Love Story


(fade in):  to an establishing shot of the New Rawley bus station. 

(cut to): Bella and Will sitting on a bench at the bus station.

Bella: It’s been forever since he’s been here.

Will: Busy getting a life I guess.

(cut to): Pacey and Joey sitting next to one another on a bus.  Pacey is sitting on the aisle seat and Joey is by the window.  Joey is asleep.  Pacey picks up her arm to look at her watch.  She stirs.

Joey: What are you doing? 

Pacey: This bus is running late.  I’m starving.  We were supposed to be there twenty minutes ago.  (He gradually raises his voice and directs his statement toward the bus driver) Maybe if we had made any effort to pass grandma and grandpa instead of following them across the state, we’d be there by now.

(cut to): Joey who touches his arm.

Joey: Pacey, calm down.  We’re almost there right?

(cut to): Will and Bella.

Bella: So, who’s the girl again?

Will: Joey Potter.  Long time best friend turned girlfriend turned ex-girlfriend of Dawson Leery.

Bella: That’s the guy that likes Speilberg movies?

Will: He could be the next Speilberg.

Bella: So, how’d Pacey end up with the girl?

Will smiles and shrugs.

Will (voice over): Love.  As far as themes go, it almost seems trite.

(cut to): The bus as it pulls up to the station.

(cut to): Joey and Pacey.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then again, something so complex could never really be fully understood.

Joey: So, who’s the girl?

Pacey is looking off.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Why it happens…where it comes from…no one will ever figure it out. 

Pacey: Huh?

Joey: The girl.  The one I’m staying with so that you and I are sleeping on opposite sides of town so that my recently over-protective sister would allow me to come.

Joey looks up and out the window.

Joey cont’d: The girl who is sitting with Will.

Will (v.o.): There’s some new spin that gets put on it to make it seem and feel new.

(cut to): Bella and Will.  They stand up as the bus pulls up.

(cut to): Pacey as he leans over Joey to get a better look.  People are getting up and gathering their stuff.

Pacey: That girl would be Bella Banks, the queen townie herself.

(cut to): Will and Bella.

Will: So, hey, you ended up with an A on that paper, huh?

Bella nods and smirks.  Will raises his eyebrows and looks at her expectantly.

Will cont’d (sarcastic, but light): And you say: “Thank you, Will, for your creative brilliance that could have been acquired from no other source.”

He steps back so that he is standing next to her and facing the bus.

Bella (teasingly): Yeah, yeah thanks.

Will elbows her and she laughs.

(cut to): Joey and Pacey.

Pacey: Will-boy never told me he had a thing going with her.

Joey: Maybe he doesn’t.

Pacey: Are you kidding me?  Look at the man.

(cut to): Will and Bella.  Bella looks at the bus as some passengers get off.  Will looks over at her then down at his shoes.

(cut to): Pacey and Joey.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: So, even though it’s been done before.

Pacey: Ah, Young Love.

Pacey stands up and puts his hand out.

Pacey cont’d: Shall we, my darling?

Joey takes his hand.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It’s never been done before.

(cut to): Crane shot of the bus as Pacey and Joey as they get off.  Everyone greets each other.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Jake and Hamilton in Jake’s room.  Jake is dressed in one of her typical guy outfits and is sitting indian style in the center of her bed reading.  The book is lying opened on the bed and she’s kind of leaning over it.  Hamilton is sitting at her computer.  He turns around in the chair and watches her for a moment.

(cut to): Jake.  She turns the page.  A piece of hair falls into her eye and she tucks it behind her ear.  It’s probably about as long as it was in the pilot.   She notices Hamilton watching her.  She looks up at him.  She gives him an inquisitive look, but can’t help smiling.

(cut to): Hamilton.  He smiles.

(cut to): A shot that includes both of them.

She looks down at her book and reads a sentence or two.  She looks up and smiles again.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: Your hair is getting long.

She laughs then nods toward him.

Jake: So is yours.

He pushes his hair off his forehead and she looks back down at her book.  He doesn’t stop looking at her.  She looks back up and tilts her head, smiling.  He continues to watch her as she folds down the page she was on and closes the book.  She gets up, walks over to him and puts her arms around his neck as she sits on his lap.  She puts her forehead against his.

Jake: What?

He puts his arms around her waist and smiles.

Hamilton: I love you.

Jake smiles.

Hamilton: …a lot.

Jake kisses him briefly. 

Jake: I love you too… a lot.

Hamilton puts his hand gently on her neck and kisses her.

(cut to): Friendly’s as Pacey walks out of the bathroom, slides into the booth next to Joey and kisses her on the cheek.

Pacey: So, man, you nervous about the meet tomorrow?

Will:  A little, I guess.  I’m so glad you guys could come.  Sean had to go to his grandma’s this weekend.  The Will Krudski cheering section was looking a little weak.

Pacey: How is Sean?

Will: He’s good.  Come spring, he’s going to be the youngest starting pitcher on the Edmund varsity high team. 

Pacey: Excellent....hey, are your parents coming, man?

Will: My mom is.

Joey: Well, we’re glad we get to go too.

Will smiles.

Will: I’m sure you guys have a lot going on--being seniors and all.

Bella: Wow, graduation.  That seems a million years away.

Pacey chuckles to himself as if to say, “tell me about it.”  A waitress comes and brings plates to Pacey and Joey.  Pacey looks up at her.

Pacey: You are my salvation.

She rolls her eyes and walks off.

Pacey: You work here, right Will?  I mean, I might be mistaken, but doesn’t the name of this place indicate a certain level of…friendliness?

Joey: Quit talking and eat the food.

Pacey takes a bite of the burger.  He and Joey eat throughout the scene.

Pacey: Good burger, though.

Will: Okay, well, as much as I’d like to hear about the fries…I have to go to practice. 

He stands up.

Will: I’m sure Bella can keep you entertained until I get back.

Bella smiles and nods.  Will jogs out the door.  Joey watches him leave.

Joey: He seems amazingly well-adjusted.

Bella: Yeah, he is kind of perfect.

Pacey gives Joey an “I told you” look.

Joey: I guess a full ride to a prestigious institution will do that for a guy.

Bella: Rawley is definitely a stabilizing influence, but I think he naturally gravitates toward perfection.  Just having him around has been making my life a little less chaotic…but you guys don’t want to hear about all that garbage.  Point is, he’s just such an awesome friend.

(cut to): a shot of just Joey and Pacey on their side of the booth.  Joey looks over at Pacey and gives him “ I told you so” look.  They look at each other and seem to be having an unspoken dialogue.

(cut to): Bella.  She smiles and raises her eyebrows.

Bella: What?

(cut to): Pacey and Joey as they look across the table at Bella.

Pacey: I’m just having trouble believing that you’ve known this perfect boy your whole life and all you’ve come to conclude is what a great friend he is.

(cut to) Bella.  She looks surprised.

Bella: He—he is a great friend. 

(cut to):  A medium shot with everyone.

Pacey: Aaaaand…?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Aaaaand nothing, Pacey. 

Pacey takes another bite of his burger and talks with his mouthful:

Pacey: Okay…whatever you say.

Joey: Pace, stop.  (to Bella) He’s sorry.

Bella smiles.

Bella: It’s…no, it’s fine.

She looks around.  

Pacey: So, give us the dirt, then.  Will-boy taken a liking to any of those Rawley debutants?

Bella: Um, there was this one—Caroline.  She was only there for the summer session, though.  She didn’t come back for the fall.

Joey: That must be hard.  Being able to experience something so wonderful only to have it ripped away when the fall comes.

Bella: I don’t think he was that heart-broken.  She was just the one who came walking by when he needed someone to be in love with.

Everyone is quiet.  Pacey takes the last bite of his burger.

(cut to): establishing shot of the Rawley Academy lawn.

(cut to): Scout.  He’s lying on his stomach under a tree reading a book.  He looks up.

(cut to): Jill as she walks by.  She walks past him rather quickly and seems not to notice him.

Scout: Jill.

She keeps going.  He hops up and jogs after her.

Scout: Jill!

She still ignores him until he catches up with her and stands in front of her.  She stops walking.

Jill: Oh, Scout…hi.

She gives him a false smile.

Scout: Can we just talk for a second?

She’s fidgety.  She looks down at her watch.

Jill: Uh, I really have to--

Scout: Stand there and listen to me for a second?

She nods.

Scout cont’d: I mean…you kissed me and then you ran away.  You’ve been avoiding me ever since. 

She looks at him apologetically.  He looks down and continues to do so.

Scout: I mean, if it wasn’t what you were expecting…or wanting…

She shakes her head and opens her mouth, but closes it again.

Scout cont’d: I was dealing with the being friends thing, but, I—I really like you. 

Jill: Scout…

Scout: And, you obviously don’t feel the same way…

Jill: Scout.

Scout: But, you…you just have this energy and sometimes you, you know, talk and talk and talk, but that’s awesome and—

Jill: Scout!

He stops talking and looks up at her.  As he does, she steps up to him and grabs the back of his neck, kissing him.  He doesn’t hesitate to kiss her back.  Slowly, she starts to pull away.  He’s kind of recovering as she steps past him and walks off.  He turns around and watches her, but doesn’t go after her.  He isn’t upset…more of an amused confusion.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Finn’s apartment.  The shot starts on the couch where a big Maine Coon Cat is sitting and looking drowsy.  The camera pans to Kate and Finn who are standing in the doorway to what we assume would be the bedroom.  They’re kissing.  Both of them look a little disheveled—Finn’s shirt is half tucked in and neither of them are wearing shoes.  Kate tries to pull him into the bedroom.  He leans toward her to continue kissing her, but resists going with her.

Finn: I have to go to practice.

Kate: Not right this minute.

Finn kisses her then looks at his watch.  He steps back and runs his hands through his hair.  He un-tucks his shirt all the way then picks up his shoes and sits on the couch.  She stands behind the couch and puts her arms around his neck as he puts his shoes on. The cat looks up at them.

Finn: You could just hang out with Scully until I get back.

Kate looks at Scully and smiles.

Finn: Come on, he wants you to stay. 

Scully walks over and climbs on Finn’s lap.

Kate: No, he wants you to stay.

Finn gets up and hands the cat over to Kate.  He kisses her briefly.

Finn: Be here when I get back?

Kate: I should get home.

Finn: Why?  Hamilton will be at practice with me…and Dean Steve decided this weekend would be perfect to go out of town and do…whatever he does…

Kate: He’s meeting with the board of trustees in—

Finn: The point is he’s not here.  It doesn’t make us look so great at tomorrow’s meet, but it definitely has its pluses.

He kisses her again.

(cut to): Ryder walking down the hall.  He stops as Finn walks out of his apartment.

Finn: Ryder.

Ryder: I was just coming to inquire as to whether there’d be any extra credit offered this semester.  As much as I enjoy your class, Finn…I’d really prefer not to take it again.

Finn: Oh right, I spoke with your stepfather.  I’ve got to get to Crew practice right now, but talk to me Monday after class, ok?  We’ll work something out. 

Ryder: Thanks.

Finn walks past him and pats him on the back.  Ryder watches him walk around the corner, then proceeds down the hall.  He turns around the opposite corner, but as he does he hears Finn’s door open.  He turns around to see Kate walk out, putting her shoe on as she does so.  He shakes his head and keeps walking.

 (cut to): Jake and Ham in the common room.  Jake is sitting in a chair, reading the same book as earlier.  Hamilton is sitting on a couch with a closed book on his lap.  On the table between them there are several library books.

Jake: I can’t believe Finn had you guys read this. 

Jake holds up the book…it’s Wuthering Heights.

Jake cont’d: Why doesn’t Finn assign books like this for our class?  I mean, why should the crew team have a better reading list than the rest of the student body? 

Hamilton: I thought it was kind of…depressing. 

Jake shrugs and looks back down.

Hamilton: Where is he?

She looks back up.

Jake: Maybe he won’t show and I can just do this on my own.  I mean, how did this happen?

Hamilton: It does seem weird that out of all the people in your sociology class Ryder would end up drawing your name.

Jake nods.

Jake: Yeah…

Hamilton: So, what do you have to do exactly?

Jake: Well, the class is observing interaction among groups. 

Hamilton: Like, families or social groups?

Jake: To name a few.

Hamilton: And you have to do couples?

Jake: Yep…

Hamilton: With Ryder?

Jake: I know.  Needless to say, I’m dreading it.

(cut to): the door as Ryder appears.

Ryder: Hello gentlemen…and I use the term loosely, I assure you.

Hamilton: Nice of you to finally show up.

Ryder: Hello, Ham.  Don’t you have crew practice?

Ryder walks past them and looks out the window.  Jake and Hamilton trade suspicious, nervous looks.  Ryder turns around and notes their worried looks.  He lightens his tone.

Ryder: Well, it’s all anyone can talk about.  The JV crew team is the best it’s ever been.  The year’s biggest competition—held right here at Rawley.  Must be exciting.

They look surprised.

Ryder: What?  I can’t exhibit a little school spirit? 

They continue to look uneasy.

Ryder: You think I’m a jerk, is that it?  I know I play the part well, but there’s a bit more depth to my character, ok?

Hamilton: Yeah, you have to look beyond the jerk surface…to find the inner creep.

Jake laughs.  Hamilton gets up and gives her a “you ok?” look.  She looks at Ryder who is smiling almost nicely then back at Hamilton.  She shrugs.

Hamilton: You cool?

She smiles.

Jake: Yeah.

They both look at Ryder.  He smiles.  Hamilton starts to go. 

Jake: Oh, hey, Hamilton.

She gets up and hands him his book.  There hands touch as she passes it to him. 

Hamilton: Thanks.

He smiles at her and starts to leave.  As he walks out, Jill walks in.  They pass through the doorway at the same time and trade smiles.  Ryder sits down.

Jill (to Jake): Can I talk to you for a second?

Ryder: We’ve got work to do Jillian…come back later.

Jake gives him a dirty look.

Jake: You were late.  You owe me time.  I’ll be right back.

(cut to): the hall.  They walk a little way down from the common room.  Jill sits down.  Jake kneels down next to her.

Jill: What am I going to do about Scout?

Jake: I thought it was something important.

Jake starts to get up.  Jill grabs her arm and pulls her back down.

Jill: Wait.

Jake: Jill, listen to me carefully.  I know you think he’s hung up in the past, but the boy adores you, ok? 

Jill smiles.

Jill: He kind of told me that today.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Good, so the drama is over, I can get back to…working with Ryder.

Jake pauses and thinks about that.  She sits all the way down.

Jake: So, then what?

Jill: I don’t know.  He wouldn’t shut up so…I kissed him.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Yeah, uh-huh, that makes sense.

Jill tucks her hair behind her ears and looks down.

Jake cont’d: Okay, so this is kiss number two, right?

Jill: Yes.

Jake: Well?

Jill: What?

Jake: How was it?

Jill grins.

Jake: That good, huh?

Jill: So perfect.  Way better than I wanted it to be.

Jake: Look, I know you think he’s, like, still in love with Bella and that he’s just, I don’t know, trying to convince himself that he likes you as a means to get over her, but he genuinely likes you, Jill. 

Jill: I know I don’t know a lot about the situation, but I don’t think the thing with Scout and Bella can ever just be over.  But, see, right now if they realize that, I’m still at a safe enough distance where I could feign happiness over it and move on.  If I fall for him…and you know how it is when I really fall for someone…

Jake: Hard, fast, deep.  I recall the Mantra.

Jill: If I let it happen, then I’m knowingly putting myself into a situation that’s going to get me hurt.

Jake: I think it’s a bit late to be deciding if you’re going to fall for him.  And I also think that instead of kissing him…maybe you should try talking to him. 

Jill laughs.  Jake starts to get up.

Jill: We haven’t even discussed the potentially-pissing-off-Bella factor.

Jake: And we aren’t going to…although, we might eventually need to talk about this obsessive need to overanalyze.  But, right now, as scary as this sounds, I’ve got to get back in there with Ryder. 

Jill: Be careful around him, he made a pass at me.

Jake: I don’t think there’s any danger of that.

She indicates her outfit.

Jill: I don’t know…I think the jury’s still out on that one.  He’s been kind of watching you lately.

Jake gives her an odd look.  Jill nods.  They both get up and walk in opposite ends of the hall.  Jake turns around.

Jake: If you’re worried about Bella, talk to her. 

Jill nods.

(fade out)


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(fade in): The dock.  The crew team sits around. 

Finn: So, what do you guys think?  Is it a love story?

Hamilton: Yeah, a depressing one.

Will: If you call it a love story…that makes Heathcliff the villain.

Scout: Yeah…

Will: Well, he’s not a villain.  He loves Catherine.  And she loves him, but she chooses Edgar Linton because he’s got money.  That’s what makes Heathcliff evil…he doesn’t get to express his love to Catherine. 

Hamilton: And then she dies.  Depressing.

Finn: Well, what about when he dies?

Will: Love conquers all…even Heathcliff.  The timing wasn’t right on earth, but in Heaven love and goodness prevail.

Hamilton: So what? 

Everyone looks at him.

Hamilton:  Well, in heaven love and goodness win.  Duh.  I mean that’s like the concept of heaven.  Just because in heaven Catherine and Heathcliff will be reunited, that’s supposed to make up for the incomplete lives they lived on earth?

Finn: That’s the idea…

Hamilton: Look, I know Emily Bronte was all spiritual and stuff, but she highly underestimated the importance of the here and now.  If you’re in love with someone, you do something about it.  Heathcliff wasn’t evil; he was a frustrated coward.

Finn: Interesting and unique interpretation, Mr. Fleming.

Hamilton: I just think if you’re in love with a person…be in love with that person, don’t just feel it.

(cut to):  A medium close-up of Will who looks thoughtful.

(cut to): Finn who looks at Hamilton.

Finn: Well, what about the next generation? 

Finn looks around to everyone.

Scout: I guess if you’re looking for a concrete representation of love you can find it in Cathy and Hareton.

Finn: Catherine’s daughter and Heathcliff’s adopted son…go on, Mr. Calhoun.

Scout: Well, by the time they finally hook up hate and evil have withered away and only love is left.  Their union is the physical manifestation of the love that was never expressed between Catherine and Heathcliff.

Finn: Good.  I’d deem your response quite thoughtful had it not been tainted with the ever so colloquial term “hook up.”

Everyone laughs.

Finn cont’d: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is a significant piece of literature.  We don’t study nearly enough female authors around here and I’d like to work on that in the near future.  That being said, if anyone was wondering why we read this chick book…

Some people laugh or express agreement.

Finn cont’d: …it’s because this weekend is going to require us to be men.  We’ve just cleansed ourselves of anything non-masculine.  There will be no talk of girls or love.  We will focus our collective guy energy on…on what?

The guys respond with things like “winning” or “victory.”

Finn cont’d: …on doing our very best, ok?

The guys quite down, but agree.

Finn: Ok, so get in the boat.

(cut to): Bella, Pacey and Joey.  They are walking toward the garage from town.

Bella: And that is the long tour of New Rawley.

Pacey (to Joey): And you thought Capeside was small.

They reach a point where they are in front of the garage.  We see a rack focus that shifts the focus from the trio to the bench in front of the garage where Jill is sitting. 

(cut to): Jill who gets up.  Pacey, Joey and Bella walk up.

Bella: Hi, Jill.

Jill: Hi.

Bella: Uh, this is Pacey and Joey and, guys, this is Jill.

Jill: Do you two go to Edmund High?

Pacey: No, but I’m guessing you’re a Rawley girl.

Jill smiles weakly and looks down.

Bella: Pacey and Joey are friends of Will’s from out of town.

Pacey: We hale from Capeside, Mass. 

Bella: And Jill is a Rawley girl…

Bella puts her arm around Jill.

Bella cont’d: but we love her anyway.

Jill laughs.

Jill: Thanks Bella. 

There’s a moment of silence.

Jill: Bella, can I talk to you for a minute? 

Pacey and Joey look at each other.

Joey: We’ll just go inside if that’s…

Bella: Yeah, just make yourself at home.  I’ll be in just a second.

(cut to): the inside of the house as Joey and Pacey walk into the living room.  Pacey sits down on the couch.  He takes Joey’s hand and pulls her gently so that she sits next to him.  He leans back and puts his arm on the back of the couch.  Joey leans against him.

Joey: I’m glad we came. 

Pacey (sarcastic): Yeah, it’s been pretty exciting thus far.

Joey: That’s my point.  It’s a welcomed change from the chaos of Capeside.

Pacey smiles. 

Pacey: Life has been pretty hectic in our homeland lately, hasn’t it?

Joey: Speaking of Andie, why didn’t you tell Will about her?

Pacey: She emailed him and told him that she got into Harvard and about that whole Italy thing…did he really need to know about the unfortunate incident involving illegal substances?  All that’s over with anyway.  As far as Will is concerned, she’s just a sweet, normal girl…I’m not going to destroy the image.

Joey: She is sweet and normal Pacey…she was going through some stuff and Will is her friend too.

Pacey: Well, did you ever think about the fact that Will is going to be in that big race tomorrow?  He doesn’t need his head cluttered with thoughts of

Joey: Hey, you know what?  You win.  I just want to make sure that you know that you don’t always have to be her hero, Pace. 

Pacey: I know…because then when would I have time to be…your hero?

Joey laughs softly.  Pacey leans forward a little, smiling.  They kiss.

(cut to): Grace as she enters.

Grace: Uh, since when did my living become the new make-out spot?

(cut to): Pacey and Joey who look up at her.

Pacey: Grace?  Is that you?  What are you like twelve now?

Grace: I’m almost fifteen.  Nice to see you too, by the way.

Grace sits down on a chair.

Pacey: Grace this is Joey.  Joey, Grace.

Joey: Hi.  You’re Bella’s little sister, right?

Grace: Yeah.

Pacey: Charming isn’t she?

Grace: God, I remember I used to have the biggest crush on you…

Pacey starts to grin

Grace: What the hell was I thinking?

Joey laughs.

(cut to): Jill and Bella.  Jill is sitting on the bench and Bella is sitting across from her on the curb where the gas pumps are (make sense?).

Bella: Ok, so, are you like asking for my permission to go out with Scout?

Jill: I guess I’m asking if I need to ask for your permission.

Bella: Um…

Jill: I—I don’t want to come between two people who are supposed to be together. 

Bella gets up and sits next to Jill on the bench.

Bella: I really appreciate that you cared enough about my feelings to come and talk to me about this, but that whole thing with Scout and me is over.  I haven’t even really talked to him in so long…

Jill: But, is that how you want it? 

Bella smiles.

Bella: If you’re asking if I’m over Scout…the answer is yes.  I know the story sounds like something that couldn’t even be found on an Aaron Spelling drama, but it’s not as monumental as it seems.  

They both look off.

Bella: It sounds like he really likes you…

Jill: You don’t have to say that.

Bella: I don’t have to say that you should go for it either, but…

Jill: Yeah?

Bella: Yeah.

(fade out)


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(cut to): Jake and Ryder in the common room.  They sit on opposite ends of the couch.  There are some open books between them and one in Ryder’s hands.  Jake is writing in a notebook and Ryder is watching her.  Ryder quietly shuts the book and sets it down.  Jake finishes writing, looks up and seems surprised to find him looking at her.  He looks away and then down at the closed book.  He shuts the other books and stacks them.

Jake: So, we’ve got all the background information; now all we have to do is observe.  Maybe we can just go to the regatta tomorrow and take some notes.  There will be a ton of people, there’s bound to be some couples.

Ryder rolls his eyes.

Jake: I can just do it, if you’re busy.

Ryder doesn’t really respond.

Jake: Look, I said I’d do it, just tell me yes or no.

Ryder: I don’t know.  It’s all seems like such a waste of time…

Jake: Well, we’ve got to turn something in so if you want me—

Ryder: No, not the project.  I mean, sociology in general.

Jake: What?

Ryder:  Who cares about how people interact with one another?  They just end up hurting each other in the end.

Jake: Maybe…but not everyone strives to do that.

Ryder flashes an almost hurt smile.  They are silent for a moment.

Jake: Sorry…

Ryder gets up and starts to walk out.  He turns around in the doorway.

Ryder: I’ll find you tomorrow at the Regatta and we’ll spy on some unsuspecting couples.

Jake nods.  Ryder starts to turn to leave.

Jake cont’d: Ryder?

He turns again to face her.

Ryder: Yes?

Jake: I don’t get you.

Ryder:  Yeah, well, I don’t really get you either, Jake.  See you tomorrow.

He turns and walks out.

(cut to): Jake who shakes her head.

Jake: Weird…

She closes her notebook and gets up.

(cut to): Jake’s door.  Kate has been knocking on the door.  She starts to leave when Jake walks up.

Kate: Hi.

Jake: Oh, hi Mrs. Fleming.

Kate: Kate is fine.  Do you have a minute?

Jake: Sure.

(cut to): Jake’s room as they walk in.

Jake: You can sit anywhere.

Kate sits on the corner of Jake’s bed.  Jake walks over to her desk and takes the books out of her back pack placing them on her desk.

Kate: So, we haven’t really had a chance to talk yet.

Jake turns around to face Kate.  Jake looks uncomfortable.

Kate: Don’t—don’t look so nervous.  This isn’t me trying to pry into your sex life…

Kate seems to rethink what she said.

Kate cont’d: …which I assume is not existent. 

Jake: Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Kate: I just thought you might be up for a little girl talk.

Jake smiles and nods.

Jake: That’d be nice…

She starts to sit down on the floor, but stops.  She walks over to her closet.

Jake: Hang on just one second…

She opens the closet door so that it kind of gives her a little privacy.  Then she pulls off the several layers of winter boy shirts she has on.  She takes off the corset and then looks in the very back of her closet.  She pulls out some kind of girly long-sleeved shirt and puts it on.  She keeps on the jeans or whatever pants she had on.  She closes the closet door and walks over to the mirror, messing with her hair a little bit.  Then she walks back over to Kate and sits Indian style on the floor in front of her.  Kate looks impressed by the quick and fairly dramatic transformation.

Kate: You should really re-think this whole cross-dressing thing, sweetie.

Jake: I do…everyday when I get dressed in the morning.  But then other stuff outweighs the burden of boxers.

Kate: I see how it would…every day when I look at Hamilton…I see it.

Jake looks down and smiles, embarrassed.

Kate: So, I thought I’d come and see what was so special, but since that took all of about two seconds…have any topics you’d like to discuss?

Jake thinks about this for a second.

Jake: Have you ever read Wuthering Heights?

(cut to): the boys at the dock.  They’re climbing out of the boats and getting ready to leave.

Finn: Excellent work, gentlemen.  I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early.  Get some sleep and arrive focused.

Everyone disperses.

(cut to): Scout, Will and Hamilton walking away from the dock.

Will: So, you guys want to come into town with me and meet my friends?

Scout: So, explain to me how you know them again. 

Will: From when I lived in Capeside.

Hamilton: Wait, I thought you lived in New Rawely your entire life.

Will: Minus the year my mom and I spent in Capeside with my aunt when I was seven.  For the first and last time in her life, she got brave and left my dad.  He convinced her to come back and the rest is New Rawley history. 

Scout: So, this Pacey guy is like the Capeside best friend?

Will: Yeah.  He used to come spend a few weeks here every summer until this past summer when he took his boat…and Joey for a three-month long sailing adventure.

Hamilton: And Joey is?

Will: …the girl he used to chase and tease on the playground.  I would have never bet on them sailing off into the sunset together.  I should probably get over there before Grace tries to start a cat fight with Joey…she had the biggest crush on him.

Scout: They’re at Bella’s?

Will: Yeah.  You coming?

Scout: Sure…

Will: Ham?

Hamilton: Uh, maybe I’ll catch up with all of you later.

Scout and Will trade amused glances.

Will: You gotta work on that, man.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Krudski, you’re just jealous.

Will (seriously): Absolutely, I am.

Hamilton backs up.

Hamilton: Later fellas.

Hamilton walks away.  Scout and Will walk off in another direction.

Scout: That guy is like a lovesick puppy dog.

Will: You have to admit that it’s pretty amazing though. 

Scout: What?

Will: Just the dynamic between them. 

Scout: Yeah, they’ve got that whole soul mates vibe.

Will: Very intense.

Scout: Speaking of romance…I kind of talked to Jill today.

Will: Yeah, what’d she say?  Does she totally want you?

Scout: Well, I talked…you know, tried to ask her what that kiss meant.

Will: Yeah…

Scout:…and she kissed me again.

Will: Nice…

Scout: Yeah, not really, though.

Will: Oh…

Scout: I mean, no, it was awesome.  But, then she turned around and left.

Will: Are you kidding me?

Scout: I don’t get it.  I don’t get her.  I don’t get girls.

Will: And you said that I was the one who was afraid of girls.

Scout: I’m not afraid…just perplexed.

Will laughs.

Will: Well, aren’t we all.

(cut to): A shot behind them as they walk.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Jake and Kate still in Jake’s room.

Kate: So, we get back from the zoo and all he could talk about was the monkeys.  But, he was only a little over two and he just couldn’t quite say it right.  So instead of monkey he would say munchie. 

Jake: Aw, that’s so cute.

Kate: Then he started acting like a little monkey so Steve and I started calling him Munchie and it just kind of stuck.

Jake smiles.

Kate cont’d: There are pictures that illustrate this story so well…next time you’re at the house, I’ll pull them out.

Before Jake can respond, there is a knock at the door. 

Jake: Who is it?

Hamilton: Me.

Jake grins.

(cut to): Kate smiles at Jake’s reaction.

Jake gets up and walks over to the door.  She opens the door and he smiles as he checks out her outfit.  He looks up and down the hall then leans his head in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Hamilton: You look nice.

As he looks up, he sees his mom.  He comes all the way in the room and shuts the door behind him.  His tone throughout the rest of the scene is light and playful.

Hamilton: Mom, what are you doing here?

Kate: It’s nice to see you too, Munchie.

Jake laughs.  Hamilton looks over at Jake.

Hamilton: Aw man…she told you the monkey story, didn’t she?

Jake: Yes, but I haven’t seen the pictures yet.

Hamilton: And you never will.

Hamilton walks over and sits next to Kate on the bed.  She puts her arm around him.  She runs her hand up his neck and through his hair.  He leans forward slightly.

Kate: Honey, why don’t you get your hair cut short again?

Ham and Jake look at one another.  Jake smiles mockingly at him.

Hamilton (to Jake): I told Will we’d meet up with him at Bella’s.

Jake: Why, what’s going on?

Hamilton: Will has some friends in from out of town, everyone is just kind of hanging out there tonight.  (to his mom): If that’s ok?

Kate: It’s ok with me although maybe you should ask Jacqueline instead of telling her.

Jake tilts her head down, smiles and looks at Hamilton.

Hamilton: I will…if you make like Florida’s ballot boxes and get lost.

Kate looks at him disapprovingly, but then breaks into a smile.

Kate: Well, Jacqueline…this has been an enjoyable discussion.  I’ll see you two kids later.  Bye, sweetie.

She gets up and Hamilton on the cheek.   She turns to walk out.  As she walks by Jake she stops and touches her arm.

Kate (loud whisper): Don’t forget…come see the pictures.

Jake nods and laughs.  Kate exits.

Hamilton: Sorry about her.

Jake: Are you kidding?  I love talking to her.

Hamilton: Yeah, it looks like she really likes you too.  Can you believe how normal everything is getting?  I mean, you and my mom sitting around talking…

Hamilton wraps his arms around her waist.

Hamilton cont’d: …her telling embarrassing stories from my childhood…

He leans in a little closer.

Hamilton cont’d: …you looking all cute and girly.

The door opens and Kate sticks her head in.  Hamilton takes a step back from Jake.

Hamilton: Mom…

Kate: I just wanted to tell you I might be working late in my classroom if I’m not home when you get back.

Hamilton: Ok.

Kate looks back and forth from Jake and Hamilton then shuts the door.

Hamilton: God, let’s go before she comes back in here.

Jake: Aw, she just didn’t want to worry you…her baby…her—

Hamilton: Don’t say it.

Jake: her little munchie.

Hamilton: See, if you had any plans of getting some tonight…you just lost any chance.

Jake laughs and gives him an “oh really?” look.

Hamilton (not at all serious): I’m serious.

Jake: Uh-huh, let’s go.

Hamilton: Wait, shouldn’t you ask me instead of telling me?

She grabs his shirt and pulls him toward the door.  She stops before she opens the door.

Jake: I should change.

Hamilton: Why?  Everyone there either knows or hasn’t met you before.

Jake: I’m worried more about the trip down the hall.

Hamilton: Everyone’s at dinner. 

Jake shrugs.

Jake: Ok.

(cut to): Finn in his apartment.  He’s reading a book.  Scully is sitting next to him on the couch.  There is a knock at the door.

Finn: Come in.

Kate walks in.  Finn doesn’t look up.

Finn: I thought you might not be coming back.

Kate: I was actually just spending some time with Jake.  She’s a very…normal girl.

Finn: Imagine that.

Finn closes his book and gets up.

Finn: So, where were we earlier?

Kate points toward the bedroom.

Kate: Somewhere over there…

Finn: Right.  We should get back over there.

Kate nods.  He takes her hand and leads her into the bedroom.

(fade to): Bella’s living room.  Scout, Will, Jill, Pacey, Joey, Bella and Grace.  Scout and Jill are about as far apart as possible.  They’ve all been sitting around listening to Joey and Pacey tell the story of their summer.

Joey: And then we got back to Capeside and it all seemed like a dream.

Jill: I can’t believe you just…sailed away.  That’s so amazing…and romantic.

(cut to): Scout who looks at Jill, and takes note. 

Grace: And nauseating.  I’ll see you lamers later.

Grace gets up and walks out.  Before anyone can say anything we hear a motorcycle outside.

Will: I guess they decided to take me up on the invite.

Pacey: What kind of motorcycle-riding hoodlums have you been hanging out with?

Bella: Will, let them in and think of something for us to do.  I’ll go see if we have any party food.

Will hops up and opens the door. 

Will: Hey.

He opens the door and they walk in.  He looks a little surprised when he sees Jake.  He looks over at Scout who shrugs.  He introduces everyone.

Jake and Hamilton walk past Will, holding hands. They sit down on the floor near Jill.

Joey: Is Jake short for something?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Jacqueline.  What about Joey?  Josephine?

Joey: Yep.

Pacey: And the girls bond over their masculine-sounding names.

Joey swats at him.

(cut to): Will who stands in the middle of the room. 

Will: Okay, well, I have to say I’m glad to have so many of my friends collected together the night before the biggest race I’ve ever been in.  And, while sitting around talking is great if you’re…forty…we need to think of something to do.

Pacey: How about truth or dare?

Will, Bella, Hamilton, Jill and Scout: No.

Pacey: Whoa, ok…spin the bottle?

Joey: And what he means by that is…why don’t we watch a movie?

Everyone looks around in agreement.

Will: Wonder what’s in the Banks family movie collection?

(fade out)

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(fade to): Bella as she walks into the Kitchen.  Scout walks in behind her.

Scout: Need help?

Bella is takes glasses out of the cabinet and sets them on the counter.

Bella: Do you know who to make Lemonade?

Scout: No…

Bella: Yeah, me either.  Oh well, can you fill the glasses up with ice while I look for something to pour into them?

Scout: Sure.

Scout opens the freezer and starts filling each glass with ice.  Bella looks in various cabinets.  After a second, Scout starts to say something, but doesn’t.  Then he seems to make up his mind to say it:

Scout cont’d: Can I talk to you?

Bella: Well, this is only the second conversation I’ve had today that begins like that, so sure, why not?

Scout: See, lately—

Charlie walks in the door (like the side door that leads into the kitchen) with a few bags of groceries.  He nods hello to Scout who smiles and nods.

Bella: Please tell me there is something liquid and non-toxic in there.

Charlie laughs.  He reaches down and pulls out a 3-liter bottle of Coke. 

Bella: Oh, yeah, by the way, we’re sort of having an impromptu little gathering so don’t be alarmed by the large number of teenagers now in the living room.

Charlie laughs.

Charlie: Ok, why don’t you take these.

He hands the groceries to Bella who sets them down on the counter.

Charlie cont’d: And I’ll go out the office and get some paper work done.

Charlie leaves.  As they talk, Scout fills the glasses with ice and hands them to Bella and she fills them with Coke.  Scout waits for Charlie to leave then begins again:

Scout: I know we haven’t talked in awhile, but we’re friends, right?  I mean, we’ve moved passed all that weirdness that was between us and into the friend zone, right?

Bella: Of course.

Scout: So, if I needed a girl’s perspective…you could give it to me, right?

Bella laughs.

Bella: I hope so.

He hesitates a moment.

Scout: See, there’s this girl.  And, I really like her. 

Bella: And, she really likes you

Scout: Well, I think she does, but she’s sending me these mixed signals that are impossible to—

Bella: No, Scout.  Trust me, she likes you.

Bella looks through the grocery bags and pulls out some milk.  She puts it in the refrigerator.  Then she pulls out a couple bags of chip.

Scout: You obviously have some prior knowledge that I didn’t know about.

Bella: Obviously.

Scout hands her the last glass.

Bella: I think the “she” in question just wanted one final thumbs up before she got involved with you.

Scout seems to realize everything (like, oh that’s why Jill just happened to be here).

Scout: And…did she get it?

Bella: Hopefully she realized she didn’t even need it.

Scout: I really like her a lot, Bella. 

Bella: I can’t believe she thought there was still something between us.

Scout: See, but there is.

Bella: Scout…

Scout: What?  All I mean is a blossoming friendship…something real.  Not something we pretend is there, but an expression of our current and actual feelings toward each other. 

Bella looks at him and smiles.

Bella: Well, in that case, I concur.

Scout: Good, now let’s go serve these Cokes to the thirsty masses.

(cut to): Bella’s living room.  Bella and Scout come in.  Bella sets the tray of Cokes on the table.  And puts the bags of chips on a coffee table.  She waves hi to Ham and Jake.

Will: We’re watching a movie.  Got anything good?

Bella: Define good.

Everyone looks around.

(fade to): still Bella’s living room.  The lights are off.  The TV is on.  And the movie they are watching?  Titanic.  It’s at the part where the ship has pretty much sunk and Rose and Jack are out in the water together.  The camera pans around the room.  Pacey and Joey are on the couch.  Joey is lying down with her head in his lap.  They’re holding hands.  The camera moves down and over.  Jake and Hamilton are sitting on the floor.  Jake has her head on his shoulder.  Hamilton looks unhappy with the movie.  He kisses Jake on the top of her head and she looks up at him.  She touches his cheek comfortingly and looks back at the TV.  The camera pans over to Jill.  She’s sitting on the floor with her head on her knees, kind of balled up.  The camera pans rather quickly past the chair where Bella is sitting and past Will who is on the floor leaning on the chair and to Scout.  He looks over toward Jill.  Quick pan back to Jill who looks at Scout then quickly back at the screen.  The camera pans back to Will.  He shifts positions, looking uncomfortable.  He looks up at Bella in the chair, she’s crying (Leo is dying after all).  Will reaches up to the table that is next to the chair and pulls a tissue out the Kleenex box which is conveniently on the table.  He hands it to Bella with a smirk.  She snatches it and kicks him gently.  He snickers quietly.  She reaches down and pushes his shoulder.

(cut to): A shot of the whole room.  The shot lightly fades out and back in as the soundtrack also changes to the closing credits of the movie.  Everyone is in slightly different positions.  Bella gets up and turns on the lights.

Pacey: How is that possibly the only movie in your house?

Bella: Grace is a closet Leo fan, what can I say?

Will: Yeah, sure she is.

Jill: I love that movie.

Hamilton: Depressing.  That movie was depressing. 

Joey: I agree.  James Cameron should have stuck to bad Schwarzenegger movies.

Pacey: Hey…T3 in 2002.  I can’t wait.

Joey (to Hamilton): But you probably meant the story.

Hamilton: I just don’t find the fact that they might be eternally joined all that comforting. 

Scout: You’re kind of a sap, Ham.

Will: He’s just a sensitive male….

Everyone kind of laughs.  Hamilton looks around and smiles. 

Hamilton: You know, I’ve said this before, but…

Hamilton takes Jake’s hand and get ups up, pulling her up too.  The banter between the boys is playful and not harsh at all.

Hamilton cont’d: You two…so pathetic.

Will: Yeah, whatever…have a fun ride on the back of your girlfriend’s motorcycle.

Hamilton and Jake start to walk toward the door.

Hamilton: Yeah, you have fun with your girlfriend too…

Hamilton opens the door.

Hamilton cont’d: oh…wait…you don’t have one.

Jake gently pushes him all the way out the door.

Jake: Bella, thanks for having us over.  We’ll see everyone at the race tomorrow.

Everyone says goodbye as Jake walks out.

(cut to): outside the garage.  Jake and Hamilton put on helmets and Jake puts on her leather jacket. 

Jake: Hamilton.

Hamilton looks up.  Jake tosses him the keys.

Hamilton: Really?

Jake (slightly sarcastic): Sure, why not?  I’ve been playing the ornamental girlfriend pretty well tonight.

Hamilton: I didn’t mean to—

Jake: I know. 

Hamilton tries to hand the keys back to her, but she won’t take them.

Hamilton: You’re mad.

Jake smiles.

Jake: I’m not. Just drive me home…

He gives her an uncertain look but climbs on.  She gets on behind him and puts her arms around him.  They drive away.

(cut to): Inside Bella’s house.

Will: So, we should probably go too. 

Scout: Think Finn meant it when he said bright and early?

Will: Count on it.

Jill: Thanks for talking earlier Bella.

Scout looks over at Jill, then at Bella.

Bella: Don’t forget what I said.

Pacey hugs Joey then they kiss.

Pacey: I love you.

Joey: I love you.

Pacey kisses her one more time then picks up his bag (which is a book bag).  Scout, Pacey and Jill walk toward the door and wait for Will.

Will: I’ll see you tomorrow, right?

Bella: I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Will looks content.  Joey sits down on the couch and tries not to pay attention.  There is kind of an awkward pause.

Will: Well, night.

Bella: Night.

He turns to walk out.

Will: Night, Jo.

Joey: Night.

Bella watches him walk out the door…Joey’s paying attention.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Scout, Pacey, Jill and Will.  They get to the point where one direction is to the boys’ campus and one is to the girls.’ 

Jill: I think this is my turn.

Everyone stops.

Scout: Want me to walk you the rest of the way?

Jill: Why?  Think you can protect me?

Scout: Probably not any better than you could protect yourself, but...I’d enjoy the extra five minutes I’d get to spend with you.

Pacey and Will look at each other.

Will (to Scout): You’re no longer allowed to make fun of Hamilton.

Scout rolls his eyes and turns around toward Jill.

Scout: Can we go now?

Jill smiles and holds out her hand.  Scout grins and takes it.  Will smiles and shakes his head.

(cut to): a shot of Scout and Jill walking off together in one direction.

(cut to): a shot of Pacey and Will walking together in the other direction.

(cut to): Bella’s room.  Joey and Bella are there.  They’ve both changed into pajamas.  Bella’s pulled out the trundle bed (in case you don’t know, I’m talking about the bed that slides out from underneath the real those daybeds usually have) and is putting a sheet on it.  Joey picks up a pillow and puts a pillowcase on it.

Bella: This isn’t the most comfortable bed in the world...just to prepare you.

Joey: I slept on a hammock in a boat almost every night of the summer...

Bella laughs.  They don’t speak for a moment.

Bella: So, I guess you’re used to a lot more excitement than movie night in New Rawley.

Joey: Actually, this trip has been a welcomed change in atmosphere.  Capeside has been spinning out of control has been spinning out of control.  I’ve been longing for a movie night.

Bella: You and Pacey seem stable though.

Joey: We usually are...except when we aren’t.

Bella and Joey laugh.

Joey: Actually, yeah, he’s the constant right now...everything else is a wild card.

Bella: He used to be the wild card.

Joey: Yes, he was.

Bella climbs into her bed and Joey sits on the trundle bed.

Joey: What you said earlier about Will being there for you...that’s how it started with Pacey and me.  He was there after Dawson and I broke up and he was a great friend.  That was just to answer your curious tone…not to go where Pacey was going earlier...

Joey gets under the covers and lies down.  After a moment:

Bella: If...if you did go there...what--what might you say?

Joey pauses, thinking.

Joey: That you’re both in complete denial...which is pretty rare…you know, to have both parties in a complete state of oblivion.

Bella: When we were in, um, seventh grade...I had this huge crush on Will.  I actually thought he might like me too, but then, out of nowhere, he gives me this little speech about what a cool friend I was.  And ever since then, I never let my thoughts float in that direction.  When it comes to Will, I’ve just... programmed myself to think “friend.”

Joey: And then there was just a moment when that didn’t make as much sense as it used to?

Bella: I can’t remember why it ever made sense.

Joey: Well, I guess I was wrong about you being in denial.

Bella: The funny thing is...when you said it, you were right.

(cut to): Pacey and Will in Will and Scout’s room.  Pacey has stripped down to his boxers and a long-sleeved t-shirt.  Will is looking in his closet.  He pulls out a sleeping bag and tosses it to Pacey.

Pacey: So, Will, what’s the deal with Bella?

Will: What deal?

Pacey: You’re obviously head-over…

Pacey looks down at Will’s footwear (today…converse all stars).

Pacey cont’d: …converse sneakers for the girl.

Will: Wh-what?

Pacey unrolls the sleeping bag on the floor.

Pacey: Are we really going to have to go through this, my boy?

Will: Through what?

Pacey: It’s so obvious.  It’s When Harry Met Sally…it’s Monica and Chandler…hell, it’s classic Dawson and Joey.  The harder they try to hang onto the “friend” thing, the harder they fall for each other . 

Will: There’s nothing going on between Bella and me, Pacey.

Pacey: Except some raging hormonal chemistry. 

Will: How does it feel to be so wrong?

Pacey: How does it feel to be so in denial, young William?

Will sits down on his bed and looks up at Pacey.  He runs his hand through his hair.  He thinks for a moment…taking everything in.

Will: Is it really that obvious?

Pacey unzips the sleeping bag and starts to get it.

Pacey: It’s obvious you need to tell her how you feel.

Will: No, no way.  I’ve spent the better part of my life declaring friendship to her…now I’m supposed to be like “guess what?  I changed my mind.”  I can’t do that.  She needs a friend.

Pacey: It sounds like what she needs is a you…why is the label so important?

Will looks at him. Pacey gives him a “get it?” look.

Will: I need to go to sleep…too much to process before the big race.

Pacey climbs all the way into the sleeping bag and Will hands him a pillow that he puts under his head.  Will takes off his pants and shirt…he’s just wearing his boxers.  He climbs into bed.

Pacey: Where’s Scout?

Will: Beats me…

(cut to): Outside the Rawley girls’ dorm.  The shot is of the building, but is partially blocked by a tree.  The camera tilts (pans) down.  Scout and Jill are sitting under the tree…kissing (kissing…making out…whatever…). 

(cut to): A closer shot of them.  Scout pulls back and smiles.

Jill: What?

Scout: It’s like…

He kisses her.

Scout: I know I should go…

He kisses her again.

Scout: But I can’t quite move my feet from this spot.

Jill: Oh, but you have that race tomorrow…you should go.

Scout: It’s not that important.

Jill looks at him suspiciously.

Scout: Well, it’s kind of important.

Jill smiles. 

Jill: This is for your own good.

She kisses him one more time quickly and then walks off toward the dorm. Scout watches her leave with a look of satisfied disappointment.

(cut to): Jake’s room. Jake and Hamilton are standing up kissing.

Jake: You have to go.

Hamilton: Huh?

Jake: Go…get some sleep.  Your mom said to make sure you get some rest.

Hamilton: And hours after she’s left…she’s still here.

He smiles.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m going to go over to the art room and tell her goodnight.  Want to come?

Jake: I’m pushing my luck going out like this.

Hamilton: We made it out and in fine, but I’ll wait if you want to change.

Jake: Nah, you’re right…let’s just go.

(cut to): Ryder in the common room.  He’s reading a magazine and has his headphones on.  He glances up to see Jake and Hamilton slowly walk by, but they don’t notice him.  Ryder squints and shakes his head.

Ryder (to himself): Well, if there was ever any doubt…

(cut to): The art room.  The lights are off.  Jake and Hamilton get there.  Hamilton flips the lights on.

Hamilton: That’s weird.

Jake: She must have gone home earlier than she thought.

Hamilton: Yeah…

(cut to): Finn’s apartment.  Kate is getting dressed and collecting all of her stuff which seems to be in various places in the apartment.  Finn is sitting on the couch with a book.

Kate: I should go.

Finn: Or maybe you should never leave again.

Kate: Finn…

Finn: Just a thought.

Kate: Have you seen my earring?

Finn looks up and smirks.

Finn: It’s in your ear.

Kate: The other one.

Finn gets up to help her look.

(fade to): Hamilton in his bedroom.  He’s sitting on his bed, playing some chords guitar.  He’s changed into some pajamas and has had a shower.  There’s a knock at his door and his mom comes in.

Kate: Shouldn’t you be in bed by now?

Hamilton: Shouldn’t you?

Kate: Well, I told you I was going to be up in the classroom kind of late tonight.

Hamilton tilts his head and seems a little puzzled.  He tries to recover:

Hamilton: Oh yeah, that’s right.  Well like you said, I need to be asleep.  Night mom.

She comes in and kisses him on the cheek.  He gives a weak smile and she leaves, closing his door.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Saturday.  The bleachers and race area.  In the bleachers the cheering section is there as promised…Pacey, Joey, Will’s mom, Jill and Bella. 

(cut to): Jake and Ryder.  They’re near the bleachers, sitting on some fold up lawn chairs.  They watch the many people walking around, looking for couples.

Ryder: Right there. 

Ryder points toward the bleachers.

(cut to):  A shot of the bleachers from Jake and Ryders’ point of view.  Pacey and Joey get up. 

(cut to): Jake and Ryder.  Jake looks a little worried that they might recognize her. 

(cut to): Pacey and Joey as they walk by.  Pacey takes her hand.

Jake: Hand holding is big.

Ryder: They didn’t talk as much as some of the others.

Jake: Maybe they don’t have to.

Ryder: Or, they don’t want to talk because they know it will take them one step closer to the inevitable demise of the relationship.

Jake: Other than these insanely negative remarks, you’ve been a really decent human being today.

Ryder: I’m full of surprises.  Not as many as some people though. 

He looks over at Jake who isn’t looking at him.  He swallows.

Ryder: Anyway, was that your way of telling me we’re done here?  Because I’d like to go.

Jake: I think we’re done, but we haven’t even seen the final race.  Rawley could win it all.

Ryder: Well, swell as that sounds…I’ll pass. 

Ryder gets up and reaches over Jake to get his bag.  He quite deliberately “accidentally” touches her shoulder as he comes back up.  He walks off.  In the background we hear the countdown for the race. 

(cut to): Jake as she walks over to the bleachers.  Joey and Pacey come running up.  They look at Jake and then one another.  They seem to forget about that as they focus on the race.

(cut to):  a shot of the guys in the boat rowing. 

(cut to): the crowd cheering.  There’s a series of shots of different people cheering for Will, Scout or Hamilton.

(cut to): a crane shot as Rawley wins the race.  The crowd goes wild.

(cut to): The guys getting out of the boat as everyone crowds around them.  We see Pacey Joey, and Will’s mom come up and hug Will.  Then Bella.  Joey and Pacey smile at one another.  Jake comes up to Hamilton gives him a high five.  Kate finds Hamilton and gives him a hug.

Hamilton (to Will): Where’d Scout go?

Will looks around and shrugs.

(cut to): Scout running holding Jill by the hand as she follows him.  They get to a part of the lake where no one is.  There is a boat (like the one Bella and Sean were in that time) by the lake.  Scout pushes it into the water.

Jill: What are you—

Scout grins at her.

Scout: No questions…just get in.

Jill puts her hands on her hips.

Jill: Scout…

Scout: Please?

He smiles and she can’t resist…she gets in.  Scout pushes it off and then hops in. 

(cut to): Scout rowing the boat to the middle of the lake.  They are seated so that they are facing each other and are as close as possible.

Scout: This is in case you had planned on running away again.

Jill laughs

Jill: What?

Scout: Well, there’s the romantic gesture of sailing off together too.

Jill smiles.  After a moment:

Jill: I’m not going to run away.

Scout gestures around.

Scout: Well, no, obviously not.

Jill: I don’t just mean literally.

Scout looks up at her.

Jill cont’d: Last night was to ensure you got some rest.  And before that…well, that doesn’t matter because it’s not a problem.

Scout: So, if I kiss you…you’re not going to make like Leonardo?

Jill: No, but if you don’t hurry up and do it…you might.

Scout looks away and laughs.  He slowly leans forward.  He starts to kiss her and pulls back.  He laughs.  He leans in again.

Jill: I wasn’t kidding.

Scout laughs.

Jill cont’d: Seriously, I bet the water is freezing.  You wouldn’t last more than—

Scout kisses her.

(cut to): The crew team on the bleachers.  There are still some people milling around.

Finn: So, with the possible exception of the MIA Scout Calhoun…It appears everyone took my advice and didn’t think about girls…

(cut to): Will who looks down.

Finn: …got some sleep…

(cut to): Hamilton who still looks tired.

Finn: …etc.  Well done gentlemen…well done. 

(fade to): The New Rawley bus station.  Bella, Pacey and Joey are there at the same bench.  Pacey’s and Joey’s bags are on the bench.  Pacey stands behind Joey with his eyes wrapped around her.

Bella: I’m sure he’ll get here in time.

(cut to): the road as the bus is coming along.

(cut to): Bella as she looks up.

Bella: Or, maybe not…

Will rides up on his bike, still wearing his crew stuff.

Will: Don’t try to sneak off without saying goodbye.

He gets off his bike.

Will: I can’t believe this is the last bus to Capeside this weekend.  I wish you could have stayed longer…I barely got to see you.

The bus pulls up.

Joey: You’ll have to visit Capeside again.

Pacey: Yeah, and bring your friends.

Pacey nods toward Bella.

Will tries to give Pacey one of those home boy hugs, but Pace grabs him and gives him a real hug.  Joey gives Will a hug and then Bella a hug.

Joey: Thanks so much for letting me stay with you…my sister was given much peace, I assure.

Bella: No problem…come back anytime.

Pacey gives Bella a quick hug.

Pacey (to Bella): Take care of this boy-genius.

Bella smiles.  Pacey and Joey pick up their bags.

Pacey: Bye kids.

Pacey and Joey climb on the bus.

(cut to):  A medium close-up of Will and Bella.  They happen to both look at one another at the same time.

Bella: Come on boy genius…you’re buying me lunch.

(cut to): Hamilton walking toward the dorm.  He stops cold.

(cut to): A shot from his point of view.  A medium long shot of his mom and Finn as they walk past one another.  She touches his arm.  He walks on for another few steps then turns around and follows her.  They’re walking in the direction of the dorms.

(cut to): Hamilton.  He looks surprised.  He doesn’t notice Jake as she comes up and stands next to him, elbowing him.  He looks over at her.

Hamilton: Hi.

Jake: You ok?  You look a little…not ok.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Yeah, I’m fine.  Uh, I’m going to run by Finn’s place to see if he’s picked out the next book we’re going to read for Crew.

Jake gives him a suspicious look.

Jake: I’ll come with you.

Hamilton nods.

(fade to): Finn’s apartment.  Kate is sitting on the couch petting Scully.  Finn comes out of the kitchen with two plates.  There is a knock.

Finn: Who is it?

Hamilton: Uh, it’s Hamilton.

Kate looks up, alarmed.  Finn nods toward the bedroom.  Kate gets up and quietly walks out.

(cut to): The outside of the door where Jake and Hamilton stand.

Jake: God, what’s he doing in there?

Hamilton looks over at her disturbed.  The door opens.

Finn: Hi Hamilton. 

He sees Jake.

Finn: Jake.

Hamilton: Can we come in?

Finn: Oh, yeah, sure.

Finn opens the door and they go in.

(cut to): inside the apartment as they enter.  Hamilton and Jake look around.

Finn: Did you need something in particular?

Hamilton looks down at the table and sees two plates.  Jake notices the cat.

Jake: Aw, he’s so cute. 

Hamilton: Yeah, uh, what are we reading for Crew?

Finn: Oh, I haven’t decided yet.  Maybe, Of Mice and Men.

Hamilton nods.  Jake picks up the cat.

Hamilton: Thanks.

Jake (to Hamilton): Isn’t he cute?

Hamilton: I’m more of a dog person.

Jake looks at him, picking up on the fact that something’s wrong.  She sets the cat down.  He jumps off the couch.  Hamilton watches him.  After he lands on the floor and walks away, there is an earring where he was standing.  Hamilton looks at it for a second, then back up at Jake.

Hamilton (looking at Jake): Well, Finn, thanks and we’ll see you in class on Monday.

Hamilton turns to leave.  Jake shrugs to Finn and follows him.  Finn stands there a little perplexed, but not worried.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will and Bella walk in and sit down.

Will (voice over): Some people think that there are a limited number of “stories.”

(cut to): Scout and Jill still in the boat.  They seem to be having a lively, fun conversation.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I guess that would imply that there are only a certain number of love stories too. 

(cut to): Finn’s apartment as Kate walks out from the bedroom.

(cut to): Pacey and Joey on the bus.  This time, Pacey is by the window.  Both of them have schoolbooks opened.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Maybe the stories don’t change all that much. 

(cut to): Bella and Will who look at the menus, without talking to one another.  Bella looks up and smiles at Will.  He smiles and looks down.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, what makes everything different isn’t the story.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton sitting at the dock.  Hamilton is looking across the lake and Jake is watching him, thoughtfully.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It’s the love.

(cut to): Will and Bella.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: So, while there are a limited amount of love stories…there are really infinitely many.

(fade out)


The Freaking End


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P.S. If the last part of this episode seems rushes…it was.  We apologize and can promise only that the next one will be better (we hope).