About Friday Night


Music: Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way by The Calling

(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, Thursday.  It’s dusk and there are lights on in the dorms.  The classroom wing is dark except for one room. 

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Gwen and Will are sitting at the table looking at a layout board.  Gwen is scrutinizing it, but Will is thinking about something else.

Will: How cool is it that Kevin Prescott is going to be here tomorrow?

Gwen looks at him, then away, not nearly as impressed as he’d like.

Will cont’d: Are you kidding?  You’re not excited?  He’s an awesome screenwriter.  I can’t believe he actually went here.

Gwen: You’re easily impressed.

She continues to study the layout board as he looks at her for a moment, almost a little amused.

Will: Yeah, I guess I can be.

She doesn’t look back at him and he sighs, getting back to work.

Will (voice over): The obvious.  Sometimes we miss it.

(cut to): Jake, Hamilton and Dexter in Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Jake and Hamilton are each sitting on a bed, studying.  Dexter is sitting in an armchair with his laptop in his lap.  He looks up at them.

Dexter: So…you guys have any plans for tomorrow night?

Hamilton doesn’t look up and starts to speak absently:

Hamilton: Not re—

Jake: Aren’t you and Jacqueline going out?

Hamilton smiles at the invitation as he looks over at Jake.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And sometimes it’s not the first time “it” has been missed.

Hamilton: Oh yeah…

Dexter: Oh…well, what about you?

He looks at Jake.

Jake: Um…I’m kind of busy…what’s going on?

Dexter: I heard about this party…in town.

Jake and Hamilton look at each other.

Hamilton: That’s not really our scene.

Jake nods in agreement and Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: Yeah, probably not mine either.

Jake and Hamilton look at each other once more.

Hamilton: Hey, but don’t let us stop you from having a good time.  Like Jake said, Jacqueline and I have a date and he’ll be busy…

Jake: …working on that paper for, um…

Dexter looks at Jake who searches for a class.

Hamilton: Physics.

Jake: Oh yeah…physics.

Dexter laughs genuinely.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And when you miss it and no one tells you…you’re setup to look like an idiot over and over.

Dexter: Note to self: don’t sign up for physics.  Who has to write a paper for a science class?

Jake shrugs and laughs.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna in her car.  They pull up to a stoplight.

Finn: So…how do you think it’ll go?

Johanna: She won’t like that we’ve known and haven’t told her.

Finn: Well, no one’s going to like that.

She smiles at him and he smiles back, reassuringly.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Other times, though, you’ve missed so much that what’s clear to them is completely cloudy to you.

(cut to): Will and Gwen in the newspaper room.  Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail.  Without looking up from what she’s reading, she takes her hair down.  Will watches her again as she tucks her hair behind her ear.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: This is the worst.  Wanting her to understand.  Wanting her to get it.  Wanting…her.  It’s so obvious to me, but it’s completely lost on her.

Will shakes his head and looks down.

(fade out) 


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Special Guest Stars: Jeremy Piven as Kevin Prescott, Alex D. Linz as Mark Hudson and James Franco as Ben Hudson are our suggestions…but you can certainly pick who you want J.


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy, the next day.

(cut to): the auditorium.  The shot begins in the audience, showing students from both Rawley and Rawley Girls’.  Some look bored; others look fairly interested in the speaker—Kevin Prescott. 

(cut to): Kevin on stage.  A podium is set up, but he has abandoned it and stands toward the front of the stage.

Kevin: I try not to choose the most obvious storylines.  I feel that’s one of my strengths as a writer.

(cut to): Gwen and Will.  Will takes notes.  Gwen looks over at him, amused and shaking her head slightly.

(cut to): Kevin.

Kevin: I like to mix things up a little and go for the unexpected.

Music: Love You Madly by Cake

(cut to): the art room.  The lights are off.  The door opens slowly and a hand reaches in, turning on the lights.  Hamilton and Jake walk in.  Hamilton closes the door.

Jake: I don’t know about this Hamilton.  Isn’t this kind of an obvious place to hide out?

Hamilton leans back against one of the tall art tables.

Hamilton: No way.  It’s perfect.  Everyone’s at the assembly right now…including my mom.  No one would expect to find us here.  What’s the big deal?

Jake shrugs and smiles, taking a step toward him.

Hamilton: So…okay?

She nods, smiling.

Jake: Yeah…okay.

She leans toward him as they kiss.  She takes off her jacket as she continues kissing him.  He takes it from her and puts it on the table.  He begins kissing her neck, but she pulls him back up to her lips.  He laughs softly.  She smiles just before she kisses him again.  He pulls her closer and reaches just under her shirt, unfastening her corset, still kissing her.  They don’t notice the sound of the door unlocking.

(cut to): the door as Kate walks in.  She looks pretty shocked.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton as they stop kissing.  With his forehead pressed to Jake’s, Hamilton closes his eyes.

Hamilton: Please tell me that anyone but my mom is standing there.

Jake looks tentatively toward the door.

(dissolve to): the auditorium after the assembly.  Most people have left, but Will, Scout, Dexter and Gwen stand at the front next to the stage.  Dexter has Ham’s camera.

Scout: So…what are we still doing here?

Will: I told you, I want to get an interview with this guy.

Scout: Oh…okay.  Well, I have to go pack so…

He starts to back away.

Will: What time is your dad picking you up?

Scout: In about an hour.

Will: Have a good weekend at home.

Scout nods and they shake in a typical guy fashion.

Scout: I’m out.

He turns around and walks away.  A beat.

Dexter: So…do you guys have plans for tonight?

Will and Gwen look at each other almost surprised he’s talking.

Will: Hopefully, this interview…why, what’s up?

Dexter: I just…heard about this party in town.

Will: God, when will Rawley guys learn not to crash Townie parties?

Dexter looks confused.  Will explains:

Will: Obviously, you can’t easily drink on campus and now that the Dean’s gotten rid of the curfew on weekends…it’s easier than ever for people to go into town and get wasted.

Dexter: No wonder Jake and Ham said it wasn’t their scene.

Gwen: Speaking of…why do you have Hamilton’s camera?

Dexter: Oh, uh…he and Jake had to take care of something.

Gwen and Will look at each other knowingly.  Dexter takes a deep breath and studies the camera.  Kevin Prescott walks out from backstage.  He starts to descend the steps.

Will: Mr. Prescott—

Kevin: Sorry kids, no autographs today.

Will: I was actually just wondering if you’d be interested in doing an interview with me.

Kevin looks over at him suspiciously.

Kevin: Who are you with?

Will: The Rawley Row. 

Kevin: The school paper?

Will nods and Kevin chuckles.

Kevin cont’d: I guess this is my alma mater.

Will smiles hopefully; Gwen looks a little disgusted.

Kevin cont’d: I’ll be at the B&B anytime after eight if you want to stop by.

Will: Really?  I mean…okay, great.  See you then.

Kevin walks away.  Dexter and Gwen turn to Will.

Will cont’d: Cool.

Music: Motivation by Sum 41

(cut to): the art room.  Jake and Hamilton sit on art stools as Kate lectures them.

Kate: I mean, Hamilton, what if I’d been your father or what if I’d sent one of my students back for my keys instead of coming back myself.  What would you have done then?

Hamilton: I don’t know.

Kate: I would think one of you would have been smarter than this.

Jake, who’s been looking down, looks up.  Hamilton looks over at her then back at his mom defensively.

Hamilton: Mom, just be cool.

Kate: I will not “be cool—“

Hamilton: We were just kissing!

Kate: You kiss in the art room…who knows what you do in your own rooms.

Jake closes her eyes, blushing slightly.

Hamilton: Mom, God, we get it, okay?  You’re pissed that we skipped the assembly.  You’ve yelled at us about it so long that we’ve probably missed the rest of Kevin Prescott and his speech about…himself…which wasn’t that interesting when he gave it the other night at our house over dinner.  I still can’t believe you made me come home for that.

Now, Kate’s really pissed.

Kate: Jacqueline, you can go back to your dorm room now.

Jake: We didn’t mean to be disrespectful or—

Kate softens toward her a little.

Kate: That’s enough for now…you can go, okay Dear?

Jake looks over at Hamilton who shrugs and shakes his head.  When she’s gone, Kate turns back to him, expecting something.

Hamilton: What?  I’m not going to apologize for skipping out on Prescott’s speech…and I’m certainly not going to apologize for kissing my girlfriend.

Kate crosses her arms and looks at him.

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  Jill’s been there for a little while and is working on her most recent painting.  Gwen walks in.

Gwen: Will scored an interview with Kevin Prescott.

Jill: That guy is the lamest Hollywood person ever.  He’s totally transparent.  Did you hear his speech?  “Me, me, me…” 

Gwen: I agree.  Will’s jaded.

A beat.

Jill: Oh, hey…Ryder called.

Gwen: Really?

Jill: He said he was calling to…

She picks up a piece of paper to refer to the message.

Jill cont’d: …give you his new mobile number and ask that you please ring him.

Jill hands her the piece of paper. 

Gwen: Thanks.

Jill: He was way too nice.  It scared me, Gwen.

Gwen laughs and looks over at Jill’s bed at a cardboard box with several items inside.

Gwen: Is that the stuff you’re giving back to Scout?

Jill nods.

Gwen cont’d: He’s going home this weekend…his dad’s picking him up in less than an hour.

Jill: Guess I better go now then.

Jill takes a deep breath as she looks at the box.

Music: I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye to You by Sam Phillips

(cut to): Scout’s room.  He’s zipping up a duffel bag.  There’s a knock.

Scout: Yeah…I’m almost ready.

Jill walks in carrying the box.

Scout: Oh…hi.

He smiles, looking glad to see her.  He notices the box.

Jill: Here.

He takes it.

Scout: What’s this?

He looks inside.

Scout cont’d: Oh…this is that thing where you give me back all my stuff or stuff I gave you…right?

Jill nods.

Scout cont’d: You don’t have to do this.

Jill: It’s kind of a cleansing ritual, you know?

He sets it down on the bed.

Jill cont’d: I didn’t bring the box—the one you made me—because it has all my crap in it right now and I don’t really have anywhere to put it, but—

Scout: Jill…I made that for you.  Keep it, okay?  At least that one thing.

Jill: I don’t want it.

Scout: Well, I don’t want it back. 

She glances away, a little frustrated, but trying not to show it.  He looks at her regretfully then speaks tentatively.

Scout cont’d: …the only thing I want back is—

The door opens as someone knocks on it. 

(cut to): the door as Senator Calhoun pushes the door the rest of the way open.

Scout: Dad…hi.

The senator walks in, smiling.  He looks at Jill.

Scout: Dad, this is Jill…Jillian Thomas.  Um, Jill this is my dad, John Calhoun.

John sticks out his hand and Jill takes it, shaking.

John: I’ve certainly heard a lot about you, young lady.

Jill: Likewise.

Jill smiles, a little uncomfortable.

Scout: Okay, Dad, I’m all packed so…

John: You know, Jill, I’ve always thought of girls as a distraction, but ever since Scout started dating you, I’ve seen him become extremely focused.

Scout looks at Jill apologetically.

John cont’d: He’s never brought home such good marks.  He’s focused in his career goals…even if they aren’t what I’ve always had in mind for him.

John laughs good-naturedly and pats Scout on the back.

John cont’d: Don’t let this one get away, Son.

Jill tosses Scout a displeased look.  Scout doesn’t make eye contact.

Scout: Uh, Dad, can we please go?

John looks back and forth between them.

John: Something going on here?

Scout: No.  Everything’s fine.

Jill comes to his rescue.

Jill: We’re fine.

Scout looks at Jill, surprised for the save.

Scout: We’re fine.

Scout picks up his bag and glances at the box as a reminder that they are definitely not fine.  Jill looks over at it too then at Scout.

Scout: Well…I guess I’ll see you when I see you.

John looks at him suspiciously at this farewell, but takes Scout’s bag and walks toward the door.  Scout takes a step toward Jill, leaning toward her.  He kisses her on the cheek then whispers in her ear:

Scout (whispered): Sorry.

Jill (whispered): It’s okay.

She closes her eyes and when she opens them, Scout’s headed out the door with his dad.  He waves apologetically and she waves back as the door closes.

(fade out)


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Music: Just Like a Pill by Pink

(fade in): to a shot of the girls’ dorms.

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  Gwen is on the phone.  She sits on her bed with her head in her hands.

(cut to): Ryder at his flat in London.

Ryder: Gwendolyn?  Still there?

He closes his eyes for a second, taking a deep breath.

Ryder cont’d: Gwen?

(cut to): Gwen.

Gwen: Yeah…yes.  Yes, I’m still here.

Cut back and forth as each of them speaks.

Ryder: And…are you okay?

Gwen: Yes.

Ryder: I know that over the phone is a pathetic way to do this, but—

Gwen: It’s no big deal.

Ryder: I’ve wanted you to know for so long.  After my first attempt, though, it took a little while to…get the courage again.

Gwen: Uh-huh.  Can I call you back later?

Ryder: Uh, yeah, of course.

He sighs.

Ryder cont’d: Gwen?

Gwen: Yes?

Ryder: I’m sorry.

Gwen: Okay.  Okay, bye, Ryder.

Ryder: …cheers.

Gwen hangs up.  She puts the phone down, looking upset.  There’s a knock at the door.  Gwen looks up, but doesn’t make an effort to speak or get the door.  It’s unlocked, though, and Will opens the door and walks in.

Gwen: What are you doing?

Will: What are you doing?  Didn’t you hear me knocking?

Gwen: Yes, I did.

Will looks at her.

Will: What’s wrong?

Gwen looks fed up with Will already.  He notices, but sits next to her anyway.  When she doesn’t answer, he changes the subject:

Will: So, you’re coming with me to interview Kevin Prescott tonight, right?

Will smiles.

Gwen: No.

Will: Look, I know you’re not particularly fond of the guy, but—

Gwen: It’s not that…I’m just not having a good day, okay? 

Will: Oh.  Was it that physics test?  You studied really hard for that, I know.

Gwen looks at him, deciding not to confide in him.

Will cont’d: It can’t be the English essay you turned in a week early…or was it a week and a half?

Gwen: Everything isn’t always about school.

Will: Did Gwen Vaughn really make such a declaration?

Gwen looks down.

Will cont’d: Well, I should have known it wasn’t school related…you’re the smartest person at this school, Gwen.  You get everything…

Gwen looks like she’s losing any patience she’s had.  Will suddenly gets an idea.

Will cont’d: It’s not about…a guy, is it?

Gwen: There are no guys, Will…and there never will be.

He looks a little disturbed by this.

Gwen cont’d: That’s why I’m so “good at school.”  I don’t have time for guys.

Will: But that’s—

Gwen: And right now, I really don’t have time for you so I’d appreciate it very much if—

Will: Yeah, I get it. 

He stands.

Will cont’d: And you’re sure about the interview?

She gives him a look that makes him get it.  He nods and starts to leave, but pauses at the open door.

Will: Um, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.

Gwen: For?

Will: I don’t know…for not having the perfect thing to say.

Gwen: Well, when do you ever?

Will sighs.

Will: Exactly.  I’ll see you later.

He exits.

(cut to): an exterior shot of Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Finn is at the stove, cooking vegetables.  Johanna is at the counter, cutting vegetables. 

Finn: You’re sure…about everything?

Johanna: Absolutely.  What about you?  Can you handle it?

Finn laughs.

Finn: I don’t know.

Johanna kisses him briefly.

Finn cont’d: That helps.

He moves the pan from a hot to a cool burner and turns off the stove.  He turns to her, kissing her again.

Finn: At dinner or after dinner?

Johanna considers this.

Johanna: After dessert.

He smiles, kissing her once again.

Finn: I love you.

Johanna smiles.

Johanna: Try not to look so nervous, okay?

He nods and laughs.  He turns back to the stove.

Johanna cont’d: And…I love you too.

Finn smiles.

Finn: That helps too.

Music: 10 Minutes by The Getup Kids

(cut to): an establishing shot of the garage.

(cut to): inside the office.  Hamilton and Bella are there.  Hamilton is wearing typical garage coveralls and is seated at the desk with his feet up and his guitar in his lap.  Bella is sitting on the desk facing him.

Hamilton: Okay, okay, okay…just try it one more time.

Bella: No, no more times.

Hamilton: You know what we need…some recording equipment.  I can probably get something from the AV room.

Bella gets up and walks toward the door leading outside.

Bella: You’re crazy.

Hamilton sets the guitar down and walks out after her.

(cut to): in front of the garage as they walk out.

Hamilton: This song…it could be something.

Bella: You’ve been saying that since this summer.

Hamilton: It’s really coming together now, though.

Bella shrugs and opens the hood of a truck.

Bella: Hand me the three-quarters socket wrench, please.

Hamilton reaches over and picks up a wrench from the tray of tools that has been laid out.  Bella smiles as he hands it to her.

Bella cont’d: Impressive. 

Hamilton: What?

Bella: The dean’s son effortlessly chooses the proper wrench.

Hamilton smirks.

Hamilton: Ha. Ha.

Bella: Anyway, finish your story.  You argued with your mom a little more in the art room.  I’d say that was probably a pretty dumb thing to do considering how on-your-side she’s been about the whole Jake thing.

Hamilton: I know.  I feel bad about the whole thing, but, God, I just want to be with Jake, you know?  Me and her.  No Dexter constantly hounding us.  No Will and Scout walking in.  No Mom catching us kissing—

Bella: Making out.

Hamilton: Whatever in the art room. 

Bella: Why not hang out in Jake’s room more?

Hamilton: Dexter’s specialty is hunting down locked doors and knocking on them. 

Bella: But tonight was going to be different…

Hamilton: Exactly.  And now, I’m screwed.  I’m spending the weekend at home.  I’m supposed to go straight there after work, eat dinner there…and then spend the evening with my parents.  Yeah, that’s a fun Friday night.

Bella looks back at the garage.

Bella: Yeah, tell me about it.

(cut to): Gwen in her room.  She’s sitting at her desk and making an attempt to study.  Jill walks in, looking a little unnerved.  She looks around.  She glances at her painting, but instead pulls back the covers on her bed, kicks off her shoes and climbs in.  Gwen turns around in her chair.

Gwen: How’d it go?

Jill raises her eyebrows and shakes her head.  She pulls the covers over her face.  Gwen turns back to her books.  A beat.  Gwen gets up and goes over to Jill’s bed, sitting next to her.  She pulls down the covers a little. 

Gwen: Want to go out?

Jill shakes her head.

Gwen: Come on…I heard there’s a party in town.

Jill looks slightly interested.

Jill: A townie party, you mean?

Gwen nods.

Jill cont’d: We can’t crash.

She sits up, thinking.

Jill cont’d: A party would be perfect, though.

Gwen: It’s clearly what we need to solve our respective problems.

Jill looks at her suspiciously.

Jill: What’s wrong with this picture?

Gwen: I don’t know…what?

Jill: You convincing me to go to a townie party.  And…what problems? 

Gwen looks down.

Jill cont’d: What did Ryder the Reformed say when you called him?

Gwen stands up.

Gwen: No time to talk…come on; let’s get ready for this party.

(cut to): Jake in her room.  She’s typing an email.  Her door is closed.  There’s a knock.

Jake: It’s open.

She turns around hopefully as Dexter walks in.

Jake cont’d: Hey, what’s up, dude?

Dexter smiles.

Dexter: Not much.  Working on that paper yet?

Jake stands up.

Jake: Just about to go to the library.

Dexter: Oh…cool.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Hey, can you do me a favor?

Dexter: Yeah.
Jake: If you hear from Ham, can you ask him to give me a call?

Dexter nods.  Jake picks up her bookbag and tosses her cell phone into one of the pockets.

Jake: Okay…off to work.

Dexter leaves first then Jake exits behind him.

(fade out)


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Music: Buck Rogers by Feeder

(fade in): to the garage.  Bella has finished working on the car from before.  She closes the hood.  Hamilton has just finished pumping gas for a customer and now washes the windshield.  The customer hands him some cash and Hamilton nods and walks toward the office.  The car drives away.

(cut to):  the door of the office as Bella and Hamilton both reach it at the same time.  Hamilton hands her the money and she walks in to take care of it as Will’s car pulls up.

(cut to): the car as Will hops out.

Will: Just the man I was looking for.

Hamilton: Didn’t you get the newsflash?  Jake’s a girl…I’m not gay.

Will laughs.

Will: I need you tonight.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

Will: …for an assignment.

Hamilton: An assignment?  Like, for school?

Will: No…like a newspaper assignment.

Hamilton looks a little unenthused. 

Hamilton: Come on, Will…not Kevin Prescott.

Will: I got an interview with him.  I need you to take some pictures.

Hamilton: You take his picture.

Will shrugs.

Will: Fine.

Hamilton thinks of something.

Hamilton: How long will it take?

Will looks at his watch.

Will: It’s seven now.  He said he’d be there at eight…it shouldn’t take too long.  I’ve only got a couple of questions prepared for him.

Hamilton: Perfect, I’ll do it.  Got your cell phone on you?

Will gives him a perplexed look as he turns back to the car to find it.

(cut to): Gwen and Jill’s room.  Jill and Gwen both use a mirror above Jill’s dresser to put on make-up.  They’re already dressed to go out.  Gwen finishes with her make-up.  Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail.  She turns to Jill.

Gwen: Hair?  Down or—

Jill: Down, definitely.

Gwen pulls the ponytail out of her hair.  Someone knocks.  They look at each other before Jill walks over to get it.

Jill: You’re earl…

She stops when she sees Jake standing there, carrying her bookbag.

Jill: …ly.  Hi, I thought you were Sean.

Jake doesn’t say anything, but gives Jill a suspicious look.  She walks in and notices Gwen.

Jake: Hi.

Jill: Want to go to a party?

Jake: That party in town?

Gwen: Yeah, but we’re not crashing…Sean’s taking us.

Jill: Come on…lose the boy gear and get dressed.

Jake: I don’t think—

She’s cut off by her cell phone which rings from inside her backpack.

Jake cont’d: Hang on.

She opens her bag and takes the phone out, answering.

Jake cont’d: Yeah?

She smiles.

Jake cont’d: Hi…

Jill turns to Gwen and mouths “Hamilton.”  Gwen nods, rolling her eyes.

Jake: No, I’m in Jill’s room.

(cut to): Hamilton, sitting in Will’s car.  In the background, Will and Bella talk.

Hamilton: So, I’m stuck at home all weekend, but…I think I have a way to come over for a few hours.

Cuts back and forth as they talk.

Jake: How?

Hamilton: Well, Will got an interview with that Kevin Prescott jerk and I’m going with him…as his photographer.  I called my mom and…she’s cool with it.

Jake: So…you get to be away from home…and with Will?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: When we’re done…I’ll come over to the dorms for a little while…Mom won’t know how long the interview took. 

Jake: Maybe we shouldn’t risk it.  What if your mom stops by the dorms?

Hamilton: Then meet me somewhere else.  We haven’t been alone for more than a few minutes in…forever.

Jake: There’s that party in town, but…

Hamilton: …there’ll be a ton of people there.

(cut to): Jake.  She looks around, thinking.  She gets an idea.

Jake: Hang on a second.  Hey, Jill?

Jill: Yep?

Jake: How late do you think you’ll be out?

Jill and Gwen look at each other, shrugging.

Jill: All night.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Mind if I hang out here?

Jill looks at Jake, pretending to be grossed out.

Jill: Just…wash the sheets, okay?

Jake shakes her head, pretending to be annoyed.

Jake: Okay, Hamilton?

Hamilton: Yeah, I’m still here.

Jake: Jill and Gwen are going to that party with Sean so…

Hamilton: …I’ll meet you in Jill’s room.  I’ll be there by like nine thirty, no problem.

Jake: Okay.

Hamilton: Okay…I love you.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Yeah, I love you too.

They both hang up.

(cut to): Hamilton as he walks over to Will and Bella, handing Will his phone.

Hamilton: Thanks.

Will: No problem so…you ready to go?

Hamilton: Oh…damn.

Will: What?

Hamilton: Dexter…he’s got my camera.

Will: Actually, it’s in my car.

Hamilton looks confused.

Will cont’d: I got it from him…one less excuse you could use.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I can’t believe you’d question my dedication to the paper.

Will: Uh-huh…and did you get everything worked out with Jake?

Hamilton smirks.

Bella: You’re shift’s over, Ham so you guys can get going anytime.

Will: Trying to get rid of us, huh?  Got a guy coming over?

Bella: No…but I have to make dinner for my family.

Will: Okay, we’ll leave you alone, CinderBella

Bella: Right, I haven’t heard that one before.

She smiles.  Will turns to Hamilton.

Will: You ready?

Hamilton: Where are we going?  Back to campus for awhile?

Will: We’re going to the Bed and Breakfast.

Hamilton: What?  We don’t have to be there until eight, right?

Will: We need to be there early, though.

Hamilton: An hour early?

Will: Yes.

Hamilton turns to Bella, looking for help.  She smiles, shrugs and walks off.

Bella: Have fun, guys.

She stops and turns back around.

Bella cont’d: And Will…she’ll come around…they always do.

Will smiles.

Music: Close to Me by The Getup Kids

(cut to): Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the dining room.  Meagan, Finn and Johanna are seated around the table, eating dinner.  Meagan is talking and Finn and Johanna listen, but answer her mechanically.

Meagan: And then I said that he was an idiot.

Johanna: That wasn’t very nice.

Meagan: Well, yeah, but I don’t really think he’s an idiot.  He’s the smartest person I’ve ever met in my whole life.  He’s always reading.  He’s just like…smart, but…he hates me.

Finn: Why would anyone hate you?

Meagan: Because I skipped fifth grade and I just turned eleven and he’s almost twelve and no one ever asked him if he wanted to skip a grade.  He said I got to skip because I’m a girl. 

Johanna: Well obviously he isn’t as smart as you think.

Meagan shrugs.

Meagan: Oh well…

She looks at the two of them.

Meagan cont’d: So…what’s up with you guys?  Why are you being so…

Finn: What?

Meagan: I don’t know…that.  Tense.

Johanna: We’re not tense.

Meagan laughs.

Meagan: Okay…well, I’m done with dinner.  What’s for dessert?

They look at each other, obviously tense and nervous.

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  Jake is sitting at Jill’s computer.

Jill: Who are you emailing anyway?  Your mom?

Jake: No…I’m just finishing an email to…

Jake trails off; Gwen turns around.

Gwen: …to Ryder?

Jake looks at her, nodding.

Gwen cont’d: He told you he was going to tell me…

Jake looks at her apologetically, knowing exactly what she means.

Jake: Tell you what?

Gwen: You know…you’ve known…am I right?

Jake won’t answer.  Jill looks back and forth between them.  First, she turns to Gwen:

Jill: What the hell are you people talking about? 

She turns to Jake:

Jill cont’d: And…you’re emailing Ryder?  Did I slip into a parallel universe at some point?  Gwen pushing the night out with the townies…nice Ryder calling and asking how I’m doing like he genuinely cares…Jacqueline emailing him about secrets…I don’t get it.

Jake and Gwen look at each other a moment, searching for a way out.  There’s a knock at the door.

Gwen: That must be Sean.  You ready?

Gwen opens the door before Jill can respond.  Sean’s standing there in a typical Sean outfit. 

Sean: Hey ladies. 

He leans against the doorframe, smiling.

Jill: What?

Sean: We’re going to a party in town…not a club.

Gwen: Should we change?

Sean: Nah…you both look hot.

He notices Jake.

Sean cont’d: Jake…you coming?

Jake turns around in the chair with a “you can’t be serious” look.

Jake: No.

Sean: Too bad. 

Jake: Why’s that?

Sean: Well, I’m already doing pretty good with these two, but…with three hot Rawley girls…I’d be so popular.

Jake smiles, shaking her head.  She turns back to the computer.

Jake: You’re the student body president and the star baseball player…you’ve accumulated your share of popularity points. 

Sean laughs.

Jake cont’d: Anyway, you guys have fun.

Jill and Gwen exit with Sean.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Three words: Black Hawk Down.  It’s like two hours and twenty-four minutes of non-stop action.  I know what you’re thinking, but…Ridley Scott directed it.  Among other things, he directed Thelma and Louise.  Oh, and did we mention also Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom, Ben Foster and many other hot boys?  Even though it’s hard to tell them apart when they’re in uniform, they’re all very cute.  Also, it’s a great portrayal of an actual event…an important event…so, see it for that too.  At any rate, see it.


Music: Out of Reach by The Getup Kids

(fade in): to Will’s car parked in front of the B & B.

(cut to): inside the car.  Will is in the driver’s seat.  Hamilton is in the passenger seat and has changed or at least taken off the coveralls.  He has on jeans and a long-sleeved t shirt and is sitting with his arms folded.

Hamilton: Will, I’m cold.

Will: It’s not eight yet.

Hamilton: I thought the point was to get here early.

Will: Yes, get here early…not go in early.

Hamilton: Can’t we just go wait inside?

Will: This is a bed and breakfast, Ham…there’s not a lobby.

Hamilton: I know that.

He crosses his arms a little tighter, trying to get warm.

Will: Did Bella mention going to a party tonight?

Hamilton: No…why?

Will: Supposedly there’s this party in town tonight—

Hamilton: Yeah, Dexter was trying to get me and Jake to go.

Will: I don’t know why Rawley kids insist on crashing townie parties.

Hamilton: Maybe they need to escape.

Will: From what?  Wealth and privilege?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I don’t know.  Why don’t you ask Gwen and Jill tomorrow?

Will: What?

Hamilton: They went to the party too.

Will: Jill and Gwen?

Hamilton: Yeah…pretty weird, huh? 

A beat as Will takes off his seat belt.

Will: God, is it eight yet?  It’s freezing out here.

Hamilton gives him an annoyed look and leans his head back against the seat.

(cut to): a random house in town. 

(cut to): inside where there is definitely a party going on.

(cut to): a wide shot of the door as Gwen, Jill and Sean walk in.  A few people come up to Sean and he introduces Gwen and Jill. 

(cut to): a closer shot.  Sean introduces Gwen and Jill to a cute townie guy who’s holding a cup: Ben Hudson.  Everyone talks loudly because there is music playing.

Sean: Gwen, Jill…this is Ben…

Ben: This is my house.

Jill: It’s nice.

Ben: Thanks.

Ben smiles.

Gwen: Where’s the alcohol?

Ben: Um…do you like beer?

Gwen: Sure.

He hands her his cup, smiling.

Gwen cont’d: Thanks.

Jill and Sean look at each other, concerned, but amused.

(cut to): Johanna’s house, the dining room.  They’ve all finished dessert and sit without saying anything.  Meagan looks at them.

Meagan: Uh…can I be excused?

Johanna and Finn look at each other.

Johanna: We need to talk to you.

Meagan smiles.

Meagan: Okay.

Finn: But, not now.

Johanna looks at him like “what?”

Finn cont’d: After we do the dishes and clean up.

Meagan looks at her mom who smiles.

Meagan: So…I can be excused?

Johanna nods.  Meagan gets up and walks upstairs.  When she’s gone:

Johanna: What was that?

Finn: I thought…you might want a little more time.

Johanna: If you’re not sure—

Finn: I am sure.  I want this…more than I ever thought I would. 

Johanna: So, what’s the problem?

Finn: Saying it to her is like signing the contract.

Johanna: You’re not making me feel reassured here.

Finn: If I didn’t want to do this…I’d tell you.

Johanna nods, looking down.

(cut to): Will’s car.  Will and Hamilton are still there.  Hamilton looks even colder.

Hamilton: Will—

Will: I know…you’re cold. 

Hamilton: Actually, I was just going to ask if I could use your cell phone again.

Will: Why don’t you have a cell phone?

Hamilton: My dad doesn’t think kids need cell phones.

Will: What about girlfriends that dress up like guys?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: He’s okay with that…it’s just cell phones he doesn’t like…now, hand it over.

Will pulls his cell phone from his pocket and hands it to Hamilton.

Will: Just…don’t use all my minutes.

Hamilton dials a number then waits.  Through the phone we can hear a computer chick saying that the person is unavailable at this time.

Hamilton: They work better when you leave them turned on.  Damn. 

He turns off Will’s phone and hands it back to him.

Hamilton cont’d: Wait…what’s Gwen’s phone number?

Will: I have no idea…you don’t know it?

Hamilton: Not by heart…and that’s on purpose.  I don’t think Jake would like that.

Will gives him a condescending look.

Hamilton cont’d: What?

Will: Nothing, man.

A beat.

Will cont’d: Do you know the number for the phone your dad got for your room?

Hamilton: Yeah.

Will: Get Dexter to go tell Jake…or Jacqueline…to turn her phone on.

Hamilton considers that.

Hamilton: I don’t know if I would like that.

Will holds the phone out to him.

Will: Last chance.

Hamilton takes it and dials.  He waits a moment as Dexter answers.

(cut to): Dexter and Hamilton’s room as Dexter answers the phone.

Dexter: Hello?

(cut to): a split screen.

Hamilton: Hey, it’s Hamilton.

Dexter: Hi.

Hamilton: Can you do me a favor?

Dexter: Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Hamilton: Is that a no?

Dexter: No…I mean, yes…I mean, what do you need? 

Hamilton: Go over to Jill and…Jacqueline’s room and tell whoever’s there to turn on a cell phone and call me on Will’s phone.  Do you have the number?

Dexter: Yeah, it’s in my palm pilot.

Hamilton: You have a palm pilot?

Dexter: Yeah.  Don’t all the girls’ rooms have phones?

Hamilton: Yep…someone can call me from that phone too.

Dexter: You don’t know your girlfriend’s phone number?

Hamilton: No…so what?

Dexter: I thought you and Jacqueline had plans tonight.

Hamilton: We do, which is why I’m trying to track her down.  We’re hanging out after Will and I get this interview over with.

Dexter: Okay, cool.  Oh, hey…Jake said to give him a call on his cell phone.  That was earlier, though.  He went to the library to work on that physics paper.

Hamilton chuckles.

Hamilton: Okay, thanks.

Dexter: Anytime.

Hamilton: Later.

Dexter: Bye.

They both hang up.  Ham hands Will back his cell phone.  Dexter hangs up the phone and looks around the room a moment, thinking.

Music: One Girl Revolution by Superchick

(dissolve to): Jake in Jill’s room.  She’s still sort of in her boy clothes, but she’s taken off the corset.  There’s music on and Jake’s sitting on Jill’s bed reading a magazine.  There’s a knock.

Jake (not lowering her voice): Uh…who is it?

Dexter: Um…it’s Dexter Darcy.

Jake: Okay…hang on…

Jake gets up.

Jake cont’d: I just got out of the shower…

She looks around the room.  She pulls off all the shirts she has on and looks in Jill’s closet.  She pulls out a pink long-sleeved shirt and puts it on. 

Dexter: I just came to give you a message from Hamilton…

She looks down at her baggy boy jeans.

Jake: Okay, give me one more minute…

She opens one of Jill’s drawers and pulls out a pair of jeans.  She quickly kicks off the boy jeans and starts to put on the girl jeans.

(cut to): Dexter in the hall.  He has a backpack on.  He leans toward the door.

Dexter: He just wanted you to turn on your cell phone and give him a call on Will’s.

(cut to): inside the room.  Jake turns on the sink and puts some water on her short hair.  She attempts to change the style into something a little more girly...not to mention trying to emphasize the “just got out of the shower” excuse.  She picks up some lipstick from Jill’s dresser  and applies it.

Jake: Just one more second, okay Dexter?

Dexter: I have Will’s number in my Palm Pilot.

She glances around the room and kicks all her clothes under Jill’s bed.  She then picks up her backpack and takes the cell phone out, then stuffs the bag under the bed too.  She then rushes over to the door, opening it.

Jake: Hi.  Come in.

He smiles and walks in.  He pulls his Palm Pilot from his pocket and opens up Will’s number, handing it to Jake. 

Jake: Thanks.

She writes it down on a piece of paper on Gwen’s desk then the Palm Pilot back to Dexter.

Dexter: So, doing anything exciting while you’re waiting for Hamilton?

Jake: No, not really.

Dexter: Yeah, I’ve been pretty bored too.  There’s this party in town.  I thought it sounded like fun, but Jake and Ham were against it.  Of course, they both had something to do tonight…unlike me.  Then Will went off on this tangent about Rawley people going to parties in town so they could drink.  That seems pretty crazy.  I really wanted to go.

Jake looks at him apologetically.

Jake: That’s where Jill is.  She and Gwen went with this guy they know.

Dexter nods.

Dexter: Well, if you’re interested…I swiped Jake’s laptop.

Jake looks a little angry at this, but tries to recover.

Jake: Cool…does he have anything good on there?

Dexter: Just my program…I thought you might want to check it out.

Jake smiles as Dexter takes the backpack off and pulls Jake’s laptop out.

Jake: Yeah, sure…I’d like that.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: This is another movie commercial break.  Moulin Rouge.  See, because that movie is so beyond awesome.  We weren’t thinking it would be all that great, but…it definitely was so go to your nearest Blockbuster and pick it up because it’s so worth the four bucks.  Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman do an unbelievably amazing job.  Good stuff.


(fade in): to Ben’s house.

Music: Hey or When the Drugs Wear Off by Flickerstick 

(cut to): inside the house, the kitchen.  Gwen and Ben and a few other people are standing around the kitchen table doing shots of Tequila. 

Gwen: Aren’t we supposed to have lemons…and salt?

Ben: Do you want some more beer?

Gwen: Yes…yeah, okay.

Ben: I think there’re Jello shooters around here somewhere too.

Gwen: Cool.

Ben smiles and takes her hand, leading her upstairs.

(cut to): the living room where Sean and Jill are sitting on a couch.  There are several empty plastic shot glasses in front of them.

Jill: Those things are insanely good.  And, I don’t even like Lime Jello.

Sean: I don’t think it was Lime

Jill: How would you know?  You didn’t have any.

Sean: …it was red.

Jill: Have one with me.

Sean: I’m driving you home…be glad I’m not drinking.

Jill: Whatever…life is hard…play short…wait, I mean…life is short…play…hmm…I think I need another shot.  Will you get me one?

Sean: You’re kind of scaring me, Jill.

Jill: What?  I never get a chance to party…do you think Scout ever wanted to go out?  He’s boring.  A total stick in the mud…

Jill laughs.

Jill cont’d: That’s a strange expression: stick in the mud.  Still, sounds like Scout.  I bet he wouldn’t have a shot with me.  I really hate him.  He kissed me on the cheek today.  That rat bastard.  Right in front of his dad…I mean what was that?  I really hate him.

Sean: You already said that.

Jill: Do you want to dance?

Sean: Not really.

Jill: Fine…I’ll find someone fun.

Sean: Wait, wait…okay.

(cut to): a crowd of people in another part of the living room.  Jill leads Sean to the dance floor.

Music: Easy Tonight by Five for Fighting

(cut to): Johanna’s house. 

(cut to): the kitchen as Finn and Johanna finish the dishes.

Johanna isn’t saying much and looks pretty freaked out.

Finn: Are you okay?

Johanna: I’m fine.

Finn turns to her, brushing some hair out of her face.

Finn: You’re so beautiful right now.

Johanna: I’m not exactly twenty-five anymore, Finn.

Finn: Well, neither am I…thank God.

Johanna: It’s like you said…telling Meagan is like making it official.

Finn: We’ve analyzed this to death.  We’ve made lists, that’s plural, of pros and cons.  We’ve looked at every option.  I like our plan.

Johanna: So do I.  I’m just…wondering if I can pull it off.

Finn takes a step toward and wraps his arms around her.

Finn: You can’t, but…we can.

Johanna smiles and hugs him back.

Johanna: I know.

(cut to): Will’s car.  Hamilton is toying with his camera, putting a new roll of film in.  He drops it on the floor and reaches down to pick it up.

Hamilton: You know, I can’t really feel my fingers…

Will: Gwen was really going out to that party?

Hamilton pauses his search for the film and sits up.

Hamilton: Yeah, with Sean.

Hamilton reaches down and finds the film.

Hamilton cont’d: You know…if you’re just waiting for her to suddenly realize that you’re this wonderful guy…it’s not going to happen.

Will doesn’t get it.

Hamilton cont’d: Maybe she likes you; maybe she doesn’t.  On some level, she knows you like her…I practically told her that myself.

Will: What?

Hamilton: In New York, but…that’s not the point…it was in one ear and out the other.  She didn’t want to hear it, you know?  She just shuts stuff out and makes herself forget it.  So, you’re sitting there, drooling over her or whatever, thinking she should be getting it, but…she doesn’t. 

Will: She said…she doesn’t have time for guys.

Hamilton: Speaking of time…

Will looks at his watch.

Will: Okay…it’s eight.

Hamilton: Thank God.

He starts to get out of the car.

Will: Wait…five more minutes.

Hamilton: What?

Will: Well, he said after eight.

Hamilton gives him a dirty look, then thinks of something.

Hamilton: Is your cell phone on?

Will: Yeah…

(cut to): Jill’s room.  Jake and Dexter are sitting on the floor in front of Jill’s bed.  Dexter has the laptop.  Jake is trying to lean over his shoulder to see what he’s doing.  She puts her hand on his shoulder and leans in front of him.  He laughs.

Dexter: Okay…here.

He hands it over to her.  She takes her hand from his shoulder and he watches her look at the screen as she settles the laptop into her lap.

Jake: No way…I’ve been trying to crack into this site for a month.

Dexter smiles, shrugging.

Dexter: I do what I can.

Jake: You do it well…

Dexter adjusts his glasses.

Jake: …it hurts me to have to admit that.

Dexter: I think I drive Jake a little crazy too.

Jake: Hey, I didn’t say I didn’t like it.

A beat.

Jake cont’d: …and, you don’t drive Jake crazy.  He really likes you.  Hamilton does too.

Dexter: Yeah, right…they try to get away from me every chance they can. 

Jake: Well, you and I will have to hang out more, then.

Dexter looks at her, a little surprised.

Dexter: Yeah, I’d like that.

A beat.

Jake: So, don’t tell me you really wanted to go to that party.

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: I thought it might be , but I think I found something a lot better than a party.

Jake: Good.

Jake goes back to typing.

Music: Just a Day by Feeder

(cut to): the party.  Jill’s leading Sean toward the stairs.

Sean: What are you doing?

Jill: I have to go to the bathroom…show me where it is…

Sean: Up the stairs, down the hall, to the left.

Jill: Huh?  Come on…just show me.

Sean shakes his head.

Sean: I’m going to go get a beer.

Jill: Oh, okay.  Have fun…

She pats him on the shoulder as she slowly walks up the stairs.  Bella walks up to Sean.

Bella: Interesting…

Sean turns around to face her.

Sean: Bella…what are you doing here?

Bella: I came with Grace.  Charlie thought this sounded like an adult-supervision-required event.

Sean nods.

Bella cont’d: Scout’s going to kill you, you do realize that?

Sean: I didn’t know she was going to drink like this.  She and Gwen called me up and asked me to take them to the party…

Bella: Gwen’s here too?  Weird.

Sean: Oh God…I haven’t even seen her since she went off with Ben.

Bella: You lost Gwen?  I changed my mind…Will’s going to kill you long before Scout can hunt you down.

Sean doesn’t look amused.

(cut to): to he bathroom door upstairs.  Jill approaches it.

Jill: Left…left?

She holds out her hands and looks at them then turns to the left.

Jill: Left, right.  

She laughs to herself then opens the door.  A couple is on the edge of the bathtub, kissing.

Jill: Oh…sorry…Gwen?

(cut to): Gwen and Ben as they pull apart.

Gwen: Jill…go away.

Jill: Okay…no, wait…can I talk to you for a second?

Gwen looks at Ben who looks at her hopefully, kissing her neck.

Gwen: Yeah, come on in.

Ben stands up.

Ben: Hi…what’s your name again?

Jill: Uh…can I get back to you on that?

Ben: Sure, baby.

He leans in to kiss her, but she steps back as Gwen stands up and pushes him toward the door.

Gwen: Give me a few minutes, okay?

Ben: Can I at least watch?

Gwen pushes him out the door.

Gwen: I’ll make it up to you.

He smiles and nods as she closes the door.  Gwen turns around.

Gwen cont’d: How’s it going?

Jill: My head hurts.

Gwen nods as Jill sits on the closed toilet.  Gwen walks over and sits on the edge of the bathtub.

Gwen: Was he cute?

Jill: Um…I can’t remember.  What’s his name again?

Gwen: I don’t know…Ben, I think.

Jill laughs and doesn’t stop.

Gwen: What?

Jill: Gwen and Ben…

Gwen: I don’t get it.

Jill: Well, first there’s the Paltrow and Affleck thing.

Gwen raises her eyebrows.

Jill cont’d: Plus…it rhymes.

Gwen: Oh…yeah, it does, doesn’t it?

Jill continues to laugh.

Gwen cont’d: When did I get so stupid?

Jill: I don’t know.  Wait…you can’t be stupid…you’re smart.

Gwen: I’m a moron.

Jill: You can’t fool me…you’re smart.  What was your GPA last semester?

Gwen: I got a four point O…so what?

Jill: So, see…you’re smart.

Gwen: Ryder’s gay.

Jill blinks.

Jill: What?

She laughs.

Gwen: That’s why he was calling…he told me.

Jill: Over the phone?  That…rat bastard.

Gwen: Jake knew.  He told her before he left.

Jill: Jake?  Who’s Jake?  Oh, Jake…duh.  Wait…why does that sound weird?  Jake…Jake…hmm.

Gwen: Another reason why I’m not smart.

Jill: Jake…Jake…Jake?  Oh!  Jacqueline!  I refuse to call her Jake.

Gwen: Ryder’s gay.  I thought Hamilton was gay.  Jake’s a girl.

Jill: You mean, Jacqueline.

Gwen: Yeah…Jacqueline.

Jill: You are kind of dumb.

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: Well, Jacqueline is a pretty convincing guy.

Jill: No way…you think so?

Jill laughs.

Gwen: I couldn’t pull it off.

Jill tilts her head, squinting.

Jill: Sure you could.

Gwen: You think so?

Gwen stands up and looks in the mirror.  Jill stands up behind her.

Jill: You just need the right haircut, that’s all. 

Gwen looks in the mirror, nodding.

(fade out)


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Music: Tonight by Maren Ord

(fade in): to the door outside the bathroom at Ben’s house.  Pan around to the other side of the hall where Ben is leaning with his eyes closed.  He opens them then leans forward, knocking on the door.

Ben: Hey…hurry up.  What are you doing in there?

(cut to): the floor of the bathroom.  We see brown hair all over the floor along with Jill and Gwen’s feet.  The camera pans up so that it is behind Jill and Gwen who look in the mirror.  Jill looks the same, still pretty trashed (pissed, for our British readers J).  She’s holding a pair of scissors and has clearly given Gwen a “haircut.”  Gwen has her eyes closed as Jill snips a few stray hairs in the back.  It actually doesn’t look too bad (think Molly on that episode of Felicity when her psycho boyfriend—who’s now the hottie on Glory Days— cut her hair).  It’s short, but it’s not really very “Jake-like” at all.

Jill: Okey-dokey…open you eyes…wait…

Jill reaches into the bathtub and pulls out a bottle of Vodka.  She hands it to Gwen.

Jill: …okay….now.

Gwen opens her eyes.  She almost winces at the sight of her hair.  She takes a sip of the Vodka.

Gwen: Yeah…I like it.

Jill looks hurt.

Jill: You hate it!

Gwen: I don’t…it’s cool…it’s short.

Jill: Well, isn’t that the point?

Gwen: I still don’t think I could pull off the boy act, though.

Jill: Want me to cut some more off because I—

Gwen: No!  No, that’s okay…

She takes another sip of Vodka.

Gwen cont’d: …this is good…

She looks in the mirror.  She hands Jill the Vodka.

Gwen cont’d: I’m going to find Tim.

Jill: He’s right outside the door…he keeps knocking.

Gwen: I know.

Jill: Wait…but…never mind.  Have fun…

Gwen: I will…

Just before Gwen opens the door:

Jill: Isn’t his name Ben?

Gwen: Who cares?

Jill: Good point.

Gwen opens the door and practically falls into Ben.

Ben: Nice hair…come on…

He leads her down the hall.

(cut to): Jill in the bathroom.  She looks in the mirror, taking another sip of Vodka.

Jill: You look terrible.

Bella: Yeah, you do…

(cut to): the door as Bella walks in.

Jill: You’re here?

Bella walks all the way in and looks at Jill.

(cut to): Jill who stands there with Vodka in one hand and scissors in the other.  Jill looks down.

Jill: I was giving Gwen a haircut. 

She puts the scissors down and sits on the edge of the tub.  Bella leans against the sink.  Jill looks at her annoyed.

Jill: You can leave now.

Bella: I don’t think so.

She walks over, sitting next to Jill.

Bella cont’d: What are you doing, Jill?

She tries to take the bottle from Jill, but Jill pulls it back.

Jill: You know, Bella, I don’t really like you…

Bella: Yeah, well, newsflash…I’m not your number one fan either, okay?

Jill takes another big sip.

Jill: I hate Vodka…especially straight.

She takes another sip.

Bella: Why are you doing this to yourself?

Jill: I don’t know, Bella…
She stands up dramatically.

Jill cont’d: I guess because my life is just so perfect right now.  You know…my boyfriend making out with some other girl…that would be you…breaking up with him…then having him give Dexter, of all guys, advice on how to win me over…as if he knows anyway…oh, and let’s not forget today when his stupid senator dad came and he didn’t bother clarifying that we’re not freaking dating anymore…kissing me on the cheek…then apologizing.  I really hate him…

Bella: Yeah, it sounds like you absolutely despise him…

Jill: You don’t know…oh God, I think I’m going to be sick…

Bella: Oh, good…

Music: Help! by Howie Day

(cut to): Will and Hamilton as they sit in front of a fireplace with Kevin Prescott.

Kevin: And, of course, I wanted Julia to do the film, but if she couldn’t agree with my vision then she had to go.  Naturally, there were some problems with the studio considering it was the first film I directed, but eventually she changed her mind realizing that, obviously, I was right.  You can, of course, read all of this on my website.  Did I give you that url?  I’ll write it down for you in a minute.  There are a lot of neat new features that we’re working on for the site.  Now that I’m getting into directing, I want people to be able to access, well, me.  Are you getting all this?

He looks at Will’s who’s frantically taking notes. 

Will: Uh…yes, Sir.

Hamilton is sitting off to the side.  He holds the camera up, but doesn’t bother taking a picture yet.

Kevin: Okay, where was I?  Did I answer your question?  What was your question?

Will: Um, who are your biggest influences?

Kevin: Oh, right…well, to be perfectly frank, my biggest influence is…myself.

Hamilton sighs, a little too loudly.  Will gives him a dirty look, but he smiles.  Kevin doesn’t skip a beat.

Kevin cont’d: You see, I always knew I wanted to write.  When I was little, I wrote plays for my stuffed animals.  My parents thought I was a genius.  Honestly, I really was very advanced…

Hamilton closes his eyes, wanting this to be over.

(cut to): Johanna’s house, the living room.  Finn and Johanna sit on the couch together; Meagan sits in an armchair.  They’re about to tell her.

Meagan: Can one of you just tell me?  Please?  You’re making me nervous.

Johanna: Well, you see Sweetheart, Finn and I…we haven’t been together very long.

Meagan: About five months now.

Finn looks at Johanna.

Finn: God, is that all?

She smiles, taking his hand.

Johanna: We haven’t been together very long, but I love him very much.

Finn: And, I love your mom.

Meagan: Duh…

They look at each other.

Meagan cont’d: Okay, I know…I know what’s going on.  It’s really pretty obvious.

Johanna: It is?

Meagan: You’re engaged.

They look at each other, a little embarrassed.

Finn: Actually…

Johanna: …we’re not getting married.

Finn: I mean…maybe one day…

She looks at Finn.

Johanna: …I didn’t think you wanted to…

Finn: I don’t…I mean, I do, but…look, I’m in this for the long haul, okay?  I don’t think I have to marry you to prove that.

Johanna: No, no, of course not…

Finn: …unless you want me to…because I will…if that’s what you want…

Johanna: …I’d like to think I’m a little more modern than that, Finn.

He smiles.  They suddenly realize Meagan is still there and giving them a completely confused look.

Finn: Anyway, we’re not getting married…that’s not what we have to tell you.

Meagan: Are you moving in?

Finn: Um, not right away.

He looks at Johanna and she nods as if they’ve discussed this point thoroughly.

Meagan: So, that’s it?  That’s the big thing you have to tell me?  That you’re moving in at some point?

Johanna: No, Sweetheart.

Meagan: Well, God, just tell me already.

Johanna: I’m pregnant.

Meagan: What?

Meagan stands up, she looks a little freaked out.

Meagan cont’d: What?  You’re what?

Finn: You’re mom and I…we’re having a baby.

Meagan sits back down.

Meagan: Oh my gosh…

She takes a minute to process this.  Johanna and Finn both look genuinely glad to have finally said it.

Meagan: I had no idea…

Finn: Well, of course you didn’t.

Meagan: You don’t understand…I always know what’s going on with you guys.

Johanna: Well, we don’t expect you to know everything or understand everything. 

Finn: So, if there’s anything you want to know—

Meagan:  How long have you known?

Johanna: About a month now.

Meagan: Oh, well, thanks for keeping me informed.

They look at each other, knowing she wouldn’t like that.

Meagan cont’d: And…how many months pregnant are you?

Johanna: About two months.

Meagan: But, you guys aren’t getting married?  I mean, don’t you think you should get married?

Finn: We’re not getting married and…I’m not moving in for at least another couple of months.  We’ve discussed this quite a bit and we think—

Meagan: Okay, whatever…I guess that’s up to you guys.

She takes a deep breath.

Meagan cont’d: And…it’s okay with me. 

She smiles.  Johanna looks at Finn.

Johanna: That was easy…

Finn: …a little too easy.

He looks at Meagan suspiciously.  Meagan, still smiling, rolls her eyes.  She gets up and hugs them both in one big hug.

Meagan: Congratulations!

They hug her back for a moment then let her go as she stands up.

Meagan cont’d: I just have one request.

Finn: Shoot.

Meagan: I get to have a vote for the name.

They laugh.

Johanna: It’s a deal.

Meagan smiles.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Ben’s house.  It’s now getting close to 9:30.

(cut to): the bathroom.  Jill is sitting on the floor next to the toilet.  Bella is leaning against the sink.

Jill: You know…I’d appreciate it if you didn’t stand there and watch me puke.

Bella: Well, if you pass out, you might appreciate someone who won’t leave you lying here to get felt up by the next freshman who walks by.

Jill: Oh, and that someone is you?  Yeah, right.

Bella: Gwen’s not as drunk as you, is she?

Jill: I’m not drunk—

She’s cut off as she throws up.  Bella looks at her, a little grossed out.  She kneels down, though, and helps Jill hold her hair back.

Bella: Want me to get you some water?

Jill looks at her and nods.

Bella: Okay.

Bella stands up to go downstairs.

Bella cont’d: I’ll be right back.  Will you be okay?

Jill nods again, leaning back against the tub.  Almost as soon as Bella is gone, Gwen walks in.

Gwen: Are you okay?

Jill: Uh-huh…

Gwen walks over and picks up the bottle of Vodka.

Gwen: Can I have this?

Jill: Yes…please.

Gwen: Thanks…

She turns around, but pauses at the door.

Gwen cont’d: Ben likes my new haircut. 

Jill tries to smile.

Jill: Is the room spinning…or is it me?

Gwen: No, you’re pretty still.

Jill: What?

Gwen: Isn’t this fun?

Jill: Loads…

Gwen grins then waves.

Gwen: Okay…bye.

She exits.  Jill leans over to the toilet again.

(cut to):  Ben sitting in what looks like a younger boys bedroom.  He’s sitting on the bed, waiting for Gwen.  A boy, about 12, walks in wearing glasses and carrying a book   This is Ben’s little brother, Mark Hudson.

Mark: Get out of my room.

Ben: Get lost.

Mark: No…Ben…I’m telling mom about this party.

Ben: Mom knows about the party, idiot…she bought the beer.

Mark: Don’t call me an idiot.

Ben: Idiot.

Gwen walks in carrying the Vodka.

Gwen: Hi.

Mark looks at her then at his brother.

Ben: Get out.

Mark sighs, looking mad, but like there’s nothing he can do about it.  He leaves.  Ben smiles and nods for her to come over.  She takes a sip of the Vodka and walks over handing it to him.  He sets it down on the table by the bed and leans over to Gwen, kissing her sloppily.  She kisses him back.

Music: Movies by Alien Ant Farm

(cut to): the B& B where Will is interviewing Kevin.  Hamilton sits with his head propped up as he nods off.

Kevin: So, as you can plainly see, I really have been my biggest influence.

Will: Right.

Kevin: You know, I think I need to add a section about this to my website.

Hamilton: Did you get that url, Will?

Will gives Hamilton and his sarcasm another dirty look, but, once again, Kevin doesn’t really pick up on it.

Will: Okay, my next question is…oh, why don’t we skip that one…

Kevin: No, no…please, ask me everything…I insist.

Will looks reluctant.

Kevin cont’d: Come on, I haven’t got all night.

Hamilton looks at Kevin like he’d like to kill him.

Will: Um, okay…how has your life influenced your work?

Kevin considers this.

Kevin: This is a complicated one…

Hamilton gets up.

Hamilton: I’m just going to find the bathroom, excuse me.

(cut to): the bathroom in Kevin’s room.  Hamilton walks in and closes the door behind him. He pulls Will’s phone out of his pocket.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  Jake and Dexter are sitting on Jill’s bed.  They’ve set the laptop aside and Jake is laughing hysterically.  Dexter has taken his glasses off, but puts them back on.

Dexter: Yeah, so that’s basically all there is to David Duchovny.  He’s pretty mumble-y.

Jake: Say the “cool exterior” line again.

Dexter: No…you’re just making fun of me.

Jake tries to stop laughing, but can’t.  Her phone rings.

Jake: Will you…will you get that?

Jake’s still laughing as Dexter picks the phone up off of Jill’s desk.

Dexter: Hello?…hang on.

He takes the phone down.

Dexter cont’d: It’s for you…

Jake remembers that she was supposed to have called Hamilton.  She drops her smile and takes the phone from Dexter.

Jake: Hamilton…

(cut to): Hamilton.  He looks pretty pissed off.

Hamilton: What’s so funny?  Huh?  The fact that you didn’t call me back or that you’re hanging out with Dexter instead of calling me back.  He did give you my message?

(cut to): a split screen.

Jake: Of course he did…we were just fooling around and—

Hamilton: Fooling around?

Jake: Come on, Hamilton…don’t do this.

Hamilton takes a deep breath.

Hamilton: As you can see, I’m running a little late.

Jake: God, is it already that late?

She goes to look at her watch, but realizes she doesn’t have it on.  Dexter turns his watch so she can see it.

Jake cont’d: Wow, look at that…

Hamilton: Yeah, well…

Jake stands up and walks away, trying to get a little privacy.

Hamilton cont’d: …since you obviously haven’t missed my presence—

Jake: You know I want to see you.

Hamilton: No, I don’t…I don’t know that…I’ve completely lost faith in that.

Jake closes her eyes.

Jake: I miss getting to be alone with you all the time too…I miss you…and me.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Me too.  You’d think moving in down the hall would be a positive move in the getting to spend more time together alone department, but—

Jake: I know. 

Hamilton: This Prescott guy…I’d really like to kill him.

Jake: I met him once…I found him hard to read.

Hamilton smiles a little, glad to be talking to her.

Jake cont’d: Anyway…do you have any idea how much longer you’ll be?

Hamilton: No…God…I wish I were there with you right now.

Jake: I wish you were here too.

(cut to): Dexter who’s picked the laptop up again and started toying with it.  He looks up at her comment.  He looks hurt by it for a moment, but smiles when she looks over at him.

Jake cont’d: Well, I’ll see you in a little while.

(cut to): Hamilton.

Hamilton: Okay.  I love you.

(cut to): Jake.

Jake: I love you too.

Music: One Girl Revolution by Superchick (yes, again…it’s like her theme song J)

She pauses a moment then hangs up.  Dexter looks at her a little disapprovingly.

Jake cont’d: He can be a little dramatic.

Not looking up, Dexter, doing another good mumbly David Duchovny impression, speaks tentatively:

Dexter: …possessive you mean.

Jake tilts her head, not sure she’s heard him right.  She’s surprised that he would be so critical, but wants to explain.

Jake: He’s not really possessive.

Dexter nods like he is pretending to believe her.

Jake: And…besides…I’m the same way with him.

Dexter: It’s funny…I’ve never seen the two of you together.

Jake: Who?

Dexter: You and Hamilton…

Jake: Oh, right.

Dexter: Anyway, it all seems kind of dumb to me.

Jake: What?

Dexter: Well, he was whining about not getting to spend time with you, right?

Jake: Kind of, yeah.

Dexter: Well…he could be over here all the time.  He’s always hanging out with Jake…and me. 

Jake: Things are a little more…complicated than that, Dexter.

Dex shrugs.

Dexter: Well, I better get going…

Jake looks at him sympathetically.

Jake: You don’t have to…

Dexter: Yes, I do.  I’m going to run by the library and take Jake his laptop.

Jake looks a little panicked.

Jake: You don’t have to do that.  I’m sure he doesn’t care.

Dexter ignores her as he closes it, putting it in his bookbag.

Dexter: I’ll see you later.  It was really nice hanging out with you.

Jake: Ditto.

Dexter: I kind of have this thing…with girls…talking to them…

Jake: Yeah, I kind of heard about that.

Dexter: Yeah, well…it’s not like that with you…you’re different…like, in a good way.

Jake smiles.

Dexter cont’d: Have fun with Hamilton.

He exits.  Jake takes a deep breath then starts to pull her clothes out from under Jill’s bed.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the Rawley campus, it’s about 10:00 p.m.

Music: One Girl Revolution by Superchick (just a little for the theme J)

(cut to): the hall in front of the library.  Jake, back in boy gear, comes running up from one side and enters.

(cut to): the other end of the hall as Dexter walks around the corner.

Music: Relate to by Maren Ord (it switches to this as we enter the library)

(cut to): inside the library as Jake rushes to a table and pulls out a notebook, trying to catch her breath.  She opens the notebook and pretends to be writing.  Dexter walks in the library, spots her and walks over.

Jake: Dex, what’s up, man?

Dexter sits down.

Dexter: Not much.  I just spent the night with your sister.

Jake raises her eyebrows at the phrasing.

Dexter cont’d: You know, hanging out with her.

Jake nods.

Dexter cont’d: …and, I kind of borrowed your laptop ‘cause I wanted to show her—

Jake: …your program.  I get ya…no problem.

Dexter pulls out the laptop from his bookbag and hands it to Jake who takes it from him and sets it on the table.  He doesn’t leave.

Jake: Uh…was there something else?

Dexter: Oh…um…

He looks at Jake’s notebook.

Dexter cont’d: …I don’t want to bother you…

Jake: Dude, you’re not.  Is something on your mind?

Dexter smiles.  For once, Jake/Ham isn’t trying to get rid of him.

Dexter: Well…I’ve been meaning to ask you…Jacqueline…

Jake looks a little panicked for a second.

Dexter cont’d: …about her…and Hamilton.  I mean…how serious are they?

Jake looks a little surprised by the question.

Jake: Wh-why do you want to know that?

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: Just curious.

Jake looks at him suspiciously.

Dexter cont’d: Okay…I like her.

Jake closes her eyes, looking down, trying to figure out what she’s going to say.  She thought he liked Jacqueline because she was a girl and he could talk to her, but she didn’t expect this from him and she realizes she probably should have.

Jake: Dexter…

Dexter: Jake, I can actually talk to her and not make a complete fool out of myself.  I can’t talk to girls, but…I can talk to her.  That’s gotta mean something.

Jake: I get that, but…I thought you liked her…as a friend.

Dexter: I do, I guess, but…and I know she’s your sister so don’t kill me for saying this…I’m really…attracted to her. 

Jake blushes, but nods with the hope that Dexter won’t notice.

Jake: Uh…huh…

Dexter cont’d: And it seems like Hamilton’s hanging out with us a lot more than Jacqueline so I was just wondering if…maybe they aren’t that serious.

She doesn’t want to hurt him, but she knows she has to make this clear to him.

Jake: They’re actually very serious.

Dexter won’t settle for this.

Dexter: He just seems possessive and whiny when…he doesn’t really make that much of an effort himself.

Jake can’t help laughing at this, but she stops herself when she realizes how serious he is about this.  She speaks slowly:

Jake: He puts a lot more into that relationship than you know…probably more than I know…or more than Jacqueline appreciates.

Dexter looks down nodding.

Jake: You’re an amazing dude, Dexter, but…I have to tell you that…she loves him.  And, I know she likes hanging out with you…

He looks at her skeptically.

Jake cont’d: …believe me, she does, but…she’d trade a lifetime with anyone for…a few minutes with Hamilton.

Dexter looks at Jake, a little shocked.

Jake cont’d: She does like you…as a friend.  Anyone would.

Dexter doesn’t believe her.

Dexter: Yeah, right.

Jake: It’s true…don’t doubt yourself so much.  Not that is matters to you, but you’re one of my best friends here.  I don’t make friends with just anyone, you know…

Dexter smiles.

Dexter: I’ve noticed.

Dexter takes a deep breath and puts his hands on the table like he’s about to get up.

Dexter cont’d: Can you not mention to Hamilton that I…you know…have a thing for his girlfriend?

Jake: Oh, don’t worry.

Jake closes her eyes, thinking of the mess she’s created.

Dexter: Thanks.

Dexter stands up and holds his hand out.  Jake takes it and they do some new handshake.

Dexter: Have fun with your essay.

Jake: Thanks.

Dexter leaves.

Music: Perfect by Maren Ord

(cut to): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house.  It’s now about 10:15.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna in Johanna’s bedroom.  Finn’s sitting on the bed taking off his shoes.  Johanna comes out of the bathroom wearing a robe.  Finn smiles when he sees her.  She walks over and sits next to him.

Johanna: What’s that smile for?

Finn: You.

He leans over and kisses her briefly.

Johanna: If I haven’t said so…I love having you here on the weekends.

He smiles again, but it slowly fades.  She looks at him searchingly.

Finn: Am I a bad guy?

Johanna: What?

Finn: Should I be moving in here right now…should we be getting married tomorrow?

Johanna laughs.

Johanna: Once again…what?

Finn: I’m the last guy on earth I thought would settle for convention, but—

Johanna: If you ever find yourself settling for anything…run.  I don’t want to be the person that makes you “settle,” Finn…you know that.

Finn: Well, the same goes for you…you could probably do a hell of a lot better than a guy like me.

Johanna smiles coyly.

Johanna: Yeah, probably…

He smirks.

Johanna cont’d: Too bad I’m stuck having your kid…

His smile falters a little.

Johanna cont’d: …and being completely in love with you.

He leans toward her kissing her again as she pulls him down, lying down.

(cut to): Meagan.  She’s in bed, but reading.  She closes the book and looks at it for a minute.  She throws it down on the floor and sits up in bed.

(cut to): outside the house.  The front door opens and Meagan walks out.  She’s gotten dressed again.  She walks down the steps.

(cut to): Ben’s house, a shot taken from across the street.  There are several cars parked in the driveway and in front of the house.  Meagan walks in front of it, pausing to take a look.  Several people are sitting on the porch and there is fairly loud music coming from inside.  Meagan shakes her head and starts to walk on when a nearby car door opens.

Mark: Meagan Grant, what are you doing here?

Meagan turns around, surprised to see him.

Meagan: Uh…just taking a walk.

Mark gives her a suspicious look.

Meagan cont’d: What are you doing here?

Mark: I live here.

Meagan: In this car?

Mark: No, in that house, but…my brother and some drunk girl have taken over my room.

Meagan: Oh…

Mark: I’m trying to get some reading done.

Meagan: What are you reading?

Mark: The Hobbit.  Have you read it?

Meagan: Twice.

Mark looks at her, torn between annoyed and glad for the company.

Mark: Want to…take a break from your walk?

He pushes the car door open a little more.

Mark cont’d: Unless you were planning on going into the party?

She smiles and walks toward the door.

(cut to): the bathroom inside Ben’s.  Jill’s sitting on the edge of the tub sipping from a cup…of water.  Bella stands, leaning against the sink.

Music: Perfect by Maren Ord (continuing or picking up from when it was playing a few scenes ago)

Jill: So…thanks for the water.

Bella: Sure.

Jill: …and for not, you know, dumping it on my head or something.

Bella: Well, I won’t say the thought didn’t cross my mind.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Oh…laughing is bad…my head totally hurts.  Is there any Tylenol in here?

Bella turns around and opens the medicine cabinet.

Bella: Nyquil and…Flintstone vitamins.

Jill: Give me one of those.

Bella laughs.

Bella: I don’t think you’re supposed to take them with Vodka.

Jill laughs again, but stops, holding her head.  A beat.

Bella cont’d: So…you weren’t serious…about hating Scout…

Jill looks at her.

Jill: Do you really care?

Bella sighs.

Bella (sarcastic): Well, no, not really, Jill.  I just like hanging out in bathrooms at parties and making small talk with Rawley girls who can’t hold their liquor.

Jill takes another sip of the water.  A beat.

Jill: Sorry…

Bella: It’s okay.

Jill: To answer your question…no, but I’m trying really hard to.

Bella: Trying to hate him?

Jill nods.

Bella cont’d: You know, he loves you…

Jill looks like she’d like to say something in protest.

Bella cont’d: …in a way that he never loved…anyone.

She looks down, playing with a bracelet she’s wearing.

Bella cont’d: And, I haven’t had a single conversation with him since…lately…when that fact hasn’t been made glaring clear.  If you can’t see that…you’re not trying to.

Jill: Exactly…I’m trying to hate him…didn’t I just say that?

Bella walks over and sits next to her.

Bella: I’m sorry that I kissed him…I’m even more sorry that you saw it…

Jill: Yeah, I bet you are.

Bella: …because it didn’t mean anything. 

Jill: Actually…you’re wrong.  It meant everything.

Bella considers this.

Music: Your House by Jimmy Eat World

(cut to): an establishing of a so-called mansion (think Billy Madison).

(cut to): Scout’s bedroom at home.  It’s huge, of course, and has everything you would expect to find in Scout Calhoun’s bedroom.  He’s in his pajamas, pacing around.  His door is partially open.  His dad sticks his head in.

John: Night, son.

Scout looks up, a little startled.

Scout: Night, Dad…Dad?

John sticks his head back in the room.

Scout cont’d: Um, do you have a minute?

John: For you?  Always.

He enters the room and sits down in a desk chair.  Scout sits down on his bed.

Scout: About this afternoon…with Jill…

John nods, waiting.

Scout cont’d: We broke up…we haven’t been together for like a month now.

John: Uh-huh…

Scout: I thought I should tell you that.

John: Do you want to tell me what happened?

Scout: I did something…completely stupid…and…Jill found out.

John: I see.  That doesn’t sound very responsible of you.

Scout looks down, nodding.

John cont’d: Why didn’t you just tell me that earlier?

Scout: Because it was nice…pretending it wasn’t true.

Scout looks down, pretty upset.

John: Well, Son, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. 

Scout nods like “me too.”  John stands up and Scout does the same.  John gives him a hug which surprises Scout a little, but he hugs his dad back, glad for the embrace.  John lets him go and steps back toward the door.

Scout: Goodnight.

John: Goodnight.

He walks out the door and grabs the handle so that he can pull it closed.

John cont’d: She didn’t enlighten me either…think about that.

John smiles and closes the door.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Ben’s house.

Music: Who Am I by Lily Frost

(cut to): the car where Mark and Meagan are inside.

(cut to): inside the car.  Mark is sitting in the drivers’ seat reading.  Meagan is in the passenger’s seat.  She looks out the window.

Meagan: So, your brother seems like a jerk.

Mark: He’s okay.  He hates me sometimes....

Meagan: Yeah, that’s how I feel about this baby thing.

Mark closes his book, reluctantly.

Mark: So, you’re mad that your mom and this Finn guy are having another kid?

Meagan: Well, I’m really angry at them for keeping it a secret, but yeah, I’m angry that there’s going to be someone else that gets to call my mom “Mom.” 

Mark:  As a younger brother, I’d like to say, “don’t blame the baby.”

Meagan: It’s not just that. 

Mark: Okay…so what is it?

Meagan takes a deep breath.

Meagan: Well, right now…I’m the closest thing that Finn has to his own kid and he treats me really special, but…now, he’s going to have a kid that’s really his.

Mark: So, you’re just jealous that someone else might get some of your attention?

Meagan: When you say it like that, it sounds mean.

Mark: Look, you talk way too much for anyone to forget about you, okay?

Meagan looks at him then away, hurt.

Mark cont’d: Hey…

He puts his hand on her should.  Meagan looks back at him.

Mark cont’d: I didn’t mean it like a bad thing.

A beat.

Meagan: Well, anyway, I am excited about the baby…it just wasn’t what I was expecting. 

Mark: It’ll take some time to get used to the idea.

Meagan: Yeah, well, I’ve got seven months.

Mark: So, is your mom getting married to this guy?

Meagan: No…they’re being unconventional.

Mark laughs.

Mark: I can’t believe you’re only eleven.

Meagan: You’re only eleven.

Mark: But, I’m almost twelve.  Anyway, I meant that like a compliment. 

Meagan: I look older than you.

Mark: No you don’t.

Meagan: I’m just trying to point out that how old you look or how old you are…it doesn’t matter.  We’re in the same grade and…you’re definitely the smartest person in our grade.

Mark laughs.

Mark: Well, I won’t argue that.

Meagan laughs.

Meagan: I knew you wouldn’t.

Mark: You have a subtle personality.

Meagan: What does that mean?

Mark: Well, it means you’re not obviously cool, but…you kind of are.

Meagan: Thanks…I think. 

Mark nods and opens his book again.

Meagan cont’d: Anyway, I have to go, but…thanks for listening to me whine.

Mark doesn’t look up from his book.

Mark: Anytime.  See ya.

Meagan gets out of the car and leaves.

Music: Camera One by the Josh Joplin Group

(cut to): Kevin Prescott sitting Indian Style on the floor in front of the fireplace.  He’s leaning over a laptop, typing away.  Though he hasn’t had them before, he’s wearing glasses.  We hear a shutter.

(cut to): Hamilton, kneeling nearby, as he takes a picture.  He sighs and stands up.

Hamilton: Um…okay….I think that’s probably enough.

Kevin looks up.

Kevin: You just shot one roll?

Hamilton: I’m sure we have something we can use.

Kevin looks a little disturbed.

(cut to): Will sitting in a chair.

Will: I think the poses you came up with were great, Mr. Prescott.

Kevin: Will, call me Kevin…and…you really think so?

Kevin stands up.

Will: Oh, yeah, definitely.

Hamilton: Definitely, Kevin.

Kevin looks at him and laughs.

Kevin: I have to admit, I had fun talking with you guys tonight.

Hamilton walks over to Will, urging him to go.  Kevin laughs again.

Kevin cont’d: Girlfriend, huh?

Will and Hamilton look at him, confused.

Kevin cont’d: You know, I’m more perceptive than you may have realized.  It’s just that my “arrogant ass” impression, the same one I did for the dean and his family, requires that I pretend to be oblivious. 

Will and Hamilton look at each other.

Kevin cont’d: You don’t really think that I actually believe that I am my biggest influence?

They still don’t get it.

Kevin cont’d: It’s the surprise ending.  It’s the unexpected. 

They look at each other again, still confused.

Kevin cont’d: You don’t get that in life…you have to create it.  If I’d been myself tonight, you would have discovered, as I’m sure you previously thought, Will, that I’m actually a pretty nice guy.  Not exactly humble, but I’ve worked hard to get where I am.  I actually have a website, but you won’t find anywhere that my biggest influence…who I want to be when I grow up…is Steven Spielberg.  My secret desire isn’t just to keep writing or to direct a film here or there…it’s to be a filmmaker.  And how my life influences my writing…well, it works the other way.  I write my own life.  Sometimes I went to Rawley Academy…sometimes I’m from Canada.

Hamilton: So…you’re a pathological liar.

Kevin laughs.

Kevin: I always tell the truth…eventually.  And, the truth is, boys, life is predictable…life is obvious…things turn out like you think they will…unless you do something to change that.

Will nods, taking the advice to heart.  Hamilton doesn’t look nearly as impressed.

Kevin: So, Hamilton…I repeat my question: girlfriend, huh?

Hamilton (resentful): Yeah, I was supposed to meet her like an hour and a half ago.

Kevin: So…why didn’t you just get up and go?

Hamilton shrugs.

Kevin cont’d: Because Will was expecting you to stay.  You knew you were going to be late after listening to me talk for five minutes, but…you stayed.

Hamilton thinks about this.

Kevin cont’d: Walk out next time.

For the first time, Hamilton smiles.

Kevin cont’d: So, you didn’t mention her at dinner the other night.

Hamilton: Yeah, well, that’s because my dad doesn’t know about her.

Kevin: Oooh, sounds interesting…is she from the wrong side of the…lake?

Will laughs.  Hamilton gives him a dirty look.

Hamilton: No, not exactly.

Kevin: Well, invite me back when you tell your dad about her…I want to know your surprise ending.

Hamilton and Will look a little amused by Kevin and the whole situation.

(cut to): Jake as she walks up the stairs in the dorms.  She walks up to her door, pausing a moment.  She continues on, toward Dexter’s room.

(cut to): Dexter in his room.  He’s got his pajamas on and is pulling back the covers on his bed.  There’s a knock.

Dexter: It’s not locked.

Jake opens the door.

Jake: So…I’ve given up on that paper.

She realizes he’s getting into bed.

Jake cont’d: …and you’re giving up on consciousness.  Sorry…

She starts to leave.

Dexter: Hey, Jake…wait.

She turns back around.

Dexter cont’d: Don’t be sorry…keep me conscious.  I was only going to sleep because I was bored.

Jake smiles.  She looks at her watch (which she has on again since she’s Jake).  She nods.

Jake: Have any cards?

Music: Don’t Let Me Get Me by Pink

(cut to): Jill and Bella still in the bathroom.  Jill is sitting on the edge of the tub and Bella sits on the closed toilet. 

Bella: So…are you feeling okay now?

Jill: You know…when you said you were sorry…you don’t have to be sorry.  I was yelling at you, but…only because I want to yell at Scout…and, not because I hate him, but…because I love him and I’m hurt by him and I’m not going to be able to get over it and forgive him and…that’s his fault.  It’s not my fault…and it’s not your fault so…I’ll stop treating you like it is, okay?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Okay.

Jill: You know…he didn’t tell his dad that we broke up and then, today, I’m there giving him back all his stuff and his dad shows up and…I let him get away with it.  I said, “it’s okay,” but…it wasn’t okay, you know?  It wasn’t okay…it’s not okay.  I’m obviously not okay.  I like parties.  I have a drink…maybe two.  I don’t get totally wasted and spend the night puking in the bathroom.

Bella: Nor do I typically get to hear so many alcohol-induced monologues.

A beat.

Jill: Do you want to go back out to the party?

Bella shrugs.  Jill stands up.

Jill: Come on.

Bella: So, where’s Gwen?

(cut to): Mark’s bedroom.  Ben is lying on the bed as Gwen kneels over him, kissing him.

(cut to): outside as Will’s car slowly pulls up.

(cut to): inside the car.  Hamilton is on the phone, but not talking.  He hangs it up.

Will: Turned off again?

Hamilton: …what?

Will: Her phone…

Hamilton: Oh.  I’m not sure…I keep getting voice mail. 

Will: We won’t be here long.  I just want to stop by and say hi to some people I haven’t seen in awhile.

Hamilton: I’m going to have to go home when we get back anyway.  My mom’s probably already suspicious. 

Will: Maybe you should take Kevin’s advice.

Hamilton actually thinks about this though he pretends to disregard it:

Hamilton: Are you kidding?  That guy was clearly psychotic. 

Will: Yeah…what he said sounded strangely like what you told me earlier…clearly psychotic.

Hamilton smiles sarcastically.  A beat as Will looks up at the house.

Hamilton: You’re sure you want to go in there?  It’s been my experience that high school parties don’t bring out the best in people.

Will: Look, I want to talk to Gwen.  If I don’t do it now, I might never do it.

Hamilton: Pathetic.

Hamilton laughs.

Will: I thought your motto was “throw caution to the wind.”

Hamilton: Hey…knock yourself.  I’m just warning you that this is a volatile setting. 

Will: So…you’re not coming in?

Hamilton: Well, I didn’t say that.

Ham smiles and Will nods like “thank you.”  They get out of the car.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So, in case you didn’t notice, Kevin Prescott is kind of a combination of our imaginations and a couple of other screenwriters, one of which has this new show on the WB which comes on after another show he created.  So, what are we trying to say?  Watch Glory Days because Kevin Williamson rocks…or because Eddie Cahill is beautiful.  Either way…check it out.


(fade in): to Ben’s house.

Music: Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

(cut to): the front door as Hamilton and Will walk in, looking around.  Several people come up to Will.  He introduces Hamilton.  They attempt to make their way to the living room.

(cut to): Bella, Sean and Jill sitting on a couch in the living room.  Will and Hamilton walk up to them, sitting on the table in front of them.

Sean: Hey guys.

Will: What’s up? 

Sean: Slumming it with the townies again, huh?

Will laughs.  Jill looks at Hamilton.

Jill: Where’s Jakey?

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

Bella: Jill’s had some alcohol.  We spent the past, oh, two hours in the bathroom…I thought she’d learned her lesson, but…

Jill: Jello shots are good.  It’s the Vodka that’s evil…like Russia.

Will: We like Russia now.

Hamilton: Don’t they put Vodka in Jello shots?

Jill: No…don’t say that.  Do you want one, Hammie Ham?

Hamilton: No thanks…I don’t really drink.

Jill: Why not?

Hamilton: It makes you act like an ass.

Jill gives him a dirty look as she crosses her arms and leans back against the couch.  Will shakes his head.

Will: Anyway…Ham said Gwen was here…do you guys know where she is?

Sean looks a little nervous, considering what Bella said earlier.  In fact, he looks over at Bella who raises her eyebrows, not knowing what to say either.

Jill: Check upstairs…she’s definitely upstairs…down the hall…and to the right.

Sean: Jill…

Jill: Sean…it’s not your fault.

Will: What’s not?

Sean looks back at Will, but then he just looks down.  Will looks at all of them.

Will: Okay…well, I’ll just go upstairs…down the hall…and to the right.

Jill: Have fun.

Bella: Wait, Will…

He ignores her and walks upstairs.

Hamilton: Okay, tell me Gwen didn’t get wasted.

Jill: Oh, she did…and then some.

Hamilton: Gwen Vaughn?

Jill: Yeah, but…she had her reasons.  She found out something today…about Ryder.

Hamilton’s eyes widen a little since he already knows this secret.

Jill cont’d: Ryder is—

Hamilton: Jill…isn’t that kind of like still a secret?

Jill: Oh…I don’t know…Gwen didn’t say not to tell anyone.

Hamilton: Well, don’t tell anyone.

Jill: You need to loosen up, Ham Man…have a shot with me…

Hamilton shakes his head.

(cut to): Mark’s room.  Ben’s still on his back, but Gwen’s more or less on top of him now.  He kisses one side of her neck, holding the other side.  He reaches under her shirt with his other hand.  The door opens.

Ben: Hey…get lost…

Ben and Gwen look over at the door.

(cut to): Will at the door.  He’s pretty shocked which prevents him from turning around right away.  He shakes his head to snap out of it and turns around.

Gwen: Wait…Will…

She tries to push herself up, but Ben holds onto her.

Ben: What are you doing?  Krudski was probably just lost on his way to the bathroom.

Gwen: I don’t think so…

She sits up on the bed.

Ben: Quit being such a tease.

He runs his hand up her leg, but she pushes it away.  Ben sighs and sits up.

Ben cont’d (bitter): If we’re done here, I’m going back down to the party.

He shakes his head and walks out.

Music: Ready for You by Hoobastank

(cut to): the top of the stairs where Will is sitting, still pretty shocked.  Ben walks past him and starts to descend the steps.

Ben: Nice to see you again, Krudski.

Will: Sorry…

Ben turns around with a smirk.

Ben: Hey, don’t worry…I pretty much got everything I wanted.

Will looks disgusted, but Ben’s gone down the steps.  Will shakes his head and stands up.

Gwen: Will?

He turns around slowly.

(cut to): Gwen as she walks down the hall toward him, but stumbles.  She puts her hand against the wall.  Will stands where he is until she falls forward.  She puts another foot out and stands up again.  He walks over to her and puts his arm around her waist, holding her up.

Will: Nice hair.

Gwen: What do you mean?

He gives her a confused look, but it just met by a confused look from her.

Will: So…no time for guys, huh?

Gwen looks at him.

Will cont’d: I would have never thought Ben Hudson would be your type.

Gwen blinks.

Gwen: Who?

Will: Uh…that guy you were on top of like two minutes ago.

Gwen: We were just talking.

Will: No, we’re talking…

Gwen: Okay.

Gwen stops walking and turns Will so that his back is to the wall.

Will: What are you doing?

She leans toward him which makes him back up against the wall.

Gwen: What’s with all the questions?  This isn’t an interview, reporter boy.

Will: Wh—

Gwen: Shut up.

She puts her finger over his mouth and starts kissing his neck.

Will: Gwen…

Gwen: Shh…

She continues kissing his neck, moving closer to his jaw.  He closes his eyes, swallowing, as she gets closer to his mouth. 

Will: Gwen…

She looks into his eyes for the first time, her lips about an inch from his.

Gwen: What?

She moves closer.

Will: Please stop.

Gwen: Stop what?

Will turns his head away.

Will: God, what didn’t you drink tonight? 

Gwen starts kissing his neck again.  He sighs, not liking that he isn’t hating this.

Will: We shouldn’t be doing this…

She stops kissing him and puts her head on his shoulder.

Gwen: Doing what, Will?

She wraps her arms around him.

Gwen: You smell amazing, by the way…what is that?  Cologne?  Aftershave? Or…

Her voice trails off as she closes her eyes.

(cut to): the top of the stairs as Hamilton stops.

(cut to): Will and Gwen.  Will looks over at Hamilton and nods for him to come over.

(cut to): Hamilton who hesitates.

Will: Seriously…she’s like passing out or something…

Hamilton quickly walks over.

Hamilton: Gwen?

She doesn’t answer, but she’s still holding onto Will.  Hamilton looks at Will like “what do you want me to do?”

Will: Gwen?

He stands up straight, trying to get her to stand up.

Gwen: Will…no, I’m sleepy…

Hamilton (reluctantly): Let’s just take her back to her dorm room.

Hamilton puts one of Gwen’s arms around his neck.

Will: So…you were right about parties.

Hamilton: Yeah…sorry about that.

(cut to): Will’s car as Will and Hamilton carry Gwen.  Bella, Sean and Jill follow behind them.  As they get Gwen into the backseat and into a seatbelt:

Sean: Look, Will…if I’d known she wanted to…do this…I mean, I wouldn’t have—

Will: Sean…it’s not your fault…and…why are you apologizing to me anyway?  It’s not like I care what she does.  She’s just…well, I don’t know if friend is the right word…

Bella gives him a sympathetic look.  Hamilton puts his hand on his shoulder.

Hamilton: Let’s just go, man.  Jill, get in.

Jill: Okay…no, wait…I want to stay.

Hamilton gives her an authoritative look.

Jill cont’d: Okay, okay…calm down, Dean junior.

She turns to Sean and Bella.

Jill cont’d: Thanks you guys.

They both flash her fake smiles.  She leans forward, hugging Bella.

Bella: Okay…no problem.

Bella leads her over to the car and Jill gets in.  Hamilton has already made it into the passenger seat.  Will waves to Sean and Bella and gets in the driver’s seat.  He closes the door, starts the car and drives away.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Hoobastank.  Yes, it’s a weird name, but their music is pretty cool.  They happen to sound A LOT like Incubus…they’ve also been on tour with Incubus.  The site is cool too…you can listen to all the tracks on their album, including the two that are in this episode.


Music: Long Goodnight by The Getup Kids

(fade in): to Jill and Gwen’s empty room, lights off.  The door opens and Jill walks in.  She flips on the lights and walks over to her bed.  She lies down immediately.  Hamilton walks in, carrying Gwen.  He lays her down on her bed then looks around.

Jill: Looks like Jake gave up on you….

Hamilton: Shut up, Jill.

Jill: Ooh, someone’s pissy.

Hamilton gives her a dirty look.  He turns back to Gwen.  He takes off her shoes and pulls back her covers, getting her underneath.

Jill: Will should have helped you carry her back here.

Hamilton: You could have helped.

Jill: Hello, I’m drunk too.

Hamilton shakes his head.

Hamilton: Besides, I’m sure Will didn’t enjoy seeing her like this.

Jill: Whatever…her new haircut is cool.

Hamilton: Um, right…did you do that?

Jill: Yep.

A beat.  Hamilton sits down on Jill’s bed.

Jill: You know what Scout’s problem is?  He’s more of a Michael…no, wait…he really kind of reminds me of Kyle.

Hamilton: Who?

Jill: But, you…you’re a real Max.  You should know that. 

Hamilton: Um…thanks, I think.

Jill: Well, a first and third season Max.  We don’t really like to talk about second season Max. 

Hamilton doesn’t really get this and he looks concerned.

Hamilton: What’s wrong, Jill?

Jill: Nothing…no, wait…everything.

Hamilton: I know that breaking up with Scout has been tough for you, but you have to move on.

Jill: Have you ever tried it?

Hamilton: What?

Jill: Moving on. 

Hamilton looks down at her.

Jill cont’d: What if Jacqueline dumped you tomorrow?  What would you be doing a month later?  Sitting at home on a Friday…being over it?

Hamilton: No…I guess not…

Hamilton picks up her hand.

Hamilton cont’d: …but, Jill, you’re stronger than me.  Start acting like it and stop being such a girl…that’s such the obvious way to go.  And getting drunk?  What a cliché.  I bet you even hit on Sean tonight.

Jill puts her free hand over her face.

Jill: Oh my God…I’m an after-school special.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I wouldn’t go that far.

He stands up.

Hamilton cont’d: Get some sleep…I’ll bring you some Tylenol in the morning.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Ow…hurts to laugh.

He walks toward the door.

Jill cont’d: Hamilton?

Hamilton: Yeah?

Jill: I’m sorry you didn’t get to see Jacqueline tonight.

Hamilton: Yeah…well, maybe I’ll give my mom a surprise ending.

Jill: Cool…wait…what?

Hamilton: Nothing…night, Jill.

(cut to): Hamilton’s house as he walks up to the backdoor. 

(cut to): the kitchen where his mom is sitting at the kitchen table, reading a book.  Hamilton walks in.

Hamilton: Mom, I’m glad you’re still up.

Kate: That was a long interview.

Hamilton: Actually…it was.

Kate closes her book.  Hamilton sits down at the table.

Hamilton: I need to talk to you. 

Kate raises her eyebrows.

Hamilton cont’d: It’s gonna be weird, but…you need to hear this.

Kate: I don’t really understand.

Hamilton cont’d: Okay, I know you think I’m just this teen-aged boy with raging hormones. 

Kate sighs with a slight smile.

Hamilton cont’d: And…I admit, sometimes that’s who I am.  And, as far as sex—

Kate: Hamilton—

Hamilton: …because that’s really what you’re worried about isn’t it?  That me being in the dorms is practically forcing us to sleep together?

Kate: Well…yes.

Hamilton cont’d: Well, we’re not…sleeping together.  We’ve talked about sex, okay?  We’ve come close to having it, but we figured out that we’re not ready.  And, when we are ready…forcing me to spend the weekend at home isn’t going to stop me from…

The look on her face makes him stop a minute.

Hamilton cont’d: …anyway, I’d really appreciate being allowed to go back to the dorms tonight. 

Kate: I just feel like you’re growing up so fast and…I’m missing it.

Hamilton: That’s why we’re having this conversation.  Please, Mom? 

He gives her his best puppy-dog face. 

Kate: If you promise me more of this. 

Hamilton: Mom, anytime…you can ask me anything. 

She smiles.

Kate: How fast can you get back to the dorms?

Hamilton: Seriously?

She nods.  He hops up.

Hamilton cont’d: Thanks, Mom.

He gives her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Hamilton cont’d: Night…and, Mom, I love you.

Kate smiles.

Kate: I love you too, Munchie.

He smiles, rolling his eyes slightly.

Music: You Belong to Me by Jason Wade (Lifehouse)

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Jake and Dexter are sitting on Dexter’s bed playing a card game.  Jake puts the last card in her hand down.

Jake: Maybe you can out hack me, but you, Dexter Darcy, are no match for my card-playing skills.

Dexter smiles tossing his cards down.  Hamilton opens the door and walks in.  Dexter collects the cards and shuffles them.  Jake looks at Hamilton.

Hamilton: Hi.

Dexter: Hey, Ham…want me to deal you in?

Hamilton: Uh…maybe.  Did Will come back?

Jake: Yeah, he came in and said goodnight…he’s asleep.

Hamilton: Okay, good.

Jake: Did you have a good time with Jacqueline?

Hamilton: Anytime with Jacqueline is a good time.

Dexter looks up at this.  He’s looks like he’s surprised, but glad to have heard it.  Hamilton walks over and pulls a chair up to the bed.

Hamilton cont’d: Deal me in, Dex.

He looks at Jake with a smile.  Jake nods, smiling back.  Dexter is concentrating on shuffling.  Jake mouths to Hamilton “I’m sorry for leaving.”  He mouths back “I’m sorry for being late.”  He smirks as he stands up then leans over Jake, practically crawling over her to reach down onto the floor on the other side of the bed.  Jake can’t help smile.

Jake: Dude…what are you doing?

Hamilton: Oh, sorry…just have to get my lucky hat.

Dexter: Luck isn’t going to help you…Jake’s a card shark.

Hamilton picks up a hat off the floor then moves back to his seat.  He puts it on, smiling.

Hamilton: Okay, now I’m ready.

Jake: You know, I wasn’t expecting to see you at all tonight, Ham.

Hamilton: Ditto, Jake.

Jake: Thought you were spending the weekend at home.

Hamilton smiles sneakily.

Hamilton: Yeah, me too.

Dexter looks back and forth between them…realizing that he’s missing something.  He has already picked up his cards and Jake and Hamilton hurriedly do the same.

Jake: So…what are you doing back here…with us?

Hamilton: Um, Jill and Gwen came back from that party.  They were both pretty…well, let’s just say they weren’t too sober.

Jake: Are you kidding?  Is Jill okay?

Hamilton: Aside from a few diatribes about her horrible existence…she’s fine.

Jake: I’ll go see her tomorrow.

Hamilton: Good plan.

(cut to): Jill in her room.  She’s changed into her ducky pajamas…and has been crying.  She turns the light off and walks over to her bed, climbing in.

(cut to): Scout lying awake in his bed.  He stares at the ceiling.

(cut to): Will, also awake in bed.  He looks like he’s trying to figure everything out.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna who have been asleep in Johanna’s bed for some time.  Finn’s holding her in his arms.

(cut to): Meagan in her room.  She’s sitting up in bed, reading the Hobbit.

(dissolve to): an establishing shot of the dorm, the next morning.

Music: We Can Work it Out by Heather Nova

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Dexter’s not in bed, but Hamilton is still asleep. The door opens and Jake walks in and over to Hamilton’s bed.  She sits down next to him.

Jake: Hey…Hamilton.

Hamilton rolls over and looks up at her, opening his eyes.  She leans down, kissing him.  He kisses her back, closing his eyes again.

Jake cont’d: Wake up.

Hamilton smiles, shaking his head.

Jake cont’d: Okay…fine.

She starts to get up but he grabs her arm.

Hamilton: Not so fast.

She sits back down.

Hamilton cont’d: I had to go through a lot to be able to end up here this morning…

Jake: Like what?

Hamilton looks over at Dexter’s bed.

Hamilton: Where’s Dexter?

Jake: Shower…every morning at six…Monday through Friday and on the weekends.

Hamilton: First, why do you know that?

Jake starts to answer.

Hamilton cont’d: I don’t really want to know.  Second…did you say six?

Jake nods.

Hamilton cont’d: That’s too early.  I need to go back to sleep.

He rolls over, pulling the covers up.

Jake: Well, that was my suggestion…

He looks back at her.  She stands up.

Jake: Jacqueline will be waiting…down the hall.

Hamilton: You do realize that you are Jacqueline, right?

Jake smiles. 

Jake: I’ll see ya around, Ham.

She leaves.  He lies there a moment then gets up, smiling at himself and how weak he is.  He picks up his pillow and exits.

(fade out)


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Music: Hollywood by Flickerstick

(fade in): to a shot of Rawley Academy.  It’s now Monday.

(cut to): Finn’s class, on the quad, though Finn’s not there yet. Will and Scout walk up, mid-conversion.  They have a seat.

Scout: Well, I think you did the right thing…it would have been bad to take advantage of the situation like that.  Although, it sounds like she definitely wanted you.

Hamilton, Jake and Dexter walk up, sitting near them.

Hamilton: Yeah, she wanted Will…and that guy whose party it was…she was hitting on like every guy there…so I hear.

Will: I didn’t see her hitting on you.

Jake tosses Hamilton a look, but tries to play it cool.

Hamilton: That’s because she’s knows I’m like so taken.

Jake smiles, and turns to Dexter like “see what I meant about this guy”.  Hamilton leans away from Jake and Dex and talks to Scout.

Hamilton cont’d: Plus, I never ran into her while she was conscious.

Scout laughs again.

Will: You know…I didn’t really think it was funny…any of it.

Hamilton: Jill was pretty funny.

Scout: What?

Hamilton looks like he realizes he shouldn’t have said anything.  Will and Jake give him similar looks.  Hamilton struggles to change the subject:

Hamilton: Anyway, Will…just remember what I said…and what Kevin Prescott said.

Finn (to Hamilton): Ah, my lecture precedes me.

Finn walks up, then addresses everyone:

Finn cont’d: Hello.  I trust you all had an exciting weekend.  Will, how was your weekend?

Will: Um…pretty crappy, but…thanks for asking.

Everyone laughs.

Finn: I thought you and Hamilton interviewed the Kevin Prescott.

Will: Oh, right…that was actually pretty cool.

Scout: What was he like?

Will: Um…different than I thought.  You know how he was saying that he liked to go for the unexpected?  Well…read the article about him in the next edition of the Row, you might be surprised.

Jake: He doesn’t actually go for the unexpected in his movies, though.  They’re completely trite.  What isn’t obvious about a romantic comedy where the boy gets the girl?  His thrillers are better, but…they aren’t as original as he claims.

Will: That’s the thing…he is what’s interesting…not his movies.

Finn: Well, I guess we’ll have to read the article, Mr. Krudski.

Will: That would be the point.

Finn smiles.

Finn: Okay, which leads me to my point.  Do screenwriters get a place in this Pantheon of authors we’ve been building and discussing in this class?  Does Kevin Prescott get a spot next to Shakespeare or…Faulkner?

Dexter: No way. 

Finn: Ah, Mr. Dar—Dexter…why not?

Dexter: Because they write movies not books.

Finn: So, your claim is that movies aren’t as good as books?

Dexter: Well…yeah.

Finn: Interesting.

Scout: Shakespeare wrote plays…what’s the difference? 

Jake: Usually movies turn out differently from how they’re written, though.

Scout: So, if we read some screenplays by Kevin Prescott and they were actually good then…he would fit into the so-called Pantheon.

Finn: Again, interesting.  I only ask because perhaps we’re missing an obvious source of great writing.  We certainly hear a lot more about who’s nominated for “best screenplay” than we do about who’s writing the next great American novel.  But, luckily for us, we’ve got a whole lot of dead authors lives’ to cover…

(dissolve to): the girls’ dorm that afternoon, after school.

Music: Shattered by Remy Zero

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  They walk in together after getting back from classes.  Gwen’s hair is pulled back into a ponytail.  Pieces fall down here and there, but it’s still a good way to cover the haircut.  Jill drops her backpack onto the floor and climbs into bed.  Gwen takes some books out of her backpack and sets them on her desk, replacing them with a notebook and a few other things.

Gwen: I’m going over to the newspaper room.

Jill doesn’t say anything.  Gwen looks over at her, but takes off.  Jill slowly sits up.  She looks over at her painting, considering working on it.  Instead she lies back down.  There’s a knock at the door.

Jill: Gwen, you didn’t lock it.

The door opens and Scout walks in.  Jill sits up again.

Scout: Were you asleep?

Jill: Um, no…

She stands up.

Scout: It’s okay; you don’t have to get up.

Jill: What are you doing here?

Scout: Listen, about Friday…

Jill: What about it?

Scout: With my dad…

Jill: Oh…yeah, that sucked.

Scout: Well, I told him the truth.

Jill looks at him, a little surprised.

Jill: Good.

Scout: And, I’m sorry you were put into a situation like that.  It wasn’t fair to you and I should have said something then

Jill: …or, like, before then.

Scout: I know…it’s just that admitting that we weren’t together…that we aren’t together…it’s like admitting a failure. 

Jill: It’s not like that; it is that.

Scout puts his hands in his pockets, sighing.

Jill: …and, I had trouble telling my dad too.

Scout smiles.

Scout: Really?

Jill nods.  A beat.

Scout cont’d: So…about Friday night

Jill sits down, hanging her head.

Jill: Whatever you heard…I don’t want to talk about it.

Scout walks over and sits down.

Scout: I haven’t really heard anything…well, not about you.

Jill: …good.

Scout: I know I might not be the first person you think of when you need someone to talk to, but…I think I get you…

Jill: Oh, you do, do you?

Scout smirks.

Scout: Oh, yeah.

Jill smiles.

Jill: I have a question for you.  If we were at a party and I asked you to do a Jello shot with me, would you?

Scout: Of course not.

Jill: I knew it.

Scout cont’d: I totally hate lime Jello.

Jill tosses him a look of slight disbelief.

Jill: Well, see, I get you too…funny…

Scout doesn’t really get it.

Scout: Well, then…talk to me.

Jill looks at him, thoughtfully.

(cut to): a shot Hamilton and Dexter’s room taken from the open door.  They’re again playing cards around Dexter’s bed.

Jake: I think we’ve found a new pastime, fellas.

Hamilton: …exciting.

Dexter: Hey, I wanted to say, guys, this was a really fun weekend…hanging out and stuff.

Hamilton: Glad you had fun, Dexter.

He looks back down at his cards and Jake looks at him with a slight smile.

Dexter: Also, it sounds like you were right about that party.

Hamilton nods like “I told you so”

(cut to): the door as Hamilton’s mom walks by.  She stops in the doorways.  She looks at them all, smiling.

(cut to): Jake, Ham and Dex.  Jake sees her first and hits Hamilton so he’ll look back.  He does.

Hamilton: Hi, Mom.

Kate: Shouldn’t you…boys be doing homework?

Hamilton: Mom…did you stop by just to harass us?

Kate laughs.

Kate: No, I came to embarrass you too, Mun—

Hamilton: Mom, don’t even say it.

Jake laughs; Dexter looks confused.

Jake: I’ll tell you about when he’s not around.

Hamilton gives her a playfully dirty look.

Kate: Okay, I’m going…

Hamilton: See ya, Mom.

Hamilton turns back to the game.  He picks up a card and tosses it at Jake.  She mouths “Munchie” threateningly. 

(cut to): Kate who lingers at the door a moment.  She smiles at the normalcy of the dorm room scene.  She leaves.

Jake: Hey, Ham…don’t we actually have homework we need to be working on?

Dexter: Really?  I didn’t get any today.

Hamilton: You have the luxury of being a sophomore.

Jake: Yeah, they’ll make up for it junior year.

Jake throws her cards down.

Jake cont’d: Anyway, Ham…why don’t we take off so we can leave Dexter to his homework free afternoon.

Hamilton tosses his cards down too.

Hamilton: I’m in.

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Gwen is sitting at a computer, working.  Will walks in, carrying the notebook where his interview with Kevin is.  He stops when he sees her, looking like he’d like to turn around and walk out.  Instead he sits down at another computer and pulls out his notebook.

Gwen: How’d your interview go?

Will looks over at her like she shouldn’t be talking to him.

Will: It was fine.

Gwen: I think I’m getting the hang of this layout thing.

Will: That’s great, Gwen.

Gwen: Will—

Will stands up.

Will: I just remembered I left something in my room.

He exits and Gwen looks regretfully at the door.

(fade out)


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Music: Smile by Flickerstick

(fade in): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house. 

(cut to): the kitchen.  She and Meagan walk in the door, just home from work/school and a trip to the grocery store.  Johanna puts groceries away.  Meagan sits down at the table opening her book.

Meagan: And then I came back home.  You guys never even knew I was gone.

Johanna: I don’t think it counts as sneaking out if you confess, but…please don’t do that again, Sweetheart…something could have happened to you.

Meagan: Like it matters…

Johanna turns around to her.

Johanna: You think it wouldn’t matter?

Johanna walks over and sits next to her.

Meagan: I’ve got a pinch hitter coming in about seven months anyway.

Johanna: I can’t believe you’re using a baseball metaphor, but…you’re on a completely different team, okay?  This baby isn’t going to take your place…no one could ever do that, Meagan.  Not in seven months and not in a million years.

Meagan: You’re my mom…I know you’ll still love me…it’s your job.

Johanna smiles.

Meagan cont’d: …but, what about…other people?

Johanna: Like?

Meagan shrugs.  It dawns on Johanna.

Johanna: Oh

Meagan opens her book.

Meagan: I mean I know I already have my own dad.  And, I love Dad and everything so I guess it’s okay if the baby gets to have Finn, but…I really like Finn a whole lot too.

Johanna smiles.

Johanna: You know what?  Finn likes you a whole lot too and…no one could be what you are to him.

Meagan looks up at Johanna then over at the door as Finn walks in.

Finn: Look at this, my two favorite women in the entire world in one kitchen.

Johanna smiles at Meagan who looks pretty pleased at this declaration.  Finn kisses Johanna briefly then sits down with Meagan.

Finn: Oh, the Hobbit…now that’s some high quality literature.

Meagan nods.

Finn: Have you read the Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Meagan: Twice.

Finn: Maybe we can convince your mom to take us to the movie next weekend.

He looks over at Johanna sneakily.  They look pretty happy all around.

Music: Let You Know by Hoobastank

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Hamilton sits on Jake’s bed with his back against the headboard and his legs crossed in front of him.  Jake has just finished changing…into Jacqueline.

Hamilton: You know, coming into my room on Saturday morning was one thing, but…this was not subtle…at all. 

Jake: Are you complaining?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Jake cont’d: I don’t think he’s going to figure it out.

Hamilton: You sound pretty sure…

Jake walks over to the bed, sitting down.  Hamilton sits up a little more and wraps his arms around her waist, turning her more toward him.

Jake: Anyway…I swung us some time alone…when we’re both awake.

Hamilton smiles as they kiss.  A beat.

Jake cont’d: You never told me what you said to your mom to get you out of the weekend at home.

Hamilton shrugs, leaning against the headboard and closing his eyes.

Hamilton: Just that we’re not having sex.

Jake: So, you lied?

Hamilton opens his eyes and gives her a confused look.  Jake laughs.

Jake cont’d: Just making sure you’re still awake…

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: For a second, I thought I was dreaming.

He sits up so that he’s sitting pretty close to her.

Hamilton cont’d: …then again, I always feel like that.

Jake tilts her head.

Hamilton cont’d: Like I’m dreaming…when I’m with you.

Jake: You’re pretty amazing yourself…

They kiss.

Jake cont’d: …even if Dexter says you’re whiny and possessive.

Hamilton: Oh, good…so this little Jacqueline/Jake charade is making me look like a terrible boyfriend, huh?

Jake nods.

Jake: Among other things…

Hamilton: Well, just as long as Jacqueline doesn’t start thinking that too.

Jake: You do realize that I am Jacqueline, right?

Hamilton laughs and kisses her again.  He leans back against the headboard and she leans forward to continue kissing him.

Music: Got A Feeling by Flickerstick

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Gwen is packing her stuff into her backpack.  Will walks back in, carrying another notebook.  He sits down at the computer, ignoring Gwen completely.  Gwen pulls a chair up to him and sits down.

Gwen: I want to talk to you.

Will sighs and turns his chair toward her.

Gwen cont’d: Okay…about Friday night…

Will: It doesn’t matter.

Gwen: Yes, it does because you need to know that isn’t the kind of person I am.

Will: And what kind of person would that be?

Gwen: I don’t know, Will.  Drunk, for starters.

Will looks down.

Gwen cont’d: And, I said one thing to you and did something completely different.

Will: Ben Hudson…

Gwen: That is not fair.

Will: What’s not fair is that he was using you—

Gwen: …I know.

Will: Let me finish…he was using you and you knew and…you let it happen anyway.

Gwen: Did it ever occur to you that I was using him too?

Will looks away, shaking his head.

Gwen cont’d: Why do even care, Will?

Will: Answer one question for me first.  Why were you drinking in the first place?

Gwen: I told you…I had a bad day.

Will: Why was your day bad?

Gwen: Because I’m a complete idiot. 

Will: You’re—

Gwen: And, don’t you dare tell me I’m smart, Will, because I’m not.  Who cares if I make good grades?  Who cares if I can write a good essay or ace a physics test?  What about understanding things that are far more obvious?

Will swallows.

Will: Like what?

Gwen cont’d: Well, of course, there’s the fact that I didn’t know Jake was a girl.  That’s about as obvious as the obvious comes.

Will: We were all fooled for like three months before Jake finally told us…it’s not like we figured it out either.  Jake’s pretty convincing as a guy.

Gwen: That’s what I said…Jill said she didn’t think so…I said I could never pull it off…then…

She takes her ponytail down.  Will takes a moment to look at the haircut again.  It really doesn’t look bad, just in need of some minor adjustments.

Will: You know, I kind of like it.  If you want, my mom runs the beauty parlor in town…she could probably make a few adjustments.

Gwen: That would be great.

A beat.

Will: Um…about this obvious thing…

Gwen: Oh, right…so then Ryder called me and…well, let’s just say that I missed the blatant and glaringly obvious there. 

She looks away, shaking her head.

Gwen cont’d: And then I remembered Dexter mentioning the party and Jill was having a bad day too so…

Will: You went out and got wasted.

Gwen: Which isn’t who I am…which is what I want to make clear to you.  I would never make out with Ben…whatever.

Will: Hudson.

Gwen: …which is as far as things went, by the way.

Will looks slightly annoyed to hear this.

Gwen cont’d: And, I would never…I mean…with you…in the hall…

Will: You actually remember that, huh?

Gwen: Yes and I remember you asking me to stop and…I’m just…sorry about the whole thing.

Will nods.

Will: I don’t understand how you can say you’d never…when you did.

Gwen: Which leads me back to my original question…why do you care? 

Will takes a breath.

Will: Because you’re my friend and I don’t like to see my friend being self-destructive…especially when I know that’s not who she is. 

Gwen: Well, sometimes even she loses sight of who she is.

Will: That’s too bad because she’s pretty amazing.

Gwen looks down, shaking her head.

Gwen: Anyway…about this haircut…

Will smiles.  He stands up.

Will: Let’s go.

(cut to): the door as they walk out into the hall together.

Will: Even after all that alcohol…Jill with scissors should have seemed like a bad idea.

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: Just lead the way to the good haircut and keep the judgments to a minimum. 

Will laughs as they walk off down the hall together.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Have you read the latest installment of Hamilton’s Journal by Debi?  If not, why not?  It can be found at Debi’s site and it’s enjoyable…much like the rest of Hamilton’s journal and Dear Diary.


(fade in): to an establishing shot of New Rawley.

(cut to): Will’s mom’s salon.

(cut to): inside as Gwen walks from the chair to where Will is waiting.  He smiles and stands up.  His mom walks out behind her.  Gwen’s hair looks essentially the same, but…a little more professional.  It’s completely different, but it works.

Will: Nice work, Mom.

(dissolve to): the newspaper room as they walk back in.  Gwen walks over and gets her backpack as Will sits back down at the computer. 

Gwen: I’ve got to go…I need to call someone.

Will nods.  Gwen walks toward the door, but pauses a moment.

Gwen cont’d: Thanks again, Will.

He smiles, nodding.

Will: Anytime.

She leaves.  He looks at the door then down at his notes.  He starts reading, but quickly stops.  He takes a deep breath then puts the notebook down and hops up, jogging toward the door.

(cut to): the hall where Gwen has made it down the hall.  Will exits the newspaper room.

Will: Gwen…wait.

She turns back as he runs up to her.  She smiles, wondering what he’s doing.

Gwen: Yes?

Will: Can you promise me that you won’t like…go get drunk or do anything irresponsible the next time you find out that you’ve missed something kind of obvious?

Gwen: Don’t worry.

Will: So…you promise?

Gwen: Okay, yes, I promise.

Will: Great.  There’s something you should know.

Gwen: What?

Will: About Friday night…

Gwen: Yes?

Will: Well…in the hall…when I asked you to stop…

Gwen: Do we have to talk about this again?

Will: …I didn’t exactly…

He takes a step closer to her.

Will cont’d: …well…you see…

He reaches up, running his hand through her hair.  She turns her head, looking at his hand then she looks back at him. 

Will: …I didn’t really want you to…

He leans in.  She looks pretty confused, but doesn’t make any effort to stop him.

Will: …to stop, that is.

Gwen gets it.  She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath, then opens them, smiling.

Gwen: I don’t get it.

Will smiles, pretty close to her now.

Will: What I mean is…

He kisses her.  She returns the kiss, pulling him closer.  The kiss is brief, but sweet.  When they pull apart, Will’s pretty impressed and Gwen’s pretty surprised. 

Will: Wow…

Gwen: I second that.

Will: Anyway…I just thought you should know because it’s been more than obvious to me for a little while now…and I didn’t want you to miss out on anything else.

Gwen: Okay, well, thanks…and…I’ll see you tomorrow.

Will smiles.

Will: Okay.

She turns away from him to walk back to the dorms.  She smiles to herself.

(cut to): Will as he smiles and turns back to the newspaper room.

Will (voice over): If I’ve learned one thing about the obvious…it’s that there’s no such thing.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton still making out in Jake’s room.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: What’s totally obvious to some…

(cut to): Dexter as he plays a game of solitaire…with real cards.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …will always be totally lost on someone else. 

(cut to): Jill and Scout in Jill’s room as they still talk.  Jill says something that cracks Scout up.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: No matter how clear it seems. 

(cut to): Will as he works on his story.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: So, you make your own endings.  It doesn’t matter if they’re expected or unexpected.  They’re yours and that’s what’s important…obviously.




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