(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

Music: So Far Away by Nine Days

(cut to): a classroom.  This is Jake and Ryder’s sociology class.  Jake and Ryder, in fact, sit next to each other in the very last row.  Everyone has pencils/pens and paper on his (in most cases) desk.  The teacher, an older African American man,  is at the front of the room explaining the exam.  Ryder looks at Jake every once in awhile.

(cut to): the teacher at the front of the room.

Teacher: You’ve been in this class for a year.  I’m hoping that, in that time, you’ve learned something about people and how they interact. 

Ryder (voice over): I’ve never been one to interact. 

Teacher: All I want you to do is write about what you’ve learned about people, they way they interact and…this is a big one…what that’s taught you about yourself and where you fit in.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: I’ve always liked being alone more than being in a group, but lately I’ve been thinking that maybe some interaction would be good for me.  I’ve got a lot going on in my head and keeping that inside is starting to get to me. 

Ryder looks over at Jake who, for the first time, looks back at him.

Jake: God, what?

He looks down, shaking his head.  Jake rolls her eyes and goes back to writing.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Looking at myself in relation to this group that I’ve almost become a part of makes me even more scared.  Perhaps I am like them.  Perhaps they could be people that care about me….and perhaps I about them.

(dissolve to): after the test outside the hall way.  People exit talking about the test.

Ryder (v.o.): I want them to know me…at least some of them…one of them.

Jake and Ryder walk out.

Ryder: Well, one down…five more to go.

Jake: That wasn’t bad.  Why did I even bother to study?

A beat.

Ryder: Can we talk?

Jake: Uh…okay…

Ryder: Not right now or anything.

Jake: Now is fine.

Ryder laughs.

Ryder: I kind of have to…work up to it.  I mean if that’s okay?

Jake: Okay.

Ryder: …just at some point before I leave.  Well, presuming I don’t choke on any of these finals.

Jake: You’ll do fine.

Ryder: Thanks you.

Ryder walks off.  Jake stands there for a moment, a little in awe, then walks off.

(cut to): Ryder walking down the hall.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: I have a lot of secrets and I’ve reached a point where I’m tired of hiding all the time.  Some aspects of myself even I am having trouble understanding, but maybe with a little interaction I can get myself sorted out.

(fade out)


Opening Credits


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(fade in): to Jake and Hamilton in Jake’s room.  She’s sitting at her desk studying.  Hamilton is lying on his stomach on her bed with books opened.

Music: All for Me by Dezeray’s Hammer

Hamilton: So, you’re going to write me like every day when you’re in London, right?

Jake: Once a day?

Hamilton: Twice a day.

He smiles.  She shrugs.

Jake: Come with me.  Mom won’t care.

Hamilton: Maybe not yours…

Jake: Did she say you could at least visit?

Hamilton: When you’re back in New York I’m allowed like one visit. 

Jake gets up and walks over to the bed, sitting next to him.  She rubs his back.

Jake: So…are you saying we should be making better use of our time together?

Hamilton: I’m saying…this summer is going to be really hard…and yes, a study break would be nice.

He sits up and touches her cheek. 

Hamilton cont’d: I’m scared not to see you for two months. 

Jake: Think I’ll come back and…you won’t love me?

Hamilton: No…that’s not even an option.  I’m just scared that…your hair will be different…and you’ll pick up different expressions that I’ll be surprised to hear you say…and you’ll meet new people that I don’t know…and —

Jake: I’ll write everyday.  Twice a day.  Not that it will do any good since you never check email.

Hamilton: Oh…I will.

He tries to kiss her, but she speaks so he kisses the side of her face, her neck, etc.

Jake: I’ll tell you about everyone I meet and update you on all my new catch phrases and describe even the minutest of hair adjustments.  I’m thinking of going blonde, what do you think?

Hamilton: …not concentrating on hair right now, Jacqueline.

She smiles as he moves his hand down her neck, kissing her.

(cut to): Gwen and Jill’s room.  Gwen is hanging a picture over her desk.  There’s a knock. 

Gwen: Come in.
Ryder walks in.

Ryder: Hanging pictures?  Shouldn’t you be packing?

Gwen: I’m staying for summer session.

Ryder: I’m trying to get out of here and you’re hanging pictures…ironic.

Gwen: How did your first wave of exams go?

Ryder: Super.

Gwen: Good, Ryder.

He walks over and takes a seat on her bed.

Gwen: Something wrong?

Ryder raises his eyebrows.

Ryder: Not really.  I do kind of want to talk, though.

Gwen: Okay.

Gwen walks over and sits next to him.

Gwen cont’d: What’s up?

Ryder: I’m in love with someone.

Gwen looks at him, not expecting that at all.

Gwen: Okay…

She leans a little closer to him.

Ryder: This is hard to say…especially to you…

He places a hand on her leg and looks down.  She puts her hand on his shoulder.

Gwen: It’s okay.  I’ve always thought maybe…

She moves toward him, though he doesn’t notice until she kisses him.  He pushes her back.

Ryder: What are you—what are you doing?

Gwen doesn’t know what to say; she looks really embarrassed.  Ryder doesn’t know what to say either.  He stands up.

Ryder: I’m sorry…I…

Gwen puts her head in her hands.

Gwen: I’m a moron.

Ryder: No it’s…

He swallows trying to compose himself.

Ryder cont’d: …it’s fine.  I mean…not fine. 

He sits next to her.

Ryder cont’d: You’re my sister.

Gwen: It’s not like we’re really related.

Ryder: I guess I have a different interpretation of our relationship. 

Gwen has yet to look at him.

Ryder cont’d: Gwendolyn?

She looks up, still looking mortified.

Gwen: I thought that’s where you were going…

Ryder: Did you…want me to be going there?  That’s not a come on…I’m just curious.

Gwen: I wouldn’t say the thought hasn’t crossed my mind.

Ryder: Wow…it’s never crossed mine. 

Gwen looks down.

Ryder cont’d: I didn’t mean that how it sounded. 

Gwen: I…I’m sorry.

Ryder: It’s okay…I’m flattered really…that a girl like you would give a jerk like me a chance.

Gwen looks at him, knowing he’s humoring her.

Ryder: Seriously, Gwen, okay?

A beat.

Gwen: What were you going to say?

Ryder: Um…it’s not important.

Gwen: …you’re in love with someone.

Ryder: Yeah…we’ll talk later, though.

Gwen nods.  Ryder stands again then takes her hand getting her to stand up.  He gives her a hug and then steps back toward the door, she doesn’t look at him.  He opens the door.

Ryder: I never thought my sister would be a good kisser…

Gwen can’t help smiling.

Gwen: Okay…now you’re just rubbing it in…as if I’m not humiliated enough.

Ryder: Under different circumstances—

Gwen: I get it.

Ryder looks glad that she does, and exits.

(cut to): the quad.  Johanna is walking across it.

(cut to): the door of Rawley Academy as Kate walks out.  Johanna walks up the steps.

Kate: Hi.

Johanna looks up, noticing her for the first time.

Johanna: Kate…hi.

Kate: Are you…looking for Finn?

Johanna: Yes.

Kate looks at her watch.

Kate: Well, he should be down at the dock for crew practice.

Johanna: Oh, I wouldn’t want to interrupt—

Kate: Practice should be ending in about fifteen minutes.  I can walk you over that way, if you want.

Johanna hesitates.

Johanna: I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way.

Kate: No problem, follow me.

Kate starts to walk down the steps.  Johanna takes a deep breath and follows her.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Johanna and Kate making their way down a path leading to the lake.

Kate: So, you went to high school with Finn…

Johanna is annoyed:

Johanna: Yep.

Kate: I can’t imagine being in the same place for so much of my life.

Johanna: Sometimes the furthest journey doesn’t coincide with geography.

Kate laughs.  Johanna looks at her, not understanding the amusement.

Kate: It just…sounded like something he would say.

Johanna nods.

Kate cont’d: Everything he says sounds full of passion, you know?  He doesn’t waste words on anything he doesn’t care about.

Kate looks down.

Kate: I respect him as a colleague.

Johanna: Right…I bet…

Johanna walks a little ahead with her arms crossed.

(cut to): the dock.  The boys are sitting around in usual post-practice fashion. 

Finn: Well, gentleman, it’s been a good year and your time has been well-served on the JV team.  Most of you elected to try out for Varsity and everyone who tried out made the team so…congratulations. 

Some of the guys look around, nodding. 

Finn cont’d: Of course, those of you are also required to be here for the summer session…no exceptions.

(cut to): Scout who looks at Will like “oh, great…”

Finn cont’d: I’m not really in the mood to discuss literature today so…you can all take off…see you in the summer.

All the guys get up and take off…glad for the end of practice and the year.  Scout and Will linger a moment.

Will: Just tell him.

Scout: He’s not going to let me join Varsity…not if I can’t be here in the summer.

Will: It won’t hurt to ask.

Scout takes a deep breath.

Scout: Okay…

Will: Good luck.

Will walks off and Scout slowly makes his way over to Finn.

Scout: Finn…got a minute?

Finn: Sure, what can I help you with, Mr. Calhoun?

Scout: Well, my dad got me a job this summer in New York.

Finn: Good to hear…so you won’t be doing Crew this year?

Scout: Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

Finn: Sorry, but you heard what I said…

Scout: Yeah, but see, if my dad finds out I can’t be on the team then he’ll probably make me stay here, but this job…well, see…

(cut to): Finn as he doesn’t really pay attention anymore. He has shifted his attention to someone approaching.

Music: Bitter by Nine Days

(cut to): a shot from Finn’s point of view.  Kate and Johanna approach together.  Kate waves and points him out to Johanna.

(cut to): Finn on the dock. Scout is still talking.

Scout: …and the fact that he got me a job there at this architectural firm and not at his office is really a huge deal for me and—

Finn: Scout, Scout, Scout, Scout…it’s fine.  Enjoy your job and the team will see you in the fall.

Scout: Really?! 

Scout finally notices Kate and Johanna approaching.  He looks at Finn with raised eyebrows then back at Kate and Johanna.  He realizes that he’d better get going.

Scout: Well, awesome.  Thanks, Finn…have a, um…good summer.

Before Finn can respond, Scout walks off passing the ladies.

Scout: Good afternoon Mrs. Fleming…Ms. Ryan.

He doesn’t give them the opportunity to respond.

(cut to): Finn as Johanna and Kate reach him.

Finn: Hi…

Kate: I was just showing Johanna the way so…I’m going to head back…

Finn finds himself in an incredibly uncomfortable position.  He doesn’t say anything.

Johanna: Thanks for the help.

Kate: No problem…

Kate walks away.  Once she is safely out of hearing range:

Johanna: Finn…no offense, but I’m really glad you’re over her. 

Finn: Why?

Johanna: I just…don’t see the appeal.

Finn: Do you have a point?

Johanna looks at him for a moment.

Johanna: You never came back…I thought you would eventually…to finish what you had to say.

He looks at her skeptically.

Johanna cont’d: About Danny—

Finn: I’m really not interested, okay?

Johanna: That’s not fair, Finn…you know it’s not.

Finn: A lot of things aren’t fair.

Johanna: Tell me what isn’t fair to you and…we’ll fix it.

Finn: …that you’re with him.

Johanna: First, I’m not…with him, that is.  Second, you know…your little speech?  All that talk about passion and love?

Finn: Very well, yes.

Johanna: There are flaws in that theory.

Finn: Like?

Johanna: What if you have love, but passion takes the wrong form?

Finn doesn’t say anything.

Johanna: Do you have any idea how hard that is to get over?  To love someone so much, but to hate them as well?

Finn: I’m getting a feel for it.

Johanna stares at him for a moment then turns around to walk off.  He lets her go.

(cut to): Will and Scout in their room.  The door is open.  They’re both preparing to study.

Will: I can’t believe he actually said it was okay for you to miss summer practice.

Scout: Oh…dude, I lucked out.  I mean I was talking and explaining…

Will: Begging?

Scout: Yeah...and then Hamilton’s mom and Ms. Ryan walk up.  I’ve been wondering if the Finn and the dean’s wife story was true…it definitely is.  Finn looked like he would rather jump in the lake than talk to either of them.  It was great.

Will laughs, shaking his head.  Ryder walks into the door frame.  Will and Scout look up.

Ryder: Everyone doing well on their finals?

Scout and Will look at each other like “what the hell?”

Ryder cont’d: Okay…you’re right…I don’t really care.  I need those study topics Finn gave out.  I’ve covered about three quarters of them and now I’ve lost them. 

Scout: You’re studying?

Ryder rolls his eyes.

Ryder: Tell me, what’s the weather like on Planet Scout this time of year?

Scout: Huh?

Will: He has been studying, man…like non-stop.

Will opens his notebook and pulls out the study sheet for Finn’s class.  He rips off the bottom and hands it to Ryder.

Will: I’ve been working from the bottom up…I’ve only covered like twenty-five percent, though…it’s going to be a long night.

Ryder puts the paper in his pocket.

Ryder: Thanks…later…

Ryder steps backwards out the door then walks off down the hall.

Scout: He was being weird.

Will: …and he was right?  What planet have you been living on?

Scout: I’ve got more important things to think about than Ryder.  This job, for one.  I mean…an architectural firm…I never thought my dad would go for that.

Will: Did you tell Jill yet?

Scout sighs.

Scout: I wish she could be back in NY this summer…that would make life perfect, you know?

Music: Stay On by Sugar Ray

(cut to): Jill alone in the room.  She’s on the phone.

Jill: Well, Dad…the class was hard.  No, there’s no way I can get a hundred and twenty-three on the final…I’m going to have to take the class again…you already told me that…no, it’s not like that, Dad…if there was no Scout and all I had concentrated on was this class I’m be in the same position…I know you’re not blaming him…I know…okay…okay…God, okay, Dad.  Fine, bye…I love you too…bye.

She hangs up the phone and tosses it on her bed.  She looks around, wondering about Gwen.  She notices the new picture on the wall.

(cut to): the garage.  Bella and Gwen sit on the bench in front of the garage.

Bella: Man…that’s bad, Gwen.

Gwen: Yeah, it was.

Bella: I also have trouble picturing this version of Ryder…I mean…he gave you a hug?

Gwen nods.

Gwen: After I tried to, you know, stick my tongue down his throat.

Bella laughs.

Bella: See…you’re already joking about it…that’s a good step.

Gwen: That wasn’t a joke…

Gwen smiles.

Bella: I’ve learned that it is definitely not a good idea to fall for your brother.

Gwen raises her eyebrows.

Gwen: Personal experience?

Bella sighs…

Gwen cont’d: Do tell…

(cut to): Scout as he sits at his desk, distracted. 

Scout: I better go find Jill…

Will: …you better prioritize…this final is going to be killer.

Scout gets up, ignoring him.  Will shakes his head, getting back to work.  After a moment, Finn walks in, knocking on the doorway.

Will: Hey…come to revoke Scout’s team membership?

Finn: Um…no, I actually came to ask you if you were looking for a summer job.

Will: Well, I’ve got Friendly’s.

Finn: Have you ever thought about journalism?

Will: Not really.

Finn: Okay.

Will: Why?

Finn: I know a guy at the Carson Dispatch…Jim Collins.

Will: He’s the editor.

Finn: Yeah…well, they need someone this summer.  Kind of somewhere in between gofer and intern.  They’re looking for a high school kid so…it shouldn’t be too demanding.  And, the pay is a little better than minimum wage…a lot better actually.

Will: That actually sounds cool.

Finn pulls a card out of his front pocket and hands it to Will.

Finn: It’s not assistant to Pat Conroy, but…it’ll get you around some real writers.  Jim’s editorials are great, I think.

Will: Yeah, they are…Finn…thank you.

Finn nods and starts to take off.

Will cont’d: Um…are you okay?

Finn raises his eyebrows.

Finn: I’m fine.

Will: Okay…Scout just mentioned…never mind.

Finn laughs.

Finn: You don’t even want to know.

Will nods, smiling.

Will: Okay…I just didn’t want you to have like no one to talk to.

Finn: Thanks…I’ll remember that.

Finn exits.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy. 

Music: Outerspace by Evan & Jaron

(cut to): a shot by the lake, not too far from the docks.  Gwen is sitting under a tree looking out across the lake.  Hamilton walks onto the docks and looks around.  He sees a bookbag leaning against a post and walks over to get it, as if he were looking for it.  He leans down and grabs it.  As he is standing up, he looks over and notices Gwen.  He gives her a puzzled look though she does not see him.

(cut to): a closer shot of Gwen.  She looks like she has probably been crying and has her knees drawn up to her chest.  Hamilton walks up.  She looks up at him then back across the lake.

Hamilton: Hey…are you okay?

Gwen nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Don’t you have finals to study for?

Gwen: I did already. 

Hamilton gives her another inquiring look, though she doesn’t notice, then takes a seat next to her.

Hamilton: So…you’re not okay.  I mean, you were obviously lying about that.

Gwen: You’re sweet, Hamilton, okay?  I’m just not in the mood to talk.

Hamilton: Mind if I just sit then?

She shrugs.

Hamilton: I’ll trade you…the contents of my backpack for what’s on your mind.  I have my notebook for Finn’s class with lots of evil doodles of him and maybe half a bag of Doritos.  Up for a barter?

Gwen sighs then she looks over at him.

Gwen: Why do you care?

Hamilton responds to this as if it’s the first time he’s even considered this question.

Hamilton: I guess…I guess because one of the most painful things is seeing someone else in pain.  Although, I have to admit that you’re pretty lucky I even picked up on it.

Gwen: Whatever…I don’t think you’re nearly as oblivious as you pretend to be.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: So…since I am so perceptive…what’s up?

Gwen: Ryder…

Hamilton: I should have known …

Gwen: It’s not like that.

Gwen looks down and some of her hair falls in her face.  Hamilton looks out across the lake.

Hamilton: Did he try something with you?

Gwen laughs.  She tucks her hair behind her ear and looks over at him.

Gwen: Picture this…stepbrother tells stepsister he’s in love with someone.  Being the dope that she, stepsister assumes it’s her and goes for the kiss.

Hamilton: Oh…ouch.

Gwen: No kidding, ouch.

Hamilton doesn’t say anything.

Gwen cont’d: I’m not like this desperate loser…if that’s what you’re thinking…

Hamilton: I wasn’t…

He laughs.

Hamilton: …maybe a little.

Gwen: Thanks Hamilton…

She laughs.

Hamilton: Hey, are you going to be here this summer?

Gwen nods.

Gwen: You?

Hamilton: Perpetually it seems…

Gwen nods sympathetically.

Hamilton: Anyway, let’s hang out sometime, okay? 

He gets up.

Hamilton cont’d: Don’t stay out here by yourself…

Gwen: I actually need to be alone and process right now.

Hamilton: Okay…I get that.

Gwen: Thanks Hamilton…

He turns around, bending a little and touching her shoulder.

Hamilton cont’d: Don’t beat yourself up…it won’t help anything.

Gwen nods and Ham walks off.

Music: Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

(cut to): Jill in her room.  She’s trying to concentrate on studying.  There is a knock at the door.  She gets up and walks over, opening it.  When she sees Scout, she smiles.

Jill: Hey there, study break.

Scout smiles and leans in, kissing her.  She pulls him into the room by his shirt.  He looks around.

Scout: Where’s Gwen?

Jill: I don’t know…haven’t seen her all afternoon.

Jill starts kissing him again.  He seems to remember the purpose of his visit. 

Scout: Um…Jill…

Jill: This is going to be a great summer…

Scout: Jill…

She steps back, raising her eyebrows.

Jill: Oh no…

Scout: About this summer…

Jill: Scout, if you tell me you’re not going to be here—

Scout: My dad got me a job with this architect he knows.  It’s like this huge firm in New York City.

Jill: New York?

Scout nods, looking down.

Jill: You’re going to be in New York this summer and…I’m going to be stuck here.  How…ironic.

Scout: I know…it sucks…it’s just—

Jill: A really good opportunity for you.

A beat.

Scout: So…you’re definitely going to be here for the summer?

Jill: Unless you can think of a way for me to get a hundred and twenty three on this chemistry final…

Scout: Well, normally I’d say sleep with the teacher, but since it’s Mrs. Crawford…

Scout smiles and Jill socks him in the arm.

Jill: No…there’s no hope. I’m stuck here for the summer, without Jacqueline and now without you.

She sits down on her bed and seems to have a realization:
Jill cont’d: Man, this summer is really going to suck…well, for some of us anyway.

Scout takes a step forward and falls to his knees.  Kneeling in front of Jill, he takes her hands.

She tries to continue looking angry, but can’t help smiling slightly.

Scout: This job means a lot to me, but…you mean more…

Jill: Scout—

Scout: …and if you want me to stay, then I will…no resentment attached.

Jill: Yeah right.

Scout: Seriously…I mean, let’s weigh the options from my point of view…jaded as it may be…on one hand, there’s New York and a job which, as cool as it sounds, is still work and, let’s face it, I got all the “character building” I could have ever asked for from working at Friendly’s this past year.  Now, on the other hand…there’s you…and, well, you…and…

She doesn’t hesitate smiling at this point.  He decides to play off that:

Scout cont’d: …and all the hot sex I’d want…

She rolls her eyes and pushes him back. 

Jill: Dream on, boy…Scout…

She starts laughing.

Jill cont’d: Oh…that’s good…I’ve never thought of that before…

Scout: Well, you’d be the only one. 

He smiles and fakes struggle to get up.  He sits next to her on the bed, regaining some seriousness.

Scout: Say the word…and I’ll stay. 

Jill: Don’t you dare.

He looks at her, gauging her sincerity.

Jill: Go to New York, Scout.

Scout: But—

Jill: Email me everyday…and I’ll try to visit on weekends…hey, where are you living?

Scout: Well…my dad is working on that right now.  He knows a lot of people, but it’s still kind of impossible to find a spare room in that city.

Jill: Okay…crazy idea, but…stay at my place.

Scout: What?

Jill: My dad will be in London for the first half of the summer.

Scout thinks about this.

Jill cont’d: Besides…he probably likes you a lot more than me right now…he’s not at all thrilled about the failing a class thing.

Scout: Well…neither am I…

Jill: See, when he comes back from London, you two can sit around and Jill-bash.

Scout: I wouldn’t dare.

Jill smiles.

Jill: New York is great in the summer…you’ll love it.

Scout: I doubt I’ll “love” it, but—

Jill: You’ll love it.

A beat.

Scout: I’m going to talk to my dad about staying with your dad.  That could work.

Jill: Careful, though…he’s way more of a neat freak than he lets on in typical conversation.

Scout smiles.

Scout: So am I.

A beat.

Scout cont’d: I should let you get back to studying.

Jill grins.

Jill: I’ll decide when the study break is over.

Scout smiles and Jill leans in to kiss him.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, several days later. 

(cut to): a shot of the halls of the boys’ dorms.  There is a lot of activity since exams are over and some people are packing up to go. 

(cut to): Ryder alone in his room, although the door is opened.  There are several boxes, all but one taped shut.  He places a handful of stuff into the last box and starts to close it.

Finn: Ryder…all packed?

Ryder looks over to the door as Finn walks in.

Ryder: Pretty much…hope you aren’t here to tell me that my efforts are in vain.

Finn: Not at all.  You did very well on your final…in fact, on all of them.  I’m surprised, but impressed with your performance and I just wanted to come wish you well.

Ryder: Well…it was really the only ticket out—

Finn: I don’t know…seems to me you don’t hate it around here nearly as much as you let on.

Ryder: Oh, I think I could provide evidence to the contrary.

Finn smiles.

Finn: I won’t push it…I’ll even pretend I’m glad to see you go.

Ryder: I’m sure it won’t be much of a stretch.

Finn: You’ve really grown this year…this semester especially.  I’m proud of you.

Finn sticks out his hand and Ryder shakes it.  Finn pats him on the back.

Finn: Now get packed and get out of here.

Finn turns around and exits. 

Ryder: Loser…

Ryder turns, with an ironic smiles, to finish with the box.

Music: Absent by Neve

(cut to): the door as Jake walks in.

Jake: Who is?

(cut to): Ryder as he turns around to find Jake standing in his door.  Jake walks in, closing the door.

Ryder: Finn…hi.

Jake: Hey…I just had a minute and thought…

Ryder: Oh…I…this is really something I need to do on my own terms, okay?

Jake gives him a skeptical look.

Ryder: Like I said…it’s something I need to work up to.

Jake: I don’t really know where you’re coming from…

Ryder looks down almost smiling.

Ryder: I know you don’t. 

Jake: If you’re planning on some big…whatever…for your final days at Rawley…don’t involve me…or Hamilton…okay?  I’m asking you for that. 

Ryder looks at her for a moment with a tilted head.  He snaps out of it:

Ryder: Honestly, Jake, the last thing on my mind right now is some big, final prank.  I’m just sitting back, watching the final grades roll in and counting down the days until I can go back home.

Jake: …to London, right?

Ryder nods.

Ryder: Yeah…so?

Jake shakes her head and backs out.

Jake: No reason…I’ll be around when you’re ready to “talk.” 

(dissolve to): to Jake and Jill is Jake’s room.  Jill is helping her pack.

Jill: Tell me why you’re being so, I don’t know, calm about this Ryder thing.  I mean, God, Jacqueline.

Jake: I don’t know…

Jill: Tell me you don’t have a thing for him…I mean, if you want a hot British guy, just wait until this summer when—

Jake: Hey, Jill…don’t go there.  You know I don’t have feelings like that for Ryder.

Jill: But…you do have feelings for him.

Jake: Have you ever talked to him?  I mean, really talked to him. 

Jill shrugs like “why on earth would I have?”

Jake: He gets this look sometimes like…

Jill: He’s plotting the demise of the entire world?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Just listen to me for a second…it’s like it’s a total front…the whole bad boy thing.  I mean do you really think that Gwen would be so dumb to stick by him if he was always and absolutely a jerk?

Jill: Maybe…

Jake: Doubtful.  There’s something more there and…it’s kind of intriguing.

Jill: Will you listen to yourself?  Do you know what Ham-boy is going to do if he finds out you’re planning on having some deep conversation with his adversary. 

Jake shrugs.

Jake: He’ll get over it.

Jill: You’re willing to risk Hamilton just to talk to this jerk?

Jake: Well, let me just say that if, after all we’ve been through, our relationship boiled down to something as stupid as that then—

Jill: You know it’ll hurt him.  He’s like Mr. Hyper-sensitive…especially where you and Ryder are concerned.

Jake: It’s not a big deal…trust me.

(cut to): Gwen still sitting by the lake.  She gets up without really wanting to.  She shakes her head and turns to go inside.  Hamilton is approaching again.  She sighs.

Gwen: I’m going in, okay?

Hamilton reaches her.

Hamilton: I just…thought of something I wanted to ask you.

Gwen: …yes?

Hamilton: Who is he in love with?

Gwen: Huh?

Hamilton: Ryder?  If he’s not in love with you…then who is it?

Gwen shrugs.

Gwen: He said some girl back in London.

Hamilton squints.

Hamilton: He’s going to be in London…

Gwen: Yeah…

Hamilton: …for this summer too?

Gwen: Duh, Hamilton…for…forever.

Hamilton gives this some consideration.  A beat.

Gwen: What?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Hamilton: Nothing…I just wanted the whole story…

Gwen: Yeah, right.

Hamilton: I’ll walk you back to the dorms, okay?

Gwen nods and they walk off.

(cut to): Will walking into a building in Carson.  A sign over the door says “The Carson Dispatch.”  Will is wearing khakis and a short-sleeved dress shirt. 

(cut to): Jim Collins at his desk.  He’s on the phone when Will steps into the doorway.  He nods for him to come over.  Will walks in and has a seat.  Jim is a man of about the same age as Finn, though he looks a little older. 

Jim: Yeah…yes…that’s fine…just try to get back here before six.  Okay, bye.

He looks up at Will.

Jim: My best reporter, Frank…he’s up in Boston on a story.

Will: Frank Sheppard?

Jim smiles.

Will cont’d: His stories are great…writing-wise.

Jim: Ah…reporting-wise too.

Will nods.

Jim cont’d: Finn tells me you’re a writer…but not a reporter.

Will shrugs.

Will: I haven’t made any definite career plans yet…I haven’t looked into reporting much.

Jim smiles.

Jim: Well, you come with high recommendations from a good friend so…the job’s yours if you want it.  It’s mostly going to be helping out around the office, but the experience is great…and there’s a lot of it.  Don’t expect much free time.

Will smiles.

Will: Sounds like just the thing for me this summer…I want to keep busy.

Jim: Finn said that was probably the case.  He thinks highly of you, Mr. Krudski.

Will: He’s not too bad himself.

Music: Not Above You by Dezeray’s Hammer

(cut to): Finn as he walks through New Rawley.  He reaches Johanna’s house.  He pauses at the gate, not noticing Meagan in the corner of the yard…she’s using the hose to water plants.

Meagan: Finn…hey…

He looks up, noticing her.

Finn: Hey, kiddo…is your mom around?

Meagan: She’s in the kitchen…go around to the back door.

Finn: Thanks.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Johanna is cooking and doesn’t hear the first time Finn knocks.  He pushes the door open a little. 

Finn: Johanna?

She looks up.

Johanna: What are you —

Finn: I really need to explain something to you.

Johanna: I’m making dinner…

He looks down, disappointed.

Johanna cont’d: …so, if you’re going to talk…you can help out.

He looks up again, pleased that she’s giving him a chance.  He quickly enters and shuts the door behind him.  Johanna points him to a pile of apples and a knife.

Johanna: Peel.

He smiles and picks up the knife and an apple, though he doesn’t start pealing right away.

Johanna: Talk.

Finn: I was a lot harsher than was deserved.

Johanna: Yes, you were.

Finn: I was just mad, Johanna.

Johanna: About Danny?

Finn: More like mad at you for taking him back…some things are unforgivable. 

Johanna looks up at him and tilts her head.  Finn can’t maintain eye contact.

Johanna: I didn’t take him back…and…what “things”?

Finn: Meagan told me about…um…what happened…before…

Johanna is speechless.  She sits down at the table and puts her head in her hands.

Johanna: I can’t believe she would —

Finn: It was a while ago.  It made me so proud of you, though.  And…when I saw him here that morning, I lost some of that faith in you.

Johanna: Oh my God…you must think —

Finn: But…what you said on the dock…I understand that too.  I didn’t at first, but…I do now.

He sets the knife and apple down and walks over to the table.  He pulls a chair out and places it next to Johanna.  He takes a seat.

Finn cont’d: I had a great monologue all worked out for you, but I don’t think you’re in any better shape to hear it now than I was to give it a few months ago so…

Johanna looks up at him.  He takes her hand.

Finn cont’d: I’ve never had a friendship like this, and…I’m not in any rush to give it up.

She smiles.

Johanna: Thank you.

Meagan walks in.  She starts to turn around and walk out again once she assesses the situation.

Finn: Hey…where are you going?

Meagan: I just remembered I have to…do something…outside.

Finn gets up, letting go off Johanna’s hand, but gently touching her shoulder.

Finn: Not so fast…I need some help with these apples.

Meagan looks at Finn then at her mom who still looks a little upset.  Finn gives Meagan a reassuring look and Meagan walks over to help him.

(fade out)


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(fade in): an establishing shot of the Rawley Academy quad.  There are chairs set up with a podium in front and additional seating behind and around.  Clearly, a pre-graduation scene. 

Music: Safer on the Outside (kind of Ryder’s theme this episode)

(cut to): the halls of the boys dorms.  Many boys are moving boxes out; there are parents around.  Others are wearing graduation caps and gowns and don’t look at all concerned with moving.  Will steps out of his room into the hall.  He looks around, appreciating the scene for a moment.  He then turns and walks down the hall. 

(cut to): near the stairs as Ryder walks down them.  He is wearing his cap and gown…and, amazingly, a smile.  Will walks by him.

Will: Lookin’ good, Ryder.

Ryder: Thanks lil’ Krudski…but I already knew that.

They both turn to walk in the same direction so are forced to maintain the conversation.

Will: So, you should keep in touch or something.

Ryder looks at him, a little evilly, but then smiles.

Ryder: I’ll give you my email address.

Will is surprised by such an offer, but nods acceptingly.  A beat.

Will: So, are you nervous about graduating?

Ryder: Try anxious…I’m ready to get the hell out of here, Krudski. 

Will: Hey…you might miss us.

Ryder: Think again…well, maybe one or two of you…

Will: Like Gwen, huh?

Ryder looks over at him almost angry for bringing up the thought of something he had been trying to push out of his head.

Ryder: Why do you say that?

Will: You guys seem close, that’s all. 

Ryder: Well, duh…she’s my sister.

Will: …yeah, but not really…

Ryder: Krudski…don’t go down this path…I’ve been there too recently.

Will doesn’t get it.

Will cont’d: I’m just wondering why nothing’s ever happened between you two.  I never really noticed before, but…she’s really a pretty sweet girl…I was talking to her one night a few weeks ago when Jill and Scout—

Ryder: Krudski, what the hell are you babbling about?  I told you…she’s my sister.  I love her like that.

Will: Okay… 

Ryder nods like “good.”  Will and Ryder reach the doors of the building and walk out.

(cut to): Hamilton in his bedroom.  He’s dressed nicely and seems to wander around his room.  There is a knock, but the door is only partially closed.  Hamilton looks over and his dad pushes the door opened.

Hamilton: Hey, Dad.

Steven: You about ready to walk over?

Hamilton: I guess.

Steven: I want to talk to you for a second first.

Hamilton: Okay…

He looks a little worried as his dad walks in, closing the door.

Steven: I haven’t talked to your mom about this yet, but…how’d you like to get out of here?

Hamilton: Where?

Steven: This room.

Steven looks around.

Steven cont’d: I know your mom said something about you moving into the dorms last summer and I thought maybe in the fall you’d like to follow through with that.

Hamilton’s jaw drops a little as he looks at his dad in disbelief, then he seems to remember something:

Hamilton: I…I kind of like not having a roommate.

Steven: That could be arranged.

Hamilton looks relieved.

Hamilton: Well…then…yeah…that would be excellent.  Thanks, Dad.

Steven smiles, satisfied.  Hamilton walks over to him, giving him a hug.  The dean is slightly taken aback, but hugs him back.

(cut to): Outside on the quad.  More and more people have taken seats.  There are some graduates milling around, talking to their parents and friends. 

(cut to): Jill and Scout sitting together.

Scout: My dad actually seemed pretty relieved when I told him about staying at your place.  I was excited about being out on my own, but he was concerned that I would be alone for the first half of the summer.  Then I told him about your driver and housekeeper living there so he was cool with it.

Jill: My dad was pretty excited about it too.  I was like, “you sound happier than if I was coming home.”  He said he was…he’s being a jerk to me now about flunking this class.

Scout: I’m sure he didn’t mean it.

Jill shrugs as Scout takes her hand.  A beat.  Scout looks around.

Scout: Hey…there’s Gwen.

Jill looks in the direction he is pointing in.

(cut to): a shot from their point of view.  Gwen sits alone in a section across from them.

(cut to): Scout and Jill.  Will walks up to them and looks over at Gwen.

Will: We should invite her to sit with us…I doubt her dad and Ryder’s mom will be making an appearance.

Jill (sarcastically): How depressing.

Will: You know…Ryder has made an amazing transformation. 

Jill: Well, Gwen’s still Gwen.

Scout: Jill…

Jill: Look, she’s good to room with, but considering the grades she makes, you’d expect her to be a little less…stupid.  She totally has a thing for Ryder.

Will: No way…Ryder was just going on about how she’s like a sister to him.

Jill: Well, I’ve never heard her make a speech like that…and look at her now…could she look less pleased to see him go.

Hamilton: What’s going on?

Will, Scout and Jill look over as Hamilton walks up.

Will: Jill was just explaining her theory on Gwen and Ryder.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

Scout: She thinks Gwen has a thing for Ryder.

Hamilton: Maybe instead of talking about her, you should invite her to sit with us and talk to her.  Then you wouldn’t have to sit around gossiping about her…

Hamilton shakes his head and walks off, in the direction of Gwen.

Jill, Will and Scout look around, confused.

Music: Make it Better by Evan & Jaron

(cut to): Gwen as Hamilton approaches.

Hamilton: Why are you sitting by yourself?

Gwen: Did I look like I was having a bad time?

Hamilton nods, smiling.

Gwen cont’d: Well…I wasn’t.  Get lost.

Hamilton slides into a chair next to her.

Hamilton: Come sit with us…

He nods over to where Jill, Scout and Will are sitting.

Gwen: No…thanks, but…they hate me.

Hamilton: That’s crazy…no they don’t.  And besides…who cares if they do?

Gwen shrugs.

Hamilton: Fine…I’ll sit over here then.

Gwen: You better go back over…there’s Jake.

Hamilton looks.

(cut to): Jill, Scout and Will as Jake walks up.  Jill says something to her and she looks up to Hamilton.

(cut to): Hamilton as his eyes meet Jake’s.  He waves and nods for her to come over.

Gwen: So…you’re completely in love with that guy, huh?

Hamilton looks at her as if he’s forgotten what she overheard at the pageant.

Hamilton: Can we not talk about that…out here…

He looks around to see if anyone else heard her.

Gwen: Oh…right.  Sorry.

Jake reaches them.

Jake: Hey, Ham….Gwen.

Gwen: Hi, Jake.

Jake smiles at her, but looks at Hamilton like she’s a little angry.  Hamilton gives her an “it’s cool” look, she doesn’t look to comforted by that.

Jake: Why don’t you guys come sit with us over there?

Hamilton: Why don’t you just sit down with us here?

Jake: The view’s better over there.

Hamilton: No way…the sun’s going to be right in your eyes.

Jake looks at him getting a little angrier, but before she can say anything, Ryder walks up.  He still has on the cap and gown, of course.

Ryder: Hi there…

He looks at Jake briefly, then Gwen.  He sits down in the seat on the other side of her, putting his arm around the back of her chair.  Hamilton gives him a dirty look of which Jake takes note. Hamilton looks up at Jake trying to get her to stay.  She sits down in a seat in front of the three of them.

Ryder: I want to talk to you before I go.

Gwen: That’s not necessary…I get it.

Ryder looks up at Jake and Hamilton, trying to be guarded when he speaks.

Ryder: I’ve got to explain something to you.

Gwen: There’s nothing to explain.  Have a nice life.

Ryder: It’s not like I’m not going to keep in touch with you Gwen.  I’ll even promise to visit next year.

Gwen: Oh…well…now my life can go on.

Ryder: Look…it’s up to you, but…please come talk to me before I take off.  My bus leaves at eight and I’ll be in my room before that.

Gwen doesn’t say anything.  Ryder looks up at Jake and speaks pointedly as he gets up:

Ryder: I’ll be in my room until about six-thirty.

(cut to): Jake who remembers that time.

(cut to): a shot that includes everyone.

Ryder looks at Hamilton who is already giving him the snidest of looks.

Ryder: Ham…good luck around here.

Ryder sticks out his hand for Hamilton to shake.  Hamilton looks at it then at Ryder, not taking it.

Ryder: I…I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you.

Hamilton gives him a very perplexed look, as do Jake and Gwen.

Ryder cont’d: Now probably isn’t the best time to make amends, but…I’ve had more going on than you could have ever understood.

Ryder starts to retract his hand, but Hamilton reaches out and shakes it.  Ryder nods, pleased then takes off.

Hamilton: That was weird.

Jake turns around in her seat.

Jake: That was nice.

Hamilton squints.

Jake cont’d: …of you.  That was nice of you.

Hamilton smiles and, for the first time in this scene, looks like he’d really like to be alone with Jake.  Gwen looks back and forth from Jake to Ham.  She’s never really seen them together since she’s found out they were a couple. 

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the lake.  It’s late afternoon.

(cut to): the graduation ceremony.  It’s almost over.  The graduates stand together and do the traditional turning of the tassels. 

(cut to): a shot of Ryder as he does it.  He looks relieved.

(cut to): Will, Scout and Jill as they watch.  Scout looks over at Jill, smiling.

(cut to): Gwen and Hamilton…Jake still sits in front of them.  Jake smiles at the ceremony and Hamilton watches her, not exactly pleased.

(cut to): Finn, as he sits with the rest of the faculty, in his own Harvard graduation gown (as is the tradition of faculty).  He looks over his shoulder into the audience and waves.

(cut to): Meagan and Johanna.  Meagan waves.

(dissolve to): after the ceremony.  Finn walks up to Meagan and Johanna.  Will jogs up to Finn.

Will: Finn…I went and saw Jim Collins like you said.  Hi, Ms. Ryan…Meagan.

He looks around, feeling he’s interrupting.  Finn gives him a look that encourages him to continue.

Will: I got the job.

Johanna: Jim Collins as in the Carson Dispatch?

Finn looks at Will nodding.

Johanna cont’d: You’re working there this summer?  That’s great.

Will: I think it’ll be an awesome experience.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you Finn…you’ve helped me out so much and…there’s just no way I could ever re-pay you.

Finn: You know…one Rawley Academy tour for Meagan courtesy of Mr. Will Krudski would just about get you out of the red.

Will smiles, looking at Meagan then back up at Finn and Johanna getting it.

Will: How’d you like that, Meag?

Meagan: Sounds boring…but…

She looks at her mom and Finn.

Meagan: …I guess I can make the sacrifice.

Will: Great…come on…

(cut to): Meagan and Will as they walk down the halls of Rawley Academy.  They pass the dean’s office.

Will: That’s the dean’s office.

Meagan: Fascinating…

Will: Am I boring you, my dear?

Meagan: Terribly, good sir.

Will laughs.

Meagan: I bet nothing exciting ever happens around here.

Will: Well, I wouldn’t say that…

(cut to): Jake, Ham and Gwen.

Music: Stuck in a Moment by U2

Gwen: Well, I guess I should get back to my room…

Hamilton: Hang out for awhile.

Jake gives him a moderately dirty look then walks off.  He turns to Gwen.

Hamilton: Hang on one second.

He then jogs off after Jake.

Hamilton: Where are you going?

Jake: To my room.  I have to finish packing.

Hamilton: I thought I was going to help…

Jake: Yeah, so did I.

She keeps walking.  He grabs her wrist before forgetting where they are.  He drops it before she has the chance to pull it back from him.

Jake cont’d: Hey…it’s cool, okay?  I’m not leaving until tomorrow…we’ll hang out tonight or something.

Hamilton: Look, I’ll ditch her…right now.  She kind of had this thing and…anyway…I want to spend time with you…that’s all that’s important to me.

He looks very intent on proving this to her.  She smiles.

Jake: Thank you…but…she kind of does look a little distraught so…whatever you two have going on…finish it and…I’ll see you tonight.

Hamilton: Something going on?  No, wait…it’s not like that…I mean, you know it would never be like that?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Whatever…I have some stuff I need to settle with Ryder too and—

Hamilton: What?  Stuff to “settle?”

Jake nods.

Jake: He said he wanted to talk to me before he left and, considering his recent good behavior I figured it wouldn’t hurt—

Hamilton: All he is capable of is hurting people…that’s what’s wrong with Gwen right now.  She…

He steps closer to Jake, but not close enough to look too suspicious.  He speaks as if trying to convince her that Ryder is bad.

Hamilton cont’d: She tried to kiss him and he went on about being in love with someone else.  What a jerk.  How can you not see what a jerk he is?

Jake: Someone…else?

Hamilton: Why…why are you saying it like that?  Like you hope it’s you.

Jake rolls her eyes and walks away from him.

Jake: Come by tonight…or don’t…

Hamilton swallows hard and looks upset with her…and himself.

Music: Stuck in a Moment by U2 (just reiterating that)

(cut to): Finn and Johanna as they walk by the lake.

Johanna: You work…and live…in one of the most beautiful places.

Finn: Well…stop by anytime.

Johanna stops walking.

Johanna: About that…

Finn stops and turns to her.

Finn: What?

Johanna: You know that monologue you made reference to?

Finn looks a little surprised.

Johanna cont’d: …and how you said I wasn’t in the best place to hear it?

Finn nods.

Johanna cont’d: Well…I think I’d like to hear it.

Finn swallows and raises his eyebrows.

Finn: When I suggested spending some time alone, I wasn’t expecting—

Johanna: I know, but…I want to hear what you have to say…I owe you that…I owe myself that.

Finn looks at her.  She looks down, tucking her hair behind her ear.  Finn doesn’t speak and doesn’t stop watching her, even when she looks back up at him.

Finn: I…I suddenly can’t remember what I had to say…

Johanna: Maybe that’s not a bad thing…

She steps toward him.  He doesn’t move at first, but then steps back.

Finn: I…don’t think I can do this right now.

Johanna looks down, then back up at him.  He looks very torn between what he wants to do and should do.

Johanna: I guess I am pretty screwed up right now…

Finn: It’s not about you…it’s me…I…God, this is getting trite.

Johanna: Yes…it is.

She walks away.  Finn stands there, looking out at the lake.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the gas station as Sean rides up.

(cut to): a closer shot.  Bella is under the hood of a car working on it, but also has her geometry book opened on the fender.  She seems to have her attention on both.  Sean sneaks up behind her.

Sean: Hey there Beauty Queen…

Bella looks over her shoulder.

Bella: Hey, have you studied for geometry?

Sean smiles.

Sean: Yes.  I went to all the study sessions and made an outline of all the chapters.

Bella: Impressive…this on top of baseball and student government?

Sean: Well…I need to do well to stay on the team and…how would it look if even the student body president couldn’t pass Mrs. Taylor’s geometry exam.

Bella smiles.

Sean cont’d: But…if you need some help…

Bella raises her eyebrows.

Sean cont’d: …Scout’s coming over to help me and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind helping you too…

Bella: Oh yeah…Rawley’s graduation was today.  I guess he’s all done with exams.

Sean: Must be nice…anyway…we’re meeting at Friendly’s at eight so…

Bella: Sounds good.  Thanks Sean.

(cut to): Will, Jill and Scout as they walk down the hall of the dorms toward Will and Scout’s room.

Jill: So…any word on if you two are rooming together next year?

Scout and Will look at one another.

Will: Why wouldn’t we be?

Jill: I don’t know…you don’t always get your preferred roommate.

Scout: What?  No way…they better not split us up.  Next year was my year to have the bed by the window.

Will: Well at least next year we’ll be upperclassmen…we’ll get to move upstairs.

Scout: So…no more hall showers?

Jill: Are you complaining?

Scout: No way…this is great.

They reach their room.  Will opens the door.

Will: I don’t know…I kind of like this place…

Scout (faking sappy): We have been through a lot here, man…

Will: …with all your stuff gone.

Scout: Hey…shut up.

Will: I mean, look how it opens the place up.

Will laughs, but stops when he looks over and sees Scout.

Scout: We really have been through a lot here…

Will: Yeah…yeah, we have.

Jill: …and the Rawley boys get nostalgic.

Will (to Jill): You know…you’ve been kind of pissy today.

Jill looks at him then Scout who nods in agreement.

Jill: It’s a well-constructed disguise.

Will looks at Scout.

Will: Aw…she’s going to miss you, man.

Jill: Shut up, Will.

Will: I’ll give you two some time alone.

He steps inside the room, shutting the door behind him and leaving them out in the hall.

(cut to): Jake in her room.  She’s through packing and looks around at all her boxes.  She looks at the door then checks her watch. 

(cut to): Hamilton and Gwen as they still hang out on the quad.  Graduates and their parents still mingle. 

Hamilton: Wait, wait, wait…there’s no way you’re going to convince me the guy was ever nice.

Gwen: He was…before he came here.  Actually, not before he came here.  It was the summer before last.  That’s when he got like this.  He was here…then he went home for the summer then…he was a jerk.  Well, you should remember…you were here.

Hamilton considers this.

Gwen: Before that I’d known him for a year or two and he was really nice…kind of a slacker, I guess, but he stood up for me…and himself.  My dad hates him.

Hamilton: I don’t buy it…or get it.

Gwen: You really don’t remember?  I don’t know…maybe he was just always different at school and I never saw that until the past few years.

Hamilton: So, you’re trying to tell me that something happened to him over a summer and he came back as Satan?

Gwen shrugs.

Gwen: I’m just saying you have a really warped view of Ryder and maybe if you were willing to look a little deeper you could see that…like Jake does.

Hamilton doesn’t like this.

Hamilton: Jake has his own reasons for trying to understand Ryder…and they aren’t reasons I approve of.

Gwen: That’s cute, but…I don’t think Jake is really…Ryder’s type if you know what I mean.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton (to himself): You’d be surprised.

Gwen doesn’t really hear and before she can say anything, Steven and Kate who has been mingling with parents, approach them.

Hamilton: Hi, Dad…Mom…

Steven smiles and looks at Gwen.

Hamilton: Oh…you know Gwen Vaughn, right?  And Gwen, this is my dad…um…Dean Fleming and my mom.

Gwen: I know…

Steve raises his eyebrows suspiciously, but playfully.  Hamilton closes his eyes, but tries to smile.  Kate watches Hamilton closely.

Steven: Okay, well…we were just stopping to say hi.  We’ve got parents to meet and elbows to rub…see you later tonight, son.

Hamilton: Okay.

Steven and Kate walk away.  Hamilton hangs his head, sighing.

Gwen: It must be really hard…that they don’t know.

Hamilton: Uh…yeah.

Gwen: They don’t right?

Hamilton: My dad doesn’t…my mom kind of does, though.

Gwen: Wow…that must be really stressful for her.

Hamilton: I haven’t been that great to her lately either…she’s done me a huge favor not telling my dad.

Gwen: Why can’t you tell him?  Even if he flips at first he seems—

Hamilton: It’s more complicated than that…there’s a lot more to tell than you think.  I can’t lose Jake…that’s just not an option. 

Gwen: I’ve never really known anyone gay before…

Hamilton: Me either…uh…except me, of course…

Gwen: …and Jake.

Hamilton: It’s really, really a secret though, okay?  Not that many people know and I want it that way right now.

Gwen: I get it, Hamilton…I do.

Hamilton looks up at the building, in thought.

Hamilton: I have to go catch up with Jake…I can’t stand to think he’s mad at me.

Gwen: I guess I should go talk to Ryder too…

Hamilton: To the dorms together?

Gwen nods.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley.

Music: All You Wanted by Michelle Branch (the mellower, slower remake that she would do especially for us)

(cut to): the halls of the boys dorms.  Jake stands at Ryder’s door about to knock.

(cut to): a shot down the hall as Gwen walks up…when she sees Jake she stops.  She hesitates for a moment then turns around.

(cut to): Hamilton as he walks away from Jake’s room.  As he passes the stairs, Gwen comes down.  They look at each other like “what happened?”

Hamilton: He wasn’t there.

Gwen: Uh…yeah…neither was he…

Hamilton: Jake was there.

Gwen looks down.

(cut to): Ryder’s room.  Jake has just entered and looks around.

Ryder: It’s weird to have all my stuff gone.  I had it sent ahead of me...

Jake: This is a nice single.

Ryder: Yes…

Jake: So, you sent your stuff to London already?

Ryder: Yep…even my car.

Jake: I should tell you…I’m going to be there for a while too.

Ryder: London?

Jake nods.

Jake: My mom’s going to be there for the first part of the summer and she wants me to join her.

Ryder: Oh…I sort of thought I would never see you again…it made this easier…not that I don’t want to hang out this summer if you want to…it’s just—

Jake: So…who are you in love with?

Ryder: That was abrupt.

Jake: Because I think Hamilton has this idea that it’s me…but no matter how I look at it, I don’t really see that.

Ryder laughs, more to himself.  Jake tries hard to read him.

Ryder: What you’re saying is…you don’t think I’m in love with you?

Jake: No…I don’t.  So, what I want to know is…are you really in love with someone?  If you are…that’s…great…kind of fascinating.  But…if you’re not…and you were just messing with Gwen or something…that’s awful.

Ryder swallows.

Ryder: Okay.  Um…can you sit down?

Jake sits on the bed.  Ryder sits on the window ledge opposite her.  He fidgets a moment…looking truly nervous.  He looks up at her without saying anything as he tries to decide where to begin.  He takes a deep breath and looks down when he speaks.

Ryder: The summer before last, I went home…home to London.  I saw people that I grew up with…really good friends.  There was one in particular that I really hated to leave, but I had to…to come back here.

Jake: Bitterness toward Rawley explained.

Ryder nods.

Ryder: Nothing ever happened between us…and, I was really confused by the whole thing…

Jake: So…what’s the problem?  You go back and pick up where you left off…

Ryder: It’s not that easy.  This would be a completely different kind of relationship for me.

Jake: Sincere?

Ryder: Well…yes.

Ryder pauses for a moment.  He’s never looked so unguarded. 

Ryder cont’d: I’ve been trying to shove this idea out of my head for…well, almost two years.  I didn’t want this…it’s going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I can’t go on like this anymore…torturing everyone around me…mostly because I’m jealous of them.

He looks up now.

Jake: What?

Ryder: Look at you and Ham…I mean…you’re the paradigm of being in love…I was intrigued by that even before I knew…everything.  I was also…am also…completely envious of what you have.  And…I’m so afraid of it too.

Jake: I might be missing something here, but…why are you so afraid?

Ryder looks at her.  She looks back, searchingly.

Ryder: Are we friends?

Jake: I don’t know.

Ryder: Can we be?

Jake: I hope so.

Ryder: This is hard to say…it’s hard to explain.  Saying it out loud is the final step in admitting it to myself, but I want you to know…to be the first to know…

Jake: M-maybe you should talk to Gwen…

Ryder: You asked who I’m in love with…

Jake nods.

Ryder cont’d: …his name is Lawrence. 

Jake almost chokes.

Jake: Wh-what?

Ryder: He’s been my mate…my friend…since we were boys.  Everyone’s always known he was gay…I mean, I guess they have…I have.  No one treats him any different because of it…

Jake: Ryder…oh my God…

She’s truly shocked.

Ryder: Yeah…not what you were expecting, huh?

Jake: No.

Her look is one of bemused amazement.

Ryder: Me either…

Jake: Homophobia explained.

Ryder chuckles.

Ryder: I don’t know why I wanted to tell you…but…I’m glad you know.

Jake: Me too…

A beat.

Jake cont’d: Does…does Lawrence know?

Ryder: I don’t know…I mean, I’ve never told him…I’ve never told anyone…

Jake is truly at a loss for words.

Ryder cont’d: Please, say something.

Jake: I don’t think I’m capable. 

She thinks of something:

Jake cont’d: You are…you are serious, right?

Ryder looks put off by this statement.

Ryder: Of course…

Jake: How long have you known…I mean…known for sure?

Ryder: How long have we been talking?

Jake laughs.

Ryder: Honestly…I think it was around the same time I figured out that you’re actually a…Jacqueline.  I was never attracted to you—

Jake: Thanks…

She smiles

Ryder: But…when I found out you’re a girl…I wanted to be attracted to you.  I tried to convince myself.  I don’t know, maybe that’s why I like you so much…I spent a lot of time trying to fall in love with you.

Jake: That’s sweet…in a twisted kind of way.

Ryder looks down.  A beat.

Ryder: Anyway, I knew it then…even if I didn’t admit it.  Funny, I don’t know how I ever justified anything else to myself…let me show you something…

He pulls out his wallet.  There are pictures inside.

Ryder: These are my mates…I even threw in a few of my dad and one of Gwen for variety, but…deliberately none of Lawrence.  Except…

From behind one of the other pictures he pulls out a picture that’s been cut to fit in the wallet.  It’s clearly of Lawrence…a fairly attractive, brown-haired young man.

Ryder: It’s funny to me now…I don’t know what I thought I was doing hiding a picture of this guy in my wallet.

Ryder holds onto the corner of the picture tightly and looks at it.

Jake: I am…shocked and amazed…in a good way.

She gets up from the bed and walks over to the window, sitting next to him.

Ryder: …and that’s why I’m afraid.  I’ve felt this overwhelming pull back to England.  I’ve tried to convince myself it was my dad, but…it’s so clearly not.  I called him a few weeks ago…Lawrence.  When I said it was me…he already knew.  That made me feel—

Jake looks at him, still surprised…he catches himself.

Ryder cont’d: This is way too much information isn’t it?

Jake: No.

Ryder: I’m really scared…have I said that already?

Jake: Yes, but…how could you not be?

Ryder looks at her, then down.

Ryder: I wish when Gwen kissed me…I wish I’d liked it…

Jake puts her arm on his back almost instinctively.

Ryder cont’d: This isn’t who I want to be, Jacqueline.  I want to be Ryder the jerk…the one everyone hates, but who has no trouble getting the girl…

His voice cracks a little and he hides face even more, trying to cover tears.  Jake tightens her grip on him, pulling him closer to her.

Ryder cont’d: I don’t want to be the big idiot crying like a baby because he’s…I’ve never said that before…

He looks up at her and speaks as if it is a revelation:

Ryder: I’m gay.

His eyes are teary, though he doesn’t obviously cry.  Jake wraps another arm around him with little awkwardness.

(cut to): the stairs outside Ryder’s room.  Gwen and Hamilton sit a few steps down so as to be concealed if anyone were to come out.

Hamilton: I really think I should go in there…

Gwen: Hamilton…I think you can drop the jealousy act…Ryder’s as much a threat to your relationship with Jake as…I am…

Gwen laughs…Hamilton looks over at her, possibly understanding Jake’s frustration with the scenario of earlier.

Hamilton: I still think I should go in there…

Gwen: We should actually probably stop sitting here…he’s going to have to leave soon for the bus station. 

Hamilton looks at her like she’s got a good point.

Hamilton: We’ll have to find some place less conspicuous.

Gwen looks at him like he’s lost it, but follows him as he gets up.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Sean and Bella are sitting in a booth, studying.  Scout walks in.  He is unaccompanied.

Scout: I would just like to say that I am here out of great personal sacrifice. 

Sean: Well…we appreciate it…now sit down.

Bella: Is Jill leaving tomorrow?

Sean: And she didn’t want to come say goodbye to me?

Scout: Actually…I’m the one who’s leaving.

Sean: What?  There’s goes my cheering section for summer league. 

Bella: Are you coming back?

Scout looks at her, realizing he needs to give more information.

Scout: Oh…of course, in the fall.  I got this job in New York with and architectural firm. 

Bella: New York?

Scout: Yeah, and I’m staying at Jill’s.

Sean: Nice…

Scout: She’ll be here though…she’s staying for summer session.

Sean: Perfect…

Scout gives him a not so amused look.

Sean cont’d: You know I’m just kidding?

Scout: You better be…now, can we please get started on geometry?

Bella: So…think you can help me too?  I’ve kind of managed to fall behind these past few months.

Scout: Of course, no problem.  I’m here to help…I got an A on my trigonometry final, by the way.

Sean: Show-off.

He smiles.  Scout walks over and pulls up a chair to the booth so that Bella and Sean are to the left and right of him.  The camera pulls out.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Gwen and Hamilton as they stand at the bottom of the stairs.  Hamilton is leaning against the rail.  A lot more people are around now so they blend in a little more.  They see as Jake and Ryder exit the room.  Hamilton steps past Gwen, pulling her out of their line of site.

Gwen: This is ridiculous.

Hamilton: I just think Ryder’s got some cards under the table, that’s all…I want to see what he’s up to.

Hamilton stays back as Ryder and Jake walk past, not noticing them.  Ryder is carrying a single duffle bag…the same one he brought during the summer.  Once they are at a safe enough distance, Hamilton takes Gwen’s wrist and leads her down the hall after them.  This is supposed to be silly and funny.

(cut to): Will’s room.  Jill is sitting on Scout’s bed, which is now just an uncovered mattress.  Will is sitting at his desk, using his laptop.

Jill: Who are you emailing?

Will: My friend, Pacey…I’m checking up on him.  He’s supposed to be graduating.

Jill: Am I bugging you?

Will: No…I like for people just to sit around and stare at me.

He smiles.

Jill: I’ll go.

Will: You don’t have to.

A beat.

Will cont’d: I guess this summer will be hard for you, huh?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: I’ve pretty much spent my whole life away from my friends…

Will: Well, I know Scout’s going to miss you.

Jill: Yeah…that’s why he’s hanging out with Sean on his last night here…

Will: You’re not serious, right?  I mean…do you know how crazy that guy is over you?  You’ve completely changed him…brought out who he really is.  Look at what he’s doing this summer…that’s a direct result of…you.

Jill looks down at her hands, blushing. A beat.

Will: Anyway…you can come over and hang out anytime.  The only member of my social circle left here at Rawley will be Hamilton and…let’s face it…he’s just whiney and irritating when Jake’s not around.

Jill laughs.

Jill: He’s a sweetheart…except for that stunt he pulled today…

Will: What?  Sitting with Gwen?  He totally stole my knight in shining armor points…

Jill raises her eyebrows and gets up.

Jill: As much as I’d love to explore that comment with you, Krudski…I told my dad I’d call him at seven so…

Will: Yeah…I’ll see you around.

Jill: See ya…

He turns back to the computer and she, after watching him a moment, exits.

Music: Praying by Dezeray’s Hammer

(cut to): Finn in his apartment.  He is sitting at his desk, using his type-writer.  He’s typing quickly and with purpose.  There is a knock.  He types a few more sentences before getting up.  He opens the door to find Kate standing there.  He looks less than thrilled.  Before he can say anything, she comes in and closes the door behind her.

Finn: Whoa…Kate…

Kate: Calm down…I just have to say something to you.

Finn watches her walk further into the room.

Kate cont’d: …I don’t know what yet, but…something.

Finn stands there with a tilted head..

Kate: I’m glad you didn’t let me kiss you.

Finn: Me too.

Kate: I think…when I saw you with Johanna, it just made realize that what we had is over.  I knew that already, of course, but it really hit me then.

Finn: Well, now you know how I used to feel every time I saw you and the dean…

Kate looks at him sympathetically.

Kate: What you said about love…I think you’re slightly mistaken.

Finn: …I keep getting that.

Kate: I just think that passion can exist without love, but…when love exists it becomes passionate.  There’s no stopping that progression.  When you’re in love you can’t stop thinking about it…it’s consuming.  But…sometimes you reach that point without love and…that’s where I’ve been wrong.

Finn tries to keep up.

Kate cont’d: I’m saying I never thought about love when I thought about you…and that’s what was wrong with us being together.  For me, you were an escape from love.

Finn looks hurt by this.

Kate cont’d: I wouldn’t have said that to you before, but…

Finn: No, I understand.

Kate: So did you have a nice discussion with her on the dock the other—

Finn touches his forehead and looks down…the “I have a headache” move.

Finn: You shouldn’t be here, Kate.

Kate: I know…

She stands there  a moment.  Finn walks over, opening the door.  Kate looks at him, hurt, but understanding.  She exits. Finn closes the door and leans against it, looking distraught.

(cut to): The bus station.  Jake’s motorcycle pulls up.

Music: All You Wanted by Michelle Branch (the original, more upbeat version this time)

(cut to): a closer shot.  Ryder’s on the back of the bike.  He hops off, holding his bag.  Jake also gets off.  Both take off their helmets.

Ryder: You really know how to handle that thing.

Jake: Riding it?  Yes.  Maintaining it? No.  It’s doing something weird…I’ll have to get Bella to take a look at it.

Ryder: Are you really friends with her?

Jake: Yeah…she’s awesome.  And she figured out the whole me-being-a-girl-who’s-dressing-like-a-guy thing long before anyone else…including you.

Jake smiles.  Ryder smiles acceptingly and looks down at his shoes.

(cut to): Hamilton’s parents car as it pulls up on the street near the bus station. 

(cut to): a shot inside the car of Hamilton and Gwen.

Hamilton: I…I can’t believe this.

Gwen: Yeah…neither can I.

She folds her arms and slips down slightly in the seat.

Gwen cont’d: I suddenly remember why I don’t have time for boyfriends. 

Hamilton: What?  Why?

Gwen: Look at you, Hamilton…boys are a mess.  There’s the jealousy thing—

Hamilton: Like girls don’t get jealous.  They just don’t do anything about it…they let it fester

He looks over at her like he’s pegged her.  She continues to face ahead and watch Jake and Ryder who have been talking this whole time.

Gwen: How would you know anyway?

Hamilton: Trust me…I know.

Gwen gives him a weird “whatever” look. 

(cut to): across the street.  Jake and Ryder are still talking.  Ryder is writing something down.  He hands it to Jake.

Ryder: Those are all my numbers in London…and my email address…can you give that to Will for me?

Jake raises her eyebrows.

Ryder: I told him I’d give it to him…he wants to “keep in touch.”

Jake (playful): Do you have a crush on Will?

Ryder: No offense, but…I’m not into townies.

Jake: I’ve noticed…you’ve got to work on that elitist snob perspective.

Ryder shrugs.

Ryder: Anyway…I guess this is it…

Jake: Yeah…weird…I always thought I’d be glad to get rid of you.

Ryder smiles.

Ryder: If I haven’t apologized for the past…

Jake: It’s okay…you don’t have to.

Ryder: Maybe not, but…I am sorry. 

Jake smiles.  She puts her hand out for him to shake.  He looks at it.

Ryder: Are you kidding?

He gives her a big, long hug.

(cut to): across the street in Ham’s car.  Gwen is no longer paying attention to what’s happening across the street.  She is playing with the radio trying to find a station.

Hamilton: Okay…this is enough…I’m going out there.

He starts to open the car door.  Gwen grabs his arm, but doesn’t look up from her task.

Gwen: Hang on, Ham.

(cut to): Ryder and Jake as they part slightly.

Ryder: I guess this is the dry run for being…out.

He looks around as some people give them weird looks.  Jake looks around, rolling her eyes.  She kisses him on the lips.  He laughs, kissing her back playfully, then stepping back from her.

Ryder: I can hear Hamilton now…

Jake laughs.

(cut to): the car.  Gwen still searches for a radio station, but manages to also still hold Ham’s shirt with the other hand.  Hamilton, who has been watching intently, has seen the kiss.  He looks pretty furious, but when he tries to go for the door again, Gwen looks over so he stops. Hamilton angrily grabs the steering wheel with both hands.

(cut to): Jake and Ryder.

Jake: I think he’d be cool with it…if he knew everything.  Most people would.

Ryder: About that…

Jake: I won’t tell everyone.

Ryder: Thanks.

He looks down again, putting his hand in his pocket.

Jake: Well, I guess this is it.

Ryder takes a deep breath and nods. He picks up his duffle bag and tosses it over his shoulder. He takes a step backwards and stops.

Ryder: See you around, Jacqueline.

Jake smiles and nods slightly.

(cut to): the car.  Gwen finally lets go of Hamilton’s shirt.

Gwen: I’ve gotta go talk to Ryder. His bus doesn’t leave until eight.

Hamilton: Oh…so it’s okay for you to get out and “talk” to Ryder, after I’ve had to sit here and watch these gross displays of affection between Jake and the guy who has done nothing but torture us all year.

Gwen: Oh yeah, Jake looks really tortured.

Gwen looks over at the bus station as Hamilton gives her a dirty look.

Gwen: Uh oh.

Hamilton looks over at the bus station.

(cut to): the bus station where Jake and Ryder were standing:  Both are now gone.

(cut to): Gwen and Ham in the car.

Hamilton: Damn…

Gwen rolls her eyes.

Hamilton cont’d: This is your fault. You distracted me and now—

Gwen: I’m going to go inside and look for Ryder. Why don’t you go and look for Jake?

Hamilton:  Fine.

(cut to): Jake. She’s stopped on the side of the road about a mile away from the bus station. She bent down attempting to open the side panel of the bike unsuccessfully. Hamilton pulls up behind her and gets out of the car. Jake stands up.

Jake: Hey…what are you doing here?

Hamilton: What are you doing here?

Jake looks like she’s been caught for a moment then seems to decide to tell him.

Jake (reluctant): I gave Ryder a ride to the bus station.

Hamilton: Yeah me too…I mean I was giving Gwen a ride…she needed to talk to Ryder before he left.

Jake: Oh…for a second I thought you might have been spying on me.

Hamilton laughs awkwardly.

Hamilton: So…Car trouble miss?

Jake: I think it might be the distributor cap.

Hamilton: Hmm…Really?

Hamilton starts to walk over to the bike.

Jake: Actually, I have no idea…I can’t even get the hood open…I don’t even know if it has a hood.

Hamilton laughs and props himself up against the bike. Jake looks at him and sighs..

Jake: I’m really glad to see you.

She wraps her arms around him and leans in to kiss him, Hamilton leans away.

Hamilton: Are you?

Jake steps back.

Jake: So you…just came from the bus station?

Hamilton doesn’t make any attempt to answer.

Jake: So you were spying on me?

Hamilton: And you were kissing Ryder.

Jake looks down.

Hamilton cont’d: And if I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in this relationship, I’d be really pissed at you right now.

Jake looks up at him, somewhat relieved.

Hamilton cont’d: What were you doing back there, Jake…I really want to know.

Jake: That’s not something I can explain to you right now…

Hamilton gives her an inquisitive look.

Jake cont’d: And I really hope you understand that because there is no one in the world that means more to me than you…not anyone...certainly not Ryder.

(cut to): a close up of Hamilton as he looks down briefly and then back up at her with his squinty face.

Hamilton: I don’t get it but I really like what you just said so…maybe I can let it slide.

(cut to): a medium shot that includes both of them. He puts his arm around her bringing them closer together.

Hamilton cont’d: I don’t know if I want to kiss you or not.  Those lips have been in some pretty gross places today.

She looks down, taking him seriously.  He blinks slowly, smiling then tilts her chin up, kissing her.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to en establishing shot of the bus station.

Music: On the Bus by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): Inside.  Ryder sits on a bench with his legs crossed and sticking out in front of him.  He also has his hands behind his head and his eyes closed.

Gwen: What’s a classy guy like you doing at the New Rawley bus station?

Ryder slowly opens his eyes.

Ryder: It’s the only ticket out of town tonight…and it’ll take me right to the plane that’s getting me home.

Gwen: So, you’re pretty excited to get back, huh?

Ryder looks down, smiling.

Ryder: Yes.

Gwen takes a seat next to him.

Ryder cont’d: I thought I wouldn’t get to see you…I’m glad you came.

Gwen: I had some serious reservations, but I got a ride from Hamilton and it was either stay in the car longer with him…or get out and see you so…

Ryder: That guy…he’s a piece of work.

Gwen: He’s nice.  Kind of a waste really…

Ryder: What do you mean?

Gwen: …that he’s gay.

Ryder: Oh, right…Jake and Ham…the amazing gay duo.

Gwen: He’s so funny too.  He’s really jealous.  He was jealous of Jake talking to you.  I tried to tell him that he didn’t have anything to worry about there…

Ryder smiles, almost laughing.

Ryder: Well, you’re right about that, Gwendolyn.

A beat.

Ryder cont’d: So, what’s the deal?  Are you going to visit me this summer?

Gwen: Oh…you know my dad would never approve of that…besides, I’m still recovering from…

She trails off.

Ryder: Listen, Beautiful…I should be madly in love with you, okay?  You’re perfect… you are.  There are just circumstances that you couldn’t and wouldn’t want to understand right now.  I’m so screwed up…you couldn’t begin to imagine what it’s going to take to get my head straightened out…

Gwen: You never struck me as the basket-case type.

Ryder: Well, I am. 

Gwen: For the record…I didn’t come here to beg you to love me.  I came to get my own head straightened out, but whatever I can do to help you…I want to.

Ryder: In that case…just sit here until my bus comes.

She nods.  He takes her hand and closes his eyes as if trying to build up strength.  He won’t tell her that he’s gay…not now.  What they need is time and Ryder tries to get accumulate some of that time here in the bus station as he waits for his ride out of town.

(cut to): Rawley Academy.

Music: From my Head to my Heart by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): Will in his room.  The window and door are open.  A breeze blows in the window and sends the papers on his desk flying.

Will: Oh, great…I’ll never get this straightened out. 

The door is opened already so Finn doesn’t knock.

Finn: Will?

Will looks back.

Will: Can you close the door?  I think it’s causing a wind tunnel.

Finn laughs, closing the door behind him.

Finn: You did well on your finals, Will.  The dean wanted me to come bestow the news that you will once again be able to renew your scholarship.

Will: Excellent.

He still tries to gather all the papers together.  Finn lingers.

Will cont’d: Was there something else?

Finn: Could I ask your opinion on something?

Will: Sure…there is a reason I’m not old enough to see American Psycho…or…did you mean something in particular.

Finn laughs.

Finn: Funny…clever…

He takes a seat on Scout’s old bed.

Finn: I consider you a fellow philosopher, Mr. Krudski, and it is in that vein that I’ve come to you this evening.

Will: Whoa…pressure’s on.  What’s the topic?

Finn: Love.

Will: That’s broad…yet so specific.

Finn doesn’t say anything, allowing Will to continue.

Will cont’d: I guess in my experience you either feel love or you don’t.  There’s no middle ground, only the degree to which you are lying to yourself either way.

Finn smiles.

Finn: Interesting.

Will: Sometimes people try to find love…to bring it out…when it isn’t there.  They mistake the passion of a given moment for love.  That gets you into trouble. 

Finn considers this point.

Will cont’d: Mostly though…I don’t want to think of love in the Romantic sense…

Finn raises his eyebrows like “how else could you think of it?” 

Will: …but rather in the romantic-comedy sense.

Finn: Byron versus Ephron…I like it.

Will: Falling in love and being in love should be easy, not angsty.  I mentioned passion.  Passion equals over-drama.  Forget passion…love is easier than that.  It’s just something…

He realizes his argument has come full circle.

Will cont’d: …you either feel or you don’t.  When you feel it, you act on it.  When you don’t, it’s harder to act on because that usually means hurting someone else. 

He stops here.

Will cont’d: How was that?

Finn: Thoughtful…potential for great accuracy.  I’ll take it as the gospel truth.

Will laughs.

Will: So…how is Ms. Ryan?

Finn smiles.

Finn: I don’t know, but…I think I need to find out.

Will smiles as Finn gets up and starts to walk out.

Finn: Thank you, Mr. Krudski…for the, uh…open door.

Will nods remembering his previous invitation for Finn to talk to him anytime.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout and Sean are still at the booth.  Scout is explaining something to him.  Bella’s books are still there, but she is not. 

(cut to): the door as she walks in.

Music: On the Bus by Evan & Jaron (yes, again…it’s to lead in to the next Ryder scene)

(cut to): Sean and Scout as they look up.  Bella reaches the table and sits back down.

Sean: Get the car towed in?

Bella: It wasn’t a car…it was a motorcycle…Jake’s motorcycle.

Scout: What?!  That’s my ride to New York!

Sean: You’re riding on the back of a chick’s bike…

He cracks up.

Sean cont’d: …that’s pathetic.

Scout: Have you ever been on a motorcycle?

This shuts Sean up.  He looks over at Bella.

Sean: So, you going to be able to get it fixed by tomorrow so we can get rid of this rich Rawley boy?

Scout: Boy?

Sean: You heard me boy Scout.

He laughs at this realization.

Scout: Right…haven’t heard that a million times.

Bella: Can we get back to work guys?  Men? 

Scout gets serious.

Scout: Sorry, Bella…let me catch you up.

He leans over to her and starts to explain “arcs” to her.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the bus station as a bus pulls in.

(cut to): inside where Ryder and Gwen still sit, still holding hands.  They’ve been sitting like this, not talking, the whole time.  A voice on the intercom announces a bus to Boston.

Ryder: That’s me.

He gets up, letting go of her hand.  He moves close to her quickly and hugs her.

Ryder: You’ve been my lifeline this semester, Gwendolyn…I want you to know that.

Gwen: I’m glad we got to spend time together…I missed that.

Ryder: I miss it already.

He squeezes her tightly, then lets go stepping back.

Ryder: Guess I’m…out.

He nods to a door and smiles slightly at the pun, that only he catches.

(cut to): the door which hosts an exit sign.

(cut to): Ryder and Gwen.  Gwen nods.  He waves playfully and walks over to the door.  Just before he reaches it, he turns around.  This is nearly in slow motion.  He smiles and waves one more time.  This is how we remember Ryder.  He’s happy and free.  He’s going into new territory and leaving Rawley behind…but not forgetting it and the few people that really mean something to him.  He’s leaving…he’s out.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: I’ve recently watched (i.e., was forced to watch) the X-Files movie, Fight the Future.  It wasn’t bad.  There was almost some Mulder/Scully action.  Now may be a little late to get into the show since Mulder isn’t even going to be on next season, but you should check out the official X-Files website anyway.  I really just got into the show last season and this past year in re-runs.  It’s pretty decent and…Mulder’s such a cutie.


(fade in): to Hamilton’s car as it drives down a road to Rawley.

(cut to): inside the car.  Hamilton drives, Jake is in the passenger seat and Gwen is in the back.

Gwen: You know, Ham…I thought you might not come back to the bus station.

Hamilton: I wouldn’t want anyone to be stranded with Ryder.

(cut to): a closer shot of Jake.  She doesn’t say anything, but looks like she would really like to.

(cut to): Gwen as she looks at Jake as if she might be an ally in the “defend Ryder” department.

Hamilton: Anyway…

(cut to): a medium shot where all three can be seen.

Hamilton cont’d: …I hope you got to say everything you needed to say to that guy.

He glances at Jake like he might be talking to her too.

Gwen: We didn’t really say much, but…I think we worked a lot out anyway.

Jake listens, but doesn’t respond.  Hamilton looks at Jake like he would really like to know what’s going on.

 (cut to): the driveway of Rawley Girls’ Academy.  Hamilton’s car pulls in and stops.

(cut to): inside the car.  Gwen reaches for the door handle.

Gwen: Thanks, Hamilton…for the ride…for listening…everything…

Hamilton nods.  Gwen gets out of the car.  When she closes the door:

Jake: I don’t like her.

Hamilton looks at Jake with raised eyebrows.  He smiles to himself.

Jake: Don’t even think about making a “you’re jealous” comment…I clearly and admittedly am…

Hamilton: Well…good.  If you weren’t, then we’d be in trouble…

Jake: Today’s been a weird day.

Hamilton: Yes.

Jake: We’re okay, though…right?

Hamilton looks over at her.

Hamilton: You kissed Ryder.

Jake: And you hung out all day with a chick that has no clue that we’re together.

They look at one another, each wanting to speak.

Jake: He’s gay. Hamilton (at the same time): She thinks we’re gay.

Jake and Hamilton: What?

Hamilton: You first…did you just say—

Jake: Ryder…he’s gay.  The someone he’s in love with is…someone named Lawrence…

Hamilton looks fairly surprised.  He processes for a moment.

Hamilton: No way…I don’t believe it...

He’s laughing.

Jake: Anyway…your turn.

Hamilton: Oh no…you win.

Jake: Hamilton—

Hamilton: Gwen knows we’re together, but…she thinks you’re a guy.

Jake: She thinks you’re gay…

Hamilton: And that Ryder is in love with a girl in London.

Jake: He was trying to tell her when she kissed him.  I guess he kind of panicked.

A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: Gay…that’s hilarious.

Jake: Hey, it was kind of a big deal for him so…can you stop saying that?

Hamilton: Typically that request would really piss me off, but under the circumstances…yes, I think I can lay off Ryder. 

He seems to understand the impact of what she is saying.

Hamilton: Has he always been gay?

Jake: Well, I’m going to guess you’re not going for a nurture versus nature debate here so…he’s really only known for a few months and he’s been admitting it to himself for a lot less.

Hamilton: He must be really freaked out right now.

Jake nods.  Hamilton looks at her; he gets it…everything.  His level of jealousy definitely declines.  A beat.

Jake: Speaking of weird scenarios, how’d you happen to tell Gwen that we’re gay?

Hamilton: First, we’re not and…I figured it was the best way to keep her from hitting on your boyfriend.

Jake: And why would she be hitting on you…what do you think you’re beautiful or something?

Hamilton: Hey…watch it…I’m more than just a pretty face.

Jake: Oh, I know…you’ve got a hot bod too.

Hamilton is smiling, but blushing too.

Hamilton: Stop trying to kiss up…I already know you want me…

Jake: Anyway…you changed the subject.

Hamilton: What?  About Gwen?  Well…okay…she kind of overheard me giving myself a little pep talk at the pageant…

Jake: Okay…I’m not touching that.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: So…it really has been a weird day.

Jake: Listen, about Ryder…he didn’t want me to run out and tell everyone so—

Hamilton: I won’t say anything…I’m like—

Jake: …a Swiss vault…I know.

A beat.

Jake cont’d: So…this is my last night…

Hamilton: Yeah?

Jake: I should probably grab a shower…

Hamilton: Yeah?

Jake smiles at him and looks away.  He looks a little surprised about the possible shower invitation.  He quickly puts the car into gear and drives away.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout, Bella and Sean stand outside.

Sean: Scout, man, I can’t thank you enough.

Scout: No problem.

Bella: I’m exhausted.

Scout: Me too…I just want to go home, take a shower and…

Sean: Yeah, we know…hang out with that special someone…

Scout smiles.

Sean: Say hey to Will for me…

Scout: Funny.

Bella: Okay…night you two…

They all say goodnight and walk off in three different directions.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house.

Music: If You Don’t Know by Dezeray’s Hammer

(cut to): inside as Johanna walks down the stairs.  She’s just put Meagan to bed and seems to have just had a shower (going with a desperate attempt to build some transition here J).  The doorbell rings.  She seems to know who it is and walks reluctantly to the door.  When she opens it, Finn is standing there.

Johanna: I’m not in the mood to do this anymore, Finn.

Finn: What?

Johanna: Talk…analyze…overanalyze…

Finn: Neither am I.

Johanna: Then what are you doing here?

Finn: Something I should have done a long time ago…and certainly this afternoon.

He steps forward, kissing her.  This kiss has obviously been anticipated by both of them.  It’s very intense, yet very sweet.  It doesn’t seem like it will be ending any time soon.

Music: Washin’ and Wonderin’ by Stroke 9

(cut to): an establishing shot of the boys’ dorm.

(cut to): the showers.  The lights are off, but there are several candles around.  It seems almost silly…the hall bathroom gone romantic.  The sound of one of the showers echoes off the walls.  Then we hear Jake laugh. 

(cut to): a closer shot of one of the shower stalls.  We’re to assume Jake and Hamilton are inside.

Jake: This is nuts…someone’s going to come in…

Hamilton: Shhh…

Jake: What?

Hamilton: Just…shhh…

Jake: Oh…

Her voice is muffled as we assume they kiss.

(cut to): the door as Scout walks in.  He’s got a towel around his waste and a basket of shower supplies in his hand.  He looks around almost turning the lights on.  We hear Hamilton laugh.  Scout looks over at the stall suspiciously.  Hamilton laughs more.

Hamilton: Stop…tickling isn’t fair.

(cut to): Scout as he slowly backs out, shaking his head.  When he exits, the door kind of slams softly, making noise.

Jake: Did you hear that?

Hamilton sticks his head out from behind the shower curtain.  He’s soaked, of course.

Hamilton: The coast is clear.

Jake: In that case…

We see Jake’s hand reach out and grab Ham’s shoulder, pulling him back behind the curtain.

Hamilton: Hey, hey…don’t get too wild…

(cut to): Scout as he walks down the hall toward his room.

(cut to): a shot in front of him.  Jill is coming down the hall behind him.

Jill: Hey, Scout…

He stops and turns around.  Jill reaches him.

Jill: Cute outfit.

Scout looks down, then back up with a half smile.

Jill: Did you just get out of the shower?

Scout: Uh…

Jill: What?

Scout: It was occupied.

Jill: The entire hall shower?

Scout: Jake and Ham were in there so…I kind of walked in then walked out, you know?  They didn’t even know I was there.

Jill: What?  What were they doing?

Scout: I think tickling was mentioned…anyway, I’m kind of trying to block it out so…

Jill: Oh my God…that girl is crazy…but, it’s kind of a sexy idea…

Scout smirks.

Scout: Oh really?

Jill: Get dressed, Scout.

She smiles.  He feigns disappointment and opens his room door.  Will is in bed and the room is dark.  There is a sleeping bag on Scout’s bed.  He has only a backpack left other than that.  He picks up the bag.

Scout: Can I grab a shower at your place?

Jill: Sure, if it’s cool with Gwen.

Scout: Awesome.

He puts the bookbag on.

Jill: You’re not getting dressed?

Scout: After I get a shower.

Jill laughs and shrugs.

Music: Six Feet Under by Neve

(cut to): Gwen and Jill’s room.  Jill is working on a new painting.  Gwen is at her desk studying a piece of paper.  Jill looks over at her.

Jill: Thanks for not making a big deal about Scout taking a shower here.

Gwen: No problem…

Jill: What are you doing?  Memorizing your schedule?

Gwen smiles.

Gwen: Maybe…

Scout walks out of the bathroom…he’s dressed (shorts and a t shirt…sleep gear) and carrying his backpack.

Scout: Thank you ladies…Jill, you ready?

Jill looks at Gwen…probably a little sorry for how she treated her.

Jill: You cool here by yourself?

Gwen nods.  Scout pulls Jill’s arm.

Jill: Hang on…hang on…I want to change first.

(cut to): Scout and Jill as they sit by the lake on Scout’s sleeping bag.  Jill has changed into her duck pajama bottoms, a tank top and flip flops. 

Scout: So…since this is our last night together what do you say we…

Scout waits for Jill’s objection.  She waits for him to continue.

Scout cont’d: Let’s sleep out here tonight.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Sleeping together in one sleeping bag…by the lake…under the stars…

Scout smiles.

Jill cont’d: It’s definitely cheesy and contrived.

Scout looks down.

Jill cont’d: I like it…

Scout: I’m going to miss you so much this summer.

Jill: Yeah, you better.

She leans on his shoulder and puts her hand on his leg.  He puts his arm around her and his head on hers.

Jill: Scout?

Scout: Uh-huh?

Jill: I know I’m not always the most serious person…

Scout: You?  Not serious?

Scout smiles.

Jill: The first time that I kissed you, I had no idea what I was doing and I never expected anything like this from you.  I never thought you’d be capable of making me feel so…loved.

He wraps his other arm around her and kisses the top of her head.

(cut to): a shot of them from across the lake.  It’s a clear night with stars shining.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: News and media coverage dominate everything this week and…maybe rightly so.  If you need the latest info and current events, check out MSNBC.com.  Maybe now is also a good time to pause in memory of all the Americans who died because of the recent acts of terrorism and all their friends and family.  Stuff like this makes you question all the trivial stuff you devote your time to…


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the lake.  It’s the next morning…about 5:30 a.m.

Music: Something to Sleep to by Michelle Branch

(cut to): Jill and Scout asleep in the same sleeping bag (no, really…it’s possible).
(cut to): Will asleep.  After a second, the alarm clock goes off.  Will hits it and doesn’t make any effort to get up.

(cut to): the garage.

(cut to): a closer shot of Bella working on Jake’s bike.  She stands up and seems satisfied with her work.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room.  Hamilton and Jake are in his bed. 

(cut to): an overhead shot of his bed.  Hamilton’s on his back and Jake is next to him on her stomach with an arm draped over him.  They were covered at some point, but the blanket and sheet are down near their feet as if they’ve been kicked off.  Hamilton’s in his boxers and Jake’s in shorts and a t shirt.  Jake lifts up her head, looking at the clock next to Ham’s bed.

(cut to): a non-overhead shot of them.

Jake: Ham…

She sits up and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Jake: Hamilton…

He opens his eyes slowly and looks at her, smiling.

Hamilton: Hi…

Jake laughs.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: You just had that “well, good morning…we just had sex last night” tone and it was funny because…

Hamilton: …we didn’t.  Believe me, I know.

He smiles and sits up so that they are sitting next to each other, but facing each other.

Jake: I should get out of here before your parents catch us.

Hamilton: What’s the big deal?  You had to send all your stuff ahead…where’d they expect you to sleep?

Jake: Well, while your dad would shrug at that…your mom might not be so understanding.  Besides…I have to meet Scout at the garage at seven so…

Hamilton: What?  No.  That’s too soon.

Jake leans toward him placing her head against his chest.

Jake: I’m going to miss you too.

Hamilton wraps his arms around her and they sit together.

(cut to): Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room.  It’s empty, but someone is knocking on the front door.  Johanna comes down the stairs in her robe.  She opens the door to find Finn standing there.

Johanna: God, Finn…do you know what time it is?

Finn: Not really…I didn’t sleep last night…

Johanna: Then how are you possibly more awake than I am?

Finn: I was thinking about you and how long it would be before I saw you again…then I was tired of waiting.

Johanna: That is incredibly sweet and…

She leans against the door frame, closing her eyes.

Johanna: …and normally, I’d be all over you by now…

Finn: Ah…okay, I get it.  I’ll come back later.

He turns around.  She reaches out, grabbing his arm.

Johanna: I was going to say…the reaction is just a little delayed prior to six a.m.

He turns back around all the way, smiling.

(cut to): Will as he bikes through town.  He has his Friendly’s uniform on and is in a hurry.  The camera follows him as he moves through the town square, past the gas station and arrives at Friendly’s.  He hops off his bike, leaning it against the window.  His hair is kind of tousled from getting up a little late.  He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the keys, unlocking the restaurant.

(cut to): Bella as she walks out of the garage.  She has her bookbag on.  She takes it off and sits down, pulling out her geometry book.  Sean rides up.

Sean: Hey, pumpgirl…I knew you’d be up early trying to study without me.

Bella looks up, smiling.

Bella: I’m also waiting for Jake…guess she wants to take off kind of early.

Sean nods, sitting down next to her.

Sean: Mind if I hang out for awhile too? 

Bella: Sure…

He pulls out his notebook.

(cut to): Scout and Jill still asleep by the lake.  There is a quiet, but persistent beeping.  Jill opens her eyes.  She reaches into the sleeping bag, pulling Scout’s left arm from around her waist.  The beeping gets louder and she hits a few buttons, but can’t get it to stop.  Scout doesn’t wake up.

Jill: Scout…

She reaches over him, unzipping the sleeping bag.  She sits up and looks across the lake for a moment.  She takes a deep breath and seems almost sad.  She then turns back to Scout and shakes him gently.

Jill: Scout, Sweetie, you have to get up…you have to leave soon.

Scout opens his eyes.  His watch is still beeping.  Once he figures out what it is, he looks at it annoyed.  He hits a few button and can’t get it to stop.  He takes it off and is about to throw it into the lake, but Jill takes it from him and looks at it.  She hits another button and gets the alarm to stop then she puts it on.

Scout: What are you doing?

Jill: Well…you were about to throw it into the lake so…I’m keeping it.

Scout: Didn’t I buy you a watch for Christmas?

Jill: Yeah, but not a nifty sports watch…I need a new one of those.

Scout sits up and looks across the lake.

Jill cont’d: Besides…you get to take over my life in New York so…the watch is a fair trade.

Scout: I am going to be so alone there.  I’ve never been out on my own…not like this.

Jill: You’ll love it.

She smiles at him and he looks reassured.

Music: The Distance by Evan & Jaron

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton as they reach the town square.  It’s very quiet and very empty.  There’s literally no one else on the streets.  Hamilton’s managed to pull on a pair of shorts and a tank top.  Jake’s wearing jeans and a 3EB shirt that looks like a boy’s shirt, but in a small size.

Hamilton: I can’t believe I gave you that shirt…I’ve had it since I was like…eleven. 

Jake: Do you want it back?  I don’t think it’ll fit you anymore, but—

Hamilton: Oh, no…I don’t want it back…it looks really good on you.

Jake smiles, shaking her head and taking his hand.  She has a bookbag, but no other stuff with her.  Jake looks around.

Jake: Scout better not be late.  I’ve got to get home, pack and get on a plane.

Hamilton looks at her, though she’s still looking around.

Hamilton: You sound anxious to get out of here…

She looks back at him, smiling.  She steps over to him, very close.

Jake: Twice a day, right?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Yeah.

Jake: And you’ll check it?

Hamilton: Oh, yeah…like every five minutes.

Jake: And you’ll write me?

Hamilton nods.  Jake presses her forehead to his.

Jake cont’d: …and we’ll pick up right here in the fall.

He looks at her.

Jake cont’d: Right, batgirl?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Same bat time…

Jake: Same bat channel…

Hamilton kisses her then hugs her, holding on to her as he speaks.

Hamilton: God…why is this always so hard?

Jake: When goodbyes start getting easy, that’s when we worry.

They both loosen their embrace and step back.

(cut to): a shot that included them, but also the road leading from Rawley Academy.  Scout and Jill approach, holding hands.  They’ve still got on the same clothes: Scout, shorts and a t shirt; Jill, the duck pajama bottoms, the tank top and flip flips.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  Hamilton notices them first.

Hamilton: Check this out…

Jake looks over and sees them approach.

Jake: Whoa…where do you think they slept?

Hamilton laughs.  Scout and Jill finally reach them.

Jill: What’s so funny, Hammer head?

Hamilton gives her an odd look at the nickname.

Scout: Ready to roll, Jake?  And…can I drive?

Jake: Almost and…no.

Hamilton: It’s hopeless, dude…the girl does not hand over her keys easily.

Jake looks at Hamilton, smiling.  She reaches into her pocket and hands him a single key on a key ring.  He looks at it, then at her.

Hamilton: What’s this?

Jake: Spare key for the bike…

Scout: A lot of good that’ll do since the bike won’t be here.

Jill: I think it’s like a symbolic thing, Scout…key to the bike represents key to her life…her heart.

Hamilton looks at Jake who looks down then up at him.

(cut to): Sean and Bella on the bench, studying.  Sean looks up in the direction of the town square.

Sean: Think they’re going to come over here or what?

Bella shrugs and doesn’t look up.

Sean: Let’s go over…

Bella nods and finishes a problem she’s working on.

(cut to): Will in Friendly’s.  He’s making coffee, though there are no customers.  He looks out the window.

(cut to): Jill, Scout, Jake and Hamilton as Bella and Sean walk up to them.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will speaks into the window that leads to the kitchen:

Will: Hey, I’ll be right back…

He heads for the door.

(cut to): everyone as Will jogs up.

Will: Hey…

Everyone turns to look at him.

Will cont’d (to Jake and Scout): You two headed out?

Jake: Yep…I have a plane to catch.

Sean: Hey…hey…I have an announcement.  Last night I found out that I got into this baseball camp that I applied for so…you all better email me: EdmundPrez at hotmail dot com.  Okay?

Everyone agrees.

Scout: That’s really great, man.

Will: Everyone’s leaving me.

Bella looks up at him.  He gives her an apologetic look.  Jake picks up on it and is quick to come to the rescue:

Jake: So…you ready to go, Scout?

Scout looks at Jill.  He debates on kissing her there in front of everyone.  Before he can do anything, Jill gives him a big hug.  Jake does the same with Hamilton, but she also kisses him.  Everyone does their hugging, goodbye-ing thing.  Jake hugs pretty much everyone.  As Scout talks to Will for a moment, Ham gets Sean’s email address and Bella stands with them.  Jill and Jake stand together.

Jill: Take care of my dad for me.

Jake: Take care of him for me.

Jake nods over to Hamilton.

Jill: I’m so glad you told me about this place.

Jill leans toward Jake, hugging her.

Jill (whispered): …and the showering together thing…email me stat. 

Jake laughs.

Jake: Okay…

Jill: Wait, I gotta know…did you two…

Jake: I’ll email you…

Jake steps back and looks around at all of them and where they are.

Jake: Anyone else having a major case of deja vous right now?

They all look around.  Only Jill doesn’t get it…everyone else smiles.

Will: Yeah…weird.

Bella: Very.

Hamilton starts to hum the Twilight Zone music as the camera zooms out and up so the shot becomes an overhead shot.  Everyone laughs.  The camera continues to crane out and up.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Presidential Pong.  Maybe not the greatest final commercial break of the season, but definitely funny.  I know we’re supposed to be behind the Shrub these days, but…give me a break.  Anyway, this is the final commercial break, so…wow…thanks you guys.  I mean, a whole year of doing this and people are still reading.  That’s like the coolest thing.  Thanks…and check out the pong game J


(fade in): to the town square, but with no one left. 

Music: Ready or Not by Evan & Jaron

(cut to): the garage.  Jake in on the bike with a helmet on.  Scout is on the “bitch pad” trying to get the helmet fastened.  Will, Sean and Bella stand watching.  Bella gives Scout a hand.  Will glances over at Friendly’s.

(cut to): Johanna and Finn as they walk up to Friendly’s, holding hands.

(cut to): Will who smiles to himself.

Will: I gotta get back to work.  You two have a great summer.

He runs off.

Jake: Guess this is it.

She looks back at Scout who gives her a thumbs up then at Bella and Sean.  She pulls away.  Bella waves.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will walks in as Johanna and Finn sit at the counter.

Will: Morning guys.

They look over at him. 

Finn: Mr. Krudski…I thought you’d be sleeping in on your one and only class-less day this summer.

Will: Well…I have to put my last two weeks in here and…they’ve scheduled me for some pretty crummy hours.

Finn nods.  Johanna smiles.

Johanna: You’ve done well for yourself this year, Will.

Will: Hey…so have you.

She smiles.

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton walking together on the road that leads to Rawley Academy.  The watch starts beeping.  Jill looks down at it.  She doesn’t stop it right away.

Hamilton: Uh…that’s annoying.

Jill doesn’t look up at him.  She reluctantly hit the button to make it stop, keeping her head down.

Hamilton: Hey…are you okay?

Jill nods.  She sniffles. 

Hamilton: Are you crying?

She looks up at him and…she’s definitely crying. 

Hamilton: Aw…come here…you’ll be fine.

He gives her a comforting hug as she continues to cry.

Ryder (voice over): Interaction…it’s never been my strong suit.

(cut to): Gwen sitting alone in her room.  She looks around.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: It requires opening yourself up…putting yourself out there…making yourself completely vulnerable.  And when you do that…you inevitably get hurt.

(cut to): Jake and Scout cruising down a road on the bike.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: This group is full of interaction. 

(cut to): Sean and Bella walking toward Edmund High.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: Which is probably why it’s full of emotion too.

(cut to): Will.  He looks across at the town square.  He smiles.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: And though I’ve kept my distance…I’ve observed dramatic changes take place…whether they realize it or not.  They’re not the same group of kids that met last summer. 

(cut to): the town square.  The camera slowly moves up the flagpole as Ryder speaks.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d:  I still don’t “fit in” with them, but…I think I understand them now. 

(cut to): an airplane.

(cut to): Ryder sitting in a first class seat.

Ryder (v.o.) cont’d: …and that’s helped me understand myself in a way I never thought possible.  They helped me…out.

(fade out)




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