Replacement Reaction


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.   

Music: What You Are by Aimee Mann

(cut to): The common room. Jake is sitting on the couch. There are books and notebooks opened. Her bookbag is on the floor next to the couch. She's writing in a notebook. She reaches down into her bookbag. She seems to find what she needed: a calculator. As she sits back up, Ryder is standing there watching. When she sees him:  

Ryder: Hi.

He waves in a blatantly flirty fashion. He's holding a book.  

Jake: Ryder, I'm studying here, ok?

Ryder: Don't get all wound up...I just needed to return a book I borrowed. Shouldn't you be off in your room packing for the big camping weekend?

Jake: Shouldn't you?

Ryder: Like I said...

He holds up the book and points to it.

Jake: And like I said...

She indicates her books. He nods and walks over to the bookshelf. He sticks the book back on the shelf and she goes back to working on a chemistry problem. He steps up and watches for a moment, not saying anything. She closes her eyes and composes herself then looks back up at him.  

Ryder: What are you studying?

She briefly holds up the book, pointing to "chemistry" printed across it.  

Will (voice over): Chemistry. 

She puts it back down and looks in it.  

Will (v.o.) cont'd: It's basically the science of reactions.

Ryder: I took that class. Mrs. Crawford's a bitter old bat who appreciates a little flattery every once in awhile...just a tip.

Jake looks up briefly, nods and quickly looks back down. Hamilton, Will and Scout walk in together.  

Will (v.o.) cont'd: You throw two chemicals into a beaker and maybe nothing happens...

Hamilton looks threateningly at Ryder.  

Ryder: What, Ham? Hmm? Going to get your club? Or have you actually managed to figure out how to walk upright? 

Will (v.o.) cont'd: ...or maybe the beaker explodes.

Jake looks up at Hamilton. He looks a little confused, but still angry. Scout and Will look at one another and shake their heads. Ryder makes momentary eye contact with Jake. He shrugs. Jake watches him then looks up at Hamilton.  

Will (v.o.) cont'd: ...or the chemicals react in a way you never meant and you get some pretty unexpected products.

Ryder walks out.  

Hamilton: That guy bugs me.

Jake: We know...we all know.

They look at one another. Hamilton tilts his head.  

(fade out)  


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(fade in): Jake is still studying. Hamilton is sitting an armchair. Will and Scout stand behind the couch.  

Scout: So, the bus is leaving in...

He checks his watch.  

Scout cont'd: Two hours. Not that it matters for me. I'm still being punished for the Carson excursion.

Jake: Mrs. Crawford said I pretty much have to make an A to have any shot at pulling a C this semester. She got special permission for me to stay here and study.

Will: I have to work. Can't exactly afford not to.

Hamilton: Wait, wait, wait...none of you are going?

They all look at him, shrugging.  

Hamilton: Oh, man...

Music: Candy in the Sun by Swirl 360

(dissolve to): The front of Rawley Academy. Several buses are lined up. Boys are getting on one bus and girls on the other.  

(cut to): Hamilton and his mom as they walk up toward the buses. Hamilton has on a camping backpack.   

Hamilton: Mom, you're not being reasonable. I've been going on these stupid camping trips since before I was even a student here. I think I'm entitled to miss one.

Kate: I don't think so, Hamilton. All your friends are going to be here.

Hamilton: Yeah...wouldn't want me to be able to spend time with my friends...

Kate: Not one specific least not alone and unsupervised for the weekend. 

Hamilton: Finn'll be here.

Kate: No, Hamilton. Now, get on the bus.

Hamilton (whiny): Mom, please.

Kate: The answer is no. 

Steven walks up.

Steven: What's the question?

Hamilton: Dad, Mom's being completely unreasonable.

Kate: Don't do this, Hamilton.

Hamilton: I just want to stay here for the weekend. 

Steven: Instead of camping? You love camping.

Hamilton: Used to. Would it really be that big of a deal if I stayed behind just this once?

Kate: Yes...

Steven takes Kate aside.

Steven: We really shouldn't force him to do things like this. Remember what Dr. Parker said at our last session about allowing him to make his own decisions.

Kate: It won't kill him to go.

Steven raises his eyebrows.

Kate (reluctant): And I guess it won't hurt us to let him stay.

They turn back around.

Kate: You're staying.

Hamilton looks surprised.

Hamilton: Yeah? You two are the best parents in the whole world!

Steven smiles; Kate gives him a warning look.

Kate: Had I known you were going to be here, I wouldn’t have had to pay for boarding your dogs and new cat with the vet.

There’s a beat.

Hamilton cont'd: Ok, so I'm gonna go unpack.

He runs off.   The camera pans from Steve and Kate to the line of girls getting on the bus. Gwen is standing there with a duffle bag on her shoulder. She's reading a book. Ryder strides up. He stands there until she looks. When she sees him, she rolls her eyes and shakes her head, not looking entirely upset to see him.

Gwen: I was wondering how long it'd take you to find me.

Ryder: You weren't even going to tell me you were here? I'm hurt.

Gwen: Whatever...come here.

He steps closer and Gwen gives him a hug, though the duffle bag is in the way.

Ryder: I can't believe you're actually going off with theses troglodytes to sing Kumbaya around a campfire.

Gwen: Hey, there could be S'mores involved. 

Ryder: You really want to risk it for a hypothetical S'mores situation?

Gwen: Anyway, are you doing ok? Not causing too much trouble, I hope.

Ryder: You know me...

Gwen: Yeah, and you can be a real jerk.

Ryder: The people around here are just so damn boring, Gwen.

Gwen: So I've seen.

Ryder: Who's your roommate?

Gwen: Jill Thomas. She's always bringing guys to our room and she's always talking about some other guy who's supposedly her best friend. I'm sure she'll be bringing him over soon enough.

Ryder: Jake?

Gwen: Yeah...I think so. Anyway, the point is, guys are not allowed in the room.

Ryder: Still playing the part of Gwen Guidelines, are you, Love?

Gwen: Don't start that patronizing crap with me, Ryder.

He chuckles.

Ryder: have your classes been going?

Gwen: Great, thanks for asking. Yours?

Ryder laughs.

Gwen cont'd: That good, huh? 

Ryder: Hey, don't go camping. Stay here and hang out this weekend. You know...I've missed you.

Gwen: Yeah, right. You knew I was here for how long?

Ryder: Well, you knew I was here as well. 

Gwen: Why aren't you going on the camping trip?

Ryder: I got caught cutting class the day before the trip. The dean truly frowns upon truancy. Unfortunate.

Gwen: Or as some would say, "convenient."

He gives her a pleading look.

Ryder: Stay?

Gwen: I'm not supposed to hang out with you, Ryder. You know my dad doesn't like it.

Ryder: You're the only person in this entire school whom I find tolerable, and you're abandoning me.

Gwen: You're not going to convince me.

(cut to): Will and Scout. They are walking through everyone who is loading the buses. They walk past the dean.

Steven: Boys.

They stop and turn toward him. They trade, "oh God" looks.

Steven: Mr. Krudski, I'm sorry you won't be joining us.

Will: I really appreciate you letting me stay and work. I can always use the hours.

Steven: Certainly.

They start to try to leave.

Steven cont'd: Scout, I hope this has taught you a lesson about blatantly disregarding school policy.

Scout: Yes, sir. This...and having my car taken away--eye openers to the importance of school rules, Sir.

Finn walks up to the dean as the boys walk off.

Finn: Why is it that I'm always the one left here to take care everything?

Steven: Would you really like for me to answer that?

Finn: Just let me know who's staying so I can be sure to keep track of them all.

Steven takes a piece of paper from his pocket. He hands it to Finn. 

Steven: The names and a few guidelines...

(cut to): Will and Scout as they walk back to the dorms. Scout looks over and sees Gwen and Ryder talking.

Scout: Whoa. Never would have guessed that.

Will: Huh?

Scout: Gwen...over there talking with Ryder. I mean, she's such a total school nerd.

Will: Some of us prefer scholar. 

Scout laughs.

Will cont'd: Well, I've never met her. Maybe now would be a good time.

(cut to): Ryder and Gwen. Ryder looks up and sees Will and Scout walking up.

Ryder: We don't know each other, ok?

Gwen: What?

She sees Scout and Will walking up.

Gwen: Oh, ok...I get it...kind of.

She looks confused.

Ryder: Stay this weekend.

He walks off.

Gwen: No...

Scout and Will walk up.

Scout: Oh, Gwen, hi.

Gwen: Hi, Scout...

She looks over at Will.

Scout: This is my roommate, Will Krudski. Will, this is Gwen, Jill's roommate.

Gwen: Gwendolyn Vaughn 

Will: Nice to meet you.

Gwen: should really be getting on the buses now.

Scout: We're not going.

Gwen: How...unfortunate?

Will: Look, um, I know it's none of our business and that I just met you, but we saw you talking to Ryder and...

Scout: You should really stay away from him.

Will: He's a total jerk and if he was hitting on you or whatever it was probably for some self-serving reason like...

Scout: ...getting you to do some of his work or...

Will: ...using you for...

Scout: Sex.

Will: Scout...

Scout: What? What were you going to say?

Will: I don't remember, but not...

Gwen: Um, excuse me, guys? I'm really not feeling well. Excuse me.

She walks off.

Will: Way to go. Now she thinks we're the bad guys.

(cut to): Steven and Finn discussing the weekend.

Steven: Miss Martin is the only girl. I don't think it would be safe to leave her all alone at the girls' dorm so she'll be staying in that extra room in the boys' dorm.

Finn: So you're punishing Jill and Scout by moving them into the same dorm for the weekend...fabulous.

Steven: I'm sorry, but was that condescension?

Finn: No...not at all. So, we got Scout, Will, Jake, Ryder and Jill, the girl.

Steven: Oh, and Hamilton, but I'm sure he can manage at home...unless he wants to stay with Jake.

Finn: I don't think...

Gwen walks up.

Gwen: Excuse me, Dean Fleming...

Steven: Yes?

Gwen: I really don't think I should go this weekend. I feel really sick.

Steven: I think you can make it, don't you?

Gwen: Did I mention that I think I'm really sick? Really.

Steven looks at her. Then at Finn.

Steven: Okay, so two girls will be here.

Finn: Fabulous...

(cut to): Ryder as he leans against a tree smoking. Jake walks by, but doesn't notice him. He watches her as he throws down his cigarette. He starts to walk after her, but Will and Scout walk up to him.

Ryder: Well, if it isn't Lenny and Squiggy...

Will: Funny.

Scout: Who?

Will looks at him giving him a "shut up" look. Will looks back at Ryder.

Will: Look, we saw you talking to Jill's roommate.

Ryder: Oh, right...Jen, was it?

Scout: Gwen. It's Gwen.

Ryder: Whatever...

Scout: Anyway, we don't think you should be hitting on her just so you can get whatever it is you want from her.

Will: She's a nice girl...

Scout: Actually, she's a little mean sometimes.

Will: She's nice and...definitely not your type...well, at least not from what I've seen before...

Ryder: Oh, she's definitely not my type.

Scout: Okay, so we have an understanding?

Ryder throws his head back, chuckling. 

Ryder: Yeah...right. 

He walks between them as he lights another cigarette.

(cut to): Ryder as he passes Gwen as she walks away from the bus. 

Ryder: I knew you'd stay.

They continue walking past each other. Gwen smiles and shakes her head.

(fade out)

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 (fade in): to Jake sitting at her desk. She has her book opened to the periodic table. On her paper there is an unbalanced chemical equation. She erases a number and replaces it with another one. She erases that number too. She moves her pencil over to the margin and doodles. She looks up, out the window.

Music:  Perfect from the Start (‘cause it’s oh-so-cute just like…Jake and Ham) by Jeremy Toback

(cut to): A shot across the lake. We can just make out the buses driving away from Rawley Academy.  

(cut to): Jake. She puts her pencil down and looks around the room. She gets up and looks around, frustrated. She walks over to the door. When she opens it, Hamilton is standing there about to knock. He has his hand up and everything.

Jake: Aren't you supposed to be on a bus headed out to some patch of woods several hours away where you can bond with your classmates over a campfire?

Hamilton: See, the key to what you just said is bonding with classmates.

He steps in the room, closing the door behind him.

Hamilton cont'd: Which I can do right here...

He steps toward her. She smiles.

Jake: I see...

Hamilton looks over at her desk. She follows his glance.

Hamilton:'ve got to study and I'm interrupting. 

He steps back toward the door.

Jake: No...I mean, yes, I do need to study, but...

She steps toward him. He smiles.

Hamilton: So, basically, you don't want to study anymore and you're using me as a distraction?

Jake steps up to him. She puts her hand on the back of his neck.

Hamilton cont'd: 'Cause I'm totally cool with that. 

Jake leans toward him close enough to kiss him, but not quite doing it. As he tries to kiss her she pulls back slightly.

Jake: I'm really glad you stayed.

Hamilton: Because I'm a good study break?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Well, yes, but also because I've done the whole spending time without you thing and to be honest...I didn't like it.

Hamilton looks at her seriously.

Hamilton: Me either.

They look into each others' eyes for a moment. Hamilton breaks out of the seriousness.

Hamilton cont'd: So, are you gonna kiss me or what?

Jake: Maybe...

Hamilton: Hmm...sorry, that's just...not going to do.

He kisses her. It's a very Jake/Ham kiss. This means a million things that I couldn't possibly describe, but the point is we feel the spark that's been pushed aside in the past few episodes. This kiss lets us know that in the time between episodes, Jake and Hamilton have truly become Jake and Hamilton again.

(dissolve to): Jill and Scout walking down the hall of the boys' dorm. She's carrying a suitcase.

Jill: Oh, and I brought my Roswell tapes so you can catch up.

Scout looks at her skeptically.

Jill: Scout, this show is an important part of my life.

Scout: I'm sorry...

Jill: Shut up...

Scout smiles.

Scout: So, does Max know all about future Max yet?

Jill: That's why you have to watch. Come on. 

She pulls him off down another hallway.

(cut to): Gwen and Ryder in Ryder's room. They sit on Ryder's bed not close together, but not far apart.

Ryder: How'd you get out of going?

Gwen: Said I was sick.

Ryder: Gee, that's creative...

Gwen: Well, we can't all be evil geniuses like you, now, can we?

She gets up and pats him on the head.

Ryder: You know...we aren't allowed to have girls in our rooms.

Gwen: Please, this hardly counts. Besides, the dean is gone for the weekend. All rules are officially off and the new guidelines are whatever that Finn guys says they are. Judging from what I've seen of him the number one rule of the weekend will be, "there are no rules."

Ryder: Don't be fooled. He's a disciplinarian in rebel's clothing.

(cut to): Finn and Will. They are walking down by the lake.

Finn: So, I think if you work on that last essay it will be a nice final addition to your portfolio.

Will: I just hope everyone at the conference doesn't laugh at me.

Finn: Well, you've still got a few weeks to prepare yourself for that,'ve got nothing to worry about.

Will: Thanks Finn. I better head into town so I can get to work on time.

Finn: I'm sorry you couldn't go on the camping trip, Will.

Will starts to walk away.

Will: It actually sounded like a lot of fun, but refusing to work when you're scheduled leads to never being scheduled which I do not need. I'll see you later.

Finn: Ah, the life of a waiter.

(cut to): A TV with a Roswell scene playing. It's the scene where Maria and Liz are talking about how Liz is a "Maxaholic." If you're not familiar with the show, it's not important, but Maria and Liz are waitresses and thus this provides a good visual transition from the last scene.

(cut to): Jill and Scout in the TV room (which could very well be the common room) sitting on the couch and watching the TV.

Scout: Okay, why the hell doesn't she just tell Max? 

Jill: Because in the future...

Scout: Okay, but they know that the big problem is that Tess gets jealous and does whatever so...why not just kill her now?

Jill: Because...I don't know. They can't just kill Tess...the sheriff likes her.

Scout shakes his head and continues watching.

Jill cont'd: I knew you liked this show.

Scout: No, I like you...enough to be subjected to this show.

Jill: Uh-huh...

(cut to): Ryder and Gwen who are now outside. They are sitting out on the dock, facing the school.

Gwen: So, these people that you hate so much...they don't seem all that bad.

Ryder: Get to know them...

Gwen: Why? I mean, if they're so annoying...why bother?

Ryder looks up at the school.

Gwen cont'd: Well then, Dr. Evil, how about a verbal tour. Who are they?

Ryder looks over at her snidely.

Ryder: Fine...there's, of course, the prodigious townie Mr. Will Krudski.

Gwen: I met him for the first time today.

Ryder: He's often seen looking wounded and in need of pity. Don't feel sorry for him, though, he's got his roommate and sidekick, Scout Calhoun, at his every beck and call. Not to mention Finn, who by the way has on more than one occasion been known to get down and dirty with Mrs. Fleming.

Gwen: No way.

Ryder: Very true, I'm sorry to say. Now, while we're on the subject of Flemmings...there's the pretty one they all call Hamilton. 

Gwen: The dean's son? He is pretty.

Ryder: As is his friend Jake.

Gwen: Hmm...I haven't met him.

Ryder: Yes, well, be wary of that one, ok?

Gwen: Okay...why?

Ryder: His heart belongs to Ham.

Gwen: Seriously?

Ryder: Oh, yes.

Gwen: Does the dean know?

Ryder: I dare say that he has no clue.

Gwen: Scandalous. 

Ryder: That's about as exciting as it gets. You know you're mundane little roommate Jill and her ever so boring relationship with Scout. 

Gwen: Yes, inside and out. Unfortunately.

Ryder: Oh, and to complete the picture there are also some key townies such as Krudski's girl Bella Banks. Her family owns the gas station in town.

Gwen: Should I be taking notes?

(cut to): Bella at the gas station. Will rides by. Bella looks up.

Will: Hey, I'm going to be late. Come see me later?

Bella: Yeah, okay...

(cut to): Friendly's as Will rushes inside.

He rushes past the counter and a woman sitting there. He clocks in and puts on an apron. When he looks surprised.

(cut to): the woman at the counter. It's Johanna Ryan. The teacher that Bella and Will spoke about in the last episode.

Johanna: Hi, Will.

Will: Ms. Ryan. Hi. Wow, I was definitely not expecting to see you here.

Johanna: I could say the same about you. What are you doing working here?

Will: Saving money in case the college scholarships don't pile up as I'd once imagined.

Johanna: Sounds like a smart plan, but an unnecessary, I'm sure.

Will: Thanks.

Johanna: Since you're going to be for awhile...

Will laughs.

Johanna cont'd: Tell me what you've been up to over at Rawley.

(cut to): Will who doesn't even know where to begin.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Jake's desk. Everything is just as it was earlier. The camera pans slowly across the room which looks empty. Then, slowly the camera tilts down to the bed. Hamilton has lost his sweatshirt and only has on a tank top. Jake's not in her multi-layered boy gear anymore and doesn't even have the corset on. She is just wearing a t-shirt (and jeans of course). Hamilton is lying on his back and Jake is pretty much on top of him. She's kissing him. She moves down and kisses his neck. He slides his hand up her back, underneath her shirt. As she kisses his neck, Hamilton seems to realize something.

Hamilton: Jake?

Jake: Hmm?

She kisses on the lips briefly, but doesn't really acknowledge him.

Hamilton: Um...Jake?

Jake stops kissing him.

Jake: Yeah?

Hamilton: You're not really just using me as a distraction, right?

Jake: No...

She sighs and sits up.

Jake cont'd: ...not really.

Hamilton lies there for a second, breathing somewhat heavily. His cheeks are flushed. He closes his eyes and pushes his hair off his forehead. Jake looks down at him.

Jake: You''re not mad at me, are you?

He opens his eyes and looks up at her skeptically.

Hamilton: No.

He smiles. He shakes his head as if the suggestion is utterly ridiculous as he sits up.

Hamilton cont'd: No...

Jake looks at him searchingly. His tone is light:

Hamilton cont'd: Stop looking at me like I have something profound to say. 

He laughs and looks down. Then looks back up at her.

Hamilton cont'd: I just...I mean...that...

He sort of gestures to where they were just lying.

Hamilton cont'd: ...was amazing, ok? You're like such a great kisser. I know I already knew that,

Jake looks down, blushing.

Hamilton cont'd: This is when you say, "you're a good kisser too, Hammie."

Jake: You are. I always are.

It's awkward for a beat.

Jake: Although, I don't think I could maintain any self-respect if I called you Hammie on a regular basis.

Hamilton laughs.

Jake: So, anyway, if it was so good why not continue?

Hamilton swallows as he tries to convince himself of the answer before he says it.

Hamilton: Because I think it's kind of a shame to waste all this good kissing energy on...procrastinating..

Jake: Look, there's no hope for me. I can't get that stuff. It's just not my thing.

Hamilton: Well...

He stands up.

Hamilton cont'd: I happen to be pulling a B plus in there right now. I also have to study for the test...

Jake (realization): You want to study together...

Hamilton: What do you say?

Jake: Yeah, okay...that might be tolerable.

Hamilton smiles.

(cut to): Jill and Scout in what we assume is the extra room the dean was talking about.

Music: Paranoia by Harvey Danger

Jill is sitting on the bed, watching Scout as he walks around.

Scout: I just don't get it. I mean this has got to be a set up. Why would he make us stay here practically alone together as continued punishment for sneaking off campus together? Clearly, a school camping trip would have been a true punishment...

Jill: I like camping.

Scout: Well, I still think something's up. There could be a camera in this room right now.

Jill: Don't you think you're being a little paranoid?

Scout looks around.

Scout: This room could be bugged.

Jill: Yeah...uh-huh. I wonder where Gwen is. She's supposed to be here too. I think she's sick.

Scout: Yeah...wait a minute? Let's think about this. Gwen...the Queen of Rules...stays behind at the last minute. She's probably a plant.

Jill: Huh?

Scout: Like a spy. 

Jill: You know, I really don't think the dean would go to all that trouble to...

Scout: She's the mole. That explains why she was talking to Ryder. The dean probably put her up to it. He's the biggest delinquent in the school.

Jill: Can you stop being all conspiracy theory for a second? Let's go find Gwen. Maybe she couldn't find the room.

Scout looks reluctant, but follows her out the door.

(cut to): Ryder and Gwen walking down the hall.

Gwen: The real reason I stayed was because I wanted to see how you interact with these people. I mean, I don't think they like you very much.

Ryder: No...I wouldn't think so. And, I quite enjoy it that way. I'm not the type of person who needs people to like him...

Gwen: Right...

Scout and Jill come around a corner.

Ryder: Observe.

Scout and Jill get closer and stop in front of them.

Jill: Having trouble finding our room?

Gwen: No, not really.

Jill looks over at Ryder who shrugs his shoulders and smirks.

Ryder: If you're done invading our airspace now, Love--

Jill: No, I don't think I am. This is my roommate and although she can be a little anal about policy following, she doesn't deserve to be subjected to you.

Ryder: Well, it seems as though it'd be a welcomed change from the vacuous chatter that living with you would most certainly turn out to be.

Gwen looks around at everyone uncomfortably.

Gwen: Well, I actually have some studying to do so...I'll see you guys later.

She leaves.

Scout: Come on, Jill. 

They walk off leaving Ryder all alone.

(cut to): Will behind the counter at Friendly's. Johanna is walking out the door as Will watches.

Johanna: It was nice talking to you, Will.

Will: You too. It was nice to see you again.

She walks out as Bella walks in.

Bella: Hi, Ms. Ryan. See you Monday.

Bella walks in. She smiles at Will.

Will: What?

Bella: God, Will, you're so cheesy. "It was nice to see you again."

Will: It was nice to see her again.

Bella: I bet...

She walks over and sits on a stool.

Will: Got big plans for tonight?

Bella: Nope, well...not really

Will: Want to come over?

Bella: The counter?

Will laughs.

Will: Cute. No, over to Rawley. Almost everyone is gone camping.

Bella: Oh, I can't tonight. Charlie, Grace and I are going to see a movie in Carson.

Will: Ah, a Banks' family excursion.

Bella: Yes.

Will: Hang out until then?

Bella leans toward him. 

Bella: Yes.

He leans over and kisses her.

Will: Cool. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever...or Sean. How is he?

Bella: Yeah, wow...he's good. You know how he started this reading program with the elementary school. Well, people are really excited about it.

Will: Awesome.

Bella: It's been keeping him busy, though. Baseball training started this week.

Will nods.

Will: So, which movie?

Bella: What?

Will: Tonight in Carson. Which movie?

Bella: The Mexican...Gracie has that thing for Brad Pitt.

Will: Uh-huh and who made me rent Cool World just to see the "less mature" Brad?

Bella: Well, who needs Brad Pitt when she's got you?

Will: I'm going to ignore the obvious sarcasm in that remark and take it as a huge compliment. 

Bella smiles slyly.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Finn walking down a hall at Rawley. It's about 5:30. He passes the TV room where Scout and Jill are once again watching Roswell.

Scout: They cannot fire the Sheriff...

Jill shakes her head. Finn doesn't interrupt. 

(cut to): Jake's room. She and Ham are sitting on the floor with books spread out in front of them.

Hamilton: So in a combustion reaction you're always going to have water and carbon dioxide as product. 

Jake: And energy in the form of heat is released.

Hamilton smiles at her.

Hamilton: Exactly.

There's a knock at the door.

Jake: It's unlocked...

Hamilton: ...unless you're Ryder.

Finn opens the door. 

Hamilton (mumbled): or Finn.

Finn: I'm just checking in on everyone. The dean might not be happy if I lost a kid...especially his kid.

Jake: Thanks Finn. We're just studying chemistry.

Finn: See you two later.

(cut to): The hallway. Ryder is standing there as Finn closes the door. Finn turns around and sees him and looks startled.

Finn: God, Ryder. You scared me.

Ryder: So, you're just going to leave Seigfried and Roy in there to play?

Finn: They're studying. They're fine. I see you are too.

Ryder turns around and walks off. Finn shakes his head.

(cut to): Gwen. She's sitting alone in the extra room where Scout and Jill were earlier. She is sitting at a desk, studying and looking focused. There is a knock.

Gwen: I'm busy.

Finn opens the door and walks in.

Gwen cont'd: Sorry, I thought you were someone interested in interrupting me.

Finn: Nope. Just making the rounds. Are you feeling better?

Gwen: Yes. I think it might have been an allergic reaction to...

Finn: the thought riding on a bus for five hours only to get out and sleep in a tent?

Gwen doesn't say anything.

Finn: Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me. See you later.

Finn walks out and shuts the door. 

(dissolve to): Finn in his apartment. He's making a bowl of cereal. He opens his refrigerator and leans down.

(cut to): the refrigerator. It's empty.

Finn: No milk. Perfect. 

(cut to): Scout and Jill still watching TV. Jill looks over at Scout. Scout turns his head toward her.

Music: And Then She Hit Me by Blessid Union of Souls

Scout: What?

Jill: Want to do something besides watch TV?

Scout: Like what?

Jill looks at him like "think about it."

Scout: Oh...oh.

He grins.

Scout cont'd: Yeah.

Jill gets up and turns off the TV. She walks back to the couch, sitting down close to him. She moves in to kiss him when he suddenly gets up.

Scout: Wait...

Jill looks up confused.

Scout: What if...

Jill: There's a camera?

Scout: There could be.

Jill (matter-of-fact): No. No, there could not possibly be. 

He sits back down. He looks around one more time before attempting to kiss her. She gets up and turns the TV back on then sits back down on the opposite end of the couch.

(cut to): Friendly's as Will locks up. He gets on his bike and rides off.

(cut to): A grocery store in New Rawley. The door closes as Finn rides up on his bike. He gets off and walks up to the door as the owner flips the sign from "open" to "closed."

Finn: Damn. 

(dissolve to): Friendly's. Johanna Ryan approaches the building. Upon pulling on the door, she realizes it's locked.  She looks in the door.

(cut to): her purse on the floor next to the stool she was sitting on.

(cut to): Johanna.

Johanna: Damn.

Finn: Indeed.

She turns around. He's standing there smiling, hands in pockets. Finn tilts his head and smiles.

Finn: Johanna Ryan. 

Johanna: Yes and you're...

Finn raises his eyebrows, waiting.

Johanna cont'd: I...have no idea. Did we go to school together?

Finn: We did...yeah, but since you clearly don't remember, I'll introduce myself. I'm Finn.

He reaches out and shakes her hand.

Johanna: Finn? Is that a first or last name?

Finn: Yes.

Johanna: Okay, you know how to pick locks?

Finn: What?

Johanna: You see, I was here earlier and I left my purse. I walked back to home before purse. Meaning, no car keys or house keys or cell phone. 

Finn: Well, since I was in love with you from ninth to eleventh grade, I guess the least I can do is help.

Before she can react, he walks up to the door. He pulls out his Rawley ID card and sticks it in the door. She notices it.

Finn: I've done this before.

The locks quickly pops open.

Johanna: Impressive...

A police siren sounds once or twice. They turn around to find a police car as it stops. Officer Whitmore (from Gone) gets out and draws his gun. 

Whitmore: Put your hands up. Both of you.

They look at one another.

Whitmore: Right now, folks. I will not hesitate to shoot.

They put their hands up.

(dissolve to): Gwen in the room still studying. It's now about 7:30 p.m. Ryder opens the door quietly and sneaks in. He walks over to Gwen.

Music: Somebody Else’s Song by Lifehouse

Ryder: Don't move.

Gwen: Ryder. God. I really do have to study.

Ryder: Let's get out of here. My car's outside.

Gwen gets up and pushes Ryder down into the chair she was sitting in.

Gwen: Listen up. You claim that these people are "boring" when it's painfully obvious that you want in to their little peer group. 

Ryder: I beg to differ.

Gwen: I mean, they think I'm completely boring.

Ryder: You are.

Gwen looks at him for a moment, perhaps hurt. She turns away.

Gwen: Yeah, well, maybe they're right about you too.

Ryder: What do you want me to do? Tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it. 

Gwen: Be nice, jerk.

Ryder smirks.

Ryder: Done.

Gwen turns back around.

Gwen: Really?

Ryder: For the weekend.

Gwen: Better than nothing.

Ryder: If...

Gwen: Should have seen that coming...

Ryder: You slide a little out of character as well. 

Gwen: Ryder, no.

Ryder: It's not like you have to study on Friday night. If you have a little fun and loosen the hell up...I'll be nice...for the whole weekend.

Gwen considers this.

Gwen: Done.

Ryder: Wait, what?

Gwen: It's a deal.

Ryder: But...don't you need to study?

Gwen: On Friday? Please. Let's go see what everyone's up to.

Ryder looks a little disgusted at the thought.

(cut to): the only cell in the New Rawley jail. Both Finn and Johanna are in the cell. Finn is sitting on a bench and Johanna is pacing. Finn watches her.

Johanna: Aren't we supposed to get a phone call?

Finn: Yes.

Johanna: This is all your fault, you know?

Finn looks up at her.

Finn: Are you kidding? "Do you know how to pick locks?"

Johanna: I wasn't serious.

Finn: Well, you sure didn't make any effort to stop me.

Johanna: Where that police officer?

She looks out the cell, but he's nowhere around.

Johanna: Hey! Hey, I want my phone call! Hello!?

Finn: Why don't you just sit down?

Johanna: I can't believe they put us in the same cell. I can't believe they put us in a cell. I'm in a cell. Oh my God.

She sits down next to him.

Finn looks over at her.

Finn: Just calm down, ok? I might be losing my job as we speak.

(fade out)


Commercial Break


(fade in): to the TV room. Jill and Scout sit watching more Roswell. They don't look at each other when they talk.

Scout: I said I was sorry.

Jill: Scout, it's fine, ok? 

Ryder and Gwen walk in.

Ryder: Hey, kids, what's everyone up to?

Scout looks around.

Scout: Think he's talking to us?

Jill: We're watching Roswell.

Ryder: I've never seen it, what's it about?

He sits down and waits for her to talk.

Gwen: Hey, you guys want to get out of here? Maybe we could drive over to Carson.

Scout and Jill look at each other, worried.

Will: Hey, what's up?

He walks in and sits on a chair. He's changed out of his Friendly's uniform and had a shower.

Ryder: Hello, Will.

Will: Whoa...”Will”? Who are you again?

Ryder shrugs.

Ryder: What do you mean?

Will: Well, it's usually Krudski or William and it's always accompanied by a condescending tone.

Gwen: So, Will, what do you say? Want to get out of here? We were talking about heading over to Carson.

Will: Sounds like fun...kind of. You two going?

Scout: No.

Jill: Why not?

Scout: First of all...Ryder's driving. Second, you know we aren't supposed to leave this weekend unless we get permission from Finn.

Jill: So we'll ask him.

Scout: Still a bad idea. It's not like the dean trusts him. 

Will (to Jill): What's he talking about?

Jill: Do you really want to know?

Gwen: Look, are we going or not?

Scout: I have a better idea. There's a nice assortment of underutilized board games in that closet over there.

Ryder: Sounds like fun, Scout.

Everyone looks at him.

Ryder: What?

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton. Hamilton is on the floor looking into a book. Jake is pacing around.

Jake: What? Entro-what?

Hamilton: Entropy. It's one of the last formulas we went over. 

Jake: Can we take a break?

Hamilton: Sure. The pizza should be here by now anyway.

He hops up.

Jake: Thank God.

Hamilton: We've practically got this chemistry thing down anyway.

He leans toward her and kisses her on the cheek.

Jake: Yeah.

Hamilton: Let's go.

(cut to): the common room. Scout's setting up Trivial Pursuit. 

Scout: Okay, so everyone knows how to play, right?

Everyone looks around.

Gwen: Yeah...I'll be back.

Ryder: You're not going to study are you, Gwendolyn? 

Gwen: God, no. I'm going to find something to eat. 

She leaves. 

Scout: Okay, so, who wants to be red?

He holds up the red game piece. 

(cut to): Hamilton and Jake as they come inside the main doors with the pizzas. Gwen walks up to them. Jake very much realizes that Gwen doesn't know about her. She makes a clear effort to keep up the masquerade. 

Music: Karma by Diffuser

Gwen: Need help?

Jake: We got it.

Gwen: Please tell me that's for everyone. 

Hamilton: Yeah. Well...maybe not Ryder.

Gwen: That guy's kind of a creep, huh?

Hamilton: The biggest. Where is everyone?

Gwen: TV Room playing board games.

Hamilton: Thanks. Who are you again?

Gwen: I'm Gwen. 

Jake: Jill's roommate?

Gwen: Yes.

Jake: So, you're kind of new.

Gwen: Well, I've been here since the semester started, but relatively, yes, I'm new.

Hamilton: Cool. I'm--

Gwen: Hamilton Fleming which probably makes you...

She points to Jake.

Gwen: ...Jake.

Jake and Hamilton look at one another.

Jake: Looks like our reputation precedes us.

Hamilton: How'd you get out of camping?

Gwen: Said I was sick.

Jake: That's not very creative.

Gwen (surprised): That's what Ryder said.

She looks like she's caught herself.

Hamilton: Since you're new, here's a tip. That guy is nothing but trouble and whatever he told you...

Gwen: ...seems to be pretty accurate so far.

There's an awkward beat.

Jake: What, um, what did he tell you?

Gwen: What? About you guys?

Hamilton: Yeah.

Gwen: That you're the dean's son and thus have this little problem with authority and Jake's,

Jake turns to Hamilton with a "play along" look.

Jake: He told her we're gay.

Hamilton looks serious.

Hamilton: We're not gay.

Jake: No.

They turn back to Gwen.

Hamilton (matter-of-fact): We're not gay. See, Ryder has this problem...

Jake: Yeah, it's called wishful thinking. 

Hamilton: He's got a little crush on Jake, here.

Jake nods in agreement and shrugs.

Gwen hasn't thought of this.

Jake: It's true. He knows I'm not into that, but...

Hamilton: ...he can't accept it. Of course, he doesn't talk about it or anything.

Jake: I think that's where a lot of his anger comes from, you know?

Hamilton: Yeah, it's probably totally hard to go through stuff like that.

Jake: Especially when you're in such complete denial.

Hamilton: Denial, yes.

Gwen: I' to go. Nice to meet you guys.

When she's gone:

Hamilton: That was so brilliant. If I didn't have pizza in my hands, I'd give you a high five.

Jake: I think she bought it.

Hamilton: Oh yeah.

They start walking down the hall again.

Hamilton cont'd: So, I'm glad you finally recognize that Ryder likes you.

Jake: That is not what I just said.

Hamilton: You most certainly did.

(cut to): The room where they're playing Trivial Pursuit. Jill and Scout are sitting on the couch. Will and Ryder are sitting on the floor on different sides of the table.

Scout: Ok, Will...what is the last letter of the Greek Alphabet.

Will: Omega.

Scout: Yeah, right. The last letter of the Greek Alphabet is...

He turns over the card.

Scout cont'd: ...Omega. Oh.

Gwen walks in.

Will: Find food?

Gwen: Sort of.

She sits down on the floor at the remaining side of the table. She looks at Ryder who mouths "help me."

Jill: Sort of?

Hamilton and Jake walk in with the pizza.

Will: Awesome.

Hamilton: Dad left pizza money.

Will: Should we get Finn?

Hamilton gives him a dirty look.

Will: ...or not.

Scout: I haven't seen him. Isn't he supposed to be babysitting us?

Hamilton: Ever hear the expression "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"?

Scout shrugs and gets up. Everyone gets up to get some pizza.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So…the Gilmore Girls rocks and I’m watching it right now.  Tristan is…yummy.  I know that we YA fans were supposed to hate the show, but it really is great.  They hype it as “family” programming and maybe it is.  It’s entertaining, funny, and adorable…we enjoy it a lot.


(fade in): to the jail cell. Finn is lying on the bench and Johanna is sitting on the floor leaning against the bars.

Music: Wide Eyes by Diffuser

Johanna: You know, if they're going to leave us in here and not give us a phone, the least they could do is feed us. 

Finn: I'm surprised no one has even come to question us yet. Something else must be going on. Hopefully nothing involving my students.

Johanna: Do you teach at Rawley Academy?

Finn: Yep.

Johanna: I saw the ID tag.

Finn: The one that got us in here?

Johanna: That would be the one.

They are quiet for a moment.

Johanna: Finn? 

Finn: Hmm?

Johanna: When you said you were in love with me...

Finn: Uh-huh...

Johanna: Well, I mean, I don't even remember you and it's not like the school is that big.

Finn: I was a year behind you. I was shy and you were...a beautiful bookworm.

Johanna: That sounds as though it could be the beginning to a beautiful narrative.

Finn: Um, ok...

He closes his eyes.

Finn cont'd: The first day of my freshman year, I opened up my locker and found a copy of the previous years' lit magazine. I took it home and I read a few badly edited short stories. Then I flipped to the last page and there was this amazing poem about flying away from here with--

Johanna: ...wings I don't have, but need to get away...

Finn: You remember...

Johanna: So, you were in love with me because of some stupid poem I wrote in the ninth grade?

Finn: No, because you looked hot in your cheerleading outfit.

Johanna: I was never a cheerleader.

Finn: weren't. I was being sarcastic.

She looks at him, impressed and softened. He doesn't open his eyes or look over at her.

Finn: Don't look at me like that, ok? It was a long time ago and I was a dumb kid who'd read Cyrano de Bergerac or something. I mean, you want to know why you didn't know who I was? I never went out of my way to introduce myself. .And when I finally got a little self confidence, you were graduating and going away to college. How'd that go, by the way?

Johanna: Undergrad was great. I majored in English. I started grad school, but I didn't finish.

Finn: What happened?

Johanna: Um, my husband and my daughter Meagan, among other things. She's ten now.

Finn: Wow.

Johanna: So I came back to New Rawley last year with my daughter and husband and taught English. I took off the first semester to go through a divorce and now I'm back at Edmond High. They were the reason I needed my cell phone. That's the only number of mine that he has.

Finn: I'm sorry for getting us arrested.

Johanna: It's my fault...well, at least half my fault.

Finn: I imagined my first conversation with you to be about a lot of things and in a lot of different places, but us discussing our recent arrest in a Rawley jail is...unexpected to say the least.

Johanna: So, what have you been up to? 

Finn: I teach at Rawley Academy, but we've established that already.

Johanna: Do you know Will Krudski?

Finn laughs.

Finn: Yes.

Johanna: Why is that funny?

Finn: Let me guess, you convinced him to apply to Rawley.

Johanna: I did, in fact. Why?

Finn: Good call with that.

Johanna: Thank you, but I've managed to get us off the subject at hand.

Finn: Which would be?

Johanna: You.

Finn finally opens his eyes and looks over at her.

Johanna cont'd: Go on...

(cut to): The TV room. Everyone has had pizza. No one it talking. Gwen watches Ryder carefully. He looks up at Jake as Jake speaks to Hamilton.

Jake: You want to study more tonight?

Hamilton: We can.

Ryder looks a little conniving.

Ryder: Thanks so much for sharing with us Hamilton. 

Hamilton: Huh?

Ryder: The pizza.

Hamilton: Like I said, my dad left the money so we could all have dinner.

Ryder: Well, nonetheless...

Hamilton: Uh, what' s wrong with Ryder?

Will: I'm kind of interested in that answer too.

Everyone looks at Ryder.

Ryder: Look. I'm obviously out-numbered here. I think we've all been fortunate enough to be spared from wasting an entire weekend in the woods and I'd like to make the best of it with the people I'm stuck with.

Will: Yeah, uh huh. So, seriously, who's paying him?

Everyone laughs. Ryder smiles. 

Ryder: Funny...that's really...funny.

He looks momentarily ill, but recovers the smile. He looks at Jake again. It makes her uncomfortable.

Jake: You know, I do think it might be a nice gesture to take Finn some pizza.

She gets up and picks up a box that has a few pieces of pizza left in it.

Will: You know, I think I'll go with you.

(cut to): the stairs. Jake and Will are walking down. Will is in front of Jake. Will stops and turns around.

Will: So, how's life at Rawley Boy's, Jacqueline?

Jake: Complicated...with perks.

Will: Hamilton, huh?

Jake smiles.

Will: What you two have is really amazing.

Jake: Easy access?

Will laughs.

Jake cont'd: That was a joke, I know what you mean.

Will: I was going to say this huge deep connection that I can't ever imagine building with anyone.

Jake: Not even Bella?

Will: I don't know. I hope so, but...I don't know.

Jake raises her eyebrows.

Will: But enough about me; we seriously never talk.

Jake: Can I ask you something about Ryder?

Will: Sure, but I was going to ask you what you thought was going on in there.

Jake: Believe it or not, I think he was trying to impress Gwen.

Will: See, Scout and I saw them talking earlier, but she's really not--

Jake: His type?

Will: At all.

Jake: I know. I think she's starting to see that too. Although, that could be because Hamilton and I sort of implied that Ryder is well...playing for the other team.

Will: What?

Jake: We told her that he's gay.

Will laughs.

Will: Seriously? Oh my God, that is like the ultimate payback for all the crap Ryder gives you and Hamilton. I mean, it's like he knows you're not gay and yet...

Jake: Which is what I was going to ask you. Why don't you think he hasn't said anything about that?

Will: I don't know. It's like Ham's mom and Finn. He knew and he just kept his mouth shut. It's like...he's got some larger plan at work. He truly is evil.

Jake: Or misdirected.

Will raises his eyebrows.

Jake: Let's take Finn his pizza.

Will: Yeah...

(cut to): The TV room. Everyone is sitting around bored.

Hamilton: I'm gonna be in Jake's room studying. You can tell...him...where to find me.

Jill: You're such a baby.

Ryder: Give him a break, Jillian.

The world stops spinning. Well, not literally, but everyone looks at Ryder, surprised with the exception of Gwen who smiles.

Scout: know...why don't I go with you? I've got to study for that test too.

Scout gets up.

Hamilton: You don't take chemistry.

Scout: Yes, I do.

Hamilton: But--

Scout takes Hamilton's arm and drags him out.

(cut to): the hall.

Music: Pinch Me by the Barenaked Ladies

Hamilton: Scout, what are you--what are you doing?

Scout: Okay, talking to you could be a risk since you are the dean's son and all, but I think I can trust you.

Hamilton: What are you talking about, man.

Scout: I originally thought your dad set this whole weekend up to trap us into misbehaving again, but--

Hamilton: Right...he planned the annual camping trip for the sole purpose of tricking you and Jill into getting caught doing something wrong.

Scout: I admit, it's a little out there...

Hamilton: Yeah, just a little...

Scout: ..but I think I've figured out what's really going on.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows skeptically and waits for Scout to continue.

Scout cont'd: What if aliens have taken over Ryder's body?

Hamilton: Uh...

Scout: They could be using him to--

Hamilton: to do what?

Scout: I don't know...something.

Hamilton: Ok, dude, what drugs are you on?

Scout: I'm serious, haven't you ever seen that show Roswell?

Hamilton: Sorry, I avoid WB teen dramas at all costs.

Scout: Well, on the show, aliens have been using human bodies to communicate with the Roswell aliens. Gwen could be taken over too. She's never been so...normal. She actually wanted to go out.

Hamilton: Um, I don't think--

Scout: Or, this other time there were these alien crystals that invaded human immune systems and made them do bad things.

Hamilton: The only person who's been taken over by aliens...or alien crystals or whatever is you, man.

Scout: Well, whatever, I'm not going back in there with them.

Hamilton: What about Jill?

Scout: She has all the episodes on tape. She knows what to do. I'm going with you.

Hamilton: Okay, whatever, man.

They walk off down the hall together.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the TV room.

Gwen: So, you guys want to head over to Carson and find something to do tonight?

Jill: I can't believe he just left.

Gwen: You don't need him. Let's go.

Ryder: Oh yes, let's.

Jill: Okay...yeah...let's go.

(cut to): Will and Jake at Finn's door. They've been knocking, but no one ever answered.

Jake: Pretty weird that he'd just take off and not tell us.

Will: Or at least not be back by now.

Jake: Well, Hamilton will probably be thrilled.

Will: Think he went into town or something?

Jake: I don't know...

(cut to): Finn and Johanna in the cell.

Finn: Wait, so you're a writer?

Johanna: Sort of. Not a good one. It's mostly for recreational purposes or...stuff I write for my daughter.

Finn: I write too.

Johanna: What kind of stuff? Let me guess, Harlequin romance novels.

Finn: Who told?

She laughs.

Finn: Actually--

But before he can go on, the lights go off.

Johanna: Okay, lights off already?

Finn: Where is that damn cop?

Johanna: Haven't you heard those stories about the police locking people up, forgetting about them and going home for the weekend?

Finn: I think so...

Johanna: What if this is one of those times?

Finn: Something else is going on, that's all.

(cut to): Hamilton and Scout in Jake's room. Hamilton is pretending to study as Scout looks out the window.

Scout: Hey, where are they going?

Hamilton: Who, the aliens?

Scout: Yes...they're taking my girlfriend.

Hamilton: I told you not to leave her.

The lights go out. Scout screams.

Scout: Oh, God.

Hamilton: Chill out, Scout. They flicker sometimes, this is an old building.

Scout: I see no flickering.

Hamilton: They'll come back on in no time.

(cut to): the Rawley parking lot. Jill looks back at the building.

Jill: That place looks creepy like that with all the lights off.

Ryder and Gwen look back.

Jill cont'd: Wait, why are all the lights off. We left the one in that room on.

She points to the room where the TV is.

Gwen: Someone probably flipped them off.

Ryder: I don't is kind of creepy.

Jill: Maybe we should run back inside and make sure everything is ok.

(cut to): Will and Jake in a completely dark hallway, though through the magic of lighting we'd still be able to see them, of course.

Jake: This is seriously creepy.

Will: Think a fuse blew or something?

Jake: Maybe, but then all the lights wouldn't be off like this. There's probably a generator. Hamilton should know where it is.

Will: Well, let's go find him.

(cut to): Hamilton and Scout as they walk around in what we assume is the basement. Hamilton has a little flashlight.

Hamilton: Okay, I can't find the fuse box. Let's go find Will and Jake.

Throughout the rest of the conversation, Hamilton is slightly distracted as he continues to look for the fuse box.

Scout: Think it's safe to talk to them. They could be--

Hamilton: Oh my God, Scout just shut up. Aliens are not real and if they are, they have better things than you to waste their time on.

Scout: Haven't you ever seen the Faculty?

Hamilton: No...

He turns to Scout.

Hamilton cont'd: Wait, the one with Jon Stewart and the hot teacher...what's her name?

Scout: Yeah, that's the one. Anyway, the idea is the aliens don't come breaking down the front door Independence Day style, they sneak in through the back door.

Hamilton seems to think Scout has a point, but snaps out if it.

Hamilton: Okay, Scout, please tell me that you're just trying to creep me out and you don't really believe all this garbage.

Hamilton looks around the basement and swallows. Something falls over in a corner and they look at each other for a second before taking off up the stairs.

(cut to): the basement stair door. Jill, Gwen and Ryder walk by. Scout and Ham burst out of the door.

Jill: Scout? What are you doing?

Scout: Jill.

Jill: Scout...

Scout looks at her for a moment then takes her by the arm.

Scout: Come on, we're going to look for Jake and Will.

Jill goes with Ham and Scout as they walk off. Ryder and Gwen look at one another. Ryder rolls his eyes.

(cut to): A shot in front of Jill, Ham and Scout as they walk away, leaving Ryder and Jill behind them.

Jill: Guys, maybe we should keep everyone together.

Scout: Ryder is probably responsible for this.

Jill: I was with him.

Hamilton eggs Scout on:

Hamilton: He could have had it set up on a timer or maybe he used his alien powers to make the lights go off.

Scout: Okay, so Ryder probably isn't an alien.

Hamilton: No...but maybe I am.

Hamilton smirks.

Scout: Ha ha ha...

Hamilton's eyes get wide.

Hamilton: How do you know I'm not an alien?

Scout: Stop it...

Hamilton makes a spaceship noise (we've all heard Ian's proficiency with sound effects).

Scout: Stop, man.

Hamilton laughs and shakes his head. They continue to walk down the hall.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Jake and Will in a darkened hallway. Will takes a piece of pizza from the box and takes a bite.

Will: It is really dark.

Jake: I have a flashlight in my room. Maybe we should go get it.

Will: Okay, then maybe we can see to find everyone else.

Jake: Let's go.

(cut to): Jill, Scout and Hamilton as they get to Finn's apartment.

Scout: Think they're inside with Finn?

Hamilton: Well, I'm not knocking.

Jill: For God's sake.

She knocks. They wait. After moment she knocks again, louder and harder.

Scout: That's weird.

Jill: Maybe he went to fix whatever is wrong.

Scout: Or maybe he's some psycho killer who's going to take us all out tonight.

Hamilton: I'd buy that.

Jill: Well, I don't.

Scout: Well, if he was planning something like that think of what a perfect opportunity this would be.

Jill: What is with the paranoia? First the dean has the place bugged.

Hamilton: Then Ryder and Gwen are aliens.

Jill: And now Finn's a serial killer.

Scout: He could be.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna.

Finn: Well, even though this sucks and the dean is probably driving home to fire me as we's been nice spending time with you.

Johanna: Yes, it has. I guess it's lucky for me you're not some kind of serial killer.

Finn: At this point, there's no way they're going to press any charges against us. I mean, I can list about twenty-two different things wrong with the procedure Deputy Dufus followed.

Johanna: I wish the lights weren't off like this. I'm not the biggest fan of the dark.

(cut to): Ryder and Gwen in the extra room. Ryder sits on a chair as Gwen lights a candle which was decoration in the room before. She hands the lighter back to Ryder.

Music: Somebody Else’s Song by Lifehouse (yes, again)

Gwen: You really shouldn't smoke.

Ryder pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and takes one out. He starts to light it, but Gwen snatches it from him.

Ryder: Who the hell do you think you are? My mother or something?

Gwen: No, if I was your mother, I'd be cheating on my husband while concurrently stealing someone else's husband.

Ryder gets up and gets in her face.

Ryder: You've crossed a line, Gwendolyn.

Gwen: Crossed a line or hit a nerve?

Ryder: You've got no right to come here and judge me and tell me how I should and shouldn't be and what I should and shouldn't do.

Gwen: Maybe not, but if I don't do it then who will? Certainly not your mother.

Ryder: I don't need a mother or you.

Gwen sits back down and looks down at her hands.

Ryder: Hey, I'm sorry.

He reaches down and tilts her chin up.

Ryder cont'd: I'm sorry.

Gwen: No, you're not. I know you way better than that.

Ryder: I don't want to fight.

He sits back down.

Gwen: Ryder, I have to ask you something.

Ryder: Sure.

Gwen: Are you...are you gay?

Ryder looks at her skeptically.

Ryder: Wh-what?

Gwen: Are you gay?

Ryder: Where would you get an idea like that?

Gwen: That's not important.

Ryder: You know me, Gwen.

Gwen: You're not answering the question.

Ryder: I'm not gay.

Gwen: I saw how you were looking at that Jake guy earlier and--

Ryder: That Jake guy? Right...

He gets it.

Ryder cont'd: I guess turnabout's fair play.

Gwen: What?

Ryder: Nothing. I'm not gay. Just stop trying to meddle.

Gwen: I'm trying to be supportive not meddlesome.

Ryder: Can you just drop the protective act?  It's really getting old.

Gwen: Maybe you should just go.

Ryder: Perhaps I will.

He gets up and walks out.

(cut to): Jake and Will in Jake's room. Will is sitting on her bed and she is searching in her desk drawer.

Jake: I swear it was in here. I just saw it like yesterday.

Will: There's probably candles or something around here. Anyway, once we find Hamilton maybe we can get the lights turned back on.

There's a knock at the door.

Jake: Maybe that's him. Come in.

Ryder opens the door.

Ryder: Hey...

He sees Will.

Ryder cont'd: Hi Krudski.

Will: Krudski? And he's back. The world can start spinning again.

Ryder turns to Jake, ignoring Will.

Ryder: That was a funny thing you did...telling Gwen I'm gay.

Jake: I thought so too.

Ryder: God, this isn't even worth arguing over. What the hell's going on with the lights?

Jake: I'm not sure, but since they're all off it's probably a problem with the power company.

Will: Maybe the dean forgot to pay the electric bill.

Jake: The main generator is probably down for some reason or another.

Ryder: So, we're screwed until they fix it?

Jake: Well, this is a pretty large facility so I think there might be a backup generator on the grounds somewhere.

Ryder: Well, let's go turn it on. I'm already bloody tired of sitting around in the dark.

Will: We don't exactly know where it is.

Ryder: Well, maybe you should go out and find it, William.

(cut to): the door as Jill, Scout and Hamilton walk in.

Jill: Maybe you should go find it your damn self.

Hamilton: Find what?

Jill: I don't know.

Jake: The back-up generator. If there is one.

Everyone looks at Hamilton.

Hamilton: What?

Will: Do you know where the generator is?

Jake: There's my flashlight. I thought I was going crazy.

Hamilton: Oh, yeah, sorry. We borrowed it.

Jake: No, that's totally fine.

Hamilton: I'm sorry if I was acting like a jerk earlier.

Jake: You weren't. I'm sorry for just taking off with Will when we were supposed to be studying.

Hamilton: It's ok. I missed you.

Ryder: Oh, dear God, this is more than any one individual should have to be subjected to.

Jill: Put a sock in it Ryder. I should have known you'd be back to your normal self once my roommate wasn't around. Where is she?

Ryder: How should I know?

Scout: Um, maybe if everyone would just focus on the problem at hand.

Everyone looks at Scout as though he might take control.

Scout cont'd: Finn is nowhere to be found.

Jill: Scout, please don't go where I think you're going with this.

Scout: There's a very real possibility that Finn could be behind all this.

Will: Behind what?

Scout: The lights. I mean, he's nowhere to be found. Did you guys ever find him?

Jake: No, we didn't. But why would he turn off all the lights.

Scout: So he could kill us.

Ryder: Christ...

Will: Scout, have you lost it?

Scout: What? Like it couldn't be true. All the serial killers are described by neighbors as "nice and normal." Then, one day they find fingers and toes in Joe Normal's freezer.

Jake: Ew.

Jill: I second that.

Scout: My point is it's the nice and normal guys that turn out to be murders.

Hamilton: Well, in that case, Finn doesn't seem like such a likely candidate.

Ryder: You people are absolute morons.

Will: Guys, Finn obviously had to go into town or something. Maybe he went to find someone to help fix whatever the problem is, but Jake thinks there might be a generator around here so if we all work together maybe we can get the electricity back on.

Jill: I'm in.

Jake: Ditto.

Hamilton: Sounds good.

Scout: Okay...

They all look at Ryder.

Ryder: long as there are lights sometime soon.

Hamilton: Sounds like someone has some issues with the dark.

Jake laughs. Will looks amused.

Jill: Okay, so maybe if we split up this will go a little faster. And, I'm not going with Scout...he's too Mulder tonight and I'm not in the mood to play the always-skeptical Scully anymore.

Will: Splitting up and looking around sound like a good idea, but first let's round up some more lights or candles or something. Anyone know where there might be some?

(cut to): Ryder. He hesitates. No one seems to know.

Ryder (reluctant): I think there might be some in that room Jill and Gwen are staying in. Jill gives him a puzzled look.

Jill: You're right, there are. Good call.

Jake: Okay, well Hamilton and I'll take the flashlight and look in the basement.

Hamilton and Scout look at each other.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: We were down there looking for the fuse box earlier.

Jake: And did you see anything that looked like a generator?

Hamilton: Uh...

Jake: Okay, so we'll look again. There is a possibility that it's over that Rawley Girls' so if some of you want to go over there that would be helpful.

Jill: Will and I can do that. Okay?

Will: Sure.

Jake: And Scout and Ryder can look around outside.

Scout: Huh?

Ryder: Well, isn't that fabulous?

Scout: Man...

Jake: We'll meet back here in an hour. Ok?

Everyone agrees.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Gwen. She's studying by candle light. There is a knock. She gets up and goes to the door.

(cut to): A shot behind Will, Jill, Scout and Ryder as they stand at Gwen's door. Gwen opens the door.

Gwen: Yes?

Jill: We came to get some candles.

Gwen: Okay.

Gwen steps out of the way to let them all in.

Gwen cont'd: Why were you knocking anyway? This is your room too.

Jill: I didn't want to walk in on you changing or something. I am being accompanied by the boy brigade here.

Jill picks up the remaining two candles.

Jill cont'd: Anyway, we're going to split up and look for the back up generator if you want to come.

Ryder avoids Gwen's attempt to make eye contact.

Gwen: Sure, I guess I can help.

Jill: Cool. Well, Will and I are headed over to the Girls' campus and--

Gwen: I'll go with Ryder and Scout.

They are by this time walking out the door. Everyone is outside the room.

Jill: Okay, we'll all meet back in Jake's room in about 45 minutes.

The two groups walk off in two different directions.

Jill: Hey, Scout.

Scout walks back and he and Jill talk privately.

Jill: Find out what's up with that...

She nods over to Gwen and Ryder who are waiting down the hall.

Jill cont'd: ...and I'll forgive the temporary loss of sanity you've been dealing with tonight.

Scout: You get to be quirky all the time...and I love you anyway. Give me a break.

Jill smiles and kisses him.

Scout: I see you set it up so I'd be alone with the aliens.

Jill: You left me with them earlier.

Scout: Sorry.

Jill: It's okay. I'll see you later.

They part and Jill joins Will. Scout walks reluctantly off with Gwen and Ryder.

(cut to): the dark basement. There are the same boxes, extra furniture and old desks as before.

Jake: Hamilton?

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton in a corner of the basement. They are near a window and the moon provides light. Jake is leaning against the wall. Hamilton has one hand on the wall and the other is holding one side of her neck as he kisses the other.

Jake cont'd: Hamilton.

He smiles, but continues kissing her. She laughs softly. She puts her hand on the back of his neck.

Jake cont'd: Hammie...

He kisses her on the lips briefly.

Hamilton: Yeah?

Jake: We're not doing too much looking around.

Hamilton: You know, this basement isn't nearly as creepy as I originally thought. It's kind of cozy, in fact. And, as for the lights off's kind of...romantic.

He goes back to kissing her.

Jake: I appreciate everything you're saying, but I don't think everyone else would really see things the same way.

Hamilton: Screw 'em.

Jake laughs.

(cut to): Will and Jill as they reach the girls' school.

Will: Why's Scout being so strange?

Jill: I don't know. Maybe because he usually has to be the Martin to my Lewis.

Will: I don't get it.

Jill: Like if we were a comedy team. He'd be the straight man.

Will: Okay do we get inside?

Jill: Greenhouse.

(cut to): Ryder, Gwen and Scout outside.

Scout: So, Finn's missing…

Gwen: What?

Scout: Yeah, no one knows where he is.

Ryder: And no one really gives a damn.

Gwen: Has anyone thought about going into town?

Scout: I personally think Finn set this all up so he could kill us.

Ryder: That's because you're a twit.

Gwen: Lay off, Ryder.

Ryder: I thought we already had this discussion, Gwendolyn.

Gwen: We didn't finish it.

Ryder: And that's my fault?

Gwen: Yes, it is.

Scout: Um, I don't mean to interrupt, but--

Ryder: Then don't.

Gwen: Go ahead, Scout.

Scout: Do you guys know each other or something?

They all stop and Gwen and Ryder look at one another.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton in the basement. They're looking around.

Hamilton: I'm not seeing anything that looks like a generator.

Jake: Nope...

Hamilton: Oh well.

He turns the flashlight off and walks up behind her.

Jake: Hamilton...

Hamilton: What happened to "Hammie"?

Jake: If you're looking for cute nicknames there's always "Munchie."

He wraps his arms around her.

Hamilton: You can call me anything you want if you'll just kiss me.

Jake: Turn the light back's scary down here.

Hamilton: I'll protect you...

Jake laughs.

Jake: Just let me have the flashlight...

Hamilton: or what?

Jake: Or...I'll never kiss you again...

Hamilton: Oh, you could resist me.

Jake turns around, facing him.

Jake: Please...

Hamilton smiles and shakes his head.

Jake cont'd: Hammie...

She leans in and kisses him. She reaches in his pocket and takes out the light, turning it on. He squints as it shines in his eyes.

Hamilton: Aw, that's not fair.

Jake: Come on, Hamilton.

She takes his arm and drags him toward the stairs. Something falls down, causing a crashing noise. Jake moves closer to Ham and wraps her other arm around his, dropping the flashlight. When it hits the ground it goes off.

Jake: Oh my God...what was that? What was that?

Hamilton: What the sounds of you dropping and breaking the flashlight?

Jake: Let's get out of here.

Hamilton: What about the flashlight?

Jake: Forget it...come on.

She drags him up the stairs. In the process he trips and falls.

Hamilton (matter-of-fact): Ow.

Jake stops. She kneels down.

Jake: Are you okay?

Hamilton: Yeah...

He holds his hand up to his mouth.

Jake: Hang on...let me find the stupid flashlight.

She walks back down the stairs and bends down, easily finding it. She hits it a few times and it comes back on.

Hamilton is sitting on the stairs holding his mouth.

Jake: Let me see.

Hamilton: It's fine. I'm fine. Let's just get out of here.

Jake: Let me see.

He drops his hand. His bottom lip is split and bleeding.

Jake: Come on, let's go back to my room and do something about that.

(cut to): Ryder, Gwen and Scout as they walk back inside.

Scout: I don't know why you keep denying that you knew each other before Rawley. It's obvious you've got a past.

Ryder: Calhoun, if I have to tell you to drop it one more're going to drop.

Gwen looks at Scout like she'd tell him if she could.

(cut to): Will and Jill as they leave the basement of the girls' school.

Will: Well, looks like we were pretty unsuccessful.

Jill: Looks like everyone was.

She indicated the lights still being off.

Will: What do you think happened with Finn?

Jill: I don't know. Maybe he's in his apartment asleep or something.

Will: He really wouldn't just ditch us. He wouldn't.

Jill: You're pretty worried about him, huh?

Will: I know Hamilton has like no faith in him, but I really think something would have to be wrong for him to leave us and not tell us.

Jill: Maybe we should call the police.

Will: Who? The New Rawley PD?

Jill: Sure, why not?

Will: Please, those guys are the biggest bunch screw-ups. The Chief is the only one with a clue.

Jill: So, you've lived in New Rawley forever?

Will: And a day. Well, pretty much anyway.

Jill laughs.

Jill: I spent my life on the road so the thought of spending a whole life in one place seems pretty nice.

Will: Are you kidding me? I'd love to travel.

Jill: I know you would, Krudski.

Will smiles and looks down.

Will: I think sometimes I'll never make it out of here. That I'll just stay here and work at Friendly's my whole life...

Jill: That't not going to happen. You're wicked smart, Will.

Will: Thanks. You know, I think that one day you and Scout or you and whomever will settle down somewhere and spend your life there.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Gosh, I like the way you think...

She wraps her arm through his as they trek on back to the boys' dorm.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton inside Jake's room. Hamilton sits on the end of Jake's bed. She has a washcloth which she is using to wipe blood from his lip. He winces

Jake: We should try and find some ice for this.

Hamilton reaches up and takes her hand, pulling it down.

Hamilton: I'm fine.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Hamilton: I'm the clutz who can't walk up stairs.

Still holding her hand, he presses it against his face then lets go. She pushes his hair off his forehead.

Jake: I love you.

Hamilton smiles.

Jake cont'd: I never get to be the first to say it so I thought I'd take the opportunity.

Hamilton stands up with the intention of kissing her, but Scout walks in followed by Ryder and Gwen. Jake and Hamilton step apart. Ryder sees what's going on immediately, but Gwen doesn't seem to notice. 

Ryder: Ham, did you try to get fresh with Jake again? 

Hamilton touches his lip.

Jake: I'm going to go look in the kitchen for some ice.

Jake looks at Ham then walks out.

Ryder: I'll help you.

Hamilton: I think...

He looks over at Gwen.

Hamilton cont'd: I think he can handle it, Ryder.

Ryder: Well, wouldn't want there to be a problem getting ice to fix you up, Ham.

Ryder walks out.

(cut to): the hallway as Jake walks away from the door.

Music: Hanging by A Moment by Lifehouse (seriously, it works here…)

Ryder: Jacqueline, hey Jacqueline...

She stops and turns around.

Jake: What Ryder?

Ryder: I'm going with you.

Jake keeps walking. Ryder follows her.

Ryder cont'd: You know, telling her I'm gay...that was classic.

Jake: What are you talking about?

Ryder: told her I'm gay. That was your idea, wasn't it? Ham would never be so clever as to turn things around on me like that.

Jake ignores him and continues to walk.

Ryder: I'm paying you a compliment.

Ryder gets in front of her and pretty much forces her to stop walking.

Jake: I don't want a compliment from you.

Ryder: You know what Gwen said? 

Jake doesn't respond. She attempts to walk past, but he doesn't let her.

Ryder cont'd: She said..."I saw how you were looking at him." She was talking about you.

Ryder touches her cheek; she leans away.

Jake: Don't touch me.

Ryder: Look, if I'm going to be gay, I want some of the benefits.

Jake: Excuse me?

Ryder: Hamilton has you set up in a dorm room so he can have his way with you--

Jake: His what?

Ryder cont'd: ...anytime he wants. I'm just saying I want a piece of the action.

Jake: You know, I knew you were a sleaze, but--

Ryder: That's what you want to hear from me, isn't it?

Jake: What?

Ryder: That I don't have any feelings for you...that I'm just into the easy access. I'm trying to make it easy for you.

Jake: I don't really know where you're going with this.

Ryder: You don't know or you don't want to know?

Jake: Both...I'm going to get ice now.

Ryder: Takes a real man to send his girl to get ice for his busted lip.

Jake: Go to hell and get out of my way.

Ryder: And if I don't.

Jake: Try me.

Ryder doesn't move. She shoves him, but it doesn't phase him. He smirks.

Jake: What is your problem?

Ryder: Currently, you are.

Jake: Why? What did I ever do to you?

Ryder: You amazing. You're bold and daring. 

Jake: Ryder, I don't know if you're trying to mess with my head or--

Ryder: Am I messing with your head? Because you sure do mess with mine.

Jake: Good. 

Ryder: I mean, when I walked in your room at your house on New Years’ looked really nice.

Jake: If this is your idea of a joke...

Ryder: No.

Jake: It's isn't funny.

Ryder: It's not a joke.

Jake: I mean, what do you want me to say? And...if you really feel this way, why were you going so far out of your way to impress Gwen earlier? 

Ryder laughs.

Ryder: There's something you have to know about Gwen...

Jake: I don't want to know anything about Gwen...or you. I just want to go get some ice for--

Ryder: Your punkass baby of a boyfriend.

Jake: He’s got so maybe qualities you could never understand.  He’s so many things…

Ryder: a completely uninteresting Neanderthal.

Jake: God, you make me feel so...

Ryder: What?

Jake: Frustrated. Just...frustrated. 

Ryder: Good.

Jake: Now can you please just get out of my way?

He steps out of her way as she walks off. She stops and turns back around with a frustrated look.

Ryder: What's the matter?

Jake: I just--

Ryder: ...remembered that the kitchen is that way.

She gives him a fake smile and nods as she walks off in the correct way towards the kitchen.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Jake's room. Ryder, Gwen and Scout, Hamilton are there. Hamilton is still sitting on the bed. Gwen is sitting on the floor next to Ryder who is standing up and leaning against the wall. Scout is looking out the window.

Scout: You know how you can usually see the town lights from here? Just a little bit, but you can? 

No one says anything for a moment.

Hamilton: Yeah, what about it?

Scout: Well, I don't see anything.

Ryder walks over to the window and looks out. Will and Jill come back in.

Will: What are we looking at?

Ryder: Not the lights of your humble, white trash town.

Will: Huh?

He walks over to the window.

Will cont'd: Oh yeah...that is weird. 

Jake: What is?

(cut to): the door as Jake walks.

Ryder: No lights in New Rawley.

Jake glances out the window, but concentrates on Hamilton. She has some ice in a baggie.

Jake: Here. The freezer was still cold.

She puts it up to his mouth and he takes hold it.  Mostly for Gwen's benefit:

Hamilton: Thanks Jake. You're like the best friend a guy could have.

Jake: No problem, Ham.

Gwen: Hamilton, this might be kind of a dumb question, but have you checked the lights over at your house?

Hamilton: Um, no...why?

Gwen: Well, if they aren't off then we could all go over there.

Jake: And if they are...and if all of New Rawley's lights are...then there's probably some kind of problem in town with the power substation.

Hamilton: Okay, so...I'll go home. 

Gwen: Can I go?

Hamilton: I guess...

He looks at Jake, she shrugs.

Hamilton cont'd: Sure.

Gwen: I've always wanted to see the dean's house.

Hamilton gets up as does Gwen. Jake hands him the flashlight. 

Hamilton: We'll be back.

Ryder watches unhappily as Ham and Gwen walk out together.

(cut to): the jail cell. Johanna is now on the bench. She is sitting up, though. Finn is standing up and leaning against a wall.

Finn: Okay, I'm tempted to just break us out of here.

Johanna: We could be fugitives. It'd be like that movie.

Finn: The Fugitive?

Johanna: Think the whole world's ended and we're the only two people left?

Finn: That would be interesting...

Johanna: What time is it?

Finn presses the indiglo button on his watch.

Finn: Eleven-thirty.

Johanna: Is that it? It feels like it's been days.

Finn: I think the dark does that too you. It can make a minute seem like an eternity...when you're with the right person.

Johanna: Being with the right person makes an eternity feel like a minute.

Finn chuckles softly and disappointedly.

Johanna con'd: I didn't mean here like this...

Finn: What? Oh no, it's...I've never been the "right person" anyway. Not for you or anyone else.

Johanna: Do you want to talk about it? We've eternity.

Finn sighs.

Finn: Well, you boss is, of course, the dean of the school...

(cut to): Hamilton's kitchen. Hamilton opens the door and he and Gwen walk in. He tries the light switch and it doesn't work.

Hamilton: So, they said this means something bad, right?

Gwen: Something about world-wide darkness...

Hamilton laughs

Hamilton: What did he do to you? Ryder? I mean, you seemed upset at Ryder, were still sitting with him.

Gwen: Just...some large scale feelings hurting...and it's not like that hasn't happened before.

Hamilton: Having your feelings hurt...or having them hurt by Ryder?

Gwen looks at Hamilton in the dark. She seems to trust him.

Gwen: I just wish he'd be a nicer guy. He is capable, you know...

Hamilton: Yeah, right...wait, how do you know him so well?

She looks down.

Gwen: I wasn't supposed to tell you guys... 

Hamilton: But?

Gwen: But...Ryder and I knew each other already...before Rawley.

Hamilton: How? School?

Gwen: I don't think Ryder makes friends at least that's how it seems.

Hamilton waits.

Gwen cont'd (matter-of-fact): He's my step-brother.

Hamilton: Whoa, really?

Gwen: His mom and my dad. I've known him since I was like twelve. My family was living in England for awhile and...that's when our parents met.

Hamilton: Were they having an affair?

Gwen looks hesitant.

Hamilton: Sorry, that was--

Gwen:'s fine. They were having an affair. Then they moved over here to the states together. I wanted to come back here for school...Ryder got stuck with his mom...and me.

Hamilton: That's pretty screwed up...

Gwen: Yeah well, before you say "poor Ryder"--

Hamilton: Oh, don't worry. 

She laughs.

Hamilton cont'd: So, he was mean to you?

Gwen: He's always been a jerk, but...a jerk with a conscience, you know? Here, it's like he really doesn't care. That's what hurts me.

Hamilton: I wouldn't let it get to you.

Gwen: Well, I suppose that's because you hate him more than anyone around here.

Hamilton: Yeah, well...can you blame me? He has a thing best friend.

Gwen looks at him skeptically.

Hamilton cont'd: What?

Gwen: He's not gay, Hamilton, knew that. There is some kind of weird tension between the three of you, but I'm not really bursting with interpersonal intelligence so I haven't quite figured that out yet.

Hamilton: Do me a favor and don't try too hard, ok?

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: Thanks for listening. I know that you're the cowboy dressed in white to his evil, mustache twirling villain, but...try to see past that sometimes. There is a real, feeling person in him somewhere.

(cut to): Ryder. He's outside to smoke. He sits down on the front steps of the main building of Rawley. He lights the cigarette and takes a drag then takes it out of his mouth and looks at it. He tosses it down and steps on it to put it out. 

Will: That seems like a waste.

(cut to): Will as he walks out of the building.

Ryder: Smoking is a disgusting habit, William. 

Will: So is being a condescending jackass.

Ryder: Oh, Krudski,'re hurting my feelings.

Will: So, we all drew straws and I lost. What's the deal with you and Gwen?

Ryder: There's no deal. 

Will raises his eyebrows questioningly.

Ryder: What do you want me to say, huh? What's everyone thinking? That I'm trying to use her because she seems like she'd give it up easily...does she? 

Will: No, not at all, but--

Ryder: She studies all the time so she must be smart? Maybe I want her to right my history paper? While that does seem like a good you think she'd do my work for me just because I'm charming...believe me, she's not the type.

Will: Well--

Ryder: I know her and we have some kind of history?

Will: That's what--

Ryder: Everyone thinks? Well, aren't you all perceptive. 

Will sits there for a moment. Ryder takes out his lighter and plays with it.

Ryder: She's my sister ok, Krudski? Now you can run along inside and tell all your peers that I'm not trying to screw her or use her in any way...

Will: You have a sister?

Ryder: Step-sister, actually.

Will: Oh...

Ryder: Now, if you'd kindly get lost.

Will: Are you two having a fight?

Ryder: No.

Will starts to get up.

Ryder (cont'd) Sort of...

Will sits back down.

Ryder (cont'd): She hates that I'm an ass. 

Will: Imagine that...

Ryder: And here she comes...I'm going back inside.

Will grabs Ryder's arm.

Will: Maybe you should talk to her.

Ryder snatches his arm away from Will.

Ryder: Maybe you should think twice before touching me again.

By this time Hamilton and Gwen have reached the steps.

Will: Any Luck?

Hamilton: Nope, no lights at home.

It's awkward for a beat. Ryder looks at Gwen.

Ryder: Can we talk?

Will looks at him pleasantly surprised. Gwen glances at Hamilton before replying:

Gwen: Yeah.

Hamilton: OK, lets go tell everyone about the lights.

Will nods and they exit.

(cut to): Jake's room. Scout, Jill and Jake are all sitting on Jake's bed.

Music: Flat Top by the Goo Goo Dolls

Scout: You know, the dean could still be behind all of this.

Jill throws a pillow at him. Jake looks at him questioningly. Jill looks at Jake.

Jill: Don't ask.

Scout: No, no...Just hear me out.

Jill sits back and crosses her arms. 

Scout: The dean hates Finn. So, he leaves him here alone for the weekend--

Jill: ...alone with us.

Scout: Then he turns the lights off--

Jill: the whole town....

Scout: that he can kill Finn. It makes perfect sense. There's probably a sniper--

Jill: ...who's also an alien.

Scout: ...waiting for us--

Jill: the grassy knoll.

Scout: to take us out if we catch on to him.

Jake laughs and turns to Jill:

Jake: Never let him watch Roswell again.

Hamilton and Will enter the room.

Hamilton: No lights at home.

Jake: Maybe we should go into town.

Will: Should we try and find Finn again?

Jill: Well according to Scout he's already dead because of the hit the dean put out on him.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Don't worry about it. Scout is not allowed to watch television unsupervised anymore. Let's just go.

Everyone agrees.

(cut to): Ryder and Gwen sitting on the steps outside.

Music: Only One by Lifehouse

Ryder: So you told Hamilton?

Gwen: I had to tell somebody.

Ryder: And you picked him because...

Gwen: He asked. Why weren't we telling people anyway?

Ryder: What would be the fun in just telling them? 

There's a beat

Ryder cont'd: I told Will.

Gwen (jokingly): Hypocrite...

Neither says anything for a second.

Gwen cont'd: So, why'd you tell Will?

Ryder: Apparently he was under the impression that I wanted to sleep with you, so, I thought I'd better clear things up.

Gwen: Well that was nice of you but, I don't buy it. I think you like him.

Ryder: I think you're crazy.

Gwen: I think you like them all.

Ryder: Oh do you?

Gwen: Yeah...and they'd probably like you back if you weren't always so mean.

Ryder: Well, I don't know about all of that but I'm sorry I was so mean to you.

Gwen: I'm sorry too. I was out of line about your mom.

Ryder: Yeah, not too far. How is mum anyway?

Gwen: I guess she's doing a lot better since she shipped me off to boarding school. I wasn't supposed to come until next year but here I am.

Ryder: Well I'm glad you came.

There's a beat.

Ryder cont'd: So...we're ok?

Gwen: We'll always be ok…ok?

Ryder nods and Gwen leans over and gives him a hug.  Will, Scout, Jake, Jill and Hamilton walk out the door.

Hamilton: Whoa...sibling bonding.

Jake: Sibling?

Hamilton: She's his step-sister.

Ryder and Gwen have stopped hugging and they stand up.

Gwen: So what's going on?

Scout: We're going into town to try and find Finn or see what's going on.

Ryder: OK, let's go then.

The gang heads for town.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Johanna and Finn sitting on the bench in the cell.

Finn: How can you not think that Shakespeare is the greatest writer of all time?

Johanna: I'm just saying of all the literary Williams he's not the greatest.

Finn: And who pray tell is?

Johanna: William Faulkner.

Finn chuckles to himself.

Johanna: What?

Finn: You just reminded me of another great literary William.

Johanna: Which one?

Finn: Krudski.

Johanna: He's a great kid.

Finn: He's a great writer.

The lights flicker for a few seconds then go out.

(cut to): The gang as they reach New Rawley. They see the street lights flicker then go out.

Jill: Did you just see that?

Hamilton: I wonder what's going on.

(cut to): The substation surrounded by a fire truck, 4 police cars and a power company maintenance truck.

(cut to): The Chief of Police. He is an older looking man and his badge says Elliott.

The other three officers are standing around. Officer Whitmore walks up to the chief.

Whitmore: Excuse me sir, has anyone been to the station since you called me down here?

Chief: I don't believe so. Why?

Whitmore: Well then sir, I think we are going to have a problem.

Chief: Why is that son?

Whitmore (nervously): Well sir, I apprehended two suspects that were attempting to break and enter Friendly's. I took them to the station and put them in the holding cell. I was about to question them when I got the call to come down here. They have been there all night alone.

Chief: You're just getting around to telling me this...who are they?

Whitmore takes out a notepad and flips through it.

Whitmore: A Johanna Ryan and Finn...Finn...that's all I got from him, but, I have his driver's license at the station.

Chief: What have you done? OK. I'll go take care of this myself. You stay here and try not to mess anything up.

Whitmore: Yes Sir, sorry Sir.

(dissolve to): Finn and Johanna in front of the Police Station with Chief Elliott shaking hands.

Chief: I'm really sorry about everything. Whitmore should have gotten a little more information before he locked you guys in there.

Finn: Thanks for straightening things out. Good to see you again Tom.

Chief: Lucy will be down here in a few minutes to let you into Friendly's to get you're purse.

Johanna: Thank you.

(cut to): The gang walking up to the scene at the substation.

Scout: I've never noticed this place before. I've passed by here a million times.

Will: It's been here.

Ryder walks up to Officer Whitmore.

Ryder: Excuse me Officer, what's going on here?

The rest of the gang walks up to them to listen.

Whitmore: A squirrel crawled up there and tripped out the whole system.

Jill (dramatically): Oh no, the poor squirrel.

Whitmore looks at her funny.

Scout: She'll be ok.

Will: So when's it going to be fixed?

Whitmore: It should be working within the hour.

Will: Thanks

(cut to): Finn and Johanna as they arrive at Friendly's.

Johanna: You didn't have to come back with me.

Finn: No...

They reach Friendly's and the woman is there with the key. 

Lucy: It was already unlocked.

Finn: Yeah...sorry about that.

The woman doesn't look amused about the situation. Johanna slips in and grabs her purse. She locks the door and walks off.

Johanna: Thanks...

Finn shrugs.

Johanna: Thank you too.

Finn nods.

Finn: I'm going to go...

Johanna: I'm going to...

She pulls out her cell phone.


Finn: Okay...

Johanna dials and Finn reluctantly rides off.

(cut to): The gang walking back to Rawley Academy.

Ryder: Maybe we should walk back to town one more time...just to get it out of our system.

Jake: So it wasn't the greatest idea. Get over it.

Finn: Ladies and gentlemen.

Everyone turns around as Finn rides up on his bike. They all greet him with things like "There you are," "What happened to you?" "What's going on?"

Finn: Whoa, whoa, calm down. I was...detained for a little while in town. Let's go back home.

They all start walking back in the direction of the school.

Will: We were worried.

Finn: So was I...

Jill: Where were you?

Finn: I needed milk.

Jake: There was some in the kitchen. I saw it.

Finn: You can get in there?

Jake: Yep.

Finn: Damn...

Jake: After the lights went out, we tried to find the back up generator.

Finn: It's in the basement.

Everyone looks at Hamilton.

Hamilton: Why is everyone looking at me?

Jill: You were down there. 

Hamilton: So was Scout. So was Jake.

Jill: But you were there twice.

Ryder: I swear, you'd miss an elephant in a closet, Ham.

Hamilton: You know, you weren't even there--

Ryder: Relax, I was only joking.

Ryder pats him on the back and walks up next to Gwen, leaving a bewildered Hamilton.

Gwen: That was good. You're making progress.

Ryder: That was all for you, my dear...don't expect a repeat performance.

Gwen hits him in the chest.

(cut to): Rawley Academy.

(cut to): a reverse shot as everyone walks up.

Finn: one thought to pick up a cell phone and call someone?

Jill: Don't have one.

Gwen: Me either.

Hamilton: Ditto.

Will: We know I don't have one.

Jake: My battery's dead; I was trying to charge it.

Ryder: Me too.

They all look at him.

Ryder: Seriously.

Everyone looks at Scout. 

Scout: What?

Jill: Where's your cell phone, Sweetie?

Scout reaches into his back pocket and pulls it out.

Everyone: Scout!

Jill: Who was really Scout's top secret evil plan to keep us the dark, so to speak.

Scout: Sorry--

The school suddenly lights up. Everyone is distracted from yelling at Scout.

Finn: Well, folks...let there be light.

Jake: Finally.

Ryder: It's about time.

They all start toward the school.

(fade out)

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(fade in): Finn in his apartment reading and eating a bowl of cereal.

(cut to): Will and Scout getting ready for bed. They're both in night clothes.

Music: Safer on the Outside by American Hi-Fi

Scout: Has it been a long night, or what?

Will: kidding.

Scout sits down on his bed. There's a knock. They look at each other.

Scout: Come in.

Jill walks in wearing her rubber duckie pajamas from when they first met.

Jill: Hi.

Will nods hello.

Jill cont'd: Got a minute?

Scout: Yeah, sure...

He gets up.

(cut to): the hallway.

Jill: I just wanted to tell you goodnight.

Scout: You're not breaking up with me?

Jill laughs.

Jill: Do I look stupid?

Scout looks down at her pajamas.

Scout: Do I have to answer that?

Jill smiles.

Will (voice over): Chemistry...

(cut to): Hamilton and Jake studying. She's changed into her usual shorts and tank top. There's a book opened in front of them and Jake's pretty much leaning against him. He reaches around her to turn the page of the book, she kisses him on the cheek.

Will (v.o.) cont'd: You just toss some stuff together, the reactants...and see what the products are.

(cut to): Gwen and Ryder at Gwen's door. Ryder's giving her a hug.

Ryder: Night.

Will: If it doesn't work the first time, you try again. You work at it.

Gwen: Night.

Gwen shuts the door.

Will (v.o.) cont'd: It's not all that scientific, but sometimes you can get the product that you want.

Ryder shakes his head and leans against the door. He takes out a cigarette and lights it.

Will (v.o.) Cont'd: And sometimes you can't...




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