve smiles and looks at Kate.

Steven: Great.  Good to have you Jake. 

Jake smiles and looks at Hamilton who looks at her like “beats me.”

(cut to):  the Banks dinner table.  Everyone is eating, but no one is talking. 

Charlie: So, Grace, what’s new?

Grace: Not much...why don’t you interrogate Bella about her new boyfriend.

Charlie: Because, I already interrogated the boyfriend.  I found him pretty acceptable.

Charlie winks at Bella.

Charlie cont’d: Why, what’s your take on the situation, Gracie?

Grace: Will’s sweet I guess.  You know, you never ask me about my boyfriends.

Charlie: Sure I do.  You broke up with Rob the skater last week because he spent your one week anniversary making out with a senior cheerleader.  Currently you are seeing Justin the wrestler, but are seriously considering dumping him because he keeps insisting that you come over to his house, meet his parents and check out his ceramic turtle collection.

Grace laughs. 

Bella: God, you don’t even give me all those details.

Everyone laughs.

(cut to): Will, Ryder and Finn.  They have finished dinner and are sitting in Finn’s living room.  Ryder and Will are on the couch; Finn is in a chair. 

Ryder: Can I go now?  

Finn: Certainly.

Ryder looks at Will then gets up and takes off. 

Will: God, what’s with that guy?  Think some people are just like inherently evil?

Finn: What do you think, Will?  Think Ryder’s just a natural antagonist? 

Will laughs.

Will: Maybe.

Finn raises his eyebrows.  Will thinks for a moment.

Will: I guess in some ways he’s a lot like me.  He feels out of place here and unwanted everywhere else.  He just has the money to make his life a little more interesting, I guess.

Finn: Think it’s just a money thing? 

Will: You wouldn’t have asked if it was.

Finn: Just trying to give you something to think about.

Will nods.

(cut to): Jake as Hamilton passes her some bowl of food.  Everyone is sitting at a round table and passing food around.  Hamilton is between Jake and Susan.  Kate is next to Jake and Steve is next to Susan.

Susan: Steven, this looks fabulous.  You’re not allowed to come here and cook anymore.  You always show me up.

Hamilton (jokingly): What are you talking about?  Those grilled cheese sandwiches were awesome last night.

Everyone laughs.

Steven: So, Jake…you’re from here?

Jake: Yep.

Hamilton looks at Jake then up at his dad (recall that the dean likes to be answered “yes, sir.”) 

Steven: I never cared for the city.  Susan and I are from the upstate and I never understood why she wanted to move here…until this visit.  I’ve had an extremely enjoyable time.

Kate: Me too.

Susan: Thank you Susan, for insisting that we come…

Kate: Thank you for inviting us.

Susan: No problem.

Jake: So, uh, Susan…you never told me what you do.

Susan: I’m a free-lance photographer.

Jake smiles and looks at Hamilton then back at Susan.

Jake: Cool.

Susan: I enjoy my work a lot.  It’s why I moved here. 

Steven: I thought you moved here so you could live with your idiot of an ex-husband.

Susan and Steve are playful, not mean.

Susan: Yes, and thank you for pointing that out…

Steven: How is…what was his name again?  Johnnie…Jimmy…

Susan: Jamie.  And, I don’t really follow his career anymore, ok?

Steven addresses Jake since everyone else presumably knows the story.

Steven: So, she gets out of high school ready to go to college and study photo journalism.  The summer before her freshman year, she meets this model and they get married.  They move to the city and Susie starts doing this free-lance stuff.

Susan: Well, I think it’s worked out pretty well…except for the marriage to the idiot…he was an idiot.

Steven: I’m glad we agree.

Kate: Seeing anyone now?

Susan: No.  I was seeing this guy for awhile, but we decided to take a break…turned out to be a perpetual pause.

Hamilton looks at Susan then at Jake.    

Susan: But, I’m kind of digging the single life.  But enough about me.  Jake’s staying the night.  His mom is out of town.

Steven: On Christmas Eve?

Kate: Spending the night?

Steven: Kate…of course he’ll spend the night.  No one should wake up on Christmas morning all alone.  Where’s your mom, son? 

Jake: Oh, uh…she’s stuck in London.  She’s trying to get a flight out.

Steve: London?  Ryder Forrester had to stay at the dorms because he couldn’t get a flight out to London.  They tried to re-route him, but nothing would work.

Susan: Poor kid.

Hamilton: Not really.

Jake: He’s kind of the resident bully.  I had a little run in with him before I left.

Hamilton: What?  He was messing with you? 

Jake: Kind of…no big deal. 

Steven: If someone picks on you…you can come to me.

Jake: Thanks. 

Kate: So, where’s Jake sleeping?

Steven: Kate, dear.

Kate: What?   Sleeping arrangements are very important. 

Steven: What’s the problem, Kate?

Kate: No…nothing.  You know me and plans…like to have it planned out in advance and all.

Steven: You do? 

Kate: Yes…

Steven: It’s just sleeping arrangements for two teenage boys…it’s not a jewel heist. 

Kate: I just think—

Hamilton: Mom…it’s cool.  Jake’s taking the Futon…I’m sleeping on the floor.  We’ve got it covered.

Susan: Ooh, or you could sleep in the recliner.

Hamilton: The one in your room?

Kate: That sounds good.

Hamilton: The floor is fine.  Besides, I don’t want to hear Aunt Susie snoring all night.

Susan: Hey!

Jake: Maybe I should just head back home after dinner.

Kate gives Hamilton a warning look.

Hamilton: No, no…don’t do that…I’ll sleep in Susie’s room.

Steven: Jesus. Thank God that’s settled. 

(cut to): Jake and Ham look at each other and seemed relieved.

Steven: Susie, could you please pass the mashed potatoes?

She hands him the bowl.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Will in his dorm.  It’s Christmas.  He pulls out a couple of wrapped Christmas presents from his desk drawer.  There’s a knock.

Will: Come in.

Finn walks in.

Finn: Merry Christmas, Mr. Krudski.

Will: Thanks, you too.

Finn nods toward the gifts.

Finn: For you or from you?

Will: Uh, from me.  I called my mom last night.  I’m going to stop by and give her present.  It’s a book.

Finn: Which book?

Will: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison.

Finn: Good choice.  Modern. 

Will: I hope she likes it. 

Finn: Is the other one for your dad?

Will: Uh, no…it’s for Bella…my…well…she’s kind of like…

Finn: I understand.

Will smiles, embarrassed.

Finn: Part of this new start?

Will: Very big part…yeah.

(cut to): Bella at the garage.  She’s filling up someone’s car.  Sean walks up.

Sean: They even got you working on Christmas, huh?

Bella: Sean.  Where have you been?

Sean: Around…strategizing.

He smiles.

Sean: You know…for the campaign.

Bella: Oh, right. 

Grace walks out.

Grace: Hi Sean.

Sean: Hi Grace.  Merry Christmas.

Grace: Yeah…you too.

Sean: So, uh, Bella…I was just wondering if you wanted to be my campaign manager…which basically means helping out with signs and stuff.

Bella: Sean…do you think that’s a good idea?

Sean: Sure, why not?

Bella: Sean…because of what we talked about before.

Sean: Bella, I thought we talked through that.  I mean—

Grace: Hey, I’ll do it.

Sean: What?

Grace: Help you with your campaign.

Bella: Grace

Grace: What?  Just trying to do my civic duty.  So, Sean…what do you say?  I’ll even get Anne and Elizabeth to help. 

Bella gives her a dirty look.

Sean:  Sure, that sounds great, Grace.  Thanks. 

He starts to walk off.

Grace: When do we start?

Sean: I’ll be in touch…I have your number.

Grace: Cool.

Bella looks at her again.

Grace: Don’t look at me like that.  I’m just trying to help out a friend…a hot friend.

Bella: Grace, I swear…

Grace: Calm down, Bella…you gave him up…you’ve got Will now anyway.  And, I really was just trying to be helpful.

Bella: Well, Will and I haven’t told Sean we’re together yet.  So, don’t let it slip.

Grace: Poor Sean.

Bella: Grace…

Grace: I’m not going to tell him so just chill.

(cut to): Will’s house.

Will walks up to his house; his mom walks out.  She has a wrapped box in her hands.

Susan K: Hey, baby. 

Will: Hey, mom. 

He kisses her on the cheek.

Will cont’d: Here you go.

Susan K: Oh, thank you, sweetie.  And this is for you.

She hands him the box.  They both open their presents.

Susan K: Oh…a book.  Thank you, honey.  I’ve heard this is a good one.

Will: It really is, Mom.

Will finishes unwrapping the box.  He pulls out a sweater. 

Susan K: It’s warm.

Will: I’m sure it is…thanks mom.

He notices something at the bottom of the box.  He pulls it out…it’s like something from the bank.

Susan K: I started you a savings account…especially for college.  I put a little money in and I thought you could add to it when you got any extra money. 

Will looks at the amount.

Will: Mom…this is more than a little money.

Susan K: It’s still just the beginning of what you’ll need for the college you’ll be going to.  Of course, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of scholarships too…so maybe this will be your fun fund. 

Will smiles.

Will: Thank you, Mom.  I’m sorry I didn’t come by earlier…I just thought it would be fun to hang out at the dorms, you know.

Susan K: Oh…I understand, baby.  Um, do you want to come in?

She looks at him like “please say no.”

Will: Oh, no…I’ve got to take Bella her present so I should go.

Susan K: Bella, huh?

Will smiles.

Susan K: You used to have the biggest crush on that little girl.

Will: I remember…funny thing is, I still do.  Fortunate thing is…she likes me back.

Susan K smiles.

Susan K: Will…you’re such a wonderful young man.  I want you to know that.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, ok?

Will nods.

Susan K cont’d: Now, run and see Bella.

(dissolve to): Bella in her living room.  She’s cleaning up al the wrapping paper from the opened presents under the tree.  The doorbell rings.

(cut to): A shot behind Will as he stands at Bella’s door.  She opens the door.

Bella: Will! 

She pulls him in and shuts the door.  She puts her hands on his shoulders and kisses him.  She doesn’t stop right away.  When she does, Will seems a little surprised.

Will: Nice greeting…I could definitely get used to this.

Bella: I’m just glad to see you.

Will: I’m glad to see you too.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box.  He hands it to her.

Will: Merry Christmas.

He kisses her on the cheek.

Bella: Thank you.

Will: Open it.

She does and then opens the actual box.  Inside is a locket. 

Bella: Will…

She opens the locket.  On one side is a picture of what we assume is them when they are young.  On the other is a picture obviously taken at the cotillion.  She smiles. 

Bella: This is so sweet.  Thank you.

He smiles.  She leans toward him.

Bella: Seriously.

He smiles and she kisses him, then pulls away.

Bella: Okay I have one for you too.

She runs over to the tree and pulls out the lonelyremaining present.  She goes back to Will and hands it to him. 

Will: Hmm…what’s this?

He unwraps it.  It’s a journal.

Bella: It’s a journal.  Because, I thought, you’re always writing about a lot of important stuff…but you needed a place to just keep track of you.

Will: So…why’d it take me so long to realize…to remember that you are the most amazingly perfect girl in the world?

They kiss again.

(cut to): a street in New York.  Kate, Hamilton and Jake walk along.

Kate: Well…that was stressful and nerve racking.

Jake: I’m really really sorry about this.

Kate: Oh, no sweetie…I didn’t mean that.  I’m sorry you didn’t want to stay longer.  I didn’t mean it was your fault.

Jake: Except that I should have never come to Rawley in the first place.

Hamilton is walking along with his hands in his pockets.  He looks up when she says that…kind of hurt.

Kate: Well, you did…and I’m glad you did…I wish you would have enrolled in the girls’ school.

Jake: Me too. 

Hamilton: So…do you still have those concert tickets?

Jake: Yeah?  You up?

Hamilton: Mom…can I go with Jake to a concert tomorrow?

Kate: Hamilton, alone?  I don’t want you two kids going out alone here.

Hamilton: Mom, this city is like so safe…just ask Susie.

Kate: I’ll get back to you…I’ll have to discuss it with you dad.

Hamilton turns to Jake.

Hamilton: He’ll so say yes…he really likes you.

Jake: Wish he knew me a little better.

She laughs.  They reach the front steps of her house.

Jake: This is it.

Kate: I’m glad we got out of the cab back there…this was a really nice walk.  And, you have a beautiful home.

Jake: Thanks.

Everyone stands there for a moment.

Jake cont’d: Ok, so…I’m gonna go in.

Hamilton: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jake: Yeah…should be fun.

Hamilton looks at her then at his mom.  He steps toward Jake and kisses her on the cheek.  Then steps back quickly.  Jake goes up the steps.

(cut to): Will and Bella just inside Bella’s living room.  Will leans toward her as he gives her a kiss.

Will: I should go.

Bella: Why?

Will: Because…I don’t know.  I guess I could stay.

Bella smiles.
Bella: Well…if you don’t want to…

Will: Oh, I want to. 

Will blushes.

Will: I mean, I love hanging out with you.  I just don’t want to be that kid…ya know?  The neighborhood kid who hangs out all the time and everyone wants him to leave, but he’s so pathetic that no one makes him leave…and just when you think you’ve gotten rid of him…there he is knocking at the back door.

Bella: Will!  You’ve never been that kid…no one’s ever not been glad to see Will Krudski at their door.

Will looks down, but doesn’t say anything.  Bella reaches out and takes his hand, leading him away from the door.

Will: His or her door.

Bella: Huh?

Will: Nothing.

(fade out)

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(fade in): to a street in New York.  Hamilton and Jake are walking together.  Hamilton looks pretty excited.  They’ve just left the concert so they are kind of sweaty and are carrying their jackets…you know how concerts are. 

Hamilton: Wow…that was like…that was awesome.  I mean…you…are the best.  I can’t believe I got to see Third Eye Blind…in concert…in New York City.  And that place was so small and everyone was so into the music.  And Steven Jenkins shook my hand…did you see that?

Jake smiles.  She puts on her jacket.

Jake: Yeah…my mom knows the guy who owns that place so she kind of gets the scoop when big acts come to do little shows.  When she told me about this, I thought it might make a good Christmas present. 

Hamilton: It was…it totally was.

They walk along for a few seconds.

Hamilton cont’d: Speaking of Christmas presents…

He gets a little timid.

Hamilton: Did you get mine?  I mean, the one from me?

Jake: Yeah…about that…

Hamilton: You hated it... 

Jake: No…I broke it.

Hamilton looks at her confused. 

Jake: I spilled water on the lyrics.

Hamilton: Well, but that’s ok because there’s a tape—

Jake: …that I put into a tape player that promptly ate it.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Are you kidding?  Think it was a sign?

Jake stops walking.

Jake: I don’t know Hamilton…do you think it was a sign?

Hamilton stops walking too.  He looks at her, not knowing how to answer.

Jake: It’s not a trick question, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Ok, I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I was just kidding about the sign thing…I just meant that maybe it was total garbage and someone was trying to help me out.

Jake looks down then back up at Hamilton.

Jake: I need to know where—

Hamilton: …this relationship is going?

Jake smiles.

Hamilton: Look, this is what I wanted to talk to you about before we left.  But, then we never got a chance…and we haven’t had the chance to really be alone until tonight…so, I guess now is as good a time as any.

Jake: Ok…

Hamilton: You’re kind of the one holding the proverbial remote, but I just want to say that this step back is totally fine with me.  I mean, I love you…you know that…I mean, you do right?

Jake nods slowly.

Hamilton: Okay, but you really are my best friend.  You’re like the coolest girl…the coolest person that I know.  I really like just hanging out with you…and I’m fine with doing that.

Jake doesn’t say anything.

Hamilton: And you’re looking at my like I’m an idiot…talk to me.

Jake: Do you want to come to New Years’ at my house?

Hamilton doesn’t say anything…he looks a little disappointed.

Hamilton: Sure. 

He turns and they both start walking again.

Hamilton cont’d: Is that still on though?  I mean, is your mom going to be back by then?

Jake: I guess.  Consuela comes back tomorrow though…she’s the one who actually makes the party happen.  My mom just kind of makes an appearance.  Hey, maybe you should bring Susan.

Hamilton: Yeah, she’d probably really like that.  How weird is it that she knew who your mom was?

Jake: A lot of people kind of know who she is.  It is weird.

Hamilton: Must be kind of hard.

Jake: It’s not too bad…gets me into cool concerts.

Hamilton smiles.

Jake cont’d: We should get cabs. 

Hamilton nods.

Jake: Oh, hey…do you know Scout’s number at home?

Hamilton: No.  Why?

Jake: It’s probably in the directory. 

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

Jake cont’d: Jill’s going to be here for the party…thought it’d be cool to get Scout here too.

Hamilton: Cool.  Too bad you couldn’t get the whole gang up here. 

Jake: Yeah…hmm.  Oh…what about your parents?

Hamilton: You want to invite them?

Jake: No.  I mean, yeah…but I don’t think that would work out so well.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Probably not.  Doesn’t matter, though.  They are going out by themselves anyway.  I think I heard the phrase “romantic candle lit dinner for two.”

Jake: That’s really good, Hamilton.

Jake is in the process of hailing a cab.

Hamilton: My dad…he surprises me.

A cab stops.

Jake: Ok…so…New Years’ Eve?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Night.  Thanks again…I had an awesome time tonight.

Jake gets in a cab and it pulls away.

(dissolve to): Scout sitting on a couch playing video games (maybe a Play Station 2, huh?).  His dad walks in holding the phone.

John: Scout, telephone.  Sounds like a girl.

Scout smiles and takes the phone.  He continues to play his game.

Scout: Hello?  Jake?  Hey!  Yeah, it was awesome.  My dad got me a car.  I’m so stoked.

(cut to): Jake sitting on her bed with a portable phone.

Jake: That’s actually kind of perfect.  See, I’m having this New Years’ party.  My mom and I do it every year.  I was thinking that since you only live like an hour away from the city that…you might want to come?

(cut to): Scout

Scout: Jill’s going to be there, right? 

(cut to): Jake. 

Jake: Yes…

(cut to): Scout.

Scout: Count me out.  While I appreciate what you’re trying to do…I just…I don’t want to see her.

(cut to): Jake.

Jake: Why not?  So you can prove her right?  All this stuff about Bella…she’s always been worried about it.  And, I’ve always told her that she’s wrong.  But, I mean I guess if—

(cut to): Scout.

Scout: Ok. 

(cut to): Jake.

Jake: Ok?  Great.  Cool.  This is going to be great.  Hamilton thought it’d be awesome if everyone could come…you know how Will wants to see New York City, but this will still be fun.

(cut to): Scout.

Scout: Hamilton?  I thought you two were—

(cut to): Jake.

Jake: Oh, no.  I mean, we are.  I mean…he’s hear visiting his aunt Susan and he’s coming to the party because Susan’s crazy and wants to meet my mom…well, maybe crazy is the wrong word…more like quirky.  Anyway…he and I are doing this friends thing now.  And he’s cool with it and I’m…sharing way too much information with you so…

(cut to): Scout who smiles.

Scout: And I thought my love life was hard to follow.

(cut to): Jake.

Jake: Anyway, I have to go, but I’ll call you in a few days to make sure if your still coming.  I’ll give you the address and time and stuff.

(cut to): Scout.

Scout: Ok…bye.

Scout turns off the phone and tosses it down. 

(cut to): The phone in the kitchen at Bella’s house.  Will is sitting at the table, not really doing anything.

Bella (off screen): Can you get that? 

Will gets up and picks up the phone.

Will: Banks residence….Sean?….Yeah, this is Will…I don’t think she’s here…let me ask.

He covers the phone.

Will: Bella, where’s Grace.

Bella (o.s): I think she’s off dumping scary Justin.

Will: Nope, she’s not here.  How was your Christmas, man?…Cool…Me?…Well, you know, I didn’t go home for the holidays and instead of moping around the dorms I’ve just been hanging out here a lot….yeah, you know you can count on me for whatever.  Ok, bye man.

Will hangs up the phone.  He looks at it for a moment.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Jake’s house.  It’s finally New Years’ Eve.

(cut to): The interior foyer, living room, stairwell area.  There are tons of people around.  They are setting up decorations.  The camera pans around the house.

(cut to): Jake in her room.  The picture of she and Hamilton (is that grammatically correct?  Oh well, anyway…) is stuck in the frame of the mirror that is on her dresser along with some other pictures that were already there.  She’s sitting at her desk looking at Ham’s lyrics…which she of course can’t read.  There’s a knock at her door.  She looks up, not expecting anyone.

Jake: Come in.

Her mom opens the door and walks in.

Jake: Mom!

She gets up to give her a hug.

Monica: Hi sweetie.

Jake: I’m glad you’re home.  I was afraid you weren’t going to be back in time.

Monica smiles, surprised by Jake’s emphatic greeting.

Monica: I found out I could get a flight out last night…this morning here…I’m still on London time.  It looks like the party is going to be great.

Jake: Yeah, Consuela got back like three days ago and she’s been in party planning mode ever since. 

Monica: She’s the best.

Jake: Yeah…

Monica notices the picture of Jake and Hamilton.

Monica: So…you’ve been keeping me in the dark…

Jake looks over at the picture too.  Monica walks over and picks it up.

Monica: He’s very cute.  He could be a model.  You know, if he’s interested, I could call someone.  Who took this picture?

Jake: Um, Jill I guess.

Monica: How is Jill?

Jake: Good, I think.  She really likes Rawley.  She was kind of dating this guy…I invited him to the party tonight actually.

Monica: Speaking of dating guys…you and Hamilton are…

Jake: Not.

Monica walks over to the bed with the picture still in her hand.

Monica: So, what’s with this?

Jake: He gave it to me.  I mean, we’re not fighting or anything…he’s coming tonight too, actually.  It’s just…

Monica: Awkward?

Jake: Very. 

Monica: So…you were dating and now—

Jake: We’re taking a break.

Monica: Oh…those don’t work, honey.  That wasn’t your idea?

Jake: Yeah…

Monica raises her eyebrows.

Jake cont’d: I think I overreacted.

Monica: If something is really “break” worthy, then it’s break-up worthy.  Otherwise, you just kind of have to work through it. 

Jake: That’s what we’re doing.

Monica: How can you do that if you’re apart?

Jake: God…ok, I don’t want to talk about this anymore anyway.  Tell me about England…I want to hear all the details.

Monica smiles excitedly.

Monica: Well, the flat where I was living was just exquisite.

(cut to): Will in his dorm room.  The place is kind of wrecked so he’s cleaning it up.  Scout walks in.

Scout: There you are.  I stopped by your house and your mom said you were here.  What are you doing in the dorms right now, Will? 

Will just looks at him, surprised to see him.

Scout cont’d: Well, anyway…Happy New Year, man.

Will: Okay, Scout…I’m a little confused.  Last we spoke…well, let’s just say you were pretty pissed at me.

Scout: It’s like a two hour drive from Greenwich to New Rawley.   I had some time to think.  Now, don’t ask me to explain why I decided to come here in the first place.  Well, I mean technically it’s to pick you up and take you to Jake’s New Years’ party.

Will: In New York City?

Scout: Yeah.  You in?

Will: Yeah.  Absolutely.  You drove here?

Scout: I kind of got a car for Christmas.

Will: Well, I’m kind of impressed.

Scout: Okay, so, throw some clothes in a bag and let’s go.  Oh, and Jake called Bella sometime this morning so she should be ready when we stop by.

Will: Bella?

Scout: And I stopped by Sean’s on the way here, but he said he has to work on his “campaign.”  He said Grace was helping him out…what’s up with that?

Will: I’m not sure.   I haven’t really talked to him lately.  He asked Bella out. 

Scout: Whoa.  You’re serious?

Will: Yup.

Scout: So…he still doesn’t know, huh?  About you and Bella?

Will shakes his head.

Will: We’re going to tell everyone.

Scout: That’s good.  I mean, you shouldn’t have to hide stuff like that from your friends.

Will: So, I don’t get it.  I mean, is this just you pretending your cool again…’cause it doesn’t really seem like that.

Scout: Look, Will…I’m really sorry for everything I said to you.  And, I’m sorry for not accepting your apology when I’m the one who should have been apologizing to you.  I have a lot to say…but I’d rather wait and say it to Jill instead of you or Bella…if I can get her to listen to me.

Will: I really hope she does, man.

Scout smiles.

Will cont’d: This is so awesome…I thought you were going to hate me forever.  Now we’re going to New York together.

Scout: Will, you’re my best friend, ok?  Now, pack your bags because you’re going to New York City.

(cut to): Hamilton and his dad in the guest bedroom.  His dad is wearing a nice suit and looks pretty spiffy.  Hamilton is also looking pretty hot.  He’s wearing khakis with a blue long sleeved button-up shirt.  The shirts tucked in and he has on a belt (no tie, no jacket).  His dad is standing in front of a mirror, tying his tie.  Hamilton is sitting on the bed as he puts his shoes on.  He stansd up.

Hamilton: How do I look?

Steve: Have you ever thought about combing your hair?

Hamilton picks up a brush off of the dresser and brushes it off his forehead and parts it on the side.  Steven watches him as he finishes tying his tie.

Steve: Now, I’m sure none of the girls at that party will be able to resist you.  Are you going straight there?

Hamilton: Susie wants to go grab some food first then arrive fashionably late. 

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: And, Dad, you look great too.  You and Mom are going to have an excellent time.

(cut to): The gas station.  Ryder is there, putting gas in his car.  A new Ford Expedition pulls up.  Scout and Will get out.

Ryder: Scout, shouldn’t you be at home helping your dad steal money from tax-payers?  Or is that what this new car is?

Scout: Ryder…good to see you too. 

Bella walks out with her backpack on.  She glances up at Ryder, but looks back at Will and Scout.

Bella: Hi guys.

Scout: Ready?

Bella: As soon as this customer pays me.

Ryder: I think we can be a little less formal than that, Love.

Bella: Whatever.  You owe us twenty-five bucks.

Ryder pulls out some money from his pocket and tries to hand it to Bella.

Bella: You can take it inside.

Ryder rolls his eyes and starts to walk inside.

Bella (to Scout): So, do you have Jake’s address because I wrote it down…

Scout: Nope, I have it written down in the car.

Bella: Cool.  I won’t be needing this.

She pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket and tosses and crumbles it into a ball.  Ryder is still walking very slowly toward the office for the garage.  He looks over his shoulder just as she throws the address away.

Bella: Jake said Sean might come…

Scout: He couldn’t make it.

(cut to): The garage office.  Grace is sitting at the desk.

Grace: Hi, Ryder.

Ryder: Hello, Doll.  Here’s your money.

He hands her the cash.  As he does he lets his hand linger in hers as he smiles at her.  Grace giggles.

Ryder cont’d: So, where were your sister and her lame friends going?

Grace: She told my dad it was to go to New York for a New Years’ party that some Rawley guy is throwing.  He just let her go.  He’d never just let me go.  Do you want to hang out tonight?

Ryder: Sorry my darling…I’m actually going to that party too.

Grace: Well, if you ever get bored…

Ryder: I’ll be right over.

He smiles and leans over, kissing her on the cheek (he’s such a playboy, huh?).

Ryder: Bye, Love.

He starts to go.

Ryder cont’d: Oh, by the way, what’s Sean’s last name/.

Grace: McGrail, why?

Ryder: Just curious.  By dear.

(cut to): The outside of the garage door as Ryder walks out, smirking.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: How are you liking Dawson’s Creek this season?  Estee is definitely over this long hair thing Dawson is trying to pull.  But, don’t let that stop you from checking out Dawson’s Desktop.


(fade in): The party.  It’s really just starting.  There’s a montage of the many rooms of the house and the many guests.  Monica is talking to an affluent group of middle-aged adults; she’s the center of attention in the group.  Jake is sitting with a small group of people her age; she’s just trying to blend in.

(cut to): Hamilton and Susan walk up the steps together.  Susan has on a dress and looks nice.  Her hair is pulled up into a nice bun.

Hamilton: You ready?

Susan: Yes.

Hamilton goes to ring the doorbell, but Susan stops him.  She inhales then exhales deeply three times. 

Susan: Ok.  Go.

Hamilton rings the bell.  A butler type guy answers the door.  Hamilton and Susan look at each other.

Butler guy: Names.

Hamilton: Hamilton and Susan…Fleming.

The Butler guys looks on his list.

Butler guy: Of course, come in, please.

(cut to): the inside of the door as Susan and Hamilton walk in. 

Hamilton: Here we are.

Susan: This is so cool.  Do you want to split up or stay together?

Hamilton: Um, I’m going to try to find Jake.

(cut to): Jill as she walks up to the chair where Jake is sitting.  She’s wearing khaki pants and a cute sweater.   She sits down on the arm of the chair.

Jill: What’s up?

Jake: Hey!  How was Portland?

Jill: It was so rad.  How was your Christmas?

Jake: Well, my mom came back from London…this morning.

Jill: What?  Why didn’t you call me? 

Jake: Hamilton’s in town visiting his aunt…I went over there for Christmas so…

Jill: So, everything is back to normal with you two?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Define normal.

Jill laughs.

Jake: Actually…I think the “break” turned into a “break-up.”

Jill: What?

Jake: No, but he’s really cool with it.  He’s really into just doing a friends thing.  We went to that Third Eye Blind concert.  He really enjoyed it.

Jill: What about you?  I mean, are you into the friends thing…did you have fun just hanging out?

Jake: Sure.

Jill: Oh my God.

Jake: What?

Jill: You guys can’t break up.  That’s such a cardinal sin.  I mean, he loves you.  You love him.  You’re both just too stubborn to admit it so you’re trying to play it cool like “oh, we’re best friends…that’s all we want and need.”

Jake just looks at her.

Jill: Did he give you his Christmas present?  The song thing?

Jake: You knew about that?

Jill: No…

Jake: I broke the tape…I spilled water on the lyrics.

Jill: On purpose?

Jake: No…but maybe it was kind of a sign.

Jill: That’s insane.  We’re going to talk about this more later, but…I’m supposed to rendezvous with my dad at the punch bowl at 9:00…I’ll be back.

Jill gets up and goes.

(cut to): Hamilton as he’s walking around and looking around.  He walks past the group of people that Monica is talking to.  She looks up and sees him.

Monica: Hamilton? 

He looks over.

Hamilton: Oh, hi Ms. Pratt.

Monica (to group): Excuse me for a second.

She walks through her group of friends and over to Hamilton.

Monica: Don’t you look nice?  How are you?

Hamilton: Fine, thank you.  How about you?  How was your stay in London?

Monica: Fabulous.  They play I was in got rave reviews. 

Hamilton: I’m sure it was wonderful.

Hamilton is looking around as they speak; Monica notices.

Monica: I’m sure she’s around here somewhere.

Hamilton looks back at her.

Hamilton: Sorry.

Monica: So, I saw that picture of the two of you. 

Hamilton doesn’t say anything.

Monica: Don’t worry, I’m not trying to pry into the relationship.  I just wanted to tell you that if you’re ever interested in modeling I could make a call.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I’d rather be behind the camera…that’s where the true expression comes from.  Thank you, though.

Monica: Well, I had to try. 

Hamilton smiles.

Monica: Okay, I see Jill over at the punch bowl talking to her dad…I’m sure she knows where Jacqueline is.

Hamilton looks in the same direction as Monica.

(cut to): Jill and her dad at the punch bowl.  Her dad will be played by Billy Campbell from Once and Again.  His name is Gregory Thomas.  He’s wearing a suit and looks pretty cute…he kind of makes you wonder why he and Jake’s mom aren’t hooked up.

Jill: So, they are both in complete denial, of course.

Greg: Sounds like it. 

Jill: I mean…just friends…please.  You don’t go from being in love to being “just friends.”

Greg: So…back to the subject at hand…you’re over this Scout guy?

Jill: Dad…

Greg: What?  I was looking forward to meeting him. 

Jill: Well, you’re not going to.

Hamilton walks up.

Hamilton: Jill, hi.  Hello Mr. Thomas, I’m Hamilton Fleming.

Greg looks at Jill with raised eyebrows as he shakes Hamilton’s hand.

Greg: Nice to meet you, son.

Jill: God, you look really good tonight.  I dig the hair.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Have you seen Jacqueline?

Jill (to Greg): What did I tell you?  (to Ham)Yeah, I just talked to her.  She was in that room…come on, I’ll just show you.  Dad, mingle.

Greg smiles and gets some more punch.

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton walking together. 

Jill: My dad hates parties.  But, he comes because Monica asks him and, this is just my own personal theory, he’s completely in love with her.

Hamilton: Really?

Jill: Yeah, they’ve known each other for years…it’s how Jacqueline and I met.  Most recently, they were touring together in Canada, but then she got that part for the play in London.  This was right after I left to go to Rawley Academy.  Monica didn’t have to go to London, you know?  She’s pretty…

Hamilton: …self-absorbed? 

Jill: Yeah.  No one’s ever paid attention to Jacqueline the way you have, you know?

They reach the area and group of people where Jake was before, but she’s gone.

Jill: Weird.  She was like just here.  Bryan, where’d Jacqueline go?

This cute blonde guy looks up.

Bryan: Not sure.  I didn’t even see her leave.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She walks in, closing the door behind her.  She sits down on her bed and kicks off her shoes. 

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton walking through the foyer. 

(cut to): The door as Scout, Bella and Will walk in.  They are all in their own idea of party clothes (they stopped and changed somewhere…you know how this always happens on TV shows).  Scout has on gray pants and a black turtle-neck sweater.  Will has on khaki-colored corduroys and a red dress shirt.  Bella has on a long skirt and some kind of cute-Bella-ish shirt.

(cut to): Hamilton who sees them come in.

Hamilton: Hey…Scout brought Will and Bella.  Cool.

Jill: Scout?

Jill looks.

Jill cont’d: Oh…we’re finding her right now…come on.

(cut to): Jake in her room.  She’s sitting in the middle of her bed reading a Jane magazine.  The door opens and Jill pulls Hamilton in.

Jill: There you are.

Jake looks up at Jill then at Hamilton.

Hamilton: I think she’s mad at you. 

Jill: Good call, Hamilton.

Jake: What?

Jill: You invited Scout.

Jake: Now who’s being a hypocrite?

Jake looks at Hamilton. 

Jill: Fine…you want me to talk to Scout…fine. 

Jill walks out.

Hamilton: She’s pretty mad.

Jake: She’s in love with Scout.  She has this way of falling for guys…and like planning their whole life together.  But…apparently he’s into that.  He kind of screwed up, but I have a feeling he’s going to surprise her tonight. 

Ham walks over and sits on Jake’s bed.  Hamilton looks around; Jake watches him.

Hamilton: You have a cool room.

Jake: Thanks.

Hamilton: Pink walls.

Jake: Yeah.

Hamilton: Is it cool that I’m in here?  I didn’t even think to…

Jake: It’s fine, Hamilton.

Jake scoots up so that she’s sitting next to him and has her feet on the floor.

Hamilton: You want to go back out the party?

Jake: Not really.  I mean…

Hamilton: Crowds…I know.

Jake: Yeah…crowds. 

Hamilton: You look nice.

Jake: You too.  That’s a nice color on you.

Hamilton looks down at the shirt.

Hamilton: It was a Christmas present from Susan…the shirt, not the color. 

Jake: I know…I was—

Hamilton: …there so you probably remember. 

Jake: Yeah.

Neither of them says anything.

(cut to): Susan as she goes to the punch bowl.  Greg is still standing there.  Monica gets some punch.

Greg: It’s good punch.

Susan: Is that why you’ve been guarding it for the past hour?

Greg: You want me to introduce you to Monica?

Susan: What?

Greg: Well, while you were noticing me lingering here…I was noticing you walking back and forth past where Monica’s standing.

Susan: Guess I’m caught.  I’m a huge fan. 

Greg: How’d you get past security?

Susan laughs.

Susan: Do I look like a crazy stalker?

Greg: No.  Come on, I’ll introduce you.  But, you’ll have to tell me who you are.

Susan: Susan…Fleming.

Greg: Fleming…that sounds familiar.

Susan: Well, my nephew Hamilton is here.

Greg: Hamilton’s your nephew? My daughter Jill goes to school at Rawley Girls’ Academy.  So…your last name is Fleming…he’s your nephew…so the dean must be your brother.

Susan: Yes.  Wow, small world, huh? 

Greg smiles.

Greg: Come on…punch was starting to bore me anyway.

He leads her away.

Greg: Oh, by the way, I’m—

Susan: Greg Thomas…I know.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt in The Mexican.  It’s time to start anticipating this movie.


(fade in): to Will, Bella and Scout.  They’re all sitting on a couch.  Will and Bella are sitting back and Scout’s leaning forward.

Will: Are we staying here tonight?

Scout: Jake said there’re tons of extra rooms so…

Will: Can we check out the city before we go back?

Scout: Absolutely.  I can’t believe you guys have never been here.  It’s not that far away.

Bella: Distance is measured in more than just miles and travel time.

Jill walks up to the group.  Scout looks up at her and smiles.  She’s calm.

Scout: Hi.

Jill: Hi, Scout.  Hi guys.

Bella and Will: Hi.

Jill: Think we can go somewhere and talk?

Scout: Yeah…that’d be perfect.

Scout gets up.

(cut to): Scout and Jill as they walk into what we assume is a spare bedroom.

Jill: I know that you’re friends with Jake and you have every right to be here, but…what are you doing here?

Scout: Honestly?  I wanted to talk to you.

Jill: Ok…

Jill sits down on the bed.

Jill: So, talk.

Scout: Ok…well…what I have to say to you is going to take awhile so you have to promise to just sit there and listen.

Jill looks up at him, not saying anything.

Scout cont’d: I’ll take that as an “ok.” 

He paces back and forth and then stops in front of her.

Scout cont’d: First.  Before I left school, I had this dream.

Jill: Literal dream?

Scout: Yeah…

Jill: Ok.

Scout: I was sitting in a rowboat in the middle of the lake with my eyes closed.  Then someone started rowing the boat.  And I had this idea that it was Bella.  And I said that, you know?  I said, “Bella?”  But, then I opened my eyes and it wasn’t Bella at all…it was you.

Jill: How disappointing.

Scout: Not at all.  See…ok…you thought…or maybe you think…that I’m still not over Bella.  Well, that’s not exactly completely false.  I’m not over what happened with her this past summer.  Nor am I over anything else that happened this summer like finding a best friend in a guy I probably wouldn’t have normally been able to get to know.  Then there’s all the stuff that I read about, talked about and understood in Finn’s class.  Not to mention Crew …or working at Friendly’s…or walking through town in my underwear.

Jill: What?

Scout: Long story.  And you’re supposed to be listening, not talking.

Jill: Ok, I am.

Scout:  My point was, even before the Fall, I was growing and changing and trying so hard to find out exactly who I am.  And that portion of my life is just so important and pivotal that I’ll never be over it. 

He pauses for a second.  Jill seems interested.

Scout cont’d: This might surprise you.  I think even I was getting the wires crossed on just what I was hung up on.  When I said I was over Bella, I really wanted to mean that.  So there I was trying to convince you and myself that I’m not in love with Bella Banks.  It didn’t help when I realized that she and Will had fallen for each other.  And so, I went home for Christmas…mad at everyone. 

Jill doesn’t quite know what to take from what he’s saying.

Scout: So then I decided I would go and pick up Bella and Will for the party.  As I was driving to New Rawley…I figured it out.

He pauses for a moment. 

Jill: Figured what out?

Scout: That it isn’t about me being in love with Bella.  It’s about me being in love with a time that pretty much started all this. 

Jill: What?

Scout: Me not being a kid anymore.  But this summer was nothing compared to the fall. 

He sits next to her on the bed.

Scout cont’d: Because you are the one.  You make everything else work.  You’re what was missing.  Everything that I experienced this summer led into everything I experienced this fall…but none of that would have mattered if there wasn’t a you figured in.  You’re the girl I want to be with…the one I want to travel through life with…the one I want to grow old with.  I’m way too young to think like that, but I can’t help thinking like that.  I’m sorry that it took me so long to figure all this out…

Jill looks totally confused, but fairly pleased too.

Jill: You still haven’t said exactly what you figured out.

Scout smiles and leans a little closer to her; she looks down.

Scout (matter-of-fact): That I love you, Jill.

She looks up at him.  She smiles slightly as she leans toward him and kisses him.

(cut to):  Will and Bella on the couch. 

Bella: So…fancy New Years’ party in New York…is it everything you thought it’d be?

Will: Yeah…it’s cool.  I’m glad that you’re here.

Bella: Why? 

Will: Well, if you weren’t, I’d be sitting here…all alone…all sad and pathetic…hoping one of these New York girls would come up and—

Bella: Yeah, yeah…I’ve heard enough.

She smiles. 

Will: Jealous of my imaginary, model girlfriend?

Bella: No…yes.

Will smiles and kisses her on the cheek.

(cut to): Greg, Monica and Susan.

Susan: So, you actually started out as a model?

Monica: Yes, but I always wanted to act.

Susan: That’s so cool.  I always wanted to be a photographer…and now I am.

Monica: Wonderful.

Greg: Everyone should live out their dreams.

Monica: Well said, Gregory.

Greg smiles.

Greg: Oh…so besides being a huge fan of Monica Pratt, Susan’s also Dean Fleming’s sister.

Monica: Oh…really?  So…are you here with Hamilton, then?

Susan: Yep.

Monica: He seems like such a nice young man.

Susan: He really is…and so in love with your daughter. 

Greg: I thought they were officially on “pause.”

Monica: Oh…that break nonsense?

Susan: That’s what I told Ham…breaks don’t work.

Monica: Absolutely not.

Greg laughs.

Susan: What?

Greg: Women bond over the strangest stuff.

The Butler guy answers the door and Ryder’s there.

Butler guy: Name please.

Ryder: Sean…McGrail.

Butler guy: Come right in, sir.

Ryder: Thanks, Jeeves.

Butler guy (under his breath as Ryder walks past): Like I haven’t heard that a thousand times…tonight.

(cut to): Ryder as he looks around the party.

Ryder: An American’s idea of a good party…pathetic.

Bryan (the cute blonde boy from before) walks by.  Ryder grabs his arm.

Ryder: Have you seen…Ms. Pratt?

Bryan: Monica or Jacqueline?

Ryder raises his eyebrows.

Ryder: I’m guessing Jacqueline.

Bryan: Jill took some guy upstairs to look for her…Jill came back down, but the guy didn’t.

Ryder: Shaggy hair?  Confused look on his face?

Bryan laughs.

Bryan: His hair was combed, but he did look pretty confused.

Ryder: Thanks.

Bryan: No problem.

Bryan walks off and Ryder looks up the stairs.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: USC.  No, not that one.


(fade in):  to Jake’s room.  Jake and Hamilton are sitting on the floor in front of Jake’s bed.  They’re playing rummy with a deck of cards.  It’s very quiet.  It’s very awkward.

Hamilton: Man.  Why is this so weird?

Jake looks up at him.

Jake: Because we don’t know how to act.

Hamilton: That sounds familiar.

Jake: Like flash back six months familiar?

Hamilton: Yeah.

Jake: Like you and me trying so hard to be friends that we can’t see what’s so blatantly obvious?

Hamilton: We don’t have to try…we are friends.  Regardless of what else we are…we’re friends, Jake.

Jake looks back at the cards in her hand.

Hamilton: Tell me what you’re thinking? 

Jake looks at him and doesn’t say anything right away.  She puts her cards down.

Jake: That I’m a complete moron and…that I don’t want to be on pause anymore.

Hamilton tosses his cards down too.  He scoots over so that he’s sitting next to her.

Hamilton: This is huge.

He leans a little closer to her.

Jake: Yeah.

He swallows and looks at her.

Hamilton: I don’t know what to say.

She leans toward him.

Jake: Me either.

They are slowly and timidly moving toward each other.  Just before they kiss, the bedroom door opens.

Ryder: Gentlemen, how are you?

Jake: What the hell are you doing here?  How’d you even get in?

Hamilton and Jake look up.  Hamilton looks freaked out and Jake just looks angry.  They both stand up.  Ryder checks out Jake for a second then feigns surprise.

Ryder: Oh…oh my gracious…what’s this?  Jake?  Why are you…why are you wearing a dress?

Jake: Shut up, Ryder.

She turns to Hamilton.

Jake: He already knew.

Hamilton: How’d he know?

Jake: I don’t know.

Ryder coughs.  They look at him.
Ryder: Hamilton told me.  I mean, Ham…you didn’t tell her that you told me?

Hamilton looks at Jake.

Hamilton: He’s lying.

Ryder: You’d be surprised what you say when you’ve had a beer or six, Ham.

Hamilton ponders this.

Ryder: Huh?  Yeah?  Coming back to you?

Hamilton: No…

Jake: Look, I don’t care.  I just want you to get out…of my room and my house.

Ryder: Did that kiss on the docks really mean that little to you?

Hamilton looks over at Jake.

Jake: Funny.  You’re so funny.

Hamilton: You kissed him?

Jake: No…

Ryder walks in and sits down on the bed, looking up at the two of them.

Jake: Look, he tried to kiss me.  I didn’t let him.

Ryder: Yeah, well, my story is definitely better.

Hamilton: Why don’t you get out?

Ryder smirks.

Hamilton: And to answer the question before you ask…yes, I will make you.

Ryder gets up. 

Ryder: Fine…I’ll go mingle.  You two crazy kids have fun all alone up here.  I should definitely thank Jacqueline’s mom for giving such a great party.  Can’t wait to tell her how I go to school with her kid…

Ryder opens the door.

Ryder cont’d: Now…do I tell her about her daughter…or son?

Ryder walks out.

Hamilton: Ryder likes you?  That’s so…funny.

Jake: Hamilton, it’s not funny.  He’s about to go tell my mom.

Hamilton: Well, that’s no way to win you over.

Jake: He doesn’t like me…he likes to toy with us.

Hamilton: If I’m responsible for him knowing…I’m really sorry.

Jake: You probably screwed up pronouns or something…I think he probably already kind of knew anyway.  It’s totally not your fault.

Hamilton: Thank you for saying that. 

Jake smiles and looks at a digital alarm clock that is beside her bed.

Jake: Oh my God, it’s like eleven.  We should probably get back downstairs.

Hamilton: What about Ryder?

Jake: We’ll deal with him later.  We have to get everyone together and do resolutions.  I haven’t even seen Will or Bella or Scout yet.

Hamilton: I saw them, but Jill pulled me up the stairs after that.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Wonder how poor Scout made out?

Hamilton laughs.

(cut to): Scout and Jill…making out.  They are still sitting on the bed on the guest room, but they have both taken off the sweaters they were wearing.  Scout just has on a white t-shirt and Jill also has on a lighter shirt that she has under her sweater.

(cut to): The door of the room they are in, which is cracked slightly.  Ham and Jake walk by.  Jake stops him and they look in.

Hamilton: Looks like he made out pretty well.

Jill and Scout slowly stop kissing.  They both look embarrassed as they stand up.

Jake opens the door all the way and walks in.

Jake: Want to come down, hook up with Will and Bella and do Resolution?

Jill: Resolution?  Oh my God…I almost forgot about that.  Let’s go.

She looks at Scout who raises his eyebrows.

Jill: Come on…it’s tradition.

Jake: And it’s almost midnight.  Let’s go find Will and Bella.

(cut to): Will and Bella, still on the couch.  Ryder is sitting in a nearby chair.

Will: So…you’re not going to explain what you’re doing here? 

Ryder: Nope.

Will: Or how you found out about Jake?

Ryder: Nope.

Bella: Or why you’re just going to shut up about it and not get everyone in trouble…

Will: Kind of like with Ham’s mom and Finn…you just didn’t say anything…

Ryder: Bingo, William.  Sometimes stuff is far more entertaining when you watch it play out.

Will: You’re sick, Ryder.

Ryder: No, I’m bored.

Will: Hey, you know, Jake’s mom got back and she was in London.  Why aren’t you in a plane right now?

Ryder: Classes start in like three days…it’d be a waste of time.

Will: Well, I’m really sorry you didn’t get to see your dad.

Bella looks at him, surprised.  Ryder seems as if he is about to make a mean remark, but his face softens a little.

Ryder: Thanks.

Ham, Jake, Scout and Jill walk up.  Scout and Jill are holding hands.  Will seems to take notice and smiles at Scout.  Scout nods and smiles back.

Jill (sarcastic): Oh, good…Ryder made it.  Has he made some type of dramatic transformation…or are we just ignoring him for Resolution?

Bella: Resolution?

Everyone sits down.  Jake sits in another nearby chair.  Hamilton sits on the floor near the chair.  Scout and Jill both sit on the floor, close together.

Jake: It’s a New Years’ game that we always play. 

Jill: Everyone has to write down his or her number one resolution for the new year…then we read them out loud.  You don’t have to say which one is yours or anything.

Will: Sounds cool.

Jake: Okay, but we have to make it quick because you have to read them before midnight…

Jill: …or you won’t be able to accomplish your resolution.

Jake: We made that up, but…

Jill: …it could be true.

Monica, Susan and Greg walk up.

Monica: Here you all are.

Hamilton looks up at Susie. 

Hamilton: So, you met Ms. Pratt…and Mr. Thomas.

Susan: Yes.

Scout takes notice.

Scout: Mr. Thomas?

Jill: Oh, God, right…Dad, this is Scout.  Scout, this is my Dad…Greg.

Greg reaches down and shakes his hand.  Scout starts to get up, but Greg sits down instead.  Jake introduces everyone else in the background as we listen to this introduction.

Greg: Scout?  That sounds vaguely familiar.

Jill: Dad…

Greg: Would you rather I tell him that at least 85% of our most recent conversations have revolved around him and that I know the entire history of this relationship…minus the past few hours which I’ll no doubt be told about in the car on the way home.

Jill smiles.

Jill: I hate you.
Greg: Good…that’s what a healthy father/daughter relationship should be like.  Not, “Dad, when he opens doors for me…I just melt  Or, even worse, “Dad, he’s like so cute right before he’s about to kiss me.”

Jill turns bright red and covers her face.  Scout tries not to smile.  Jake has introduced everyone and Susan has taken a seat next to Ham on the floor.  Monica sits on the arm of the chair Jake is in.

Monica: Greg, stop torturing your poor daughter.

Greg: She enjoys it as much as I do.

Jill looks at Scout.  He smiles assuring her that he’s cool with everything.

Jake: Ok, so we’d better start this, I guess. 

She passes around notebook and pens.

Jake: Okay, everyone take a piece of paper and write down your resolution…

Jill: …one that we can read out loud.

Everyone new looks around at each other.  Eventually, some start writing and others look pensive.  Ryder is the last to get the paper.  He pulls off a piece and tosses the notebook onto the floor.  He doesn’t write anything at first and he doesn’t appear to be thinking, but eventually he does start to write.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: The last one of the season.  No links here.  Just Estee and Harmony telling everyone how much you guys rock for reading The Fall Season and we hope you’ll continue to read once we get The Spring Semester going.  Thanks everyone!


(fade in): to “everyone” at Jake’s house.  Jill has just finished collecting everyone’s folded up resolutions.  She hands half of them to Jake and they stand together in the middle of everyone.  Jill opens the first one.

Jill (reading): “I resolve to visit my amazing daughter a lot more…and, if it’s possible, to find out a even more about this…Scout guy”

Jill looks at her dad playfully.

Jill: Is your sole purpose in life to embarrass me?

Greg smiles.

Greg: Yeah, absolutely.

Jill: God, Jacqueline, just read the next one.

Will (voice over): Resolutions, goals, aspirations.  Everybody has them.

Jake: “My resolution is to be more myself than what I’ve become.”

(cut to): Ryder.  He looks down.

(cut to): Jill who reads the next one.

Jill: “I would like to find the time to go to the gym twice a week and see my daughter more often.”

Will (v.o.) cont’d: There are the superficial ones that sound realistic, but won’t be accomplished.

(cut to): Jake who looks at her mom then takes the next piece of paper.

Jake: “I resolve to figure out where I fit in.”

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then there are the ones that sound impossible, but that always get done.

Jill: Oh, do you?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Shut up…yes, it was mine.  Now, go.

Jill takes the next piece of paper.

Jill: Hmm…ironic…“I resolve to freak out less and understand more.”

Jake: “I want to do something even more meaningful with my career.”

(cut to): Susan.

(cut to): Hamilton who looks at her and smiles then looks back up at Jill (as she reads his resolution).

Jill: “My resolution is to be understanding, adaptable and honest.”  Go.

Jake: “I resolve to make sure she knows how much I love her...”  Aw, that was nice.

(cut to): Jill as she smiles at Scout.  Greg takes notice.

Jill: Ok this one says, “My resolution is to never be afraid to follow my heart.”

(cut to): Bella as Will looks at her and smiles.

(cut to): Jake.

Jake: Okay, last one.  “I already have what I want.  My resolution is to let everyone know it.”

(cut to): Scout who looks up at Will and Bella.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And while it’s good to have a couple pipe dreams that you don’t tell anyone about…

(cut to): Bella and Will.  Bella takes his hand.

Will (v.o.): cont’d …it’s also nice to involve the people that matter in your goal setting, resolution making…and life living.  Life, ironically, is never resolute.

Will: That was cool…more interesting than just saying your own resolution.

Jill: We always thought it was fun…

Jill looks at her watch.

Jill cont’d: …and a nice lead in to…

Everyone at the party starts to count down (beginning at ten).  The “gang” looks around and counts down too.  At this point a little montage starts.  There are fading cuts (almost like a flash between each piece of the montage) at each second that is counted down.

(cut to): Will and Bella.  Will puts his arm around her.

(cut to): Sean.  He’s sitting in Bella’s living room with Grace and three of her friends.  They are making signs and have no clue it’s almost midnight.

(cut to):  The party again.

(cut to): Finn.  He’s sitting alone watching the ball drop on TV.  He looks pretty lonely.

(cut to): Kate and Steve who are at a restaurant.  People at the restaurant seem to be counting down.  They don’t look lonely at all.

(cut to): Susan at the party who looks happy to be where she is.

(cut to): Jake who looks down at Hamilton.  He smiles at her.

(cut to): Ryder who for some reason doesn’t look as smug as usual.

(cut to): Greg.  He looks at Jill who is sitting between he and Scout and smiles.

(cut to): Scout and Jill.

(cut to): Big, almost crane shot of the party.

Crowd: Happy New Year!

(fade out)


The End



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