Build Up


(fade in): slowly from black.

Music: When I Grown Up by Garbage

Will (voice over): When I was little, I played with blocks. 

The fade slowly reveals a small boy, probably about three, playing with blocks.  The shot is like a memory so it’s almost blurry and very bright (over-exposed).

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I never bothered with design; I just stacked.  I’d go as high as I could until they all crashed down. 

The blocks, now a tall stack, fall over.

(cut to): Will as he walks past the garage on his way home from work.  He pauses.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I’ve found myself living life in a similar fashion.  But with life, the pieces aren’t made out of wood…they’re made out of heart…soul…friendship…love…emotions.  And now, when I try to rebuild the tower, it’s hard to know which blocks to use…which feelings to have.  Some kids, upon the tower crash, would move on to other building materials…legos or Lincoln logs.  But me?  I’d struggle with the blocks.  Trying to get back what I had…hoping to build it back up.  I liked the blocks…I miss the blocks.

Will starts walking again.

(fade out)


Opening Credits


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(fade in): to Bella and Will sitting on a small dock on the Rawley side of the lake.  They each have a fishing pole and there is other miscellaneous fishing paraphernalia lying around.

Music: Sunshower by Chris Cornell

Bella: I can’t believe you convinced me to do this…we haven’t been fishing in years.

Will: Well…we’re just as good as we used to be.

Bella: Yeah, we didn’t catch any then either.

Will laughs. A beat.

Will: So…are you just pretending not to hate me?

Bella: Yes.

She looks serious for a moment then looks over at him smiling.

Bella cont’d: I don’t hate you, Will.

He looks relieved.

Bella cont’d: Are we going to be able to do this?

Will: What?

Bella: Go back to being us…as opposed to, you know, us.

Will: Well, before we were us we were us for over ten years…how hard could it be to find that again?

Bella nods and looks out over the lake.

Bella: We should tell Sean…everyone…there’s no reason to keep this from them.

Will: I told Scout…

Bella: I think Jake and Hamilton know…and Gwen.

Will: Do you want to tell Sean….or should I?

Bella: I don’t know…I feel like if I tell him…he’ll think of it more as a come on than a confession.

Will smiles.

Will: Well…you guys were a good couple.

Bella rolls her eyes.

Bella: We’re friends and suddenly you’re trying to set me up?

Will: Well, you know, I was thinking if I married you off I could get at least a sheep and two pigs out of the deal.

Bella: Okay…now I hate you.

She shoves him.  He laughs.  He looks at her as there is a tug on her line.  He seems to feel better about everything. Bella is reeling in her line.

Bella cont’d: Will, don’t just sit there…help me out.

He gets up and takes the pole from her.  They work on reeling the line in.

(cut to): Scout and Jill walking across the quad.  Hamilton is in the background walking around with his camera in hand.  He stops and points the camera up to a tree.  Jill notices him.

Jill: I’m going to go talk to Hamilton for a second…I’ll meet you in your room.

Scout: But—

Jill: Scout, it’s no big deal, okay?  Please just…give me a minute with him…

Scout: Yeah…sure.

He walks away, disappointed.

(cut to): Hamilton as he sits down, taking out the roll of film and putting a new one in.  Jill walks over and sits down next to him.  He closes the camera and looks over at her.

Jill: Hi.

Hamilton: Hi.

Jill: What are you doing?

Hamilton: Uh…

He holds up the camera.

Jill: Let me just cut to the chase.

Hamilton raises his eyebrows and waits for her to continue.

Jill cont’d: Can I ask you something…

Hamilton: Sure…

Jill: Do you know when Jacqueline’s birthday is?  I mean…has she told you when it is?

Hamilton: Nope.

Jill: And…you haven’t asked her?

Hamilton: I haven’t really thought about it.

Jill: What kind of perfect boyfriend are you?

Hamilton: The kind that doesn’t push.

He smiles and looks through the camera.  He turns it to Jill and takes a picture of her.  Jill pushes the camera down.

Jill: Okay, Camera Boy…watch where you point that thing.

Hamilton pulls a knee up to his chest and puts his head on it.  He looks over at Jill again.

Hamilton: So…when’s her birthday?

Jill: I’ll tell you, but…you have to listen to me…I mean, really listen, okay?

Hamilton: Okay…

Jill: Jacqueline like never makes a big deal about her birthday.  No parties…no gifts…no balloons…no—

Hamilton: Should I be writing this down?

Jill: Dude…you have to listen to me…this is serious.  I mean, she hates her birthday.

Hamilton: Why?

Hamilton turns the camera to the building and snaps a picture.

Jill: Okay…let’s think about this…

Hamilton: Wait…let me guess…one awful birthday party…

Jill: Try twelve or so.  I think it was after twelve that she insisted the parties cease.  It wasn’t that they were bad.  They were kick ass fun.  But like every year, her mom would promise she would be there. 

Hamilton: And she never showed?

Jill: Not once.

Hamilton: Man.

Jill: So she said she was too old for parties after that.  Her mom sent cards with cash and maybe called like a week later.

Hamilton: So she has issues with her mom and her birthday…what’s that got to do with me?

Jill: I threw her a surprise party one year with similar thoughts.

Hamilton: Didn’t go over well?

Jill: She didn’t speak to me for…at least six months…at least.

Hamilton: That’s ridiculous.

Jill: Yeah, well, she has issues.

Hamilton thinks for a moment.

Hamilton: So…when’s her birthday?

Jill: All this and…you still want to know?

Hamilton: More than ever.

Jill: I’m going to give you this information…don’t do something stupid with it.

Hamilton gets impatient:

Hamilton: Fine.

Jill: It’s on Friday.

Hamilton: Friday?  As in two days from now Friday?

Jill nods.

Hamilton cont’d: Wow…she really wasn’t going to tell me.

Jill: Duh.

Hamilton: Well…now I don’t know what to do…

Jill stands up.

Jill: Your best bet is to let it come and go…maybe she’ll mention it next year.

Hamilton: But…it’s her sixteenth birthday…right?

Jill: What are you like bad with numbers?

Hamilton: Shut up.

Jill: Look, I told you because I wanted you to have the option…

Hamilton squints as he looks up at her.  He holds the camera up and snaps a picture.

Hamilton: Thanks.

Jill walks off.  Hamilton looks down at his camera and is lost in thought.

(cut to):  Sean as he sits at the counter at Friendly’s.  Will hands him a shake.

Music: Troubled Times by Fountains of Wayne

Sean: Thanks.

Will wipes down the counter and doesn’t look at Sean.

Will: So…Bella and I broke up.

Sean: Wait…what?

Will: It’s like not a big deal.

Sean: When did this happen?

Will: The night of the pageant.

Sean: And you’re just now telling me?  Why am I always the last to know what’s going on with you two?  I thought we were all friends…

Will looks down.

Sean cont’d: Man, listen to me…I’m such a jerk.  Are you okay?

Will: Yeah…

Sean: What about Bella?

Will: We’re just trying to re-build right now.

Sean: I’m sorry, Will…I mean, I really am.

Will: It’s okay.

Sean: What happened?

Will: A lot…nothing.  It’s complicated.

Sean: Oh.

Will: Don’t…don’t be mad. 

Sean: Right…why would I be mad?  I mean…my two best friends are always sneaking around behind my back.

Will: It’s not like that.

Sean sighs.

Sean: I mean, it’s not like I expect you to come tell me the minute you decide to break up…hook up…whatever, but—

Will: That’s what I’m doing, alright?  Telling you when the time is right.

Sean looks down and nods.

Sean: You’re not the only one with friendships on the line, okay?

Sean gets up and walks out.  Will takes the milkshake from the counter and looks upset.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of a hall at Rawley Academy; the next day.

(cut to): to a teacher luncheon in the hall.  It’s actually more like a tea since it’s in the afternoon after school.  The dress is business casual and there are people serving drinks.  The dean and Kate walk around arm in arm.  Chamber music plays in the background.

(cut to): the door as Finn walks in.  Johanna accompanies him.

(cut to): Kate and Steve.

Steve: Well…what have we here?  Let’s go over and talk to them.

Kate: What?  Steve…no.

Steve: Why is that a problem?  We’ve greeted everyone else.

Kate: You’re just…you’re being antagonistic.

Steve: No, I’m not.

Kate sighs.

(cut to): Finn and Johanna as they linger near the doorway.

Johanna: This school you teach at…pretty nice.

Finn: The atmosphere’s great, but the people leave much to be desired.

Johanna: Speaking of the people…

Finn follows Johanna’s gaze and sees Steve and Kate walking up.

Finn: Perfect…

Finn takes a deep breath.  Steve and Kate reach them.

Steve: Finn…how are you?

Finn: Wonderful, Dean Fleming…and you?

Steve: Very well…so, who’s this?

Finn and Kate make eye contact.  Johanna notices.

Johanna: Johanna Ryan.  Public school teacher.

Steven: How noble.  Which subject?

Johanna: English.

Steven: English…wonderful.

Kate looks down, obviously not enjoying this exchange. 

Johanna: This is an amazing campus you have.

A beat.

Steven: So…how long have the two of you been—

Finn: Oh, we’re…we—

Johanna: We’ve known each other since high school.

Kate: Really?

Finn nods, thankful for Johanna’s rescue.

Johanna: But we just met up again a few months ago and—

Finn: …hit it off.

He smiles at her, taking her hand.  Kate notices the gesture.

Steve: Good to hear.  Now, if you’ll excuse us…we are obligated to mingle.

Finn nods.  Steve leads Kate away. 

Finn: That was hard…he’s such a dick.

Johanna: She seemed…nice.

Finn looks at Johanna.

Johanna cont’d: What?

Finn: Thanks for doing this.

Johanna: What?

Finn: Being here…holding my hand…in more than a literal sense.

Johanna: And I thought we were doing this…

She picks up his hand which she is still holding.

Johanna cont’d: …for her benefit.

Finn: Oh no…this is definitely for me.

Johanna is slightly surprised by his attitude which has shifted into flirty.

Johanna: Oh, hey…Meagan wanted me to invite you to her play.

Finn: You know I’ll be there.  Has she memorized all her lines yet? 

Johanna: I think so.  She can never remember the first line, but after that…she’s got it.

Finn laughs.

(cut to): Steve and Kate.  Steve is talking to an older male teacher.  Kate looks over at Finn and Johanna. 

(cut to): A shot of Finn and Johanna from Kate’s point of view.  They’re talking by the window…still holding hands.

(cut to): Kate as she rejoins the previous conversation.

(cut to): a student government meeting at Edmund High.  Sean is wrapping up.  Bella sits in the back, looking bored.

Music: Motor by Neve

Sean: Okay, I think that’s about it…anyone have any other issues?

No one says anything.

Sean cont’d: Meeting adjourned then.  I’ll see everyone next week.

Everyone files out of the room.  Sean walks back to where Bella remains seated.

Sean: Hey…how are you?

Bella: Fine…totally bored. 

Sean: Well, you don’t have to come to every meeting…this is just your punishment for missing the brunch the other day.

Bella smiles.  A beat.

Sean cont’d: So…Will told me about you guys.

Bella: I know.

Sean fidgets for a moment before asking:

Sean: Why was it such a big deal to tell me?

Bella: I guess…I guess we put you through a lot to be together and it’s hard to admit that all that was for nothing.

Sean smiles, shaking his head.

Sean: I guess I’ll always be the one in the dark…

Bella: Sean—

Sean: No…no, I’m okay with that.

Bella: No you’re not.

Sean: Well, I’m a little hurt that you guys drew straws over who would tell me.

Bella: We just decided Will should—

Sean: For the record I want you to know that I’m so completely over you…if that had anything to do with anything.  I’m ready to be friends again.  I wasn’t at first, but…I don’t see you and I being written in the stars.  It’s weird, though, because I kind of thought you and Will were it, you know?  That was pretty much the basis of me getting over you…that you and Will were like…destiny.

Bella: Well…I guess we’re all destined to be friends.

Sean sighs and shrugs.

Sean: Yeah…I guess so.

(cut to): Jake in her room.  She has on the dress that Jill got for her when they were in Boston and is standing in front of the mirror.  There is a knock.

Jake (whispered): Aw, damn…

Hamilton: Hey…it’s me.

Jake opens the door so that no one outside can see in.  Hamilton walks in and sees Jake as she closes the door.  He’s got his camera around his shoulder.

Hamilton: Wow…hi.

Jake: Hi.

She goes over to her closet.

Hamilton: What’s the occasion?

Jake: No occasion…just trying on a dress.

Hamilton picks up his camera.

Hamilton: May I?

Jake: What?  No.

Hamilton: Just one?

Jake: Fine…one.

Hamilton holds the camera up.  He takes a moment before taking the picture.

Hamilton: You look really beautiful.

Jake: Just…come on…just take the picture.

He snaps one…then another.

Jake: Okay…that was one...more than one.  Now, turn around.

Hamilton does so obediently. 

Hamilton: Now…these would be some sexy pictures.

Jake: Keep dreaming…

As they talk, Jake changes into her boy gear.

Hamilton: So…how’d you like to wear that outfit out to dinner, say, tomorrow night?

Jake: Tomorrow?  Why tomorrow?

Hamilton: Because it’s Friday and it’ll be easy to get out of here.

Jake: I don’t know, Hamilton…couldn’t we just do something next weekend?

Hamilton: Sure.

Jake: Really?

She looks at him suspiciously.  Hamilton turns around.  Jake now has on jeans, the corset and is in the process of putting a shirt on.

Hamilton: Really.

Jake: Okay…tomorrow is okay.

Hamilton: Really?

Jake nods.

Jake: I didn’t say you could turn around.

Hamilton takes a step toward her.

Hamilton: I didn’t even get to kiss you in the dress.

Jake: You don’t want to kiss me unless I’m in a dress?

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Do I look that picky?

Hamilton kisses her briefly.

Hamilton: Okay…I have to go, but—

Jake: Really?

Hamilton holds up the camera.

Hamilton: Really.  I have to get this developed tonight, but…tomorrow…it’s all about you, me…and the dress.

Jake: You could just borrow the dress and—

Hamilton: Don’t be sarcastic…all I really want is you…you know that.

Jake smiles.  Hamilton kisses her again before exiting. 

(cut to): Finn down by the lake.  He leans against a post and looks out across the water.  Kate walks up.

Music: Stuck in a Moment by U2

Kate: Finn…

Finn: What are you doing out here?

Kate: Looking for you.

Finn: Wh—why?

Kate: Finn…I need to know…for my own moving on purposes…have you?

Finn: Moved on?

Kate nods.

Finn: From you?

Kate nods.

Finn: …to Johanna.

Kate: Yes, okay?  Yes, that’s what I’m asking.

Finn: I don’t know.

Kate: Can I be honest with you?

Finn: Why do people ask that?  Can you be honest now…as opposed to all the lies you’ve been telling before?

Kate: Kind of, actually.

Finn: Well, then…by all means…

Kate: I love my husband and I’ve been working to build back the relationship that I should have with him.  He’s a pillar…and I need that stability and structure. 

Finn: But?

Kate: I still think about…us.  I don’t know how to make that go away.

She leans toward him slightly.  He leans away.  Finn has a realization.

Finn: You’re not in love with me…

Kate doesn’t know what to say.

Finn cont’d: And…I was never in love with you either. 

He laughs to himself at this realization.

Finn cont’d: All this time, I’ve had the mistaken impression that love has to do with passion, but, Kate…it’s not really about passion at all.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Finn paces around the dock, excited by this train of thought.

Finn: Okay…passion and love are…two separate things.  Passion without love is doomed.  Love without passion, though…that’s like this…this thing waiting to be realized.  You can build on love.

Kate doesn’t say anything.  She’s not impressed with his spiel.

Finn cont’d: That’s why it’s so easy…so natural for you and the dean just to pick up the pieces and move on, well other than this right now…you really do love him, don’t you?

Kate: Yes.

Finn: It’s like…take away the quest for passion…the dumb pick up lines…the suggestive dialogue and you’re left with this pure, real thing. 

Kate: And that’s what you have now…with her?

Finn considers this.  Not really believing it himself when he says it:

Finn: Johanna’s just…a friend.

Kate smiles. 

Kate: Right…you don’t hold on that tightly to a hand that belongs to…a friend.

Finn: You know…I’m glad we talked…

Kate: Me too…and, I think you stopped me from making a huge mistake…

Finn: I think I should say the same to you…but, if you’ll excuse me…I promised a ten year old I’d run lines with her before her play.

Kate nods.  Finn exits.  Kate seems to process what Finn’s said.

(fade out)


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(fade in): to an establishing shot of the gas station and Friendly’s.

Music: You Won’t Fall by Lori Carson

(cut to): Scout as he walks toward Friendly’s in his uniform.  He looks over at the garage.

(cut to): a shot from his point of view.  Bella is working on a car.  She looks frustrated.  She tosses the wrench in her hand onto the ground and sits on the ground, leaning against the car.  Scout walks up.

Scout: Pissed off mechanic girl…what’s up?

Bella: Hi burger boy.

Scout: So…Will tells me that the two of you are out now…

Bella: Yeah…we told Sean so I guess everyone knows.

Scout slides down the side of the car and takes a seat next to her.

Scout: Don’t be bummed out, Bella.

Bella: Who’s bummed out?  This car is frustrating…

Scout: Okay.

Bella: My life is frustrating…

Scout: You can talk to me…unless you’d rather let it fester…

Bella looks at him wondering if she really can talk to him.

Bella: Scout…I’ve been in three relationships in the past year…three failed relationships.

Scout: So what?  You’re sixteen.

Bella: Yeah…

Scout: You weren’t ready to give up on the last one, were you?

Bella doesn’t say anything.

Scout cont’d: That’s a hard thing…building a friendship with someone you’re not quite over…

Bella: Scout—

Scout: But, you work at it and…then you forget you’re working at it and…one day you find yourself just being a friend.

Bella: Yeah…you do.

She smiles.  Then she sighs, deciding to talk more to him.

Bella: It’s not really about getting over him…it’s the pattern that my love life has taken…it’s really depressing.

Scout: So…you don’t want to be friends with Will?

Bella: It’s just hard, Scout, okay?  It’s hard to build a friendship with a guy anyway…especially after you’ve dated him.  I  mean, before…Will and I were friends…it was that simple.  Now…it’s just weird.  It’s like…working on this puzzle only to find it has missing pieces.

Scout doesn’t know what to say.

Bella cont’d: Maybe I’m being a little over dramatic.

Scout: You’re not.  You should know that Will’s been struggling too…he feels so completely awful about…everything.

Bella: How much has he told you?

Scout: Um…not that much directly…he kind of hinted that you two…well…

Bella: Scout—

Scout: I really don’t want to know either way, okay?  It’s not my business.

Bella nods and studies her fingernails.

Scout: From friends…to couple…to friends again…

Bella: Huh?

Scout: How long?

Bella smiles.

Bella: I dunno…under a year?

Scout: Sounds about right.

Bella: Wow…it has taken awhile for us to get here, hasn’t it?

Scout: Yeah…but it works amazingly well, doesn’t it?

Bella: Amazingly…thanks…

Scout smiles.

(cut to): the common room.  Ryder is in there studying.  Hamilton walks in and then turns around to walk out once he sees Ryder.

Ryder: Get over yourself, Ham.

Hamilton: What?

He stops and turns back around.

Ryder: You can study in here if you want…I won’t bite.

Hamilton: I know you’re dealing with this whole personality crisis right now, but I don’t want to be a part of it.

Ryder: Fine…get out then.

Hamilton looks confronted.

Hamilton: No…I think I’ll stay.

Ryder: Suit yourself…

Hamilton sits down in a chair.  Ryder shakes his head.  Before Hamilton can open a book, Jill walks in.  She walks over to Hamilton and sits down on the arm of the chair.

Jill: Why did my dad just tell me that Monica is on a plane on her way over here…to celebrate Jacqueline’s birthday?

Hamilton shrugs.

Hamilton: She should actually be landing by now.

Ryder: It’s Jake’s birthday?

Hamilton cont’d: Thanks for bringing this up in front of him too, by the way…perfect.

Jill: How did this seem like the right thing to do?  Huh?  This is a disaster…do not tell her that I told you about her birthday…I mean it.

Hamilton: You said it made her upset when her mom didn’t show…well, her mom’s showing this year. 

Jill: You’re crazy…and…you don’t get it…you really don’t get it. 

Jill gets up.

Hamilton: It’ll be cool.

Jill softens.

Jill: You’re the sweetest guy ever, Hamilton, but…you’re in over your head.  Good luck…

She exits.  Hamilton shakes his head and calmly opens a book.

Ryder: What’d you get her?  Besides her mum, of course.

Hamilton: I swear…if you tell her before—

Ryder: Stop, okay?  I won’t.

Hamilton: Why are you being so….nice?

Ryder: Because I’m focusing all my energy into my studies…if I put forth a great effort to be my usual self…and it is a great effort…I’d have no time for school.

Hamilton: I don’t buy it.

Ryder: You don’t have to.  You asked, I answered.

Hamilton: You’re a strange person.

Hamilton gathers his stuff and takes off.

(cut to): Johanna’s house, exterior.

(cut to): Johanna’s living room.  Meagan stands in front of the couch, dressed like snow white.  Finn sits on the couch.

Finn: Okay, Snow White…I think we’ve been through this thing forwards and backwards.

Johanna: Now that you’ve had dress rehearsal, you need to go take a bath so you can be a clean strange little girl who plays with dwarves.

Meagan: Fine.

Meagan runs up the stairs.

Finn: Is it even politically correct to do Snow White anymore?

Johanna laughs.

Johanna: I don’t know, but…it should be pretty adorable.

A beat.

Finn: We need to talk.

Johanna: Whoa…okay…sounds serious.

Finn: It might be.  I was down by the lake—

Johanna: Doing what?

Finn: …thinking…

Johanna: What about?

Finn: Are you going to let me tell the story?

Johanna: Sorry.

Finn: Okay, so I was down by the lake thinking about stuff…stuff like what a good time I’ve been having over here lately…when Kate came up out of nowhere.  She started talking about missing “us.” 

Johanna: Us as in you two?

Finn nods.

Finn: I think that us…you and me…got her thinking…

Johanna: About what she was missing?

Finn: But…she really does love Steve…I don’t know how, but she does.  And when she leaned in to kiss me I—

Johanna: Whoa, what?

Finn: I didn’t let her…I mean, how could I?

Johanna: How could you not…isn’t that what you’ve secretly been hoping for?

Finn: That’s what I’m trying to say…I’m over her…

Johanna raises her eyebrows.

Finn cont’d: I don’t think I was ever in love with her.

Johanna: That’s a pretty major declaration.

Finn: Yeah, well…I’ve got a couple of them so…bear with me.

Johanna sits down on a chair for the first time.

Finn cont’d: You have been so wonderful and understanding…when I first met you I was arrogant and thought I’d talk you into bed before—

Johanna: …we got out of jail?

Finn laughs.

Finn: I’m trying to say something serious here…

Johanna: Sorry.

Finn: Today I realized that there is a difference between passion and love and that being with someone…building a life with someone…a real life that means something…that doesn’t happen with passion. 

Johanna: Love is passionate, Finn.

Finn: But passion isn’t necessarily loving…that’s what I’m getting at…that’s why I’m over Kate.  That’s something I think I knew…a long time ago. 

Johanna: I—

Meagan: Mom, I just took a shower, is that okay?

Meagan walks down in a robe.  Her hair is wet.

Johanna: That’s fine sweetie…I’ll help you get the costume back on.

She looks at Finn apologetically.  He smiles and shrugs.

Finn: I’m going to go, but…I’ll see you at the play.

Johanna: Okay.

Finn exits.  Meagan stands on the stairs, waiting for Johanna who looks at the door even after Finn’s gone.

Meagan: Mom?

Johanna: Oh…sorry, Sweetie…let’s snow white-itize you.

Meagan: Did I interrupt something?

Johanna starts to walk up the stairs.

Johanna: Come on…and stop being so perceptive…

(dissolve to): Hamilton’s parents’ car driving down a road. 

(cut to): inside the car.  Hamilton’s driving and Jake’s in the passenger seat.  He’s wearing a light blue dress shirt and navy blue slacks.  She has on the dress from before.   The radio is turned on, but very soft.  Hamilton looks over at her.

Hamilton: You look beautiful.

Jake: Huh?  Oh, thanks, so do you.

Hamilton laughs.

Hamilton: Thanks.

Jake: Look…I have to tell you something.

Hamilton: Okay.

Jake: Today is my birthday…maybe you already know that because you’re kind of acting like you know, but…I wanted to tell you anyway.

Hamilton: I—

Jake: And I don’t want to know if you knew already.

Hamilton keeps on driving.

Jake cont’d: You knew, didn’t you?

Hamilton shrugs.

Jake cont’d: I know it’s kind of weird…not mentioning it…I just knew you’d go and do something that I would normally think is sweet and charming.

Hamilton: Yeah…you wouldn’t want that.

Jake: Not today I wouldn’t. 

A beat.  They reach the restaurant.  Hamilton pulls the car into a parking spot.

Jake: We didn’t even go out for your birthday…I didn’t even get you anything.

Hamilton smirks as he puts the car into park.

Hamilton: Are you kidding?  That was only like the best birthday present ever. 

Jake closes her eyes and shakes her head as Hamilton gets out of the car.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: We’ve been playing a lot of Nintendo around here lately…Super Nintendo to be exact.  This sparked Estee to remember one of her favorite movies (and by favorite, I mean she’s seen it): Mario Brothers.


(fade in): to an exterior shot of the restaurant where Jake and Hamilton were going.  This picks up only a few moments from where we left off before the commercial break. 

(cut to): inside the restaurant.  Hamilton and Jake wait at the concierge’s stand.  The concierge approaches. 

Concierge: Sorry to keep you waiting…everything is ready now.

Hamilton: Everything, right?

The guy nods impatiently and turns around to lead them to the table.

Jake: What was that?

Hamilton doesn’t say anything.  They walk to the table.  Monica is sitting there.  Hamilton sees her first and looks relieved, though she does not see Hamilton and Jake yet. When Jake sees her she stops.  She turns around.

Jake: Take me back to the dorms.

Hamilton: But—

Jake: No, Hamilton, okay?  No buts…just take me back.

Hamilton: No.

Jake looks at him, angrily. 

Jake: Give me the car keys.

Hamilton waves to Monica who has by now caught site of them.  Jake tries to reach into his pocket.

Hamilton: Whoa….hey…later, okay?

Jake laughs.  She steps back from him.

Jake: This isn’t funny…I hate you for doing this.

Hamilton gets it now.  The concierge who has been standing impatiently the whole time clears his throat.

Concierge: If the gentleman and lady are through…

Hamilton: The “gentleman and lady” will never be through…but…we’re ready to go to our table.

The concierge shakes his head snottily.  Then escorts them further to their table.  When they reach the table:

Monica: Jacqueline…sweetheart…don’t you look beautiful.

Jake: So do you, Mom…it’s good to see you.

Monica stands up and Jake gives her a hug.  They are all seated.  Jake gives Hamilton an “I’m disappointed in you” look.

(cut to): Rawley Elementary, exterior establishing shot. 

(cut to): Inside.  Johanna is handing out programs to people as they enter.  Finn walks up and takes one.

Music: Stuck in a Moment by U2

Johanna: Oh…hi.

Finn: Hi.

Johanna: Here.

She hands his half the programs and he stands on the other side of the door.  A few people walk through them, taking programs. 

Finn: How is Snow White?

Johanna: A little nervous…not too bad.

Finn: Good.  You know, I think she’s going to do a great job…

A man walks up.  He takes a program from Johanna.  Johanna hands it to him without looking at him.  He would be played by Dan Cortese

Daniel: Hi, Anna.

She looks up.  She looks surprised to him.  Finn looks back and forth trying to catch up.

Johanna: Uh…Finn, this is Meagan’s dad…Daniel Grant.

Finn looks at Johanna, surprised then back at Daniel.

Finn: Hi…

Daniel looks at Johanna:

Daniel: Who’s this?

Johanna: This is Finn…he’s here to see Meagan’s play.

Daniel: Me too.  Where is she?

Johanna: She’s backstage…you’ll have to wait until after.

Daniel: I drove all the way out here…I want to see her now…

Finn: You heard what she said…

Daniel looks at Johanna again.

Daniel: What are you…sleeping with this guy or something?

Finn gives him a look of disbelief as an older couple, probably someone’s grandparents, come up.  Johanna hands them some programs.

Old Guy: Can you help us find some good seats…our grandson is Prince Charming…

Finn looks at Johanna.

Finn: Why don’t I go?

Johanna nods.

Johanna: Thanks.

Finn escorts them into the school.

Johanna: God, Danny…you can’t just say things like that.

Daniel: You think I don’t know who that guy is, Anna?  You think Meagan doesn’t talk to me?  She’s crazy about “mom’s friend Finn.”

Johanna: Yes…she is.  He’s a nice guy.

Daniel: Is he gay?

Johanna: Not that I know of…

Daniel: Seems kind of weird…

Johanna: Just because you have a problem with sleeping with every woman you meet…

Daniel: Touché. 

He smiles.

Daniel cont’d: I got a room at that Bed and Breakfast so, if it’s okay…I thought I’d hang out with Meagan some tomorrow.

Johanna: Sure, that’s fine.

He smiles again.  He’s clearly very charming.

Daniel: Thanks Anna…

A beat.

Daniel: Hey…it’s good to see you…I never get to talk to you when we trade Meag…

Johanna: Danny—

Daniel: You look great, by the way…that’s new, right?

Johanna looks at her outfit.

Johanna: Relatively, yes.

Daniel: God, Anna…if you only knew how much I still love you…

Johanna: What are you doing here, Danny?

Daniel: I came to see my daughter in a play.

He smiles and walks inside.  Johanna composes herself.

(cut to): Scout and Will in their room.  They’re mid-conversation.

Will: Do you think it’s possible…this thing with Bella?  Is it worth trying again?

Scout: Will…we’ve been talking about this for like…an hour.  I’m here for you…I really am, but this is ridiculous.  You guys are concentrating too hard on this…just let it happen. 

Will: That’s what happened with our relationship…I just let stuff happen.

Scout sighs at the prospect of discussing this further.  He looks relieved as he looks up at the door which is open.

(cut to): the door as Jill and Gwen walk in.  Scout gets up, glad for the additional company.  He gives Jill a quick kiss and whispers to her:

Scout: Please stay…and please…change the subject to something upbeat…

Jill: So…Will…you know Gwen, right?

Will nods and waves.

Scout: Guys…I’ve been promising Jill that we could spend some time alone together so…we’re going to go take a walk.

Jill shrugs like “yep…I sure did…”

Gwen: You’re just going to leave me here?

Jill: You know the way back…

Will: Um…why don’t you two stay here and…I’ll walk Gwen back to the girls’ dorms.

Jill: This guy…he’s so chivalrous. 

(cut to): Will as he and Gwen exit the boys’ dorms.

Gwen: You didn’t have to do this.

Will: Hey…no problem.

Gwen: I’ve been under the impression that you’re kind of a jerk…I mean, way to be harsh at the pageant.

Will: You heard about that?

Gwen: I heard that first hand, actually.

Will: Oh…

Gwen: You don’t seem like such a jerk, though…

Will: Good to know…

Gwen: Maybe I was wrong.

Will: You’re…you’re not.  I’m kind of dealing with stuff right now…

Gwen: What stuff?

Will: Life stuff…

Gwen: Are you always this melodramatic?

Will chuckles.

Will: So, listen…what have you been doing to Ryder?  You’ve really screwed up the whole “bad boy” thing he had going…

Gwen: If only I could take credit for it….

Will: Guess he’s just got his eyes on the prize…graduation and all…

Gwen: Yeah…I guess…

Music: Closer to Myself by Radford

(cut to): Ryder alone in his room studying.  He looks up from his books and walks over to his cell phone.  He holds it for a moment then he takes a deep breath.  He dials a number…possibly and overseas number.  After a moment:

Ryder: Hi…this is Ryder…I know…it has been forever…me too…yes…well, I’m going to be home soon…I really want to talk, but in person, okay?…I will…I’m glad I did too…it was good to hear your voice…okay…bye…

He turns off the phone and sits down on his bed.  He seems very nervous about having just made the call.  He still grips the phone tightly.

Music: I need Love by Sam Phillips

(cut to): the restaurant.  Hamilton, Jake and Monica are still at the table.  No one is saying anything.  There is a gift bag on the table and a few boxes of what must have been jewelry laid out in front of Jake.

Jake: Mom…your cell phone hasn’t rung once…I’m impressed.

Monica: Oh, actually…it’s turned off.

Jake: Really?

Monica: I just got this new voice mail system…the mail box holds a lot more messages than the old one.

Jake: Oh.

Monica: Beside, Hamilton just insisted that I keep it turned off…

Hamilton nods.

Jake: Thanks for all your gifts mom, but…we should probably be getting back to campus.  You’re not staying for the weekend…are you?

Monica: Oh…no, Sweetie.  I actually have to perform in Sunday’s show so I’ve got to fly back tonight.

Jake nods.  Hamilton looks back and forth between them for a moment.  He gets angry.

Hamilton: You know what?

Jake: Hamilton…it’s cool…

Hamilton: It’s definitely not cool, Jacqueline.  Monica…do you realize that all you’ve done is miss Jacqueline’s birthdays?  I mean…all that she ever wanted was for you to show up. 

Jake: Hamilton—

Monica: That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.  Jacqueline hates her birthday…

Hamilton: Duh…I wonder why…

Monica: The only reason I came here was because you asked me to…

Jake looks pretty hurt by that comment.

Monica cont’d: …and now you’re berating me.

Hamilton: You know—

Jake: Hamilton…please, okay?  Just forget it.

Hamilton: I’m sorry…I just wanted to do something special for you…you shouldn’t have to be miserable on your birthday.  It’s certainly a day I want to celebrate.

She smiles…he is incredibly sweet, after all.

Monica: Jacqueline…do you hate your birthday because of me?

Jake: Um…

She looks at Hamilton who reaches under the table and takes her hand.

Jake cont’d: Mom…I got used to your busy schedule pretty much from the time I was born.  But…when I was little I thought that my birthday was a special day…a day you’d want to be a part of no matter how busy you were.  Now that I’m saying it…it really does sound incredibly childish and selfish.  It’s just…every year I’d get my hopes up…way up…only to get a call from you saying you weren’t going to make it.  That really hurt me.  And you sitting here on my birthday….acting like you’re doing Hamilton a favor…that hurts me too.

Monica sits back in her chair.  She doesn’t quite know what to say.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  There are so many things wrong with this movie, yet it was so enjoyable to watch.  Maybe it was the fact that Kevin Smith is a total genius.  Maybe it’s all the Ben, Matt and Jason Lee.  Maybe it’s the fact that Van Der Beek and Jason Biggs are quite the comic duo.  Check out Kevin Smith’s site for all you wanted to know and more…


(fade in): to an establishing shot of the boys’ dorms.  It is not too long after Will has left.

(cut to): Jill and Scout as they sit together on the couch.  Scout leans forward as he plays  his gameboy.   Jill is reading a magazine.  Scout looks over at her, then puts the gameboy down on the ground.

Scout: Jill?

Jill: Yep?

Scout: I really appreciate you.

Jill looks slightly surprised.  Scout is still leaning forward.  He sits up all the way.

Scout: Will and Bella broke up…

Jill: I kind of figured that.

Scout: I talked to both of them today…it’s just depressing…

He puts his hand on hers and faces forward.

Scout cont’d: This is just…the easiest thing I’ve ever done…with the best results.

Jill: Wow.

He looks at her again.  She puts the magazine down then leans forward, kissing him. 

Jill: Really wow.

Scout: You make being in love simple…like it’s planned, but…we didn’t have to construct it ourselves.

He kisses her again then pulls away.

Jill: Scout…

Scout: Yep?

Jill: I really appreciate you too.  I love you.

Scout looks at her for a moment.  Then he speaks with certainty:

Scout: I love you too.

Jill: I also love how every time you say that, you sound more certain…

Scout: I am.

He kisses her one more time.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton driving home.  Hamilton looks a little stressed.

Music: Every Other Time

Hamilton: Do you think your mom hates me now?

Jake: No…she hugged you didn’t she?  That means all is kosher. 

Hamilton: What about you?

Jake: What?  Do I hate you?

Hamilton: Yeah…

Jake: Jury’s still out.

Hamilton pulls the car off onto a shoulder.  Jake holds tightly and looks like him like he’s lost it.

Hamilton: I’m sorry.  This was incredibly stupid.

Jake: Yeah, you could have messed up the axle pretty bad…

Hamilton: You know that’s not what I meant.  I can’t believe I got your mom to fly over here and meet us in some over-priced restaurant to basically do the same thing she’s always done on your birthday…leave out the sentiment and replace it with the superficial.  She totally doesn’t see you…and I hate that.  I wanted to fix that, but—

Jake: …I think she got it, though.  She probably won’t fix it, but…I was able say stuff to her that I probably couldn’t have said on my own…so, maybe I don’t hate you.

Hamilton: Do you maybe love me even more?

Jake: I wouldn’t go that far.

Hamilton smiles disappointedly.

Jake cont’d: I already love you a whole lot though.

A beat.

Hamilton: So, I guess today is a date I should forget…

Jake: I don’t know…if you promise to always be there for it…you can remember it.

Hamilton: Always…

He leans over and kisses her.  The kiss is longer than brief, but another car drives past on the highway, startling them.

Hamilton: Man…we should get back. 

Jake sighs.

Jake: I have to change before we get back…great.

Hamilton looks at her smirking.

Hamilton: Need some help?

Jake: Just concentrate on the road, Ham.

Hamilton: Darn…

He puts the car into gear and pulls back onto the road. 

(cut to): an establishing shot of Rawley Elementary.

(cut to): inside the school.  The play is just getting over.  All the kids are onstage taking a bow.  The audience gives a standing ovation.  Meagan, onstage, waves to her dad.  She’s pretty excited…probably more about the play than her dad.

(cut to): a few moments later when most of the people have left.  Meagan runs offstage and gives he mom a hug.  Her dad is standing near by and walks over.  Finn stays back, not wanting to get in the middle of anything.

Daniel: Hey, baby girl…that was great.

Meagan: Thanks Dad…thanks for coming.

Daniel: How would you like to hang out some tomorrow?

Meagan: You’re staying?

Johanna: At the Bed and Breakfast.

Meagan looks at her mom.

Meagan: Um…I’m going to go thank Finn for coming and helping me with my lines and stuff…be right back.

She walks over to Finn.  Johanna watches her for a moment…and watches Finn.

(cut to): Meagan and Finn.

Meagan: Hi.

Finn: Hey…great job…you made an enchanting Snow White.

Meagan: Thank you…my dad came.

Finn: I met him.

Meagan: He’s a really cool dad. 

Finn: He seemed…cool.

A beat.

Meagan: Oh man…at the beginning of the second act I almost forgot my lines…

(cut to): Johanna and Daniel as Meagan and Finn talk in the background.

Johanna: He’s really good with Meagan.

Daniel: Is he her babysitter?

Johanna: He’s a friend of mine, Danny, okay?  We actually went to high school together.

Daniel: Fascinating…

A beat.

Daniel cont’d: Have I mentioned that I miss you, Anna?

Johanna looks at him

Johanna: I miss you too sometimes…

Daniel smiles charmingly.

(cut to): Will, Jill and Scout in Will and Scout’s room.  Will is back and sits at his desk in an attempt to study.  He looks over at Scout and Jill.  They are still sitting on the couch.  Jill is lying down with her head against the arm of the couch and her legs draped across Scout.  She’s playing his gameboy now and he’s looking at the magazine.  There is a knock at the door.

Will: Come in.

Jake walks in and upon seeing Jill, walks over to the couch.

Jake: Jillian…I need to talk to you.

Jill looks a little scared as she sits up on the couch.  Scout and Will trade amused looks.

Jill: Jacqueline…what’s up?

Jake: You told Hamilton about my birthday…

Scout: It’s your birthday?

Jake: Stay out of this, Scout.

Will and Scout look at one another confused.  Jill gets up.

Jill: Please…don’t be all mad and crazy…I just thought he should have the option of—

Jake: Completely screwing up my birthday.  Do you know what he did?  He got my mom to fly over here…just for tonight.  She was her usual clueless self, though…until Hamilton kind of told her off…

Jill: Good for him…did she get a clue?

Jake: I don’t know…

Jill: So…is this your way of telling me you’re not speaking to me again?

Jake closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath.

Jake: No…

Jill: Good…

Jake: I was going to tell him.

Jill: No you weren’t.

Jake: Yes I was…

Will: Should we leave or…

Jake: Hang on…we’ll be done in just a second…I wanted to tell him on my own terms, but…it’s okay that you did. 

Jill: Okay…

Jake: And…thanks actually.

Jill: Really?

Jake: Yeah…maybe I’ll actually start celebrating my birthday.

Jill: Well…awesome.

Jill gives her a hug.  Scout and Will look at each other, still fairly confused.

Jill: So…I take it you’ve been back to your room…

Jake: No…

Jill: Oh…

Jill smiles knowingly.

Jake: What?

Scout: Oh…that’s what that was for…

Jill: Shut up…

Jake: What?

Jill: Just go…happy birthday, Jacqueline.

Will and Scout: Happy Birthday.

Jake exits.

Scout: That is one weird girl…

Music: When it Doesn’t Matter by Angela Ammons

(cut to): Jake’s room.  The lights are off.  When she flips the switch, instead of the lights coming on, several strings of white twinkle lights come on.  The lights are used also to hold photographs (with help from an occasional silver clothes pin).  It’s a neat, romantic photo gallery.  Jake starts looking around.  There are recent pictures of her…the pics Ham took of Jill…one of Bella from the pageant…pictures from recent life.  As she looks some more there are old pictures.  Pictures of what we are to assume is Jake when she is little.  A picture of two girls, Jake and Jill, from not too many years ago.  Jake smiles as she looks around.  On the bed there is a bouquet of white lilies.  She walks over and picks up the flowers.  Instead of a card, there is a photo…it’s one that Jill took of Jake and Hamilton many many episodes ago.  Jake flips over the picture and on the back it says: “Jake…Jacqueline…whoever you are, I love you.  And who you are is what all this is celebrating.  I can’t imagine my life without these moments.  Love, Hamilton”  Jake sits down on the edge of her bed, looking around.  There is a knock.

Jake: Who is it?

Ryder: It’s me…

Jake: Oh great…

Jake gets up and opens the door, going out into the hallway.

Ryder: Hi…

Jake: Yes?

Ryder: Happy Birthday…I just wanted to say that…

Jake tilts her head.

Jake: How’d you…nevermind…thank you, Ryder.

He smiles.  He pulls a box out of his pocket and hands it to her.

Jake cont’d: What’s this?

Ryder: Open it.

Jake opens it, looking at him suspiciously.  There is a pair of silver earring inside.

Jake: Ryder, I can’t—

Ryder: Yes, you can.  There’re absolutely perfect for you…

Jake: I don’t know what to say.

Ryder: Don’t say anything…

He leans over and kisses her on the cheek before turning around and walking off down the hall.  She’s totally in boy gear so she looks around to make sure no one is around.  She shakes her head and puts the earrings into her pocket.  She stands there for a moment then turns around to go back into the room.

Jake: That makes no sense…

Hamilton: What doesn’t?

Hamilton comes around the corner.

Jake: Oh, wow…hi you…

Hamilton: Better?

Jake nods…stepping back into her room.

Jake: Get in here…

Hamilton walks over with her and they enter Jake’s room.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: No…that was not Jake inviting Ham into the room for sex.  These things sometimes have to be made clear J.  And, despite any further scenes that may seem to point in such a direction this is yet another no-sex-for-jake-and-ham episode. Now, I’m not going to deny any of the insinuations that might have been made in previous scenes regarding birthdays of some people except to say that they definitely aren’t talking about sex.  But…enough of this rant….back to the episode…


(fade in): to Jake and Hamilton in Jake’s room.  They’re sitting together on her bed holding hands.  She’s changed into pajamas…the flannel kind.  Hamilton is still wearing the dress outfit, but the top few buttons of his shirt are unbuttoned.  Jake looks around the room.


Jake: This is incredibly beautiful, Hamilton.

Hamilton: So are you…

He kisses her neck. 

Jake: I wish it could stay up…

Hamilton stops kissing her and looks around.

Hamilton: I had to get Jill and Scout to put all this together after we left…I see some room for improvement…

Jake: It’s perfect…

Hamilton: So are you…

They kiss again.

Jake: This is when I start wishing I’d had a lot more birthdays and we were older and living in a great apartment in New York so something like this could stay up…forever.  Listen to me, I’m so lame.

Hamilton: No, that sounds…really nice.

Hamilton draws her close to him and wraps both his arms around her.

Hamilton cont’d: Maybe we can pretend for awhile that we’re in that apartment…and older…you certainly are wearing your old lady pajamas…

Laughing, Jake pushes him away.  He smiles.

Jake: Way to ruin a moment.

Hamilton: I didn’t say they weren’t sexy…

Jake: Nope…sorry…you lost any chance you had…

Hamilton smiles.

Hamilton: Thanks for not hating me over this…I mean this whole birthday thing…

Jake: I should be thanking you…I have a tendency to be over-sensitive about my birthday, but…I should have known it would be safe in your hands…

She motions around the room.  Hamilton looks at her. 

Hamilton: I really wish we were in that apartment…

Jake: Me too…

He kisses her, not planning to stop anytime soon.

(cut to): Will and Scout’s room.  Jill stands on the outside of the door as Scout’s stands inside.  They’re kissing.

Jill: Goodnight.

Scout: Night…

She walks off.  Scout comes back in the room, but leaves the door opened.

Will: Man, that girl is crazy about you

Scout: If she hadn’t come here…to Rawley I mean…I’d probably still be like pining over Bella or something stupid like that.

Bella: That would be totally stupid.

They look at the door and see Bella standing there.

Scout: Hey…how’d you get in?

Bella: The word on the street is that Finn is at a play at New Rawley Elementary School.

She smiles. 

Bella: Will…can I talk to you?

Will: Uh…yeah…

He gets up.

Scout: I can go…

Will: No…I need a change of scenery. 

(dissolve to): a familiar area by the lake.  This is the place where Will and Bella had their first kiss.

Bella: So, I was going to tell you that I didn’t think I could be friends with you…

Will: Change your mind? …I hope…

Bella: Well…we took like sixteen years of our life to build this friendship we had.  I’d hate to wreck that over a few poorly planned months. 

Will: It’s hard to re-build, though…I’m finding that too.

Bella: I think instead of re-building we should just revert.  It may not be the healthiest thing…

Will: …but maybe it’ll be the most natural…like when we were fishing the other day.

Bella: Will…even when we were dating I missed being able to talk to you like I could before. 

Will: I miss talking to you like that too…

A beat.  They both look around, unsure of what to say.

Bella: So…I dated this guy…he kind of turned out to be a total loser…

Will: Hey…ouch.

Bella: Okay…he wasn’t that bad…a little misguided maybe…

Will nods.

Will: Yep…he sounds like the type.

Bella: So…what about you? 

Will: Yeah…this girl, she broke my heart…she was way too perfect for me.

Bella: Sounds like a bitch.

Will: Not at all…

Bella laughs.

Bella: See…this could work.

Will: Yeah…it’s not bad.

Bella: So…can we sit here a minute and pretend that we never kissed…never dated…etc…

Will: That really probably isn’t healthy, but…I’d like that….

He sits down.  Bella does the same.

Will: Oh…the ground is wet…

Bella: Thanks for telling me…

Will: Anytime…

They laugh.  It’s not perfect, but much of the uneasiness is gone.  Maybe they really can get back what they had…they realize this and are much more at ease.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Johanna’s house.  It’s pretty late.  Johanna and Daniel are sitting on the front steps talking and drinking tea (like they’re southern or something).  Finn pulls up on his bike.

Finn: Hi…

Johanna: Hey.

Finn: Snow White get safely into bed…no evil Queens stand in her way?

Johanna: Yeah…thanks Finn…for everything, you know?

Finn gives her a questioning “have I just been blown off?” look.

Daniel: Finn…my daughter likes you a lot so…you must be a good guy.

Daniel puts his hand out for Finn to shake.  Finn ignores him and speaks to Johanna:

Finn: I’d still like to finish that conversation from earlier.  Sometime, ok?

Johanna nods.  Finn gets back on his bike.  Reluctantly, he pulls away.  Johanna watches.

Daniel: That guy’s kind of pathetic…

(cut to): Meagan looking out her window…she looks disappointed.  She leaves the window and gets in bed.

(cut to): outside…Johanna is leaning against a porch rail as Daniel talks.

Daniel: I’m going to have to put the car in the shop.  No one can get her purring better than Charlie Banks.

His car is sitting in the driveway.  It looks like an old Chevy.

Daniel cont’d: Anna…you’re sure nothing is going on with you and that Finn guy?

Johanna: Danny…that stopped being your business when you signed the divorce papers.

Daniel: Fair enough, Anna…

Johanna turns to go up the stairs that lead back into the house.

(cut to): an establishing shot of Hamilton’s house. 

(cut to): an interior shot.  Steven is in the Den reading the newspaper.  Kate walks in.

Kate: Where’s Hamilton?  I thought he came home.

Steven: He brought the car back, but he went back to the dorms for a little while.

Kate: When did you tell him to be home?

Steven: I didn’t…he said he’d be home eventually.

Kate: I’m going over there to bring him home.

Steven: Katherine, I wish you would tell me why you’ve been so over-protective of our son lately.  We still have a few years before he goes away to college.

Kate: I just think he spends too much time out late over at the dorms…he’s only sixteen.  He shouldn’t have so much freedom.

Steven: You’re the one that convinced me that Jake is good guy.  If you think—

Kate: It’s not that.

Steven: Maybe you think…and it’s okay because the thought has crossed my mind…if you think he’s gay—

Kate: I know he’s not gay…well, I don’t know

Steven: Because, I’ve heard those rumors…about him…about Jake…I’m not completely out of touch.  However…we’ve talked about girls…he seems to be into girls.

Kate: I’ve seen the copies of Playboy under the mattress too, okay? 

Steven: Really?

Kate: No, Steven, I was being metaphoric.

Steven: I’m really starting to feel like I’m building something with him, Kate…it’s a good feeling.

Kate looks at Steven, glad that he feels closer to Hamilton

Kate: I know it is Steven, but—

Steven: Is there something you know that I don’t?

Kate looks at him.  She closes her eyes and shakes her head.

Hamilton: Mom…dad…I’m home…

Steven: We’re in here.

Hamilton walks looking pretty happy.

Hamilton: Thanks for letting me borrow the car.

Steven: Sure.  I’m only sorry Jake’s mother had to fly back so soon…I would have liked to meet her.

Hamilton: She sends kind regards.

Kate, who is still standing up looks at Hamilton’s shirt. 

Kate: Why don’t you take that shirt off, honey…you seem to have gotten something on your collar.

Hamilton unbuttons and takes it off.  He’s wearing a white tank top underneath.  He looks at it before handing it too her…definitely lipstick on the collar.  She gives him a “watch it” look and takes the shirt then exits into another room.  His dad gives him a “women” look.  Hamilton smiles and shakes his head.

Hamilton: Night, Dad.

He heads upstairs.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Did you know that we fell in love with the boys at the rock show?  Well, we did.  Blink totally rocked when we saw them in Atlanta and though their site has been used for countless commercial breaks, Tom, Mark & Travis totally deserve the honor again.


(fade in): to an establishing shot of Johanna’s house.  The car is no longer in the driveway.

Music: Like a Friend by Pulp

(cut to): Meagan’s room.  She is asleep, but wakes up and hops out of bed then darts over to the window.  When she sees the car isn’t there:

Meagan: Yes!  Way to go, Mom.

She exits her room.  The camera follows her and stops in front of her mom’s bedroom door as Meagan does.  There are voices, one male one female, but both hard to make out.  Meagan looks at the door curiously.  After a moment the voices stop.  Meagan waits another moment before knocking softly.

Meagan: Mom…

Johanna: Um…hang—

Meagan opens the door.  Johanna is in bed.

Meagan: I thought I heard someone in here with you.

There is a noise from the bathroom though the door is closed.  Meagan looks over, smiling.

Meagan: Is that…Finn?

Johanna looks surprised by her question.  The bathroom door opens.  Meagan looks over.

(cut to): the bathroom as Daniel comes walking out wearing only his boxers.

(cut to): Meagan as she looks back at her mom.

Meagan: Mom…

Johanna: Meagan…

Daniel: Hey, Baby.

Meagan: Morning, Dad.

She looks at her mom.

Meagan cont’d: Stupid, Mom…very stupid…

She walks out.

Daniel: What was that about?

Johanna gets out of bed.  She stops in front of him.

Johanna: Just…stay in here, okay?

Daniel gives her a questioning look.

Daniel: Only if you give me something to look forward to…

He smiles again…very persuasive smile.  Johanna kisses him then exits.

(cut to): Meagan in the living room watching (but not really watching) cartoons.  Johanna sits down on the couch next to her and looks at her.

Johanna: Hey…

Meagan looks over at her.

Meagan: I don’t want to talk to you right now.

Johanna: For ten, you’re really harsh.

Meagan: For thirty-five, you’re really stupid.

Johanna: Point taken on the stupidity, okay?

Meagan sits back, slouching against the couch, she stares at the TV.  Johanna sighs.  There is a knock at the front door.  Meagan gets up and walks over then opens the door.  Finn is standing there.  Meagan looks surprised to see him she tries to look a little less angry.

Meagan: Hey Finn…Mom can’t come out and play right now.

He laughs.

Finn: Okay…

By this time, Johanna has reached the door.

Johanna: Hi…we’re going to have to talk later, okay?

Finn: Okay, but…I don’t have anything too complicated to say.

Johanna: It’s just that I’m kind of in the middle of something right now and…

Finn: Yeah, you, uh…you look busy.

Meagan looks at her mom, shaking her head.  She walks back over to the couch.

Finn cont’d: Wow…is she okay?

Johanna: Um…probably not…I’ve—

Daniel comes walking loudly down the stairs.  Finn watches him come down the stairs still just wearing his boxers.  Finn looks back at Johanna…

Finn: Note to self: happiness about lack of car in driveway: premature.

Johanna closes her eyes, wanting to disappear.

Daniel: You’re back already? 

Finn: Just briefly…

He looks over at Meagan on the couch, she’s watching.  He waves and gives her a sympathetic smile then turns around and exits.

Daniel: Talk about a fruitcake…that guy is strange.

Meagan: No he’s not.

Johanna: Meagan.

Meagan: You’re going to let him say that about Finn? 

Johanna: Meagan.

Meagan gets up and walks past them up the stairs.

Daniel: She’s kind of moody today.

Johanna looks down.

Johanna: You should probably just go…back to Boston.

Daniel: What?  Anna…I thought we had a good time last night.

She doesn’t say anything.

Daniel cont’d: What about hanging out with the munchkin today?

Johanna: I don’t think she’s up for that…

Daniel: Well, I can’t go anywhere until Charlie finishes with my car.  His daughter didn’t even come get it until about an hour ago.

Johanna looks at him…wondering what she’s done.

(cut to): an establishing shot of the garage.

(cut to): Daniel’ car.  The hood is opened so we can’t see underneath.  The camera pans around to reveal Bella working on the car and Will watching.

Music: Always Getting Over You by Angela Ammons

Will: So…there’s nothing actually wrong with this car?

Bella: No, but…this guy has the delusional idea that he can drive a car like this around as his primary vehicle while also saving on gas. 

Will: What are you doing to it?

Bella: Putting a really good filter in it for starters then tweaking a few things…it’s kind of a Banks family secret recipe.

Will nods then chuckles.

Will: Hey…I think this is going to work out…

Bella: Well…it’s not impossible, but with the right adjustments Mr. Grant will be saving at least a dollar a week on gas.

Will: I meant—

Bella: I know.

Will smiles.

(cut to): Hamilton walking with his dogs on the quad.  He is also holding his cat.  He sits down on the grass as the dogs run off.  Harmony says this makes him sound like Dr. Doolittle…try not to think of it that way. 

Hamilton (to the cat): You really need a name.

Jake comes up behind him.

Jake: Maybe we’re overanalyzing the name thing…

Hamilton tilts his head back.

Hamilton: Morning.

Jake: Morning.

Jake sits down across from him.

Hamilton: Hey…it’s nice to be outside with you.  That like never happens.

There are a lot of people around, but none close enough to hear them talking.

Jake: We’ll have to find somewhere private, but outside…

Hamilton: Yeah…’cause then I could give in to this overwhelming urge to come over there and take off a few of those layers…kiss your neck in that spot…you know, that one spot that you really like…
Jake: You’re going to have to stop…this is creepy like phone sex is creepy…

Hamilton smirks and then puts the cat down.  He walks over to Jake and climbs in her lap (the cat, you know?)

Hamilton: Did you take down the pictures and stuff?

Jake nods.

Jake: And yes…I did cry.

Hamilton: No you didn’t…you like never cry.

Jake: Well…it was really sweet…

Hamilton: Resisting…urge…

Jake rolls her eyes, smiling.  Jill and Scout walk up holding hands.

Jill: Hi.

Jill and Scout sit down too.  They are now in between Jake and Hamilton.

Jill: Name that cat yet?

Hamilton shakes his head.

Jill cont’d: What?  Are we interrupting something because…it didn’t look like anything from over there.

Jake: Yeah…that’s kind of the point, Jillian.

Hamilton: Hey…thanks for helping me out last night you two.

Scout: So…did you have a memorable birthday, Jake?

Jake smiles and looks at Hamilton.

Jake: Yeah…it was great.

Jill: Great?  I haven’t heard that word used to describe your birthday in a really long time…I’m excited about that.

Jake: Me too.

Jill (to Hamilton): Well done, Ham.

Music: Closer to Myself by Radford

(cut to): Ryder’s room.  He’s looking out the window at the four of them.  He just has on his jeans…no shirt yet.  He walks over to his drawer and pulls out a white t-shirt and puts it on.  He’s been very thoughtful this episode and continues to look so.  He looks in his closet for another shirt and pulls out a red, horizontally striped polo shirt.  He looks over to the side of his closet.  A graduation gown is hanging there.  The cap is on the top shelf of the closet.  He picks it up, looking at it.  He smiles and sets it down on his bed then pulls on the red polo shirt.  He puts the cap on, looking in his mirror.  He nods.
Ryder: Yeah…this could really work.

(fade out)


Commercial Break: Michelle Branch…a chick that sings and plays the guitar.  You gotta love that.  If you haven’t heard all of her songs, then you should definitely check out her site and listen! 


(fade in): to an establishing show of the gas station. 

Music: When I Grow Up by Garbage

(cut to): A shot of Will and Bella sitting on the bench.  They’re talking, but we don’t hear what they say.

Will (voice over): When I was little, I played with blocks.  I’d build as high as I could until they all came crashing down.  You can’t live life like that, I realize that now.  The pieces of life aren’t so easy to re-stack.  They don’t just fit on top of each other.  There has to be a solid foundation…somewhere to start.  So, maybe I haven’t rebuilt, but…I’ve rediscovered the basis that I should have been looking for all along. 

Bella pushes Will as they joke around.

(cut to): Scout and Jill as they walk together on the quad.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Then we have the architects: the guys that make the pieces fit together well…or at least realize how they should fit together.  The architects are idealists and…they just know.

(cut to): Jake and Hamilton in Hamilton’s kitchen eating lunch with Kate and the dean.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: Some kids never played with blocks.  They made their own toys or colored…outside of the lines. 

(cut to): Finn sitting alone by the lake. 

Will (v.o.) cont’d: And then there’s that kid who got left out.  He never wanted to play with the blocks…until they were all in use.  It took him longer to realize what he wanted…and then he missed out.

(cut to): Bella and Will again.  They’re still sitting and talking.

Will (v.o.) cont’d: I don’t want to miss out.

(fade out)