Rodney Scott
Will Krudski
The cast that we don't have, but would definitely like to contract forever...
Kate Bosworth
Bella Banks
Katherine Moennig
Jacqueline "Jake" Pratt
Ian Somerhalder
Hamilton Fleming
Mark Famiglietti
Scout Calhoun
Charlie Hunnam
Ryder Forrest
Ed Quinn
Kathleen Kelly
Kate Fleming
And introducing...
anyone you want
Jill Thomas
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Harmony and I have tons of people to thank.  Of course, at the top of the list are all of you who read all the episodes...if you weren't there, why would we write them?  And of course we have to thank Toy (Harmony's mom) for reading the episodes fairly faithfully and always offering encouraging praise.  Anne...there's so much to say, but to actually do so would be to break the rules of Fight Club.  Elizabeth...thanks for not thinking we're freaks...remember that Jake isn't either.  Thanks to all of you who helped out with graphics for the site.  And thanks to anyone who actually bothered to read this far.  Later.
Matt Czuchry
Sean McGrail
The Cast of the Fall Season and Spring Semester can be seen below.  We made up some new and more typical opening credits for Junior Year which you can view if you have Windows Media Player.
Junior Year Opening Credits
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