Home Alone


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy. 

(cut to): a swift pan across the woods that ends with a shot of Rawley Girls’ Academy.

(cut to): the hall of the girls’ dorms.  Scout walks down the hall.  He’s carrying a bouquet of crimson roses. Things look brighter and more modern in the girls’ dorm.  All the doors are decorated and have nametags on them.  He stops in front of a door. 

(cut to): A shot inside Jill’s room.  She is unpacking a suitcase.  This indicates that everyone is just getting back for the new semester.  There’s an empty bed in her room.  The room looks more like a dorm style room than the older rooms at the boys’ school   The girls also have their own bathrooms (the bathroom door is opened and we know it’s there).  There’s also a phone on her desk (the guys don’t really have phones…they have cell phones).  Jill smiles and walks over to the door. 

Music: Breathless by The Corrs

(cut to): A shot over her shoulder as she opens the door.  All we see is the flowers.  Scout pulls them down to reveal his face. 

Jill: Hi.

Scout: Hi.

Jill: You’re not supposed to be in here.

Scout: Yeah…I should go.

Jill steps back so he can come in the room.  She closes the door behind him.  He leans toward her, kissing her and handing her the flowers. 

Jill: Scout…thank you.

He smiles and looks down.  He puts his hands in his pockets and steps more into the room.

Will (voice over): I wonder sometimes about why humans seem on a constant quest to find love and companionship.

Jill looks around.  With her paint stuff is an empty gallon container that has the top part cut off.  There’s some paint on the outside.  She walks over and picks it up.  She walks into the bathroom.

Scout: So, they never assigned you a roommate?

Jill (off screen): Actually, I’m going to have one this semester…she’s just not here yet.  Her name is Gwen.  I talked to her on the phone.  She sounds very…studious.

Will (v.o) cont’d: Like we can’t survive all on our own.

Scout: Hmm…too bad.

Jill (o.s.): Why?  Were ya thinking of moving in yourself?

Scout: Yeah, maybe.  Jake pulled it off.

Jill walks back out and has the flowers in the make shift vase.  She sets it down on her dresser.

Jill: Uh-huh.  Ok, Scout…I’ve seen you in drag.

Scout feigns cringing.

Scout: I’d blocked that out.

Jill thinks for a second.

Jill: Speaking of “Jake”…

Jill actually does the finger quote marks thing when she says Jake’s name.

Scout: Oh…yeah…what are you going to do about that?

Jill shrugs and shakes her head.

Jill: I don’t know…I’m sure he’ll be here soon.  Stay for moral support?

Scout nods.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But we certainly could survive all alone….

(cut to): Jake’s room…there’s nothing in it except for the original furniture.  The camera pans around quickly in a confusing and disorienting fashion.  It stops at the door.  There is a knock…a pause…another knock. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …if we had to.  Not as a species, but certainly as individuals.

The handle turns and the door slowly opens as the camera zooms in.  Hamilton sticks his head in and looks around.  He looks confused.  He pulls his head back out and closes the door.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Nothing is more frightening than solitude.  Maybe that’s why we long for companionship.  It’s not the desire to be with someone, but rather, the fear of being without someone…of being alone.

(cut to): Hamilton in the hall.  His hand is still on the doorknob.  It slides off slowly.  He turns and walks down the hall.

(fade out)


Opening Credits and Guest Stars


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(fade in): Jill’s room.  It’s noon. the day before classes start at Rawley Academy.  She and Scout are still there.  Jill’s hanging up a sweater in her closet.  Scout’s standing by her suitcase.  He hands her another sweater.  She takes it and pulls out another hanger from the closet.  She’s about to put the sweater on the hanger when there’s a knock at the door.  Jill looks at Scout.

Scout: Here we go…

Jill hands Scout the sweater and hanger and goes over to open the door.  She opens it.  Hamilton’s standing there not looking particularly upset.

Jill: Hey, Hamilton…come on in before they find you here.  They’re claiming that they’re going to buckle down and let no one get away with anything.

Hamilton: Tell me about it.  “They” is my dad.  There’s a ton of new rules too.

He walks in and Jill closes the door behind him.  Ham nods to Scout.

Scout: Hey…how’s it going, Ham?

Hamilton: It’s going.  Jill, did Jake say when she’s coming back? 

Jill looks at Scout.

Scout: Hamilton, maybe you should sit down.

Hamilton looks confused.

Hamilton: Ok…I think I know what’s going on here.

Jill: What?

Hamilton: She’s coming here, isn’t she?  To Rawley Girls’?  You never had a roommate anyway.

Jill and Scout look at each other.

Jill: I have a roommate this semester…and it’s not Jacqueline.

Hamilton looks at Jill then Scout then back to Jill.

Hamilton: So, what’s going on then?  When’s she coming back?

Jill looks down for a second as Hamilton waits.  She looks back up.

Jill:  Okay…Hamilton…she’s not. 

Hamilton looks at her as it registers (kind of the same look he gave Jake in the bathroom stall that time).  His face goes white as he backs out toward the door.

Jill: Hamilton…

He turns around to leave.

Jill: She just…she’s with her mom in Europe.  She thought—

But, it’s too late because he’s gone.

Scout: Should I—

Jill: Not right now.  He won’t talk to you right now.

Scout: That was so cold of her.  Her mom didn’t make her go, right?

Jill: No, she wanted her to come back here.  She said it was really doing her good.

Scout:  I mean, that guy is so…

Jill: …puppy dog in love with her?  Yeah, he is.  They’re both so stubborn, ya know?  On New Years’, after you guys went to sleep and pretty much everyone else left the party they were both just sitting there…not talking to each other…obviously wanting too.  Then Hamilton just gets up, collects his aunt and says ‘well, Jake, this was fun…see ya back at school.’  The big dork.  So, she leaves the country with her mom.  I mean, damn…that’s just bad communication there.

Scout: Yeah…too bad about them.  So, want to come to my room?

Jill raises her eyebrows.

Scout: To get your Christmas present.

Jill smiles.

(cut to): Bella and Will in her living room.  They’re taking down the Christmas tree.  All the lights are gone and there are only one or two more ornaments.  Will pulls off the last ornament, wraps it in tissue paper and puts it in the ornament box.

Will: There. 

Bella: Thanks, Will.  I’ll take this stuff up to the attic later.

Will: I can—

Bella: What I meant was I’ll get my dad make Grace do it.

Will smiles.

Bella sits down on the couch.  Will does to.

Bella: So, you guys start classes tomorrow?

Will: Yep.  E.H.S. goes back the day after, right?

Bella: Uh-huh.

Will: Now that you guys are doing that four by four block schedule thing, you’re going to have all new classes, right?

Bella: Yes, and that reminds me…guess who I have for English.

Will: Who?

Bella: Just…Ms. Ryan.

Will: She’s back?

Bella (teasing): Yeah…you still in love with her?

Will laughs.

Will: What?  I was never in love with her.

Bella: Uh-huh…and I was never in love with Mr. Benton.

Will: Our first grade teacher?  You were in love with that guy?

Bella: Madly.

Will: He looked like Kermit the Frog.

Bella: Well…I was seven…I was in love with Kermit the Frog too.

Will looks at his watch as he speaks:

Will: You were in love with a frog.

Bella: And now…I’m in love with a prince.

Will blushes.  He looks at his watch again.

Will: More like a pauper…

Bella: You have to go to work?

Will nods.  He gets up.  Bella stands up too.

Bella: So…sometime today…

Will: We tell Sean.

Bella: Okay.

Will kisses her on the cheek.

Will: Later…

Will walks out.

(cut to): Inside Friendly’s.  Sean’s sitting at a booth writing in a notebook.  Will walks in.

Will: Sean, what’s up, man?

The waitress working takes off her apron and clocks out.  Will nods at her as she walks out.

Sean: Not much.  About to have a quick meeting with Grace and some of her friends.

Will raises his eyebrows.

Sean: They’re making some signs for me.

Will nods.

Will: Okay…well, I’m here too if I can do anything.

Sean: I have to give a speech.  I know what I want to say, but…I want people to really hear it, ya know?

Will: Sean, you’re the paradigm of idealism in student government. They’re gonna hear you; they’re gonna be inspired by you; they’re gonna vote for you.

Sean: With your help.   You’re the writer.  I need eloquence.

Will: Of course I’ll help, but you’ve got more of a voice than you think.

Sean: Thanks, Will.

Will: So, you want to start now or wait until your campaign crew gets here?

Sean laughs.

Sean: They might not be the best group of strategists, but they’re more than willing to help.

(cut to): Grace and her three townie friends: Elizabeth, Anne and Alison.  They’re walking down the street.  Elizabeth and Anne were at Sean’s party talking to Hamilton in Dreamscap.  Alison is new.

Alison: Think Sean will win?

Grace: I hope so.  Becky Johnson doesn’t deserve to be head cheerleader and school president.

Elizabeth: Yeah, that bitch. 

Hamilton walks by them quickly.

Elizabeth: Hamilton!

He turns around reluctantly.  Everyone stops.  Hamilton doesn’t say anything.

Elizabeth: I’m Elizabeth.  We met at Sean’s party.  Remember?

Hamilton: Um, no…not really.  Sorry.

He shrugs, turns around and walks away.

Anne: God, he sure was pissy.

Elizabeth: But beautiful.

Anne: Think about how much hotter he’d be with…blue hair.

Alison: You’re insane. 

Anne: You know you like it…

Grace: It’s such a waste

Elizabeth: What?

Grace: Well, I heard he’s gay.

Elizabeth: He is not!  He was totally hitting on me at Sean’s party.

Anne: Yeah…after like five beers.

Alison: He didn’t seem to remember you.

Elizabeth: Yes he did.

Grace: Anyway, we have to hurry up and get to Friendly’s…

Alison: That’s right…Grace has that thing for Sean.

Grace: Can you blame me?  He’s so sexy.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will is sitting with Sean at the booth.  He’s presumably helping him with his speech.  Hamilton walks in.

Will: Hey, Ham…what are you doing here?  Shouldn’t you be hiding out with Jake…making out or whatever?

Hamilton looks angry for a split second, smiles weakly instead.  He starts to speak, but doesn’t.  He walks into the bathroom.

Sean: What’s with him?

Will: I don’t know.  Maybe something happened with Jake or his parents.  He’s kind of temperamental.

(cut to): Kate’s classroom.  She’s working on a sculpture.  Steven walks in.

Kate: Hello, dear.

Steven checks out the sculpture.

Steven: That’s looking good.

Kate: Thank you.

She stops working for a moment and pushes some of her hair out of her face with the back of her hand.

Steven: Um…I contacted a family counselor in Carson.

Kate starts work again.

Kate: Oh, really?

Steven: I think it will be good for us.

Kate: Okay.

Steven: I though it might also be good to take Hamilton too...at least to the first session.  He seems to have some idea of what’s going on.

Kate sighs.

Kate: He actually has a very good idea.

Steven looks at her, but she doesn’t look up.

Steven: He knows?

Kate nods.

Steven: He knows that you were having an affair?  Did you tell him?

Kate: God, of course not.  He—

She stops herself, but looks up at him.  Steven thinks for a moment.

Steven: …caught you.  He caught you?

She looks down again.

Steven: Jesus, Kate…

He turns around and walks out, shaking his head.  Kate puts her hands on the sculpture, but doesn’t go on.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Friendly’s.  Hamilton is sitting by himself in a booth.  He’s sitting sort of sideways with one leg up on the seat.  There’s a plate of food and a Coke in front of him, but he hasn’t touched it.  Sean, Grace and company are sitting at another booth.  They are coming up with campaign slogans.  Will stands behind the counter.  He looks over at Hamilton and tilts his head, looking confused.

(cut to): A closer shot of Hamilton in the booth.  We can still hear Sean and the girls as they suggest ideas—too bad to even mention.  Hamilton picks up a fry, but puts it down.  Will walks over and sits down.  Hamilton continues to stare at his plate.

Will: Look, I, uh, know you’re a man of few words, but I noticed that when you do start talking…you manage to express yourself incredibly well.

Hamilton looks at him, seeming resolved to just say it.

Hamilton: Jake’s not coming back.

Will: What?  Why?

Hamilton: I don’t know…

Will: Well, where is she?

Hamilton: I don’t know…

Will: Did you have some kind of fight?

Hamilton: I don’t know…

Will looks a little frustrated.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean…I don’t think we had a fight.  I’ve been sitting here trying to figure it out.  At the party, she said she didn’t want to be on pause anymore.  I just assumed she meant she wanted us to go back to how we were, but…maybe that isn’t what she meant at all.

Will: That really sucks.

Elizabeth walks up and sits next to Hamilton.  Since she’s on the edge of the bench and his leg is in the seat, he takes it down.

Elizabeth: Hi, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Hi…

He looks at Will like “help me.”

Elizabeth: So, when we were talking at Sean’s party you said you sort of had a girlfriend.  Did you break up with her?  Is that why you’re so mopey?

Hamilton doesn’t answer her.  He looks pretty annoyed by her presence.  She reaches up and runs her hand through his hair and down his neck.

Elizabeth cont’d: Well, if you need someone to talk to…

Hamilton leans away from her touch.

Hamilton: I’ve got Will.

Elizabeth looks at Will who shrugs and nods his head in agreement.

Grace (from the other table): See….I told you.

Elizabeth puts on a fake smile as she gets up and walks back to the other table.  Hamilton and Will look at each other kind of amused.

(cut to): Ryder at Jake’s door.  He knocks and waits for a moment.  No one comes.  He shrugs and turns to walk away.  He almost runs into Scout and Jill who are headed to Scout’s room and in a world of their own.

Ryder: Watch it, Calhoun.

Scout: You watch it, Ryder.  I’m really sick of your crap.

Ryder: Aren’t you brave…

Jill: Leave him alone, Ryder.  I mean, don’t you get it?  You can’t always be such a jackass.

Ryder: Thanks for the advice, Love.  If you ever decide to drop this loser for a guy with some class—

Jill: You’ll be the last person I call…right after Tom Greene and Johnny Knoxville.

Ryder smiles.

Ryder: So, anyway…where’s Jake…Jacqueline, I mean?

Jill: She’s in London.

Not what Ryder was expecting to hear.

Jill cont’d: Yeah.  Her mom’s play is about to start touring Europe.  Jacqueline’s going with her.

Ryder: She’s not coming back to Rawley?

Jill shakes her head.

Jill: You don’t look as pleased as I would have thought.

Ryder (feigning surprise): You’re not suggesting that I had something to do with Miss Pratt’s premature withdrawal.

Scout: Jill, come on.  We’ve already lost precious moments of our life talking to this guy.

They walk away, ignoring him.  He shrugs and walks off.

Jill: Did you just say ‘our life’?

Scout smiles.  They get to Scout’s room.

(cut to): Scout’s room as they walk inside.  Jill’s painting is in a frame and hanging on the wall.  She notices.  Scout runs over to the top drawer of his dresser and takes out a small wrapped box.  He hands it to her. 

Jill: You know you didn’t have to get me anything.

Scout: So, you don’t want it?

Jill: I wouldn’t go that far.

She unwraps the present.  Inside is a watch box.  She opens it and inside is, low and behold, a watch.

Jill: Thanks.

Scout: See, I know you have this one.

He picks up her wrist indicating a worn looking sports watch. 

Scout cont’d: But, there’s like paint and stuff on it and…it’s really cute, you know, but I just thought—

Jill: Scout, it’s a great watch.  Thank you.

She smiles and walks up to him.

Scout: And I know it’s not as personal as your painting, which I love, by the way.  But, it’s engraved.  And I thought—

Jill: Scout…I love it, ok?

He smiles and she kisses him.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Grace and her friends are leaving.  Sean and Hamilton are still at their respective tables.  Will is sweeping.

Sean: Thanks, girls.

Grace: Anytime, Sean.

Elizabeth: Bye, Hamilton.

He looks over and waves.  They leave.  Hamilton picks up his burger and takes a bite.

Will: So, they’re going to make your signs and put them up the first day back?

Sean: Yeah.

Will: You made sure they knew that “Vote for Sean because he’s the bomb” isn’t really an appropriate campaign slogan, right?

Will walks back toward the counter.  Sean laughs.  Will walks back to the counter.  Hamilton picks up his plate and half empty glass of Coke.  He walks toward Sean’s table.  In the background we see Will on the phone.

Hamilton: When’s the election?

Sean: Like a week after classes start.

Hamilton sits down and takes a sip of his Coke.

Hamilton: Think you’ll win?

Sean shrugs.

Sean: Student government is a popularity contest and my opponent is a senior and the head cheerleader and fairly pleasant company at parties.

Hamilton: Uh-oh.  Triple threat.

Sean smiles.

Sean: It’s really no big deal if I win or not.  I’m still going to join student government and try to get some stuff done.

Hamilton: Cool.

Hamilton takes one more bits of his burger and tosses it down.  He gets up and takes another sip of his coke.

Hamilton: Well, I’m going to head out.

Will: Want to do me a favor and head out the back door? 

Hamilton looks at him.

Will cont’d: And take the trash with you…

Hamilton nods his head.

Hamilton: Yeah, sure man.

(cut to): The alley behind Friendly’s.  The back door opens and Hamilton walks out with a bag of trash.  There’s a dumpster.  He looks around.

Hamilton: Gross. 

He starts to throw the trash in the dumpster when he hears a noise.  He puts the bag down and looks around.  There’s a small quiet meow from inside the dumpster.  He thinks twice, but looks down inside.

Hamilton (muffled): Hey…

He sticks his arm inside and pulls out…a cat.  It’s not a small kitten, but it’s not a cat either.  It’s probably about six months old. It’s an orange tabby.  

Hamilton: Hey.

Hamilton: What are you doing out here all by yourself?  It’s freezing.

The cat meows again.

Hamilton: Fine…I’m convinced.  You can come home with me.

He looks around and finds a clean box.  He walks off with the cat and the box.  He leaves the bag of trash next to the dumpster.

(cut to): back inside Friendly’s.

Sean: Well, I guess I’ve been here long enough too so…

He gets up.

Will: Hey, stay, man.  Sit down.  Business has been so slow.  It’s totally boring here.

Before Sean can say anything, Bella walks in.  He is standing as he puts on his bookbag.

Sean: Sorry…I really gotta go.

Bella: Sean…

Sean: What?  What, Bella?

Will: Bella and I need to talk to you.

Sean looks back and forth between the two.

Sean: What?

Will: Why don’t you sit back down?

Sean gives will a questioning look, but doesn’t look suspicious of the obvious.  He sits.

Sean: What?

Bella and Will walk over and sit with Sean.

Bella: There’s this thing that…we have to tell you.  We should have said it sooner, but…I didn’t want to.

Sean: Ok…shoot.

Will and Bella look at each other.  Will looks really freaked out.

Bella: Ok, when you asked me to help you out and I said no…

Will looks at Bella then at the unsuspecting Sean.

Will: …she didn’t think you were going to enlist Grace.

Bella looks at Will.

Bella: Will…

Will: Bella, someone had to say it.  I mean, that girl has a huge crush on you, man.  Would Bill Clinton ask Monica Lewinsky to be his publicist? 

Sean: Hey, I would never—

Will: Do anything with Grace.  I know that, but think of how it looks to everyone else.  What if you told Grace and her friends that Bella and I are going to help out now?  I was going to help you with that speech anyway.  I’m sure Bella can handle the managerial stuff.  I bet we could even enlist Jill to make some killer signs.  And you know Scout will have some general tips.

Sean looks at Bella.  She smiles and shrugs.

Sean: Sounds good…

He gets up.

Sean cont’d: uh, but I really do need to go.  We can all meet up here tomorrow if that works for everyone.

Will: Ok.

Sean: See ya…

He walks away looking uncertain.  When’s he’s gone, Bella gets up.  Will is still sitting at the table.

Bella: What were you thinking, Will?

Will gets up too.

Will: I don’t know…I don’t know.  I mean…maybe we should make sure that we’re sure before…

Bella looks hurt.

Bella: Sure of what, exactly? 

Will: You know I didn’t mean it like that.  You know I didn’t.  When he was sitting there, I just…I freaked out.

Bella: Obviously.

Will: I just…I didn’t think it’d be that hard.

Bella: Will, I was the one talking.

Will: I know, but I was watching him.  He was just sitting there…not expecting it.  Did you hear him?  He said “shoot.”  I mean, it doesn’t seem fair.  It’s not fair.

Bella: What’s not?  Telling him?  Or…

Will walks up to her.  He runs his hand through her hair.

Will: You know I want to be with you, but it’s not fair to him…that we’re hurting him.  And, he does need to know.  It’s just hard.

Bella: We’ve been through all this before, Will.  That’s how we got to where we were just a minute ago.

Will: Ok.  So, we try again tomorrow.

Bella: Think you can handle?

Will: Of course…I think

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Hamilton in his room.  He’s pacing around.  The box with the cat in it is on the floor by his bed.  He stops and looks down inside.  There’s newspaper covering half the box.  On the other side is a dish of milk.  The cat is asleep near the milk.  He looks around.  His bookbag is hanging on his desk chair.  He opens it and pulls out his laptop.  He sets it on his desk.  There’s a phone cord on his desk that he plugs into the laptop.  There’s a knock at his door.  Hamilton looks at the door then at the cat.  He runs over to the cat and slides the box under the bed.  The startles cat meows.

Hamilton: Shhh…

Kate (off screen): Hamilton?

Hamilton: Yeah, mom?

She opens the door slowly.

Kate: Didn’t you hear me knock?  What were you doing?

She comes in, looking around the room.  Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I was just about to check my email.

Kate: Your dad told me about Jake.

Hamilton: He knows?

Kate: Sweetie, he’s the dean.  He knows when a student withdraws and when he notices that student is your best friend…he wonders if you’re ok.

Hamilton: Yeah, of course.  I’m fine.

Kate: And I’m your mom, so when you tell me you’re fine with that look on your face, I get this feeling that you’re lying and that you’re the complete opposite of fine.

Hamilton sits on his bed.

Hamilton: Well, yeah, the girl that I love left without telling me or telling me why.  So, I guess I shouldn’t be fine. 

Kate: She didn’t tell you?

Hamilton shakes his head and looks down.

Kate sits next to him on the bed.

Kate: Your dad got an email from Monica Pratt saying she and Jake wanted to spend more time together and that’s why Jake was withdrawing from Rawley.

Hamilton: She wrote it…

Kate: Yes.

Hamilton: No, I mean…Jake…Jake must have written it.

Kate: Oh, right, I didn’t even think of that.

Hamilton looks over at his laptop.

Kate: Check it.

Hamilton looks back at her.

Kate cont’d: Go on.  I need to talk to you, though, ok?

Hamilton: Yeah, sure.

He gets up and sits at his desk.  While they talk he gets the computer started, connected to the internet, etc.

Kate: Your father wants us to go to counseling.  Our first appointment is tonight in Carson.

Hamilton: Mom, that’s great.  It’ll probably be great for you two.

Kate: I hope so.  When I said us, though, I meant you too.

Hamilton: What?  Why do I have to go?

Kate: You won’t actually have to go every time Dad and I do, but the doctor wants the whole family to come in this time then maybe you’ll come with us once a month.

Hamilton: But, it’s not about me…it’s about you guys.

Kate: It’s about our family.

Hamilton: You know, whose idea was this anyway?  Because, everything seems fine.  Obviously Dad decided to forgive you and move on.

Kate: There’re a lot of feelings that Dad and I haven’t even begun to talk about.  We have to work through a lot of that.  He does know that you know.  He doesn’t know that, um…Finn is the one who…

Hamilton: No wonder he didn’t fire that jerk.  I can’t believe you didn’t tell him. 

Kate: He didn’t want to know.

Hamilton: Yeah, right.  Even if that is what he said…

Kate: I know.  No one ever tells you how they’re really feeling.

Hamilton finally gets his email opened.  He stares at the screen.

Kate: Anything?

Hamilton: Yeah…

He clicks on the email and opens it, reading it quickly.  Kate doesn’t say anything.  She watches him.

Hamilton: It’s not fair.

Kate: What’s not?

Hamilton: That she’s not coming back…that she won’t tell me why…that it’s really over.

Kate: What did she say?

He swallows and looks back down at his screen.  He’s so hurt and almost pouty.

Hamilton: “Dear Hamilton, by the time you read this, I guess you’ll know I’m not coming back to Rawley…I know how you never check email.”  Then there’s one of those annoying sideways smiley face things. Then: “Anyway, I’m sorry.  When I can explain it, I will.  Goodbye…Jacqueline.”  That’s it.

He closes the laptop.

Hamilton cont’d: So, when do we have to leave for this counseling thing?

Kate: Are you going to tell your father about her?

Hamilton: What’s the point?

Kate: That’s up to you.

Hamilton: I don’t want to tell him…not today, anyway.  Someday…just not today.

There’s a meow from under his bed.  Kate looks down.

Kate: Something you want to tell me?

He gets up and bends down, pulling the box from under the bed.

Hamilton: I found him today.

Kate: Oh, my.  Well, we can drop it off at the shelter when we go to Carson.

Hamilton: What are you talking about?  I’m going to keep him.

Kate: Sweetie, you have plenty of pets.

He sits on the ground and picks up the cat.  He doesn’t look at his mom.

Kate: …but you don’t have a cat.

Hamilton looks up at her.

Hamilton: Really?

Kate: As long as it’s okay with your father.

Hamilton: Thank you, mom.

(cut to): Scout and Jill as they walk back to Jill’s room.  They open the door to find Jill’s new roommate.  She’s unpacking.  She would be played by Anna Paquin (with the American accent).  She’s definitely dork-ified.  Hopefully not in that fake, see through way… she should genuinely look studious.  Not that someone can look studious…but you get the idea. 

Gwen: Hi, I’m Gwen.

Jill: I’m Jill Thomas.  This is Scout.

Scout: Hi.

They come all the way in and close the door.

Gwen: Guys aren’t really supposed to be in here, are they?

Jill: Well, not technically, but…you’d be surprised what you can get away with.

Gwen: Well, I don’t want to get away with anything. 

Scout: Uh…she’s right, I should go.  I’ll see you soon, though.

Scout goes in to kiss her, but Gwen is watching so he smiles and turns around to leave.

Scout: Later, ladies.

Jill watches him leave and turns back around.  Gwen is back to unpacking.  She has tons of books which she is putting on her desk.  Jill smiles, not happy, but trying.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Will is there collecting stuff to go take a shower.  Scout comes in.  It’s probably about 4:00 p.m.

Will: Hey, what’s up?

Scout: Not much…how was work?

Will: It was work.  Really slow today.  Sean was there all afternoon.

Scout: Did you tell him, yet?

Will: Well, after everyone but Sean left, I called Bella.  She came over and we were about to tell him, but I freaked out.  I couldn’t go through with it.  We’re supposed to do it tomorrow, but…

Scout: …it’s hard.  I bet.

Will: What was I thinking?  I mean, I’ve fallen in love with Bella.  What right did I have to do that?

Scout: That was rhetorical, right?

Will: God…this is bad.  This is going to be bad.  Sean was so mad at me when I didn’t tell him I was going to Rawley.  This is like a hundred times worse.  What am I going to do?

Scout: Well, I think the two options are to tell Sean or not tell him.  Although, you could always break up with Bella…then there’d be nothing to tell.

Will looks up at Scout.

Scout: I’m just kidding.  Obviously, you just have to get it together and let Sean know what’s going on.  No matter what happens, you’ve got to feel better than you do right now.  You look like crap.

Will: Thanks. 

Scout: Oh, hey, I gave Jill that watch.  I think she liked it.

Will: What about the earrings?

Scout: I’m going to give those to her tonight…at dinner…in Carson.

Will: You’re going all the way to Carson?  We start school tomorrow.  And besides, one of the new rules Czar Fleming has introduced is be back on campus by eight. 

Scout: I know…but I want to take her someplace really nice.

Will: One would think you were proposing to the girl.

Scout smiles.

Will: You’re not, right?

Scout: No…of course not. 

Scout looks down.

Scout cont’d: Not tonight.

Will: You scare me, man. 

Will picks his stuff up and walks out.

Will: The shower is calling me…

Scout: Later.

Will leaves and Scout pulls out his cell phone.  He dials a number.

Scout: Hello.  I just wanted to check on my reservation for tonight?  Calhoun for seven.  Ok…thank you. 

He hangs up.  He dials another number.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  They actually have a phone.  Gwen answers it.

Gwen: Hi.  Jill and Gwen’s room.  Uh, yeah, hang on.

She hands the phone to Jill who is mixing paint.  Jill wipes her hands off and takes the phone.

Jill: Hey.  Okay…but, we start classes tomorrow…Okay…You’re not going to tell me?  How will I know what to wear?…Okay….see you in an hour.

She hangs up the phone.

Gwen: So, he’s your boyfriend?

Jill: Scout?  Yeah.

Gwen is pretty much done packing.  She sits down on her bed.

Jill cont’d: So…do you have a boyfriend?

Gwen: God, no. 

Jill hesitates for a moment.

Jill: Girlfriend?

Gwen: No.

Jill: Okay…

Jill gets up so she can get ready.

Gwen: I don’t have a boyfriend because of school.

Jill: That makes sense…

Gwen: I don’t have time for guys.  I have time for school. 

Jill: Oh. 

Jill looks around.

Jill cont’d: Well…I’ve got to get ready to go God knows where so…

She turns and goes into the bathroom.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Hamilton and his parents in the car on the way to Carson.  It’s about 6:00.  The radio is tuned into some news channel.  Hamilton is looking out the window.  His mom looks bored.

Kate: Why don’t we switch the radio to some music dear?  Maybe something Hamilton would like?

Steve: Oh…sure.

He switches it to an oldies station.  Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis is on.  Hamilton looks less than pleased, but looks out the window and doesn’t say anything.

Kate: Steven…we don’t even like Elvis.  Let me find something.

She turns it to a pop/rock station.  Back Here Baby by BBMack is on.  Hamilton puts his elbow up on the window ledge and leans his head against it.  After a good chorus of the song Hamilton leans forward, stretching to cut the radio off.

Hamilton: Can we just not listen to music?  I have a headache.

Kate and Steven look at each other.

(cut to): Scout and Jill driving in Scout’s new Expedition.

Jill: This car hella cool.  I thought only seniors could have cars.

Scout: Oh, yeah…my dad pulled a few strings.  No big deal.

Jill: God, why did I even think about that?  I’ve been hanging out with Gwen Guidelines all afternoon.  I swear she memorized the student handbook before she came here.  She was like “but, I thought we weren’t supposed to be off campus after eight without permission.” 

Scout: We really aren’t.  I don’t think we’re ever supposed to go to Carson, but some things are worth breaking the rules for.

He looks over at her.  They smile.  On the radio Breathless by the Corrs is playing.

Jill: This is a good song…

(dissolve to): Hamilton, Steven and Kate in the office of what we assume is the counselor.  They are all sitting on a very large, expensive looking couch.  The office looks pretty nice.  There are toys in one section of the room.  Not one of the Fleming trio is speaking.  The door opens.  The doctor walks in.  He would be played by Dean Cain.  He’s looking down at the file.

Dr. Parker: Welcome Flemings, I’m Miles Parker.

He looks up.

Dr. Parker: Whoa.  Okay…you guys look terrified.  Don’t be.  This is painless.

He takes a seat in a winged-back chair.

Dr. Parker: So, no matter whom the person or persons, I like to ask “why are you here?” 

They all look at each other.

Dr. Parker: Whoa, not everybody at once.  Why don’t we start with the Patriarch?  Steven?

Steven: Well, I suppose I’m here because I want to make my marriage and my family work a little better. 

Dr. Parker: That sounds like a noble idea.  Just realize that I’m here more as a coach than a doctor.  What about Mrs. Fleming?  Kate, why are you here?

Kate: Well, I feel like I have a lot of apologizing to do…to my son and to my husband.

Dr. Parker: It sounds like you want forgiveness…from them…from yourself.  Forgiving is a healing process that I hope I can get you all through.  Now, moving on and finishing up: what about you, Hamilton?

Hamilton: Um…well, I’m not supposed to come to all the sessions, but I just want to try and support my parents. 

Dr. Parker: So, it’s them not you?

He looks at them, not knowing what to say.

Hamilton: I guess I haven’t been the most dedicated family member this year. 

He looks down.

Dr. Parker: Ok—

Hamilton: It’s just hard to be a third wheel in your own family.  Whatever they’re doing is always more important. 

Steven: That isn’t true.  We’ve always tried to be interested in your life and what you’re doing.

Hamilton: Really?  And what have I spent the last six months doing, huh dad?  Have you even bothered to notice that I’m this completely changed person?  Have you bothered to wonder why?

Steven: Have you been using drugs?

Hamilton leans forward putting his head in his hands. 

Hamilton: No…Dad…sir.

Steven: I’ve asked you about your life…

Hamilton: I…I know…sorry…I’ve had kind of a bad day.

Kate (to the doctor): His best friend kind of moved away.

Dr. Parker: Something you want to talk about a little, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Oh, no…it’s no big deal.

The doctor looks at him unconvinced, but decides to move on.

Dr. Parker: Well, then, since Hamilton is here for this session, I thought we might touch on the biggest reason that brought this family here tonight.

Kate looks down.  Steven puts his hand on her knee, comfortingly.

Kate: My son already knows that I had an affair.

Dr. Parker: Oh, you decided to tell him?  Good.

Kate: He found out while it was still going on.

The doctor nods and looks at Hamilton who is looking down.

Steven: I just realized…he knows who.

Dr. Parker: Who what?

Hamilton: Who she was sleeping with.

Kate: Hamilton.

Hamilton: It’s not like it’s not true. It’s not like he doesn’t know you were sleeping with another guy.

Dr. Parker: Is there a reason you haven’t discussed who?

Steven: I didn’t want to know, but now that my son knows…

Kate: If you want to know, I’ll tell you.

Steven: I want to know…

Kate looks at Hamilton who is looking down.  She looks at Steven, resolved to tell him

(cut to): Finn walking down the hall of the boys’ dorm.  He knocks on Will’s door. 

Will (from inside the room): Come in.

(cut to): the inside of the room as Finn walks in.  Will is in pajama bottoms and a t shirt. 

Finn: How are you tonight?

Will: Good…actually horrible. 

Finn: Want to talk about it?

Will: Not really.

He laughs; Finn smiles.

Finn: Well, I do have something that might cheer you up a little bit.

He hands Will a flyer.  Will reads it.

Will: This is for a writers’ conference in Boston.

Finn: They invite writers from this region.  One being me.  They always encourage us to bring any potentials. 

Will looks at him.

Finn: It’s not for several weeks, but if you want to go…

Will: Wow.  Yeah.  That would be really cool.

Finn: You have to bring some of your work.  They hold workshops and stuff like that.

Will: Okay.  Thanks Finn.

Finn starts to walk out.

Finn: See you gentlemen in class tomorrow.  Speaking of…

He turns back around and looks around.

Finn: Where’s Scout?  Showers?

Will: Um, not exactly…

Finn: Well, it’s getting pretty close to eight.  He wouldn’t want to get in trouble for something as stupid as sneaking out to see his girlfriend.

Will nods.

(cut to): a fancy, fancy restaurant in Carson.  Jill and Scout are sitting at a table, eating.

Jill: Did I already say that this place is really, really nice?

Scout: Several hundred times since we got here.  Yes.

Jill: Because it is…really nice.

Scout: How’s your linguini?

Jill: Oh…to die for.  You want some?

Scout: Uh…

Jill: You do…it’s really good.

She collects some on a fork and leans across the table.  He leans forward and takes the bite.

Scout: You’re right.  Very good.

Jill: I know…

She continues eating.  Scout sets his fork down and reaches into his jacket pocket.  He pulls out a small jewelry case.  She eyes him suspiciously.

Jill: What’s that?

Scout hands it to her.

Jill cont’d: Please tell me you didn’t buy me something else.

Scout: Okay, but…I’d be lying.

Jill: Scout…

Scout: Just open it.

She looks at him, then down at the box.  She lifts it open.

Jill: God, Scout…

(cut to): a shot behind Jill’s shoulder as we get to see the earrings Scout and Will were talking about before.  I’m thinking Pearls…even though that’s what Michael got Maria on Roswell. 

Jill: You know, you don’t have to—

Scout: If you don’t like them…

Jill: Scout, of course I like them.  They’re beautiful, but they’re also from you.  That’s what makes them special to me.  You know that, right?

Scout is no longer paying attention.  He’s flagging the waiter down.  When the waiter comes up:

Scout: Can I get some more water?  Jill, you need anything?

Jill shakes her head and takes another bite of her food.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Dr. Parker’s office.  Everyone is getting up.

Music: Bent by Matchbox 20

Dr. Parker: So, Steve and Kate, I’ll see you in a little more than a week and Hamilton, I’ll see you next month.

They start to go.  Hamilton looks a little lost in thought.

Dr. Parker: Actually, can I see you for just a second, Hamilton?

He looks up at his parents.

Steven: We’ll head out to the car.

When they leave:

Dr. Parker: You didn’t say much tonight.  I feel like you got cut off a lot.

Hamilton tries to play it off.

Hamilton: Who can say anything with those two talking?

Dr. Parker: How do you feel about this whole affair thing?

Hamilton: My mom was cheating on my dad…with one of my favorite teachers.  And my dad isn’t even going to fire the jerk. How would you feel?

Dr. Parker: If you feel like saying something like that, you can do it here.

Hamilton: Look, I’m sorry if I didn’t say was I was supposed to say to help them get better.

Dr. Parker: That’s not your job, son.  You just have to sit there and be honest.

Hamilton: Well, to be honest, I’ve got some other stuff on my mind. 

Dr. Parker: Stuff on your mind is what we’re here to talk about. 

Hamilton: Yeah, but it doesn’t really have to do with my family. 

Dr. Parker: I’ve got a minute.

 (cut to): Outside the office as Kate and Steven walk out.  Across the street, a valet pulls up in Scout’s car.

Steven: That looks just like the car Scout Calhoun brought back to school this semester.

Kate: I thought only seniors could have cars.

Steven: Well, when an underclassman whose father contributes as much as Senator Calhoun does wants to have a car…I have to bend a little.  I had serious reservations that I shared with the senator, though.

(cut to): A shot across the wide street of the car.  Scout takes the keys from the valet and gets in.

Kate: That actually looks a lot like—

She stops when she realizes it is Scout.

(cut to): Back in the office.  Hamilton and the doctor are still standing by the door.

Hamilton: It was just the complete opposite of what I expected and that’s hard, but I’ll deal. 

Hamilton looks out the window.

Hamilton cont’d: I should get out there.

Dr. Parker: If you’d like to meet with me separately from your parents, just call or have your mom or dad call, ok?  Tell them I encourage it if you feel like it’s something you’d like to do. 

Hamilton: I think that I’m going to be okay, but are my parents going to be okay?

Dr. Parker: They seem to be taking steps in that direction, but it’s up to them.

Hamilton nods.

Dr. Parker: You’re a thoughtful kid…if you need to share those thoughts with someone again…that’s what I’m here for.

Hamilton nods again.

(cut to): Hamilton as he walks out of the office and meets his parents who are standing with Scout and Jill.

Hamilton: What are you guys doing here?

Jill: Getting in trouble.  You?

Before he can answer:

Steven: You know, Scout, I fought your dad on letting you have that car here.  You’re not supposed to be off campus after eight p.m.

Scout: It’s barely eight now.

Steven: By the time you get back, it will be well after eight.  And Jillian, do you really think it’s appropriate to be escorted by a boy into another town?

Scout: Hey…I don’t really appreciate what you’re insinuating about her or me and…I’m not just a boy…I’m her boyfriend.  I have a right to take her out if I want.

Kate: Scout, you know you can request special permission for things like this.

Steven: Although, all such requests will be denied for quite some time.

Hamilton: Dad, can’t we all just go home?  I’m tired and we have classes tomorrow.

Steven looks at Hamilton almost angry.

Hamilton: I wasn’t trying to—

Steve softens his look.

Steven: No, no it’s fine.  You’re right.  Scout, you drive your car back to school.  Jill, you can ride with us and we’ll deal with calling parents and other disciplinary action tomorrow.

Scout gives Jill and apologetic look.  He’s not so bold to kiss her in front of the dean.

(dissolve to): Jill and Hamilton in the back seat of the car.  His dad has the radio turned to news again and seems to be engrossed in it.  Hamilton is staring out the window.  Jill leans over a little and touches his hand that is on the seat.

Jill (whispered): So, are you okay?

Hamilton: Huh?

He looks over at her.

Jill: Are you ok?

Hamilton: Um…I don’t know.  I want to be.  I mean, I have to be. 

Jill: Well, you know if you need to talk—

Hamilton: I know.

He turns away from her and looks out the window. 

(dissolve to): Hamilton looking out the window in a classroom.  Obviously, it’s the next day and he’s in class. 

Finn: Mr. Fleming, something interesting going on out there?

Hamilton slowly turns his head back into the classroom.  Same class, same people.

Hamilton: Sorry…

(cut to): Will and Scout who are sitting across the room and next to each other.  They look at each other.

(cut to): A shot of Finn at the front of the class.

Finn: Last semester we concentrated on great books.  I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that we’ll read far less this semester.  What we do read will be lighter.

People cheer.

Finn: But, to mix it up, we’ll be focusing much more on our own writing. 

People moan.

Finn: Yeah, yeah…get over it.  Your first assignment is to write about what makes you complete.

Scout: Like, me personally?

Finn: If you like.  Or you as a representative of humanity.  Or any other way you can think of to interpret the assignment.  This is a free writing assignment.  After this—

Ryder: You’ll pay us?

Finn: The ice you’re skating on keeps getting thinner, Ryder. 

Ryder rolls his eyes.

Finn cont’d: After this, we’ll learn some more structured ways to write.  Right now, everyone take out a piece of paper and start brainstorming. 

Most people do it.

(dissolve to): the outside of Finn’s classroom as class gets out.  Scout and Will walk out and step aside, waiting for Hamilton. 

Will: I wonder why they started this new curfew thing anyway?  We’re always off campus past eight.  The dean can be so—

Hamilton walks out so Will stops talking.

Hamilton: What? 

They look at each other.

Hamilton cont’d: You were talking about my dad, weren’t you?

Scout: What’s the deal with the new curfew?

Hamilton: I dunno.  I guess he found out how often people were hanging out off campus.  Sean’s party for example.  It’s just a school night thing though.  Did you get in trouble with your parents?

Scout: Well, I can’t have my car here anymore, but other than that…

Hamilton: Sorry…

Scout: It’s not like it’s your fault. 

Will: What about Jill, did her dad freak?

Scout: No way.  He was really cool about it.  I went to walk Jill to class this morning and she was talking to him on the phone.  She hands me the phone and just when I think he’s going to yell at me, he thanks me for being such a good guy.

Hamilton: He seemed cool when I met him at—during New Years.

Scout: Look, I know we’ve been avoiding the obvious, but…are you surviving?

Will: Yeah, man.  If you need to talk about anything…

Hamilton: Guys.  Thanks, but I’m fine.

Scout: Ok, but if you aren’t…

Hamilton: If I’m not, I will be.  I have to run home for lunch.  (to Will) I found a little cat in the dumpster when I took the trash out.  I forgot to tell you.

Will: I was going to mention that you don’t just leave the bag next to the dumpster.

Hamilton: Oh, yeah…sorry.

Scout: So you found a cat?

Will: Did you take it home?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: My parents let me keep him.

Scout: So…you have a kitten?

Hamilton: Uh-huh.

Scout (condescending): Neat…

Hamilton: Shut up.

Ryder walks out.  He stops in front of them.

Ryder: Calhoun, heard you got busted for being out after curfew.

Scout: Yeah, so?

Ryder tilts his head and blinks.  He jerks his head so that he’s facing Hamilton.

Ryder: So, did your little boyfriend get kicked out, or what?

Hamilton gets a wounded look.

Will: Lay off, Ryder.

Hamilton looks at Will then back at Ryder.  He walks past him, knocking his shoulder.  Ryder turns and walks behind him.

Ryder: I’m just curious, Hammie.  I mean, did you two finally do the deed?  Is that what scared her off?  Hmm?

Hamilton turns back around.  Ryder stops following him.

Hamilton: Please, just drop it.  I know you like her, ok?  Or like to bother her.  Whatever.  Maybe you miss her too.  I don’t know.  I’m just really not in the mood to be the object of your frustration.

Ryder: You really are a pathetic, presumptuous person.

Hamilton turns around and walks off.

Hamilton: Yeah, well, thanks for welcoming me to the club.

Ryder turns back toward Will and Scout who watch him walk past.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Will and Jill are walking in Rawley toward the garage and Friendly’s.  We’re assuming it’s late afternoon.

Jill: How come Hamilton didn’t come to help?

Will: He’s too busy moping around.

Jill: Poor kid.

Will: His official story was that he wanted to hang out with his new cat.

Jill: He has a new cat?

Will nods.

Jill: That’s like…pure sex. 

Will does that really surprised look that he does sometimes.

Will: What?

Jill: That just means it’s really sexy.  Guys and animals or…guys and small children…

Will: Sounds more like an inappropriate internet site.

Jill: Oh my God…

They reach Bella’s door and Will knocks. 

Jill cont’d: So, are you two officially…official yet?

Will: Not exactly.  We have to tell Sean.  We’re telling him tonight.

Jill: Good luck.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Scout’s there working.  Sean is sitting at the counter.

Sean: So, thanks for agreeing to help me out.

Scout: No problem.  I think Jill has some ideas for signs too.  She’s so amazing and talented and—

Sean: I hope Will can help me with my speech.  I have to give it at an assembly tomorrow. 

(cut to): the door as Will, Jill and Bella walk in.

Will: Let’s get to work!

Music: The Distance by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): Hamilton.  He’s in his room, sitting at his desk.  The cat is asleep on his desk.  He’s working on math homework.  He seems to be finished.  He folds up the paper and puts it in his book.  He puts it on the ground and pulls another folder out of his book bag.  As he opens it, we can see that it says “English.”  He looks down then over at the cat.  He pats it gently on the head as he looks as his English assignment.  He thinks for a moment then sighs.  He opens a desk drawer and looks inside.  He moves a few things out of the way and pulls out a notebook, flipping it opened.  He takes his pencil and erases some stuff.

(cut to): Finn’s classroom.  He’s sitting at his desk writing lesson plans.  The dean walks in and clears his throat.  Finn looks up, but makes no effort to get up or speak.  After a moment:
Finn: Something I can do for you?

Steven: Stay away from my wife.

Finn takes his glasses off and sets them down on the desk.

Steven: You’ve got a lot of nerve.

Finn: Yes, I do.

Steven looks as though he’s trying to remain calm.  Finn stands up.

Finn: If you’re done, I’d appreciate if you’d leave my classroom.

Steven: I’m done.  I would like to make it clear, though, that this is my classroom and my school.  Kate asked me not to take this up with the Board of Trustees, but I swear if you try anything with her again, I’ll find some way to get you out of here.

Finn looks down, not saying anything.  Steven walks out.  Finn pushes his chair against the wall, angrily.

(cut to): Sean, Bella, Will, Jill and Scout at Friendly’s.  Jill and Bella are sitting at a table working on signs.  Well, Jill’s working on the signs and Bella is watching.  Will is sitting with Sean at the counter working on Sean’s speech and Scout’s waiting on some customers. 

(cut to): Jill and Bella.

Jill: Yeah, so…of course, he’s all heart-broken.  We keep asking him if he’s ok and he keeps saying he’s fine, but…

Bella: Well, so, what about you?

Jill: Huh?

Bella: Well, she’s like your best friend.  Did anyone ask you how you were?

Jill: Oh…I’m…no, I’m fine.

Jill goes back to working on one of the signs.  Jill looks back up at her.

Jill: I miss her.  I saw her like three days ago getting onto a plane and…I already miss her.  I was getting used to having my best friend around again.

Bella: If you need to talk about anything, I’m no Jacqueline, but…

Jill smiles.

(cut to): Sean, Will and Scout. 

Scout: So, you want to be careful to only promise stuff you can come through on…or that they’ll forget you promised.

Sean and Will look at each other questioningly.

Scout: Don’t play innocent.  Politics is a total game…like most stuff in life.

(cut to): Bella and Jill

Jill: It’s not like he isn’t fabulous…I just wish he would lay off the gift giving.

Bella: He’s so thoughtful, but sometimes you have to make him “get it,” ya know?  Like, explain to him why not every girl enjoys getting a different piece of jewelry every day.

Jill laughs

(cut to): Grace and her friends as they come in.

Grace: So, these are the losers you replaced us with?

Sean: I didn’t replace you…I gave you a break.  You didn’t really want to help work on a stupid campaign, did you?

Grace: Of course we did.

Will: Look, it was nice of you guys to help, but we’re older and we can—

Grace: You can what?  Tell Sean what to say in his speech?  He can write his speech just fine without you, Will.  And he doesn’t need fancy signs by the artsy new girl.

Jill: Hey…

Scout: You don’t even know her, Grace.

Grace: I don’t need to know her.  You totally forgot about my sister the second she came into town.

Bella: Grace, I don’t need you to defend me.

Grace: Of course not because you’re perfect and you have like every guy in here drooling over you. 

Bella: Maybe you should go home.

Elizabeth: Maybe you should make her.

Will: Stay out of it, Liz.

Elizabeth: Shut up, whiney Will.

Everyone is kind of yelling and arguing.

Sean: Hey.

They don’t stop.

Sean cont’d: Hey!

Everyone is quiet.
Sean cont’d: Never mind…

He walks out.  Everyone starts arguing again.  Bella gets up to go after him, Will follows.

(cut to): Outside Friendly’s.  They chase after him.

Bella: Sean, wait.

Will: Hey…Sean.

Sean turns around.

Sean: Look, guys, I appreciate your help, I do, but it’s not worth all that fighting.  Forget signs.  Forget a well-written speech.  I’m just going to say what I want to do and if they vote for me great…if not, oh well.

Will: I think all this could have been avoided if Bella and I had said what we originally planned on saying last night.

Sean looks really confused and really unsuspecting.  Bella looks at Will.

Will cont’d: And…it’s my fault that we didn’t so…I know this is bad timing, but…

Bella: Jake isn’t coming back.

Will looks at her.

Sean: Uh…that sucks?

Will: Bella….

Sean: Is she ok?

Will: She’s fine.  She’s in England with her mom.

Sean: Poor Hamilton.

Bella: Yeah…Hamilton…he’s feeling really bad and he kind of needs us so…we can’t really dedicate ourselves to the Sean campaign, you know?

Sean: Okay…

He looks at them for a moment.  Will glances at Bella, not knowing what to say.

Sean cont’d: Well…you guys get back to Rawley to hang out with Hamilton.  I’m just gonna head home.

Sean turns around.  Will gives Bella a “what did you just do?” look.  Sean stops.  He turns back around and faces them.

Sean: Okay, no, I have to know.  What were you really going to tell me?  Yesterday?  And just now?

They look at each other.  They seem to have an unspoken dialogue. A “should we?” kind of thing.

Sean: Okay…never mind…I think you just told me…

They look back up at him.

Sean cont’d: That…makes a lot of stuff make sense. 

They look at each other, wondering if he actually knows.

Sean: Bella Banks and Will Krudski…

Bella looks down.  Will watches Sean.

Sean: You know…you could’ve told me.  I feel like such a complete moron…

Will: Okay, you’re beating yourself up…you’re supposed to be beating me up.

Sean: What?  Why would I do that?

Will: That’s supposed to be obvious…

Sean: Let’s just say that I’m not that all that surprised.

Will: But, you told me a long time ago that—

Sean: Bella would never go out with you because she valued you as a friend or whatever?

Will: Yeah…

Sean: Well, duh…I liked her too.  I mean…who wouldn’t?

Bella looks down again as Sean looks over at her.

Will: So…you’re not mad?

Sean: Of course, I’m mad.  I’m mad you didn’t tell me sooner, but I’m the one who stepped on toes this summer…and not exactly unknowingly.

Will: This summer?  I didn’t even like her this summer.

Bella: Can we stop talking about “her” like she’s some object and not a person who is standing right here?

Sean looks at Will, then Bella.  He slowly smiles.

Sean: Okay, so…my two best friends are dating.  I need to be caught up.  I want details.  Come on, walk me home and fill me in.

He turns back around and Will and Bella catch up.  They walk on either side of him.  Sean slows down a little and moves to the other side of Will so that Will is next to Bella.  It’s subtle, but it makes us realize that he’s being sincere.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Eye Candy. 


(fade in): Jill in her bed asleep.  The lights are off, but there’s a little  sunlight coming through the window.  There’s a tapping sound.

Music: I Need to Be Next to You by Leigh Nash

Gwen: Jill.


Gwen cont’d: Jill…

No response

Gwen cont’d: Jill!

Jill opens her eyes a little.

Jill: What?  What?

Gwen: I think Romeo’s under the balcony.

Jill: Huh?

Gwen: Your boyfriend.  Outside.  Throwing rocks at our window.

Jill: Can you just open the window and tell him how many rules he’s breaking?

Gwen: Sorry, I’m still asleep.

Jill throws off the covers and walks over to the window.  She pushes it opened, barely awake.

(cut to): Scout below the window.

Scout: There you are…

Jill: And there you are…what are you doing here.

Scout: I couldn’t wait to see you…

Jill: Not even like three hours?

Scout: Can you come down?

Jill: Uh…yeah, just let me tie some sheets together and…

Scout looks down, disappointed.

Scout: I’ll just see you later—

He turns around to walk away.

Jill: Scout…

He stops and turns back around.

Jill cont’d: I’ll be right down.

(cut to): Scout standing outside Rawley Girls.’  Jill comes out in her pajamas, a robe and some cute animal slippers.  Scout smiles at the site of her. 

Scout: Nice slippers.

Jill: Thanks…what are you doing here?

Scout: I wanted to give you something.

Jill: Are you serious?  You woke me up at six a.m. to give me something?

Scout: Remember when we were in the car on the way to Carson and you said you loved that song on the radio?

Jill: Vaguely…

Scout unsnaps one of the cargo pockets on his pants.  He pulls out a CD with a bow on it.

Jill: I’m guessing this CD has that song on it.

He hands it to her. 

Scout: Yeah, I got it yesterday. 

Jill hugs him, putting both her arms under his. 

Jill: Thank you.

She kisses him on the cheek, then puts her head on his shoulder.  She doesn’t say anything for a moment.

Scout: Jill?


Scout: Jill?

Jill opens her eyes and stands up straight.

Jill: Scout, you just woke me up for the second time this morning.  You’ve given me yet another gift.  And, while you do look quite adorable in this Abercrombie ensemble thing you’ve got going on…you’re driving me crazy.

Scout wasn’t expecting this.

Scout: What?

Jill touches his cheek with her hand.

Jill: What’s with all the presents and dinners and flowers?  And that’s just like within the course of three days.  What do you have planned for the course of this relationship?  My own private jet?  An island in the Mediterranean? 

Scout: So…you didn’t like the CD?

Jill tilts her head.

Jill: Did you really just say that?

Scout: Come on…I’m kidding…

He steps closer to her and pushes her hair off her face.

Scout: So…the gift-giving should cease?

Jill: Well…let’s not be hasty.  I mean, occasional bouquets of flowers are awesome…but not everyday.

Scout: Ok…noted.

Jill: Really? 

Scout nods.

Jill: I know you were just trying to do your best perfect boyfriend impression…

Scout: It’s not an impression…

He smiles.

Jill: The point is, I don’t need a bunch of…stuff, you know?  Just you…that’s all.

Scout: That you need?

Jill: Yeah…

Scout: Can I borrow a Jill phrase?

Jill: Sure…

Scout: “Wow.”

Jill smiles and Scout kisses her briefly.

Jill: Wow…

Scout: Ok…so…you have to get back to bed, right…

Jill: I’m awake now…

(cut to): Bella’s kitchen.  She’s making a bowl of cereal.  Grace walks in and sits at the table.

Bella: Want some cereal?

Grace: Sure.

Bella puts the bowl in front of her and gets a spoon from a drawer. 

Grace: Thanks.

Bella stands at the counter making another bowl of cereal.

Bella: What happened at Friendly’s last night?

Grace: After you guys left, pretty much everyone else did too.  What happened with Sean?

Bella: Will and I told him about us.

Grace: How bad did he freak?

Bella: He didn’t.  It was weird, but…good.

Grace: He’s got to give that speech today.

Bella: I know.

Grace: Did Will help him?

Bella: No.

Grace: Hope he can pull it off.

Bella: He can.

(cut to): An establishing shot of the Edmond High gym.  Everyone is there for an assembly.

(cut to): a podium where an older teacher person is.

Teacher: Ok, now that we’ve heard from Ms. Johnson, it’s Mr. McGrail’s turn.

Sean walks up.

Sean: Hi.  I should have probably written something for this, but my ability to memorize or read from index cards isn’t a key selling point.  This is the deal, I’m just one guy, but I’m one guy with a really big idea.  We’ve got to stop settling for status quo.  We can really make a difference in our community.  I have some ideas on how to do that, but I’d also be willing to try anything else any of you might suggest.  I’m not talking about getting more people to attend the basketball games, either.  We can really influence the community.  We can start a mentoring program with the elementary school or clean up the lakeshore.  And, then a sort of trickle up effect could start.  We influence this town and then maybe the town can influence other towns or the state or…well, you get the idea.  I’m probably getting ahead of myself and seeming way to idealistic, seeing as how I’m just one person like I said before.  I just want to make sure that everyone knows that we can all be great…I’d like to lead us to that.  Thank You.

(cut to): Bella.  She smiles.  Grace and her friends are sitting behind Bella.  Everyone starts clapping.  Grace leans forward. 

Grace: I told you he didn’t need Will to help him write some lame speech.

(cut to): Sean.  He looks pleased.

(cut to): Finn’s class.

Finn: So…we’ve done our writing assignments, right?

No one says anything.

Finn: I’m tired of reading first drafts so we’re all going to work with a partner, get some feedback and them bring in a final copy in about a week.

(cut to): Finn’s classroom, just an advancement of time.  Will and Scout are working with randomly assigned people.  Somehow Ryder and Hamilton got stuck together.  The desks are arranged in pairs. 

(cut to): Just Ryder and Hamilton.  Hamilton reads Ryder’s essay and Ryder reads Hamilton’s song.  Ryder finishes.

Ryder: I don’t think this counts.

Hamilton: What?

Ryder: Some shmoopy song you wrote about your runaway girlfriend.

Hamilton: Whatever.  He didn’t say it had to be an essay. 

Ryder: Well, it could at least be a well-written song about something more interesting.

Hamilton: Sorry we can’t all be completed by a…and this is a direct quote…”fine automotive specimen.”  I knew you didn’t read those car magazines for the girls on the hoods.

Ryder: Imagine someone having an interest in something other than this cheesy love crap.

Hamilton: You’re in such denial.

Ryder: Why?  Because I’m secretly in love with your freakish cross-dressing girlfriend?  Think again.  She’s not that special.  She was pretty audacious, though.  She wins my respect.

Hamilton: Yeah, she’s bold.  She also is that special.  She is not, however, my girlfriend.

Ryder: How fortunate for her.

Hamilton: I haven’t noticed any poor girls falling victim to you lately either…how fortunate for the entire Rawley and New Rawley population of young women.

Ryder: You’re really not that clever, son.  You’re going to have to work on that…

Finn: Everyone.  We’ll keep working on this as we also do some reading.  I want to see well edited final copies of this writing assignment in one week.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: American Hi-Fi.  We saw them with Sr-71 and they were pretty good.  Maybe you’ve heard their single Flavor of the Weak.  If not, call your favorite radio station and request it.


(fade in): to Will and Bella at the garage.  Bella finishes with a customer and turns to Will.  He smiles.  Sean rides up on his bike.

Sean gets off his bike and lets it fall to the ground.

Bella: So?

Sean: So…you’re looking at the newly elected student body president.

Will: All right!  Good job, man.

Will pats him on the back.

Sean: I can’t believe I really won.

Bella: I can. 

Will: Yeah, man, you were definitely the best person for the job.

Sean: So…who wants to celebrate with sundaes at Friendly’s?

Bella: Definitely

(cut to): Hamilton’s kitchen.  He’s  putting some cat food  into a bowl.  His mom walks in with the cat.

Kate: I found this in my closet.

Hamilton: Thanks, I was looking for that.

He smiles then puts the cat down in front of the food.  The dean walks in.

Steven (to Kate): Are you ready to go?

Kate: Yes, dear.

They start to walk out.

Kate: Bye, Sweetie.

Hamilton: Bye.  Hope you have a good session.

(cut to): Scout and Jill at the docks.  They are sitting together at the end of the docks. Jill is Indian style and has her head on Scout’s shoulder.

Jill: This place is so beautiful…even in the winter time.

Scout puts his head on hers.

Scout: Oh!  I have something for you.

Jill: You’re kidding, right?

Scout: No.  I didn’t buy it or anything.

Jill: Did you make it?

Scout: Well, yeah, kind of.  It’s this essay I have to turn into Finn tomorrow.

Jill: You’re giving me an English essay.  Well, I’ve never gotten one of those before.

Scout laughs.

Scout: It’s not really and English essay per se.  We had this writing assignment.  And, we were supposed to write about what makes us complete.  And, I wanted to give you a copy because I wrote about you…and how before you everything didn’t click and how you make it all make sense.

Jill: Wow…

Scout pulls the paper out of his pocket and hands it to her.

Music: Breathing by Lifehouse

(cut to): Hamilton as he opens Jake’s door.  He’s wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a pocket in the front.  The room is still noticeably empty.  He sits on the bed and takes the kitten out of the pocket of his sweatshirt.

Hamilton: I used to spend a lot of my free time in here.

The cat meows and he sets it down on the bed.  Hamilton closes his eyes for a second and inhales deeply maybe searching for closure, but more likely trying to find some reminder.  As he opens his eyes, he exhales.  He looks over at her desk and notices something.  He gets up and walks over, leaving the cat alone on the bed.  It gets up and walks to the edge of the bed, following Hamilton as he reaches the desk.

(cut to): THE picture on Jake’s desk: the one Ham gave her for Christmas.  He picks it up, looking confused.

Hamilton: How’d this…

The cat meows.  Hamilton looks back and down at the cat who isn’t on the same side of the bed anymore.  Instead, he’s walking toward the door.  Hamilton looks slowly up at the door.

(cut to): The door.  It’s opening slowly.  Jake backs into the room. She’s carrying a somewhat large box.  She turns around and stops when she sees Hamilton.  She’s in boy gear and has her hair cut short short again.

(quick pan): to Hamilton.  The camera zooms out.  Hamilton puts the picture back down on the desk.  He walks around the bed over to her then closes the door behind her.  He puts one hand on the door and leans toward her (think that scene from Cinderbella).

Jake: Hamilton…

Hamilton: Don’t.

Jake: What?

Hamilton leans close to her.  His face is about six inches from hers.

Hamilton: I know not talking is what made us fight, but just don’t talk…not yet…

She doesn’t say anything for a moment.  When they talk…it’s slow paced.

Jake: Can I just say one thing?

Hamilton: What?

Jake: I’m sorry for…

Hamilton: I know.  Me too.  I mean…I’m sorry too…

They look at each other for a moment.  Hamilton looks down for a split second then back up at her.  He seems to hesitate (just for the sake of drama).  She kisses him.  Basically from here we get kind of a recreation of the Cinderbella scene (but remember that Jake has clothes on).  The camera pulls out and they’re framed by the window.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So, that was way too short for another commercial break, but…I needed the pause.  Pause…hmm.  Everyone is breathing a sigh of release that she’s back, right?  I thought you’d like that.


(fade in) to Hamilton and Jake in Jake’s room.  About an hour has passed.  Most of her stuff is in the room now.  They are both sitting in the middle of her bed, Indian style, facing each other.  The cat is asleep on her desk.  Neither is saying anything, but it’s not awkward.

Jake:  Now?

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Talking…is it allowed now?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: No…

He leans toward her and kisses her briefly.

Hamilton cont’d: …okay.  Now it’s allowed.

Jake: Okay.

He waits for her to speak, but she doesn’t.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: I thought you were going to say something.

Jake: Me too.

Hamilton: Maybe you were going to explain why you left…because you said you would when you could.

Jake: That’s part of the reason I came back.  I couldn’t explain why I left.  I still can’t.

Hamilton (joking): You’re going to have to better than that…

Jake: Okay…I was afraid.

Hamilton: I was just kidding…you were afraid?  Why?

Jake: Because you were so over us.

Hamilton: Was I? 

Jake: Yeah, and it was scary.

Hamilton: So are you trying to say that…you still like me?

Jake: I think so…I think that’s where I’m going.

Hamilton: So, does that mean no more pause?  No more being “just friends?”

Jake: Hey, that was your idea.

Hamilton: It was not.

Jake: Yeah, I think it went something like “I can deal with being just friends.”

Hamilton: …I didn’t mean forever.  I was just trying to compete with your whole “pause” thing.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Yeah, that was at the top of the bad ideas list.  I’ve had quite a few of those this year.

She indicates her outfit.

Hamilton: Well, that’s one bad idea I’m glad you had.

Jake: Yeah…yeah me too.

Will (voice over): A philosopher named Aristophanes said that “Love is the name for our pursuit of wholeness, for our desire to be complete.”  Being in love is our attempt at completing ourselves. 

(cut to): Scout and Jill walking along the lakeshore.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Because if we’re not complete then we are, by definition, missing something.

(cut to): Sean, Bella and Will at Friendly’s.  Sean has a notebook opened and is explaining stuff to Will and Bella.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: So we search for love.

(cut to): Hamilton and Jake again.  They’re still on the bed, but they aren’t talking anymore.  They’re kissing.  Not a make out session…just a kiss.  They’re very much back together (this is why is pays to read the italics). 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …or it searches for us.  And when it finds us, we feel happy because we’re no longer alone.

(cut to): Finn grading papers.

Will (v.o) cont’d: We can survive alone.

(cut to): Ryder in the common room reading a magazine.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, it’s scary and we don’t want to.

(cut to): Sean, Will and Bella again.

Will (v.o) cont’d: So, we go on this quest to find our other half.  Sometimes we don’t have to look hard because it finds us.  If we’re lucky…love finds us.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton, still kissing of course.


The End


Spring Semester