Point of View


(fade in): Establishing shot of the New Rawley quad.  People are running around playing sports.

(cut to): A picnic table.  Jake, Ham, Will and Scout are sitting there.

Hamilton: I’m just saying, I wouldn’t have voted for him.

Will: Well, who would you have voted for?

Hamilton: Nader.

Scout: Are you kidding?

Will: Yeah, that guy’s a little off, don’t you think?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: He fights hard and protects people.  He’s not self-serving enough to be elected, but…I would have voted for him.

Will (voice over): You never think like anyone other than yourself.  You only see things from your own point of view. 

Jake: God, can we stop talking about politics?

Scout: Seriously.  My dad’s a senator…I hear this stuff all the time.

Will: This is interesting actually. 

Jake: Politics isn’t interesting...

Will: No, but hearing what you guys think about politics…or anything…is interesting.  We never do that. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: A different perspective, though, is always refreshing.

They all look at him.

Will cont’d: What do you guys think about violence in schools?

Hamilton: Welcome to Meet the Press…

Jake: …hosted by Will Krudski.

Jake and Hamilton smile at each other then look back at Will.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Getting people’s opinions can be difficult.

Will looks down.

Jake: Violence in schools is…

Hamilton: …bad.

Will laughs.

Will: That’s not funny.

Scout: You know, have you noticed how after there’s one school shooting then there’s always a few more?

Hamilton (matter-of-fact): Yeah, that’s a product of the excessive media coverage.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, once you get the different points of view flowing…

Jake: No way.  The problem starts at home.  Kids that come from screwed up homes do screwed up things.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …they’re hard to stop.

Scout: Ya think?

He checks out Jake’s outfit.

Jake: Shut up.

Everyone laughs.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And, I don’t think this flood of opinions ends with politics and current events. 

The camera pans out.  The foursome continue the discussion.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: In fact, it’s only the beginning…

(fade out)


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Jill (voice over): So, everyone knows that Will is the writer.

(fade in): to Will sitting at a booth in Friendly’s.  He’s writing in a notebook. 

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: But, it’s not like he’s the only person who can make observations about what’s going on around here.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton in Jake’s room at her desk.  Hamilton is sitting in Jake’s desk chair and Jake is on his lap.  They’re using her computer to check out a web page.  She’s in some of her casual girl gear.  Hamilton’s cat is asleep next to Jake’s computer.

Music: But I Do Love You by Leann Rimes (sorry, but I adore this song)

Jake: We definitely have to get out this weekend.

Hamilton: I’m telling you, there’s nowhere around here to go.

Ham’s cat gets up and stretch’s.  He looks up at Jake and Ham and meows.

Jake: See, he disagrees.

Hamilton: Well, what does he know?  He doesn’t even have a name.

Jake: You have to do something about that.

Hamilton: I know, I know… 

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: Take these two for example…

Hamilton: Hey, how about this.

He points to something on the screen.

Jake (reading): “The Garage: Carson’s underground night spot.”  It says we can dance to the “latest and greatest, punk, techno and alternative.”  Sounds kind of boring.

Hamilton: Try clicking the link.

She takes the mouse and clicks.  She reads the screen.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: They’re like this great, flawless team, but…

Jake: “A fashionable dance club with a punk-industrial theme. The decor is one part vinyl and one part garage sale, complete with a pair of slowly spinning disco balls. The Garage is truly Carson’s best-kept secret.  This Saturday, for the first time in two years, the club closes its bars and opens it’s doors to the under eighteen crowd, ditching the dark for dance…”  Under eighteen, that would be us.

She turns back to him again.  He shrugs.

Jake: You’d go there?

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: …they don’t really know what they want…

Hamilton: With you, I would.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: …except that they want to be together.

Jake: It sounds like fun

Hamilton: Hmm…

Jake: We could get all gothed up and punked out.

Hamilton: Really?  You’d be into that?

Jake: With you, I would.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I so love you…

Jake: I so love you

Hamilton and Jake kiss.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: Geez.  Gotta love ‘em, though.  They’re perfect and they don’t even mean to be.

Jake gets up.

Jake: Will you wear make-up?

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

Jake cont’d: For the club.  Not like real make-up…just like mascara and maybe some eye-liner.

Hamilton:  but not like real make-up…

Jake: Oh, and black nail polish…

Hamilton: Maybe I should reconsider.

 Jake pulls him up and opens her closet.  The camera pulls out a little as Jake pulls out some cloths.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: But, he’d never reconsider…any of it.  They stumble through not knowing what they want, but always landing perfectly and in each others’ arms. 

(cut to): Scout and Jill.  They sit outside in the quad.  It’s a nice day out.  They are both sitting Indian style across from one another.  Jill is reading a magazine and Scout is playing a portable video game.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: Scout and I, on the other hand, know what we want: all things long term—marriage, a house in a suburb, two point five kids.

Scout looks up.

Scout: What are you reading about?

Jill: Nothing…

Scout leans forward and tries to take the magazine.  After some resistance, Jill lets him have it.

Scout: “Choosing your child’s name…”

Jill: I know, it’s lame…

Scout: John like my dad for a boy; Meagan for a girl.

Jill: Megan or Meghan?

Scout: Huh?

Jill: M-e-g-a-n or M-e-g-h-a-n?

Scout: M-e-a-g-a-n

Jill: I like that.  It can be cute or it can be elegant.

Scout smiles.

Jill cont’d: You’ve seriously thought about stuff like that?

Scout nods.

Jill: I love that.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: And I love him too, but he knows that.

Scout: Good…

He smiles mischievously as he looks back down at his game.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: He can be so silly, but he can really be strong and supportive too.  There are a lot of “heroes” around here and sometimes he doesn’t get to show off what a courageous person he can be.  I think that’s why we work.

(cut to): Will still at Friendly’s as he packs up his bookbag.  Bella walks in.  They stand and talk.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: And these two…what a mess.  They want to be in love so badly.  I hope they are.

Will: Hi.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: So does he.

Bella: Hey, Krudski.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: So does she.

Bella: What are we doing this weekend?

Will: Oh, Bella…I forgot to tell you…

Bella: You’re busy…

Will: I’m going to that conference thing. 

Bella: That’s this weekend?

Will: Yeah, I’m leaving first thing in the morning, but if you want to hang out for a little while tonight…

He looks at his watch.

Will cont’d: …or like right now.

Bella: That’d be good.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: This is like a long distance relationship carried on in close proximity. 

Will: How’s school been?

Will sits down.  Bella sits next to him.

Bella: Good, I guess…it’s, you know, school.  Some of us enjoy it more than others.

Will: What about the garage?

Bella: Business has picked up a lot since winter is finally definitely over.

Will: Yeah, it’s been really warm these past few days.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: Oh God…and the conversation just turned to the weather.  Houston, we have a problem.

There’s an awkward beat.

Bella: So, how’s everyone up at Rawley?

Will: Really good.  Everyone’s all happy and paired off, you know? 

Bella: We should schedule some group hang out time.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: I hope they can get it together enough to make it work.

Will: Well…they’re coming here for dinner, but I’d personally like to schedule some not-so-group time…

Bella smiles.

Bella: That works too…

She leans over and kisses him.

Jill (v.o.) cont’d: I have plenty more to say, but they need a few minutes alone—let’s go to a fade out.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Will and Bella sit next to each other in a booth at Friendly’s.  They’re talking indistinguishably.  Will makes Bella laugh.  He takes the opportunity to move in and kiss her.  Jake and Hamilton walk in.  Jake’s back in her guy gear.  Bella and Will look up.

Bella: Hey!

Will: What’s up?

Hamilton: We’re going clubbing.  Want to come?

Jake: We’re-we’re not going clubbing

Hamilton and Jake sit down.

Hamilton: We’re going to a club in Carson tomorrow night.

Jake: Yeah, so you guys in?

Will: I’m going to that writing conference with Finn.

Hamilton: Right, that sounds like way more fun.

Will smiles apologetically.

Hamilton (voice over): Who goes away for the weekend with a teacher anyway?  The word “inappropriate” comes to mind…but so often it does with Finn.

Jake: Bella?  You in?

She looks at Will who gives her an encouraging look. 

Bella: Yeah, sounds like fun.

Jake: Awesome.  We’ll meet up at the garage and take the bus over.

(cut to): the door.  Miss Ryan walks in.  She looks a little frustrated.  She looks around and spots Will and Bella.  She walks up to the table.

Johanna: Will, Bella. 

She sees Jake and Hamilton.

Will: Ms. Ryan, Jake Pratt and Hamilton Flemming.  Guys, Ms. Ryan.

They nod.

Johanna: Johanna Ryan, nice to meet you. 

She turns back to Will and Bella.

Johanna: You both remember my daughter?

They look back at her, nodding.

Johanna cont’d: She was supposed to be with her father this weekend, but that kind of…fell through.  I have plans to go out of town and I’m desperately seeking a babysitter…from early tomorrow morning until Sunday. 

Will: I’m going out of town too and…

Bella: I just made plans for tomorrow night.

Hamilton (voice over): Who could blame them?  Kids are scary. 

Johanna smiles.

Johanna: Well, it was worth a try.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: That’s the guilt trip.  Baby-sitter-seeking parents always do that.  “Thanks anyway…you know, you are the kids favorite babysitter…”

Jill and Scout walk in.

Johanna cont’d: Meagan really liked you that time you watched her last year, Bella.

Jill: Megan?  Can you spell that?

She looks at Scout who smiles.  Ms. Ryan turns around.

Johanna: M-e-a-g-a-n. Why?

They look at each other, surprised.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: Coincidence?…I think…so.

Will: What are you two doing tomorrow?  Ms. Ryan needs a babysitter.

Jill: We’ll do it.

Scout: We will?  I mean, sure we will.

Johanna: Really?  That would be—wait, who are you again?

Scout: Scout Calhoun and Jill Thomas.  We go to Rawley.

Johanna: Have either of you ever supervised a ten-year-old before? 

Jill: Sure.  Jac—my friend Jacqueline and I used to babysit like every summer.

Johanna looks over to Will and Bella.  They give her encouraging looks.

Johanna: Okay…

She takes out a piece of paper from her purse and writes down some info.

Johanna:  Here’s my address and telephone number.  Be there at eight and we’ll discuss the details.

Scout: Eight?  Eight a.m.?

Jill: We’ll be there.

Johanna: I’ll see you tomorrow.

She exits.

Jill: This is going to be fun.

Scout and Jill pull up chairs and join everyone else at the booth.

Jake: So, we were going to ask if you guys wanted to come to a club in Carson tomorrow night, but…

Jill: …we’re busy.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: These two are like a married couple, but they know that and they like that.  It’s so weird.

Bella: I watched her last year once…don’t let her fool you, she’s really smart.

Scout: I think we can handle a ten-year-old, Bella.

Will: Well, it sounds like you are all going to have interesting weekends…

Everyone looks around in agreement.

(cut to): Ryder and Gwen.  They’re sitting on a bench in the quad.  Probably the bench that Will, Scout, Ham and Jake were on before.

Music: Only One by Jeremy Kay

Ryder: I have got to get out this weekend.  The walls close in fast.

Gwen: Where are you going to go?

Ryder: Anywhere but here.  Care to join me?

Gwen: No.

Ryder: Be honest…

Gwen: Hey, it’s not personal, Ryder.  I’ve got a test on Monday.

Ryder: Of course you do…

He looks down then up as a group of girls walk by.  One girl, Sarah, waves.

Sarah: Hi, Ryder…

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: Oh, give me a break…

Ryder smiles charismatically and winks.  When the girls are gone, Gwen rolls her eyes.  Ryder touches her shoulder as he gets up.

Ryder: Hey, you were my first choice.  But, if the answer’s still no—

Gwen: It’s still no.

Ryder: In that case, I’ll see you later…

He walks off after the girls.  Gwen watches, shaking her head. 

(cut to): Ryder as he approaches the girls.  He puts his arm around Sarah.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: He should wear a sign that says, “Hi, I’m Ryder and I’m insincere.  Don’t be fooled.” 

We aren’t privy to Ryder’s conversation, but the girl giggles.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: That would save this girl a lot of time and trouble.

(cut to): Jake and Ham still in the booth with everyone at Friendly’s.  It’s later and they’ve all had food.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: This girl too.  I think he likes her and I think she knows that.  She doesn’t want to talk about it with me, though. 

By this time, they have all ordered and are eating.  Jake looks over at Hamilton.  He smiles at her.

Bella (to Scout and Jill): Okay, so tell me one more time why you were so anxious to babysit a ten-year-old.

Scout: She was obviously desperate.

Will laughs.

Scout cont’d: Before we said we’d help out, I mean. 

Jill: Yeah, I mean we just wanted to help her out.

Bella and Will look at each other, amused.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: Yeah, I’d say they’re pretty crazy too.  I mean, I’m not saying I don’t want the picket fence and two point five kids, but…I have a feeling that some version of that will happen for me without much effort. 

Hamilton (whispered to Jake): Hey, can we get out of here?

Jill: You know we can all hear you.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: No one ever said I was subtle.

Jake: We’ll see you guys later.

Everyone says goodbye.

(cut to): Outside Friendly’s.  Hamilton and Jake walk together.  Hamilton is kind of looking off.

Jake: Are you okay?

Hamilton: Do you want kids…a family?

Jake: What like right here, right now?

Hamilton smiles and looks down as they continue walking.  Jake looks like she wants to speak, but doesn’t.

(cut to): Jake and Ham as they reach the edge of the woods.  They’re about to take the short-cut back to school. 

Jake: Why’d you ask that?  About kids?

Hamilton: I don’t know.  I never really thought about stuff like that before.

Jake: Stuff like the future?

Hamilton: Yeah…no.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d:  She makes me so nervous sometimes.  She can’t even imagine.

Hamilton closes his eyes and composes his thoughts.

Hamilton: I’m just saying that I don’t have this big plan for the future like—

Jake: Jill and Scout?  Give me a break, Hamilton.  I mean, those two aren’t normal, okay?  We are sixteen.  All we have to do is think about now.  We don’t have to think about forever.

Hamilton smiles and puts his arm around her for a moment as they continue walking back to school.  The shot changes so that the camera is behind them as they walk down the path in the woods together.

Hamilton (v.o.) cont’d: But, see, I don’t think about her in terms of anything but forever.  Not in some concrete way like deciding on our future China pattern…or the name of our first born.  It’s more like the overwhelming desire to feel just like this forever…despite whatever life gets built around us.  Love is like…way more important than a picket fence.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the gas station.  It’s about 6:30 a.m.

(cut to): the back door.  Will is knocking and has been knocking.  After a moment, Bella comes to the door.  She’s wearing her pajamas.  She looks tired.

Music: Emergency, Emergency by New Found Glory

Bella (voice over): Willie Krudski used to come to my door at 7 a.m. every Saturday morning to watch cartoons.  I miss that.

Will: Good morning.

Bella: What time is it?

Will: Early.

Bella: I thought you were leaving town.

Will: We stopped by to get gas. 

A beat.

Will cont’d: Walk me back to the car?

Bella smiles.

Bella: Will, I’m in my pajamas.

He looks down smiling then looks back up a little more concerned.

Will: I’m really sorry.

Bella: Me too…

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: It’s like this relationship got complicated quickly.  We used to hang out…there always seemed to be time for that. 

Will: You know, if you don’t want me to go, I bet it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to get out of it.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Now, the logistics of seeing each other seem impossible to work out.

Bella: Will…that’s not what I said…or what I meant.  This is important to you…and probably to your future.  I’m just going to miss you, that’s all.  I’ve been missing you.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: I guess no matter what you do, life gets in the way sometimes.

Will: Life’s been pulling us in two different directions lately, but we’ll get it together.  We’ll make time.  Okay? 

Bella nods.  A beat.

Bella: You have to go…

Will: Walk me to the car?

Bella: I’m—

Will: In your pajamas…I know.

She smiles.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Why does it sound so trivial when he says it?

(cut to): A car in front of the gas station.

Finn’s paying Charlie for gas. 

(cut to): Will and Bella as they walk around from the back.  Will turns around and gives Bella a hug.

(cut to): Finn as he opens the car door.

Finn: Are you ready yet, Krudski?

(cut to): Will still hugging Bella.  Will smiles.

Will: No…

He lets go and steps back. 

Will cont’d: I gotta go.

He looks over at Finn and Charlie as they look on.  He looks back at Bella and kisses her on the cheek before turning to go back to the car.  Bella grabs his arm and gets him to turn back around.  She kisses him, ignoring Finn and her dad.  Will steps back, smiling.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: One moment like this makes up for all the time apart lately. 

Will: See you soon.  Soon…ok?

He gives her a reassuring look.  She smiles.

Bella: Go to your conference, Will.

He gives her one more look then turns around to go.

(cut to): the car as Will and Finn get in.  They pull away.

(cut to): an interior shot of the car as it pulls away from the garage.  Bella waves.

Finn: She knows you’re going to a writing conference and not off to Nam, right?

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: I know it’s silly to be so dramatic. 

Will laughs and looks down.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: It just feels so important.  I hope it feels important to him too.

Finn: I will say that I am impressed with your ability to get a girl out of the house in her pajamas…

Will looks out the window.

Finn: Of course, if you can keep the girl in the house and get her out of the pajamas…

Will looks over.

Will: What?

Finn: Just making sure you’re still with me…you seem a little distracted.

Will: I’m just--I’m confused. 

He pauses.

Will cont’d: Bella’s supposed to be my girlfriend, but other than a kiss every now and then…things are just like they were when we were friends.  I mean, Bella’s a great friend…

Finn: Just not a great girlfriend?

Will: I don’t know…it’s like I never have the time to find out anymore.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: No one ever said being in a relationship was easy.

Finn: Sounds like a tough situation. 

Will: Yeah…

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: But, maybe it should be easy.

Finn thinks for a moment.

Finn cont’d: But, you know what, Will?  You’re sixteen.  You’ve got time to find the right girl.  Hell, you’ve got time to find her, lose her and get her back again.  If it’s not working out now…it will eventually.

Will nods and seems to feel better. 

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Eventually doesn’t seem soon enough.

Finn turns on the radio and drives.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: But, enough about the saga that is my love life…

(cut to): an establishing shot of Rawley Academy. 

(cut to): The cafeteria.  There are several girls in the cafeteria indicating that on weekends girls are welcomed…at least for breakfast.  Or maybe they share a cafeteria…who knows?  The camera pans around, passing the door as Jake and Ham walk in.  The pan continues to Jill and Scout sitting at a table, talking and eating.  Actually, Jill is talking and eating as Scout smiles and nods. 

(cut to): a closer shot of Jill and Scout at the table.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Jill and Scout: the paradigm of a normal, healthy teen relationship.

Jill: Okay, so we got permission from Hamilton’s dad to be off campus together until…whenever.

Scout: And how did you manage to do that?

Jill: Got my dad to call. 

Scout: What did he say?

Jill: He told the dean that both of us are responsible young adults and that he was sure the dean would understand the special circumstances.  I mean, what could he do…so he said we could go.

Scout: You’re dad is my hero.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Anyway, it’s five after seven now so we’ve still got plenty of time to get there.

Scout smiles. 

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Well, maybe the desire to play house isn’t that normal, but they’ve definitely got it together.  They have time to just sit around and be together. 

Jill takes a bite and looks up at Scout.  He’s still watching her.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: I’m jealous of that…I want that.

Jill: What?

Scout: Huh?  No, nothing…

He smiles.

(cut to): the cafeteria line.  Jake and Hamilton are standing in line. 

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Speaking of being together, these two are definitely a two for one kind of deal.

Ham is in front of Jake.  He’s not paying attention and the line moves up.  Jake pushes him.  He doesn’t look back; he just smiles to himself and steps forward.  There are people around and Jake is obviously being “Jake” (as opposed to Jacqueline). 

Jake: What are you doing tonight, Fleming?  Got a hot date?

Hamilton: The hottest.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: They might not be as normal as, well…anyone, but they’ve also managed to turn that into this…perfect thing.

Ryder walks up and gets in line behind Jake who doesn’t see him.  He listens in.

Hamilton cont’d: Yeah, we’re going to this crazy club in Carson.

Jake: Sounds fun.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: They keep up this masquerade…

Hamilton turns his head slightly to the side.

Hamilton: Well, it typically wouldn’t be my scene, but like I said…got this great girl to take me so…

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: …so they get to have this adoring, intimate relationship.

Jake: Oh…she’s taking you?

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Again, I’m jealous.

Hamilton smiles, but before he can talk Ryder leans forward toward Jake.

Ryder: Hey, I hate to break up the closeted conversation, but the line is advancing.   

Jake rolls her eyes as they all step up in line.

(cut to): Jill and Scout at the table.

Scout: Okay, so do we have some type plan for today?

Jill: She’s ten…do you really think we need a plan?

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: They’re so ready to be in the future…and yet, so incredibly unprepared.

Scout shrugs.  Jake and Ham walk up and sit on the opposite side of the table.

(cut to): Ryder as he looks around the cafeteria for a place to sit.  He sees Sarah sitting by herself.  He walks over.

(cut to): Sarah’s table as Ryder walks up.  He walks by her and bumps in to her.  He stops.

Sarah (angry): Hey!

Ryder: Oh, I’m sorry…

He looks down as she looks back up at him.

Ryder cont’d: Oh, Sarah, hello.

Sarah: Hi.  Want to join me?

Ryder smiles.

Ryder: I’d love to.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Poster boy for the insincere.

He sits down.

(cut to): the table with Jake, Jill, Ham and Scout. 

Jake: So, you guys sure you can’t ditch the kid and come with us tonight?

Scout: To a club in Carson?

Jill: It would have been fun.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: And I would have literally been the fifth wheel.

Scout: A dance club?  No…

Jill: Well, the point is…we’re babysitting…so we can’t go.

Hamilton: Since when do they hire pairs of babysitters?

Jake: Yeah, think of what the kid must be like if the mom agrees to hire two babysitters.

Scout looks a little scared.

Jill: Hamilton…

Jill gets up.  Ham smiles and takes a bite of his food.

Jake: We’re just kidding.

Hamilton: Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Scout gets up.

Jill: Yes, we will be fine.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: I don’t know about babysitting, but I have a feeling that, in general, she’s right. 

Scout smiles and takes Jill’s hand.  They exit.

Hamilton: Think they’ll be okay?

Jake laughs

Jake: Mr. And Mrs. Scout Calhoun?  No…I don’t think they’ll ever be okay.

Hamilton laughs and takes another bite of his breakfast.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: Scout is like so completely different from the naïve rich boy who bought me that Coke last summer, but…a good different.  I guess we’re all different.  Situations are different.  

(cut to): Bella at the gas station.  She is working on a car.

Bella (v.o.) cont’d: For the most part anyway.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an unfamiliar house in New Rawley.  It’s about 8 a.m.

(cut to): the porch of the same house.  Scout and Jill are there.  Scout knocks.  He looks at Jill.

Jill: This should be interesting.

Scout (voice over): She really has no idea what she’s done to me and for me.

Scout smiles.  Jill reaches over and rubs his back.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: She makes me feel safe…she makes the present feel protected and the future feel secure.

Johanna opens the door.  She is putting in an earring.

Johanna: Hi guys, come in.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: She makes babysitting feel like the perfect way to spend a Saturday together.  Not all girls can do that.

(cut to): the interior of the house as Jill and Scout come inside.  We only really see the living room.  The house looks old, but the furniture is fairly new.   There is a staircase that leads to bedrooms upstairs.  Johanna’s suitcase is by the door.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Not all girls can make everything seem just right.

Johanna: I didn’t hesitate to hire you guys since you’re friends of Bella and Will, but there are a few ground rules.  This should be obvious, but there will be no smoking, drinking or doing drugs.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: This lady, for example, makes things seem scary.

They look at each other then back at her.

Jill: We don’t—

Johanna: I’m sure you don’t, I just wanted to be explicit.  Why don’t you both have a seat?

She points them to a couch.  They walk over and sit down.

Johanna: No parties or guests.

They both nod.

Scout: Of course not.

Johanna: Also, I’m assuming you two are a couple.  Mild PDA is fine, but my daughter doesn’t need to witness, or have the opportunity to witness, any more than that.  Are we clear?

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Well, at least she moved from the scary to the just plain embarrassing.

The both nod.  Scout looks a little embarrassed.

Johanna: Okay, all the important phone numbers—my hotel, my cell phone, my ex-husband’s cell phone, poison control—are all on the fridge along with any other important info such as the foods and medications to which Meagan is allergic.  She can pretty much take care of herself.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: I guess you don’t even think of the little things involved with having a kid.  Kids make life complicated.

They look at each other, more nervous.  Johanna smiles.

Johanna: One more thing, she can be the coolest kid on the planet once she gets to know you, but keep in mind that she’s a precocious girl…don’t let her get the best of you.

Meagan (from upstairs): Mom, where are my socks?

Johanna smiles.  Scout and Jill watch the mom/daughter interaction.

Johanna: Did you try your sock drawer, sweetie?

(cut to): the top of the stairs as Meagan walks out.  She would be played by Mae Whitman.

Meagan: I’m talking about the cool ones with the red toes…

Johanna: We haven’t washed those from the last time you wore them.  Come downstairs for a minute.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Kids make socks complicated.

Meagan walks down the stairs.

Johanna: Scout, Jill, this is Meagan. 

Meagan: You guys are the babysitters?

Scout: We prefer child-care givers.

Meagan doesn’t get it.

Meagan: Mom, you didn’t tell me a boy was watching me.  Boys are gross.

Johanna: Your dad is a boy.

Johanna gets up.  Her bags are by the door.

Meagan: No, he’s a dad.  That’s totally different.

Meagan eyes Scout suspiciously.  Jill still hasn’t said anything.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Whose idea was this again?

Johanna: Well, I think I’m about ready to get out of here so I will see you two when I get back tomorrow.  Oh, there are blankets and pillows in the hall closet.  We’ve got…hmm, couch and…guest bedroom upstairs.

Scout and Jill nod.

Johanna cont’d: and you…

She walks over and bends down.  She kisses Meagan.

Johanna cont’d: I’ll see you tomorrow.  Think you can manage to survive without me?
Meagan: Of course, mom.

Johanna feigns disappointment.

Meagan cont’d: But, I’ll also miss you very much.

Johanna smiles.  She looks at Scout and Jill like “okay, I’m going…”  Meagan opens the door as Johanna carries her bags out. 

Meagan: Bye Mom.

Johanna: Bye, baby.

Johanna kisses her on the head and leaves.  Meagan closes the door and leans against it, looking at Scout and Jill.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: I’m thinking we definitely should have come up with that plan.

Meagan: I’m going upstairs to find some socks.  Then I’m coming down to get breakfast.  I’ll be having cereal so you don’t have to make me anything.  I can fix it myself.  Then, I’d like to either watch a movie or play this new game I got for the computer.

Scout: Okay…

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: On the other hand, maybe kids are more self-sufficient than I thought.

Meagan looks at them, rolls her eyes and goes back upstairs.

(dissolve to): a montage.  First we see Jill and Scout sitting on the couch as Meagan makes herself a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. 

(dissolve to): several hours later as Meagan sits in a chair, watches TV and draws in a notebook on her lap.  She looks up at Scout and Jill, they smile.  She shakes her head and looks back down.
(dissolve to): a few more hours later.  Scout and Jill are sitting on the floor playing a card game.  They look bored.  Meagan walks out from another room.  She walks past them into the kitchen.

(dissolve to): a few minutes later as she walks from the kitchen toward the stairs.  She walks up a few stairs then turns around and walks down.  She goes back to the room she came out of a few minutes before.

(dissolve to): a few minutes later as Meagan walks out of that room and over to the stairs.  She sits down on the bottom stair.

Scout and Jill look up at her.

Meagan: I’m bored.

Scout gets up and walks over to Meagan.  He squats down.

Scout: You don’t want to hang out with us?

Meagan (innocently): You guys want to hang out with me?

Jill: Of course we do.

Meagan: I don’t usually have babysitters here, but when I stay with my dad I do and they never want to play with me or anything.  They just talk on the phone the whole time or do bad things like smoke.

Scout: Well, we want to get to know you.

Meagan: Can we play a game?

Jill: Sure, that sounds fun.

Meagan: Okay, just let me get my shoes on and…we can go outside and play hide-and-seek.  Okay?

Jill and Scout look at each other and shrug.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Lesson one: all you have to do is reach out to kids. 

Scout: Sounds fun.

Meagan: Great…

(cut to): Johanna as she walks into a hotel with her suite case.

(cut to): Will and Finn as they get out of the elevator.  Will looks up.

(cut to): Johanna walking up to the desk.

(cut to): Will and Finn.

Will: Hey, it’s Ms. Ryan…

Finn looks up.  He smiles and tilts his head.

Finn: Ms. Ryan?

Will: Yeah, she was…well, she convinced me to apply to Rawley Academy. 

Finn: Let’s go over.

Will nods.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: You know, what is that?  Leave it to Will to have a crush on a teacher.

(cut to): the desk as Will and Finn walk up to Johanna.  She turns toward them.

Johanna: Will…Finn…

Will looks over at Finn.  Johanna also looks at Finn.

Finn: Johanna.

Will turns to Finn.

Will: Johanna?

Johanna (to Finn): This is certainly a surprise.   

Johanna and Finn kind of leave Will out of the conversation…even when they speak to him, they still look at each other.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Poor guy.

Will: Yeah, it is.  You two know each other?

Finn: We, um…

Johanna: We went to high school together.

Finn laughs.

Finn: Yes…we did.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Oh, this is bad. 

Johanna: So, are you on your way to see the guest speaker?

Will: Yeah, Pat Conroy.  I’m stoked.

Finn: Want to join us?

Johanna: Absolutely.

Will looks confused and displeased.  Johanna and Finn walk off and Will follows behind

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Will gets completely ignored by these two people that he totally worships.  I guess things usually turn out like that.  Will deserves better.

(cut to): Bella at the gas station.  She carries some parts out to the car that she was working on before.

Music: If You’re Gone by Matchbox Twenty

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: I guess, in a way, he has better.  He has Bella.  This is one of the most reciprocal relationships he’s ever been in.  Leave it to Will to walk away from that…even if it is just for the weekend.

Bella lays the parts out and starts to work again.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: So what we really have is someone else who deserves better. 

Bella looks distracted

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: I was definitely against this whole Bella/Will thing in the beginning, but I got used to it.

Bella tries to get back to work.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: These days, though, it seems so forced…so hard…and so old.

Jake and Hamilton pull up on Jake’s bike.  Jake’s driving.  She’s still in boy gear.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Unlike these two.  But everyone knows that.

Bella: Hey guys.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Including Bella.

Jake: Where can we change?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Uh, let me finish this up and we’ll go inside and get ready, ok?

Jake: Excellent.

(dissolve to): Bella’s room.  Jake and Ham are there.  Ham still looks the same, but Jake is dramatically different.  Think wild hair, wild outfit and dark make-up.  She’s sitting on Bella’s bed.  Hamilton leans against the bed next to her.  Bella walks in.  She just got out of the shower so she has on a robe and a towel on her head.

Bella (to Jake): Hey, you look great.

Jake: Thanks.  What are you wearing?

Bella: I don’t know.  Help me look?

Jake smiles, nods and hops up.  Hamilton looks around.

Hamilton: Hey, I’m bored.

Already at Bella’s closet, Bella and Jake turn around.

Jake: Don’t worry, we’ll get to you next.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows doubtfully and gets up.

Hamilton: Well, in the meantime, I’m going outside.

He walks over to Jake, puts his hand on her waist and kisses her briefly.  Bella has busied herself with looking for something in her closet.  Hamilton smiles and walks out.  When he leaves, Bella turns back to Jake.

Bella: Wow…

Jake: Yeah…

Bella: You two seem very…happy.

Jake blushes.

Jake: Yeah…

Bella: So, we haven’t talked in, like, forever.  I want to know everything.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Oh, that’s nice.  As a contrast to the train wreck of a relationship that is “Will and Bella,” get Jake to talk about Hamilton.

Jake smiles.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Like everyone doesn’t know how “in love” they are…I mean, big deal.  A lot of people are in love.  There are lots of great examples of perfect couples.

(cut to): Jill and Scout sitting on the porch of Johanna’s house.

Music: Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty

Scout: Maybe we could call the fire department.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Now might not be the best time to prove my point…

Jill: And tell them what exactly?  “Hi, we’re two incompetent babysitters who got locked out of the house by a devious ten-year-old.  Help?”
Scout: Well, do you have a better idea? 

Jill looks frustrated.

Scout cont’d: I thought you’ve watched kids before.

Jill: Well, it’s not like I’ve watched this particular kid before. 

Scout starts to look angry.  Jill looks over at him.

Scout: Still, you think you’d know enough not to get locked out of a house.

Jill: Look, Scout…I know I have a tendency to act like I know what I’m talking about all the time, but…

Scout: You don’t?  Obviously.

Jill looks hurt.

Scout cont’d: I mean, why did you even think this was a good idea? 

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: I’m such an idiot.  It was my idea too.

Jill: It was your idea too.

Scout: Yeah, whatever.  You know what, I’m going back to the dorms.

Jill: What?  No you’re not.  You’re not leaving me here.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: You know how you think about saying something and you know it’s the absolute wrong thing to say, but…

Scout: What are we doing anyway, Jill?  Huh?  Playing house?  Because in the future we’re going to get married and have kids and stuff?  Because if so, that’s really stupid. 

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: …you say it anyway.

Jill: Wow, um…maybe you should go back to the dorms.

She looks down at her shoes.  Scout looks displeased with himself.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: And then you realize that not only was it the wrong thing to say, but it was just completely wrong in general.  And that the girl you’re saying it to is the girl you want to marry and have kids with and be with in the future.  Even though it’s totally crazy to think about stuff like that…Jill makes it seem not so crazy.

Jill looks up again, almost surprised to see Scout still standing there.  He looks fairly apologetic. 

Scout: Jill—

Jill: Scout, it’s okay.  Just go if you want. 

He sits back down next to her.

Scout: I don’t want to.

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: Like, ever.

Jill: We’ll think of something, okay?

Scout: I know…

Scout (v.o.) cont’d: I don’t know, but…I hope I’ll know.  And, when I do, I hope it’s with her.

The camera zooms back at them sitting next to each other on the porch as when we joined them.

(fade out)


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(fade in) to the gas station.  Hamilton is leaning against Jake’s bike.  Sean rides by on his bike (the non-motorized kind, of course).

Music: These Days by Powder Finger

Sean (voice over): Last summer and especially last semester I got to know a completely different group of people…and I didn’t completely hate them.

Hamilton waves; Sean turns his bike around and rides up.

Sean: Hey, what’s happening, Ham?

Hamilton: You know, just hanging out.

Sean: Cool.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: I mean, who’d have thought I’d be making small talk with the son of the dean of Rawley Academy…and having no desire to, you know, beat him up.

Hamilton: Where’re you headed?

Sean: Baseball field.  Gotta practice sometime.  Want to come hit some of my pitches?

Hamilton: Um, I can’t.  I’m…I have to get ready to go out to this club.

Sean raises his eyebrows.

Hamilton: It’s in Carson.  Bella, Jake and I are going.  You want to come?

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: Who would have thought he’d be asking me to go to a “club?”

Sean: I can’t.  I’ve really got to practice.  I missed the last two practices because I had meetings.  Coach says if I miss another one, I’m gone…and if I suck, I’ll definitely be gone. 

Hamilton: Sounds like you’re a busy guy…

Sean: I feel like a busy guy…I really want to start in the next game.  I think if I can just get my curve ball perfected, I’ll get to start.

Hamilton: Will says you’re the best pitcher on the team.

Sean: Will’s my best friend; he’s biased…not that I’ve seen him lately.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: I’ve taken on a lot of new stuff and I’ve had to give up a lot.

Hamilton nods.

Sean: I haven’t really seen anyone lately.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: Some of it probably needed to be given up.

He looks up at the house.  Hamilton gives him a sympathetic look.

Sean cont’d: Anyway, I gotta get going.  Good to see you, man.  We’ll have to have another Rawley Academy/Edmund High gathering.

Hamilton: I might have to pass…bad memories associated with the last one.

Sean: This time we’ll make sure that Ryder loser doesn’t find out about it.

Ham nods.

Sean: Anyway…gotta go practice.

Hamilton: Yeah.  Hope you get to start.

Sean: Thanks, man.

Sean rides off.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: It’s not just that I don’t see the Rawley people.  I don’t see anyone.  And like I said, maybe that’s a good thing, but it makes me feel really alone sometimes…

(cut to): Will, Johanna and Finn leaving the ball room where the lecture was.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: Will knows what it’s like to feel alone too. 

Will barely gets acknowledged during the scene.

Will: Wow, that was so totally amazing.

Finn: He’s such a powerful speaker.

Will: And writer.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: There’s like a ton of people here and the only two people he wants attention from are in their own adult world.

Johanna: Oh, I thought that story he told about growing up was great; I find him very engaging.

Finn: You want to get some dinner?

Johanna: Sounds good.

Will rolls his eyes and starts to walk away. 

Will: See you later.

Johanna glances at Finn.

Finn: Will…hey, Will.

Will keeps walking toward the elevator.  Finn turns to Johanna who gives him a sympathetic look.

Finn: Excuse me for just a second. 

Johanna nods.  Finn runs after him as Will gets on the elevator.  Finn manages to get on the elevator just before the door closes.

Finn: Is there a problem, Mr. Krudski?

Will: No.  I’m just tired.  We’ve done a lot of workshops and stuff.  I need a break.

Finn: Why don’t I believe you?

Will: Look…it’s just—

The elevator door opens and Will and Finn get off.

Will: Finn, I’m fine.  Just tired.

Will looks down, trying to compose himself.  Finn looks up and then seems to get it.

Finn: You like her…

Will: No, it’s not—

Finn: Well, whether it is or not—

Will: It’s not.

Finn: Okay.  Okay, Will…talk to me.

Will: Ms. Ryan’s really nice and I wouldn’t want her to get hurt by—

Finn: Me?

Will: You’re kind of a womanizer and—

Finn: Am I?

Will: As a teacher and…mentor, I have a lot of respect for you, Finn.  But, as a person, you can be kind of like…scum. 

Finn (angry): Really?

Finn walks back to the elevator and pushes the down button.

Will: Look, I didn’t mean it like that…

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: What this Finn guy doesn’t get is that it’s really not about Ms. Ryan and any feelings Will has for her.  Will knows he’s got no shot with that and I think he really does love Bella. 

The elevator opens.

Finn: Enjoy your break, Will.

Finn gets on the elevator.  Will closes his eyes.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: It’s about these two grown-ups that don’t realize how little attention and recognition Will’s gotten his whole life.  Both of them made him feel important at some point, and now they’ve forgotten about him.  Now tonight, he’s really alone.

(cut to): Bella and Jake still in Bella’s room.  Bella’s dressed now.  Her outfit is more conservative than Jake’s and she has on less make-up.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: But with Jake and Ham, Bella will be alone too. 

Bella: Wow, so Ryder really does have a thing for you?

Jake: I don’t know…

Bella: But, he said he does?

Jake: Yeah…

Bella: Complicated.

Jake: Not really.  I mean, I haven’t said anything to Hamilton about it, but…only because I already know how he’d react.  

Bella: No kidding.  He’d kick Ryder’s butt.

Jake sits down on Bella’s bed and sighs.  Bella plops down next to her.

Bella cont’d: You know what?  Next time he says something to you, why don’t you kick his butt?

Jake looks down, she tries to laugh.

Jake: You’re right, I’m such a stronger person than this…

Bella: You don’t have to be strong all the time…anyway, what aren’t you being strong about?

Jake: I’m really afraid that he likes me.

Bella: That is a scary thought.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: I don’t know much about this situation, but from what I’ve seen there’s not a genuine bone in this Ryder jerk’s body.

Jake: What if…this is so stupid because I know he doesn’t…I just…I knew how to treat him when he hated me.  In a way, I know that this is just another way he’s trying to toy with Hamilton and me, but…what if it’s not?

Bella: What if he likes you and the whole mean thing is really just a jealous thing?

Jake doesn’t say anything.

Bella cont’d: If you’re actually worried about Ryder’s feelings…I can assure you that he has none. 

Jake laughs.

Bella cont’d: And even if he does, it’s not like he’s ever thought about your feelings.

Jake has never considered this before.  She nods.

Bella: Tonight is about going out and having fun… 

Jake: Right… I won’t even have to think about that tonight.

Hamilton walks in.

Hamilton: Think about what?

Jake: Have fun outside?

Hamilton: I talked to Sean for a minute.  He was heading over to the baseball field.  Then Charlie said since I was loitering he was putting me to work so…I pumped some gas.

Bella gets up and walks past Ham as he walks toward the bed.  She touches him on the arm.

Bella: I’m impressed, Ham.

Hamilton walks over to the bed and sits next to Jake.

Hamilton: You look so nice.

Jake: Thank you. 

Hamilton smiles and kisses her.  Bella gets a hesitant look on her face.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: And now Bella realized that she’s going to be all alone tonight.  Even in that club full of people, if she’s with these two, she’ll feel alone.

Bella: You know what guys?  I think I’m going to stay here tonight.

Hamilton and Jake part.

Jake: What?  Why?

Bella: I think I need to stay here and clear my head.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: And what she means by that is sit around and mope about Will.

Hamilton: Bella, don’t sit around here moping about Will. 

Bella: I…I’m actually going to go for a walk.

Jake: But—

Bella: You guys can finish getting ready here…I’m just…I need to…go…

Bella turns around and walks out.  Jake and Hamilton look at one another.

(dissolve to): Sean at the baseball field.  He’s at the pitchers’ mound.  He throws a pitch against the fence. 

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: I love to be alone on the field, throwing pitches against the fence.  It’s all about you and the pitch. 

Bella walks up.

Bella: I think that one was a little low.

Sean smiles.

Sean: Hi.

Bella: Hi.  Want me to hit a few?

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: She means that, you know?  She’d step up to the plate if I needed her too.

Sean: Not in that outfit. 

Bella sits down on the bleachers that are directly behind the fence.

Sean: Aren’t you going to Carson?

Bella: I pulled out. 

Sean takes off his glove and walks up to the fence.

Sean: Any reason why?

Bella: Will’s off at some writing conference this weekend.  I just felt dumb going all by myself.

Sean nods.

Sean: Well, you look really nice.  You know, like crazy nice.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: I have trouble talking to her these days.  I want her to know I support her relationship with Will, but…I can’t help notice how beautiful she is.

Bella laughs.

Bella: You should see Jake…and I can’t even imagine what she’s doing to Hamilton.

Sean walks around the fence and sits next to her.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: Don’t get me wrong…I’d never move in on her…and she’d never let me.

Sean: So, you’ve seemed a little down lately, Bella.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: And I’m not even saying that I do want to move in on her…

Bella: I am.  I mean…you don’t need to hear this…

Sean: Bella, I know the past few months have been a little awkward, but…you know you can always talk to me about anything…

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: I just want her to know she can trust me.

Bella: I miss Will. 

Sean: He’s been busy with school, huh?

Bella: That and…and even when he’s like right in front of me…he’s not.

Sean looks down.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: I know how Will feels about her.  It’s something that was hard to make myself believe, but now it’s so obvious…

Sean: He loves you Bella.  I hope you know that.

Bella: You don’t have to say that.  I shouldn’t even be whining to you about this…

Sean: I tell you what.  You look too good to sit around at a stupid baseball field all night.  Let’s run by my house so I can grab a quick shower then…we’ll go over to that place in Carson.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: Doing this will probably mean not starting.

Bella: Sean—

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: But sometimes the people in your life are way more important than your extracurricular activities.

Sean: I’m not taking no for an answer.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: And before (and after) anything else, Bella’s my best friend.

Bella smiles.

Sean cont’d: So, is that a “yes” then?

Bella nods.

Sean: Cool.

He takes her hand and gets her to stand up.  They walk away.

Sean (v.o.) cont’d: She’s worth losing the starting position for…I can always start the next game.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the club in Carson.  It’s about 8:00 p.m.  Jake and Hamilton pull up on Jake’s bike.  Hamilton is driving.  They pull into a parking spot, get off the bike and remove their helmets.  Hamilton looks gothed up and punked out, like Jake said.  You can use that to build a good mental image.  Remember, included are black nail polish and eye make-up.  We totally think that’d be so hot.

Hamilton: That was so cool; you have got to let me drive more often.

Jake: Whoa, calm down Batman…I’m driving back.

They exchange a look.  His is pleading; hers is steadfast…both are playful.

Jake (voice over): I might let him drive back.  He’s long since stopped trying to be “the guy,” and I appreciate that.  He really gets it: the relationship thing.  He gets it way better than I do.

Jake: Come on; let’s go inside.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: I act like I know what I’m doing, but I look to him more than he realizes.  It’s like he can quantify it and describe it and…understand it.  All I can do is feel it. 

Hamilton takes her hand, leading her toward the building.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: That sounds so stupid and…girly.  I’m definitely not about being the submissive housewife type.  But, amazingly, I think he gets that too.

(cut to): Jill and Scout sitting on Johanna’s porch.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: And while Jill’s not so into the submissive part, she’d probably be more than happy to do the housewife thing.

Scout: How do we even know she’s even still in there?

Jill: Where else would she be?  We’ve been covering both exits.

Scout: No we haven’t.

Jill: Well, you know what?  Maybe she ran away.  Some kids should run away…

Scout: Jill!

Jill shrugs and stands up, pacing around.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: So, I know what I said about the housewife thing doesn’t look that likely, but I really do think she loves the idea.  Which is kind of weird because she seems so independent at times.  Not that you can’t or shouldn’t be both. 

Jill: You know that I was totally kidding, right?

Scout ignores her and goes over to the door, ringing the bell.

Jill: Scout…we tried that already.

Scout (yelling): Hey, Meagan!  We just called your mom.  She’s headed home right now.

Jill: Why haven’t we called her mom?

Scout: Because the situation is under control.

Jill: How?  How is it under control?

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Trust issues…

Scout (yelling): I’m serious.  She should be here in a few hours.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

Jill: This isn’t going to work.

Meagan opens the door.

Meagan: You really called her?

Scout looks over at Jill.

(cut to): inside Johanna’s house.  Jill and Scout walk in following Meagan.  Meagan sits on the couch. 

Jill: I’m going to get some water.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: I think what gets her is that he’s the one handling the situation.  But, that doesn’t make any sense because she’s got that Repunzel-need-to-be-rescued thing.

She walks out.  Scout watches her for a moment then sits down next to Meagan.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Scout’s really the act now then make it right later type.

Meagan: So did you?

Scout: What?

Meagan: Call my mom?

Scout: Nah, I was bluffing.

Scout folds his arms across his chest and leans back.

Meagan: So, you mean you were lying.  Don’t you know you aren’t supposed to lie to little kids?  It gives them trust issues.

Scout: Why’d you lock us out?

Meagan: I was bored.

Scout: Now who’s lying?

Meagan looks down.

Meagan: Because you guys were bored and you hate me anyway.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: I’d peg her as manipulative.  I did that for a while before I switched over to passive-aggressivism. 

Scout leans up and looks Meagan in the eye.

Scout: We don’t hate you, but I think you know that.  I think…you were trying to prove that you have the upper hand and…you probably do.  I mean, Jill and I…what do we know?  Plus, this is your house so you’re the one that knows all the good ways to trick us, but you also know all the cool stuff to do.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Would you look at this?  I mean, who knew he’d figure this babysitting stuff out?

Jill walks in and leans against the door-frame.  Scout and Meagan don’t notice her.

Scout: And so, I’d sure like to take another chance at doing some of that cool stuff.  You’ve still got about an hour before bedtime.

Meagan stands up and smiles.

Meagan: Some people never learn.

Scout: Uh-huh.  So, no hard feelings?

He reaches out to shake her hand.  She sees Jill in the doorway.  Meagan smiles and shakes Scout’s hand.

Meagan: You are pretty cool…for a boy and all.

(cut to): Will in the hotel room.  He’s lying on his back in one of the two beds in the room.  He has his hands behind his head.

Music: Nine Days by Weekend Excursion

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Will’s the nice guy.  In general, he seems intelligent and perceptive  Somehow though, he often become the victim—the guy that gets hurt.

Will sits up.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: He always seems so wounded when things aren’t going his way.

Will sits up.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Not that I’m saying he should just get over stuff.  He deserves to wallow…we all do.

He picks up the phone and dials out.  After a moment:

Will: Hey Gracie, can I talk to Bella?

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Of course, the one person who could probably make him feel better isn’t home.

Will: Okay, thanks anyway.  Um, no…no message.  Do me a favor, Grace, and don’t even tell her that I called.  Thanks.  Night.

Will hangs up the phone and looks around.  He walks over to his bag and pulls out his notebook.  He sits in a chair and begins to write.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: So, he writes.  He is the writer…but I bet he’s not writing about himself.  Will Krudski seems like a topic he could write volumes about, but doesn’t. 

(cut to): Finn and Johanna at dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Meanwhile…

They’re eating and talking.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Finn moves in on the nice teacher.

Finn: You won’t be convinced that Hamlet is the greatest work ever written?

Johanna: Okay, even if you got me to admit that Shakespeare is good…I mean, Hamlet?  No.

Finn: What’s your favorite Shakespearean play?

Johanna: Romeo and Juliet.

Finn: You’ve got to be kidding.

Johanna: Sure, it’s been done to death and even Dicaprio-ized, but it’s a beautiful piece of literature.  Where’s Will?  I bet he’d back me up.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Ay, there’s the rub.  Have I mentioned that I’m with Ms. Ryan on this debate?  I mean, Shakespeare is boring and hard to read.  Once you do figure it out, you realize it’s all about sex.  Romeo and Juliet is one of the cleaner plays.

Finn: Will’s pretty angry with me actually.

Johanna: I thought you said he was tired.

Finn: No, I said he said he was tired.  What he really is is upset with me.

Johanna: What?

Finn: He thinks…he realizes that I’ve been shamelessly flirting with you…

Johanna: Finn…

Finn: Hey, I know, ok?  I’m not interested in getting into a relationship either.  I flirt; it’s what I do.  Unfortunately it prompted Will to call me a womanizer.

Johanna: That’s harsh.

Finn: No, it’s not.  But look, I just want you to know that I’m really interested in pursuing this friendship as nothing more than that, ok?  If I’m flirty, deck me or something.

Johanna laughs and looks around awkwardly.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: God, Finn…he’s a great teacher and a nice guy, but sometimes he loses perspective.  Will has been a good friend to him ever since this summer and he totally ditched him to hang out with this Ms. Ryan person.

Finn: This isn’t supposed to me weird.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: I mean, his moral compass is off.  But, that should have been clear after what happened with Hamilton’s mom.

Johanna: No, I know…I just, I think we were quite inconsiderate of Will tonight.  He’s such a bright guy and we probably made him feel like a child along for a field trip.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Ding, ding, ding…tell her what’s she’s won.  At least one of them realizes this.

Johanna cont’d: Maybe I should go talk to him or something.

Finn: That actually sounds like a really good idea.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: And my faith in Finn is restored.

(cut to): the club.  It looks like how the as said, only more dance clubbish.  The lights are low and there’s a disco ball.  The place is crowded and the music is loud. 

Music: Butterfly by Crazytown.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Now, onto something else I have faith in…

The camera pans around the club.  There are a ton of people on the dance floor.  The camera continues to pan past the bar and door…around the club.  Finally, it stops on Jake and Hamilton.  Jake is leaning against a pole and Hamilton is leaning toward her.  They’re basically having a public make-out session.  As the voice over is going, the camera zooms in.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: So, a public make-out session.  It’s not something we get to do…ever.  It wasn’t something I planned on doing tonight, but…whatever.  It’s not like anyone in here is paying any attention anyway.

Jake kisses Hamilton’s neck.

Hamilton: People are totally staring at us.

Jake stops.

Jake: No, they’re not.

She holds his chin and kisses him.  He smiles.

Hamilton: Okay…

He puts one hand on the pole and the other on her waist and he kisses the side of her face and then moves onto her neck. 

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: So, maybe people are paying some attention, but…

Jake looks off and sees something.

(cut to): the door.  Ryder and Sarah walk in.  Ryder has on black dress pants, a black shirt and a nice leather jacket.  Sarah has on some non-frilly rich girl dress.

(cut to): Jake and Ham.  Hamilton is still kissing Jake.

Jake: Ryder…

Hamilton stops kissing her and looks at her.

Hamilton: Did you—did you just call me Ryder?

Jake raises her eyebrows.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: He’s so non-presuming.  How could he even think that Ryder is a threat to this relationship?  How could he not be sure of how completely fallen in love I am? 

Jake: No, Ryder…

She turns his head toward the door.

(cut to): Ryder and Sarah as they walk further into the club and look around.

Hamilton: What’s he doing here?

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: Sometimes, I like to think that if I just ignore Ryder, he’ll leave me alone.

Jake: Who cares…

She grabs the back of his neck and kisses him.  He seems to forget Ryder.

(cut to): Ryder and Sarah. 

Sarah: This place looks crazy.

Ryder: Yeah, fun stuff.

Sarah looks around.

Sarah: Oh my God, is that Hamilton Fleming?

(cut to): Jake and Ham making out.

(cut to): Ryder and Sarah.

Ryder: I’m not sure.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: But, he is.  This is why I don’t understand Ryder.  He acts like he doesn’t care…like he’s not paying attention, but he absorbs everything.

Sarah: It totally is.  God, who’s that chick with her tongue down his throat?  

Ryder: Hey, let me get you something to drink…Coke or something.

Sarah: Oh, okay, sure…

Ryder leads her away.

Jake (v.o.) cont’d: It really makes me tired to even have to think about Ryder.  Any interaction with him is like implementing this huge strategy that I don’t have…

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So, I know you want to read what Ryder had to say about some of that stuff…click here to read the past session from Ryder’s point of view.


(fade in): to the club.  The camera pans around and stops at the door as Sean and Bella walk in.  Bella is wearing the same outfit from before.  Sean has on jeans and a polo shirt. 

Ryder (voice over): Well, now that the Wonder Twins are here, I guess the party can begin.

(cut to): a closer shot of Bella and Sean.

Bella: Hmm, I don’t see them.

Sean: Me either.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton in another corner of the club.

Jake: You know, I don’t think hiding out in a corner so that Ryder doesn’t find us counts as “going out.”

Hamilton: It doesn’t matter to me…just as long as I’m with you.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Oh, for the love of God and all that is Holy…make it stop.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Yeah?

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Because I’m sure he hasn’t said it a thousand times…tonight.

Hamilton nods.

Jake: Can you not be with me for like…two minutes?

Hamilton: Why?

Jake: Because I’m going to go get a Coke.  Want something?

Hamilton looks over to the “bar,” which is now like “concessions.” 

(cut to): the bar.  Ryder’s leaning against it talking to Sarah who’s sitting on a barstool.

(cut to): Ham and Jake.  Jake doesn’t seem to have noticed Ryder.

Hamilton: Hey, you know what?  Why don’t you let me go?  And, before you say it, this isn’t like a “being a guy” thing.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: No, it’s an “afraid to let your girlfriend get too close to me” thing.  Quite understandable.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Make sure they don’t put like no ice in it…I hate that.

Hamilton: Got it.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Well, someone get the man a Friendly’s application.

(cut to): the bar.  Sarah is sitting by herself.  Hamilton walks up and orders a couple of Cokes from the bartender:

Hamilton: Can I have two Cokes please?  And, can I have a lot of ice in one of them.

Bartender (patronizingly): Would you care for anything else, Sir?

Hamilton: No, that’s all.  Thank you.

The bartender rolls his eyes and turns around to complete the order.

Music (switch from typical house music): He Loves Me (He Loves You Not) by Dream

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Little does our unsuspecting hero know that I’ve instructed my date to keep him busy so I could find out about this “mystery girl” he brought.

Sarah: Hi, Hamilton.

Hamilton turns toward her. 

Sarah: I’m Sarah…I go to Rawley Girls.

Hamilton looks a little uncomfortable as he pushes some hair off his forehead.

Hamilton: Right, you came with Ryder…

She nods.  Hamilton looks down a little nervously.

Sarah: Hey, if you’re not supposed to be here or whatever…I’m not a narc.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Very nice girl…Sarah.  Hate to use her like this, but…what can you do?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: I told my parents I was going into town to hang out at a friend’s house.

Sarah: I barely recognized you, you know?

Hamilton looks down again.

Sarah: No, I mean this is a good look for you…you look totally hot.  But that’s not what I meant. 

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: I think I said “distract,” not flirt.

The bartender brings the Cokes.  Hamilton hands him some cash.  He turns back to Sarah.

Hamilton: What did you mean?

Sarah: You look a lot older.  I was gone last year and I haven’t seen you this year at all so…I just remember you being young.  You seem to have really grown up.

Hamilton: Yeah…thank you.

(cut to): Jake.  She’s standing there looking around, close to a wall.  Ryder walks up.  He leans against the wall.

Ryder: Jacqueline…what’s a classy girl like you doing in a hole like this?

Jake doesn’t look over at him.

Jake: Go away.

Ryder: I just wanted to clear some things up between us…

Jake: There’s nothing to clear up.

Ryder: I just didn’t want you thinking that I have some sort of romantic attachment to you…you know, because of what I said that weekend the power was out.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Mostly because I realize that verbalizing something like that was incredibly stupid. 

Jake: Believe me, I’d never take anything you say to heart.

Ryder: Good. 

Jake looks over toward the bar.  Ryder looks over at her.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: I’m really in awe of where this came from.  She’s not my type. 

(cut to): The bar where Hamilton has the Cokes in his hand and is talking to Sarah.  She’s seems to be talking and Hamilton is listening.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: This girl is my type.  Beautiful in that sorority girl way…easily convinced to do anything.

(cut to): Jake and Ryder.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Then we’ve got modern beauty and extreme stubbornness. 
Ryder: You look lovely, by the way.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: I’m having trouble reconciling this.

Jake turns toward him for the first time.

Jake: Okay, Ryder…I don’t know what kind of game you’re trying to play, but whatever it is, can you at least keep it consistent?

Ryder tilts his head.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: I’d love to.
Ryder: What do you mean?

Jake: You hate me: I know what to do.  You’re in love with me: I know what to do.  This combination of both extremes with no middle ground is driving me completely crazy.  I mean—

Ryder steps closer to her.

Jake: What are you doing?

Ryder: Trying to send an unmixed message…

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: …and resolve some of this within myself…

He leans in to kiss her.  She doesn’t really have time to react before he does it.  So, it’s a real kiss, but not really reciprocal.  Jake steps back.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Well, now that that’s settled.

Jake: Whoa, Ryder.  I could sue you for sexual harassment or something.

Ryder: It wasn’t harassment…it was a gesture.

Jake: Of what?  You’re undying hatred…

Ryder: Hmm…just like to keep you guessing, Love.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: And, to be honest…I’m tired of being honest.

He turns around and walks away.

(cut to): Hamilton and Sarah.  Hamilton has the Cokes and Sarah is talking.

Sarah: So, anyway, you’re into photography, huh?

Hamilton: Um, yeah…I am.

Hamilton looks back (for the first time…he was trying to be polite) at Jake. Sarah follows his gaze. Jake waves.

Sarah: Oh, God, look at me keeping you from your girlfriend.

Hamilton turns back around.

Hamilton: I—

Ryder walks up.

Ryder: Ham…fancy meeting you here.

Hamilton: Yeah…shocker.

Sarah: I’m going to hit the ladies room; I’ll be right back.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Now, she is amazing…nothing to be figured out about that.

She walks off.  Ryder watches her go then turns back to Ham.

Ryder: You’re girlfriend looks a little lonely up there.

Ryder points over to where Jake is standing.  Hamilton looks mad.

Ryder: Hey, don’t worry, Ham…I was keeping her warm for you.

Hamilton shakes his head, turns around and walks away.

Hamilton: Not worth it…

(cut to): Sean and Bella.  They’re on the dance floor dancing.

Bella: Hey, there’s Jake.

Sean: Huh?

Bella: Jake.  Up there, by herself.  Come on.

She takes Sean’s arm and pulls him off the floor.

(cut to): Jake.  Hamilton walks up.

Jake: Hey.

Hamilton: Was Ryder up here bothering you?

Jake: Kind of.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: That was evasive.

Bella and Sean walk up.

Jake cont’d: We’ll talk about it later, ok?

She takes her Coke from Hamilton and takes a sip. 

Bella: Hey, this place is pretty crazy, huh?

Jake: Yeah…we’ve just kind of been hiding out over here.  I’m glad you came.

Hamilton (to Sean): I thought you were perfecting your curve ball tonight.

Sean: It’s not every night that guy like me gets to come to a club like this.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: And put some townie moves on his best friend’s girl.

Bella laughs.

Jake: So, what changed your mind…you kind of took off earlier.

Bella: Yeah, I’m sorry guys.

Hamilton: It’s cool.  You know…we just rummaged through all your stuff…stole the good stuff….sold the rest.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Hey, you look good, by the way.

Hamilton: First and last time you’ll see me wearing mascara so…enjoy it.

Bella: Anyway, what are you two doing up here anyway…this is a dance club.  Let’s dance.

Jake: I’m in.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

Hamilton: Hey…whatever…

Jake takes his hand and pulls him toward the floor.  Bella and Sean look at each other and follow.

(cut to): establishing shot of Johanna’s house.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: God, I hate kids.

(cut to): the bathroom.  Meagan is in her pajamas, standing on a stool and brushing her teeth.  Jill is standing behind her.

Meagan: I’m not going to escape or something.

Jill: Well, after earlier I think you’re going to be under full supervision.

Meagan: I said I was sorry.

Jill: You’re sorry that you locked us out of your house for six hours? 

Meagan: Yeah…

Jill: It’s time to learn some new words.  Remorseful, penitent, rueful—

Meagan: Contrite, apologetic, repentant.

Jill looks down at her.  Meagan takes a sip of water and puts her toothbrush in its holder.  She steps down off the stool.

Meagan: My mom reads me the dictionary instead of stories.

Jill: She does?

Meagan: You’re really pretty gullible…or maybe you prefer…naive…susceptible…

Jill: You’re funny…

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: There is no safety zone with kids.  They’re hard to read.

Scout: How’s the quest for bed?

Jill: We’re getting there…

Scout opens Meagan’s bedroom door.

(cut to): The inside of the bedroom.  It looks typical.  Maybe more books that normal, but other than that—typical ten-year old stuff.  She climbs into her bed.

Jill: I still don’t believe you’re just going to bed.  I thought this would be the hard part.

Meagan: I had to entertain myself for like six hours today…I’m tired.

Scout looks at Jill.

Scout: Yeah, I don’t buy it.

Jill: Maybe we should tie her in.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Sounds like a good plan.

Scout: Good idea…

Meagan sits up.

Meagan: You’re kidding, right?

Scout: Y—

Jill: Maybe we are…maybe we’re not.

Meagan looks at her.

Jill: Okay, we are.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Amateurs.

Meagan lies back down.

Scout: Okay, so…you’re in bed.  We’re going downstairs now.

Meagan: ‘Kay…

They go to leave and Scout tries to pull the door closed.

Meagan: Wait…can you leave that opened?

Jill: Oh, yeah, sure…

Scout pushes it opened.

Meagan: And turn the hall light on?

Jill flips it on.

Meagan: Thanks.  Night Jill; night Scout.

They look at each other.

Jill: Night Meagan.

Scout: Night Meg.

Jill starts down the hall first and Scout follows, taking her hand.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Well, I’m sure they’ll be sending out wedding invitations soon.

(cut to): Will.  He’s sitting at a table in the lounge of the hotel.  There are several empty glasses in front of him.  Pat Conroy walks in.  Will looks up.  Pat Conroy sees him and walks over.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Will really is the best out of the bunch. 

Pat: Hey, you were in my seminar this evening, weren’t you?

Will: Uh, yeah…yes I was. 

Pat: You don’t sound impressed.

Will: Oh…oh, God…no, I am.  I mean, it was awesome.  I’m just kind of having a bad night, that’s all.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Not that he doesn’t have an annoying way of pushing the “poor little poor boy” thing.

Pat sits down.

Pat: Would you like to talk about it?

Will: With you?

Pat looks around and smiles.

Pat: Yes, with me.

Will: Well…yeah, sure.

Pat smiles.

(cut to): Johanna and Finn walking through the lobby.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: These two on the other hand, they are just annoying.

Johanna: I’m really worried about him. We shouldn’t have finished dinner…we should have just gone and found Will.

Finn: I’m sure he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Johanna stops.

Johanna: No…look, there he is.

Finn: With Pat Conroy…

Johanna: Wow…

Finn: Well, he’s covered.

Johanna: Yeah…

They look at one another.

Johanna: I’m going to head up to my room.

Finn: Yeah, me too.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Oh, that was well-phrased.

Finn cont’d: Uh…to my room.

Johanna: I…yeah…night.

Finn: Night…

They walk in two different directions…

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: They’ll be sleeping together soon.

Next we get a little montage of what everyone is doing.  Quick cuts separate scenes.

Music: Superman by Goldfinger (yes, it’s a little ska…)

(cut to): Will talking to Pat Conroy.

(cut to): Jill asleep on the couch; Scout in a lounge chair (hey, they didn’t even bring a change of clothes so they get no beds)

(cut to): The club.  Bella, Sean, Ham and Jake are dancing.

(cut to): The club where Ryder and Sarah are in a corner making out.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: My final thought is that thinking gets you nowhere.  Also, talking about things and being honest are both over rated.  My opinions don’t matter…my actions do.  So…fade out.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So, we saw Melissa and Danny from the Real World when they were here as part of the Real World campus tour.  Danny was so hot and…still gay (like it’s a dynamic characteristic or something…).  Melissa was hilarious.  Check out her homepage at www.princessmelissa.com. Oh yeah, speaking of princesses, you can read that last scene with Jake-goggles…you know, if you want…


(fade in): The next day: mid-morning.  Establishing shot of Rawley.

Music: Another Perfect Day by American Hi-Fi

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Let’s just take a few moments of silence to recover.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house.

(cut to): Scout, Jill and Meagan sitting on the living room floor, playing Clue.

Meagan: Okay, I want to guess Mrs. Peacock in the conservatory with the candlestick.

Jill and Scout look at each other and their game sheets.  Jill gives Meagan a suspicious look as she opens the envelope.

Jill: She’s right.

Scout: Second time in a row.

Meagan: I’m a good detective.

The key turns in the door.

Meagan: Mom’s home.

Scout (teasing): Good call, Sherlock.

Everyone gets up as Johanna walks in.

Johanna: Hey everyone.  How was everything?

She looks down at Meagan then up at Jill and Scout.

Scout: Actually…pretty wonderful.

Jill: Everything was great.

They smile at each other.

(cut to): Rawley Academy.  Jill and Gwen’s room.  Gwen is studying on her bed.  Ryder walks in.

Gwen (annoyed): Ryder…

Ryder (condescending): Gwendolyn…

Ryder walks over and sits down on the bed with her.

Gwen: Have a good night out?  You seem a little…giddy.

Ryder: Oh, right…Sarah.  She was fun.

Gwen rolls her eyes.

Ryder: Don’t worry, though, it was a one-time deal…you are one of the few re-occurring characters in my life.

Gwen: Should I be honored or scared?

Ryder: So, do you want to hear about the club and vicariously re-live the highlights?

Gwen: No…not really.

Ryder: You’re such a bitch…it’s so reassuring.

Gwen smiles and looks back down at her books; Ryder leans back against the wall.

(cut to): the garage.  A car pulls up.

(cut to): Inside the car.  Will grabs his bag from the back seat.

Music: I’ll Never Walk Away by Dezeray’s Hammer

Finn: So, we’re clear on the fact that I am apologizing to you.  Johanna feels terrible too.

Will: You’ve got nothing to apologize for.  I had a great time.  I talked to Pat Conroy for like two hours.  He was the coolest person.  And, as far as what was said to you by the elevator…I mean, I was so out of line.

Finn: You’re judgments were probably correct ones.  You’re such a good person, Will.  It’s so difficult to compete.  Now get out of my car.

Finn smiles.

Will: Thanks for inviting me…see you later.

Will gets out.

(cut to): Will closing the car door.  Bella walks outside.  Will drops his bag and walks over to her.

Will: Boy, am I glad to see you…

He wraps his arms around her and hugs her tightly, putting his head on her shoulder.  Bella hugs him back.

Bella: What’s wrong?  Was the conference bad?

Will: It was great…some stuff happened and I missed you so much, Bella.  Nothing is coming before you from now on.

Bella: Will…that’s crazy.  Other stuff is more important than—

Will: No…it’s not…

Bella: Will—

Will: Shh…

He continues to hug her. 

(cut to): Sean at the ball park.  He throws a curve ball that is obviously not in the pitching zone.  Jill and Scout walk up.  Sean looks over at them.

Sean: Hey Scout…Jill…

Jill: Hey.

Scout: Long time; no see, buddy.

Sean: Tell me about it…

Sean jogs over to them.

Sean: What are you doing here?

Scout: We were babysitting for Ms. Ryan.

Sean: Really?  You two?  What was that?  Like a dry run or something?

Scout: Something like that.  What are you doing?

Sean: Working on my curve ball.  I needed last night and today…I got today.  I’m not gonna get to start…ever.

Scout: Want a batter?

Jill: Two batters…I can hit a curve ball like no other.

Sean: Yeah?  That’d be great you guys.

Jill: Cool, let’s go.

(cut to): Hamilton’s bedroom.  He’s still asleep.  There is a light tapping noise.  He opens his eyes and looks around.  He gets out of bed, only in his boxers, and looks around to see where the noise is coming from.  He walks over to the window.

(cut to): Jake in boy gear, throwing rocks.  Hamilton opens the window.  When he speaks it’s a quieted shout.

Hamilton: What are you doing?

Jake: I need to talk to you…

Hamilton: Now?

Jake: No, I just thought I’d tell you now that at four o’clock I wanted to talk…yes now!

Hamilton: Okay, okay.  I’ll put on some pants and be right down.

(cut to): Jake and Ham walking through town, talking.  Ham has changed into shorts and a tank top.  He still looks like he just woke up.

Hamilton: So, you’re telling me that…that Ryder kissed you?  His lips and your lips were—

Jake: Yes, that’s what I’m saying, Hamilton, but—

Hamilton: Why would he do that?

Jake: Um, the…the weekend that the lights went out he kind of said that he sort of…he said he liked me.

Hamilton: And you didn’t tell me?

Jake: So you could kill him?

Hamilton: Now you’re worried about whether he dies or not?

Jake: Hamilton…

Hamilton: I’m sorry.  You’re right…it’s not like it’s your fault he’s a jerk or…that he….

Jake: Also, he said he was just making that up anyway so—

Hamilton: He said he liked you then took it back?

Jake nods.

Hamilton cont’d: This all seems very un-Ryder.

Jake: Yes, and it confuses the hell out of me…

Hamilton looks down.

Jake cont’d: Not because I have feelings for him, but—

Hamilton: If he really likes you, you don’t want to hurt him…I get it.  But, you think he just made that up anyway?

Jake: Honestly, I hope so…

Hamilton: Me too…promise to keep me updated?

By this time they’ve reached to ball field.  Sean, Scout and Jill are there.

Jake: So, you’re really okay with this?

Hamilton: I’m okay with you being able to handle him…and I trust you.  If he ever tries to hurt you…he’s a dead man.

Jake: Hey, that’s Jill and…

Hamilton: And Scout and Sean. 

Jake: Let’s go over. 

(dissolve to): about 20 minutes later.  A little game of baseball has started.  Will and Bella walk up.  We don’t hear what they are saying, but watch them join in.  We get a montage of the seven of them playing ball, hitting pitched, etc.  During this, Will’s voice over runs.

Will (voice over): At the beginning of last summer, I realized it was my turn to speak.  Not just in the essay I was writing, but in life.  I soon realized that in all the verbalizing I was doing through writing, I wasn’t saying very much about myself.  So in the middle of the last semester, I decided to focus on me.  But, now I’ve realized that I can’t exist outside of the context of everyone else.  Pat Conroy’s writing is based almost entirely on his own life and the people he knew.  They are just as important to his life as he is.  The people in my life serve a similar purpose and their viewpoints on even the most mundane things put my life into perspective for me.  People’s opinions are an easy thing to obtain and sometimes you’re so focused on yourself and your opinions that you forget to leave room for anyone else’s.  It’s still my turn to speak, but I’m always open to a different point of view.

(fade out)


THE END (‘bout time, eh?)