(fade in): to an establishing shot of Rawley Academy.

Music: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Jake, Ham and Dex sit around a bed playing a game of cards. 

(cut to): the door as Will walks by.  He stops and looks in, smiling to himself.

Will: What’s the game of the day, boys?  Go Fish or Gin Rummy?

(cut to): Jake, Ham and Dex as they look up.

Hamilton: Poker.

Will walks in and pulls a chair up to the bed.

Will: Just poker?

Will smirks.  They all look at each other.

Dexter: Yeah, you want to play?

Will: Playing for money?

Jake: No money…just pride, Krudski.

Will: In that case, deal me in.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the girls’ dorm.

(cut to): Jill in her room sitting on her bed.

Will (voice over): Just deal with it.

Jill takes a deep breath.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: It’s not always the easiest thing to do.

Jill: Scout, I think we’re at the point now where we’re friends and we can talk about what’s going on in our lives and…so that’s why I wanted to tell you that I have a date with this guy.  His name is Matt Edwards, maybe you know him.  He’s seems really nice and he’s cute and…you probably don’t want to hear that….God

The camera pans over to…Gwen sitting in a chair across from the bed.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: People deal in different ways.

Gwen: And then Scout starts crying…

Jill gets up.

Jill: That’s it…I can’t deal with this…I’m not telling him.

Gwen: He needs to hear it Jill…but, maybe phrased slightly differently.

Jill: Why do I need to tell him again?

Gwen: God, because you two need closure.

Jill: This coming from a girl who kissed a guy two weeks ago…and never told him how much she absolutely loved it.

Gwen sighs.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Some people prefer not to deal. 

(cut to): the card game in Hamilton’s room.  Will throws his cards down.

Jake: What’s the matter, Will?  Would you prefer a game of Go Fish? 

Hamilton and Dexter laugh.

Will: Okay, your point’s been made.  I’ve got to go.

Will stands up.

Hamilton: Are you talking to her today?

Jake: Talking to who?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And, I guess I’m one of those people.

Will looks at him warningly.

Will: Lay off, Ham.

Hamilton: I’m just saying…you need to deal with the situation.

Jake: What situation?

Will (v.o.) cont’d: The way you handle the events in your life probably says a lot about you.

Will: The ball’s in her court.

Jake: What ball?

Hamilton: Jake, please.  Will, you’re going about things all wrong.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: For example, right now…I’m scared as hell.

Will: Thanks for the input.

Will turns around and walks out.  Hamilton shakes his head.

Jake: What was that?

Hamilton: Wouldn’t you like to know?

He smirks.

Jake: So, you’ll tell me later.

Hamilton: Uh huh.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: If I were a cynic, I’d take comfort in the fact that everyone has difficult situations with which they need to deal.

Dexter laughs and they both look over at him.

Dexter: You guys are like a married couple sometimes.

Hamilton: What?

Jake: No, we’re not.

They look at each other uncomfortably then look back at Dexter with a forced laugh.  Dexter picks up the deck of cards and shuffles them.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Fortunately, I’m not that cynical.  I want us all to figure out our conflicts.

Dexter: Okay…so…do we have to keep playing poker or can we go back to rummy?

Jake and Ham give each other one more look as Dexter deals the cards.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I hope we can all manage to…deal.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the garage.

Music: On Your Side by Pete Yorn

(cut to): the office.  Bella and Hamilton are there.  Hamilton’s in his coveralls to indicate he’s on the job.  However, he’s sitting on the desk tuning his guitar.  Bella is leaning against the desk watching him.  Charlie walks in and clears his throat.  They look up. 

Charlie: I own this garage and have two employees on duty yet I had to stop working on Mr. Taylor’s truck to pump some gas for Mrs. Kerr.  Someone want to explain that to me?

Bella and Hamilton look at each other.  Hamilton stands up.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.

Charlie: Did I ask for an apology or an explanation?

Hamilton looks scared for a second, but Bella smiles.

Bella: Hamilton heard about this song-writing contest on the radio and…

Hamilton: …we’ve been writing this song…

Bella: …and he thinks if he keeps talking about it, I’ll give in.

Hamilton: Bella…the song is good. 

Bella: Hamilton…we’re not recording it and sending it to a radio station.

Hamilton: Why not?

Bella: I never wrote it with the intention of sharing it with copious amounts of people.

Hamilton: Monitor and adjust, Bella.

Charlie: You know…I’m just going to head back outside in case anyone else needs some gas.

Charlie smiles and winks at Bella then heads outside.

Hamilton cont’d: Come on…let’s do it.

Bella: No.

Hamilton: Yes.

Bella: No.

Hamilton turns back to tuning the guitar.  He finishes then starts playing a riff.  Bella looks off.  Hamilton looks over at her as he continues to play.  She looks back at him.

Bella cont’d: Okay, maybe.

Hamilton smiles and continues playing.

(cut to): the newspaper room.  There are several staff members in the room including Gwen, Dexter and Will.  Gwen is working alone at a computer as Will, Dexter and another staff member sit at the table and check out a layout board.  Will hands it to Dexter and he nods and heads over to a computer with the other staff member.  Will looks over at Gwen. 

(cut to): the door as Finn walks in.

Finn: How’s it going guys? 

Will pulls his look from Gwen over to the door.  Everyone looks up from their work to nod or say “great” or whatever.  Finn walks in and sits down at the table next to Will as everyone goes back to their work.

Finn: Will, I thought I might review your editorial.  Is it ready?

Will: Um, yes and no.  It’s done…

Will hands him a piece of paper.  Finn takes it, but looks like he doesn’t really feel up to reading it.

Will cont’d: …but, I know it needs work.

Finn nods.  It’s pretty clear that something is up with Finn.

Will: Everything cool?

Finn nods and glances around the room.

Will cont’d: Did our budget get cut or something?

Finn looks over and smiles.

Finn: No.

A beat as Finn picks up another layout board from the table.

Finn cont’d: Dexter really has a knack for this layout stuff.

Will: You’re sure you’re okay?

Finn looks over at him again and sets the layout board down.

Finn: Please tell me I look cool and collected and not like…

Will: …a nervous wreck?

Finn closes his eyes a second then looks back at Will.

Finn: Are you doing something important right now?

Will: Oh…no…I mean there’s a few things I need to deal with, but…let’s just say I’m not in any rush.

Finn: I know what you mean.  Let’s step outside for a second.

(cut to): the hall.

Finn: Okay, if at any time you get that creepy why-is-my-teacher-talking-to-me-about-this vibe…tell me to stop.

Will laughs.

Will: What’s up with you, Finn?

Finn: My colleagues are old and my friends don’t live here anymore.

Will doesn’t get it.

Finn cont’d: I’m just trying to convince myself that you’re a perfectly logical person for me to be talking to about this.

Will: Okay, now you’re freaking me out.

Finn: Johanna is…Johanna and I are…

He hesitates.

Will: …getting married?

Finn: No, can’t anyone think outside the box?

Will: …joining a cult in South Carolina that worships Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell?

Finn laughs.

Finn: We’re having a baby…but you were close.

Music: In Circles by Sunny Day Real Estate

(dissolve to): the newspaper room.  Will and Gwen sit across from each other at the table.  Everyone else is gone.

Gwen: So, what’d you say?

Will: What could I say?  I said, “congratulations.”

Gwen laughs.

Will cont’d: They’re officially telling people now.  I was the first person he officially told.

Gwen: Uh…huh.

Will: I know what you’re thinking, but he’s actually a cool guy.  He’s just like nervous and under a lot of pressure all of a sudden.

A beat.

Will cont’d: So…we haven’t done this in awhile.

Gwen: What? Talked?

Will smiles.

Will: Yeah.

Gwen: Yeah…

(cut to): the door as Jill rushes in.

Jill: You have to help me.

Gwen: What’s wrong?

Jill: You have to come tonight.

Gwen: On your date?

Will: You have a date?  With who?

Jill gives Gwen a dirty look then looks over at Will.

Jill: Oh wow…you guys are talking.

Will: We were.  Anyway, what’s the crisis?

Jill: I don’t think I’m ready for this whole…date thing.

Gwen: This realization is coming a little late, Jill.

Jill: I know…that’s why you have to come.

Gwen looks hesitant; she’s searching for the right way to say no. Jill looks at Will.

Jill cont’d: Oh, new plan.  Double date.  You come too.

Will: What?  No way.

Jill: So, you’re saying no to a date with Gwen…

Will: What?  That is not what I said.

Jill: So you’ll go?

Gwen: No, he won’t.  Face your fears or cancel, Jill.

Jill: Okay…so, see you two at 7-ish.

They look at each other like “huh?” but don’t have time to ask Jill as she exits.

Will: What just happened here?

Gwen: I’ll take care of it.

Gwen stands up.

Will: Could I maybe ask you…not to?

Gwen looks at him, considering the offer.

(cut to): the hall in the dorms.  Dexter and the other guy, who was working on the layout with him, walk together.  He’s a freshman too.  It’s important to note that the guy’s tone is less antagonistic and more…curious.

Guy: So, must be pretty weird living with Hamilton, huh?

Dexter shrugs.

Dexter: He’s not a narc or anything.

Guy: Well, duh.

Dexter looks at him, confused.

Guy cont’d: I heard this rumor that…he’s gay.

Dexter laughs.

Dexter: He definitely has a girlfriend.

Guy: So you’ve seen them like making out and stuff?

Dexter: Well, no…not exactly.

Guy: Have you even met her?

Dexter: Yeah. 

The guy nods as Dexter thinks a moment.

Dexter cont’d: Although…now that you mention it, I’ve never seen them together.

The guy laughs as the two of them reach the stairs.

Guy: It’s called a cover story, bro.

Dexter looks confused as the guy pats him on the back and walks off.

Dexter: Hey, don’t spread that rumor around, okay?

The guy pauses and turns around.  He looks down then back up at Dexter.

Guy: I wouldn’t do that, man.  I’ll see you in chemistry.

He walks off.  Dexter looks up the stairs.

(cut to): Hamilton and Dexter’s room.  Jake is sitting on Hamilton’s bed reading.  The camera pans around to the other side to reveal Hamilton looking under his bed.

Jake: What are you looking for anyway?

Hamilton: Just, like, this guitar pick.

Hamilton raises himself up to a kneeling position.

Hamilton cont’d: It’s the one I used at the pageant.

Jake: Oh, I didn’t know you believed in good luck.

Hamilton smiles at her and places his hand on her leg.

Hamilton: You’re kidding, right?

She smiles and looks back down at her book.  The door opens.  This makes Hamilton pull his hand quickly back from Jake’s leg.

(cut to): the door as Dexter walks in.  He looks at them suspiciously for a second.  He saw it and they know it.  He forces a smile, pretends he didn’t see anything and walks over to his desk.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton as he passes them.  They give each other a look then look over at Dexter. 

(cut to): Dexter at his desk.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  They shrug.  Jake goes back to reading and Hamilton goes back to looking under his desk.

(cut to): Dexter as he looks over at them, wondering.

(fade out)


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Music: Allright by Osker

(fade in): to Jill and Gwen’s room.  Jill’s frantically getting ready.  Gwen’s dressed and sits at her desk working on homework.

Jill: Oh my God, where are my shoes?  You know, the Steve Madden ones?

Gwen: Those ugly ones that look like the bastard child of bowling shoes and orthopedic shoes?

Jill: Yeah.

Gwen: With the brown laces?

Jill: Yes, do you know where they are?

Gwen: On your feet…

Jill looks down as Gwen goes back to her work.

Gwen cont’d: Why are you so freaked out, anyway?

Jill: I haven’t been out on a date in like over a year.

Gwen: Well, neither have I.

Jill: You got plenty of action two weeks ago.

Gwen: You know how we agreed to never talk about any of that again?

Jill: Yeah.

Gwen: You’re not doing a very good job.

Jill rolls her eyes.  A beat.

Jill: Anyway, I’m glad you’re coming. 

Gwen: Why couldn’t you just get Jake and Hamilton to go?

Jill: Hello, because all the guys at Rawley aren’t as dumb as Dexter.  Matt knows Jake.

Jill looks in the mirror pulling her hair back then letting it fall.

Jill cont’d: Besides, Hamilton apparently has plans with Bella tonight.

Gwen looks up again.

Jill cont’d: He’s recording some song they’ve been working on.  Don’t worry, though, he insisted Jake be there when they do the final take.

Gwen: That is a bizarre relationship.

Jill looks at Gwen.

Jill (sarcastic): Yeah…it’s totally the only one around here too.

Gwen sighs.

Music: Makes No Difference by Sum 41

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Scout is sitting on the floor with several books spread out in front of him.  Will is looking in the mirror.  He’s wearing Khakis and a decent long-sleeved shirt.

Will: Do I look okay?

Scout doesn’t look up.

Scout: I’d answer that…if we were girls.

Will laughs.

Will: Fine, I’ll go ask Jake.

Scout: Wait.

Scout looks up.

Scout cont’d: That’s much better than the sweater.

Will: Cool, thanks.

Scout: So, are you psyched?  Date with the girl of your dreams?

Will looks down, blushing slightly.

Will: It’d be better if it were just the two of us.

Will regrets it as soon as the words leave his mouth.

Scout: Who else is going?

Will: Um…no one.

Will turns back to the mirror.

Scout: You’re a terrible liar.

Will continues to ignore him.

Scout cont’d: Come on, Will.  Why is it a secret who else is going with…

Will looks at Scout.  Scout gets it.

Scout cont’d: So, this is like a double date?

Will: I’d answer that…if we were in the fifties.

Scout is deflated and Will knows it.  Scout looks back at his book.  Will sits down on Scout’s bed.

Will cont’d: Look, Jill has a date and I wasn’t supposed to tell you, okay? 

Scout: Why would I care?

Will looks at him sympathetically.  A beat.

Scout cont’d: And…I can’t believe she asked you not to tell me.

Will: She didn’t.  Gwen did.  She said Jill was freaking out over how to tell you.

Scout shakes his head, annoyed with the whole thing.

Will cont’d: And then…today I think she was just freaking out over having to go through with it because she said she wasn’t ready.

Scout looks up.

Will cont’d: That’s why she wanted Gwen and I to come.  But if you’re not cool with me being there when she’s—

Scout: It’s okay…it’s not a big deal to me.

Will narrows his eyes, but shrugs.  He gets up to look in the mirror again.

Will: Okay.

Scout (casual): So, where are you going?

Will: Just this place over in Carson.

Scout: The only place in Carson?

Will laughs then turns to Scout one more time.

Will: Seriously, I look good, right?

Scout: I have no idea, but…yeah, you look good.

Will smiles and exits.

(cut to): Scout who doesn’t look too happy about the situation.

(cut to): Finn’s apartment.  He and Johanna sit on the couch watching a movie…Shakespeare in Love.  The sound of the movie takes over the music from the previous scene.  There are Chinese food cartons spread out on the coffee table in front of them.  Johanna has her feet up on the table and is using a fork to eat rice out of a carton.  Finn is holding a carton of lo mein in one hand and a pair of chopsticks in the other.  He’s twirling the noodles around, but not eating any.  Johanna is engrossed in the movie. Something in the movie makes her smile and she looks over to Finn to share the reaction.  He, on the other hand, is engrossed in the noodles. 

Johanna: I’m really glad you suggested this movie. 

Finn looks up.

Finn: What?

Johanna laughs.

Johanna: What’s the matter?

Finn: Not a thing.

He smiles and sets his food down on the table then leans over to her kissing her cheek then her neck.  She’s still concentrating on the movie so he gives up and leans back against the couch, staring at the screen.

Johanna: Finn…

Finn: Shh…I’m trying to watch the movie. 

She looks at him with suspicion.  He stares ahead.

Johanna: What’d they just say?

Finn: Huh?

He looks back at her.

Johanna: Anyone on the screen. 

Finn pretends he doesn’t know what she means.  He looks around.

Finn: You know…I’m going to go for a walk.

Johanna: It’s freezing.

Finn stands up.

Finn: You’ll be okay here?

Johanna looks around.

Johanna: I…yes.

Finn gets up and walks out the door.

Music: What I Wouldn’t Do by Old 97’s

(cut to): Dexter’s room.  He and Jake are hanging out.  Dexter’s being weird.

Jake: So what are you doing tonight?

Dexter: Um…I’m not really sure.

Jake: Are you okay, dude?

Dexter: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?

Jake: You’ve been acting weird today.

Dexter: I’ve been acting weird?

He laughs.  Jake looks at him suspiciously.  She wants to continue this line of questioning.  Unfortunately, Scout walks in.

Scout: Hey guys.

Scout sits down on Hamilton’s bed and looks at them, trying to play it cool.

Jake: I take it you found out.

Scout looks at her innocently.

Scout: Found out?  Found out what, Jake?

Jake looks at him.  He’s a bad liar.

Jake: Dexter, can you give us a minute alone?

Dexter goes.  He’d rather go than be forced to talk to Jake about what’s wrong.

Jake: What do you want from me?  The name of the restaurant?

Scout shakes his head.

Jake: Name of the guy?

Scout shakes his head. 

Jake: Shoulder to cry on?

Scout laughs.

Scout: You’re the only girl I know…I want a date.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Dream on.

Scout: Please?

Jake: I’m not going with you to spy on Jill…and I’m certainly not dressing up as a girl to go on a date with you.

Scout: Okay, ouch. 

Jake laughs.

Jake: Nothing personal…well, actually…

Scout: Yeah…I get it.  New Plan: we’ll take Dexter too and you can go as…this.

He gestures to her outfit.

Jake: I have plans tonight, Scout.  I have to be at Bella’s at nine.

Scout: What’s at Bella’s?

Jake: Oh, that’s where Jill’s going to sleep with Matt.

Scout starts to freak.

Jake cont’d: Bella and Hamilton are laying down that song they’ve been working on forever.

Scout: Like recording it?

Jake is completely annoyed with Scout.

Jake: Yes.  For some radio contest.  So, you see, I’ve got plans.

Scout: We’ll be done by nine.  I swear.

Jake: If you want to be creepy, you can do it by yourself.

Scout: I need backup. 

Jake: You’re unbelievable.

Scout gets serious.

Scout: Jake, I need to see it.  I need something definitive.  I need to know it’s over.

Jake: It’s been over, Scout. 

Scout looks down, considering this.  Jake feels sorry for him.

Jake: Fine. 

Scout looks up.

Scout: As in…you’ll go.

She nods.

Jake: But, if you ever tell Jill I participated in this…you’ll loose your identity faster than Sandra Bullock can say “It’s like I’m not even me anymore.”

Scout: What?

Jake: Didn’t you see The Net?

Of course he has.  He’s got that thing for Sandra Bullock, remember?

Scout: You could do that?

Of course she couldn’t.  She smiles like she could.

Scout cont’d: Okay, okay…it’s a deal: I won’t mention it to Jill.

Jake: Good.  Now, I’ve got to go as Jacqueline so…distract Dexter for like 30 minutes then stop by the girls’ dorm and pick me up.  Tell him that Jake went to help Hamilton in town.

Scout: Ten four.

Jake stands up and takes out her backpack.  She puts some stuff in it.

Scout: Jake?

Jake pauses and looks over.

Scout cont’d: Thanks.

Jake nods.  She goes back to packing the bag and Scout heads to the door.

Scout cont’d: Oh, do you have any surveillance equipment?

Jake: Get out, now.

He goes.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the garage.

Music: In the Garage by Weezer

(cut to): inside the actual garage part of the garage.  There are no cars there right now..  Hamilton is using a staple gun to put up egg crate Styrofoam on the wall (for good acoustic purposes).  There is recording equipment and Hamilton’s guitar on a table.  Bella walks in and looks around.

Bella: This is so weird.

Hamilton: No it’s not.  What is?

Bella laughs.

Bella: That you and I are recording a song to send in to a radio station. 

Hamilton: It could be worse.  We could have Will on the drums and Scout on the keyboard.  You know, start our own band Saved by the Bell style.

Bella laughs.

Bella: Like suddenly everyone has these skills that we didn’t know about before?

Hamilton: Uh-huh.

A beat.
Bella: I think this was a good idea.  I feel like maybe I’m actually ready to say what’s in the song.

Hamilton: I think you’ve been ready to say it for awhile. 

Bella: Well, it’s not like anyone will be here to hear it anyway.

Hamilton: Oh…which reminds me…I asked Jake to come.  You know, to…run the equipment.

Bella smiles.

Bella: You’re such a chicken…are you telling me you have stage fright…even without the stage?

Hamilton goes back to the Styrofoam.

Hamilton: If I had stage fright…why would I invite someone?

Bella: Because you love her and she makes you feel safe.

Hamilton looks back at Bella who is already smiling.

Hamilton: You’re making me sound pathetic.

Bella: Well, you are, but…that’s why we all like you so much.

Hamilton looks slightly insulted, but then smiles and goes back to the wall.

(cut to): a shot of Hamilton’s house.

Music: Something’s Always Wrong by Toad the Wet Sprocket

(cut to): the kitchen.  Kate is sitting at the table with a date planner in front of her.  There’s a knock at the door.  Kate looks up, surprised. 

(cut to): the door.  Finn looks in through the window.  Kate makes her way to the door and opens it.  She looks at him inquisitively.

Finn: Hi.

Kate raises her eyebrows. 

Finn cont’d: What am I doing here, right?

Kate nods.

Kate: Stephen is out of town.

Finn: I know.

She tilts her head.

Finn cont’d: I mean…I just need to talk to you.

(cut to): the kitchen table as they sit down.  He looks at the planner.

Finn: Planning a vacation?

Kate: We were supposed to be going to Maine this weekend.  I’m trying to reschedule.

Finn: I’m sorry.

Kate: Don’t be.  Steven and I are doing really well.

Finn: I’m glad to hear that, Kate.

He smiles.  She waits for him to speak.

Finn cont’d: I need to talk to someone my own age…who I’m not sleeping with.

Kate: And I’m the only one around here that fits that description?  You’ve been busy.

Finn laughs.

Finn: You’re the only one who fits that description…and knows me well enough to help me figure out what’s the matter with me.

Kate looks concerned.

Kate: What is the matter?

Finn looks down.

Finn: Johanna’s pregnant.

Kate’s jaw drops a little.

Finn cont’d: We’ve known for awhile.  We just told Johanna’s daughter a few weeks ago and now I guess we’re officially telling people.

Kate: That’s…wonderful.

Finn: I’d like to think so. 

Kate: …but you don’t?

Finn: I don’t know.

He looks down.

Kate: Are you going to move out of your apartment?

Finn looks up at her, shaking his head.

Finn: That’s the thing, Kate, she’s so accommodating.  She doesn’t want me to move in right away or get married. 

Kate nods.

Finn cont’d: So…why do I feel so freaked out?

Kate laughs.

Kate: Because you’re a man.

Finn smiles.

Finn: Do you think it’s really that simple?

Kate shakes her head.
Kate: I don’t think you are really that simple.

A beat.  Finn studies the table.

Finn: A few days ago, I went to the doctor with her.  And…it was amazing.  The fact that I’m going to have a baby thrills me.  The fact that I’m having a baby with her makes it that much better. 

Kate: It sounds like this situation is…what you want.

Finn: Yeah…it does sound that way, doesn’t it?

Finn considers this.  He looks at Kate with a smile.

Finn cont’d: I need to go.

Kate smiles.

(cut to): the door as she opens it for him.  He starts to go.

Kate: Finn?

He turns around.

Kate cont’d: Congratulations.

He nods and smiles then goes.  Kate closes the door and leans against it with a bemused smile.

Music: Believe by Sprung Monkey

(cut to): Dexter and Jake’s room.  The door opens and Scout and Dexter walk in.

Scout: I can’t believe you actually have audio surveillance equipment.  It’s always the quiet ones.

Dexter: My dad’s a spy.

Scout laughs.

Scout: What?

Dexter: Well…actually, he’s not.  I just like saying that.  However, he is a computer technician for the CIA and…he has friends and…sometimes he brings home cool toys.

Scout: Do you have like little cameras too?

Dexter: Sorry…just audio.  Christmas is coming up, but I’m not sure I want to encourage the stalking of your ex-girlfriend.

Scout: It’s not stalking if we take her best friend.

Dexter: Wait…who’s coming with us again?

Scout: Uh…Jacqueline.

Dexter: Oh, I thought you said Jake.

Scout: Well, I meant Jacqueline.

Dexter: What happened to Jake, anyway?

Scout: Uh…he went into town to help Hamilton with recording.

Dexter looks slightly bothered by this.  He pulls some stuff out from under his bed.  He goes through it.

Dexter: You’re good friends with all of them, right?

Scout: All of who?

Dexter: Hamilton…Jake…Jacqueline?

Scout: Oh, right.  Yeah, of course.

Dexter takes his bookbag and puts some stuff in it.

Dexter: Can I ask you something?

Scout looks really worried.  Jake will kill him if he blows her cover.

Scout: Okay…

Dexter: Is Hamilton…is he gay?

Scout almost chokes.

Scout: Um…he’s…no…no, he’s not gay.

Dexter: What about Jake?

Scout closes his eyes trying to come up with what to say.

Scout: Jake’s not gay either. 

Dexter: Have you ever thought about it before, though?

Scout: Being a heterosexual male, I try to limit my gay fantasies.

Dexter: That isn’t what I meant.  It’s just…when I’m in a room with either of them…it’s different than being in a room with both of them.  Talk about feeling excluded.

Scout: Well, they’re best friends…it doesn’t mean they’re gay. 

Dexter: I just wouldn’t want Jacqueline to get hurt.

Scout looks at him suspiciously.

Scout: Okay.  Listen to me.  Hamilton is not gay.  Jake is not gay.  Hamilton loves Jacqueline in a way that we’re all jealous of.  Is that clear?

Dexter: Is that the official press release?

Scout gives him a threatening look.  Dexter puts his backpack on.

Scout: Are you ready?

Dexter nods.

Scout: Let’s go.

(cut to): the hall as they walk out.

(cut to): the hall in front of Finn’s apartment as Finn returns.  He opens the door.

(cut to): inside the apartment.  Johanna is gone.  The closing credits of the movie are on the television.  Finn sighs.  He enters the apartment and looks around.

(cut to): Johanna’s house, the kitchen.  She walks in through the back door.

(cut to): the living room where Meagan and Mark sit on opposite ends of the couch watching a movie.  Johanna walks in and looks puzzled to see them there.

Johanna: Meagan…what are you doing here?

Meagan: Well, it’s nice to see you too, Mom.

Johanna: I thought I dropped you off at Mark’s. 

Mark: My mom had a friend over so…she told us to come over here for awhile.

Meagan: Yeah

Johanna is disturbed by this, but she’ll let him stay.

Johanna: Well, I’m going upstairs, okay? 

Meagan: Okay, Mom.

She heads toward the stairs.

Johanna: I’ll be back down later.

Meagan: Okay.

Johanna: I’m just going to take a bath.

Meagan sighs and turns around to face her.

Meagan: Okay.

Johanna: If Finn calls…tell him I’m fine, I’m just—

Meagan: In the bath.  It’s under control.

Johanna smiles.  She looks at Mark and mouths “he’s cute” to Meagan who blushes and covers her face for a moment before giving her mom a playfully dirty look.  Johanna goes upstairs.  Meagan turns forward toward the television.

Mark: Your mom seems nice, Meagan.

Meagan: Yeah, she is.

Mark: This movie sucks…can we watching something else?

Meagan: This movie is the best.

Mark: Okay…two people who meet then drag their way-too-cute kids around all day trying to figure out what to do with them…that doesn’t sound like a fine day at all…it should be called One Horrible Day.  And in the end, George Clooney could get mugged by a group of…ninjas. 

Mark hops up in a karate pose.  Meagan shakes her head.

Meagan: Just shut up and watch the movie.

Mark gives her a dirty look, but sits back down next to her and watches the movie.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Remember when I mentioned a lot of fanfic in commercial breaks?  This fic is sort of a missing scene from WBSHM.  It’s from Jake’s point of view and takes place kind of right before Scout and Sean get there.  It’s not that original or the first of it’s kind, but…Estee likes it…maybe because she wrote it J.


(fade in): to a road between New Rawley and Carson.  Scout’s car cruises by.

Music: Super Breakdown (Saturated) by Sprung Monkey

(cut to): inside the car.  Scout is driving, Jake (dressed as Jacqueline) is in the passenger seat and Dexter is in the backseat.

Scout: What time were they leaving anyway? 

Jake: Like twenty minutes ago.

Dexter: Scout, you know that we can’t just walk up to the table and say “can we leave this microphone here,” right?

Scout glances over at Jake.

Jake: Microphone?

Scout: It was his idea.

Dexter: No it wasn’t!  Scout!

She looks back at Dexter.

Dexter cont’d: It wasn’t my idea…but it is my stuff.

Jacqueline: It’s okay…I know whose fault it is.

She gives Scout another dirty look.

Scout: You didn’t have to come.

Jake: Oh…yes I did.  Someone needs to be there to prevent you from embarrassing Jill…and, for that matter, yourself.

Scout: I told you why I needed to go.

Jake: And, I don’t buy it for a second, Calhoun.  You’re jealous.  What happened to exploring your non-Jill options?  We talked about that, remember?

Scout:  And did you talk to her about exploring her non-Scout options?  Is that why she’s going out with Matt Edwards?

Jake: Why don’t you take me back to school?

Scout: No.

Dexter: If she wants to go back—

Jake: It’s fine Dexter.

She smiles at him and he shuts up.  Scout gives her a suspicious look.  She shrugs it off and looks out the window.

Jake cont’d: I just hope this really does give you the closure you’re looking for because this is not a healthy way to spend a Friday night.

Scout looks over a Jake’s outfit and laughs to himself.  Jake notices this.

Jake: Hey, Dexter, do you like that movie The Net?

Dexter: Oh yeah.  It’s one of my favorites.  It sucked how easy it was for them just to wipe out her identity like that.

Jake gives Scout a threatening look.  He still doesn’t know how serious she is and Jake laughs at this.

(cut to): Carson, the restaurant. 

(cut to): inside the restaurant.  Will, Gwen, Jill and Matt are seated.  We see Matt for the first time.  He would be played by Jason Behr (forget the rules J).  He’s Jill’s dream guy plus.  Will and Gwen have both seated themselves as Matt pulls the chair out for Jill.  Will blushes as he glances at Gwen, but she’s looking around, checking the place out. 

Matt: You know, I’ve never been here before.

Will: It’s one of the few restaurants around here without a “drive-thru” window.

They all laugh.

Matt: Still, I’m not opposed to trying out the local flavor.  Have any of you ever been to Fannie’s back in New Rawley?

Will laughs.

Will: I know it well.

Jill: Will’s from New Rawley.

Matt: Really?  Beautiful place.

Jill smiles at him. 

Jill: I always thought so too.

Matt smiles at her.  He’s the ultimate Rawley guy…with the twist of being super nice.

Matt: So, Will, what’s good here?

(cut to): Johanna’s house. 

Music: Crush on You by Mandy Moore

(cut to): upstairs.  Johanna is just out of the bath and has a robe on and a towel on her head.  She looks in the mirror and sighs.  She looks tired. 

(cut to): downstairs, the TV.  The closing credits come up.  We pan around to the couch.  Meagan is leaning against the armrest, watching.  Mark is asleep and leaning his head on her shoulder.  She leans further away, looking at him. 

Meagan: Mark, wake up, dummy.

He doesn’t.  She sighs.

(cut to): the kitchen door as Finn walks in. 

Finn: Well.

Meagan: Hey, Finn.

She pushes Mark this time and he wakes up.  He looks at her, sleepily.  He rubs his eyes as he realizes he had his head on her shoulder and she doesn’t look too happy with him right now.

Mark: Sorry.

He looks over at Finn.

Finn: Hi there.

Meagan rolls her eyes.

Meagan: Finn, this is Mark.  

Mark looks at Meagan.

Mark: That’s Finn?

Meagan: Yeah, so?

Mark: I thought he’d look more…like a teacher.

Finn walks into the room.

Finn: What does he look like?

Mark: A musician.

Finn laughs.

Mark cont’d: Too cool for school.

Finn sits down on the couch.

Finn: So, I thought you two were hanging out at Mark’s tonight.  Did your mom pick you up or something?

Meagan: Why don’t you stop stalling and go upstairs and ask her yourself?

Finn raises his eyebrows, almost hurt by her harsh tone.

Meagan cont’d: Sorry.

He smiles and looks down.

Meagan cont’d: Do you…want to talk about it.

Mark looks at her with a smirk then at Finn.

Finn: Yes, I do…but…with your mom, okay?

Finn stands up, takes a deep breath and heads for the stairs..

Mark: You’re like so sensitive, Meagan.

He starts laughing.

Meagan: You’re so stupid, Mark.

He stops laughing and scoots away from her on the couch.

Mark: Don’t call me stupid.

He adjusts his glasses.  She watches him as he crosses his arms and leans back against the couch.  He’s pouting.

Meagan: I don’t really think you’re stupid. 

He shrugs.

Mark: Whatever…it’s cool.

Meagan laughs at him.

Meagan: Okay…whatever.

She stands up.  He looks up at her.  A beat.

Mark: Thanks for suggesting we come over here.  My mom just doesn’t think sometimes.

Meagan smiles.

Meagan: Hungry?

Mark nods.

Music: Bouncing of the Walls by Sugarcult

(cut to): the restaurant, Will’s table.  They’re all still looking at menus.

(cut to): the door as Scout, Jake and Dexter walk in.

Dexter: Do you have reservations?

Scout: No, but…I’ve got a hundred bucks in cash.

Jake rolls her eyes.  The host walks up to them.

Host: May I help you?

Scout smiles.

(dissolve to): a table, a few minutes later.  It’s right by the kitchen.

Jake: You know…this table sucks.

Scout: It’s a table…now…where are…aha…

He points.

(cut to): the other table.  It can be scene through some plants. 

Scout: Perfect view.

Jake: This is sick.  I can’t believe I’m a part of this.

Dexter: What about the mic?  Did we ever come to a final decision on that?

Jake: There will be no mic. 

Scout: Why not?  Come on, this is just a game anyway.  It’ll be more fun with audio.  What would Sandra Bullock do?

He smiles and she nods reluctantly.

Jake: Fine…but only because it’ll make everything that much clearer to you, Scout.  I mean, look at her…she’s having a good time.

Scout: Do you live to torture me?

Jake: Why would it be torture?  This isn’t about jealousy.  This is about getting closure.

Scout sighs.

Scout:  Dex, go talk to one of the waiters.  Here’s fifty bucks.

He pulls out some money and hands it to him.  Dexter looks at “Jacqueline” for approval.  She looks over at Scout who gives her a pleading look.   She smiles and nods to Dex.  He exits.

Scout: Okay…what the hell?

Jake: What?

Scout: Well….not that your smile isn’t beautiful and enchanting because, it really is…

He smiles and is clearly trying to suck up.  She doesn’t buy it.

Jake: Yeah, thanks.  Get to the point.

Scout: He’s not supposed to be able to talk to girls…you’re Jacqueline…why can he talk to you?  And why’s he so willing to be your little slave boy the instant you throw him a smile?  It’s really freaking me out.

Jake: It’s complicated.

Scout: Wait…complicated how?  Are you…cheating on Hamilton?

Jake: Are you crazy?  I mean…is the dementia spreading beyond the Jill part of your brain?

Scout laughs and leans back in his chair.

Scout: You’re awfully defensive.

Jake looks down then back up at Scout.

Jake: I guess he likes me.

Scout: You guess?

Jake: Well…he told me, actually.

Scout: Wait…okay, maybe he can talk to Jacqueline, but there’s no way you’re going to convince me that he walked up to you and told you—

Jake: Well…he told…Jake.

Scout: Oh…

Scout laughs.

Scout cont’d: That’s really funny.

Jake: Yeah…

She doesn’t look as amused…at all. 

Scout: And does Hamilton know about this little…crush?

Jake: No…not exactly.

Scout laughs then suddenly remembers something as if what he heard before clicks.

Scout: There’s something you should know.

Jake: What?

Scout: Today…he asked me if…Hamilton’s gay.

Jake starts to freak.

Jake: Well, what’d you say?

Scout laughs.

Scout: Oh, you know, I told him “no, but his boyfriend is.”

Jake: What?!

Scout: What do you think I told him?  I told him no, Jake.

Jake: Jacqueline.

Scout: Whatever.  You know…I haven’t been briefed on how to deal with things like this or field questions like that, okay?  The two of you, or three counting Jake and Jacqueline…you need to come with a manual.  I mean, you’re giving me an identity crisis with all this “I’m my own twin” crap.  It’s confusing.  “Is Hamilton gay?”  Easy answer: “no”…but what if he’d said “is Hamilton in love with Jake?”  Then what?  I need specific instructions for handling these situations.  Do I just lie?   

Jake: Scout…can you just…

She looks around as a few people at nearby tables look over.

Jake cont’d: …shut up.

Scout: No, I cannot just shut up.  I’m tired of being dragged into this charade.

Dexter: What charade?

They didn’t notice Dexter as he walked up and caught the last line of the conversation.  Now, they look at each other, struggling for an answer.  Dexter sits down.

Scout: Uh…the charade of…pretending I’m over Jill.  It’s just…too hard.

Jake looks at him gratefully. 

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Okay, want to see something…scary?  Click here.


(fade in): to Johanna’s house.

Music: The Closet Thing by the Juliana Theory

(cut to): her bedroom.  Finn sits on her bed.  She walks out of the bathroom, now wearing pajamas.  He looks up at her.  He’s nervous.  She sighs.

Finn: I’m sorry I walked out like that.

Johanna: Like I said…I didn’t leave because I was mad…I left because the movie was over and I was bored.

She smiles and sits down next to him.

Finn: Johanna—

Johanna: Finn…if you need to tell me that you can’t deal with this….that it’s too much for you…that you need space…just tell me. 

Finn: Is that what you want?

She tries to grasp the full meaning of the question.  Was that a yes?

Johanna: I don’t know how to answer that. 

Finn: Honestly.  I mean, are you being so…for lack of a better word, understanding because you want out? 

She looks away.

Finn cont’d: It’s very important to me that you answer that question honestly.

Johanna looks at him.

Johanna: I…I can’t.

Finn: Please?

She takes a deep breath.  She’s on the verge of tears.

Johanna: I don’t want out.  I want you.  And…I don’t want to want you because I’m afraid. 

Finn: Of what?

Johanna: Of what you want…or don’t want.

She looks down.  He smiles faintly, looking content with her answer.

Finn: I’ve got to go.

She nods without looking up.  He stands up and walks over to the door.

Finn cont’d: Johanna?

She looks up at him.

Finn cont’d: I’ll be back.

She looks down disappointedly.

Johanna: Okay.

Finn: …in about a half an hour.

She looks up again completely lost.

Finn cont’d: Get dressed, okay?

He smiles.  She doesn’t understand.

Finn cont’d: Just…trust me.

He walks out.  She still looks upset…and now confused.

Music: Up All Night by Unwritten Law

(dissolve to): the garage.  Hamilton and Bella sit on the bench together.  We slowly zoom and realize that…Hamilton is holding a cigarette.  Bella looks at him skeptically as he takes a drag from it.  She’s staring.  He looks over at her.

Hamilton: What?

Bella: I don’t know…I just always pictured you as the tofu, yoga and healthy living type.

He takes another drag as if to prove her wrong.

Bella cont’d: You really smoke?

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Of course not.  And, if you tell Jake about this…I’ll tell everyone about your obsession with Red Hots…Hot Tamales…Fireballs…need I go on?

Bella: Those things don’t kill you.

Hamilton takes another drag from his cigarette.

Hamilton: One cigarette like once every two months is not going to kill me. 

Bella: Why do it at all?

Hamilton takes another drag and sighs, blowing smoke out.

Hamilton: That summer…my first semester at Rawley…when I met Jake…I was so afraid…no, make that terrified…of who I was.  I didn’t want to be in love with…

He stops.  Bella’s never really heard him talk about this.  She’s surprised and sympathetic.

Hamilton cont’d: Basically, I wanted to be someone else so…I came into town with the explicit purpose of  buying Playboy.

Bella laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: And much to my dismay and embarrassment, the guy wanted to know if I was eighteen. 

Bella: So you settled for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition?

Hamilton: Actually, I just walked out and…there was this cigarette machine sitting there.

Bella: Of course. 

Hamilton cont’d: So I bought a pack and went to the lake…and there I was sitting in this canoe…smoking this cigarette…pretending I wasn’t me.  I didn’t cough or anything.  I just did it.  It was an easy escape.

Hamilton takes one more drag from the cigarette then throws it down and steps on it.

Hamilton cont’d: I hadn’t felt that calm the entire summer. 

Bella: That’s really…strange, Hamilton.

Hamilton: I know.  Anyway, I haven’t actually had one since we were in New York.

Bella nods.

Bella: Life hasn’t been too tense?

Hamilton:  Yes and no.  Life with Jake is always tense, but then again…having her in my life is the most soothing thing I’ve ever experienced.

Bella smiles.  This guy is so sweet.

Hamilton cont’d:  But, she’s not here now and we’re about to lay down a rough cut and…

Bella: and…it was your suggestion to do this in the first place.

Hamilton: Because I think it’ll be good for you.  And…I’m now ready to record.

Hamilton stands and holds his hand out to her.

Hamilton cont’d: Fionna?  Shall we?

Bella smiles and takes it.

(cut to): the restaurant in Carson.

(cut to): Will’s table.  They’ve been talking. 

Will: Seems like it’s taking forever for the food.

They all agree.

Music: Get ‘Em Outta Here by Sprung Monkey

(cut to): Scout, Jake and Dexter.

Scout: So, when they bring out the main course—

Dexter: …he’s going to put the mic on the table. 

Jake: Are we going to order at some point?

Scout: Oh…I kind of told the guy we weren’t here for the food.

Jake: What?  Scout, I’m starving.

Scout looks at her like “what do you want me to do?” and shrugs.  She crosses her arms and leans back in her chair.

Dexter: I’m sure we could get a waiter over here and—

Jake: No, it’s fine, Dexter.  Thanks though.

She smiles at him again.  He looks down and adjusts his glasses.  Scout looks at her, a little disgusted, but looks even more disgusted as he glances over at the other table.

(cut to): the other table.  Will and Gwen are gone.  Matt has draped his arm over the back of Jill’s chair.  He puts his hand gently on her shoulder.  She turns and smiles at him.

(cut to): a closer shot of the table.  Jill is still looking at Matt.

Jill: When you asked me out, I never thought you’d be so down to earth.

Matt laughs.

Matt: Oh…is that why you brought Woodward and Bernstein?

Jill blushes.  Matt enjoys this.

Matt cont’d: Because I’m really enjoying being alone with you right now.

Jill smiles and looks up at him.

(cut to): Scout’s table.

Scout: Oh my God…we need audio.  What are they talking about?

Dexter: Doesn’t really look like they’re talking at all.

(cut to): the table.  Matt leans a little closer to Jill, playing with her hair.  He’s clearly going to kiss her.

(cut to): Scout’s table. 

Scout: Oh, no, no, no…I can’t watch this.  I…I have to go over there.

He starts to get up, but Jake pulls him back down.  He looks at her for an explanation.

Jake: Thank me tomorrow.

(cut to): the other table.  Matt’s just about to kiss her.  She turns away. 

Jill: Sorry…I’m…sorry.

He smiles and turns away, slightly embarrassed.

(cut to): a close up of Scout. 

Scout: Oh, thank God.

Will: Maybe you shouldn’t be thanking him just yet.

(cut to): a wider shot of the table.  Will stands looking at them all with his arms folded.  Jake, Dexter and Scout slowly turn to face him.

Scout: Oh, hey, what’s up?

Will: Not much, I was just checking to see what the hold up was on my Chicken Parmesan.  You guys putting a bug in it or something?

He laughs; they don’t.

Will cont’d: Okay…

Will sits down.

Will cont’d: Larry…Moe…Curly…what are you doing here?

They look around, shrugging.

Will cont’d: Scout…are you spying on Jill?

Scout: No….

Will raises his eyebrows.

Scout: Well, maybe just a little.

Will looks at Jake.

Will: And you approve of this?

Jake: No.

He raises his eyebrows again.

Jake: What’d you want me to do?  Let him come and make an idiot of himself?

Will: Good point.  And, Dexter…you?

Dexter: I’m just the techie. 

Will laughs and looks back at Scout.

Will cont’d: Do yourself a favor and go home, Scout.

Scout: I can’t do that, Will.  I need closure.
Will: Man, this is no way to deal with the fact that you still like Jill.

Scout doesn’t say anything.  It’s a tense moment.  Gwen walks up.

Gwen: What are you guys doing here?

Scout: Nice to see you too, Gwen.

Gwen looks at Will.

Gwen: I didn’t see your wallet, Will.

Will feigns looking  perturbed by this.

Scout: Need some money?

Will stands up.

Will: You don’t have to bribe me; I won’t say anything to Jill.  I can’t speak for my friend here. 

He nods toward Gwen then thinks of the phrasing.  She looks over at him, realizing this too. 

Gwen: I won’t say anything.

Will: Will you walk out to the car with me one more time?

Gwen nods.  They walk off together.

Jake: Oh good, we can add them to the list.

Dexter: What list?

Scout: The list of people that we know with some serious issues to deal with?

Jake: Exactly.

Dexter laughs.

Dexter: I hope I didn’t make that list.

Jake and Scout look at each other, laughing.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Colorgenics.  Try it out. 


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Carson.

Music: Stupid by Toad the Wet Sproket

(cut to): an unfamiliar SUV, Matt’s car.  Both of the back doors are opened as Gwen and Will stand at each door, looking for his wallet.  Gwen is looking under the seat.  Will watches her looking a little nervous.  She looks up then stands up straight.

Gwen: You know, Will…I could just loan you some money.

Will: Okay…actually…my wallet is…in my pocket.

He looks at her hesitantly.

Gwen: So, I’ve been standing out here with you for five minutes, searching for something that you’ve had all along?

Will nods.  He takes a deep breath, stalling.  Finally, he goes on:

Will: I’ve been standing here for five minutes trying to figure out how to tell you that…I just needed an excuse to talk to you alone…

Gwen folds her arms.  Will closes his eyes a second, trying to compose himself.

Will cont’d: I know that when I kissed you—

Gwen: I don’t want to talk about this.

Will: Can you do me a favor and just tell me if you’re not interested?

Gwen glances down then looks back up at him. She doesn’t say anything.  Will smiles slightly.

Will cont’d: Okay…then…can I please just say a few things?

Gwen nods, but is still reluctant.

Will cont’d: I would have liked tonight a lot more if it were just you and me because…I like you, Gwen.  When I kissed you, that was the message I was trying to send.  And, when you kissed me back…I was kind of hoping you felt the same way.  And, now it’s been two weeks, and we haven’t talked about it and that’s a lot my fault because…I didn’t want to be rejected.  Now, though, I just want to know. 

Gwen doesn’t react.  She closes her car door and walks back toward the restaurant.  Will looks confused, but not defeated.

(cut to): inside the restaurant, Jill’s table.  Matt still has his arm draped around Jill’s chair. 

Matt: So maybe next weekend, we could…

He stops when Gwen comes back to the table.

Jill: What took so long?  Did you find Will’s wallet?

Matt: And did Will find our food?

Gwen looks relieved when the waiter approaches the table with a tray.

Matt cont’d: …oh, excellent.  Will’s a genius.

Will comes back to the table now.  He takes his seat next to Gwen, not looking at her as the waiter puts his chicken parmesan in front of him.  He gives everyone else their food then places two large candles on the table and lights them.

Music: Bouncing off the Walls by Sugarcult (again)

(cut to): Scout’s table.  Dexter has his bookbag on the table and is messing around with something inside.  He pulls out a small speaker and sets it on the table.

Dexter: And…audio’s up.

He turns the volume up so that they can hear what’s being said at the other table.  The speaker is still pretty quiet so no one around them can hear.  They all lean in to hear better.

Jill (speaker): So, did you guys find Will’s wallet.

Will (speaker): Yes.

Scout: Dexter, you’re a genius.

Jake: And, Scout…you’re officially a stalker.

Matt (speaker): Wow, this is amazing.  Well worth the wait.

Scout: Come on…this is fun and you know it.

Will (speaker): So, Jill, how does it feel to be out without Scout?

They all look over at the table. 

(cut to): a long shot of the table from their point of view.  Will is glancing over at them.  The audio is still through the speaker.

Jill (speaker): Will…

Will (speaker): I was just wondering because you’re having such a great time and I know he’d be happy for you.  He should be happy for you.

Will again glances over

(cut to): Scout.

Scout: What’s he doing? 

Matt (speaker): Maybe we should talk about something else.

Jill (speaker): That sounds like a really good idea.

(cut to): Will who again glances over with a shrug.

(cut to): Scout, Jake and Dexter.

Scout: I am so going to kill him later.

Jake: He does have a point…she is really happy.  She hasn’t been happy lately, Scout.

Scout: And that’s my fault?

Jake: You know what?  Yeah.

Dexter: I have a thought to add.

They look at him.

Matt (speaker): Everyone like their food?

Dexter turns the speaker off then goes on without missing a beat.

Dexter: Well…maybe instead of following her you could have just talked to her about it.  You know, told her you weren’t really comfortable with her seeing someone else yet and maybe she could have explained to you why she needs to as much as you need her not to.

Jake and Scout look at each other.

Dexter: I’ll be right back.

He gets up from the table.

Jake: You know…I think that made sense.

Scout: Right…like I’m taking relationship advice from Dexter.  He’s definitely in the “needs to see it” category.  You and Hamilton, for example.

Jake looks down.

(cut to): the garage.  We can hear the last part of the song.

(cut to): inside the garage as Hamilton stands and Bella sits on a stool.  They’ve just finished the song.

Hamilton: It was better that time, I think.

Bella: You were rushing.

Hamilton: You were dragging.  If you go that slow all the way through, then the little slow down thing at the end loses its significance. 

Bella: Okay…okay, you’re right.

Hamilton: Duh.

She smiles at him, rolling her eyes.

Hamilton cont’d: You know…I think we should record some background vocals.

Bella: We?  As in…”hey, guess what?  I sing now.” 

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: I think I’m good enough for background vocals.

He walks over to the makeshift audio station and starts playing back what they just recorded.  It’s quiet, but we still get an idea of what it sounds like.

Bella: So, you sing…and somehow know how to work all this audio equipment.  Got any other hidden talents that we can put to use?

Hamilton: I can juggle.

Bella laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: What about you?  Any secret talents?

Bella: Nope.

Hamilton: It’s still kind of a secret that you write poetry.

Bella: A poem.  I wrote a poem.

Hamilton: Why do I think you’re holding out on me?

Bella smirks.  He’s so on to her.

Music: Chemistry by Semisonic

(cut to): Johanna’s house.  The kitchen.  Mark and Meagan are sitting at the table eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Mark (sarcastic): You’re a pretty decent cook.

Meagan: Shut up.

Mark: Baby, you can make my PB and J anytime.

Meagan: Ew.  Never talk to me like that again.

Mark laughs and takes another bite of his sandwich.  Finn walks in with…Sean.

Finn: Your mom and I are going out.  This is your babysitter.

Sean smiles.

Mark: We don’t need a babysitter.

Meagan: Yes we do. 

Mark looks at her like she’s lost it.

Mark: Well, I don’t.  I’m going home.

Meagan: No, you’re not.

Mark: Bye.

He stands up.

Finn: Hang on a second—

Meagan: He’s not going anywhere.

Mark: Watch me.

Meagan stands up and faces him.  She softens a little.

Meagan: Please stay?

Sean and Finn look at each other.  Mark sits back down.

Sean: Okay…I think I’ve got it under control.

Finn hands Sean some money. 

Finn: Remember…ice cream around 10:00, okay?

Sean nods.

Sean: I got it.

(cut to): the restaurant.  Jake, Scout and Dexter listen to the other table as they split up the check.

Jake: It’s nice that they enjoyed their meal.  I’m still totally starving.

Scout: You know what…I kind of felt bad the first fourteen times you said that, but now…it’s lost its charm.

Dexter: Why are you being such a jerk?

Scout: Oh, don’t you start with me, Dexter.

Jake: Hey…just leave him alone, Scout.

Scout: You know what, Ja—

Jake: Oh my God!  What time is it?

Dexter: Eight forty-seven.

Jake: Come on, we have to go.

Scout: Hang on.

Jake: No.

Jake stands up.  She shoves the speaker back in Dexter’s bag.

Jake cont’d: Do you need your mic back?

Dexter shakes his head.

Dexter: They’re pretty much disposable.

Scout: Wait, but…look…they’re leaving.  They’ll see us.

Jake looks pretty angry, but sits back down.  Scout takes the speaker out of Dexter’s backpack.

Matt (speaker): Hey, Will…want to go pull the car around front?

Will (speaker): Drive the Land Rover?  Yeah, sure.

(cut to): Will’s table.  Will is already standing.  Matt tosses him the keys up to him.  Gwen sits there and Jill nods for her to go with him.  Gwen shakes her head.  Jill looks at her again.  Just go.  Gwen gets up and reluctantly follows after Will.

(cut to): Scout’s table.

Jake: See…they’re staying…we can go.

Scout looks at her, begging to stay.  She’s pissed, but his puppy dog face wins out.

Matt (speaker): So…I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to do this again sometime?

Jill (speaker): I would but…I can’t.

Matt (speaker):  I see.  The ex really broke your heart, didn’t he?

Scout: The ex?

Jake: That would be you.

(cut to): Jill and Matt.

Jill: Um…Scout…

She sighs.

Jill cont’d: …yeah, I was…in love with Scout, but…tonight…I’ve realized for the first time that…I can be without him and be fine.  You…are so…amazing.

(cut to): Scout, Jake and Dexter. 

Scout: Give me a break, Jill.

Jill (speaker): And, I’m over Scout enough to realize that.

Scout  looks more heart-broken than mad.  Jake knows this.  She reaches across the table and puts her hand on his.

Jake: Why don’t we just go?

Scout nods.  Jake looks at Dexter who unplugs the speaker and puts the stuff in his bag.  They get up and sneak out undetected.

(cut to): Jill and Matt.  He waits for her to go on.

Jill: I’m just…not over him enough to be with someone else. 

Matt smiles and nods.

Matt: That’s what I figured.

Jill: I’m sorry…I should have never said yes to you.

Matt: Well…I wouldn’t that far. 

Jill blushes.  He tilts his head.

Matt: Don’t move.

She looks at him curiously as he leans in and kisses her gently on the cheek.  He then leans back against the chair.  She’s flushed.

Matt cont’d: I really needed to do that.

Jill: I really needed you to.

Matt: Let me ask you something?

She nods.

Matt: Did this date…make that semi-date…did it help deal with stuff that you were having trouble dealing with on your own?

Jill: Are you my shrink?

Matt laughs.

Matt: Point taken.  Mind if I sit here and enjoy like two more minutes with you?

Jill smiles.  Why can’t she fall in love with this perfect guy?

(fade out)


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(fade in): to inside Scout’s car as Jake, Dexter and Scout get in.

Music: Bird in a Cage by the Old 97’s

Jake: You better put the pedal to the metal, Calhoun…or I’m driving.

Scout: God, what’s the big deal?

Jake: The big deal is that I told Hamilton I’d be there and…as of right now…I won’t be. 

Scout: Okay…I’m sorry, you’re right.  I said I’d get you back.

He puts the car into reverse.

Jake: Hey?

Scout looks over at her.

Jake cont’d: Are you okay?

Scout: I got what I wanted, right?

Jake: And, some might argue, what you deserve, but…that isn’t what I asked.

Scout shakes it off.  He can’t talk about it yet.  Jake pats him on the back in an older sister sort of way and it seems to make him feel a little better.  Dexter is jealous.

Dexter: Hey…don’t we have like five minutes to get somewhere that takes…a lot longer?

Scout nods and takes his foot off the brake, backing out of the space.

(cut to): the front of the restaurant where Will and Gwen sit in the back seat of the car which is turned on.  Scout’s car pulls by and drives off and out of Carson.  Will watches it.

Will: Well…I have to say, this was the worst date I’ve ever been on. 

Gwen looks at him.  She’s hurt.  He tries to make things lighter:

Will: You know…with a girl who hates me…being outdone by Mr. Wonderful Senior Matt Edwards…spied on by my best friend who just can’t get over his ex-girlfriend…

Gwen: You know I don’t hate you.

Will: I was exaggerating.

Gwen: Good.

Will: I’m getting closer to hating you, though.

This pisses her off.  She looks out the window.

Will cont’d: I know it’s hard to talk, okay?  Believe me, I spent the last two weeks avoiding the inevitable conversation too.  I don’t want to hear you say you’re not interested, but…

Gwen: Would you rather me say that than not say anything?

Will nods.

Gwen cont’d: Fine. 

She looks at him.

Gwen cont’d: I didn’t ask you to kiss me.  I did kiss you back, but it was…it was romantic, you know?  And, after what happened at that party…I have to admit that I’m attracted to you a little, but…I’m not interested in anything more.  Get it?

Whoa.  Will never saw this coming.  He doesn’t have to react because Jill and Matt get to the car and get in.  Jill looks back at them and smiles, but her smile fades when she sees the looks on their faces.

Jill: Well, I can see we’re all ready to go.

Matt puts the car into gear and they pull away.

Music: Music Box Superhero by the Juliana Theory

(cut to): the garage.  Hamilton and Bella sit on the floor with a shoebox.  Hamilton looks through the box which has many different pieces of paper in it.  He picks up one and hands it to her.

Hamilton: This one?

She reads through it then hands it back.

Bella: Yeah, that one is fine.

Hamilton reads it.  He smiles and looks up at her.

Hamilton: You have been holding out on me.  Do you do this all the time?

Bella: No…like…every couple of months.

Hamilton laughs.

Bella cont’d: It’s kind of a way to deal, I guess.

Hamilton speaks as if he’s winning an argument:

Hamilton: It…relaxes you…so to speak?

Bella concedes:

Bella: Yeah…I guess so.

Hamilton smirks.  A beat.  He looks at his watch trying to be subtle, but Bella picks up on it.

Bella cont’d: Want to give her a call?

Hamilton: Nah, she’ll be here.

Bella: I love that you sound so sure.

Hamilton: Me too.

Hamilton picks up another of the pieces of poetry and reads it.

Hamilton cont’d: Hey…I think I just found our next hit.

Bella takes it from him and puts it back in the box, replacing the lid.

Bella: Maybe we should concentrate on recording our first hit.

Hamilton gets up too…ready to get back to work.

(cut to): a street in New Rawley. Johanna and Finn walk together.  It’s cold and they both have on jackets.  Johanna rubs her hands together.

Johanna: So…what are we doing?

Finn: Not talking…

Johanna: Okay.

Finn: …not yet.

Johanna: You’ve really confused me tonight.

Finn: …or maybe we are talking.

Johanna: Well, I think we should.

Finn: Fair enough.  What do you want to talk about?  What do you want to ask me?

Johanna: Did we break up?

Finn: I sure hope not.

He stops walking.  She turns to face him.

Finn cont’d: God…I’m sorry…I’m just trying to be vague and mysterious in order build up to something really huge that I want to say later, but…Johanna, no…we didn’t break up, okay?  I mean that isn’t what I want.

Johanna: Me either.

She turns to walk again.  He smiles and catches up to her.

(cut to): Scout’s car as it cruises down a street in New Rawley, very near the gas station.  He looks in the rear view mirror.

Scout: Isn’t that Matt-the-jerk’s car?

Jake: I’m sorry…were you not spying on the same people that I was?  Matt-the-nice-guy is more like it.

Scout: Well, at any rate…he should have taken that turn back there to go back to Rawley.

Jake: Well, maybe he’s decided to turn the tables…return the gaze…

Dexter: …stalk the scout.

Jake laughs, but then looks over at Scout who looks even more upset than before.

Jake: Hey, I’m sorry, all right?  Maybe they’re just…getting gas?

Scout: Oh…good.

They reach the garage and Scout pulls in.  Sure enough, Matt’s car pulls in behind them.

Music: History of a Boring Town by Less Than Jake (hahahaha…)

(cut to): the gas station as everyone pulls up.  At first Matt just gets out, but when Scout gets out, so does Jill.

Jill: Scout?

Matt looks up, but pumps his gas and plays it cool.

Scout: Oh…hey.

Scout glances at Matt who nods hello with a friendly (not cocky) smile.  Scout looks back at Jill.  She walks over in front of Matt’s car.

Jill: I thought that was your car.

Scout: Oh, yeah…I was just…

Jake and Dexter get out on the passenger side of Scout’s car, but  Matt can’t see them.

Scout: …giving…Jacqueline…a ride. 

Jill: …from Carson?

Jake: We had to…go to the post office.

Jill looks at her suspiciously.

Scout: Yeah…the one in Carson is open late.

Jill: Hmm…I’ll remember that.

Matt clears his throat and Jill looks over at him.

Jill: Oh…Matt this is…Scout.  Scout, Matt Edwards.

Matt starts to hold his hand out, but Scout ignores him.

Scout: Yeah…we know each other, Jill.  The school’s not that big.

Jake, still on the other side of the car, freaks at this.  Duh…Matt knows Jake.  Dexter notices something is up.  He gives her a weird look, but she just smiles.

(cut to): inside Matt’s car.  Gwen and Will look at each other, annoyed to be waiting for so long.  The driver door is open so they can hear what’s going on outside.

(cut to): Outside the cars again.  Bella walks out of the garage.

Bella: Hey guys.

Jill and Scout say hello.  Matt and Scout both pay her for the gas.

Bella cont’d: Wow…rich Rawley guys throwing money at me.

Scout smiles as Bella kind of realizes what’s going on.

Bella: Um…Hamilton and I are recording this song if anyone wants to come and be like a live studio audience.

Matt: I actually have to go…

Will gets out of the car.  Gwen gets out and walks around so that she’s on the same side.  Bella smiles at them both.

Will: I’d like to hear this.

Gwen: Me too.

Will looks at her a little surprised.  Bella picks up on it.

Scout: I could…give you three a ride back if Matt wanted to leave.
Jill: That actually sounds cool…I’ve been dying to hear this song.

She looks at Matt who smiles approvingly.

Jill cont’d: Maybe we could…grab a Coke before you go.

She nods toward Friendly’s.

Matt: I’d like that.

Scout looks down then over toward his car, where Jake and Dexter are still hidden on the other side.  Both doors are open and Scout looks through at Jake who gives him a slightly panicked look as Jill and Matt start to walk to Friendly’s.  Jake waits a second and hops in the car, closing the door.  Jill turns to introduce Matt and Jake, but…only Dexter is standing there.  He looks back at the passenger door, confused.  Jill gets it.

Jill: Hey Dexter.

He smiles, still confused and now…inept as usual. 

Jill cont’d: See you later.

She walks across the street with Matt.  When they are inside, Jake gets out and everyone stands together.  Dexter’s still confused.

Jake: So…how’s the recording thing going?

Bella: Well, we’ve done some background stuff to give it some depth.  We’ve been waiting for…well, you…for the big important final run-through. 

Jake: Is he like…nervous.

Bella smiles to herself.

Bella: He’s okay, but…I guess you’re officially his security blanket.

Will: I don’t know if that’s sweet or…sickening. 

Bella: I think it’s sweet.

Jake can only take so much gushing.

Jake: Okay…let’s go…

Scout: Actually…I’m going to go over to Friendly’s to…check the schedule.

Jake: Scout…

Scout: Dexter, come on.

Dexter: What?  I don’t work there.

Scout pulls him away.  Will shakes his head then looks at Jake.

Will: So…have fun playing James Bond tonight?

Jake: With them…it was more like Austin Powers.

Will and Bella laugh.  Gwen still looks pissed off.

Bella: And Dexter doesn’t know that you’re Jake?

Jake: Not yet…

Bella: Do you want to tell him?

Jake: No…

A beat.

Jake cont’d: Is that…totally weird?

Bella: No, not at all.

Will: I’d like to disagree.

Bella cont’d: Let’s just go inside.

They all agree and head inside.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to the garage, inside.  Hamilton is sitting on a stool with his guitar, retuning it.  Bella walks in with Jake, Gwen and Will.  Hamilton looks up.

Hamilton: Made it, huh?

Jake: Yeah…Scout needed—

Will: Binoculars?

 Jake gives him a dirty look.  She turns to Hamilton again.

Jake: Could I talk to you…like outside?

Music: Say I’m sorry by Sugarcult

Hamilton looks at Bella and then Will and Gwen then back at Bella, hesitating.  She smiles and nods for him to go.  He gets up at puts his guitar down and walks out with her.

(cut to): in front of the garage.  Jake and Hamilton walk out together.

Hamilton: You look cute tonight.

Jake: Thanks.

They sit down on the bench together.

Hamilton: So…what’s up?

Jake: Okay, if we ever break up and I go out on a date with another guy…please do not take Jill to spy on me.

Hamilton: Well…that is a deal…probably.

Jake leans against him and puts her head on his shoulder.  He looks over at her and smiles then puts his arm around her.

Hamilton cont’d: So…you and Scout followed Jill on her big date, huh?

Jake: Yes, it was horrible.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.

Jake snuggles in closer to him then backs away.

Jake: You smell like smoke…

Hamilton: Do I?  Weird.

He eases away from her and stands up, walking over to one of the large pillars.  She gets up and gives him a suspicious look.  She walks over to him.

Jake: Why do you smell like smoke?

Hamilton shrugs, looking as innocent as he can.  Jake smiles and gets very close to him.  She reaches into one of the cargo pockets on his pants and pulls out the pack of cigarettes.  He hasn’t bothered to stop her and he just looks at her and sighs.  He’s so busted.  She raises her eyebrows as she holds the pack up to him.

Hamilton: I can explain.

She smiles.

Jake: You’ve had this pack of cigarettes in the back of your top desk drawer for…this whole semester…

Hamilton: You knew that?

Jake nods.

Jake: I always wondered what they for.

Hamilton starts to talk.

Jake cont’d: Shh…I get it.

She hands them back to him and he puts them in his pocket.

Jake cont’d: It might actually be pretty sexy…

He looks at her skeptically.

Jake cont’d: …you know, like…once a month…as long as you don’t get addicted or anything…

Hamilton: I’m only addicted to one thing.

She smiles.  He moves in to kiss her, but she backs away.

Jake: Yeah, right…it’s not that sexy.

Hamilton looks down, smiling.

Music: Just Watch the Fireworks by Jimmy Eat World

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Jill and Matt sit at the counter.  They each have a Coke.  Their stools are turned so that they are facing toward each other, Jill facing the front window.  Scout and Dexter aren’t inside.

(cut to): outside.  Dexter and Scout stand next to the window, so they can look in, but not be seen.

(cut to): Inside again.

Jill: I just wanted to thank you for tonight.

Matt: So you…bought me a Coke. 

Jill smiles and looks down.

Matt cont’d: You’re quite a girl, Jill.

Jill: I know.

She smirks.

Matt: And…there’s no way to convince you to go out with me?  Just me?

Jill: Um…I’m slowly being convinced that “maybe” might be a better answer than “no.”

Matt: Well…I don’t want to push my luck so…

He stands.

(cut to): Scout and Dexter.  Scout takes another peak.

(cut to): Jill.  She looks really happy.  She stands up now as well.

(cut to): Scout.  He smiles.

Scout: Hey, Dexter…let’s go.

Dexter: But, don’t you want to see if she kisses him?  Wasn’t that the point?

Scout: Um…no…I don’t need to see.

He’s still smiling.  He turns away and puts is arm on Dexter’s shoulder, turning him away too.  They walk across the street, but Dexter stops.  Scout looks at him then over to where he’s looking. 

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton.  Jake now leans against the pillar.  Hamilton has his hand on the pillar as he leans in.  They’re talking.  It’s a completely private Jake and Hamilton moment.  They are just themselves and are clearly in love.  Hamilton leans in even closer and whispers in her ear.  She smiles and teases him with a potential kiss, but doesn’t do it.  

(cut to): Dexter and Scout.  Dexter looks pretty surprised…and slightly disgusted.

Scout: There’s your proof, right?

Dexter nods.

Dexter: No question…wow…

Scout watches for a brief second then:

Scout: Yeah…so…enough voyeurism for one night, okay?

Dexter nods.

(cut to): inside Friendly’s. 

Matt: Okay…so, maybe, right?

She nods.  He smiles.

Matt cont’d: Goodnight, Jill.

He turns to leave, but grabs his arm and pulls him back.  He raises his eyebrows as she kisses him. 

Jill: I…really needed to do that.

Matt laughs at the reference to what he said earlier.

Matt: I really needed you to.

He smiles again, kisses her briefly, then goes.  Jill sits back down on the stool, watching him leave.

(dissolve to): a few minutes later,  the front of Friendly’s as Jill walks out and almost into Sean, Meagan and Mark.

Jill: Hi.

Sean: Hey…you look happy.

Jill: Cool…

She looks at Meagan and Mark.

Jill: Hi, Meagan.

Meagan: Oh, hey Jill.

Jill looks at Mark.

Jill: Why do I know you?

Mark: Did you get wasted at my brother’s party a few weeks ago?

Jill doesn’t know what to say.  She looks at Sean.

Jill: You’re babysitting?

Sean: Yep.  Exciting Friday night.

Meagan looks up at him then walks into the restaurant.

Jill: Well, everyone is over at Bella’s.  We’re going to listen to some song she and Hamilton are recording for this radio contest.

Sean: Okay…

Jill: You three should come.

Sean: We just might.

Jill nods and then walks across the street.

Mark: You know…I know you’re like this cool baseball player guy and everything, but…you could be nicer to her.

Sean: Who?  Jill?

Mark: No…Meagan.  She obviously has some kind of crush on you.

Sean: And…you have a crush on her

Mark: No I don’t.  She’s just like…a kid.

Sean: Right…a whole, what?  Nine months younger than you?

Mark: Whatever…

Mark walks off inside.  Sean laughs then follows him in too.

(cut to): the garage.  Bella, Will and Gwen sit around, not talking.  Scout and Dexter walk in.  It took them awhile to get back…say they had to get something out of the car…or destroy evidence J. 

Bella: Did you see Hamilton out there?

Scout: He was…

Jill: …busy.

Jill comes in behind him.

Hamilton: Hang on…what’s everyone still doing here?

Hamilton and Jake walk in, holding hands.

Bella: I told them they should stay…give us a live studio audience.

Hamilton: This isn’t a game show.

Will: Feel the love…

Sean walks in with Meagan and Mark.

Hamilton: Oh, good…now it’s a family show.

Bella: Hamilton…this’ll be cool, okay?

Hamilton looks at her skeptically.  Everyone looks around, pretty confused.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the garage.

(cut to): inside the “studio.”  They have kind of a beatnik-coffee-bar atmosphere: a few blankets and pillows on the floor.  Will, Dexter and Scout sit together on one blanket.  Jill, Gwen, Sean and the kids sit on another blanket.  Bella is standing in front of the microphone.  She has headphones on to hear the previous stuff they recorded.  Hamilton stands behind her with his guitar and also wears headphones.  He takes a deep breath and looks over at Jake who is at the control station.  She has on a headset and is adjusting some of the slide controls.  She smiles at him and nods.  Bella looks back at him and he nods.

Bella: Okay, um I wrote this song to console myself after I broke up with someone who…

She looks at Will.

Bella cont’d: …who really meant a lot to me. 

Will blushes.

Bella cont’d: He’s still one of my best friends and I want dedicate it to him not because he dumped me and left me broken-hearted…

She looks over at Gwen who is looking down.

Bella cont’d: …but because there’s someone in his life who I think really needs to listen.

Gwen looks up then over at Will who smiles at her.

Bella cont’d: It’s called…Wishing Heart.

Music: Wishing Heart by Lisa Loeb (I mean, Bella and Hamilton…)

She looks over at Jake who adjusts some of the controls again and flips a switch.  Hamilton starts playing the guitar as the song begins.  We get a montage of everyone kind of looking at each other.  Scout smiles at Jill who smiles back.  They’re okay…and okay on their own.  Gwen looks down as she listens to the song.  She glances up at Will, but he’s trying very hard not to look at her.  Mark looks at Meagan who looks at him which makes him look away.  Sean notices and laughs to himself.  Dexter looks at Jake just in time to catch her smile at Hamilton who has forgotten the “audience” now.  We then stay on Bella for a moment.  She’s glad to finally sing these words to the people who are meant to hear them.  The song fades as we:

(dissolve to): Friendly’s, it’s now a little after 10:00 p.m.  Johanna and Finn walk up.  Finn looks in the window, but, of course, doesn’t see Sean and the kids.  He shrugs to himself and stops in front of the door.

Johanna: We walked halfway around the town…to come here?

Finn: Well, I didn’t want you to know where we were going.

Johanna: Oh, right…wouldn’t want me to find out about the Friendly’s tryst you had planned for us.

Music: Question by the Old 97’s

Finn: Come here, please.

Johanna walks over.

Finn cont’d: This is an important place for us.  Do you remember?

She smiles.

Johanna: Oh, right…where we got arrested together.

Finn: And…where we met.

Johanna: Re-met.

Finn: Nah…you didn’t know who I was in high school.

Johanna: I somehow think I missed out.

Finn: Oh yeah…scrawny geek in glasses who liked poetry…yeah, you were missing out.

Johanna laughs.

Johanna: You’re right…I’m glad I held out for sexy geek in glasses who likes poetry.

Finn laughs.

Finn: So, listen…I actually brought you here to say something important to you.

Johanna: Okay.

Finn takes a deep breath.  He takes a step toward her so that they are framed by the door.

Finn: All right.  I know that lately I’ve been a little…distant.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.  And…I’ve been doing a little freaking out because…something was off.  The way things are between us…it just hasn’t felt right.

Johanna is trying to follow.

Finn cont’d: Then it hit me.  I love you and…

He puts his hands on her hips, pulling her a little closer.

Finn cont’d: …I love the idea of having this baby with you.

She smiles.

Finn cont’d: …and the only thing I don’t love is…being away from you.

Maybe she’s catching on.

Johanna: Finn…

Finn: Outside the box is getting awfully lonely.  I don’t want to think outside of it…or even be outside of it.  I want climb right in…with you.

He takes a step back from her as a man exits Friendly’s.  Finn is slightly annoyed, yet also amused by this interruption.  He sticks his hands in his pocket and smiles at the guy who walks through them without an “excuse me.” 

Finn: Okay…

He takes a deep breath.

Johanna: Lose your train of thought?

Finn smiles.

Finn: No.

He swallows then takes a step toward her.

Finn cont’d: Johanna Ryan…high school crush…girl of dreams…woman that I love…

He now takes his hands out of his pockets and gets down on one knee.  He holds a ring box up to her and opens it.  He watches her reaction as she now completely understands what’s going on.  He continues to pause for dramatic affect.  Finally, he asks the inevitable:

Finn cont’d: Will you marry me?

(cut to): the garage as everyone walks out.  Hamilton hands tapes out to everyone.

Hamilton: Okay, now you all have original recordings of Bella’s number one hit.

Jake glances across the street as Hamilton wraps his arms around her.

Jake: You guys…look at that.

Everyone stops as they look across the street.

Mark: Isn’t that—

Meagan (happy): Oh my God.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna.  She glances over to the garage.  Finn doesn’t stop looking at her.  She looks at him then at the ring.

Finn: It might not fit. 

She looks at him as he now nervously looks at the ring and rambles:

Finn cont’d: It was my grandmother’s.  I never understood why she gave it to me, but…it makes perfect sense right now.  Unless, of course, you say “no.”  That would pretty much…suck. 

Johanna: Finn?

She nods slightly.  He looks up at her with raises eyebrows.

Finn: Yeah?

Johanna: Yes.

He looks relieved.  He takes the ring out of the box and holds it up.  He slips it on her finger.

Finn: It fits.

Johanna: Yes, it does.

Finn stands up.  He looks at her a minute then over across the street.

(cut to): across the street.  Everyone looks down or away as if they weren’t watching…except Meagan.  She gives a thumbs up.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna.

Finn: Well…she approves too.

Johanna smiles and pulls Finn into a kiss.

(cut to): the garage.  Everyone is watching again.  Will smiles, shaking his head.  He starts clapping.  Everyone else catches on and does so as well.

(cut to): the other side of the street where Finn is still kissing her though she steps back.  She laughs as he stops and takes a bow.

(dissolve to): Friendly’s later.  Everyone is there.  Finn, Johanna, Mark and Meagan sit at a table.  Jake, Ham, Jill, Bella and Gwen sit at the big booth.  Scout, Dexter, Will and Sean sit at another booth.  Everyone’s eating ice cream except Jake who has a burger and fries…she was starving after all.

(cut to): the table of boys.  Sean and Will sit facing the other booth while Dexter and Scout are on the other side.

Sean: You know…Hamilton has his own girlfriend…why does he get all the other girls too?

Dexter and Scout turn around so that they’re all looking over.

(cut to): the other table.  Hamilton has his arm around Jake and looks up at them when they look over.  He smirks like he knows exactly what they were saying about him.  Jake looks over and notices it too.  She elbows him, but he only laughs and kisses her neck.

(cut to): the guys.

Scout: That’s disgusting.

Dexter: I dunno…it must be nice to be in love like that.

Scout: Aw…poor broken-hearted Mr. Darcy.

Dexter: Shut up, Scout.

Pan over to Finn who looks up.

Finn: Mr. Calhoun…Austen’s Mr. Darcy is a pretty likable literary character.

Johanna: I agree.

Scout: Uh…I thought I remember you saying you hate Jane Austen.

Johanna looks at Will who nods.  She looks at Finn.  He smiles.

(cut to): the other side of the table.  Mark has finished his sundae.  Meagan is looking over at the boys’ table.

Mark: He’s way older than you.

Meagan: Who?

Mark: Sean McGrail.

Meagan: So.

Mark: So…you shouldn’t have a crush on him.

Meagan looks over at him.

Meagan: Shut up.

Mark: I’m just saying he’s too old for you.

Meagan: Well, according to you…anyone I like is too old for me.

Mark thinks about this for a second. 

Mark: Well, see…almost six years…that’s too much.  But, like, say, nine months…that would probably be okay.

Meagan smiles.  Mark looks over at her ice cream.

Mark: Are you going to eat that?

She shakes her head and passes it over to him.

(cut to): Ham and the girls.

Jill: So…Gwen…do you feel different after hearing the song?

Gwen gives her a playfully dirty look, but then looks at Bella and smiles.

Hamilton: Yeah…she does.  Look at that.  Not to mention it’s stupid that you’re not already with him.  You were all over him at that party.

Jill laughs.

Jill: We don’t talk about that, Ham.

Jake: I think you should talk to him. 

Bella: Yeah…he really likes you.

Jill: …and he’s looking over here right now.

They all look over.

(cut to): Will who turns red then turns around.

Sean: Way to be obvious, man.

Scout: Yeah, why don’t you just put your old Friendly’s uniform on, walk over there and serve the power to her.

Will: Listen Goldfinger…don’t even—

Gwen: Will…can you help me look for something in the car?

They all look up.

Will: Yeah…

He gets up to go with her.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Friendly’s.

Music: King of All the World by the Old 97’s

(cut to): the boys table just after Will and Gwen have walked out.

(cut to): the two of them walking across the street.

(cut to): the boys table.

Scout: Pathetic.

Dexter: You don’t have room to talk.

Sean laughs.

Scout: Oh, and you do?  Hoping Ham and Jake are gay…because you like Jacqueline.

Sean’s like “what?”

Dexter: Will you be quiet.  How did you know that anyway?

Scout: “Oh, yes Jacqueline…whatever you want Jacqueline…”

Dexter: Oh my God.

He puts his head on the table.

Dexter cont’d: Does she know?

Scout: Oh…no.

He looks at Sean and nods.  Sean shakes his head, not really following, but still amused.

(cut to): Ham and the girls.  Hamilton picks up a fry from Jake’s plate and dips it in his sundae then eats it.  Jake watches, disgusted.

Jake: God, it’s like I’m discovering one bad habit after another…

Hamilton: What?  It’s good.  Try it.

He picks up a fry and dips it into the sundae and tries to get her to eat it.

Jake: No.

Hamilton: Come on.

He puts it up to her mouth.  Jake rolls her eyes and takes a bite of the fry which he’s still holding. He smiles and eats the rest of it.

Jill: Okay…there’s a place where the sharing stops.

Bella laughs.  Jill picks up a fry, dips it in Hamilton’s sundae and tries it.

Jill cont’d: Not bad.

Hamilton tilts the play of fries toward Bella. 

Bella: God…peer pressure.

She takes one, dips it and eats.

Music: Designs for You by the Old 97’s

(cut to): the garage, Scout’s car.  Will and Gwen are at opposite back doors again.

Will: Did you even have a purse tonight?

Gwen (matter-of-fact): Did we even ride in Scout’s car?

Will sighs and closes the door.  He walks around to the other side.

Will: So…we’re looking for something that was never there?

Gwen: I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.  I need to explain—

Will: You don’t have to explain anything to me, okay?  I…I get it.

Gwen: I don’t think you do.

Will: You don’t have time for guys.

Gwen takes a deep breath.

Gwen: I have time for you.

He almost smiles, but then looks confused.

Will: Okay, you’re right…I don’t get it.

She tries to come up with what she wants to say.

Gwen: Will…

She sits down in the car.

Gwen cont’d: …I’ve never had a boyfriend.

He smiles.

Will: That’s what this is about?

Gwen: I do homework…I study…I write essays…I work on the school paper.  That’s it.  I don’t…hang out with “the gang” on Friday night and I don’t go on dates…

Will smiles.

Will: There’s no pressure here…you know that?

She nods and looks down at her hands.

Gwen: I’m sorry if I was mean to you earlier.  I panicked.  I shouldn’t have said I wasn’t interested because…I am interested.

Will: You are?

Gwen: …and I’ve never been interested in anyone before…not like I’m interested in you.

Will: So…

He puts his hands on either side of the car door opening.

Will cont’d: …what’s the problem?

Gwen: Me.  I like you and…I don’t know how to handle it.

Will: Well…do you think it would be all right if I…helped you out?

She looks up at him.

Gwen: Maybe.

Will cont’d: Because you liking me…that’s like one thing I can definitely deal with.

She laughs. 

Gwen: Is there like a twelve step program I should be on? 

He leans in a little more, smiling.

Will: Yeah…the first step in coping with liking Will is…admitting that you do.

Gwen: Check.

Will: The second step is…to stop being mean to him.

Gwen: I’ll work on it.

Will: Okay, you do that, but…let’s just skip to step three.

Gwen: Which is?

Will: Letting me kiss you.

She smiles.

Will cont’d: But, you’ve got to be prepared for the next few steps which involve not running away and not freaking out. 

Gwen (seriously): I am. 

He smiles and leans in, kissing her.  She kisses him back.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Everyone is sitting or standing around the boys’ table.  Finn, Johanna, Meagan and Mark have left.  Dexter has the speaker out of his backpack.  Everyone is leaning in to hear better.

Hamilton: Okay, so you put the receptor on the key ring?

Scout nods.

Jill: So…what’s going on?

She turns to look outside, but the car is in the way.

Scout: I think it’s safe to assume he kissed her.

Hamilton: This is great.  Dexter, where did you get this?

Jake and Scout: His dad’s a spy.

Jill: Wait…spy?

Scout looks back at Jake.

Dexter: Actually, he’s a technician for the CIA.

Jill ignores him as she looks suspiciously from Jake to Scout.  She doesn’t say anything right now, though.

Hamilton: You should let Jake and I borrow this sometime.  We could probably come up with a pretty elaborate end of the year prank.

Dexter: Where is Jake?

Jake: Oh…um…he’s probably back at the dorms or something.

Dexter looks at Scout then Hamilton.

Dexter: Wasn’t he coming in town to help you?

Hamilton: Oh, right…he did, but then he…uh…

Bella: Had to go to the library to do some research for that project.

Hamilton: Exactly.

Dexter nods.  Jake and Hamilton look at each other…everyone else looks at them.

Music: Dream Girl  by the Juliana Theory

(cut to): Finn, Johanna, Mark and Meagan as they reach Mark’s house. 

Johanna: I think this is your stop, Mark.

Mark: Yep.  Thanks for the ice cream.

Johanna: You’re quite welcome.

He glances at Meagan with a smile then starts to walk up to him house.  His mother walks out the front door.

Mrs. Hudson: Mark, what do you think you’re doing?

Mark: I was just…hanging out with Meagan.

Mrs. Hudson: You do not leave this house without telling me.

Mark: But, you—

Mrs. Hudson: Inside, now.

Johanna: Mrs. Hudson, I’m sorry.  I was under the impression that you sent the kids over to our house.

She looks down at Meagan.

Mrs. Hudson: Well, I didn’t.  Maybe you should think before trusting the word of these little liars.

Johanna: Of course.

Finn: Wh—

Johanna: Finn…come on.

Meagan waves to Mark who looks miserable.  Johanna, Finn and Meagan walk away.

Finn: Okay…did you hear her just call your daughter a liar?

Johanna: Well, first, she did lie.

Meagan: Yeah, but we couldn’t stay there!

Johanna: I understand that too.

Meagan: Poor Mark.

Johanna: Invite him over more, okay?

Meagan nods.

Johanna cont’d: With permission from his mom.

A beat.

Meagan: I have a question.

Finn and Johanna look at each other.

Meagan cont’d: I thought you two weren’t getting married.

Finn: We changed our minds.

Meagan: Why?

Johanna: Meagan—

Meagan: Mom, I’m just curious. 

Finn puts his hand on her shoulder.

Finn: I thought I was afraid of being stuck in a certain kind of life.

Johanna looks at him.

Finn cont’d: I realized that what I’m really afraid of is being stuck without that life.

Meagan: So…you were a chicken and then you got over it?

Finn looks at Johanna.  She smiles and nods.

Finn: Exactly.

Finn takes Johanna’s hand as the three of them walk together.

(cut to): the garage.  Sean’s gone home.  Scout has taken Jill, Will, Dexter and Gwen back to the dorms.  Hamilton’s parents’ car is now pulled around to the front.  Bella and Jake sit on the bench as Hamilton walks out carrying some of the audio equipment.

Jake: Bella…the song was awesome.

Bella: I’m not the only one who gets to take credit.

She looks at Hamilton.

Jake: Yeah…but I tell him how great he is all the time.

Hamilton looks over at her and smirks as he struggles to balance the stuff and open the trunk.  He finally manages it.  He closes the trunk.

Hamilton: Well, that’s all of it.

Jake: Good work.

Hamilton: You both are so independent…

He looks at Jake.

Hamilton cont’d: You can open your own car door.

He looks at Bella.

Hamilton cont’d: You can fix a car door…and engine.  And, yet, neither of you have any problem letting me carry all the crap while you sit around and chit chat.

They look at each other.

Jake: Sounds about right.

Bella: Yep.

Hamilton laughs then looks at Jake.

Hamilton: You about ready to go, Beautiful?

She laughs at him, but gets up.

Jake: Sure thing, Handsome.

Bella smiles.  They are adorable.

Bella: Bye, you guys.

She waves then goes inside.

Hamilton: You really do look beautiful.

Jake: You really do look handsome.

Hamilton: You know…we don’t have to go back to school right away.  I’ve got the car until like midnight.

Jake: How romantic.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: I just thought we could drive out to the lake, crank up the heat and…hang out.

Jake laughs.

Jake: Sounds like a good way to relax after a stressful, issue-filled evening.

Hamilton: Cool.

They both go to get in the car.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a shot of the girls’ dorm.  Scout’s car sits in the driveway.

Music: Change by Good Charlotte

(cut to): inside the car.  Just Jill and Scout are there.  He sits with his hands gripping the steering wheel.  She has her arms crossed.

Jill: I can’t believe you followed me.

Scout: I’m sorry.

Jill: I really can’t believe you admitted it.

Scout: Might not have been one of my most brilliant ideas.

Jill: Doing it or admitting it?

Scout: Pick one.

Jill: And, did you see what you wanted to see?

Scout: Yes and no. 

Jill: Explain.

Scout: I wanted to see you having a miserable time.  I wanted you to wish I was there instead of the perfect Matt Edwards, but…you didn’t. 

He pauses.

Scout cont’d: You had a good time, didn’t you?

Jill: Yeah, I did.

Scout: And, when I figured that out…that you could be happy without me…

Jill: You felt like it was finally okay to move on?  That that’s what you really needed to see?

Scout looks at her and smiles.  He surprised.

Scout: Yeah.  How’d you—

Jill: When I said yes to him, I felt guilty…guilty about you.

Scout: And by the end of the night, you realized you were completely over me.

Jill: I wouldn’t say completely, but…I’m okay…I’m okay without you.

Scout: When you were about to kiss him…at Friendly’s…I turned and walked away.

Jill: Okay, first of all…ew.  You are not allowed to do that anymore.  No more spying…watching…leering…

Scout: Trust me.

Jill: I do.

Scout: Think this counts as closure?

Will (v.o.): It’s never easy to deal with something complicated. 

Jill: Well, I went on a date and I don’t feel like I betrayed you.

Scout: And, I’m actually happy for you about that.

Jill: So, yeah…sounds like closure.

Scout: Good.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And when someone else is involved, it’s that much trickier

Jill: Goodnight, Scout.

Scout: Goodnight.

She gets out without looking back.  He doesn’t look upset.

Music: Deal With It by Movielife

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, if you just push through and make yourself deal with it, you’ll get the conclusion you need…or want…

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Gwen is lying down in Will’s bed and he’s leaning over her, kissing her.  He pauses a second to smile at her.

Gwen: Think we’ve hit step twelve yet?

Will: I’ll let you know. 

He starts kissing her again.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Sometimes in a relationship, there’s only one person who needs to deal.

(cut to): Johanna’s kitchen.  She and Finn are having coffee.  He’s holding her hand and looking at the ring.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: If that person can’t, everything falls apart, but if he can…things get perfect pretty quick.

(cut to): Hamilton’s parents’ car parked by the lake.

(cut to): inside.  They have the tape of the song playing.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Those of us who are really lucky find comfort in others.

Hamilton: I can’t believe you’re really not going to let me kiss you.

Jake: It’s called negative reinforcement.

Hamilton: I thought you said it was sexy.

She looks over at him.  He is pretty sexy.  She smiles.

Jake: Well, it would be a shame to waste this perfect teen make-out moment.

He smiles with a raises eyebrow.  She smiles and moves in for a kiss.  They haven’t kissed all night so…they make up for it now.

(cut to): Bella who sits in her bedroom, writing another poem.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: When other people can’t help you deal, you might turn to words.  You might find comfort in creating something beautiful from your experiences.  From writing what you need to say.

(cut to): Dexter in his room.  He’s playing a game of solitaire…on his laptop.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Or…you might not say anything.  You might put on your poker face and act like you’ve dealt, but you’re really…

(cut to): Mark in his bedroom all alone. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: …left completely helpless with no way to deal.

(cut to): Meagan who unfolds a piece of paper.  Written on it are “Mark” and a phone number.  Meagan sits on her bed, she picks up a cordless phone that is next to her and dials.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: That’s ultimately why friends are so important.  They’re our biggest comfort.  They help us deal when we think we’re alone.  And being someone’s friend…helping someone deal…not just watching that person struggle…is the most significant thing we can do.






Junior Year