(fade in): to an establishing shot of Finn and Johanna’s house.

Music: Rarely Spoken by Better Than Ezra

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s bedroom.  Finn is asleep in bed.  Johanna enters from the bathroom.

Will (voice over): When it’s time, it’s time.

Johanna: Finn, wake up.  We have to go.

Finn stirs, looking up at her.

Johanna cont’d: Now.  It’s time.

Finn looks over at the clock.

Finn: It’s three a.m.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: No matter how much you plan for it…

Johanna: Fine, I guess I can just drive myself to the hospital.

Finn: Oh…oh!

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …the inevitable conclusion can still seem to sneak up on you.

He gets up and goes over to her quickly.

Finn cont’d: Are you okay?

Johanna: For now.  Go wake up Meagan.  I’m going to get dressed.

Finn nods then starts to exit, but returns to give her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Finn: This is so exciting.

(dissolve to): an establishing shot of the hospital in Carson.  It’s just getting light outside.

(cut to): a delivery room.  Finn holds Johanna’s hand, coaching her breathing, as a nurse tells her to push.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Everything has to come to an end.  Sometimes a person just has to…

We hear crying.

Nurse: Here he is: a healthy baby boy.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …get out.

They take the infant over to a table and out of site for a moment then quickly get him over to Johanna and Finn.  Johanna holds him carefully.  Finn looks near tears.  He reaches out to touch the baby’s tiny hands.  He leans in, kissing him on the head.  Johanna smiles at Finn, looking very tired, but extremely happy.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: As for me, though…

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  The lights are still off, but the early morning light comes in through the windows.  We pan around the room.  Scout’s bed is empty.  When we get to Will’s bed, we find Gwen asleep under his covers.  Will stands nearby, already wearing jeans and pulling on a t-shirt.  He looks down at Gwen thoughtfully.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …I’m nowhere near ready for her to go.

He leans down, pushing some hair out of her face.  He kisses her softly on the temple, but she doesn’t stir.  He gives her one last look then heads out the door.

(fade out)


Opening Credits


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorms.

Music: Righteously by Lucinda Williams

(cut to): a close up of Hamilton asleep in bed.  We pull out slowly then pan over to Dexter’s bed where he, too, is asleep.  The pan then moves back toward Hamilton’s bed and tilts down.  Between the two beds, Scout lies asleep on the floor.  His head rests on a single pillow and he’s got a comforter wrapped around him.  Nothing about his position looks comfortable.  We stay on this rather humorous picture of sleeping boys.  There is a knock at the door.  None of them stir.  The knock gets louder.  Nothing.  The door opens and Jake enters.  She’s wearing khakis, a white shirt, a tie, and a blue blazer with the Rawley crest: very boys’ school uniform.

Jake: You guys should really lock your…

She stops when she realizes they are still in bed.  She then looks down and notices Scout.  She narrows her eyes thinking this a bit odd.

Jake: Hey!  You guys!

Dexter wakes up, looking at Jake.  No one else moves.

Jake: You guys have to get up.

Dexter turns his head the other way.

Dexter: Hamilton….hey, Hamilton.  Jake’s here.

Jake: All of you have to get up.

Hamilton stirs, looking up at Jake.  He smiles.  She doesn’t.

Jake cont’d: We’re supposed to be practicing our presentations for Finn’s class.

Scout finally stirs.

Scout: What are you doing here so early?

Jake: What are you doing here at all?

Scout sits up, rubbing his eyes.

Scout: Roommate courtesy.

Jake tilts her head.  Dexter and Hamilton both sit up in their respective beds.

Jake: You three are pathetic.  You can’t even get up one hour early?

Hamilton: Jake, we stayed up late talking, okay?  This is the last day of school.

Jake: Exactly, and we have a final that we need to get ready for.

Scout: When did you become such a school freak?

Before she can answer, there’s a knock at the bathroom door.  They all look as Gwen opens the door and sticks her head in.

Gwen: Morning guys.  Hi, Jake.

Hamilton: Speaking of school freaks…

Gwen gives him a dirty look, but lets it slide.

Gwen: Have you guys seen Will this morning?

Scout: We just woke up.

He tosses a glance at Jake.  Jake rolls her eyes, but turns her attention to Gwen.

Jake: I saw him.  He had to…take care of a few things in the library.

Gwen: Oh…

She seems slightly disappointed.  A beat.

Gwen cont’d:  Anyway…I have to get back to my dorm room and get ready for class.  I’ll see you all later.

They all say their goodbyes and Gwen closes the door.  They are momentarily silent.

Hamilton: Someone’s in trouble.

Jake glances over at the bathroom door.

Jake: Well, he didn’t mention that when I saw him…

A beat.  Jake waits as none of the guys make any great effort to get out of bed.  She sighs.

Jake: Anyway, I guess I’ll just see you slackers in Finn’s class.

She turns and walks out before anyone can say anything.

Dexter: Now who’s in trouble?

Scout laughs.  Hamilton looks worried, but lies back in bed.

(cut to): the hall in front of Nicholas’ room, several minutes later.  Nicholas, fully dressed, walks down the hall toward his room.  He takes out his keys. 

Jake: Just getting in?

Nicholas looks up, startled, as Jake walks up to him with her backpack.

Nicholas: Jake?  Hi…um…I was just…

Jake: Staying out all night?

She smiles curiously.

Nicholas: Up early.  What’s going on?

Jake: I have this really important presentation in Finn’s class today.

Nicholas: Okay.

Nicholas gets his door unlocked.

Jake: I was wondering if I could…run it by you.

Nicholas: Absolutely.  Come on in.  I’ll make some coffee.

He holds the door open for her.  She walks in, giving him a suspicious smile.  He takes a deep breath and closes the door behind them.

(dissolve to): Gwen and Jill as they walk together from the girls’ dorms to their first class.

Music: Billy S. by Skye Sweetman

Jill: I can’t believe Will took off like that.

Gwen shrugs.

Gwen: I’m sure he had something important to do.  It’s just that I was finally going to talk to him this morning.

Jill: About this summer?

Gwen nods.

Jill: cont’d: You’re still going to New York?

Gwen: Well I can’t exactly stay here after I graduate.

Jill: So take Will to New York for the summer.

Gwen laughs.  She holds up an imaginary phone to her ear.

Gwen: “Hello, Dad?  Is it okay if I shack up with my boyfriend in your loft for the summer?”

Jill laughs.

Jill: I’m sure you two will work something out.

Gwen: I hope so. 

A slight beat.

Gwen cont’d: What about you?  You’ll still be in New York this summer, right?

Jill: Actually…I thought I’d stick around.

Gwen looks at her.

Gwen: Jill.

Jill: What?

Gwen: He hasn’t called.

Jill: Painfully aware, thanks.  Besides, that’s not why I’m staying.

Gwen gives her a look of disbelief.

Jill: My dad’s going to be out in L.A. all summer with Monica anyway and…if I stay here I can take an art class…maybe some drama…

Gwen laughs, rolling her eyes.

Gwen: Not unless you pass your last final.  Come on…

Gwen wraps her arm through Jill’s and the two of them head into the girls’ school.

(cut to): Finn’s classroom.  Most of the guys are there already.  They sit around, chattering nervously.  Everyone is wearing some variation of the uniform Jake had on early.  Clearly this final presentation is a big deal.  Hamilton, Dexter and Scout sit in the back.  Jake and Will aren’t there yet.

(cut to): the hall.  Jake walks slowly as she seems to rehearse her presentation.  Will comes running up behind her.  He’s changed into an outfit similar to Jake’s.

Will: We’re not late are we?

Jake checks her watch.

Jake: We still have a few minutes.

Will: Good.

He relaxes a little as he falls in step with her.

Jake: Did you get everything taken care of?

Will: For now, but I do need to find Jill.

Jake:  Picnic table by the lake.  It’s her new safe spot.

He smiles. 

Will cont’d: Thanks.  And, thanks for helping, by the way.  I’m glad we ran into you this morning.

Jake: Oh, no problem.  You’ll get a lot more out of me after this presentation is over.

Will: Tell me about it.  I can’t believe this is half of our project grade.

Jake: Especially since our project is half our final grade.

Will nods. 

Jake cont’d: Oh, by the way…Gwen looked kind of pissed that you left her alone in your bed without saying goodbye. 

Will looks busted.

Jake cont’d: You didn’t mention that this morning.

Will laughs.

Will: I don’t think “Sorry I was running late.  Gwen and I were up late having sex last night” would have really been appropriate, considering who I was meeting.

Jake laughs.

Jake: I guess not.

She shakes her head.

Jake cont’d: Come on, Krudski.

They head off down the hall toward Finn’s classroom.

(cut to): the garage.  A truck with an open hood is sitting out front.

(cut to): a closer shot of the truck from the other side.  Sean sits on a bench wearing his baseball uniform.  He’s got an equipment bag at his feet.  Bella is under the front of the truck on a gurney.  We can only see her feet.

Sean: So…have all the Rawley kids started heading home?

Bella pulls herself out from under the truck and sits up.  She looks at him for a moment before speaking.

Bella: Today is their last day of finals.

Sean nods.  A beat.

Sean: Well, um, I’ve got to get to practice.  You’re coming today, right?  It’s the last game of the season.  You can bring your boyfriend if you want.

Bella (sarcastic): Yeah, I might do that.

Sean laughs.

Bella cont’d: Anyway, you know I’ll be there.

Sean: Cool.

Bella: And…I bet Jill would come if you ask her.

Sean stands up and throws his bag over his shoulder.

Sean: I thought we agreed that I didn’t want to talk to, or about, her ever again.

Bella: Don’t you think you’re being a little bit…mean…and pig-headed?

Sean: Maybe I am.

Bella nods like he’s getting it.

Sean cont’d: That’s just how I deal with being lied to and manipulated.

Bella sighs, not knowing what to say.

Sean cont’d: I’ll see you later.

Bella: Bye.

Sean walks off.  Bella watches, feeling bad for him.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

Music: Andy Warhol by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): Finn’s classroom.  Everyone is still sitting around waiting.

(cut to: the back of the classroom where Will, Dexter, Scout, Jake and Hamilton talk.

Hamilton: Seriously, I think we should all just leave.

Will: He’s only five minutes late.

Scout: Yeah, we definitely have to wait at least…six minutes.

They all laugh.

Jake: I just want to get this over with.  I’m volunteering to go first.

Hamilton looks at her.

Hamilton: I thought I was the one with stage fright.

Jake: I tend to screw up public speaking when it’s a high-pressure situation.

Hamilton laughs then lowers his voice.

Hamilton: You’ll do great.

She smiles.  The other three look around at each other.

Scout: Now he’s supportive…

Hamilton cont’d: And, if you start to feel nervous just…picture…Scout naked.

Will, Dexter and Jake laugh.

Scout: Funny, Fleming.

Their conversation is cut short as everyone else turns their attention toward the door.  The guys look up.

(cut to): the door as Kate walks in, followed by Nicholas.  All the guys look around, confused.

Kate: Good morning, boys.

The class responds with “good morning, Mrs. Fleming.”

Kate cont’d: As you all know, Finn’s wife was expecting a baby.

Scout: Was?

Kate cont’d: Finn’s son was born early this morning.

Everyone responds positively.

Hamilton: Then where’s Finn now?

Nicholas: He’s not coming.

Jake: What about our presentations?

Nicholas smiles slightly, knowing how nervous Jake is about the presentation.

Kate: Mr. Mann and I will be grading your presentations based on Finn’s rubric.

Nicholas: Finn will still grade your papers, of course.

Scout: Of course.  He wouldn’t want to end up with a surplus of red ink at the end of the year.

Some of the guys in the class laugh.  Kate smiles and glances down at a piece of paper in her hand.

Kate: We’re going to do this alphabetically.  Mr. Calhoun, it looks like you’re first on the roll.  You’re up.

She waves toward a podium at the front of the room.  Nicholas chuckles as he and Kate take a seat in two empty desks in the front row.  Scout gets up reluctantly and carries himself to the front of the room.

(dissolve to): several hours later.  The class claps as a boy stands at the front of the room, just done with his presentation.  He leaves the podium.  Kate and Nicholas stand up and address the class.

Kate: I would like to commend you all on a job well done.

Nicholas: Those presentations were awesome, you guys.

The class looks around, pleased with themselves.

Kate: I believe this is the last final exam for all of you, so…Mr. Mann, would you like to do the honors?

Nicholas smiles at her then at the class.

Nicholas: Enjoy your summers.

They all get up, talking amongst themselves as they exit.  Dexter, Scout, Will, Jake and Hamilton hang back, talking.  Everyone else quickly disappears except for our five and the teachers.  They stand at the front of the room talking for a moment.

Music: Why Worry by The Al1-American Rejects

Will: I am so glad that’s over

Jake: God, me too.

Hamilton: What are you talking about?  You did so great.

He stands next to her in the group, facing the front of the classroom.

Hamilton cont’d: You are so great…

Will, Scout and Dexter trade glances of mock annoyance as Hamilton leans closer to Jake. 

(cut to): a shot of Nicholas and Kate as they talk.  Nicholas glances back at the kids.  Kate follows his look and quickly turns to the boys.

Kate: Boys

(cut to): the guys.  Hamilton reluctantly breaks his look with Jake and glances up at his mom.  The guys file down the aisle toward the front of the classroom.

Kate cont’d: Have you all met Mr. Mann?

They all look around nodding.  Jake gives Nicholas an amused look.  He smiles.  It doesn’t go unnoticed by Kate.

Kate cont’d: I heard a rumor that you two know each other pretty well.

She glances from Jake to Nicholas.  Jake, Nicholas, and Hamilton look momentarily panicked.

Kate cont’d: Aren’t both of your parents big Broadway legends?

Jake: Oh, right, that.  Yeah, we’ve met…in New York.

Kate looks at Nicholas.  He nods.

Kate: Has your father ever worked with Monica?

Nicholas smiles at Jake.

Nicholas: A long time ago.

Kate: What production?

Hamilton: Mom, why are you so nosey?  God…

Kate: I’m just curious.

Hamilton: Why? 

Kate: Sweetheart, there’s no reason to get so—

Hamilton: If people want to tell you stuff then they’ll tell you.

The family rift makes everyone else a little uncomfortable.  Jake gives Hamilton a chastising look then Kate a sympathetic one.

Kate: Hamilton, could I have a word with you?  Outside?

Hamilton: No.  No, you can’t.  You can’t have anything with me.

He walks out of the room, shaking his head.  Jake watches him.  Kate plasters on a fake smile.

Kate: He gets so cranky when he has to wear that uniform.

A beat passes.

Scout: Well, I know I’ve got to get some packing in before I head for work.  Guys?

Dexter: Yeah, I have to work on my computer.

Will: I’m working on this…thing…Jake?

Jake: I’ll catch up.

Will nods.  The three of them exist quickly.  Kate gets rid of the fake smile and sighs.

Nicholas: I was just like Hamilton when I was his age.  Rebel without a clue.

Kate smiles.  Jake laughs.

Jake: That’s a pretty good characterization.

Kate: Except I feel like I’m the one without a clue most of the time.

Jake looks at her sympathetically.  Nicholas gives Jake a raise of his eyebrows.  She nods.

Nicholas: Oh, I just remembered…I’m supposed to call my mom today.

Kate smiles.

Kate: You should do that.

Nicholas smiles and bids them ado.  Kate watches him walk out long enough to make Jake look at her suspiciously.

Kate: He’s so cute.

Kate looks back at Jake, meeting her disapproving look.

Kate cont’d: I didn’t mean…

She laughs uncomfortably.

Kate cont’d: I didn’t mean to be inappropriate.  I was just trying to…make some girl talk.

Jake: You know…we should be talking…more…a lot.

Kate nods.  A slight beat.

Jake cont’d: That little temper tantrum that he had…it wasn’t about you.  He’s stressed about other stuff and—

Kate: You don’t have to make excuses for him.

Jake: Don’t think of it as an excuse.  Think of it as an explanation.  Hamilton…gets scared when he doesn’t have control.

Kate: I’ve noticed.

A slight beat.

Jake: I know this isn’t exactly the best time, but…I need to talk to you about something.

Kate looks at her curiously.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the front steps.  Mark sits alone, reading a book with his bookbag by his side. Finn’s car pulls up in the driveway, and Meagan jumps out of the passenger seat.  Finn gets out of the driver’s seat and walks up to the steps as Meagan runs over to Mark.

Mark: Hi!

Meagan: Hi yourself.  I have so much to tell you about.

Finn: I’m going to grab a quick shower then you can then we can head back, okay?

Meagan: Okay. 

Finn gives Mark a warning-filled smile then heads toward the front door.

Meagan: Oh yeah, Finn, can Mark go with us?

Finn: Go with us where?

Meagan: Back to the hospital.

Mark turns to her.

Mark: You didn’t ask already?  Meagan…

Meagan shrugs and smiles at Finn.

Meagan: He already has permission from his mom.  He really wants to see the baby. 

Finn: The baby will be right here in a few days.

Meagan: Then can I stay here too?

Finn: No.

Meagan: Come on.  Please, Finn?  The hospital is so boring most of the time.

Finn: Meagan…

She looks down, knowing his answer will be” no.”  Mark picks up his bag.

Mark: I better go.

Finn sighs.

Finn: Hang on.  Since you already have your stuff, you may as well go with us.  Just make sure that, in the future, you authorize stuff like this with Mom and I first, okay Meag?

Meagan looks up, surprised.

Meagan: I will.

Finn heads inside, leaving the kids on the steps.  Mark tosses his bag down.

Mark: He’s an easy sell.

Meagan: Nah, he’s just afraid Mom will yell at him.  She thinks he’s starting to be too protective of me. 

Mark: Yeah, and he’s not even your real dad.

Meagan: Don’t say stuff like that. 

Mark: Well, he isn’t.  And, you have a dad.  Remember?  That guy in Boston.

Meagan: I know that.  I’m not stupid.  I love my dad.  It’s hard to explain.

Mark: Try.

Meagan: It’s like I have three parents.  And, I love them all, okay?  So don’t say “Finn isn’t your real dad” because most of the time, it feels like he is.  And, I happen to like the fact that he’s being protective of me.

Meagan tosses her hair and sits down on the steps.  Mark takes a seat next to her.

Mark: So…are you going to tell me about the baby or what?

Meagan smiles, about to go into the story.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Hamilton is packing up his guitar.  The door opens and Jake enters.  Hamilton looks up and smiles.

Music: Summertime by Mae

Hamilton: Hey.

Jake: Hey.  Are you going over to Bella’s?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: We’re going to rehearse a little.  Did you hear about this surprise party?

Jake: Yeah.  Will and I talked about it earlier. 

Hamilton: I love surprise parties.

Jake: What about just…surprises.

Hamilton looks a little nervous.  Jake walks over to him.

Jake cont’d: We haven’t talked about what we’re going to do this summer.

Hamilton: What do you mean ‘what we’re going to do’?  We’re going to stay here.  It’s the only way we can be together.

Jake looks at him steadily for a moment, but then looks away.

Jake: Hamilton…I need a break.

Hamilton steps right up to her, looking highly concerned.

Hamilton: A break from what?

She steps back and waves around the room.

Jake cont’d: This.  And this…

She gestures down to her outfit.

Jake cont’d: I need to be myself.  Totally myself.  A girl.  Twenty-four hours a day.  Even if it is only for three months.

Hamilton sits down on the bed, frustrated.

Hamilton: So…you want to leave Rawley.

Jake: Just for the summer.

Hamilton: If you go to New York or to L.A. with your mom…I couldn’t visit.  I mean, my parents wouldn’t go for it.  Especially my mom.  You know how she is.  She’s set on keeping us apart.

Jake: I don’t think she wants to keep us apart.  She doesn’t want to control you; she just doesn’t want to…let go. 

Hamilton looks up at her, trying not to be a jerk.

Hamilton: So which is it?  New York or L.A.?

Jake smiles, sitting down next to him.

Jake: Neither.  That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

Hamilton looks at her curiously.

Jake cont’d:  My mom has a friend who owns a summer camp in upstate New York.  Basically any kid whose parent has ever been on Broadway gets sent there.

Hamilton looks at her with an eyebrow cocked.

Hamilton: So…you want to…go to camp this summer?

Jake laughs.

Jake: They need counselors. 

Hamilton looks at her in disbelief.  He stands up, pacing slowly in front of her.

Hamilton: Let me get this straight.  You would rather go off and babysit a bunch of rich, bratty kids than stay here with me for the summer.

Jake: Well…in a way…yes.

Hamilton stops pacing and stands in front of her.

Hamilton (whining): Jake…

She is about to speak when he gets down on his knees in front of her, putting his hands on her waist.

Hamilton cont’d: Don’t go.  I want us to be together this summer.

Jake smiles.

Jake: So do I.

He gives her a look of puzzlement.

Jake cont’d: Much like this school, the camp is…co-ed, but…separate.  Girls’ cabins on one side of the lake…boys’ cabins on the other.

Hamilton listens, still not following.

Jake cont’d: I know you technically already have a job at the garage, but…

A look of understanding washes over Hamilton’s face.

Hamilton: You think we should both go and do this counselor thing?

She nods.  He looks relieved and enthusiastic as he pulls himself back onto the bed, sitting next to Jake.

Hamilton cont’d: This is perfect. 

She smiles.

Hamilton cont’d: They don’t really need me at the garage so that won’t be a big deal.  And Dad’ll think it’s a great opportunity.  It’ll be so easy to go over my mom’s head on this. 

Jake: Actually, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Hamilton: Of course it is.  My mom isn’t going to approve this.  She—

Jake: …already did.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: I went to her and explained that I wanted a break from all this, but that…I couldn’t spend another summer…without you. 

Hamilton: And she said okay?  Just like that?  She approved us being together and unsupervised for the entire summer?

Jake: Well…we will be on opposite sides of the lake.  Besides…I…kind of told her everything she wanted to know about us.

Hamilton: I’ve told her we aren’t having sex, like, a million times.

Jake: I told her about that time in New York when we almost did.

Hamilton looks horrified.

Hamilton: Why?

Jake: So she would know how responsible you are.  And, how amazing.

Hamilton: I don’t care if she knows that or thinks that or doesn’t think that.  I don’t care what she thinks.

A slight beat.  Jake speaks quietly.

Jake: She told me that you seemed different after that trip.  She thought things were going to be different, but it didn’t take long for you to start shutting her out again.

Hamilton: Because it’s none of her business.  Just like your relationship with Nicholas is none of her business.

Jake: You don’t have to protect me all the time. 

Hamilton: Yes, I do.  I…

He takes a deep breath.

Hamilton cont’d: …I’m not going to let my mom ruin anything that could be keeping you here.

Jake: Nicholas is not what’s keeping me here.

Hamilton looks down. 

Jake cont’d: And, I’m not going to leave, Hamilton.

He looks up at her, distressed by this conversation and in need of something more reassuring.  She smiles.

Jake cont’d: And if I do, I’m sure as hell going to take you with me.

He smiles, leaning in to give her a brief kiss.

Hamilton: So…

He gives her another quick kiss.

Hamilton cont’d: …we’re spending the summer pretending to be a normal couple?

Jake: I don’t think it’ll be that big of a stretch.

Hamilton: It’s going to be so great.  You are brilliant.

Jake: I know.

She smiles as they kiss again.

(cut to): the lake.  Jill sits alone at the picnic table where she had her mini-prom with Scout.  She looks out at the lake, lost in thought.  Will approaches.

Music: My Paper Heart by The All-American Rejects

Will: Jill?

Startled, Jill turns around.

Jill: Oh, Will.  Hi.

Will walks over and takes a seat next to her.

Will: How are you doing?

Jill looks at him suspiciously.

Jill: Did Gwen send you?

Will: No, but—

Jill: Because there’s no reason I shouldn’t stay here this summer.  It’s not like I’m being a stalker.  I haven’t even tried to talk to him.

Will: Sean?

Jill: I just…I want him to know I’m available, you know?  When—if he wants to talk or—whatever.  I just…want to be here.

Will: That’s nice, Jill, but he’s not going to be here.  He’s going to baseball camp in Florida.  He’s leaving tomorrow morning.

Jill: What? But…he said he wasn’t—I guess he changed his mind?

Will nods.

Will: Yeah, apparently his coach talked him into it today at practice. 

Jill: Oh, so…his coach wanted him to do it?

Will: Apparently Sean’s been really distracted lately…

Jill: And you think that’s my fault?

Will laughs.

Will: Well, you were dating him…or…pretending to date him…

Jill blushes.

Jill: You know about that?

Will: Everyone kind of does.

Jill: I just wanted him to be happy.  That’s how it all got started.

Will: Look, I’m not here to judge you.  I just wanted to—

Jill: Did he mention me?

Will: What?

Jill: When you talked to him.

Will: Um, no, he didn’t.

Jill: Oh.

Will: But, he did so conspicuously.

Jill doesn’t get it.

Will cont’d: Two hundred pound gorilla.

Jill finally gets it and looks down, examining her fingernails.

Jill: I don’t’ know exactly what you—or “everyone”—has heard, but I care about him.  A lot.  And, I know I’ve treated him really unfairly, but…it’s only because I was scared.

Will: Shouldn’t you be explaining this to him?

Jill: I don’t want to say anything to him until he’s ready to hear it because otherwise, he’ll just do what he did before—he’ll walk away.

Will: I’ve learned that with Sean, when he’s mad, he’s usually completely justified.

Jill: I just admitted—

Will: But you just have to apologize, be there, and wait for him to see that you’re capable of more than the mistakes you made.

Jill: Isn’t that I what I said I was going to do?  Be here?  Be available?

Will: I didn’t say it was a bad plan.

Jill: Can you not you the word “plan” around me?

He gives her an uncomprehending look.

Jill: cont’d: Wait, if Gwen didn’t send you here to tell me my pl—the way I’m handling this—is wrong then you…You didn’t come here to talk about Sean, did you?

Will shakes his head.

Will: Jake suggested finding you here.  It was my best shot at getting you alone.

She narrows her eyes.

Will cont’d: I’m throwing a surprise pre-graduation party for Gwen tonight.  Eight o’clock.  Smoak Hall.  Complete with surprise special guests.

Jill: Oh, wow.  Cool.  Is there anything I can do?

Will: Actually, I’ve already got more help than I can handle, but thank you.

Jill nods.  Will stands.

Will cont’d: And, as far as Sean, I’ve screwed up more than once, and…he got over it…eventually.

Jill: Thanks.

Will: And, he said he’d probably come tonight so, you know…”be there.”

Jill takes a deep breath, accepting this information.  Will walks away, leaving her again with the lake and her thoughts.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Rawley Academy.

(cut to): Nicholas’ apartment.  He and Jake sit on his couch.

Music: Think Twice by Eve 6

Nicholas: I can’t believe you’re leaving me here all summer.

Jake looks him over, gauging his seriousness.

Nicholas cont’d: Okay, don’t get that look on your face like you’re reconsidering.  I want you to have fun this summer.

Jake: Okay.

She smiles, looking down.

Nicholas: I can’t even believe you sweet-talked Kate.  She’s a hard sell.

Jake looks suspicious.

Jake: How would you know?

Nicholas: About Kate and her temperament?

Jake: Yeah.

Nicholas: I’ve been spending a lot of time with her lately.  She’s been…showing me the ropes.

Jake: Nicholas, tell me you weren’t with her this morning.

Nicholas: Well, we met up just before your final, but—

Jake: Earlier.  You know, when you were “up early.”

Nicholas: Oh.  You think I was…that I’ve been…

He trails off.  She waits.

Nicholas: Come on, Jake, you know Kate Fleming would never—

Jake: Cheat on her husband?

Nicholas raises his eyebrows.

Jake: Think…last school year.

Nicholas: No way.  Kate had an affair?

Jake: With Finn.

Nicholas: Just-had-a-baby Finn?

Jake nods.

Nicholas cont’d: Whoa.  You know, I don’t really know Finn that well, but Kate…I can’t believe she would—

Jake: Well, supposedly it’s all fixed and she wouldn’t, but…

Nicholas:  People screw up.  I get it.

Jake: I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. It’s just that she was talking about how cute you are and…I needed to ask.

Nicholas: Kate thinks I’m cute?

He laughs. 

Nicholas cont’d: That’s awesome.

Jake gives him a look of disapproval.

Nicholas cont’d: What?  It’s flattering.

Jake tries to smile.

Nicholas cont’d: Listen to me.  I have this personal thing against cheating.  I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for Hamilton to deal with at sixteen.

Jake: We basically broke up over it.

Nicholas: Ouch.

Jake shrugs.

Jake: It worked out okay.

Nicholas: Kind of like my dad’s affair.  Look what I got out of it.

Jake: Yeah, a sister who accuses you of sleeping with her boyfriend’s mother.  You lucked out…

Nicholas laughs.

Nicholas: Well, other than that, she’s pretty cool.

Jake smiles.  A slight beat.

Jake: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Kate’s attracted to you.  It seems most members of the opposite sex are.

Nicholas: Really?

Jake nods.

Nicholas cont’d: Like…like who?

Jake: Jill for one.  I’m pretty sure she was the founding member of the Nicholas Mann fan club back in New York.  And she signed up for your summer acting workshop.  Be warned, she has stage fright.

Nicholas: Thanks for the tip.

Jake: And then there’s Bella.

Nicholas almost smiles, but hides it.

Nicholas: Bella?  Bella the girl who pumps my gas?

Nicholas considers this statement and clearly regrets saying it, but Jake doesn’t notice.

Jake: Yeah, Hamilton told me that…she likes you.

Nicholas: Hamilton said this to you?

Jake: Yep…

Nicholas: Huh.  Well, that’s, wow—

Jake: I didn’t mean to embarrass you.

Nicholas: Oh, no, it’s…I didn’t realize I had such a, um, diverse following.

Jake: Yeah: middle-aged mother, prep school drama queen and down-home working girl.  Now, if only you could find the twenty-something professional—

Nicholas: Twenty-something?  Come on, I’m only twenty-three.

Jake: Regardless, I don’t think any members of the fan club are in the right age bracket.

Nicholas (joking): So…boyfriend’s mom and underage friends are strictly off limits?

Jake: Definitely off limits.

Nicholas laughs uncomfortably.

(cut to): to an establishing shot of the garage.

Music: How I Spent My Summer Vacation by The Ataris

(cut to): the office.  Hamilton is setting up equipment for a rehearsal.  Bella walks in.

Hamilton: How was the game?

Bella: We won.  Sean pitched a no hitter.

Hamilton: And why does he think he needs to go to “baseball camp?”

Bella: I don’t know why he thinks he does, but it’s all about Jill.

Hamilton: Yeah, women make you do crazy things for the summer.  Speaking of, Jake and I are going to be counselors at this summer camp in upstate New York.  This is your two weeks notice, but, um, I’m leaving next week.

Bella: So…you’re quitting?

Hamilton: Just for the summer.

Bella: Great.

Hamilton: What’s the big deal?  You said it’s slower in the summer anyway.

Bella: Yeah, but for all the good Dexter’s done Grace, he hasn’t improved her work ethic.

Hamilton doesn’t know what to say.

Bella cont’d: And besides, you know, what about our music?

She gestures toward the equipment.

Hamilton: Our music.  Please, Liz Phair, I think you can handle yourself just fine.

Bella searches for something with which to counter.

Bella: If you quit, who’s to say you’ll have this job in the fall?

Hamilton: What?  Come on, you’re not serious.

Bella: Maybe I am.

She folds her arms, looking determined.

Hamilton: Hang on.  This is about something else.

Bella: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Hamilton: I’m talking about Nicholas Mann.

She looks at him suspiciously, trying to keep up her front.

Bella: What?

Hamilton: If I’m not there, all the trips to Rawley—made possible by your summer vacation—will look pretty suspicious.

Bella: That has nothing to do with it.

Hamilton: Oh, please, like that cabin in the woods isn’t getting tired.

Bella drops her arms, trying to hide a smile with a roll of her eyes.

Bella: Whatever.

Hamilton: Summer session with its minimal enrollment and often-empty halls.  It’d be so easy to slip in and out…

Bella: Maybe I just wanted your company for the summer.

Hamilton laughs.  She so isn’t serious.

Hamilton: You’re busted.  Give it up.

Bella: God, fine.  You were totally going to be my cover story.  Thanks for nothing.

Hamilton gets serious for a beat:

Hamilton: I understand what it’s like wanting to be with the person you love, like, all the time.  That’s why I can’t be your cover story.  I have to go with Jake.  We’ve never spent more than just a few days together when she hasn’t been pretending to be a guy.  And, now, I get to have the summer.  A whole summer with…Jacqueline.  It’s going to be so amazing.

Bella: Fine.  Quit.  Enjoy your amazing summer.  Your job and my bitterness will be awaiting when you return in the fall.

Hamilton: Thank you.

Bella: Anything for love.

Hamilton: Speaking of love.  Will.  Gwen.  Practice.

Bella: Right…I’m thinking, two sets.

Hamilton: Sounds good.

Bella: And you should play Jake’s song.

Hamilton:  Let’s try not to call it that, though.  You know, since a majority of the guests will be…unenlightened.

Bella: Oh, please. Isn’t the dean, like, the only one left?

Hamilton: Something like that.

He grins.

Hamilton cont’d: Anyway…let’s practice.

Bella picks up a guitar and they get down to business.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  A previously empty shop is being remodeled next-door.

(cut to): inside Friendly’s.  Scout serves Grace and Dexter.  A loud noise comes from next-door.

Grace: Jesus, what are they doing over there?

Scout: Building a one-hour photo store.

Dexter: One-hour photo?

Grace: What does New Rawley need with a one-hour photo place?

Scout: Well, I’m sure they’ll have other options—overnight for the less adventurous.

Grace rolls her eyes.

Scout cont’d: Anyway, it opens in two weeks.  They’re taking applications.  I was thinking of telling Hamilton.

Grace: Hello, he works at the garage.

Dexter: Actually…he’s quitting for the summer.  He’s going to work at a camp with Jake.

Scout: What?  Jake and Ham are leaving?  I thought everyone was staying.

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: Maybe I’ll apply.  I mean, it’s a pretty great location.

He grins over at Grace who blushes.

Scout: Look out, that’s why I got this job.

Grace and Dexter trade a look as Scout walks away.

(cut to): the newspaper room.  Gwen sits at a computer typing.  Will walks in hesitantly.

Will: Hey, there you are.

Gwen: You didn’t think I’d still be in your bed, did you?

Will: I have an explanation for that.

Gwen: No explanation required.

Will: When you say it like that, it makes me think my explanation better be twice as good.

Gwen shrugs, smiling slightly.  Will walks over and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Will cont’d: What are you working on anyway?  We sent off our last issue last week.

Gwen: Just this silly speech.

Will: What kind of speech?

Gwen: The kind you have to give when you have the highest GPA.

Will: As in, when you’re the valedictorian

Gwen: Apparently graduating early improved my class rank.

Will: Gwen, that’s great.

He leans over, kissing her on the cheek.

Will cont’d: I am so proud of you.  Why didn’t you tell me before?

Gwen: I found out yesterday.  I was going to tell you this morning…

She gives him a pointed look, but she isn’t all that serious.  He sits down in the chair next to her.

Will: You are an amazing woman, Gwen Vaughn.

Gwen smiles, looking down.

Will cont’d: Let’s celebrate tonight.  How about dinner?

Gwen: Okay.  I can do that.

Will: Seven-thirty?

Gwen: Sounds good, but, Will…

Will looks concerned.

Will: What?  Need help with the speech?

Gwen: Oh, that?  No, I’m almost finished.  I just wanted to talk to you about…this summer.

Will: Can it wait until dinner?

Gwen: I guess, but I don’t want to ruin—

Will: Listen, whatever you think your plans are…they might change tonight so…can it wait?

Gwen: Okay…

She looks at him curiously.

Will: Cool.

He grins, gives her a kiss and hops up. 

Will cont’d: I’ll meet you in your room at eight.

Gwen nods, still looking curious.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the girls’ dorms. It’s nearly 7:30.

Music: Crystal Baller by Third Eye Blind

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  Jill lies on her bed, staring at the ceiling, eating from a bag of Oreos.  Gwen stands in front of the mirror, smoothing down the sundress she has on.  She opens a jewelry box on her dresser and looks through, pulling out a necklace.  She holds it up then notices Jill watching.

Gwen: What do you think?

Jill: Did Will give that to you?

Gwen: No.  Why?

Jill: It’s freaking amazing.

She gets up to get a better look then notices the open jewelry box.

Jill: cont’d: All this stuff is great.

She picks up a silver and jade bracelet.

Jill: cont’d: I didn’t even know you had all this.  You, like, never wear jewelry.

Gwen: I save it for…special occasions.  I wore that bracelet to prom.

Jill: Where’d you get this stuff?

Gwen: Actually…from my mom.

Jill: She has good taste.

Gwen smiles.

Gwen: She doesn’t just pick it out.  She designs it.

Jill raises her eyebrows.

Gwen cont’d: These are all custom pieces.

Jill: Wow.

Gwen: She has a shop.

Jill: In England?

Gwen: Yes.  Newquay.  She also exports to several places in the states.

Jill looks at the jewelry then at Gwen who is fastening the necklace.

Jill: Do you guys not get along?

Gwen: Because we’ve been roommates for over a year and this is one of the few times we’ve talked about her?

Jill nods.

Gwen cont’d: Let’s just say that she’s like the jewelry.  She’s so special to me that I keep her to myself most of the time.

Jill smiles.

Jill: That’s so sweet.

Gwen shrugs.

Gwen: If you knew how great she is, you’d just think I’m selfish.

Jill: So…tell me about her so I can think less of you.

Gwen thinks.

Gwen: She makes jewelry and lives in Newquay?

Jill: Is she like you?

Gwen laughs at the suggestion.

Gwen: No.

Jill: Well, what is she like?  Is she some crazy hippie?

Gwen: Not really.

Jill rolls her eyes.

Jill: And how come she isn’t coming to your graduation?

Gwen: She won’t even be in the same country as my father—you can forget the same town.

Jill: So you and your parents moved to London and lived there for a few years then your parents got divorced—

Gwen: My dad left my mom for another woman.

Jill: Ryder’s mom.

Gwen: Right.

Jill: Then your mom just stayed there?

Gwen: She moved to Newquay and opened her shop.

Jill: And you decided to come back to the states with your dad?

Gwen: Why are you suddenly interested in my backstory?

Jill considers this.

Jill: I guess I just thought of you as this flawless, brilliant girl with a perfect, privileged life who just…showed up one day.  I never thought about…your past.

Gwen: Okay…well…my mom wanted me to come back to the states because she thought school would be easier for me.  Just more like what I was used to.  Before I came to Rawley, I wished I’d stayed with her, but this school and the people I’ve met here…

Gwen doesn’t go on.  She exams her bracelet.

Gwen: I can’t believe I’m leaving.

Jill looks at her with a sympathetic smile then wraps an arm around her.  There’s a quick knock then Will lets himself in.

Will: Hey, are you read—what’s going on?

Gwen quickly wipes away the few tears that streak her face.

Gwen: Nothing.  Just feeling nostalgic already…and I’m not even gone yet.

Will smiles and walks over to the girls.  Jill trades spots with Will and goes back to her bed, giving Gwen a comforting smile via the mirror.

Will: Are you still up for tonight? 

She nods.

Will cont’d: You look absolutely beautiful, by the way.  Is this one of your mom’s necklaces?

He runs a finger over the necklace.  Jill looks up, surprised he knows the story she just heard for the first time.

Gwen: Yes, it is.

Will: I think it’s perfect for tonight.

Gwen smiles then turns to Jill.

Gwen: I’ll see you later.

Jill: Yep.

Jill and Will trade an unnoticed look then Gwen and Will exit.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the hospital in Carson.

Music: Something About You by Five For Fighting

(cut to): Johanna’s room.  She is asleep in her hospital bed.  Finn sits in a chair that has been pulled up close.  Johanna’s parents are exiting and waving goodbye to Finn as they try to slip out without waking Johanna.  When they’re gone, Johanna picks up her head and turns to Finn.

Finn: You weren’t asleep?

Johanna smiles and shakes her head.

Johanna: I just wanted to enjoy being alone with you.

She reaches out to him, running a hand through his hair.  He turns the chair so that it’s facing her then leans his head in close to hers.

Finn: I love you.

She smiles.

Johanna: I love you.

A beat.

Finn: Am I screwing up with Meagan?

Johanna: What do you mean?

Finn: This whole Mark thing…I don’t know if I’m overstepping my bounds or if I’m not…putting my foot down firmly enough.

Johanna: And all you really want to do is safely toe the line?

Finn laughs.

Finn: God, if I can’t handle parenting when the job is already half-done…how am I going to handle Jacey?

Johanna: The job is never “half-done.”  It goes on infinitely.

Finn: Comforting.

Johanna: Sweetheart, you’re going to be a wonderful father.

Finn: How do you know?

Johanna: Because, like I’ve told you before, you already are.

Finn: Then why didn’t I know what to do when Meagan asked me if Mark could come tonight?

Johanna: Because, on the one hand, you knew it was harmless, but, on the other hand, you realize that every moment like that is one step closer to the day when she’s all grown up.

Finn: I don’t even remember how I got this involved…when I started to care so much…

Johanna: Caring is the easy part.  It’s when you have to let go…that’s when things get tough.

Finn: And you think now is that time?

Johanna: Are you kidding?  Meagan’s eleven.  In fact, why aren’t you spying on them right now?

Finn laughs.

(cut to): the nursery.

(cut to): a close up on a chart that says “Dalton Jacey Finnegan.”

(cut to): a sleeping Jacey in his plastic bassinet, surrounded by a few other newborns.

(cut to): Meagan and Mark on the other side of the window as they watch Jacey sleep.

Mark: He looks just like you.

Meagan: Well, thanks.  Nice to know that you think of me as a bald, wrinkled, red little—

Mark: Same nose…

Mark reaches out and points at her nose.

Mark cont’d: …same color eyes…

He points to her eyes.

Mark cont’d: …same lips...

He points to her lips, accidentally touching them.  This makes her smile.  Mark, in turn, quickly pulls his hand down and looks back at the baby.

Meagan: Speaking of my lips…

Mark doesn’t look at her, but swallows hard.

Mark: Yeah?

Meagan: What…what do you…think of them?

Mark opens his mouth a few times without managing to speak.

Meagan: It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about—

Mark: They’re great.  Your lips.  Your lips are great.

He looks at her, cheeks bright pink.

Mark cont’d: Really great.

Meagan smiles.

Meagan: Yours, too.

Mark: Really?  So…you didn’t think I was nuts for…for kissing you? 

Meagan shakes her head, but then reconsiders.

Meagan: Well…maybe a little.

Mark: I just thought since we hadn’t talked about it…you didn’t like it.

Meagan: I thought you didn’t like it.

Mark: I…I liked it.  I would…I’d kiss you all the time if I could.

Meagan bites her lip.

Meagan: You could.

Mark smiles and looks back at Jacey.

Mark: So…does that mean—

Finn clears his throat as he walks up behind them.

Mark cont’d: Oh, hi Finn.

Finn: Mark…Meagan…

He walks between then to peer into the nursery.

Meagan: Mark was just saying that Jacey looks like me.

Finn nods.

Finn: Bald, wrinkled, red…

Mark and Meagan exchange a look as they realize Finn heard their whole conversation.

Finn cont’d: Why don’t you kids head back to the room and hang out with your mom.

Finn smiles at her then Mark.  Mark closes his eyes, embarrassed.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the garage.  Grace is sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck, foot cocked up on the steering wheel as she paints her toenails.

Music: One More Sad Song by All-American Rejects

(cut to): Sean as he walks up to the side of the truck.  He’s freshly showered and dressed neatly.

Sean: Hi, Grace.  Bella around?

Grace glances around.

Grace: Nope.

Sean rolls his eyes and heads for the door.

Grace cont’d: She’s already up at Rawley.

Sean: Oh.

Grace: She and Ham had to set up.

Sean: Right.

He glances around uncomfortably.

Grace: Congratulations on your game.

Sean: Thanks.  Well, I guess I—

Grace: Need a ride?

Sean: Uh…no, but…thanks anyway.

Grace: How are you getting there?

Sean: I’m not.

Grace: Then what’s with the clothes?

Sean sighs and looks down.

Sean: I was considering it, but…I’d rather not.

Grace: This whole thing with Jill is stupid.  If you like the girl, be with her.

Sean: It’s none of your business.

Grace: When you’re sulking and moping at my garage, looking for my sister…then it’s my business.  Were you hoping she’d convince you to go?

Sean: Goodbye, Grace…

He walks off, but before he can get too far, Dexter runs up from across the street.

Dexter: That job is mine.  The owner liked me.

Grace grins.  Dexter notices Sean walking away.

Dexter: Hey, Sean, need a lift?

Sean: No thanks, Dex.

Dexter: But, you are going to Gwen’s party, right? 

Sean: Actually, I’m not.

Dexter: Oh…

He glances at Grace who shrugs.

Grace: He doesn’t want to see Jill.

Dexter: Oh.

Sean: Gracie, keep your mouth shut.

Dexter: Hey, don’t talk to her like that.

Sean: And what are you going to do about it?

Dexter: I…

Sean takes several steps back toward the car, leaving Dexter looking freaked.

Grace: For crying out loud…

She gets out of the car and stands in front of Dexter.  Meanwhile Sean has made his way over to both of them.

Grace cont’d: What?  You’re going to beat Dexter up because you’re too stupid to forgive Jill and move on with what could be a really good thing for you?

Sean: The only “good thing” in my life right now is baseball, which is why I’m going to get on a bus tomorrow and dedicate all summer to it.

Grace: Baseball?  Right, baseball talks to you like Bella does.  It’s your best friend like Will is.  It’s nice to you like Gwen, right?  Fun to be around like Jake or Hamilton.  Completely in love with you like Jill…

Sean stares at her, but doesn’t know what to say.

Grace: There are people at this party that expect you to be there so get in the damn truck, and let’s go.

Sean: You…what makes you…how do you even…

Grace raises her eyebrows, daring him to disobey.  Finally he just storms around to the other side of the truck and climbs in.

Dexter: You’re good.

Grace smiles, giving him a brief kiss.

Dexter cont’d: What was that for?

Grace: For applying at the one-hour photo place.  For staying here this summer.

Dexter just smiles at her.

Sean: If you’re going to make me go to the party…could you at least get me there before the guest of honor?

Grace: Yeah, yeah…

She kisses Dexter again then pulls the seat back so Dexter can climb in back.  She gets in the driver’s seat and takes off.

(cut to): to an establishing shot of Smoak Hall. 

Music: The Last Song by All-American Rejects

(cut to): inside.  People are milling around, talking.  There’s a pretty large turnout.  Bella and Hamilton are setting their stuff up on the stage.  Scout is wandering around talking to various people as he makes his way to the refreshment table.  Jill is standing with Jake.  Nicholas is talking to Kate Fleming.

(cut to): Jill and Jake.

Jill: So far, the only people staying this summer are me…and Scout.

She glances at him as he lingers at the table setup with snacks and drinks (including a bowl of punch which he is entirely too interested in).

Jake: And Dexter.

Jill: Dexter, right…

A beat.

Jill: cont’d: You and Hamilton are going to have a good summer, though. 

Jake shrugs.

Jake: I guess.

Jill tilts her head.

Jill: Afraid it’ll be too much Ham for one summer?

Jake: Too much Hamilton?  Not possible.

She glances up at Hamilton who, sensing her gaze, looks up and flashes her a smile.

Jill: You’re turning into, like, a greeting card.  You know, one of those really cheesy Valentine’s Day—

Jake: Anyway…we’ll probably be seeing less of each other this summer.  We will be on opposite sides of the lake.

Jill: Kind of like if you were normal and went to Rawley Girls’.

Jake: Exactly…

Jake looks off; something’s wrong.

Jill: I know I’m typically all attuned to your emotional crises, but as I’m in the middle of one of my own, I’m having trouble seeing the problem.

Jake feels bad for talking about herself.

Jill: cont’d: No, don’t give me that look of sympathy.  I don’t even want to talk about…

She looks up at the door.

(cut to): the entrance as Dexter and Grace walk in holding hands.  Right behind them, Sean enters tentatively.

(cut to): Jake and Jill.  Jake watches Jill carefully.  Jill turns back to Jake with a smile.

Jill: So why are you afraid your summer’s going to suck?

Jake: Maybe you should go talk to him.

Jill sighs and glances over at the punch.

(cut to): the table where Scout is no longer seen.

(cut to): Jill and Jake.

Jill: I’m going to get some punch. 

Before Jake can say anything, Jill walks away.  Before Jake can follow Jill, her cell phone rings.  Jake pulls it out, annoyed by the interruption.

Jake: Yes?…Oh, hey…Yup, everything’s set…Okay, see you in a minute….Bye, Will.

She hangs up the phone, clears her throat then speaks loudly:

Jake: Excuse me everyone…excuse…hello…

No one seems to notice except Hamilton on stage. He grabs a mic.

Hamilton: Hey.  Shut up and listen to Jake.

Everyone quiets down.

Jake: Uh, thanks Ham.

Hamilton grins.

Jake cont’d: Will just called and, after driving Gwen around town a few times, they’re headed this way.  They should be here in five minutes so we’re going to turn the lights down and get the surprise part of this party ready, okay?

Everyone agrees enthusiastically.

(dissolve to): several minutes later.  The lights are dimmed and hardly anything can be seen.

(cut to): the hallway outside the main ballroom.  Will and Gwen walk up together.

Gwen: You drove me around town three times to bring me to dinner here?

Will: Sort of…

Will opens one of the main doors and nods for her to go in.  It’s dark and she looks at him skeptically.

Will cont’d: Humor me.

Gwen gives him one last suspicious look before cautiously walking through the door.

(cut to): inside where the lights are flipped on and the crowd yells “surprise.”  Gwen is definitely taken aback and surprised.  She looks back at Will who smiles warmly.

Gwen: You did this?

Will: I just thought if you had to go…it should be with a bang.

Gwen looks around at the crowd, speechless.

Will cont’d: I did have some help, though.  Like my willing accomplice, Jake. 

Jake offers Gwen her best boyish grin and wave.  Gwen stands there, still speechless, but impressed at the crowd that’s turned out to wish her well.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a quick establishing shot of the hall.

Music: Misfits by Third Eye Blind

(cut to): inside the hall where everyone has resumed talking in smaller groups.  Gwen and Will talk to Dexter and Grace.

Gwen: Thank you both for coming.

Dexter: We just wanted to congratulate you.

He casually puts an arm around Grace’s waist and pulls her closer.  Gwen notes and smiles at the gesture.

Gwen: Maybe I should be congratulating you two.

They smile at each other.

Grace: We’ll talk to you later.

She pulls Dexter away to somewhere more secluded.

Gwen: Grace and Dexter.  That still amazes me.  They’re so different.

Will: So are we.

Gwen: Really?  I always thought we were pretty similar.

Will: Well, sure, on the surface we’re both grade-centric overachievers who will probably pursue writing-related careers.

Gwen: But…

Will: But I want to be a poet, and you want to be a journalist.  You’re the practical one.

Gwen: And you’re the romantic?

Will smiles and shrugs.

Gwen: Okay, so, while I see no practical way for us to be together this summer—

Will notices someone approaching.

Will: Hold that thought, there’s someone I want you to talk to.

Gwen: Who…

She turns around then freezes.

(cut to): a shot from her point of view.  Ryder stands in front of them.  He is as handsome as ever though he wears an expensive black suit that makes him look serious and more mature.  His devilish grin has been replaced by an easy-going, charismatic smile.

(cut to): a shot of the three of them.  Gwen smiles, though is shocked to see him.

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Ryder (sarcastic): Oh, you know, I was on holiday in New Rawley…

He takes a final step toward her and pulls her into a hug.

Ryder cont’d: I came to see you graduate tomorrow, Gwendolyn.  And, to help Will plan something special for you.  Knew he couldn’t handle it himself.  How’d we do?

Ryder gestures around the hall.

Gwen: It was already amazing—and it just got better.

He takes a step back and looks her over.

Ryder cont’d: You look gorgeous, by the way.  I love the hair.

He runs his fingers through the end of her hair.

Gwen: You look pretty handsome yourself.

Ryder: This necklace is lovely as well.  Looks like a Charlotte Vaughn original.

Gwen grins.

Gwen: Good eye.

Ryder: Except, there’s another one like it, isn’t there?

Gwen glances at Will then back at Ryder.

Gwen: Yes…but, how’d you—

Ryder: It comes in the “out of the closet” gift package—accessory perception super powers.

Gwen laughs, and so does Will until he considers what was just said.

Will: Did you just say…out of the closet?

Ryder: Yeah, I did. 

Ryder smiles, innocent and hopeful. 

Will: Oh.

He smiles acceptingly.

Ryder cont’d: You want to give us a minute, mate?

Will: Of course…

Will walks away as Ryder drapes an arm around Gwen and leads her off.  They pass Jake, who gives Ryder a pat on the arm.  She walks up to Will.

Jake: The look on your face can only mean one thing.

Will: I take it you’ve known?

Jake nods.

Will cont’d: That’s…unexpected.

Jake: And, yet, it makes perfect sense.

Will considers this.

Will: I don’t know, he always seemed to be pretty…into…girls.

Jake: You haven’t seen him with Law March.

Will: Is that a person or a parade?

Jake: Person.  Partner.  All around good gay guy.

Will nods.

Jake cont’d: Law is for Ryder what Gwen is for you.

Will narrows his eyes.

Jake cont’d: The person who changes your life forever.

Will: That she is…

He watches as Gwen and Ryder talk privately.  Jake looks up at the stage as Hamilton and Bella hang out.  Nicholas and Kate approach.

Music: Dick Lips by Blink 182

(cut to): Bella and Hamilton as Kate and Nicholas walk up.

Kate: Hi, kids.

Bella: Hi.

She glances at Nicholas then back at Kate.  Hamilton doesn’t say anything.

Kate: I wanted to thank you for inviting me, Bella.
Hamilton gives Bella a sideways glance, obviously unaware of this information.

Bella: Sure.  I thought you’d like to see Hamilton play.

Kate: I’m looking forward to seeing you both.  I’ve heard you have a beautiful voice.

Bella shrugs.

Bella: Hamilton does, too.  He’s going to sing a song tonight.

Kate: Really?  No stage fright?

She looks at Hamilton for confirmation.  He nods then sighs.

Hamilton: Hey, guys, can you give us a minute?

Bella and Nicholas look at each other.

Nicholas: Can I, uh, interest in you in some punch?

Bella: Sure.

Nicholas smiles at Kate then escorts Bella toward the refreshments.

Hamilton: Mom, I’m sorry.

Kate walks over to him, and the two of them lean on the large speaker behind Hamilton.

Kate: Nicholas was just telling me something interesting.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows.

Kate cont’d: He told me about his…special…relationship with Jake.

Hamilton: What…what do you mean?

Kate: Drop the act.  I know he’s her brother.

Hamilton: He told you?

Kate nods.

Kate: He thought keeping that from me might be causing you unnecessary stress.

Hamilton (bitter): Oh, did he?

He glances over at Bella and Nicholas who stand a safe distance apart at the refreshment table.

Kate: I know you have so many secrets to keep…

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: Most of them are worth it.

Kate offers him a smile and runs a hand through his hair tenderly.

Kate: I thought you could use this summer as an opportunity to de-stress.

Hamilton: Yeah, definitely.  I really, really appreciate that..

Kate: And, I want you to know that I adore Jake.  I would never purposefully do anything to damage your relationship with her.  I think that’s been demonstrated in how long I’ve kept this from your father.

Hamilton: I know that, Mom.  It’s just that…it’s like…when I’m with Jake I feel like this independent, grown-up person, you know?  But with you…it’s like…you’re the adult and I’m just this powerless kid who has to submit to your will.

Kate laughs.

Kate: Sweetheart, submit to my will?

He smiles.

Hamilton: And, like you said, there are a lot of things that I know…that you can’t know right now and…I feel like you’re always prying…trying to make me tell you everything and…I know I lose my temper with you, but…I can’t tell you every single thing.

Kate:I tell you what…I’ll back off a little if you promise to do just the opposite.

Hamilton: I’ve promised you that before—I’ve promised not to shut you out—and look at how I acted today…

Kate: Something you learn as a parent is that your kids screw up—and break promises—without meaning to hurt you.

Hamilton nods, comprehending.

Hamilton: Okay, then, in that case…I really am going to try not to shut you out.

He puts his arm around her.

Hamilton cont’d: I even promise to write you once a week from camp.

She tousles his hair affectionately.

(cut to): Bella and Nicholas.  They watch Hamilton and Kate interact.

Music: Easy Tonight by Five for Fighting

Nicholas: Kate really loves that kid.

Bella: Yeah…

Nicholas: Hey, crazy idea: would you be up for meeting my mom?

Bella: What?  Why?  When?

Nicholas: See, you weren’t nearly as freaked out as I thought you’d be.

Bella: Seriously, though, do you think that would be a good idea?  Wouldn’t she think—

Nicholas: I need to tell someone how I feel about you, Bella.  I need to share this relationship with someone.  At this point, here, my only option is…Hamilton, and I think we both know what he’d do if I tried to talk to him.

Bella: Actually, for the record, Sean knows too.  I told him at prom.  But…if you want to tell someone…I was thinking…how about…Jake?

Nicholas: Funny you should say that because…oh, great, she’s coming over.

Bella turns just in time to see Jake walk up to them.

Bella: Hey, Jake.

Jake: You guys were exiled, huh?

Nicholas: Something like that.

Jake gives Bella a knowing look, but Nicholas is actually the one who understands.  Before anyone else can speak, Nicholas’ phone rings.  He pulls it from his pocket and checks the caller I.D.

Nicholas cont’d: It’s my mom; she’s returning my call.  I need to take it.  Excuse me.

He starts to walk away as he answers his phone.

Nicholas cont’d: Hi, Mom.  Oh, hey, one second okay?

He takes the phone down and speaks to Bella.
Nicholas cont’d: That thing we were talking about—the steering alignment—I didn’t mean right away.  I was thinking sometime later this summer.

Bella: Okay.  I’ll try to…come up with an estimate on that.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: Thanks.  I appreciate it.

Bella nods, looking relieved.  Nicholas continues out of frame as he speaks to his mom again.  The covert conversation was lost on Jake.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to yet another establishing shot of Smoak Hall.

Music: Tiny Spark by Brendan Benson

(cut to): the refreshment table.  Jake and Bella stand, talking.

Bella: So, of course, I gave Hamilton a hard time, but I think the whole camp counselor thing is a great idea.

Jake: I’m actually a little nervous about it.

Bella: From my limited babysitting experience, I find that the key is building trust.  And, if that doesn’t work, use bribes.

Jake laughs.

Jake: There’s a weeklong training program so we should be okay on the “dealing with kids” front.  I’m more concerned with…

She trails off when she notices Bella watching Nicholas on his phone in the doorway of the hall.

Jake cont’d: I hope it’s okay to tell you that Hamilton told me.

Bella snaps her head back to Jake and realizes Jake is now looking at Nicholas, who is wrapping up his conversation.

Bella: Hamilton did what?

Jake: I know you didn’t want me to know, but I think it’s sweet.

Bella: You do?

Jake: And, don’t be mad, but I sort of brought it up with Nicholas today.

Bella: Hmm…he didn’t mention it…

Jake: I guess it would be an awkward topic for him.

Bella narrows her eyes.

Bella: You’re really not mad?

Jake: Definitely not.  Hamilton seemed to think I would freak out, too.  I’m actually just curious about how you found out about Nicholas and me.

Bella: Well…he told me.

Jake: Hamilton?  He said he didn’t—

Bella: Not Hamilton.  Nick. 

Jake: Nick?

Nicholas: You rang?

Nicholas, done with his phone conversation, rejoins the pair of girls.

Jake: You told Bella about us?

Nicholas casts a nervous glance at Bella, but tries to regain his composure as he talks to Jake.

Nicholas: We talked about you telling people, didn’t we?  If there were people you wanted to know, it would be fine to tell them.

Bella: Actually, that was me.

Nicholas: Right, you were one of those people Jake would want to know.

Bella looks lost, as does Jake.

Nicholas cont’d: I thought it might be stressful on you to have to keep this secret so I told Bella, hoping she was someone you could and would talk to.

Jake: So, then, why didn’t you just tell me that today instead of acting like you barely know her?

Nicholas: I didn’t act like I barely know her.

Jake: “Bella?  Bella, the girl who pumps my gas?”

Bella folds her arms and looks at Nicholas.

Nicholas: Well, I…I mean, I don’t know her…that well…

Bella inhales, about to correct him, but the look on Nicholas face stops her.

Nicholas cont’d: And, besides, I…I wasn’t going to tell you until tonight.  After I told Kate.

Jake: What?  You told Kate?

Nicholas: I figured she was someone you could obviously trust, you know, since she already knows about you.  Plus, I thought that would relieve some of the recent tension in Hamilton’s life right now, as well.

Jake: And, before you went around telling all these people you think I trust, you didn’t want to check with me first?

Nicholas: Of course, I wanted to, but I thought it’d be easier for you if there were just suddenly people there for you whom you could talk to about this.

Jake: Oh, well, thanks.

Nicholas: Come on.  Don’t be mad.  You didn’t have any problem telling me that Bella has a crush on me, did you?

Bella: Crush?

Nicholas gives her a look that indicates she should play along.

Bella cont’d: Actually, um, Jake was just telling me how she…God, this is so embarrassing…she told me that she you about that so…

Nicholas: Ah.  Then, in that case, it looks like everything is out in the open.

Jake: Yeah…I guess so.

She still looks confused, but shakes her head.

Jake cont’d: I better go see if Will needs any help.  See you guys later…

Music: Anyone, Anyone by Dashboard Confessional

She turns and walks away.  Bella and Nicholas wait until she’s out of earshot then turn to each other, both trying to speak:

Bella: Maybe we should just tell her.  Nicholas: God, that was close.  Did it sound like I was lying? 

They look at each other a moment.

Nicholas: Did you just suggest telling her again?

Bella: Yeah.  I think it’s the best thing to do.  She might be mad, but it’ll be easier on all of us.

Nicholas: No, that’s a very bad idea.

Bella: Why?

Nicholas: Today, after she told me that you have this thing for me—which Hamilton apparently told her, by the way—

Bella: He was probably trying to cover for us.

Nicholas: Yeah, sure.  Probably.  Anyway, she eventually made it very clear that, in her book, you are strictly off limits to me.  And, I tried to make light of it, but, Bella, she was serious.

Bella nods as a beat passes, not liking this, but unable to protest.

Bella: So, did you mom have an opinion on the alignment?

Nicholas: She would love to meet you.  I told her July. 

Bella takes a deep breath.

Bella: Okay.

Nicholas: I was thinking we could go around the time of your birthday. 

Bella lights up.

Bella: Spend my birthday in New York?

He nods.  She smiles.

Nicholas: So, is that a yes?

Jill walks up to the other side of the table to get a cup of punch so Bella simply nods in agreement.  Nicholas smiles then turns to Jill.

Nicholas: How’s that punch, Jill?

Jill: I’ve had better.

Scout: This girl is a punch a connoisseur.

They all greet Scout as joins the conversation at the table.

Scout cont’d: Bella, Hamilton said you can go back to the stage now; he’s done talking to his mom, and he’s ready to play when you are.

Bella: Cool.  Thanks.  I’ll see you guys later.

Nicholas stands awkwardly for a moment.

Scout: Oh, and Mr. Mann, Hamilton’s mom wants some punch.

Nicholas raises his eyebrows.

Scout cont’d: Which she sent me to get, but…

Nicholas: I’d be glad to handle that for you, Scout.

Scout: Thanks.

Scout ladles a cup of punch and hands it to Nicholas.  Nicholas makes his way to Kate who has found a seat in a folding chair at the side of the stage.  Nicholas pulls up another chair and sits next to her, handing off the punch.

(cut to): Scout and Jill who watch.

Scout: That guy is so into Bella.

Jill: Who?  Mr. Mann?

Scout: Uh huh.

Jill: I heard it was the other way around.

Scout shrugs.

Scout: Maybe it’s mutual.

Jill: I really doubt he’d be “into” a high school girl.

Scout: Look at how he’s watching her.

(cut to): Nicholas and Kate.  They’re talking, but Nicholas is definitely watching Bella on the stage. 

(cut to): Scout and Jill.

Scout cont’d: No matter where she is, he’s had his eye on her.  Even if he’s mad at her, I can still tell her wants her.

Jill: Why would he be mad at…

But she realized that Scout is no longer looking at Nicholas.  He’s looking over Jill’s shoulder.  Jill turns to look.

(cut to): Sean who leans against a wall, talking to Dexter and Grace, but who has been watching Jill.

(cut to): Jill and Scout.  Jill quickly turns back to face Scout.

Jill: Scout!  God.

Scout just smiles at her.

Scout: Why are you avoiding him?

Jill: He’s avoiding me.

Scout: You’re avoiding each other.  I’ve been watching.

Jill: You know, you’re kind of creeping me out.

Scout: Yeah, well, you’re kind of bumming me out with this whole moping thing…

Jill: What are you doing this summer?

Scout tilts his head.

Scout: Subtle.

Jill looks at him innocently.

Scout cont’d: I’m staying here, but…you already knew that.

Jill: But didn’t Denton and Associates offer you the internship again this summer?

Scout shrugs.

Scout: I’m reassessing my goals.  What about you?  Headed back to New York?

Jill shakes her head.

Jill: I’m staying here.  My dad is going to be out in L.A. most of the summer anyway so…I figured I might as well stay here and learn something.

Scout: Right, an education…I’m sure that’s what’s tying you here.

He glances over her shoulder at Sean and Jill gets the message.

Jill: And what’s tying you here?

Scout looks back at Jill, at a loss.

Scout: That’s a good question.

He looks at her another moment then takes a step back.

Scout cont’d: Bye, Jill.

Jill: I’ll see you around, right? This summer?

Scout: You won’t.  Not until the fall.  I think I just decided that I’m going to take a summer vacation.

Jill: Good plan.

He nods, looking sad.  He offers her a wave then heads off in the other direction.  Jill looks at him sadly, but can’t help glance over her shoulder at Sean.  She shakes it off and gets another cup of punch.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Soaps are okay.  More addictive than good.  That being said, Marty West from The Guiding Light is too adorable for words.  Aubrey Dollar is also pretty awesome—and hey, she’s from Raleigh (which sounds like “Rawley”).  Marty and Aubrey play Shayne Lewis and Marina Cooper and they have a very Sean/Jill chemistry going on do…check them out sometime.


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the hospital in Carson.

Music: Soundtrack for Our Movie by Mae

(cut to): Johanna’s room.  Johanna is asleep in her bed.  Meagan and Mark sit at a small table in the corner, playing a game of checkers.  Meagan jumps two of Mark’s men, but Mark seems distracted.  He looks over at Johanna, satisfied that she’s asleep.

Mark: Hey, about what we were talking about before.

Meagan puts down the checker in her hand and gives Mark her full attention.

Meagan: Yeah?

Mark: Whatever I thought before about girls, about kissing, about all that—kissing you made me realize how wrong I was.  I mean, it was really something.

Meagan: I know.

Mark smiles.

Mark: So, if you wanted to be my girlfriend…I guess I’d be okay with that.

Meagan (sarcastic): Oh, gosh, really?

Mark: What I meant was, will you be my girlfriend?

Meagan: Well, I guess I’d be okay with that…

Mark grins, but then thinks of something.

Mark: Who’s going to tell Finn?

Meagan doesn’t answer right away.

Johanna: Maybe you should let me.

Meagan and Mark exchange a look.  She’s awake.

Meagan: Does that mean…you think it’s okay?

Johanna: Mark, could you leave Meagan and I for a moment?

Mark: Um, sure.

He gives Meagan a quick look then exits.

(cut to): the hall.  Mark walks out and almost into Finn who’s carrying several bags of fast food.

Mark: Finn.  Hi.

Finn: Hi, Mark.

He goes to open the door, but Mark grabs his arm.

Mark: Hang on, they’re talking.

Finn raises his eyebrows.  Mark takes a hesitant step backward.  Finn smiles.

Finn: While I do enjoy the fact that you seem to be afraid of me, you can relax, Mark.

Mark doesn’t look relieved by this.

Finn cont’d: Want a burger?

Mark nods hesitantly.

Finn cont’d: Come on…

They walk off down the hall together.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Smoak Hall.

(cut to): inside.  Bella and Hamilton are playing an acoustic cover of Blink 182’s Dammit.   Some people are sitting around the stage, watching.  Others are in other parts of the hall, engaged in conversations.  We float around the room and find Nicholas and Kate to the side of the stage.  Kate seems to be particularly enjoying the performance.  Scout sits up front, though he seems distracted.  We find Will and Gwen, standing together as various people come up and wish Gwen well.  Nearby, Jake and Ryder are having a friendly, animated conversation, though Jake’s gaze wanders to the stage.  Dexter and Grace have secluded themselves in a corner where they chat intimately.  We find Sean as he wanders around, finally getting to Will and Gwen.

(cut to): a closer shot of Gwen, Will and Sean.

Sean: Well, this has been nice, but I have to get going.

Gwen: You’re going already?

Sean: Yeah.  I have to pack, but I wanted to wish you well.

He looks at Will.

Sean cont’d: And, thanks for inviting me.

Will: Of course, man.

Sean: See you in the…oh, well, I guess I won’t see you in the fall.

He looks at Gwen.

Gwen: No.

Sean steps up to give her a hug, which she returns.

Sean: Good luck.

Gwen: Thank you, Sean.

Sean: See you around, man.

He offers a hand to Will to shakes it firmly.  Sean gives them one last look then walks away.

Gwen: I wish he had made an effort to speak to Jill.

Will: Yeah, she really seems to like him.  You know, today I told her to be patient, to wait it out, and eventually he’d come around.

Gwen: Seems like she’ll be waiting awhile.

Will feels bad about this.

Will: I’ll be right back…

He jogs off after Sean, catching up to him just before he leaves.  Bella and Hamilton start a new song.  An acoustic cover of Third Eye Blind’s I Want You.

Will cont’d: Hey, Sean, I know it’s none of my business—

Sean: Conversations that start out like that usually end with “you’re right.  It is none of your business.”

Will: I know.

Will waits.
Sean: I assume this about Jill?

Will: She’s crazy about you. 

Sean: No, she’s just crazy. 

Will: That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

Sean: She lied to me and she used me.

Will considers his phrasing.

Will: Sean, if that’s true, if you think you can’t trust her, then go to Florida for the summer.  But if, and I think this is the case, you can see through all that to the very heart of your relationship with her, you know she’s dropped all the pretense now.  You know that she’s admitted all there is to admit, and she’s just waiting for you…waiting for you to forgive her.

Sean (lightly): You were right.  It is none of your business.

They both laugh.

Sean cont’d: Look, man, I appreciate this, okay?  You’ve definitely given me something to think about, but…

He opens the door.

Sean cont’d: …as far as Jill’s concerned, I’m too afraid to trust my instincts.  They’ve failed me before.

Will: You sure about that?  Maybe not following your instincts is leading you in entirely the wrong direction. 

Sean: I admit that Florida is a long way from where I want to be this summer, but…I just need to go away.

Will: Run away, you mean.

Sean: Okay.  Run away.  I need to run away from Jill.  I don’t know how to deal, so I’m not going to.  You figured me out.

A beat as Will looks him over.

Will: You love her.

Sean shrugs, practically admitting it.

Sean: Have a good summer, Will.

He walks out, sadly.

(cut to): the hall.  Jill is standing nearby and has obviously heard every word since the door was opened.  Sean spots her and freezes.

Music: Living Without You by Socialburn

Jill: You don’t have to run away.

Sean: I don’t know what else to do, Jill.

Jill: Stay in New Rawley this summer.  Stay with me.

Sean: I don’t trust you.

Jill: You don’t or…you’re afraid because when I tell you I have feelings for you, you know I mean it.

She takes a few steps toward him.

Sean: I’m afraid because I think you mean it.

Jill looks down, taking a deep breath, then looks back up at Sean.

Jill: I’m going to be right here this summer, feeling exactly like I do now so…

Sean: Right here?

He looks around, taking a step toward her.

Jill: Well, no, but…

She smiles when she sees him smile.

Jill: cont’d: You know what I mean…

Sean: Yeah, I know what you mean.

A beat.

Jill: Sean, I’m so sorry.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I know, but…the way I feel about you…that’s no mistake.  It’s hard when you realize you’ve fallen for someone you never meant to and…I didn’t deal with it well, but I’m ready to…whenever—if ever—you are.

Sean: God, this is exactly why I’ve been avoiding you.  You make so much sense.

Jill: I do? 

Sean cont’d: Not, like, the words you say…just, you.  You make sense…to me. 

Jill looks at him hopefully.

Sean cont’d: Which is why I need to take a step back.  I need to be able to think about this clearly…which isn’t something I’ve ever been able to do when you’re near me.

Jill: You have to go fifteen hundred miles away to gain this clarity?

Sean: That should just about break the spell…

Jill: Sean…

Sean: Jill…I have to go.  I have to pack.

She nods, defeated.

Sean cont’d: I’ll see you in the fall.

Jill waves, holding back tears.  Sean hurries off, holding back some tears of his own.

(cut to): inside the hall, the stage.

Bella (on microphone): All right, everyone.  I’m assuming most of you didn’t attend the Edmund High School prom, which is the only other place this next song has ever been played.  I’m going to step down and leave Hamilton to sing you his own composition.

Hamilton (on microphone): Um, thanks, Bella.  Basically, this song is for the girl I love…and maybe it’ll show my mom that, even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, I really am your standard, sensitive seventeen year old—and I’m capable of sharing that.

(cut to): Kate who smiles.  She’s dying to hear this.  Hamilton starts strumming the first few notes and begins to play the song that we heard in the last episode (actually Here’s a Love Song by Syd).

(cut to): Hamilton playing.  He glances over at Jake.

(cut to): Jake who is now standing with Ryder, Gwen and Will.  Will reaches down and takes Gwen’s hand as she leans into him.  Ryder’s jaw drops a little.

Ryder: You never told me your boy had all this hidden talent.

Jake only smiles.

(cut to): a close-up of Jake.  She totally loves “her boy.”

(cut to): Dexter and Grace who are still on their own.  They look up; they’ve never heard this song.  They look at each other, totally impressed.

Grace: I guess “girl” is code for “Jake,” huh?

Dexter smiles.

Dexter: In a twisted, backwards kind of way, yeah.

Grace doesn’t get it, but she doesn’t pursue it.

(cut to): Scout.  He sits by himself in chair hidden behind a group of people.  He looks around, but doesn’t find what he’s looking for until he looks up at the door.

(cut to): the door.  Jill slips in, looking curiously at the stage.

(cut to): Scout.  He smiles sadly then looks back up at the stage.

(cut to): Sean’s house.

(cut to): Sean’s room.  An open suitcase covers his bed.  He haphazardly tosses clothes from his closet into the suitcase.  He notices something in the bottom of the closet—a shoebox.  He picks it up and looks inside, discovering the heels Jill decided not to wear to prom.  He picks one up and turns it over in his hand then replaces it.  He kneels down and carefully slides the box to the back of his closet.  We pull out the window as Hamilton’s song continues…

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the hospital in Carson.

Music: Soundtrack For Our Movie by Mae

(cut to): Johanna’s room.  She and Meagan are playing checkers now.

Meagan: So I guess being a girlfriend is a lot like being a friend.

Johanna: That’s very true.

Meagan: Except there’s kissing.

Johanna narrows her eyes.

Johanna: And just how much kissing has there been?

Meagan: Just a first kiss. 

Johanna: Okay, I have a proposition for you.

Meagan: What?

Johanna: It would make me feel a lot better if you saved that second kiss until your twelfth birthday.

Meagan: That’s not until August twenty-ninth.

Johanna nods.

Meagan cont’d: Man, I thought Finn was supposed to be the over-protective one now.

(cut to): the snack area where Finn and Mark are quietly eating burgers and fries.  Mark opens his mouth to speak several times then finally gets out what he wants to say:

Mark: Meagan says that she likes that you act like a read dad and everything, but I hope you aren’t going to kill me because…I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. 

Finn looks at him, setting his burger down.

Mark cont’d: I know that on TV, dads are always interrogating boyfriends so…whatever you want to know about me, just ask me.

Finn: What makes you think Meagan would be allowed to…to be your…girlfriend?

Mark thinks about this.

Mark: Well, can she be?  I mean, would it be okay if she is?

Finn: And where are you going to take her on dates?

Mark: Dates?  Um…

Finn: Do you have money to, say, buy her milkshake or movie ticket?

Mark: We always buy our own.

Finn: That’s all fine and good when you’re friends, but if she’s your girlfriend, well, these things are expected.

Mark looks down at his burger.

Mark: Are you sure about this?

Finn: I’ve had my share of girlfriends.  I’m sure.

Mark: But, aren’t things different now?

Finn: Oh, sure, that’s what women will tell you.  “Times have changed.”  But, try just once to take them up on that claim, and you can kiss your relationship goodbye.

Mark: Maybe if I save up my allowance all summer…

Finn: Now you’re thinking.  Dating is something that takes patience and planning.

Mark nods.

Mark: Cool, I can do that.  Oh, but…we can still be friends, right?  Because Meagan’s, like, my best friend in the whole world.

Finn smiles.

Finn: Absolutely.

(dissolve to): an establishing shot of Smoak Hall. 

(cut to): inside.  The party is definitely still going on.  Some people are dancing, others are still talking. Bella and Hamilton are packing up their equipment, but someone’s turned a radio on to provide music.  Without Me by Eminem fills the hall.  Will, Gwen, Jill, Scout, Jake and Ryder are standing at the edge of the stage.  Kate and Nicholas walk up.

Kate: Hamilton?

Hamilton sets down the equipment in his hand and makes his way to the edge of the stage.

Hamilton: Yeah, Mom?

Kate: I’m going to head out.  Mr. Mann has offered to walk me home.

Hamilton gives him a suspicious look, but catches a reassuring look from Jake and lets it go.

Hamilton: Cool.

Kate: I loved hearing you tonight.  Both of you.

She offers a smile to Bella who returns it.

Kate: Gwen, congratulations.

Gwen: Oh, thank you, Mrs. Fleming.

(cut to): Scout who stands next to Jill.  He elbows her to watch Nicholas who is in fact watching Bella as Kate says her goodbyes.  Still, Jill only tosses Scout a roll of her eyes.

Kate: Goodnight kids.

Nicholas: Night guys.

They all bid them goodnight.

Ryder: The teachers didn’t look like that when I was at Rawley.

Bella gives him an odd look, but then she gets it.  She walks back to the equipment with a knowing smile.

Scout: Wait, what did you just say?

Ryder: I said that Mr. Mann is gorgeous.  Mr. Mann…brilliant name, too.

Scout: Huh?

Jake: Scout, Ryder’s gay.

Scout: Ryder’s what?

Everyone: Gay.

Ryder: All right, children, keep it down.  I don’t need every curious closet case at this fine institution coming to me for advice.

Jake: Because God forbid you help someone else in the same position you were once in?

Ryder: Damn straight.  Let the little bastards fend for themselves.

Jill: Nice to know homosexuality hasn’t changed the basic principles of Ryder-dom.

Ryder: No, but it has certainly expanded the boundaries.

No one says anything for a beat, but most everyone is staring at Ryder.

Ryder cont’d: Oh, for Pete’s sake, stop gawking at the gay and turn your attention back to the guest of honor…

Will’s cell rings in his pocket.  Everyone turns to look at him.

Ryder cont’d: Hey, excuse me, guest of honor…

He gestures to Gwen to whom everyone can’t help but turn.  Will walks off, answering his phone.

Will: Yes; now would be perfect…Okay, bye.

He hangs up and quickly rejoins the group who is listening to Gwen explain that she hasn’t selected her major yet.  Ryder arches an eyebrow and Will nods.  Gwen notices the exchange.

Gwen: Please don’t tell me someone’s going to bring out a giant cake or something clichéd like that…

Ryder: Oh, I think this is a lot, well, it could be more clichéd…what do you think, William?

Will: I just think that you’re going to enjoy this a lot more than a cake.

Will looks over Gwen’s shoulder and so does everybody else.  Gwen turns around to see as well.

(cut to): the door.  A beautiful, dark-haired woman walks across the hall toward the gang.  Her attire is artistic, yet elegant.  She would be played by Sela Ward.  When she sees Gwen, a smile spreads across her lips.

(cut to): Gwen with the group behind her.  Hamilton and Bella also look on curiously.

Gwen: Oh my God.

Everyone but Will and Ryder don’t understand what’s happening until…

Gwen cont’d: Mom…

She runs over to close the narrowing distance, throwing her arms around who we now realize is Charlotte Vaughn.  She is wearing a necklace that matches Gwen’s—as observed by Ryder.

Charlotte: Look at you; you’re beautiful.

Gwen: So are you.  It has been way to long.

(cut to): the group who hangs back.

Scout: Hang on, “Mom?”

Ryder: You don’t need the Cliff’s Notes for this one, too, do you, Calhoun?

Scout: No.  I’m just confused about why having her mom show up for graduation would be a surprise.

Jill: Well, because Gwen said her mom doesn’t even like being in the same country as her dad.

Jake: And her dad is obviously going to come see the payoff of his investment in Rawley.

Ryder: But Will gave me a call.  I was already planning to pop in and surprise Gwen myself, of course.

Will: I was hoping Ryder could think of a way to convince Gwen’s mom to come.

Ryder: Turns out, though, it didn’t take much convincing at all.  She especially liked the idea of surprising her because she knew Gwen truly wouldn’t be expecting it.

Scout: So…that’s where you were this morning?  Orchestrating all this?

Will: I met up with Ryder and Charlotte in the library.

Hamilton: Which is where you ran into Jake…

Will: …who very generously offered to help out.

Ryder: Are we just going to stand around recapping today’s events or are we going to go over there and get everyone introduced to the lovely Charlotte Vaughn.

Everyone agrees and heads over to meet her.

(dissolve to): several hours later.  The party has finally cleared out.  Bella and Hamilton’s equipment and all the food and decorations have been removed.  The only people remaining are Gwen, Charlotte, Ryder, Jake and Hamilton.  Gwen and Charlotte sit in a pair of chairs talking while the others stack chairs and clean up discarded plates, napkins and cups.

Music: Just Can’t Wait by Stroke 9

(cut to): Gwen and her mom.

Gwen: I still can’t believe you came. 

Charlotte: It’s just been too long.  We need to see each other more often.

Gwen: Phone calls and emails have kept me happy for the past year.  It’s no big deal.

Charlotte: Well, sure, someone old like me doesn’t change much in a year, but, God, look at you.  You’re practically a grown-up.  You’re getting ready to go off to college.  You’re…in love.

Gwen blushes.

Gwen: I told you things between Will and me were getting serious.

Charlotte: I suppose I didn’t realize how serious until I saw the two of you together.

Gwen: Dad doesn’t approve of him.  Then again, he doesn’t approve of much in my life right now.

Charlotte: So, he’s what?  Cutting you off next year?

Gwen nods.

Gwen: But, it’s fine because I’ve been working and saving money.  And, I’m going to get a job in Chicago.

Charlotte: Did I mention how grown up you are?

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: Only about a hundred times tonight.

Charlotte: I can’t get over it.

Gwen smiles, looking down and tucking her hair behind her ear.

Charlotte cont’d: So, after graduation, you have to move out.  Where are you going?

Gwen sighs.

Gwen: I suppose to New York…if Dad will let me use the loft.

Charlotte: What would you say if I asked you to come to Newquay this summer?

Gwen: I…wow, that’s far away.

Charlotte: I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but Ryder is giving you a very generous gift for graduation.

Gwen raises her eyebrows.

Charlotte cont’d: Two tickets to England.  Of course, you’ll be flying into Heathrow and I’m sure he expects you both to spend some time with him in London, but after that you could take a train down to Newquay and enjoy one last relaxing summer—

Gwen: What do you mean “both?”  What are you talking about, Mom?

Charlotte: I’m talking about you and Will spending the summer with me.

Gwen is speechless.

Charlotte cont’d: This is something Will and I have already discussed.  He seems very supportive of the idea.

Gwen: I think I am, too.

Charlotte: So, then, you want to go?

Gwen: Yes.  I want to go.  Of course.  This is…this is perfect.  Thank you, Mom.

She gives her a hug, which is emphatically returned by Charlotte.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the hospital in Carson, the next morning.

(cut to): Johanna’s room.  The kids are asleep in cots.  Finn sits next to Johanna as she holds Jacey, who sleeps peacefully.

Finn: So, I told Mark he couldn’t date Meagan until he could afford to support her.

Johanna laughs.

Johanna: I asked Meagan not to kiss him again until her twelfth birthday.

Finn: You bought me some time to adjust.  Good thinking, Sweetheart.

Johanna smiles then looks down at the baby.  He stirs, crying. 

Johanna: Since that project is on hold, though…you can take over on this one…

She offers Finn their son.  He complies and carefully takes the crying baby from his wife.  He walks around the room, cautiously rocking Jacey until his cries subdue.  The other kids don’t even wake up.

Johanna cont’d: Uh oh, it looks like we have a natural.

Finn grins.

Johanna cont’d: You’re going to be so good at changing diapers.

Finn looks at her, disgusted.

Music: The Boys of Summer by The Ataris

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Hamilton is asleep in his bed.  Scout is in Dexter’s bed. Dexter is noticeably absent.  Jake enters without knocking.  She’s wearing a dress shirt and khakis.

Jake: Guys!

Scout opens his eyes.

Scout: Oh, not this again.  Hamilton…make her shut up…

Jake: Kate asked us to get there early.  She really needs us to be ushers.

Hamilton: Whose idea was it to have graduation so early anyway?

Jake: I think that would be…your father’s.  Anyway, come on, guys.

Scout sits up reluctantly.

Jake cont’d: Hey, wait a minute, where’s Dexter?

Scout: Didn’t you see how he and Grace were all over each other last night?

Hamilton: Shut up, Scout.  Bella called and said he crashed out on the couch over there watching a movie.

Scout: Watching a movie, sure.

Jake: Anyway, come on, you guys.

She starts to head for the bathroom, but thinks twice.

Jake cont’d: Did Will mention wanting to participate?

Scout: He said maybe, but he’s probably already gone.  He and Gwen were meeting their moms for breakfast.

Jake: Oh, cool.  So I only have to get the two of you dressed.

Scout: Ooh, sounds like fun.

Jake: Hamilton…

Hamilton picks up a pillow and tosses it at Scout.

Jake cont’d: Thank you.

Scout gets up and heads for the bathroom.  Jake makes her way to Hamilton’s bed and takes a seat.

Hamilton: Hi…

He wraps his arms around her, trying to pull her into bed, but she resists so he gives up.

Jake: Should I be worried that you still want to fool around when I’m dressed like this?

Hamilton: I’d fool around with you if you were in a bunny suit.

Jake laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: Because I’d be picturing you in a cute camp counselor shirt and some short, short shorts…

He runs his hand over her thigh.

Hamilton cont’d: God, I’m going to love this summer.

Jake: Are you?

Hamilton props himself up on his elbow.

Hamilton: Are you not?

Jake: Me?  Oh, I definitely am.

Hamilton: Well, then, why are you being weird.  What’s up?

She smiles at him.  She loves that he gets her.

Jake: I’m worried.  We’ve never spent that much time together as a “normal” couple.

Hamilton: Yeah, like, practically none.

Jake: And…I’ve never been…myself around you—totally myself—for this long.

Hamilton: I know.  It’s going to be awesome.

Jake: Yeah, but, Hamilton…what if…

Hamilton: What?

Jake: What if you don’t…like…

Hamilton: What if I don’t like you? 

Jake: Like, what if part of what we have is somehow wrapped up in…all of this.

She indicates the outfit and the room.

Hamilton: Well, I guess we’re going to find out.

Jake: Yeah…

Hamilton: But, I already know this: I am in love with you the person.  But, uh, Jacqueline makes me hot.

Jake laughs as Hamilton traces her fingers with his.  A slight beat passes.

Jake: Oh, hey, off topic…

Hamilton: Hmm…

He leans down kissing her hand.

Jake: Nicholas told me that he’s the one that told Bella.

Hamilton looks up.  The mood is dead.

Hamilton: Told Bella…

Jake: That he’s my brother.

Hamilton: Yeah, he told my mom too.  Guilty conscience, I guess.

Jake: And, I also might have told Nicholas about Bella’s crush.

Hamilton shakes his head and rolls his eyes, though Jake doesn’t see.

Hamilton: How’d he take it?

Jake: He was flattered.  Just like when I told him your mom said he’s cute.

Hamilton: She said what? 

He sits up.

Hamilton cont’d: I knew he was sticking awfully close to her last night.  If he—

Jake: He won’t.  We made this pact that boyfriend’s moms and underage friends are strictly off limits.

She laughs.  He doesn’t.

Hamilton: Well, that makes me feel much better.

He looks off.

Jake: Just trust him, okay?  I do.

Hamilton: I know you do.

Hamilton smiles genuinely.

Hamilton cont’d: I am going to love getting away with you this summer.

(cut to): Friendly’s. 

Music: Looking Back on Today by The Ataris

(cut to): inside where Charlotte and Gwen sit at a booth across from Will and Susan Krudski.  Everyone is dressed nicely.  Gwen looks particularly nice in a black dress and has her hair and make-up done.

Charlotte: Mrs. Krudski, can I just say again that I’m delighted to meet you?

Susan: Only if you learn to call me Susan like Gwen has.

Charlotte smiles.

Susan cont’d: And if I can thank you again for giving Will the chance to see a little more of the world this summer.

Charlotte: It’s the least I could do for someone who’s affected my daughter so much.

Susan: She isn’t the only one who’s been affected.

Will and Gwen trade a look.

Charlotte: Anyway, if you and Will don’t mind, Susan, I’ve got another little surprise for Gwen.

Gwen looks over at her, curious.

Charlotte: For my business, I do a lot of exporting to the states.  In fact, one of my biggest customers is a store in Chicago. 

Gwen glances at Will, but he’s as clueless as she is.

Charlotte cont’d: I’ve talked to them and they said they’d be more than willing to set me up with a space in their building.

Gwen: Mom, what are you saying?

Charlotte: Well, I can do my work anywhere so I thought…why not Chicago?

Gwen: You’re moving to Chicago?

Charlotte: I was thinking that we could move to Chicago in the fall.

Gwen doesn’t know what to say.

Charlotte cont’d: Now, I don’t want to crowd you so, I’ll only come if you don’t mind.

Gwen: No.  I mean, yes.  I mean, I would love that. 

Gwen can’t quite believe it.

Gwen cont’d: Thank you so much, Mom.

She hugs her tightly.

Will and Susan trade a smile.

(cut to): the snack area of the hospital.  Mark and Meagan are both dressed and silently staring at the Coke machine.  Mark puts some coins in and hits the button, waiting for the Coke to drop.  When it does, he picks it up and waits on Meagan, but she turns to walk out.

Mark: You’re not getting anything?

Meagan: I don’t have any change.

Mark: Oh.

He looks down at his Coke then at Meagan.

Meagan: What’s your problem?

Mark: Nothing.  Here.

He forks over the Coke and turns abruptly back to the machine, putting more change in and buying another one.  A slight beat as he turns back to Meagan.

Meagan: You didn’t have to do that…

Mark: Yes, I did.  It’s the right thing to do when you’re dating someone.

Meagan laughs.

Meagan: Welcome to the Twenty-First Century.  Stuff like that doesn’t matter.

Mark looks at her.  Just like Finn said.

Mark: Of course it doesn’t, but…um…don’t worry about it.

Meagan: You’re being weird.

Mark: It’s because I like you…a lot…but…um…

Meagan: I like you, too, but I have to talk to you about something.

Mark: Okay.  What?

Meagan: I think we should break up.

Mark smiles.

Mark: Me too.

Meagan: You do?

Mark: But only until the end of the summer.

Meagan smiles.

Meagan: That’s what I was thinking.

Mark: Cool.

He sticks out his hand.

Mark cont’d: So…friends still, though, right?

Meagan shakes his hand.

Meagan: Friends.

Music: Graduate by Third Eye Blind

(dissolve to): the quad, a little later in the morning.  It’s been set up for graduation: a stage is flanked on three sides with chairs for graduates, faculty and guests.  Everyone is already seated except those serving as ushers (including Jake, Hamilton and Scout).  Alexander and Mara Vaughn sit together near the stage.  On the opposite side, Ryder sits with Charlotte, Susan and Will, though he glances occasionally at his mother who doesn’t seem to notice him.  Scout sits a few rows behind Will.  Grace, Dexter and Bella sit several rows back.  Bella glances across at the faculty seating. 

(cut to): Nicholas.  He’s standing next to the seating area, having a chat with the dean.  Finn jogs past them in the background, looking for a seat.

(cut to): Will as he looks up and notices Finn.  He excuses himself for a moment and walks over.

(cut to): the faculty seating area as Finn takes a seat on the edge.  Will walks up.

Finn: Mr. Krudski.

Will: Hey, Finn, I just wanted to congratulate you.

Finn: I should be congratulating you on completing another impressive year.  Your project for my class was outstanding.

Will smiles.

Will: Thanks.  But, I think having your first child might be a little more…impressive.

Finn: Oh, that, right.

Finn grins.

Will: How long is Ms. Ryan going to be over in Carson?

Finn: She comes home on Monday.

Will nods.
Will: Well, in that case, Gwen and I might stop by sometime this weekend.

Finn: That’s great, but you’re more than welcome to come by the house next week.

Will: Thanks, but…I won’t be here.

Finn: Oh?  Starting summer vacation right away?

Will nods.

Finn cont’d: What about working at The Dispatch?

Will: I’ve considered it, but I’ve been made an offer I can’t refuse.

Finn: Let me guess.  It involves spending the summer with your girlfriend.

Will: In England.

Finn: Extraordinary.  You’ll visit Stratford, of course?

Will: Stratford-upon-Avon—one of the first stops on my list.

Finn: Excellent.

Will: And, about crew…

Finn: As a senior member of the team, you have the prerogative to skip the summer intensive.  Scout and Hamilton have already informed me that they have alternate plans. 

Will: Seems like pretty much everyone is going away this summer.

Finn: Well, not everyone.

Finn glances over at the gust seating.  Will follows his look.

(cut to): Dexter and Grace who are holding hands.

(cut to): Finn and Will.

Finn cont’d: How would Mr. Darcy do as coxswain?

Will: Dexter?  As long as there aren’t any girls on the team, he should be fine.

Finn: I don’t know.  Looks like he’s doing all right with that girl.

Will: Grace is the red Kryptonite of Dexter’s world.

Finn laughs.

Finn: Interesting.

Around them, everyone is taking their seats. 

Will: I better go…I don’t want to miss a second of this.

He flashes Finn a grin and starts to take off.

Finn: Have a good summer, Krudski.

Will: You too.

(cut to): the guest seating as Will takes his seat.  Jill quickly slips into a nearby seat.

(cut to): a band who starts to play the processional, Pomp and Circumstance.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the quad made up for graduation, with all the guests in their seats.

(cut to): the stage.  The dean takes the podium.

Steven: And, now, ladies and gentlemen, to offer you the valedictory, we have Ms. Gwen Vaughn.

The audience claps as Gwen, now in her cap and gown, takes the podium.  She looks around, taking in this moment—it’s huge.  Finally, she begins:

Gwen: For many people, graduation is synonymous with escape.  Walking across this stage somehow symbolizes fleeing childhood and finding sanctuary adulthood, the first bona fide step into the real world.  If this is where your journey begins, congratulations—and bon voyage.

The graduates cheer briefly then quiet down.

Gwen cont’d: I think for me, though, the expedition commenced when I came to Rawley Academy.  For it was here that I learned not just to be myself, but also to find myself.  The person I found wants to go to Northwestern and major in journalism.  She can’t even remember why business at Harvard ever seemed like a good idea.

Several students in the audience laugh, clearly holding business aspirations.

Gwen cont’d: She has friends that she will never forget.  She’s found passion beyond school and homework (though she still understands the importance of these things).

The faculty laughs.

Gwen cont’d: And, finally, momentously, she discovered love. 

She pauses to look at Will.

(cut to): Will who is happy for her, and with his life.

(cut to): her father and stepmother who look less pleased.

(cut to): her Mom who smiles proudly.

(cut to): Gwen.

Gwen cont’d: And now, I want to thank you all for listening.  You can thank me later for keeping it brief.  Congratulations and…remember, when you’re given the choice to stay or to go, you should always go.

The crowd cheers and Gwen takes her seat on the stage.  As the dean takes over to hand out diplomas, we…

(dissolve to): the girls’ dorm.

Music: Shatterday by Vendetta Red

(cut to): Gwen and Jill’s room.  Jill’s stuff is as it was, but Gwen’s belongings are nearly all packed into half a dozen cardboard boxes.  Gwen, Will and Charlotte are getting all the boxes taped up.  A knock at the open door leads everyone to look up at Alexander Vaughn.

Gwen: Hello. 

Alexander: Hello.

He glances at Charlotte.

Alexander cont’d: Mara and I are leaving now.

Gwen: Okay.

Alexander: I don’t appreciate your ingratitude.

Charlotte: Give me a break, Alex.

Alexander: Oh, you “give me a break,” Charlotte.  I didn’t fund Gwendolyn’s education at this place so that she could run around with…boys from town. 

Charlotte: You want her to pay you back?  Is that it?  I’ll write you a check.

Alexander: You couldn’t afford it.

Charlotte: My business is doing well.  I can afford it.

Alexander: Are you still peddling that junk down in Newquay?

Gwen: Dad!

Charlotte: I am.  And I’ll continue to do so until the fall when Gwen and I move to Chicago.

Alexander: You’re helping her?  I knew she wouldn’t be able to this on her own. 

Will: Um, excuse me, Mr. Vaughn?

Alexander: Yes?  Bill, was it?

Will: Will, actually. 

Alexander doesn’t care.  Will takes a deep breath.

Will cont’d: I just wanted to say that you have no idea who your daughter is or what she is capable of.  You can’t see past your own expectations, but if you could you’d discover that who she is, and who she’s going to be, is so much better than who you are.

Alexander looks very put off, but tries to hide it as he straightens his tie and clears his throat.  Gwen can’t believe Will’s spoken to her father like this.  Charlotte is trying not to smile.

Alexander: Consider your tuition a graduation gift. 

Gwen: Okay.

Alexander: And, I am proud of you.  Don’t think I’m not.  I just believe you are capable of so much more than this…  

He glances at Charlotte then Will then back at Gwen.

Alexander cont’d: And I cannot support you striving for anything less than greatness.

Charlotte gives him a look of disapproval, but Gwen gives him a hug.  He gives her a kiss on the head then backs away.

Alexander: Congratulations.

Gwen: Thank you.

Alexander backs out of the room.

Charlotte: Well, that went better than I expected.

Gwen: Me too.  Thank you for saying what you did, Will.

Will nods, taping up a box.  Charlotte and Gwen trade a smile.

Music: At Least We’re Dreaming by Eve 6

(cut to): the quad.  Ryder walks with Mara.  She seems slightly drunk, but like she’s probably always in this state.

Music: Grant Park by The Marvelous 3

Mara: You never call; you never visit.

Ryder: That’s because I’m not particularly fond of you, Mum.

Mara laughs as if it were a joke.

Mara: So, tell me, are you getting married anytime soon?

Ryder: Nope.

Mara: You mean, all this time you’ve been in London, you haven’t met a single woman you’d like to settle down with?

Ryder: Nope.

Mara: I don’t understand you.

Ryder: Maybe you’ll understand this: I’m gay.

Mara laughs again, but then looks at him, concerned.

Mara: What?  No, you’re not.  You’re not…gay.

Ryder: Wake up and smell the mimosas, Mum.  I dig boys.

Mara laughs again.

Mara: You’re taking the piss.

Ryder: You’re right.  I don’t dig boys.

Mara looks momentarily relieved.

Ryder: I dig one boy.  His name is Lawrence.

Mara: You stop right this instant.  You love to torture me.

Ryder: I do, which is why I’m telling you, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Alexander walks up briskly behind them.

Alexander: Come on, Mara, we’re leaving.

Ryder: Nice to see you, too, Alex.

Alexander doesn’t acknowledge Ryder.  He leads Mara away.

Ryder cont’d: What a prat…

Jake: Hey, watch it.

Jake walks down a nearby set of steps.

Ryder: Hey, what’s up, Pratt?

Jake: Ha ha.

A beat as the two of them sit down on the grass.

Ryder: I just came out to my mother.  She thought I was taking the piss.

Jake: I’m sorry.

Ryder: No matter.  I probably won’t see her for another year or so anyway.

A beat as Jake looks at him sympathetically.

Jake: How’s your job going?

Ryder: My father hasn’t fired me yet so I must be doing something right.

Jake: And, how is your father?

Ryder: He’s good.  He gets along better with Law than with me.  Did I tell you he’s going to hire that punk as an assistant manager?

Jake smiles.

Ryder cont’d: I don’t mind, though, ‘cause he’ll still be under me.

He gives Jake a wink.

Jake: Have I told you that everyone’s been talking about you?  How happy and easy-going you’ve been…

Ryder: Snogging boys will do that to you.  You should try it.  And, yes, that was a pot shot at Ham, the woman that he is.  God, that song he wrote you was sappy as hell.

Jake tosses a handful of grass blades at Ryder.

Ryder cont’d: I didn’t say the kid had no talent…or that it wasn’t also sweet as hell.

He grins and Jake can’t help grin back.  Another beat passes.

Jake: When do you head back?

Ryder: Monday.  Gwen, Will, Charlotte and I are all on the same flight.  They’re staying in Carson for the weekend, though.  That’s where Charlotte got a hotel room.  I booked far enough in advance to get a room at the local Bed and Breakfast, though, I must admit, it’s a bit of a dump.  People in this town could really use some—

Jake: Anyway, getting those tickets for Will and Gwen was a great graduation gift.

Ryder shrugs.

Ryder: If you can’t spend your dad’s money on his ex-wife’s step-daughter, who can you spend it on?

Jake laughs.

Ryder cont’d: Anyway, I can’t believe you’re dragging Ham off to some “camp” for the summer.  You should take the twat to London so you can hang out with me and he can gain a little…culture.  I mean, he has been working at a “garage,” right?  Pathetic.

Jake: You should see him in the coveralls.  It’s sexy.

Ryder: Hmm…

Ryder seems to build the mental image.

Ryder cont’d: You know, I don’t find him at all attractive…

Jake rolls her eyes.

Ryder cont’d: Hey, speak of the devil.  He’s probably got his Jake-dar turned all the way up today.  Afraid I’ll steal his boyfriend.

Hamilton walks up, taking a seat with them.

Hamilton: Hey, guys.

Ryder flashes him a smile.

Ryder: What’s up, Ham?  You look nice today.

Hamilton’s brow furrows a second before he realizes Ryder is messing with him.  He turns to Jake.

Hamilton: Make him stop.

Before Jake can respond:

Ryder: You know boys, sitting here with me isn’t going to do much for your hetero-reputations.

Jake: We stopped caring about our reputations a long time ago, right Hamilton?

Hamilton, though, is looking around, hoping no one sees them.

Jake cont’d: Hamilton?

Hamilton: Huh?  Oh, right.  Of course.

Ryder: Thank God you’re straight, Ham.  It’d take ages to get you out of the closet.

Hamilton doesn’t quite know how to take that.

Ryder cont’d: Come on, let’s ride into town.  I’ll buy you ladies some ice cream.

Jake and Hamilton trade shrugs and the trio gets up with the intention of going to town.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the baseball field in New Rawley.  Meagan and Mark ride by on their bikes, clearly doing the “friend” thing.

(cut to): the baseball field.  Sean stands on the pitcher’s mound throwing pitches that fly over the plate and hit the fence.

(cut to): a nearby sidewalk as Jill skateboards into frame.  She’s sporting a look that is very Avril Lavigne (but Avril, of course, isn’t on the scene yet).  She’s fairly unsteady on the board, and almost hits the pavement when she notices Sean on the field.  She manages to catch herself with her hands, but her board goes flying in the air and hits the fence.

Music: Show You Sometime by Evan and Jaron

(cut to): Sean, who looks up.  His startled look turns curious then amused.

Sean: What are you doing?  Are you okay?

He walks off the field, past the bleachers, and over to the fence, meeting Jill.  She’s rubbing her hands together.

Sean cont’d: Let me see this.

He reaches over the fence and takes her hands, examining her scratched palms.

Sean cont’d: Safety equipment from now on, okay?

Jill looks down at his hands, still holding hers.  He gently releases her and takes a step back, checking out her outfit.

Jill: I thought it could be my new thing.  Like, you have baseball, Jacqueline hacks, Bella and Hamilton do music…

Sean: You paint.

Jill: Currently, I lack inspiration.

Sean: So you just decided…skateboarding would be your “thing.”

Jill steps on the board and strikes a skater pose.

Jill: You don’t think I look cute on the board?

Sean: I think you look…taller than me.

She smiles.

Sean cont’d: I found your heels last night. 

Jill: I was wondering what happened to those.

Sean: They were in my closet—still are.

Jill: Been wearing them?

Sean: No.

They both laugh.  Jill steps down from the skateboard, and takes hold of the fence.

Sean cont’d: It worries me that you can just randomly decide something is going to be your “thing.”

Jill:  It wasn’t random.  I’ve been watching the X-Games.

Sean: Well…how’d you know you didn’t want to do, like, motocross or wakeboarding?

Jill: I just knew.

A beat.

Jill: cont’d: Will said you were leaving this morning.

Sean: I was.

Jill: So…when do you go?

Sean: I don’t.

She looks surprised.

Sean cont’d: I thought about what you said and I decided that it was pretty dumb to go fifteen hundred miles to figure out what I already know.

Jill: Which is what exactly?

Sean sighs.

Sean: That no matter how mad at you I try to make myself, I can’t get away from the fact that…I really like you. 

He looks at her steadily.

Sean: I really like you.

Jill takes a deep breath. 

Jill: Wow.

He smiles.

Sean: And, um, I’d love to spend the summer here…with you.

Jill looks around at the ball field.

Jill: Here?  Right here?

Sean: Actually….yes. 

Jill raises her eyebrows.

Sean: See, if I’m not going to baseball camp, someone’s going to have to help me with my pitching.  How are you with a catcher’s mitt?

Jill: I don’t know…

Sean: Maybe baseball could be your new “thing.”

Jill: Yeah, baseball.  Or…you.

Sean: Either way.

She smiles.

Sean cont’d: And, Jill?

Jill: Yeah?

Sean: Promise me that, from now on, we’re honest with each other.

Jill: I promise.

Sean: And if you’d rather be with Scout or…if you’re just hooking up with me because it’s part of some wacky plan of yours…

Jill: No more plans—wacky or otherwise.  I swear.

He nods, satisfied.

Jill cont’d: And, by the way, I think I really like you, too.

Sean: You think?

Jill: You wanted the truth, right? 

Sean: Yeah.  That’s cool.  Thank you.

He looks a little hurt.

Jill: It’s not something I just randomly decide like…skateboarding or baseball.  I have to be totally sure before I proclaim things like that.  I need, like, physical evidence…

Sean smiles.

Sean: Maybe I could help you out…

He leans toward her.

Jill: Hmm…maybe…

She closes the distance between them as the two of them kiss.  Jill wraps an arm around his neck, keeping him close even after he pulls back.

Jill: cont’d: Well, it’s as I suspected…

He leans his forehead against hers.

Sean: What?

Jill: I definitely like you.  Case closed. 

He smiles, kissing her again.

(cut to): Meagan and Mark as they watch from down the street.  Meagan smiles.

Mark: I hope he’s got a job.

Meagan looks over at him, but doesn’t get it.

(dissolve to): Friendly’s, an hour later.  Ryder, Jake and Hamilton sit at a table, eating ice cream sundaes.

Will (voice over): Things rarely turn out like you expect.

(cut to): Gwen’s room as Will carries out the last box.

Will (v.o.) cont’d:  If you’re lucky, they turn out…better.

(cut to): the hall as Will walks out with the box.  Gwen and her mom wait.  Gwen kisses Will on the cheek then goes back into the room. 

(cut to): the room.  She looks around, sad to leave.  Jill enters.

Gwen: I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to your voicemail.

Jill: Never. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But whatever happens, you just have to go with it.

Jill pulls her into a hug.  Sean peaks his head into the room; Gwen notices.  She pulls back.

Gwen: Hey.

Sean: Hey.

He smiles then pulls his head back out.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Go with what you get.

Gwen: Well.

Jill: We talked.

Gwen: And?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: Then we kissed.

Gwen: Wow.

Jill: That’s what I said.

Gwen smiles.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Go with…life.

Gwen: I am going to miss you.

Jill: Me too. 

Gwen: Okay, you have the number for our hotel in Carson and my mom’s number in Newquay so if you need anything…

Jill nods.  Gwen gives her one more quick hug.

(cut to): the hall.

Charlotte: I’m going to go get the car.

Will nods.

Charlotte: Nice meeting you, Sean.  You and Jill be sure to visit this summer in you want.

Sean: Thanks.

Charlotte walks off down the hall.

Sean: I can’t believe you’re spending the summer in England.  Send me a postcard, huh?

Will: You heard her, come visit.

Sean: How much are those tickets again?

Will laughs.

Will: I’ll send you a postcard.

Sean: Exactly. 

A beat.

Sean: Hey, thanks for your advice.  I’m pretty sure I went with it—or some version of it.

Will: Cool.  And, it…looks like it worked.

He looks toward the door.

Sean: Yeah, Jill.  Wow.

Will laughs then looks around at the last two boxes.

Sean cont’d: Let me help you with that stuff.

Will: Thanks.

Will and Sean pick up the boxes.

(dissolve to): a few moments later as the boxes, Will, Gwen and Charlotte are all in a rental car.  Sean and Jill stand together, waving goodbye.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: If I was really going to give advice, though…

(cut to): the bus stop in town.  Scout sits on a bench with a duffel bag.  A bus turns the corner.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I’d have to quote one of my favorite people…

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Jake, Hamilton and Ryder are still sitting at a table.  Jake and Hamilton are showing Ryder a brochure for the camp they’re going to.

Music: Drive Away by The All-American Rejects

Will (v.o.) cont’d: When given the choice to stay or go…

(cut to): Gwen and Will in the backseat as Charlotte drives.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: You should always go.

(cut to): Jill and Sean again as they start to walk back toward the dorms.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Though I should probably modify that by adding that sometimes going isn’t such a physical thing.  Sometimes it’s a metaphoric abandonment of the stuff you were holding onto.

(cut to): Dexter and Grace, sitting on a bench at the garage.

(cut to): Nicholas’ apartment.  He and Bella sit on the couch.  He hands her his ringing cell phone.

(cut to): a close-up on the phone so we can read the caller i.d.  It says “Mom.”

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Instead of literally going…

(cut to): Finn as he sits on the porch of his house watching Meagan and Mark play tag in the front yard.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …we simply have to learn let go.

(cut to): The Fleming house as Kate sits in the living room, flipping through an old album.  She shuts it and gets up, leaving the room.

(cut to): Gwen and Will in the back of the car. 

(cut to): a close up their hands.  Will has hers gripped tightly.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Of course, letting go doesn’t apply to me because it’s not something I plan on doing for a long, long time.

(fade out)


The End




Junior Year