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(fade in)

Will’s working at Friendly’s.  There are no customers.  Will is standing behind the counter wiping it off.  He looks over to the garage.

(cut to): The garage where Bella is serving a customer.  She’s wearing one of her typical summer outfits (odd, since it’s almost winter). 

(cut to): Will.  He smiles and looks down at the counter.  He walks over to bus a table.  As he starts to clear the table the bell on the door rings indicating someone entering.  Will looks up.

(cut to): Bella walking in.

(cut to): Will.  The table is now clear and clean.  Weird, huh?  Bella walks over and Will faces her, leaning on the table.

Bella: I’ve been meaning to—

Will: Talk to me?  I’ve sure been wanting to talk to you, Bella.

Bella: Talk?  That’s sweet, Will.

She kisses him.  His surprise quickly fades as he kisses her back.  She leans toward him, forcing him to lie back on the table.  She climbs on top of him, kissing him…

Will (voice over): The thing about dreams is…

(cut to): Will in bed.  He opens his eyes.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: You always wake up.  Usually before it gets really good.

Will sits up and puts his feet on the floor.  It’s dark in the room and outside.  Will rubs his eyes.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Of course, there’s more than one kind of dream.  There’s the kind you have when you’re asleep…

(cut to): a sleeping Scout.

(cut to): Will.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then there’s that other kind…the culmination of everything that you want…

Will gets up and walks over to the window.  He looks toward the lake.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: That perfect life that, even if it’s only in the back of your head, you’re always working toward.

(cut to): Bella asleep in her bed.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: When you get both kind together…it’s pretty confusing.

(cut to): The scene from the dream.  Except now, Will is on top.

Will: But it’s pretty satisfying too.

Will and Bella continue to kiss…maybe in Bella’s dream now.

(fade out)


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(fade in) Friendly’s.  It’s right after school, maybe about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Will is walking over to bus a table.  He smiles to himself and shakes his head as he clears the table.  The bell on the door rings, Will looks up expectantly.

(cut to): Sean walking in.  He’s wearing sweat pants and a long sleeved t-shirt.

(cut to): Will as he looks down, a little guilty...and a little disappointed.  He looks back up with a smile.

Will: Hey, what’s up?

Sean: Not much, man. 

Sean walks over and sits down on a stool at the counter.

Sean cont’d: I’m just meeting Scout.

He swivels around in the chair so that he’s facing Will.  Will tilts his head and gives him a puzzled look.

Sean: We’re going running.

Will: We never go running.

Sean: That’s because you can’t keep up with me, kid.

Will: And Scout can?

Sean: We’ll see…

Will smiles.

Will: I never thought I’d see the day that you played nice with a Rawley guy.

Sean: Hey, I’ve been playing nice with a Rawley guy my whole life.  I just didn’t know it. 

Will smiles appreciatively.  The door rings.  Sean and Will look over.

(cut to): Scout as he walks in.  He’s wearing a running suit.

Scout: Afternoon gentlemen.

(cut to): Sean and Will as they look at his outfit then at each other.

Scout: What?  It’s cold outside.  This is my cold weather running outfit.

Sean laughs.

Sean: It’s all good…your fancy outfit won’t help you keep up.

Scout: I don’t need any outfit to keep up with you.

Sean: We’ll see.

(cut to): Kate in the art room.  She’s looking out the window.  It looks dreary outside.

Finn: Dreary day, huh?

Kate turns around.

(cut to): the door as Finn walks in and closes the door securely.

Kate: Hi…

Finn: Hi.

He walks over to her and puts his arm around her waist as he stands behind her.  They look out the window.  She turns her head back and kisses his neck.

(cut to): The hall.  Hamilton casually walks up to the art room door.  When he sees that it’s closed he looks a little puzzled.  He reaches for the knob, but stops and listens instead.

(cut to): The inside of the room.  Kate turns around to face Finn.

Kate: We can’t do this here.

Finn: So, come to my place.

Kate: I should really go home.

Finn steps back and nods.

Finn: I understand.

Kate: Oh, sweet and understanding…what a turn on.

She kisses him again.

(cut to): Hamilton in the hall. 

(cut to): Ryder at the end of the hall.  He’s walking and talking with some guys.  He stops when he sees Hamilton listening at the door.  Hamilton turns away from the door looking upset and disgusted.  He storms off down the hall in the direction of Ryder and his friends.  As he walks past, he accidentally runs into one of the guys. 

Random guy: Ow! 

Ryder watches him for a second more then looks back at the art room. 

(cut to): Finn as he walks out of the art room. 

Ryder smirks and shakes his head in disbelief.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She’s sitting at her computer typing.  She’s wearing a typical boy outfit: jeans, flannel button-up shirt and a baseball cap.  There’s a knock.  Jake finishes typing one more sentence.  She starts to get up, but before she does, Hamilton walks in and locks the door.  She gets up and watches him, amused.  Hamilton turns around.  Jake smiles.

Jake: Hi.

(cut to): a medium close up of Jake.  Hamilton walks over to her and moves in to kiss her.  He looks up at the hat and takes it off, tossing it on her desk.  Her hair falls down into her face.

Jake: Thanks.

He pushes her hair out of her face then kisses her.  His kisses are pretty gentle, but there’s a noticeable difference in this one.  She looks a little surprised, but kisses him back.

(pull out): to a medium shot.  Hamilton unbuttons the first button on Jake’s shirt as he continues to kiss her.  As he unbuttons a few more buttons he starts to kiss her neck.  He unbuttons the rest, pulling her shirt off her shoulder.  He kisses her shoulder as he tries to unfasten the corset.  As he does this, he steps forward so that she steps back toward the bed. He sits down, gently pulling her down too.  He kisses her neck and leans toward her.  She lies back on the bed as he finally gets the corset off. 

Jake: Okay, I get it…you want to make out with a girl…

Hamilton leans over her and for the first time he speaks:

Hamilton: No…

He pushes her shirt off her other shoulder and touches her shoulder as he kisses her.

Hamilton cont’d: I want to make love to a girl.

Jake kind of stifles a laugh as Hamilton starts to kiss her neck again.

Jake (amused): Oh, really?  And, were you going to consult the girl about this?

He continues to kiss her, seeming not to hear her.  She sits up, gently pushing him up too.  He looks down.  She runs her hand through his hair playfully and he leans away.

Jake: Hey…

She looks at him, a little worried.  She reaches out and tilts his chin up forcing him to make eye contact for the first time since he came into the room.  She looks at him searchingly, but he only looks away.

Jake: You didn’t even say hello.

Hamilton turns away from her, sitting on the edge of the bed.  Jake sits next to him, very close.  He continues to look down.  She puts her arm on his knee, leans forward and tries to get him to look at her.

Jake: Can you just talk to me for like one second, Hamilton?  What’s going on with you?

He looks up at her again.  He seems on the verge of speaking, but looks off again.

Jake: This has nothing to do with what just happened, right?  Nothing to do with us…

He stands up.  Again, he looks like he’d like to talk, but doesn’t.  He walks over to the door.

Hamilton:  It has everything to do with us.

He quickly unlocks the door, opens it and walks out.  The door slams hard behind him.

(cut to): Jake who looks hurt, but even more confused.

(cut to) Sean and Scout running somewhere in New Rawley.

Sean: So, you’re telling me that I go out of town to see my grandma…I come back and you’ve managed to snag the cutest chick at Rawley?

Scout: She is pretty cute, isn’t she?

Scout smiles.  Sean looks over at him and shakes his head, smiling.  Sean sounds more winded when he speaks than Scout.

Sean: All I’m saying is that you’re lucky I was out of town.

Scout is definitely setting the pace and Sean seems to have trouble keeping up.

Scout: Lucky that I could, uh, keep up with you too, huh?

Sean smiles.  They reach a corner and they both stop.  Sean bends over, out of breath.  Scout is breathing a little heavily.  Scout smiles and pats him on the back.

Scout: It was probably the outfit. 

Scout looks up.   It’s starting to rain.

Scout cont’d: Aw, man.  I’d better get back to the dorms before this gets any worse. 

He looks up again as rain falls in his face.

Sean: Just come over to my place…you know it’s right up the road.

Scout: Oh, no, I’ll be fine.

Sean: You’re gonna get soaked.

Scout: I’m quick.

Sean: Uh-huh.

Scout: Besides, I kind of have someone I want to see, you know?

Sean nods and smirks.

They both start to walk off in different directions.  The rain picks up.

Sean: Last chance for my house.  My mom probably just made brownies or something.

Scout shakes his head as he turns around.

Sean: Suit yourself.  Tell your cute little Rawley girl hi for me.

They each start to run off in opposite directions.

Scout (shouted): This was fun!

Sean (shouted): Yeah, we should do it again.

(pull out): as they run in opposite directions down the street.

(fade out)


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(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will is sitting on a counter stool, reading.  The bell on the door rings.  Will quickly closes the book and puts it behind the counter.  He hops up.

(cut to): Bellas as she walks in.

Bella: Wow, this place is empty.

Will: It’s the rain; it keeps people away.

Bella: It just started raining.

He laughs.

Will: Fine, it’s me then.  Everyone heard that I was working here all by myself and they all decided to stay away.

He sits back down and reaches over the counter to pull out his book.  Bella sits on the stool next to next to him.  She looks over at his book.

Bella: Will…Harry Potter?  Are you kidding me?

He looks over at her. 

Will: Hey, did you want to order something or are you just here to make fun of the staff?

Bella: Actually, I just thought that you looked like you needed some company…but obviously you’ve got Harry… 

He smiles.  He looks up at her hair then touches it.

Will: You’re kind of wet.

Bella: Yeah, I know.  Rain does that to a person.

He laughs and looks away then starts reading again.

Bella: You’re such a kid, Krudski…Harry Potter, geez.

Will: Don’t knock until you try it…

She pats him on the head.

(cut to): The door as Scout jogs up.

(cut to): A shot of Will and Bella from Scout’s point of view.  She’s still patting his head.  He leans away from her, laughing.  He looks back at his book as she tries to read over his shoulder. 

(cut to): Scout.  He half smiles, but backs up and jogs off.

(fade to): Scout as he runs toward Rawley.  Before he reaches the front steps he happens to look over and see Hamilton sitting under a tree.  His knees are drawn up to his chest.

Scout: Ham?

Hamilton ignores him.

Scout: Hamilton!

Scout runs over, already soaking wet.

Scout: What are you doing?

Hamilton looks up.

Scout: God, you look terrible, Ham.

As he speaks his own voice is shaky because he’s shivering.

Hamilton: Go away, Scout.

Scout: What?  What are you talking about?

He walks over to Hamilton and tries to pull him up by his arm.

Scout: Come on.  Come inside. 

Hamilton: Can you just back off?

(cut to): Scout who lets go of his arm and takes a few steps back, looking confused.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Jill and Jake are there.  They both sit on the floor and lean against the foot of the bed.  They’re eating Oreos…in their own  ritualistic fashion.  Jake’s put back on her boy gear..

Jill: Maybe he was just trying to be…romantic.

Jake looks at her and laughs.

Jake: I sure hope not…

Jill: Well, you have to admit, it was bold.

Jake pauses and looks at the Oreo in her hand.

Jake: The funny thing is…if he hadn’t stormed out of here like that…if he’d said something…anything.  Even if he’d just smiled…I might have gone with it…

Jill: What?  Wow, back up like five hundred feet.  I thought we always said sex was like a sophomore year in college type thing.

Jake thinks for a moment and then speaks slowly.

Jake: Did you ever have this perfect vision of what you wanted?  Like in a certain aspect of your life?

Jill: Yeah, sure…and that’s what Ham is?  The realization of that?

Jake shakes her head. 

Jake: No, he’s like what I never even knew could possibly be out there.  I know it’s ridiculous because we’re so young, but Jill…he’s just so good, you know?  Like in this pure, angelic way.

Jill: Until today.

Jake (ignoring her): And I’ve just…reached a point where I can’t imagine my life without him.  That’s such a trite thing to say, but he—

Jill: Completes you?

Jake looks over at her and laughs.  She gives up on being serious:

Jake: I mean sure, he’s not Jerry Maguire…

Jill: Tom Cruise was so hot in that movie…

There’s a knock.

Scout (from the hall): Jake, you in there?

Jill looks up and smiles.  Jake gets up and opens the door, letting Scout in.  He’s still dripping wet.  He smiles at Jill, though he’s kind of shivering.

Scout (to Jill): Hi.

Jill notices the puddle forming around poor Scout and starts to say something, but he turns to Jake.

Scout: Um, I don’t know what happened between you and Hamilton, but…you do know that he’s outside sitting in the rain, right?

Jake: What?

Jill: Were you hanging out with him?  You’re drenched.

Scout: Well, I argued with him for like 10 minutes as I enumerated all the reasons he should immediately so inside.  He said if I didn’t go inside, he was going to deck me.

Jill and Jake exchange worried looks as Scout stands there, shivering.

(cut to): Hamilton…outside…under the tree…in the rain…getting wet.

(cut to): Jake walking down the hall toward the main door.

(cut to): Jake’s point of view.  The dean is in front of her.  He starts to walk out of the door.

(cut to): Jake.  She stops.

(cut to): The outside of the main entrance as the dean walks out, opening his umbrella.  He looks up and sees Hamilton

Steve: What are you doing?

Hamilton looks up and looks like he’s been caught.

Hamilton: Just trying to get out of the rain, Dad.

Steve: Get up and come home with me, right now.

Hamilton: But, Dad—

Steve: Hamilton, right now.

Hamilton gets up reluctantly and walks off with his dad.

(cut to): The doors as Jake watches from inside. 

(cut to): A shot of Jake inside.

Ryder: Odd, huh?

Jake turns around to find Ryder standing very close to her.

Ryder: Hi.

Jake: Oh, hi, Ryder.

She coolly steps past him and starts to walk down the hall.

Ryder: Why’s Ham acting so strangely?

Ryder catches up and walks with her.  Jake looks at Ryder who’s putting on his best “I care” face.

Jake: Why do you care?

Ryder: You know, I thought we got past all this, Jake.  We worked our asses off to get that A on our sociology project—

Jake: We got a B minus.

Ryder: Whatever…I thought we were friends now.

Jake stops and looks at him suspiciously.

(cut to): Scout and Jill in Will and Scout’s room.  There’s not a ton of dialogue in this scene.  It’s important to note that even though this whole thing with Scout and Jill is just starting, they’re very natural.  They have this comfortableness that, say, Hamilton and Jake don’t.  With Jake and Ham, everything seems new.  With Scout and Jill it’s like old hat.  Anyway…Scout is sitting on his bed with a towel around his waist.  He looks pretty dry, but his hair is still wet.  Jill stands at Scout’s dresser with some clothes in her hand.  She opens a drawer and pulls out some boxers.  She walks over to Scout, hands him the clothes and turns around.  He gets up and smiles at her, though she can’t see him. 

(cut to): A waist up shot as Scout puts the towel on the bed and puts on the boxers and (pajama) pants Jill picked out for him.  He sits back down on the bed to put on socks. 

(cut to): A shot with the two of them.  Jill turns around.  She picks up the towel and dries his hair as he gets the second sock on.  He picks up the long sleeved t-shirt and she pauses as he pulls it over his head.  Then she goes back to drying his hair.  He reaches up and takes her hand, pulling her gently down.  He’s about to kisses her when he turns away to sneeze.  She smiles and patiently waits.  He attempts to kiss her again, but again he turns away and sneezes.  She stands back up and rubs his hair with the towel one more time.  She walks over to his closet to put the towel with his dirty clothes. 

Scout: I’m not sick, if that’s what you were thinking.

Jill walks back over to him.  He coughs.  She pulls back the covers on his bed.

Jill: Get in.

Scout smirks.

Jill cont’d: By yourself.

Scout gets under the covers.

Scout: Seriously, I don’t get sick.

Jill kind of tucks him in and smiles.


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(fade in): to Hamilton’s kitchen.  Steven is at the table, working.  Hamilton walks in.  He’s changed clothes, but his hair is still wet.  He walks over to the fridge and opens it.

Hamilton: Mom home yet?

Steve: No.  What were you trying to do, Hamilton?  Make yourself sick?

Hamilton: Nope.

Steve: Excuse me?

Hamilton: No, sir.

Hamilton pulls out a Tupperware container and opens it.  He looks inside.

Hamilton: Turkey…man, I’m so sick of turkey.

Steve laughs.

Steve: I know what you mean.

He closes the container and tosses it back in the fridge.

Hamilton: Can we order a pizza?

Steve: Sit down for a minute, son.

Hamilton gives him an odd look, but sits down at the table.

Steve: Your mother and I have been talking about you lately and she seems to have the idea that I don’t know you.  She says it like it’s my fault.

Hamilton looks down.

Steve: So, I thought we’d have a little chat…where you tell me about you.

Hamilton: What…what do you want to know?

Steve: Why I never see you at home anymore. 

Hamilton: I like hanging at the dorms…with Jake and the guys.

Steve: I’m not sure I approve of this Jake fellow anyway.

Hamilton: Dad, Jake’s like my best friend.  Would I really pick some horrible person to fill that role?

Steve: Ok…I understand.  I can trust your judgment…your mom seems to like him too.

Hamilton smiles at him a little surprised by his understanding.  After a second:

Steve: Next question: what were you doing out there?

Hamilton: I was thinking, that’s all.

Steve: Must have been some pretty deep thought to make you oblivious to the bone-chilling temperature and rain.

Hamilton: Yeah, kind of I guess.

Steve sits patiently.

Hamilton: I really don’t want to talk about it.

Steve nods.  Hamilton gets up.

Hamilton: I’m going to head back over to school…maybe look for Mom.

Steve nods and Hamilton gets up and walks toward the door.

Steve: I know you think I’ve forgotten how to be a father; that all I know how to be is the principal of a school…

Hamilton turns around and looks at him waiting for him to complete the sentence.

Steve: It’s not like I don’t realize that sometimes you have to break a rule or two.  When you were skipping class and your mom and I decided not to ground you, it was because she convinced me that you’re a grown-up now.  For any choice you make, there are real consequences to deal with.  In the long run, you’ll learn your lessons from what happens in life, not from being grounded for a month. 

Hamilton tilts his head.

Hamilton: Dad…

Steve: I know, it’s not my typical rules speech.  Believe me, I still have complete faith in following the rules.

Hamilton nods and turns to go outside.  He opens the door.

Steve: An example of what I was talking about: you got soaked when you went out before so this time, you should take an umbrella.

Hamilton: It’s not raining anymore.

Steve shakes his head and laughs as Hamilton walks out.

(cut to): A shot of Will and Bella at a booth.  The shot is from the side.  Bella has her back to the window and is reading Will’s Harry Potter book.  Will is stacking things.  He has a plate tuned upside down, then an upside down cup.  On top of the cup is a bottle of Ketchup.  He’s attempting to put the mustard bottle on top of it all.  Throughout the scene they both look down at their tasks, occasionally glancing up, but not at the same time.

Bella: Are you watching the garage?

Will: Yup.

Bella: No you’re not.

Bella shifts a little and accidentally touches his leg with hers.  He knocks over all the stacked stuff…nothing breaks.  Bella stifles a giggle, but keeps her eyes down on the book.  Will smiles and sighs.

Will: So, this is boring.

Bella: Wanna make out?

Will looks like he doesn’t quite know what to say.  Bella looks up, she smiles.

Bella: God, Will, I was kidding.

She looks back down at the book.  Will looks up and smiles.

Will: That’s good…I was trying to decide how to let you down easy…

Bella laughs.  After a moment, Will speaks:

Will: Hey…Bella.

Bella: Yeah?

Will: What if…what if instead of that witty little attempt to be cute I said that I was sorry…

Bella: Sorry about what, Will?

Will: That you were kidding.

He looks at her.  She slowly turns the page and looks up at him.

Will: I…I was just joking.

Bella smiles and looks back down at the book.

Bella: That’s too bad.

Will: I mean, I just—wait, what’s too bad?

Bella: That you were just joking…

Will looks at Bella who pretends to be reading.  Will swallows.

(cut to): the door as Sean walks in. 

(cut to): Bella and Will as they look up.  They look a little caught.  Sean almost seems to pick up on the weird vibe, but sits down next to Will anyway.

Sean: Did Scout come by here?

Will and Bella look at each other then at Sean.

Will: Nope, we haven’t seen him.

Sean: It started raining while we were running and he was going to go back to the dorms, thought he might have at least stopped by and taken shelter.

Will: Nope.  No one’s been here all afternoon…except Bella and me.

Bella: And Harry Potter…

Will looks at her and laughs.

Sean: Yeah, well, I’m thinking of throwing a party tonight.  Think we can make that happen?

Bella: Tonight?

Will: It is a school night…

Sean: Well, it’s the only time this week it’s not going to be raining.

Bella and Will look at him. 

Sean cont’d (to Bella):  Okay, you know how we read Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream…” speech in English?

Bella: Yeah…

Sean: Well, I’ve been thinking that maybe instead of trashing the Rawley kids all the time, we should have a party…you know, with kids from Edmund High and Rawley Academy.  Build a few bridges…

Will: Tonight?

Sean: Yeah.  I’m inspired…

They both smile at him.

Sean cont’d: So, you guys in? Campground at eight?

Will: Yeah.

Bella: Sure.  Need us to do anything?

Sean (to Bella): Just tell Grace to spread the word.  (to will): and you invite some Rawley guys…and definitely some Rawley girls.

Will: Will do. 

Sean gets up.

Will: Hey, alcohol status?  In case people ask.

Sean: Hmm…let’s go with no…not tonight.

Will nods.

Sean: Ok, I’ll see you guys tonight then.

Bella: Bye, Sean.

Will: Later, man.

(cut to): to Finn’s apartment.  As the camera pans around the living room, we see there is a fire in the fireplace.  The camera stops at the couch where Finn and Kate are wrapped up in a blanket together.  Finn has his arm around her tightly.  In his other hand is a book, which he reads aloud from Sonnet 166 by Shakespeare:

Finn: “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,

          But bears it out even to the edge of doom.

              If this be error, and upon me proved,

              I never writ, nor no man ever loved.”

He closes the book.  Kate looks back out the window.

Kate: It’s stopped raining.  I should go.

Finn loosens his grip as Kate sits up, putting her feet on the floor.

Finn: I hate this moment.

She looks at him and touches his cheek.

Finn: This is the only moment when I feel like we’re doing something wrong.  It’s like—

Kate: Waking up from a dream?

Kate stands up; Finn does too.

Finn: I have to say something to you.

Kate turns around to face him.

Finn: As playful and not serious as this thing between us began as…I just want to tell you that I love you, Kate.

She looks down and doesn’t say anything for a moment.

Kate: Finn…

She doesn’t continue.

Finn: And even though I know this is going to end—that it has to end…soon.  I just, I can’t help wishing things were different.  Like…when I said I love you, that you’d said it back…

Kate: Finn, I—I do have feelings for you.

He sits down on the couch.

Kate: But, what I love is…my family…Hamilton and—

Finn: The dean.

She sits down next to him on the couch.

Kate: And, yes, since he got that position, he and I have grown apart…and sometimes we argue, but not so much that I could imagine ever wanting a life without him.

Finn: So, when I said this had to end soon, I was hoping you’d contest and ask me to ride off into the sunset with you…

He looks at her and smiles.  She smiles too.  She gets up.

Kate: I’m going to go now.

Finn nods.

Finn: Yeah…

(cut to): Hamilton sitting on the floor in the hall, directly in front of Finn’s door.  Kate walks out.  She doesn’t seem to know what to say.

Hamilton (deadpan): Hi, Mom.

Kate: Honey…what are you doing here?

Hamilton: Well, at the moment, Mom…

He hops up.  At the same time, Finn opens the door.

Hamilton: It’s looks like I’m catching you…you know, cheating on Dad. 

He looks from Kate to Finn.  They look pretty shocked.

(fade out)


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(fade to): Jake’s room.  Ryder is pacing around and Jake is sitting at her desk.

Jake: What are you still doing here?  I didn’t even invite you into my room.

Ryder: I don’t need an invitation, I’m not a vampire.

Jake looks at him like “you sure about that?”

Ryder: Besides…we’re hanging out…isn’t that what you Americans youths say?

Jake: Something else we say is get lost…and then there’s beat it…let’s not forget—

Ryder: I’m truly hurt.  I’m just trying to figure out what could be the matter with our friend Hamilton.

Jake: Whatever…

Ryder: So, seriously, you and Ham didn’t have a little tiff?

Jake: God, Ryder, not that it’s any of your business, but he came in here and picked a fight with me.

Ryder: What about?

Jake gives him an angry look.

Ryder: Okay, never mind.  Just trying to be helpful.  I mean it must be hard for him going through all this alone. 

He looks at her slyly.

Ryder cont’d: It sure was for me.

Jake looks puzzled, unsure of what he’s talking about.

Ryder: At first, you know, I didn’t believe it was true.  Of course, I didn’t even know the guy.  That must make Hamilton’s situation even harder.

Jake: Ok, Ryder, what the hell are you talking about?

Ryder: Well, I think it’s evident that Ham’s found out about his mum and Finn.  I suppose it was only a matter of time....

Jake: Found out what about Kate and Finn?

Ryder fakes a surprised look.

Ryder: Oh, dear…you didn’t know?  I just assumed it was common knowledge that everyone was trying to keep from Hamilton.

Jake: You know what, Ryder…get out.  You’re totally just making this up…

Ryder: No, I’m not.  Krudski knew so I just thought all you guys knew.

Jake: Will knows?

Ryder: Well, he and I both saw them making out this summer.  Then the other day, I saw her leaving Finn’s apartment looking a tad disheveled. 

Jake looks at him, but still doesn’t look accepting.

Ryder: Well, I should probably get out of here. 

Jake nods.

Jake: Yeah, you should.

Ryder:  Having your mum get screwed by a sleaze right under your dad’s nose…it can really mess you up.

He walks out leaving an again perplexed Jake.

(cut to): Scout and Will’s room.  Scout is in bed and seems to be asleep.  Jill is sitting indian style on the end of his bed doing homework. 

(cut to): Scout as he opens his eyes and looks at Jill. 

(cut to): A shot of the whole bed.  Jill looks over at him and he quickly shuts his eyes.  She smiles and looks back down at her work.  There’s a knock at the door.  Jill gets up and answers it.  Sean is standing in the hall.

Jill: Hi.

Sean: Hi, Jill.  Scout here?

Jill: He’s asleep.

Scout: I’m not really asleep.

Jill: You’re supposed to be asleep.

Jill steps back as Sean comes in.  Sean looks around.

Sean: Nice room.

Scout: We’ve been told it’s perfectly Feng Shui.

Scout gets out of bed.

Sean: Whatever that means…

Scout shrugs as if to say he doesn’t know either.

Jill: It’s the Chinese art of placement…understanding the flow of Chi…that sort of thing.

They look at each other.

Scout: So, you’ve never been here?

Sean shakes his head.  Scout starts coughing.

Jill: Back in bed. 

Sean smiles and shakes his head.

Scout: I’m really fine…

He coughs some more.  Jill looks at him.  Sean looks back and forth between the two, smirking.

Sean: Maybe I’d better go.  I just wanted to make sure you made it back alive. 

Scout: Just barely according to some people.

He looks at Jill.

Sean: You should have come to my house, man.

Scout: I just wanted to get back here.

He half smiles and kind of looks over at Jill.  Sean nods, knowingly.

Sean: So, I also wanted to invite you guys to a party tonight.  At the campground across the lake.  Will and Bella are going to call around and get some people out there.  Edmund High meets Rawley Academy, what do you think?

Scout: Should I bring my peace pipe?

Sean laughs.

Scout: So, what were, uh, Will and Bella up to?

Sean: Not much…they were acting kind of weird.

Scout: You noticed that too?

Scout hesitates.

Scout cont’d: Um, what do you think that was about?

Jill: Oh my God, maybe they’re like having this secret, torrid love affair.

Sean laughs.  Scout looks at her like “don’t continue with this.”

Sean: Yeah, right.  Will and Bella?  That would never happen.

Jill: I’ve been watching a lot of soaps lately.  On Passions this week, evil Charity—

Scout: We don’t want to know.

They all laugh.  They are all silent for a moment.  Scout sneezes.

Sean: Well, ok, I’m gonna head out.

Scout: You’re welcomed to stay.

He glances at Jill.

Scout: That’s if it’s ok with mom here.

Jill rolls her eyes and smiles.  She walks back over to the bed to get back to work on her homework.

Sean: I have do have to go, but thanks for the offer.  See you guys tonight.

He walks out.

(cut to): Finn’s apartment.  Finn sits in an armchair and Kate and Hamilton sit on the couch.  Everyone is quiet.  Hamilton is staring at the coffee table with his hands in his lap.  Finn looks up at Kate.

Kate (to Hamilton): Sweetie, I…I don’t really know what I’m supposed to say to you right now…

Finn: …except whatever was going on is not going on anymore.

Hamilton looks at Finn, angry.

Hamilton: That’s comforting.  Something’s over just like that.  I guess you weren’t even in love with my mom, you were just…

He trails off almost afraid to hear himself complete the sentence.  He shakes his head and looks over at his mom.

Hamilton: I can’t believe you would do something like this.  What if Dad finds out?

Kate: He is going to find out. I’m going to tell him.

Finn and Hamilton: What?

She looks at Finn.

Kate:  I have to…

She kind of subtlety indicates Hamilton.  Hamilton picks up on it.

Hamilton: Wait.  Just because I know…now you have to tell Dad? 

He gets up and looks down at her.

Hamilton cont’d: Bad plan, Mom.  I mean, you heard Finn, it’s over.  Why would you want to go and tell Dad about something that doesn’t even exist anymore?

Kate: Not telling him is like continuing to lie.

(cut to): Hamilton who seems to maybe realize the statement applies to him too.

Hamilton: I have to go.

He starts to walk to the door.

Kate: Wait a second, honey.

Hamilton turns around.

Hamilton: No, Mom, I’m going now.

Finn: I think your mom realizes that you’ve got to be having some feelings about this.  We’re here to talk to you about this.

Hamilton: Yeah…yeah, I am having some feelings.  But why would I tell you anything?!  I mean…I trusted you, Finn.  She is my mother.

Finn: You don’t think that thought crossed my mind every time I saw you?  Every day when you walked into my classroom?  Every day when you showed up to crew practice? 

Hamilton: Which is probably why you didn’t say anything about me and Jake.  (to Kate): God, and why you went along with it so easily.  I should have…I should have known.  This is like—

Kate: Hamilton, please, just sit down for a minute and we’ll talk.

Hamilton: Mom, you know what?  I’m not staying here and talking about this anymore.  I don’t ever want to talk about it again. 

He walks out.  Kate looks over at Finn.  She puts her elbows on her knees and puts her face in her hands.  She begins to cry.  Finn gets up and sits next to her.  He just sits close. He refrains from putting his arm around her.

(fade out)


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(fade in): The Lake…just an establishing shot of the lake in late fall.  It’s the same day, but the weather has improved a lot.  It’s sunny.  It’s about 5:00 p.m.

(cut to): Somewhere on the shore of the lake on the Rawley Academy side.  Will and Bella are walking.

Bella: Did Sean seem a little weird?

Will: Well, let’s see…he stopped by to check on Scout.  Yes, definitely weird. 

Bella: Remember, he was actually there to plan this little impromptu party, but I think it’s great that they’re getting over all that hostility they used to have for each other.

Will: You mean, getting over you…

She looks over at him as he looks down.

Bella: Will, I have to ask you something.

Bella stops walking and turns to face Will.  He stops too.

Will: Okay…

Bella: Back at the restaurant…that ridiculous little dialogue we were having…was it just that: silly and meaningless.  Or…did it mean something?

Will turns away from her to sit down on the ground.  He looks up at her.

Will: Wanna sit?

Bella sits down next to him.

Bella: The ground is wet.

Will: Yeah, I know.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Thanks for warning me.

Will: Sure.

He looks across the lake.  Bella looks at him briefly, but then looks across the lake too.  They don’t look at each other right away during this conversation.

Bella: Do you think it will always be beautiful here?

After a quick beat:

Will: It meant something.

Bella: Huh?

Will: At the restaurant…it meant something…

He continues to look ahead.

Will cont’d: And not just that the invitation to make out with you was practically irresistible.

She looks over at him, but he continues to look across the lake as he draws his knees toward his chest.  There’s a lot of hesitation to speak on both their parts.

Will: This has always been a conversation that I’ve been scared to have with you.

Bella: What exactly is this conversation about?

Will: The fact that as much as I love and need to have you as a friend… I’m not sure if that’s really what I want.

He finally looks over at her.  She gets it, but still gives him a puzzled look.

Will: I give the friend speeches, you know?  And, I mean them, Bella, I really do, but I’ve never meant anything more than what I’m about to say to you…

Bella: Ok…

Will: There was a point when I thought I was in love with you…completely in love. 

He looks back across the lake.

Will cont’d: You know, when we were kids…

Bella watches him, looking interested in what he has to say.

Will cont’d: But, I knew you just wanted Will Krudski the friend…and so I worked hard at being that.  And it’s turned out pretty well for me, I think…‘cause I can’t imagine not having you as a friend.

Bella: But…you don’t want that anymore?

Will takes a deep breath and then looks up at her. 

Will: Not as much as…I want to kiss you right now.

Although she understood where he was going from the beginning, she still looks a little surprised by the last comment.  She looks down a little embarrassed. 

Bella: Will…

He looks over at her and then back across the lake.

Will: I guess I should have known that Sean was right when he said I’d never have a shot with you—

Bella: When did he—

Will: Seventh grade, I think.

Neither speak for another moment.

Bella: You had a shot.

He looks over at her as she looks across the lake.

Will: I did?

Bella: You still do…

He raises his eyebrows.

Will: Is there a “but” coming?

She looks back him.

Bella: I…I don’t know.  Is there?

Will swallows.

Will: Should there be?

Bella: Ok, I have one…Sean.

Will: And Scout…

Bella: Two good friends that might get hurt…I guess that’s the “but.”

Will: Yeah.

Will gets up.

Will: So, I guess it’s settled then.

He holds his hand out to help her up.  She looks at him questioningly then takes his hand as he helps her up.  She ends up standing pretty close to him.  He holds onto her hand, but then let’s go.

Bella (matter-of-fact): It’s settled.

He looks down.

Bella cont’d: What’s settled?

Will: Well, that you and I are friends. 

Bella nods and tucks her hair behind her ear.

Bella: Right…friends.   

Will: Right.

Bella looks away.

Will cont’d: I mean…right?

Bella looks back at him.  He steps a little closer.

Will cont’d: Is that what you want?

Bella pauses.

Bella (slowly): Not as much I want you to kiss me right now…

Will tries not to look too surprised.  Bella steps pretty much as close as she can get.  Will gives her a subtle “you sure?” look.  She gives a small nod.  He awkwardly reaches up and touches her cheek.  He leans his head toward her.  He starts to kiss her, but pulls back a little, seeming uncertain (because he’s nervous and all).  Finally, he kisses her. Think fireworks.

(fade to): Scout and Will’s room.  Jill is still working on her homework and sitting on Scout’s bed.  She finishes writing something and looks up at a sleeping Scout.  She carefully gets up.  She runs her fingers through his hair, pushing it off his forehead.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She’s sitting on her bed doing homework.  She has a pencil in her hand, a book and a notebook opened.  After a moment she looks up and out the window.  She looks back down at her work, then up again.  She closes the book and her notebook.  She gets up and tosses the pencil down.  She paces a couple of times and then turns toward the door.  Looking determined, she heads over to the door and opens it.  Jill is standing there, about to knock.

Jake: Hi.

Jill: Hi, going somewhere?

Jake: No, not really.  Come in.

Jill walks in and Jake closes the door behind her.

Jill: So’d you drag Hamilton in from the rain and like make mad, passionate love to him because you could no longer resist the combination of his amazingly good looks and surprisingly compassionate nature?

Jill turns around to face Jake and sees her expression.

Jill: Whoa, what’s the frequency, Kenneth?

Jake smiles.

Jake: How’s Scout?

Jill: How’s Hamilton?

Jake gives her a “did you really just say that?”

Jill: What?  Did you really think that your weak attempt to change the subject was a match for my powers of persistence?

Jill sits down on the bed and looks up at her expectantly. 

Jake: I didn’t talk to him, ok?

Jill: What, why not?

Jake sits down next to her.

Jake: I didn’t get a chance.

Jill: Oh…

Jake: I think he’s just…got some stuff on his mind right now.

Jill: Yeah, we established that earlier…

Jake: Not…not like that.

Jill: Like what?

Jake: Like stuff that’s not even really my business…

Jill: Like what?

Jake: Like…stop asking me because I’m not going to tell you.

Jill: Wow…really?  So this is like pretty serious, huh?

Jake doesn’t respond.  She looks out the window.

Jill: Hey, Jacqueline…

Jake looks back over at her.

Jill: What you said…about it not being your business…

Jake waits for her to go on.

Jill cont’d: …it is.

Jake looks down.

Jill: Whatever’s going on with him…it’s your business.  He has like no right to shut you out…you guys are so beyond that.

Jake looks up at her again.

Jill: Ok?

Jake nods.

(fade out)


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(fade in): To Will and Scout’s room.  It’s probably about 6:30 now.  Jill, Scout, Will and Bella are all there.  Jill and Scout are sitting on his bed.  They’re kind of off in their own little world.  They are sitting on Scout’s bed.  He leans toward her to kiss her, but she leans away, giggling.  He tilts his head and smiles.  He smiles and settles for putting his head on her shoulder.

(cut to): Will and Bella sitting on Will’s bed. 

Bella: I guess we should invite everyone.

Will: Call Gracie like Sean said…she’s a one woman social network.  She’ll get the whole Edmund High gang out there.

Bella: We should have done this earlier. 

Will: Yeah…

Will and Bella look at one another.  Will blushes a little.

(cut to): Jill and Scout who are at this point sitting there listening.  They look at each other like “hmm.”

(cut to): Bella and Will who have a brief awkward silence.  Will coughs and down.

Will: Well, just call Grace, she’ll get everyone to come.

He picks the phone and hands it to her.  She dials.

Bella: Hey, Grace?  Yeah, think you can get some people together for a party tonight?… No, Sean’s throwing it…he wants to invite some Edmund High people and some Rawley people.  No, why?…Whatever, just make sure people show up…At the camp ground by the lake.  No, we’re not going to camp out, just start making some calls, ok?…ok…Grace?…thanks….bye.

Will: So?

Bella: So, she’s got it under control.  She said we’re so lame and that no one would show if he didn’t have alcohol.

(cut to): A shot of the whole room.

Scout: He’s not having alcohol?  She’s right…while I personally think it’s just plain stupid to drink for the sake of making a fool out of yourself…your typical high school student goes to a party with the sole purpose of drowning out some of their usual angst with a few beers and assorted hard liquor concoctions.

Everyone looks at him.

Scout: What?  It’s true.

(cut to): Will and Bella who look at each other and shrug.

Will: I’m going to see if Jake and Ham want to go.  You two are in, right?

Scout: Yeah…of course.

Jill: You can’t go back out there.  You’re sick.

Scout: I’m not si—

Jill: Yes, you are.

Scout: Sean invited us.  Our friendship has a delicate and short history…how would it look if I didn’t go?

He smiles at her and gives her a pleading look.

Scout: C’mon…it could be like our first date or something…

She raises her eyebrows.
Scout: Okay, like our first pre-date.

Jill: Yeah, ok…

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She’s sitting on the bed and playing some sort of hand held video game…maybe Sega Gamegear.  She turns off the power switch and tosses it down beside her.  There’s a knock.  She looks up hopefully.

Jake: Yeah?

Hamilton opens the door slowly and sticks his head in.

Hamilton: Hi.

Jake: Hi, come in.

He walks in and closes the door behind him.  She watches him as he paces around for a moment.  He finally comes over and sits down on the bed.

Hamilton: I’m telling my dad about us.

She raises her eyebrows.  She looks pretty mad and upset, but throughout the scene she tries to keep it under control.

Jake: Really?  And just what are you telling him?

Hamilton: Look, I’ve been thinking about it, you know?  I’ve been walking around this entire school, thinking about it and it’s the right thing to do.  And before you ask if was I going to consult you, I’m really the reason you’re still here, right?

Jake: Among other things and people…

Hamilton: But—

Jake: Yes, you’re the reason I came back to Rawley for the fall.

Hamilton: So, then, it’s my decision, right?

Jake laughs.

Jake: Okay, Hamilton, I’m trying to be understanding, but…you’re not giving me a whole lot of room for that.

Hamilton: I have to tell him, Jake.

Jake: Why?

Hamilton: You…you wouldn’t understand.

Jake: You know, do what you have to do.  Push as hard as you want, but I’m not packing up and leaving just like that.  Not now.  It’s not that easy to run anymore.

Hamilton: I’m not—I’m not trying to push you anywhere.

Jake: Hamilton, if you tell your dad, he’s going to make me leave.  He’s not going to let me stay here and he’s not going to let me go to the girls’ school.  You tell him and I’ll be gone… 

Hamilton looks at her.  He looks down and doesn’t say anything.

Jake: Ryder was here earlier.

Hamilton looks up at her.

Jake cont’d: He told me something and…

Hamilton: Hanging out with Ryder now?

Jake cont’d: Not by choice, ok?  Anyway, I didn’t really believe him, but…

Hamilton looks at her like “continue…”

Jake: About your mom and…Finn.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: See, I knew he was full of it…

Hamilton gets up.

Hamilton: Ryder knows?  How does Ryder know?

Jake gets up.

Jake: Well, I certainly didn’t tell him…

There’s a knock

Jake: Who is it?

Will: Will…

Bella: And Bella.

Jake looks at Hamilton like “hold that thought.”  She walks over and opens the door halfway.  She doesn’t invite them in.

Will: So, you up for a party tonight?

Jake: What? 

Will: A Party…at the camp ground on the other site of the lake.

Jake: Oh, thanks Will, but…

Hamilton opens the door all the way.

Hamilton: Party? 

Bella: Yeah, Sean’s trying to bring Edmund High and Rawley Academy together for a night of fun.

Jake: It sounds like fun, but we are kind of in the middle of—

Hamilton: I’m in.

He walks past Jake who watches in disbelief as he walks out.  Bella seems to pick up on the tension.  She looks at Jake who looks upset.  She starts to speak, but doesn’t get the chance:

Jake: See you guys later. 

She closes the door.

(cut to): the hallway outside Jake’s door.

Bella: Should you stay or—

Bella nods toward Jake’s door.

Hamilton: Nope, I’m good to go…

Will and Bella look at one another, but don’t seem to think it’s anything too serious.

(cut to): the inside of Jake’s door.  She leans against the door and slides down to the floor.  She looks disappointed as she curls up. 

(cut to): Scout and Jill outside the girls’ school, they’re walking in the direction of the lake.

Jill: Well, now we’ve invited the girls…Bella and Will got the guys.

Scout: And Grace single handedly invited the entire teen population of New Rawley.

Jill: This could be a huge party. 

Scout: That’s the idea.

Jill: One time, I had this dream.  Well, it was more like a nightmare that I was at this party in this big group of people who were dancing, but I like don’t dance.  So, I was standing there and everyone was trying to get me dance, but I wouldn’t.

Scout nods and looks like he’s humoring her.

Jill: It was scary.

Scout laughs.

Scout: I bet…

He smiles.  He reaches down and takes her hand as they walk toward the lake.  She looks over and kisses him on the cheek. 

(fade out)


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(fade in) The Party.  Around 8:oo.  The campground is just this clearing in the woods.  There’s a fire going and music coming from somewhere. Bella and Will and Hamilton walk up.  Sean is talking with some people, but when he sees them, he walks over.

Sean: Hey guys…nice turn out…good work.

Will: We try.

Sean: Hamilton, you look a little down…what’s up, bro?

Hamilton smiles and tries to perk up.

Hamilton: I’m cool…this is quite an event you put together.

Sean: It’s kind of high concept, you know?

Jill and Scout walk up and join the group.  They are holding hands.

Jill (to Hamilton): Where’s Jacqueline?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: She didn’t want to come.

He looks away like he really couldn’t care less.  Jill gives him and angry look.  She lets go of Scout’s hand.

Jill (to Hamilton): Can I talk to you for a minute?

Before he can answer she grabs his arm and pulls him away.  Everyone looks around, amused.

(cut to): Jill and Hamilton.  She’s still pulling him and holding his arm.  He stops and she lets him go.

Hamilton: What are you doing?

Jill: If you think that just because you’re beautiful, I’m going to let you get away with playing dumb—

Hamilton: Jake didn’t want to come...I did.  So now she’s there and I’m here.  Now, if you’ll excuse me…

He tries to walk past her.

Jill: I don’t think I will. 

He looks at her, getting angry

Jill cont’d: The fact that she’s in love with you doesn’t give you a right to be a jackass.

Hamilton: It’s none of your business, Jill…

Jill: You’re supposed to say you’re in love with her too.

Hamilton looks down. 

Hamilton: I am in love with her.  She knows that.  It’s just that…there’s other stuff going on…

Jill: That you won’t talk to her about?

Hamilton: It’s not that easy, ok?  Talking to her won’t fix things…I’m going to fix things. 

Jill: You should be careful only to fix what’s broken. 

Hamilton looks at her.

Jill cont’d: Just something for you to think about…

Before he can respond a car screeches up.  Several guys get out, screaming and goofing around.  The group walks past Jill and Hamilton.  Ryder is with them.  Some of the guys are carrying cases of beer.  A couple are carrying a keg.

Ryder: The party has arrived.

(cut to): Jake at her computer.  She’s typing away.  There’s a knock.

Jake: Go away.

The door opens a little.  Jake gets up.

Jake: I said—

(cut to): the door as Hamilton’s mom walks in.

Jake: Oh, I’m sorry I…I thought you were someone else…

Kate smiles weakly.

Kate: I was hoping to find that someone else here.

Jake looks down.

Kate: It’s awfully quiet around here tonight.

Jake looks around then sits down on the bed.

Kate: How are you doing tonight?

Jake: I’m going to miss this place.

Kate: Going somewhere soon?

Kate sits down next to her.

Jake: Sooner than I’d planned.  Hamilton’s telling the dean …about him and me.

Kate looks surprised.

Kate: What?

Jake: It doesn’t even make sense, you know?  He’s always said his dad is like this “rules Nazi.”  Suddenly he’s all about following the rules…

Kate: I think I broke one rule that Hamilton put a lot of faith into…

Kate gets up and puts her hand on Jake’s shoulder.

Kate: I’m sorry he’s taking this out on you, sweetie. 

Jake (not really directed at Kate): Me too…

Kate: Just hang tight.  I think it’ll work out.

Jake nods.

Kate: I have to go talk to my husband.

Jake gets up and softens her tone a bit as she seems to recall all that’s happening with Kate.

Jake: That’ll work out too.

Kate smiles and Jake gives her an encouraging hug.

(cut to): The party.  Ryder and company have set up the alcohol on a picnic table and people are rushing to get some.  Ryder strolls off, looking pleased.

(cut to): Will, Bella, Scout and Sean.  They watch.  Sean looks a little displeased.

Sean: Great.  Who invited these guys?

Grace walks up. 

Grace: Hi guys.  I told you people would be happier if there was booze.

Sean: Did you invite these clowns?

Grace: Yeah.  They’re not that bad once you get to know them

Scout: Once you’ve had a couple of beers, you mean.

Jill walks up and slips her arm around Scout’s waist.

Grace: Who’s the new accessory?

Bella elbows her.  Grace looks at her.

Grace: What?

Scout: This is Jill.  Jill this is Grace Banks.

Jill: Hi. 

Grace: Anyway, I’m sure the party will be a hit Sean.  See you guys later…

She walks toward Ryder’s friends.

Will: I’m going to go mingle.

He subtly glances at Bella.

Bella: I’ll go with you.

He smiles.  They walk off together.

Scout (to Jill): Where’d Hamilton go?

She looks around and shrugs.

(cut to): Hamilton.  He’s standing with some girls that definitely look like they could be friends of Grace.

Random townie skank girl 1 (Elizabeth): So, like, you’re a total babe…

Hamilton isn’t really paying attention.

Random townie skank girl 2 (Anne): He looks like someone.  Who does he look like?

Elizabeth: Rob Lowe.

Anne: Who’s that?

Elizabeth: I don’t know…

Ryder walks up and puts his hand on Hamilton’s shoulder.

Ryder: The Outsiders…St. Elmo’s Fire…

They look at him blankly.

Ryder: Wayne’s World…Tommy Boy…Austin Powers…

Anne: Oh yeah.

She looks at Hamilton then at her friend:

Anne 2 cont’d: Yeah, definitely.

Ryder looks at Ham.

Ryder cont’d: Yeah, I see it a little…

He flashes a smile at the girls.

Ryder cont’d: If you ladies will excuse my friend and I…

They giggle and walk off.

Ryder: God, townie skanks…

Hamilton: They were just trying to be nice.

Ryder: So young…so innocent…so naïve…they were trying to get laid…believe me.

Hamilton starts to walk away.

Ryder: Wait, wait, wait…come have a drink with me.

Hamilton: No, thanks…

Ryder: Don’t want to drown your sorrows?

Hamilton: No…

Ryder: Look, old pal, I’m trying to bond with you here, ok?  Work with me…

Ryder puts his arm around his shoulder and guides him toward the alcohol.


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(fade in): Montage shots of the party.  It’s definitely been going on for several hours.  It’s almost 11:00.

(cut to): Will and Bella.  They’re away from everyone else.  Bella is leaning against a tree.  Will has one hand against the tree and is leaning toward her (for everyone who read “Secrets” this is another example of “leaning” from the movie While You Were Sleeping).

Will: Harry’s euphoria over winning the Quiddich cup lasted over a week.  Everyone at school wants to be outside, but they have to stay inside and study for their exams.

Bella: What’s Hermoine up to?

Will: Harry and Ron are wondering how she’s going to take both her Arithmancy and Transfiguration exams at 9:00 on Monday.

Bella: Then what?

He leans closer to her.

Will: I don’t know…I don’t remember.

He smiles.  Bella brushes his cheek with her hand.  He does the same to her as he leans toward her, kissing her.  He pulls back.  They smile at each other.  Will looks thoughtful.

Will: We can’t hide out like this forever.

Bella: I know…

Will runs his fingers through her hair.

Bella cont’d: This just happened like all of the sudden you know?  I’m not sure I’ve processed the magnitude of that kiss by the lake.

Will kisses her gently and briefly.

Bella: Or that kiss…

Will: So, what you’re saying is…we’re not telling people yet.  We’ve got our own secret.

Bella: Is that ok?

Will: Sure, I mean, it worked for Jake and Ham.

Bella: Yeah except that Ham looked like his dog died tonight.  And Jake couldn’t have looked more crushed when he walked out the door.  Think they had a fight?

Will: I don’t know…

He leans closer to her.

Bella: You have a one-track mind, Krudski.

He laughs.  He kisses her again.

(cut to): Jill and Scout.  They’re sitting at a picnic table.  Scout has his head down on the table.  He’s coughing.  Jill rubs his back.  He picks his head up and looks at her.

Scout: I think I’m sick…

Jill nods with false sympathy and puts her hand on his neck as he puts his head back down.  Scout picks up his head again.

Scout: Walk me home?

She nods.  She gets up and puts her hand over his shoulder for him to take.  He does.  He gets up and they start to walk off.

(cut to): Hamilton talking to the same townie skank girls from before.   He’s got a beer in his hand and has obvious had a few before this.

Elizabeth: So, do you like have a girlfriend?

Hamilton: Define girlfriend.

They look at each other and giggle.

Anne: Hey, I’ll see you guys later…I want to catch up with that Joey guy.  His hair is red this week…that’s like so totally sexy.

Anne walks off.

Elizabeth: She’s into dye.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: What are you into?

Elizabeth: Hmm, at the moment…I’m digging you.

Hamilton smiles.  Ryder walks up and pushes him away from the girls.

Elizabeth: Hey!

(cut to): Ryder and Hamilton.

Ryder: God, Hamilton, what are you doing?

Hamilton: You told me to drown my sorrows…

Ryder: Well, I didn’t mean it literally.  I gave you one drink.

Hamilton: And then each of your friends gave me one.

Ryder takes the drink in Ham’s hand.

Hamilton: Hey, that’s mine.

Ryder: As much as I’d like to return it, sit back and watch how things go…I’m feeling a little empathetic this evening.  You can thank me tomorrow.

Ryder starts to walk away.  He passes Jill and Scout who have stopped to talk to Sean.

Hamilton (loudly): You don’t have to be nice to me just ‘cause you know that Finn was sleeping with my mom.

(cut to): Sean, Jill and Scout who turn to face Hamilton.  Scout looks the most shocked.  Jill looks like she gets it all now.

(cut to): Ryder as he turns back and walks toward Hamilton.  Sean, Jill and Scout can’t hear this part.

Ryder: So, you finally found out about that, did you?

(cut to): Sean.

Sean: See, this is why I didn’t bring alcohol to this party…inevitably, someone has too much…

(cut to): Hamilton and Ryder.

Hamilton (quiet again): And you had no right to tell Jake about it.  Maybe I didn’t want her to know.

Ryder smiles and blinks.  He tilts his head as if thinking whether to take the easy shot at Ham’s pronoun slip up.

Ryder: You’re a really mixed up kid, Ham, you know that? 

Hamilton: You’re such a jerk Ryder.  Who gave you the right to make my life hell?

Ryder: Your life?  Hell?  Your perfect little life?  I know what it’s like to find out that your mum’s cheating on your dad.

Hamilton: Yeah, right.  You’ll never know how I feel.

Ryder (getting loud:: That’s right, I won’t…because your parents aren’t going to get divorced.  Your mum’s not going to marry Finn and take you off to another country.  And you’re not going to be miserable in some pitiful excuse for a school with people whom you hate because they hate you for trying to make their worthless little lives a tad bit more interesting.

(cut to): Scout, Jill and Sean as Will and Bella walk up.  They’re all watching Ham and Ryder, and can hear now.  Will and Bella aren’t paying attention.  Bella bumps into Will obviously on purpose.  Will shoves her gently and laughs.  Scout turns around, looks at them and then looks up at Jill who’d watching him.  Scout smiles at Jill, but she looks away.

(cut to): Ryder and Hamilton.

Ryder (loudly): I mean, Finn’s doing your mom.  Quit crying in your beer and move on.

Hamilton: You took my beer.

(cut to): Will.

Will: I’ll be right back.

(cut to): Hamilton and Ryder as Will walks up.

Will (to Ryder): Why don’t you just leave him alone?

Ryder: Oh, right, Krudski knew too.  I’ll let him take it from here…

Hamilton looks over at Will.  Ryder walks away, shaking his head.

Will: Look, Hamilton, maybe we should just get out of here.

Hamilton gives him a dirty look and turns to walk away.  He trips and almost falls downs, but recovers enough to keep walking.

Will looks over to Scout for help. 

(dissolve to): Will, Scout, Jill and Hamilton on the quad.  They are walking toward the dorm.  Will and Scout are on either side of Hamilton, though Scout looks more sick than Hamilton.  Jill trails behind them.

Scout: Just come to our room for awhile.

Hamilton: I’m just going to go home…I have to talk to my dad…

Jill: Good plan, dumbass…

Hamilton turns around and points at Jill.

Hamilton: I used to think you were nice.

Jill: Yeah, well, I used to think you were a decent guy…go figure.

Hamilton turns back around.

Hamilton: Mean, mean, mean…

Scout (to Will): We can’t let him go home.

Will: Ham, you’re coming in with us.

Hamilton: Whatever…

Jill hangs back.  Scout stays with her as Will and Hamilton walk ahead.

Jill: I’m going to get back to my room.  I still have homework and stuff to do…and I don’t want to be around him like this.  He’s a good kid, you know?

Scout nods his head.  He starts coughing.  Jill gives him an “I told you so” look.

Scout: Want me to walk you back?

She smiles.

Jill: Nah.  I’ll be fine.  I thought you wanted me to walk you back.

He laughs.

Scout: I think I can make it from here.  Thanks though.

She kisses him on the cheek and runs off toward the Girls’ school.  He jogs off to catch up with Hamilton and Will.

(dissolve to): The party.  Things have wound down and most people have left or are leaving.  Bella helps Sean pick up cups and other trash.  They do this throughout the scene.

Sean: Well, there were no brawls and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Bella: It was a good idea, Sean.  No one was really here as a townie or a Rawley student…just a bunch of kids trying to stay warm and enjoy some music.

Sean: See, I knew something awesome would come out of this: harmony.  And they didn’t even know they’d achieved it.

Bella: You had a dream…

Sean smiles.

Sean: Kinda makes you feel sorry you dumped me, huh?

Bella looks like she doesn’t know what to say.

Sean cont’d: Bella…please stop looking at me like I was serious, ok?  I didn’t know flirting was still taboo.  I mean, what good are girls as friends if you can’t at least flirt with them.

Bella: They make good trash picker-uppers.

Sean: Yeah…that’s an important quality to look for in a friend.

Bella: They can tell you that you were really thoughtful tonight and that you’re a good person.

Sean smiles.

Sean: Ok, that works too.

Bella laughs at him.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Scout’s in his pajamas again and is climbing into bed.  Hamilton is lying on the couch on his back.  He’s staring up at the ceiling, saying nothing.  Will is sitting on his bed, taking off his shoes.

Hamilton: You know what would make me feel better right now?  A shower.

Will looks up at him.  Hamilton gets up.  He looks pretty put together.  Will goes over to his closet and takes out a towel.  He hands it to Hamilton.

Will: You’ll come back here when you’re done?

Hamilton: Sure.

Will: I’m serious.  And watch out for Finn patrolling the halls.

(cut to): Finn alone in his apartment.  He’s reading the same book from earlier.  He looks up and over at the fire.  He walks over and tosses it onto the fire, it goes up into flames.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Will and Scout’s room.  Will’s changed into his pajamas now.  He’s lying in bed.  The lights are on. 

Will: Think he made it to the shower?

Scout: I hope so.

After a moment:

Scout cont’d: So, where’d you and Bella disappear to tonight?

Will: You know, the usual meet and greet. 

Scout: You know, if you feel like telling the truth…I think I’m at a point where I can handle it…

Will sits up.

Will: What are you talking about?

Scout: I was there, Will.  I saw her look at you.

Will: Scout—

Scout: It’s okay, Will…it’s hard not to fall in love with her.  I know.

Will looks down and then looks up smiling.  Scout tilts his head up to see the reaction, then lays it back down on his pillow.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  She’s in bed and the lights are off.  Someone tries to get in and she raises her head off the pillow.  The door knob turns again.  Jake gets up.

Jake: Who is it?

Hamilton: It’s me.  Let me in, baby.

Jake opens the door a little.  Hamilton’s there.  He’s got pretty much the same clothes on, but his hair is wet from the shower that he did actually take.

Jake: What do you think you’re doing?

Hamilton sticks his head in the door and kisses her.

Jake backs up and wipes her mouth with her hand.  Hamilton takes the opportunity to come in and close the door.

Jake: God, Hamilton…have you been drinking?

Hamilton: No…

Hamilton walks over and lies down on the bed.

Hamilton: So, are we going to have sex now?

Jake: Hamilton, maybe now would be a good time for you to go.

Hamilton: Okay…I won’t be picky…I’ll settle for making out.

He pats the bed.

Hamilton cont’d: Come on…

Jake: Hamilton…

Hamilton gets up.

Hamilton: Well, will you at least let me borrow your bike?

Jake: Get out.  Come back tomorrow and we can talk.

Hamilton: Talk?  You want to talk?  My mom is cheating on my dad.  Oh, but wait!  You already knew that because your buddy Ryder told ya.

Jake: I don’t really understand your reaction to this thing with your mom…you’re taking it so personally.

Hamilton: Because…we’re talking about my mom and the potential destruction of my family.  Stuff that effects me…and hurts me… a lot.

He looks sad and vulnerable.  Jake goes to him to hug him, but he steps back.

Hamilton: Don’t…

She’s completely taken aback. She walks over to the window and looks out.  He watches her.  She turns back around.

Jake: You know, you telling me not to hug you just then…and pretty much everything you’ve said to me today has felt like you trying to push me away and into not loving you anymore.

Hamilton: Good…

Jake looks at him, truly crushed. 

Hamilton: I didn’t mean it like that…

Jake: Seriously, get the hell out.  You want to tell your dad about me?  Tell him.  You want me to stop loving you?  Fine, it’s done.

She walks over and opens the door.  They share a hurt, pained look as he pauses a moment before walking out the door.  Jake closes it hard behind him, and locks it.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room as Hamilton walks in.

Hamilton: I’m going home.

He turns around and walks out.  Will and Scout look at each other as Scout starts coughing.  Will smiles.

Will: Fine…I’m go.

(dissolve to): Will and Hamilton as they get to Hamilton’s house.

Will: Okay, Ham, how do you want to do this?

Hamilton looks over at him.

Hamilton: Huh?

Will: Well…what do you want to do?  Stumble through the front door?

Hamilton: Actually, I think the shower…and some other things…were pretty sobering.

Hamilton looks up at his house.

(cut to): A shot from Hamilton’s point of view of the living room window.  Kate is sitting on the couch.  Steve’s pacing back and forth and obviously yelling at her.  She looks up at him and tries to talk, but he cuts her off.  Finally, she hangs her head.  When she looks up again, she’s crying.  He looks surprised.  He stops pacing and yelling.  He sits down next to her and wraps his arm around her. 

Hamilton sits down and puts his head in his hands.

Hamilton: This is all my fault…

Will: What?

Will sits down next to him.

Will: Explain that last statement to me.

Hamilton looks at Will then up at the sky.  He looks again over at Will, completely dejected.

Hamilton: I wanted Jake to come back here in the fall…after Finn knew about her.  Then, my mom found out.  And who convinced her that letting Jake stay would be a good idea?  Finn.  Somehow he convinced her to just…let me and Jake work it out.  Why couldn’t Finn have just told my dad?

Will: Because that would mean you wouldn’t have Jake right now.

Hamilton: I don’t have Jake right now…

Will looks over at Hamilton sympathetically.

Hamilton: But, you see how it all comes back to me?  It’s all my fault…I tried to be mad at Jake…you know, like “if she’d never come here…” kind of stuff.  I picked a fight with her, Will.

Will: What about?

Hamilton: Something I knew she’d hold her ground on.  But she saw right through me.  She tried to give me a hug…a hug…and I wouldn’t let her, Will.  Do you know how much I needed that hug?

Will listens attentively.

Hamilton cont’d: I had this big plan, you know?  Push her buttons and make her hate me.  She wouldn’t buy it, but I couldn’t let it go…I just had to push it.  Until I’ve now completely pushed her away.  My whole like life has come tumbling down and it’s no one’s fault but my own. 

Will: Oh boy.  Hamilton…I’m going to tell you something that’s probably going to make you like me a little less, but…Finn and your mom…like summer session.  At least that’s when Ryder and I saw them kissing.  Finn told me it was all his fault and that Kate was a terrific woman and wonderful mother.  Then he said it was over with them.  I guess the latter wasn’t so true.

Hamilton looks at him, then away.

Will: You ok man?

Hamilton nods his head and stands up.  Will gets up too.

Will: So, stop beating yourself up?

Ham nods again. 

Hamilton: I still have to tell my dad about Jake and me.

Will: Why?

Hamilton: He asked about my life today…he genuinely wanted to know.

Will: Maybe you should ease into the “I’m dating this girl who’s pretending to be a guy so she and I can have make out sessions in her dorm room” thing.

Hamilton looks down.

Will: Hey, Hamilton, I wanted to ask you something…it was more for me, but I think maybe it’ll give you a little perspective too.

Hamilton waits.

Will: How’d you know it was the right thing to do…being with Jake.  I mean, how’d you know that when you moved above the friend plane, that it was the right step? 

Hamilton: Honest answer to that? 

Will: Yeah?

Hamilton: Because I couldn’t breathe wondering what it’d be like to kiss her.

Will smiles.

Will: How’d you deal with losing a friend?

Hamilton: Who lost a friend?  Jake’s still my best friend…was my best friend.

Will: I’m sure the present tense still applies, man.

Hamilton shakes his head, but smiles hopefully.

Hamilton: I have to get inside.

Will nods then holds up 3 fingers.

Will: How many fingers do you see?

Hamilton looks at him, then the fingers.

Hamilton: Uh, three?

Will: Well, you just passed the test…now would be a good time to go on in your house and pretend you’ve been studying with me all night.

Hamilton nods.

Hamilton: Later Krudski.

Will: night.

(fade out)


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(fade in): A montage of everyone waking up in the morning.  First Will, who wakes up smiling.

(cut to): Bella who’s lying in bed awake.

(cut to): Scout who is awake and coughing.

(cut to): Jill who’s still in her pajamas, but brushing her teeth.

(cut to): Jake who sits up and looks around, she looks pretty sad.

(cut to): Hamilton who’s sleeping through his alarm clock.

(cut to): The outside of Finn’s class as people file in.  Jake and Hamilton reach the door at the same time.  They look at each other awkwardly.

Hamilton: Hi…

Jake looks down.  Ryder walks up. 

Ryder: Jack…Janet…you’re blocking the door…

Jake and Hamilton look at each other, probably not getting the Three’s Company reference.  They look like they’d each like to rescue the other from Ryder.

Ryder: God, just kiss and make up already…I’m so ill of this pathetic teen drama.

He walks between them and through the door.  As he walks by Jake he somehow manages to subtly knock her cap off her head.  Hamilton and Jake both bend down to pick it up.  Hamilton reaches it first and hands it back to her.

Jake: Thanks

She puts it back on and they both slowly stand up.  A big group of guys walk up to the door and Hamilton and Jake are forced to go on inside.  They sit down at their desks.  The seating is as described in a previous episode.  The camera pans around, Scout’s desk is empty.

(cut to): Finn at the front of the room.

Finn: Mr. Krudski, where’s your roommate?

Will: Uh, he’s sick.  He went to the nurse and everything.

Finn: Okay, well, take some notes for him…get him up to speed on our discussion of Of Mice and Men.

He starts the lecture.

Finn cont’d: Originally I was going to have my crew team read this, but since the season ended before we had the chance…everyone gets to partake in the joy that is John Steinbeck.

Some people groan.

Finn: Today we’re just going to have an open discussion if anyone wants to start.

Will: Well, Steinbeck kind of reminds me of my friend Sean.  He lives in town and he had this idea to have a party…

Finn: Hence the lack of activity in the dorm last night…continue…

Will: Right, well he got kids from Edmund High and Rawley Academy to come so they could hang out and maybe understand each other a little better.  He thought it was real high concept. 

Finn: Uh-huh…

Will: And it’s kind of like what Steinbeck was trying to do with this book.  He writes about these simple people…these traveling farm workers.  His audience isn’t made up of people anything like that, but by writing about it he gives a broader understanding among like all of mankind.

Finn: Nice analogy, Mr. Krudski.  So, Steinback had this vision of a more tolerant society…what did the characters in the book want?

Jake: A place to call their own.  A home.  They were lonely drifters and they all longed for some place where they could settle down. 

Finn: Were they all alone?

Will: Lennie and George had each other…they shared a dream.

Finn: Ok, anyone have any thoughts on the Lennie/George relationship?

Hamilton: It sucked.

Finn looks down, then over at Hamilton.

Finn: Think you can define that a little better?

Hamilton: Okay, so there are these two guys and they’re best friends during a time when being a solo farm worker was the thing.  They shared this dream too, like Will said.  They were going to get a place of their own and have like rabbits and stuff.  Lennie trusted George to be there for him no matter what.  So, like what happens?  George ends up sneaking up behind him and putting a bullet in his head.  All Lennie did was put trust into George and George betrayed him.

Hamilton looks down.  It’s unclear if he’s referring to Finn betraying Hamilton or Hamilton betraying Jake. 

(cut to): Will who looks up at Finn. 

Finn: Okay…moving on to some other characters…

His last sentence fades as the picture does too.

(dissolve to): After school.  A shot of Rawley Academy as everyone leaves school.

(cut to): The halls.  Hamilton walks past the dean’s office, he starts to go in, but turns around.  He inhales and exhales then turns around to open the door.

Kate: He’s not in there.

Hamilton: Mom.

Kate: Think you might want to talk to me instead?

Hamilton: Not really.

He turns to walk away.

Kate: Can I request that you do anyway?

Hamilton looks at her.

(cut to): Scout and Will’s room.  Scout is in bed reading.  There’s a knock.  Jill comes in, carrying a Tupperware bowl.

Jill: Hi.

Scout: Hi…

She hands him the bowl and then pulls a spoon out of her pocket.

Jill: It’s chicken noodle.  You won’t believe what I had to do to get the people in the dining hall to let me take it out of there.

Scout takes it.

Scout: Thanks.

Jill: Ok, well, I’m going to go now.

Scout: Will you stay?

She smiles.

Jill: I wanted to go see Jake, but…I’ll stay a minute.

She sits down on the bed as he sits up.  He opens the soup and he takes a bite.

Scout: This is really good.

Jill smiles. 

Scout: I don’t just mean the soup…

Jill: Scout…

Scout: Jill, I’m serious.  You’re like, the best person I know. 

Jill: You’re not so bad yourself. 

(cut to): The gas station.  Bella hands a customer his receipt as he drives away.  Will rides up on his bike.

Will: Hi.

Bella smiles.

Bella: Hey…

Sean (from across the street): Hey guys!

Will (quietly): This is going to be a problem, isn’t it?

Bella: Yeah, for awhile I think…

Sean makes it over to them.

Sean: The party was such a hit.  Thanks for your help in increasing the harmony guys.

Will and Bella look at each other then smile at Sean.  He doesn’t get it as he continues to talk about the party.

(dissolve to): The common room.  Hamilton and his mom sit on the couch.

Kate: So, why don’t you just explain to me this sudden urge to tell your dad about Jake?

Hamilton: He deserves the truth, mom.  That’s what you said.

Kate looks at him.

Kate: Honey…the reason I told your father was that he deserved to know the truth.  But, that’s because I was making a terrible mistake.  I was being irresponsible.  I wasn’t thinking clearly about the potential repercussions of my actions.  And, even though it was exciting, it wasn’t what I really want in my life.

Hamilton looks thoughtful as he absorbs what she’s said.

Kate cont’d: So…if you think all that stuff applies to you…if you’re being irresponsible…if you’re making a mistake…if she is not what you truly want…then yes you should go on home and tell your dad all about what Jake’s doing and how you two have been seeing each other right under his nose.  Because, if she’s not what you want, doing this is one good way not only to push her away, but pretty much ensure her removal from this place.

Hamilton looks down, then back up at his mom.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Jill’s just walking in.

Jill: Hey, what’s up?

Jake: I don’t know.  I’m trying to figure out if I should just pack up and get the hell out of here or just sit back and wait for the dean to kick me out…

Jill: What?  Why?  Does he know?

Jake: Well, no, but Hamilton was going to tell him.  I don’t know why he hasn’t already.

Jill: What was he going to tell him?

Jake: That I’m a girl and that we’ve been…whatever…

Jill: How is that his decision?

Jake: I wasn’t up to arguing over that too.  He completely shut me out, Jill.  I just wanted to be there for him…and he wouldn’t let me in. 

Jill: He’s a boy; that’s what they do.

Jake looks at her and sits down on her bed.

Jill cont’d: But not this boy, right?

Jake looks down.  She glances back up at Jill, crying.

Jill: Oh…oh no…it’s going to be ok.  Jacqueline…

She sits down next to her and puts her arm around her back.  Jake continues to cry.

(fade out)


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(fade in): Establishing shot of Rawley Academy.  It’s about 8:00 p.m.

(cut to): The door outside Jake’s room.  Jill’s just walked out and Hamilton walks up.

Hamilton: Jill…about whatever I said last night to you…

Jill: Look, no hard feelings here, ok?  Just go in there and make it right.

Hamilton: Is that possible?

Jill shrugs and walks off.

Hamilton knocks.  The door opens and Jake sticks her head out.

Hamilton: Can we talk?

She opens the door and lets him in.

Hamilton: I didn’t tell my dad…

Jake: That’s good.  I really like it here, you know?  Feels like home.  The people are a little impossible to read sometimes, but…

She trails off.

Hamilton: I didn’t have any right to…

Jake waits.

Hamilton: do anything or say anything that I did or said…

Jake: I just hate that you shut me out, Hamilton.  I mean…you said that—

Hamilton: …that I never wanted to shut you out…I know.  I just…I wanted to make everything right…and I thought the thing with Finn and my mom was because of us…

Jake looks at him sympathetically.

Hamilton: But, I didn’t fix anything. 

Jake: No, you didn’t…and as much as I think I should just forgive you and move on…

Hamilton: You can’t…

Jake shakes her head.

Jake: I can’t…

Hamilton: Are…are you going to leave?

Jake: If I were going anywhere…I would have gone by now.  I just…I think we need a break.  I mean, I had this understanding of what we were about and…obviously I was wrong.

Will (v.o.): The funny thing about dreams is…you always wake up.

Hamilton: So, it’s over?

Jake: It’s at least on pause.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Often before you want to and never when you’re ready…

Hamilton: Can I have that hug first?

Jake nods and walks over to him.  She hugs him and he holds on tight.  She let’s go and then he does.  He looks at her one more time then turns around and walks out.

Will v.o. cont’d: But if you don’t give up on your dreams, they will come true.

(cut to): Bella.  She’s in her pajamas and is climbing into bed.  She looks out the window and smiles.

(cut to): Will looking out his window.

Will v.o. cont’d: My life is proof of that.


The End


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