Grown Up


(fade in)

Music: Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

The dock.  Finn is holding English class outside today.  It’s a fairly familiar scene.  Jake and Ham are sitting on opposite sides of the dock.  Will and Scout are next to each other.

Finn: So, I’ll trust everyone to read through the play so that we can all be spared the awkwardness of having to read it aloud when we discuss it on Tuesday.

Scout: I thought we were supposed to be reading Hamlet next…how’d we get stuck with Romeo and Juliet?

Finn: I changed my mind.

Will (voice over): Grown-ups.  We can’t really survive without them, but they can be so hard to understand.

Will: Romeo and Juliet is better anyway.

Finn smiles to himself.

Finn: Why do you say that Mr. Krudski?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Half the time, they ask you stuff that they already know the answer to.

Will: It’s easier to relate to.  I mean…Hamlet’s so dark.

Hamilton: Right, because Romeo and Juliet has a happy ending…

Jake: No, but it’s about love…

Will: Yeah, and we can probably all relate to that.

Jake: And Romeo and Juliet are so young.

Will: Being young and being in love…it’s easy to understand.

Finn: Interesting…

Will (v.o.) cont’d: The other half of the time, they don’t get you at all…but they pretend to.

Finn cont’d: …so have the play read for next time and we’ll discuss this some more.  Enjoy lunch.

Everyone gets up to go.  Jake, Ham, Will and Scout linger a moment, talking.  Finn collects his stuff and prepares to go at the other side of the dock.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And as cool as some grown ups are…

Will: Anyone else enjoy class without Ryder?

Hamilton: Oh yeah…maybe they can add truancy to his list of activities in the yearbook.

They all laugh.

Finn: You know, gentlemen, instead of standing around making fun of a struggling classmate, you should go and enjoy the little free time we give you.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …you can’t avoid the inevitable us/them divisions.  

They all walk off reluctantly; Finn watches shaking his head light-heartedly.

(cut to): The group as they step off the dock.

Hamilton: He thinks he’s so cool…

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And don’t even get me started on those of us who think most of them are out to get us.

Jake: He did have a point…

Scout: Yeah, I barely have enough time during lunch to go see Jill before next period starts.  Speaking of…

Will: Yeah, get out of here Romeo.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then there are those of us who are so gung-ho to begin adult mode, they forget the best part…this part…the getting there…the growing up…

(cut to): Will as he rolls his eyes, smiling as Scout runs off.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.  Early evening.

Music: Only One by Jeremy Kay

(cut to): Scout and Will’s room.  Scout is sitting on his bed, talking on the phone.  The door is open.  He just has shorts on and he looks freshly showered. 

Scout: Um, yeah, classes are great…

(cut to): the opened doorway.  Jill walks into the doorframe and leans against it.  She’s wearing overalls with a tank top underneath.  She also has a button up, short-sleeved shirt over the rest.  Her hair is in the two buns thing. 

(cut to): Scout as he looks up at her.

Scout (patiently) cont’d: Mostly A’s.  Maybe a B minus in History...I know he could.  It’s not a big deal, though.  I will.  I know you are.

Scout nods for Jill to come sit next to him. 

(cut to): Jill who raises her eyebrows, but walks over and sits down.

Scout cont’d: As a matter of fact, she just walked in.  I don’t know, let me ask her.

He covers the phone with his hand. 

Scout cont’d: My mom wants to know if you’ll talk to her…

Jill: Your mom?

Scout nods and smiles.

Scout (into phone): Nope, sorry mom…she says you’re obviously way too weird…

Jill snatches the phone.

Jill: Hi, Mrs. Calhoun….Cindy…no, I don’t think you’re weird.  Scout’s just being cute.  He talks to my dad on the phone like all the time…oh, well previously London, but he’s coming back to the States tomorrow and then he’s coming to spend some time in New Rawley. 

Scout: Really?

Jill nods.

Jill cont’d: I just found out this morning…I’m sure he’d love to meet you; I’d love to meet you too.  That’s too bad.  Thank you, I think I’m pretty lucky too.

Scout looks a little embarrassed.  Jill smiles at him.

Jill cont’d: Okay, I will.  Bye, Cindy.  Nice to meet you too.

Jill hangs up the phone and hands it to Scout.

Jill: She’s nice.

Scout: Yes, she is.  I came by to see you earlier, but—

Jill: I was on the phone with my dad. 

Scout: But—

Jill: I got a cell phone for my half birthday.

Scout: You two are very odd…

Jill: There’s just two of us.  It’s boring to only celebrate birthdays twice a year.  Anyway, my dad’s going to be in town for a week or so and your mom’s going to come meet him.  On Tuesday.

Scout: Our parents are meeting.  I wish you could meet my dad too.  He’s—

Jill: In Washington right now.  Your mom said. 

Scout: Is this weird to you too?

Jill: All the potential parental interaction? 

Scout: Yeah, it’s like we’re getting…nevermind.

Jill: I know.

Scout smiles.  He leans toward her to kiss her and someone comes down the hall, noisily.  Scout looks over.  He gets up and closes the door, locking it.

Scout: You know, Will’s working tonight.

Jill gives him a weird look.

Scout cont’d: Oh!  No…I didn’t mean…

He looks back at the door he just locked.  Jill laughs; she gets up.  Scout unlocks the door.  Jill locks it and pushes Scout against the door, kissing him.

(cut to): Finn and Kate are talking in Finn’s classroom.  Finn leans against his desk and Kate stands in front of him.  The door is opened.

Music: Breaking Me by Johnny Lang

Finn: I’d argue that point if I could, but—

Will knocks on the doorframe and walks in.

Finn: Hi Will.

Kate: Will.

Will: Uh…I can come back later…

Kate: No.  No, I was just leaving.

She turns to Finn.

Kate: You will never convince me that Andy Warhol is the greatest artist of twentieth century.

Finn shrugs. 

Finn: Happy anniversary, by the way.

Kate: Thank you, but that’s not until Tuesday. 
Finn: Ah, I was close.  Got big plans?

Kate: Steven and I will probably kick Hamilton out and have a romantic evening at home.

Will looks a little uncomfortable.

Kate cont’d: Anyway, I’ll see you later.

Finn: Indeed…and we’ll continue the debate.

Kate walks past Will and out the door.

Will: I could have come back.

Finn smiles.

Finn: We actually were having a discussion about art. 

Will nods.  He doesn’t speak.

Finn: What’d you need, Mr. Krudski?

Will: I was just wondering…I was wondering if you switched up the Shakespeare because of Ms. Ryan.  I mean, I know Romeo and Juliet is her favorite and—

Finn: Will

Will: Right, none of my business—

Finn: I teach Hamlet every year, okay?  Mostly because I don’t have the patience to teach Romeo and Juliet to a bunch of adolescent boys, but…I think you guys can handle it.

Will nods.

Finn: And, Johanna did tell me that she thinks it’s Shakespeare’s best work…and that you would be the first to agree with her.

Will smiles.

Finn cont’d: I haven’t seen her since the conference, Will.

Will looks at Finn for a moment.  He looks over at the door, then back at Finn.

Will: You know, maybe you should do something about that.

Finn: What?

Will: The fact that you haven’t seen her since the conference.

Finn: I’ve thought very seriously about what you said to me and—

Will: What do I know? 

Finn smiles.

Finn: You know quite a bit, Mr. Krudski.

Will: Well, in that case, I think you should see her again.

Finn smiles.

Finn: Thank you for the advice.

Will nods and starts to walk out.  He turns back around as he reaches the door.

Will: We’re cool, right?

Finn chuckles.

Finn: Certainly.

Will smiles and takes off.  Finn looks out the window.  He looks thoughtful.

(cut to): a window in Dr. Parker’s office.  The camera pans down to Hamilton sitting on Dr. Parker’s couch.  He crosses his legs, then uncrosses them.  He seems a little nervous.  Dr. Parker walks in and sits down in his chair.

Music: Mad Season by Matchbox 20

Dr. Parker: Hey, Hamilton.  How’s it going?

Hamilton: It’s…well, it’s awesome actually.

Dr. Parker: Even better than the last time you were here?

Hamilton: If that’s possible…yes.

Dr. Parker: How is Jacqueline?

Hamilton: So perfect…

Dr. Parker: And, have you told your father that you’re seeing her yet?

Hamilton: Nope…not yet.

Dr. Parker: I really don’t understand why you’re so afraid to tell him.  He and your mom have been doing wonderfully in their sessions.  He’s really interested in what’s going on with you.  And…you say your mom knows and is happy for you…

Hamilton: She is…and, if things were different, I would tell my dad, but—

Dr. Parker: If things were different how?

Hamilton: I can’t say.

Dr. Parker: I just think it sounds like you and Jacqueline are getting very close and if things were to progress—

Hamilton: Progress? 

Dr. Parker: …into a more adult relationship…

Hamilton swallows and looks a little embarrassed.

Dr. Parker cont’d: …I think you should definitely talk to your mom, but—

Hamilton: We had this awkward exchange once, but—

Dr. Parker: I also think your dad would be a great person for you to talk to. 

Hamilton: We’re not having sex.

Dr. Parker: You’re not having sex now or you’re never having sex?

Hamilton: Do we have to talk about this?

Dr. Parker: No.  Why wouldn’t you want to talk about it?

Hamilton: Okay, that question is just like talking about it. 

Dr. Parker waits patiently.

Hamilton cont’d: Sex just isn’t something we talk about anymore. 

Dr. Parker: Why not?

Hamilton pauses.  He looks around. 

Dr. Parker: We really don’t have to talk about this now—

Hamilton: Well, now that we already are talking about it…I think…I think we don’t talk about it because we both realize that the only reasons we have for not doing it are weak at best—

Dr. Parker: Like what?

Hamilton: Like, if we say “oh, we’re too young.”

Dr. Parker: Why isn’t that a good reason for waiting?

Hamilton: Because it’s us.  We’ve been together less than a year, but…it feels like a lifetime.  And saying we aren’t ready is just dumb because we are so ready.

Dr. Parker: Well, I think that many sixteen year olds who end up having sex feel that way…that things are somehow different for them.  Many more probably don’t think things through at all. 

Hamilton doesn’t say anything.

Dr. Parker: I highly recommend letting your father in on your life.  But, I also recommend talking honestly and openly with your girlfriend about stuff like this.

Hamilton: Well, I might take half your advice.

Dr. Parker: It’s a start.  So, how else have you been feeling lately?

Hamilton looks around again as the session goes on.  Hamilton seems happy to be talking to someone even though he looks a little awkward and nervous.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Establishing shot of Rawley.

(cut to): Jake walking in the hall toward her room.  She seems to remember something and turns around.

Music: Sucker by New Found Glory

(cut to): Will and Scout’s door as Jake knocks.

Scout: Uh, yeah, hang on…

Jake looks slightly amused.  Scout opens the door, still no shirt. 

Scout: Jake.  Hey.  Come on in.

As he opens the door we see Jill sitting on the bed.  She no longer has on the button up shirt and she is hooking one of the overall straps.  Her hair is down.  When she sees Jake she stands up and picks up her shirt off the floor.  Jake shakes her head, laughing a little.

Jill: What?

Jake: Nothing. 

They exchange a “we’ll talk later” look.  Jake looks back at Scout.

Jake cont’d: Scout, do you have my history notes?

Scout: Yeah, thanks for letting me borrow them.  You’re a much better note-taker than me.

He goes over to his desk and gets a notebook.   He hands it to Jake.

Jake: Thanks…

Scout nods.

Jake cont’d: I’m just going to go now…

Jill: Wait, I’ll come with.  We haven’t talked in awhile and…my dad is coming.

Jake: What?  When?

Jill: Oh my God…he doesn’t know about you and this whole cross-dressing-going-to-Rawley-Boys’ thing.

Jake: No…

Jill: We’ll figure something out…he’s not coming today or anything.

(cut to): the hall as they walk out and practically into…Greg Thomas.

Jill: Dad!

Jake closes her eyes and swallows.

Greg: You can open them, Jacqueline; I’m still here.

Jake opens her eyes.

Jill: Dad…this isn’t what it looks like.

Greg: Well, that’s good. 

Jake: Greg, you can’t tell my mom.

Greg: Well, that does seem pretty self-evident.

Jill (unconvincingly): Because, Jacqueline doesn’t want her mom to know about the play she’s doing.  It’s kind of this Boys Don’t Cry meets School Ties, you know?  But minus all the anti-Semitism.  And—

Greg: Save it Jill.  You know, I was just going to come see Scout and take him over to surprise my daughter, but…as so often happens with you two, it is I who has been surprised.

Scout walks out into the hall…still no shirt on.  Greg raises his eyebrows.  He looks around at the three of them.

Greg: And things get even more interesting.  Scout, put some clothes on…the four of us are going for a walk.

(cut to): Gwen and Ryder in Gwen’s room.  Ryder is sprawled out on Gwen’s bed.  Gwen is sitting on the floor working on some type of project.

Music: Want You Bad by Offspring

Ryder: They’re seriously getting me something for graduation?

Gwen: Ryder, they pay for you to go to school here.  For your eighteenth birthday, they got you a Corvette.  Just because they’re not the most emotionally supportive people in the world, doesn’t mean they won’t compensate you for making it out of high school.

Ryder: Tell me what they’re getting me…

Gwen: No…

Ryder: I need to know if it’s worth sticking around here a few more months.

Gwen: What are you talking about?  Of course you’ll stick around.

Ryder: I talked to my dad and he said I could go home anytime.

Gwen: What? 

Ryder: I’ll be working with him when I graduate anyway.

Gwen: Fine.  Want me to help you pack?

Ryder gets up and looks at her.  He turns to go.

Ryder: I think I can handle it.

He slams the door.  Gwen looks a little regretful for being so harsh with him.

(cut to): Will walking down the hall of the dorms.  Several minutes have elapsed since the previous scene.  Will hast his Friendly’s uniform on.  Ryder walks past him and shoves him.

Will: What’s your malfunction, Ryder?

Ryder: As usual, you were in my way, Krudski, but…I won’t have that problem anymore.

He turns around to face Will.

Will: Oh, and why’s that?

Ryder: Because…I’m leaving.

Will: Yes, no one is more thrilled with your graduation than I—

Ryder: I’m not talking about graduating…I’m going to pack right now.

Will: That’s ridiculous.  Unless—

Ryder: I didn’t flunk out or get kicked out, if that’s what you’re thinking. 

Will: Well, then, why go?  You’ll be graduating in a few months. 

Ryder: No…I won’t…because I’ll be long gone by then.

Will doesn’t know how to respond.  Ryder just shrugs and walks off.  Will rolls his eyes.

Will (to himself and sarcastically): Heartbreaking…

(cut to): a picnic table by the lake.  Jake sits between Jill and Scout on one side of the table; Greg sits on the other.

Greg: Okay, so…you started this to get Monica to notice and by the time she did, you realized you wanted to stay…

Jake: Pretty much.

Greg: And you’ve been going by “Jack.”

Jake: Jake.

Greg: Why not “Jack”?

Jake: Too close to the truth, I guess.  I don’t know.

Greg: And people know about this?  I mean, Scout obviously does.  And…Hamilton, no doubt.

Jake: And Will…and this creep names Ryder.  That’s it.

Jill: And Finn.

Jake: Oh yeah, but—

Scout: Ham’s mom…

Jill: Bella, but she doesn’t go here.

Scout: Sean too, but same deal.

Jake: Thanks guys…I think that about covers it.

Jill: Well, now my dad.

Jake sighs.

Greg: Wow.  I mean, that’s all I can say…about all of it.

Jake: I know it seems a little off the wall, but—

Greg: No, Jacqueline…or, um…Jake, it doesn’t seem to off the wall for you.

Jake looks down.

Greg: Hey, and I’m not saying that disparagingly. 

She looks back up.

Greg: I mean, it’s different, but…even with this deer-in-the-headlights look you’ve been wearing since I got here…I believe you when you say you’re happy here.

Jake blushes.  Hamilton comes running up before he realizes who is sitting with them.  He stops short when he sees Greg there. 

Greg: Hamilton, how are you?

Hamilton: I’m good, Mr. Thomas.  Nice to see you again.

Ham glances at Jake.

Greg: Just discussing with Jacqueline how we should deal with this situation that I have just become familiar with.

Scout: Can I just ask what I’m doing here?

Greg: Sitting there quietly until you and I take a walk together…alone.

Scout nods and looks down.  Greg smiles at him, shaking his head then looks back to Jake.  Hamilton walks up behind her and places a hand on her shoulder.

Greg: Look, I find this a little weird…and I’m in theatre.  But, I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining this to Monica.  I’m sure the two of you can figure out how and when to tell her.  Hell, maybe you can get through the next two years without telling her.  That’s not going to be my call.  But, I think you know my advice would be honesty…and quick.

Jake: Greg, I could be honest with you, but…it’s not like that with my mom.  You know that.  She doesn’t want to know everything.  It’s not like you and Jill.  Mom and I don’t know how to communicate and sometimes I think she likes it better that way.  She asks about school, I tell her I’m making a B in chemistry and she’s happy.  She doesn’t care that the teacher hates me and the fact that I am pulling a B is beyond a miracle.

Greg: How do you know if you don’t give her the opportunity?

Jake: I can’t.  Not now.  There’s too much at stake.

She looks back at Ham.

Greg: More drama than an episode of 90210.  But, hey, I can respect that.  I know what’s it’s like to be in love…and I understand how hard it is to get attention from your mom so…know that you’re secret’s safe with me.

Jake: Thank you. 

Hamilton nods in agreement.

Greg: Now…young Calhoun.  Shall we go for a walk?

(cut to): Scout.  He nods.  He looks a little nervous.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Hamilton and Jake still sitting at the picnic table.  They are alone.  They sit on opposite sides.  Hamilton sits on the side facing the lake.  He looks across the lake, looking deep in thought.  Jake studies him.

Music: Nine Days by Weekend Excursion

Jake: You okay?

Hamilton looks back at her and smiles.

Hamilton: Yeah.

He looks like he wants to speak, but doesn’t.  He looks at her and she raises her eyebrows.  He looks down.

Jake: Hamilton?

He looks up.  He’s nervous.

Jake cont’d: We have a lot to think about, right?

Hamilton: Do you want to tell your mom?

Jake: No, I’m not ready.  Maybe I won’t ever be ready.  I mean, I want her to know about us…and she does.

Hamilton nods.

Jake cont’d: Does it kill you that your dad doesn’t know?

Hamilton: It’s a little hard.  Dr. Parker really thinks I should tell him.

Jake: He knows?

Hamilton: No.  Which is why he can’t figure out why my dad doesn’t know about my girlfriend.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Does this make sense to anyone besides us?

Hamilton: Does that really matter?

Jake smiles.

Jake: No…no, I guess not.

Hamilton looks back across the lake.

Jake cont’d: Was there something else?

Hamilton looks back at her.

Hamilton: Dr. Parker…well, he asked if, you know, we’re having sex. 

Jake looks down.  Hamilton continues, timidly.

Hamilton cont’d: And then he wanted to know if we talk about it.

Jake looks back up at him.

Hamilton: I mean, we don’t have to if you don’t want to…talk about it, I mean.

Jake stands up.

Jake: Good because I don’t.

Hamilton stands up too.

Hamilton: Don’t be mad.  We don’t have to talk about it.

Jake starts to go.

Jake: I can’t deal with this, Hamilton…

She walks off.  Hamilton watches her go.  He doesn’t know what to do so he lets her go.

Music: She Levels Me by Dezeray’s Hammer

(cut to): Inside the dorms.  Ryder is walking with the same duffle bag he carried into Rawley that day during the summer.  Jake comes around a corner.

Jake: Going on vacation?

Ryder: Yeah, permanent vacation.  I’m out of here.

Jake: What happened?  Someone finally wise up and throw you out?

Ryder: Well, believe it or not, Love…I’m leaving by my own free will.

Jake: Ryder, that’s stupid.  You’re out of here in a few months.  With a diploma.

Ryder: I don’t need a diploma where I’m going.

Jake: Which is where?

Ryder: Other than none of your goddamned business…to London.  I’m working with my dad.  He runs a playhouse.

Jake: Your dad runs a playhouse in London?  My mom is there right now doing the play—

Ryder: Look, sweetheart, while I’d love to hang around and bond over this…I’ve got to go.

Jake: Can I just ask one thing?

His harshness fades:

Ryder: What?

She’s a little taken aback by his tone.  She hesitates before speaking:

Jake: This has absolutely nothing to do with anything that went on between us, right?

Ryder laughs.  He steps close to her.  He moves so that his nose is just a few inches from hers.  His severity returns:

Ryder: Get over yourself.  Everyone else has.  Ham too probably.  I bet the two of you are still clinging to the whole virginity thing.

Jake: Shut up, Ryder.

Ryder: What’s the matter, Love?  Too afraid to do your own boyfriend?  Or…maybe you’ve developed a bit of a thing for…someone else.

Ryder moves a little closer to her.

Jake: I’m sure you’d love that.  Anything that destroys what I have with Hamilton.  Well, we’re happy…and we’re fine.  And, I’m sure he’d be as thrilled as I am that the biggest annoyance we’ve had will be leaving the country.

Ryder: Well…in that case… 

He steps back and looks at her for a moment.

Ryder: But…only because you asked so nicely.

He turns to go back to his room.  Jake shakes her head and watches him go.

(cut to): Scout and Greg walking by the lake.  Neither says anything.  Scout looks nervous.

Greg: I like you, Scout.

Scout: Thank you, sir. 

Greg: However, if you call me sir again I might like you a little less.

Scout: Sorry.

Greg: I’m kidding. 

They walk for a few more seconds.

Greg: Listen, my daughter, she practically gives me a play by play on every kiss.  And, I thought I was okay with that until the reality of it all hit me today.  Seeing her in your dorm…it made me realize that despite how close we are, I’m going to lose her…to you.

Scout: You have nothing to worry about, s—Greg.  I mean, I have nothing but respect for Jill.  And, I love her…so much.

Greg nods. He stops walking and looks out across the lake.

Greg: I just don’t want either of you to feel that you need to hide anything from me.

Scout: I think Jill knows that and…I get it too.

Greg nods.

Greg: This is the first time you and I have been able to talk, alone…and in person.

Scout: How am I doing?

Greg laughs.

Greg: You’re making me feel like such a dad. 

Scout doesn’t know how to take that.  Greg smiles and pats him on the shoulder.

Greg cont’d: Come on, son, let’s go find Jillian.

(cut to): Jill sitting on Jake’s bed.  Jake walks in.  She looks less than thrilled to see Jill.

Jill: Hey…what’s up?

Jake: Nothing. 

Jill stands up, puts her hands on Jake’s shoulders and forces her to sit down on the bed.  Jill sits down next to her.

Jill: What’s up?

Jake: What’s up with you?  You’re the one sitting in my room all alone. 

Jill: Jacqueline…bipolar was never pretty on you.

Jake sighs.

Jake: I’m sorry.

Jill: Don’t be sorry.  Tell me what’s wrong.

Jake: Can I ask you something?

Jill: As long as it’s not a way to avoid the topic at hand.

Jake: No, no it should lead us right there.

Jill: Hit me.

Jake: You and Scout…do you guys talk about…sex.

Jill: Wow.  Um…okay…

Jake: I mean you don’t have to tell me…

Jill: Why wouldn’t I tell you? 

A beat.

Jill cont’d: We haven’t really talked about it.  I mean, I think he knows that I’m not opposed to the idea.  And, today…I mean, if you hadn’t knocked on the door…

Jake smiles.

Jake: I’m so sorry about that…

Jill: Well, actually, if it hadn’t been you, it would have been my dad so, thanks.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Dear Seventeen, my dad walked in on my boyfriend and I…doing what exactly?

Jill laughs.

Jill: Not having sex….

Jake: By Clinton’s definition?

Jill smiles.

Jill: Don’t go there. 

Jake laughs.  There’s a beat.

Jill cont’d:  Seriously, though, we weren’t anywhere near having sex.  We probably won’t be for awhile.  And as far as talking about it…it’s not talking about sex that’s the really big step, you know?

Jake smiles.  She nods.

Jake: Yeah…good point.

There’s a knock.  Jake closes her eyes.

Jake: Come in.

Scout and Greg walk in.

Greg: There you are.

Jill: Dad, have you been torturing Scout?

Greg: Yes…and now it’s your turn.

Jake: Well, you three have fun…I’ve got to run.

Greg: He’s still sitting at the picnic table.

Scout: He looks all depressed.

Jake: Thanks…

Jake leaves.  Scout and Greg exchange amused looks.  Jill looks lost.

(cut to): Will as he walks up to Friendly’s.  When he walks in, his father, Brian, is sitting at the counter.  He looks taken aback.

Music: Notice by Dezeray’s Hammer

Will: Dad?

Brian: Hi, son.

Will: Is everything okay?  Where’s mom?

Brian: Everything’s fine.  She’s at home. 

Will: Well, then, what are you doing here?

Brian: Can’t a man go out and eat every once in awhile?

Will gives him a suspicious look as he walks around the counter.  The person working clocks out and exits.

Will: What can I get you?

Brian: How about a burger?

Will: Sure.

Will writes down the order and hands it back to the cook.

Brian: Listen, Will…I need a favor.

Will (to himself): I should have known.

Brian: Your mom just isn’t bringing in the extra money we need.  Now, we’ve missed our last two house payments.  We need money, Will.

Will: So go to the bank…get a loan.

Brian: Things aren’t that simple, son.

Will: Why are you here, Dad?

Brian: We need about three thousand dollars.  If we can pay the old house payments, we’ll be able to catch up again.  We just need to get back on our feet and we’ll be fine.

Will: Are you…are you asking me for a loan?

Brian: I figure you’ve saved up at least that much seeing as how you’ve got those scholarships and all.  Why would you even need money?

Will: Dad…it’s called college.

Brian: You’ve got two more years for that.

Will: Look, I’m going to have to think about this…

Brian: Of course…

Brian stands up.

Brian cont’d: Of course you would…I bet if it was for one of those Rawley boys, or that Banks girl at the gas station or…even that teacher of yours…he’s your hero, isn’t he?  He really made it out of New Rawley, didn’t here?  Right up the road. 

Will looks hurt.

Brian cont’d: I’m going…you think about what I’ve asked.  I’ll be back on Tuesday.  Have the money.

Brian exits.  The cook puts out the burger.  Will looks back at it then over at the door.  Bella walks in.

Bella: Will, your dad…

Will: Yeah…

Bella: What’d he want?  Is your mom okay?

Will: She’s fine.  He wanted to borrow money.

Bella: Really?

Will: Yeah…pretty crazy, huh?

Will walks back around the counter and sits on a stool.  He looks upset over the whole thing.

Bella walks over.  She puts a hand on his shoulder.

Bella: Don’t let him do this to you, Will.  I mean, I don’t know how much he needs, but—

Will: Three thousand dollars.

Bella looks surprised by the amount.

Bella: You’re just a kid…you don’t have to be the grown-up here.  You’re allowed to be selfish.  Tell him no.

Will: It’s not that easy.

Bella considers this for a moment.

Bella: I guess it isn’t.

The bell rings indicating the arrival of customers.  Will stands up and Bella rubs his back assuringly.  They turn toward the door. 

(cut to): the door as Johanna, Meagan and Finn walk in.  Will and Bella look at one another.

Meagan: Bella!  Will!  Hi guys!

Bella: Hey Meagan.

Will: How’s it going?

Will walks back behind the counter.

Meagan: Good.  Finn came over to take us out for ice cream. 

Meagan walks over to the counter and climbs up on a stool.  She talks to Will.

Meagan cont’d: I mean, sure I know it’s a total bribe, but if the guy wants to give me some free ice cream…why not take him up on it?

Will leans against the counter.

Will: Good plan.

He smiles.

Meagan: I know. 

Johanna sits on one side of Meagan.  Finn thinks about it then sits on the other side of her.

Bella: Well, my break is over.  I’ll see you later Will.

She pats Meagan on the back.

Bella cont’d: Bye Meag…Ms. Ryan…Finn.

They say goodbye.

Meagan: Okay, I would like a banana split.  None of that Pineapple stuff though, ok?  Just chocolate and strawberry.

Will: Okay.  What about you two?

Finn: I would like…a strawberry sundae.

Johanna: You know what I want, Will…

Will: Hot fudge.  It’ll be right up, guys.

Meagan: Will, you’re the best.

Will smiles and turns around.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the lake.

(cut to): Hamilton sitting at the picnic table.  He has his arms crossed on the picnic table.  His head rests on top of them, but he looks across the lake.  Jake walks up and sits next to him.

Music: These Days by Powderfinger

Jake: I’m sorry.

He looks over.

Hamilton: Hey…

Jake: I screwed up, okay?  I had no right to get mad at you.  Sex is something that we should talk about.  I mean, it’s not like we never have.

Hamilton: I just want you to know that I’m operating under the basic assumption that we’re waiting.

Jake: You are?

Hamilton: You aren’t?

Jake: I don’t know.

Hamilton: Really?

Jake laughs.

Jake: That was not me giving you an all access pass, Hamilton.

Hamilton: There’s an all access pass?

He smiles.

Jake: Cute.

A beat.

Hamilton: So…if we’re not waiting

Jake: When you say waiting, you mean waiting for what exactly?  Marriage?  Until we’re older?  Next Tuesday?

Hamilton: We might not be married, but…we’ll be older…by next Tuesday…

Hamilton starts to laugh at his obvious attempt at a joke.

Jake: Okay.

His smile fades.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Next Tuesday.

Hamilton: Seriously?

Jake nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Wow…

Jake: I mean, if you’re cool with it…

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.  He looks confused…not where he was expecting the conversation to end up.

Hamilton: No…I’m—I’m cool with it.

Jake: Okay.

Hamilton: Okay.

Jake looks around to make sure no one is watching.  She kisses him on the cheek, gets up and walks off, looking a little freaked out.  Hamilton looks across the lake.  He swallows.  He looks a little shocked and a lot scared as hell.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a black screen.  In white letters “Tuesday” is written.

Music: Falling Down by Vertical Horizon 

(dissolve to): An establishing shot of Rawley Academy.  It’s in the morning before classes.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  They’re both dressed.  Scout is tying his shoes and Will is putting some books into his backpack. 

Will: Oh, hey, you’re still covering for me today, right?

Scout: Oh…Will, my mom is coming today.  We’re going out with Jill and her dad.

Will: Oh…okay.

Scout: I’ll take every other shift this week…

Will: No, no don’t worry about. 

Scout: Will, I really am sorry.  Were you going to do something with Bella?

Will shrugs.

Will: I didn’t have any plans…I just thought you might want some shifts that’s all, but…I need the extra money anyway.

Scout: Are you kidding me?  You’ve been doing nothing but saving.  You’ve gotta have like a million bucks.

Will laughs.

Will: Not quite.

Scout: Well, listen man…however I can make this up to you…

Scout picks up his backpack and pats Will on the back.

Scout cont’d: You just let me know.

Scout walks out and closes the door behind him.

Will: Got three thousand dollars?

Will shakes his head and hops up.  He grabs his bookbag and runs out the door.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Will’s house. 

(cut to): The kitchen.  Brian and Susan are there.  Susan is making lunch for Brian.  He sits at the table drinking coffee.

Susan: I just can’t believe you went to Will like that…he’s just a boy.

Brian: He’s not just a boy…he’s Mr. Hotshot Rawley boy.  He can afford to help his family out.

Susan: Why?  His family never makes much of an effort to help him out.

Brian takes the last sip of his coffee.  He gets up and takes his lunch.

Brian: I’m going to see him today when I get off work.

He exits.  Susan shakes her head.

(dissolve to): English class on the dock.  Play discussion time.  Same positions as last time.  Scout and Will sit next to each other.  Jake and Ham sit on opposite sides of the dock.

Hamilton: Why are we always reading such depressing crap…I need a happy ending every once in awhile.

Will: Who says it’s not happy?

Hamilton: Um, hello…they die.

Will: So what?  Remember when we read Wuthering Heights?   Heathcliff and Catherine couldn’t be together in this world, but in Heaven they were reunited.  There’s your happy ending.

Hamilton: Yeah right, that book sucked too. 

Jake: I think you’re overlooking something pretty important.

Everyone looks over at Jake.  She’s sitting with her knees pressed to her chest.  She has a cap on.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Love…

She glances at Hamilton then down.

Finn: Go on…

She looks back up and tries to collect her thoughts.

Jake: I think…more than anything, the play is about being in love...and trying to overcome the obstacles that come with that.  I mean they practically fell in love the first time they met. 

Hamilton: And then they got married.  I mean they just met each other.

Jake: You think they rushed things?

Hamilton: Yeah, they were like even younger than us, right?

Will: Being young doesn’t make you wrong.  The longer people are alive, the more bitter they become.  Look at the Montagues and the Capulets.  I mean, it’s their fault Romeo and Juliet had such a hard time.

Finn: Read the balcony scene, though.  I think that whole “deny thy father and refuse thy name” thing turned them on.  If they hadn’t had the whole family feud…would Romeo and Juliet have still been so determined to be together?

Jake: Like if he just met her…she was just a regular girl…not someone his dad would disapprove of…not someone…sort of…off limits?  Would he…would he still love her?

Scout: We’re still talking about the play here, right guys?

Scout cracks up.  A few of the guys snicker.  Others, by now accepting, not questioning, of Jake and Ham just roll their eyes.  Will sort of back hands him on the arm to shut him up.  He stops laughing.

Hamilton (to Scout, a little angry): Of course. (to Jake, matter-of-factly): And…of course.

Finn: Of course what, Ham?  Let’s get back on track.

Hamilton: Romeo would still love her.  They’d still be in love.  They’d still want to be together.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still believe in love…

He looks at Jake, not really discreetly, but he doesn’t care anymore.

Hamilton cont’d: I just think maybe Romeo and Juliet needed more time.

Finn: More time would have been nice…and would be nice for us, but alas…we are out of it.  You’re all dismissed.

(cut to): Hamilton walking off the dock.  Jake runs up to him and grabs his arm.  A few of the guys give them a weird look, but keep walking.

Jake: Hey, Hamilton…

Hamilton turns around.  He’s not mad or flustered.  He seems okay.

Music: Over My Head by Lit

Jake: What was that?

Hamilton: What?

Jake: The completely loaded discussion about...or, not about rather—

Hamilton: What?

Jake: Are you kidding me?  They rushed in…they were too young….

Hamilton: Oh…oh, you thought…look, I was talking about them not us, ok?  I like pushing Finn’s buttons.

Jake looks at him first suspiciously.

Jake: You’re sure?

Hamilton smiles mischievously.

Hamilton: Yes.  I mean, yes, you know?

Jake smiles and grabs his shirt sleeve, pulling it slightly to get him to move.

Jake: Okay…well, then, come on Romeo.

Hamilton: Wait, right now?

Jake laughs and clears her throat, deepening her voice.

Jake: Dude, we have to go to lunch.

Hamilton rolls his eyes and they walk off.  Scout and Will are still on the dock.

(cut to): a closer shot of them.

Will: So, are you all nervous about dinner tonight?

Scout: No…do you think I should be?

Will: Well, it is kind of like your parents meeting each other…it’s kind of big, right?

Scout: I wish my dad could have come.  He’s like so different from Jill’s dad, but they would probably still get along great.  I mean, my mom will definitely like him.  And, she’s gonna love Jill.  I mean, right? 

Will raises his eyebrows.

Will: You’re asking me?

Scout: She’s likable, right?  I mean…I like her.  And…you like her right?

Will nods.

Scout cont’d: So, we could conclude that most people who meet her like her?

Will: Man, you’re totally a wreck.

Scout: It’s just that…my mom…she’s just this ordinary mom, you know?  My parents are just regular parents…plus or minus a little scandal here and there.  And Jill and her dad are so different.  And they’re honest about stuff.  I don’t think I’ve ever even heard my mom say “sex.”  What if she doesn’t like Jill or…Jill hates her. 

Will: I guess you’ll have to get a new girlfriend.

Scout: Not an option.

Will gives him a “see where I was going with that?” look.

Will: Well, then, I guess you’ll just have to deal with whatever happens.  You’re certainly not going to be able to change it by stressing about it.

Scout: You’re right.  I just need something to keep my mind off of it until 8:00. 

Will raises his eyebrows.

Will: I got something for you.

(dissolve to): Will and Scout’s room.  After school.  Scout is pulling on his Friendly’s uniform shirt.

Scout: This was a great idea.

Will smiles.

Will: Sucker…

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Hamilton is sitting at Jake’s desk doing homework.  Jake is searching through her drawers.  Hamilton tries to concentrate, but is distracted by Jake’s rummaging.

Hamilton: What are you looking for?

Jake: I had these candles.  My mom sent them after the whole power outage thing.  And now, they’re nowhere to be found…

Hamilton: Well, if the power goes out again…guess we’re screwed.

Jake looks at him as he turns around and tries to get back to work. .

Jake: You have…

Hamilton: Huh?

He turns back around.

Jake: I was just making sure that you have…protection.

Hamilton: Pr—oh, yeah…I mean, yeah, of course.

Hamilton smiles at her then turns back to his book.  When Jake can’t see him he looks a little freaked out.

Hamilton: I’m going to um…

He gets up.

Hamilton cont’d: I gotta ask Scout a question about this trig homework.  Be right back.

He walks out quickly before Jake can respond.

(cut to): Will and Scout in their room.  Scout is about to leave.  Hamilton walks in.

Hamilton: Guys…I need help.

They look at one another then back at him.

Scout: What do you need?

Hamilton tries to look casual.

Hamilton: Do either of you have an extra, um…

Scout: You’re going to have to speed this up…I have to go to work.

Hamilton: …condom.

Will and Scout are both surprised by this.  They look at one another again.  Will turns back to him.

Will: Sorry, man, but—

Scout: I do.  I have like a box around here somewhere.

Will: You do?

Scout: Don’t look at me like that…it’s not an opened box.

Will: Hey…whatever…that’s your business.

Scout starts looking around.

Scout: It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.  Now, what happened to them?

Will: So, Ham…I didn’t even know you and Jake were—

Hamilton: We’re not. 

Scout looks at him questioningly.

Scout: So, who’s the lucky girl?

Hamilton: No, I mean…we haven’t been, but…today—

Will: Wow…big day.  Congratulations, Ham.

Scout: Okay…I mean, is she in there waiting right now or can I find them when I get back from work?  Say 7:30-ish?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: That’ll work…as long as it’s by eight.

Will: You scheduled it?  Is it, like, in your day planner?

Scout laughs.

Hamilton: Can we just…erase this conversation.  Please?

Will: We won’t say a word.

Hamilton nods and turns to walk out.

Scout: And, Ham…try not to look this freaked out tonight.

Hamilton shakes his head and exits. Will and Scout look at one another questioningly.  They both shrug.

Scout: I’m going to head to work.  See ya later.

Will: Yeah…hey, Scout…if my dad comes by can you tell him that my answer is going to have to be “no.”  I have a future to think about.

Scout: What are you talking about?

Will: It’s nothing important.  Can you just tell him?

Scout: Yeah, sure thing.  See ya…

Scout exits. Will swallows and looks a little nervous.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Jake walking onto the Rawley Girls campus.

Music: The New Fred Astaire by Lost Boys’ Confusion

Ryder: Hey…Jake.

Ryder comes running up behind her.

Jake: God…what now Ryder?  I thought you were taking off.

Ryder: And I thought I told you I was sticking around to bug you.

Jake: Mission accomplished, now…please, just get lost.

Ryder: I’m going to see Gwen…my guess is you’re headed to the same room.

Jake gives him a fairly dirty look.

Ryder: I know that you usually hate my guts, but…there’s something else behind today’s evil glare.  I mean…are you alright?

Jake: I—

Jake doesn’t know what to say.

Ryder: Yes, well…I didn’t really want you to have to tell me either.  Let’s just go find our respective Rawley girls.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  Jill is painting.  Gwen is sitting on her bad reading.  She glances up at the painting.

Gwen: You’re really very good, you know?

Jill turns around.  She smiles.

Jill: Thank you.

Gwen smiles and looks back to her book.

Jill cont’d: Something on your mind?

Gwen looks back up.  She can’t decide whether or not to speak.

Jill cont’d: ‘This a Ryder thing?

Gwen sighs.  She doesn’t seem to want to talk to Jill about it, but she gives in and speaks.

Gwen: …he’s so hard to deal with.  He gets mad so easily.

Jill: So, let him get mad.  He’s not worth the stress.

Gwen: He is to me.

Jill: Why? 

Gwen: Look, out of our dysfunctional little step family…he is the nice one.  His attitude punishes everyone around him…but it hurts him too.

Jill: I’m sorry, but…how can you not realize that that is such crap?  Ryder doesn’t deserve you. 

Gwen doesn’t say anything.

Jill cont’d: You should talk to him and tell him to give you a little respect.

Gwen: I—

There is a knock at the door.  Jill looks at Gwen.

Jill: Come in.

Jake opens the door.

Jill: Hey…how’s it going, Jake?

Jake: Not that great. 

Jill: Well, you just came from the boys’ campus.  Did you see Ryder anywhere around?

Ryder sticks his head in the room, over Jake’s shoulder.

Ryder: I’m here…reporting for duty.

Jill looks a little surprised. 

Jill: Well, perfect.

She grabs Gwen, pulling her up.

Jill cont’d: Gwen needs to talk to you.  (to Gwen): remember, respect.

Gwen rolls her eyes but walks out with Ryder.

Jill: God, the crap she puts up with from that guy.  Anyway, were you just escorting him over or—

Jake: I have to talk to you.  I need help.

Jill: Okay…

Jake: Well, first, do you have any candles?

Jill: Oh my God, are we having a séance? 

Jake: Wh—

She smiles.

Jake cont’d: No…they’re for…well, candles are romantic, right?

Jill: Sure.  Trying to set a mood?

Jake nods.  Jill gets it.

Jill: Oh my God.  Come over here.  Sit down. 

Jake walks over to Jill’s bed and sits down.  Jill sits in front of her.

Jill: What the hell is the matter with you?  I mean…you do mean to imply that you and Ham are…I mean, you’re going to sleep together?

Jake nods, unsure.

Jill cont’d: Okay…is he like over there waiting for the candles?

Jake: No, it’s not…we’re not…until eight.  Tuesday at eight.

Jill: Oh my God, is it on your calendar?

Jake laughs softly.  She looks around.

Jill: Okay, why do you look like you’re going to puke?

Jake: Because I am.

Jill: Well, yeah, sounds like you’re definitely ready for this.  Can I just…ask you something?  After our conversation the other day…I mean, did talking about it lead to doing it?

Jake: Well, we never actually got around to talking about it.  We just kind of…set the date.

Jill: You were like, “let’s talk about sex” and he was like “why talk when we can do it on Tuesday?”

Jake: Kind of the opposite.  But, that’s not important because in about…

She looks at her watch.

Jake cont’d: Oh my God, in about three hours I’m no longer going to be a virgin.  And I need candles and…romantic stuff. 

Jill: Calm down.

Jake gets up.

Jake: I can’t. 

Jill smiles.

Jill: Okay…I think I have some candles.  What are you going to wear?

Jake: Wear?

Jill: Maybe you should just…cancel.

Jake: What?  Why?

Jill: Because, Jacqueline…you’re obviously not ready for this.

Jake: Well, then I have…less than three hours to get ready.  I need you.

Jill looks up at a nervous Jake.

(cut to): Gwen and Ryder walking together outside, somewhere near Rawley Girls.’

Ryder: So, I decided to stay.

Gwen: I see that.  What changed your mind?

Ryder: A couple things, but none that mattered because…I probably wouldn’t have been able to abandon you here anyway…with all these pathetic losers.

Ryder looks around.

Gwen: Jill thinks you don’t respect me…

Ryder: And do you agree?

Gwen: Honestly, I don’t think you respect anyone…including yourself.  And, I know you hate when I lecture you like this, but—

Ryder: You’re right…I do hate it.

Gwen looks down.

Ryder cont’d: And, you’re right…about the other stuff too. 

She looks back up at him.

Ryder: But, I’m sorry to say that, right now, things aren’t going to change.  I’m too close to being out of here to try and do things differently.  I was looking for a fresh start last week, but…I’ll wait until after graduation.

Gwen: Do you want to talk anything?

Ryder smiles.

Ryder: No, I think I’ll just internalize it as usual.

(cut to): a shot behind them as they walk off together.

Gwen: That’s why you’re so mean to everyone…

Ryder: Hey, I’m not mean to you…usually…

Gwen: That’s because you know I could kick your ass…

Ryder: Oh…I know…

(cut to): Scout and Bella at Friendly’s.  Scout is behind the counter and Bella is sitting on a stool.  They’ve been talking.

Bella: Did he say what he was doing this afternoon?

Scout: No…it just sounded like he wanted to avoid his dad.

Bella: Oh, God…it’s Tuesday?

Scout: Yeah, why?

Bella: Well, that’s the day his dad is coming back to find out what Will decided about the money.

Scout: Money?

Bella: I thought he told you. 

Scout: Told me what?  He told me to tell his dad the answer was no, but…he didn’t say what the question was.  His dad asked him for money?  That’s terrible.  Will’s just a kid.

Bella: He said no?

Scout: Well, of course he did.  I cannot believe his dad—

Bella: Well, Scout, it’s not like he was going to use the money to go out drinking and gambling…it’s for their house payment.

Scout: So, you think he should just hand over…how much money?

Bella: Three thousand dollars.

Scout: That would practically wipe him out…

Bella: I’m not saying he made the wrong decision.  That was my reaction when he told me too: tell him no way and get lost, but I know he thought it through…he even talked to his mom who told him he had every right to say no.  I was just pointing out that when he gets here…just don’t be harsh, ok?

Scout: But—

The bell rings.  Will’s dad enters.

Brian: ‘Will around?

Scout: No, sir.  He told me to tell you that his answer is no and that he has his own future to think about.

Brian: Oh, did he?  Couldn’t deliver his own message like a man?  Well, you tell him something for me son…you tell him he can go straight to—

Scout: I don’t think I’m going to do that, sir.  Like you said, a man delivers his own messages.

Bella: Scout—

Brian:  I don’t think Will would like that very much. 

He gives Scout one more evil glare before exiting.

Scout: God, that guy is a jerk.

Bella: He’s just trapped, Scout.

Scout looks at Bella as she watches the door.

Scout: Bella…you’re not going to end up like that. 

She looks back at him.

Scout cont’d: I mean…Will wouldn’t let that happen, okay?

Bella looks down.

Scout cont’d: You wouldn’t let that happen.

She smiles at him.

Bella: Thanks, Scout.  Now, is my burger up yet?

Scout turns around and grabs the bag ready to go.  He hands it to her.  She takes it and leans over, kissing him on the cheek. 

Bella: Thanks.  And, have fun tonight.  It’ll go great.  Your mom’s going to love her.

Scout: Thanks.  Bye, Bella.

She exits.  He watches her for a moment, then starts to wipe off the counters.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Hamilton as he walks across the quad toward.  Scout comes jogging by.

Music: Sugar Buzz

Hamilton: Scout—

Scout: Just come by in like 20 minutes, okay?  I’m in a hurry.  I have to talk to Will, grab a shower and get dressed.

Hamilton: Okay, I’ll see you in a few.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Jill is there is a black dress.  He hair is pulled up.  She’s putting on a necklace.  She turns around to Jake who is sitting on her bed.  Jake is wearing pajamas.  Like a pajama set…practically plaid and flannel.  It’s far from sexy.

Jake: You look really great.

Jill: Thanks…you look…why are you wearing that again?

Jake: What?  It’s pajamas.  It implies bed.  It’s perfect.

Jill: It’s not very…sexy.

Jake: So what?  I think he’s kind of a sure thing.

Jill laughs then sits down next to her.

Jill: You know you can tell him you don’t want to go through with it.

Jake: But, I do want to go through with it.  I’m ready for this…I have been for a long time.  There’s nothing I want more.

Jill: Okay, but Jacqueline, if you even knew how much that just sounded like you were trying to convince yourself.  It’s written all over your face…it’s in your voice…and your choice of wardrobe…you’re not ready.  And you look scared as hell.

Jake: You didn’t see Hamilton…

(cut to): Hamilton in his room.  He has on shorts and a t-shirt as he looks in the mirror.  He still looks as nervous as ever.  He pulls off the shirt and tosses it on the bed where there are several other shirts and pairs of pants.  Pulling off the shirt ruffled his hair.  He pushes it back off his face. 

Hamilton: Get it together, Ham.  You’ve gotta get it together.

He opens his closet and pulls out a white button-up shirt and a pair of black pants.

Hamilton: Perfect.

There’s a knock at his door.

Hamilton: Come in.

His dad opens the door and steps in.  Hamilton tosses the pants on the bed and puts on the shirt.

Steven: I just wanted you to know that your mom and I are leaving for dinner now.

Hamilton: Great.  Have fun.

Steven looks at the clothes on the bed then back at Ham as he continues to button his shirt.

Steven: Going somewhere?

Hamilton: Not really.  Just over to the dorms…to study.

Steven looks like he wants to ask more, but doesn’t.

Hamilton cont’d: Dad…I’m really happy for you and mom…and all the work you’ve put into making everything all right again.

Steven: Thank you, son.  That means a lot, especially tonight.

Hamilton: That’s right…Happy Anniversary, by the way.

Steven smiles.

Steven: Good luck with the studying.  I hope all goes well.

Ham laughs.

Hamilton: Thanks, Dad.

Steven: One day you’ll talk to me?

Hamilton: Dad—

Steven: I know you don’t tell me everything and I respect that, but…one day you will, right?

Hamilton nods.  Steven smiles then walks out.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Will is sitting as his desk with a few books opened.  Scout is still looking around the room.  He’s dressed in gray slacks, a black shirt and a tie.

Will: So, she seriously said it was okay to close early?

Scout: Yeah.  She said the likelihood of any other customers coming in was pretty slim.

Will: Well, cool…I can get some extra studying done.

Scout: Maybe you should go see Bella. 

Will gives him a weird look.

Scout cont’d: Now that you’ve got a little extra time…maybe you should spend it with her.

Scout goes through each of his drawers.

Will: Since when are you so concerned with—

Scout: Look, Will…I’m not going to fight with you, okay?  Not about Bella.  All that is water under the bridge.  But…she was worried about you Will and…after your dad came in—

Will: He did come in, then?  Did you tell him?  How’d he take it?

Scout: Well, he was mad and he left.  Then Bella started defending him.

Will: What?

Scout: And talked about being stuck…in New Rawley.  I just…I think it would be nice if you went and talked to her.

Will nods. 

Hamilton walks in the opened door.  Scout and Will look over.  Hamilton has on the outfit he picket out before.  Black pants and a white, button-up shirt.  The shirt is un-tucked and the cuffs aren’t buttoned…but it looks good that way.

Scout: Give me five more minutes okay?

Hamilton: Sure, I’ll be right back.  But…I’m kind of working on a time line here so—

Scout: Five minutes…

Hamilton: Okay…okay…I’ll come back.

Hamilton walks on down the hall.  Will and Scout smile at each other and shake their heads.

(cut to): Scout as he bends down to the bottom drawer of his dresser and looks under some of the clothes.  He pulls out the box. 

Scout: Bingo.

He opens the box and pulls several condoms and sticks them back in his drawer.  Will watches him.

Will: Look, man…thanks for the advice…about Bella.

Scout nods.  Then runs over to the door with the intention of catching up to Hamilton. 

Scout runs out the door.

Scout: Hey I found the—

(cut to): a shot outside in the hall.  Scout almost runs into a woman as he cuts off his sentence.  He’s got the box in his hand.  She looks at the box then at Scout.  Jill sticks her head out Jake’s door.  She sees the woman and runs over.  Mrs. Calhoun would be played by Mary Kay Place.

Jill: You must be—

The woman turns slightly to see Jill come up.  Jill stops when she sees Scout and the look on his face.

Mrs. Calhoun: I’m Cindy Calhoun.

Jill: Jill Thomas…

Scout is still standing there with the box.  Jill looks over at him like “what the hell are you doing?”

Scout: I…These are for—

Cindy: Uh…I think we know what those are for, dear.

Scout: Mom—

Greg walks up.

Greg: Hey, the party is starting without me. 

He sticks out his hand to Scout’s mom.

Greg cont’d: I’m Greg Thomas.  You must be—

He looks over at Scout.  Scout finally snaps out of it and tosses the box back into the room.

(cut to): inside the room.  Will sits on the bed as the box comes flying in and hits the floor.  He listens but doesn’t make any effort to go out in the hall.

(cut to): the hall.

Greg: Okay so…who’s ready to go?

Scout: I am.

Jill: Yeah…let’s go.

Greg escorts Cindy down the hall; Jill and Scout follow.  Jill and Scout look at one another.  Scout looks a little worried.  Hamilton comes around the corner.  He looks over at Scout questioningly.  Scout nods back to the room. 

(cut to): Will picking up the box of condoms.  A couple fall out on the floor.  Will looks at them for a moment before picking them up.  He takes his wallet out and puts one inside.  Just as he gets his wallet in his pocket, Hamilton walks in.  He looks as scared as ever.

Will: Ham.  Hey.

Hamilton: Hey…

Will hands him the box.  He takes out a few and puts them in his pocket.  He hands the box back to Will.

Hamilton cont’d: Thanks.

He takes a deep breath and looks over his shoulder at the door.  He looks over at the alarm clock by Will’s bed.  It reads 7:59. 

Hamilton cont’d: Well, guess I should do this. 

Will: Have fun.

Ham hesitates for a minute.

Hamilton: I can’t do this.  I can’t do this. 

He sits down on Scout’s bed.

Hamilton cont’d: I can’t, Will.  I don’t even know where to begin.

Will: You could start by breathing.

Hamilton: I don’t even know how things got here, you know?  My shrink wanted me to talk to my girlfriend about sex…and now, all of the sudden, we’re having it.  How did this happen?

Will: Maybe you should just tell her you don’t want to do it.

Hamilton: But, I want to—

Will: Then maybe you should tell her that you’re not ready because, man, you’re obviously not.

Hamilton: I don’t think that’s the problem.

Will: Well…maybe you’re talking to the wrong person.

Hamilton looks at him, nodding.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  The candles are lit.  Jake is sitting on the edge of the bed.  There is a knock.  Jake gets up and opens the door a little.  Ham sticks his head in.  He smiles when he sees her.

Music: Hurry Up and Wait by Stereophonics

Hamilton: It is eight, right?

She looks down at the outfit, but doesn’t really get it.  He steps inside quickly and locks the door behind him.  He looks around, noticing the candles.

Hamilton cont’d: Now I see why you wanted the candles.  They’re nice.

Jake: Yeah…I thought there was probably a rule against candles in the dorms, but I figured it was worth the risk.

They both laugh awkwardly.  There’s a beat.  Jake looks down for a moment and Hamilton steps toward her.  He leans toward her and kisses her.  She takes his hand and leads him over to the bed.  They stand there for a moment.  Hamilton looks down at the bed, then back at Jake.  They both look incredibly innocent.  That’s important.  They’ve kissed or made-out a million times, but this is different and they realize it.  Hamilton leans toward her to kiss her again.  As he does, Jake starts to un-button her shirt.  When they part, he watches her for a second, unsure of what to do.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: I just…I feel like such an idiot.  I mean, you’re standing there all beautiful in your…flannel pajamas…like expecting me to know what to do and…I just don’t.

Jake smiles at him.  He looks down.

Jake: Can I just say that…I love you so much right now.

Hamilton: Why?  I’m like this incompetent boyfriend who—

Jake: …has a girlfriend that feels just as inept as you do.

Hamilton takes a seat on the bed.

Jake: You know, when you asked me to talk about this the other day…well, we never did do much talking about it.

Hamilton: No…no, we didn’t.

Hamilton cont’d: Want to now?

Jake: I think that might be a good idea.

Jake sits down too.

Hamilton: Okay…well, Dr. Parker said it sounded like out relationship was progressing and that if we were going to have sex, then maybe I should talk to my dad.  Then I said that we weren’t having sex and that we really didn’t talk about it.  And I kind of had this idea that the reason we don’t is because—

Jake: We’d realize that there’s really no reason why we aren’t having it.

Hamilton looks at her, surprised.

Hamilton: Exactly.

Jake: I came to the same conclusion the other day.

Hamilton: Well…but…if there’s no reason why we aren’t having it then why does—

Jake: This feel so wrong?

Hamilton: Yeah…

He looks down.

Jake: Maybe if we figure out what the problem is…what the reason is…then maybe we can fix it and…move on.

Hamilton: You mean, figure out why we shouldn’t have sex…so we can.

Jake: Something like that.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I’m game.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of a familiar street in Carson.  Where the restaurant Scout and Jill got caught being out past curfew is.

Music: Half the Chance by Dezeray’s Hammer

(cut to): Inside the restaurant.  Finn and Johanna are being seated.

Johanna: I’m really glad you called.

Finn: Me too.

Johanna: And came by the other day and met Meagan.  That meant a lot to her.  She’s staying with a friend tonight, by the way.  She was pretty excited about getting to do that on a school night.

Finn: She’s an amazing girl.  Kind of like her mom. 

Johanna smiles.

Finn cont’d:  You know, it was Will who suggested I see you again.  I mean, not that I ever saw you before.  Well, you know, I saw you, but…not in the dating sense of the word.

Johanna smiles.

Johanna: Do you think this constitutes our first date?

Finn: I think that depends on how it ends.

Johanna: …because I never planned on dating you.

Finn: Nor I you.

Finn is sitting facing the door and he looks up as the Concierge escorts the Flemings into the restaurant.  Finn holds the menu up conspicuously.

Johanna: What?

Finn peeks around the menu at her.

Finn: My boss and his wife.

Johanna turns around to see, then turns back to Finn.

Johanna: That’s her, huh?

Finn nods.

Johanna cont’d: She’s pretty.

Finn: She’s a lot of things…including married…to that jerk-off.  And, here they come.

Finn puts the menu up again.  The Concierge brings them past Finn’s table.  And seats them at a nearby table, but not where they can easily notice Finn and Johanna..

Johanna: Well, well…aren’t you adorable?

Finn: Of course…but, why now?

Johanna: You’re in love with her, yet being with her is an impossibility. 

Finn: Story of my life…

Johanna: It’s beautifully tragic.

Finn: And, oh, so Shakespearean.  It’s a good thing I like the guy.

She watches Finn for a moment as he looks back at The Flemings table.  They are leaning in talking.  Finn leans back in his chair and looks back to Johanna.

Johanna: That night when we were…in jail together and you told me about her…it was something hard for me to resolve.  The fact that you would be with someone married…it just seems like a simple concept: be faithful.  But…the way you looked at her just now…there’s nothing simple about it.

Finn: I shouldn’t be doing this to you…

Johanna: You shouldn’t be doing it to yourself.

Finn: It’s something I should be over by now but—

Johanna: You’re not.  That’s okay.  All prior flirting and coyness aside…I could really use a friend right now too.

Finn looks a little surprised, but can’t help smile at her compassion.  He looks up again as Scout, Jill, Greg and Cindy enter.

Finn: Is this the only restaurant in a hundred mile radius of Rawley Academy?

(cut to): Scout, Jill, Greg and Cindy as they wait to be seated.  No one is saying anything.

Jill (whispered to Scout): Don’t worry, okay?  It’s going to be fine.

Scout smiles at her and takes her hand.  They are led to their table.  They walk past Finn.  Scout nods, but doesn’t talk to him.  They also pass the Dean who sees them and nods at Greg who has obviously talked to him about having the kids out past curfew.  They stop and talk a moment.  Greg introduces Cindy.  Scout and Jill stand back and talk in whispers.

Scout: If they only knew what they’re son was doing tonight.

Jill: Oh my gosh, you know about that?  Was Ham as freaked out as Jacqueline?

Scout: Scared as hell.

Jill: Her too.  Is that what the deal with those condoms was?

Scout nods.

Jill: That just further illustrates my “they are so not ready” argument.

Scout nods in agreement.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  They sit across from one another on the bed.  Jake has a notebook in her hands.

Music: Unknown by Lifehouse

Jake: Okay, so to re-cap.  We have down all the reasons two people like us should not have sex and now we have to figure out which ones apply specifically to us.  Then we’ll have a better idea about why this is so difficult.

Hamilton: Okay…

Jake: First, “not being in love…not understanding love.”  That seems kind of moot, but what do you think?

Hamilton: Well, not being in love is not applicable, but the other part…well, of course we don’t understand love.  No one really does.  It’s like the simplest thing to feel, but the hardest thing to understand.

Jake: Do you think that feeling like it’s simple reflects misunderstanding of it?

Hamilton: Do you love me?

Jake: Yes.

Hamilton: How do you know?

She tilts her head and tries to think of how to explain it.

Jake: I just do.

Hamilton: See…simple.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Okay…second, “being too young.”

Hamilton: Remember what Will said?  Being young doesn’t make you wrong.

Jake: But…you didn’t agree with him.

Hamilton: All the stuff I said that day in class…some of it was kind of about us and I was really scared about tonight and I didn’t know how to tell you.  But, it was kind of like this…just me throwing ideas out.  I think Will was absolutely right and…I told Dr. Parker before that saying we’re too young is stupid because…it’s us.  I mean…unless you think—

Jake: I don’t.  I think people our age are too young, but…it’s just not a good enough reason with us…we’re kind of beyond that.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: What’s next?

Jake looks back down at the paper.

Jake: Okay, next is “not knowing each other well enough or long enough.”

Hamilton: I think that’s kind of like the age thing.

Jake: Yeah…like in general it might be true, but when you look at the specific it just doesn’t make sense.

Jake looks down again.

Jake: Okay…religious beliefs…waiting until you’re married…that kind of thing.  We’re not really hung up on that, right?

Hamilton: The closest I’ve been to church lately is watching an episode of Seventh Heaven…so…yeah, scratch that one.

Jake: The list is dwindling fast.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

(cut to): the restaurant.  The camera pans around past Ham’s parents who are enjoying an intimate dinner then past Finn and Johanna who are both laughing and seem to be having a good time.  When the camera stops we see Jill, Scout, Greg and Cindy.  No one is saying anything.  Cindy breaks the silence:

Cindy: So, Mr. Thomas, you’re a stage actor?

Greg: Yep…in about a month I’m going on tour with a show.  And, please, call me Greg.

Cindy: So, you’re on the road a lot?

Greg: Lately I have been. 

Cindy: That must be difficult for you, Jill.

Jill: Well, I used to go with him everywhere, but…I decided it was time for me to settle down.

She laughs.  Cindy smiles weakly.

Jill: I mean…it’s hard not seeing my dad, but…everyone at Rawley is just dumped there by their parents…at least I got to choose.

Scout looks at his mom then back at Jill.

Jill: Not that there’s anything wrong with sending your kid to Rawley…

Greg: You’ll have to excuse my daughter…she’s got a pretty chronic case of foot-in-mouth-disease.

Cindy laughs a little less guardedly.

Cindy: You should hear me at any event with John…trying not to say the wrong thing to the wrong politician.  Jill, if you and Scout remain an item…you’ll know how I feel.  He’s going to be the fourth generation Calhoun to serve the United States senate.

Jill turns to Scout.

Jill: You are?

Scout: I—

Cindy: Well, you’ve only been practicing since you were in diapers.  And it’s a solid career succession…law then politics.

Jill: Wow…I guess I never realized how Dharma I am to your Greg.

Greg and Cindy look confused.

Scout: I don’t really know what I want to do. 

Cindy: I thought you always said you wanted to be just like your father.

Scout: That was when I was like eight, Mom.  You know history and government and anything like that have been my worst subjects lately. 

Cindy: So, you’ve got no career aspirations?

Scout: I’ve been thinking a lot about architecture lately.

Greg: Jill’s always planned on doing art…if only as a secondary career.

Jill: Yeah…it probably wouldn’t pay the bills, but I really enjoy it.  If I could be an artist—

Cindy: Artist…architect…these are kind of lofty goals.

Jill (sarcastic): Well, like Dad said…artist is kind of the secondary career goal.  Quantum physicist is first, of course.

Jill tosses her napkin on the table and gets up.  Scout starts to get up.

Cindy: Why don’t I go?

Greg nods.  She gets up and exits.

Scout: God, this is like my worst nightmare.  I just wanted them to like each other.

Greg: They will. 

Scout looks off.

Scout: I hope so.

A beat.

Greg: Are you sleeping with my daughter?

Scout looks back at Greg.

Scout: No, Sir. 

Greg looks at him for a moment, gauging his response.

Scout cont’d: Back at the dorms…I mean…those were for someone else.

Greg: Were they yours?

Scout hesitates.

Scout: …yes.

Greg: Are you planning on sleeping with my daughter?

Scout: I don’t know how to answer that.

Greg: I’d go with honestly…but I always try to.

Scout: Well, then…the answer is “how could I not be?”  She’s amazing.

Greg half smiles and nods.

Scout cont’d: Not any time soon or anything…just eventually.

Greg: You’re a good man, Scout.

Scout smiles.
(cut to): the bathroom.  Jill is standing in front of the mirror.  Cindy walks in.

Cindy: I didn’t mean to offend you.

Jill looks at her.

Jill: Scout just wanted this to go well.  This is probably like his worst nightmare.  He wanted us to meet and become like best friends…and I’m screwing this up.  I should have just kept my big mouth shut.

Cindy: You obviously care about him a lot.

Cindy walks up behind her.

Jill: You do too…I know.

Cindy: I don’t talk to him enough.  I never realized how grown-up he’s become.  I never even imagined that my little boy would have a girlfriend who he’s…sleeping with.

Jill: Whoa… Scout and I are not sleeping together. 

Cindy: Oh…

Jill looks at their reflections in the mirror.

Jill: It kind of embarrasses me to have to say the word “condom” in front of you…but…I think that was kind of a misunderstanding.  You know, a little shtick to keep things interesting.

Cindy: I must be coming across as so judgmental.

Jill: He’s your son…you’ve got every right to be judgmental.

Cindy: What do you say we go out there and try to start everything over?

Jill: Good plan.

They exit.

(fade out) 


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(fade in): to Gwen and Ryder.  They’re in Ryder’s room.

Music: All for Me by Dezeray’s Hammer

Gwen: So, you just haven’t been going to English?

Ryder: Nope…and now I have to have this play read by tomorrow.  Not to mention this work I have to do for the class. 

Gwen: Well, I’m glad we hung out some today.  We haven’t done this in awhile.

Ryder: I’m going to miss you next year, Gwendolyn.

Gwen: You know, if you showed everyone else even half of what you show me—

Ryder: It’s not going to happen, my dear.

Gwen: Okay, but…they’d like you.  They would.

Ryder looks at her menacingly, but playfully.

Gwen cont’d: You’re still looking at me like you don’t know I could take you.

Ryder laughs.

Ryder: I’m not going to start making nice with everyone before I leave.  It’s not worth it for me.

Gwen: Fine…want to gossip then?

Ryder: Always.

Gwen: Think Jill’s cheating on Scout with that Jake guy?

Ryder laughs.

Ryder: Hmm…where’s the video camera when you need it?  That’d be a great flick.

Gwen doesn’t get it.

Ryder cont’d: No, I don’t think that is the case…I think Jake is hung up on Hamilton.

Gwen: Why don’t they just come out?

Ryder: Why don’t they just do a lot of things?  They’re not the type to make things easy.

Gwen still doesn’t really get it.

(cut to): to Jake and Ham.  Same places as before.  Still discussing why not to have sex although we missed a few reasons.

Music: Waiting by Green Day

Jake: Okay…oh, this is a good one…consequences.

Hamilton: Every decision you make has a consequence. When you decide to go left and not right, there is a consequence.

Jake: Waxing philosophical aside…

Hamilton pulls out the condom from his pocket.  He looks at the package.

Hamilton: “If used properly, latex condoms will help to reduce the risk of HIV infection and many other sexually transmitted diseases.  Also highly effective against pregnancy.”  It says highly effective…that’s gotta mean like at least 90 percent.  The odds would definitely be in our favor.

Jake: Be serious, Hamilton.

Hamilton looks at the condom and puts it back in his pocket.  He looks back up at Jake.

Hamilton: Okay…maybe you’re stressed about “the consequences” I don’t know.  Is that it?  Because, yes, I agree that it would be hard…

Jake: …but it’s not what’s stopping you.  Me either.

Hamilton: Maybe there isn’t a good reason…

Jake: Hamilton…the fact that we’re searching so hard for a reason seems like reason enough.

Hamilton looks at her, acceptingly.  He gets up and starts to collect the stuff that he previously left on Jake’s desk.

Hamilton: I never even finished my English homework…great. 

Jake gets up and takes the opened play from him.

Jake: I haven’t even started.

Hamilton cont’d: I swear that guy thinks all we have time to do is sit around and—

Jake: “Do not swear at all;”

Hamilton looks up at her before he realizes she’s reading from the play.  She smiles and continues:

Jake cont’d: “Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self,

                     Which is the god of my idolatry,

                     And I’ll believe thee.”

She points to the spot on the page and Ham read…poorly:

Hamilton: “If my heart’s dear love—“

Jake: “Well, do not swear: although I joy in thee,

          I have no joy of this contract to-night;

 It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden;

 Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be

 Ere one can say ‘It lightens.’ Sweet, good night!”

Hamilton: Interesting….

Jake: Yeah…

(cut to): Will as he knocks on Bella’s door.

Bella: Will?

Bella has opened her window and is calling down to him.

Will: Hey.  Got a minute?

Bella: Yeah, sure…Grace and Charlie went to a movie, but…I thought you might stop by so…I stayed behind.

Will: No one’s here?

Bella: Well…I am…and now you are.  I’ll be right down.

Will: No…that’s okay.  I can just come up.  I mean, if that’s okay.

Bella: Oh…well, yeah, sure.  Come on up.

(cut to): Bella in her room, tidying up.  Will enters.

Bella: I’m kind of a closet slob.

Will: I know.

Bella walks over to him and wraps her arms around his neck.

Bella: That is why I love you, Will Krudski…you know about my disgusting habits and you don’t care.

Will: I love you too, Bella.

Bella: Will, you look…I don’t know.  Are you okay?

Will smiles.

Will: I am now.

Bella: Are you upset over the stuff with your d—

Will: Bella…can we just not talk right now?

Bella looks at him seriously.  He looks genuinely upset.  Bella doesn’t know what to do so she kisses him.  He kisses her back, thankful that she didn’t press the issue.

(cut to): Jake and Ham.

Jake: Does this suddenly all seem very silly to you?

Hamilton: Scheduling sex…yeah…it’s pretty funny…wasn’t this your idea?

Jake sits down on the bed.  She’s still laughing.

Jake: Jill asked if it was on my calendar.

Hamilton: Scout asked if we put it in our day planners.

Jake laughs some more.

Jake: We’ve got to be the biggest dorks ever.

Hamilton: Yeah…we’re pretty lame.

Hamilton walks over and sits next to her.

Hamilton: I think the reason…this one we’ve been searching for has nothing to do with what we were talking about.  And, us saying that stuff doesn’t apply to us…I mean, we’re lying to ourselves.  But…some of it never stops being true.  No matter how long we wait, there are going to be logical reasons to wait longer.  I think the problem here isn’t the logic…it’s the setup.

Jake: The scheduling?

Hamilton: Yeah…I mean, what pressure…for both of us.  Be there at eight on Tuesday and be ready to go…make sure you round the candles and the condoms beforehand.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Well, this definitely doesn’t belong in the “wait until your wedding night” argument.

Hamilton smiles.

Jake cont’d: So…what is the reason?

Hamilton: It just doesn’t feel right.

Jake: That’s not a reason.

Hamilton: Sure it is.  It’s like being in love…like I said before…I can list all the things I love about you, but, when it comes down to why…I just do.  It’s like faith…blind faith…in love. 

Jake: And sex is the same?

Hamilton: I don’t ever want to have sex with you.

Jake gives him a questioning look.

Hamilton: I want to make love to you. 

He pauses.

Hamilton cont’d: …And something like that…can’t be entered into a palm pilot…it can’t be on Tuesday’s to-do list, you know?  It’s not something you can plan.  The right time for it is…whenever it is. 

Ham gets back up and puts his stuff into his book bag.  He holds the play up to indicate the lines from before.

Hamilton: And…I don’t care if, when it happens, it’s “rash” or “sudden” or “ill-advised” because…

He walks over to her again.  She stands up.

Hamilton: When it feels right…it will be right.  It’ll be perfect…and beautiful.  I know that…I’ve got faith in that.

Jake nods.

Jake: Me too.  As usual, you’ve managed to put into words what you make me feel.  And, I have to say again that…I love you so much.

Hamilton: I love you too.

Jake: How do you know?

Hamilton smiles and kisses her.  When they stop kissing, Hamilton steps back and turns around to finish packing up his stuff.  Jake walks over to him and takes the play again, opening it to where it was dog-eared. 

Jake: “O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?”

Hamilton takes the play from her and looks down at it.

Hamilton: Hey…that was Romeo’s line.

Jake grins.

Jake: Should I go change?

Hamilton: No.

They both laugh.

Jake: Want to do this English together, or what?

Hamilton: Definitely.

(dissolve): Finn and Johanna as they walk out of the restaurant together.  They stop on the sidewalk.

Finn: Thank you.  For a wonderful night…for listening to my dismal diatribe…

Johanna laughs.

Johanna: No problem.

Finn: Want to go for a walk before we get back in the car?  Talk a little more?

Johanna nods.

Johanna: That’d be nice.

(cut to): the back of a limo.  Scout, Jill, Greg and Cindy sit there.  Jill and Cindy are talking.

Jill: …so then we ask Scout where his cell phone is.  He pulls it out of his pocket.  It’s fully charged.  And he just kind of looks at me like “oops.”

Cindy: John is the same way.  Oblivious to the obvious.

Scout (to Greg): Not exactly what I had in mind, but…they’re hitting it off.

Greg: I told you they would.  Never underestimate the ability of women to bond over common interests like…bashing the men they love.

Jill: Hey…I heard that.

Cindy: As did I.

Greg chuckles.

Greg: We were the last people to leave the restaurant because of the beginning of this story you’re telling Jill…so, finish it.

Jill: We weren’t the last, but anyway…

(cut to): The restaurant.  Steve and Kate are still there.  They’re the last people there.  The waiters are lifting up chairs onto tables.  They’re still talking and seem to be genuinely glad to be there together.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  They are sitting on Jake’s bed, working on English.

Hamilton: Oh, man…what time is?  I bet my parents are going to be back soon.

Jake: Yeah, you should probably get out of here before Finn comes by or something.

Hamilton: I’m sorry tonight went so… badly.

Jake: It was awkward, but…not bad.

Hamilton kisses her quickly.  He hops up and puts his stuff into his backpack.

Hamilton: Night.

Jake: Night.

Ham exits.

(cut to): Will and Bella.  Will is sitting on her bed as she folds clothes.  He seems lost in thought.  He snaps out of it and looks at Bella.

Will: Want some help?

Bella smiles.

Bella: …he asks as she folds the last item.

Will: Sorry…I was…thinking.

Bella: About what?

Will: Picking up where we left off before the timer on the dryer went off.

Bella: Oh…

She smiles and walks over to the bed.

He takes her hand as she sits down and kisses him.  He leans back.  She continues kissing him.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Seen Pearl Harbor?  If not…you’re missing out.  Ben and Josh.  I mean, wow, you know?  Plus, romance and a decent plot.  What more could you ask for?  Well, except for the final scene:


(fade in): to the classroom.  English class has moved inside today.

Music: Dammit by Blink 182

Finn: So, have we all a little more insight into the psyches or Romeo and Juliet?

Hamilton and Jake look at one another, smiling.  Scout smiles to himself.  Will isn’t there yet.  Ryder is sitting in the back, reading the play.  He makes no effort to talk to anyone…or bug anyone.

Finn: I’d like to assert that this hasn’t classically been one of my favorite Shakespearean works, but…it’s growing on me.

Will opens the classroom door and comes in.  Finn nods as he takes his place, but continues talking.

(dissolve to): after class.  Everyone gets up to go to lunch.

Scout: Where were you?

Will: I had to finish the homework so after chemistry I—

Scout: I’m talking about last night…you never came back to the room.  I was worried about you.  Did something happen with your dad?

Will: No, nothing like that.  Sorry you were worried.

Will turns to go.

Scout: You’re not going to tell me?

Will: I, uh…fell asleep at Bella’s.

Scout: Oh…

Will smiles. 

Will: We were watching a movie, man.

Will walks toward the door.

(cut to): a shot in front of Will with Scout watching over his shoulder.  He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Will (voice over): Sometimes we forget to do the growing up that we need to do.  We do things that we aren’t ready for.  We regret it.

(cut to): a closer shot of Scout.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Sometimes, we take all the time we need.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  They’re standing just outside the classroom talking.

Hamilton: Oh man, I was still up when my mom and dad got home last night.  It was scary.

Jake: How many years have they been married?

Hamilton: Eighteen.

Ryder walks up.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And some of us take a muddled path to maturity.

Ryder: Um…Jake…Ham…look, I just want you both two know that…I’m glad you found each other and…managed to triumph under such adverse conditions.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …but we get there nonetheless. 

Hamilton gives him a suspicious look.

Ryder: I’ll still continue to make life miserable while I’m here…but it’s all in good fun.

He turns around and walks off.  Ham and Jake look at each other.

(cut to): Finn as he looks through some of his papers.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And the grown-ups we originally thought were pretty awesome…

(cut to): Jill, her dad, and Scout’s mom.  They are having a picnic by the lake. A few minutes have past.   Scout walks up.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …actually turn out to be that way. 

(cut to): Bella.  She’s in class at Edmund.  Sean sits next to her.

Sean: You all right?

Bella nods.

(cut to): a closer shot of Bella.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Figuring it all out…making mistakes…that’s growing up, I guess.  Sometimes it happens before you’re ready, but…you can’t stop it.




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