(fade in): to a rotating crane shot of New Rawley including the street, the garage and Friendly’s. It’s been snowing and there is a little snow still left to indicate this.  It’s cold and all the characters’ clothes reflect this throughout the episode. It’s around the 19th of December.  Edmund High is out of school for Winter Break.  Rawley Academy has one more day.

(cut to): An establishing shot of the garage.  It looks deserted, as does the town in general.  Jake pulls up on her motorcycle.  Bella hurriedly walks outside, putting on her jacket.  When she looks up she sees Jake and smiles.

Bella: Hey.

Jake gets off her bike and takes off her helmet.  In addition to her normal bike outfit, she also has on a scarf and gloves.

Bella: Need gas?

Jake: Uh…no.

Bella (tentatively): So…how’s it going?

Jake seems to pick up on her sympathetic tone.

Jake: Guess you heard, huh?

Bella: About you and Hamilton?

Jake nods and looks down.

Bella cont’d: Will told me.  I mean, not details or anything…

Bella glances up at Jake’s bike.

Bella cont’d: You’re not—

Jake: Leaving?  No. 

Bella looks relieved.

Jake cont’d: I mean, the semester’s almost over, it’d be pointless to leave now…

Bella looks around.

Jake cont’d: God, is it cold out here or what?

(cut to): The boys.  Will, Scout, Sean and Hamilton are jogging on a street near Friendly’s. 

Hamilton: Does no one else think it’s absolutely freezing out here?

Scout: Quit whining, man.

Will looks over at Hamilton who looks down and keeps quiet.

(cut to): Bella and Jake standing  just inside.  Jake pulls off the scarf and gloves she was wearing. 

Jake: That.

She points outside to the motorcycle.

Jake cont’d: Not intended for winter travel.

Bella laughs.

Bella: No.

(cut to): The boys who reach the front of Friendly’s.  Will stops and then so do the others.

Sean: Will, what are you doing?

Will: Well, we started here.  I thought we were stopping here.

Scout: We are…after we go around one more time.

Will glances over at the garage.  He looks back at Scout and Sean and smiles.

Will: Sorry guys, I think I’m done.  Just can’t keep up.

Sean laughs.  Hamilton looks over at Will and looks relieved.

Hamilton: Hey, yeah…me too.

Sean and Scout look at each other, shrug and run off.

Will (voice over): Life is about new starts. 

(cut to): Bella and Jake in Bella’s living room.

Jake: Everything was going really well, you know?  And then…

(cut to): Will and Hamilton walking across the street from Friendly’s to the garage.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Just when you’re settled into who you think you are, life tosses you something completely unexpected and you’re forced to readjust.  

They get just beyond the pumps and Hamilton stops.  Will looks at him.

Will: What?

Hamilton: I…I’m just going home.

He shakes his head and turns around.  Will watches him for a second, confused.  He turns back toward the garage.

(cut to): A shot from Will’s point of view of Jake’s motorcycle.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And sometimes that’s really hard to do.

(cut to): Will.  He turns back around, but Hamilton’s already out of site.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But, it happens over and over, and since each time it’s utterly unanticipated your only option is to pack up what’s left and move into the newest version of your life.

Will looks up at the garage…he can’t help smiling.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Jake and Bella still in Bella’s living room. 

Bella: What does that mean exactly?  On pause?

Jake: Well, apparently Hamilton took it to mean completely ignore and avoid me.

Bella looks at her sympathetically.

Bella: Really?

Jake: I guess I overestimated the value of our friendship…which is obviously nothing to him.

Bella raises her eyebrows.

Bella: And you’re sure about that?

Jake looks down then back up at Bella, smiling.

Jake: No…

Bella: Know what?  You should talk to him…

Jake sighs and looks at her then toward the door.

(cut to): Sean and Scout running. 

Scout: So, she took care of me while I was sick…

Sean looks over at him.  Scout continues to look ahead.

Scout cont’d: Oh, and when I was soaked, she got me dry clothes and then…she used this towel to like dry my hair, you know?

Scout looks over at Sean who’s giving him an odd look.

Sean: That’s disgusting.

Scout laughs.

Sean: But, hey, good for you, man.

(cut to): Will sitting at Friendly’s.  He looks over toward the garage.

(cut to): A shot through the window from Will’s point of view.  Jake leaves and Bella stands at the door, waving.

(cut to): Will who smiles and gets up.

(cut to): The door outside Friendly’s.  Will walks out and is about to cross the street when Sean and Scout run up and stop.

Scout: You’re just now going back to the dorms?  Good, I’ll go with you.

Will glances at Sean then back at Scout.

Will: Great.  Let’s go.

(dissolve to): The boys walking through the woods back to Rawley (presumably the “short cut” from the pilot).

Will: So, you and Sean have really hit it off lately.

Scout: I guess once we quit fighting about the whole Bella thing we figured out we really don’t have anything else to disagree about.

Will hesitates.

Will: Speaking of Bella…

Scout: Oh, right…you and Bella…I’d forgotten about that.

Will: You did?

Will stops and Scout turns to face him.

Scout: Look, Will, no offense but your love life doesn’t exactly make the top ten list of stuff that’s always on my mind.

Will looks a little hurt and like he doesn’t know what to say.

Scout cont’d: If you want to talk about it…

Will: Oh, no…there’s nothing to say really.  I mean, nothing’s really happened yet…

Scout: Oh…

Will starts walking.  Scout follows behind him.

Scout cont’d: So, but she likes you, right?  And…and you like her?

Will smiles.

Will: To reduce it to terms of fifth grade…yes.

Scout: That’s really…that’s great, buddy.

Will: Why does that sound…patronizing?

Scout hesitates.

Scout: Well, Will…doesn’t it seem like it’s becoming a pattern?  Girl falls for boy she’s been friends with most of her life. Doesn’t that sound like the same thing that happened with Bella and Sean this past summer?  You’re opening the same book…

Will stops.

Will: You’re not over her…

Scout stops and faces him, angry.

Scout: What?

Will: It’s so glaringly obvious…how could I have not realized?

Scout: You don’t have any right to make assumptions like that. 

Will looks down.

Scout cont’d: You know, I said it was “great”…why couldn’t you just leave it at that, huh?  Why couldn’t you just smile and say “thanks, Scout…it is great.”  But, you had to push and find out what I really thought and now you’re assuming that I’m not over her…like you have no respect for what I have with Jill or something.

Will: I know you really like Jill, ok?  That’s not what I meant, I just think…

Scout: Look, I’m over Bella.  I don’t know why I always have to justify that. 

Will: Scout…I just want to…

Scout: I know what you want.  And, I know what it’s like to want to just do what you want and not worry about what everyone thinks, but Will…there are rules. 

Will: What are you talking about?

Scout: It’s so wrong to date a girl that not one, but two of your friends have dated.

Will: So what do you want me to do?  Fall out of love with her?

Scout looks a little surprised that he said “love.”

Scout: It can be done.

Will: Forget it…forget it

Will walks away, back toward town.  Scout watches him go for a minute then turns toward Rawley.

(cut to): Hamilton as he walks into the art room.

Hamilton: Mom?

Jill walks out of a closet, awkwardly holding some brushes, a canvas and several tubes of paint.  She’s wearing overalls with an unbuttoned button-up sweater and has a bandanna holding her hair back. Jill and Hamilton have a great dynamic.  It’s very Max and Maria (from Roswell).

Jill: She went home already.

Hamilton: Oh…hi Jill…

Jill sets down the stuff in her hands onto a table and walks over to him.

Jill: You ok?

Hamilton: Yeah, of course

He sits down on one of the stools and leans back against the table.

Hamilton cont’d: …why wouldn’t I be ok? 

He smiles unconvincingly and gives her a “Hmm?” look.  Jill walks over and sits next to him and looks at him with raised eyebrows.

Hamilton: …what?

She continues to look at him.  He looks away.

Hamilton cont’d: See, my problem with this whole “on pause” thing is like…what happened to the other functions on this remote control for life?

Jill: Like stop?

Hamilton ignores her.

Hamilton: Rewind for example would be super.

Jill: or eject…or off

Hamilton looks back at her.  He smirks.

Hamilton: or mute

She gives him a dirty look then hops up and starts to set up the canvas. 

Jill: I’m just trying to point out that it could be worse.

Hamilton: Well since you seem so naturally inclined to give advice…what should I do with her Christmas present?

Jill: What is it?

Hamilton: Why does that matter?

Jill opens some paint containers and puts some paint onto her palette.  She works on setting up her work area throughout the dialogue with Hamilton.

Jill: Well, if it’s jewelry then you can’t give it to her, but maybe you could get away with giving it to your mom as long as it doesn’t have something like “Jake and Ham forever” scrawled on it.  If it’s like a card with a gift certificate to her favorite store then…give it to her…although…if that is the case, you should have asked for my advice long before the gift selection.

Hamilton:  What if it’s something I made her?

Jill: Really?  Wow…a man after my own heart. 

She makes an exaggerated gesture toward the canvas.

Jill cont’d: Behold…Scout’s Christmas present.

Hamilton: Cool.

Jill: So, what’s yours?  Like, did you make her a spice rack or something?

Hamilton looks at her, but hesitates.  Jill gives him a “well?” look.

Hamilton: Um…it’s…a song, actually.

Jill: Wait…wait…wait…you made her a song?

Hamilton: Yes…

Jill: Like…you wrote it?

Hamilton: Pretty much…

Jill: For Jacqueline?

Hamilton: No, for the Queen of England.  Yes, for Jacqueline…for Jake.

Jill: Is there music?

Hamilton: Seeing as how music is usually one of the key components to a song…yes, there is music.

Jill: And how were you planning on giving her this gift?

Hamilton: I recorded it, but…I’d planned something different…I mean, something more romantic than handing her a tape.  And this is where the problem is because I don’t know if I’m supposed to stay away and let everything like heal…or if I’m supposed to try to win back her heart…

Jill: You have to stop all this over analyzing…it gets you nowhere…believe me.  I mean, go with what you feel.

Hamilton: What I feel?  What I feel like doing is walking up to her, wrapping my arms around her and never letting her go again. 

Jill: Wow…

Hamilton cont’d:  And it’s the same problem with the gift.  I know what I want to do…what I feel like doing, but I need to know what I should do.

Jill: Every time I hear you talk about her, with one possible exception, I just feel like I should be giving you the world’s sweetest guy award or something. 

Hamilton: Well, looking at my recent record…I don’t think I’m eligible. 

He pauses for a moment and looks around the room.

Hamilton cont’d: When did I become such a loser?

Jill: You’re not a loser.

Hamilton: There was a point in my life when everything that came out of my mouth didn’t sound so…corny.

Jill: Well, don’t worry recently you’ve made a subtle shift from corny to whiny.

Hamilton seems to consider this.

Jill: You know, however you “sound,” don’t worry about it…it works for you, ok?  And even though Jacqueline pretends like she’s not after the fairytale romance…she digs your attentiveness…and corniness…and whininess.

He looks down. 

Hamilton: I really didn’t mean to screw it up so badly, you know?

Jill: Oh, sweetie…I know…

She puts her hand on his shoulder to make him look up.  He looks like a hurt little kid as she wraps her arms around him to give him a comforting hug.  They both stand up.  Hamilton’s back is to the door.  He hugs her back appreciatively.  

Hamilton: Aren’t you supposed to be telling me what an awful guy I am…

Jill: If I could…I would, man.

(cut to): The door as Scout walks in. 

(cut to): Jill as she looks up and sees him.

(cut to): Scout as he gives her a perplexed, but not angry look.

(cut to): Jill as she waves him away.

(cut to): Scout as he steps back out into the hall.

(cut to): Jill as she lets go of Hamilton and steps back.

Hamilton: You know, I just came in here to ask my mom if she’d ordered the pizza yet…

Jill smiles.

Jill: She’s cooking.  She told me.

Hamilton: Yikes.  If I leave now, maybe I can stop her.

Jill laughs.

Hamilton cont’d: Can you not mention this to Jake, by the way?  Until I decide what to do.

Jill nods.

Jill: Sure.

Ham turns to walk out as Scout walks in.  Scout nods hello as Ham does the same.  As he walks out, he waves to Jill.  When Hamilton has gone:

Scout: Hi…

Scout slips his arms around her waist.  He kisses her on the cheek.

Jill: Hi.

Scout: So, what was that?

Scout nods back toward the door.

Jill: What…with Hamilton?

Scout: Uh-huh…

Jill: Just me doing my part to mend a broken heart.

Scout: Ah…

Scout leans his head towards hers again and kisses her.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to a box of Christmas ornaments.

(pull out): as we see Bella handing the box to Sean.  She closes the door to the attic.  She picks up a fake Christmas tree and several strings of tangled Christmas lights.

Bella: Okay, let’s go.

They walk down the hall.

(cut to): the living room as Sean and Bella enter.

Sean: You know, you should really consider getting a real tree.

Bella: Why?  This tree has been through more Christmases than I have.  I mean, you get a real tree and eventually you have to throw it out…along with the memories.

Sean: Capturing memories?  Bella…that’s what cameras are for.

Bella smiles, shakes her head and hands him the lights.  He has to set the box down to take them.

Bella: Just untangle these.

Sean smiles and looks down at the lights as Bella starts to set up the tree.

Sean: Besides, isn’t it kind of pointless to put the tree up less than a week before Christmas?

Bella: Are you going to help or just point out all of the flaws in the Banks family holiday traditions?

Sean starts untangling the lights.

Bella: Thank you.

Sean: Oh, hey, you know how they impeached Michael Burke?

Bella: The student body president?

Sean: Yeah.

Bella: Oh yeah…aren’t they having like another election when school starts back up in January?

Sean: Yeah…and I’m thinking about running.

Bella: Sean?  Really?  That’s awesome! 

He concentrates on the lights again, laying them across the couch.

Bella cont’d: So, what brought this on?

Sean: You telling me “untangle the lights.”

She laughs.

Bella: About getting involved in student government.

Sean: Oh, I don’t know.  I heard about Michael and I wondered who would take his place and then it just hit me…I should.

Bella: Why’d they get rid of Michael anyway?

Sean: He’s missed 90 per cent of the meetings so far.  See, and that’s because student government elections are simply an organized popularity contest.  But, I think I could really make a difference in our school, you know?  Maybe simple stuff like starting a recycling program in the cafeteria or organizing tutoring for the elementary school.  I mean we could make our school something the community takes notice of and has respect for as opposed to just the place they go and cheer when there’s a home sports game.

Bella: You’ve put a lot of thought into this…

Sean: You sound surprised.

Bella: Not surprised, just impressed.

Sean: So, then, I take it you’ll vote for me?

Bella smiles.

Bella: I’ll have to hear all the candidates’ platforms on the issues first.

Sean laughs.

Sean: Good answer.  I think a lot of people will vote too.  After this past national presidential election, how could you not want to be involved in stuff like this?  I mean, what a great lesson on the importance of voting…and on American government for that matter.  Just think, we’ll be able to vote in the next national election. 

Bella: But…in the meantime…vote McGrail in 2001...

Sean smiles. 

(cut to): Jake sitting in the hall, leaning against the wall.  She has her laptop on her lap and is typing.  She has several books opened around her.  Ryder walks by.  She looks up like “oh great.”

Ryder: Hello there.

He leans against the wall then slides down so that he’s sitting next to her.  He looks around at the books.  She ignores him.

Ryder cont’d: Rather odd place to be working on your essay.

She doesn’t look up at him, but rather looks in a book and types a few more sentences.

Jake: It was the only place I could focus…until now.

Ryder smiles smugly and lets it fade quickly.

Ryder: Well, I for one will enjoy the break from Finn’s class that Christmas lends us.

Jake: I kind of think the class is fun.

Ryder: Yes, well…you’re a pretty strange person…

Jake: What do you mean by that?

Ryder (innocently): Oh, nothing

He gets up and starts to walk off.

Jake: Jim Carrey already played this part…the Grinch…you know?

Ryder turns back around.  He rolls his eyes.

Ryder: Oh, good one.  I’m mean…like the Grinch.  Ouch.

Jake (quietly): God, I hate you…

Ryder: Trying to convince me or yourself, Jake?

He swaggers off down the hall.

(cut to): Bella’s house.  Sean and Bella have the tree decorated.  Sean holds a step ladder as Bella stands on the top step and places the star on the tree.  He takes her hand as she climbs down. 

Bella: Turn off the lights.

Sean walks over to do this as Bella walks over and plugs in the lights.  The tree lights up and looks nice.  The lights are colored and the ornaments look like Bella wasn’t exaggerating about how many Christmases they’d been used.  Bella walks over to Sean.

Sean: Good job.

He places a hand on her shoulder as he stands behind her.  They stand together in semi-darkness.

Sean cont’d: Bella…do you want to go out with me?

Bella: What?

Sean: Like on a date…

Bella walks over and flips on the light.

Bella: Um, Sean…where is this coming from?

Sean: I just…I thought we’ve been clicking lately, that’s all.

Bella: Of course we’ve been clicking…that’s why we’re friends.

Sean: Ok…I just had to ask.  I think we got cut short this summer and…I thought you might be ready to start over.

Bella: Sean…I…I didn’t know you still…I mean, I thought we were just friends…I thought we both agreed…

Sean: Well, I didn’t really have a choice, but look…just forget I ever mentioned it.

Bella: It’s kind of hard to just forget something like that, Sean.

Sean: The fact that you value our friendship that much means a lot to me, Bella.

She looks down.

Sean cont’d: Unless that isn’t it at all…

She looks back up at him.

Bella: What?  No, of course I value our friendship, Sean.  You know I do.

Sean: Oh my God, I’m such an idiot.  There’s someone else, isn’t there?

Bella looks down.

Sean: I was like “when have I seen that look on her face?” 

Bella: Sean…

Sean: That look…right there.  You know when I saw it?  This summer when you were telling me that you didn’t have feelings for Scout…when you so obviously did, Bella.

Bella sits down on the couch.

Bella: It’s so ridiculous that we’re even having this conversation…

Sean sits down next to her.  He calms down a lot.

Sean: Bella, I’m sorry, ok?  I shouldn’t assumer that—

Bella: I’m not saying your wrong.

Sean: Oh.

They are both quite for a moment.

Sean: So…who is it?

Bella looks up at him, but doesn’t say anything. There’s a knock at the front door.  Bella looks at Sean, then gets up to get the door.

(cut to): A shot of the outside of Bella’s door, over Will’s shoulder.  The door opens.

Bella: Will…

Will smiles.

Will: Hi…

She steps back and opens the door all the way to reveal Sean sitting on the couch.  He looks at her then back at Sean, smiling.

Will: Hey, what’s up, man?

Will walks in and Bella closes the door.

(cut to): Jake sitting at her desk.  She appears to be cleaning out the drawers.  She pulls out an envelope and looks at it.

Jake: Great, I forgot all about these…

There is a knock.

Jake: It’s opened.

Hamilton opens the door and sticks his head in.  Jake quickly shoves the envelope back in the drawer.  She looks up at him and smiles.

Jake: Hi…long time no see, huh?

Hamilton: Yeah…uh…about that…

Jake: Come on in.

He walks in and notices what she’s doing.

Hamilton: Packing?

Jake: Just cleaning stuff out actually.  Can you believe we’ve only got one more day of class?  The semester’s really flown by.

Hamilton: You’re…you’re coming back next semester, aren’t you?

Jake nods; Hamilton looks relieved. 

Hamilton: Can I?

He nods toward the bed.

Jake: Oh, yeah, sure…

Hamilton sits down.  He looks around the room.

Hamilton: So, what are you doing for Christmas?

Jake: Oh, you know, just going home to New York.  My mom is flying in.  We try to spend Christmas Eve until New Years’ Day together like every year, no matter what.

Hamilton: Driving your bike?

Jake: No way.  It’s way too cold.  I think I’m going to take a bus from here to the train station in Carson.  You know, take the train to New York.

Hamilton: My aunt lives in New York.  She’s always trying to get us to come visit.  My dad hates the city, though.  The last time we visited her I was like ten. 

Jake looks at her desk.

Jake: Ok, I wasn’t going to do this…

She pulls out the envelope.

Jake cont’d: This was your Christmas present…I mean it is your Christmas present.

She hands it to him.  He looks up at her then down at the envelope as he pulls out two concert tickets.

Hamilton: This is for a concert…in New York.

Jake: Yeah…I thought we could go to the concert…you could come stay for a couple of days…I cleared it with my mom already.  I kind of forgot about it all until I found the tickets today.

Hamilton looks uncertain.

Jake cont’d: I mean, if you want to still come…

Hamilton: Would it be too weird?

Jake: Maybe.  It’s up to you…I mean, we’re still friends, right?

Hamilton: Of course…I mean, right?

Jake nods.

Jake: Friends go to concerts together. 

She seems to pick up on Hamilton’s reluctance and rescues him:

Jake cont’d: It’s like the day after Christmas though, so…

Hamilton: Yeah…my parents might not be cool with it.

Jake nods again and turns back to her desk.  Hamilton gets up.  He starts to walk toward her, but turns around toward the door.

Hamilton cont’d: Okay…I’ll see ya.

Jake: Yeah…

He looks at her, but she’s not facing him.  He looks completely lost as he opens the door and leaves.  Jake turns around and sees the concert tickets still on the bed.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Will, Bella and Sean in Bella’s living room. It’s around 4:30.   The conversation adopts the usual tone it would between these three.  Sean doesn’t get that the “someone else” is sitting in the room. 

Will: Student body president? 

Sean nods.

Sean: Yep…

Will: You’re so…proactive these days…

Sean: I think I’d like to make a career out of it…like go into politics or something.

Will: I thought you wanted to be a major league pitcher.

Sean: Well, I guess I’ll wait and see how baseball season turns out before I rule out pitching.  I mean, you’re right, I wouldn’t want to deny the Red Sox of my talent…

Will: You’re still not over that team?   I mean they could use you now.

Sean laughs. Bella looks from Sean to Will.

Bella: Anyone want eggnog?

They look at her.

Bella: Ok, good.

She gets up and walks off into the kitchen.

Sean: Eggnog…disgusting.

Will: Yeah, tell me about it.  I’m going to go tell her that we’ll both pass.

Will gets up. 

(cut to): The kitchen where Bella is looking in the fridge.

Will: Hey, Bella…we don’t really want any eggnog.

Bella: That’s good, Will, because we don’t really have any.

Will looks confused.

Will: What’s up, Bella?

Bella: Sean…asked me out.

Will raises his eyebrows.

Will: He did what?  What’d you say?

Bella: Oh, I told him to pick me up at eight.  What do you think I told him?  I said no…or maybe I just avoided the question.  I don’t know. 

Will doesn’t say anything.

Bella cont’d: He asked me if there was someone else.

Will: What’d you tell him?

Bella: Nothing…you showed up and ended the conversation.

Will looks toward the living room and makes sure he keeps his voice down.

Will: I got into an argument with Scout over you.

Bella: Will, you didn’t tell him…

Will: He already knew. 

Bella: Well, I didn’t tell him.

Will: No one had to tell him.  He’s known since Sean’s party.

Bella looks at Will then sits down at the table.

Will: You know, I was trying to get over here to see you all afternoon.  When I saw Jake’s bike here I knew she didn’t know and I’d have to be careful about what I said.  And I couldn’t just tell Scout, “sorry, I’d like to walk back to Rawley with you, but I’d rather go kiss Bella.”  This is getting ridiculous, I want to tell people, Bella.

Bella: Well, I don’t.

She gets up and walks back into the living room. 

(cut to): A medium close-up of Will who looks hurt.

(dissolve to): Jill in the art room.  It’s about six o’clock.  She’s working on the painting.  It’s far from completion, but it’s obviously the lake with a rowboat in the middle.  She’s focusing on the painting.

Jake walks in.

Jake: Are you still working on that painting?

Jill (sarcastic): No.

Jake: Are you going to take the train back to New York with me?

Jill: My dad’s sending a car.  Want a ride?

Jake: Oh…ok.

Jill: I’m actually going straight to the airport to fly out to Portland.

Jake: Visiting your grandparents?

Jake sits on the same chair that Hamilton was sitting on earlier.

Jill: Yeah, dad’s just going to fly straight there. 

Jake: Going to be back for New Years’?

Jill: Are you kidding?  You know dad and I would never miss the Pratt New Years’ bash.

Jake: Excellent.

Neither speaks for a moment as Jill paints.

Jill: Want to help me sneak this into Scout’s room tonight?

Jake: Sure…why?

Jill: You know I hate to be there when people open the presents I get them.

Jake: Sure, count me in.

Jill looks at her.

Jill: Hamilton stopped by earlier.

Jake looks at her like “and?”

Jill cont’d: Well, could you just maybe explain to me one more time why the two of you aren’t together anymore?

Jake: Because he pushed me completely out of his life during a time when he needed someone.

Jill: And the fact that he’s sorry and needs someone right now and would love to pull you in as that person…that counts for nothing?

Jake gets up.

Jake: I don’t believe this…

She starts to walk out, but stops briefly in the doorway.

Jake cont’d: Come by tonight when you get done with that and I’ll help you get it into Scout’s room.

Jill looks back up at her.  She smiles and nods.

Jill: You know I’m still on your side, right?

Jake smiles.

Jake: Yeah, you better be.  Later.

Jake walks out.  Jill shakes her head and turns back to her work.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Scout is using a laptop to type…maybe the essay for Finn’s class.  He hits save and then pulls out a disk.  He hops up and as he tries to walk out of the door, Will walks in.  Scout tries to shift so they can both walk by, but Will holds his ground.

Will: Look, about what I said before…

Scout: Forget it, ok?  Apologizing is so over rated.  It’s like in court when the judge tells the jury to forget what they just heard.  I mean, they’ve already heard it; it’s going to influence them. 

Will: So, you’re saying that you don’t forgive me?

Scout: I’m saying that I just finished my essay and I need to go print it so…

Will steps out of the way as Scout walks out.

(cut to):  Hamilton’s kitchen as he walks in.  His mom is carrying plates in from the dining room and his dad is standing at the sink with the water turned on as he is rolling up his sleeves. 

Steve: Where have you been?

Hamilton: Around.

Steve: Around? 

Kate: Um…Sweetie, let me fix you a plate.

Steve: He doesn’t need a plate.  He can go up to his room.

Hamilton: Fine…

He walks out.  Kate looks at Steven.

Steve: I’ll go up and talk to him in a minute.

Kate brings the dishes over and he takes them from her.

Steve cont’d: We’re going to be ok.  You and me…this whole family…we’re all going to be fine. 

She nods and leans against the counter.

(cut to): Hamilton in his room.  He opens his desk drawer and pulls out a rolled piece of paper.  There is a ribbon around it.  He unties the ribbon and a tape falls out onto his lap.  He looks at the paper and the tape.  He sets it down on the corner of his desk.  He picks up a folder off his floor and opens it.  There is a knock.

(cut to): the Dean as he walks in.

Hamilton: I’m sorry I missed dinner.  I didn’t know mom was cooking…

Steve: I cooked actually.

Hamilton: Now, I really am sorry I missed dinner.

Steve laughs.  He walks in and sits on Ham’s bed.

Steve: I stopped her just in time as I explained that you don’t cook the spaghetti and sauce in the same pot.

Hamilton laughs.

Steve: I’m exaggerating…for the most part.

Neither says anything for a moment.  Steve notices that Hamilton has the folder opened.

Steve cont’d: So, what are you working on?

Hamilton: Essay for English class.

Steve: We’re going to New York tomorrow after classes are over.

Hamilton: What?

Steve: We’re going to spend the holidays with my sister this year.

Hamilton: Why?  You hate the city.

Steve: We haven’t had a trip together as a family in a long time.  Your mom thought it would be a good idea.  We were going to surprise you at dinner tonight.  We thought you’d be excited…about going to the city again.

Steve gets up.

Hamilton: I don’t want to go…

Steve: Sorry son, I didn’t ask.  Get that essay done.

He pats him on the back and walks out.  Hamilton watches him go, then throws the notebook on the ground.

(cut to): Finn’s apartment.  Finn’s sitting at his desk, typing on his typewriter.  He stops and leans back in his chair.  Someone knocks.

Finn: Entrada.

Will: Is that Spanish?

He walks in and shuts the door behind him.

Finn: Mr. Krudski.  Having trouble with the essay?

Will: Uh…no, no I’m done with it, actually.

Finn: Well, come in…have a seat…let me know when you’re ready to talk about whatever it is you came here to talk about.

Will smiles and sits down on the couch.

Will: Writing?

Finn: Trying.

Will: What kind of stuff do you write?

Finn: Harlequin romance novels.

Will laughs.

Finn: Actually, I write short stories.

Will: What kind?

Finn: Well, usually the unpublished kind. 

Will laughs again and looks around.

Finn: What are you doing here, Will?

Will: Well, I was just wondering…I mean Hamilton is a pretty good friend of mine.

Finn: Ah…

Will: And, I know it’s none of my business, but…

Finn: …you want to know why, when I said it was over, did I start it again?

Will nods.

Finn cont’d: You’re right…it is none of your business.

Will starts to get up.

Finn: Sometimes, Will, something can appear to be so obviously wrong, but can feel so very right.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t actually make it right…which I realized quite a bit too late.

Will: So…what you’re saying is…if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck.

Finn: I would never be that trite.  And actually, I’m saying if it looks like a duck and it quacks…see if it swims before you make the call.  All situations in life have to be evaluated on a case by case basis, Will.

(cut to): Will…he gets it.

(fade out)


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(fade to): The hall outside Jake’s room.  Jake and Jill are walking out of Jake’s  room and toward Will and Scout’s.  Jill trails behind Jake,, carrying the painting which is covered.

Jake: Come on, come on, come on.

Jill: Okay, I am.

Jill catches up and they get to Scout’s door.

Jill cont’d: Maybe it’s opened.

She tries to open the door and of course it’s locked.

Jake: What kind of challenge would it be if it were unlocked?

Jill: What is it with you?  Why can’t you just appreciate the easy way instead of hoping for the hard way…or creating it even?

Jake: Is this about Hamilton again?  You know, because if you find him so charming maybe you should—

Jill: Stop, ok?  Don’t be mad at me.  I’m just playing devil’s advocate, that’s all. 

Jake nods turns back to the door.  She kneels down and pulls out a paperclip from her pocket.

(cut to): Jill who looks amused.

(cut to): Jake as she unbends the paperclip and sticks it in the lock.  She closes her eyes as she moves it around.  The lock clicks and the door opens.

Jill: Where do you learn this stuff?  MacGuyver?

Jake: Charlie’s Angels.

Jill rolls her eyes and they walk in quietly.

(cut to): A shot of the room that includes both sleeping boys.

(cut to): Will who slightly opens his eyes.  He realizes who it is and doesn’t say anything.

Jill stops at Scout’s bed and looks at him.  Jake stops too.

Jill: He’s even cute when he’s asleep.

Jake smiles and rolls her eyes.  She takes the painting from Jill.  Jill sits down on Scout’s bed.

(cut to): Will who watches as Jake walks over to the window sill.  She sets the painting down and makes sure the tag is facing the right way.  He looks back at Jill.  She pulls Scout’s blanket up so that it’s to his chin.  He reaches up and takes her hand, still asleep.

Scout: Bella…

(cut to): Will.  He opens his eyes all the way and looks over.

(cut to): Jake who sees Will.  They look at one another, but Jake shakes her head.  Will puts his head back down and Jake looks back at the painting.

(cut to): Jill who looks at Will who now has his eyes closed.  She looks at Jake who is still fiddling with the tag on Scout’s present.  Jill gets up.

Jill: Ready?

Jake looks over.

Jake: Yep…let’s roll.

They walk toward the door.

(cut to): Will who opens his eyes and looks disappointed.

(dissolve to): Finn’s class.  It’s finally the last day of class.  Everyone looks like they are ready to leave.

Finn: Okay.  And this, my faithful students, is how we will end our semester.

Everyone starts talking and getting up.

Finn: Oh, and leave your essays on my desk, of course.

Will and Scout walk up.  Will looks down as Scout ignores him.  They place their essays on Finn’s desk.  The other guys in the class put their essays on the desk and walk out.  Jake, Hamilton and Ryder are the last to leave.  Jake goes to set hers down and before she does Ryder tosses his down and walks past her.  Jake rolls her eyes and looks back at Hamilton who’s standing behind her, waiting to turn his in.

Jake: That guy is so weird…

Hamilton: I can think of some more colorful adjectives.

Jake laughs. She turns away from him, looking likes he hopes Hamilton will say more. When he doesn’t, she starts to walk out the door.

Hamilton: Hey, I need to talk to you.

He walks over and the stand together in the door frame, almost out of the classroom.  Finn barely takes notice as he collects his stuff.

Jake: Okay…

Hamilton: I didn’t really say what I’d intended to say when I stopped by yesterday.

Jake: Me either, I mean…I meant to ask you—

Finn: Hamilton.

Hamilton: Great…Just a minute, ok, Finn?

Finn: Now.

Hamilton:  I’m sorry.  We’ll finish this later?

Jake: Ok.

Hamilton turns around to face Finn.  Jake looks at him then walks out.

Hamilton: Yep?

Finn: There’s nothing on this paper.

Hamilton: That’s kind of the point.

Finn: Meaning?

Hamilton: Well, the topic of the essay was “what I learned in Finn’s great books class this semester,” right?

Finn nods slowly.

Hamilton cont’d: Well, there you have it…

Hamilton turns to walk out.

Finn: Whatever your personal disagreements with me are, I suggest you consider if they are really worth sacrificing your semester grade in this class.

Hamilton: Look, anything I have learned isn’t worth writing about anyway.

Finn: Why don’t you sit down and explain that bold declaration to me.

Hamilton looks at him and reluctantly sits down in a student desk.  Finn sits on his own desk and waits.  Hamilton looks up at him.

Hamilton: Ok, you want to know what I’ve learned…

Finn: Yes.

Hamilton: …in this class.

Finn: That would be the topic I assigned for the essay that you didn’t write…yes.

Hamilton: Well, we read all these books…these supposedly great books.

Finn: Yes, we did.

Hamilton: And this is what I learned…

He looks down and swallows, mustering the nerve to continue.

Hamilton: No matter how much trust you put into someone…into your best friend…that person will be the one to kill you in the end.

Finn: Of Mice and Men…terrible interpretation, but I follow.

Hamilton: Okay.  Then there’s love.  Love conquers nothing…at least not while you’re alive.  And after that, what good does it do you anyway?

Finn: Wuthering Heights…you hated it…I remember.

Hamilton: And finally, no matter who you think you are…you’ve probably made some misjudgments.  I mean, even if you think you’ve gone through this whole big journey, you’re essentially the same…you’re really right back where you started.

Finn: Ok, Catcher in the Rye…I get it.

Hamilton: That’s it.  That’s what I’ve learned.  You can’t trust anything…not friendship…not love…and not even yourself. 

Finn: Though wrought with fallacies and of the complete pessimistic variety, that explanation was eloquent enough for me to accept your essay on the grounds that around here throwing convention out the window is rarely frowned upon. 

Hamilton looks a little surprised.

Hamilton: Really?

Finn: Get lost before I change my mind.

Hamilton gets up and quickly walks out.  Finn shakes his head.

(dissolve to): The hall in the dorms.  Classes are finally over for the day.  Jake walks up to her door to find Ryder leaning against it.

Jake: Excuse me.

Ryder: Oh, sorry…

He steps aside and leans against the frame.

Jake (exasperated): What do you want, Ryder?  Huh?  I mean, I’m tired and I’m ready to go home for the holidays.  Just tell me why you’ve been like stalking me. 

Ryder’s sneaky smile doesn’t fade.

Ryder: Let’s go for a walk, shall we?

Jake tosses her hands up in the air.

Jake: Why the hell not?

She opens her door and throws her backpack into the room.  She slams the door closed again and locks it.

Jake cont’d: Let’s go…

Ryder smirks.

(cut to): The docks.  Ryder and Jake walk out. 

Jake (sarcastic): The scenic tour of the Rawley campus was great…really.

Ryder motions for her to sit down.  She looks at him suspiciously.

Ryder: Come on…don’t look at me like that.

Jake: Like what?

Ryder: Like I brought you here to kill you and dump the body into the lake.

Jake sits down.

Jake: You know, that wouldn’t surprise me.

Ryder rolls his eyes and sits down.  He looks over at her.  He’s sitting unusually close and she tries to scoot away.

Ryder: You don’t have to do that. 

She gives him a very strange look.  He looks out across the lake.  He sighs and looks down.  She watches him, not knowing what to expect.  Quickly, he puts his hand on her neck and tries to kiss her.  He gets as far as getting his lips to hers as she leans away.

Jake: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

She gets up.
Jake: I mean…if you think I’m gay or something…I can assure you that I’m not.  I mean if you are, more power to you, but…I’m not.

He looks up at her.

Ryder: Oh…I know, cupcake.

He gets up too.  He steps closer to her.  He looks at her smugly.

Jake: Uh…whatever…

She starts to walk away.

Ryder: What’s your rush, Miss Pratt? 

Ryder looks complacent.  Jake turns around. 

Ryder cont’d: Oh…right…look at me like I’m Lex Luthor and I just figured out your secret identity. 

Jake: God, I…

She turns around to walk off.

Jake cont’d: …I really…can’t deal with this right now.

She keeps walking.  Ryder laughs to himself and sits back down, looking across the lake.

(cut to): Will walking down the hall.  Hamilton is knocking on Jake’s door.

Will: Hey, Ham, how’s it going?

Hamilton: It’s been better.  Seen Jake?

Will: Not since trigonometry.  Just think…no more Mr. Gordon for like two weeks.

Hamilton: If you see her, tell her to come over to my house…we’re going out of town like now.

Will: Yeah, sure.

Will looks up the hall.

(cut to): a shot from Will’s point of view.  Bella has just come around the corner.  She looks up and sees Will.

(cut to): Will.  He waves.  Hamilton is still standing there.  He looks at Will then back down the hall at Bella.  Hamilton smiles to himself.  He reaches into one of the cargo pockets of his pants and takes out the tape with the paper wrapped around it.  It looks like it did before he shoved it into his drawer the night before.  He pulls out a pen and writes something on the paper.  Bella has by this time reached Will.

Bella: Hi, Will.  Hi, Hamilton.

She looks over at Hamilton who is bending down.  He slides the present under the door and stands up.

Hamilton: Hi, Bella. 

Hamilton sticks his pen behind his ear and starts to walk off.

Hamilton: Merry Christmas, guys.

They return the seasonal greeting.  Bella turns back to Will.

Bella: I, um, just thought you might need some help carrying your stuff home.

Will: Home.  I didn’t even think…oh boy…

Bella: You know you can stay with me…

Will: Hmm…while that may have once seemed like the perfect solution…

Bella: Yeah, guess it would be pretty weird.  A lot weirder than you like camping out by the lake over the holidays because that Finn guy kicked you out of the dorms.

Will snickers.

Will: I’ll try home first.  Maybe my dad will be in a good mood because of the holidays.

Bella: Will, the suicide rate goes up like five hundred per cent between Christmas and New Years’ Day.  The holidays don’t make people happy…they make people depressed.

Will: Well, I’ll keep that in mind as I walk through the front door.

He smiles.  She looks around.

Bella: About yesterday…

Will: I was being unreasonable…

Bella: No you weren’t. 

Will looks up and down the hall.  He takes Bella’s arm.

(cut to): the common room as Will leads her in.  Will sits down on the couch and looks up at her.

Bella: You want an explanation…

He nods.

Bella cont’d: I’m scared, Will, ok? 

Will: Of what?

Bella: Of this…of us…of…

Will reaches up and takes her hands.

Will: It’s ok…no one’s going to hate us…well, not that much.

She sits down and looks upset.

Will cont’d: I was just kidding…

Bella: I’m not really worried about them hating us.  I’m worried about us. 

Will: What?

Bella: Look at Jake and Hamilton.  I mean, they were so in love and now it’s just gone.

Will: That’s questionable and besides that has nothing to do with you and I.

Bella: Well…I had, what?  Like two failed relationships over the course of two months. 

Will: Bella…

Bella: Will, I’m serious…obviously I’m incapable of…

Will leans over and kisses her.

Will: …of what?  Hmm?  How hard could it be…could this be?

He kisses her again.  Bella kisses him back.  They slowly pull apart.

Bella: After Christmas vacation, ok?

Will: What?

Bella: Can we wait and tell everyone then?

Will: Oh…ok…

He nods then leans toward her.

Jake: Uh…hey guys.

Bella and Will scoot apart.

(cut to): Jake in the doorway.  She smiles and looks amused.

Jake: Sorry to, um, interrupt. 

She looks at Bella, then Will.  She hasn’t been by her room.

Jake: Did Hamilton happen to drop by?

Will: Oh, yeah…he’s leaving town.  He said to tell you to go over there…guess he wanted to see you before he left.

Jake: Thanks.

She turns around to leave.

(cut to): Will and Bella who look at one another.  Will smiles.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to Hamilton’s house.  Jake walks up as the car drives away.

Jake: Damn. 

She stands there for a moment.

(cut to): the car.  Hamilton is in the back seat.  He turns around and sees Jake.  He looks up at his dad who is driving, but doesn’t say anything. 

(cut to): Jake. She turns around and walks off.

(cut to): Scout in his room.  He’s packing a suitcase.  Jill walks in.

Scout: Hey…I got your gift.  It was…beautiful.

Jill nods. 

Jill: Thanks.

He walks over to her and takes her hand.

Scout: I got you something too..

She pulls her hand back.

Jill: Maybe you should keep it.

Scout gives her a confused look.

Scout: What?

Jill: If you weren’t over Bella…I mean, I gave you every opportunity—

Scout: Have you been talking to Will?

Jill: What?  No.  Why?

Scout: Well, I can’t think of any other place this could be coming from…

Jill: Oh…Will knows too?  Wait, I forgot…Will and Bella.  So we were right about that? Of course…you wouldn’t let it happen…

Scout tilts his head.

Jill cont’d: You know, who cares…bye.

She starts to walk out.

Scout: Jill, wait…

Jill: No. 

Scout: Wait, but you were going to give me your number in New York…I was going to come meet your dad after New Years.

Jill: Forget it…

She walks out into the hallway; he follows.

Scout: I’m sorry…

She turns around to face him.

Scout cont’d: …that you don’t have any more faith in me…in us than what you’ve shown me. 

Jill: Scout, please…

She turns around and walks off down the hall.  Scout watches her go.

(cut to): Will and Bella as the walk down the hall.  They pass Jill.  She looks over at Bella and smiles.

Will: Jill…hey, your painting was amazing.

Jill stops at Jake’s door and turns back toward Bella and Will.

Jill: Thanks, Will.

She knocks on Jake’s door.  It opens and she walks in.

(cut to): Will and Bella.

Bella: She looked upset…think I should…

Will squints.  He looks back toward his room.

Will: Nah, Jake can probably handle it, you know?

Bella nods.

(cut to): Jake’s room.  Jill is lying on the bed, face down on Jake’s pillow.  Jake has most of her stuff packed.  She doesn’t take everything.  Hamilton’s present is on the bed next to Jake’s bag.

Jake: Want to talk about it?

Jill: No…

Jake: Oh, ok.  Well—

Jill sits up.

Jill: I told you it would end up like this…didn’t I make this call?  Why would I get involved with him?  What was I thinking?

Jake: That you really like him…

Jill: Past tense…liked.

Jake: Hmm…doubtful.  Why don’t we go get your stuff, put it in the car…then you can go apologize to Scout.

Jill: Me?  Apologize to him?

Jake: Yep.
Jill: For what?

Jake: Jumping to conclusions.

Jill: Whatever…it wasn’t like he denied it.

Jake: Maybe because he’s tired of convincing everyone that he isn’t in love with Bella.

Jill: Maybe because it’s hard to convince people that something isn’t true when it so obviously is.

Jake looks like she’s trying to follow.

Jake: Jill…
Jill: You know, I’m just automatically supposed to be on your side when you break up with Hamilton over something that absolutely no one understands…but you just think that I’m being ridiculous because this guy that I like is in love with another girl.  Like, you can’t even consider that maybe it’s true.

Jake: Because I know he loves you Jill.

Jill stands up.

Jill: You’re a hypocrite.  I’m going to get my stuff.  Meet me in front of Rawley Girls in a half an hour…the driver will be here then.

Jill walks out.

Jake: Great…at this rate, I’ll be hanging out with Ryder next semester.

(cut to): Ryder sitting on the front steps of Rawley.  He’s smoking.  Jill walks by him.

Ryder: What’s the rush, sunshine?

Jill stops.

Jill: Merry Christmas, Ryder.

She turns and walks off.  He squints and shakes his head.  He rolls his eyes and takes another puff of his cigarette.  He tosses it down onto the steps.

(cut to): Scout as he carries his suitcase down the steps past Ryder.  He watches, but doesn’t say anything to him.

(cut to): Will and Bella carrying Will’s stuff down the steps.

Ryder: Well, if it isn’t the parade of losers…

Will: I’ve found if you just ignore him, it kind of pisses him off.

Bella looks over at Ryder, but quickly looks away.

(cut to): Jake in her room.  She’s sitting at her desk.   She has Hamilton’s gift, but hasn’t “opened” it yet.  She looks down and re-reads the note he wrote. 

(cut to): a shot over her shoulder so that we can read what he wrote:” Jake, this is from before we were “on pause.”  Put it in and hit play.  Your Friend, Ham.”  She touches the ribbon that’s holding it together, but looks at her watch.  She gets up and puts it in her bag.  She zips it up and puts it on her shoulder.

(cut to): the steps where Ryder is sitting.  He unwraps a piece of gum and puts it into his mouth.

(cut to): The door as Jake walks out, carrying her duffle bag.  She sees Ryder and looks up.

Jake: Great…

Ryder: Want some help with that?

Jake: Get lost.

Ryder stands up.

Ryder: You know…I’m just screwing with you for my own personal amusement.

Jake looks at him blankly.

Ryder: For the most part, anyway. 

Jake: I really don’t want to get into anything with you Ryder, ok?

Ryder: Ok…so, Merry Christmas then?

Jake tilts her head, a little taken aback.

Jake: Merry Christmas.

She walks away, shaking her head.

(dissolve to): Rawley Girls as a limo pulls up in front of Jill.  Jake runs up with her bag.  She has changed into some standard girl gear.

Jill: Thought you weren’t coming.

Jake smiles.

Jake: Yeah, right. 

She smiles.  The driver gets out and puts their stuff in the trunk as they talk.

Jake: I ran into a little setback on my way over…

Jill: Ryder?

Jake: Yeah…

Jill: The guy’s such a jerk.  You should have seen how floored he was when I told him Merry Christmas.

Jake: Yeah, you should have seen how floored I was when he told me the very same thing.

Jill looks surprised.   

Jake: Anyway, then I had to change.

Jill checks out her outfit.

Jill: Cute.

Driver guy: Ready ladies?

Jill: I think so, Gus.  I love road trips.  You ready Louise? 

Jake looks back toward the boys’ campus.  She turns back to Jill.

Jake: Let’s hit it, Thelma.

The climb in the car and Gus closes the door.

(cut to): Scout in the car with his dad.

John: You’re awfully quiet today, son.

Scout: Just kind of sorry to be leaving, that’s all.

John: Well, you’ll come back next semester and start all over again.

Scout: That’s kind of what I’m afraid of.

They pass Will and Bella walking down the road.

John: Wasn’t that your roommate?

He stops the car and backs up.

Scout: I don’t know.

John: Well, I’m pretty sure it was Will and some girl.  Yes, I think that’s him.  See if he’d like a ride.  It’s cold out there.

Scout: I don’t think—

His dad is looking at him questioningly.  Scout stops talking and gets out of the car.

(cut to): Will and Bella who notice Scout getting out of the car.

Scout cont’d: Come on, we’ll give you a ride.

Will and Bella look at each other.  Will looks hesitant, but nods reassuringly.  They walk toward the car with Will’s stuff.

(fade out)


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(fade in): To Sean sitting alone at a table at Friendly’s.  He looks up out the window.

(cut to): a shot through the window from Sean’s point of view.  Scout’s car pulls up outside.  Will and Bella get out.

(cut to): outside Friendly’s.  Will and Bella get out of the car.

Will: Thanks a lot Senator Calhoun.  See you Scout.

Bella: Bye Scout.  Thank you.

John: No problem kids.  Scout, isn’t this where you work?

Scout: I haven’t had any shifts lately, but I think I’m still employed here…yeah.

John: Well, I want to see the place…let’s go in and have a look…and some dinner.

Scout looks flustered, but doesn’t protest.

(cut to): Friendly’s.  Will and Bella have joined Sean.

(cut to): The door as the bell rings and Scout and the Senator walk in.

(cut to): The townies.  Sean stands up.

Sean: Senator Calhoun.  It’s really great to meet you.

John: Well, nice to meet you to Mr. …

Sean: Oh, McGrail…Sean McGrail.

He emphatically shakes the Senator’s hand.  Scout makes eye contact with no one.

Will: Care to join us, sir.

John: Yes, thank you Will.

(dissolve to): The five still sitting at the booth.  Everyone has eaten and there are empty plates in front of them.  A waiter comes and takes away some of the plates.  Sean and the Senator have been talking and are mid-conversation.  Sean speaks and the Senator listens ardently.

Sean: See, that’s what I mean.  Our school does nothing for the community. And like you said, change starts locally.  If we can influence people in this town, we can make them start to think about the state…and the country…and—

Scout (weary): the world?

Bella and Will look at each other, bored.

John: Ah, my son is bored by talk of improving the world…this should worry me.

He smiles at Scout.

John cont’d: I guess we should be heading back to Greenwich. 

Will: It was nice to see you again, Sir. 

The senator picks up the check and hands Scout some money, nodding for him to go pay the bill.  He gets up and waits for Scout to come back.

John: See you all later.  Good luck in your election, Sean.

Sean: Thanks.

John: Nice to meet you, Bella.

Bella looks up at him.  She smiles.

Bella: You too.

Scout and his dad walk out.

Sean: Oh my God, a Senator just bought us lunch.

Will and Bella look at him and laugh.

(cut to): Hamilton in the car with his parents.  They are stopped at a railroad track.  Hamilton opens his backpack and pulls out his camera.  He rolls down the window and takes several pictures of the train. 

Will (voice over): You have to move onto the next leg of your journey, but sometimes that easier said than done.

(cut to): Jake and Jill in the car, they are talking, but we just hear Will now.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Conflict inevitably arises.

(cut to): Scout in the car with his dad.  He looks out the window.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And that “next leg” is really just a restart of something you’ve already been through.

(cut to): Bella and Will listening to Sean talk.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: But starting over is what it’s all about.  You get past the conflict, you begin again…and then resolution comes.


To Be Continued…


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