Understanding the color code.  This color denotes “present time.”  Present time is actually one week after the “to be continued” occurred.  Everything else denotes a flashback to the previous week directly following the “to be continued.”  This color-coding is our attempt to make up for what would be obvious if you were actually watching the episode on TV.


Music: Starry Eyed Surprise by Paul Oakenfield

(fade in): to Nicholas sitting on his couch (formerly Finn’s) as he looks off toward the TV.  We pan slowly around to reveal that he’s looking at his camera, which is mounted on a tripod and pointing at the couch.

(cut to): the shot through the camera.  The “REC” light is on, but Nicholas is looking off.  After a moment he looks back at the camera.

Nicholas: I’ve given myself a week to reflect on this, but I’m still…at a loss.  I mean, you can imagine how I felt standing between them.  To my right…

He gestures to his right.

Nicholas cont’d: …my cross-dressing, confusing sibling: Jacqueline slash Jake.  To my left…

He gestures to his left.

Nicholas cont’d: …a person who I’d come to think was a drunken hallucination: the lovely, lying Bella Banks.

He pauses.

Nicholas: Needless to say, I was surprised all around…but…I think I kept my cool.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  She and Jake sit on Jill’s bed, eating Oreos.

Jake: He totally freaked on me.

Jill: And you haven’t talked to him all week?

Jake: I have…as much as I’ve talked to anyone. 

Jill: Well, I’m glad you’re finally talking to me.  I’ve had the strangest week…

Jake: Yeah…speaking of…what is the deal?

Jill smiles.

Jill: With me and Sean?

Jake nods as if this is obvious.

Jake: Yeah…what happened?

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Scout is lying on the couch and Will is sitting on his bed.  They’re almost in mock patient/therapist positions.

Scout: I just don’t get it.  I don’t know what happened.  One minute we were conspiring together in the woods…the next minute…she was…and now…they’re…they’re…

Will: …dating.  They’re dating.

Scout closes his eyes.

Scout: It’s not fair…and I don’t understand it.  She seemed so focused on setting up Sean and Bella…I don’t see how she could do this…

Will thinks about this.

Will: Who knows what motivates people to do the things they do…or say the things they say.

Scout: I’m really very…I don’t know.  I mean, I’m totally weirded out by it all, but…I’m also…

Will: …hurt.

Scout pauses.

Scout: Yeah…I guess so.

(cut to): Johanna and Meagan sitting together on Meagan’s bed.  Meagan leans against the headboard gripping a pillow, looking off.  Johanna sits on the foot of the bed.  They’ve clearly been having a discussion.  Finally, Johanna speaks:

Johanna: My intention was never to hurt anyone…especially not you.

Meagan: You did, though.  You did hurt me…and a lot of people.  Will…and Finn…Mark…and…

Johanna: …a lot of people.

Meagan: And, it’s like…you’re not even sorry about it.

Johanna: Sweetheart…

She slides down the bed so that she is sitting next to Meagan.

Johanna cont’d: Of course, I’m sorry.  I would never hurt you and not be sorry about it.

Meagan looks down for a moment then looks back up at her mom.

Meagan: I know that you’re supposed to forgive people when they apologize, but sometimes…that’s really hard. 

Johanna can’t help smile slightly.

Johanna: I know.

Meagan: And, I think you think I’m over-reacting…

Johanna: You have every right to—

Meagan: And, I also think…maybe…I am…over-reacting…a little…

She looks off, confused then back at Johanna.

Meagan cont’d: Am I?

Johanna laughs and pulls Meagan into a hug.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Friendly’s.

Music: She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd.

(cut to): inside.  Jake, Bella and Nicholas sit together in a booth.  Jake is on one side.  Bella and Nicholas are on the other.  Bella is on the inside and looks quite trapped.

Nicholas (to Jake): Sounds like a lot of people know about this.

He nods toward Bella.  Bella shifts uncomfortably.  Jake just shrugs.

Nicholas cont’d: I mean, looking at you…I don’t see how you fool anyone.

Jake: People see what you want them to see, I guess.

Nicholas: Hm.

He again glances at Bella, being sure to make eye contact this time.

Jake: No one’s ever figured it out just from meeting “Jake.”  Oh, well…except Bella.

Nicholas nods, continuing to hold eye contact with Bella.  He intends to speak, but Bella beats him to it.

Bella: How do you two know each other?

She looks over at Jake, escaping Nicholas’ stare.  Jake and Nicholas look at one another.

Nicholas: Well…our parents…they…

He’s searching.

Jake: …they worked together once.

Nicholas smiles.  Good cover.  He nods when Bella looks at him for confirmation.  She’s still skeptical.

Bella: Funny that you’d end up here.  I mean…you didn’t come here because she was here or anything…right?

Nicholas smiles and looks down.  He knows what she’s really asking.  He looks back up at her.

Nicholas: No, I didn’t know she was here, but…I can’t say I wasn’t…maybe hoping to run into her again…sometime.

Nicholas smiles at Jake, trying to keep this cover going.  Bella looks away, blushing.  She has no idea what to do here.

Nicholas cont’d: Although, her life is not what I…expected.

Jake looks down.  She doesn’t want him to think she’s a freak.

Nicholas cont’d: Let me ask you something…Bella.

He looks over at Bella.  She looks at him nervously.

Nicholas cont’d: What’s your opinion on what Jacqueline’s doing?

Bella: I think—

Nicholas: What do you think about someone who goes around pretending to be someone else?

Bella: I—

Nicholas: Essentially, lying to unsuspecting—

He stops as Bella casts a worried glance toward Jake.  Nicholas feels bad as soon as he looks over at Jake.  She looks upset, but apologetic.

Jake: I…

She trails off.  She doesn’t know how to finish the sentence.

Jake: Excuse me…

She gets up and walks off into the bathroom.

Bella: Way to go.

He looks down.  He really wants to sit there and talk to her, but he knows he needs to talk to Jake, too.  He looks toward the bathroom.

Nicholas: I should…

Bella: …yeah; you should.

He waits another second.

Nicholas: Yeah…

He gets up and starts to walk over to the bathroom.  Bella is already getting up from the booth when Nicholas turns around and walks back over to her.

Nicholas cont’d: Don’t go.

Bella: I’m late for this thing…

Nicholas looks at her.

Nicholas: Skip it?

She smiles at him like “yeah, right.”

Nicholas cont’d: I just…I want to talk to you…

Her look turns more serious.

Nicholas cont’d: Okay…so…excuse me while I go apologize to her and…please don’t go.

She doesn’t react as he turns to go into the bathroom.

(cut to): Sean, sitting on the blanket by the lake.  He checks his watch.

Music: Bring Back the Sun by Our Lady Peace

(cut to): Scout and Jill who are watching from the woods.  They’re far enough away not to be heard.

Jill: Where is she?

Scout: She’ll come.  She said she would come.

Jill rolls her eyes.

Jill: She’s like thirty minutes late…I’m giving her ten more minutes.

Scout: And if she’s not here?

Jill: Then…I’ll go over.

Scout: Good plan.  You can tell him that his date came down with—

Jill: I’m not going to tell him that.  He’ll think she saw him and ran.  I’ll just…act like I set it up so that…I could surprise him with a picnic.

Scout: Right…because that’s a much more plausible lie.

Jill: It won’t make him feel as bad…that’s all I’m saying.

Scout: So…you want him to think that you set him up with…you.

Jill shrugs.

Scout cont’d: That is…a bad idea…

Jill: Why?

Scout: He’ll think you like him.

Jill: He won’t even think it’s like that. 

Scout: Are you…delusional?  Of course he’ll think it’s like that, Jill.

Jill: Whatever.  Bella’s got ten minutes.

Scout looks panicked.

Scout: I’ll go into town…I’ll look for her.

Jill: You do that.

Scout: Give me twenty minutes.

Jill: Fine.

She looks at her watch then at Sean.

Jill cont’d: Twenty minutes.

She continues to watch Sean.  Scout sighs then takes off.

(cut to): Friendly’s, the men’s bathroom.  Nicholas stands outside of a closed stall.  He’s hesitant, but finally speaks.

Nicholas: Hey…Jacqueline…

No response.  He walks toward the stall and pushes on it slightly.  It’s not locked.  He pushes it all the way open to reveal Jake leaning against one side, looking dejected.  She looks up at him as he enters the stall and leans against the other stall wall. 

Nicholas cont’d: I am so sorry.  I was way out of line.

Jake: You don’t have to say that.  I know I’m not what you had in mind for a sister so I’m sure we can just stay out of each other’s way.  That is, if you still want to teach here.

Nicholas: Jacqueline, listen to me…

He places a hand on each of her shoulders.

Nicholas cont’d: Nothing about you could possibly disappoint me.

She looks at him.

Nicholas cont’d: Some things might surprise me a little…

He looks down at her Jake outfit.

Nicholas cont’d: …or…a lot.  But, you…astonish me.

She looks down again.

Nicholas cont’d: In…in a good way.  I meant that in such a good way. 

She looks up at him again.

Nicholas cont’d: You take risks and…I have so much respect for that.

Jake (disbelieving): Yeah…

Nicholas: And what I said out there…it does not reflect how I feel about you…I swear.

She considers this.

Jake: You’re really not disappointed?

(flash forward to): Nicholas looking at the camera, a week later.

Nicholas: What could I say?  I told her I really wasn’t disappointed.  I told her I didn’t care…that I wanted to be in her life…no matter what.

He pauses.

Nicholas cont’d: And, a week later…that’s still true.  She’s a bold girl; I’ll give her that.  Granted, I do think it’s all a little weird.  It’s made me like Hamilton less.  He should have never let her continue this charade just so he could have her down the hall, you know what I mean?  That’s so selfish. 

He considers something.

Nicholas cont’d: Then again…she does seem strong-willed enough not to be forced into something she didn’t genuinely want to do…

He pauses.

Nicholas cont’d: My point is, I’m still adjusting to the Jacqueline slash Jake thing…and I don’t really know how I feel yet.  I do know that I would never let something so relatively trivial keep me from getting to know my little sister.

A beat.

Nicholas cont’d: Anyway, we stayed in the bathroom for a little while and talked a few things over.  She gave me some ground rules for keeping her secret.  It was a bizarre conversation in an odd setting, but…it helped get a lot of stuff cleared up.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She and Jill are still working on the Oreos and talking.

Jake: We talked it over and he seemed okay with it, but…I’m just not sure. 

Jill: Look at you…you really like him, don’t you?

Jake shrugs, but smiles.

Jill cont’d: You should talk to him.

Jake: I will, but…somehow your story got interrupted.

Jill: Oh yeah…well…

(flashback to): Sean, sitting on the blanket, waiting.  He checks his watch again.  He starts to get up, but sits back down.  He looks out across the lake then peaks in the picnic basket.

Jill: What are you doing?  Don’t start without me.

Sean turns, looking surprised.

Sean: Jill?  What are you…what are you doing here?

He stands up.

Jill: I’m here for our picnic. 

He doesn’t know what to say.

Jill cont’d: Who were you expecting?  Some hot Rawley girl?

Sean: I wasn’t expecting you…that’s for sure.

She looks off.

Sean cont’d: Not…not that I’m complaining…

He sighs then smiles easily.

Sean cont’d: Hi, Jill.

Jill looks back at him, easing up.

Jill: Hi, Sean.

Sean looks down, shaking his head.  He really wasn’t expecting this.

(fade out)


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Music: So Long by Guster

(fade in): to Johanna’s kitchen.  She’s washing dishes.  Meagan walks in timidly.

Meagan: Mom?

Johanna: What?

Meagan: I was…I was wondering if you wanted to come upstairs and see my dress.

Johanna: Not right now.

Meagan: It’s just that I can’t get the zipper up in the back without help so—

Johanna: I said not right now.

Meagan: You also said to try it on and…God…just…never mind.

Meagan’s gone from timid to mad.

Meagan cont’d: Where’s Finn?  I’ll ask him to help.

Johanna: He’s not here.

Meagan: When’s he coming back?  Where’d he—

Johanna: Meagan, can you just go up to your room for a little while and leave me alone?

Meagan scoffs.  He turns around and walks out of the kitchen.

(cut to): Gwen’s room.  She and Will are there, talking.  Will sits on the floor.  Gwen lies on her bed with and arm over his shoulder and chest.

Gwen: I really don’t think she meant to hurt your feelings.

Will: I know; I’m okay.

Gwen: You’re not acting okay…you’re acting really hurt.

Will sighs.

Will: I never realized she only thinks of me as some stupid kid.  I thought…she, like, respected me or something.

Gwen: So, you’re not teacher’s pet.  Who cares?

Will looks down.

Gwen cont’d: And, Finn obviously respects you.

Will half laughs.

Gwen cont’d: But, I guess you never had a crush on Finn

Will looks back at her suspiciously.

Gwen cont’d: Yes, I know about your former crush on Ms. Ryan.

He smiles, embarrassed.

Gwen cont’d: And, I’m sure that being pregnant and planning a wedding isn’t doing much for her interpersonal skills.

Will looks at her for a moment.

Will: You are very good.

Gwen smiles.  He turns around, facing her as they begin to kiss.

(flash forward to): Will and Scout’s room.

Scout: I’m happy for you and Gwen.

Will: Thanks.

Scout: Don’t be surprised when she rips your heart out, though. 

Will: Jill did not rip your heart out, man.  You are seriously over-reacting.

Scout: She did the one thing I never thought she’d do…the worst thing she could do.

Will: How is being with Sean the worst thing she could do?

Scout: Because…it’s Sean.  He’s…he’d be…like…this…perfect boyfriend. 

Will: Uh-huh…

Scout: If she’s with him then…I don’t have a shot anymore.

Will: You are over this, Scout…at least I thought you were.

Scout: I did, too.  I honestly did.  And, I even thought I’d be okay with it being Sean…until…it actually was.

He pauses.

Scout cont’d: I should have never left to look for Bella. 

A beat.  Will’s thinking this over.

Will: I’m really surprised he didn’t talk it over with you first.

Scout: Well, that makes two of us.  I really have no idea how this happened…

Music: Swiss Army Romance by Dashboard Confessional

(flashback to):  Sean and Jill sitting on the blanket by the lake.  Jill has retrieved two sandwiches from the basket.  She hands one to Sean.  He takes it, curiously eyeing her the entire time.

Jill: So…I’m sure you weren’t expecting me and…you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.

Sean laughs at the reference to two questions he asked her earlier.

Sean: It’s like she’s psychic.

Jill laughs looking at her sandwich…searching for some excuse for being here.  She gets an idea.

Jill: Okay…I’ll tell you why I’m here, but you have to promise not to kill me.  I mean, obviously you’re not going to kill me…

Sean: Well…we are all alone in the woods…

Jill: Ha, ha, ha.  Just don’t get all mad and cranky like you do when…

Sean: When what?

Jill: When we talk about this.

Sean: What?

Jill: Her.

Sean: Who?

Jill: Bella.

Sean: Bella?  Oh no…she’s not…she’s not coming here, is she?  Because, Jill, I would not like that.

Jill: You wouldn’t like to have a romantic picnic with her.

Sean: Jill—

Jill: Don’t worry!  God!  She’s not coming…obviously.

Sean: Good.

Jill: See what I mean?  Cranky.

Jill turns away, crossing her arms…not actually mad at him.

Sean (sincerely): I’m sorry.

She turns and looks at him again, mock-gauging his sincerity.

Sean cont’d: It’s just that when I’m with…I mean, I don’t want to think about…I…I haven’t really been thinking about her lately.

Jill: Why not?

Sean smiles.  He’s not answering that one.

Sean: Okay, so what’s a picnic with you got to do with Bella?

Jill smiles mischievously.

(flash forward to): Jake’s room.  Jill and Jake have abandoned the Oreos for this Jill/Sean story.

Jake: Back up…he said, “I haven’t been thinking about her lately”?

Jill: Yeah, I know…like, way to lose sight of the goal, buddy.

Jake narrows her eyes.

Jake: Uh…huh.  So…what else happened?

Jill (covering): Nothing, really.

Jake: You didn’t answer his question?

Jill (defensive): What question?

Jake: The one about what being on a picnic with you had to do with Bella because…I’m wondering about that one too…

Jill: Well, duh…jealousy.

Jake tilts her head; she doesn’t get it.

(flashback to): Jill and Sean on the blanket.  Sean looks confused.

Sean: Jealousy?

Jill: Yeah, it’s a common theory that a girl will find a guy more attractive when said guy is…less available.

He shakes his head in disbelief.

Sean: Okay…let’s just pretend for a second that I am interested in dating Bella again.

Jill: Uh-huh.

Sean: Why wouldn’t I just ask her out?

Jill: I’ve thought of that, but it leaves too many variables.

Sean: Variables…

He shakes his head and looks off.  This girl is unbelievable.

Sean cont’d: She’s gone from psychic to…psychotic.

Jill: Just listen.

He waits.

Jill cont’d: You don’t want to just open yourself up to someone like that…make yourself vulnerable.  You want her to come to you.

Sean: And why would she do that?

Jill (matter-of-fact): Curiosity…motivated by jealousy over the fact that you and I are dating.

Sean: We’re not dating.

Jill: Step one: we’re on a date.

Sean: You’re driving me crazy.

Jill: It’ll be really simple.  We’ll tell everyone we’re together and—

Sean: What about Scout?

Music: Two Points for Honesty by Guster

(flash forward to): Jake and Jill.

Jill: Which is when it dawned on me.

Jake: Scout only wanted to set up Sean and Bella to prevent you and Sean from…whatever.

Jill: You say it like it’s so obvious.

Jake: And you say it like you were totally oblivious to it.

A beat as Jill looks down.

Jill: Anyway…I told Sean we’d deal with that when we came to it.

Jake: Are you saying that…he agreed?

Jill: It took some convincing, but finally he said…

(flashback to): Sean and Jill.

Sean: If it’ll make you happy then…fine, I’ll do it, but I don’t want to hurt people in the process so if Scout freaks out—

Jill: I’ll deal with him.

Sean nods, finishing his sandwich.  A beat as Jill hesitates.

Jill cont’d: So…you’re in?

He looks up at her with a smirk.

Jill cont’d: We have to be serious about this.

He swallows and loses the smirk…tries not to smiles, but can’t help laughing.  Jill gives him a reprimanding look.  He stops laughing.

Sean: Serious…got it.

Jill: And…realism is key.

Sean: What does that mean?

Jill: People really have to believe we’re together.

Sean (sarcastically): So our “cover” doesn’t get blown.

Jill: Exactly.

Sean: We’re not in the C.I.A.

Jill: Just shut up and listen.  When people ask, we say we’re dating.  When we walk down the street, we hold hands.  When…when the time seems right…we kiss…and…it’s got to look real.

He doesn’t look comfortable with this plan.

Sean: Look, Jill…I’m not that good of an actor.  I’m not going to be able to…do all that stuff.

Jill: So, we’ll practice.

She reaches out and takes his hand, moving closer to him in the process.  He leans back a little.  He’s uncomfortable.

Jill cont’d: First, you can’t blush like that.

He pulls his hand from hers.

Sean: This is…ridiculous.  And, I can’t pull it off.

Jill: You flirt with me all the time.

Sean: But—

Jill: But, you’re not serious…and neither is this, okay?

He sighs.

Jill cont’d: We joke about hooking up all the time.  This is just and extension of that joke.

Sean: Even if I can say that I’m dating you with a straight face and manage to hold your hand without…

Jill: …blushing…uh-huh…

He hesitates.

Sean: I can’t kiss you.

Jill: Maybe you won’t even have to.

He considers this.

Jill cont’d: But…why not?

Sean: It’d be like…it’d make me feel like I was using you.

Jill: You can’t be using me if it’s my idea.

Sean looks off.

Jill cont’d: I know this seems like some crazy and elaborate scheme…

Sean: Yeah, it does.

Jill: But, if you want to be with someone then…who cares how crazy the plan is…as long as it’s got the potential to work.

He looks at her.

Sean: Well…I guess it does have some potential.

She shakes her head, urging him to agree.

Sean cont’d: I already said I’d do it so…I’ll do it.

Jill: Awesome!

She throws her arms around his neck.

Jill cont’d: You’re not going to regret this.

Sean looks off as if he already does.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Meagan and Johanna sitting on Meagan’s bed.

Music: I Feel So by Boxcar Racer

Meagan: When I left, I was going to go over to Rawley…to look for him. 

Johanna: Which is where I thought you were.

Meagan: But, I stopped at Mark’s to see if he’d ride with me since it would be dark by the time I was riding back.

Johanna smiles.

Johanna: Thank you for being so smart.

Meagan smiles, but then her look saddens a little.

Meagan: When he opened the door, though, I started crying…I felt so stupid…

(cut to): Mark’s house. 

(cut to): his bedroom, which we saw in About Friday Night.  Meagan is lying face down on his bed, her head buried in his pillow.  He’s sitting on a beanbag that he’s pulled up next to the bed.

Mark: I don’t think you’re supposed to say that you hate your mom.

Meagan: You are if it’s true.

Mark: She’s probably just—

Meagan: Who cares?  Who cares if she’s “just stressed out about the wedding” or “just hormonal because she’s pregnant.”

Mark looks up at her, feeling sorry for her.

Mark: I’m sorry she hurt your feelings.

Meagan turns her head.  She’s been crying and her face is streaked with dry tears.

Meagan: It’s not about me.  Finn’s gone and…it’s her fault.

(cut to): the weight room at Rawley Academy.  Finn is lifting weights onto the bench press bar.  When he gets them all on, he looks around and spots some more by another machine.  He picks up a few ten-pound weights and is adding them to the bar when…Hamilton walks in.  He doesn’t look thrilled to see Finn.

Hamilton: Hey, how’s it going?

He checks out the weights.

Hamilton cont’d: Um…I withdraw the question.

Finn: Thank you.

Hamilton walks over to the barbell rack.

Finn cont’d: Think you could spot me?

Hamilton looks at the bench press.

Hamilton: I can try.  Don’t know how much help I’d be…

He smiles and walks over.

Hamilton cont’d: You can really lift all this?

Finn: We’ll see.

Hamilton stands at the head of the bench as Finn lies back.

Hamilton: I thought you were busy planning your wedding.

Finn: I’m not in the mood, Hamilton.

Hamilton: For what?

Finn takes a deep breath and grabs the bar.  He pushes it straight out.  He lowers it to his chest then pushes it slowly up again.  He sets it back on the rack.

Finn: To talk about my wedding because…there is no longer a wedding.

Hamilton: Oh…man…I’m sorry.

He’s trying his best to be sincere.

Finn: Yeah…so am I.

He does another rep with the weights.  Hamilton is actually starting to feel sorry for him.

Hamilton (hesitantly): Are you…okay?

Finn: Yep.

Finn does two more reps then sets the bar down.

Hamilton: Was it…your idea or hers?

Finn closes his eyes a moment, gives up on the weights and sits up.

Finn: Let’s just say…not mine.

He sits with his elbows on his knees.  He’s really stressed.  Hamilton doesn’t particularly like him, but it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy.

Hamilton: Do you want me to…I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but…do you maybe want me to get my mom?

Finn chuckles.

Finn: Thank you, but…I’ll be fine.  I believe this may only be temporary.

Hamilton: Oh, yeah…like…”get out; I hate you,” but she really just needs some time to cool off.

Finn smiles.

Finn: I forgot I was talking to someone who’s been in a relationship longer than I have.

Hamilton: What do you want?  The secret?

Finn nods good-naturedly.

Hamilton cont’d: Okay.  When it comes to…

Hamilton pauses, but decides to go for it.

Hamilton cont’d: When it comes to sex, it’s okay to let her push you away and…freeze you out.  Any other time…when she says, “I hate you; get out”…don’t go.

Finn looks up at him.  Better advice that he was expecting.  Hamilton walks over to the leg press and sits down.

Hamilton cont’d: Other than that…tell her you love her a lot…but only if you mean it.  Oh, and when you’re worried about her and what’s going on with her, but you’re really trying to stay out of it…take it out in the weight room.

Finn laughs.

Finn: Unless she told you to go to the weight room…in which case you shouldn’t go.

Hamilton considers the apparent contradiction in his advice.

Hamilton: Seriously, though…the secret to a great relationship lies in support.  You have to be able to know when she needs you and…you have to realize that sometimes she needs to face stuff alone…or, at least, without you. 

Music: Complicated by Avril Lavigne (in case you haven’t heard it enough on the radio)

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Nicholas and Jake exit the bathroom.  Bella’s gone. 

Jake: Looks like Bella had to take off.

Nicholas glances around; this is a blow.

Jake: How long were we in there anyway?

Nicholas shrugs, but he snaps out of it.

Nicholas: Why is it that public bathrooms seem to be the most private places sometimes?

Jake: Yeah…until your teacher walks in.

Nicholas looks at her, confused.

Jake cont’d: Anyway…can I buy you dinner now?

Nicholas still looks at her suspiciously, but they both look up as the bell on the door rings.  Scout walks in, looking a little frantic.

Scout: You guys…have you seen Bella?  I’ve been looking all over for her.

Nicholas looks Scout over.

Nicholas: Was she meeting you? 

Scout: Was she here?

Nicholas: Yeah…she said she was late for something.

Scout: So, she went?

Jake: Went where?  What the hell is going on?

Scout shakes his head.

Scout: Long story…and…I have to go…sorry…

He turns around and walks out.

Jake: Weird.

Nicholas: Yeah…

Jake and Nicholas sit down.

Nicholas cont’d: Was that Bella’s boyfriend?

Jake thinks the question is a little odd.

Jake: Um…no.

Nicholas nods.

Nicholas: I met Scout earlier…I’m just working through the six degrees thing, you know?

Jake laughs.

Jake: That would be complicated.

Nicholas: Try it.

Jake: Hmm…let’s see.  Will and Scout have been roommates since we all started at Rawley, but Will’s from town…knows Bella…she’s from town, too.  Her family runs the garage across the street.  Anyway, Scout met Bella and fell for her.  Nothing really happened between them.  Bella was dating this guy from town named Sean.  They broke up.  Bella and Will dated awhile, but…they also broke up.  Scout pined after Bella until he met Jill…you met her earlier, too…they dated…they broke up, but Scout’s still not over that…not sure about Jill…she says she is…she’s been hanging out with Sean—

Nicholas: Who Bella once dated.

Jake: Right.  And, actually, he supposedly still has a thing for Bella, but…I don’t know.

Nicholas nods, pretending to lose interest.

Nicholas: Sounds like everyone falls for Bella.

Jake: Well, hopefully not everyone, but…many do, yes.

(flash forward to): Jill and Jake.  They’re both seated on Jake’s bed.

Jill: First of all, I can’t believe you gave him the breakdown of my relationship with Scout.

Jake: I—

Jill: Second…Scout went back to the lake?

Jake: I guess.  Did Bella not show up there?

Jill: No, she didn’t, but…neither did he…that’s what he said…unless…

Jake: What?  He overheard the plan?

Jill: Or worse.

Jake doesn’t get it.

Jill cont’d: Okay…I didn’t exactly tell you everything.

(flashback to): Jill and Sean sitting on the blanket.  They look out at the lake.  Jill looks over at Sean.  He looks weirded out.

Jill: It’s the kissing thing, isn’t it?  That’s what freaks you out.

Sean ignores her.  He pulls at some grass next to the blanket.  Jill smiles.

Jill cont’d: I tell you what…try it and let’s see if we can pull it off.

Sean looks at her now.

Sean: Try what?

She laughs, but leans in a little.

Jill: Kiss me, Sean.

He leans away from her, but somehow the invitation is hard for him to refuse.

Jill cont’d: Chill…relax.

He swallows.

Jill cont’d: Focus…on realism.

Sean nods slightly, now moving closer to her.

Jill cont’d: Just…pretend I’m the girl you really want to be with.

Sean looks at her, envisioning “the girl he really wants to be with.”

Jill cont’d: We’ve got to make people believe it’s—

Sean:real.  I got it.

He’s closed all the distance between them.  He hesitates, but then he does it: he kisses her.  Some of her hair falls forward.  Sean pushes it back, continuing the kiss.  Jill reaches up and lets her hand rest on the back of his neck, unintentionally pulling him forward.

(cut to): Scout walking up to the spot where he and Jill stood before.  He looks around for Jill before glancing up.  He freezes as he sees them.

(cut to): Jill and Sean kissing.

(flash forward to): Jill and Jake.

Jake: You kissed him?!

Jill shrugs.

Jill: Yes?

Jake: And…Scout might have seen?

Jill: Who cares…he thinks we’re dating just like everyone else.

Jake: Well, yeah, but…doesn’t this situation seem familiar to you?

Jill thinks about it then gets Jake’s meaning.

Jill: Scout and I are not together.  Who cares what he saw or didn’t see?

Jake: Fine…who cares about Scout.  I get it.

Jill: You know I didn’t mean it like that…

A beat.

Jake: God, I really can’t believe you made Sean kiss you…

Jill: I just wanted to make him comfortable with everything.

Jake: Yeah, I’m sure that made everything really comfortable.

The expression on Jill’s face seems to agree with Jake’s assessment.  Jill reaches for the Oreos.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Sean and Jill kissing by the lake.  They slowly pull apart, but Sean keeps his eyes closed.  He opens them hesitantly…afraid of the reaction.  Jill is floored, but tries to cover.

Sean: How…how was that?

Jill: Uh…

She looks away, slightly out of breath and definitely blushing.

Jill cont’d: That was…you know…it was…okay…pretty good…

(cut to): Scout, watching.  He’s freaked out.  He can’t believe it.  He walks away.

(cut to): Jill and Sean.

Sean: I mean…was it…realistic?

Jill: Um…frighteningly so...yeah

Sean: Is that good or bad?

Jill: Let me get back to you on that.

She’s yet to look at him again.  He catches onto the awkwardness.

Sean: I knew this part would be too weird.

Jill: It’s wasn’t…it’s not.

Sean: Then why can’t you look at me?

Jill looks at him, trying to disprove his theory.

Jill: You took me off-guard, that’s all.

He doesn’t follow.

Jill cont’d: I never thought of you as someone who’d end up being a really good kisser.

Sean laughs.

Sean: Thanks…I think.

Jill: But, now I know what to expect…next time, I’ll be ready.

Sean: I don’t think there should be a next time.

Jill: All right…kissing critique dually noted.

Sean: It’s not like that.

She stares at him, waiting for further explanation.

Sean cont’d: I liked kissing you.  Of course, I liked it.  I just…wouldn’t want to…make a habit of it.

She smiles.

Jill: What if…what if we only use it if we have to?  It’ll be like a secret weapon. 

Sean laughs.

Sean: You’re completely insane.

Jill: Oh, come on.  You don’t get the chance to participate in an elaborate sitcom-esque plan every day.

Sean: I know…only on days when I hang out with you.

Jill: It’ll be fun.

Sean: I already said I’d do it.

Jill: Great…

Jill stands up and holds out her hand to him.  He takes it and stands up, too.

Jill cont’d: Let’s go spread the word.

(flash forward to): Jake and Jill.

Jake: Well.

Jill: It was no big deal.  Honestly.

Jake: Okay.

Jake tries not to smile.  Jill laughs.

Jill: God…it was really good, though.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Maybe you should…ask him out…you know, for real.

Jill is surprised by the suggestion.  She shakes her head.

Jill: No.  I mean…I don’t feel that way about him. 

Jake: You just think he’s a good kisser.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Well, yeah, he is, but…what?  I’m going to date him based solely on that fact?

Jake: Maybe it’s not just technique that makes him good.

Jill tilts her head.

Jill: I don’t know what you’re talking about and…it doesn’t matter anyway.  I would never date Sean…ever.

Jake: Okay.

Jill: But, speaking of guys I would date…what’s the deal with Nicholas Mann?

Jake: He’s like…old, Jill.

Jill: He’s only, like, six years older than me.

Jake: I don’t think he’d be interested in a seventeen year old.  Sorry.

Jill: Ruin all my fantasies, why don’t you?

(flashback to): Friendly’s.  Jake and Nick sit eating dinner.  It’s dark outside.

Nicholas: Do you hang out in town a lot?  I mean, it must be nice having a girl who knows the big secret.

Jake: I have Jill, but Bella and I are pretty good friends, too.  I haven’t been around much lately, though.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with Hamilton.

Nicholas nods.

(flash forward to): Nicholas talking to the camera.

Nicholas: So, yes, I felt a little guilty pumping her for information like that, but…I was curious.  I am curious.  And, I guess I feel a little guilty about that, too. 

He runs his hand through his hair.

Nicholas cont’d: But, that didn’t prevent me from stopping by the garage that night after Jacqueline came back here on her motorcycle.

Music: Sorry by Our Lady Peace

(flashback to): the garage, outside.  The Jetta pulls up to a pump.

(cut to): the office.  Bella is sitting at the desk.  She’s got Hamilton’s acoustic guitar and seems to be working on a song.  She strums one more chord and writes it down.   She calls upstairs:

Bella: Grace?  Hey…Grace…can you take this one?


Bella cont’d: Come on, Grace…

She sighs and gets up, looking tentatively out the window.

Bella cont’d: Please don’t be Scout…

(cut to): Nicholas who is clumsily unscrewing his gas cap.

(cut to): Bella.

Bella: Even better.

(cut to): Nicholas.  He picks up the nozzle and looks at the gas pump.  Bella walks out.

Bella: Hey, uh…let me get that for you.

He looks up at her as she walks over.  He doesn’t argue as she takes the nozzle from him.

Nicholas: You left.

Bella: Yeah.

The gas pump kicks off.  Bella looks at the pump.  She squeezes the handle again, but the tank is full.  She hangs up the nozzle and looks at Nicholas suspiciously.

Bella cont’d: That’ll be…eighty-three cents.

Bella looks at Nicholas and raises her eyebrows.  He pulls out his wallet and hands her a five.

Nicholas: I wanted to talk to you.

Bella: Look…I know I shouldn’t have lied to you in New York.  I’m sorry.

Nicholas: You should be.  That whole night really…got to me.

Bella looks for an escape and remembers the five dollars in her hand.

Bella: I need to get your change.

Nicholas: Keep it.

Bella: Are you trying to buy me?

He smiles.

Nicholas: I just want to talk to you…find out why you—

Bella (defensive): What do you want from me, Nick?  Huh?  I said I was sorry.  Besides…you introduced yourself to me

Nicholas: I also asked you how old you were and—

Bella: I lied.  I know.  I’m not twenty-one.  I’m seventeen.  I don’t go to B.U.  I go to Edmund High School.  I’m not a communication major.  I pump gas at my family’s garage.

Nicholas is looking down now.

Bella cont’d: I just wanted to have one night…one night of not being myself and not having my life because lately…I’ve been really sick of it.

Nicholas nods, still not looking at her.

Bella cont’d: So, I’m sorry if my break from reality…got to you.

Nicholas looks up at her now.  He smiles.

(flash forward to): Nicholas looking at the camera.  He’s been telling the story, but he pauses now.  

Nicholas: I definitely got what she was saying.  I mean, when I was in New York, that’s what I wanted too: an escape…from…my own life.  From who I’d become.  That’s a big part of why I came here…to New Rawley…and why I stayed here.  I heard so much of what I felt in what she said. 

He pauses.

Nicholas cont’d: But, of course, I didn’t say that to her…to this seventeen year old girl standing there in front of me.  God…I didn’t know what to say to her so…I didn’t say anything.

(flashback to): Nick and Bella at the gas station.

Nicholas: I…I have to go, Bella.

Bella: No arguments here.

He nods.

Nicholas: I’ll see you around.

Bella: When you come back next time…make sure you’re at least down to half a tank.

He laughs.

Nicholas: Okay.  Goodnight.

He gets in and drives off.

(cut to): Mark’s house.

(cut to): his bedroom.  Meagan and Mark both sit on the beanbag, each playing a Gameboy.  Mark hits pause and looks over at Meagan.

Mark: Are you spending the night?

Meagan doesn’t look up from her game.

Meagan: Will your mom care?

Mark: She doesn’t know you’re here anyway.

Meagan: Okay.

Mark: Okay, you’re staying?

She nods; Mark grins.

Mark cont’d: Cool.

Meagan: Why?

Meagan hits pause and looks over at him.

Mark: I’ve never had a girl stay over before.

Meagan rolls her eyes and goes back to her game.

Meagan: I’ll sleep on the floor.

The door opens and Ben, Marks older brother, bursts in.

Ben: Markie, try and keep Mom out of my…

He sees Meagan.

Ben cont’d: …room.  Hi, Meagan.

Ben smirks and looks proud of Mark.

Ben cont’d: Sorry…I didn’t know your girlfriend was here.

Mark: Go away, Ben.

Ben: Does mom know your girlfriend’s here?

Mark: Get.  Out.

Ben: Should I go let her know?

Mark: No.  God, Ben.  She’s staying the night and you better not tell Mom.

Ben: Oh, wow…way to go, baby brother.

Mark: Look, she just doesn’t want to be around her mom right now.

Ben: No kidding.  That bitch flunked everyone on our last test. 

Ben speaks suggestively again:

Ben cont’d: But, uh…as long as someone’s benefiting.

Mark: Whatever.  Get out.  And, please, don’t tell Mom.

Ben: You scratch my back…

He trails off as he eases out of the room, but doesn’t close the door.

Mark: Ben…

As Mark gets up to close his door, a girls walks past, holding Ben’s hand.  Mark looks back at Meagan as he shuts the door.

Mark cont’d: He won’t tell.

Meagan continues to look at the Gameboy.

Meagan: How come you didn’t tell him I’m not your girlfriend?

Mark sighs.  He looks around at his room.

Mark: Want to run away?

Meagan looks up.

Meagan: Tonight?

Mark: Yeah, why not?

Meagan: Okay…when I finish my game.

Mark sits down on the bed.

Mark: Okay.

Meagan looks back down at the game.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Johanna and Meagan.

Music: For You to Notice by Dashboard Confessional

Johanna: You decided to run away…just like that?

Meagan: I don’t know…technically, I’d already run away, right?

Johanna: And, I didn’t realize that until Finn came home without you…

Meagan: I’m glad he came back.

Johanna doesn’t say anything.

Johanna: I was really worried about you, Meagan.

Meagan: Well, Mom…I didn’t know what else to do.

A beat.

Meagan cont’d: What happened when Finn got back?

(flashback to): Johanna’s house.  Finn pulls up in his car.  As he gets out, Johanna walks out the front door.

Finn: I know you said you wanted me to leave, but…I’m not prepared to do that yet.

Johanna is only half-listening.

Johanna: Where’s Meagan?

Finn: She didn’t go with me.

Johanna: I know, but…I mean…where were you?  Rawley?

Finn: Yeah…what’s going on?  Meagan’s not here?

Johanna: No…she…Oh, God…I thought she went out to Rawley to find you…

Finn: Okay…just calm down…let’s drive out there and see if we can find her.

(flash forward to): Nicholas talking to the camera.

Nicholas: After I saw Bella, I came back here and tried to unpack, but I couldn’t focus.  If I wasn’t thinking about her, I was thinking about Jacqueline.  I should have gone to see Jacqueline again that night.  I’ve found myself avoiding her…or maybe she’s avoiding me…I don’t know.  Anyway, while I was attempting to get settled in, I finally met this Finn guy…

(flashback to): the hall in front of Finn’s old apartment.  Johanna and Finn quickly walk up to the door.  Johanna knocks.  After a few moments, Nicholas answers the door.

Johanna: Have you seen my daughter?

Nicholas: Uh…who…who’s your daughter?

Finn: I’m Finn.  I used to live here.  This is my fiancée Johanna Ryan.

She doesn’t correct him.

Nicholas: Hi.

Nicholas smiles at her.

Finn: Her daughter, Meagan, might have stopped by campus looking for me.  Have you see any eleven year olds wandering around?

Nicholas: I haven’t seen any kids, but…I’ve been in town.

Johanna: Isn’t it your job to know what’s going on all the time?

Nicholas doesn’t know what to say.

Finn: Johanna, come on…let’s leave Mr. Mann alone.

Johanna rubs her temples.

Johanna: We need to call the police.

Nicholas: Do you want to…use my phone?

Finn: That’d be—

Johanna: Wait…let’s check Mark’s first.

Finn: Okay…good idea.

Johanna walks off down the hall.

Finn cont’d: Sorry to bother you.

Nicholas: No bother…

Finn starts to walk off.

Nicholas cont’d: Sorry I wasn’t more help.

Finn smiles reassuringly.

Finn: I’ll see you around.

He turns around now and catches up with Johanna.

(cut to): the front steps of the dorm.  As Finn and Johanna are leaving, Will walks up.

Johanna: Will…have you seen Meagan?

Will: No…sorry.

Finn: Let’s try Mark’s.

Will: Is everything okay?

Finn: We’re not quite sure where Meagan is.

Will looks worried.

Will: Did you call the police?

Finn: We’re going to try her friend’s house first.

Will: If you need help looking—

Johanna: We’ve got it under control.

Will looks off.

Will: Right…goodnight.

He starts to walk up the steps.

Johanna: Will, wait.

He turns back around.

Johanna cont’d: I…I’m sorry for how I put things earlier.

Finn looks at her, confused, then up at Will.

Will: You were pretty harsh.

Finn: Harsh about what?

Johanna: I was and…unjustifiably so since I’m actually quite honored that you would agree to participate in our wedding.

Finn looks back and forth between them.  Will seems to accept the apology.

(flash forward to): Scout and Will.

Scout: At least she apologized.

Will: Yeah, it was cool of her.

Scout: I can’t believe they lost Meagan like that…well, actually…I can.  She locked Jill and me out of the house that time we watched her…she’s sneaky.

Will laughs.

Will: She’s something else all right.  She was going to run away with Ben Hudson’s little brother.

Scout shakes his head.

Music: Geronimo by Unwritten Law

(flashback to): the sidewalk in front of Mark’s house.  He and Meagan pull off on their bikes.  A few seconds later, Johanna and Finn pull up.

(cut to): the front door as Johanna knocks.  Finn stands next to her.  Mark’s mom answers the door.

Mrs. Hudson: What do you want?

Johanna: Is Meagan here?

Mrs. Hudson: No.

She starts to close the door.

Johanna: Are you sure?

Mrs. Hudson stops shutting the door.

(cut to): upstairs, Mark’s room.  Mrs. Hudson opens the door.  Finn and Johanna stand anxiously behind her.  They all look around…no one.

Mrs. Hudson: That’s strange…I could have sworn he was up here.

She walks past Finn and Johanna down a few doors and opens another room door without knocking.  We don’t see what she sees.  We only hear…

Ben: Mom…Jesus…

(cut to): a few minutes later, Mark’s room.  Ben sits on the bed, only in his boxers.  Finn, Johanna and Mrs. Hudson stand around him.

Ben: Look, I don’t know where they are.  Mark told me Meagan was spending the night.

Mrs. Hudson: You’re both in a lot of trouble.

Ben: Oh, please…you’re such a hypocrite.  And you’re inconsistent with your rules.  I can throw a party, but I can’t have one person over?

Mrs. Hudson: Not some trashy girl who you—

Finn: Excuse me…I don’t mean to interrupt, but…did either of the kids say anything else that might be helpful? 

Ben rolls his eyes; he’s sick of the interrogation.

Ben: Yeah, Mark said Meagan didn’t want to be around her mom and he told me not to tell our mom she was staying over.

Mrs. Hudson: He learns this crap from you.

Ben: Whatever.  Hypocrite.

Finn: We’re going to call the police.

Mrs. Hudson (to Ben): I’m so sick of your smart mouth.

Ben: I’m sick of you.

Finn and Johanna look at each other.

(flash forward to): Meagan and Johanna.

Meagan: Mark’s mom isn’t a very good mom.

Johanna: I’m sure raising two boys isn’t an easy job.

Meagan nods.

Meagan: I’m sorry for causing so much trouble.  I didn’t think you’d even notice I was gone.  I mean…I wasn’t doing it for attention.  I just…didn’t want to be around you anymore.

Finn: I can understand that.

They look up at the doorway.  Finn stands there with his hands in his pockets.

Johanna: I bet you can.

Finn walks in.  He speaks to Johanna:

Finn: I take it she’s finally fessing up.

Meagan: Are you mad at me too?

Finn smiles.

Finn: No, I don’t think so.

He glances at Johanna with a smile.

Finn cont’d: I am curious about where you were, though.

Meagan: Well…

(flashback to): Mark and Meagan riding their bikes by their school.  They stop by a set of doors and get off the bikes.

Mark: I heard these guys talking about how they always leave the gym open.  They come and play basketball all the time.

(cut to): inside the gym as they walk in.  It’s dark, but Mark finds the lights.  He turns on one set.

Mark: Should we pull out a set of bleachers?

Meagan: Do you think we’re going to get in a lot of trouble?

Mark: I doubt they’d suspend us just for sleeping in the gym.

Meagan: I mean with our parents.

Mark: Well, if my mom notices I’m gone…Ben will probably end up in more trouble than me.

Mark pulls out a set of bleachers half way.  Meagan sits down.

Meagan: I can’t believe that girl was going with him to his room like that. 

Mark sits down.

Mark: Lots of girls go to Ben’s room like that.

Meagan: Like…what were they going to do?

Mark looks over at her…he smiles.

Mark: Do you want to play basketball or something?

Meagan nods.

(fade out)


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Music: Here With Me by Dido

(fade in): to Jill and Jake in Jake’s room.  They’ve finished talking about Sean and Nicholas…for the moment.  Jill is on Jake’s computer.  Jake sits on her bed, checking out a magazine.

Jill: I swear, if they try to cancel Roswell…

Jake: Oh, God…

Jill: What?  That show is like seventeen percent of my life.

Jake: This is becoming unhealthy.

Jill: Hey, that still leaves like eighty…three percent for other stuff.

Jake: Like your imaginary boyfriend?

Jill: He’s not imaginary…

Jake laughs.

Jake: You’re insane.

Jill: I’ve been getting that a lot lately…

Jill continues to look at the computer.

Jake: Aren’t you supposed to be going to talk to Scout?

Jill: I already know what he’s going to say…

Jake: What?

Jill (in mock-Scout tone): Jill…this is a…very…bad…idea.  Sean’s just going to start liking you and you’re going to start liking him and that would be…bad.  This is bad.  You’re bad.  He’s bad.  It’s all…bad.

Jake: What did he say?  When you told him you and Sean were together?

Jill sighs, thinking of the conversation.

Jill: It was way early the next morning…

(flashback to): Jill and Scout sitting together at a picnic table on the quad.  It’s pretty early in the morning.

Jill: Never found Bella, huh?

Scout: Nope. 

He looks away.

Scout cont’d: Sorry I didn’t come back…I figured you had it under control.

Jill: I have something to tell you.

Scout looks at her.

Scout: Okay.

Jill: I’ve abandoned the old plan.

Scout doesn’t say anything.

Jill cont’d: Last night, I sat down and talked some stuff over with Sean and…basically, I just wanted to let you know that…

She looks away from him…it’s hard to lie to him.

Jill cont’d: Sean and I are dating now.

Scout tries not to react.

Scout: Okay.

Jill: Are you…are you okay with that?

Scout: I don’t think I have the right not to be.

Jill: That doesn’t answer the question, though.

Scout looks down.

Scout: I’ve got some studying to do.

He gets up and starts to walk off.

Jill: Okay, Scout…

He turns back around.

Scout: Jill…what are you worried about me for?  Just do what you want and…don’t spend time explaining it to me because, in a million years, I won’t understand you.

She doesn’t know how to take the comment.  He turns around and walks off.

(flash forward to): Scout and Will.  Will is folding laundry.  Scout still lies on the couch.

Will: Why didn’t you just let her explain it to you?

Scout: I’m in love with her, Will.

Will: Is that the current reading on the Jill barometer?

Scout: What?

Will: One day, you just want her to be happy.  The next day, you hate her.  The next, you’re happy with being her friend.  Then she’s…what was it?  Ripped your heart out?  Now, you’re in love with her?

Scout: Maybe you haven’t noticed, but she’s not the easiest person to figure out.  It’s not like I want to be confused.

Scout’s pretty upset with Will’s lack of empathy.  Will looks over at him, but he’s looking away, pouting.

Will: I didn’t mean to make light of your feelings…I just think that before you freak out and over-react like you’ve been doing, or before you let this situation hurt you anymore…maybe you should just sit down and figure out how you feel about her.  Then maybe you could let her know.  Then you can figure out how to deal, okay?

Scout considers this.

Scout: All right…that actually makes a lot of sense.

Scout finally sits up.

Scout cont’d: I guess I need to go…think.

Will smiles.

Will: Cool.

Scout stands up.  He pauses a minute.

Scout: Thanks, man.

Will nods.  Scout grabs his portable CD player from his desk and then exits.  Will watches the door a moment, slightly worried about him.

Music: We’re Not Right by David Gray

(flashback to): Jill sitting at the picnic table.  Sean walks up.

Sean: Morning.

Jill: Morning.

He sits down next to her.

Sean: What’d he say?

Jill: He said to do whatever I want.

Sean: Maybe we should cancel the plan.

Jill: No…he’ll be fine.  Did you tell Bella?

Sean: It’s still early, Jill.

Jill looks at her watch.

Jill: Don’t chicken out on me.

Sean laughs.

Sean: Don’t worry…I’ll be sure to tell Bella we’re dating.

Hamilton: Who are you dating?

They turn around as Jake and Hamilton walk up.  Jake is carrying a backpack.

Jill: Me.

Hamilton: What?  No he’s not…

He looks at Sean.

Sean: Actually…I am.  We are.  I mean…

He sighs.  This is hard for him.

Sean cont’d: Jill and I are dating.

Jake looks at Jill, totally shocked.

Hamilton: Weird.

Jill: Why is it weird?

Jake sits down across from Jill, looking at her suspiciously.

Hamilton: Just is. 

Hamilton sits down next to Jake.  The moment is awkward as no one speaks.  Finally, Hamilton breaks the silence:

Hamilton cont’d: So…does everyone know yet or what?

Jill and Sean look at each other.

(flash forward to): Jill and Jake.

Jake: You should go find Scout right now, Jill.  He probably freaked out…he’s probably still freaking out.

Jill looks down.

Jill: He does not have the right to freak out.

Jake looks at her like this is not a valid explanation.

Jill: Besides…I don’t know how he really feels…maybe he doesn’t even care.

Jake: Is that what you’re hoping for?

Jill doesn’t answer.  She looks off.

Jake: You want him to care, don’t you?

Jill looks at her.

Jill: I don’t want to be with him.

Jake: That’s not what we’re talking about, though.

Jill doesn’t answer.

Jake: I think you can rest assured that he cares, Jill.

Jill looks up, but doesn’t respond.

Jake cont’d: Now, give him a break and go tell him about your new “plan” before he really freaks out.

Music: I Feel So by Boxcar Racer (repriseJ)

(flashback to): the garage.  Scout’s car pulls up.  He honks the horn.  He waits a moment, but when no one comes, he gets out and heads over to the door.  Grace walks out, still in her pajamas.

Grace: It’s just you?  Get your own gas, Calhoun.

She starts to walk back inside.

Scout: Where’s Bella?

Grace: I don’t know…in bed.

Scout: Wake her up.  I need to talk to her.

Grace: Go away, Scout.

She starts to go back inside.  Scout walks into the house, past Grace.

(cut to): the kitchen as Scout walks through, intending to go upstairs.  Grace follows behind him.  Bella walks in.

Grace: Scout’s here.

Grace leaves to go back upstairs.

Bella: What the hell are you doing here?

Scout: What happened yesterday?

Bella: Something came up.

Scout laughs; he’s pretty pissed off.

Scout: You know who you stood up?

Bella looks at him like he’s completely crazy.

Bella: Some Rawley guy?

Scout: Wrong.  Sean.

Bella: Sean…why were you…what?

She’s confused.

Scout: Jill had this idea to set you guys up.

Bella: Jill.

That pretty much says it all for her.

Scout: Why couldn’t you have just gone on the date, Bella?

Bella stares at him.

Bella: Sit down, Scout…I’ll get you some juice.

(cut to): the kitchen table, a few minutes later.  Scout sits, staring down at the table.  Bella sets a cup of orange juice in front of him and sits down across from him.

Bella: Okay, so…you and Jill decided to plan a blind date for…Sean and me?

Scout: Yep.

Bella: Why?

Scout: Because, according to Jill…Sean liked you.

Bella: When?

Scout: When did he like you?

Bella nods.

Scout cont’d: I guess up until last night.

Bella considers this a moment.

Bella: So…did he know about this plan?

Scout: Jill told him the date was with some Rawley girl.

Bella: Then why is Sean mad at me?

Scout: He’s not.

Bella: He just…doesn’t “like” me anymore?

Scout pauses a moment.  He’s really not happy with this situation.

Bella cont’d: Are you even sure about this Sean thing?  It’s hard to believe that he wouldn’t just say something to me if he felt like that…or…you know, at least hang around a little more… I mean, Sean and I have barely spoken lately.  It doesn’t make sense that he would—

Scout: Don’t worry.  He’s over you.

Bella doesn’t get it.

Scout: They’re together now.

Bella: Who?

Scout: Him…and her.

Bella: Sean and…Jill?

Scout nods as the reality of it hits him again.

Scout: You didn’t show at the lake.  I came into town to find you and…when I got back…they were sitting there…

He looks down.

Scout cont’d: …kissing.

Bella: Oh…whoa.

Scout: She doesn’t even know I saw it, but…she told me this morning that they’re together.

Bella takes a minute to fully understand.

Bella: Scout, I’m sorry.

He doesn’t look up.

Bella cont’d: I mean, if I’d actually showed up there and found out that you’d set me up with Sean…I probably would have wanted to kill you, but…

He looks at her now.

Bella cont’d: I didn’t skip out on it so that you would end up being hurt.

Scout: Am I even justified in feeling hurt?

Bella: Doesn’t really matter, does it?  You feel how you feel…even if it isn’t how you want to feel about a situation…or person…you can’t just turn it off.

Scout looks at her inquisitively.

Scout: Where were you anyway?

Bella: Hiding out…

Scout: From a person or situation?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Both, actually.

Scout nods.  He’s vented enough and talked enough.  He takes another sip of his juice as Bella is left with her thoughts.

(fade out)


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Music: Up All Night by Unwritten Law

(fade in): to the middle school gym.  Meagan and Mark are sleeping head-to-head on the bottom bleacher.  A basketball lies nearby.  They didn’t bring any sleeping bags or anything extra.  Meagan wakes up.  She sits up, wrapping her jacket around her tighter.

Meagan: Mark…wake up…it’s cold.

Mark: Huh?

He slowly opens his eyes and looks up at her.

Mark cont’d: Huh?

Meagan: It’s cold.  Do you know how to turn on the heat?

Mark: There’s not heat in the gym.

He sits up, rubbing his eyes.  Meagan slides down to the floor, curling up more.  Mark stands up and takes off his jacket.  He hands it to her.

Meagan: That’s okay; I’m fine.

Mark sits down next to her and puts the jacket over both of them.

Mark: Where are we going to go now?

Meagan: I don’t know.  This was your idea.

Mark: Got any money?

Meagan: No.

Mark: I have fifty dollars in my savings account.

Meagan: Yeah, that’ll get us really far.

Mark: Think anyone noticed we’re gone?

(cut to): the New Rawley Police Department.

(cut to): the waiting area inside.  Finn and Johanna sit in a pair of chairs.  Finn leans against the wall with his eyes closed, but Johanna is wide awake.  She looks over at Finn.

Johanna: Finn?

Finn: Uh-huh?

Johanna: Thank you for being here.

He opens his eyes and looks over at her.  He smiles and takes her hand.

Johanna cont’d: I’m so sorry for how I’ve been treating you.

Finn nods.

Finn: I’ll get over it.

Johanna: This is all my fault.

She puts her head in her hands, stressed out and feeling guilty.

Finn: It’s not your fault.

Johanna: I should have just helped her with her dress.  I don’t know why I didn’t.  I told her to try it on.  She was just doing what I said.

Finn reaches and puts his arm around her.

Johanna cont’d: What am I going to tell Danny?

Finn: Hey, come on…

He pulls her closer, hugging her.

Finn cont’d: They’re going to find her.

Deputy Whitmore walks in.  They look up at him hopefully.

Deputy Whitmore: Nothing yet, but we’re working on covering the whole town.

Johanna: What if they left town?

Deputy Whitmore: That’s highly unlikely, Ma’am.

Johanna: You get many runaways or kidnappings, Deputy?

Deputy Whitmore: No, not that many.

Johanna: Exactly, so you don’t really know what’s likely or not, do you?

Finn: Johanna—

Johanna stands up.

Johanna: I just feel like maybe we should be out there looking too.

Finn: Okay…that’s a good idea.

Finn stands up and leaves with her.  The Deputy shakes his head.

(cut to): the front of the police station as Finn and Johanna walk out.

Finn: Well, that was easy.

Johanna looks at him, confused.  He nods across the street.

(cut to): a shot of across the street, from their point of view.  Mark and Meagan walk their bikes down the sidewalk.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna.

Johanna: Meagan!

(cut to): Mark and Meagan.  They look busted.  Johanna and Finn walk across the street to join them.

Johanna: Where have you been?

Meagan: Nowhere.

Johanna pulls her into a hug.  Mark looks at Finn who gives him a reprimanding look.

Mark: Well, I better get going…

He starts to walk away.

Johanna: Hold it.

Johanna lets go of Meagan.  Mark stops.

(flash forward to): Meagan, Johanna and Finn.

Meagan: You were really mean to him, Mom.  And, it wasn’t even his fault.

Johanna: Wasn’t it his idea…the running away thing?

Meagan: But, we both knew we weren’t really going to do it.  I might have been mad, but…I’m not stupid.

Johanna: I know you’re not, but…if Mark has this kind of influence on you…

Meagan: Mom…he doesn’t.

Johanna: I think it might be better if you two spent some time apart.

Meagan: What?

Meagan gets up from the bed.

Meagan cont’d: I thought we were talking and apologizing…not punishing.  This isn’t fair.  Finn…do you think it’s fair?

Johanna and Meagan both look at him.

Finn: Honestly?

He looks at Johanna.

Johanna: Of course…what do you think?

Finn: I think Mark’s a great kid and good friend to Meagan.  I don’t see any reason to keep them apart. 

Meagan smiles.

Meagan: See.

Johanna: Okay.

Meagan looks at her, surprised.

Johanna cont’d: Out-voted.  I think I can deal with that.

Finn smiles at her.

Meagan: Does Mom get two votes, though?

Finn laughs and joins Johanna on the bed.  Meagan sits back down, too.

Meagan: You guys…

They look over at her.

Meagan cont’d: Suddenly, it feels like things are getting back to normal…or…getting normal, at least.

She looks at Finn…they both get it.  Johanna doesn’t quite, but she smiles anyway.

Johanna: Don’t we have a wedding to get ready for?

Finn: Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Meagan: Finn, you have to get out.  It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Finn: No, it’s bad luck when the flower girl runs away.

Meagan starts to protest, but Finn gets up to go.  He pauses to look at Johanna.

Finn: Remember…no stress.

She nods.

Finn cont’d: I love you.

Meagan gets up.

Meagan: Yeah, yeah…save it for the vows. 

She gently pushes him out the door.

Music: Sober by Butch Walker

(flashback to): Bella and Scout sitting on the bench in front of the garage.  Bella’s drinking from a mug.

Bella: I can’t believe you were using me to prevent anything from happening between them.

Scout: I…yeah…sorry about that.

Bella: No arguments, huh?

Scout: I didn’t think of it like that before, though.

Bella: You were just thinking about her…I know.

Scout: I’m a horrible human being.

Bella: Yeah.

Scout: No arguments, huh?

Bella smiles at him.

Bella: Be glad that’s all I’m calling you.

Scout forces a smile.  Bella wraps an arm around him.  They sit there a moment when a car pulls up.  Bella looks up.

(flash forward to): Nicholas talking to the camera.

Nicholas: I don’t know what’s wrong with me…I really don’t.  I got up at like six that morning and I just…drove.  How bizarre is that?  And then I pulled up to the gas station and she was hugging that Scout kid.  And, I was jealous.  For the first time in a long time, I wished I were in high school again.  I wished…but…it doesn’t matter because I’m not in high school…not even close.

He pauses.  He’s not just trying to convince us.

Nicholas cont’d: I’m a grown-up and…she’s a kid.  And besides that…she lied to me.  I wasn’t over that.  I’m still not.  But…something about what she’d said before drew me back to her.  I’d been thinking about it that morning as I was driving around…wasting gas, but…I didn’t know what to do about it…

(flashback to): Bella pumping Nicholas’ gas.  Scout still sits on the bench, watching.  He looks bored.  No one says anything. 

Scout: I’m going, Bella.

Bella and Nicholas look over at him.

Bella: Are you going to be okay?

The pump kicks off.

Scout: We’ll see.

Bella: Try not to feel too down about it.

Scout: I thought you said we feel how we feel…nothing we can do about it.

Nicholas glances at her, but tries to seem uninterested.

Bella: Right…but…don’t wallow in self-pity, okay?

Scout: Come on…wallow in self-pity?  Me?

His face contradicts his light tone as he gets into his car and drives off.

Nicholas: You two have a history, right?

Bella: Not really.

Bella finally gets around to pulling the nozzle out and sticking it back on the hook.  She looks to see how much it is.

Bella: That’ll be thirteen fifty.

Nicholas pulls out his wallet and hands her fifteen dollars.

Nicholas: No change.

Bella: Thanks…

A beat.  Nicholas doesn’t make an effort to move.

Bella: Have a nice day…

She starts to walk off.

Nicholas: Wait…

She turns around, waiting.

Nicholas: I needed to say to you that…I’m here because I was tired of my life, too. 

She takes another step toward him.

Nicholas cont’d: It’s got a lot to do with my dad and stuff that happened with him recently, but also I want to do something significant and…when this job came up…it just seemed perfect. 

He looks down for a moment then back up at her.

Nicholas cont’d: But…I’ve been wanting to…I’ve been meaning to leave the city for…awhile now.  Except, I was never really inspired to do it until…you came along.

She tucks her already tucked hair behind her ears.

Nicholas cont’d: I know we didn’t talk that much, but…there’s something about you, Bella…something amazing and inspiring and…drawing.

He takes another step toward her.

Nicholas cont’d: And, your song is amazing. 

Bella looks surprised by this.

Nicholas cont’d: I begged a recording off Pete.

Bella laughs.

Nicholas cont’d: I would have asked you, but…that number you gave me was for an auto parts warehouse.

He looks around.

Nicholas cont’d: Which suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Bella: It’s the only number I knew in Boston.

Nicholas thinks a moment.

Nicholas: You know, I could have dealt with the truth.

Bella sighs.  She looks off, looking for away to explain it to him.

Bella: I didn’t want to ruin what had somehow become the most perfect experience.

She laughs.

Bella cont’d: I don’t know how singing in a bar and giving a drunk guy a ride home translates into that, but…somehow it did.

He looks at her.  He really is amazed by her.  She glances over at the office.  Her dad enters.

Bella cont’d: So, what’d you say was wrong with it?

Nicholas looks confused for a moment, but then catches on.

Nicholas: I’m not sure…something about it just isn’t right…

Bella: I’ll take a look…

She goes around to the driver side to pop the hood.  Nicholas watches her with a slightly guilty smile.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Netsong.  I don’t know how to describe what this is, but you’ve just got to trust me and try it.  It’s really…creepy.


(fade in): to Nicholas talking to the camera.

Music: Oooh! By Stretch Princess

Nicholas: I didn’t want to leave the garage that morning.  I was afraid of losing her again. 

He thinks about what he just said.

Nicholas: After spending about five more minutes with her, I was completely over the lying thing.  Unfortunately, there are some things…that…I can’t just “get over.”

(flashback to): the garage.  The hood is popped on the Jetta, but she’s only pretending to work on it.  Nicholas leans against a gas pump, watching her.  She looks over.

Bella: What?

Nicholas: Seventeen, huh?

She nods.

Bella: Yeah, I guess that begs the question…what now?

He laughs.

Nicholas: What now?  Well…when you’re done…what are you doing again?

Bella: Just checking it out.

Nicholas: When you’re done “checking it out,” I’m going to drive it back to Rawley, go to my apartment and…concentrate on not being a pedophile.

Bella turns back to the car, laughing slightly.  A beat.

Bella: I meant…you know…friends?

Nicholas: Us?

Bella: Yeah.

Nicholas: Would that work?

She looks at him, shrugging.

Nicholas cont’d: Friends would be nice.

Nicholas looks up at the garage.

Nicholas cont’d: Is your dad going to be okay with friends?

He nods toward the building.

(cut to): Charlie is at the desk in the office.  He’s been watching, but goes back to his paperwork.

(cut to): Bella and Nicholas.

Bella: I’m going through this stage with him right now.

Nicholas raises his eyebrows questioningly.

Bella cont’d: What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Nicholas looks at her, a little surprised.  Bella glances over to the office as Charlie emerges.

Bella cont’d: Anyway, I think you’re all ready to go here, Mr. Mann.

She shuts the hood.

Bella cont’d: Everything looks fine.  I’m not sure what your problem was.

Nicholas: Um, okay.  Thanks…

She pulls his keys from her pocket and hands them over.

Nicholas cont’d: What do I owe you?

Bella: Um…just the promise that you’ll bring it back here if anything goes wrong again.

Nicholas: Sure thing.

Bella smiles and walks away.  Nicholas gets in the car and drives off.  Bella watches the car a little too long.

Charlie: We can’t do jobs for free just because we think someone is cute.

Bella: Dad…

Bella shakes her head.

Bella cont’d: He’s not cute…he’s a teacher…

Charlie: I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.  What were you talking about?

Bella: How to choose the best oil for his car.

Charlie gives her a playfully suspicious look.

Bella cont’d: I did it for free because Hamilton referred him, okay?  He’s a new teacher at Rawley and they’re trying to get him to stick around.

Charlie smiles.

Charlie: You know I’m just giving you a hard time.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Yeah, I know…

Charlie goes back into the office.  Bella looks relieved.

(flash forward to): Nicholas talking to the camera.

Nicholas: I don’t trust myself anymore.

He smiles, somewhat amused.

Nicholas cont’d: This is not a situation I ever imagined I’d be in.  Sure, we agreed to be friends, but…I think I need to stay away…I definitely think I need to stay away.  I feel like I’ve become a cliché…a sleazy…slimy…Woody Allen cliché.

Nicholas sighs.

Nicholas cont’d: Anyway…if you’ll excuse me…I’ve got a few things to take care of…including figuring out what is up with Jacqueline.  See ya.

He gets up to turn off the camera.

(flashback to): Jake and Hamilton, left at the table on the quad.  They sit on opposite sides now.  Jake is typing at her laptop.  Hamilton watches.

Hamilton: Jill and Sean?  I don’t get it.

She looks up.

Jake: It does seem…

Hamilton: Weird?  Yeah, I thought so, too.

Jake nods in agreement then goes back to her laptop.  A beat.  Hamilton looks around. 

Hamilton cont’d: So…how’d everything go yesterday?

Jake: You know, okay.

She doesn’t look up.

Hamilton: What’d he say?  How’d he react?

Jake: He said he was okay with it.  He’s going to keep it a secret.

Hamilton: Okay, that’s good, right?

Jake: Yep.

Hamilton continues to look at her a moment, then looks down.  He frustrated, but doesn’t want to push.  Jake looks up at him.  She smiles slightly…how could she not.

Jake cont’d: I just need some time to adjust.

He looks back up at her.

Jake cont’d: It feels like things are going to be different.

He nods.

Jake cont’d: Except with you, of course.

He smiles.

Jake cont’d: Want to go hang out in your room or something?

He laughs.

Hamilton: Yeah…sounds cool.

Music: Not Enough by Our Lady Peace

(cut to): Scout and Will’s room.  Scout is in bed, under the covers with a pillow over his head (remember, we’re still in flashback to last week).  The music comes from the stereo on his dresser.  Will opens the door and walks in.  He looks at the lump in Scout’s bed then over at the stereo.  This song is…depressing.

Will: Scout…are you awake?

Scout takes the pillow from his head.

Scout: I’m awake…I got up and talked to Jill this morning.  Apparently, she’s dating Sean.

Will: Are you okay?

Scout: I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

Will: Oh…kay.

Scout puts the pillow back over his head.

Will: I’m just going to be in the newspaper room.

Scout nods from beneath the pillow.

(cut to): the newspaper room, a little later.  Gwen is at a computer.  Will walks in.

Gwen: Hey…hear anything?

Will: Yeah, I called.  They found her with Ben Hudson’s little brother.

Gwen: Who?

Will laughs.

Gwen cont’d: Oh…right…God…

She puts her face in her hands for a moment then looks up at him, blushing.  Will walks over and takes a seat next to her.  A beat as they each search for something to say.

Will: Still want to go with me to this wedding in a week?

She smiles.

(flash forward to): Will’s room.  He’s alone now as Scout has gone to ponder his feelings for Jill.  There’s a knock.

Will: Come in.

Gwen walks in wearing a dress.  Will smiles.

Gwen: You’re not dressed yet?

Will: Scout was…we were talking and…

Gwen: …we’re going to be late.

Will sighs, but keeps the smile.

Will: You look…absolutely…beautiful.

She forgets the rush for a moment and smiles.  He walks over to her, leaning in to kiss her.  She leans away.

Gwen: Will, tuxedo, come on.

He kisses her briefly on the cheek then walks back to his closet, taking the tuxedo out.

Gwen cont’d: Where is Scout anyway?

Will looks at her like “do you really want to know?”

(cut to): Scout sitting in the common room with his headphones on.  Since it’s Saturday, no one else is around.  He closes his eyes and leans back against the couch.

Music: Not Enough by Our Lady Peace (which now theoretically plays in his headphones)

(cut to): the doorway.  Jill walks up and watches Scout for a moment.

Jill: Scout?

(cut to): Scout.  He doesn’t respond.  Jill walks in, sitting next to him.  He opens his eyes and looks over.  When he sees it’s her, he quickly takes off his headphones thus stopping the music.

Music: Anyone, Anyone by Dashboard Confessional.

Scout: Hi.

Jill: Hi.  I need to talk to you.

Scout: I need to talk to you first.

Jill: I think it might be better if—

Scout: I still have feelings for you.

She raises her eyebrows disbelievingly.  He doesn’t look at her during this speech, although she watches him intensely.

Scout: I’ve been sitting here, trying to figure it out beyond that.

He pauses.  She doesn’t know what to say.

Scout cont’d: I want you to be happy…I know that.

Jill: Thanks…

Scout cont’d: And, I also know that…when I saw you kissing Sean…

Jill: So, you did see?

He nods.

Scout: And…it hurt me.  I didn’t want it to, but it did.

Jill: That’s actually—

Scout: It’s been a long time since we’ve been together so I’m not saying that I definitely still love you, but…I know that it would be so easy…to love you again.

She’s floored.

Scout cont’d: Ultimately, though, what I really want is…to be with you again. 

He looks up at her…she’s past trying to interrupt now.

Scout cont’d: I’ve tried to get over it…I’ve attempted to ignore it…I’ve accidentally misread it, but…that is what I want.

She looks off.

Scout cont’d: I’m not telling you this with obsessive ex-boyfriend intentions.

Jill smiles and looks at him skeptically.

Scout cont’d: I just needed to figure it all out and…say it to you so that when I agree to do things like help you get Bella and Sean together…you’ll know why.  And, when I say things like “ I wish you weren’t with Sean” my meaning will be very clear.

She remembers her point.

Jill: Scout…um…I have to tell you something.

Scout: I know you’re probably in love with him and I’m way out of line here…

Jill: Well, yeah, you are a little, but…that’s okay…I mean, everything you just said…I really…I really liked what you said. 

He narrows his eyes.

Jill cont’d: And, I don’t want you to take it back because of what I’m about to tell you because…I’m in no way prepared to be with you right now, but…I appreciate so much that you still care.  And, your approval still means a lot to me…how you feel means a lot to me so…please…don’t feel…mad.

Scout: Mad because you’re with Sean?

Jill: Mad because…I’m not.

He looks at her curiously.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the lake.

Music: Amazing Again by Matt Nathanson

(cut to): Jill and Scout in a boat on the lake.  Neither of them says anything now, but Jill’s clearly explained the situation.  She looks down, Scout looks out into the water.

Jill: I should have told you…

He looks over at her.

Jill cont’d: I…I was going to tell you then I thought maybe it’d be better if…I don’t know…

He nods.

Jill cont’d: I really am sorry.

He looks at her for a moment then looks down, smiling slightly.

Scout: I’m not mad.

Jill: Oh…

He looks at her again.

Jill cont’d: You’re hurt?

Scout: No.  I’m…I’m fine.  It’s okay.  You don’t even need to apologize at all. 

Jill: I shouldn’t have let you go on like that earlier…I should have just interrupted you and told you what was really going on.

He smiles.

Scout: I would have said that stuff either way…except…I wouldn’t have even figured it out if I hadn’t thought you and Sean were together so…I’m glad things worked out the way they did. 

Jill: So…what now?

Scout: I guess you and Sean work on getting Sean and Bella together.  And I’ll…I’ll be around if you need any back-up support.

Jill: Okay.

Scout: Okay.

A beat.

Scout cont’d: Ready to get back to shore?

She nods.  He picks up the oars and starts rowing.

Jill: I really did like what you said earlier.

Scout: Glad to hear it.

Jill laughs.

Jill: You’re such a jerk.

He smiles, but otherwise ignores her as he continues rowing.

Music: You’re Pretty Good Looking by The White Stripes

(cut to): Nicholas in his apartment.  He’s unpacking some kitchen stuff. There’s a knock at the door.

(cut to): Bella standing on the other side of the door.  Nicholas opens it.

Nicholas: Bella…hi.  Are you…looking for your friend…Jake?

He looks up and down the hall the seemingly empty hall.  Bella laughs.

Bella: Relax…no one saw me come in.

She slips past him and into the apartment.

(cut to): a shot inside the apartment.  The camera is still set up in front of the couch.

Bella: This place is nice.

Nicholas watches her as she walks over to the couch and sits down.

Nicholas: I don’t mean to sound rude, but…what are you doing here?

Bella: I ran out of gas.

She smiles, trying to play it cool.  It amuses him slightly, but he’s still nervous.  Nicholas walks over and sits on the couch with her.

Nicholas: You should not be here.

She looks at him.

Nicholas cont’d: When I said being friends would be nice…I didn’t really mean we should be friends alone…in my apartment.

Bella looks down and nods.  She’s really nervous.

Bella: Right…I should go.

She starts to get up.

Nicholas: The thing is…I don’t really trust myself with you…alone…in my apartment.

Bella notices the camera.

Bella: What’s with the camera?

Nicholas (joking): I’m a child pornographer on the side…you should get out before I exploit you.

She looks over at him, but the look on his face, nervous as he is, lets her know he’s kidding.

Nicholas cont’d: No, um…it’s for this little video journal thing that I do.

Bella: Why?

Nicholas: I don’t know…to keep in touch…with myself…so I don’t lose myself.

Bella: That’s really…weird.

She gets up and goes over to the camera.  Nicholas hops up.  Bella hits rewind.

Nicholas: What are you doing?

Bella: Watching it.

Nicholas: If I didn’t mention…it’s private.

Bella nods, but flips the video screen out.  Nicholas starts to close it, but Bella stops him.

Bella: Come on…

She hits play and before he can do anything about it, a part of his previous entry begins to play.  We only hear the audio:

Nicholas (on camera): I definitely got what she was saying.  I mean, when I was in New York, that’s what I wanted, too: an escape…from…my own life.  From who I’d become.  That’s why I came here…to New Rawley.  I heard so much of what I felt in what she said. 

Bella looks up at him, but he’s looking down, embarrassed.

Nicholas cont’d: But, of course, I didn’t say that to her…to this seventeen year old girl standing there in front of me.  God…I didn’t know what to say to her so…I didn’t say anything…

Nicholas closes the camera.

Nicholas cont’d: You should go.

Bella: Okay.

She walks past him.   He’s frustrated.

Nicholas: Are you here to piss off your dad?  Is this part of that “phase” you’re going through?

She turns around; they’re only a few steps apart.

Bella: I don’t think he’d be very happy that I’m here, but…that’s not why I’m here.

He pauses, closing the distance between them even more.  When he talks, it’s almost hushed.

Nicholas: You don’t think it’s…”weird” that I like you?

Bella: I didn’t know you did.

Nicholas: Well, I do…and I’m not sure that I should.  Circumstances are different than I ever imagined they would be, but…I’ve thought about you a lot since we first met. 

Bella: I’ve thought about you, too.

They’re very close now.

Nicholas: I’ve never regretted anything more than not kissing you that night.

Bella takes a step toward him.  He pushes her hair off her face, seriously contemplating kissing her.

Nicholas cont’d: I don’t want to take advantage of you.

Bella: Then don’t.

Nicholas lets his hands drop.  A beat.

Bella cont’d: I remember why I came here.

Nicholas waits.

Bella cont’d: Remember that night in New York, in my car?

He thinks.

Nicholas: Mostly I just remember not kissing you and thinking that it seemed like such a logical thing at the time…

Bella: Well, when you were trying to get my number, you wrote down some stuff down about me so that you’d remember it, but you crossed it out and said that none of it really mattered…that the details could be different, but the main idea would still be the same.

He struggles to remember this.

Bella cont’d: I was just wondering…what was the main idea?

He’s gets the point.  He looks down.

Nicholas: Just tell me what you want me to do.

Bella looks at him for a moment though he’s still looking down.  She takes a deep breath then quickly moves in to kiss him.  He’s startled at first, but easily gets into the kiss.

(cut to): a church.

(cut to): inside where a wedding is clearly taking place.

(cut to): the alter.  Meagan and a few women are on one side.  Will and some other men are on the other.  Finn stands alone in the middle, looking down the aisle.  He glances over at Meagan.  She smiles at him.  She looks out into the audience.

(cut to): Mark who waves.  He’s sitting next to Gwen.  She looks up at the alter.

(cut to): Will.  He smiles then looks over at Finn.  Finn nods.  He’s ready to do this.  After another moment, “Here Comes the Bride” begins to play.

(cut to): down the aisle as Johanna, on the arm of her father, walks slowly down the aisle.  She looks pretty stunning for a pregnant chick and…all eyes are on her.  Her eyes, though, are on Finn.

(cut to): The alter.  Finn stands patiently.  Johanna and her father reach the alter and Johanna joins Finn.  They turn to the Pastor (or, you know, whatever).

Music: Only One by Jeremy Kay

Pastor: We are gathered here today to join these two people, Johanna Ryan and Peter Finnegan, in Marriage. 

(cut to): Will.  Who Knew Finn had a real name?

(cut to): the Pastor.

Pastor cont’d: They’ve chosen to share with you and with each other, their own vows.  Peter, Johanna, please face each other.

Finn and Johanna turn to each other.  The pastor nods to Finn.  He smiles and looks at Johanna.

Finn: Occasionally, I think of myself as a writer, but I could never write anything powerful enough to describe what I’m feeling right now: there aren’t enough words in this, or any language, but…that won’t stop me from trying.

A few people laugh at the attempt at humor.

Finn cont’d: We haven’t taken the most traditional path to get to this place, but it’s been the most significant journey of my life.  Despite the occasional obstacles, detours and…roadblocks, there isn’t anywhere I wouldn’t go with you.  And, I’m here with you today because I will never give up, I will never walk away, I will never lose faith in what we have and what we’re going to have. 

Finn reaches into his pocket and takes out a ring.

Finn cont’d: I love you, Johanna, and I give you this ring as a symbol of that love.

She holds out her hand and he places the ring on her finger.  Johanna looks at the pastor who nods.  She looks at Finn.

Johanna: When I look at you, I feel truly privileged because I see not just what I have in my life, but what I want in my life.  That is a gift.  And, I cherish it more than you know.  You’ve been strong when I couldn’t be and wise when I wasn’t.  I only hope to support you the way you’ve supported me.  I love you, Finn.

Johanna turns to Meagan who happily hands over a ring to Johanna.  Johanna takes a moment to kiss Meagan on the head.

Johanna (quietly): I love you.

Meagan smiles.  Johanna turns back to Finn and places the ring on his finger.  They both look at the pastor.

Pastor: I’ve selected for Peter and Johanna a less traditional, yet beautiful and appropriate blessing. 

He begins to read:

Pastor cont’d: Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other.  Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other.  Now there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be companion to the other.  Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you.  May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years. May happiness be your companion and your days together be good and long upon the earth.  Treat yourselves and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together. Give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficulty and fear assail your relationship – as they threaten all relationships at one time or another – remember to focus on what is right between you, not only the part which seems wrong. In this way, you can ride out the storms when clouds hide the face of the sun in your lives – remembering that even if you lose sight of it for a moment, the sun is still there. And if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight.

The pastor looks up at them.

Pastor: You’ve exchanged vows professing and rings representing your love.  And, now, by the power vested in my by the state of Massachusetts, I pronounce you husband and wife. 

He turns to Finn.

Pastor: I encourage you to kiss the bride.

Finn and Johanna kiss softly.  The guest clap as the music begins to play.

(fade out)


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Music: Beat Me by Custom

(fade in): to Hamilton’s room.  Dexter is at his laptop.  Jake sits on Hamilton’s bed wearing Hamilton’s t-shirt and pajama bottoms and reading a magazine.  There’s an uncomfortable silence.

Dexter: So, you’ve been in here a lot lately.

Jake: Yeah…is it bugging you?

Dexter turns around.

Dexter: No.  Of course not.  Besides, I’ve been in the library working on Finn’s research project all week.  That annotated bibliography is killing me.

Jake: Yeah…I’ve barely started.

Dexter: Anyway…it was just an observation…

Jake: What?

Dexter: That you’ve been in here…a lot. 

Jake: Oh, okay.

Dexter: Also…it was a roundabout way of asking if…you’re okay?

She looks at him a minute.  She sets the magazine down.

Jake: Dex…how long can you avoid a situation that you’re afraid of?

Dexter: Theoretically?  Forever.

Jake: Realistically?

Dexter: Uh…about a week.

He nods as if it’s the definitive answer.  She laughs.  Hamilton exits the bathroom wearing just a towel around his waist.

Jake: Can I borrow some of your clothes?

Hamilton: You won’t shower with me, but you’ll wear my clothes?

He tosses her a teasing smile as he opens a drawer and pulls out a pair of jeans.  He tosses them onto the bed.

Jake: Thanks.

Hamilton: Want me to go with you?

She looks at him curiously…he already knows where she’s going?  He just raises an eyebrow as if to underscore the question.

Jake: I’ll be cool.

Dexter looks between them for a moment, but gives up and goes back to doing his own thing.

(cut to): Nicholas’s apartment, the living room, the couch.  Bella and Nicholas are there…making out.  Nicholas leans back against the arm as Bella leans toward him, kissing him.  He puts up no fight.  A knock at the door causes them to break slowly apart.  Nicholas can’t resist kissing her one more time before.

Nicholas: Maybe they’ll go away.

Jake: It’s…uh…it’s Jake…Pratt.

Nicholas doesn’t say anything for a second, but knows he should get it.

Nicholas (whispered): I should talk to her.

Bella leans back, letting Nicholas up.  He looks around, not knowing exactly what to do.

Bella (whispered): I’ll…uh…

She indicates the bedroom.  He’s genuinely glad for the rescue. 

Nicholas (whispered): Thank you.

Bella walks off into the bedroom, closing the door as Nicholas opens the front door.

Nicholas: Hey, what’s up?

Jake: I’ve been avoiding you.

Nicholas: I’ve noticed…want to come in?

She nods.  He checks the bedroom door, which is securely closed then lets her in.

Jake: What’s up with your hair?

Nicholas: Uh…

He smoothes his slightly tousled hair.

Nicholas cont’d: …I dunno.

He smiles charmingly.  Jake looks at him suspiciously.

Jake: Were you busy?

Nicholas: I was just…getting a feel for…

He looks around.

Nicholas cont’d: …the place.

Jake nods.  A beat.

Jake: I’m here because I thought it’d be nice to just…hang out some more…spend some time together.  There’s so much more that I want to tell you and explain to you…

Nicholas is nodding.

Nicholas: Absolutely, that sounds great.

Jake smiles.

Nicholas cont’d: You know what I would love?  Another ride on that bike of yours.

Jake laughs.

Jake: That’s what all the boys want.

Nicholas smiles.

Jake cont’d: I tell you what…I’m not even supposed to have it here and…we probably shouldn’t be seen together anyway so why don’t I go get the bike and meet you in town?

Nicholas: That would be absolutely perfect.

Jake: Cool.  I’ll see you in a little while.

He nods.  Jake exits.  Nicholas walks over, locking the door behind her.  Bella emerges from the bedroom.

Bella: I guess you’ve got to go.

Nicholas: Yeah…I really need to spend some time with her.  It’s why I came here so…

Bella: It is?

He thinks about what he’s just said.

Nicholas: Well…

Bella: Is there…is there something going on between you two?

He smiles.

Bella cont’d: What?

Nicholas: Nothing…

He takes a step toward her, putting his hands on her hips.

Bella: Are you avoiding the question?

Nicholas: I’m just savoring the last few moments of watching you look jealous.

Bella’s confused.  He moves one hand from her hip to her shoulder.

Nicholas cont’d: Jacqueline is…my sister.

Bella looks at him as if this is an impossibility.

Nicholas cont’d: Her mom…my dad…they did a little more than “work together.”

Nicholas has completely lost interest in this conversation.  He leans in, kissing her neck softly, but Bella’s still interested to hear this.

Bella: Whoa…wait.

He pulls back, letting his hands fall.

Nicholas: Sorry. 

Bella: No, it’s fine…that was…

She pauses and smiles, slightly embarrassed.  Nicholas smiles and she tries to change the subject…or, get back to it:

Bella cont’d: Jake always said she didn’t have a dad.

Nicholas sits down on the couch. 

Nicholas: She didn’t actually know until around Christmas time.

Bella joins him.

Bella: I guess that’s what Hamilton meant by “dealing with stuff.”

Nicholas considers this.

Nicholas: Has she been having a hard time, then?  I mean…do you know?

Bella: It’s hard to have too hard a time when you’ve got super-supportive Hamilton around.  He’s really great about just being there for her…and she’s been there for him too so…I guess it goes both ways…

She stops and looks at him.  Why are they talking about this?  Nicholas seems to be a little upset by what Bella’s just mentioned to him.

Bella cont’d: It’s weird that she hasn’t mentioned this to me…

Nicholas: We’re not telling anyone. 

Bella: Why?

Nicholas: My dad isn’t Ozzie Nelson…let’s just put it that way.

Bella smiles mischievously.

Bella: Who?

He gets it: an old joke.

Nicholas: Yeah, yeah…shut up.

He leans back against the couch.

Bella: Well, at least…you’re here now.

He looks over at her with a grin.

Bella cont’d: For Jake, I mean.

Nicholas: Which reminds me…I have to go…

Bella nods.

Bella: I’ll hang out here a few minutes and take off when…”the coast is clear.”

Nicholas: You could just…hang out here.

Bella: Sit around and wait for you?  As if.

She smiles and stands.  He stands too.  She looks around, waiting for him to go.

Nicholas: But, I mean…you will come back?  I mean…will you…come back?

Bella: Maybe.

Nicholas: Maybe?

He leans in, giving her a puppy-dog face.

Bella: Probably.

Nicholas: Better…

He leans in more.

Bella: You know…I hear Jettas don’t get such great gas mileage.

Nicholas: Especially if you cut the fuel line.

She laughs as he leans in and kisses her again.  Bella ends the kiss.

Bella: You really need to go.

Nicholas: I’ll stop by later and let you pump some gas for me.

She blushes.  He kisses her one more time, grabs his jacket and exits.  Bella looks around.  Nicholas re-enters.

Nicholas cont’d: By the way, I meant that in an entirely literal and innocent way.

He closes the door before she has time to react.  When he’s gone, she laughs.  She can’t believe this guy.  He’s adorable.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of a large hall.

Music: Take Tomorrow by Butch Walker

(cut to): inside as we realize this is Finn and Johanna’s wedding reception.  Finn and Johanna sit at the head table, talking to various people that approach them.

(cut to): the kids table.  Meagan and Mark sit with some other kids.

Mark: You worked everything out with your mom?

Meagan: Yeah.  She was just…stressed out and hormonal.

Mark laughs.

Mark: I told you.

A beat.

Meagan: What about you?  I was afraid you wouldn’t be allowed to come today.

Mark: My mom lets Ben get away with everything except sneaking girls into the house.  Plus she says it’s his fault I would have a girl over without asking so…I’m off the hook for now. 

Meagan: My mom said you’re a bad influence on me.

Mark: Really?

He looks down, considering this seriously.  He looks back up at her.

Mark cont’d: Am I?

Meagan: Finn said you’re a good friend.

Mark: Running away was a pretty dumb suggestion, though.

Meagan: Yeah, it was…a pretty dumb suggestion for someone to go along with so easily.

Mark: Yeah, but…you’re not dumb.

Meagan: Neither are you.

A slight beat.

Mark: Do you want to dance with me?

Meagan: Okay.

(cut to): Sean leaning against the wall, looking in the general direction of the kids.  Will approaches him. He nods hello then takes a spot on the wall next to Sean. After a moment:

Will: I didn’t know you were coming today.

Sean: They need someone to watch Meagan until they get back from their honeymoon.

Will: You’re doing it?

Sean: She’s staying at my house; my mom is thrilled.  

They both watch Meagan and Mark dance.

Sean cont’d: I’m also supposed to be keeping an eye on the two of them.

Will: They ran away together, didn’t they?

Sean: I don’t think they got very far, but I don’t blame them for trying.  This place keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Will: Says the man who just hooked up with a girl I know he thinks is the “cutest girl at Rawley.”

Sean laughs.

Sean: That she is.

A beat.

Will: I don’t mean to tell you what you probably already know, but Scout’s pretty broken up about the whole thing.

Sean: I figured as much.

Will (casual): Did you think about talking to him first?

Sean: I know you’re just trying to be a good friend to Scout, but try to remember something, Will…you were my friend once too.

Will’s shocked by the comment.

Will: Sean, come on…I am your friend. 

Sean: Then act like it, man.  Why do I have to suffer because every girl I’ve ever wanted has some bizarre history with Scout?  I’m sick of it.  Screw him. 

Will looks off, but nods.  Gwen walks up to them, putting her arm around Will’s back.

Gwen: Hi, Sean.

He tries to smile.  Gwen gets that this is an awkward moment. 

Gwen cont’d: Um, if you’ll excuse me…

She walks over to the dance floor and cuts in on Mark and Meagan.  Meagan walks back over to the kids’ table, looking fairly jealous.

(cut to): Will and Sean.

Sean: First Ben Hudson…now…his little brother.

Will: Hey…

He turns to Sean.

Will cont’d: Don’t talk about her like that.

Sean: I was just kidding.  Back off, Krudski.

Will: Krudski?  Yeah…I’ll see you later, McGrail…

He turns to walk off.  Sean’s torn, but he goes after him.

Sean: Hey, Will?  Wait.

Sean catches up to Will who turns around.  He doesn’t really know what to say.

Will: God…what happened to us?  We used to be, like…

Sean: …Butch and Sundance.  I know.

A beat.

Sean cont’d: I know what you think of me right now, but…believe me, my intention was never to hurt Scout, okay?  Jill and I have talked about it and…she’s supposed to be dealing with him and…I’m supposed to be staying out of it.

Will: I don’t mean to make it sound like I’m not happy for you.

Sean laughs at the absurdity of the statement.  Will smiles, thinking about it himself.

Will cont’d: Look, I’m sorry for interfering.

Sean: I’m just sorry this is the longest conversation we’ve had in forever.

Will nods.

Will: Why don’t I come by and hang out tomorrow?

Sean: I’ve heard that before.

Will smiles.

Will: I swear.  I’ll be there.

Sean: I’ll have Meagan.

Will: What are you?  Making excuses?

Sean laughs.

Sean: Fine…stop by tomorrow.

Will: Okay.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go rescue my girlfriend from the clutches of that Hudson kid.

Sean smiles and nods as Will takes off.  Before he has time to breathe, Meagan is there.

Meagan: Hey.

Sean: Hi, are you having a good time?

Meagan: Yep.  You aren’t, though.

Sean smiles.

Sean: Sure I am.

Meagan: You were fighting with Will.  Is he mad that you’re going out with Jill?

Sean: How do you know about that?

Meagan: Mark heard Gwen and Will talking about it.

Sean: Ah.

A beat.

Meagan: When they babysat me—Jill and Scout—I never thought they’d break up.  They were totally perfect for each other.

Sean closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.  He looks down at Meagan.

Sean: Want to dance with me?

She looks up at him, suddenly remembering she’s got a huge crush on this guy.  She just smiles and nods.

(cut to): Scout and Jill walking in a hall near the dining hall.

Music: Love of My Life by Cowboy Mouth
Scout: Explain to me why we’re stealing Tabasco sauce again.

Jill: Scout.  Think about this.  What do aliens eat?

Scout: Sweet stuff and hot stuff.

Jill: Right. 

Scout laughs.

Scout: Hey, kind of sounds like me.

Jill: What?

Scout: Sweet…and hot.

She laughs.

Jill: Scout, focus. 

Scout: Okay, the aliens like to eat sweet food and spicy food.

Jill: And, they love Tabasco sauce.

Scout: So…are we taking care of them when the show gets—

Jill tosses him a dirty look.

Scout cont’d: If the show gets cancelled?

Jill: Don’t be ridiculous.  We’re just preparing in case they call for a letter-writing and Tabasco sending campaign.

Scout: Who?

Jill: I don’t know.  The people.  Online.  The ones that say when it’s time to do this stuff.  It’s a hierarchy and I’m at the bottom.  I just follow directions.

Scout stops and turns to her.

Scout: I’ve missed this.

Jill: You’re so behind on Season Three too.

Scout laughs.
Scout: You’ve got it on tape?

Jill: Um…duh.

A beat.

Scout: I can’t wait to catch up on it.

Jill: Well, you’re going to have to wait a little while…we’ve got other stuff to concentrate on…

He looks at her for a moment.  Is she talking metaphorically?

Jill cont’d: Like accruing as much Tabasco sauce as possible so we can inundate UPN.

He laughs.

Jill cont’d: And getting Sean and Bella together, of course.

Scout: Of course.  I’m with you on both of those.

Jill smiles.

Jill: Okay, come on, Slick…

She starts to go into the dining hall.  He watches her momentarily.  He’s enjoying this.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the reception hall.

Music: Little Victories by Matt Nathanson

(cut to): inside.  Meagan has joined Johanna and Finn and the head table.  Gwen and Sean sit over at the kids’ table, talking to Mark who’s making them laugh about something.  Will is standing on the stage at the microphone. 

Will: Hey there.

Most people quiet down and look up at him.

Will cont’d: I wanted to offer a few words to…uh…to the bride and groom…and, to everyone really.

The guests wait on the edge of their seats.

Will cont’d: I feel like I’ve been very quiet lately.  And, in part, that has to do with Gwen.  She keeps my attention and she…she holds my heart.

(cut to): Gwen, Sean and Mark.  Gwen smiles at Will, slightly embarrassed. 

Will cont’d: And, without her, I’d probably have very little appreciation for an event like this…a wedding…a union of two people that want to make that distinction slightly less clear.  But, luckily, Gwen is in my life and, I do understand the power of this day.  And, I understand the strength you can build just from having someone else around to support you—unconditionally and without solicitation—not just when something horrible and huge happens, but for all the little nicks and scrapes too. 

(cut to): Scout and Jill as they enter Scout’s room carrying a case of Tabasco sauce.

Will (voice over): Sometimes we rely on people in ways that we don’t even realize.  Somehow, just having them around makes us feel safe and secure and…better.

(cut to): Hamilton.  He’s outside with his dogs, playing fetch.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And, when they’re not around we’re sad and lonely and…worse.

(cut to): the garage.  Nicholas has parked his car there.  He and Jake stand discussing the motorcycle.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: That’s why it’s so easy to forgive some people: life without them would be unbearable.

Bella’s car pulls up and she gets out, glancing over at Nicholas and Jake.  Jake notices her and waves her over.  Bella makes eye contact with Nicholas for just a moment.  They both smile though Jake doesn’t see it.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And, there’s nothing wrong with that.

(cut to): Will at the microphone.

Will:  It’s okay to need help…to rely on someone…to need someone…to want someone.

Everyone is listening carefully.

Will cont’d: I guess my point is that two is better than one.  It’s easy to face, to extend the metaphor Finn used in his vows, the journey of life—and all its little detours—when you’ve got an amazing person by your side.  So, congratulations…to the bride and to the groom…for finding that perfect co-pilot.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna.  They’re happy.

The guests applaud the speech.

(fade out)




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