Get Set


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy in the afternoon.  Everything is silent.

Will (voice over):  Nervous.  Uncertain.  Scared.

The bell rings and, after a few seconds, people pour out of the doors.

Music: First Time by Count the Stars ( artist page)

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Excited.  Hopeful.  Eager.

(cut to): inside the boys’ school.  Will, Hamilton, Scout, Jake and Dexter walk together, but stop to talk as guys hurry past them.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: You can feel it surging through the halls.

Hamilton (ominously): This is it.  Prom Night.

Scout: Wasn’t that a movie?

Hamilton: Yep.  With Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jake: Wasn’t it a horror film?

Hamilton: Exactly, and tonight’s going be a nightmare.

Scout laughs.  Hamilton glances at Jake who refuses to make eye contact.

Dexter: A nightmare?  I’d just like to start the REM cycle. 

They all look at him, not understanding the metaphor extension.  Will shrugs.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I’ve been fluctuating between scared and…

Will: I’m looking forward to it.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …eager.

Hamilton: No kidding.  Your girlfriend, you and your relationship are all completely…normal.  None of us have that fortunate combination.

Jake glances at Hamilton now who looks at her regretfully.

Scout: And, on that note…I’m going to get a head start on my evening.

Hamilton breaks his look with Jake and looks back at Scout.

Hamilton: Oh yeah?  You have something going on?

Scout: Oh, yeah…big plans. 

Everyone waits.

Scout cont’d: There’s a trading spaces marathon on The Learning Channel.

They all groan and take off down the hall.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: In fact, I can’t wait.

(fade out)


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(fade in): a sidewalk in New Rawley.  Mark and Meagan walk along silently, each carrying a backpack. 

Music: Chapped Lips, Chapstick, & Things Like Chemistry by Relient K (mp3 artist page)

Mark: So, what’s on your mind?

Meagan: Nothing.  Why?

Mark: You road my bus instead of yours, which means you want to talk to me, but…you’re not.

Meagan: I don’t want to talk to you.

Mark laughs.

Meagan cont’d: I mean…not about anything specifically.

Mark looks over at her with a raised eyebrow.  She glances over.  She’s busted.

Meagan: Okay.  I want you to kiss me.  There.  I said it.

Mark stops walking.  He thinks this is serious.

Mark: No.  No way.  Absolutely not.

Meagan stops and faces him.

Meagan: Why not?

Mark: Um, hello…

Meagan waits.  Mark shakes his head.

Mark cont’d: It’s not going to happen.

Meagan: But, you said it wasn’t a big deal.

She has him there.  He thinks.

Mark: I know…it’s not, but…it’s me and you…

Meagan: So?

Mark furrows his brow.  A light bulb goes off.

Mark: I’m not…attracted to you.

Meagan: I’m not “attracted” to you either.  I don’t even know how to be attracted to you.

Mark: Yeah, well, I wouldn’t want you to figure it out…

Mark smirks and starts walking again.  Meagan stands there watching him.  She can’t believe him.  She rolls her eyes and walks to catch up with him.

(cut to): Rawley Academy.

(cut to): the hallway in front of the dean’s office.  He and Finn walk out of his office.

Finn: I really appreciate this.

Steven: Never let it be said that I denied a man the opportunity to take his wife out to dinner.

Finn smiles and shakes Steven’s hand then exits down the hall.  Steven puts his hands in his pockets and turns just in time to nearly run into Nicholas.

Nicholas: Dean Fleming.  Excuse me.  I’m sorry.

Steven: Don’t apologize, Mr. Mann.  You have a remarkable knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Nicholas gives him a curious look.

Steven: Finn “just remembered” that his wife has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon in Carson and he informs me that they “always” stay and have a meal together.  This is likely her last appointment so he feels it would be terrible to break tradition just so he can come back here and chaperone a dance.

Nicholas laughs.

Nicholas: …because it’s not like prom is a tradition here at Rawley Academy.  I mean, they’ve only been holding it for the past…fifty-three years, isn’t it?

Steven smiles, nodding.  He is impressed.

Steven: Tonight is the fifty-fourth.  Impressive, Mr. Mann. 

Nicholas: Note to self: random Rawley knowledge impresses the dean.

Steven laughs.

Steven: So much, in fact, that I am going to offer you an opportunity reserved for tenured faculty…or anyone else whom I can hoodwink into it.

Nicholas smiles, looking off then back at the dean.  He raises his eyebrows.

Steven cont’d: Could you serve as a chaperone this evening?

Nicholas: At the prom?

Steven nods.

Nicholas: Wow.  Yes.  Absolutely. 

Steven smiles.

Steven: Usually people have a million excuses to avoid duties like this.

Nicholas shrugs.

Nicholas: It would…be my pleasure.

(cut to): Bella’s bedroom, the afternoon of the prom.  She sits on her bed with Hamilton’s acoustic guitar.  Hamilton sits on a chair facing her bed.  He has another acoustic guitar that he’s borrowed from someone.  They’re working on the guitar parts of  “I’m With You.” 

Grace: Did the phone ring while I was in the shower?

Bella and Hamilton stop playing.  Grace walks in the room wearing a robe and struggling to hold a towel on her head.  She notices Hamilton and looks slightly embarrassed.

Bella: The phone didn’t ring.

Grace: Okay.  Thanks.

She turns to walk out, eager to make an escape.

Hamilton: Grace?

She turns back around.

Hamilton cont’d: He’s going to stop by.

Grace tries to play it cool.

Grace: Who?

Hamilton laughs, but doesn’t say any more.

Grace cont’d: What’s so funny?

Hamilton: You.  Dexter.  This whole thing.  He’s been walking around in a tux for the past three days.  That’s not normal.

Grace glances at Bella then back at Hamilton.

Grace: A tux?

Hamilton: Tuxedo.

Grace: I know what a tux is, jackass…why’s he been wearing one?

Hamilton smiles mysteriously and shrugs slowly.  Grace smiles to herself.

Grace cont’d: Okay, whatever, bye.

She walks out.  Bella smiles.

Music: Save Me by American Hi-Fi

Bella: You know, Dexter is a little bit strange, but he’s so much better than the guys she usually hangs out with.  I’m glad she’s making a change in her life.

Hamilton: Maybe her sister could follow her lead.

Bella gives him an annoyed look.

Bella: Yeah, the guys I hang out with can be real jerks.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: You know I just don’t want you to get hurt, right?

Bella: And, I appreciate that, Hamilton, but…Nick isn’t going to hurt me.

Hamilton: You understand how completely naïve that sounds, don’t you?

Bella: No, I don’t because it’s not.  You’re just so determined to keep yourself convinced that Nick is some kind of bad guy.  But, he’s not.  He’s a good guy.  A really good guy.  And, he’s not going to hurt me. 

Hamilton: Maybe you should knock on wood.

Bella: Maybe I could try your thick head.

Hamilton is surprised at first, but breaks into a smile.

Hamilton: Well.  On that note, I have to go get dressed for…our date.

He stands up.

Bella (sarcastic): Yeah, it should be great.

Hamilton: Hey, look…

He sets the guitar down and sits next to Bella on the bed.

Hamilton cont’d:I don’t want to hurt you either.

She gives him an aggravated stare. 

Hamilton cont’d: …nor do I want to piss you off.  I just want to give you some perspective…play devil’s advocate.  That’s all.

Bella: Do you really think that Nick and I haven’t done that to ourselves?  That we didn’t consider what people would think?  That we didn’t wonder if…they’d be right? 

Hamilton: So, you came to conclude what?  That they would be right so you better keep it a secret?

Bella: No, that they’d think they were right—much like you—and they’d keep us apart.

He has a realization.

Hamilton: I…

He takes a deep breath.

Hamilton cont’d: …I wouldn’t want to do that to you because…if someone did that to Jake and me…it’d be like…the end of my world.

Bella looks at him with understanding.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m going to go get ready.

Bella nods.  Hamilton stands up again, giving Bella a squeeze on the shoulder.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ll pick you up at six forty-five.

Bella nods.  Hamilton exits.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  The dress it out, laying on the bed.  Jill paces nervously around.  There is a knock.  She opens it quickly, letting Jake inside.

Jake: Why do you look so freaked out?

Jill: Jacqueline…I’ve got a plan.

Jake looks at her with dread.

Jill cont’d: Don’t look at me like that…this is perfect.

Jake waits.

Jill cont’d: You’ll go to the Edmund High prom.

Jake: I’m not crashing a prom.

Jill: No, I mean…you’ll go with Sean.

Jake: What?

Jill: Then you don’t have to crash.  You’ll be his date.

Jake: Aren’t you his date?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: I won’t go.

Jake: No way.  You have to go.

Jill: No, you have to go.  You and Hamilton need to…dance, or whatever.

Jake: But, prom means a lot to you too.

Jill: No it doesn’t.  I’m not with anyone.  And, Sean…I mean, things are…it just…might be better if I didn’t go with him.

Jake: Why?  What happened?

Jill sits down on her bed.  She hesitates, then looks off before speaking:

Jill (nonchalantly): Sean and I…kissed yesterday.

Jake smiles.

Jake: What?

Jake sits down next to her.  Jill looks down.

Jill: At the dress shop.  And…I feel a little…weird about it because…I still have feelings for Scout, and even if I didn’t…I’m supposed to be helping Sean get another girl...a girl who walked in during the middle of it.

Jake: What?

Jill: It was just this, like…strange, stupid moment.  I mean, it didn’t mean anything at all, but I don’t want to spend the whole evening feeling all weird around him.

Jill looks up at Jake to find her looking at her with an amused expression.

Jill cont’d: Was I rambling?

Jake: Uh huh.

Jill: So, see, you have to go with him…for me.

Jake: I can’t.

Jill: Why?  Come on, Jacqueline…

Jake: I don’t have a dress.

Jill smiles and glances over at her dress.

Jill: Oh, yeah you do.

Jake looks at her skeptically.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Friendly’s. 

Music: When I’m With You by Brodie ( artist page)

(cut to): inside.  Will and Gwen are seated at a table, finishing a meal.

Gwen: I’m glad we’re not working today.  That would have really crunched us on time.

Will picks up a French fry.

Will: You’re sure you didn’t want to have dinner somewhere…nicer?  I mean, isn’t that what people usually do?

Gwen: Get dressed in their prom clothes…go out and have an expensive dinner?  Why do people do that?

Will shrugs.

Will: To make the night that much more special, I guess.

Gwen: Well…Will…I feel fairly confident that tonight will be extremely special…regardless of where we dine.

Will smiles.

Will: Yeah, me too.

A beat.

Will cont’d: Are we headed over to my mom’s shop after this?

Gwen: I am.

Will looks confused.

Gwen cont’d: Your mom’s helping me get ready.  I dropped my dress off earlier.  And…I don’t want you to see me again until…I’m ready.

Will smiles.

Will: Is it bad luck?

Gwen smiles.

Gwen: I think that just applies to weddings.

Will: We could skip the prom and head to Atlantic City.

Gwen laughs.

Gwen: Just as long as we’re back for class on Monday.

She takes one last sip of her soda and stands up.  She leans over to give Will a kiss on the cheek.

Gwen: Pick me up at six forty-five, okay?

Will nods.  She smiles and turns, but Will takes her hand.  She looks back at him.

Will: I love you.

She smiles.

Gwen: I love you, too, Will.  I’ll see you tonight.

He nods again as she exits.

(cut to): Jill and Gwen’s room.  Jill stands in her pajamas with her arms folded, facing the bathroom door.

Jill: What are you doing in there?

Jake: I haven’t been this dressed up in a long time.  I’m not sure—

Jill: Just let me see.  I need to know if all those years spent hanging out in the costume shop were worth anything or not.

The bathroom door opens and Jacqueline walks out wearing the dress.  If it made Jill look beautiful, it makes Jake look absolutely breath-taking. 

Jill: Oh, wow…Jacqueline…

Jill smiles.

Jill cont’d: …you look great.

Jake smoothes the fabric, fidgeting.

Jake: I’m not sure about this whole thing.  We should at least run it by Sean before he gets here.  Maybe you should call him and—

Jill: No. Now, we just need to do your hair and make-up and you’ll be ready to knock Ham’s socks off.

(cut to): Hamilton’s room.  He sits on his bed, freshly showered, wearing boxers and a white t shirt as he puts a pair of white socks on.  We pull out to reveal Dexter standing by the window, still wearing the tuxedo, of course.

Hamilton: Dexter, if you don’t go over to the garage right now, I’m going to shove you out that window.

Dexter turns around, looking a little frightened.

Hamilton cont’d: Chill out.  I was joking. 

Dexter relaxes.

Hamilton cont’d: I’ll give you five minutes.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: Seriously, what is the problem?

Dexter: I’m scared.

Hamilton: I know.  But, look, she was asking if you called.  She knows you’re going to ask her to the dance.  At this point, you’re just playing games with her head.  Is that what you want?  Screw around with her feelings?

Dexter considers this.

Dexter: Of course not.  She knows?

Hamilton: She knows that you stopped by yesterday wearing that dumb tuxedo…and that you’ve been wearing it for the past several days.

Dexter: How does she know that?

Hamilton: Never mind.  The point is…are you going or…are you going?

Hamilton glances at the window.  Dexter nods, trying to get his courage together.

Dexter: Okay, yes…I’m going.

He pauses, but walks toward the door. 

Hamilton: Oh, hey, you haven’t seen Jake, have you?

Dexter turns back around, shaking his head.

Hamilton cont’d: I wanted to get her opinion on the suit, but she’s MIA.

A slight beat.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean, the suit’s cool, right?  I’m not sure about this whole no bow-tie thing.

Dexter: Yeah, it’s very…cool. 

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Cool.  Thanks.  Now, go get Grace.

Dexter nods and turns to go again, but turns around before he gets out.

Dexter cont’d: And, Hamilton?

Hamilton looks up with raised eyebrows.

Dexter cont’d: Black.

Hamilton: What?

Dexter: Your socks.  You’re going to want to wear black sock…not white.

Hamilton looks down at his feet.

Hamilton: I know.

Dexter laughs to himself. 

Dexter: I’ll see you.

He walks out.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

Music: Innocent by Our Lady Peace

(cut to): the backyard.  Meagan chases Mark around.  After he evades several of her moves, she finally catches up with him.  They’re both a little winded and Meagan’s face is red.

Meagan: Finally.  Okay, you’re it.

Mark shrugs.

Mark: Let’s not play this anymore…

He laughs.

Mark cont’d: …you look tired.

Meagan pushes some hair off her face.

Meagan: What’s the matter?  Afraid you won’t be able to catch me?

Mark laughs.

Mark: Please.

Meagan steps back, taunting him.  Mark laughs again.  Quickly, he reaches out to tag her, but she moves out of the way.  He tries again, but misses again.  Meagan runs off so Mark chases her.

(cut to): inside the kitchen.  Johanna watches from the window.  Finn comes up behind her, putting his chin on Johanna’s shoulder.

Finn: What’s going on out there?

Johanna: Tag.

Finn: Oh…I spent much of my youth playing tag with girls.

Johanna: Oh, really?

Finn:  Uh-huh.  And I always let them get me.  I’ve never been one to play hard to get.

Johanna smiles, but then looks back at him with concern.

Finn cont’d: Don’t even say it.  I was just kidding.  They’ll be perfectly fine here tonight.  We’ll be back by ten.  You’ve given Meagan a million emergency numbers and enough embarrassment over Mark to last a lifetime.  And, I feel more comfortable leaving them here together than leaving Meagan alone.  Of course, she’s not my daughter so—

Johanna: Yes she is.

Johanna smiles again.  A beat.

Johanna cont’d: I can’t believe you got out of chaperoning the prom.  My principal called today trying to get me to come to Edmund High’s.

Finn: Well, the board is going to be there, and they love me.  You know, “a breath of fresh air” and all that so…I doubt it was a pure act of generosity on the part of the dean. 

Johanna nods.

Finn cont’d: Whatever the case, though, I’m not complaining.  This is probably going to be our last night out for a while.

Johanna: Scary, huh?

Finn smiles.

Finn: Not really.  I think I’m ready.

Johanna: Maybe you can get me up to speed then.

Finn: You are.

Finn kisses her shoulder. 

Finn cont’d: We better go.

Johanna nods.

(cut to): Nicholas’ apartment, it’s empty.  There’s a knock at his front door.

Music: First Time by Matt Nathanson

Nicholas (off screen): I’m coming.

He walks from the bedroom, wearing a tuxedo.  He opens the door to find Scout in the hall.

Nicholas: Scout, hi.  Come in.

(cut to): a few moments later as Scout sits on the couch.  Nicholas sits in a nearby chair trying to tie his bowtie.  They’re mid-conversation.

Nicholas: So…Jill and Sean aren’t really dating.

Scout: No.

Nicholas: They’re just trying to make…um…

Scout: Bella.

Nicholas: Bella, right…they’re trying to make Bella jealous.

Scout: Right.  So she’ll fall for Sean…so Sean and Bella can be together.

Nicholas: So…Sean likes Bella.

Scout: That’s the story.

Nicholas: And…what’s the story with Bella?  Does she like Sean?

Scout: I don’t know.  Maybe.  Hopefully. 

A beat as Nicholas struggles with his tie even more.

Scout cont’d: Do you need some help with that?

Nicholas: Sure, thanks.

Scout gets up and nods for Nicholas to get up as well.  Nicholas hesitates, but speaks as Scout ties the tie.

Nicholas cont’d: Scout, I know you think Jill is the love of your life and there could never be anyone else for you, but you’re still really young.  You are going to meet so many more girls and probably fall for one and forget all about Jill. 

Scout pauses tying.  Nicholas hesitates again, but goes on:

Nicholas cont’d: Maybe it would be better if you just gave the whole thing up and accepted the possibility that Sean and Jill might end up together.  I mean, that is what you’re afraid of, isn’t it?

Scout: Yes.

He finishes the tie and lets his hands drop.

Scout cont’d: The thing is…I was accepting that, but then…Jill and I…we clicked again, you know?  It was like…we almost had it all back.

Nicholas: So why aren’t you together right now?

Scout considers this.

Scout: Because of Sean.

Nicholas raises his eyebrows as if this proves his point.  Scout sighs.
Scout cont’d: Yeah…maybe you’re right.

Nicholas smiles, but when Scout looks down, he clearly feels bad.  Scout looks back up and Nicholas recovers the smile.

Scout cont’d: Okay.  Thanks.

Nicholas: Thanks for the tie.

Scout nods.

Scout: Now, if you’ll excuse me.  Genevieve and Amy Wynn are waiting on me.

Nicholas doesn’t get the Trading Spaces reference, but pats Scout on the back as he exits.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the garage.  Dexter rides up on his bike.  He, of course, still has on the tuxedo.

Music: Buried Myself by The Used ( artist page)

(cut to): the door as he gets off the bike and approaches the door.  Before he can knock, Bella opens the door.  She’s dressed for the prom, looking exquisite in a pale yellow dress.  She checks out Dexter’s outfit then the bike.

Bella: Hi…what can I do for you?

Dexter: Well…is…um…

Bella raises her eyebrows, waiting.

Dexter: I…I was wondering if…

Grace: You were wondering what?

Grace walks out the door wearing a very nice blue prom dress.  Dexter’s jaw drops a little.  Grace puts a hand on Bella’s shoulder.

Grace cont’d: I got it from here.  Go back in and wait on the eternally late Hamilton.

Dexter: He’ll be here soon.

Bella gives him a smile then looks at Grace and her outfit suspiciously, but exits.

Grace: Hey, Dex, what’s up?  You haven’t called in awhile.

Dexter nods.

Dexter: I’m sorry.

Grace: Oh, it’s cool.  I mean, if you weren’t interested, you could have just said so, though.

Dexter: But…

Grace: What’s with the tux? 

Dexter: Prom.

Grace: Cool.

A beat.

Grace cont’d: I like the new look, by the way.  I mean, it’s not quite as charming the glasses computer geek look you used to have, but…it works really well with that outfit.

Dexter runs a hand through his hair.

Dexter: Thanks…Grace?

Grace: Yes?

Dexter: I’ve been wearing this tuxedo for, like, the past three days.

Grace laughs.

Grace: So I’ve heard.

Dexter: Are you going to the prom with Ben?

Grace: Ben Hudson?  No way.  That guy is a total slime ball.

Dexter: Really? 

Grace: He was my partner for a homework assignment.

Dexter: Oh…

Grace: Hey, Dexter?

He looks at her.

Grace cont’d: Do you want to go to your prom with me?

He breaks into a grin.

Dexter: I…would love to.

Grace smiles.

Grace: Good. 

She glances over at his bike.

Grace cont’d: I’ll drive.

Dexter: Good.

A slight beat.

Dexter cont’d: And, Grace?

Grace: Hm?

Dexter: I am interested.  I am so interested.

Grace smiles, practically blushing.

Grace: Me too.

She takes his hand and leads him over to the car.

(cut to): as establishing Will’s mom’s salon. 

(cut to): inside.  We start close on Susan Krudski as she works on someone’s hair.  As we pull out we realize it’s Gwen.  Her hair’s all ready been styled and her make-up done.  Susan just adds a few finishing touches to the hair.  In the background, other stylists are busy working on girls clearly headed to the Edmund High Prom.

Susan: You look beautiful already.  When we put you in that dress, I know you’re going to be the prettiest girl at that dance.

Gwen blushes.

Susan cont’d: Will is one lucky boy and I’m pretty sure he knows it.  You should hear him going on and on about you anytime he comes by to see me. 

Gwen: You raised a wonderful person, Mrs. Krudski.

Susan: I’m not going to let you out of this chair until you start calling me Susan.

Gwen: Okay, Susan.

Both smile at each other in the mirror.  A beat.

Susan: So, you kids have any plans for after the prom?

Gwen smiles uncomfortably.

Susan cont’d: Well?

Gwen gets even more red.

Gwen: Nothing big.

Susan: Well, I’m sure whatever you have in mind will be very special.

Gwen: Did…did Will say anything to you?

Susan: No, baby, he didn’t, but if there’s anything you want to say…or ask…I’m all ears.

Gwen looks hesitant, but eventually breaks into an uncertain smile.

Music: Down by Syd ( artist page)

(cut to): Jill’s room.  She’s again standing by the bathroom, arms folded, still in her pajamas.  There’s a knock at the door.

Jill: Hey, Jacqueline…I’ll be right back.

Jake: What?  Wait, Jill…

But, it’s too late.  Jill quickly opens the door and goes out into the hall.

(cut to): the hall where Sean stands dressed in his tux, holding a corsage and looking quite shocked to see Jill in her pajamas.  The halls are busy as girls in ball gowns, some only half dressed, run around from room to room as they all try to get ready for the big night.

Sean: Hi…

Jill: Hey. 

He looks down at her outfit and gives her a questioning lift of his eyebrow.

Sean: What’s up?

Jill: I’m changing the plan.

Sean sighs and looks off.  He’s really sick of Jill and her plans.

Jill cont’d: You’re going to take Jacqueline instead of me.

Sean: What?  Look, Jill, if this is about what happened yesterday—

Jill: No, no it’s not…it’s totally not.

Sean: Because we should talk about that.

Jill: Why?  No, we shouldn’t.  It was stupid.  I don’t even know what we were thinking.  I mean, obviously we weren’t thinking.

A beat.  Sean’s frustrated.  He stares at her.

Jill cont’d: Hamilton’s going with Bella.  Jacqueline was really, really upset.  Not because she was jealous, but just because…I don’t know, she and Hamilton have never danced.

Sean’s deadpan expression makes Jill get to the point.

Jill cont’d: I thought you could take Jacqueline and she could surprise Hamilton.

Sean shakes his head.

Sean: Fine.

Jill: Plus, the two of them will be together so that will leave you and Bella alone. 

Sean: And?

Jill: And…you can make a move, Sean.  You two can finally be together.  It’s a perfect set up.

Sean looks at her steadily.

Sean: Is that what you want?

He continues to look at her intently.  She looks at him like it’s an odd question.

Jill: What are you talking about?

Sean: I’m asking if that’s what you want…for Bella and me to be together.

Jill: I…what kind of question is that?  Isn’t that what we’ve been working toward?

Sean: That’s what I’m asking you, Jill.  What do you want to happen?

Jill: I…

She looks at him.  She knows exactly what he means.  He wants to know if she wants to be with him.  She looks down.  She really doesn’t know.

Jill cont’d: I want…I want you to take Jacqueline to your prom.

Sean: Done.  Anything else?

She looks up at him again.  She speaks hesitantly.

Jill: Right now…I’m not sure.  I need some more time.

He smiles, completely surprised that she seems to, for the first time, be acknowledging what he is talking about. 

Sean: That’s…okay…

He considers is a victory.  Jill sighs and looks down.

Jill: But, I do think that tonight, you should go and be with Bella.

Sean: Okay…

Jill: Because I think that your feelings for her go a little deeper than you’re acknowledging right now and, I think…you deserve your shot with her. 

She looks up at him again.  He smiles.

Jill cont’d: Okay?

Sean nods.

Sean: Okay, so…where’s my date?

Jill smiles and takes his hand, leading him into the room.

(cut to): Johanna and Finn’s house. 

(cut to): inside, the dining room.  Meagan walks around as if searching for something.  She bends down, looking under the dining room table.  There is a large plant in the corner that moves slightly, but Meagan is turned the other way.

Meagan (shouting): Okay, that’s it.  I give up.

She looks around, listening.  Nothing.

Meagan (shouting) cont’d: Seriously.  Come out.  I give up.

After another few seconds, Meagan sighs.

Meagan (shouting) cont’d: Okay, whatever…I’m going into the living room to watch a movie…

Mark clears his throat from behind the plant and then steps out.  Meagan looks at him with a sigh.

Mark: You gave up too soon.  You almost had me.  You were so close.

Meagan shrugs.  She’s mad that she couldn’t find him.

Mark cont’d: Aw, come on…don’t get mad over some dumb game.

He steps from behind the plant and walks up to her.

Meagan: I’m not mad.  I just want to get you without you letting me get you…for once.

Mark looks at her curiously.

Meagan cont’d: I know you let me catch you earlier when we were playing tag.  You always let me get you.

Mark smiles.

Mark: Do you know what a metaphor is, Meag?

She gives him an odd look.

Meagan: Yeah.  It’s, like, when something represents something else.

Mark smiles.

Mark: Yep.

Meagan doesn’t get it.

Mark cont’d: Come on.  What movie are we watching?

Mark walks out.  Meagan stands there confused for a moment before following him out.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Learn how to read palms.  Okay, it’s a little weird, but…come on, admit it, you’ve always wanted to know what all those lines mean.   


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorm.  It’s now about 6:30  p.m.

Music: I Was Better Off by Phantom Planet

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Will is long gone.  Scout has a portable TV set up by his bed where he lies watching…Trading Spaces. 

(cut to): the hallway.  Nicholas walks down the hall on his cell phone.

Nicholas: Sure, I’d love to see it….Pink, huh?…

He laughs, stopping in front of Scout’s door.

Nicholas cont’d: …sounds great…Yeah, give me a few minutes, though, okay?  I’ve got this loose end to wrap up over here at the dorms.  Okay, I’ll see you in a few.  Bye.

He knocks at the door.

Scout (off screen): Yeah?

Nicholas slowly opens the door, looking in.

Nicholas: Scout?

(cut to): inside the room.  Scout looks up.  He flips off the TV and stands up.

Scout: Uh, hey, what’s up?

Nicholas glances at the TV and sighs.

Nicholas: Listen…

He comes all the way in, closing the door.

Nicholas: I’ve being thinking a lot about what I said to you earlier.

Scout: I know it looks a little…pathetic, but…I really am taking your advice.

Scout smiles a little embarrassed.  Nicholas still seems concerned.

Scout cont’d: Seriously, Amy Wynn and I are practically engaged.

Nicholas laughs, but gets to the point.

Nicholas: My “advice” might have been slightly…misguided.

Scout doesn’t get it.

Nicholas: You shouldn’t just…give up.  You are young and there may very well be other girls, but…if…this is the one you want then…you should…go until you hit a wall…and then start climbing.

Scout nods along for a second then remembers what Nicholas said before.

Scout: But, what about what you said about Jill and Sean?  Maybe I should just accept that they—

Nicholas: Aren’t going to the prom together.

Scout: What?

Nicholas: I just heard that Sean is taking…someone else. 

Scout: Who?

Nicholas shrugs.

Nicholas: You know, I’m not really sure.  Um, someone named Jacqueline maybe.

Scout: What?  How’d you hear that?

Nicholas: That’s not important.  The point is, Jill is going to be sitting in her room alone all night and…that’s no way to spend your prom night, if you get my drift.

Nicholas looks around Scout’s room.

Scout: I do have a tux.  Maybe I could—

Nicholas: She’s loaning her dress to this Jacqueline person.

Scout looks slightly crestfallen.

Nicholas cont’d: So…come up with something else.

Scout: I’m not sure.  I mean, maybe you were right the first time.  Maybe I should just let Jill move on with her life so I can get on with mine.

Nicholas considers this.

Nicholas: The most important thing is to do what you feel.

Scout laughs lightly.

Scout: Which happens to be the hardest thing to figure out these days.

(cut to): an establishing shot of a large hall at Rawley Academy.

(cut to): the empty hallway outside the dance hall.  Dexter and Grace walk down the hall together silently.  Dexter looks down at the ground.  Grace glances over at him and smiles.

Grace: Where is everyone?

Dexter: I guess we’re a little early.

Grace: Kind of ironic considering it took you, what was it – three days? – to ask me out.

Dexter slows to a stop, looking at her with the hint of a smile.  She stops too, looking at him with curiosity.

Dexter: Technically…I never asked you out.

Grace folds her arms and rolls her eyes.  Dexter’s smile broadens, but is still shy.

Dexter cont’d: But, um, I’d like to.

Grace laughs lightly, taking a second to tuck her hair behind her ears.

Grace: Would it seem wildly out of order to have our first kiss prior to our first dance?

Dexter blushes, but doesn’t let his smile falter.

Dexter: But…we’ve all ready kissed.

Grace gives him a sly smile.

Grace: Not like this.

Dexter raises his eyebrows and tilts his chin down.  Grace only continues to smile back.  She offers her hand to him.  He slowly reaches out and takes it.  She leads him off down a nearby corridor.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the street in front of Will’s mom’s salon.  Will’s car pulls up in front.

(cut to): inside.  Will’s mom is sitting alone in one of the chairs.  Everyone else has cleared out.  Will walks in, carrying a corsage.  He has on his tuxedo and looks quite handsome.

Susan: Hey, Baby.

Will: Hi, Mom.

He walks over, looking around.

Susan: She’ll be out in just a minute.

Will straightens his bow tie.
Will: How do I look?

Susan smiles.

Susan: Like a prince.

Gwen: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Susan and Will look up as Gwen enters from the back.  Her hair and make-up are done.  Most striking, though, is her blue dress. 

Will: Enter his princess.

Gwen waves off the compliment and joins Will.  He opens the corsage and takes it out.  She lets him slip it on her wrist and give her a small kiss on the cheek.

Will cont’d: Ready?

She nods.

Susan: Oh, no you don’t.

They both look over at Susan.  She smiles.

Susan: Not without some pictures. 

She holds up a camera that she’s been hiding next to her in the chair.  Will rolls his eyes, but smiles.

Music: Keep Me on the Floor by Yellow Jumps Twice ( artist page)

(cut to): Jill’s room.  Jill and Sean sit on the bed, not saying anything.  Sean looks over at her, a little shyly.

Sean: You know, this is really nice of you.  You’re a good friend, Jill.

She smiles.

Sean cont’d: A little over the top most of the time…

She gives him a playful nudge.  He smiles.  A slight beat as Jill tucks some hair behind her ear.  Sean watches the gesture with great interest.  Jill feels suddenly uncomfortable.  She glances up at the bathroom.

Jill: Jacq, hurry up.  You guys have to get going.

Jake (off screen): One…second…

Sean checks his watch.

Sean: We actually have over an hour before it even starts.

Jill: Well, Nicholas should be here any minute, too so—

Jill cuts herself off.
Sean: Nicholas?  As in Mr. Mann? 

Jill: Yeah, you know, um…he and Jacqueline are friends…from…

Sean: New York.  Right.  But…he’s coming to check her out in a prom dress?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: So?

Sean: That’s kind of weird.

There’s a knock at the door.  Jill uses it to escape Sean’s questioning.  She gets up, opening the door.

Nicholas: Here to take a quick look at my sister.

(cut to): the door where Nicholas stands in the hall.  Jill opens in, revealing a perplexed Sean.  She gives Nicholas a look, which he doesn’t understand until he glances over and sees Sean.

Jill: Come on in.

She lets him in, shutting the door behind him.  Sean looks back and forth between Jill and Nicholas, but neither says anything.  Sean shrugs.

Sean: Okay…I won’t ask.

He laughs to himself.  Jill looks over at a nervous looking Nicholas.

Jill: He won’t say anything.

Jake (off screen): Okay, I’m coming out.

Jill (loud): Okay.  Oh, and Nicholas finally got here.  Sean just found out about everything.

The bathroom door opens.

Jake: What?

She walks out, looking confused and nervous.

Jake cont’d: Found out what?

Jill smiles.

Jill: Jacqueline, you look beautiful.

Jake: Thanks…what’s going on out here?

Nicholas: You really look great, Jake.

Jake: Thank you, really.  Sean found out what?

Nicholas and Jill look at each other.  Jake looks at Sean.

Sean: That he’s your…brother…

Sean glances at Nicholas then back at Jake.

Sean cont’d: What’s the big deal?

Nicholas: Could there be any more secrets in one room?

He glances around at the other three.  Jill and Sean glance at each other, considering their own secret.  Nicholas sighs, half-laughing.

Nicholas: I have to go help get this prom thing underway, but, um, Jacqueline, you look amazing.  Hamilton is a very lucky boy.

He gives her a wink then a quick kiss on the cheek.  He turns to Jill and Sean.

Nicholas cont’d: Sean, take care of her tonight or I’ll beat you up.

Sean looks momentarily confused.

Nicholas cont’d: You know, big brother style.

Sean nods, getting the joke. 

Nicholas cont’d: Jill, enjoy your evening.

Jill nods, sadly.

Nicholas cont’d: Seriously.

She gives him a curious smile, but he backs out of the room.

Nicholas: See you all later.

He smiles and exits.

Sean: Okay, I don’t understand.

Jake: Jill, how could you let him find out?

Jill: Me?  You’re the one that invited Nicholas Mann over to my dorm room.

Jake: Well, I didn’t think the fact that he’s related to me would come up.

Jill: Apparently you were wrong and it did.

Jake: Apparently.

Jill: And, what is the big deal?  Sean won’t say anything.  He wouldn’t do that.  He’s…he…

Sean looks up at her, waiting for her to finish.  She looks at him.

Jill cont’d: He’s quiet.

Sean and Jill look at each other for a moment.  Jake notes the awkwardness.

Jake cont’d: You know, it totally was my fault and…it isn’t even a big deal.  We can talk about it tonight if you want, okay Sean?

Sean doesn’t break his look from Jill.

Sean: Sure thing.

He forces himself to look at Jake.

Sean: You do look very beautiful, by the way.

He stands up holding out his arm to her.

Sean cont’d: No one will ever guess you spend most of your time successfully pretending to be a boy.

Jake smiles, looping her arm through his.

Sean cont’d: I’ll see you later, Jill.

She nods.  Jake turns to the door and Jill mouths “thank you” to Sean before the two of them exit, leaving Jill all alone.  Her plastered on smile fades away and she looks around her room, feeling very alone.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Do you know what Trading Spaces is yet?


(fade in): to Hamilton’s parents’ car traveling down the road from New Rawley to Rawley Academy, 7:15 p.m.

Music: Good to Me by Brendan Benson ( artist page)

(cut to): inside the car.  Hamilton drives.  Bella sits quietly in the driver’s seat, looking bothered.  She looks out the window.

Hamilton: Something on your mind?

She looks up, shaking her head.

Hamilton cont’d: Is it my suit?  Would you have preferred a classic bow tie?

Bella laughs.

Bella: No; your tie is awesome.

Hamilton: Worried about Grace?

Bella: Should I be?  Dexter seems pretty harmless—

Hamilton: Problems at school?  Issues with your dad? 

Bella: No, what—

Hamilton: Shoes too small?

Hamilton glances over with purpose, letting her know he wants the truth.  Bella laughs.

Bella: God, okay, if you must know…I was just thinking that dancing is really romantic.

Her annoyed look comes back.  Hamilton notes it.

Hamilton: That’s kind of a nice thought for such a nasty scowl.

Bella: I guess I just…

Hamilton: …wish things were different?

She looks over at him.  He gets it.

Hamilton cont’d: I would love to dance with Jake.

Bella smiles.  She enjoys how much he loves his girlfriend.

Bella: So’d she think you looked totally hot all dressed up?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: Didn’t see her, actually.  I don’t know where she was this afternoon.

Bella: I thought she was cool with this.

Hamilton: She was.  She is. 

He pauses.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m cool with people listening to *Nsync, but I don’t want to hear their CDs or see their poster collections.

Bella: In other words, Jake approved this, but didn’t particularly like it?

Hamilton: Look, I asked her a million times and, she kept saying she was fine with it, but today she basically didn’t speak me so…I’m guessing…

Bella: …she’s not fine with it.  Great.

Hamilton: I’ll deal with it tomorrow.  For now, we’re here…

The car pulls to a stop in a parking lot at Rawley Academy.

(cut to): inside the hall where the Rawley Academy prom is just underway.  There is an elaborate dance floor in front of a stage where a jazz band is providing the music.  Currently they play All of You (take 2) by the Bill Evans Trio.  The hall is elegantly covered with various decorations all that recognizable shade of Rawley blue.  Candles as well as dim overhead chandeliers provide a mood setting lighting.  There is a photo area set up where a couple is having a photo made.  Several couples stand around the edge of the dance floor while several more dance.  There are a few well-dressed adults floating around looking official.  Nicholas stands against a wall, looking around and checking the door every so often.  Hamilton’s parents walk in together.  Steven nods to Nicholas then excuses himself from his wife.

(cut to): the wall where Nicholas stands.  Steven walks up.

Steven: Nicholas.  Sharp suit.

Nicholas nods politely.  Before he can compliment the dean back:

Steven cont’d: I wanted to thank you again for filling in at the last minute like this.

Nicholas: Oh, no problem.  Doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was attending my own prom.

Steven laughs.

Steven: Watch out for that.  It doesn’t seem like too long ago that I was attending my own prom.

Nicholas laughs.  A beat.

Steven cont’d: I wanted to say to you, Nicholas, I know you haven’t had the opportunity to do much yet, but you’re fitting in here at Rawley incredibly well.

Nicholas: Thank you, sir.

Steven: You really seem to have your ducks in a row.

Steven pauses.

Steven cont’d: I hope you keep it that way.

Nicholas looks over at him.

Nicholas: I intend to, Sir.

Steven smiles, patting him on the back.  He loops up as he notices someone enter the room.

Steven: Ah, there’s Hamilton and that girl he likes.

Nicholas looks over and smiles instantly.

(cut to): the door.  Hamilton, looking very well put together in his suit, leads Bella, who still looks stunning, into the room.  She has her arm looped through his and looks around nervously.  Hamilton spots his dad and waves coolly.  He and Bella walks over.

(cut to): Nicholas and the dean as Hamilton and Bella walk up.  Hamilton glanced at Bella who looks quite surprised to see Nicholas there.  Nicholas smiles, almost shyly.  The dean makes with the introductions.

Steven: Nicholas Mann, you’ve met my son Hamilton and this is Bella Banks.  The two of them work together at—

Nicholas: The garage.  Of course.

Steven laughs.

Steven: That’s right.  I guess we all need gas.

Hamilton sighs, annoyed with this situation.  Steven eyes him them smiles at Bella.

Steven cont’d: Nicholas, would you have any objections to dancing with this lovely young lady while I have a word with my son?

Nicholas glances up at Bella.

Nicholas: If the lovely young lady doesn’t mind.

She smiles, blushing.  He holds his hand out to her and gives her “what do you think?” look.

Bella: I’d love to.

She takes his hand and they head out to the dance floor.  Hamilton watches them carefully.

Steven: I think she’s safe, Son.

Hamilton: You actually trust that guy?

Steven: I do.  Is there some reason I shouldn’t?

Hamilton hesitates, but them speaks confidently.

Hamilton: No.

Steven: Good.  I was just telling him how well he fits in at Rawley.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: No argument there.

A beat.

Steven: So…you brought Bella.

Hamilton: Oh yeah, we’re leaving a little before ten, if that’s okay?

Steven: Certainly.  The board members will be here shortly.

A beat.

Steven cont’d: So, what’s going on with you two?

Hamilton closes his eyes.

Hamilton: We’re friends, Dad.

Steven: Maybe you could make your move tonight.

Hamilton: I—

He sighs.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m working on it.

Steven smiles.  Finally satisfied, he lets the conversation end.  Hamilton looks off, shaking his head.  The band begins to play Imagination by Paul Desmond.

(cut to): the dance floor.  Bella and Nicholas dance silently.  They both look content.

Nicholas: So…hi, by the way.

Bella smiles.

Bella: I didn’t know you were coming.

Nicholas: I got a last minute invite.  How could I resist?

Bella smiles.  Nicholas glances over at Hamilton. 

(cut to): Hamilton doesn’t break his stare until the dean taps his shoulder to introduce him to some of the “board members” who have just arrived.  There are six of them: four men and two women.  Hamilton greets them all pleasantly.

(cut to): Nicholas and Bella.  Bella notices Nicholas looking over.

Bella: I’m sorry about…him.

She looks down.  Nicholas smiles slightly.

Nicholas: Don’t be sorry.

She looks up.

Nicholas cont’d: Just don’t leave me for him.

She narrows her eyes.

Nicholas cont’d: The dean said that he likes you.

Bella: Yeah, well, the dean thinks Jake is a boy.

Nicholas laughs.

Nicholas: And that I have my “ducks in a row.”

Bella smiles.

Bella: Ducks in a row?  Who says that?

Nicholas: The same man that says “hoodwink” with a straight face.

Bella laughs.

Nicholas cont’d: Seriously, though, he’s a decent person.  He works hard, loves his wife, wants his kid to, I don’t know, have a good love life.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Yeah, well, he does have a good love life.  It’s just a secret one.

Nicholas: Secrets are abounding at this school.

Bella tilts her head.

Nicholas cont’d: Which reminds me.  Don’t leave me for Sean either, okay?

Bella gives him a slightly perplexed look.

Bella: It’s a deal.

He smiles, looking relieved.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: An Emotional Portfolio by Hamilton Fleming.  If you haven’t seen it yet or lately, you should check it out. 


(fade in): to the pool room from Cinderbella.  In the background we hear K Twist by  Kenny Burrell.  We pan slowly around the room to find Dexter leaning against the pool table with Grace kissing his neck.  He has his eyes closed and seems pretty into this moment.  After a few seconds, Grace slowly pulls back and whispers into his ear.

Grace: You know, for someone who’s been wearing the same outfit for the past three days…you smell really, really good.

Dexter opens his eyes and looks at her.  He smiles, unable to prevent his cheeks from turning red.

Dexter: Do you…do you want to go out to the dance?

She smiles and nods.

(cut to): the Rawley dance hall.  In the picture area, Will and Gwen are just done having their photograph taken.  Hamilton walks up to meet them.

Hamilton: Hello, normal prom-going couple.

He gives Will a smile.

Will: Hey, Ham.  Where’s your date?

Hamilton: My dad sent her off with a babysitter so he could whore me out to the attending board members.  I just escaped.

Will and Gwen look confused.  Hamilton nods out to the dance floor.  They look.

(cut to): the dance floor where Bella and Nicholas continue to dance and talk.  Bella glances over, catching the audience.

(cut to): Will, Gwen and Hamilton.  Will and Gwen wave hello.  Hamilton offers a smile.

Will: You know, dancing seems like an appropriate activity.

He glances at Gwen as if it were an invitation.  She nods.

Gwen: Excuse us, Hamilton.

He nods.  He steps back, leaning against a wall and looks around.

(cut to): the door where Grace and Dexter walk in together, looking around.  Grace takes one of his hands in both of hers and pulls him onto the dance floor as well.

(cut to): Hamilton.  He suddenly seems very aware of how alone he is.  He closes his eyes and leans his head against the wall.

(dissolve to): a close-up of Jake. 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton plays courtesy of the D.J.

(cut to): a wider shot.  Jake is leaning against a wall of the Edmund High Gym, where the prom is being held.  From a clock on the gym wall, we discover it is just after 8:00.  Things are just getting underway, but there is still  a good number of couples there and on the dance floor.  The decorations are typical prom.  It’s not extravagant.  It’s not tacky.  It’s just…typical.  Around the room are various framed photographs of different types of dancers: ballerinas, tap dancers, break dancers, etc.  Cardboard music notes and black and white streamers also add to the theme.  We pan around the gym then stop on a banner above the door. It says “The First Dance.”

(cut to): a medium shot of Jake against the wall.   The lighting is perfect, and though we’ve seen her before, it seems like we see her for the first time fully made up and dressed up like this.  She possibly looks more beautiful than she ever has.  After a moment, Sean walks up to her.

Sean: Sorry about that.

Jake: No problem.  When duty calls…

She looks around

Jake cont’d: I can’t believe you’re the student body president. 

Sean laughs.

Sean: Tell me about it.

He leans against the wall next to her.

Jake: I mean, I’ve been standing here watching you talking to everyone, giving instructions…pretty much…taking charge.

He gives her a suspicious look.

Sean: I can see where you’re going with this.

He pauses.

Sean cont’d: But you know as well as I do that it’s hard to let Jill be anything but “the dominant one.”  You can’t tell her what to do.  And, you definitely can’t not do what she tells you to do…

Jake: Tonight, for example.

Sean: Exactly.  No offense to you.

Jake: None taken.

She smiles.

Sean: If she’d called me an hour before I got there, I could have set this up better.  I mean, getting you and Hamilton into this prom together wouldn’t have been that difficult.  And a dress?  My aunt has plenty of dresses in plenty of sizes.  It wouldn’t have been a problem.  But, no.  We have to do things the Jill way.  The complicated way.  God, she drives me so crazy.

Jake cont’d: I’m really sorry.

Sean looks over at her.

Sean: Don’t be sorry.  Why are you sorry?

Jake: Because I’m me instead of her.

Sean looks down and smiles.

Sean: Who?  Bella?

Jake (ignoring him): I know you like her.

Sean: Yeah, Bella’s great…she’s the one I really want.

Jake: Really?

Sean looks over at her, a little suspicious of what she’s talking about.

Sean: I’m sure you’ve been briefed…

Jake: I was also briefed on that kiss at the dress shop.  What was that about?

Sean looks over at her, surprised Jill told anyone.

Sean: What…what did she say it was about?

Jake laughs.

Jake: She didn’t.  I was relying on you for meaning.

Sean: Well…I’m not sure I can help you out there.

He looks down.

Sean cont’d: Do you…want some punch?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Sure.

He nods and walks off.  Jake sighs, shaking her head.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room.  Mark and Meagan sit on the floor on opposite sides of the coffee table, playing a game of checkers.  On the TV, the movie Whatever It Takes is playing.  Mark jumps one of Meagan’s checkers, but she’s watching the screen.  He waits then clears his throat.  Meagan continues to look at the TV.

Meagan: I don’t know why this Ryan guy likes that snobby girl anyway.  His next-door neighbor is way cooler.

Mark: Yeah, but they’re best friends. 

Meagan: Yeah, well, they’re also in love with each other.

Mark: And by the end of the movie, I’m sure they’ll have both figured that out. 

Meagan:  I know, I know.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t even be a movie.  So they string us along and along until what we knew was going to happen finally does happen.

Mark: Basically, the whole movie is one giant…

Meagan: …tease.  That’s what it is.  A tease.

Mark chuckles.  Meagan turns her attention back to the checkerboard and jumps two of Mark’s men.

Mark: There’s nothing wrong with a tease.  It makes the end better.

She looks up at him.  He smiles and moves a checker to the other side of the board.

Mark cont’d: King me.

(cut to): Rawley Academy Girls’ school.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  Still wearing her pajamas, she sits at her desk looking down.

Music: Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

(cut to): the desk where the picture of she and Sean lays flat.  She slides her finger across it then picks it up.  She gets up and walks over to the mirror on the back of the bathroom door, looking at her reflection.  She walks toward the mirror.  As she gets closer, we realize she is crying.  She sticks the picture in the mirror frame and glances from it to her own reflection.

Jill: This is so freaking pathetic.  It’s a dance.  Who the hell gets upset about a dance?

She pauses, letting her gaze drift back to the picture.

Jill cont’d: You need a serious reality check, Jillian.

She shakes her head at her reflection.  Suddenly, there is a knock at the door.  She looks over curiously, drying her tears.

(cut to): the other side of the door.  Scout stands there dressed in a tuxedo and holding a corsage.  The door opens and Jill’s expression changes from confused to amused.

Jill: Scout Calhoun, what is this?

Scout: I heard you didn’t have a date tonight and…neither did I so…

He holds out the corsage box.  She can barely hide her smile.

Jill: Did you also happen to hear that I don’t have a dress?

Scout: Hey, me either.

He grins.

Scout cont’d: Don’t worry.  Your outfit is fine for where we’re going.

Jill laughs.

Jill: I’m not sure I appreciate the implications of that, Mr. Calhoun.

He smiles, taking the corsage out of its container and holding it out to her.

Scout: Just come on.

She smiles and hold out her wrist so he can put the corsage on then leaves her hand out so that he can take it.

(cut to): the woods, several minutes later.  Scout and Jill walk into frame.  He still holds her hand.  She now wears a blindfold.

Jill: This isn’t some weird S and M game, is it?

Scout (mysterious and whispered): Do you want it to be?

She looks slightly panicked until he starts laughing.  She swings back to hit him, but he dodges it.

Scout cont’d: We’re almost there.

They reach an area we can’t see yet, but it is obviously well lit.

Scout cont’d: Okay.

He stands behind her and slowly pulls the blindfold off, leaving his hands on her shoulders.

Scout cont’d: Here you go.

She opens her eyes and lights up instantly.  She’s impressed.  We pan around to reveal what she sees: a mini-prom, next to the lake.  There are several strings of white Christmas lights strung up to provide lighting.  There is a large piece of linoleum laid out to make a miniature dance floor.  A nearby picnic table supports a boom box stereo and a vase of flowers.  It’s simple, but nearly complete, and quite effective.  We pan back to Jill who still looks pleased.

Jill: Wow.

Scout smiles.

Scout: I haven’t heard that in awhile.

She looks over at him, smiling, but blushing.  He gives her a grin and walks over to the picnic table.  He flips on the stereo, which starts playing Here With Me (the first song from the Dido CD).

Jill: Wow again.

He walks over to the “dance floor” and holds out his hand.

Scout: Would you like to dance?

She nods, biting her lip.  She walks over and joins him as they start dancing.

Scout cont’d: I know it’s not exactly Edmund High or Rawley Academy prom caliber, but—

Jill: It’s really great, Scout.

He smiles as they continue dancing.

Jill cont’d: Thank you for doing this for me…or…for us.

He looks up at her.  Slowly, she leans in.  He doesn’t move.  Finally, she kisses him.  She pulls back and offers him a smile which he can’t help return.

Jill: The only thing missing is the punch.

He tilts his head.

Scout: Punch?

Jill shakes her head.

Jill: Never mind.

She leans her head forward and puts it on his shoulder.  He closes his eyes contently.  We pull back out across the lake.

(fade out)


Commercial Break:  It’s 3:41 a.m.  Estee should be in bed asleep.  Instead, she just read a fanfic by Rogue called L.A. is a City in New York.  It had obvious metaphoric value and some unnecessary sobbing.  Basically, though, it made her smile.  5 out of 5 J.


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the hall at Rawley.

(cut to): inside.  The dance floor is filled as the band plays Besame Mucho by Dave Brubeck.  We find Hamilton walking through the crowd of dancing couple with a cup of punch.  He passes Gwen and Will, giving Gwen a smile and Will a pat on the shoulder.  He passes Dexter and Grace who are very close to kissing.  Hamilton smiles and stops, separating them slightly. 

Hamilton: Look out for the chaperones.

Grace: Yeah, they look real attentive.

She nods over to Bella and Nicholas who are still dancing cozily.  Hamilton glances then shoots a suspicious smile at Grace. 

Hamilton: Good point.  Carry on. 

He gives them each an approving smile, and walks off toward Nicholas and Bella.

(cut to): Nicholas and Bella.  Hamilton walks up, still carrying the punch.

Hamilton cont’d: Hey guys, look out for the chaperones.

They stop dancing and turn to face him.

Hamilton cont’d: Oh…wait.

He looks at Nicholas.  Nicholas gives him a nervous smile.  Hamilton sighs.

Hamilton cont’d: My dad’s a little slow, but he’s not an idiot.

Both Nicholas and Bella have trouble reading the tone.

Hamilton cont’d: I thought I would come cut in.  You know, keep up our respective covers.

Hamilton holds out the punch to Nicholas, who takes it. 

Nicholas: Thanks.

Hamilton nods.  Nicholas gives Bella a nod goodbye.  She smiles.  He reluctantly walks off.  Hamilton watches for a moment as Nicholas walks through the crowd sipping the punch.

Bella: What?  Did you poison his punch?

Hamilton: Just making sure he doesn’t pick up any other under-aged girls on his way off the dance floor.

Bella gives him a sarcastic smirk.

Hamilton cont’d: Do you want to dance?

She keeps up the look for a moment, but then surrenders and lets him dance with her.  They dance silently for a moment.

Hamilton cont’d: I was just kidding.

Bella: About dancing?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Hamilton: Have you been having a good time?

She nods.

Bella: Yeah.

Hamilton: Good.

A slight beat.  Hamilton wants to say something, but hesitates.

Bella: What?

He shrugs.

Hamilton: What…was it like?

Bella: What was what like?

Hamilton: Dancing…in front of everyone.

Bella looks at him sympathetically.

Bella: Maybe you should go find Jake.  I mean, you didn’t talk to her at all today?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Hamilton: She doesn’t want to talk to me.  Besides, we have to go talk to the board members before we leave.  They were dying to meet you.

A slight beat as Hamilton looks off.  Bella studies him carefully.

Bella: What about skipping my prom?  I can manage alone.

He looks back at her.

Hamilton: Hey, there’s no way I’d abandon you like that.   

He looks down as another half beat goes by.

Hamilton cont’d: I think I’ve put her in a situation that makes her feel really helpless.  She thinks she’s supposed to be okay with tonight, and she isn’t so…she’s just keeping really quiet. 

He pauses, still looking down.

Hamilton cont’d: I don’t want to make her feel like that. 

Bella: I know.

She pulls him closer, pulling his head down onto her shoulder.  He closes his eyes, appreciating the embrace.

(cut to): Nicholas who watches by the snack table.  The dean walks up, following his gaze.  The music switches to Solar by Miles Davis.

Steven: Thank you for keeping Bella company while my son did my dirty work, so to speak.

Nicholas smiles.

Nicholas: No problem.  She’s a nice girl.

Steven: Do you think so?

Nicholas looks slightly panicked by the question.

Steven cont’d: I would appreciate your honest opinion.

Nicholas looks over, confused.

Nicholas: My honest opinion of Bella?

The dean nods.

Steven: She seems nice, but her background is slightly…questionable.

Nicholas: If you don’t mind me saying, Sir, a person’s background doesn’t really influence how I think of him or her.

Steven smiles.

Steven: Fair enough, but what do you think?

Nicholas: I think…Bella is…

He looks out at her.

Nicholas cont’d: …mysteriously charming.

Steven: In other words, you just like her and you don’t know why?

Nicholas: At first.  And then…you figure it out. 

Steven nods along, pretending to follow.

Nicholas cont’d: That was my first impression anyway. 

Steven: In other words, you approve of Bella.

Nicholas: Yes, Sir.  Absolutely.

Steven smiles.

Steven: Good answer.  So do I. 

Nicholas smiles.

(cut to): the Edmund High gym.  A lot more people have arrived and more people are on the floor dancing.  We find Jake and Sean on the dance floor.  The DJ currently plays Black Balloon by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Sean: So, you and Mr. Mann are keeping it quiet to avoid bad P.R. for your father?

Jake: Pretty much.

Sean: I do not envy any of you guys.  I love my normal, nuclear family.

Jake: Jill does too.  Your mom especially.  Her mom died when she was six, and my mom was never exactly a role model for girls.  We saw this movie once where this little girl turns a—

Sean: …store mannequin into a mom.  And then Jill wanted to try it.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Yeah.  Exactly.

He nods.

Jake cont’d: You know everything don’t you?  All her stories.  Everything about her.

Sean: Oh, no.  There are some things that are definitely still a mystery.

Jake: Come on.  She’s not that hard to decode.

Sean: Really?  Care to translate tonight?

Jake shrugs.

Jake: She’s scared…and stalling.

Sean looks at Jake carefully.

Sean: Jake…I like her.  A lot.  And…I’m tired of being her fake boyfriend because I want to kiss her for real.  All the time. 

Jake smiles.  He seems relieved to have finally said this.

Jake: What about Bella?

Sean: At some point, Jill was right.  I was in love with Bella, but…I can’t even remember what that feels like enough to fake it anymore. 

Jake: Have you said this to Jill?

He shakes his head.

Sean: She’s in love with Scout.

Jake: I think that’s moderately true.

He nods like he is sorry he was right.

Jake cont’d: But, I also think she’s learning how not to be…and that completely freaks her out.  She’s dying for an easy out.  That’s what tonight was for her.  An easy out.

Sean considers this interpretation.

(cut to): Scout’s prom by the lake.  The “dance floor” is empty and the music has stopped.  We pan around to eventually find them standing closer to the lake.

Jill: Come on.

Scout: No way.

Jill kicks off her flip-flops and walks toward the water.  Scout shakes his head.  She shrugs and walks on in.  Scout watches in disbelief.  When she gets up to her waist, she turns back to him.

Jill: Please?

Scout: I’ll ruin my tux.

Jill: So take it off.

Scout raises his eyebrows.  Jill smiles, folding her arms.  Scout walks away from the lake.  We stay on Jill who looks slightly disappointed.

Jill cont’d (sarcastic): You’re absolutely worthless, Scout Calhoun.  I hope you know that.

She falls back into the water, re-emerging after a moment, but leaving herself neck deep.

Jill cont’d: What kind of prom date won’t jump into the lake with you?  I mean really.  I can’t believe I ever loved such a—

Before she can complain anymore, Scout--wearing just his boxers--runs into the lake diving under the water.  He pops up next to Jill, keeping himself at the same level as her.

Scout: You were saying.

Jill smiles.  Scout grins back, pushing his wet hair off his face.

Jill: Pretty brave.  You never know what might be lurking out here in the dark.

Scout looks at her, unable to drop the grin.  She continues to smile back.  He quickly draws his breath in as she undoubtedly touches him under the water.  After a second, we see her hand slide up his chest to his shoulder.  She uses her grip to pull herself over to him.  Things get slightly more serious as they slowly move closer.

Jill: I really appreciate tonight.

Scout nods, closing his eyes as his forehead touches hers.

Scout: I appreciate it too.

She closes her eyes as they slowly move into a kiss.  There is a lot of history and emotion in this kiss and they both feel it.  It progresses slowly, but steadily.  After a moment, Scout pulls back slightly and leans his head down, kissing her neck.  She runs her hand through the back of his hair as he undoes the top button of her pajamas.  We pull back, getting a view of them and the fake prom.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Scout’s prom in the woods, about 9:30.  He and Jill sit at the picnic table.  She is still in her pajamas and he in his boxers.  They are both dripping wet and looking uncomfortable.  They’ve turned the stereo back on.

Msuic: All You Want by Dido

Jill: I’m really sorry.

Scout: It’s okay.

Jill: I just couldn’t—

Scout: I know.  I shouldn’t have—

Jill: No…no, you should have.  I’m just…screwed up or something.

Scout smiles faintly.

Scout: You’re not screwed up because you don’t want to have sex with me.

She looks up at him with a small smile of her own.

Jill: Anyone who doesn’t want to be with you has to be pretty screwed up somehow.

Scout smiles at first until he realizes the implications of that statement.  Jill gets it too.

Jill cont’d: I didn’t mean—

Scout: …that you don’t want me?  Yes, you did.

His tone wasn’t harsh at all, but she’s still speechless.

Scout cont’d: I know you must have feelings for Sean.

Jill (defensive): God, Sean who, Scout?  I mean, he’s head over heels for Bella.  He always has been.

Scout: Yeah, well, you’ve always been head over heels for me, haven’t you?

She slowly understands, but she won’t admit it.

Jill: Tonight’s the night.  Sean’s making his big move.  He’s finally going to have his shot with Bella.

Scout: Do you think they’re destined to be together?

Jill shrugs.

Jill: I don’t know.

She hesitates.

Jill cont’d: Do you think…we are?

He considers then nods earnestly.

Jill cont’d: So everything that happens before then…

Scout: …doesn’t matter.

She swallows.

Jill: Scout…I love—

Scout: It doesn’t matter.

She closes her eyes, nodding.  A slight beat.

Scout cont’d: What do you say we go jump in the lake one more time?

She looks up at him.

Scout cont’d: Strictly for swimming purposes.

She smiles.

Jill: I’ll race you.

She gets up and runs off.  Scout closes his eyes in a quick attempt to maintain his composure.  He then gets up and runs off behind her.

(cut to): the Rawley prom. The band plays Pick Yourself Up by George Shearing.   Will and Gwen stand at the edge of the dance floor looking bored.  Gwen glances over at Will.

Gwen: Getting tired?

He smiles.

Will: I’m okay.

She nods, smiling to herself.

Will cont’d: Were you thinking of getting out of here?

Gwen: Seriously considering it, yes.

Will smiles.

Will: I’m up for it.

Gwen closes her eyes, blushing and trying not to smile.  Will looks at her suspiciously.

Will cont’d: What?

Gwen looks over at him, getting a little more serious.

Gwen: Come outside with me?  I have a surprise for you.

Will nods.

(cut to): across the dance floor where Bella and Hamilton stand talking to a group of board members: Mr. and Mrs. Smoak and Mrs. Palms.

Mrs. Smoak: Well, I guess we better let these two get off to their big musical gig.

Mr. Smoak: Indeed.

Hamilton and Bella trade an amused look.

Bella: It was very nice meeting all of you.

Mrs. Palms: Oh, it was our pleasure. 

She smiles at Hamilton.

Mrs. Palms cont’d: I’ve watched Hamilton grow from a timid little boy into a confident, and if I may say so, handsome young man.

She gives Bella a pointed look.

Mr. Smoak: Oh, lay off, Evelyn.  Didn’t you hear the boy say they’re only just friends.

Hamilton and Bella trade an embarrassed glance.

Mrs. Smoak: Besides, they lack chemistry.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Yes, we do. 

Mrs. Palms gives a defeated smile.

Hamilton cont’d: Anyway, we really should go.  You guys are as awesome as ever.

He smiles with such charm that Bella can’t help roll her eyes slightly, but the board members are all flattered.  Hamilton leads Bella away as everyone trades goodbyes.

(cut to): the door as they are about to walk out.  Grace catches up with them as Dexter trails behind her.

Grace: Hey, hang on.  Sneaking out already?

Bella: We have to go.  Sean will kill me if we’re late.

Grace smiles.

Grace: I just wanted to tell you good luck.

Bella: Thanks, Gracie.

Grace: I wish I could see you sing.  You’re going to do so great.

Bella smiles, a little surprised by the attitude.  Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Dexter, whatever you’re doing to this girl…keep it up.

Dexter blushes, looking over at Grace who offers him a warm smile.  Grace turns back to Hamilton and Bella.

Grace: Anyway, bye.

Bella: Bye.

She and Hamilton exit.  Gwen and Will approach the door, passing Dexter and Grace.

Grace: Where are you two going?

Gwen and Will stop to talk to Dexter and Grace.

Will: None of your business, little sister.

Grace raises her eyebrows suggestively.  Dexter looks at Will.  Gwen laughs.

Gwen: He’s only saying that because he doesn’t know.  I’m surprising him.

Grace laughs.

Grace: In other words, you’re going to have sex?

Will: Grace!

Gwen blushes.

Grace: God, Willie, it was just a prom-themed joke.  Chill. 

Will (to Gwen): Let’s go.

She nods then smiles at Dexter and Grace.

Gwen: Goodnight.

Grace gives a little wave as Gwen and Will exit.

Grace: That was definitely a sex thing. 

Dexter gives an uncertain nod.

Grace cont’d: Don’t look so freaked out.  I’ve got no plans of stealing away your virginity tonight.

Dexter gives her a slightly insulted look.

Dexter: Who said I’m a virgin?

Grace laughs.

Grace: Well…are you?

Dexter looks around as couples pass in and out of the room.  He doesn’t appear to be answering the question.

Grace cont’d: I guess I shouldn’t assume you are.  I mean, people always assume I’m not, but…I haven’t ever…

Dexter smiles.

Dexter: That’s cool.

Grace tilts her head.

Grace: You’re not going to laugh?

Dexter: I didn’t think it was a joke.

Grace smiles.

Grace: It wasn’t.  It’s just…that’s usually what people do when I say that…I’ve never had sex. 

Dexter nods considering this.

Dexter: Well, I’m glad.

Grace narrows her eyes.

Dexter cont’d: I’m glad I’m one of the few people capable of seeing you for you really are.

Grace laughs, flattered and looking down.

Grace: And, I’m glad I’m one of the few girls you’re capable of talking to because, wow, you’ve got some good stuff to say sometimes.

He smiles as a slight beat passes.

Dexter: Would you like to dance?

She nods.  He takes a step back, extending his hand.  She takes it.

(cut to): the parking lot, a few minutes later.  There is a medium-sized black limo parked by the curve.  Will and Gwen walk into frame.  Will notices the limo, but doesn’t say anything.  Gwen looks at him.

Gwen: Want to get in?

He looks at her then at the car.

Will: You’re not serious.

Gwen: I am.

Will: You got us a limo?

She nods.

Will cont’d: I’ve never been in a limo.

Gwen shrugs.

Gwen: First time for everything.  Come on…

She leads and interested Will over to the car.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

Music: I Want to Kiss Her, But She’s Sleeping by Tenstar ( artist page)

(cut to): the living room.  The lights are off and the TV is on, but the volume is down.  Meagan is curled up on one side of the couch with her head resting against it.  Mark sits Indian style at the other end of the couch.  He stares ahead at the TV, but doesn’t seem to be paying attention.

Mark: Hey, Meagan?

Meagan: Hmm?

She looks over at him, barely keeping her eyes open.  He looks over at her.

Mark: I have a really big thing to say to you.  I’ve been thinking about how to say it for the past hour and I’m ready now.

Meagan nods sleepily.

Mark cont’d: And, don’t say anything until I’m done or I’ll get nervous…and just…

He faces forward.

Mark cont’d: …don’t even look at me, okay?

Meagan: ‘Kay…

(cut to): a closer shot of Mark as he nervously fumbles through what he has to say:

Mark: Okay.  I just want to say that…I don’t let you win because I feel sorry for you or anything.  I hope you don’t think that.  I know you definitely could beat me or find me or get me…which makes the chase really, really exciting.  I just like…giving myself up to you.

He pauses, swallowing.

Mark cont’d: And, what I said earlier about metaphors, well, playing tag with you is a metaphor for…um…how I really feel about…kissing you.  Because I want to, Meagan.  I definitely want to. 

Meagan (awakening): Want to what?

He looks over at her incredulous as she opens her eyes slightly.  He sighs, laughing to himself.

Mark: Never mind.

She nods, letting her eyes close again.  Mark watches her for a moment.  She looks peaceful and sweet.  Mark smiles.  He pulls a blanket down from the back of the couch and pulls it gently over her.  He sits back against the arm on his side, still watching her.

Mark cont’d: And, by the way, I’ve never actually kissed anyone either.

He sighs again, though is still smiling.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of Edmund High, a few minutes before 10:00.

(cut to): inside the gym.

Music: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World (courtesy of the DJ)

(cut to): a wall where Jake and Sean stand watching the couples dancing.  They both seem to be longing to be somewhere else, or at least with someone else.  There is a faint buzzing sound.

Sean: I think your purse is buzzing.

Jake: Oh…cell phone…

She pulls it out and looks at the caller i.d.  She smiles, pleasantly surprised.

Jake cont’d: …it’s Hamilton…or the dean.  Hopefully Hamilton.  I’ll be right back.

She starts to walk away.

(cut to): the hall.  Jake steps out into the empty hallway, answering the phone.

Jake: Hi, you.

(cut to): the parking lot behind the gym.  Bella and Hamilton are getting out of his dad’s car.

Hamilton: “Hi, you” yourself.  How are you?

(cut to): the hall.  Jake leans back against the wall by the gym door.  She smiles.

Jake: Better.

(cut to): the parking lot.  Bella and Hamilton pull their equipment out of the car.  Bella carries both guitars.  Hamilton pulls out a large black case containing the rest of the equipment. 

Hamilton: Really?  So you’re having a good night?

(cut to): the hall.  Jake looks down, smoothing her dress and smiling. 

Jake: Uh huh…what about you?

(cut to): Hamilton and Bella as they approach the school.

Hamilton: Well…

Bella (whispered): I have to run back to the car.  I left the picks.  I’ll catch up.

He nods and goes on into the school without her.

Hamilton cont’d: …um…

He waits until he is inside.

Hamilton cont’d: …it’d be better if you were here.

(cut to): the hall.  Jake’s smile widens, as she toys with her hair.

Jake: So did everything go okay with your dad?  Did you impress the board members?

(cut to): Hamilton walking down a hall in Edmund High School.  He turns a corner and halts.

Hamilton: Wow.  Umm…

He tilts his head with a smile.

Hamilton cont’d: I have to go.  Bye, Jake.

He hangs up the phone.

(cut to): Jake. 

Jake: Hamilton?

She looks at the phone curiously, but then reluctantly puts it back into her purse.

Hamilton (off screen): Wow.

(cut to): a longer shot of the hall as we realize that the corner Hamilton walked around put him on the same hall as Jake.  Jake realizes this too as she looks up at him, happy and shy.  His smile spread slowly into a grin.  Jake stands up straight, turning to face him.  He sets down the equipment box and walks slowly toward her. 

Jake: Surprise.

Hamilton continues toward her.

Hamilton: Yes, it is.

He stops before he reaches her, staring at her.

Hamilton cont’d: Oh my God… 

Jake looks down at her outfit then back up at him.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: You look…

He searches for words, looking very in awe of her right now.  Jake fidgets uncomfortably.

Hamilton cont’d: I mean…”beautiful” would be an understatement.

She grins and looks down, hiding a blush.  He walks up to her.  She looks up at him.

Jake: You don’t look so bad yourself.

He doesn’t take his eyes off of her.  The gym door opens and Sean walks out.

Sean: Sorry.  Didn’t mean to interrupt.  I was just going to see if you guys were here yet and…obviously you are.  Where’s Bella?

Bella (off screen): She’s right here.  What’s going on?

(cut to): the corner as Bella walks around it.  She sets the guitars down next to the other stuff.  We follow her as she joins the group, smiling at Jake.

Bella cont’d: You look great.

Jake blushes.

Jake: Thanks.  So do you. 

Hamilton (to Bella): Did you know about this?

Bella shakes her head then looks at Sean.

Bella: Where’s Jill?

Sean and Jake trade a look.

Sean: She’s not here.

Hamilton: Jill is missing prom?

Jake: This is her dress.

Hamilton: That sounds like a typical Jill scheme.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: I love it.

Jake smiles, but can’t help give Sean an apologetic glance.  Bella also catches on.  Sean clears this throat uncomfortably.

Sean: Well, I need you two back stage so…

Bella takes a deep breath then heads over to get the guitars.

Hamilton (to Jake): I’ll catch up with you right after.

Jake nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Wow…

He shakes his head and goes over to carry the equipment.  Jake gives Sean another look, but he only offers her a smile then ducks out into the gym.

(cut to): the Rawley hall.  Nicholas finishes a conversation with the same group of board members from before.  The band plays Tumbao by Cal Tjader.

Nicholas: It was a pleasure to meet you all.

Mrs. Palms: Oh, it was our pleasure, Mr. Mann.

Mr. and Mrs. Smoak nod and they all walk off.

Mr. Smoak:  Good grief, Evelyn, the boy was a third your age.

Mrs. Palms: Age is only a number, Herbert…

Nicholas shakes his head laughing.  He turns around to meet Grace.

Grace: Hey, I’ve been trying to catch you alone all night.

Nicholas: Oh, hi there.  It’s Grace, right?

Grace: Yes, it’s Grace…and, I think you know that.

Nicholas: You came with Mr. Darcy, didn’t you?  Where is he?

Grace: Bathroom.

Nicholas looks at Grace, growing suddenly uncomfortable.  He lowers his voice.

Nicholas: Are you here to give me the “don’t hurt Bella” speech?

Grace: Depends.  Do I need to?

Nicholas: What do you think?

Grace: Well, you seem nice.

She looks him over.

Grace cont’d: And, you’re definitely her hottest boyfriend to date.  No pun intended.

Nicholas laughs at her forwardness.

Grace: It’s just that…it’s always like this for her.  The guy seems perfect at first, but…in the end…

Nicholas: …he’s not?

Grace: To put it mildly.  And, the two of you have this whole secrecy thing going on, which seems like unnecessary stress and tension.

He nods.

Nicholas: Yeah…yeah, it can be a strain, but then we have moments like tonight…

He looks off at the dance floor with a smile.  Grace eyes him.  A slight beat.

Nicholas cont’d: I’m not perfect, and I doubt I ever seemed that way to her, but…

She raises her eyebrows.  He looks over at her.

Nicholas cont’d: I’m in love with her, Grace.

Grace rolls her eyes.

Grace: That’s what they all say.

He laughs.

Nicholas: You’re tough.  I’m glad.

She smiles and notices Dexter approaching.

Grace: I better go. 

Nicholas nods.  Grace goes over to join Dexter.

(cut to): the Edmund High gym.  There is no music playing and the crowd buzzes.

(cut to): the stage.  Sean walks out to a microphone.  Behind him, Hamilton and Bella walk out and pick up their already setup equipment.

Sean: Hey everyone.  Welcome to Prom 2002: The First Dance.  Taking the stage right now is your former Miss Edmund High, Bella Banks.  She’s going to be singing a few songs for you tonight, including some original pieces.  She is accompanied by Hamilton Fleming.  And…um…here they are…

Sean gestures back to them.  The crowd cheers enthusiastically.  Hamilton, now sitting on a stool and holding his guitar, looks at Bella nervously.  She gives him a smile and nods out toward the audience.  He looks.

(cut to): a shot from his point of view where Jake stands alone in the middle of the crowd.  She gives Hamilton a reassuring smile.

(cut to): the stage.  Hamilton nods to Bella.  She takes the mic.

Bella: Hi everyone.  This one’s called “Wishing Heart.”

Hamilton begins playing the now familiar song.

(cut to): Scout’s mini-prom in the woods.  I’m No Angel by Dido plays softly in the background.  Jill and Scout sit on top of the picnic tables, facing each other.  Scout is wearing his tux pants and a white tank top undershirt.  Jill has removed her pajamas, and wears Scout’s tuxedo shirt.

Jill: I wonder if everyone else is enjoying their prom night as much as me.

Scout: Well, Jake and Hamilton should be since you sacrificed your night for them.

Jill: You don’t hear me complaining, do you?

Scout smiles.  A beat.

Scout: Hey, do you know if Gwen was planning on…

He leaves it hanging like she should understand.

Jill: What?  Sleeping with Will?

Scout nods.

Jill: She said no, but…I wasn’t necessarily convinced.

Scout: So she was talking about it?

Jill: Yep.  It’s kind of implied on a night like tonight, don’t you think?

Scout: That’s what Will wanted to know.  Hamilton said no.

Jill laughs.

Jill: That’s because for him, it’s not implied.  Anyone else could at least entertain the possibility.  Will and Gwen, for example…definite prom night sex candidates.

Scout laughs.

(cut to): the local bed and breakfast.  The limo pulls up.  Gwen and Will get out, but Will has his eyes closed. 

Gwen: Okay.

Will opens his eyes.  He sees where they are and looks over at Gwen curiously.  The limo pulls away behind them.  Will chuckles lightly.

Will: What’s this?

Gwen: It’s…the New Rawley Bed and Breakfast.

Will smiles.

Will: I know.  What are we doing here?

Gwen smiles coyly.

Gwen: Well…it’s not for…the breakfast.

Will raises his eyebrows.

Gwen cont’d: Come on…

He watches her carefully as she takes his hand leading him in.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the bed and breakfast.

Music: Take Me Away by Lifehouse

(cut to): a room.  We pan around to a fireplace and den area then to a candlelit bedroom, and eventually back to the door.  It opens and Gwen and Will walk in together.  Will looks around, amazed.

Will: Wow…Gwen…this place is so nice…you didn’t have to do this…

Gwen: I…wanted my intentions to be clear.

Will blushes, looking down.  Gwen looks at him nervously, but drops the look when he looks up at her.

Gwen cont’d: I guess we should…um…

Will looks at her with raised eyebrows.

Gwen cont’d: I’m going to change.

Will: You have other clothes?

Gwen: Maybe “change” was the wrong word.

She smiles seductively.  Will’s jaw drops a little.

Gwen cont’d: But, I did bring a suitcase.

Will tilts his head.

Gwen cont’d: Earlier.

She walks over to the bed, lifting an overnight bag from behind it.  She sets it on the bed and opens it.  Will watches.

Will: Did you bring anything for me?

He looks back at her as gestures down to the tux.

Gwen: Yes.

She smiles.

Gwen cont’d: There’s definitely some stuff for you in here.

She looks back down into the bed, almost blushing, but hiding it well.  She pulls out a small cosmetics/toiletries bag and walks past Will to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.  He stares at the door for a moment then walks over to the bed.  He glances in as if he were snooping.  Finally, he opens the bag and reaches in, looking around.  After a second he pulls out a new box of condoms.  It slips out of his hand, but he catches it with the other and shoves it back into the bag.  He smiles at his nervousness.  He takes a deep breath and takes off his jacket then his tie.

(cut to): the bathroom.  We start at Gwen’s feet and tilt up slowly.  She’s taken off the dress and stands in front of the mirror wearing only her bra and panties, which are the same shade of blue as her dress.  She pulls a few small clips out of her hair and runs a brush through it.  She shakes her head, looking in the mirror…looking nervous and excited.

(cut to): the room.  Will has stripped down to his boxers and a white t shirt.  He sits on the bed with his elbows on his knees.  After a moment, he leans back on the bed on his elbows.  He turns so that one arm is holding him up.  He’s trying way too hard to look casual and he knows it.  He laughs and lies back on the bed.

(cut to): the bathroom.  Gwen leans against the door.  She looks down then back up.  She can’t help smiling.  She takes a deep breath and opens the door.

(cut to): the bed.  Will stands awkwardly next to it as if caught in the act of trying to look cool.  Gwen’s outfit doesn’t help conceal his blush.  He folds his arms awkwardly across his chest, still staring at her with a slight smile.

Gwen: What?

Will: I, um…I don’t know if you look more beautiful in the dress or…without it.

Gwen walks over to him, trying her best to be sexy.  She wraps her arms around his neck.

Gwen: I was hoping that less would be more.

He grins then looks a little more serious.

Will: I love you, Gwen.

She smiles.

Gwen: I know.  It was a prerequisite.

He laughs lightly.

Gwen cont’d: And…I love you too, Will.

He smiles and nods slightly as they move together into a kiss.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room.  Meagan is still asleep on the couch; Mark stares ahead at the television.  The sound of the door unlocking breaks his stare as he looks over toward the front door.

Johanna: Hello, we’re home.

Mark: Shh…she’s asleep.

He sits forward, starting to put his shoes on as Johanna and Finn enter the living room.  Finn gives Johanna the “I told you so” look.

Finn (whispered): Did you have a nice night?

Mark: We didn’t do much.  She’s been asleep for awhile.

She looks over at Finn, conceding the victory.

Johanna: Why don’t you get your stuff and Finn can take you home.

Mark: All ready.

He grabs his bag.  Finn gives Johanna a brief kiss.  She smiles and walks out into the kitchen.  Mark and Finn walk toward the door.

Music: Sucker by New Found Glory

(cut to): the front steps.  Mark and Finn walk down together.  Mark seems to be debating something in his head.  He halts.

Mark: Um…I forgot something.  I’ll be right back.

He tosses his bag down and runs back in side leaving a momentarily confused Finn.

(cut to): inside where Mark stands in the doorway to the living room.  He hesitates, but then runs over to the couch and kneels down in front of Meagan, who is still asleep.

Mark: Meagan…hey, Meagan.

He nudges her shoulder.  She opens her eyes slightly.

Mark cont’d: Wake up.

Meagan: Why?

Mark hesitates for a second.

Mark: Because, I’m about to kiss you and I need you to wake up and give me permission.

Meagan sits up slightly, looking confused.

Meagan: Okay…

Mark takes that as “permission,” and leans in quickly, kissing her on the lips.  Taken by surprise, it takes a moment to return the kiss, but she does.

(cut to): a wider shot of the room.  Johanna walks in from the kitchen as Finn re-enters from outside, but they go unnoticed by Mark and Meagan.  Finn gives Johanna a panic-stricken look.  He takes a step forward, but Johanna shakes her head. 

(cut to): a closer shot of the kids.  They part.  Mark smiles, looking at her searchingly. 

Meagan: Cool…

Mark nods, unable to speak.

Meagan cont’d: You know what you said about it not being a big deal?

Mark: Yeah…

Meagan cont’d: I think you were wrong.

Mark: Yeah.

He nods, still smiling.  She smiles back.  He swallows, leaning toward her again.

(cut to): the wider shock.  Finn gives Johanna a “stop them” look, but she smiles and shakes her head.  Finn looks frustrated.

Finn: Hey, hey…excuse me.

Mark hops up.

Mark: Um…I was just—

Finn: …leaving.  Now.  Outside.

Meagan lies back on the couch, too wowed to be embarrassed.  Johanna smiles, leaning in the doorway.  Finn walks over to Mark, taking him by him arm.

Finn cont’d: Come on.

Mark: Bye.

Meagan lifts her arm into a wave then drops it again.  Finn pulls him along toward the door.

Finn: Who the hell do you think you are?  If you ever—

The door shuts behind them.  Meagan closes her eyes for a second then looks up, noticing her mom.

Meagan: Did that really just happen?

Johanna’s smile widens.

Johanna: I think it did.

(cut to): the Edmund High gym.  Bella and Hamilton play the end of I’m With You (remember, it’s really by Avril Lavigne).  Several couples dance. 

(cut to): Sean and Jake as they stand at the edge of the dance floor, watching the show.  Sean smiles over at Jake. 

Sean: They’re pretty good.

Jake nods, looking up at the stage.

(cut to): the stage as the song ends.  Everyone turns to the stage, clapping.

Bella: Thank you.

She looks back at Hamilton.  He smiles and shrugs.  Bella looks back at the audience.

Bella cont’d: Um…okay…I think that’s it for us.

The crowd offers a disappointed “awww.”  Bella smiles.

Bella cont’d: Thanks guys.  Goodnight.

The crowd cheers.  Bella starts to walk off stage.

Hamilton (on mic): Actually…

Bella stops, looking over at him curiously. 

Hamilton cont’d: Um, actually…excuse me…

He has everyone’s attention.  Bella stands toward the back of the stage.

Hamilton cont’d: Wow, um, okay.  Most of you probably have no idea who I am, which makes this a little easier actually.

He laughs to himself as he looks out at Jake.

(cut to): Jake who gives him a curious look.

(cut to): Hamilton on the stage.  Bella slips off the stage.

Hamilton cont’d: I promised myself that if I ever had an opportunity like this—big crowd, guitar, microphone and my girlfriend all in one room—I’d make good use of it so…I’ve got one more song for you guys.

(cut to): Jake who gives him an even more curious look.

(cut to): Hamilton on stage.

Hamilton cont’d: I wrote this a long time ago for the girl who was, and still is, the most important person in my life.  He looks pointedly at Jake.

Hamilton cont’d: I love you.

The crowd “aww”s in a more positive way this time.  They also catch on to who he is looking at and check her out.  She’s only tuned in to Hamilton.  She mouths “I love you” to him.  Bella walks up to Jake and Sean.  Sean gives her a questioningly look, but she only shrugs.

(cut to): The stage.  Hamilton looks around nervously then starts the song, his song called Here’s a Love Song (which is actually a song by Syd—mp3 artist page | lyrics 1 2).   As he plays, we cut back from Hamilton to Jake, getting also Bella and Sean’s surprised, but impressed reaction.  When he finishes, he looks around at the silence.  Finally, the crowd claps enthusiastically.  Jake stands there, impressed and touched.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: If you’d like to read more about that song and what it means to Hamilton, you can check out his Emotional Portfolio (as previously advertised J). 


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the Edmund High gym.  We can hear the muffled music playing again.

Music: One Slow Dance by Simple Plan

(cut to): inside.  Jake stands alone  by the wall.

Hamilton: Hey, wallflower.

She looks up as Hamilton walks up grinning.

Jake: Hi.

A slight beat.  Hamilton starts to speak, but doesn’t.  Another awkward moment passes.

Hamilton: Um…so…I know it wasn’t exactly Pete Yorn, but…what’d you think?

Jake smiles and abandons the wall to stand in front of him.

Jake: I think…I want your autograph.

Hamilton laughs lightly.

Jake cont’d: Other than that…

She closes the little space between them.

Jake cont’d: I’ve just been standing here thinking about…this.

She leans in, kissing him.  After a long moment, they part.  They spend another brief moment looking into eye others eyes.

Hamilton: You know, this is what I’ve been dreaming about all night.  I’m so glad you’re here.

Jake smiles looking down at her dress.

Jake: I can’t believe I bought into all this: prom, dress…cute boy in tux…

Hamilton: Do you think it looks okay?  I was a little worried about going with the regular tie as opposed to the bow.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Hamilton, it’s perfect.

He smiles, looking at her for a moment.

Hamilton: You know, I really adore the way you’re looking at me right now.

A slight beat as Jake consciously continues the look.

Hamilton cont’d: Would you like to dance?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Another prom tradition I feel I should be protesting…

Hamilton: But?

She lets him wait.

Jake: But…I adore the way you’re looking at me right now.

He grins.

Jake cont’d: Shall we?

She holds out her hand to him.  He takes it and they walk out to the dance floor.  We pull out slightly as they turn to each other.  A little awkwardly, they begin their first dance.  We pull up and out even more as Jake and Hamilton continue to dance.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the Rawley hall.  The nearby parking lot is emptying out.

(cut to): inside.  Most people are clearing out and the music has stopped.  Steven, Kate, and Nicholas stand together. 

Kate: Well, it was certainly nice to have you here tonight, Nicholas.

Nicholas: It was…my pleasure.

He smiles.

Steven: Still think he was a “risky choice,” Dear?

Kate looks embarrassed.

Kate: I said that before I met you, Nicholas.  I certainly think you are a nice addition to our staff. 

Mrs. Palms: Yes, he is.

Mr. & Mrs. Smoak and Mrs. Palms approach them. 

Mrs. Palms: Steven, this was just lovely.  It was such a pleasure.

Mr. Smoak: Here we go again…

Mrs. Smoak squeezes his arm.

Steven: Thank you, Mrs. Palms.  On behalf of my entire staff and student body, thank you all of you coming. 

Mr. Smoak: We enjoyed it, Steve.  Haven’t been to a formal ball in ages.

Mrs. Smoak: And, little Hamilton was as charming as ever.

Mrs. Palms: Yes, and not so “little” anymore.

She laughs.  Everyone else smiles, humoring her.

Mr. Smoak: Well, we better get going, but we’ll be in touch, Steve.

Steven: Yes, Sir.

Mrs. Palms: Ta ta…

The older trio walks off, leaving the remaining three looking very relieved.

Kate: Well, I think that went well, Sweetheart.

Nicholas: Definitely.  They were having a great time.

Steven: I’m glad you and Hamilton were around to charm them.

Kate: Speaking of Hamilton, I hope he’s having a good time at Bella’s prom.

Steven: I don’t see how he couldn’t be.  Bella’s perfect for him.

Kate: Oh, I don’t know about that, Dear.

Steven: I haven’t seen him with any other girls, have you?

Nicholas stifles a laugh.  The dean doesn’t notice, but Kate glances at him, almost suspiciously.

Kate: Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, Steven.

Steven (to Nicholas): I love it when she waxes philosophical like this.

He looks at Kate.

Steven: It’s very sexy.

She laughs, shaking her head.

Nicholas: Well, that’s my cue.  Thanks for the invite, Dean Fleming.  Goodnight, Mrs. Fleming.

They nod goodnight as he slips away.

Steven: Good kid.

Kate watches him with a smile that slips into another suspicious look.

(cut to): Nicholas as he exits.

(cut to): a paved area with benches just outside the Edmund High gym. First Date by Blink 182 plays from the gym.   Bella walks out, deeply inhaling the night air.

Sean: Not trying to ditch your date, are you?

Bella turns around to find Sean walking out the doors.

Bella: Right, like he’d notice.

Sean laughs.

Sean: Yeah, I think I’m officially dateless now, too…but, then again, that was Jill’s plan.

He looks off.  She looks at him curiously.

Bella: Are you sure Jill was completely okay with this?

Sean: I don’t know.

He hesitates.

Sean cont’d: I know she preferred this to coming with me herself.

Bella looks confused.  Sean looks up then back at Bella.

Sean cont’d: I have to tell you something.

Bella: Okay…

Sean: Jill is not…my girlfriend.

Bella: You broke up?

He shakes his head, pausing again.

Sean: We were faking it.

Bella: Faking it?  What?

Sean: Yep.  It was all just an elaborate lie.  We were never a couple.  All the kissing and couple stuff was carefully staged.

Bella takes a moment to consider this.

Bella: But…why?

Sean: Simple, as Jill said…jealousy.

Bella: Oh.

She processes this for a moment.

Bella cont’d: So you were trying to make Scout jealous?

Sean: No, not—

He stops himself as if this actually makes perfect sense and he can’t believe he hasn’t thought of it before.  He sits down on a bench, in shock.

Bella: Because it definitely worked.  That day I was supposed to meet you, Scout totally freaked out at me.

Sean: What day?

Bella: Something about a picnic…

Sean stares at her blankly then gets it.

Bella cont’d: He and Jill were setting us up because they had the crazy idea that you liked me, which I told Scout was totally insane.  Anyway, Scout was definitely jealous of—

Sean (disconcerted): Not Scout. 

Bella raises an eyebrow.

Sean cont’d: You.  It was to make you jealous.

Bella: What?

She sits down next to him, in desperate need of clarification.

Sean: Jill thought you and I should be together and—

Bella: Jill thought?

He nods his head.

Bella: What about…Sean?

He looks at her steadily.

Sean: Are you asking if I have feelings for you? 

She nods timidly.  He shrugs.

Sean cont’d: Well…

He looks down, smiling nostalgically.

Sean cont’d: On some level…I always will.  You’re the first girl I ever loved, and…being friends with you puts me in a position to, pretty regularly, remember all the reasons why I did.

He looks up at her.  It’s not a come on, and she understands this.  She smiles, flattered.

Sean cont’d: But, at the same time, my current relationship with Jill puts me in a position to discover, constantly, all the reasons why I wish…she would fall for me like…

He hesitates.

Bella: Like you’ve fallen for her?

He nods his head.

Sean: Except…she’s using me and I didn’t even see it.  How could I have been so blind?

Bella: Maybe you’re jumping to conclusions.

Sean raises his eyebrows.

Bella cont’d: I mean, whether it was Scout or me, trying to make someone jealous by pretending to date is…

Sean: Just a typical scheme in life of Jill Thomas, I assure you.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Well, maybe she had an ulterior—no, scratch that—a subconscious motive.

Sean: Like what?

Bella: Like…spending time with you…kissing you…for all practical purposes, dating you.  I mean, Sean, I saw you guys kissing at the dress shop.  There was nothing “staged” about that kiss.

Sean looks off, unable to hide a smile, but it fades.

Sean: But…what if she really was just using me to get to Scout?

Bella: Again, at the dress shop, it didn’t look like she was trying to ”get to” anyone but you.

Sean looks at Bella trying to come to a conclusion about this.

Sean: If she wanted to date me so bad, where is she tonight?

Bella: I don’t know.  Probably off somewhere having an “I love Sean” epiphany.

She smiles.  He laughs, cheered up.  A slight beat.

Sean: Hey, do you want to go back in and dance with me?  Then at least I look like I’m trying to seduce you.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Dancing with you could certainly do the trick.

Sean stands up and holds out his hand.  She takes it and they return to the prom.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to  an establishing shot of the garage.  The truck is now parked out front.

Music: Crush by Oliver (mp3 artist page)

(cut to): the other side of the truck.  Dexter and Grace stand facing each other with Dexter’s bike in between them.

Grace: You know, we could load this into the truck and I could give you a ride back.

Dexter: That’s okay.  I need the air.

Grace: Having trouble breathing?

Dexter: All night.

Grace smiles.  A slight beat.

Grace: Well…I better go in then.

Dexter nods.  Grace looks down at his bike, running her hand along the bike handlebars.

Grace cont’d: Next time…it’s your turn to ask, okay?

He watches her for a moment then takes a deep breath.

Dexter: Can I ask now?

She looks up at him.  She nods.

Dexter cont’d: Grace…

He walks slowly around the back of the bike as he speaks:

Dexter cont’d: Would you like to go out with me again?

Grace: When?

He reaches her.

Dexter: How about tomorrow morning?  Breakfast?

Grace laughs.

Grace: That soon, huh?

He nods.  Grace closes her eyes, shrugging slowly.

Grace: Okay…be here at nine.

Dexter: Okay.

He continues to stare at her.

Grace: You know, you don’t have to ask to kiss me.

He smiles.

Dexter: I wasn’t going to.  I was just…working up to it.

Grace: Okay.

Grace stands there.  Dexter doesn’t move.  She folds her arms, sighing.  Dexter smiles again and leans in toward her. 

Dexter: This was an awesome first date.

She nods as he moves in to kiss her.  They stand kissing as we pull out.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): the living room.  Finn sits on the couch and reads a newspaper.  He looks pretty huffy.  Johanna walks in from the kitchen.

Finn: I think we need to have a serious talk with Meagan in the morning. 

Johanna smiles at him and joins him on the couch.  He looks at her in disbelief. 

Finn cont’d: Why are you smiling?  We obviously can’t leave them unattended again.

Johanna: They waited until we got home, Dear.

Finn: And that makes it okay?  I can’t believe that little punk had the nerve to—

She laughs.

Finn cont’d: What’s so funny?

Johanna: You are.  You’re acting like such a dad.

Finn: Yeah…well…

Johanna: You are.  I know.  I told you.

He breaks into a smile.

Finn: It really didn’t seem like a big deal to me until…I walked in and saw it.

She smiles.  He gives her a suspicious look.

Finn cont’d: But it seems to have the opposite effect on you.  Explain that to me.

Johanna: What hit me when I walked in and saw it was…the overwhelming innocence of it all.  That’s what a first kiss is all about.

Finn: That’s all fine and good, but what about the second…third… fourth…five hundred and ninetieth? 

Johanna: Five hundred and ninetieth?  Hmm…maybe we should find out…

She leans over, kissing him once on the lips.

Johanna cont’d: I don’t know…still feels pretty innocent to me.

Finn smiles.

Finn: I don’t know about that…

He glances down at her stomach.  She looks off, smiling and shaking her head.  A beat.

Finn cont’d: Let’s go bed.

Johanna: Which is where the trouble really starts…

Finn: Trouble?  Just more innocence, Dear.

She laughs.

Johanna: Sure.  Now, help me up.

He gets up to help her off the couch.

Finn: Thank God I didn’t have to chaperone at a damn prom tonight…

Johanna: Pulling apart kissing kids…I don’t know how you would have handled that.

He laughs as he helps her up.

(cut to): the Edmund High Gym. The DJ spins Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira.  It’s nearly midnight and everything is definitely winding down.  Only a few couples remain on the dance floor, including Jake and Hamilton.

(cut to): the stage.  Bella sits on it while Sean stands leaning against it.

Bella: I can see that I’m never getting out of here.

Sean: You?  I’ve got to stay and help clean up.

Bella: But…you’ve got to go win Jill’s heart.

Sean looks back at her.

Sean: You’re starting to sound like her.

Bella: I better stop.  I wouldn’t want you falling in love with me.

Sean laughs.

Bella cont’d: Seriously, though, Sean…I think she likes you.

Sean narrows his eyes.

Sean: How’d you go from telling me I was a jerk for hanging out with her to…sounding happy about the fact that she might…possibly…”like me?”

Bella: I don’t know.  Increased personal happiness?

He gives her a playfully suspicious look.  She smiles mysteriously. 

Sean: What kind of happiness are we talking here?

Bella: I told you…personal.

Sean: Right, and I guess you brought it up because you didn’t want to talk about it.

She laughs.

Sean cont’d: Seriously…are we talking about…a guy?

She smiles, looking away.

Sean cont’d: A relationship?

She looks at him, a little more serious now.

Sean cont’d: Sex?

Her jaw drops a little, yet she can’t hide a smile.  Sean looks a little amazed.

Sean cont’d: Are you serious? 

Bella: I didn’t say anything.

Sean: Well, maybe you should start.

She hesitates, but she obviously wants to tell him.

Bella: Okay, I have been dying to actually get to tell someone about this. 

He smiles.

Sean: Let me guess, you weren’t joking that time you said you were going to meet Mr. Mann for dinner.

He laughs at his own joke, but stops when she doesn’t say anything.

Sean: Get out.  Mr. Mann?

She shrugs, looking off.

Sean cont’d: No wonder you aren’t telling people.

She looks back at him guiltily.

Bella: Yeah…

She looks away.  He looks concerned.

Sean: Hey…

She looks back at him, her spirit dampened.

Sean cont’d: …I’m not criticizing you.  I think it’s great.

Bella: Really?

Sean: Absolutely.  Look how excited you were to tell me.  You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy like that.  I mean, you know, not that my opinion should matter to you anyway…

Bella: Of course your opinion matters…especially when it’s the right one.

They both laugh.  A slight beat.

Bella cont’d: You really don’t think it’s weird?

Sean: That you’re sneaking around seeing someone?

Bella: That…he’s…a teacher.

Sean: Yeah, at Rawley Academy not Edmund High.

Bella: I know, but—

Sean: You’re not some fifteen-year-old little girl anymore, Bella.

Bella: Well…I’m not eighteen.

Sean: Lucky for you the age of consent in this state is sixteen.

Bella: Really?

Sean: I think there might be some virginity clause that bumps it up to eighteen.

Bella: I’m not even going to ask why you know this.

He smiles.

Bella cont’d: Anyway, state law or not…I don’t really think my dad would approve.

Sean: Whose side are you on here, Bella?

Bella: I guess I’m just used to these points coming up.  Hamilton found out and he’s been giving me the hardest time.

Sean: Hamilton hasn’t known you as long as I have.  You need this.  You deserve this.

Bella looks at him thoughtfully.

Bella: I could say the same to you.

Sean looks off at the punch table.

Bella cont’d: I should have been a better friend before. 

Sean: You were right.  I should have just…stayed away.

Bella puts a hand on his shoulder, not saying anything.  A beat.

Sean cont’d: So…when are you telling Will and Scout about you and Nick?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Funny.  I have a feeling the disapproval of Hamilton would pale in comparison to that of Scout and Will. 

Sean: Yeah, well, Hamilton’s never been in love with you…it totally messes with your head.

Bella laughs, moving her hand up his neck and pushing his head gently.  He smiles.  The DJ switches tracks to All or Nothing At All by O-Town.

(cut to): a long shot of them from the dance floor.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  Jake watches Sean and Bella.  Hamilton watches Jake.

Jake: Do you think Bella likes him?

She looks back at Hamilton who looks a little nervous.

Hamilton: Who?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Sean.

She nods over to Bella and Sean.  Hamilton glances over, but quickly looks back at Jake.  He shakes his head.

Hamilton: No.

Jake gives him a curious look.

Jake: But, did you see the way she was just—

Hamilton: You’re starting to sound like Jill.  I’m sure she’s not trying to steal Sean away.

Jake: That isn’t what I meant.

Hamilton: Then what did you mean?

Jake: I just meant…that…they have a certain chemistry.

Hamilton: Yeah, well, Bella and I have “a certain chemistry” too, but…I don’t like her.

Jake: No one said you did…

Hamilton: Look, Sean is clearly in love with Jill.  And, Bella likes…someone else.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Who?

He hesitates, looking down.

Hamilton: I can’t tell you.

Jake gives him a deadpan look.

Jake: Oh.

He doesn’t want it to be like this.  He sighs. A slight beat.

Hamilton: Okay…she didn’t want you to know, and I don’t blame her, but…I can’t take this.  I know she doesn’t like Sean because she already likes…um…well…she likes…

Jake: Is it…

She looks away, taking a deep breath.  She clearly thinks the question is silly.  She looks back at him.

Jake cont’d: …is it you?

Hamilton: What?  Oh.  No…Jake…

He presses his forehead against hers.

Hamilton cont’d: …no.

He smiles.  He closes his eyes a moment and gives her a quick kiss on the lips.  They both pull back slightly, Jake continues looking at him.  He slowly opens his mouth.

Hamilton cont’d: It’s…your brother. 

Jake laughs.

Jake: Bella has a crush on Nicholas?

Hamilton opens his mouth to say one thing, but realizes that she doesn’t really understand.

Hamilton: Uh…yeah…you could say that.

Jake: That’s so cute.

She glances over at Bella then back at Hamilton.

Jake cont’d: I mean, she realizes he would never go for it, right?

He sighs as he continues to cover for Bella:

Hamilton: I think she has a pretty firm grasp…on…the…reality of the situation.

Jake: I can’t believe she didn’t want me to know.

Jake’s smile fades and she begins to look confused.

Jake cont’d: Wait, why wouldn’t she want me to know? 

Hamilton looks panicked.

Jake cont’d: Did you tell her about Nicholas and me?

Hamilton: No…no…I didn’t tell her anything.

Jake: How does she know?

Hamilton stares at her blankly, not knowing how to field the question.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Okay, seriously, this is funny. 


(fade in): to right where we left off.  The DJ switches to How’s It Going to Be by Third Eye Blind.  Hamilton looks toward the DJ booth, which is set up on one side of the gym.  It is his favorite  band after all.  Jake looks at him, irritated.

Jake: I’m serious, Hamilton, how does Bella know about Nick and me?

Hamilton: I didn’t say she knows.

Jake: Does she know?

He takes a deep breath.

Hamilton: Yes.

Jake: How?

Hamilton: How should I know?

Jake: Well, you seem to know a lot.

Jake drops her arms to her sides, frustrated.  Hamilton takes her hands.

Hamilton (whiny): All I know is that I don’t want to fight with you right now.  Okay?  Please?

Jake looks away.

Hamilton cont’d: All this stupid outside stuff is pulling me down big time.  My dad and his damn prom…this thing with Bella.  I mean, all I care about is you, Jake.  So, if you want to know what’s going on with Bella then…here it goes…she—

Jake: Wait.

He raises his eyebrows.

Jake cont’d: I guess…I don’t race to tell you everything that my friends say to me so…it’s pretty unfair to be mad that you didn’t tell me about all this before.  And, as far as everything else, I guess it’s not really your secret to tell.

Hamilton: Look, screw that, okay?  You need to know this.

Jake: Maybe I don’t want to know.

Hamilton looks concerned.

Jake: Just…drop it and dance with me, okay?

She smiles irresistibly.  Hamilton smiles back and nods, as they begin to dance again.  A slight beat as Jake puts her head on Hamilton’s shoulder.

Jake cont’d: No more discussing anything or anyone other than us for the rest of the night.  Deal?

Hamilton: Absolutely.

He kisses her on the cheek.

Hamilton cont’d: This has to be, like, the coolest thing we’ve ever done.

Jake laughs lightly.

Jake: Oh, really?

Hamilton chuckles.

Hamilton: Well, obviously anything close to, or associated with, sex aside.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Obviously…

Hamilton: Hey…fact or fiction: prom night implies sex.  It’s Krudski’s question.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Maybe you should ask him tomorrow.

Hamilton laughs.  We pull out slowly, staying centered on Jake and Hamilton as they dance.

(dissolve to): an establishing shot of the bed and breakfast.

Music: Every Moment by Syd (mp3 artist page)

(cut to): the room upstairs.  We pan across to the bed where Will and Gwen lie together under the covers.  They look completely at ease.  We pan over to the alarm clock by the bed.  It reads 12:05.  Slowly the numbers change to 1:00.

(cut to): the garage.  Hamilton’s parents’ car pulls up and Bella gets out, waving.

(cut to): inside as Bella walks in.  Grace is sitting at the table.  They smile at each other, eager to trade prom stories.

(dissolve to): Hamilton’s parents’ car as it pulls up in front of the boys’ dorms.

(cut to): inside the car.

Hamilton: Tonight was so good.

Jake: Near perfect.

Hamilton cont’d: I’m so glad you were there.  I’m so glad we got to dance.

Jake: Me too.

She smiles.  A beat.

Hamilton: I have to take the car back, but…can I walk you to your door?

Jake: The oppressive traditions need to stop somewhere.

He smiles.

Hamilton: So…no goodnight kiss?

Jake: Yeah, right…

She grabs his tie and pulls him over, kissing him.  They part, smiling.

Jake cont’d: Goodnight.

Hamilton: Yeah…

She smiles and gets out of the car.  Hamilton smiles thoughtfully, watching Jake.  He turns the wheel to pull away as we pan down to the car clock that says “2:03 a.m.”

(cut to): the Edmund High gym.  It’s been stripped and cleaned up.  Sean sits alone on the bleachers holding a thermos.  He takes a deep breath and gets up.

(dissolve to): Finn and Johanna’s house.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna, asleep together in their bed.

(cut to): Meagan’s room.  Meagan sleeps in her bed with a smile on her face.  We pan over to her bedside clock that reads “2:30 a.m.”

(cut to): a clock somewhere else that changes from “2:30” to “2:31.”  We pan over to find we are in Mark’s room.  He lies with his back to us.  He turns over and we see that he is awake.  He looks confused, but happy.

(cut to): Rawley Academy, the girls dorms. 

(cut to): the hall in front of Jill’s room.  Sean approaches the room.  He has worked himself up.  He walks quickly to Jill’s door, still carrying the thermos.  He knocks with purpose.

Sean: Jill…wake up…I need to talk to you.

He waits and then knocks a little harder.

Sean cont’d: Hello?

He knocks again.  The door next door opens and we hear music playing from the room.

Girl: Neither one of them are back yet.  Night.

Sean: Oh…

She closes the doors.

Sean: …thanks. 

He looks momentarily confused, but leans against the door, waiting.  He glances at his watch.

(cut to): his watch.  It reads “2:34.”

(cut to): the mini prom by the lake.  Scout and Jill, dressed the same as before, are dancing.

(dissolve to): a shot of Sean’s watch.  It reads “4:45.”

(cut to): A wider shot of the hall.  Sean sits on the floor, leaning against the door.  He’s removed his jacket and seems to be asleep.  The thermos sits next to him.

(cut to): the mini prom by the lake.  Jill lies on the top of the picnic table asleep.  Scout sits on the bench, propping his head up with his hand and looking at her thoughtfully. Slowly he lets his eyes close.

(cut to): Nicholas’ apartment.  The lights are off.  There is a knocking from the door.  After a moment, Nicholas comes out of his bedroom, rubbing his eyes.  He makes his way to the door.  He opens it to find Bella, dressed in jeans and a tank top.  He smiles, letting her in.  Once he’s closed the door behind her, they kiss passionately then head for the bedroom. 

(dissolve to): the empty living room of Nicholas’ apartment as daylight begins to come in through the windows.

(cut to): his wall clock.  It is 6 a.m.

(cut to): the girls’ dorm.

(cut to): the hall in front of Jill’s room.  Sean is still there asleep by the door.

(cut to): the front steps of the dorm.  Jill and Scout walk up together.  Scout now wears his pants and shirt.  He carries his jacket.  Jill is again dressed in her pajamas.  They enter the dorm together.

(cut to): inside the dorms.  Scout holds the door opened for Jill.  She comes in, followed by Scout.

Jill: I cannot believe you kept me out all night at your fake mini-prom.

Scout laughs.

Scout: You’re the one that fell asleep first.  Besides, you act like you were a hostage.

Jill (air-head tone): That wasn’t a gun?

She walks off up the stairs.

Scout: What’d you just say?

After looking confused for a moment, he gets.

Scout: Oh my God, you’re the dirtiest girl I’ve ever met.

He follows after her up the stairs.

Jill: In other words, best date of your life.

Scout: Exactly.

A beat as we follow them up the steps.

Scout cont’d: Seriously, though, I had an amazing time with you, Jill.

Jill: Duh…

He laughs.

Jill cont’d: Seriously, Scout…I had a pretty amazing time myself. 

They stop on the stairs just below the landing, facing each other.

Jill cont’d: I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend prom night.

Scout: Almost having sex with your ex-boyfriend, followed by four hours of sleep on a picnic table?

Jill: Yeah, that…

She grins.

Jill cont’d: …and everything else.

He smiles.

Jill cont’d: Now…walk me to my door.

He smiles and takes her hand.  They take the next few stairs together, Jill in the front.  When they hit the landing, Jill stops causing Scout to stop behind her, following her gaze.

Music: Killing Me by Syd ( artist page)

(cut to): her door.  Sean, just awake, stands up.  He’s obviously overheard the end of their conversation.  He looks embarrassed and hurt.  Jill and Scout walk over to him.

Jill: Sean…

Sean: I should go.

Jill: What’s going on? 

Sean: Um…

He holds up the thermos, but looks off.

Sean cont’d: I just wanted to…I brought you some…

She looks at the thermos knowingly.

Jill: …Punch?

He looks at her and nods then glances at Scout then down at his outfit.

Sean (angry): But it, um…it looks like you already got some.

Scout: Hey, chill out.

Sean gives him an irritated look.

Sean: Mind your own business.  This is between Jill and me.

Scout laughs.

Scout: Oh, I get it.  The boyfriend routine. 

Jill looks at Scout with dread.  Sean stares at Jill, furious.

Sean: You used me.

Jill is suddenly confused.

Jill: What?  Used you? 

Sean: Yeah…to get to Scout…to make him jealous.  This whole thing with me…it was all to get him.  Well, you’ve got what you want.  Have a nice life.

He starts to walk off, but Scout stops him.

Scout: Sean, you can drop the act, I know, okay?

Sean looks at Jill.

Sean: What’s he talking about?

Scout: I know that you guys aren’t really together. 

Sean glares at Jill.

Scout cont’d: I’ve known for awhile so you don’t have to act like—

Sean: Newsflash: this isn’t acting.

He gives Jill one more hurt look, then pushes past both of them and walks away.  Jill looks at Scout then leans against her door, closing her eyes.  Scout looks over at the stairs just as Sean walks down them.  He looks back at Jill.

Scout: What are you doing?

Jill: Closing my eyes and hoping it all goes away.

She opens her eyes and smiles, but it’s just a cover.

Scout: You should go talk to him.

Jill: Why?

This is hard for Scout.

Scout: Because of what we’ve already talked about, and besides…he’s got your punch. 

Jill looks down.  A moment passes.

Jill: Maybe I want to stay with you.

She reaches out and takes his hand.  Scout closes his eyes, taking a deep breath.  He lets go of her hand.  She looks up at him.

Scout: Maybe I don’t want you to.

She looks disappointed.  He tries to lighten the mood.

Scout cont’d (light): Maybe I don’t want to be with a girl who’s always going to wish she went after stupid Sean and his stupid punch.

Jill smiles, getting it.  A slight beat.

Jill: What about Bella?

Scout: I doubt he slept outside your door because things worked out with Bella.

Jill considers this.

Scout cont’d: Stop thinking.  Go.

She nods.  Before she goes, she gives Scout a hug.  He stands watching as she jogs off down the hall and stairs.  He smiles.  It’s sad, but content.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: So have you been wondering about Prom Pictures?  Well, we’ve put together a few manipulated pictures for your enjoyment: Hamilton and Bella, Gwen and Will, Jake and Hamilton.


(fade in): to a shot of the girls dorm and lawn.  Sean walks across the lawn.  He’s pissed off.

Music: Right Behind Me by Count the Stars (mp3 artist page)

(cut to): a closer shot of Sean.

Jill: Sean…wait…

She runs up behind him.  He keeps walking.

Jill cont’d: Hey, wait…

He doesn’t stop.  She runs around in front of him.

Jill cont’d: Hold on.

Sean stops.  For the first time, Jill realizes how angry he looks.  She doesn’t quite know what to say.

Sean: What?  Want to know how your plan worked?  Jake and Hamilton had a terrific time.

Jill: Great.  How about you?

Sean: My night pretty much sucked, thanks. 

Jill: Did you talk to Bella?

Sean: I told her the truth

Jill: Why?

Sean: Well, I know it must be hard for you to understand, but sometimes the truth works better than some elaborate lie.

She is momentarily speechless, but finally manages:

Jill (disappointed): That’s...really great, Sean.

Sean: Since you aren’t going to ask, the truth is…Bella’s in love with someone else.

Jill looks confused.

Sean cont’d: And, unfortunately, so am I.

Jill looks at him, surprised he’s said this.  She doesn’t know what to say.

Sean cont’d (still angry): To further clarify, I’m in love with you.  

Jill: Wow…

Sean (sarcastic): Yeah, sure, “wow.”  I’m sure you didn’t have a clue about how I felt when I kissed you the other day, right?  This is all new to you?

He looks off, shaking his head.

Sean cont’d: You know, all you’ve done is lie to me.

Jill starts to protest, but doesn’t have time.

Sean cont’d: I was humoring you and your “plans”…and you were sneaking around with Scout.

Jill looks down.

Sean cont’d: You’re not even going to deny it, are you?

Jill: Look, you don’t understand.  It started off with Scout and me setting you and Bella up on a date.

Sean: That Bella never showed up to.

She looks at him like, wondering how he knows.

Jill: But I couldn’t tell you that so…I came up with a new plan.  I wasn’t going to tell Scout, but—

Sean: You did.  Obviously.

Jill looks off.

Sean cont’d: Jill, why didn’t you just tell me he knew? 

Jill looks back him.

Jill: I didn’t want to hurt you.

Sean: That’s another plan that fell through, Jill, because…you did.

She looks at him apologetically.

Sean cont’d: Besides, it wouldn’t have hurt me.  It would have made things easier.  He would have been one less person to fake it with.

Jill (shouting): Did it ever occur to you that I liked faking it?  That I liked pretending we were together?

Jill pauses as if something was occurring to her for the first time.  He narrows his eyes.

Sean: I don’t buy it.

Jill looks at him, confused.

Sean cont’d: You obviously love Scout. 

Jill takes a moment getting her thoughts together.  Sean shakes his head and turns to walk off.

Jill: I do love Scout.  I probably always will.  He’s the first person I ever loved, but, Sean…that doesn’t mean I could never love…anyone else.

He stops, turning back to her.

Jill cont’d: That doesn’t mean I could never love…you.

He stares at her.  A beat.

Sean: I have to go.  My parents are probably wondering where I am.

He turns and walks away.

(cut to): a long shot above the lawn as Sean walks off leaving Jill standing alone and dejected.  We stay with this shot as Sean gets further away.

Will (voice over): A lot of us got what we wanted last night: a first date…a first dance…a first kiss…a first time.  We experienced moments we won’t ever have again, but will always want to re-live, lingering like a first love that remains forever near our heart. 

Sean finally walks far enough away from Jill to walk out of frame.

Will (v.o.) cont’d:  Some of us, though, are left still wanting…

(fade out)






Junior Year