New Beginnings

(crane shot): New Rawley.The camera floats over what have become familiar landmarks: Friendy's, the garage, the town square.

Will (voice over): New Rawley.Where I was born.Where I became part of friendships that would be life long. Where the road that is my life began.And then that road took what I presumed would be a permanent turn.

(cut to): Rawley Academy.

Will cont'd (v.o.): Then I got a newsflash that this turn was just a side trip.

(cut to): The hall inside the boys' dorm at Rawley.Scout is walking down the empty halls.It appears that he's back earlier than everyone else.

Will cont'd (v.o.): But what a trip it was.

(cut to): A shot behind Scout as he walks into the room.He starts to set his bag down on the bed next to the window, but lifts it quickly to the other bed.

Will cont'd (v.o.): Then again--

Scout sees the letter on the mirror and reads it.

Will cont'd (v.o.): Maybe instead of a side trip, it was a permanent vacation.

Scout puts his finger on the letter and re-reads it to be sure.

Will cont'd (v.o.): A new beginning to what will become my life.

Scout totally freaks out.He snatches the letter from the mirror and runs out the room.Scout runs down the empty of Rawley Academy.

(fade out)

Opening Credits: New and including Matt Czuchry.

Commercial Break

(fade in) Bella is working on a car.Will sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes.

Will: Iíll give you two hints: I just got back from a fabulous time in St. Martinís and weíre definitely not related.

Bella turns around and gives Will a hug and kiss.

Bella: Two townies reunite.

Will: Yeah, itís kind of sweet in a pathetic kind of way.Anyway, I canít stay; Iím headed home.My mom was disappointed about my scholarship when I called her from the plane down to the Carribean.That was right after I called you.

Bella: God, you really are a bundle of contradictions, Will Krudski.

Will: Yeah, Iíve been told.Anyway, I donít even think she was going to tell my dad until I got home.This should be fun.

Bella: Will, you know you can always stay here.

Will: Be careful with that hospitality; I may just take you up on it.

Bella: Come back later, ok?When you get settled in at home again.

Will: If thatís even possible.Iíll see you later, Bella.

Bella smiles and hugs him again.Will turns around and walks off.

(Fade to):a wall where a 3EB poster hangs.The camera zooms out and pans around the room.We see the other novelties that Hamilton mentioned before: his Fender guitar and his awesome stereo.The camera finally gets to Hamilton who is lying on his bed with one hand behind his head and the other loosely gripping a cordless phone as he holds it to his ear.He closes his eyes and opens them again, looking pretty uninterested.

(cut to): a medium close-up of Hamilton.

Hamilton: Huh?No, I mean, yeah, I'm listening.

(cut to): A medium close-up of Jake.She's dressed in her guy gear and is talking on a pay phone at what appears to be a train station.

Jake: I'm sure you don't want to hear about my mother/daughter bonding stories, but it's been a good couple of weeks.Her spraining her ankle was the best thing that could have happened for our relationship.Well, not so much that she didn't go on back to London yesterday, but it was still nice.

(cut to): Hamilton who looks as disinterested as ever, but doesn't speak.

(cut to): Jake who doesn't speak right away.

Jake: I really, really want to see you so I--

Hamilton sighs.

Hamilton: So, are you coming back to Rawley for school?

Jake: How can I?

Hamilton: Rawley Girls...

Jake: Come on, Hamilton.That won't work.Too many people from both schools know me.If I went to Rawley Girls everyone would know.I don't want to be, like, the resident freak.

Hamilton closes his eyes, looking upset.

Hamilton: Maybe...maybe Finn won't say anything.

Jake: And, why wouldn't he?Besides, even if he didn't, how could I face him?Not to mention that whole people thinking we're gay thing--how will you be able to face...anyone.

Hamilton: How will I face them?Simple.With you by my side, the only way I ever want to do anything again.I'm miserable without you.

Jake smiles, flattered, but still knowing how corny Hamilton can get.

Jake: Well, first, thanks you: you know I love you too, but don't you think you're being slightly over-dramatic.

Hamilton: No, I'm not.So we're not Romeo and Juliet.Maybe more like--

Jake: Have you ever seen Mulan?

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Never mind.Look, let me just come up with a plan or something.Don't run off to the apothecary just yet.

Ham smiles for the first time in their conversation and looks a little more at ease.Jake looks around the train station.

Jake: So, hey, your parents are still off in Italy?

Hamilton: Yep.

Jake: How romantic

Hamilton: Yeah.

Jake: And Finn's not back yet?

Hamilton: Nope.

Jake: So, where'd he go anyway?

Hamilton: Rumor has it he goes off and writes.No one knows where.

Jake: Mysterious.

Hamilton: Yup.

Jake: Um, hey, I have to go, but I'll be in touch really soon, okay?

Hamilton: Okay.

Jake: Okay, so bye boy.

Hamilton: Bye, girl.

(fade in)

Scout runs toward the gas station where Bella is working on a car.

Scout: Bella!Bella!

Scout finally reaches her, out of breath.She looks up at him, perplexed.

Bella: Scout, God, what is it?

Scout (rushed): Did Will come here because he said he was coming here before he ventured home and when I got--

Bella: Yeah, he did stop by Scout.What's the emergency?

Scout hands Bella the letter and she reads it.She looks back up at him with a satisfied smile.

Bella: He's headed home.Go find him.

Scout finally seems to catch his breath.He takes the letter back.

Scout:It's good to see you, Bella.I'm so glad everything worked out with the garage.Will told me how--

Bella: Will.Go find Will...go tell Will.

Scout nods and smiles.He turns reluctantly and starts to run off again.

Bella: Scout!

Scout turns around, still jogging (backwards).

Bella: It's good to see you too.

He smiles appreciatively and then turns back around to run off.Bella goes back to work on the car, smiling.

Bella: Perfect.

(cut to) Will walking down a street probably almost to his house.Scout comes running up behind him.Will hears him coming and turns around

Will: Aw, miss me already?

Scout: Shut up and read this, you freak.

Will looks up at Scout as he takes the letter.He reads it and looks back up at Scout.He drops all of his bags and smiles.

Will (yelling): Yes!Yeah, this is awesome!Will Krudski--blue collar scholar--is back!

Scout watches with an amused smirk.Will gives him one of those homeboy hugs then picks up one of his bags and hands it to Scout.Will gets the rest of his stuff and starts running in the direction that Scout came from.

Will: Come on, man!

Scout inhales and looks tired.Then, seeing Will's enthusiasm, he starts running again.

(cut to) Bella again at work on the car.Sean rides up on his boke.

Bella: Hey.

Seangets off his boke and leans it against a wall.He walks up to her and puts his arms around her waist as he stands behind her.

Bella: Donít hate me, but I really have to get this done.

Sean letís go of her and steps back, sighing.

Bella: Look, Iím sorry, Sean.Itís just that first Will stopped by and then...there was this other interuption.

Sean: Willís back?

Bella: Yeah, and he got his scholarship back.

Sean: Oh yeah?Back to snob school for him then.I always hate to lose the good ones.

Bella: Sean.

Sean: It was a joke.Itís great he got his money back.

Sean moves in and starts to kiss her.

Bella: I have to get this done.

Charlie walks out the house.

Charlie: Hey, Sean.

Sean: Howís it going, Charlie?

Charlie: Never bad.

Sean: Well, in that case how about giving your star employee here a little time off?

Charlie: Actually, I was just coming to relieve her.Why donít you kids go inside where itís cool?

Bella takes Seanís hand and walks toward the house, kissing her dad on the way in.

Bella: Thanks, daddy.

Sean and Bella go into the house and Charlie starts to work on the car.

(fade to): Rawley's front lawn.Hamilton sits against a tree with one of his dogs.The dog has it's head in Ham's lap.He looks down at the dog, then up.

(cut to): Will and Scout running toward the main entrance.Will looks over and sees Hamilton.

Will: Hey, Ham! I'm back, baby!

Scout: Yeah, he's back, baby!

(cut to): Hamilton smiles and looks down at the dog and speaks to it.

Hamilton: Evidently, he's back.(To the guys who are almost inside) Don't call me baby!

Hamilton smiles and gets up, seeming to feel better and somewhat comforted that the guys are back.He walks toward the door that Will and Scout just entered.

(cut to): Will and Scout running down the hall and almost into Finn.

Finn: Whoa, whoa, welcome back, gentlemen.Incredibly glad to have you back, Mr. Krudski.

Will: Incredibly glad to be back.

Will and Scout start to walk to their room.

Finn: Have you seen Hamilton?

Scout: Uh--

Hamilton comes jogging around the corner.

Hamilton: Hey guys, wanna--

Finn turns toward Hamilton.He stops moving and speaking when he sees Finn.

(cut to): Scout and Will as they give each other an ďuh-ohĒ look and start to walk slowly, backwards to their room.

Will: Well, we're going to--

Scout: start unpacking.

Will: Exactly.

Will and Scout walk quicklyto their room.Finn and Ham stand at opposite ends of the hallway.

Finn: Let's go to lake.

Hamilton looks worried, but doesn't moves as Finn walks down the hall and grabs his shirt.Finn pulls him by the sleeve down the hall.

(cut to): The main entrance of Rawley as Jake walks up the steps.Hamilton walks out the door.Jake smiles.

Jake: Hey.

Her smile quickly fades when she sees Finn walk out behind Hamilton.He gives her a "we're so busted" look.

(fade out)

Commercial Break

(fade in) the garage.Bella's dad is working on a car when the bell rings indicating a customer has arrived.He walks over to the car and sees...Bella's mom.

Charlie: Donna?

(cut to): Sean walking out the back door and around to the front of the station..When he sees Donna, he stops and steps back around the corner of the house.

Charlie: What you did, it was the right thing to do, but just because you signed the deed over to us--

Donna: No, I signed it over to Bella and Grace.

Charlie: That doesn't mean they want to see you, Donna.

Donna: Why wouldn't they want to see me?Bella and I may have parted on bad terms a few weeks ago, butwe should be fine, now.

Charlie: There isn't going to be a now.Look behind every traumatic experience in Bella's life, and there you are, responsible for it.

Donna: I left whenshe was six--that's responsible for everything bad in her life?

Charlie: Have you ever once thought about consequences?You leave and the girls are left without a mother--without a mother, Donna.Grace is seriously suffering from that.But, she's always had Bella.Bella, who was turning into this wonderful, confident girl when she falls in love

(cut to) a disappointed, hurt Sean

Charlie cont'd: with this boy who--

Donna: I can't believe you are giving me a speech like this.How dare you.So, she falls in love and what?Wants to get the hell out of here too?

Charlie: She falls in love with a boy who turns out to be her brother.

Donna: What?

Charlie: John Calhoun's son. Scout, goes to Rawley Academy.

Donna: Who's son?

Charlie: John Calhoun: Bella's father.

Donna inhales, then exhales as she studies her fingernails.She looks at Charlie.

Donna: John Calhoun isn't Bella's father, Charlie.I never thought you believed that.

(cut to): Sean who looks shocked.

Charlie: But, you said--

Donna: Look, it was better than telling you that her father was your best friend.

Charlie looks at her in utter disbelief, and disgust.

Charlie: You and Danny?He doesn't even live here anymore.Donna, how could you do that--

Donna: Look, it was a long time ago and not something I'm proud of doing to you, but Danny and I are together now.

Charlie: Why John Calhoun?

Donna: You'd seen him flirting with me and--

Charlie: I saw you flirting with him.

Donna: Anyway, you seemed suspicious of him so I let you believe it, but I never slept with John Calhoun, Charlie.

Charlie: Leave.Now.

Donna: You have no right to tell me that I can't see my girls.

Charlie: Donna, don't take this the wrong way, but they aren't your girls anymore and I think they'd be the first to tell you that.

Donna looks up at him, upset and angry.She seems to think, but then starts the car and drives off.

(cut to): Sean.He shakes his head in disbelief.Then walks back to the back door.

(cut to): the kitchen where Grace is sitting.Sean walks in without knocking.

Grace: Well, come on in.

Sean: Where's Bella?

Grace: Sean, you look so hot today.

Sean: Grace, tone it down, I'm begging you.

Grace: God, she's upstairs.

Sean: Thanks, little sister.

(cut to): Bella is in her room sitting on the floor as she leans against her bed reading a book.There is a knock on her door.

Bella: You're not borrowing another one of my dresses, so go away.

Sean opens the door and sticks his head in.

Sean: That's okay, I don't think it's fit anyway.

Bella: Hey, back so soon?

Sean comes in the room and sits next to Bella on the floor.

Sean: Uh, Bella, look about you and Scout--

Bella: Sean, why are you still acting threatened by--

Sean: No, Bella, it's not like that.

Bella: He came by today.I was glad to see him..For the first time I felt really sure about the whole brother/sister thing.

Sean: Yeah, that's what...wait, what do you mean?

Bella: Like, no lingering nervous butterflies.No totally taboo feelings creeping up to be covered up.

Sean: So, you're saying you're, like, over him?

Bella: Yes, exactly.

Sean: Well, as your boyfriend, I'm kind of psyched about that, but as your friend, Bella, I have to tell you that I--

Bella tilts her head and looks at him curiously and sweetly.

Bella: What?

Sean looks at her as she is smiling happily.He looks down then back into her eyes.He smirks.

Sean: Nah, I'm just wondering what small town drama know, now that Bella Banks is over her brother.

Bella: Shut up.That's so not funny.

Sean: Then why are you smiling?

Bella: I'm waiting for you to kiss me.

He runs his fingers through her hair and kisses her.

(cut to): Hamilton and Jake sit on a bench, fairly close to one another.Finn is pacing in front of them, with the lake behind him.Jake does look pretty mortified.She looks at Hamilton.

Hamilton: Please.Please, just say something.

Finn: Okay...just to clarify...Jake, you're real name is...

Jake (quietly): Jacqueline.

Finn stands in front of them in the "I'm about to lecture you" position.He looks from Hamilton to Jake and then down.

Finn: So, you came here and pretended to be a guy so you and Hamilton could--

Jake: No, not exactly.

Finn: Then, what exactly?Someone explain.

Jake looks to Ham for help.Ham only looks down.Jake looks up to Finn as if about to speak, but simply cannot either find the words or get them out.Though she's been fighting it, she does start to cry.Hamilton looks at her a little surprised.He takes one of her hands in both of his and looks up to Finn, who looks a little weirded out.

Hamilton: Okay, here it goes.Jake came here to get some attention, negative as it may be, from her never at home, traveling mother.We met and became, like, best friends.Some people just click.Well, then I fell in love with my best friend.I was totally freaked out, had a couple of sketchy, "Oh my God, I'm gay" moments and then, cautiously threw caution to the wind, acted on my feelings and kissed Jake.She was all "whoa, I'm a girl."So, turns out, I'm not gay, but actually, completely and hopelessly in love with this absolutely perfect girl, Jacqueline.It was working out okay until I decided to move in with her and she freaked and said "no way."So, we worked that out and all was well, except that everyone thinks I'm gay.It's hard to pretend to not to be in love with someone all of the time when all you are is in love with that person, I guess.

Jake has, by this time, completely stopped crying.She looks at Hamilton, pretty touched by what he just said.

Jake: Wow.

Finn: Yes, Miss Pratt, "wow" would seem an appropriate response.I too, Mr. Flemming, am impressed with your narrative prose style and use of genuine emotion.

Finn pauses

Finn cont'd: Why, why do I have to find this stuff out?I couldn't write a word after leaving here.

Jake: Finn, Iím so sorry.I didnít mean for my attention-starved behavior was going to affect so many people.I just picked this place because the brochure looked nice and now...

Finn: Look, uh, Jake, are you planning on returning to Rawley for good...for the fall semester, I mean.

Jake looks at Finn a little surprised by the question.

Finn: Well?

Jake: I--

Hamilton: Yes.

Jake gives him a not quite dirty look.Like she might have told him she could speak for herself if he wasn't, like, the sweetest guy on the planet.

Finn: Well, I must inform you, that as a teacher here, I really am pretty obligated to inform the dean--

Hamilton: But?

Finn: Very perceptive, Hamilton.But...I don't know.I kind of don't want to take this up with the dean.

Hamilton: Yeah, me either.

Finn: I can imagine.I feel that this is slightly out of character for me--but I'm going to back off and let you two work this one out.

Hamilton: Finn, thanks.

Hamilton starts to get up.

Finn (to Jake): You won't be able to do crew, of course.

Hamilton: Why not?

Finn: Girl on team?Highly illegal.

Hamilton: Okay, well, so can we go?

Hamilton starts to get up again.

Jake: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.How can this possibly be this easy?

Finn: Look, despite the overall strangeness of it, it's kind of sweet.I don't want to be the one to ruin it.It's hard when all you want to do is be with a person and all you seem to find between you is barriers.I would like not to be one of those barriers.

Jake smiles at him almost knowingly.

Hamilton: So, can we go now?

Finn: Well, I do have one request.

Jake and Hamilton look at one another questioningly.

Finn: Read Twelfth Night by Shakespeare.Then, do a three to five page paper about the play on the topic of your choosing.You may work together, in fact, I encourage it.

Hamilton: Consider it done.Let's go.

Jake and Ham get up and start to walk away.

Finn: One more thing, that, um, situation I interrupted in the shower.I'm assuming--

Hamilton: It was a first.

Jake: Never to be repeated again, I assure you.

Hamilton looks at her kind of disappointed.

Finn: Which arises my biggest problem and moral dilemma regarding, Jacqueline, being in the dorms.

Hamitlon: She's totally fine there.

Finn looks seriously at Hamilton.

Finn: Just know, I'm watching, ok?

Hamilton (to Finn): Got it.

Hamilton (to Jake): Let's go.

She kind of smiles , feeling better about the situation and much more comfortable around Finn.Hamilton takes her hand and pulls her gently.Jake turns around after a second.

Jake: So, the paper...double spaced?

Hamilton puts his hand on her shoulder and turns her around.

Hamilton: Finn, seriously, thanks.

Hamilton and Jake walk off together.Finn watches and then turns around to the lake.He looks out, seeming to wonder if he did the right thing.

(fade out)

Commercial Break

(fade in)

Sean and Bella stand in front of the station, talking.Will walks up.

Sean: Hey, buddy.

Will hugs Sean.

Sean: So, man, have a fun vacation, or what?

Will: You know, I did.

Sean: Meet any cute, rich ladies?

Will laughs and blushes a little.

Will: Maybe.

Sean: Excellent.So, uh, he, how's Scout?

Bella looks at him puzzled.

Will: He's good.

Sean: That's good.

Bella: Well, this is different.

Bella looks at Will and he nods in agreement.

Will: So, Bella, have you talked to your mom at all since we talked last week?†††

Bella: No, no, it's okay, though.Everything is falling into the right place--this, it just seems right.

Sean puts his arm around her.Will puts his hands in his pockets.

Will: So, looks like you're going to be returning to Edmund High without a third wheel...I got my scholarship back.

Bella: You'd never be a third wheel, Will Krudski.Scout came by earlier and told me about the scholarship and I told Sean.

Will: Can I never be the first to relay my news?

Will laughs.

Will: What you said, about this being right--

Bella: "This" being this moment in time, this segment of our lives, the portion of our existence.It's exactly how it should be.

Will: Think that applies to me too?

Bella: Absolutely.It applies to all of us.Everyone.

(cut to): a close up of a smiling and happy Will.

(fade to): Hamilton and Jake sitting under the same tree as Hamilton was earlier.They are surrounded by a couple of Ham's dogs now.Scout walks by and sees them.

Scout: Hey, now there's the Jake I know and...that I know.

Jake: Nice to see you too, Scout.

Scout: So, you're back for the fall?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Yup

Jake smiles at him again, not exactly pleased that he's answering for her, but doesn't say anything.

Scout: Cool.

Scout walks over and sits in front of Jake and Hamilton.His dogs scamper away.

Scout: Sure is nice to get back before everyone else.Your parents are even still away, aren't they Ham?

Hamilton: Yeah, we were totally feeling that too.

Scout looks a little offended, but not really.He starts to get up.

Scout: Okay, I can take a hint.

Jake: No, stay.He was just kidding.

Hamilton smiles warmly.

Hamilton: Yeah, stay.

Scout sits back down again.

Scout: So...what happened with Finn?

Jake: Oh, God, at first it was so embarrassing.

Hamilton: Did we almost get a sex talk?

Jake laughs

Jake: I think so.He's got nothing to worry about there.

Hamilton: Really?

(cut to) poor Scout who is still adjusting to being around them like this.

Scout: I gotta say, Jake, you are a pretty convincing guy.

Jake: Is it creeping you out?

Scout: Yeah, a little.

Jake and Hamilton trade smiles.Hamilton looks around and then kisses Jake.Scout looks away with an amused, but somewhat tortured look.

Scout: It's definitely confusing me.

Hamilton: Welcome to my world.

Jake: You know you like it.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows and smiles kissing her on the cheek.

Hamilton: So, Scout

(he nods toward Jake)

Hamilton cont'd: She thinks you're cute.

Jake looks a little embarrassed, but laughs hitting Hamilton's arm.

Jake: I can't believe you said that.

Scout looks a little weirded out, but entertained overall.

Hamilton: But, she thinks I'm like--

Jake: Totally foxy.

Scout looks like he's reaching overload in his attempt to keep up.He lays back on the grass dramatically.

Scout: Let me know when it's over.

Hamilton gets up and Jake follows his lead.They stand over Scout.

Jake: I hope you'll be waiting a while.

Hamilton: Like, forever.

They walk off together.Their conversation fades...

Jake: God, we're so Reese and Ryan.

Hamilton : You didnít actually bring the teen girl magazine collection with you, right?

Jake: Shut up.

(fade out)

Commercial Break

(fade in)

Bella is sitting on the couch watching Passions.Itís obviously a day or two later because Bella and wearing different clothes.Her dad walks in and she filps it off as if she were doing something wrong.

Charlie: Whatcha watching?

Bella (innocently): Nothing.

Charlie: Uh-huh. So, what are Tabitha and Timmy up to today.

Bella laughs as Charlie sits down next to her on the couch.

Charlie: Bella, youíre mom came by the station yesterday.

Bella looks as if she canít quite believe it.

Charlie: She wants to see you...and Grace, of course.

Bella: She should have thought of that a long time ago.Thereís no way.Grace and I have done fine without a mother--without her--and can continue to do fine without her.

Charlie: Well, thatís basically what I told her, but I wanted to talk to you about it to be sure since she did make everything work out with the garage.

Bella: She left the garage when she left us.As far as Iím concerned, sheís lost the right to claim either.

Charlie looks pleased with her answer.

Charlie: There was one other thing.When I--

Bella: Dad, itís really not important.Sheís out of our lives. My Life, itís how I want it to be.All of the pieces are starting to perfectly fall into place.

Charlie seems to ponder this.He gives Bella a hug.

(Fade to): moving in day.We see a series of people moving in.The whole seen is sort of a montage.Hamilton is helping Jake with boxes and unpacking.Finn patrols the halls.It's busy.Ryder is also back and pushing people out of his way.Finn takes a cigarette that is stuck behind Ryder's ear as Ryder doesn't pause.More moving in.We see some of Will and Scout.

(cut to): Will and Scout's room.They are wearing shorts and tee shirts and are all sweaty.They look pretty tired.Both glance up as Jake and Ham walk in.

Hamilton: Mind if I shut the door?

Will: By all means.

Hamilton takes Jakeís hand as they walk over and sit on the couch.Will grins and shakes his head.

Will: So, you snuck back in, huh Jake?

Jake: Mmm-hmm.You too?

Will: Yes, amazingly.I always felt like they were going to find me out and send me packing--almost happened.

Jake: I know the feeling.

Scout: Yeah, I bet.

Will: Except that we were so fooled.

(cut to): Hamilton who, if her were saying something, would be saying, ďyeah, me too.Ē

Scout: Well, I know itís supposed to be, like, none of our business, but now that youíre hiding out in our room...whatís the story with you two?

Hamilton looks at Jake.He raises his eyebrows and (for once) seems to leave it up Jake.

Scout: Weíre just curious.You have to admit, itís a pretty intriguing situation .

Ham really seems to be looking to Jake to do the talking this time.

Jake: Okay.I came here to Rawley Boys because I thought I was finding a way to get my mom to notice my existence.But, what I really found was, if youíll forgive the over-drama, my sole purpose for exisisting.

(cut to): Hamilton who looks at her and seems surprised, but canít help grinning.

Jake contíd: You guys basically know what happened after that--careful cover-ups and major know, until Finn uncovered and understood.

Scout: In a way, itís like, how could we have missed this?But, itís also like, how could we have been expecting it?

Will: Yeah, man, I mean, Ham, how did you ever figure it out?

Jake glances at Hamilton who smiles and looks back at Will and Scout confidently.

Hamilton: As far as Jake goes, I just knew.

(cut to): Scout.His brow wrinkles and he tilts his head.We know heís thinking about Bella and how he Ďjust knows.í

(cut to): A wider shot of the room as everyone is quiet.

(cut to): the doorway.Ryder waltzes in and stands in the middle of the room.

Ryder: What's this, the first fall meeting of the Rawley gay pride club?

Scout: Yeah, but we couldn't start without our president.Now that you're here...

Ryder: God, you're as pathetic as William, Scout Calhoun.

Will: Get out, Ryder.

Ryder laughs as if it is a ridiculous command.Will stands up.Ham, Jake and Scout do the same and the four surround Ryder.

Ryder: What's this?

Hamilton walks over and closes the door.

(cut to) the outside of the room.Several people in the hall stop and listen to the various muffled shouts and banging that come from the room.Then, the door opens, though none of them are seen.

Ryder: This is not fair.

Hamilton: Look, man, I'm just not interested in that kind of thing, ok?

Ryder gets shoved out the door and into the hallway wearing only....well...wearing nothing.

(cut to): The inside of the room.Hamilton walks over and shuts the door once again.

Will: Man how I love taking out the Euro trash.

They all laugh and the door opens again.They all look expectantly as Bella walks in.

Jake: Bella! Hey!

Bella: Hey, hey everyone.

Will: Howíd you get in?

Bella: Some hot, naked, British guy was running down the hall.It's called a distraction.

Scout: Well, welcome to the party.

Bella sits down on the couch on the other side of Hamilton.He smirks and looks from left to right.Will laughs and Scout looks a little less amused.The five chat with each other as the camera pulls out.

Jake: Wait, hey, has anyone read Twelfth Night?

Will: Yes, but only you and Hamilton get to live it.

Everyone laughs as the camera pulls back through the window.

Will (v.o.): So, there are still some parts of my past that will always be there, but every day I encounter something new, each so small that I'll probably never notice the huge shift my life path has taken.One day, Iíll realize everything could have been different and Iíll be thankful that it wasnít.One day.But this is just the beginning.


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