Either Way


Original Story by Estee

Written and Produced by Mae and Estee

Music Arranged by Mae


Mae says: So, I was just about over with writing fan fiction forever when Estee pitched a story idea that I couldn't resist.  Plus, how could I even deny an opportunity to work with her?  I couldn't, exactly. So, we went to work...and worked...and worked.  I've lost track of how long we've been tossing this thing back and forth, but let's just say...I've traveled between Los Angeles and New York four times since then.  But, I must say, it has been a lot of fun.  So, hopefully, you'll have as much fun reading it as we had writing it.  It was truly an epic undertaking.  Thanks to Estee for giving me yet another distraction from the piles of papers to write (not for enjoyment) and books to read (again, not for enjoyment) and for giving me the chance to work with one of the people who got me writing fanfiction in the first place.  And thanks to all of you who are about to read this.  Keep some food and beverage handy.  You may be here awhile.


Estee says: This has been in the works for quite some time and I am quite glad to be releasing it…finally!  It was really a pleasure to work with someone like Mae.  I think her knack for nailing angst combined well with the dialogue-driven fic that I typically produce.  She was quite flexible in style and eased right into New Beginnings bold and italics requirements.  I think if you’re a fan of Mae or a fan of New Beginnings, you’ll definitely end up enjoying this fic.  And, if you’re not a fan of either, it might still be a perfect synthesis of styles.  In other words, there is no way you cannot get some sort of pleasure and satisfaction from reading this fic.  Even if it is only that you’ve read an EPIC Young Americans fan fiction.  So, thanks to Mae.  Thanks also to Cate and Camisha for being encouraging about this fic.  And, of course, thanks to Harmony who was always nearby while I was working on this to keep me and my crazy ideas in check.


Note: As with any New Beginnings future fic, it is important to remember that this is not where the characters will be in the future, but where they could be.  This is not a definite; it is merely a maybe.  Fictitious fiction, if you will J.


Music: Please view the soundtrack as you’re reading along.  You can find lyrics, artist info and samples of the songs used.  The soundtrack will open in a new window so you can use it as a reference as you read.


(fade in): to the sky.  We pan slightly to the left to reveal a wing.  We’re in an airplane.   We pan back to just the sky…the clouds.  We hear our title track (Either Way by Guster1) as credit sequence plays in the clouds.  Our characters will be dreamers…people who want.  The sequence ends.

(cut to): the reverse shot through the window.  A man, Will Krudski, stares out the window, lost in his thoughts…in his dreams.

Will (v.o.): When I left New Rawley—really left— there were certain things I wanted to accomplish.  I wanted to go to college and become something.  I wanted to get married and have children.  I wanted to feel fulfilled and be happy.  Nothing particularly grand or out of the ordinary.  I just wanted…a life.  My own life.  One that was simple, but meaningful. 

Will pulls out a laptop and opens it.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Well, I did go to college…and I did become something.

He starts typing.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I became a writer.

He pauses typing.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Other than that.  I have nothing that I want.  And what I want most is entirely unattainable.

(cut to): A six year old, pajama clad, blonde boy sitting  in the middle of a big bed.  He’s watching a TV that’s been pulled into the bedroom on a cart.  His name is Sam.

Sam: Mom…hurry up.  The movie’s about to start…

Bella Banks walks out of the adjacent bathroom, also in pajamas.  She smiles and walks over to the bed, getting under the covers.  Sam scoots up and snuggles up next to her.

Sean: What’s going on in here?

(cut to): the doorway where Sean stands, dressed in a partially un-buttoned police uniform, minus the gun, badge and shoes.

Sam: We’re about to watch a movie…come on…

(cut to): the bed.  Sean walks over and slides onto the bed next to Sam.  Sam grabs his arm and pulls him over more.  Sean and Bella smile at each other as Sean grabs a pillow, leans it against Sam and lies down.  The camera pulls back as we take in…the perfect family.

(fade to): 




March 20, 2011

8:30 p.m.

Music: Sunny Sunday by Leona Naess2 | soundtrack


(fade in): to an aerial shot of Boston.  The skyline has changed slightly, but not entirely.

(cut to): a residential area.  The houses look small and old, but not totally unappealing. 

(cut to): one of the smaller houses on this block.  A taxi pulls up in front of the house.

(cut to): a shot from the other side of the taxi as Will Krudski gets out, carrying a bag.  He looks up at the house.

(cut to): the front door as Will knocks.  The door opens slowly to reveal Bella Banks. 

(cut to): a shot from the side.  Will just stands there without saying anything for long enough to make the moment awkward.  Bella is shocked to see him.  After blinking several times as if making sure he’s truly there, she speaks nervously:

Bella: Will…I…God, come in.

(cut to): inside the house.  Bella gives Will an awkward hug which he hesitantly returns. 

(cut to): the living room.  Will and Bella walk in.  Will looks around.

Will: This place is nice…just how I pictured it.

Bella: It’s a wreck right now. 

She notices a baseball on the floor by the couch.  She discreetly kicks it under the couch.  Will noticed, but pretends he doesn’t.

Bella cont’d: How’d you even find it?

Will pauses to think before answering

(cut to):




September 19, 2010

11:39 p.m.


(cut to): Will  in a hotel room on his cell phone.

Will: God, Scout…I can’t believe you’re going to be a dad.  That’s so great.

(slide to): a split screen.  Scout sits on the couch in the New York City apartment he shares with Jill.

Scout: I know…I can’t believe how…

He thinks of something, but continues:

Scout cont’d: …how lucky I am.

Will: Yeah, definitely.

Scout: What about you?  Ever think about settling down and having a family?

Will: Remember how Finn said “the life of the philosopher-poet is a solitary one?”

Scout: No…

He genuinely makes an effort to remember.

Scout cont’d: …not at all.

Will laughs.

Will: Well, I guess it always stuck with me.

Scout: Will, that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.  Have you been dating?

Will: No…not really.  At this point, I’m miserably hung up in the unrequited love department. 

Scout: I don’t know exactly what that means, but if—

Will: Forget it.

A beat.

Scout: So, hey, you’ve been getting back in touch with everyone, right?

Will: Uh huh.  I’ve emailed Hamilton a few times.  He gave me Jake’s email the other day.

Scout: What about…Bella?

Will: Oh…well…I don’t have any of her info, but—

Scout: Get out a pen.

(cut to):




March 20, 2011

8:41 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Sunny Sunday by Leona Naess (cont’d) | soundtrack


(cut to): Will and Bella in her living room.  Will's been relaying the story of how he found the place.

Will: I think he gave me like every number you have...including your address.  I mean, you're not mad—

Bella: Oh, no…no, of course not.

An awkward beat.

Bella cont’d: Do you want to sit down?

(cut to): the couch as Will takes a seat.  Bella sits in a nearby chair.

Will: So…where’s Sean?

Bella gives him curious look: he knows about Sean.

Bella: He took—he…went to the movies.

Will: Oh.

A beat.

Bella: I read your book.

Will: Really?  What’d you think?

Bella: I liked it.  I saw you in it.

Will smiles.  A beat.

Bella cont’d: It’s been forever, Will.

Will: I know.  I would have come sooner, but when I’m home, it’s usually only for a few days and New Rawley to Boston and back is a day trip at least. 

Bella: I didn’t mean—

Will: I probably should have at least called…at some point.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Well, I guess the last time we saw each other was pretty—

Will: …yeah, but we’re better friends than that.

Bella takes a deep breath.

Bella: I feel like what happened has gotten in the way of you and…well, a couple of people…

Before Will has the chance to ask who, they are interrupted by the sound of the front door unlocking.

(cut to): the entryway of the living room as Sean walks in carrying Sam who has fallen asleep with his head on Sean’s shoulder.  Sean freezes when he sees Will.  He forces a smile that quickly begins to look genuine.

Sean (whispered): It’s great to see you.

(cut to): Will and Bella.  Will tries not to react as Bella looks over at him.  Sean walks further in the room.  Bella stands up as Sam turns his head and opens his eyes a little.

Sam: Hi, Mom.

Will looks carefully at Sam then at Bella.  She closes her eyes and swallows while purposefully not looking at Will.

Bella: Did you have fun at the movies?

Sam: Uh-huh.

Sam turns his head back the other way, closing his eyes and putting his head back against Sean’s shoulder.

Sam cont’d: Thanks for taking me.  I love you.

Bella looks up at Sean who smiles.

Sean: I love you too, buddy.

Bella: Why don’t I take him up to bed?

Sean nods, but when Bella goes to take him, he’s holding onto to Sean pretty tightly and it makes the transfer awkward.

Sean: Why don’t I just take him?

Bella nods as she kisses Sam on the head. 

Sean: Will, don’t try and go anywhere, okay?

Will nods.  Sean walks out of the room.  Bella takes a deep breath, sitting next to Will on the couch.

Bella: So…I have a son.

Will: I know.

Bella: His name is Sam.

Will nods. Bella, who’s been looking away, looks up at Will.

Bella cont’d: I didn’t know how to tell you, Will.

Will: I knew.

Bella looks at him inquisitively.

Will cont’d: I went to the hospital.  I got to the door.  You were asleep and Sean was holding him and…it just seemed too perfect without me: I couldn’t go in.

Bella looks down, processing this information.

Will cont’d: You have to understand, Bella, when I left for college that fall…I was in love with you.  I spent my entire freshman year waiting for one moment.  I planned it out a thousand times.  What I’d say.  When I’d kiss you.  How I’d answer when you asked me why I hadn’t written.  How I’d beg you to go back to California with me in the fall. 

He pauses.

Will cont’d: I knocked on your door in New Rawley to start that moment and…that’s when I found out about…Sam. 

(cut to):


New Rawley


May 28, 2004

12:26 p.m.

Sam: a few hours old


(cut to): Will is standing at the door of the garage.  Grace opens the door.

Grace: Hey, what are you doing here?

Will: I’m here to see Bella.

Grace: Well, she’s not here, dummy.

Will: Oh, she hasn’t gotten back yet?

Grace: She hasn’t even had it yet, but…she’s staying in Boston anyway. 

Will: “Had it”?

Grace: Now that I think about it, maybe she has.  You might want to hurry if you’re going to get there in time.  Charlie and I are going tonight.  They already know it’s going to be a boy.

Will tries to catch on and play along.

Will: The baby?

Grace: Uh-huh.  Come on in; I’ll get you the address for the hospital.

Will follows her inside.

(cut to):




March 20, 2011

8:49 p.m.


(cut to): Will and Bella talking on the couch.

Bella: Grace never told me.

Will: When I went back, I asked her not to. 

Bella is still looking down.  He looks at her carefully, and speaks cautiously:

Will cont’d: I…I loved you…

Bella looks up at him now, surprised.

Will cont’d: …but…how would I have been able to tell you…with things the way they were?  I was scared.  But mostly I felt…

He looks down briefly, then back up, not sure if he should say what he’s about to:

Will cont’d: …betrayed. 

Bella looks down, feeling bad about this.

Will cont’d: I know it was a terrible thing to do, but I was this nineteen year old with a broken heart and a wounded ego.  I certainly couldn’t tell you how I felt, but…I couldn’t walk in and say “Congratulations on your new baby boy” either.  I wanted to run away. 

Bella: And so you did.

Will: Back to California first thing the next morning.

Bella: Wow.

She looks back at him.

Will: I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have left.  I should have walked in and shook his hand and—

Bella: Wait, shook whose hand?

Will: Sean’s.

Bella gets it more than she did before.

Bella: Will…Sean and I weren’t together then.

Will: What?

Bella: Not then…not now…not ever.

Will looks really confused.  From the doorway, Sean clears his throat.

(cut to): the doorway where Sean leans against the frame.  He didn’t just walk in.

Sean: He’s asleep.  He woke back up enough to change into his pajamas, but we started reading the train book and he was out like a light.

He looks at Will.

Sean cont’d: He’s been on a train kick ever since Bella and I took him on the train to New York a couple of months ago.

Bella: Um…thank you, Sean...for putting him to bed.

Sean: I think it might have been the highlight of my day.  Did you hear him say “I love you?”

Bella smiles despite herself.

Bella: Yes, I did.

Sean turns to Will.

Sean: He hardly ever says it first.  That seriously made my night.

Will looks at Bella.  Bella looks at Sean.

Bella: You have work early tomorrow, right?

Sean looks at Bella.  She wants to be alone with Will; he gets it.

Will: I hear you’re a cop. 

Sean: Yeah…BPD.  Not my first choice, but there’s not much you can do with a criminal justice degree.

Will: What happened to law school?

Sean and Bella exchange looks.  Sean looks down then back up at Will with a smile.

Sean: Maybe one day. 

A beat.  Bella looks uncomfortable.

Sean cont’d: Well…I’m beat and, like she said, I’ve got work early so I’m going to grab a shower and hit the sack.

Bella: Goodnight, Sean.

He nods goodnight to her, looking disappointed with her dismissal.

Will: It’s good to see you.

Sean looks back at Will.

Sean: Yeah…you too.  How long are you staying?

Will: Until I hear from Scout or Hamilton or Jake.

Sean: Gonna be there when the baby’s born, huh?

Sean looks over at Bella like he’s making a point to her.

Will: I’ve been trying to repair bridges for about a year now.  Scout and I have been talking quite a bit lately…and, he asked me to be there.

Sean: He asked us too, but…

Bella: …we both have work.

Sean: Yeah, we’re not raking in the dough with our latest best seller.

Will doesn’t know if this is a compliment or an insult.  Sean looks at Bella one last time.  She looks up at him, but away when she finds him looking at her.  He shakes his head slightly.

Sean: Night, guys.

He exits before either of them respond.  Bella and Will look at each other.

Will: Is he…okay?

Bella: Yeah.  Do you want a beer or something?

Will: That’d be nice.

(cut to):




March 20, 2011

9:30 p.m.

Music: First Time by Matt Nathanson3 | soundtrack


(cut to): Bella and Will sitting outside on the steps of the porch.  They each have a bottle of beer: Bella’s slightly more empty than Will’s.

Will:  So…you’re telling me that you and Sean never…

Bella: …dated?  Had a kid together?  No, Will, we didn’t.

Will: So, how come you’re living with him?

Bella: After my first semester at B.U., I was on my way to the bus station to go back to New Rawley forever and he asked me to come stay here instead.  I mean, a pregnant girl…what a way to cramp his style.

Will: Who was it that gave him this place again?

Bella: His great aunt Sara.  She moved to Miami the summer we graduated.  She asked him to take care of the place until she came back…which would be never.  She’s a party animal.

Will laughs.

Will: I totally remember that now.

A beat.  He takes a sip of the beer, studying the label.  The moment is tense.  Neither of them knows where to go next.  Will takes one more sip then proceeds:

Will cont’d: So…am I the only one who doesn’t know that you have a son?

Bella looks at him hesitantly.

Bella: Hardly anyone in New Rawley knows.  Charlie manages to visit at least once a month.  Grace used to…until she got engaged.

Will laughs.

Will: Grace?  Settling down?

Bella: I was as shocked as you are.

A beat.  Bella again speaks cautiously:

Bella: I took him to meet your mom once.  I told her not to tell you.  I said I was embarrassed and it didn’t matter because I’d probably never see you again.  She said she understood.  I think she probably picked up on everything I didn’t tell her.

Will: Maybe I can get her to explain it to me the next time I go home.

A beat.  The awkwardness becomes obvious again.  Bella finishes off her beer and sets the bottle down.  Will looks out into the street.  He can’t believe he’s here…with her.  He can’t believe everything he thought was true…wasn’t.  Bella knows what he’s thinking.  She studies him, but doesn’t know what more she can say…how she can fix this.

Will cont’d: God, I wish I’d walked into that hospital room six years ago.

Will takes the last sip of his beer.

Bella: What would you have done?

Will looks over at her, thinking of an answer.  He’s almost afraid to tell her what he wished he had done.  He looks down to answer:

Will: I would have gone through with my plan. 

She waits for him to go on.  After a moment of hesitation, he does:

Will cont’d: I would have told you that I was still in love with you and that I wanted you to move away with me and build a life with me.

She’s hooked.  She leans over more. 

Bella (longingly): …and tell me why you hadn’t written?

He realizes she’s gotten closer.  He smiles.  He leans toward her slightly.  Suddenly, close like this, his fear is gone and her hesitation is waning.

Will: Because there were no words that could show you how I felt.  Only one thing could.

Bella (whispered): …and that’s when you’d…

Will (whispered): …kiss you. 

He leans even closer, swallowing.

Will cont’d: That’s when I’d kiss you.

With her lips just a few inches from his, she hesitates, but only until he kisses her.  She kisses him back like she’s been waiting seven years for this kiss. 

(fade out)

(cut to):


New York City


March 21, 2011

9:30 p.m.

Music: First Time by Matt Nathanson (cont’d) | soundtrack


(cut to): a helicopter shot of the city taken from the harbor.  Like Boston, the city hasn’t changed drastically.

(cut to): a shot of a hospital somewhere in the city.

(cut to): the hall in the hospital.  Will is sitting in a seat holding a video camera.  He’s got the screen open and is watching a recently shot video.

(cut to): a shot over his shoulder of the video.  It’s of Jill, Scout and their new baby in a room that is just down the hall.  Jill is holding the baby and Scout is sitting on the bed next to her.  Scout looks up at the camera.

Scout (on camera): Will, come here…get a closer shot…look at his little hands.

The camera zooms in a little as Scout gently picks up one of the baby’s hands.

Scout (on camera and in babytalk) cont’d: Look at him, aw, he’s such a cute little-

Jill (on camera): Sweetheart, I thought we weren’t going to do the baby voice thing.

The camera zooms out again as Scout rolls his eyes playfully at Jill.

Scout (on camera): Mommy is so tough…yes she is, yes she is.  I love her anyway, though.

He looks up at Jill.  She mouths “I love you too” to him.  He smiles.  The camera zooms out shakily as it captures this happy moment.

(cut to): Will as he watches.  He’s smiling, but is also near tears. 

(cut to): the hall as Scout exits a room.  He pauses to watch Will before he speaks to him:

Scout: Will, what are you doing out here?

(cut to): Will who snaps the viewing screen closed and looks up.

Will: Just…making sure the video turned out okay.

Scout walks over and sits down next to him.

Scout: I wanted to thank you for being here today.  It means a lot.

Will smiles.

Will: Scout…can I ask you something?

Scout raises his eyebrows.

Will cont’d: How’d you get the life you wanted?

Scout looks at him with no clue of how to answer this question. 

Scout: What do you want that you don’t have, Will?

Will looks down at the video camera again.

Will: I didn’t fly in from Washington.  I took the train…

Scout: All the way from Washington?

Will: …from Boston.

Scout: Oh…

For some reason, Scout seems to understand everything a little better.

Will cont’d: So much is completely beyond my control here and I know it, but…I still want to make everything right.

Scout: I feel…responsible for some of this, Will.  I should have told you before.

Will: It wasn’t your responsibility to do that.  None of this is your fault.

(cut to): the room door where Scout came from.  Jake and Hamilton rush out excitedly.

Hamilton: You guys…you have to come see this.

Jake: He’s so cute…hurry up…you’re gonna miss it.

(cut to): Scout and Will.  Will forces a smile. 

(cut to): Jake and Ham who look at each other like “what’s up with them?”

(cut to): Will and Scout.

Will: Come on…let’s go see what your cute kid is up to now.

Scout smiles as they get up.

(cut to): Jill’s room.  The shot is taken from the doorway as Scout stands next to Jill and takes over holding-the-baby duties.

Hamilton: See, that is definitely a smile.

Scout looks down at the baby, who does seem to be smiling.  Scout smiles himself.

(cut to): the doorway.  Will stands in front of Jake and Hamilton who look over his shoulder at the scene.  Will tries to smile, but the experience seems to be painful for him.

(cut to):


New York City


March 21, 2011

11:47 p.m.


(cut to): the canteen area.  Will is getting a cup of coffee.  Scout walks in.

Scout: Jill’s asleep.  The baby’s asleep.

Will laughs.

Will: Is that his official name?  “The baby?”

Scout smiles.

Scout: John Gregory Calhoun…and we have no idea what to call him.  I was pushing for Jack, but then my wife pointed out that her name is Jill.

Will laughs.

Will: I always wondered why she never shortened Jacqueline.

Scout laughs.  A beat.

Scout: Listen, Jake and Ham went home awhile ago.  You don’t have to stay here.

Will smiles.

Will: I don’t have anywhere else to be.

Scout: Are you staying in the city tonight?

Will: I’m thinking of staying a little longer than that actually.  I’ve been on the west coast too long.

Scout: You’re talking about moving?  Here?

Will nods.

Will: My publishing company is based here and they’ve been trying to get me to move here for awhile.  They’d be creating a position for me.  It’s a huge opportunity…especially for someone my age.
Scout nods.

Scout: But, that’s not the real reason.

Will looks away.

Scout cont’d: Do you want to tell me what happened in Boston?

Will looks down into his coffee.

Will: You know, I am pretty tired.

He stands.

Will cont’d: I think I’ll head out.

Scout: Will…

Will: Which hotels are nearby? 

Scout: You’re not going to stay at a hotel.

Will: But—

Scout: You’ll stay with Hamilton.

Will laughs.

Will: Maybe we should run that by Hamilton.

Scout: You go.  I’ll call him.

(cut to):


New York City


March 21, 2011

12:05  a.m.

Music: Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse4 | soundtrack


(cut to): an establishing shot of Hamilton’s place.

(cut to): the bedroom.  Hamilton and Jake are lying together under the covers in Hamilton’s bed.  They’re in a typical “spooning” position and Hamilton has one arm wrapped around her. As far as we can see they don’t have any clothes on.  Hamilton pushes some hair off her neck and kisses her there.  She smiles, closing her eyes. 

Hamilton: I’m glad you stayed tonight.  I wish you’d do it more often.

Jake turns around so that she’s facing him.  She looks at him thoughtfully and speaks tentatively:

Jake: Being in this bed…this apartment…it’s hard for me, Hamilton.

Hamilton looks down, feeling terrible.  This makes Jake feel bad.  She moves closer to him and kisses him.  The kiss intensifies, but Hamilton has something to say so he pulls back.

Jake cont’d: What is it?

Hamilton: Let’s move somewhere together.

Jake: I thought that was the plan.  After we get married, find a—

Hamilton: I’m not talking about after we get married.  I’m talking about this week…or tomorrow…or right now.

Jake laughs.

Jake: I know we like to consider ourselves spontaneous, but…are you crazy?

Hamilton: It’s not spontaneous at all.  Your rule is that we have to be engaged a year before we even start planning the wedding.  That means we’re not getting married for like another year.  If anything, this is excessive planning ahead.

Jake looks at him.  He gets a little more serious.

Hamilton cont’d: I love you and…when you’re not here, I notice.

Jake laughs.

Jake: I hope so.

Hamilton: I was trying to be romantic.

Jake continues to laugh as she kisses him.

Jake: You know this new plan of yours would defeat the purpose of the “being engaged for a year” rule.

Hamilton looks at her, wondering if she just accepted the moving suggestion.  She smiles and he kisses her quickly.

Hamilton: Why does that rule exist anyway?

Jake looks at him and pushes some hair off his forehead.

Jake: Hmm…I forget.

He smiles and moves in to kiss her.  This isn’t the kind of kiss that ends there, but it does when the phone rings.  Jake pulls away from Hamilton.

Hamilton: Let the machine get it.

He kisses her again, trying to move on.

Jake: What if something’s wrong.

Hamilton stops kissing her and rolls over to answer it.

Hamilton: Hello?…Scout?  Is everything okay?

Hamilton sits up slightly.  Jake does the same, pulling the blanket up with her.

Hamilton cont’d: …you told him what?  Come on, man…Jake’s here…I know…Scout, shut up.  I don’t need a lecture on friendship.  He can stay here.  How’s the baby?…Aw.  Give them both a kiss from us…night, Dad.

Hamilton hangs up the phone.

Jake: Will?

Hamilton: He’s on his way over.

The buzzer goes off from the living room.

Hamilton cont’d: Correction: he’s here.

(cut to): outside the door where Will stands after being buzzed up.  The door opens to reveal Hamilton now wearing boxers and a t-shirt.

Hamilton: Hi and welcome to my humble abode.

(cut to): inside.  Will walks in and looks around.

Will: Wow, this is an awesome apartment.

Hamilton: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Jake walks out into the living room as she tucks her shirt in.  She’s now fully dressed again.  She smiles.

Jake: I think I’m going to head home, Hamilton.

Hamilton: What?

Will: I knew this was a bad idea.  I can—

Jake: Don’t be ridiculous.  You’re not going to stay at a hotel when you have friends in the city.  If you get tired of Hamilton, you can sleep on my couch.

She walks over to the closet by the door and takes out her coat.  Will smiles and looks down, glad to be among his old friends.

Jake cont’d: Goodnight.

She pats Will’s arm.  Hamilton wanders over to the door and opens it for her.  She kisses him on the cheek then leaves.  Hamilton closes the door.  He turns to Will with a smile.

Hamilton: Guest room’s this way, Mr. Krudski.

Hamilton nods toward the hall.

Will: Thanks Ham.  I really am sorry for the intrusion.  I told Scout—

Hamilton: Will, it’s cool, okay?  I’m glad to have you here.

Will smiles.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

12:18 a.m.


(cut to): the kitchen.  Hamilton has been making coffee.  He pours a cup and sets it in front of Will.

Will: You know, it’s way too late for coffee, but…she emails me about this coffee.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Seriously?

Will: On more than one occasion.  You two are hilarious in email.  I’m glad you’ve been writing so much these past few months.

Hamilton: Well, I guess we’ve had a lot to write about.  I’m glad you got back in touch, Will. 

Will: Yeah, me too.

Hamilton pours himself a cup of coffee.

Hamilton: So, what about you?  Huh?  Mr. Book Tour?  Mr. Traveling the Country?

Will: I’m thinking of settling down actually.

Hamilton: Where?

Will: Here.

Hamilton: Oh yeah?

Will: I wasn’t in Seattle; I was in Boston.

Hamilton leans against the counter.  A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: So, how was Bella?

Will: Fine.

Hamilton takes another sip of his coffee.

Hamilton: What about…Sam?

Will: So…you all know, right?

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: I never got the “don’t tell Will” thing either.  Like, so she has a kid…what’s the big deal, right?

Will looks down into his coffee.  Hamilton looks over at him.

Hamilton cont’d: Unless it is a big deal…

Ham walks over and sits next to Will.

Will: Have you met him…Sam?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Yeah, I have.

Will raises his eyebrows.

Hamilton cont’d: He’s so cool.  One time, Jake and I took him to the zoo.  He’d just turned two and he knew all the animals and he talked the entire time.  That’s like when I decided that there was no way I could not have kids at some point.  He was awesome.

Will laughs, almost sadly, looking down into his coffee.

Hamilton cont’d: So what happened in Boston?

Will picks up his coffee and takes another sip.

Will: Bella and I had a few beers and—

Hamilton: So she liquored you up and you two—

Will: Talked…for a very long time.  We caught up on seven years.

Hamilton nods.

Will cont’d: And, that plus the birth of Scout Calhoun’s first son has made me pretty tired so…

Hamilton: Oh, yeah, of course.

Hamilton stands up taking Will’s cup and his own over to the sink.  Will stands up.

Will: Goodnight Hamilton.

Hamilton: Night.

Will: Thanks for the place to stay.

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: My house is your house.

Will smiles and walks out.  Hamilton looks at him thoughtfully then turns to the sink.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

12:41 a.m.


(cut to): Bella and Sean’s house.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Bella is at the table sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book.  Sean walks in wearing his uniform.  He just got back from work.  He freezes a moment when he sees her, but walks in and past her.

Bella: Sean, wait.

He pauses at the door.

Sean: We don’t need to talk about it.

He exits.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

1:01 a.m.


(cut to): Sean’s room.  He walks out of his bathroom wearing sweatpants and a t shirt.  His hair is still wet from a shower.  He stretches then sits down in his bed.  He puts his head in his hands for a moment to regroup before going to sleep.  There’s a knock at the door.  Sean looks up as Bella opens the door slowly.

Bella: Sean…I wanted to apologize.

Sean: To who?

She walks in and closes the door.

Bella: To you.

Sean: You don’t owe me an apology, Bella.  You don’t owe me anything.

Bella: I owe you everything, Sean.

(cut to):




December 12, 2003

8:00 p.m.

Sam: not yet born   

Music: Shiver by Coldplay5 | soundtrack


(cut to): a freshmen dormitory at Boston University

(cut to): inside.  Bella is sitting on her bed, with several suitcases and boxes around her.  Another girl, her roommate Lauren, is standing near the door.

Lauren: I can’t believe you’re leaving for good.

Bella stands.  For the first time, we realize Bella is (four months) pregnant.

Bella: I don’t think I can make it another semester…not with five classes plus this…

She puts her hand on her stomach.

Lauren: Well, I’m going to miss you.

Bella: I’ll miss you too.

They hug.

Lauren: I still have one more final to study for so…I have to go to the library.

Bella nods.

Lauren cont’d: You have my email…and definitely my phone number.  If you ever need anything…

Bella: I know.

Lauren gives her one more hug then leaves.  Bella looks around the room one more time then picks up one of her suitcases.  There’s a knock.  The door opens and Sean walks in.

Bella: Hey…what are you doing here?

Sean: Did you think I’d let you take the bus?

Bella smiles.

Bella: I’ll be fine on the bus.

Sean: Who’s going to carry your stuff?

Bella: Me.

Sean looks at her doubtfully.

Sean: My car’s outside.

He smiles.

(cut to):




December 12, 2003

8:30 p.m.

Sam: not yet born


(cut to): his car, actually a truck, driving down a street in Boston.

Sean: Are you sure about going back?

Bella: Where else am I going to go, Sean?

He considers this.

Bella cont’d: Believe me, the goal was always to get out, but this is my only option. 

They reach a stoplight.  Sean takes a deep breath.

Sean: Why don’t you stay with me?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of having a “kick ass bachelor pad?”

Sean: I don’t care about that.  It’s cool that your dad has been understanding about everything, but…you deserve the chance to get out and stay out.  If you go back to New Rawley now…you might not ever leave again.

Bella looks down.

Bella: Call it…penance.

A beat.  Sean continues to look at her as she glances up at the light.

Bella cont’d: The light’s green.

Sean: I would really like you to stay with me.  You’d only be taking one semester off. 

Bella: I couldn’t do that to you.

Sean: Don’t give up on your dreams because of one bad judgment call at one stupid frat party the first week you came to college.

Bella again looks down.  She touches her stomach and closes her eyes.

Bella: Okay.

Sean smiles.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

1:02 a.m.


(cut to): Sean’s bedroom where Sean and Bella have both been considering why she owes him everything.

Sean: Look, Bella, I’ve always been here and I’ll always be here.  Nothing could change that.  So, you don’t have to apologize for what happened with…with him.  He’s “the one that got away” and I understand that…and I understand how you feel about him.

Bella blushes now, but nods.  A beat.

Bella: He asked me to move to New York…with Sam.

Sean looks down then back up at her. He forces a smile.

Sean: That’s great news, Bella.

Sean stands up.  He opens the door.

Sean cont’d: Goodnight.

Bella turns to leave.

Sean cont’d: Hey.

She turns back to him.

Sean cont’d: Did you talk to Sam?

Bella: About moving?  I mentioned it today.  He said he liked it here…with you.

Sean smiles at this, but remember what he was going to say.

Sean: Not about moving.  About this morning.

Bella blushes again and looks down.

(cut to):




March 21, 2011

6:05 a.m.


(cut to): the upstairs hallway.  Sam walks out of his room.  He passes Sean’s open door and looks inside.  Sean is asleep in his bed. 

Sam: Sean, wake up…are you going to watch cartoons with me before you have to go to work?

Sean barely seems to wake up. 

Sean: Five more minutes, buddy.

Sean continues to sleep.  Sam looks slightly disappointed, but it’s nothing major.  He walks on down the hall.  He stops at his mom’s door.  It’s closed.  He tilts his head and reaches for the handle.  He opens the door. 

(cut to): a shot from his point of view.  Bella and Will are in bed, just awake.  Will leans over Bella as he kisses her.

(cut to): Sam who freaks.  He doesn’t say anything.  Instead he screams at the top of his lungs. 

(cut to): Will and Bella who are startled.  Bella sits up.

Bella: Sam…shhh…it’s okay.

This doesn’t make him stop.  Bella starts to get out of bed.

(cut to): the hall where Sam still screams.  Sean comes running out of his room. 

Sean: Sam…what’s wrong?

He kneels down next to him, placing a hand on his back.  Sam shuts up.  Sean is still concentrating on making sure he’s okay when he realizes that Sam is staring into Bella’s room.  Sean turns to look.

(cut to): the room.  Will is sitting up in bed, looking embarrassed.  Bella was about to get up, but now can’t seem to move.  She locks eyes with Sean.

(cut to): Sean.  He continues to look at her a moment then casts what is unmistakably a jealous glance at Will.  He looks back at Sam.

Sean: Hey…cartoons, right?  Come on, Sam.

Sam looks over at him and nods.  Sean takes his hand and leads him down the stairs.

(cut to): Will and Bella.  They look at each other, not knowing what to say.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

1:04 a.m.


(cut to): Bella and Sean’s previous discussion in Sean's room.  Bella has been forced out into the hall.  Sean leans against the doorframe.

Bella: After Will left, we talked about it.

Sean nods.

Sean: Okay, good.

Bella: We haven’t talked about it.

Sean: And, I told you…we don’t need to.  I’m not six.  I get it.

Bella looks at him.  She regrets hurting him.

Sean cont’d: When do you leave?

Bella: I didn’t say I was going…I said he asked.

Sean: You said no?

He seems almost hopeful.

Bella: I didn’t say anything.

Sean: Oh, okay…well…goodnight Bella.

Before she can protest, he closes his door.

(fade out)

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

7:09 a.m.


(cut to): to Hamilton’s apartment in the city.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Will is dressed and sitting at the table looking at the newspaper.  Hamilton walks in.  He just woke up.

Hamilton: God, why are you up?  Did I oversleep?

Hamilton looks at the clock on the microwave.

Will: No…I just wanted an early start.  I’m on an apartment hunt.

Hamilton blinks.

Hamilton: What?

Will shrugs.

Will: I’m tired of the west coast.

Hamilton: You’re moving to New York?

Will nods.  Hamilton mulls this over for a moment, then thinks of something.

Hamilton cont’d: That’s perfect…you can live here…or at Jake’s.

Will: Hamilton—

Hamilton: See, we’re moving in together…into a whole new apartment.  In fact, give me that.

He takes the newspaper from Will.  Will laughs and looks around.

Will: This is a really great place.

Hamilton: Tell me about it. 

Will: Why don’t you just get Jake to move in here?

Hamilton looks at him, not wanting to get into it.

Hamilton: We just want a place that’s ours. 

Will nods.  A beat.

Hamilton cont’d: This move…it doesn’t have anything to do with…Bella?

Will chuckles.  It’s time to confess.

Will: Well, yes, it does.  I asked her to move here with me.

Hamilton: What about Sean?

Will is confused.

Will: What about him?

Hamilton: I just thought…I mean…I know they’re not “together,” but...I always assumed

Will: What?

Hamilton: Okay…didn’t you notice how married they are?

Will: What?

Hamilton: You know, I mean, not literally, but…Sean’s like the perfect husband…only better because…he’s not getting any.

Will: I guess he’s been a really good friend to her.

Hamilton: Yeah…

Hamilton thinks back.

(cut to):




May 14, 2006

6:21 p.m.

Sam: 2 years old

Music: Stupid Mouth by John Mayer6 | soundtrack


(cut to): The dining room at Bella and Sean's house.  This is the day Jake and Hamilton took Sam to the zoo.  Everyone is now back at the house in Boston, sitting around the dining room table.  Sam is in a high chair.  Sean, Hamilton and Jake sit at the table.  Bella walks in carrying a bowl of salad.  She looks really tired.

Sean: Why don’t you sit down…I’ll get the rest of it.

Sean stands up.

Bella: I got it.

Sean: You haven’t had any sleep in like three days, Bella…let me help.

She walks into the kitchen.

Sean: I’ll be right back.

He follows her.  Hamilton and Jake look at each other.

Sam: Ham, ham, ham…

Hamilton smiles and looks over at him.

Jake: Think he’s talking to you or he’s just hungry?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Hmm…could go either way.

They laugh.

Hamilton cont’d: Okay Sam…what does a pig say?

Sam: Oink, oink. 

Jake: He’s a genius.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Bella is getting a pot holder out of a drawer.

Sean: Why do you try to do everything yourself?

Bella: He says to the girl who’s been living in his house with her kid…without paying rent.

Sean: I don’t pay rent.

Bella: You pay utilities. 

Sean: And you buy groceries.

Bella: I think I’m going to get a second job.

Sean: Bella…

She opens the oven to get the main course out.  As she lifts it, it tilts and she drops the whole thing on the floor. 

Bella: God…dammit.

She slams the oven closed and throws the potholder down.  She slides down to the floor, on the verge of tears. 

Sean: Hey…it’s okay…everything is okay.

Bella: No…nothing is okay.  I think I failed my Philosophy test.  I can’t afford to lose my scholarship.

Sean: That’s not going to happen.

Sean sits down with her.

Bella: What if it does?

Sean: Then…I’ll get another job…

Bella smiles though she’s still almost crying.

Bella: Why are you so good to me?

Sean takes a deep breath and looks down.

Sean: Because I’m in love with you.

Bella looks up at him; he’s serious.  She’s shocked.  He takes a moment before looking up at her not-too-pleased face.

Sean cont’d: Right…bad time to bring this up.

Bella stands up.

Bella: I should move out.

Sean: Right now?

He stands up too.  She doesn’t answer. 

Sean cont’d: Look, I didn’t mean to freak you out.

Bella: I’m not freaked out…I just need to go…

Sean: Because you don’t feel the same way?

She looks at him, closing her eyes.

Bella: It doesn’t matter…

She looks down at the mess on the floor.  Sean watches her carefully.

Sean: Bella…forget I said that, okay?  I had no right…and…I…I didn’t even mean it.  It just seemed like the right thing to say, but…it’s not…it’s not true…I swear.

Bella essentially ignores him and bends down to pick up a piece of broken dish.  She’s not going anywhere.  Sean sighs with some relief and tries to recover into normalcy:

Sean cont’d: Think Jake and Ham like Chinese food?

(cut to): the dining room.  Hamilton is kneeling by Sam’s high chair, tickling his feet.  They’re both pretty cracked up.  Sean peaks his head out.

Sean: We had a little accident in here…how do you guys feel about Chinese?

Jake: Sesame chicken would be brilliant.

Sam: Chicken! Buck, buck, buck, buck…

Sean: Good, Sam…he’s getting good at that.

Hamilton: Watch this…it’s so cute…what does a tiger say?

Sam: RAH!!

Sean laughs.

Hamilton: Now, what does a baby tiger say?

Sam (quietly): rah…

Sean smiles.  Sam looks over at him.

Sam: Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean…

Sean: I love you, Sam.

Sam: Love you.

Sean turns to Jake.

Sean cont’d: We’ll just be another minute.

He goes back into the kitchen.

Jake: God, how married are they?

She points to the kitchen.

Hamilton: Yeah, why aren’t they together again?

He looks over at Sam who is looking at him, smiling.

Hamilton: He kind of looks like Sean, right?

Jake: I was thinking…Will.

Hamilton: Oh, right

Jake: What?  I think I saw him writing the great American novel in his playpen earlier.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: There’s no way this is Will’s kid…

Jake shrugs.

Jake: Okay.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

7:10 a.m.


(cut to): Hamilton and Will as they're discussing why Bella's moving to NYC.  It hits Hamilton.  What if?  He sits down at the table.

Hamilton: Hey, um…why now?  I mean, did Bella like tell you something that made you…ask her to move in with you?

Will looks up at him.

Will: No. 

Hamilton looks a little suspicious.  Will hesitates, but then offers a little more:

Will cont’d: When I was in Boston…Bella and I did more than “catch up.”

Hamilton: Oh…oh.

Will: And it was…good, you know?  Familiar.  Comforting. 

Hamilton: So…you had good sex and now you want her to move to New York with you?

Will: I take it you don’t approve.

Hamilton: No, hey…it sounds great.  And, like I said, this apartment is going on the market a.s.a.p. so…think about it, okay?

Will nods.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

7:13 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): Bella and Sean’s house, the kitchen.  Bella is dressed for work. On the counter are music books, a stack of papers, and an open grade book: she’s a teacher.  She has just finished making and wrapping a sandwich.  She shoves it in a brown paper bag.

Bella (yelling to the living room): Sam, come on, baby.

Sean walks into the kitchen, still in his sleepwear: sweats and a t shirt.

Bella: I can’t believe you have another day off.  I’m so jealous.

Sean: You can only work so many twelve-hour shifts a week.

Sean gets a cup from the cabinet and pours himself a cup of coffee.

Bella (again yelling): Sam!

(cut to): a closer shot of Sean at the table.  He looks up at her, then down, shaking his head.  He tries to concentrate on his coffee.

(cut to):




May 13, 2005

8:15 a.m.

Sam: almost 1 year old

Music: All Been Said Before by Matt Nathanson7 | soundtrack


(cut to): a similar scene, just six years earlier.  Sean sits at the table eating a bowl of cereal and looking in a textbook.  Bella walks in carrying a 1-year-old Sam.  Sean looks up and smiles.

Sean: Morning.

Bella: God, how did you end up with a final on the last day of finals?  My last one was like three days ago.

Sean: I’m just lucky I guess.

Bella gets a bottle out of the fridge and hands it to Sam who takes it.  She helps him get it in his mouth, then lets him take over.  She starts to open the cabinet to get a coffee cup out.  Sam swings the bottle and gets milk on her face.

Bella: Thank you, my darling.

She wipes her face with her hand.  Sean laughs then gets up.

Sean: Why don’t you let me take him?

Bella: You’re studying.

Sean reaches out for him and she hands him over.

Sean: Still going to see Scout today?

Bella: Yeah…I’m totally nervous.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen him in six months.  I have no idea what we’re going to talk about.

Sean: He’s going to love seeing Sam again…won’t he, buddy?  Yeah.

As Sean switches to the baby voice, Sam laughs.  Bella pours herself a cup of coffee.

Bella: And I think Jill still hates me.

Sean: No she doesn’t.

Bella looks at him skeptically.

Sean cont’d: No one could hate you, Bella.

Bella rolls her eyes as she takes a sip of her coffee.

Sean cont’d: Which reminds me…I need to talk to you.

Bella looks worried.

Bella: Conversations that start out like that never end well.

Sean chuckles.

Sean: Well…this could go either way, I guess.

Bella raises her eyebrows.

Sean: You’ve been here for over a year now and…

Bella: …you want me to leave.

Sean: What?  No, God…not at all.

Sean looks at Sam who hands Sean the bottle then puts his head on Sean’s shoulder.  Bella smiles as she reaches over and rubs Sam’s back.  Sean looks at her with reservation.

Sean cont’d: Bella…I…

Bella: Yeah?

He can’t say it; he makes up something else.

Sean: I just want to let you know that you’re welcome to stay here for…forever.  I mean…I know you always say you’re cramping my bachelor style and that you’re going to find another place for you and Sam.  I just want to make sure you know how much I love…having you here…you and Sam.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Okay.

Sean smiles, wishing he’d said more.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

7:14 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): the prior scene as Bella calls Sam again.  Sean is still upset from his memory.  Bella puts Sam’s lunch bag down and walks toward the door.

Bella cont’d: God, where is he…we’re going to be late.

Sean looks down at his coffee as Bella turns for a moment and looks at him.

(cut to):




May 13, 2005

8:50 a.m.

Sam: almost 1 year old


(cut to):  Sean is again sitting at the table studying, though now his cereal bowl is gone.  Bella walks back in carrying Sam, a stroller and a diaper bag.

Bella: Bye.

She somehow manages to lean over and kiss him on the cheek. 

Sean: Tell Scout I said hi and...have fun. 

He forces a smile. 

Bella: I’m sure we will.

She walks over to the back door.  She has trouble opening it.  Sean immediately hops up.

Sean: I got it.

He runs over and opens the door for her.

Bella: Thanks, you’re the best.  Oh, and Sean?

Sean: Yeah?

Bella: Good luck on your test.

Sean: Right…thanks.
She smiles and exits.  Sean closes the door.

(cut to):


New York City


May 13, 2005

2:18 p.m.

Sam: almost 1 year old

Music: Always Getting Over You by Angela Ammons8 | soundtrack


(cut to): an establishing shot of New York.

(cut to): Central Park.

(cut to): a walkway in Central Park.  Bella pushes Sam in a stroller and Scout walks with her.  Sam’s asleep.

Scout: God, it is so good to see you two.  I feel so out of touch with everyone.

Scout checks to make sure Sam’s asleep.

Scout cont’d: Will’s been a dick about returning my calls ever since the end freshman year.

Bella: Well, he hasn’t exactly been in touch with me either…

Scout is a little taken aback by this.  Bella tries to push the conversation forward. 

Bella cont’d: And Jake and Ham…God, they’re in their own world, right?  I talked to them the other day to see if they wanted to meet up with us today, but—

Scout: They were leaving for Italy…I know.  Bella—

Bella: The summer in Italy…that’s so romantic, you know?

Scout: Hey…you really haven’t talked to Will?

Bella looks down and shakes her head.

(cut to): a bench as they sit down.  Bella faces Sam’s stroller toward them.

Scout cont’d: That just seems weird.  I thought of all people you’d be the one person Will would keep in touch with. 

Bella looks a little pained at this, but tries to recover.  Scout sees that his last comment has affected her.

Bella: Things change, I guess.

Scout: Things change so much that you can’t even return your best friends’ phone calls?  I just don’t buy it…and it’s not good enough.  He could at least write….email.

Bella: Maybe he’s just busy, you know, with—

Scout:  What?  Life?  So are the rest of us.  I mean, look at you, Bella.  You had a baby.   If that doesn’t spell life for you, then I don’t know what does. 

A brief beat.

Scout cont’d: This just isn’t like him.  I don’t get it.

Bella looks off, a little saddened by this.  Scout has a point.  Another quick beat as Scout looks down at Sam.  Bella is still caught up in her thoughts, but Scout interrupts:

Scout:  Why didn’t you mention this to me the last time we saw each other? 

Bella: God, Scout, it’s just…complicated, okay?

Scout: When was the last time you talked to him?

Bella: Um…it’s been awhile.

Scout: Bella…

Bella: I haven’t talked to him since like…right before we left for college.  And, I uhh… haven’t exactly made an effort to. 

Scout: So, if I haven’t talked to him and you haven’t tried to…does that mean that he—

Bella: …doesn’t know about Sam?  He has no clue.

Scout looks at her for a moment, still processing what she’s just said.

Bella cont’d:  Look, it just didn’t seem fair to tell him.  Not like that.  Not over the phone…or in an email.  There are so many other things I wanted to say to him before I even got to that.

Scout looks at her skeptically.

Bella cont’d: I wanted to tell him.  I really did.  But to lay it all on him like that…I mean he’s in California going to the college of his dreams and living the life he never thought he’d have. 

Scout’s not making the connection.

Bella cont’d: It would have been selfish.  I couldn’t do it…especially to him.

Scout looks totally confused.  He looks at Bella who is on the verge of tears. He places one of his hands atop hers for comfort.

Scout: You are not selfish, okay?  You are the least selfish person I know.  I mean, look at you.  Here you are raising your son, going to college, doing the best you can…which is pretty damn good.  And you never complain.  You just do it and love it.  If that’s selfishness then, well, I wish I were a lot more selfish…

Bella smiles and wipes her eyes of tears that are about to fall.

Scout cont’d:  I’m sure if you'd have told him, he would have been there for you.  Forget what I said about his current MIA status.  He’s your best friend.  He definitely would have been there.  He would have dropped his whole perfect little California life for you. 

Bella:  Maybe…

He just doesn’t get it.

Scout:  So, I don’t understand.  Why the hell doesn’t he know?  Didn’t you care enough about him enough to—

Bella:  God, of course I cared, Scout...I cared too much.  I still do.  How could I just call him up and tell him...change everything with two simple words?

Scout:  Bella, I know it would've been hard at first, but I don't think saying the words "I'm pregnant" would have changed "everything."

Bella:  No.  But saying the words "It's yours" certainly would have.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

7:16 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): the kitchen, Bella has been calling Sam.  She still looks at Sean as she thinks of the moment with Scout.  He looks up at her.

Sean: What?

Bella: We have to talk.

Sean: Right now?  Aren’t you late?

Bella: Tonight, okay?

Sean: I already told you: I don’t need to know about you and Will.

Bella: You need to know this.

Sean: If you’re going to tell me you’re moving—

Bella: It’s not really about that.  It’s just really important.  Remember how you said you had some stuff to lay on the table?  Well, so do I.

He looks at her optimistically.

Sean: Okay.  I mean…you know I’ll be here.

Bella: Great. 

Sean: Now, go find your son before both of you are late for school.

She nods and exits.  Sean lets his gaze linger on the door.  He gets up and walks over to the cabinet and pulls a bowl out.  Bella re-enters the kitchen looking panicked.  Sean looks worried.

Sean: What?

Bella: He…

She hands him a piece of paper.

(cut to): the paper as we read over Sean’s shoulder.  It is written in messy six-year-old scrawl.  It says “I love you mommy.  I do not love new york.  Bye.  Love Sam.”

(cut to): Sean and Bella.

Sean: Oh my God. 

Bella: Should I call nine-one-one?

Sean: I’ll radio someone from my patrol car. 

Bella: I’m going to look for him.

Sean: Why don’t you stay here in case he comes back?  I’ll go look for him.

She’s too freaked out to argue.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

7:21 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Right There Behind You by Our Lady Peace9 | soundtrack


(cut to): a street nearby as Sam walks carrying only his backpack.  A BPD police car pulls up alongside him.  Sean gets out and runs up to him.

Sean: Sam…

Sam turns around and looks up at him.

Sam: Hi.  I’m not going back.

Sean: Get in the car.

Sam shakes his head.  Sean picks him up, but Sam starts to struggle.

Sam: No!  Please?!  Please, Sean!?

Sean: It’s okay, buddy.

Sam stops struggling and Sean kneels to put him back on the ground.  As he starts to stand, Sam grabs his neck and hugs him.  Sam is crying.

Sam: I don’t want to go back…

Sean hugs him back.

(cut to): the same section of street, just a few moments later.  Sam has calmed down a little.  He and Sean sit together on the curb.  Sam opens his bag and takes out a juice box.  He also has clothes inside the bag.  Sean looks at him, amused by his ingenuity.  He loves this kid.

Sean: You can’t just run away, Sam.

Sam: I was going to come back…after mom was gone.

Sean: You know, your mom just wants what’s best for you guys…

Sam isn’t buying it.

Sean cont’d: And, right now, she’s very worried about you.

Sam: But, I don’t want to go to New York. 

Sean (to himself): I didn’t know that was so final.

Sam: I want to stay with you.

This touches Sean and he has to force himself to be harsh.

Sean: If your mom decides she wants to go then you’re going to have to go too.  I don’t know what else to say.  It’s her decision.  She’s your mom, okay?

Sam: But, you’re my dad.

Sean: Sam…

Sam looks up at him.

Sean cont’d: …you know I’m not your dad.

Sam: Well, I want you to be.  I don’t want that Will guy for a dad…I hate him.

Sean: You don’t even know him.

Sam: Do you?

Sean nods.

Sean: We used to be…I mean, he was my best friend in high school.

Sam: In New Rawley?

Sean laughs.

Sean: Yep.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  I bet it would be really fun to live with him.

Sam: No…no.

Sam is starting to panic again. Sean puts his hand on Sam’s back.

Sean: You know how sometimes your mom is sad?

Sam nods.

Sean cont’d: I bet she wouldn’t be sad there.

It was hard for him to say.  Sam looks up at him.  He loves his mom and it’s a conflict between wanting her happy and wanting to be happy.  He thinks of something else.

Sam: What about you?  Would you be happy here all by yourself?

Sean, now on the verge of tears, smiles and looks at Sam.

Sean: Are you kidding?  The whole place to myself?  I’d love it.

Sam: Liar.

Sean laughs.

Sean: I love your mom and, if it makes her happy…I’m automatically okay with it.

Sam believes this.  He takes another sip of his juice and offers some to Sean.  Sean shakes his head.

Sam: Well, it just doesn’t seem fair. 

Sean: What?

Sam: That someone can just show up and be your dad.  That’s one thing you should get to pick.  It’s important.  I would pick you.

Sean looks away, having so much trouble dealing with this and saying what he’s supposed to.

Sean: You can’t say that stuff to your mom, okay kiddo?

Sam: Why? It won’t change anything.  That’s why it’s not fair…you can’t change your real dad.

Sean tilts his head.

Sean: What?

Sam: Mom told me everything yesterday…about how he’s my real dad.  But, I hate him. 

Sean is shocked, but tries to keep it together.

Sean: You…um…wow…you can’t hate him.

Sam thinks about this. 
Sam: Well…I don’t really hate him.  I hate what he’s doing to my family.

Sean wants to say “me too,” but doesn’t.  He watches Sam take the last sip of his juice.

Sean: Promise me you won’t try to run away again…not from anyone?

Sam takes a minute then nods.

Sam: I promise.

Sean: Thank you.

Sean gets up and takes Sam’s hand as they walk toward Sean’s car.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

7:45 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): New York, Hamilton’s apartment, the living room.  Will is on his cell phone, pacing.

Will: So, you have called the police right?

(slide to): a split screen of Will on one side and Bella walking around the kitchen on the other.

Bella: Sean is the police.  He took his patrol car to look around the neighborhood.  He couldn’t have gotten far, but he shouldn’t be walking around by himself…oh my God, if anyone saw him…he’s so little…

Will: It’s okay.  It’ll be okay.  Sean’ll find him.

Hamilton walks into the living room, dressed for work.

Hamilton: Find who?

Will covers the phone.
Will: Sam…

Hamilton looks worried.

Hamilton: What?  What happened?

Will: He ran away…

Hamilton: Oh my God, let me talk to her.

Will: Bella?

Bella: Yeah?

Will: Hamilton wants to talk to you.

Bella: Okay.

Hamilton takes the phone.  He looks freaked, but he keeps his tone calm.

Hamilton: Hey Gorgeous…you lost your kid, huh?

Will looks horrified, but Bella laughs.

Bella: Shut up.

Hamilton: Did you check the house? 

Bella: Well…yeah.

Hamilton: I’m just saying…that kid is a fierce hide and seeker.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Good point.  Maybe I should look around some more.

Hamilton: Exactly.

At Bella’s, the door opens and Sean walks in with Sam.

Bella: Oh my God.

Hamilton: What?

Bella: Sean found him.

Hamilton: Thank God.

Bella kneels down and pushes Sam’s hair off his forehead.

Bella: What were you thinking?

Hamilton: Huh?  Oh, talking to Sam.

Bella gives him a hug.

Bella: I have to go, Hamilton.

Hamilton: Okay…I’m giving you back to Will, but…we’ll talk later…Jake and I will give you a call.

Bella: Okay.

Bella continues to hug Sam.  Sean stands there looking like he’s trying to cover up a lot of emotion.  Hamilton covers the phone as he hands it to Will.

Hamilton: Sean found him.

Hamilton looks more relieved than Will.  Will puts the phone up to his ear.

Will: Bella, hey. 

Bella: Will?  I have to go, okay?  I’ll call you back later.

Sean closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Will: Oh, all right…

Bella: Bye.

Will: Bye.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

7:47 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Empty Space by Lifehouse10 | soundtrack


(cut to): Bella's kitchen, continuous from the last scene.  She's just hung up with Will.  She hands the phone up to Sean who takes it and hangs it up for her.  She leans back from Sam who just stares at her.

Bella: What were you thinking?

Sam: I…

He looks back at Sean then at his mom again.

Sam cont’d: I don’t know.

Bella hugs him again.
Bella: Please don’t leave me like that again.  I can’t lose you, okay?

Sam nods.  Bella releases him and stands up, looking at Sean.

Bella: Thank you.

Sean: You don’t have to thank me

He pats Sam on the head.

Sean cont’d: …you know I’d die without this kid.

He realizes what he’s said.  Bella looks at him apologetically.  She gets her bag from the kitchen table, hurriedly puts her things inside, and picks up Sam’s lunch from the counter.

Bella: We’re so late.  Come on, Sam.

Sam: Mommy, can we just stay home today?

Bella: No, Sam…come on.

Sam looks down.  Sean looks off shaking his head.  Bella notices this.

Bella cont’d: What?

Sean looks back at her, irritated.

Sean: Nothing.

Bella: You think I should let him stay home.

Sean: No, I think after he tried to run away, instead of sitting down and talking to him, you should drop him off at his classroom and leave him out of your supervision.

She’s angry.

Bella: You know what?  You supervise him.

She hands Sean Sam's lunch and walks out the door.  Sam looks up at Sean.

Sean: Did you want to go to school?

Sam shakes his head.

Sean cont’d: Can you stay right here for just a second?

Sam nods.

Sean cont’d: Remember what you promised.

Sam: Yes.

Sean gives him an “I mean it look” then runs outside.

(cut to): the driveway as Bella opens the door of a small, two-door car.

Sean: Hey, hang on a minute.

Bella turns around.

Sean cont’d: I’m sorry.

Bella: It’s fine…you’re actually right…if he could stay with you today, that would probably be the best thing.

Sean: Okay.  I’ll see you when you get home from work and we can talk like you—

Bella: I’m not going to work.

Sean: What?

Bella: I’m going to New York.

Sean is just plain pissed off.

Sean: You know…for someone that will give herself nothing…you are, somehow, the most selfish person in the world.

Bella: Fuck you.  This is my life Sean; I’m allowed to be selfish.

Sean can’t believe it.

Sean: God…if you want to make yourself miserable, fine.  Bye.

Sean turns around.

Bella: I love him, okay?

Sean turns back around.

Sean: That is such crap and you know it. 

Bella: Oh really?

Sean: You’ve been holding onto this idea of Will ever since…well, probably since you slept with him.  And I’m not talking about two nights ago.

Bella looks confused.

Bella: What are you talking about?

Sean: I’m talking about when you slept with him before freshman year.

Bella: What?

Sean: That’s right…I know…that Will is Sam’s dad.  And that’s the time I’m talking about…when he got you pregnant and then left.  He left you, Bella.  What kind of man does something like that?

He wants an answer.  Bella is still surprised that Sean knows.

Bella (quietly): Don’t blame this on Will.  This is my fault.

Sean: What?  When he left you, knowing

Bella: How could he know anything, Sean?  It happened the night before he left.  Of course he didn’t know…I didn’t even know until he was already in California.

Sean: And when you told him?

Bella looks down.

Bella: I didn’t…until yesterday.

(cut to):




March 21, 2011

7:04 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt11 | soundtrack


(cut to): the kitchen.  Sam is sitting alone eating a bowl of cereal.  He’s already dressed.

(cut to): upstairs, Bella’s bedroom.  Will is dressed and sitting on her bed as she gets ready for work. 

Will: You’re amazing for teaching.

She smiles.

Will cont’d: Actually…you’re amazing for a lot of reasons.

She turns to face him.

Bella: Will, I haven’t…there’s something I need to tell you.

Will smiles.

Will: Does it end with you saying that you love me and you’ll move away with me?

Bella: Wh-what?

Will: I’ve decided to move to New York and…I’d like it if you came with me.

Bella: Um…God…you just made this ten times harder.

Will looks worried.

Bella cont’d: It's…don't get the wrong idea.  There are so many reasons why I did what I did—

Will: You mean not telling me about Sam?

She nods.

Bella: But you have to know…it was because I loved you.  I did it because…well because I didn't know how to deal with it so I just…didn't. 

Will: It wouldn’t have been a big deal to me, Bella.  I would have still wanted to be with you.

Bella: Don’t say that…it just…makes this that much harder.

He doesn’t quite understand.  She takes a deep breath.

Bella cont’d: Sam is…he’s your son, Will.

Will’s jaw drops.

Will: What?

Bella: That night…before you left…

Will: Oh my God…are you sure?  I mean…we…we used…oh my God.

Bella looks away.

Will cont’d: You’re sure?

Bella nods.

Bella: Will…you’re the only person I’ve ever—

Will: So, why the hell didn’t you call me?

Bella: I couldn’t just call you and interrupt—

Will: Well, you fucking should have.

She looks down.

Will cont’d: I mean…what the hell were you thinking? Were you ever going to tell me? Did you think you could hide this forever?

Bella: I...I don't know...

She can’t bring herself to look at him.

Will:Bella...why? Why didn't you tell me?

She considers it seriously then answers slowly.

Bella: I was afraid.

Will: Of what exactly?

Bella: Giving you a choice.

She pauses. He wants to question this, but he’s still in shock.

Bella cont’d: I didn’t want to give you the chance to choose Sam and me because...I was terrified that...you wouldn’t.

Will: You honestly thought that? That I would want nothing to do with either of you? That I wouldn’t take some responsibility?

Bella: I was even more afraid of that. I didn’t want to interrupt your life.

Will: So you thought keeping…

He pauses at what he’s about to say.

Will cont’d: You thought keeping my son away from me was a better option?

Bella: You had what you wanted and I couldn’t bear to take that away from you.

Will: Bella…what I wanted…it was you 

He’s sincere and they both realize it.

Will cont’d: …which is why…the offer still stands…New York…you and me…and Sam…a family like we should have always been.

Bella: I have to…think about it.

Will nods.

Bella cont’d: …and…talk to Sam about it.

Will: He doesn’t know that I’m…

Bella: No, he doesn’t, but…he will…today.

Will: What about Sean?

Bella looks down and shakes her head.

Bella: Scout…Scout’s the only one who knows.

Will sighs.

Will: No wonder he thought it was such a good idea for me to get in touch with you.

Bella: Well, he’s never been one to mind his own business…anyway…I have to go to work.

Will nods.  She heads for the door, needing an escape.

Will: Should I be with you when you tell Sam?

Bella: I’m not sure how he’s going to react, Will.

Will: You think he’s going to hate me?

Bella: No…no…

Will: He already does, doesn’t he?

Bella: Of course he doesn’t.

Will smiles.

Will: I can’t believe I have a son…with you…

Bella:  I’m surprised you’re taking this so well.  Thank you for understanding.

Will smiles and leans toward her.

Will: I don’t understand, but…I’ve got this little problem…

Bella looks at him curiously.  He doesn’t seem mad anymore.  He smiles and leans toward her more.

Will cont’d: I love you.

She smiles and closes her eyes.

Bella: I’ve wanted to hear you say that for so long.

His smile widens as he kisses her.  When they part:

Bella cont’d: Okay…now I have to tell Sam…then Sean…then…

Will: …everyone?

Bella nods.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

7:55 a.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Empty Space by Lifehouse10 | soundtrack


(cut to): Bella and Sean by the car, picking up their argument.

Sean:  This entire time, you've been lying to me—to all of us.

This enrages Sean, but he doesn’t say anything more.  Frustrated, he turns away and walks back toward the house.

Bella cont’d: Sean…

Sean: You should have told Will…you should have told him a long time ago.

A beat as he looks at her, disappointed and angry. 

Sean cont’d: Have fun in New York.  Sam and I won’t wait up.

Bella closes her eyes, taking a deep breath.

(cut to):




October 11, 2003

1:23 p.m.


(cut to): Bella sitting alone in her dorm room with the phone in her hands.  She stares at it.  Finally, slowly, she dials.  After a moment, we hear a recorded message coming from the other end.

Will (answering machine): Hey, what’s up?  This is Will.  I’m either over in the library or at the newspaper or…doing something incredibly important.  Unless I’m just out somewhere writing…or hanging out with my friends…or whatever.  Anyway, I’ve been busy lately, but leave a message if you dare and I might get back to you.

Bella hesitates.  She lets the machine beep, but she hangs up.  She can’t do it…she can’t disrupt his life.

(fade to black)

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

10:09 a.m.


(cut to): FPT Inc.

(cut to): inside.  Jake and Hamilton are sitting at her computer, pretending to work.

Jake: So, wait…Sam was missing?

Hamilton: Yeah.  It was no big deal.  He ran away, but Sean found him.

Jake: He ran away?  He’s six…why would he run away?

Hamilton: I guess because his mom’s an idiot.

Jake: Hamilton.

Hamilton: She slept with Will.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: And, now, he wants Sam and Bella to move to New York with him.

Jake: He’s moving to New York?

Hamilton: Which is like the one good thing about it all…I can sub-lease my apartment to him and over-charge him.

Jake laughs.

Jake: You wouldn’t.

Hamilton smirks.

Hamilton: I might. 

A beat.  Hamilton shakes his head, thinking about this.

Hamilton cont’d: What is Bella thinking?  Sleeping with Will.  How could she betray Sean like that?

Jake: It’s not like anything’s ever happened between them.  They probably haven’t even kissed since they were fifteen.

Hamilton: I don’t care if they haven’t held hands since they were fifteen.  He’s been there for her.  And where’s Will been?  California?  Becoming a writer?  Well, good for him, but he can’t expect to just walk back into her life and…

Jake: …sweep her off her feet?

He’s disappointed and he gets whiney. 

Hamilton: I thought we always said that Bella and Sean would end up together.

Jake shrugs.

Jake: Maybe she was holding out for Will.

He hesitates, looking into Jake’s eyes.  She raises her eyebrows.

Hamilton: I…I never told you something.

Jake: What?

Hamilton: Like a month after we broke up, I was in Boston looking for a job and I stopped by to see Bella and Sean and Sam, but Sam and Sean were grocery shopping or something…

(cut to):




July 16, 2007

6:31 p.m.

Sam: 3 years old

Music: Falling Down by Vertical Horizon12 | soundtrack


(cut to): the time to which Hamilton is alluding, Bella’s house.

(cut to): the living room as Hamilton sits on the couch and Bella brings in a glass of water and an opened Heineken bottle.  She hands him the beer.

Bella: I didn’t think you drank.

Hamilton takes a sip.  She sits on the couch.

Bella cont’d: So, how are you doing?

Hamilton: Shitty…and you?

Bella: About the same, I guess.

Hamilton: Want to hook up?

Bella almost chokes on her water.

Bella: Excuse me?

Hamilton: I’m in town for the night.  It could be fun.

She gives him a pretty horrified look.

Hamilton cont’d: Hm.  I didn’t think you’d go for it.  You’re so uptight.

Bella: Are you on drugs?

Hamilton: No…I’m just…unhappy.

He takes another, long sip of beer.

Bella: I know the feeling.

Hamilton (matter of fact): Why don’t you just marry Sean?

Bella: What?

Hamilton: You’ve obviously got the hots for him.

Bella: Why?  Because I won’t sleep with you?

Hamilton closes his eyes.

Hamilton: I’m sorry I suggested it, but…I’m serious…you and Sean—

Bella: …are friends.

Hamilton doesn’t buy it.

Bella cont’d: And anything more doesn’t matter anyway.  We could never be together.

Hamilton: Is he gay?

Bella laughs.

Bella: Not that I know of.

Hamilton: Are you?

Bella: No.

Hamilton: Then, I don’t get it.

Bella looks at him.  They both need a friend.

Bella: Okay…you’re not allowed to say that I’m wrong about this…okay?

Hamilton doesn’t really understand.

Hamilton: Okay.

Bella cont’d: I don’t deserve Sean and…I never will.

Hamilton: Aw, Bella…that’s stupid.

Bella: I know how it sounds, but…it’s true.  He’s so understanding and…he doesn’t judge me…and—

Hamilton: Yeah, I could see why you wouldn’t want to be with him.

Bella: Hamilton…that…that isn’t what I said.  I didn’t say I don’t want to be with him, I said I don’t deserve to be with him.

Hamilton: Why not?

Bella: It’s…complicated.

Hamilton: Try me.

She looks at him.

Bella: You’re too drunk…I thought you were in town interviewing for jobs...

Hamilton: Quit trying to change the subject.

Bella: I’m worried about you, Hamilton.

Hamilton: I’m worried about you. What’s with the low self-esteem?  Why don’t you deserve Sean?

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

10:23 a.m.


(cut to): FPT Inc as Hamilton finishes the story.

Jake: And what’d she say?

Hamilton: Sean and Sam came back.  And, we never really talked about that conversation again…

Jake: I can’t believe you hit on Bella.

Hamilton: Yeah, well, neither could she, but believe me, I’d had more than just a couple of sips of beer that day.  God, I was pathetic…this is depressing me. 

Jake smiles and wraps her arm around him.  He appreciates this. 

Hamilton cont’d: Anyway, the point is…she practically admitted she was in love with Sean.

Jake: I think she did more than “practically” admit it.  It sounded like she was trying to tell you exactly that.

Hamilton: …but she thought he was too good for her.  What does that mean she thinks of Will?  God, I still can’t believe she’s even considering his offer.

Jake: I’m sure she has her reasons.  Maybe she loves him too.

Hamilton tilts his head and considers this.

Hamilton: But...after all of this time?  He hasn't even spoken to any of us in years...it just...that can't be it.  Not completely anyway. 

Jake shrugs.

Jake: I don’t know…it’s hard to follow.

Hamilton: You know...when he told me he asked her to move here, I thought he was going to say she told him that Sam was his son.

Jake: But, he didn’t?

Hamilton: No…but…

Jake: …yeah, I think so too.

Hamilton considers this.

Jake: Hey remember the summer before college when I came to help you pack your stuff and we went to that party in town?

Hamilton smiles and looks down.

Hamilton: How could I forget?  I almost proposed to you that night.

Jake: You did not.

Hamilton: I swear.  But…I almost proposed to you every single time I saw you that summer.

He finally looks back up at her.

Jake: Just so you know…I would have said yes every single time.

Hamilton looks pretty pleased by this.

Hamilton: Can we take an early lunch?

Jake: No, we’re going to go bankrupt if we take any more early or extended lunches.

Hamilton looks back at the computer and goes back to pretending to work.

Hamilton: So…what about the party?

Jake: Oh, right…I was just going to say that it was the last time I remember seeing them together.

Hamilton: Bella and Will?

Jake nods.

(cut to):


New Rawley


August 20, 2003

10:48 p.m.

Music: Platinum Blonde Life by No Doubt13 | soundtrack


(cut to): a party...things looks pretty out of control.

(cut to): Hamilton and Jake as they walk in holding hands.  Jake is dressed in regular girl clothes. 

Jake: This is out of control.

Hamilton looks at her as she looks around.

Hamilton: Why don’t we go out to the lake instead? 

Jake: Let’s just stay for a few minutes.

Hamilton looks a little disappointed, but thinks of something:

Hamilton: We should try to find Will.  He leaves in a few days, I think.

Will walks up behind them.

Will: Make that tomorrow, Ham.

They turn around.

Hamilton: What?  Tomorrow?

Will smiles.

Jake: Here all by yourself, Krudski?

Will raises his eyebrows with a smirk.  Bella walks up with a couple of plastic cups.

Bella: Jake…I didn’t think I’d get to see you this summer.

They hug.

Will:  Is this party crazy or what?

Jake: It’s a little out of our league, I think.

Bella: Want some punch?  The guys swore it wasn’t spiked.

Jake and Ham shake their heads.  Bella shrugs and gives a cup to Will.

Will: Here’s to…getting the hell out.

He raises his cup.  Bella looks at him a moment.  She’s suddenly sad, but when he looks over she raises her cup too.

Bella: …to getting the hell out.

Will: One day until California.

Bella: Five days until Boston for me.

Jake: You’ll visit us in New York, right?

Bella: Absolutely.  I’m traveling as much as I can this year.

Hamilton: Excellent.

Will: You won’t see me in New York.  I will be in sunny California…and loving it.

Bella looks down.

Bella: I hate to cut this short, but…I really need to get home.  I’ve barely started packing.

Hamilton: I leave in two days and I’m not starting until tomorrow. 

Jake laughs.

Jake: But, he had to hire help.

Hamilton: I’m not paying you.

Jake: Oh…yes you are.

Will: I’m not going near that.  Bella, I’ll walk you home.

She nods.  Will smiles at Jake and Ham.

Will cont’d: Well…this might be it, guys.

Hamilton holds out his hand and Will shakes it.

Jake: Guys are so…macho.

Jake pulls Will into a hug.

Jake cont’d: Make us proud.

She steps back and Will takes one more look at them.

Will: Bye, guys.

Bella: I’ll talk to you both soon.

Will and Bella leave together.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

10:32 a.m.


(cut to): Jake and Hamilton, talking about this story.

Hamilton: Oh my God…they went and had sex.

Jake: She did seem pretty weird, now that I think about it.

Hamilton: That totally adds up. 

Hamilton counts the months on his fingers.

Hamilton cont’d: Mid-August until September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April…May twenty-eighth. 

Jake: Wow.

Hamilton: I bet she told him…and I bet he freaked and wanted to make everything right.

Jake: And, you don’t think he loves her?

Hamilton: I don’t know…

Jake: …I hope she does.

(cut to):


Boston to New York City


March 22, 2011

10:40 a.m.


(cut to): Bella’s car driving down a road to New York.

(cut to): inside the car.  Bella turns the radio station on. Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch14 is on.  Bella looks at the radio in disbelief then turns it up a little.

(cut to):


New Rawley


August 20, 2003

11:20 p.m.


(cut to): Bella's room.  She and Will are hanging out.  The song plays from a radio in the scene.  She’s working on packing her clothes into a box.  Will is holding her sweater, supposedly folding it, but he’s looking out the window.

Will: God, it will be so good to be away from here.

Bella takes the sweater from him.

Bella: Yeah, you’ve said that like a million times…in the past five minutes.

Will: Sorry.

Bella: Maybe you should just go home.

Will: What?  Bella, what's going on with you?  Is something wrong?

Bella (more to herself): I can't do this. 

Will:  What are you talking about?

Bella turns around, looking like she'd rather not say what she's about to, but she does anyway. 

Bella cont’d: This.  Say goodbye to you. You're leaving tomorrow…and I'm terrified that I may never see you again.

Will: Come on, you know that's not going to happen. 

Bella:  You don't know that for sure.  Things will happen and our lives will change and maybe we won't try as hard as we should and before you know it, I'll just be someone you knew…part of the past.   I'm not saying that is what's going to happen or that I expect it but…I'm just trying to be realistic and not count on too much from you. 

Will looks at her, wondering where this is coming from.  She walks around the box and toward Will, who looks bothered by what she's just said.  Will examines her for a moment.  She looks like she’s about to go on, but stops herself and looks away from him.  He gets closer to her and keeps staring at her until she can’t help look up.

Will: Bella, of all the things I’m leaving behind…you’re the one thing…the one person…that I’m going to miss the most.  I’m sorry I haven’t exactly been acting like it, but I thought it would be easier for me, for both of us, if I focused on how happy I am about getting out and not on how sad I am that…you’re not going with me.

He hesitates, but looks at her steadily.

Will cont’d: I mean, how could you even say that we’ll never see each other again?  That wouldn’t happen because…you mean too much to me. 

Bella breathes in, looking nervous.  He takes a deep breath, but he has to say this. 

Will cont’d: This is probably, like, the worst time to tell you this, but…after you went with me to the prom…I don’t know…everything just clicked…stuff that I never thought would make sense again…did.

She tilts her head, her face full of disbelief.

Will cont’d: And…as much as I’m dying to get out of this town, there’s a huge part of me that wants something else.  That’s why I’ve been here almost every day this summer…that’s why I’m here now.

Bella was not expecting this.  She has something she wants to say too.  She takes several uneasy breaths before going for it:

Bella: I have something to say to you.

Will: Okay…

Bella: Oh…God…okay…

She looks down, but makes herself look up at him.

Bella: I’m in love with you. 

Will is too stunned to say anything. 

Bella cont’d:  I have loved you and I probably will for a long time.  And this isn't my big attempt to get you to stay, even though I really wish you would.  This is just me…telling you…that I love you and…I’m going to miss you.  I know it’s really unfair of me to say this now…especially after what you just said, but… I couldn't let you move three thousand miles away without letting you know how important you are to me. 

Bella takes a deep breath as a few tears fall down her cheeks. 

Bella cont’d: That’s why it’s really hard for me to hear you go on about how bad you want out and how happy you’ll be when you are…

She drops her head.  Will looks at her, torn. 

Will (softly):  Bella…

He moves closer to her as he places his hands on both her arms. She’s crying now.

Will cont’d:  Bella…please don't cry.

He lifts one hand to her chin and picks her head up.  She avoids his eyes for a moment, but once their eyes meet, she can see this is hard for him too.

Bella: God… I'm sorry.  I didn't mean for tonight to turn into to some guilt trip.  If it had to end…I wanted it to end well…not all messed up… 

Will, taking a deep breath, brushes his fingers through a front strand of her hair.  When he gets to the end of the strand, he lets it fall then looks up at her.  He smiles.

Will (in a whisper):  It's not going to.

Bella watches him tentatively as he leans in, but closes her eyes when she realizes what's about to happen.  They kiss and it's brief, but also pretty intense.  When it's over, Will opens his eyes, but Bella doesn’t just yet.  He places his hands on both sides of her face and wipes away the tears that streak it.  She opens her eyes as he moves in to kiss her again.

(cut to): a shot through the window as the kiss becomes more passionate.  The song continues to play.

(cut to):


Boston to New York City


March 22, 2011

10:45 a.m.


(cut to): Bella driving in the car.  She’s now crying

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

11:53 a.m.


(cut to): the hospital, later in the day.  Scout is sitting out in the hall, reading a magazine.  Bella comes walking down the hall, but Scout doesn’t see her.  She sits down next to him and takes his magazine.  He looks up, confused, but smiles when he sees it’s her. 

Scout: You came?  I thought you had work.

Bella: I took the day off.

Scout: Awesome.  Everyone’s asleep right now, but…oh, do you want to see the baby in the nursery?

Bella smiles and nods.

(cut to): the nursery window as Bella and Scout stand, looking in.

Scout: That’s him right there.  John Gregory Calhoun.

Bella: Wow…

Scout: I know…

Bella: Congratulations, Scout.

Scout beams, but notices that Bella looks distracted.

Scout: What?

She shakes her head.

Bella: Nothing…

Scout: I’m proud of you for telling Will.

Bella smiles, but then looks down.

Scout cont’d: He wouldn’t tell me much else…

Bella: There’s not much else to tell…

Scout looks at her and he gets it: there’s a lot more to tell.

Scout: So…what are you doing here?

Bella: I’m here to see…John Gregory Calhoun.

Scout: Why don’t I believe you?

Bella: I don’t know…because you read too much into everything.

She walks off.

(cut to): a few chairs as she sits down.  Scout sits next to her.

Scout: I guess he took the news pretty well since he’s planning to move New York.

Bella: Yeah, he took it amazingly well.  He actually wants me to move here with him.

Scout’s jaw drops.

Scout: Wh…Why?

Bella: To raise Sam…to be a family.

Scout: Well, that’s great.

His tone contradicts his words.

Bella:  You don’t sound like you think so.

A beat.

Scout:  It’s just…I didn’t suggest he get in touch with you so that he could swoop in and—

Bella: …swoop in?

Scout: I just thought he should meet Sam.  I couldn’t imagine not being with my son in the first six minutes of his life…not to mention the first six years.  I felt like Will was getting cheated.

Bella: Well, you were right.  He was…and so was I.

Scout studies her face.

Scout: Are you sure this is really what you want?

Bella: Scout, you know it is.

Scout looks at her like “Is it?”

Bella cont’d: All those talks we’ve had…about what we want out of our lives.

Scout: We haven’t had one of those “talks” in years. 

Bella: Maybe that’s because you already have what you want.

Scout studies her for a moment more.

Bella cont’d: You know that I want to be with Will…that I have always wanted to be with Will.

Scout shakes his head, giving up.

Scout: Okay.

His reaction...or lack of it...upsets her.

Bella:  I.  Love.  Will.  God…

She looks off shaking her head.

Bella cont’d: …why is that so hard for everyone to believe?  I mean, it’s not like Sean and I are together.

Scout raises his eyebrows.

Scout: I didn't say anything about Sean.

Bella just looks at him, stumped. 

Scout cont’d: And for two people who aren't together, you sure act like you are.

Bella: You don't know what you're talking about. 

Scout: Oh really? 

(cut to):


New York City


November 24, 2010

2:07 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Stutter by Andy Stochansky15 | soundtrack


(cut to): Penn Station.

Scout and an obviously pregnant Jill hold hands as they look around the station, apparently waiting for someone.

(cut to): Sean, Bella, and Sam coming off an escalator.  Bella immediately spots Scout and smiles, quickly walking towards them with Sam and Sean following behind her.

(cut to): a shot of the five of them when they meet.

Bella: God…it’s so good to see you.

Scout lets go of Jill’s hand and moves in to hug Bella.

Scout: Ditto.  We’re glad you’re here.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Bella steps out of the hug and looks to Jill who’s just finished hugging Sean.  She’s smiling, but is a little uncomfortable.  Sean butts out of the conversation.

Bella:  Hi, Jill.

Jill: Hey.

Bella: You look…

Jill: Fat?

Bella laughs.

Bella: No, actually. You look great.

She really means it.  Jill smiles at this and looks a little more at ease.

Bella cont’d: Congratulations.

Jill: Thanks.

(cut to): a side shot of Scout, Sean, and Sam.  Scout is squatting down to talk to Sam.

Sam:  Hi, Uncle Scout.

Scout puts his hand down for a high five and Sam complies.

Scout: How’s it going, buddy?  You have a nice train ride?

Sam: Yup. Mom let me get some ice cream from the diner…I mean dining car and I read a book about trains.  Sean helped me with the big words.

(cut to): Sean, who is looking down at him, smiling.

Sean: He barely needed me though.  He’s great at sounding out words.  He’s so smart.  Just like his Mom.

Sean looks over at Bella and Jill, who are talking and laughing.

(cut to): Scout , somewhat perturbed by what Sean said.  He looks at Sam who smiles.

Scout (quietly): Yeah…just like your Mom.

Sean is still looking at Bella and smiling.  She turns around and sees him, sending him a similar smile back.  Scout notices this exchange between them, as does Jill.  The moment lasts for a little while longer, but Sean ends it by turning back to Scout.

(cut to): a close up shot of Bella, still looking in Sean’s direction, almost…sad.

(cut to): Sean, Sam, and Scout.

Sean: Should we go?

He looks to Scout for approval and he nods in response.  Sean readjusts the bags on his shoulders and glances down at Sam.

Sean cont’d:  Got your stuff, Sam?

Sam looks over his shoulder at a backpack on his back and nods. Sean holds out his hand and Sam takes it, grinning widely.  Bella is picking up her bag, when Sean grabs the handle.

Sean cont’d: Let me do it.

Bella: You don’t have to do everything.  I got it, Sean.  But, thank you.

Bella smiles gratefully.  She walks around to Sam and holds on to his free hand.

(cut to): Scout watching this moment between Bella, Sean, and Sam.  He doesn’t know how to feel about this.

(cut to): a wider shot of Jill and Scout.  Jill looks at Scout. She puts her hand on his back and he turns to face her. 

Jill: Yeah, I know. 

(cut to): an overhead shot as the five of them walk through the station.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

11:57 a.m.

Music: If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow16 | soundtrack


(cut to): Bella and Scout in the hospital.

Bella: That doesn't mean anything, Scout.  Just because you think you saw something doesn't mean…it doesn't mean anything…it didn’t mean anything.

Scout: It didn’t mean anything to you…fine.  What about Sean? 

Bella looks off, shaking her head, tiring of this discussion.

Scout cont’d: You know what I think?  I think you know that Sean loves you.  I think you wanted him to and you let him.

Bella (angry): You are crossing a line.

Scout: It needs to be crossed.

Bella: Just shut up, Scout. 

She looks down, truly hurt by what Scout has said.

Bella cont’d: I didn't come here so you could berate me about what I'm doing. 

She looks at him.

Bella cont’d: I just wanted you to know that for once, my dreams are coming true.  I thought you'd be happy for me because…I’m happy for myself.

Bella looks back into the nursery at John Gregory.  Scout continues to stare at her full of concern.  For someone who is happy, she sure doesn't look like it.  A beat.

Bella cont’d: Did you know he was at the hospital the day Sam was born?

He's shocked.

Scout: I…I thought he stayed in California that summer.

Bella looks down.

(cut to):




May 28, 2004

3:20 p.m.

Sam: several hours old


(cut to): Will as he walks down the hall of another hospital and past the camera.

(cut to): a close-up of Will as he continues walking.  He’s six years younger and looks a little nervous.

(cut to): a reception desk.  Will walks up to it.

(cut to): a closer shot of Will and a nurse on duty.

Will: Hi, I’m looking for Bella Banks.

The nurse looks through some paperwork.

Nurse: Room 215.  She might be resting now, though.

Will: Oh…so…she already…

The nurse smiles.

Nurse: Uh-huh.

Will: Oh, okay…so…she’s resting?  Um, I guess I should wait or something or…should I—

Nurse: It’s okay…why don’t you go see.

Will: Okay…thanks.

Will turns and takes a deep breath.

(cut to): another hall as he walks around a corner.  He’s looking up at the room numbers. 

(cut to): the door number for room 215.  The camera pans down to the door, which is open about halfway.

(cut to): Will as he walks quietly and tentatively toward the door.  He halts.

(cut to): a shot from his point of view of inside the room.  Bella is lying in bed.  She’s asleep.  Sean is sitting in a chair next to her…holding a baby.  He glances up at Bella and smiles then looks back down at the baby and smiles even more.

(cut to): Will.  He looks unnerved.  He takes a step back then turns and walks away.

(cut to): the shot of Bella, Sean and the baby.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

12:11 p.m.

Music: If It Makes You Happy by Sheryl Crow (cont’d) | soundtrack


(cut to): Scout and Bella in front of the nursery window.

Scout: Oh my God.

Bella: Well, of course, that was after he showed up on my doorstep that day, expecting me to be there…ready to tell me that he loved me and that he wanted me to go back to California with him.  Instead he got Grace…and directions to the hospital. And when he got there, he saw something…something that he should have been a part of.  He saw our son in Sean's arms …and it killed him.  So, he went back to California.  He left thinking that I didn't love him and that I was with Sean…and that Sam was Sean’s son. 

This has made her very upset.  Scout looks at her as if he'd like to say something to comfort her, but he can't. 

Bella cont’d:  All this time I thought…I was doing this incredibly noble thing not telling him about Sam.  I thought I was saving him from having to give up everything.  And somehow that made it okay…knowing that he was living the life he wanted…I didn’t care that I couldn’t have what I wanted.  But now…knowing that what he saw—what he thought he knew—hurt him just as much as what he didn't…well…

She wipes tears off her face, but continues to look forward.  Scout puts an arm around her shoulder.

Scout: It's over now.  It's the past.  You owe it to yourself to get on with your life…however you see fit. 

He pauses.

Scout cont’d: I’m sorry I was so harsh earlier.  I do want you to be happy.

Bella: I know that this all happening really fast and you may not believe it when I say that this—moving to New York— is what I really want but…it is.  The three of us together…it's going to be the way it always should have been.  I owe it to Will…and to Sam…to do this.  You understand that, don't you?

Scout doesn't know how to answer this.  He looks at her carefully before answering.

Scout: I do, but, Bella...what about you?  What about what you deserve?

Bella looks down the hall.

Bella: What are you doing out of bed?

Scout, confused, glances to where Bella is looking and sees Jill.

Jill: I think that having the baby only strengthened my wife-dar.

Jill smiles good-naturedly.  Scout walks over to her.

Scout: What are you doing out of bed?

Jill: Well, I’m going home this afternoon.

Bella: God, are you kidding?  I think I was in the hospital for like a week after I had Sam.  I’m still trying to pay off that bill.

Jill really doesn’t care.

Jill: What are you doing here?

Scout: She came to see us…to see you and the baby.

Jill smiles genuinely.

Jill: Where’s Sean?

Bella: He’s in Boston with Sam.

Jill looks over at Scout who is again looking disappointed with Bella.

Jill: Um, Scout, your parents are on the phone.

Scout: What?  Why didn’t you…

He looks at Jill then at Bella, wondering if it’s safe to leave them alone.

Scout cont’d: Maybe you should come back to bed, Sweetheart.

Jill: I’ll be fine, Dear.

He’s now more concerned with her.

Jill cont’d: Really.

He smiles and kisses her as he turns to go back to the room.  When he’s gone:

Bella: Wow, he’s really great, huh?

Jill: I couldn’t imagine doing this alone.  I don’t know how you did it.

Bella: I had some help.

Jill: I don’t think I could have done it.  In fact, I’m sure I wouldn’t have done it.

Bella isn’t really sure how to take this.

Jill cont’d: It’s…scary…to think that from today on the decisions we make are going to affect him.  Even now I wonder if we know enough—have been through enough—to teach him what he needs to know to be a good person.  Oh my God…I just sounded like a grown-up. 

Bella smiles.

Bella: More like a parent…a good one. 

Jill: I guess we’ll see.

Bella: It gets really hard sometimes.  Like, you try and try to make the right decisions because, like you said, your child is affected too.  And…sometimes you have to sacrifice what you want to get what he wants…or…to get what you think is best for him.  I find it…

She sits down in a chair with a sigh.

Bella cont’d: …challenging.

Jill sits next to her.

Bella cont’d: But, I’m sure you and Scout will make all the right decisions without even trying.

A beat.

Jill: You know…what I meant by saying I wouldn’t have done it is that wouldn't have pulled it off…not as well you have.

Bella smiles.

Bella: You give me too much credit, Jill.

Jill: I don’t think you give yourself enough.  Maybe you should look at what you want, Bella…maybe it’s not as wrong as you think.

Bella looks at her, thinking about it.

Jill cont’d: He loves Sam and…he’s always loved you.

Bella: Will?

Jill laughs.

Jill: Don’t be blind on purpose.

(cut to):


New York City


November 25, 2010

4:30 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Someday We’ll Know by New Radicals17 | soundtrack


(cut to): the balcony outside Jill's studio at  Scout and Jill’s apartment during Bella, Sean and Sam’s visit.  Scout, Bella and Sam are outside, bundled up and toasting marshmallows over a small barbecue grille.

(cut to): inside the studio.  Sean is checking out some of Jill’s work.  She watches him, drinking a glass of water.

Sean: You’re an amazing artist, Jill.

Jill: It pays the bills.

He looks over at her.

Sean: Have I said how beautiful you look?

Jill: Maybe, but…don’t let that stop you from saying it again.

Sean: You look really beautiful.  Scout’s a lucky guy.

Jill: Because I’m beautiful?

Sean: Because you’re you.  I miss talking to you.  You’re the only girl in the world I could flirt with one minute then ask for advice the next.

Jill: Well, I always liked you too.

Sean: Man…can you believe we dated?

Jill laughs.

Jill: For almost a year at that. 

Sean: It just seems like…it didn't even happen.  It's so…surreal. 

Jill: Why is that? 

Sean: I don't know.  Maybe because we're both—

Jill: …right back where we started? 

Sean thinks about this for a minute and takes a deep breath.

Sean: Yeah…something like that.   

Jill: Well, being with you…that was a pretty good time in my life.

Sean smiles.

Sean: It was for me too. 

They both smile.  A beat.

Sean cont’d: So then…why didn't it work out?  

Jill: Because we were better off as friends.

Sean: That was our for-the-press excuse but…what do you think it was really? 

Jill doesn't say anything, but she knows what he means. 

Sean cont’d: I think it was because we were both secretly in love with someone else. 

Jill: I was in love with you, Sean.  When we were together…I loved you.

Sean: But you loved Scout more. 

Jill glances out the window at her husband.  He’s laughing at something Sam said.  Sean looks out too, but his gaze is fixed on Bella.

Jill: So, I was secretly in love with Scout while you were in love with—

Sean: Her.  I was in love with her. 

Sean looks down and Jill wraps an arm around his shoulder. 

Jill: At least we both figured it out before it was too late.

Sean: It was always too late for me.  I loved her and there was nothing I could do about it.  The pathetic thing is…there still isn’t.

Jill: God, Sean…she loves you.  Can't you see that?  

Sean: No.

Jill: Well, I saw it today when you came down that escalator with her.  The two of you and Sam…you were like this perfect family.  And the way she looks at you, Sean…you have to see it.  I know you do.

Sean: Maybe…I don't want to see it. 

Jill: Why not?  Because you'll have to deal with it?  Like…really deal with it?

He’s frustrated.  He walks away from her and toward the window.

Sean: I just…I'm just…what if it doesn't work out, you know?  Because she and I…we have a track record of not working out.  Then there's Sam…

Jill: …who you risk losing if it doesn’t work out.

Sean: She’d leave…just like that.  I know she would. 

Jill: So…you'd rather stay silent…

Sean: Yes, I would because…right now, I have her and I have him. 

Jill: But, not really…you know that.  Not the way you want

He looks at her again.

Jill cont’d: I understand that if you don't say or do anything, then it seems like you don't risk losing them, but if she doesn’t know how you feel then that risk is there and it’s huge and you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think so.

Sean: Look, I just can’t tell her.

Jill: But, Sean, if you do tell her how you really feel, then—

Sean:  It could just be the beginning of the end. 

Sean looks up at Bella, Sam, and Scout again. 

Jill: Or it could be the beginning of something really wonderful.

Sean looks at her for a moment, then at Bella.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

12:12 p.m.


(cut to): Bella and Jill in the hospital.  Jill is suddenly quiet, thinking of her conversation with Sean and wondering how she can make Bella understand.

Bella: I’m not being blind on purpose…it’s just impossible to see what isn’t there.

Scout: Well…Mom and Dad are coming into town next week.

Scout walks back out into the hall as Bella and Jill end their conversation.

Scout cont’d: My dad wanted me to overnight the videotape to Washington and my mom wanted to overnight herself here, but I think I convinced them to just wait until Dad could get away. 

Jill smiles.

Jill: That’s great.

Bella: I should probably get going. 

Scout: Back to Boston?

Bella: To see Will.

Scout: Hey, it was worth a shot.

Jill: Scout…

Bella: Congratulations, you guys.

Bella turns and walks away, sad with Scout’s overall reaction.  Scout is bothered by the whole situation.  Jill puts her hand on his shoulder and he turns to walk back to the room with her.

(cut to):




March 22, 2011

2:25 p.m.


(cut to): Sean’s place in Boston, the living room.  He and Sam sit at the coffee table putting together a train puzzle. 

Sam: Sean?

Sean: Hmm?

Sam: Do you hate my mom?

Sean: No.

Sam: Does she hate you?

Sean: I don’t know.

Sam: Is it my fault that you were fighting?

Sean looks at him.

Sean: No, Sam…

Sam: Are you telling me the truth?

Sean looks at Sam who’s asking sincerely.

Sean: I promise, okay?

Sam: Are we moving to New York because my mom loves my dad?

Sean: I want to be able to answer your questions, Sam, I do, but…I don’t have all the answers right now.  Can you understand that?

Sam: Am I ever going to see you again, Sean?

Sean looks down…Sam doesn’t understand and Sean doesn’t know what to say.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

5:39 p.m.


(cut to): Hamilton’s apartment.  Bella and Will sit on the couch.

Will: I can’t believe Sean would be such a jerk about things.  I guess he’s really going to miss Sam.

Bella: Yeah…

Will: Unless…

Will looks at Bella who is studying her hands.

Will cont’d: …unless it’s you he’s going to miss.

Bella looks up at him.

Bella: Um, I think it’s a combination…

Will raises his eyebrows.

Bella cont’d: I mean…Sam and I have been living with him for…well, for Sam’s whole life.  We are kind of a family…a completely dysfunctional family…but—

Will: Nothing has ever happened between you two? 

Bella: Sean and me?

Will nods.

Bella: Um…

(cut to):




March 19, 2011

10:12 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Mexico by Leona Naess18 | soundtrack


(cut to):the house in Boston, just a day before Will shows up.

(cut to): Bella's bedroom where she is getting ready for bed.  The door is open.  Sean walks into the doorframe.

Sean: So…did we decide about next week?

Bella: Yeah…I’d rather not go, if that’s okay.

Sean: Okay, so I won’t get any days off?

Bella: We don’t really know which day she’s going to have it and I can’t afford to just take off a week.

Sean: Absolutely, I get it.  Want me to call Scout tomorrow?

Bella: Please. 

Sean smiles.

Sean: You know, that movie Sam’s been dying to see came out.  I thought maybe I could take him tomorrow night.

Bella: He’d probably like that.  It'll be a nice way to end the weekend.

Sean: Plus, it would give you a little break…

She smiles.

Sean cont’d: …from him…from me.

Bella: Oh, I don’t need a break from either of you.

A slight beat as Sean hesitates.

Sean: Um…could I come in for a second?

Bella gives him a curious look.

Bella: Sure.

He walks in and closes the door behind him.

Sean: Okay, look, Bella…we’ve been friends practically our whole lives and…we’ve gotten really close over the years.

Bella: Yes, we have.

Sean: I want to ask you something.  I’ve been wanting to ask you for awhile.  I had this great talk with Jill over Thanksgiving and…anyway…you can say no.

Bella: Okay…

Sean: Will you go to dinner with me sometime?

She wasn’t expecting this.

Bella: Go to dinner with you?

Sean: Repeating the question…never a good sign.

Bella: Do you mean like on a date?

Sean: A date?

Bella laughs, embarrassed.

Sean cont’d: N-not a…I mean I wasn’t…um...

Bella: Oh…God…

Sean: Yeah…I guess I just meant that I want to talk to you…without Sam around…just the two of us.  So, I thought maybe we could hire a babysitter and…go out…kind of like a date, but…you know…not really…I mean, that isn’t necessarily what I meant and I didn’t think you would think…

Bella: Oh…

Sean smiles irresistibly.

Bella cont’d: Well, that actually sounds pretty great.

Sean: Cool.

Bella: Of course, you have to give me some time to recover from my extreme embarrassment…since I thought you were asking me out.

Sean looks down then back up at her.

Sean: Well, I’m taking Sam to that movie tomorrow so…you’ve got at least a day.

Bella (in Sean’s tone): Cool.

She smiles.  Sean gets up and heads for the door.  Bella gets up to let him out.  He steps into the hall and she’s in the doorway.

Bella cont’d: Sean?

He turns back around with raised eyebrows.

Bella cont’d: I know that thisus…it’s a little…unconventional, but…it really works for me, you know?

Sean nods, not really understanding.

Sean: Yeah…yeah, me too.

Bella: I mean…I couldn’t imagine not being here…not having you.

Sean looks at her.  He loves moments like this with Bella.

Sean: Well, life around here would cease without you and Sam too so…like you said…it works…we work…

They’re close.  Sean could kiss her without stepping forward and it looks like he’s seriously considering it.  Bella smiles and it’s an invitation.  Sean knows this, but he doesn’t pursue it.  He doesn’t know what to do.  He’s never had this chance before.  She leans toward him and the kiss is going to happen…but Sean steps back.

Sean cont’d: I have some stuff I need to lay on the table.  Tomorrow I’ll take Sam to the movie then…the next night…we’ll…we’ll go out.

Bella is embarrassed.

Bella: I’m sorry.

Sean: No, no, no…don’t be sorry…God…don’t be sorry.

She’s looking down and he tilts her chin up.

Sean cont’d: Okay?

Sean smiles.  Life couldn’t be better for him at this moment. 

Sean cont’d: Goodnight, Bella.

Bella: Night…

He walks off down the hall.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

5:47 p.m.

Music: Desperately by Michelle Branch19 | soundtrack


(cut to): Will and Bella at Hamilton’s place, picking up their conversation.

Will: So, basically…he asked you out?

Will obviously hasn’t been told the whole story.

Bella: Well, no…kind of…I don’t know.

Will smiles.

Will: Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me.

Bella: No…it wasn’t…it’s not.

Will: Anyway…did I hear you say yes…to me?  To moving here?

Bella: Not yet, but…

She pauses, but smiles.

Bella cont’d: yes.

Will smiles.  He leans in, kissing her briefly to seal the deal.  When they part, he remembers something.

Will: What do you think about this place?

Bella: New York City or…Hamilton’s apartment?

Will: Hamilton and Jake are moving in together.

Bella: Really?  That’s great.

Will: Yeah, they’re getting a new place together and I was thinking…

He glances around the apartment as if revealing his plan.  Bella gets it.  She looks around too before responding:

Bella: This is an amazing apartment, Will.

Will: This is an amazing story, Bella.

She laughs.

Bella: Great…is it going to be your next book?

Will smiles.

Will: Maybe.

A beat.

Will cont’d: So, why didn’t you bring Sam?

Bella: I…I wanted to be alone with you.

Will: I like that plan.

He leans in to kiss her.  She returns the kiss.  The front door opens as Jake and Hamilton walk in carrying grocery bags.

Jake: Whoa…sorry.

Will and Bella break apart and stand up.  Jake and Hamilton look at each other then back at them.

Bella: Need any help?

Hamilton: No we—

Jake hands Hamilton the bags in her hands as she walks over and hugs Bella.

Jake: God, it has been too long.

Bella: I know.

Hamilton struggles so Will helps him out.  The guys carry the stuff into the kitchen.  We stay with the girls.  They sit down on the couch.  After a moment:

Jake: So…

Bella smiles.

Bella: I would really love it if you didn’t follow that with anything involving the phrase “what about Sean?”

Jake nods as a beat passes.

Jake: So…where is Sean?

Bella: I have to tell you something important.

Jake: About Sean?

Bella: No…kind of…

Bella looks down.

Bella cont’d: Will is…

Jake waits.

Bella cont’d: He’s Sam’s father.

Jake tries to look surprised.

Jake: Wow…

Bella: I didn’t tell anyone because…I didn’t want Will to find out.

Jake: He didn’t know?

Bella shakes her head.

Bella:  I told him yesterday.  Then I told Sam.  And, Sean…he heard it from Sam…

Jake: Ouch.

Bella: Yeah, I’m fairly sure he hates me.

Jake shakes her head.

Jake: I don’t see that happening.  He’s crazy about you.

Bella tries to ignore Jake’s comment.   

Bella: I’m leaving Boston and I’m moving here…with Will.

Jake: That’s what Hamilton tells me.

Bella poses the question seriously:

Bella: Do you think I’m making a mistake?

Jake thinks about this.

Bella cont’d: I mean, all day I’ve been fighting with people and telling them it’s my life and it’s the right thing to do…for me…for Sam, but…what if I’m wrong? 

Jake: Why am I allowed to judge?

Bella: I trust your opinion because you didn’t just get what you wanted like everyone else, you know?  You had to make a choice to be with Hamilton again.  And, that was a huge decision…

Jake thinks about this and what to say to Bella.

Jake: Okay…the alternative to Will is…what?  Staying in Boston and keeping things the same?

Bella: I doubt that’s possible.  If I were Sean, I’d kick me out.

Jake: Well, if I were Sean…I’d just want to know the truth.

Bella: The problem is, when you lie to yourself…you tend to lose the truth. 

She pauses a moment to think.

Bella cont’d: What is my alternative to Will?  I have no idea.  I don’t know exactly what my options are at this point, but one thing I am certain of is…when Will and I made love all those years ago…I loved him.  Sam is a product of that love.  I also know that I wanted Will after he left…long after.  It’s really tempting to accept all that and put it together into a new life.  That’s the truth.

Jake nods.

Jake: I buy it…and, I think Sean is going to understand that, Bella.

Bella looks down, not so sure.

Jake cont’d: Look, Hamilton hurt me a lot and…he was really lucky to get me back.

Bella smiles.

Jake cont’d: So if Will can manage to overlook something this huge—and if you really love him—then…you’re really lucky too. 

Bella nods; she gets it.

Jake cont’d: So…what about Sean?

Bella laughs as Jake asks the unmentionable.  She thinks seriously about it for a second.

Bella: Sean is…he’s amazing.  I just…I never let myself go there…you know?

Jake: Yeah…I know.

Bella: And, I don’t think right now is the right time to start going there…

Jake laughs.

Jake: Depends on how you look at it, I guess.

Bella takes this light comment seriously.

(cut to): the kitchen.  Will and Hamilton finish putting the groceries away.

Hamilton: So…looks like you sealed the deal.  Way to go.

Will: Yep, she said yes.  So, when do you move out?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: We checked out an apartment over in the village this afternoon.  It’s an amazing space and it’s nothing like her apartment or mine…which was really appealing to both of us.

Will nods.

Will: Hey, let me ask you something…Bella and Sean…

Hamilton looks at him, waiting for him to continue.

Will cont’d: As far as you know, nothing’s ever…I mean…

Hamilton: Not as far as I know. 

Will: Because earlier you said—

Hamilton: …that I always assumed they would, yeah, but…obviously…I was wrong.

Will nods.  A beat. 

Hamilton cont’d: Look, Will, if you’re happy and she’s happy then…congratulations.

Will smiles.

Will: Thank you.

A beat.

Hamilton: Wow, you're going to be like…Sam's dad.

Will hesitates for a second.

Will: It's more like…I am his dad. 

Hamilton nods, not getting it for a second.

Hamilton: Wait…did you just say…you’re…

Will: …Sam’s father.  Yes, I did.

Hamilton: That’s…uh…wow…congratulations again…

Will smiles.  Bella walks in.

Bella: Hey…

Will lights up when he sees her.  Hamilton notices this then looks over at Bella.  She catches the look, but ignores it and talks to Will:

Bella cont’d: I’m going to head back.

(cut to):


New York City


March 22, 2011

6:22  p.m.


(cut to): the street in front of Hamilton's apartment.  Bella and Will stand on the street, where Bella’s car is parked.

Bella: Okay, so…I’ll call you sometime tomorrow and we’ll figure out a schedule.

Will steps toward her and wraps his arms around her.

Will: As long as it involves getting you here asap.

She smiles.  He leans in, kissing her.  She kisses him back, pulling him a little closer.

Will cont’d: Bella…I love you.

Bella smiles. 

Bella: I love you too.  I’ll see you soon.

She kisses him again, briefly, and gets into her car.  Will watches her drive away, happy with the way things are working out.  We zoom out as we get a shot of Will on the street in front of the apartment building.

(fade out)




March 22, 2011

10:45 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Mexico by Incubus20 | soundtrack


(cut to):  to Sean's house in Boston as Bella’s car pulls up, several hours later.

(cut to): the living room.  The television is on and it casts light onto the couch where Sean sits, staring ahead, not really watching TV.  Sam has his blanket and pillow and is asleep next to Sean.  Sean looks down at him then up as the door unlocks.

(cut to): the door as Bella enters.  She’s trying to be quiet, assuming everyone is asleep.  When she walks past the living room, Sean addresses her:

Sean: You're back.

She is startled at first, but then recovers:

Bella: Yeah...I would have been back sooner, but I drove around New York awhile...then I drove around Boston awhile...I just needed to—

Sean: Nice of you to come back.

Bella: Just…don’t, Sean. 

Sean: I'm just saying…now that you're back…I can get going.

Sean stands up and walks over to the doorway where there is a suitcase.  She looks down, noticing the suitcase for the first time.  He stands there for awhile just looking at Bella who can't hide her shock.  

Bella: I don’t understand. 

Sean: I'm leaving. 

Bella: Why? 

Sean: I'm going to a motel…until you and Sam leave for New York.

Bella: That’s ridiculous.  This is your home. 

Sean: Well, it won't be much of one after you're gone.

She doesn’t know what to say.  Sean picks up the suitcase and walks past her.  

Bella: Don't leave like this. 

He stops just short of the door, but doesn't turn around. 

Sean: I need to get out of here, okay?  I’ve already talked to Sam.  He knows I won’t be here when he wakes up.

Sean looks back at the couch were Sam is still asleep.

Sean cont’d: You guys need to your space to get your things together and I'd…I'd just be in the way. 

Bella: No, you wouldn't.  

She struggles to think of something to say.  The only thing she can come up with is:

Bella cont’d: I'm sure Sam would really want you to help.

This angers Sean. He turns to face her. 

Sean: Actually, I think Sam would really prefer it if he didn't have to pack…at all.

Bella: God…I can't believe you're acting like this.

Sean: What did you expect?  A going-away party?

Bella: That isn't what I meant. 

Sean: I’m entitled to my feelings about this…

She looks off as if she doesn’t agree.  He scoffs as he walks back towards her. 

Sean (sarcastically): Oh, that’s right!  I forgot…this is your life.  It's not like what happens to you and Sam effects me…at all, right?

Bella looks down.  Sean continues to look at her intensely. 

Sean cont’d:  Except that, Bella…it does.

She looks up at him again.

Sean cont’d: You were right, this is my home and…it's falling apart.  Even worse…you don’t even see it.  I mean, you and Sam…are…

He’s been looking at her, but he looks down now. 

Sean cont’d: …my life.

She can’t believe he’s said it and neither can he. 

Bella: Sean…I’m sorry.

Sean (sincerely): Don't be.  Do what makes you happy because it’s what you deserve…

He looks at her again.

Sean cont’d: …but just don't…expect me to act like I'm enjoying it.

Bella: Of course not…why would you enjoy the fact that…I could actually be happy?

Sean: Don’t say that like you actually believe it.  The only fact I don’t enjoy is that I’m losing a kid who I adore, not to mention…the only girl I've ever really…

Bella:  Ever really what? 

Sean could say it, but he doesn't. 

Sean: Nothing…forget it. 

Bella wanted him to say it and is disappointed by his dismissal 

Sean cont’d: Have a good life, Bella. 

Before Bella can say anything, Sean takes his suitcase and walks out the door.  Bella stares at the door a moment then looks over at Sam.

(cut to):




March 23, 2011

2:26 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Family Tree by Ben Kweller21 | soundtrack


(cut to):  the same shot of the living room, complete with Sam’s pillow and blanket, but he’s not there.

(cut to): Sam’s room where Bella is packing some things in a box while Sam plays nearby.  It's obvious she's been crying.  She looks over at him, stressed and slightly annoyed.

Bella: Sam, Sweetie…can you please start packing your toys?

Sam shakes his head in silent resistance. 

Bella cont’d:  Please, Sam? 

Sam: Why do we have to go? 

Bella: I told you: he's your dad. 

Sam: So.  

Bella stops what she's doing and crouches down to talk to her son. 

Bella: I know that you don't really understand, but it's better that we'll be together, you'll see.  

Sam: We're going to be a family, right?

Bella: Yes. 

Sam: And…a family is people who love each, right?

Bella smiles.

Bella: And it's about being there for each other, listening, taking care of one another, making sure that everyone is safe and…

Sam: …happy?

Bella nods.

Sam cont’d: I understand.

Bella: Good. 

Bella stands and returns to what she was doing, but Sam is thinking this through.

Sam: That means you love Sean then. 

Bella thinks of how she can answer this so that he can understand. 

Bella: Of course I do, Sweetheart.  He's been really good to us.  He took care of me even before you were born.  And, I love him…

Sam looks up at her.

Bella cont’d: …for that.

After another moment, Sam has another question:

Sam: How come my dad didn't do that?

Bella looks down at Sam who’s waiting for an answer.

Bella: Do what?

Sam: Take care of you.

She can’t hold back tears, but she tries to get it out:

Bella: Because…I didn't let him…and, I’m sorry, okay?

Sam doesn't really get what she means so he just continues to look at his mom.  She wipes her tears away and tries to pull it together.  Sam walks over to her and wraps his arms around her.

Sam: I'm sorry.  Don't cry, Mom.

Bella bends down to hug him back. 

Bella: I'm sorry…I'm so sorry. 

Sam hugs her back even tighter.

Sam: If we move to New York, will you not be sad anymore?

Bella says nothing.

Sam cont’d: I just don't want you to cry anymore.  I want you to be happy…because I love you.

Despite herself, Bella smiles.

Bella: I love you, too.

Will: Can I get in on this?
The shot gets wider as we realize Will is standing at the doorway.  Sam looks up.  Will smiles at him, but Sam wiggles out of Bella’s embrace and goes back to his toys.  Bella wipes her face once more before she looks up at Will, who hasn’t noticed the tears.

Will: The backdoor was unlocked.

Bella (casually): I thought you weren’t getting here until, like, five.

He takes a step further into the room.

Will: I couldn’t wait that long.  I picked up the U-Haul on the way over too. 

Bella nods.

Bella: Thanks.

Will: Get everything straightened out at work?  I mean, were they pissed when you told them you’re moving to New York…today?

Bella: The principal is new this year and…she and I were roommates freshman year of college.  She’s helping me out.

Will: That’s great.

A slight beat.

Bella: Well, I’m glad you’re here early.

She smiles at him as she turns back to packing.  He smile too, so genuinely happy to see her.  He glances over at Sam, equally as glad to see him.

Will: Hey, Sam.

Sam looks up.

Sam: Hi.

He looks back at his toys.  Will tries not to let it get to him.  He looks at Bella again:

Will: I thought you could use some help packing.

Bella: Definitely…especially since I’m not getting much help out of that one.

She gestures over to Sam who ignores her.  Will takes a deep breath then a step toward Sam.  Bella watches anxiously.  He crouches down so that he’s at eye level with Sam.  Sam stares at him suspiciously.  Will doesn’t really know what to say.

Will: You know, I’m really excited that you and your mom are coming to live with me.

Sam continues to look at him.

Will cont’d: What about you?

He looks up at his mom who gives him a pleading look.

Sam: Um…I don’t know.

He shrugs and looks back at his toys.  Will is frustrated, but understands how Sam must feel.

Will: Well, I think you’re really going to like it in New York.  You know Hamilton, right?

Sam looks up.  He knows Hamilton; he likes Hamilton.

Will cont’d: We’re going to live in his old apartment.

Sam: Is he going to live there too?

Will shakes his head.

Will: He and Jake are getting a brand new apartment and I bet they’ll love having you in town so they can see you more often.

Sam: When I was a little kid, we used to play hide and seek.  And me and Hamilton made Jake “it” every time and she could never find us. 

Will smiles.

Will: Sounds fun.

Sam realizes he’s been tricked and he turns back to his toys for a moment:

Will cont’d: And…you know who else lives in New York?

Sam nods.

Sam: Jill and Uncle Scout. 

Will: And their new baby.

Sam: I know.  John Gregory Calhoun.

Will: That’s right. 

Sam: Well, I can’t wait to meet him because the last time we were there he was still in Jill’s stomach so…I didn’t really get to play with him.

Will: You’ll get to play with him all the time now.  You’ll be like…a big brother to him.

Sam thinks about this.  Bella stands back, completely impressed.

Sam: Well…it does sound pretty cool…

Will smiles.

Sam cont’d: I just wish Sean could come too.

Bella quickly starts packing again and looks busy when Will glances back at her.

Will: He can come visit us anytime.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Sam doesn’t want to agree.

Sam: Well, he probably won't have time.  He's busy, you know.  He's a police officer.  He saves people’s lives. 

Will: I’m sure he does, but—

Sam: He saved Mom’s life.

Will looks a little puzzled by this and Bella gives up packing. 

Sam: Because he loves her.  He loves us both…that’s how come he had to leave.

Sam picks up his toy train and pretends to concentrate on it.  Will forces a smile then stands up to talk to Bella again.

Will: So, where is Sean anyway?  Work?

Bella hesitates, not knowing exactly what to tell Will.  Sam doesn’t hesitate, though.

Sam: He’s at the Holiday Inn on Blossom Street…room 126.

Will looks at Bella with raised eyebrows.  He notices something.

Will: Have you been crying?

Bella looks down.

Will cont’d: Why’s Sean at a hotel?

Bella: He doesn’t like that I’m taking Sam away from him…among other things…

Will: What other things?

Bella looks off.

Bella: I don’t know.

A beat.

Will: Do you have boxes?

Bella: What?  Oh, um…not enough actually.

Will: Why don’t I take your car and get some more?

Bella: That would be…great.

Will looks down at Sam who has been staring at him intently.  Sam quickly looks back at his train.

Will: Okay, I’ll be back in, say, an hour.

He turns to walk out, but Bella grabs his arm.

Bella: Wait…would you…would you mind taking Sam with you?  I think it would be good for him to get out of the house, not to mention that I could actually get something done.

A beat as Sam looks up at Will, not sure if he wants to go or not.

Will: Sure.  Come on, Sam.

Sam: Mom, I don’t want to go.

Bella: Sam—

Sam: I’ll help pack.

Will bends down again.

Will: We can get some ice cream at Brigham's while we're out. 

Sam looks up at his mom who nods.  He gives in.

Sam: Okay.

He walks to Will, carrying the toy train in his arms. 

Will: Okay.  We'll be back later.  

Bella nods.  Will and Sam exit the room, but Bella continues to stare at the door.  After she hears them walk down the stairs, she walks over to the bed and sits down, relieved to be alone.

(cut to):




March 23, 2011

4:09 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): Sean in the hotel room.  He’s sitting on the floor in front of the bed.  The TV is on, but he’s not watching it.  He hasn’t shaved or showered.  A knock at the door startles him.

Sean: I don’t need maid service.

Will (from the hall): It’s Will.

Sam (from the hall): And it’s me.

Sean (to himself): Great… (louder): Yeah, I’ll be right there.

He gets up and pulls off his t shirt, pulling a clean one from his suitcase.  He puts it on as he walks over to bathroom.  He splashes some water on his face and picks up his toothbrush, putting toothpaste on it.  He heads over to the door, brushing his teeth.  He opens the door.  Sam smiles as soon as he sees him.  Sean can’t help smile back as he notices that Sam has dried ice cream on his face.  He shakes his head then looks up at Will.

Sean: Come on in.

Will and Sam walk in.  Sean stops Sam, taking his hand and leading him into the bathroom.  He quickly finishes brushing his teeth then picks up a washcloth, getting it wet.  He kneels down and wipes Sam’s face off.  Sean looks up at Will.
Sean cont’d: What are you guys doing here?  Bella didn’t send you…

Will: No…

Sam: …we’re not supposed to tell her.

Sean finishes with Sam and nods to the sink.  Sam washes his hands obediently.  Will is impressed, but doesn’t say anything.  Sean turns to Will.

Sean: So…why are you here?

Will: I wanted to see you.  We used to be best friends, after all.

Sean: We don’t even know each other anymore, Will.

Will: Well, that isn’t my fault.

Sean: Actually, I think it is.  Bella asked me not to call you so I didn’t, but you never once tried to get in touch with me, did you?

Will looks down.

Sean cont’d: Exactly.  And if you had, not only would we still be friends, but…I would have told you everything.  You would have known I’m not Sam’s father.  But, it’s not even about that, is it? 

Will: What are you talking about?

Sam is drying his hands and he now listens carefully.  Will and Sean don’t notice.

Sean cont’d: Look, Will, what do you really want from me?

Will: I just want to know why you’re here and not at your house helping your two very good friends get ready for their big move.

Sam: Because he doesn’t want us to go, but he’s not allowed to say that.

Sean and Will look over, realizing that Sam is listening.

Sean: Sam…

Will: I understand that you love Sam—

Sam: He loves—

Sean: Sam.

Sean gives Sam a stern look.  Will glances at Sean, who turns around and kneels down in front of Sam.

Sean: You know how your mom said you couldn’t have the Sony Virtual Playman until you’re eight?

Sam nods.

Sean: Guess what?  They have one here.

Sam’s face lights up.  Sean grins then gets up and leads Sam over to the TV.  He pulls out some equipment from a drawer.

Will: What is that?

Sam: It’s virtual reality.  It’s so fun.

Sean puts the VR goggles/headgear on him and hands him the controller.

Sean: It’s also costing me like fifty bucks so…you better enjoy it.

Sam can’t hear through the helmet.

Sam: What?

Sean pats him on the back and turns back to Will.

Sean: I didn’t think he needed to hear this.

Will: Hear what?

Sean: Whatever we’re about to say to each other.

Will: Why are you being so damn antagonistic?

Sean: Well, how would you feel if your worst nightmare came true?

Will: I really don’t think you’re being fair about this.

Sean: Maybe that’s because “this” isn’t fair.

Will: What exactly don’t you think is fair?  That I didn’t know I had a son?  That I love his mom?  That I want to build the life that I always should have had?  Huh, Sean, what?  What isn’t fair?

Sean: My life.

He sits down on the bed and looks over at Sam who screams and hits several buttons on the controller.  He smiles slightly at Sam even though he doesn’t want to.  He looks away, sadly.  After a few seconds, he continues:

Sean cont’d: And is hasn’t been fair because…I’ve been living with this…fear…that one day you'd show up and just…take it all away. 

Will: You didn’t even know I was Sam’s dad.

Sean: I didn’t have to know you were Sam’s dad to know…she wanted you to be.  For the longest time, I knew that’s what she wanted.  And I lived with that burden…knowing that she wanted you.  Knowing that I was just…your substitute.  Well, I don't want to be that guy anymore.  I'm tired of being that guy.  And for a little while…right before you showed up…I was pretty sure she was tired of it too.

Will gets angrier.

Will: So, what it comes down to is…you want to be with Bella and…you’re mad that she picked me.  It’s not about Sam at all.

Sean: Of course it is…

Sean looks down.  He’s a little calmer.

Sean cont’d: Look, Will…I’m here because…I didn’t want to do this.  I have no right to do this. 

Will looks like he agrees.

Sean cont’d: You are Sam’s father and you deserve to know him and…he definitely deserves to know you.  I could never stand in the way of that.  And…as far as Bella’s concerned…I mean…I wanted to avoid this conversation with you because…I thought you were better off not knowing how I feel about her.

Will: Does she know?

Sean: She wouldn’t admit it if she did.  Bella doesn’t think she deserves a lot of things…most of all to be loved.  I mean, she’s never dated…she wouldn’t open herself up to the possibility of finding someone who she might actually fall in love with.

Will: That doesn’t make sense.  She loves me.

Sean stands up.

Sean: I think you should get going.

Will: That really bothers you, doesn’t it?

Sean: What’s that?

Will: That she loves me.

Sean: Get a clue…she doesn’t love you. 

Will: Yes she does.

Sean: Will, do you think it would be that easy if it were true?  Do you think you could just show up one day and ask her to move away with you and two days later she’d be packing up to go…leaving her friends…her job?

Will: That’s exactly why it’s so easy for her, Sean…because it’s real.  It’s not the game she’s been playing with you for the past…what’s it been?  Six years now?

Sean: Seven…plus.

Will: Whatever…it’s not playing house with you.  You said it yourself: you were just a substitute.

Sean: Yeah, well, the funny thing is, you’re the substitute now…and you don’t even know it.

Will: You’re just jealous.

Sean: If I were just jealous, it’d be a lot easier for me to keep my mouth shut.  I can deal with being jealous.  What I can’t deal with is seeing her use you…and use Sam in the process…because she’s afraid to face the truth.

Will: And you think the truth is that she loves you.

Sean won’t answer this.

Will cont’d: Well then tell her how you feel…and let’s see what happens.

Sean: Absolutely not.

Will: What have you got to lose? 

Sean: Don’t you get it?  It’s not about me.  She’s going to go with you no matter how she really feels.  Right now…she gets to go away thinking I’m the bad guy and that she’s doing the right thing.  If I tell her that…if I tell her I love her then…she’d walk away feeling guilty…whether she’s really in love with you or not.  And…she’s felt guilty long enough.  Let her feel redeemed.  She deserves it.

Will suddenly gets it.  Sean loves Bella. 

Will: If you don’t tell her…I’m going to feel guilty.

Sean tilts his head.  A beat passes as Will looks around.  Suddenly he turns and starts to walk out.

Will cont’d: I…I have to go…

Sean: Aren’t you forgetting something?

He nods over to Sam.

Will: Bring him to the house later.  Talk to Bella.  You owe it to…all of us.

Sean: But—

Will walks out.  Sean never expected this chance and he doesn’t have any idea what to do with it.

(cut to):




March 23, 2011

5:35 p.m.

Music: Wide Eyed and Full by Matt Nathanson22 | soundtrack


(cut to): Sean and Bella’s house.

(cut to): Bella’s bedroom.  Bella is going through her clothes and putting them in separate piles.  Will walks in.  She doesn’t see him at first.  He watches her for a moment.  Eventually she looks up. 

Bella: Hi.

Will (tentatively): Hi.

Bella: I was getting worried.  What took so long?

Will: Sam and I…we went to see Sean.  I left Sam with him. 

Bella: What?  Why?  I mean…why did you go see him?

Will: Because, Bella, I needed answers…answers that you weren’t willing to give me.

Bella: And what answers could Sean possibly have?
Will looks down, refusing to answer.

Bella cont’d: Look, I told you…he’s mad about Sam.  He’d say anything to—

Will: The focus of our discussion wasn’t Sam, Bella.

She wants to change the subject.

Bella: I don’t know why he wants to ruin this for me…

Will looks at her for a moment.  He knows why and it hurts him.

Will: You will.

Bella doesn’t understand.  A beat passes.

Will cont’d: I never thought I’d be this lucky.  I thought you were with Sean…I thought…I thought Sam was his son and then I got here and…none of that was true.  And then you told me that Sam’s my son.  It was like I hit the lottery.

She smiles.

Will cont’d: But…am I just the easy out?

Bella: No.

She doesn’t offer any more than this.  A beat.

Will: I want you to know that…I’m not going anywhere unless you tell me it’s what you want.

Bella: But?

Will: But, I think maybe you should just…stop packing…for now.  Come downstairs and…eat dinner with me.  I got Chinese food.

Bella: You didn’t have to do that.

Will: What?  Buy you dinner?

He smiles.

Will cont’d: Come on.

(cut to):


New York City


March 23, 2011

5:45 p.m.


(cut to): Jill and Scout’s apartment.

(cut to): the living room.  Hamilton and Jake sit cozily on the couch.  Scout walks into the room from the hall.

Scout: Jill’s out.  The baby is…out for now.

He grins and sits down in a nearby chair.

Hamilton: Okay, Superdad, thanks for the update.

Scout rolls his eyes.

Jake: So, how long until he wakes up again?

Scout: Well, we have to feed him every two hours so, if we don’t…he lets us know.

Hamilton: Something’s wrong with that system.

Jake: Yeah…definitely.

Jake and Hamilton look at each other.

Scout: So, anyway, have you guys talked anymore to Will or Bella…or Sean?

Jake nods to Hamilton.

Jake: He talked to Will this morning and Bella this afternoon.

Hamilton: Yeah, um, Will took a train to Boston, picked up a U-Haul and headed over to Bella’s.

Scout: What?  Just like that.

Jake: That’s what I said.  Like, what about her job? But…

She looks to Hamilton to finish this idea:

Hamilton: Apparently, there’s this private school here where she thinks she can get a job teaching music like she’s been doing.  Her principal now is supposedly a really good friend of hers so…she’s going to be able to get out of her contract.

Scout: Convenient.

Hamilton: I guess she’s going for…quick and painless.

Scout: Well, what about you guys?  You haven’t even started moving into the new place…have you even finalized that?

Jake: Yeah…this afternoon.

Scout smiles.

Scout: That’s great, you guys.

Jake and Hamilton smile at each other again.

Jake: Anyway, they’re just going to put her stuff in storage for the next two weeks.

Hamilton: They should just wait until the end of the school year.  I mean, is anyone even thinking about Sam?

Jake: Well…the person you didn’t talk to was…Sean.

Scout: There’s someone who was thinking about Sam.

Jake: God, he loves that kid.

Scout: He loves Bella too.

Hamilton: I don’t know why…she’s been a complete bitch lately.

Jake: Hamilton.

Scout: I have to say I agree.

Jake: You guys.  That’s not fair.

Hamilton: Oh my God…what’d she say to you last night?

Jake: Nothing.

Scout: Did she say she’s in love with Sean?

Jake: No.

Hamilton: Why’s she really moving here with Will?  Is it the money?

Jake: Hamilton, how could you even seriously say that?

Hamilton: Well, if you would just tell us what she said…we could stop speculating.

Jake: I don’t know what she said.  I think the basic idea was that being with Will is so much easier than having to figure out how she feels about Sean.

Hamilton: See…bitch.

Scout nods.  Jake looks a little irritated with them, but doesn’t say anymore because the baby starts crying. 

Scout: Excuse me.

(cut to):




March 23, 2011

6:00 p.m.

Music: Ghost by Howie Day23 | soundtrack


(cut to): Boston, Sean and Bella’s house, the kitchen.  Will and Bella are eating their food.

Will: Maybe we should have started out here.

Bella: Dinner alone?

Will nods.

Will: And, I could have talked about my latest book tour…trying to subtly impress you.

Bella laughs.

Bella: I would have told you lots of embarrassing stories about Sam.

Will laughs.
Will: He’s such a great kid.

Bella: I’m sorry he’s having trouble opening up to you.

Will: In his head, he has a dad already.  He doesn’t have room for me.

She feels bad about this.

Bella: He just needs a little time.

Will: He needs a lot of time.  I think we all do.

He looks down at his plate, not interested in eating anymore. 

Bella: Will…I don’t know what you think is going to come from this conversation with Sean, but…I still want you. 

Will: I’m not going to sit here and play “pick me, pick me” with you, okay? 

Bella: I’m not asking you to.

She’s frustrated.  She pushes her plate away and picks up a fortune cookie.  He watches her open it and look at the fortune.  She tosses it down and picks at the cookie.

Will: What’s it say?

Bella: Uh…

She picks it up.

Bella (reading): “Above all things, love requires patience.”

They look at each other, searching for meaning in the words.  Will picks up a cookie and opens it.  He chuckles.

Bella: What does it say?

Will: It’s a classic: “Don’t worry—be happy.”  Right…

He glances at his watch.

(cut to):




March 23, 2011

6:15 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): Sean driving his car down a street in Boston.  Sam is in the passenger seat.

Sam: Will said I would be like a big brother to the baby.

Sean smiles.

Sean: I think he’s right.

Sam: He also said I’ll get to see Jake and Ham all the time.

Sean: I bet you’ll make them play hide and seek all the time.

Sam: Oh yeah. 

A beat as Sam looks at him intently.

Sam: Think I’ll like it there?

Sean glances over at him then back at the road.  He can only muster a nod.

Sam cont’d: Is it okay if I do?

The reach a stop sign.  Sean looks over at him.

Sean: Will you promise me something?

Sam: Don’t run away from anyone.

Sean: That too, but…promise me that you’ll try very hard to like it there.

Sam nods.

Sean cont’d: And…most important…you’ll try your very best to get to know your dad.

Sam considers if he wants to agree to this.

Sam: Sometimes he barely pays attention to me. 

Sean: Well, he’s new at being a dad.  You have to show him how, okay?

Sam nods.

Sam: Okay…I promise.

Sam turns away to look out the window.

(cut to):




March 23, 2011

6:38 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Rescue Blues by Ryan Adams24 | soundtrack


(cut to): Sean’s car in the driveway of the house. 

(cut to): the front steps where Sam and Will sit together, not talking.  Will looks over at him.  Sam sighs.

Sam: My mom says you’re a writer.

Will: I sure am.
Sam: What do you write?

Will: Well, I’ve written a book.

Sam: What’s it about?

Will: It’s about a man searching for the perfect poem.

Sam: Why?

Will: He wants to find the one that applies to himself…his life.

Sam: Why doesn’t he just write one of his own?

Will laughs.  Sam doesn’t get it.  He looks at Will, waiting for an explanation.

Will: That’s what he does...in the end.

Sam: Oh…

Will smiles, suddenly pretty impressed with his son.

Sam cont’d: When you write, you get to make everyone do just what you want, right?

Will: Yeah, I guess you do.

Sam: I wish I was a writer.

Will: Sam, I know you’re going to miss it here, but—

Sam: …I’m going to try really hard to like it in New York.

Sam nods.  Will smiles.

Will: You are?

Sam nods again. Will smiles.  Sam thinks of his other promise.  He hesitates and looks down.  He takes a deep breath then looks up at Will.

Sam: What’s your favorite color?

Will smiles curiously at Sam.

(cut to): Bella’s bedroom.  Almost everything that belongs to her is packed.  She’s taping a box as Sean stands at the door, quietly watching her.

Bella: Did you come here to stare at me?

He snaps out of it.

Sean: No…I came to bring Sam back.

Bella: He should have never been left with you.

Sean: Believe me, I agree…he should never see me again.

Bella: That isn’t what I meant, Sean.

A beat as each of them sulks a little.  Sean notices a picture in a frame on her dresser.  He walks over to it.

Sean: Hey, you forgot this…

He looks at it.  It’s Sean, Bella and Sam at Sam’s last birthday party. 

Bella: You can keep it.

This hurts him.  He carefully sets it back on the dresser.

Bella cont’d: If you have something to say, I wish you’d just get it over with.  I’m really tired and I’m really not in the mood to battle it out with you anymore.

Sean: Look, Bella…I’m not here to argue with you, okay? 

Bella: Yeah, I can tell…

Sean: I do have something to say…something that I should have said a long time ago.  Actually, something that I did say a long time ago.

Bella: Sean, what are you talking about?

Sean: All right.  I’m just going to say it.  I don’t know how you’re going to take it and…maybe you already know…but, I need you to hear this.  I need you to hear me say it…

She waits.

Sean cont’d: …eventually.

She looks down, sighing.  She’s annoyed.

Sean cont’d: I think I just need to talk.  I’ll get to what I really need to say eventually. 

Bella: Maybe you should get started because I don’t have all night.

He looks at her a moment, put off by her short temper. 

Sean: Okay…well…you should know that…

He pauses.

Sean cont’d: …there’s nothing in this world that would make me happier than if you decided to stay.

Bella: Sean—

Sean: Wait.  There’s also no way I’d ever ask you to stay.  I’d never ask you to give up your dreams…for me. 

Bella looks at him not knowing what to think.

Sean cont’d: If New York…if Will…if that life is what you want, then I’ll be able to deal with it because I’ve seen you be miserable and I’ve seen you want something else…something more.  And I can accept that I can’t give you those things.  I can accept that you don’t love me…

She looks at him, not believing he just said that.  He’s not paying much attention to her.

Sean cont’d: …because…because…

Bella: Because what?

He takes a deep breath and looks at her.

Sean: Because…I love you, Bella.

Bella doesn't react at all.

(cut to):




March 23, 2011

6:48 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old

Music: Rescue Blues by Ryan Adams (cont’d) | soundtrack


(cut to): Will and Sam in the yard, playing baseball.  Will is catching and Sam is practicing pitching.  They’re both wearing coats and looking a little chilly.  Sam pulls his hand out of his glove and tucks it and the ball under his arm as he blows on his hands to warm them up.  Once he’s satisfied, he puts the glove back on and prepares for the pitch.  He nods to Will who gets ready to catch.  Sam throws the ball and Will catches it with a smile.

Will: Take a few steps back…you’re hurting my hand this close.

Sam: Nuh-uh…

Will: Uh-huh.

Sam laughs and takes a few steps back.

Will cont’d: What do you know besides a fastball?

Sam shrugs.

Sam: Everything.

Will: How about…a curve ball?

Sam: Do you know the sign?

Will: Yeah…I think I can remember.

Sam waits until Will gives the curve ball sign then he throws the pitch.  Will catches it.
Will cont’d: Perfect pitch.

Sam: Will?  Do they have baseball in New York?  Little League?

Will: I’m sure they do.

Will tosses the ball back to him and he catches it.

Sam: Okay, good.

Will smiles.  Sean walks out the front door and the scene is almost a little too much for him.  Sam sees him and drops the ball and glove, running over to him.

Sam: Sean, did Will really used to be your catcher?

Sean takes a deep breath and smiles at Sam.

Sean: He sure did. 

Sam smiles.

Sam: Will you throw some pitches?

Sean: I’m sorry, Sam, I have to go.

Sam: Why?

Will walks up to them now, looking at Sean searchingly.  He shrugs to Will then crouches down to talk to Sam.

Sean: You know why, buddy.  Remember all the stuff we’ve talked about?

Sam nods.

Sean cont’d: I’ll talk to you after your move, okay?

Sam: Okay…

Sean stands up, patting him on the head.  He looks at Will.

Sean: You were right. 

Will: What’d she—

Sean: Let’s just leave it at…you were right.  I was naïve.  Enjoy…the life you always should have had.

He sticks out his hand and Will shakes it, looking relieved.  Sean smiles sadly and walks off toward his car.  Will puts his hand on Sam’s shoulder who stands there for a minute then seems to be hit with what’s actually going on.  He shrugs out of Will’s touch and runs toward Sean.

Sam: Sean!  Wait!

Sean turns around as Sam runs at him, hugging him.  Sean bends down to return the hug.  Sam’s crying now and he buries his head in Sean’s shoulder.

Sam cont’d: Don’t go…don’t go yet.

Sean glances up at Will apologetically.  Will nods like he understands.

Sean: I love you so much.

Sam: I love you so much back.

Sean laughs.  Sam holds on for a little while longer then steps back.

Sam cont’d: I’m going to do everything I promised you.

Sean: Thank you.

He hesitates a moment then stands up.  Sam takes a step back as Sean gets into his car and pulls away.

(cut to):


New York City


March 24, 2011

9:00 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): Hamilton’s apartment, the living room.  He and Will have been talking while Hamilton’s been packing.

Hamilton: Wait, so…that’s it?

Will: Yeah, he drove away.

Hamilton: I mean Sam didn’t flip out more than that?

Will shakes his head.

Hamilton (calling into another room): Sam?  Come here.

Sam walks out into the living room, carrying his toy train.

Sam: What's up?

Hamilton: "What's up?"...listen to this kid...

Hamilton picks him up, setting him down so that he's standing on the arm of the couch, at eye level with everyone.  Hamilton looks at him.

Hamilton cont’d: Why didn't you flip out when Sean left?

Sam shrugs.

Sam: I don't know...what do you mean?

Hamilton: When your mom first told you about moving here, you ran away.  How come you didn't try something like that again?

Sam: I promised Sean I wouldn't.  Besides...I didn't want to hurt...

He looks down.

Sam cont’d: I didn't want to hurt Will's feelings.

Hamilton glances at Will.

Hamilton: So, you like Will okay now, huh?

Sam nods and looks up at Will who he finds smiling at him.  Sam smiles, but then he thinks of something.

Sam: I'm sorry if they hurt your feelings.

Hamilton looks carefully at Will whose smile only falters a little.

(cut to):




March 24, 2011

9:00  a.m.

Music: Warning Sign by Coldplay25 | soundtrack


(cut to): Sean's house.  Notice that this is twelve hours before the last scene.

(cut to): Sam's room where nearly everything is gone.  Sean walks in.  The only thing left is an old bedside table.  Sean spots something on the table. 

(cut to): the table as Sean picks up a drawing of a little red caboose done by Sam.  At the top, he's written "to: Sean   from: Sam" and at the bottom "I love you."  Sean smiles at the drawing and looks around at the room one more time before leaving and closing the door behind him.

(cut to): Bella's room where most of the furniture that came with the house remains, though all of her personal items are gone with one exception.  Sean walks over to the dresser and picks up the picture of him, Bella, and Sam.  He stares at it for awhile.  He smiles and sets Sam's drawing down next to it.

Bella: Hey...

Sean spins around, startled in general and looking increasingly shocked to see her. 

Sean: You scared the hell out of me.  I thought you guys left.

Bella: We did.

She stands in the doorway and he stares at her with disbelief, awaiting an explanation.  She walks in and looks at the drawing and the picture, taking her time.  Sean can't wait.

Sean: Then what are you doing here?

Bella:  I forgot something.

Sean narrows his eyes as Bella traces the three of them in the photograph.

Bella cont’d: And...I realized something.

She looks at Sam's drawing and smiles.  This is killing Sean.

Sean: What did you realize?

Bella: The reason that I left.

Sean: The reason you left...that you're leaving...is that you love Will.

She takes a deep breath.

Bella: The reason I left is that...I was tired.

She sits down on the stripped bed.  He waits a moment, but she doesn't go on.  He sits down next to her.

Sean: I don't understand…what do you mean you were tired? 

She looks down and speaks slowly.

Bella: I was tired of Sam growing up and being confused about his parents.  Tired of convincing myself that what I'd done was not just right for him...but for me too.  But most of all, I was tired of waking up in the morning only to find you here...everyday...never giving up or pushing us away.  I was tired of living here with you...

Sean looks down, brow furrowed, not knowing what to think when:

Bella: ...tired of knowing that...you love me...

She's looking down.  He's not sure where she's going, but he looks ready to accept the worst.

Bella cont’d: ...and...tired…of…pretending that I don’t feel the same way.

Sean's floored by this, but tries not to show it.

Bella cont’f: Mostly, though, Sean…I was tired of not being with you.

She looks up at him.

Bella cont’d: I am so tired of not being with you.

She looks at him intensely and takes his hands.

Bella cont’d: I want to be with you.

Sean can barely register what she’s just said.

Sean: But…you said…you said that you love Will...that you want to be with him.  You said it him...and you said it to me.

Bella: I lied...to him...to you...

Sean lets out a sigh and looks off.  He gets it.

Sean: ...to yourself.

She looks at him, wondering if he understands.  Sean’s been waiting for this moment for seven years.  For the first time in a long time, she's honest with Sean and with herself:

Bella: I love you.

Sean looks at her, barely keeping it together.  Bella is starting to tear up.

Bella cont’d: I love you, Sean. And I didn’t just realize that today…or yesterday…or a couple of days ago…

Sean: Bella…

Bella: Please, let me say this, okay?

Sean nods, fighting back his emotions.

Bella cont’d: I should have been straight with you from the beginning.  At first, I didn’t tell you what happened with Will and me...that Will is Sam's father...because I knew what you would do.  You’d do the right thing like you always do and tell him.  And I couldn’t let you do that, despite how much I wanted him to be part of my life, because I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself for messing up his life like that.  But after awhile it wasn’t about Will at all.  I didn’t tell you because...I didn’t want to lose you.  And I know… know that was selfish of me to do, but the thing is…you, Sam, and I…we were building something here; something more special and greater than I could have ever imagined having—with anyone. 

Bella pauses.  Sean waits, patient now.

Bella cont’d: I fell in love with you…and you loved me back even though I had done nothing to deserve it.  You gave me everything when I deserved…absolutely nothing.

Bella stops and looks down, but for Sean things are simple now:

Sean: I love you, Bella.  How could I not give you everything?

Bella doesn’t know what to say.

Sean cont’d: I've loved you all along...and the only thing I regret sacrificing...is time...because...that "something" we were building...I've wanted it since that first time I held Sam.

He pauses.

Sean cont’d: And, I've wanted you for even longer.

She looks at him hopefully.  He begins to second guess himself...and Bella.

Sean cont’d: But...I don't want you using me for an excuse...because you're scared, or you don't think you deserve, to finally get...what you want.  You know, because, Bella, you do deserve to get what you want.

He stands up.

Sean cont’d: That's really what I've been wanting to say to you for so long.  You deserve so much more than what you let yourself have.  You deserve to be happy and I don't want to stand in the way of that because...I'm safe or...you know...because Sam likes me.  I walked back into this house today ready to accept that you were gone because I want you to be happy and—

Bella: If you want me to be happy...shut up.

She stands up, facing him.  Sean stands silently, not knowing what to do.  She leans in to kiss him and he lets her.  After a few seconds, he begins to kiss her back.  This kiss has been long in coming and they both seem to acknowledge this.  Eventually, they pull apart.  Bella smiles. 

Bella: I don't know about you, but...that makes me pretty happy.

Sean smiles; he's happy too. 

(cut to):


New York City


March 24, 2011

9:04 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): Hamilton, Will and Sam.  Sam’s reference to Bella and Sean hurting Will has made the moment awkward.  Hamilton looks at his watch.

Hamilton: So, hey…what time is it?  Oh, look at that…nine o’clock, Sam.

Sam nods.  Hamilton helps him get down from the couch.  Sam walks out of the room.

Hamilton cont’d: Bedtime: nine o’clock.

He pats Will on the back as he goes back to packing his stuff.

Will: Bedtime…right.

Hamilton laughs to himself.

Will cont’d: You’re going to be here all weekend, right?

Hamilton: I was planning on sleeping at Jake’s, actually. 

Will: Come on, Ham…you have to help me out.  When does he get up?  What does he eat?  Does he have to take a bath?  How do I entertain him?

Hamilton: Breathe in, dude.  You can ask Sam any of that stuff and he’ll tell you what to do, okay?  He can probably handle most of it on his own.  Bella and Sean have him trained.

Will nods, looking down.  Hamilton regrets mentioning Bella and Sean.

Hamilton: Will, if you want to talk about it—

Will: No, thanks.

He turns away, back to packing a box of Ham’s stuff.  Hamilton looks at him sympathetically.

(cut to):


New York City


March 24, 2011

9:15 p.m.

Sam: 6 years old


(cut to): the guest room.  Sam walks in from the bathroom, now wearing pajamas.  He goes over to the bed and pulls the covers back.  He gets in and lies down, pulling the covers up.  Will walks in.

Will: I was just coming to do that.

Sam looks up.

Sam: Do what?

Will: Tuck you in.

Sam: Oh…

Will walks over to the bed and sits down.

Will: I know you’d probably rather be in Boston with your mom and Sean—

Sam (forced): I like it here.

Will: I’m glad to hear that, but…maybe we could try to think of something really fun to do tomorrow.

Sam: Can we go to the top of the Umpire State Building?

Will: The, uh…

Will smiles.

Will cont’d: …yeah, sure we can.

Sam sits up.

Sam: Really?

Will: Of course.

Sam: Oh, man…I’ve always wanted to do that.

Will smiles.

Sam cont’d: This is going to be so cool.

Will’s glad to win points.

Sam cont’d: I can’t wait to tell Sean.

Will’s face falls slightly, but he tries to maintain the smile.

Will: We can go first thing in the morning, okay?

Sam: Okay. 

Sam nods and starts to lie back down again.

Sam cont’d: Thanks, Will.

Will tries hard to keep his smile.

Will: Sure.

Will stands up.

Sam: Night.

Will pauses.

Will: Are you going to be okay?  I mean…do you want me to stay until you—

Sam: I’m fine.

Will: Okay.

He nods.

Will cont’d: Goodnight…

Sam waves.  Will turns around and walks out.

(cut to):


New York City


May 28, 2011

7:02 p.m.

Sam: 7 years old


(cut to): Will's New York apartment, formerly Hamilton's apartment. 

(cut to): the slightly darkened kitchen where Sam sits at the kitchen table in front of his 7th birthday cake.  Will, Bella, Sean, Scout, Jill, Jake and Hamilton stand around him singing “Happy Birthday."  When they finish, Sam blows out the candles.  Bella glances up at Will who's happily watching his son.  She smiles then looks back at Sean.  He smiles at her and takes her hand comfortingly and affectionately.

(cut to):


New York City


May 28, 2011

7:30 p.m.

Sam: 7 years old

Music: Lonestar by Emm Gryner26 | soundtrack


(cut to): Will's living room.  The group has separated and mills around the room.  Bella and Sean stand behind the couch, talking privately and acting glad to be doing so.  Will and Scout are discussing a book that Scout holds.  Sam is showing Hamilton one of his presents: a toy plane.

Sam: Think John will be awake soon, Ham?

Hamilton: I don't know.  I tell you what...I'll go look in on him for you, okay?

Sam nods.  Hamilton heads for the back of the apartment.  Sam glances at Bella and Sean, but opts for Jill and Jake when they walk out of the kitchen together, talking.  He waits patiently since they don't notice him right away:

Jill: I don't see why you're being so evasive...

Jake: I'm not.

Jill: So...where were you this morning?

Jake: Nowhere.

Jill: You weren't at home...you had your cell off...

Jake: We just had a few things to take care off.

Jill: Like what?

Jake notices Sam as she looks for an escape from the interrogation. 

Jake: Hey, Sam...

Sam: Hi...see my new plane.

Jake: Yeah, it's cool.  That's a really good one your Dad picked out for you.

Sam looks at it as if he agrees then looks up at Jill.

Sam: Jill, when's John going to wake up?

Jill: Um...

She looks at her watch.

Jill cont’d: ...soon...or we'll never get him to sleep tonight.

Jake: Have you seen Hamilton?

Sam: Yeah, he went to check on John for me.

Jake: Oh...okay.

She smiles to herself for a split-second, but drops it when Jill looks at her suspiciously.

Jill: I'll go check on both of them.

Jake smiles.  Jill gives her one more suspicious glance then walks off.  Jake kneels down to get a better look at Sam's plane.

(cut to): the guest bedroom.  Sam's back pack is on the bed and a few of his toys are strewn about the room.  A playpen has been set up and the baby is asleep in it.  Hamilton leans in the doorway, watching the baby sleep. 

(cut to):


New York City


May 28, 2011

7:46 a.m.


(cut to): Jake and Hamilton’s new kitchen in their new apartment.  Hamilton stands at the counter in his pajamas, pouring himself a cup of coffee.  The front door opens.  Hamilton looks up as Jake walks in wearing jeans, a t shirt and a sweatshirt jacket.  She’s carrying a small grocery bag.  She’s surprised to see him.

Jake: What are you doing up already?

Hamilton: Confession: I only stay in bed late on the weekends because you do.  Where’ve you been anyway?

Jake: I…uh…I had to run to the store.

Hamilton: Did you get any milk?

Jake looks at him like it’s a ridiculous question.

Jake: No.

Hamilton: Damn, I wanted some Cheerios, but…no milk.

Jake nods looking uncomfortable.

Hamilton: Everything okay?

Jake smiles slightly.

Jake: Yep

Hamilton: Want some coffee?

He smiles mischievously and holds out the cup he was pouring earlier.

Jake: Not right now…

She starts to walk out of the kitchen. 

Hamilton: Really?

Hamilton looks at her curiously.

Jake: I just…I gotta pee…give me…five minutes…

Hamilton’s look becomes even more curious, but he shrugs it off and opens the fridge.

(cut to):


New York City


May 28, 2011

7:57 a.m.

Music: Universally Speaking by Red Hot Chili Peppers27 | soundtrack


(cut to): Hamilton and Jake’s new apartment, the kitchen.  Hamilton is leaning against the counter eating a piece of toast from a small plate.  Jake walks back in. 

Hamilton: Want some toast?

Jake: I think we need to talk…

Hamilton looks worried.

Jake cont’d: Oh…no…it’s not bad…it’s…well…maybe…maybe you should sit down.

She nods over to the kitchen table.  He takes one more bite of his toast, sets the plate down and walks over to the table.  He looks at her inquisitively as he sits down.

Jake cont’d: You know how, um…we decided when we moved in here that we were ready for certain…other…things…

Hamilton thinks about this a moment, searching for what she’s referring to…when it hits him.

Hamilton: Oh my God.

Jake smiles.

Hamilton cont’d: You’re serious?

She nods.

Hamilton cont’d: We’re having a baby?

Jake: All signs point to yes.

He sits back, happily surprised; he’s speechless.  She sits down in the chair next to him  now, relieved to have told him.  He’s still searching for what to say.

Hamilton: I…I love you.

She smiles.

Jake: I love you, too, Hamilton.

He looks at her, still amazed.  He slides out of the chair so that he’s kneeling in front of her.

Hamilton: I can’t believe there’s like this…this whole little person…

He reaches up and put a hand on her stomach.

Hamilton cont’d: …right in here.

She places both her hands on his.

Jake: Pretty crazy, huh?

Hamilton thinks of something.
Hamilton: Hey…while I’m down here…

She looks at him suspiciously and it makes him laugh.

Hamilton cont’d: I meant…it’s a good way for me to ask…

She raises an eyebrow.

Hamilton cont’d: Do you want to marry me?

Jake wasn’t really expecting that.  She takes one of her hands away from his and grabs his chin.

Jake: You already asked me that…and, you did it pretty well, if I recall correctly. 

He puts a hand on either side of her chair, pushing himself up to near eye level…

Hamilton: I meant, like…today…right now…

She definitely wasn’t expecting such a proposition.  He notes her surprise.

Hamilton cont’d: Or…I could just shut up…

Jake: We’re supposed to be engaged a year…

He nods, disappointed.  He looks down.

Jake cont’d: Or…I could just forget that stupid rule too…

He looks back up at her.  She smiles.

Hamilton: Only if you want to…

Jake: Well, you know, it’s not like I have any other plans for…the rest of my life.

He grins.

Hamilton: Me either.

They kiss briefly then he slips back down to his knees.  He wraps his arms around her waist, putting his head in her lap.

(cut to):


New York City


May 28, 2011

7:35 p.m.

Sam: 7 years old


(cut to): Hamilton, leaning in the doorway as he continues to watch the sleeping baby.  Jill walks up behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder and peaks over it, checking on John.  Hamilton looks back at her with a smile.

Jill: You know...some mothers would consider this creepy.

Hamilton laughs lightly.

Hamilton: Sorry.

Jill: It's okay.  I happen to think you're sweet.

Hamilton: How's everyone holding up out there?  Will doing okay?

Jill: I guess.  He and Scout are talking about his book.  Scout doesn't "get it."

Hamilton: I liked it.  It had a happy ending.

Jill: I just hope his second book is equally uplifting after...well...

Hamilton: ...yeah. 

Jill: I mean, I was always secretly rooting for Sean and Bella, but—

Hamilton: Jill?  I'm a little sick of talking about Sean-Bella-Will...if that's okay.

Jill smiles.  A beat.

Jill: What were you really doing back here?  Scoping out the perfect make-out spot for you and your girlfriend?

Hamilton glances at her as if he recognizes some irony in that statement.

Hamilton: She hasn't been my girlfriend for awhile now.

Jill looks confused for a moment, but then gets it.

Jill: Okay, your fiancée then.

Hamilton smiles again, but doesn't say anything this time.  He doesn't look at her this time either until he notices the awkward silence.  He glances over and she's looking at him with her jaw slightly dropped.

Jill cont’d: You're smiling like that because...she's not your fiancée anymore either...is she?  That’s where you two were this morning.  Where’d you go?  City Hall?  Atlantic City?

Hamilton shrugs, but doesn't lose the smile as he walks into the room.

Hamilton: Shouldn't we be getting this little guy up soon?

(cut to): the living room.  Sean and Bella are still together.  Scout is now getting the new toy plane exhibit from Sam.  Will is against a wall, holding his book and pretending to read the back cover.  He glances up at Sean and Bella then back down again.  Jake walks up to him.

Jake: Haven't read that yet?

Will looks up at her, caught.  He sighs and openly looks at Sean and Bella who don't notice.

Jake: They seem really happy.

Will nods.

Jake cont’d: What about you?  Regret your decision?

Will considers this.

(cut to):


New York City


March 23, 2011

11:53 p.m.

Music: Either Way by Guster1 | soundtrack


(cut to): the guest bedroom at Hamilton's.  Will is sitting on the bed in his boxers and t shirt, looking contemplative.  Bella walks in, still dressed.

Bella: He's sleeping comfortably on the couch.

Will nods, not really paying attention.

Bella cont’d: Sorry it took so long...sometimes he likes you to stay until he falls asleep.

Will: No problem.

Bella: Is something wrong?

Will: You're the one that spent the whole trip here crying.

She’s caught and she knows it.

Bella: I…I didn't think you noticed...you were being so quiet.

Will: I was...

Will smiles sadly to himself.

Will cont’d: I was writing my speech...

Bella: What...what speech?

Will: This one, I guess. 

He stands up, facing her, but looking down.  He runs his hand through his hair.  He looks up at her.

She knows what’s coming.

Bella: You don't have to do this. 

Will ignores her.

Will: I just wanted to thank you.

Bella: For what?

Will: I know you think you made the wrong decision...not telling me about Sam…not...forcing me to leave California...my dreams.

Bella: Well, when you say it like that, I don't think I made the wrong decision.

Will: Exactly.  Perspective can change everything.

A beat.

Will cont’d: Without those past seven years, I wouldn't be the person I am now.  I wouldn't be able to...get over what's going to happen.

Bella: What's going to happen?

Will: Tomorrow...you're going to go back to Boston and tell Sean...the truth.

Bella: Sean knows the truth.

Will: Yeah...I know he does...and you need to go admit it to him.

She looks down; he's right and she knows it.

Will cont’d: I need to know, Bella…are you here with me because you want something new…or because you’re afraid of what you already have?

She looks down.  Will nods to himself.  He’s going to go through with his “speech.”

Will cont’d: All those years ago, you gave me the life that you thought I'd been longing for...that, in all honesty, I was longing for.

Bella looks back up at him.

Will cont’d: Now, let me do the same for you.

Bella: You don't understand. 

Will: I understand that no matter what your head tells you...I wouldn't be able to sleep at night unless...I told you to follow your heart.

Bella doesn't respond.

Will cont’d: If you don't love him...tell me now and, I swear, I'll never bring it up again...

Bella: I...

She can't say it.  She shakes her head, closing her eyes.

Will: If you want to be with me, I'd be an idiot to push you away, but...I can't pretend that I don't see what Sean sees.

Bella folds her arms defensively.

Bella: And, what's that?

Will looks at her for a moment before answering:

Will: A woman who's afraid to let herself be happy. 

Bella has nothing more to say.  He's right and she has no way to prove otherwise.  He waits a second more.  He raises his eyebrows.  She nods, indicating he's been right in his assumptions.

Will cont’d: That's what I thought.

He takes a pillow from the bed and walks out of the bedroom.

(cut to):


New York City


May 28, 2011

7:30 p.m.

Sam: 7 years old


(cut to): Will and Jake and their discussion of whether or not Will regrets sending Bella back to Sean.

Will: I don't regret it. 

He looks up at Sean and Bella again.  Sean leans into her, kissing her on the neck, making her laugh softly.

Will cont’d: When's the last time you saw her smile like that?

Jake: It's been awhile.

Will nods as if his point is proved.  Jake puts a hand on his arm and leans against him.

Jake cont’d: And, you'll be okay?

Will: Yeah...I got a pretty good consolation prize out of all this...even if I can only use it every other weekend...

He glances over at Scout and Sam.

Jake: You sure did.

Jake smiles as she notices the sincerity of Will's own smile as he watches his son.

Jake cont’d: Come on...let's go get him to tell us about the plane again. 

Will nods and they join Sam.

(cut to): Bella and Sean.  Bella looks up as Jake and Will walk over to Sam.  She doesn't say anything, but Sean realizes she wants to talk about it.

Sean: Sam seems happy.

Bella: Well, of course he does.  One cake with his friends back in Boston this afternoon...and now a whole other cake with his grown-up friends in New York.

Sean: I meant here...with Will. 

Sean glances over.  Will is on one knee talking to Sam who has one arm on Will's shoulder as they talk about the plane.

Sean cont’d: This every other weekend thing seems to be just what they both need.  You know, gives them a chance to ease into it.

Bella: Will’s going back to California next month…

Sean looks over, surprised.

Bella: Just for two weeks.  He asked me if he could take Sam.

Sean: What’d you say?

Bella: That I wanted to talk to you about it first.

Sean smiles…he likes that answer.

Sean: Well, as long as Sam’s cool with it…I wouldn’t mind…

Bella nods.

Sean cont’d: I mean…two weeks…alone…with you

He leans closer to her, looking down as he takes her hand.

Sean cont’d: …sounds…pretty good to me.

He looks back up at her and is met with a smile.

Sean cont’d: I know everything is weird and awkward right now…

He glances over at Will who’s looked up at him, but who now looks away.  Sean sighs and looks back at Bella.

Sean: …eventually, it’ll feel normal…for us…for Will…and especially for Sam.  I mean, look at him…he’s adjusting better than any of us.  And, I bet he’ll be really excited about going with Will for a few weeks. 

Bella: I know…he probably will be…

She glances down, looking stressed.

Sean: Then stop looking so stressed out, okay?

She nods.  He suddenly looks concerned.

Sean cont’d: No regrets, right?  About us?

Bella looks at him as if that were the last thing on her mind.

Bella: No, Sean…God…no.  No regrets about you and me.

Sean doesn’t understand.

Bella cont’d: I just want him to be happy.

Sean: Will?

She nods.

Sean cont’d: Give him some time…he will be.

She looks over at Will again.  Sam and Will are laughing.  It makes Bella smile.

(cut to):


San Francisco to New York City


June 30, 2011

10:51 p.m.

Sam: 7 years old


(cut to): the front cover of a book.  It's called The Search and "Will Krudski" is printed at the bottom.  As we zoom out, we see it's being read by a woman on an airplane.  She's alone in the front row of business class.  The bathroom door opens and Will walks out.  He starts to go back to his seat when he notices the book.  He hesitates a moment.

Will: Excuse me?

When the woman looks up it becomes clear to us and to Will who she is: Gwen Vaughn.  She sits alone in a row of seats.

Will cont’d: Gwen?

 She looks even more surprised than he does.

Gwen: Will...hello.

She sets the book down and stands up, hugging Will.  As she pulls back, Will looks down at the book.

Will: I can't believe you're reading my book...that's a huge compliment.

Gwen: How could I resist?

Will really is very flattered.  The flight attendant gives them an evil look and they sit down, leaving a seat between them.

Will: So, uh, what are you doing on a red-eye from San Francisco to New York?

Gwen: Work.  I'm a journalist.

Will: I know. 

She’s surprised.

Will: Well, I do read Time...Newsweek...

Gwen nods, still surprised he's read her work.

Gwen: Oh, right...that was when I was freelancing.  I got hired by the Times a few months ago.

Will: The New York Times?

Gwen: Yes.  That's what I was doing in San Francisco: working on my first byline.

Will: You know…I live in New York now.

Gwen smiles.

Gwen: Do you?

Will: I took a job at my publishing company. 

Gwen: So, you’ve been living on the west coast all these years?

Will: Yep.  I just spent the last few weeks getting everything wrapped up.

Gwen nods, genuinely happy to see Will.

Gwen: So…what…what else have you been doing?

Will laughs.

Will: That is certainly a long story.

Gwen: I’m not going anywhere.

Will smiles.  He leans back into the aisle, apparently looking back at his own seat a moment, then turns his attention back to Gwen.

(cut to):


San Francisco to New York City


June 30, 2011

12:06 a.m.

Sam: 7 years old


(cut to): Will and Gwen after Will has relayed the story to Gwen.

Gwen: To quote my high school roommate…wow…

Will nods.

Gwen cont’d: …that story is…

Will: …long and complicated?

Gwen: To say the least.

Will leans back against his seat, thinking it all over.  Gwen looks at him timidly.

Gwen cont’d: Can I ask you something?

Will: Yeah.

He looks back at her.

Gwen: When you told Bella that you wanted to do for her what she did for you...

He nods, saddened by the memory.

Gwen cont’d: I thought that college...California...writing...I thought it was all secondary...to her.  It suddenly seemed like you were saying that wasn't really true and that what she'd been thinking all along was actually the case. 

Will: You think I was just telling her what she needed to hear?

Gwen nods.

Will cont’d: You know...honestly...my whole freshman year, I was in love with her and even after that, I always missed her, but in my dreams, she always came to me.  Even if I'd walked into the hospital room and found out everything...I would have asked her to leave with me then.  I couldn't have taken it...staying there...like he did...

Gwen: Sean?

Will nods.  A slight beat.

Will: I mean, I feel bad about not being in my son's life, of course I do, but...I truly do appreciate those seven years.

Gwen: Then why were you willing to move back?

Will: In a way, Bella and Sam...they gave me an excuse to do what I was ready to do for awhile.  Besides, New York is hardly New Rawley...or Boston, for that matter.  It was where I needed and wanted to be...professionally and otherwise.

Gwen: I can relate to that.

He smiles.  He again leans back to look back down the aisle.

Will (slightly distracted): So, what have you been up to?

Gwen: Professionally...or otherwise?

He looks back at her, smiling...he'll take either.

Gwen cont’d:  Just...a lot of work actually.

Will: We…we should definitely hook up sometime.

She smiles, blushing.

Will cont’d: Uh, see each other—I mean...

He takes a deep breath.

Will cont’d: What I mean is, it'd be a shame to lose touch again.

Gwen: I agree.

A beat as Will looks down at his book, which Gwen’s set aside and book marked.

Will: Looks like you're almost done.

Gwen: I just started the epilogue actually.

Will nods and starts to get up.

Gwen cont’d: You could...you could stay.  I mean, these seats aren’t taken or anything. 

Will: Oh...okay...um...I've got to get something, though.  I'll be right back.

She nods and waits for him to leave before opening the book again.  After a moment, she looks up to find that Will's returned...carrying a small bag and…Sam who is asleep on his shoulder, but manages to grip a toy airplane.  This site really makes her smile.  Will sets him down in the aisle seat, pulls a small blanket out of his bag and covers Sam up.  Sam opens his eyes a little and looks up at Will.  Will squats down in the aisle to talk to Sam.

Will: We moved seats, okay?

Sam nods then looks up at Gwen.  She smiles at him.

Sam: Who are you?

Will: This is an old friend of mine: Gwen Vaughn.

Sam: Gwen Vaughn?  From Rawley Academy? 

Gwen glances up at Will.

Will: Uh huh.

Sam looks at Gwen thoughtfully.

Sam: Hi, Gwen Vaughn.

Her smile widens.

Gwen: Hi, Sam.

Sam smiles back this time then closes his eyes, pulling his blanket up.  Will kisses him on the forehead then climbs over him and sits next to Gwen.  She starts to put the book back down.

Will: Don't let me stop you.

She smiles first at Will then glances at Sam.  She looks back up at Will before starting to read once more.

(cut to):


New York City


July 1, 2011

1:50 a.m.

Sam: 7 years old

Music: Spin by Lifehouse28 (plays through until end) | soundtrack


(cut to): the airport, baggage claim..  It’s relatively empty.  Will walks into frame carrying a still sleeping Sam and his carry-on.  He stands there for a moment waiting as a few pieces of luggage circle around.

Will (v.o.): For seven years, my life was without a real purpose…and I never even realized it.

He looks down at Sam who shifts slightly

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I look back at things I thought were important and wonder why I never realized how trivial my entire life was. 

He continues to look for the bag.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I never expected to ‘get the girl,’ but I always wanted to.  Now, though, I realize maybe I never will and… I’m okay with that.

Will spots his bag coming over on the conveyor.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Because if I could only pick one partner…one person to face this whole messy world with…

He sets the carry-on down and grabs his bag as it passes by.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I’d pick Sam…I’d pick my son…because he’s the person that makes it all worthwhile.

He looks down at his carry-on.  How’s he going to do this?

Gwen: Need some help?

Will looks over his shoulder to find Gwen standing there, with just one small bag.

Gwen cont’d: I just had the carry-on.

Gwen walks up and takes the big bag from him then hands him the carry-on.

Will (v.o.) cont’d:  Sure, I loved Bella, but…never with the kind of dedication she deserved.

(cut to):




July 1, 2011

1:53 a.m.


(cut to): Bella’s bedroom.  The TV on the cart is set up at the foot of the bed just as it was in the beginning.  Sean and Bella lie together in their pajamas.  Bella is half-sitting, propped up against a pillow.  Sean lies on his side with an arm draped over her.  He looks up at her.

Sean: Bella?

She watches the movie.

Bella: Hm?

Sean (suggestive): Bella…

He sits up.  She looks over at him with a smile.

Bella: What?

Sean: I don’t know what I’d be doing without you…

She loves Sean.

Bella: I don’t know what I ever did without you.

He smiles.  He loves her too. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Bella deserved Sean more than she could ever let herself believe.

She leans over and they kiss softly.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Except…she believes it now.

 (cut to):


New York City


July 1, 2011

1:55 a.m.


(cut to): Hamilton and Jake’s new apartment. 

(cut to): the living room.  They sit together with a catalogue opened between them.  Jake has on the shirt of a set of pajamas and Hamilton has on the bottoms.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And Hamilton and Jake…well, that’s really another story, but they’re married and they’re having a kid.

Jake: I like this idea.

She points out a room in the catalogue.

Hamilton: It’s blue.

Jake: Yes, it is.

Hamilton: What if we have a girl?

Jake: So?

Hamilton: Honey, and I mean this in this in a completely loving way…weren’t you fucked up enough without having a blue room as a little girl?

She closes the catalogue and gets up.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Hamilton has this way of messing things up.

He gets up and follows after her.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.

She turns around.

Jake: I was never fucked up, okay?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And Jake has this way of forgiving him

Jake cont’d: And…if I was…you liked it.

She smiles.  He does too, relieved.

Hamilton: Yeah, okay…I did.

Jake smiles then turns toward the bedroom.  Hamilton thinks of something.

Hamilton cont’d: Was that a big enough fight to constitute make-up sex?

Jake laughs and keeps walking.  Hamilton takes that as a yes and jogs after her.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I’m happy for them.

(cut to):


New York City


July 1, 2011

1:59 a.m.


(cut to): Jill and Scout’s apartment. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And, I’m also happy for Jill and Scout…

(cut to): their bedroom.  They’re both asleep, holding on to each other.  From another room, John begins to cry.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …and John Gregory Calhoun.

 Jill opens her eyes and starts to get up, but Scout gently pulls her back down and gets up.

Scout: Don’t move; I got it.

Jill: It’s okay…I can do it.

Scout looks down at her.  She sits up. 

Jill cont’d: Go back to sleep, Sweetie.

Scout has a compromise:

Scout: You get him; I’ll get a bottle…

Jill gets up too.  She smiles.

Jill: Meet you back here in one?

He nods, kisses her on the cheek then exits.  She smiles then goes out and heads the other way down the hall.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: In fact, it’d be pretty hard not to be happy for Jill and Scout.

(cut to):


New York City


July 1, 2011

2:49 a.m.

Sam: 7 years old


(cut to): to Hamilton's old apartment, now Will's apartment, the living room.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Fortunately, there’s someone else I’m happy for.

(cut to): the guest bedroom, now Sam's bedroom when he's there.  Will walks in carrying a sleeping Sam over to the bed.  He pulls the covers back and sits down in order to tuck Sam in.  He picks up a stuffed airplane off the floor and adds it to the bed.  He brushes Sam's hair up off his forehead then starts to get up.  Sam grabs his arm.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Myself…

Sam: Dad? 

Will smiles as Sam opens his eyes slightly.

Will: Yeah?

Sam: Will you stay?  Just until I fall asleep?

Will: Yeah.

Sam nods and closes his eyes again.  Will pats him gently on the back as Sam turns over and snuggles closer to him.

Sam: I love you, Dad.

Will looks down at him like it might be the first time he's heard it.

Will: I love you, too.

(fade out)



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